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jzf..'zV__ -- FD-2713 USSR/Medicine Physiology ti-J, rl Card 1/1 Pub. 33-22/28 Author Golubykh, L. I.; Savchuk., V. I. Title An electric drop meter for recording conditioned salivatory re7 flexes Periodical Fiziol. zhur. 41, 116-118, Jan-Feb 1955 Abstract Describes an electric drop meter, developed by the authors, for recording salivation. The battery-operated device consists of a glass funnel and a hemispherical screen mounted on a ring of plexiglass and covered with a protective casee. Photographs; wiring diagram. Institution Laboratory of Physiology and Pathology of Higher Nervous Activity. of the State Scientific-Research Institute of Psychiatry, Ministry of Health, RSFSR. Submitted June 14.1 1954 aline Is the result of two factors of the process ~(._,ptiaiulati(Ajn regions, Whl&expr'eSs6 its;ell.Ai f SAVCHUK, V.I. unconditioned vascular reflexes in the presence of variclus functional states of the human cerebral cortex [with auzmar7 in English]4' Zhur.vys.nevro deiato' 8,no.6:804-813'1-D '58 (MIRA 12:1) 1. Laboratory of Pathophysiology of the Higher Nervous Activity, Institute of Psychiatry Ministry of Public Health of the RUSRO Moscow. (CFJWRAL CORTKk, physiol. aff. of, various function states on unconditioned vasomotr reflexes (Rus)) (BWOD V39SSFJZ. physiol. unconditioned vasomotor reflexes, eff. of various funct, states of cerebral cortex (Rus)) SAVCHUK, V.I.,;.MAS1W,1OVA, G.A~ Disturbances in the conditioned reflex, qt a ~kilty in patients With cerebral atherosclerosis with.mental changes. Trudy Goo. nauchno- issi. inst. psikh. 22:287-302 160. .(MIRA 15:1) 1. Laboratoriya patofiziologii vysshey nervoy deyatellnosti~(zav. laboratoriyey - prof. Yu.N.Uspenskiy) i klinika sosudistykh psikhozov (zav. klinikoy - prof. V.14.Banshchikov) Goandarstvennogo nauchno-issledovat el'skogo instituta psikhiatrii Minioterstva zdravookl=aneniya RSFSR (CONDITIONED kESPONSE) (CEREBRAL ARTERIO8CMZWIS) (MENTAL ILLNESS) 3~198 S/246/62,1062/002/0011006 1015/1215 AUTHOR. Savcbuk, V. 1. TITLE: Experimental data on the effect of tofranil on the higher nervous activity PERIODICAL: Zhurnal nevropatologii i psikliiatrii imeni S. S. Korsakova, Y. 62, no. 2, 1962, 170-177 TEXT: The present study was initiated because no other studies about the effect of torranil on the higher nervous vctivity had been reported. Chronic experiments were carried out on five dogs. The dosage, timing, and othet technical data are given. The results indicated that even relatively small doses (1.0-5.0 mg/kg bw.) of tofranil had a certain effect on basic nervous activities. The main effect of tofranil was an increase in exci- tability, causing an alteration in the inhibition-excitation relationship. Large doses (10-25 mg/kg b.w.) brought about, however, a decrease in the excitatory effect of the drug, and most of the positive conditioned reflexes disappeared. It was found that the psychic pattern of the animal influenced to a large extent the effect of tofranil. Thus, the greatest equilibration effect of tofranil was on the most excited doo. But even in this case, the effect was not a constant one, though the dose was adequate: the effect lasted only for 5-7 days. The author explains the above effect of tofranil in depressive states by the fact that the drug acts on the corti- cal processes. There are 2 tables and 2 figures. Card 1/2 BANSHCHIKOV, V.M., prof.; SAVCHUK) V.I.-, starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik Dynamics of higher nervous activity and the state of neuro- vascular regulation in cerebral atherosclerosis. Trudy Gos. nauch-issl.inst.psikh. 25.169-194 161. (MIRA 15:12) 1. Klinika sosudistykh psikhozov (zav. prof. V.M.Bamshchikov) i otdel pat6fizioldgii vysshey nervnoy deyatellnosti (zav. prof. Yu.N.Uspehskiy) Gosudarstvennogo nauchno-issledovatellsk~go instituta psikhiatrii Ministerstva, zdravookhraneniya IRSFSR. (NERVOUS SYSTEM) (CEREBRAL ARTERIOSCLEROSIS) SAVCHUK V.I.; GROMDVA, V.V., miadshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; ENTINY G.M., miadshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik Data from a clinical and pathophysiological, study of the therapeutic action of dicoline'in the treatment of vascular diseases of the brain with.mental disorders; report No. 2. Trudy Gos.nauch-issl'.inst.psikh, 25:352-367 161. (MIRA 15:12) 1. Klinika sosudi8tykh psikhozov (zav. - prof. V.M.B~nshchikov) i otdel patofiziologii vysshey nervnoy deyatellnosti.(zav. prof Yu.N.Uspenskiy) Gosudarstvennogo nauchno-issledovatellskogo, instituta psikhiatrii Ministerstva zdravookhraneniya R5FSR. (DIGOLINE) (MENTAL ILLNESS) (CEREBROVASCULAR DISEASE) SAVMUK, V. I. Effect of different doses of chlorpromazine on the higher nervous activity of dogs in experimental neurosis. T~ntdy. qos.nauch.-issl.inst.psikh. 35:145-157 162. IMIRA 16:2) 1. Ot4eleniye patofiziologii vyoshey nervnoy deyatellnosti (zav. otdeleniyen. - V.I. Savchuk) Gosudarstvell- nogo nauchno-issledovateliskogo institute. psikhiatrii,. (CHIDRFROMAZrNE) (NEUROSES) IM, G.V., rod. of the effect. of-ps.,,rcM- '-ropic simstarincs.; oisays (in pvchopharr *.-.cologyj Uslo,iria- --efit:ktarIlyi analiz rJeizt-,riia~pslkhotropnykh veshches-zx; o t b i I~Q; F opsikhofcmakologii. Moskva, Meditsina, 196'.. '1A 17 j~4 - BANSHCHIKOV, V.M.; SAVCIIUKp V.I. Functional state of the higher regions of the brain (vascular analysor) in cerebral atherosclerosis and vascular pathology. Trudy 1-go MMI 34:473-493 164. (14IFL4. 18: 11) 1. Laboratoriya patofiziologil. vy8sheynervnoy deyatellnosti (zav. - Y.I. Savchuk) Gosudarstyennogo nauchno-issledairatellskogo instituta psikhiatrii Ministerstva zdravookhraneniya R3FSR (dir. - prof. D.D. Fedotov) i kafedra psikhiatrii (zav. - 2aslu- zhennyy deyatell nauki prof. V.M. Banshchikav) 1-go Moskovskogo ordena Lenina meditsinskogo instituts, imeni Sechenova. L 31795-66 SOURCS cqbg~ uk/6679/667036700370500/0-5-0-C AUTAOI: Feyt-y-Uhova, A. At, ~Savc~hukV~.I.;_Kn4gants, I, Le OLRG: none TITL-,: S-allcylthiophosphonia acids and their derivatives. 19 Influence of inducti 01 and_conjugation th d' sociation constants of the acids 11n a is 'SOUIRQ~: Zhurnal obshchey IL'iimii, v. 36, no- 3, 1966, 5oo-5o6 TOPIC TAGS: phosphonic acid, nonmtallic organic derivativep conjugate bond system, dissociation constant, substituont, organic sulfur compound, chlorinated organia coi-xpound t1dopho series of thioesters of ~~lthi o onic and.aryl ,or r ~ phonic a6ids were produced for the first time by a ac -on of water on benzene solutions of the corresponding thiolchlorephosphates. Acid thio- esters of alkyl- and arylthiophosphonic acids are.thernally unstable com- .pounds, in contrast to their oxygen analogs; S-alkylalkyl- and 5-al-kyl&ryl- thiophosphonic acids are stronger acids than their oxygen analogs. The ,dissociation constants of the acids were determined and were found to depend! Mot only on the inductive influenceof 3ubstituent45, but also on the ability .of the atoms or groups of atoms banded to the phosphorus to partic~Lpate in conjugation with the vacant 3d-level of the phosphorus atom. The 'influencest Aof induction and conjugation upon the dissociation constants of the acids scus3ed. 'Orig. a37*~& has: 6 tables* 'fi-PAS are di SIM CODE: 07 SUIN DATE- ORIG, REFt 005 OTH REFi 007 Card 111 I_: UDC: 547.41 9.1+'~Q.257.1 L 45584-66 ACC NRi 0 SOURCE CODE: UR/0135/66/000/009/0 "'AUTHOR: Slavin, G. A. (Candidate of technical sciences); Sekretareva jE, S,~ (Engineer),; Savchuk, V. P. (Engineer) -------------- 1ORG: none !TITLE: Automatic TIG welding of aluminum alloys in avertic,al posi I tio ISOURCE: Svarochnoye proizvodstvo, no. 9i 1966,_18-20 TOPIC TAGS: welding,. aluminum alloy TIC welding, alloy'' 1pulsed power welding, vertical position alloy weldi~ng AMg6 aluminum alloy ABSTRACT: aluminum alloy specimens 3-20 mm T,IG welded in vertical position with alconventional cont,%nuIous-power welder or with an experimental pulsed- powerjo v_ejAgx' roducing pulse cur rents iup -Ei;~70-T -amp. Results showed that pulsed-powdr welding offers a inumber of advantages: metal parts up to'6-8 mm thickcan be welded: without preparation of edger, (for heavier parts at lea .st one side.shouid be beveled);10-mm thick parts can be joined in one pans,with sa .tisfac-1 tory weld formation; parts over 10 mm thick jo, 'ined with a sapig-!, factory penetration of the root weld. Pulsed-power;welding yields ID dense, fine-grained welds with no'porosity and a tensile strength of 29-35.6 kg/mm,2 vs. 35.7 kg/mm2 of the base metal. The advantages of Card 1/ 2 UDC; 621.791.754:546.29:6,69.715 ~73 L ~3, ilk wa e raw of W SWIM= W.-O I . f substituOr !t- A the be"za litio- -aganyt. wadit arm -4j IRA# t ii -,Dt.7 715 YtIm f b -jy 0- "M :C Nil Svc kc,14 .7, xoi 4 N0i-iidi:dk4-.i!9i5, qot fidt: (1, lit 1 AAL .1i;a detldl.; at 15* 7L A were 61,d. as- Activation indr , jQ,7, 1, gms 13181O.A.310301 131,430,- 12,870. :12~310, 12,310,. 11,000, 10,350i 0110; 111 - Vie ~ erlei 6t: Re Buirom Mite OWAAv~m, at 80* P-WO n6t detd.j'j%-Mc,ttc Rr 0.220, p-_NOi 0 -do M -2 m N N()$: 0,830" v- M,~ 3,5~ kd;-~(4fl WWj3.404 AUS'" 4:025: it le .1 7 he' Cal cd 113,2 and -the sultonyl,`6 U0 to muzie kom to Do, ;,.~ in the.-Cstir )FOUP I frcmg.5 to 10-M 11 (4rolysli -.of ph y1 stera of subitituted bemne adds. XW. 22 73.-Ph esters'of substituted a R 3,M0; the s dctd;$. 10"W1 r TO 9.2 70 w ! ! 7 fal e Man n Vi", &0 =op ow -AcOM; V661~vibt E60 B AD e TAUT v E 'so -Why 80V .9 N"~ViS i0mol hcivtOul iifth:a ';4195;-.- ~The Oils q.ARCI ajkcW t 6 001-2. ~,j umtH ;2; itt ix1nr' MSIHOH 1 -th- ii! C If; Cff~,!. and ik d0ip-ACI -idid'heatia9z wl ~A S t14bi~ AV-50 -1CHM 'd47&jg1_M0WMeQS4Mt 9.3 4.6 0.873 1~~ AV- 1-.4114z., CT, Ihp 07A)'i'i ci -A ~c Oro a hl sa o60'-, wkth: 4, coh!q -MF itakovikir.N. I ILI, I jr --j85%:RtSiH(Q.Bt Q i c6 A? 80 A-3( ID - ).848Z.-,1t~ -,41 ~VjO -~Sti CA- -7. 42.; i7 5(2) SOT/20-125-6-22/61 AUTHORS z Tizgert, R. V. Fonomarchuk, M. P. TITLEz Use of 0 18 in the Investigation of the Mechanism of the Hydrolysis of the Nitrosubstituted Aryl Sulphonates (Issledovaniye' 6ekhanizma gidroliza nitrozameshchennykh arilsullfonatoy s -pomoshchlyu 018) PERIODICAL: Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR, 1959, Vol 125, Nr 6, PP 1257-1259 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The hydrolysis reactions of the esters may proceed either according to an acyl-oxygen- (Refa 1-5) or agoor'ding,to an alkyl-oxygen reaction (Ref Ovor finally, both mechanisms at thesame time (rare)(Ref 5). The electric 0 negativity oftheradicals R and R' in an ester R-C R' 0 (Ref 6) as well as the substituents influence the hydrolysis., mechanism considerably if the latter produce spatial hindrances .at the place of reaction (Refs 7-9).~ Thequestion as~to the place of rupture and for the hydrolysis mechanism (whether it Card 1/4 proceeds as re,action 3 Nr 1 or as S Nr 2) of the aryl esters of 18 ,Use crf 0 in the Investigation of the Mechanism of SOY/20-125-6-22/61 the Hydrolysis of the.Nitrosubstituted Aryl Sulphonates aromatic sulfo acids was decided after a long:time in favor of. the acyl-oxygen mechanism (Ref 21) (for phenyl-n-toluene- sulphonate). The authors' iLnvestigations (Refs 22-24) confirm the method mentioned (S Nr 2) for the aryl sulphonates. If it is taken into account Ithat the aryl sulphonatfis (as well as the, alkyl sulphonates) react in the above mentioned reactions under the rupture of the O-Ar-bond, it was interesting to,investi- gate the alkaline and neutral hydrolysis of tile nitrosubstituted aryl sulphonates by means of H 0'8. This explai .n the 2 place of rupture in the hydrolysis. In the present1paper. phenyl-4-nitrobenzosulphonate (1), 4-nitropheziyl-benzene-sul- phonate (2), 294-dinitrophenvl-2-nitrobenzosuI *phonate:(3),Land. 2,4-dinitrophen,yl-p-toluene-sulphonate (4) wel-e subjected to an alkaline hydrolysis with H 018, furthermore the esters of the. 2 substances (3) and (4) as well as 2,4-dinitrophenyl-benzo- sulphonate. A dioxane-water medium (70% diOXELne).served for this purpose. Ester and alkali Ot3) were hydrolyzed for six hours at 800 with arecooling agent. Both:hyd.rolysis pr ucts, Card 2/4 phenol and the sulfo.aci,d salt.were analyzed' for their 0 of 0 18 in Use the Investigation of the Mechanism of SOY/20-125-6-22/61 . the Hydrolysis of the Nitrosubstituted Aryl Sulphonates content. The-phenols contained practically no excess of heavy oxygen. The salts mentioned, however, contained a quantity. 18, 1 . : - of 0 very similar to that expected in the cas6 of the transi- tion of an oxygen atom into the molecule of these salts. Thus, all investigated -aryl sulphonates are hydrolyzed according to~- the acyl-oxygen mechanism (see scheme). it may be assumed of a nucleophile that hydrolysis takes place inconsequence . attack of the OH-ion on a positively charged sulphur.atom, A neutral hydrolysis of the ester of the 2,4-dinitrophenyl-2- nitrobenzo-sulfo acid and of the 2,4-dinitrol)henyl-p-toluene- sulfo acid~was not fully,carried out in order to clarify the intermediate stages of the mechanism mentionEid ' The determined acyl-oxygen mechanism of theesters investigated here cor-. responded to the arylating effect of several of these este rs. Finally it was proved by experiments that no undesired reactions. of the isotopic exchange occur under the given experimental conditions. There are 31 references,,6 of,which are Soviet. ASSOCIATION: L'Yovskiy politekhnicheskiy institut (L)YoY Polytechnic Card 3/4 Use of 0 18 in the Investigation of the Mechanism of SOY/20-1 25-6-22/61 the Hydrolysis of the Ifitrosubstituted Aryl. Sulphonates Institute) Institut fizicheskoy khimii im. L. V. Pisarzhe*.rskogo Akademii nauk USSR (Institute of Physical Chemistry imeni L. V. Pisarzhevskiy of.the Academy of Sciences Ukr.SSR) PRESENTEDi January 15, 1959, by M. I. Kabachnik, Academician SUBMITTED: January 15, 1959 Card 4/4 I . . - . ~2 7 . - I r I-) - `z A-It 7 T c;Filcolz~A,,on of the rtieue of' the tonthir.E. of vear in Me conditions of ita fle-v~-,r stress. 23 Vol. F, no. 21 A 7 T E C,:3O if-'t C-7L j I IIJ T A I.L:O: LVI a z4 t 1 orean Acce-sion, Vol. ~.::L-r IQ57 -Mr Dissift r"Idues. Gh. Alexa itnil T. Sayranu. BRIJ.- Arok pdylah. Jaisy 3, 435-t2(H~Mt*-Trc-ncV. -The fermentation of the sulfitt waste liquor from 2 Rumanian Vlants, Letes, and Cehilosa. gave I and 0.870 a1c. by vtil.. tesp. Attempts to decrease fwm during fermentation by sterilizing the neutialited liquor at NO-S* for 3 min.. re- stilted In a 10.9 to 11.3% derrease in yield. C. IV. G. 0 r- TTTrr IF, 41 0 1-1 ",,a* 'A a K 00 go 1.o0 00 go 00 Practical method of calculatinli water 9vapmted In 0*0 00 the evaporator of a sailar refinery. T, 84yrants. Surr., -A methtul Is given for calrx. the amount of wat oes in from surtiar juice from th~ Prix Yalu" of the ju inS jiml fruyinX each fxAy of the evaporator. If. F. NO r 00 00 age 904 age too ASs.SLA MITALLOGICAL &.17111461LORIE CLAIWICATION t.406 I S34. 11"231" f(pol 80,$OAMY I Wee 11111j, OW 01V Lti I*, " to K 49 99 U a AV so a o An s IN OA 0 is N N 0 a a 3 1 0 MG, 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 00 10 go 0o0 go 0 0 000 6 0 0000 0 0 0- 0 0 & 0 0 0 00 0 * 0 00 * 04 0 * 0 0 V~ Wthad fat jha ~ w VAAP~Uj. Witewu a dose. Bul. in.l. M In ani And - Ru French sunintarfts).-Mat h. A method 3 evelop for 1 ~ ed detg. e behav*w of any suspension UP fil tion. Ile tra corrmt filtmtv'm conditions for auk givett vol. - filtmdon , thtic, and prmum (ivitliia a presstire, intr" which can-bg usedforpractipal U"rp'oses):CAfi~.-be-ttle~ted:dt&,g~e*cri. mentalle-sts at-dil 6int'premires Mve been, tfia& by ute- , of n gmph viM6 L9, pre*tt6d, The 'mah. risulti ~w currect. jtwcvtmtl 7= OZ, 7, 77 7, SAVWNU, T.; DUIAITRESCU, Gh.; GEORGPESCU, E.; EDUARD, H. Contribution to the epidemiological study of inframicrobial hepatitis in the region of Ploiesti. Stud. cercet. inframicrobiol. 13 no.3:297- 31-2 162. (HEPATITIS, NFECTIOUS) (MORBIDITY) (MORULITY) 1. -Occupational Caneftr of the I:-tta[.um%ntz Caused by Tar Bitumen and Its 2. *Fallution or the Atmosphere In tha-Violnit'y of an Bloc-trIcal Thermopowsr Station~j~ M. ZAMPIRRYM, 31. zV Dr A. m 4 ! ... jai. mrioru and 5 lss 3- 'Note 5 an the supply or Drinking Wster in Iftral Ar"as by means or small Central SupplT Units (Mioroc-ntral UnIta)j' Dr T. STOPtER and Dr Emllta nRA.MAMPOL; pp 19-25. "%cperimenttl Investigations on tt~, Tbxtcit7 of C6rt&lr Chemical substances Us"d in thi ftnufacture of Organic Oless (Ploxlglass) " Dr Silvia 9AM,9, Dr C. RAtICIMH , r _&_ftE7h 1 O 12 d JI MERU k r r~ OK o 6 .1na 1 an RO . or 1 psr te or Pialth (Institutul RPR I stit n u -E 1 Un tato rU01,104. lUnj, .LMJ Ormch Mlia- "M! I . C j ), p 27-30. ; 'Inrestlgatlona Conosrnlng Znflugne.s 6f Ion-1zl" Radiations an the Nutrittv-1 Value of Protsl:~s and, Lipida In Canned Fork,* Dr A. 1Y)M, Dr H. RACOVEAFT1, Dr ralgitts. OFS Z - . . " ..;, rk rerforr"d at the RPR Institute 2f =2132 and Public X,)allh (Tnatitutul -M Lglens. 31 3ana';&;O X'.10110% KTFhj, aualAr"st: pp 31- 3;. 6. *New Asp-ato Upholdlru~ th use a r C loa tr Idium welchii bacterluri as Sitnitar7 Indicator for, rood Product.s," VF_M_rnTnU IMSTEA: pp 41-48. 17. 'The Use of Plftnt Vets In Food ThxIcolorr," Slanik ~Z., Dr A. SPIRI and Silvia VISUV, ,,a 2th-TLnit Itutul Rp 1~1 ~bl!2 _~ ~ . I Santa, "i Pu~'Jjc a gimna si Senatate Publica RPH chartat; rp Ll)- . 53. F%v Observations on Tub,~ Colllry~t_-7," Dr M. Z~ARYA and Dr Radu-Mlhsl VIOM; zp S5-60. 9. "Radioactive Pollution of Natural deter R"s-svoirs," Dr Gh. ZAKOIRI pp 61-65- 1/2 5 (3) 0 S V/79-29-3-25/6i AUTHORS: Shuykin, N. I., Bellskiy, I. F., ~ekLna,. 0. N. TITLE: Hydrogenation of Silvan on Nickel Catalysts in.the Liquid Phase: 12atorakh v zhid- (Gidrirovaniye sillvana na nikelevykh katal . koy faze) PERIODICAL: Zhurnal obshchey khimiii 1959~ ~01 29, Rr 3,.pp 869-874 (USSR ABSTRACT: In the present paper theauthors investigated. the hydrogenation-.. capabil-ty of the skeleton-NI-Al- and -Ni-ZnC-catalyst in the liquid phase to determine the influence of the phase zonditions... l . in carrying out the reaction upon 'the hydrogenation of the furan ring. The experimental data obtained were compared with the rules which were earlier found by the authors on hydic- - genation of the furan homologues on "he same catalysts inithe vapor phase. These data led to the.conclusion that the hydro-I genation of the furan ring can proceed:on one and.the same catalyst in different dir ectio ns, according to the reaction in the, liquid or.vapor phaseh Silvan,and-a-propenyl furan were hydrogenated in-the autoclave at 120-1500 under a hydrogen. pressure of 50-150 atmoqpheres excess pressure on the skel.eton- Card 1/3 Ni-Al-catalyst. The pririlipai reaction products were, accor4-- 1010) on, V. p" Xor ~1:fqllol~ln icasur-61cnfs- aid ievar(~d, - (it nain 4 Iddiflowl a OlwGcs -11cross tic Contac 1:~ O~VS;( l A Rmiticil of Ou ~pfin~s; ilu: ineasu -rcnivi i ~6nta w1v aiiiii tbf)HCwi1t)dc- mnm on i ditiorn (7f Cij~jfik 6irj~nt and prC,-.'vfe, (2). leanin.1, 6mak dol. a Ow tho mill4ling 1-nm om twe Co'nlao surfh~Ls, Pnd,(.'I) resis- f*mce-, of aad coaticls4t %~jTy lViV G -.M'd altO' -(JC1Dk-c.,) currents.- The mullWare indL'C-.jtcd decribcd and illustrated by diiszrarn~- it is N -d that n o [yAtt lh ~iid Pd are ~iilablc for the conc ud m th amotin(.'.cf.non.-p -C~m ' 1 6 be W-Azj- i-a 1 ~d Pa wifliout tu; N. met-als which,can d piv in a L - . q A 1"my rf~arizatirr in Giarce c V 77-1 dar Z ar, v -n2r S c ~J 7'urr-al-f) L; Tr -c1 41, c 31 T ist cf East FuTopcar (~h 1"51, Uncl. PHASE I BOOK EXHDITATION SOV/4497 Savelov', Aleksey Aleksandrovich Ploskiye krivyye; sistematika, svoystvaj priirieneniyao-spravochnoye rukovodjgtvo (P:Lane Curves; Systematization., Properties., Application;Reference Book) Moscov; Fizmatgiz., 196o. 293 p. 10,000 copies printed. Ed. (Title page): A.P. Norden; Ed. (Inside book): -Yu. L Levin; Tech. Ed.: S.S. Gav~jlov. FJRPOSE,. This book is intended for instructors and students Of schools of higher education,. for engineers, and for general readers acquainted with.the fanda- the level of schools of higher technical mntals*of mathematical analysis on education. COVERAGE. The book contains a general theory of curves, discusses specific algebraic and transcendental curves.,and presents diversified material'in analysis and differential geometry. In particular theauthor discusses: transformation of curves, third-order., fourth-Order, and higher-order curves, Steiner's curves,* slip curvespnd transcendental curves. The author claims that his book is the Carlt~~ Plane Ci.3x-ves (Cont.) SOV/4497 only encyclopedic textbook on plane curves in Soviet literature. The aathor thanks Professor A.P. Norden and Yu. I.1evin for their assistance. There are '~e 13 references: .8 Soviet and 5 German. TAETE OF CONTENTS: Foreword 7. Ch. 1. General Information on Curves 9 1- Notes from the history of the development of the study of curves 9 2. Methods of curve formation 13 3. Systematization of curves. General theorems 3-7 1. Algebraic and transcendent curves (1T). 2. General t1leorems for algebraic curves (18) 3. Class of algebraic curve. PIRcker's formlaB (20) 4. Type of algebraic curve. Circular curves (22) 5. Focuses, diameters, center. Pbles and polar lines (24) Newton's, Cotes' and Schall's theorems (25) Ch. 11. Transformation of Curves 27 1. Point transformations of plane (27) 2. Affine transform&tions (28) 3. Three-1-Ine coordinate system (30) 4. Projectiontransfor- mations (33) 5. Inversion (36) 6. quadratic transformation's (38) 7. Dual transformations (40) C afd-7~/-9- STARSHINOVJ B.N., kand.tekhn.nauk; LF-BEDE;V, A.Ye., kand.tekhn.nauk; VOLOSHIN., A.I.; BOGOYAVLKNSKIY, K.A.; AKHTYRCHENKO, A.M.; TURIK, I.Ae; ZHIDKOI A.S.; 1,YALYUK., V.S.; GARAY, L.I.; ONOPPJYRIKO, VOP., STARSHINOV, B.N.; BABIY, A.A.; SAVELOV. N.I-; Prinimali :..1, uchastiye: TORYANIK E.I.; VASILIYEV, 'ku'S.,- SHEMEL1,T.I.; SENYUTA, V.I.; BONDARENKO, I.P.;'ARSTISLAVSKIY., D..M.; ANDRIANOV, Ye.G.; SERGEYEV, G.A; WIAKHOVSKIY, M'A LYUKDISON, M.O.; IVONIN, V.K,; TSDML, G.I.; SENIZ" GJe.; KONAREVAI N.V.; SOLODKIY, Yu.L.; LUKASHOV, G.G.- TARA50#, D.A.; GORBANEV, Ya.S.; SUPRUN, I.Ye TIKHOMIROV, Ye.l.; KOHOMWO -, P.A.; PROKOPOVI V.N.; GULYGA,.D.V..; PIJSKANOVSKIY, S.T.; PONO1,UREVA, K.Ye. Effect of the length of coking on coke quality and the performance of blast furnaces. Koks i khim. noO12:26-32 !61. (MIRA 15,:2), 1. Ukrainskiy uglekhimicheskiy institut (for Voloshin, Bogoyavlenskiy, Akhtyrchenko,.Turik, Zhidko, Lyalyui, Tol7yanik,, Vasillyev, Shemell), 2. Zhdanovskiy koksoldd*4dheskiy zavod (for Ghbay, Senyut~, Bondarenko, Amstislavski7 linoir~ TSi;X Sergeyev, Zamakhovskiy, Lyukimson, Ivoniny 3 . Ural'skiy nauchno-iosledovateltakiy institut chernykh merVallov (f= Onopri7enko,,:Starshinov, Babiyp Sealko, KonarevA., Solodlffly)# 4. Zavod "Azovstall" (f6r Savelor; LukpLshov, Tarasov, Gorbanev, Suprun, Tikhomirov, Kononenko, Prokopov, Gulyga, Pliskanovskiy, Ponomareva). (Coke) (Blast furnaces) LUKASHOV, G.G., inzh.; SAVELOV,_N.I.,.,inzh.; MISKANOVSKlYi S.T., Inzh. STARSHINOV, B.N.; SINITSKII, V.D.; SEN'KO, G.Ye.; GULYGA, D.V.,- BABIY, A.A IMORUZHIY, A.G.; Prinimali uchastiye: OSTROUKHOVO M.Ya.t Ay. Vr-- II.Io_-. 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[Concise English-Russian and Russian-English military dictionary] Kratkii anglo-russkii i russko-angliiskii voen- nyi slovar'. Moskva, Voen.izd-vo M-va oborony SSSR, 1963. 560 p. (miRk 16W (Military art and science-Dictionaries) (English language-Diationaries-~-Ruselan) (Russian language-Dictionaries-English) PETROV, G.N , kand.tekhn.nauk; SAMDVAI A.A. , kand-tekhn.nauk f t -