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2- _M_ -66 CC NR, AP5026439 CODE: UR/0089/65/019/004/034(i/0349L/9 SOURCE 47 AUTHOR: Se Tgey2:V' I. V. ~3 ORG:- None TITLE: Use of the P,-approximation for describing the distribL-tion of neutrons In an absorbing rod Sol t Atomne.ya energiya, v. 19, no* 4, 1965, 346-349 TOPIC TAGS: nuclear reactor technology, 64~t_-"o "te-4b.- W4_k~h' CJ4'a~4-%- mu'+.' AYSTRACT: Most mathematical approu'ches to analyzing the.dependency of, absorption effectiveness upon theburn-out rate of absorbing materials were usually based on artificial assumptions and simplifications. In order to improve such approaches, an attempt is made in this paper to develop a consistent method of calculation by applying a Pa-approxima- tion to the basic Boltzmann one-velocity equation. The process of cal- culation expounded by the author was applied only to planesurfaces although the same procedure can also be applied to cylindrical and spherical configurations. The method of calculation described in -this paper Is based on the initial equation'system. defining the neutron density N and formulating the burn-out conditions, as follovis: C.rd 1/4 UDC:- 621.039.51.134 ACC NRt AP5026439 +X.) N+ + g (it', p) N (z. t, it dtL# or N (x, 2 ore, v-neutron velocity; A'A Cos 0(f,`-angle between-the velocity direo-~ ion and x-axi (11PI.W-'a6llis-ion probability in' changing the direc- ion by angle It was assumed that the capture oross-section ,~c_jdoes not de~pnd_,_upson the time. Then, by using Legendre polynomials, new system of (n + 2) non-linear differential equations of the,first rder was derived and presented as.: k a) at 2k -i OX k+1 ax h 1.1h 0.- Ch) 0, 1, 2, n, 0 4tu" k>n+1); Card 2/4 L 27~6%6-6 ACC NR, AP-5026439 After applying the vector-matrix analysis to further transformations of the above equation, the author obtained an expression which was identi- cal to a differential equation of the following form: r ax + *1 (VI, X, (3) Integrating -this latter differential equation,, the final f orm f or ~"Qaldu_ lation was derived. This final equation was expressed as: VI!(S" X') Vt (0, X, + XIS + (4) ds; i=f, 21 n+2. rhe practicallsolution of the final equation depends upon the selection of initial and boundary conditions. The initial points can easily be defined because at the beginning the absorbing Material is evenly distri- butede The boundary limits for even and odd harmonies can be determined by usual me~thods although-an allowance should be made for changes occurr--. ----L-2-5967--66 ACC NRt AP5026439 ing in-the neutron flux. A correction factor is given-for this purDose) being expressed as: (Do W (5) _,F (Do J Where W. represents the initial distribution of neutron flux in reacto.rand,(Y'd'.1 denotes the capture cross-section in fuel. An illustra- tion of the use of the final equation and appliadtion of suocessi-ve approximations is given, It is also stressed that this equation is more convenient for calculation and computer programming than the initial ones. The author*thanks Academician A. K. Krasin. of the - BSSR Academy of Sciences for.theinterest shown to this work* g. art has: 14 formulas, SUB CODE: 11110)IJ/ SLTM DATV,-. 9Nov64 ORIG RV 004 OTH OF 000 Card 414 KRISTALI, R.~ STAROVEROV, M., master; SERGEYEV K ~-~-,-~-, ~~- 7'..- Planning problems and the analysis of labor productivity and wages. Muk.-elev. prom. 29 no-3:13-14 Mr 163. (MIRA 16:9) 1. Zamestitell nacha.11nike Mordovskogo, respublikanskogo upravleniya klileboproduktov (for Kristall). 2. Cherepanovskiy mellnichnyy komb:.- nat Novosibirskoy oblasti (for Staroverov). 3. Nachallnik Normativno- issledovatellskoy 1~boratorii po trudu Gorlkovskogo upravleniya KbIebo- produktov (for Sergeyev). tekhn. nauk~ FETROSIAUN, A.E., kand. teki.n. N', I i rizh. ; 1-YAJ-11N, V. I [Gas control with the uje of new equipment; report at 7Li~e All-Un4on Seminar on D-ohnnge of Eyperience in the Field of Ly 1.1letisures at Enterprises of the Coal Indu3try' Voprosy Sa f',.3 t 'L,,-)rlbv s gaz-)m pri primeriordi novol tekhriiki; dc)'Z,-Iad na Vse- fif.,Miriaro po obrnonu opytom v obl?isti tekhniki bez- oFasnosti na predpriiatiiakh ugollroi proir1shlennosti. Mo- ikvF', irl-L dela, 19"-4. IS (MMA 18:9) c c )IF 2/SPR Pr_4/Ps_4/Fu_4 "'DC W ISSDI _P.F~n)- 3,SD 1 FU, JJ XT (C _75 A ---;3310N NR. AP5002033 S/017o/64/000/012/olo6/oill,,..,:. -ThOR: Sergeyev, I.- V. TITLE: Application of variational methods to problems.of nonunAiM burnup SOURCE: Inzhenerno-xlizicheskiy zhurnal,.no. 12, 1964, lo6-ill Tu?:C :AGS: variational method, nuclear fuel, reactor fuel burnup, reactor core, nuclear reactor ;,...:'RACT: An attempt is made to employ the variational methods,of' Ritz, and Kantorovich :for'.calculating the effects of I I nonuniform burnup of nuclear fuel'-and poison Ouildup during reac.- tor core life, and thus to avoid the use of complex computation tech- niques. A single-group (extendable to multigroup) diffusion a;proxi- mation is examined. An equation is -derived for determining core life of b3h. reflected and bare reactors. A method to determinefuelAnd poison con- centrations is also presented. The use of the methods discussed. is illustrated by numerical examples. Orig. art. has: 9 formulae. Card 1/2 L 57974-65 Pn-4/Pp-4/1';3c-4 1ACCESSION IR: AP5ol6723 UR/0286/65/ooo/olo/0041/00 1 621-315-052.7 AUTHOR: Berkman, N. A.; Gontar', V. M.; Gurov, V. S.; Darova, P. 1...Yetrukhin- 41' i t?. N.; Zolotarev, Ya. R.; ._P,; Kapp, V. M.; PAsechnik, N. D., _',1Y&nomaren%o, V. A. 7-Te-rgeyev, Fugach A. B.- Rayk TITLE: System for measuring the duration and number of interruptions in a comuni-; catlon channel. Class 21, No. 171023 ,SOURCE: Byulleten' izobreteniy i tovarnykh znakov, no. 10, 1965, 41 TOPIC TAGS: noise measurement, trequency meter, communication channel, pulse meter!. ABSTRACT: The proposed measuring device converts the spectrum of theinvestigated pilot (measuring) frequency to a region of higherfrequencies and uses a filter to IIepq6te the side bond containing Information on the signal envelope. Provision lei .Made~for simultaneous analysis of pulse noise and dealine in the level of the pilot-,. frequincy with respect to voltage and duration. Information on interruption tim is transmitted in the f6im of quantized pulse packets to a measuring circuit eon-; sisting of flip-flops, AND gates, and registers. Orig. art. has: 1 figure. [DWI Cud. iL 57874-65 ,ACCESSION MR: AP50i6M 'ASSOCIATION: Kiyevokoye otdeleniye Tsentrallnogo nauchno-looledovatellskogo instituta avyazi Ministerstva avyazi SSSR (Kiev Department of the Central Scientifid l IReaearch Institute of Communications ofthe Hinistr7 of Communications,BSSRT -1 IsuBmiTTED: loffov63 ENCL: 00 BUB COD]r-' EC 'iffO REF GOV: 000 OTHER: 000 ATD PRE88, 4038 L 11146-66 Z-fl- (m)/EPF (c)/Kq/4?1~(n) -2/ n) WW ACCESSION NR: "5022942 UR/0201/65/000/002/9029/0032 101-i AUTHOR- Sergeyev. 1. V. TITLE: Nonuniform burn-up in a reflector reactor SOURCE: AN BSSR. Vestsi. Seryya fizika-tekhnichnykh navuk, no. 2, 1965, 29-32 TOPIC TAGS: reactor fuel processing, nuclear reactor technology, fuel consumption, approximation calculation ABSTRACT: In an earlier paper (IFZh, no. 12, 1964) the author used the vartatiomil approach to investigate the influence of the nonuniform bum-up of the fuel and of the poison accumulation on the iength of run 4r, of nuclear reactors without reflectors. The' variational method remains applicable to the case of reflector reactors discussed in the i present paper; however, the formulation of the problem and the intermediate calculations. require modifications. Since the active zone and the reflector should be considered as a single system in the eigenvalue calculations, in the single group diffusion approximation the stationary diffusion equation cannot be used as the starting point. The present study is based on the nonstationary diffusion equation containing sources. Basic expressions for the calculation of tk are given in the single group and multigroup approximation, Formulas are also given for various parNial capiure cross sections. "The author anks Card 1/2 V. 011 YU. 1~.; PdrO'Ora, P. V, L OY Is ...........W...... -One A co.,~-.)utor distribution loop syatem with binary cells S~~j.`CE: '-:okhanizatsiya i avtomatizat-ciya upravloniya, no. 4, 1966, 62 TC'2!C '2ACS: computer circuit, corkouter control syst-lem ac. co:-.,nu-zer distribution systcm w.-th a sc,-Ll;n- factor twice hig: - tiiazi the E.Uribol- of cc~!L; io de;2;cr~~bcd %-ith the help of a circuit diagram. it is mentloned that, an ax.)Iication, 1,,-0. 943983/26-24, for a patent covering thiG arranrement was presented P. I. Darova. 'flic ~;ystem shown in a diabrari conSi3t.O Of tuhree flin-flop circuit3 hav- a scalin.~ factor equal to 0. The zyztem operates by using tran3istors for con3ecu- tivc S'aitchint-, of pulser, to the corresponding coincidence output' units. The inte--coa- neezin- oporation of three flip-flop circuits are briofly o%plained. 11" is expected zhat the propoood syzte-a will find a vrido application in designing various distributing, codinC; and dccodinC arr=goments. Ori-. art. has; I diagram. SU.3 09/ SUX,, DATIE: None/ ORIG 112?; 003 1 C.,d Vi UX- : 621-374.3 S/095/62/000/00 1 /00 1 /001 1031/1231 AUTHOR: Kuzmak, Ye. M. Doctor of Physical Sciences, klilanchev, V. S., Candidate of Technical Sciences (MINKh and GP imeni Gu!~kin), Suvorova, V. L, Sergevev, Ly, Barysliev, S. P., Engineers (Chel'yabinsk Pipe plant) TITLE: Investigation of physical properties and weldability of heat-treated igr (19G) steel PERIODICAL: Stroitel'stvo truboprovoslav, no. 1, 1962, 8 TEXT: An investigation %vas made to determine the effect of chemical composition on the physical properties and weldability of heat-trated lgr (19G) steel. The chemical compositiGn of the mild and hard heated steel used was: C Mn Si Cr Ni Cu S P Mild heat - 0.16 0.70 0.24 0.03 0.10 0.13 0.030 0.012 Hard heat - 0.22 1.01 0.27 0.04 0.11 0.14 0.037 0.020 Heat-treatment of 19G steel (heating for 25 minutes at 930'C, then water quenching and tempering at 600--C) increased the tensile strength, the yield point and the impact strength of specimens made from both Card 1/2 Investigation of... S; 09 -5; 62,'OOQ-'00 1, 00 1 1; 00 1 1031,1231 mild and hard heats. Elongation decreased in both cases, however, an especially, drastic decrease being rioted in hard steel specimens. The considerable fluctuations of physical properties in both the "as received" and heat-treated steels are due to the different chemical analyses of the steel. In order to minimize the fluctuation in the physical properties, it is recommended to increase the strength of the mild steel by adjusting the temperature of tempering, raising the strength up to that of hard-heat steel Investigation of the physical properties of submerged-are-welded specimens ihowed that weldings equal in strength to the pipe base metal may be obtained if heat input of the welding does not exceed the value of 7500 cal/cm. run. Preliminary heat treatment of 19G steel considerably improves the characteristics of the heat -affected zone in welding scams. Heat treatment of 19G steel permits reduction of pipe wall thickness by 10 to 20 percent. There are 6 table and 3 figures. Card 2/2 S RRi!E-f EV , K. Book abont meteorites (OMeteorites of the U.S.S.R.'. Reviewed by K. Ser- geev). Hauka i zhizn' 20 no.4:45-46 Ap '53. (W.RA 6:5) (Meteorites) (Zavaritakii, A.B.) (Kvasha, L.G.) ";Arerrift v" , , -1 '.. , 'l, , ., --j, , 11 3 !,~-4- ,r frl~;- 1-1c bool, rrcbi~:ms in ti-.e ~,, r. -- Utiliz,-A-Ton ol' Atomic the second reviucCl edlit-ioz. of c, collceti-oli of & 't 1 Pui)]-ls"%Cdi ir 1, :40scol" USSIR 71 Name SERGEYEV, K. Title Professor. Remarlm K. SERGEYET is the author of an article entitled ffExploration of Outer Space /by means of sputniks/0. source M: Stantaii v Kosmose (Stations in Outer Spaswit), a collection of articles,-Dublished by the USSR Academy of Sciences, Moskva, 1960, with-foreword by Academicians A. N. Nesmeyanov and A. V. Topchiyev, p. 116. .102 10 PHASE I BOOK KXPL01T%TION mw/6946 Mikhaylov, A. A., ad. Stanteli Y kommosel sbornlk stat 'lPace Stations; Collection of Articles) Moscow, Izd-vo AN SSAR;' 1960. 444 P. 25,000 capi-a grinted. (Seriest Akademlya nauk SSSR. Mauchno-populyarnayn. eriya) Poop. Rd.s A. A. Rikhaylov; Compiler: V. V. Pedorov, Ed. of Publishing Houset Ye. M. Ilysues Tech. Ed. i I. D. Movichkova. PURPOSIs This book Is Intended both for the space specialist and the average reader Interested In space problems. COVIRAOSt.-The book contains 73 short articles by various Soviet authors on problems connected with space travel and the launch- Ing of artIrIcial earth satellites and apace rockets. Some pon- albilltlem or future developments are also discuosed. The ar- t1cles were published In the period Of 195T-1960. no person- allties are mentioned. There are no references. 11. MLIRIXARY RESULTS OF SPACE INVESTIGATION jj&Amqy4noy. &_X RIstor1cnl Frontier [October 4, 19581 72 -%Wchlj&v- A- r- First 3cientirle Results or the Plignz of Soviet Sputnlkx [March 26. 19561 75 Soviet Artificial Earth Satellites 1Pravda, October 9, 19571 76 NfkhanaxUb I I Candidate or Physical and Kathemitical Sciences. Automatic Laboratory in Space [November 14. 19571 90 or Physical md Kathematical Ir,,:n,y kly Investigation of the Upper Atmosphere With the -Help of 6. Artificial Earth Satellite jOctober 10, 195T] 93 Soviet Artificial urth satellites (Pravda, April 27, 19581 96 Candidate or Physical and Mathematical Sciences. On_tE-eway to an Understanding or the Universe [December 4, 19571 112 11nzbu L., Corresponding Member of the Academy of u4S1-,L=4 L.T.Kurnosova, Candidate of Fhyelcal and Mathematl f..l ..le.csa. The Sun, Cosmic Radiation, and o.ember 14. 195T] 115 Sorge v I Professor. Investigation of' Outer Space Metz mr-IT.-I'mi 118 Third Soviet Artificial Earth Satellite JPravda, may 18. 19581 124 Discoveries, Widening Knowledge About the UnIverse I Pravda, October 5. 19581 153 M1t,rqr_jL_A_ C&ndldate of Physical and Nathe;jk nFaTic" Sciences. In Outer Space - Our Third Sput [July 19501 174 ,:rl I- V. , Doctor of Physical and Math,=atical 1.1 u I ,!n ne Len3ej Look Into Outer Space [Marct 22, 1956, December 11, 195fl 183 Arsent-12y, V. V_ Sputnik on a Photo Plate (Karch 1958) 188 Marty7.*T I YA. , Doctor Of Physical and Mathematical -111, cT of the Mysteries of the Universe [.May 18, 19581 Igo ?O1*tA1V1-A_ Candidate or Physical and Kathematleal _3CIGnCOS. Why Does the Amount or fleflected Light From the 3putnlks Charge? 136ptember 12, 19581 191 POloskov, S. M. Hlgh Altitude Laboratories [Ray 16. 19581 192 -ftalylCh-A-a- Doctor of Pmrsical and Matbematical Sciences. Outer Space laborator7 1195.91 194 Peftr-0-Y-Te. X., Corresponding Memb-r or thi Academy or _Si~isncss US-SA.- -Assault on Outer Spjc* 1 195a1 204 leakov, P Candidate Or Blolo Ical Scl*ncea. Llre on tniHXcT*mbar 14, 1957f 21~ 1. SERGEYEV, K. 2. USSR 600 L. Rural Electrification 7. When the lights go on, Mol. kolkh, 20, No. 1. 1953. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, April 1953, Uncl. 17. t V '73 IF re uui 1,zi wr-jr~, 'Tc. ;71ti Ylt SEIRGEYEV. K, [Serh-.L-., D (I'letharie. ~!,-Iining engineering, &fety rna5iLr--:~-- SERGEYEV, K.A. - . ~. Knit goods made of chemical fibers. Tekst.prom. 19 no.4:91 Ap '59. (MIRA 12:6) Synthetic) goods) (Textile (Knit fibers. SERGMTV K.A., gornyy inzh.; aANTEMIROV, S.P, gornyy inzh. Tachnllc-al servicing of motor trucks In -trip mines. Gor.zhur. no.2,20_22 F 164. (MIRA 17:4) SE,RGEYEV,, K.F. Genesis of rocks in the spi-lite-keratophyre formation-of Paramushir Island (Kurile IslandB). Dokl. AN SSSR 152 no.2: 418-421 S f63. (MIRA 16:11) 1. Sakhalinskiy kompleksnyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR. Predstavleno akademikom Ye.S. Korzhinskim. , S-ERGEYEV, K.F.; SERGEYEVA, V.B. Intrusive rocks of Vernadskii's Range on Paramushir Island (Kurile Is-lands). Dokl. AN SSSR 153 no.4:916-919 D 163. (MIRA 17:1) 1. Sakhalinskiy kompleksriyy nauchno-issledovateliskiy insti- tut, Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR. Predstavleno akademikom V.S. Sobolevym. SERGEYEIT, K.F. Some problems of the petrology of the Cen+;ral instrusive massif in Pararaushir Island. Geol. i geofiz. no.12;82-94 164. (MIRA 18t61 1. Sakhalinskiy komplekanyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut. Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR, poselok Novo-Aleksandrovsk. SERGEYEV, K.F. Basic characteristics of the stratigmpby of Tertiary sedi- ments in the main chain of the Kurile Islands. Dokl. AN SSSR 153 no.5:1154-1157 D 163. (MIRA -17:1) 1. Sakhalinskiy komplekanyy nauchno-isoledovatellakly institut Sibirokogo otdalaniva AN SSSR. Predstavleno akademi- kom D.I. Shcherbakovym. KOGAN, A.G.; ~MEYEV, K.G. House built of vibrated brick panels. Transp. stroi. 10 no. 12:28-30 D 160. (MIRA 13:12) 1. Glavnyy inzhener uchastka No. 7 tresta Orzhonikidzetranestroy (for Kogan). 2. Glavnyy iekhnolog kontory podsobnykh predpriyatiy (for Sergeyev). (Zollsk--Building, Brick) SM-G---YEEV, Kh. 6- Radiobroadcasting Radiobroadeasting from the people's democracies, in the struggle for peacc. Radio, 29, No. 3, 1952. Molithl List gf RuMian Accessions., Library of Congress, June 1952. Unclassified. (71 cli Albania/,Electronics - Radiofication Sep 52 "On the Ascent (Radiofication and Radio Broad- cae tin& in the Albanian People Is Republic)," Kh. Sergeyev "Radio" No 9., p 16 There were 5 radio stations operating in Albania in the second half of 1951 and a new powerful radio station was put into operation recently in honor of the Second Congress of the Al~anian Labor Party. Total power of radio stations has 236T39 increased 18 times in comparison with 1938- About 70 wired radio centers were in operation in the second half of 1951. 236T39 6(4) SOV/111-59-1-C -19/9-7 AUTHOR: Se rgeyev, Kh. A, T ITLE - inter-national Organization of Radic Broadcasting (01,R (Mezhaunarodnaya organizatsiya radioveshchaniya (OIF)) PERIODICAL: Vestnik svyazi, lJ5J, Nr 2, pp 30-31 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The article deals briefly with the background and pres- ent status of the OIR, founded in 1946, and in more de- tail with the commissions within the organization and their activities. In 19,(~8 the western member nations of the OIR left the organization to form the European Union of Radio Broadcasting (UER), leaving only the socialist countries and Finland in the OIR. In 1952 the Chinese People's hepublic, the German Democratic Republic, the Mongolian People's Republic, the Korean People's Democratic Republic, ana the Democratic Repub- lic of Vietnam joined the OIR, lz)57 Egypt and Syria left the UER to join the OIR, bringing total membership to 20 nations. A technical commission of Card 1/4 the OIR was created at about the same time a's the SOV/111- 59 - 2 7 Internationa-L Organization-of Radio Broadcasting organization its6if, and held its 14th commission session May, 1958. Study groups have been formed to deal with questions of line broadcasting, acoustics, television, radio wave propagation, the ionosphere, and assignment of frequencies. The technical commission is also occupied with projects relating to the technical development of radio broadcasting, television and sound recording, a number of which are referred to by the author. Line broadcasting is widely used in China, especially irr the-country (80% of radio installations), and is consider-L-d of great importance. A proposition to build'a-third control center in the Near Last by a representative-of*Radio Egypt, to supplement the 2 al- ready operating ir Pr6,'w-, and China is being implemented. Subjects for further expansion of commission activities are-mentioed, and the author refers to an article in I'Vestnik svyazill, 1958, Nr 7. A program commission was recently created and is working an improvement of pro- grams of various types. A regional conference of the Card 214 OIR took place in Peking in April, 1958, and a light International Organization of Radio B~roadcasting SOV/111-59-2-19/rr_7 music festival was held in Praha in October. The pro- gram commission organized a cycle of broadcasts.called "Sdience in the Service of Peace"; Soviet Academicians Ioffe and Vinter; Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof- essor Krasin: Director of the Academy of Chinese Medi- cine, Lu Chi-chin; English-physicist, Professor John Bernal;.American scientist Linus Pauling; Presi- dent of the Academy of Sciences of the RNR, Academician Parkhon; and Director of the Laboratory of the Cairo Museum, Doctor Iskander Zake took part in this cy-cle, as did broadcazting organizations of many nations. - Many countries and international organizations - the International Union of Electrocommunications, and the International Advisory.Commission on Radio, to both of which the Soviet Union belongs, as well as UER and UNESCO'- maintain contact with the.OIR, and broadcast- ing schedules are regularlv sent to-,many nations in Europe, Asia and America. The program commission will concentrate on such problems as the internatioal com- Card 3/4 petition "Peace and Friendship", joint music broadcasts Organisation Internationale de hadiodiffusion SOV/111-59-2-19/27 I'The Peoples are Singing of Peace and Freedom", "Vital Questions of Drawaturgy", "The Humane Uprbringing of Children and Youthtt . "Contact with Radio Listeners". and "Multi-program Radio Broadcasting" in the coming months. A Television commission (Commission on Quest- icns of Organization and Programming for Television) was created in 1957, which discussed exchanges of TV programs, the practice of organization by TV studios of their own production, contact with viewers, and social-political information on television, Plans for the exchange of TV programs are further elaborated on by the au-thor; new radio-relay and cable lines will soon permit Soviet viewe-rs to see programs from Praha, Berlin, Budapest, Moscow, Leningrad, Y-ty-r-s-v and other centers. The OIR has addressed an appeai to UNESCO for a conference of representatives of broadcasting Card 4/4 societies and unions to be held in 1059. CI,.y7v F. Irr'VEFtov Of ,-neo,,Is rock f t an 5 i6 S Trudy nauch~-is,-l- r's u t% e 5:22- 35 17:10) sH I V ~ ;. ; ~-ERGL ~~, , , h.- . l.. , GBYEVAY I -,f tiie int,ru~ilve of Care Ft.-sman"I .,c rurarrishir '!~ i-nd (.;Iur,*Ip, Ril-onds' and some probleuis of - i geneslS. 7?rufly Sakh. kcmp". nauch.-issl. imsz. All SSSR c. . --15 *'!. (j4-,T-k 17: 10) ` 5:36 t;. n , ;- an - s ~4 LS o 'I t In e i n -1 t -1 a 1 ma-gina for rccks of ;-- gabro-piagio- 1. -L grani t igneous rock formation or Paramushir island (Kurile lslands~. Trudy Sak-h. kompi. nauch.-issl. inst. All SSSR no.15: 46- 54 163. r: -10) --sFaGEYAK Effect of desoxyribonuclaic acid on fecundation processes in vertebrates [with summary in Boglish]. Biul.ekap.biol. i med. 43 no.3:85-90 Mr '57. (MLPA 10:7) 1. 1z kafedry gistologii Chitinskogo meditsinskogo instituta. Predstavlena deystvitellnym chlenom ANN SSSR D.N.Nasonovym. (DESOI:YRIBONUCLWIC ACID, eff. on fertility in vertebrates (Rus)) (YERTILITY, eff. of drugs on desotyribonucleic said in vertebrates (Rus)) Sv,RGF,M,'. F.K. (Chita) - _ Ftioloir"'. pathogenesis. nnd prevention of Urov disenses. 36 io.6-9-15 Je '59 (HIRP 11:7) 1. Tz Urcmakoy nsuchno-issledovstellskoy stantaii. Chitinskays 1 Inst I . 0 0 (ARTHRIT tcz. defninnns, etiopathogen. & Drev (RUW ~~.CERPTA MEDICA See 2 lol 1215 Physiology Yay 59 1913. ItECF,1"1'lVh: FUNCTION OF THE CORNEA Russian text) - Sergeev K . M.SECIL K. Dept. of Histol., iMed. Inst., Tchita - FIZIOL. Z11. 11 195o, 4-1/2 (105-109) Ulus. 2 Histological evidence on the innervation of the cornea was obtained by means of vital staining of nerves with methylene blue. The cornea was subjected to the ac- tion of mechanical and thermal (cold) stimuli of very low intensity. Tactile stim- ulatLon was applied by means of a hair of 13 ju. diameter (exerting I mg. press- ure). Cold stimulation was achieved by means of a jet of chloroethylene vapour delivered from a cone with a 1.5 mm. aperture, the temperature at the outlet being +19* C. The cone aperture was placed at a 0.5 mm. distance from the point to be exanuned. Reactivity of free intraepithelial nerve endings at the centre of A I SMEYEV, K.K..(Irlrutsk, ul. 25 Oktyabvja, d-38) Amohibian nervous system in the period of metamorphosis. Arkh,anat. gist. i embr. 36 no.3:13-21 Mr 159. (MIRA 12:7) 1. 1,1fedra gistologii Chitinskogo meditsinskogo institiita. (HERVOUS SWER, physiol. in emphiblans during metamorphosis (RaB)) SMGEYEV, K.K., P~roblem of Urov endemia. 37 no.10:112-119 0 '59. (MMA 13:2) 1. Iz Urovskoy nauchno-lealedovatellskoy stantail (direktor - kand. med.nauk K.K. Sergeyev). (OSTBOARTHRITIS) SERGEYE-Vt K.K. (Aktyubinskg Kazakhskaya SSR9 ul.Pobedy9289 kv.27) Problem of the morphophyBiological relationships of the skin receptors. Arkh.anat.gist.i embr. 39 no.9:70-77 S 160. (MIRA 14:1) 1* Kafe' a gistologii i embriologii (zav. - K.K. Sergeyev) Akt-yubinskogo meditsinskogo-instituta. (SKIP-INNERVATION) (RECEPTORS (PHYSIOLOGY)) WMGEYL'V, K.K., Moriliblogical and functional regeneration of the neural apparatus of the human skin after burns. Vest.derm. i van. 34 no.2:30-34 F 16o. (MIRA 13:12) 1. Iz Aktyubinskogo gosuderstvennogo meditsinskogo institute i kafedry gistologii. (BURNS pathol.) WTIN innervation) SERGEYEVI K.K. Electric thermoesthesiometer. Biul. ek~p. biol. i med. 50 no.7: 112-113 JI 160. (MIRA 14:5) 1. Iz kafedry gistologii (zav. - kandidat meditsinskikh nauk K.K. Sergeyev) Akt-yubinskogo meditsinskogo instituta (dir. - dotsent A.B. Dairov). Predstavle4a deystvitel4nym chlenom AMN SSSR V.N.Chernigovskim. (T$WERATURE SENSE) SERGEYEV, K.K-, Receptor function of the skin in patients with leprosy. Vest. derm.i ven. no.7;53--60 161. 04IRA 15:5) 1. 1z Irkutskogo leprozoriya. (LEPROSY) SERGEYEV, K.K. (Kazakh kaya SSR, Aictyubinsk, 7, ulitsa Pobedy, 28, kvartira 27) Comparative morphology of the cutaneous exteroceptors in mammals. Arkh. anat., gist. i embr. 45 no.7:89-95 Je 162. (14IRA 17:4) 1. Kafedra gistologii (zav. - dotsent K.K. Sergeyev) Aktyubinskogo meditsinskogo instituta. SERGEYEV, K.K., dotsent Morphophysielogy and physiology of skin receptors. Vest. derm. -J -,rcn. 37 rio.7:8-1,/ Jl 10'3 (ITIRA 16:12) 1 J. Fafedra gistologii Akctyubinskogo meditsinskogo instituta. ~ae mort'l-loic;uy cf huma'. "n...'I 'rkh. a ria t, f: i embr. 415 ro.11!38-45 A M i ful 17:8) J i fz~ d ra k, w '.~I: i r- ~y- v Aktyublnskup:~ f eci ; t~~ SERGETEV, K.K. (1zhevsk) Rapid method for the silver impregnation of ganglia. Arkh. pat. 27 no.9:80-81 165. (YJRA 18:12) 1. Kafedra gistologii meditsinskogo instituta (zav.- prof. K.K. Sergeyev). Submitted October 19, 1964. SERGEYEV, K.K. Complex methodolr-gl of silver impregnation with Voelgen's reaction. Biul. eksp. biol. i med. 50, no.6:117-118 Je 165. (MIRA 18: 6) 1. Kafedra gistologii (zav. - doktor red. nauk K.K. Sergeyev) lzhevskogo meditsinskogo instituta. VASILOYNYA, G.A.; SKRGBYV, K.N. Cases of hernia of the umbil , A 'i'cal cord. kash. i gin. n0.3:80-81 my-Je 154. (MLRA 7:8) 1. Iz rodilgnogo doma MoBkovsko-Ryazanakov sh.d., Bt. Michuxinsk. (UKBILICUS"MNIA) e S/14 62/005/005/0 1. 2/ 01 6-1 D2 01 YD3 08 AUTHORS: Sergeyev, K. N. and Sinellnikov, A. Ye. TITLE.* Filtering compensating accelerometer PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeni:y.- Priborostro- yeniye, v. 5, no. 5, 1962, 98-106 TEXT: The authors describe the construction and give the theory of an accelerometer which makes it possible to measure, within a given frequency range, accelerations with negligible dynamic distortion and to filter out at the same time the amplitude of the base vibrations in the output signal. The filtering accelero- meter consists of two oscillating circuits connected in series, each having a predetermined frequency characteristic. With proper choice of damping coefficients of the oscillating circuits it is possible to obtain the overall required frequency response, both with respect to the measured and non-measured frequencies. The above type of filtering compensating accelerometer makes it pose- -ible, as compared with a single-mass one, to-extend considerably Card 1/2 F S/14 62/005/005/012/016------] Piltering compensating D201%)308 the range of measured frequencies for the same amplitude distor- -tion and to lower appreciably the vibration amplitude in the out- put signal of the instrument. There are 4 figures. ASSOCIATIONSs Leningradskiy institut tochnoy mekhaniki i optiki i (Leningrad Institute of Precision Mechanics and Op-11 ties); Leningradskiy politekhnicheskiy institut im. M. I. Kalinina (Leningrad Polytechnic Institute im. M. I. Kalinin) SUBMITTED: April 49 1962, Card 2/2 SMOEYEV) K.N. Inveatigatlon of an acceleration transducer with -filtering properties. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; prib. 6 no.5:84-94 163. (MIRA 16:11) 1. Leningradskly institut tochnoy- mekhaniki i optiki. SARYCI-11,V~ A.,, inzho; L. A glariotm fiva ycarts. Grazhde avs 21 no* 12:14 D #64o ('MiA L'IsI2) , "'ng. Col. Cond . T---ci- . jc-* . ., Docent ~: V. , E'nis. Col., C~ral. '-!'--~ch- Ic-ences, Docont. "I - l,bdern Military Tec'm3clogy, 195',, "Daveic-nient of Armored '.!vbriel from the boo':~ - - -- - C)p pa';e, I ~, k~; T,ran3i3tion 11145E5 PA 22T12 USSR/Aeronautics Jul 1947 Navigation, Aerial Nrivif,:41tIOTA. Coleattal 0A lieviow of R. V. Mwitsklyte Now Book;-- lAviation Aatronuny , " L. 8ergeyev, I p "Ventnik vozduzhnogo Flota" No 7 (341) A brief review of a now book published in 1947 by the Ytilita:ry Publishing House of the Ministry of the Armpd Forces of the USSR. It is prim ily a textbook and handbook for navigators, dealiziff wAh sme thoorerical and practical aspects of aq;iial navigation. 'i.he critic praises the book for its clarity and aimplioity of text, freedom from-oom- plicated mathomt1cal rormulae, and its value to perermu6i with no special training in astronomical Inav Igat lcor.. 22T12 T USSR/Radio, Training PAY 49 % Radio, StatIone "In the Central Radio C lub," L. Sergeyev, 2 pp "Radio" No 5 Call letters of Central Radio Club --UA-3-KkB -- are well known throughout the vorldj and many communications have been established vith-lurope, the US, and the Far East. In 1948, the radio station sent 2,950 communications. 44/49r 6 SERGEYEV, L. Radic We will assist in the popularization of radio in the collEctive farm village. Radio, 29, 0 no. 1, 1952. Monthl- List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, April 1952. Unclassified. SERGEYEVI L. Qualified techniciams are on th-eir way. Obshchestv. Dit. no.6:38-39 Je 161. (jdRA 114:9) 1. Zaveduyushchiy kabinetom torgovo-tekhnologicheakogo oborudovaniyu Kharlkovakogo taklinikuma sovetskoy torgovli. (Food industry-&p1p3rees) (Kharlw-Technical education) SERGEYEV, L. (g.Chita) Experienced soldier shares hi5 knowledge. Voon. znan. 37 no.12: 28 D '61. (MIRA N.-II) (Snipers) BABALYAN, B.; IVMTOV, G.; GRUZDEV, A.;.´┐ŻE IWMC&V,_ L.; IVANOV, I. For a model main air route. Grazhd. av. 21 no.6:20-21 Je 164. (MIRA 17:8) SERGEYEV, 11. According to the principle: He who ss,~ks shall find. Grazhd. av. 19 no.6:23 je 162. (ICIPI- 18:6) 1, - , ~~R-x Iv I I . - . L. ~' . -- "Verticillium Dahliae Kleb -=nd Their Utiliz:,tion in the Fight against dithering Cotton in the Ukraine." Acad Sci 3--orgian SSR, Institute of Plant Protection, Kherson, 1950'. (Dissertation for the Dealree of Candidate of Biolo-g-ical Sciences) Kr,izhnava LetorAs' No 42, October 1956, Moscow SLAGEaV,.-Ys.A-, podpolkovnik meditsinskoy sluzhby Significance of atmospheric iobization in the treatment of hypertension at the TSkhaltybo Health Resort. Voen.-med. zhur. no,'7:80-81 Jl 161. (NIRA 15:1) (TSKHALTYBO-AIR, IONIZED) (HYPERTENSION) SERGEYEV, L.A. Significance of the atmospheric ionization in the complex climatic factors in the treatment of hypertension patients at the 113khaltubo health resort. Sbor. trud. Gos. nauch, issl. inst. kur. i fizioter. 26:135-1" 163. (MIRA 17:5) 1. Iz TSI-ahaltubskogo sanatoriya Yk 3SSR. VLASOV, Illya Leontlyevich;_~ERGEYEV,,L.A., red.; ZILIFEA, R.B., tekhn. red. [Atomic weapons and protection from them] ladernoe oruzhie i zashchita ot nego. Moskva, Izd-vo DOSAAY, 1961. 46 p. (MIRA 16:7) (Atomig bomb--Safety measures) 11 `-, ' -- -T L - - -,-: I.I... . . f "Some New Phys-ical Eethlo-Is to the of' the R-a-ti--,nall Location of Oil I - ilells, 11 Journal. Phys., 3, 1.10- 4-5, 19110. Nbr., FhyAcc, Az.2rbay.-Izhan Affil., Jkcarl. ""Ci., 3W FHAEE I Book zxPwrrATION SOV/2879 Vendrov, Semen Leonidovich, Aleksandr Afanaslyevich Groshev, Nikolay Mikhaylovich Isakov, Leonid Aleksandrovich Sergeyev., Iosif Mikhavlovich Shepshelevich, and Viktor Aleksandrovich VeUchko !___ Sovremennaya tekhnika gidrogmficheekikh izyskELuiy (Modern T~chniques in Hydro- graphic Surveying) Leningrad, Izd-vo "Rechnoy transport," Leningr. otd-niye, 1957. 170 p. 1,500 copies printed. Ed. (Title page): Ye. V. Bl-iznyak, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor; Reviewer: A. I. Grazinav; Ed. (Inside book):D. M. Kudritakly; Tech. Ed.; K.14. Volchok. PMEB: This book Is intended for engineering and technical. personnel engaged in hydrogmphic survey work. It my also serve as p textbook for students of hydrogmphic surveying. CMRAGE: This book covers the basic principles and techniques of surveying in- land vaterways. It describes the role p1ayed by ultrasonics, radio, lighting card 1/4 Modem Techniques in Hydrographic (Cont-) SOV/2879 Ch. III. Specialized Hydrographic Aerial Photographic Survey 37 7. Basic problems of aerial photography 37 8. Air-borne survey work 40 9. Fundamentals of a hydrographic interpretation of aerial photographs 51 10. Yleasuring the depth according to sounding tracks 63 Ch. IV. Fadiogeodetic Methods for Determining Coordinate Points on Water, Tand, and in the Air 68 11. Fundamentals of phase methods in radio measurements 68 12-- "Cartographic Preparation" 89 13. Fladio measurements in carrying out the surveying work on rivers, lakes, and water reservoirs 100 14. Specific application of radio methods in specialized aerial photography 124 card 3/4 RASHA, Dmitriy flikolayevich; MGEYEV.,__L.A., otv. z8 V.Vpusk; PULIKINA, Ye.A., ------- --- --- 1. [Study and calculation of shore transformations in the lalm section of reservoirs] Izuehenie i raschety pereformiravaniis beregov ozernoi chasti vodokhranilishch. Leningrad, K-vo rechnogo flota RSFSR, 1958. 81 P. (MIRA 12:12) (Reservoirs) (coast changes) 1,w G,-(4)hysjt2n1 Lca; Collection ocr ~rtleles', No.. ap, Mmav -3. /!/-/ in book ~Rlied GVP~24 ~U-Xbizdat, 1955, 2b7p. Giontop Thaos articles are concerned vith tb-- wothodology of i&-arpreting the results of awrime seiffmic ozd electrical surveys., Re7lev the collecting properties of rc-ekv urn OChe basis of data obtained from resiatcuaters and the application of eMrged r4artic34 accelerators in wen logging. A -;3,7~-,ir:d -Iz- 7~plrys ic a~ I t ile s in 'Methane Saturatedi Oils and Wat-~-r fcr I Oil Lay~:.r." paper present,~d at the 4th All-Union Conf. on Acousticr,, Mcscow, 26 May - LE Jun 5~c'. SMGKM, L.A. Ultrasonic echo sounding for geophysical purposes. Prikl. geofiz. no.20:141-154 '58- (MIRA 11:11) (sonar) (submarine geology) MIRCHINK, M.F.; BALLAKH, I.Ya.;. -E ~GEYEV,___~j,-A.; CHURLIN, V.V.; BUKRARTSEV, V.P.; VETO, V.I.; KHACHAMAN, R.O.; MUKHI11, S.S.., red., RYLINA, Yu.V.1, tekhn. red. (Evaluating the possibility of using seismic prospecting in direct search for oil pools] Otsenka. vozmozbnosti primeneniia seismicheskoi razvedki dlia priamykh poiskov neftianykh zalezhei. By M.F.Mirchink i dr. Moskva, Izd-vo Akad. nauk SSSR, 1961. 329 p. (MIRA 14:11) 1. Akademlya nauk SSSR. Institut geologii i razrabotki goryuchAh isko- payamykh. (Seismic prospecting) 3/169/6.2/000/007/038/149 D228/D~07 ,wflioli,;: Nire)iink, I.I. P., Ballakh, I. Ya., SQZ:gyev, L. A., i,')oa-11n, V. V., jjujc)j,.trtjev, V. P. and V -.-I Direct searches for oil pools by the seismic reflec tion method A1e-':'--rativnyy zhurnal, Geofizika,.no. 7, 1962, 23-24, abstract 7A155 (V sb. Sostoyaniye i perspektivy razvi- tiya 7eo-iz. metodov poiskov i razvedki polezn. isko- payemykh, M., Gostoptekhizdat, 1961, 225-229) TEI"'~T: The authors state the results of researchon whether it is possible practically to seek oil and gas pools by direct seismic methods. Theoretical appraisals of the reflecting capacity of the oil-water contact (O..'C) showed that the IWC must be a sufficiently c-;ear .-eflecting boundary. The dependence of the longitudinal wave velocity in water and oil on the methane saturation pressure was investigated (in laboratory conditions), and the velocities in wa- -ter- or 'kerosene- impregnated sands under different pressures were Card 1/c. S/16 62/000/007/038/149 Direct seai,ches 'Lor ... D228YD307 dete=i4-ned. The results obtained confirmed the theoretical calcula- tions. Field observations were made on the Mukhanovskaya structure IVI'lat I)as been, drilled in detail. The productive parts of the traps -ere o~.-'Ulined by 'racin-* reflections irom -the OWC and, less relia- U CD bly-, ILrom the changes in the form of the recording of reflections fro.m -;-eolo--,ic boundaries. The statistical processing of seismograms by a Special method was applied to distinguish objectively the axes of synphasing that correspond to reflections from the OWC. The pos- sib4L!.i-uies exposed for the use of seismic methods for dircct oil and gas searches are undoubtedly of practical interest. Z-Abs-'U-rac- Ue-T s note: Complete translation.-7 Card 2'/ SERGETEV, L.A. (Kaluga) ------ Improved pipette for taking samples of-soil suspensions. Poah- vovedenie no.1:98-99 Ja 161. (MMA 14:1) (Soils-Analysis) -SEfZGEYL_V_,__j,~_A.;, SERGEYEVICH, V.I.; KHAZNAFFROV, A.I.; BURHISTROVA, V.F. Difference in compressibility (isothermal and adiabatic) for reser- voir oil and methane-saturated water. Prim. ul'traakust. k issl. veshch. no.14:235-24o 61. (YdRA 14:12) (Compressibility) (Petroleum) (Methane) KOH&MV, S.O., PaWMV, M.N., RrAB=N, L.A., SETIOTEV. ~L.A-.. YEDYNSM# T.Te "Mrive in popbysical wthods of prospecting for oil wW Abitract. The paper outlines the results of the d- p of Osophyiicul po-peO:no In the USSR for the Zoo ;hh"':' years. A short description Is given of the Instruments and technique applied in seismic, electrical, gravity, magnetic i end logging surveys both in prospection and exploration i of structures and in investigations of direct prospecting far oil ano gas fields. Illustrations are supplemented showing geological results of application of up-to-date methods and instruments of geophysical investigations. The paper shovn great significance of geophysical invati. gations in studies of geological structure of regions and in prospetcling for oil and got fields In the USSL reprot to be subinittod for this 60 WOr24 POUIOIOM UOVA me Frankthfts went aerinow, 196-96 jum 1963. SERGEYEV, L. A.; BOYAROYTS, A. A.; CHURLIN, V. V.; SOKOLOV, 0. N. Is Acoustfeal pulse logging of a eased well. Geol. nefti i gaza 7 no.1:56-60 Ja 163. (MIRA 16.-1) (Oil well logging, Acoustical) SERGEYEV, L.A.; SHAPIROVSKIYP N.I. [deceased]; BABAYEV, D.Kh.; GANBAROV, Yu.G.; AKHUNDOV, I.D.; TAGIYEV, Z.B.; TAGIYEV, A.I.; ISHAYLOVA, R.I.; UMANOVA, V.A.; GUSEYNOVA, N.U.; ALIZADE, M.A.; CHUPLIN, V.V.; TOROPOVA, K.M. First results of the use of the seismic method for the direct prospecting of oil and gas pools in the sea. Dokl. AN Azerb. SSR 20 no.9:27-31 164. (M3RA 18:1) 1. Institut geologii i razrabotki goryuchkikh iskopayemykh AN SSSR i Azerbaydzhanskiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut po dobyche nefti. GUSHKOV7 Lev Mikhaylovich; SERGEYEV L.A., red. r LSimplest shelters for protection from weapons of mass destruction] Prosteishie ukrytiia dlia zashchity ot oruzhiia massovogo porazlieniia. Moskva, DOSAAF, 1965. j'? P. (1,11RA 18: 5) SERGEYEV, L.A., dotsent Use of new techniques in water transportation surveys. Truc~y LIVT no.61:44-51 164. (MIRA 18:11) T SERGELEV) U,A,, seis=La proepectl~"ng to iso-- ti the producing section of -a 7 t,11 oil reservoir. Geol. nefti i Eaza 7 no.11 34-38 (MIRA 17: 8) 1. Institut geologii I razrabotk--' go--yachikh iskopayemykh AN SSSR. A-!(-k--.,iridr DaidlovIch, gmneral-,polkovnik inzIlenernykh voysll%,~ doktor voyp-rz..ykh rauk, i-rof.; jPx&EX-T1; -.,r e I . (soviet engineer trriops] Sovetskie inzhenernye voiska. Mo- Ava, DOSAAF, 1-965, 58 p. (1,41RA 184 U) AUIKSEYEV.~ A.P. I mayor; SERG-EYEV, L.B. , inzhener.-mayor Vith an :-.Infrared homing system. Vrzst.V)zd.Fl. no.2:92~94 F f6l. (MIRA 14-7) (Guided missiles) " ~, "~; FA F Y ... , - X 1, B. - , , - - - -I-. - -, T Suppl.wative pro!~eaaes -in the cavity of the Sella turcica. Zdrav. Tadzh. 10 no.3:9-:13 163. (MI-RA J-7- 4) - 12. Trudo%rogo Krasnogo Zylamen! i.rlatlt,uta neyz*OkL--J.,ru--gn imeni akademika N.N. Burdwike WIN SSSR (rukovocult,3"I - pr,Di-. L.A. Koreysha). i? ' ";, -- 1. ~ I j,ii.iy Illich; R-~YSKIY, I.D., retsenzent; S12GEYEV, L.G., retcenzent; A.L., red. Practical study of electrical equipment] Frakticheskie zaniati-la po elektrooborudovaniiu. Moskva, !zd-vo Ili- S~flehevaia pron-fshlennost', 1964. 135 p. (muz -,~ 17:8) A W WN x a 9 a I ; IND Abb i fk e4 Ocal - / m 00 - ~A 14' AAMMAr d 'Olimmobi;4diff. i="m a ndowd N P. 0. K" ago 09 see as MITALLLWGICAL LfftRATVM CLAMPICATON see LA a g SOA400 wAs ow d" lat"Im ISIAll me 0.1 &$1 u s jiv 30 "1; 00 11, Wt j mg 'a ; a- TA I I I 060699;Z9906046*66000196 ~40101060.0 of goo 0 0 000 0 00 go **of** U CTM X 31 32 13 34 X X 9 X N 4 1 Q 43 44 451 11 C 0 V 4 N X L 0 0 0 PQ I T IV -V2; " F a b L AT 116 Ts _A_' I . ST Di is? A" m Wire- !)mV&F7Tlv 2.0 11. rEDERS F.-&*CVPI 'Dw 4 L::O; vT.CA MM. .VC. 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