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OYVIN, I.A.; S&RGEYEV, Yu.V., Mechanism of sensitization and of antibody formation. Bitil. eksp.biol. i mod. 40 no-9:51-54 S 155. (MLRA 8:12) 1. Iz kafedry patologicheskoy fitiologii (zav.-prof. I.A. Oivin) Stalinabadskogo meditsinskogo instituta imeni Avitsenny (dir.-chlen-korrespondent AN Tadzhikskoy SSR Ya A. Rakhimov) (ALLERGY', experimental, mechanism of sensitization & antibody form] (ANTIGENS AND ANTIBODISS, antibody -'orm.,mechE%nism) s. P,- - G ~-,,.r ,I, Yu. V. .. , . of resorption of mail3l from the iBolFkted carotid siWas of a rabbit. Trudy 21:107-112 156 'MIRA 11:3) (CAROTID CIIWS) :-~MFY:37. TU.V. Further studies on the mechanism of sensitization and nntibod7 fornation; rate of resorption of gamma globulin injected Intra- venously. Trudy 21:113-126 '56 (MIRA 11:8) (ANTIGF,NS AND ANTIBODIES) Yu.V, Rate of resorotion of 35-laballed nervm vrnteine from the skic, TrucV, 21:127-129 156 11:8) (BLOOD PRCYTI NS) OYVIN. I.A.; SIRGMT, Yu. V. Reflex mechanism of antibody formation. Zhur. mikrobiol., epiden. i lmmnn. 27 no.3:98-102 Kr' 56. (MIAA 9:7) (ANTIGM AND ANTIBODIM, antibody form., reflex mechanism (Run)) SERG-EYEV.. Yu. V., Cand of 1.11ed Sci -- (diss) "Application of radioactive Isotopes for the experimental study of certain debatable questions concern1nS the meonanism or sensibilization and the formation of anti- bodies." Moscow, 1957, 16 pp (2d Moscow Medical Institute Im Firogov) 200 copies (KL, _312-57,98) SEPG=, Yu. V. (Dushanbei "accumulation of radioactive iodine by the thyroid gland in persons temporari~, living at an altitude of L200 meters (Eastern Panirill, Report presented at the Scientific Conference devoted to the problems of physiology and pathology in High Altitudes, Ministvj of Health Tadzhik SSR and Medical Institute im. Abdul' Ibn-Sino, held in Dushanbe, October 1962. (Zdravookhraneniye Tadzhikstana, Dushanbe, No. 3, 1963, P. 37-39 Si~Ftcj:',,Y0J,, Yu.V.; ANTONOVIGH, V.I.; CHERNER, R1.1. floz%a.). pr..-Boure in acut,, .,xF1jr1iroriU.L1 :L(jBIon of' the liv,,~v. Trwiy .Inst. kraev. mod. All Tadzh. SSR no.1:16/~-177 10/2. (MIRA 17; 5) 1 L (a) e ACCESSION NR; AT445947 S/3111/63/06VOOO/0060/0063 'J. AUTHOR; Sergeyev, Yu. V. TITLE: Functional state of the thyroid gland In people living under:alpine con4I-'_'- tions SOURCE: Dushanbe. Gosudarstvenny*y meditsinskly Institut. T ru dy* 4. 62 1963. Voprosyyc fiziologil I patologil vy-/,sokogorlya; trudy* nauchnoy konferentsil- 1962 (Problems of the physiology and pathology of Alpine regions; transactions of the 1962 scientific conference), 60-63 TOPIC TAGS:, altitude, hypoxia, thyroid, thyroid function, radlolodine, adaptation ABSTRACT: Fifty-four persons ranging in age from 19 to 32 years were examined three times: beforethe test at 800 m, after 6 months'In the Eastern Pamirs (4ff3,m), and during the first month after the return to 800 M'Lusing radioactive: Nal The radioisotope wis given orally ln-a dose of 1-5-2.0 pC, and the actl vity over the thyroid was determined 1, 2. 3, 4, 5,.6 and 24 hours later. The results showed that acclimatization to high altitude decreased the average uptake of 1131 from 35.9% to 22.7%. with a further decrease to 14.5% after return to the ley, Since there values are all within normai'llmits, the author.concludes, mv a L C. A 12 L- SERGEYEV, Yu.V.; VOLYNSKAYA, T.B. Effect of corticosteroids on some indices of the blood coagulation system under normal conditions and in lesions of the liver. Akt.vop.pat.pech. no.3:124-135 165. (MIRA 18:11) L &98-66 (A) FMT(m)/EWP(J)/3-1P(t)/EWP(b~ ACC NR- AP5028478 AUTHORS: AKLOI. D. I,; Kamenetskiy, I. !fonomareva, V. M.; Golubeval A. V-.; Luklyanov, K. A.; Kinter, 1. P.; Shalina7,'V". P. q V, 3-5, vy, j-!;~ --JD/RM A SOURCE CODEs UR/0286/65/000/020/0064/0064 Ya * SmirnovaV101-~-.j Serg"eva, A, Aq~; N. ; Ye-re-m-Ina"-Tiv.-N.; sivogtdkovap ORG: none TITLE: Surfacing for metallic and reinforced concrete decks. Class 39s No. 17564+3 Za-nnounced Construction SSSR (Organizatsiya gosudarstvennogo komiteta po sudostroyaniyu SSSRU SOURCE: Byulletent izobreteniy i tovarnykh znakov,, no. 20, 19-65., 64 TOPIC TAGS: polymer, copolymer, rubber, mineral filler, pigment, metal surfacing~~ reinforced concrete, ship component . SYN7-HCTIC It w 8 66A- ABSTRACT: This Author Certificate presents a surfacing material for metallic and reinforced concrete decks. The surfacing material is based on a binding polymer and on mineral fillers and pigments. To increase its resistance to abrasion and corrosion and to reduce its slipperiness, a copolymer of styrole with nitrylacrylic acid and with butylacrylic rubber is used as the binding polymer. SUB CODE: ll/ SUBM DATE: 12Mar64 kv/.- UDC: 678.71+6.2-139.678.046.3 678.047 BRAYNIN, S.A., irzh.; SERGEYEVA, A.A., Inzh.; PFRTSOVSKII, V.N.., inth. Automatic control of the preparation of rmixes. Mekh. i avtom. proizv. 19 no.&1-5 Ag 165. OJIRA M9) -T . According to Tz:~~_qtj Z-,~. Ac-"MI. Na,jk SSSR (CTW 12, (1w8_91) 19l)3-11 the, fbIlovirig was read at the seminar Of the Laboratory of ;itit. hine and Inotruaient Preoision, Institute of !Aachine Pcienne, Acla&XIY Of Sciences, USSR in 1T52 and '-lie fir5t Yu~_lf of 1!:,';53' %I. I. SIERGME11-CIER11Y I-cad cL j)apcr 111,10tilods of re,,,-ul_ntik_)n zMid results of experinental study of the precision of frontal friction mechanisms." -He oointed OUtjthe desirability of usin.- different fom,s of rejulator which would considerably improve the worl-Cin- precision of frictional mechanizms and produced characteristic curves of the distribution of the fundariental workins errors foz- the mechanisms Ln cuestion. The semin-nv- noted that V.I. SerL-jmev- Cherny had carried out useful work in. checking under factory conditions I SO: rSI Trans 4T38, MaY 54,Unclas. the instructions as to precision desi--n of frictional mechanim5. SERGEYiW-CnRNYY, V. I. Precision of face-friction mechanisms. Trudy Sem. po toch.mash. no.6:35-57 154. (MLRA 7*11) (Couplings) (Links and link-motion) (Differential equations) ZHMIN, I.V.; SNRGEYEVA. A.F. Application of diathermy of pancreatic region in diabetes. Klin. mad., Moskva 30 no. 11:86 Nov 1952. (CIXL 23:5) 1. Docent for Zherdin. 2. Of the Faculty Therapeutic Clinic (Director -- Prof. A. 1. Gefter) and of the Department of Path- ological Physiology (Head -- Prof. Ya. A. lazaris), Gorlkiy Medical Institute imeni S. M. Kirov. 17 Jul-v56 ',:~c-3 Vol-10/7 T he 1259. SERGEYEVA A. F. Mod. Inst. , Dopt. of pathol. Physiol. Joriti. i n f ~ t 1 0 n 777- (1 i e t con ta i n i n g p rot e i n and fa L, re s p(,- c t - i v e I y ,on t lie exc. re tion of gr lucose and ke tone bodi e s i n text' ARK11.11ATOL.(Moscow) 1955, -,Iloxan diabetes (Russian 3) (59-60) Expericnents were made on 25 adult rats with alloxnn diabetes. A protein diet h.Ld a favourable effect on the diabetes in that the glycosuria decreased. The blood surrar level showed a 50% decrease; glycosuria was highest on a casein diet and lowest on proLein. A pure protein diet showed absence of excretion of ketone bo- (lies. Rr-nnrit - Borlin NAVROTSKAYA, A.M.; DROBOTOVA, Ye.L.; TAMBOVTSEVA, A.R.;.SERGEYEVA, A.F. Efficient utilization of hops in the brewing industry. Izv. vvs. ucheb. zav.; pishch. tekh. no-4:80-85 163. (MIRA 16:11) 1. Zhigulevskiy pivovarennyy kombinat, issledovatel'skaya laboratoriya. , .'-. -3. SEilEYEW, '- G.: "An ex;:~-rimnent In com;.arative study Cf" culbares of lucerne Lnd sa.i-nfoIn un,3-r irriE.,tion ir, I'uyb-.-:h,-j '33blast". -1 -. Union Sci Res Inst of Fodder imeni V. R. Villya,,,-is. (Dissertations for the degree of Cendidate of 1-ricultural SO: Kni2hna-,r2 Letoris' No. IM 10 December 1g;;5. Xoscow. Country : USSR CatcGory: Soil Sciv:acv OrL,,,nic FurtilizQrs ;.bs Jour: MhDiol , iiu A, '.L558j irc, 6313-6) j'-uthor : SerGoycv7~, -..G List Title Esparsette .. The -West Nitro(,mn aiir'.chcr .-f Soil 1957, No 7, 434*1', Cri~-- Pub: S - kh 1 L Abstrzact: In oxxlin--ry -/-avo1zh'ye chcrnozcr.,. in the K uy- byshevskaya cblnst', the N reserves af ~cr two years of sow';.nC; luceme with wheat LI-rass were W-4 Lvjl-G, aixi under a - ss mixture of cs-parscttc ,ra with wheat Grass, 132.6 ria/kG. The spr--nG wheat yield per lnyc-r of esparsette was hiC;hcr 'than per layer --)f lucQmc only by 1 centner/hectam, but the albwi-*-.n cuitc;nt in the wheat rrains on esparsette Card 1/p J-52 SAZANOV, V.I.; SERGEYEVA, A.G. Effect of alfalfa and eainfoin on the availability of phosphorus in irrigated Chernozems [with summary in English]. Pochvovedenie no.5:99-101 My '58. (MIRA 11:6) l.Kuybyshevskiy sellskokhozyaystvannyy institut., (Phosphorus) (Chernozem soils) LYUBIMOVA, V.V., doktor ekon. nauk; NOVIKOVA,-O.G., kand. ekon. nauk; SERGEYEVA, A.G., kand. ekon. nauk; IVANOV, N.P., kand. istor. '---Y;-OBOMWA-,G.A., kand. ekon.-nauk;-KHLYNOV, V.N., kand. nau ekon. nauk; DOILEVICH, M.V., doktor ekon. nauk; POKATAYEVA, T.S., kand. ekon. nauk; USOV, G.A., kand. ist. nauk; SALIKOVSKIY, O.V., kand. geogr. nauk. Prinimali uchastiye: PF.SCHPJISKIY, V V., kand. ist. nauk; PIROGOVA, I.M.; PRONIN, S.V.; USVYATSOV, A.Ye.; MAKAROV, V., red.; DARONYAN, M., mladshiy red.; ULANOVA, L., tei6. red. [Real wages during the period of-the general crisis of capi- talism)Reallnaia zarabotnaia plata v period obshchego krizisa kapitalizma. Moskva, Sotsekgiz, 1962. 558 p. (MIRA 16:3) 1. Akademiya nauk SSSR. Institut mirovoy ekonomiki i mezhdu- narodnykh otnosheniy. (Wages) 3---':~GEYEVA, A, I. Fisheries - Accounting Subjecting shop planning to the tasks of developing business methods; discussion of the article by V. A. Serdyukov, F-yb. khoz., 28 No. 3, 1952. 1952 Q 1. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, July )9,09% Uncl. Fe" W 410VA, N I - . 'P,IiiAbA;v I c4i, 1. V. ; S)C!(GkY-- Vi,, it. 1 - ; ~,di 'fit I., I-TURcv; , Ye .1), e0zlul~I. 1-P, Mmm-A--Ma. Q f-jrer in Daghestan. Zhunmikrobiol.epid. I in-,w,=. 29 ao-6-.36-19 Je '57, (min lo: 13) 1. Iz Instituta epiderniologli i m1kroblolo-ii i7nci:A G"slei MIN i Dagestanskoy respublikenskoy epidemlologr, in Fmsuia (Rur,)) SHARBATOV, Ivan Tigranovich, inzhener- SARGEUVA, A.I., inzhener, redaktor-,-- ~ __ -- I -ft"k.w BOBROVA, Ye.N., tekhnicheskiy re- __ [Routine maintenance of tracks on gravel road beds] Tekushchee soderzhanie puti as shchebenochnom oanovanii. Moskva, Gos, transpe zhel-dor. izd-vo, 1957. 98 p. (MIRA 10:11) (Railroads--Track) CHEMSHEV, Mikhail Andreyevich, kandidat tekhnicheakikh na*uk;-SHRGSYEVA, _.A&" inzhener, redaktor; SOROKIN, N.N., inzhener. redaktor; 'O'v% BOBROVA, Ye.N., takhnichesk-iy redaktor CIeying, maintaining and repairing tracks] Ustroistvo, soderzhoinia i remont puti. Moskva, Gos.transp.zhel-dor.izd-vo, 1957. 451 P. (Itailroads--Track) (MIRA 10:9) SHVARJU, Boris Leouidovich, inzh.; S3RGBYIUA, A.I., red.; BOBROVA, Ye.N., tekhn. red. ~~7A , - ~ [Increasing the length of service o? wooden ties] Prodlenie srokEL - sluzhby dereviannykh shpal. Moskva, Goa. transp. zhel.-dor. izd-vo, 1958. 19 P. (unk 11:9r) (Railroads-Ties) SHULIGA, Valeriy Yakorlevich, dots., kand. tekhn. nauk; SMGEYRVA, A.I., inzh., red.; BOBROVA, Ye.H., takhn. red. -. -I"-.. - [Track and roadbed of French railroads] Verkhnee stroenie zheleano- dorozhnogo pnti Frantsii. Moskva, Goa. transp. zhel.-dor. izd-m-To, 1958. 92 p. (KIRA.11:9) (Railroads-Track) KOLESNIKOV, Pavel Ivanovich, kand.takhn.nauk; LIDERS, Georgiy Vladimirovich, kand.takhr-.nauk; ERADZI, David Georgiyevich, inzh.i__ARRGrWA inzh., red.; VERIRk, G.P., [Rail-lifting repair of tracks; practices of track repairmen of the Stalino, North Caucasus, and Southwestern Railro~d] Pod"- emochnyl remont puti; opyt puteitsev Stalinskoi, Severo-Kav- kazakol I Iugo-Zapadnoi dorog. Moskva, Gos. tranap. zhel-dor. izd-vo, 1958. 99 P. (MIRA 11:12) (Railroads--Track) :7.EVAA..I.,inzh,, red.; BOBROVA, Ye.N., tekhn. red. ZHEMIN, M.I., inzh.;,~S:KRfGE [Manual for the section foreman] Pamistka brigadiru puti. 6. perer. izi. Yoskva, Gos. transp. zbel-dor. izd-vo, 1958. 122 p. (MIRA 11:12) (Railroads--Track) YHWIMIV, Olog, Petrovich kand.tokhn.nauk; SMGM7A, A.I., inzh.. red.; BOBIMA, Ye.N., [Preparing the railroad track for high-speed traffic] 11oproe7 podgotovki zhelezriodorozhnogo puti k vysokim skaroatiam dvizhenii.q. Mosimi, Gos. transp. zhol-dor. izd-vo, 1959. 123 p. (Moacovr, Veenoiuznyi nauchno-isslodovatel'okii. inatitut zholazno- dorozhnogo transporta. Trudy, no. 176). (MIPI% 13:1) (Railroad engineering) POPOV, Vladimir Vasillyevich; TROIThTIY, Mikhail Dmitriyevich; ZM IN, Mikhail Iseakovich: SERGEY.HA, A.I., inzh., red.; XHITROV, P.A., [Maintenance of wooden ties] Uk-hod za dereviannymi shpalami. Moskva, Gos.transp.zhel-dor.1zd-vo, 1959. 126 p. (MIRA 13:1) (Railroads--Ties) (Railroads--Mnintenance and repair) MIKONI, vitaliy Vikent 'yevich; STROCHKOV, Aleksey Afanas 'yevich; SMGBu7A. A.I., inzh., red.; VIRIM, G.P., tekhn. red. [Installation and maintennnee of railroad iwitches] UkladkEL i soderzhanis strolochtykh perevodov. Moskva. Oce. transp. zhel-dor. izd-vo, 1956. 213 p. NIRA 11:7). (Railroads-Switches) LYUTTS, Aleksandr Fedorovich, prof'.; SOROKIN, Vasiliy Pavlovich, dotsent; ZAR TSKIY, A.O., inzh., red.; SAROYEVA, A.I., inzh., red.; BOBROVA, Ye.H., "m [Survey work in road construction] Geodezicheskie raboty v putavom khozinistve. Moskva, Goo.tranap. zhel-dor.lzd-vo, 1959. 183 P. (MIRA 12:9) (Surveying) (Road construction) GRUSHEVOY, Illikolay Gavrilovicb, inzh.; SSRGEMA, A.I., inzh., rf3d*; BOBROVA, Te.N., [Deformation of ombankmentol Deformatnil nanypei. HoaVz7a, Gos.tre-nssp. zhel-dor. izd-vo, 1959. 216 p. (MoBcow. Vacsoitiznyi nauchno- issledovatellskii institut zheleznodorozhn o transporta. Trudy, no.179) 7GRA 13-3) (Railroads--Eartbwork) BROMBIMG, Yefim Moiseyevich, kand.tekhn.nauk; -SERGEYEV.A, A.I., inzh., red.; BOBROVA, Ye.H., Dontinuous rails] Besstykovyi put'. Moskva, VBeB.izdatellsko- poligr.oblledinenie M-va pUtei Boobshcheniia, 1960. 49 p. (Railroads--Track) (MIRA 13:6) ANDREYEV, Georgiy Tefimovich, kand.tekhn.nauk; SOKOLOV, Aleksey Alekseyevich, inzh.; PUSHKIN. Petr Ser.-eyevich, kqnd.tekhn.nBuk; qlqGEYFV.A, A.I., inzh., red.; BOBROVA, Ye.N., [Use of electric power for track maintenance operations] Opyt elektrosnabzheniia putevykh rabot. Moskva, Vees.izdatellsko- poligr.ob"edinenia M-va putei soobshcheniia, 1960. 110 p. (MIRA 13:9) (Railroads--14aintenance and repair) (Railroads--Electric equipment) BEZRUCHKO, Viktor Sergeyevich: SERGETEVA, A.I., inzh., red.; KRITROV, P.A., (Fundamentals of geodesy] Osnovy geodezii. Koskva, Vaes. izdatellsko-poligr.obwadinenie K-va putel soobahcheniia, 1960. 178 P. (MIRA 13:10) (Railroads--Surveying) ZHILITSOV, Vladimir Ilikolayevich; MOSIN, Yevgenly Tikhonovich; SMGLMVA, A.I., inzh., red.; YERIIIA, G.F., [Arrangement and maintenance of the track of the Moscow subway] Ustroistvo i soderzhanie puti MoskOVBkogo metropolitena. Moskva, Yses.izdatellsko-poligr.ob"edinenie M-va putei soobshchaniia, 196o. 294 p * (MIRA 13;5) (Moslow-Subways-Maintenance and repair) STRAMOUS, Mikhail Fedorovich; KATTSM, I.Ye., inzh., red.; SERGEYEVA, -A.I., red.; BOBROVA, Ye.N., takhn,red. [Maintenance and repair of machinery in railroad construction] Remont mashin na zheleznodorozhnom stroitel'stve. Izd.2. Moskva, Vaes.izdatellsko-poligr.ob"edinenie K-va putei soobahchaniia, 196o. )23 P. (MIRA 14:1) (Railroads--Maintenance and repair) (Railroads--Xquipment and supplies) BOLISIIAKOV, K.P., Ica nd. t elch n. nauk,~ DUCH IIISK Ir, B.N., Cdecoanedl; K)ISEYKV, I.A.. ~mnd.teldin.nauk: red.; F-11ITROV, P.A.. tekhn.r*-"" 3 1-zmd.tekbn.nauk SFRGL?TEVI,, A.I., [Invontigattrq-, woldod jointo in metal nnd rninforced roncrote bridgas] Isoledovaniia avarnylth ooedinenii metallichaBkVcb i zholazobetonr7kh mostov. Moskva, Vnes.izd-ko poligr. ob"sainenie m-va putei scobahchaniia, !960. 392 p. (Babusbkin. Vuesoiuzz*ri natichno-isaledovatellskii institut tranaportnogro otroitallf3tva. Trudy, no.35) VaRA 13:4) (Bridges-Wolding) (Welding--Testing) ,k& DANYUSEIVSKIY, A.S.; VOROBIYEVA, A.F.;,Ap~]PTA.-Aa- Studies in the field of the stabilization of pol7vinyl chloride, Report No.2: Epo.Vdation of vegetable oils and fish fat and their use as stabilizers and plasticizers of polyvirV1 chloride. Plast. massy no.11:20-23 160- (MIRA 13:12) (3thylene) (Oils and fats) Masticizers) NALICHAYEV 'Vladimir Nikolayevich, inzh.; FEDULOV, Vasiliy Fedorovich, inzh.; KANTOR, V.B., inzh., retsenzent; SERGEMA, A.I.p inzh., red.; USEIIKO, L.A., tekhn. red. [Tracklaying and maintenance of'tracks with reinforced-concrete ties; practices of track machinery poinis and track divisionsl Ukladka i soderzhanie puti na zhelezobetonnykh shpalakh; opyt putevykh mashinnykh stantsii i distantsii puti. Moskva,, Vses. izdatellsko-poligr.ob"ed-'Lnenie M-va putei soobshcheniiag 1961. 69 p. (MIRA 14:12) (Railroads-Maintenance and repair) (Railroads-Ties, Concrete) MILEKHIN, K.I., inzh., red.; SERMEITA, AJ.., inzh.7 redo; BOBROUp Ye.W., ~AC (Hydraulic device for servicing railroad trac-L;, -4 sign, operation, and repair] Gidravlicheskii putevoi instrument; ustroistvo, eksp.luatatsiia i remont. Moskva, Vses.izdatellsko-poligr.ob"edi- nenie 1~-va putel soobshcheniia, 1961. 79 p. (min l4:6) (Railroads-Equipment and supplies) (Hydraulic machinery) MELEKHINq 41., inzh.9 red.j__SERG=Ap A.I.9 inzh., red.; UMKOj L.A., tekhn. red.- (Combined road planar and-.snow plow; construction, opera- tion, and repair] Strug-snagoochistitell; ustroistvo, ekspluatataiia i remont. Moskva, Vses izdatellsko-poligr. ob"edinenie M-va putei soobshcheniia, 1961. 9~ P. (MIRA 14:7) (snow plows) (Road machinery) DANIIDV, UMimir Nikolayevicho doktor tekbn. naukj KOROLEVO K.P., prof., retsenzent; YAKOVIEV, V.F., kand. tekhn. mukq retsenzent; SER- GEYEVAp A.I., inzh., red.; BOBROVA, Ye.N., tekhn. red. -- [Railroad track and its j*raction with the rolling stock] Zheleznodorozbnyi put' i ego vzaimodeistvie 5 podvizbMu sostavom. Moskva, Vses. izdatellsko-poligr. ob"edinenie M-va putei soobshche- niia, 1961. 3.10 p. (Railroads-Track) I .(MIRA 14:8) MILMIN, K.I., inzh.p red.; SERGEYEVA, A.I., inzh., red.; BOBROVA, Ye.N., tekhn. red. 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Decrease in the size of roach in the northern Caspian. Trudlr sov. I,ht. kom. no.13:402-410 161. (14 MA 14: 8) 1. KaspJ skiy nauchno-issiedovatellskiy instit-at rybnogo I Ly lchoz7aystva i okeanografii - KaspNIPCj. (Caspian Sea-Roach (Fivi)) SINA., Mi, Boris Leonidovich; MiTOR, V.B.J. inzh... retsenzent; SERa=z TAI A.I., inzh., red.; KHITROVA, N.A,, tekbn. red. [Lengthening the service life of wooden ties] Prodlenie sroka sluzhby derevianrqkh shpal. Moskva, Vses. jzdatellsko- poligr. ob"edinenie M-va putei soobshcheniia, 1962. 45 p. (MIRA 150~ (Railroads-Ties) KOZLOV, Vik-tor Borisovich, inzh.; LYSENKO, Illya Mitrofanovichp inzh.; USFERSKIY, Ye.I., inzhey red*; TPA*; VASIL'YEVA, N.N., [Using rail defectoscopes) Opyt primeneniia rellsovykh defektoskopov. Moskva,, Vaes.izdatelisko-poligr.ob*edinenie M-va putei soobshcheniia, 1962. 62 p. 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Noakva, fralls'po.t, 1964. 17: 10) Fl"ISIRIP-c", KPI-.~A,*IIOVY ivar ';AKGVI,L'IIA, TtLL'y,,-,i!a SEl!,GF:'FlVA) A.I., red. [Railroad roadi)-aril Zei.-.~ia-iloo polotric zhel-em,.-kh diorc~. Moskva, TransLort, i964. 29r,- p. (MIRA 18:2) SHAR3ATOV, Ivan Tigranovich; SEFIGEYEVA, A.I.y red. --- - - 1 -1- ~ I-- ----- (Design and rrair-upnance of tracks in high-speed traffic sections] Ustroistvo i soderzhanie puti na uchastkakh skorostnogo dvizheniia. Moskva, Transport, 1965. 151 P. (MIRA 18:4) Y(;P(;V, -'ergey Nikolayevdlch, kand. tekhn. rauk; -EFIRGEYEVA, red. (Ballast bed of railroad tracks] Lallastnyl sloi zheleznc- doroziniogo puti. Moskva, Transport, 1965. 182 1). (MIRA 18.;4) TO 2AA 11 Ilekgandr Fedorovicl,,, A Inzh. F,11, V., -MGEYEVA, A.I,,q red. [Electric ballas.ters] Slektrob-a-ilas Lary Mosk-vaD Transports 1965. 131 P. (mat'.- 18.3) Y ~,I'v ra' clr% ~11; o- 11W 1) OW I 03T,4-67 SOURCE CODE: UR/0141166/009/005/1030/1032 ee AUT11OR: Alekseyev, V. A.; Krotikov, V. D.; Matveyev, Yu. G.; Mikhaylova, N. B.; 8 999--Lr~v, V. A.; Ryazanov, V. P ; ~e g ;gggj. I.; Strezhneva, K. M ; T V. S.; Shmulevich, S. A. ORG: Scientific Research Institute of Radiophysics. Gorlkiy University (Nauchno- isaledovatel'skiy radiofizicheskiy institut pri Gor'kovskom universitete)- \1~ - TITM Results of measurements of lunar radio emisaions~-,at wavelengths of 7.93, 11.0, 14.2, and 20.8 cm % SOURCE: IVUZ. Radiofizika, v. 9, no. 5, 1966, 1030-1032 LOMA& TOPIC TAGS: radio astronomy, parabolic antennalA radio emission y AVvoge Av ABSTRACT: The mean effective temperature of the moon was measured in 1964-1965 at Zimenki Station onthe 7.M,11.0, 14.2, and 20.8 cm wavelengths. The basic measuring equipment inclu 'ded a radio telescope antenna 4 m in'diameter and two receivers operating on wavelengths of 7.5-15 cm and The fluctuation sensitivity threshold of the receiving equipment was from 0.4' to 0.7"at a time constant of 16 sec. The radio emission of the moon was compared With.the reference emission of a disk (diameter, 380 cm) coated with absorbing material. The disk was placed in the Fraunhofer region, 230 m from the telescope aperture.' The results of measurements' of the phase'depandence of the moon's'effective temperature are shown Card 1/3 UDC: 523.164.34 M_ NKI AP6033291 -:Fig. 1. Phase dependence of the mean -effective temperature of the soon 11 11111, IN W degrte*. fig 249 IN fig 14 Wegreeit Qlddegism... in Fig. 1. A small change in the mian effective temperature as a function of the lunar phase was noted on the 7.93 cm and 11 cm wavelengths. Tha rms'dispersion of the experimental points in regard to the approximated curves is A'. The variable portion of lunar radio emission should theoretically be 3.5-4K for the 14.2-cm wave- length. Since the rms dispersion of experimeneal'points approxisataly e9jaUthis'--value, Card 2/3 L nroh-67 ACC NRt AP6033291 Fig. 1. shows only the value of the constant component of the mean effecthe taq= h 1222~ which was 221K. Measurements on the 20.8-cm wavelength were conductea during the partial phase cycle. The constant component of the mean effective temperature for this wavelength was 225K. Error did not exceed *0.5%. Orig. art. hasi I formula, 1 table, and 1 figure. SUB CODE: 03/ SUBM DATE: 25Feb66/ ORIG REF: 003/ ATD PRESS: 5099 awm SERGEYEVA, A.I.- Qualitative characteristics of the roach Rutilus rutilus canpicua Jak. in the western and eastern parts of the northern Caspian Sea. Vop.ikht. 3 no-1329-3$ 163. (MMA 16:2) 1. Kaspiyskiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut morskogo rybnogo khozyaystva i okeanografii (KaspNIRO), Astrakhan'. (Caspian Sea-Roach (Fish)) SERGXYEVA, A.M. Method of studying the progamic phase in angiosperms [with summary in English]. Vest. IGU 13 no.3.-15-20 158. (MIRA l1:-5) (Fertilization of plants) L~ c c v a u z~ o C~ 1, -3,- - --r r f - C', ial vt_. rt L';'.e i,ioscow br,,-:-l i.,.,CSCGW, c 0., crd-~-- C:f Lenin ccr~~:I:; ; f.-Ice .-ot -I-i..erl; (K-L, 24-6,,, I'L4, SERG---,YI-,VA, A.:'. Progressive experiezzice of the Moscow Province schools. Biol. v shkole no.6:4,7-49 I-D t6l. (I M-I -14 dl ) ill W. 1. Inspektor llosk-ovskogo oblastnogo otdela narodnogo obrazovani-ya. (Ifoscou Prcvince-Biology-Study and teaching) Il IISLKOV, V,G,; SERGEYMA, Soing data on coffinite. 92 no.2:125-135 16-9. 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N "On sulfur containing derivatives of cyano complexes of some metals" report presented at -- - M - Q;BMGMP - I the Seventh Intl. Conference on Coordination Chemistry, 2-5t;W June 1962. `~ I k k, ~~, -, .1 SERGEYEVAI A.N.; MIKHALEVICH, K.N. Sulfur-containing tricyanonickelate of potassium. Zhur.neorg. khim. 7 no-3:686-688 Yx 162. WIRA 15:3) 1. Llvovskiy politekhnicheakiy institut. (Potassium compounds) (Gyanonickelates) , L 24890-65 FSF(h il/FSS- EWT(L)~r:VS;gSFOC/EYIA(d)/EEG(t)/T/EED(b)-Z Pn-4/Po-4/ 4 I~ --7p 47 -2/p P( Pe-5 q- Pae 0 ACCESSION NR: AT4049982 S/0000/14k06/60/0030/0045 AUTHOR: Sergeyeva, A.N. J TITLE: Spectral investigations of the Lu&x-gurfaci J souRcm AN U Maynaya t hakaya nbseryakrW, Mika Luny* i plan t rgnoM!c e (Physics of the moon and planets). Kiev, Naukova dumka, .1964, 30-45 TOPIC TAGS: ph, ~Waphlc photometry,' lunar surface albedo, brightness distribution, lunar color contrast 'ABSTRACT: The author studied 56 lunar spectrograms by the method of photograpble ate the color differences of about 200 lunar details. The ap- photometry in order to evalu paratus used invelved a quartz spectrograph, installed In the focal region of a spherical mirror mounted on a precision sidereal stand. The spectrograph dispersion at 5000 A VM 65 A per nim. The spectral bandwidth investigated'was 3420-6500 A. For this purpose, two kinds of plates were used, Agfa Spectral PlaUen Red Rapid for the longer wavelengths and Astro Agfa for the shorter wavelengths. The sUt width w 0. 75 mm. To improve precision, a single 9x12 cm. plate was used for 4 spectra of lunar details, an average at- th tenuated spectrum of the lunar surface and the spectrum of one standard object.- e Card 1/2 USSR, Chemical Products a.Ld Th~Jr Armlj~ Leather. Fur. Tecn-nical Proteins. AtS Tc-~,jr Fef Zhur ~ Khimlya., No .3. 1,95*(, No 10520 A7.fth~,r Berkman, Ya. P. and Sergeyeva, A.11. 1 ns t L-ov Poly-technic Tit-Lr- Synz;hesis of a Na-Dhthalene-Sulfonic Dye for White Skins Orig Pub Vwuch. zap. L'Vovsk. politekhn. in-ta, 1956, No 2, 121-126 Abs,~rect The preparation of synthetic dyes for white skins by the condensation of naphthalene- 0-sulfonic acid (I) and dihy- dro,xydiphenylsulfone (II) with CH20 has been investigated. The condensation is carried out in an aqueous medium at 0 i,00-120 . The mechanism of the reaction has not been esta- blished. Dye specimens have been prepared from pure I and technical sulfur -masses containing various amounts of fr=e H S04 as well as from technical sulfur masses and Card ;/ ". USSIR / Chemical Technology. Cheminal Pzoducts and Their Ap- plication. Leather. Fur. Gelatin. Tanning A~~,ents. Technical Proteins. 17 Ab s J,),_u R~nfC Kh1mi'ya, No 3, 1957, 110 105 1 Abs r e c chroming and the substitution of acid-alcohol polish for for-ma-lin polish, with smoothing at a lower temperature. Bat--ht:3 produced by the above method have shown excellent q*,U, 4 ty-