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SHAKH, Tel.. kandidat farmataevt1cheskikh nauk; RAPAPORT, L.I., kandidat farmatsevt1cheakikh nauk; ZOROKHOVICH, I.I. 'Materials on the aralysis of concentrates.and medicinal compounds;' published by the Central Analytical Control Laboratory of the Moscow city branch of the Main Pharmaceutical Administration of the Ministry of Public Health of the R.S.F.S.R. Reviewed br.Ts.l. Shakh. L.I. Rapaport, 1.1.Zorokhovich. Apt.delo 5 ao.4:63--~~ Jl-!-Ag '56. (KIRA 9,9) (DRUGS--AXALYSIS AND ADULTERATION) V .1 T; 41 I i -1 1 ; ; i i : "I , . . 11 il ",~ ll~l I.IP11 I'' I I I i 11 * I N!"ll'i I 1~ 1' 1, i, E TI:I I : ; , ; i I - i ''I'l 1 . ; I : ~i I ; :., i , -r~lq- -, ; :I I I . . " i 'l, . I * 1. - ~ , , FITH-F IiIiii, ii .,''IF I F ~ P . 1 1 1: ~l I I;T . '- .1 4o',616 ... ....... ...... r7mir d ; z ; . . ii. I f". I I z . . 1;:i I lllll~ 4""Ill]l !T!"U H , i 11 ; il i ~i ; : ! ~ Ir I - i ,: I I - . . .:1 ~! I , I I II I . -icm I ~i : j: 11 ; 'I SHAKH, TS.I.; RAPAFORT, L.I. Iodochlorometr-ic dete=-.~*tion of nwsulfazole_, norsulfazole soditura and phthalazol in medicinal preparations and =V.Lres. Fa=tsev. zhur. 16 no.6:12-18 161. (1-URA 15 :5) 1. Kafedra farmatsevticheskoy khimii Kiyevskogo instituta usovershen- stvovaniya vrachey i TSentralInaya nauchno-issledovatellskaya aptechnaya laboratoriya Glavnogo aptechnogo upravleniya 14inisterstva zdravookhraneniya USSR. (SULFATHIAZOLES) (PHTHALAZOL) I d 1 -1; 1 ; ;! , J~ 1 ! ~ I I , : ; .: . I : 1; 1 11 7 11 117 1 if 1111 ~ it ~ I I I ~ 11. 1 ~,IqT i!url 1! 1 - I-pl ..-, w -, .- 1l:- -A-'..!N I - r .... , Ti I : , I t I : ; . I . I . . - I I 1 11 - . . - r Iq fill ITIM, I .1, :4 j 1 ~:; ! H 1:11 Ili' ;I il ill 1: 7-111i , I I . I.. , - , 11' jqp~ -i,j, 1~ I'l; . 'i !-!- . - - - , .. :; i. I !, . . i : . . I ABSTRACT: This is a companion'paper, to, -an articlie..devoted!16 thbi~ br the phonon spectra in aluminum, , publisb,ed in'the: same 'sourc.,6 ~:(Acd6diq: and describes a system. which makes il 6 avol Inme i AP5012551), and difficulties connected with the' -monociiionlaticity 6i~ia, e io::, non b d ~am ~6!fjivl filtered with beryllium. In the apparatus "6z 6ed, :a di ure, Ia mo Ino.chion, in Fig. I of the Enclos latic b6~-bf,inc die, ~'neut;roni by a reflection from the (111) plane of I the Isinki 6 :, at k al .0 advantages claimed for this system are 'an increase by. one.' rAer (~~r~i6i~nitudelof*- monochromaticity of the neutrons possibllitj~ of: 'changing t 13 oil*: limitation i. -ge~ spectral line, freedom from energy-re oluti .,,#T and: jmsdibility~ of carryA t~ sence of fast-neutron backgr6und,~ pg,ou p,thi 1by Jwjj li r eh s ~M-_:~Amo*n t 9 ~th. 6f~ the, Ismissil qP"a the constant-Q method, "The a:uthors, thank: MI. 11.'~ Breao* fo-r udel scuss, on 'Orig. art. has: 2 figures* q rd -Cc 41 e ~e L 65212-65 7=t ACCESSION -AP5012552 RR: _ i ~ ' olu ASSOCIATION: Institut p p rovodnikb4~ 8 6f tei 6~ A6 13-', AN SSSF ductora, ;h ul o4DeL SUMTM). oj~ SUB-CODE. OP NP i.!~, ' IM REF SOV: 001 OTM* Ool CD J T7 j n ro ..... p 4 a ji 1 5 -1-652 2. A=szcN URI APS012552 'V W e' 4 t 1.'~ Diagm i c er pe , I Reactcr- s~iiald ~ bid' ;:2 - beryllium - `3 Uad: co , l '03 lim . ne dat6 at6e 0-00 or, - A. -:samp p tra It JA 3 d Ti, LCqr 441 IT, m ~lu I M i T il T 7 1 I S/120/61/000/003/034/041 9073/E435 AUTHORS: Shakha, I. and Shott, M. TITLE: Improvement of thermocouple vacuum meters, PERIODICAL: Pribory.i tekhnika eksperimenta, 1961, No'.3' pp.ift-182 TEXT: Series produced thermocouple vacuum meters ar e very simple and reliable instruments for monitoring pressures in the.range I to 10-4 mm Hg. However, in laboratory practice, cases may occur in which it is necessary to monitor the stability of a vacuum of 10-2 to 10-4 mm Hg, with an accuracy high enough sure that the smallest changes in the instrument readings Are due to changes in the degree of vacuum. For this, series manufactured instruments do not have a high enough stability. Fluctuations of1he supply voltage of + 10% and fluctuations in the heater current of up to + 2% may ca-use fluctuations of up to + 4% on the linear sc Iale of a Mil value of'the change in livoltmeter. The corresponding a the pressure in this range is relatively large so that the stability of the vacuum in the investigated equipment!i a not maintained with a sufficiently high reliability. A higher stability can be obtained by using-as a power supply abattery but Card 1/4 S/120/61/000/003/034/041 Improvement of thermocouple E073/E435 this is not convenient. The authors propose a simpleInstrument which ensures an adequate stability of the heater~_current, obviates battery charging (the instrument in so adjusted that during operation the battery is constantly topped up from the supply system) and, finally, it ensures continuous measurement of the.vacuum if the supply voltage fails. The entire instrument consists.of a set of resistances (Figs.1 and 2) and a plug assembly for connecting the battery WV, 14 Ahours). The instrument can operate from the' supply system, the supply system plus battery and'also from the battery. In all cases, the heater current is regulated by means of- a rheostat. A signal lamp will light up only if~the.instrument J.LS connected to the supply system. In the case of. Soviet (VT-2) vacuum meters, the stabilizing battery cannot be connected if pressures in the _rarge of I to 10-1 mm Hg are measured. For this purpose more complicated modifications would',be required, which are not necessary since in this range additional stabilization need not be used. The current for charging th,i battery is set to about 15 mA in the case of a supply voltage of' 220 V and a req Iuired filament current of 120 mA. Under such condi;ions the instrument can operate indefinitely with a heater curreni- between 110-135 mA- Card 2/4 Improvement of thermocouple ... S/120/61/000/003/034/041 E073/E535 regardless of considerable fluctuations in the supply voltage. Data on the dependence of the battery charging current on the -9u pply voltage and the required heater current are given in a table. There are 2 figures and I table. Abstractor's Notet Slighqabridged translation ASSOCIATION: Institut yadernykh issledovaniy ChS,AN (Institute for Nuclear Research ChSAN) SUBMITTED: June 17, ig6o Card 3/4 S/181/61/003/001/037/04:2 B102/B204 i AUTHORS: Bredov, M. M,, Lepilin, Vo A*, Shestakov, Ie' B., and Shakh-Budagov, A. L. TITLE: The effect produced by the type of ions upon the character of the change in the electrical properties of a semi- conductor surface during its irradiation by ions of medium energy PERIODICAL: Pizika tverdogo tela, v- 3, no. 1, 19611, 267-2-74 TEXT: The effect produced by ion bombardment upon the surface properties of semiconductors has hitherto not been sufficientlylinvestigated; above all, nothing is known about the effect produced by the type of ionsI i. e the most contradictory opinions have been expressed (4efs.'2 and 4). A study of these questions is of both basic and practical value. If,~eeg.v the effect of bombardment does not depend on the type,~of ions, the effect would have to be considered to be purely microthermall, and,in the opposite case, to be microchemical., Experimental, deedribed in earlier Card 116 S1181161100310 01/037/042 The affect produced by the type of ions... B102/B204 papers uniquely proved that different effects are produced by different~ ions. The present paper deals with a study of the volt-amp"e're characteristics of W-Ge and W-Si point contacts in the irradiation with atomic oxygen ions and molecular nitrogen ions of 5 and 10,kev. The. exDerimental conditions were chosen in such a manner.that an answer to the especially interesting questions (change in carrier mobility, carrier concentration of the scattering centers) could be expected. Theoretical considerations in this direction are discussed in detail; they led to the conclusion that an investigation of the volt-ampire characteristics of point contacts (investigation of direct and reverse currents and of.the rectification constant between semiconductor and metal may supply the required information in a bombardment with ions of 5-10 kev. The radiation dose was varied within the range -of from 10l1-1015 ions/CM2. The experiments were carried out by means of the mass~separatorldescribed in Ref. 3. The ion source was gaseous (impact ionization); the irradiated specimens were n-type Ge and Si single aryitals.witb a concentration ratio of the carriers of n/no - 1,10-9 and 70AO-Y, respectively. The individual measurements were repeated with due Card 216- S/18*IJ61/0 03/001/03T/042 The effect produced by the type of ions... B102/B204 frequency in order to keep.the statistical error atla minimum'* The results were evaluated according to M. 0. Kornfelld. Measurements are illustrated in Figs. 3 and 4. Fig. 3 shows the ratio of the rectification constant after irradiation to its value before irradiation as a function of the radiation dose for 5- and 10-kev ions. The difference between the effect of 0 and N2 ions is obvious. Whereas N2 ions do not change the carrier concentration considerably and increase the defect density only slightly (thus somewhat increasing the ohmic reeiatance),:.O~ions increase the rectification constant (i.e., by forming a p-n junotionin the "active zone" of the specimens, because the penetrating oxygen atoms act as acceptors). The rectification constant has a maximum at a certain dose (which is due either to a removal of the region of defect-carrier equilibrium from the active zone of the probe, or to an increase of the lattice defects, or to both). Fig. 4 shows the dependence of directand reverse currents and rectification constant on the radiation dose No (irradiation by 10-kev 0 and N2 ions). The true value lies,in the hatched region. There are 4 figures, I table, and 10 references: 5 Soviet-bloc and 5 non-Soviet-bloc. Card 316 . - 11 . ! ~ ;!; I I , ''I ]l ii: Iiiii ~ I'll' F 1:1 I ; i P . I f H t fT ~!! ~;Ii ,;, I ION` !!i I t7aj-O S/057/62/032/005/022/022 B104,/B102 AUTHORS: Molchanov, V. A., Tel lkovBkly, V. G. aild Shakh-Mol.ikova, LAt TITLE: Effect of the target temperature on the::angular distribution, of sputtered particles,on irradiation of a single crystal by an ion beam PE'RIODICAL: Zhurnal tekhnicheskoy fiziki, v. 32, no.. 5, 1 Q~62, 647-648 T-_X11: T-1-le eff~_ct of radia-~ion dama,-e of. a single-crystal lattice on th e 'istr - - L - a r a -ibutior. o-f- oartices emJtted from the crya--,A' or, irradiat`on ,-z' ;ons -s ex--'aJned. 1~ -s assumei -,hat wher. latttti . - _ cta_~'nz az!e ice ilmrerec present the spot of an X-ray diffractlon pattern Icontracis on increasing ~Zle target. temperature. The deposits of the sputtered substance are photometered. The width of the spots alters very li-ttle f6r target temperatures between 150 and 700cK. A flat minimum of widths lies* 150+700 6, approximately in the middle of the temperature rarige,i.e.:, at 2 Fo.- ion current densities of 1 ma/CM 2 and radiation doses of 2-3ma-hr/cM 2 'there is no marked brofLdening of the angular distribution due to radiation lard 1/2 1: : it !*I: I- Mn . SHAKHABAZYAN, Yu.L. Stationary tamp-arat*m field of an open frame. Inzh.-fiz. zhur. 7 no.l: 110-111 ja 164. (MIRA 1-7:2) 1. Glavnaya astronomicheskaya observatorlya AN SSSR, Pulkovo. 11~' IIIIHI 11111,11 1 1 i !I I . : i 11;! :, i I I I p. t.! . . ~! ! i . I ; . 2 111: - - : ~ i '' , ; 1 . 1, ! - - ! q ~ I TH; 111.1.19 1~ i 1 .;.-", ~,~i j I I ;:! - I . I :, I , ; 1 : : , , i ~ i a . i 'I 111 ii: 7-111 ~ 11 . . ; . R I . -,~ "I i S.HAKMk~~-JTDLICV, S.Sh., dotsent Comments on Docent P.D. TuliaganovIs article "Orga-razational principles of the Inthoanatomical service" in Medit Isinskii Zhurnal Uzbekistana no-5, 1959. Med. zhur. Uzb. no.2:6%4 F 6o. L"A 15-2) 1. iz BytLro glavnoy sudebnorneditsinskoy ekspertizy 1411nisterstva zdravookhraneni,7a Uzbekskoy SSR. (ANATOMY, PATHOLOGICAL) (WDICAL JIJ=PRUDENC:E) 77, fill ill"'. 11: INA: I - N- 0 0 a 0 111 0 0 9 0 0 4114 -,04:1 ~7-MrY, -- 0, 1 a I I a I No 11 u 13 w is Is It A -a V n it to If It a is is V x x a it 'a, 43 YELIJ-i IS A go - -L~ 04 A a r. I a 9 A &--L-V- -M (K 9 1 L d I I tit "P .V clrot.s oil !-60 0 Roational method for preserving sheep skins. A. A 00 rrt 0 NA114), 4- NaCl. (2) KAI(,'4),N, +- NACI~ (31 \11-CI j,4 1, NjlCj, (.,! SAI(SA). .00 Sj(,CI K.U(SO.1, f %11,C1 t XACL: 0 0 a .. ...... Vill fill (11 Viveq ~% 1,160114.1 whi'll It In-1 h;,- :1 u0n ,I thl: Nh%t, k2l k A plotectot ax4iti.11 them - 0 6 Him ,[ .,file bactertia, Alt('440, rwreir.-I .)nle 1.11111111A Avtiw, Iceanw,wf the ItImition tot 11,Svl), through hy.jr,g%,:, ,0,6 II; (1 !7 re a 'j, NaCt And Chile 1,,isciratis Ic Skin. hj%e.L A Im 1,1111f; %-ITVvt. Mixt. (.-I) cull for r'sard'd a~ An arn-J, 0 if,,, Inch skilt,n, the ti~,ue 4rul chanxr,, the itarriniceltar: ,uh,tanves, girlobably owing it) tNptizAtiuu knd hydroly%ic %fi%t - t 11 ~lttefl% the ti"nr- ifIIJ11 dnltS- Ut XAMS04 4fC:' I.-W t" I-ACttriJk, Mixt (5) i'a vx.l ,fflwrwr Gw the ti-nv:~ 't AIM It olucr% ciosts by permitting lullk"itig If thc 0 kli) give V"y -uu, Wn 401 1 heW C11016, al, And their C11VCt oil Lhe sLaui 00 lh~ ll'-wd in detaiL A. A. BmInfinirk A I L ETALLUNCKAL LITIR&TU41 CLASSIFICATION 0 It -: ~ - -: - -4- 1 L11 M- 9 u .0 LS, TA n L S I Od 0~ 0 0 1: 9 10 1 A 3 0000 0 0 0 017000 0000,10 00 0 a 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0 0 *j* 0 0 0 0 00,99 0 0 0 0 0 00 00 0 ~hi !.! m I - 1!1 ! ~ 1: r! I ; !-111i - II.; . - : I I ; ... r i ..- '! t'! ~ ~ 11 t I ~ I I I TI Y; F.-~ f 11! i lfflljll~; lit: M' 1. 111411', zu m K I i: q? i ;i : ?." I w ~t: . i -0 I! I ki I ! !~ii . ; . .: W :.. ! -- :1 ; ~- I 1~ . . I I !"11111i lilt 11 ! . I : I , 1; !, IV. 1! ''1!:!; 11; GORBUNOVA. A.S.; GNORIZOVA, T.M.; SLPIPUSHKINA, Y.G.; LOZHKINA, A.N.; SHAKHALIYIVA, Z.M.; MLAVINA, M.Y. Nonspecific antihemagglutinirts of influonza viruses (Inihibttors) in human and caclaveric plasmas. Yop.virus. 1 no.2:21'-27 Kr-Ap 156. (KLRA 10:1) 1. Institut virusologii imeni D.J.1 novskogo ANN SSSR: *". ro y8 sudebuomeditainskoy ekspertisy M -ongorsdravotdoU GovLarstvannyy koatrol*nyy Institut eyverotok VvAtetnobakwee (HAMAGGLUTIMATION antihomagglutinine of influenza viruses in human & cadaveric P~Asmss (RUB)) SY LU,, CA VMU82S., immunoloa, same) (CADATIES, same) `P~ u. I : 1. , 17~ . . , -MM ~ ~ ~ I r, MI, ; J. I I I ~ , 1. 1 i ~~ SUL . I ; !:, ,I I :, .I Is , ; - . . I 1 .1 i:i ;,I, pt t ljm!jpEw I i I fill" Ii till! I I i I . ~! " I , m f : S A K I I I I H: 111F Ilt"11:11 I'l IT li ITr ~ . : . -,j! 1 1 :- - i I . I i:. 1'. J~N ; i ~ ; ., .1:,. I I li t'hilill _,: '111411,: 1 ~ . : . P ; , . I ~ ;i_ ; ZXG~PVTA If-EDICA Sec.181 Vol.1/5 Cardiovascular XV, 57 1242. SHAKHANAZAROV A. V. Simferopol, U.S.S.R. Asyninictrical leucocytos~s and rellecte'(7 leticocylosis in the di ses ol the heart (Russian text) Vr a~c. Delo 1956. 9 (9 0. 3 -%. White count as performed on the blood obtained from the skin of the cardiac area (fifth left intercostal space, nipple line) was compared with that obtained from the corresponding point on the right side. Localized leucocvtosis in the cardiac area was ten-ned reflected leucocytosis. The difference in the whi'te count in blood taken from s mmetrical points was referred to as asymmetrical leucocytosis. -102 cases of Xcurnatic endocarditis, septic endocarditis, myocardial infarction, tonsillitis and lung diseases were investigated, as well as a control group of ~~ normal individuals. In the great majority of cardiac cases, especial17 those of myocardial infarction, both asymmetrical and reflected leucocytosis were ound. Both were gradually diminish- ing to disappear with the clinical improvement and cure. In tonsillar and pulmonary diseases as well as in the control group those findings were absent. Guseva - Moscow F ~ia4M_1`1111111171 !Twit; I I li ; Hl u I' Pt i, . r ; H. -_:I :!~:,~ IT lNkHl~!l 1111 . I i, ill-L .1 .. I i ~ ! i . : : I M. :: :7 : 1 .- 1 . ;:! , . q j ! I I 111 11 11 - I1;~ :I ;!1[ 1111 l' .0!!: : II Ii 1! ,I 'IliT ~If !.~ 1 r .; H .;, " f ; I' If -. 1! i ; I I . . 1 11 - ~ I - d K 0 1 Experience Jn the use of ion-exchange resirx, for their af Salts from antitoxic sera in the process of their purificatic:r, bi meav-n cf the diaferm-3 method. Nauch. osn. proizv. bakt.,;prep. 161~ (IKFIA 18, i7 1 1. institut epidemialogii i. mikrabiologil Im. GamalelL AWT I A.N.; BEYLUISMI, A.V.,- SMKIIANDiA K.L.; FRYAZRIOVA, I.B. K W HA LOVA. Change in the f ractional composition of serum globulins and lymph node extracts under- the influence of immunization and cortisone. Report No.l. Zh. mikrobiol. 40 no-7:55-6-1, J1163 (MIRA 17:1) 1. Iz Moskovskogo instituta vak tsin i sytroD)tok :Lmeni~ Mechni- kova i Insti-bata epidemiologii i m1krobiologii imeni Gamalei AMN SSSR. 1"Mm"M F IMINIM1 111111 M-FSHALUVA- A.N. ; BE7LITN"ON, SHA.KqANIIJA~ K.~,. KRYAZTR(),VA T , B. Changes in the fractional composition oil semm globulins and lymph nodi- extracts under the effec-1. of imnunization and steroid hormones. Zhur. mikrobdol., epld. i 4mmun. 40 no,10-.26-33 0 163.: 1. 1z Mo5krv-kc.,,o lins"'I".uta vaktsin i SyvcrO,toy imieni Meehanikova jn5titula mikrob-o~,-.g-~ litert' Gqmalc-I~AMH SSSR. T -LT. VESHALOVA, A,N.; FEYLTINSON, A.V.,, SHAKHANP11 P. Change -in the lracti:lnal composition cn!i7loublins ind lym-ph node extract-S of i-rpimunizatic;n -in- 3,,ernid Report No.3-. Correlation of the immunlity reaction~with the cha. .,e in blood serum and lymph node extracts. Zhur. mikrobicl., epid. i.* immun. 41 no.9v8l-87 S 164. (MIRA 18:41'- 1. Moskovskiy inst-itut vaktsin i sTvorctok imeni Hechnilko-va -1 Institut epidemialogli i miktorbiologii imeni, Gamale-L i0fl -'SSR. 1:1;1!; 11 [fill ffl~n jj~pwll 1! ~S- V, lu Vt 1.11 NA , K.. L. - . , Isolation of lart~e cuwiti~~ies r-.f diphther-la and tetanus 1 he: ~n' --turn -,f n-r, 7~ . C.-I ax C- lobul~n ~Ier-fed MIR, lr3-.B- 4 JL.- I is 7, c r, r m :D 7 (:7 nT, !."I, ljt~ 1 11 . - ~-, lrrr ... r7rr,n-~~,;21 ! . CHEMiAVIN, A. ekonomist (Vladimir-Volynakiy); SHAKMOV, V- insh. (Pbskva); ARKU0. N.,, inzh.; SAVITSKIY, A. (Dneprodzer%hin ke. Suggested., achieved, inUoduced. Izobr.i rato. i2o..91.-16-17 S 162. (MIPA 16*-3) (Tpohnological i=ovatioa~s) --ing cabs. c~~ . dor. 2,ttacinents f'or ve~ Paoli. 6 no."':21-22 3 16i, S/105/60/000/012/001/006, V-0 0 B012/tO67 AUTHOR: :Shakhanov, V. S. (Moscow) p TITLE: Method and Algorithm for Calculating Partial'Derivatives:of Electrical Losses in Complex Networks:of Energy Systems by Means of Electron Digital Computers PERIODICAL: Elektrichestvo, 1960, No. 12, pp. 21-28 TEXT: A new method is given in which the calculations are made by means of an algorithm and a high-speed computer. First,-the problem aWthe idea of the method are discussed. For this purpose, the !network of an energy system with seve Iral junctions is studied. It is assumed.i.hat an equivalen 1~ circuit diagram was set up for the network by taking acco'unt.of the' trans- former and reactor connections as well as of the commutatibns:at the sub- stations. The active and reactive resistance of allielements of the n Z. work, the entire daily diagram of the mean effective load per hour, and the load diagrams of the main substations are assu id to-be known. On the basis of these data, the partial derivatives of the~losses in active and reactive power at the junctions, as well as 'he total losses and the re- distribution of the load in the plant are de-~armined by taking account of Card 1/3 Method and Algorithmfor Calculating ParIti Ll S/105/60/000/912/00i/oM Derivatives-of Electrical Losses in Compl:x B012/BO67 Networks of Energy Systems by Means of Electron Digital Computers the correction. For this purpose, an electron digital computerwas used. From the electrotechnical point of view, this method'is based on the de- termination of the current distribution in the energy system with differ- ent modifications. From the mathematical point of view, it is based on an nonlinear algebraic equations by the algorithm for solving a system of , iteration method, whereby an improvement of convergence is.warranted. The operator method suggested by Professor A. A. Lyapunov (Ref. 2) was used to represent the algorithm. In the second part, the algorithm:is derived for calculating the partial derivatives of the losses in~active and reactive power. In the third partg the results are given which.were,obtained in : calculating the derivatives of losses in the Ob"yediiiennaya Yuzhnaya ener- gosistema(OYuES) (Joint Southern Energy'System) consisting of 51 jun Ictions. The calculations were made by means of a high-speed digitil computer M-2 ~mashin A] (M-2) at the Institut elektronnykh uprav-lyayushchikh:' R SSSR (IrOM AN SSSR) (Institutefor Electron Control Machinery of~the AS USSR). The initial data were collected by R. M. Kantor. The following power plants are mentioned: Gorlovka substationg Dneprovskaya GES,imeni V. I. Lenina Card 2/3 W21 lfflA lHiWom MONO "fill Method and Algorithm for Calculating Partial S/105/ 60/000./012/001/006 Derivatives of Electrical Losses in Complex B012/BO67 Networks of Energy Systems by Means of Electron Digital Computers (Dnepr GES imeni V. I. Lenin), Kakhovskaya GES (Kakhovka GE.S), Tsimlyan- skaya GES (Tsimlyanskiy GES), Nesvetayevokaya GRES (Nesveiayev GRES), Dneprodzerzhinskaya GRES (Dneprodzerzhinsk GRES), Slavyanskaya GRES (Slavyansk GRES), Mironovskaya GRES (Mironovka GRES) ' Luganskaya GRES (Lugansk GRES), Zuyevskaya GRES (Zuyevka GRES), Shterovskaya GRES (Shterovka GRES), Shakhtinskaya GRES (Shakhty GRES), Stalingradskaya GRES (Stalingrad GRES), Pridneprovskaya GRES and Kurakhovskaya.GRES.(Kurakhovka GRES). The calculation of the current distribution-took 18-30 minutes, L/I and the solution of the entire problem, 100-110 minutes. The computer performed 2500 operations per second. It is pointed out that the algorithm- used here is independent of thetype of digital computer. There are 2 figures, 3 tables, and 13 references: 11 Soviet and 1 US. SUBMITTED: May 28, 19-00 Card 3/3 .'I ~ 1 11 !111 11 -11111 1 - .. RPM- . I s/196/62/OCO~CO5/007/012 E194/E154 AU, T,, 0 R S1i.-L1rhatLqv,_V TITLE: Digital computer procedtire for calculating the economic load sharing in the integrated power systerits FIE, R 10 L; I CLRcferativnyy zhurnal, Elektrotekhnika i encrgetil~.a, no-5, 1962, 11,,abstract 5 E77- (Llelktr. stantsii, no.5, 1961, 27-310 T:~ XT The article proposes algorithms and computer block dia-rart programi-iies for econo-mic daily load sharing-within a -power svstein containing hydro and thermal stations,- allolving for losses in trans.-,-,issiOTL' lines, unstable flow in the hy'drostation tail race and various kinds of limitations. Numerical calculations for the integrated southern power system require 30-120 minutes the convergence conditions of the of ruachine time dependin-, upon 11 iterative process. It is cla -i4med that the computed daily load sharing programmes ~.,rere 2.91,0 more efficient~than the actual: conditions as assessed by total fuel consumption in the thermal stations in the system. 11 literature references.. Card 1/1 bstractor's note: Complete translation 1 1 ill.p I... I . 1. , SFAKHANOVY V.S., inzh. Methods for ac~,&-Ierating the (-Onvergenco of Lhe c-, the c - calculatior of ecorionmic diEtribution of loads in hyd:-oelectric and thermal power sy~;tems using electroni-. digital computers. Tnady 1411 no-46:25-44 163. 0-IIIk 18:3) 1. Institut elektrornykh uprFvlyay-usIchik-h, nans"hin, MAKSIMOVY A.L., inzh.; POBEGAYLO, K.M., inzh.; MAKSIMU, V.I., inzh.; POPOVICH, N.A... inzh.; FIIATOVA$ L.I., inzh.; S,HAKHANOV, V.S., in+. Economically expedient distribution of reserves,in theelectric. power plants of the electric power system of the Donets Basin. using a compensation technique. Elek.sta. 34 no,202-59 F 163. (MIRA 16:4) ~Donets Basin-Electric poveripiants) i z .i. . I -L~-~! !III-Til- 66PP6~~~-- - A 5698. SHAKHAINOVA E. A. *Chronaximetric Investigations An the of ulcers in the extremities (Russian t e x t VESTN. 4111 R. 1953, 73 /5 (20- 22) Chronaximetric investigations may present data on the condition of peripheral nerves, which cannot be collected by other electric and:clinicil diagnostic means In the author's experience chronaximetric.investigatidns proved to be very.valuable not only in determining exa-Aly the neurotrophic changes.due to lesions of perlphe- ral nerves, but also to determine the exact level of amputation, if such is Indicat-: ed, and to predict whether plastic procedures in the morbid zone will fail or,'will; succeed. These conclusionswere drawn on the basis of 54 patients treated for dif- ferent necrotic and ulcerous lesions in the extremities.' The Patients were divided into 3 groups according to the result'of the chronaximetric investigation: (1)~ those cases (18) wherein there were no changes from the normal. The'se cases were fa- vourable for plastic procedures. (2)The cases (14) wherein thefigures from the chronaximetric investigation were lower than in the normal limb. These cases should be treated with plastic surgical procedures only after a preliminary treat- ment and preparation of the nervousaystem. (3)The cases (22) of those patients who showed higher figures than normal. No plastic procedures were Indicated in them. Whenever they were attemptzd, failure followed. Theo2e cases should be *lMt-- amputated at the level where 'he chrona-ximetric figures wer normal. lf- a a e tion was carried out at a lower levil, reamputation was later indicated. Conforty - Sofia ON-BY Fa-tuz~ Lji'a c-Lc',~- SUL N SHAKRANOVA, E.A., ordinator Chronaximetry in the treatment of chronic ulcers of the extremities and endarteritis obliterans. Trudy LSGRI 33-186-190 156. (MIU, 10:12) 1. Fakulltetskaya khirurgicheskays klinika loningradekogo sanitarno- gigiyenicheslcogo meditBinskogo instituta (zav. klinikoy prof. P.1. Napalkov) (THROMBOANGHTIS OBLITERANS, physiol. chronaxy determ.) (LEG, ulcers same) (NERVES, physiol. chronaxy determ. in thromboangiitis obliterans) SHAKUNOVA, E.A. , assistent (Leningrad, ul. Panf llova, cl.27, kv.24), Cholacystography and the diagnosis of cholecystitis [with summqrY in English]. Vest.khir. 80 no.4:44-51 AT)1158 (14M 1L-5) 1. lz fakalltetskoy lzhirurgic*.qeskoy kliniki (zav, Tirof. P.N. Napalkov) Leningradskogo sanitarno-gigiveniaheskogo meditsinskogo inatituta. (CHOLECYSTOGILAPHY. in var. dis. cholocystitia, statist. (Rus)) (CHOLECYSTITIS. dia. cholecystography, stntist. (Rus))~ vr Sr I SRAIWOVA. E.A., assiatent (Leningrad, u1. Panfilova, d. 26, kv. 24) Late results of conservative surgery of the biliary tract in cholecystitis [with summary in English]. Ves't.khir. 82 no.2: 56-60 F '59. (MMA 12:2) 1. 1z fakul'tetakoy khirurgicheskoy kliniki (zav.~- Prof. P.N Napalkov) Leningradskogo sanitarno-gigiyenicheskoo meditsins~ogo instituta. (CHOLECYSTITIS, surg. conservative surg. without cholecystectonT. remote results (Rua)) V. p F SIHAMANOVA, V.A. . assisterit Influence of "conservative" operations on the wall of gall bladder uncer experimental conditions (and, partially, as revealed by clinical observations). Trudy ISGNII 59;190-197 160. (MIRA 14:9) 1. Fakulltetskaya khirurgicheskaya klinika Leningradskogo sanitarno- ,-igiyenic~eskogo ned-itsinskogo instituta (zav. klinikoy - prof. P.N.Napalkov). (GALL BIADDEPu-ZURGERY) [I 114'a mir, : . . i I ; I ! , ;,I. -, iff"! I V f I . ..! V i~ ; I'l; 11,11, IF 11" I.k 1111 - 'i !;. j ; i . P : 4 1 ~~l . V - 7 1 1 1 1 ; It ~ : 1 -1 -11 i !I lol I !'I ~ ! !!!I i 1~ ifil I 111 1:111,11;1 la . al 1 1 - ai i . . , ; 1 1; :1 . -, ,A! - !;.: , . . . . 'i ; ". - I , . I I - " I I . IT Ill"5"T . 1 111:11 i ~ T I : . I CU~3 and I ! I 'I t 1. IF !, i " -- I; I, . i P. ". U.- --: MITIM.I.B. ,.Hm . . ......... --. 1 :1 411 11, A 11;11 Illml , , t .1. 1 m - .... --------- 'rz L,~ - I : - '. I -I. I I V, r7" Irf ACC NR, AF6036h4o SOURCE CODE: UR/0370/66/000/006/oc)97/0100 AUTHORS: Lokshin, F. L. (Mscaw)j, Vayablat, Yu. M. (Mfoscaw); x0robov, 0. S. (Hoscmi Shakhanova, G. V. (Moscow) ORG: none TITLE: Investigation of the dec6mposition kinetics of a supersaturated so34d solution in alloy D-16 SOURCE: AN SSSA. izvestlya. matally, no. 6, 1966, 97-100 TOPIC TAGS-, aluminum alloy, electric resistance, thermal stability D-16 aluminum alloy ABSTRACT: Tho decomposition kinetics of the supersaburated.solid solution in alloy D-16 (4.0% cu, 1.35 % Mg, and 0.5% Mn) was investigated. The investigation: supple- ments the results of K. S. Kirpichnikov and V. 1. Kulakov (Osobennosti stareniya splava D-16. Termicheskaya obrabotka i svoystva. splavov. !Tr. MATI, 1962, No. 55, 133). The decomposition kinetics was studied by determining the' change in the electrical resistance of the specimens as a function of time and temperature. The experimental procedure followed is described by H. A. Shtremell., I. N. Kidin, and A. V. Panov (Zavodskaya laboratoriya, 1960, No. 8,, 1009)0 ~The experimental results are presented graphically (see Fig. 1). It was found that the 'changes in the hardaess,_ strength limit, and creep inalloy D-16 occur at'later stages in the deco~nposition UDG., ~6~.-715_j ACC. NN AP6036440 %Ain Fig. 1. Dependence, between the. rate of change in"the electrical resistance of alloy D-16 and the quenching temperature process of the solid solution than the change in the electrical resistance of~the latter. Nevertheless, it is asserted that a proper use of electrical resistance-time curves does afford a-method for determining the optimum coolirg.rate of D-16 alloys. Orig. art. hast graphs. SUB CODE a U/ S.M DATE& 0-51pr65/ ORIG REF:: 004 R -k, An article entitled "AceamodatiTe ftillary 4oas~kctiqldi ~Ft"aion! to 'Novelty' of Light Stimulation" by-A. R. Shakhanovi6 of the Chair- of, Normal Physiology, Krasnoyarsk Medic~I-Es-t--Rute, mentions that until recently not enough attention has been paid to the visual analysor be- cause the action of light causes unconditioned reflex constriction of the, thus masking the accommodation significance of the visual analysor. The author describes a method by means of which the effect of light on the pupils is determined by changing the nature of the visual analysor stimulus. It i~as established that the action of a new:agent on the visual analysor is accompanied by regular pupillary constriction reactions in contrast to pupillary dilatation reactions due to the action of stimuli on the rest of the analysors. The author's conclusions are: (1) the action of alnew agent on the. visual analysor is accompatied by regular pupillary constriction re- actions in contrast to pupillary dilatationreactfo-nS L'due to the action of stimuli inadequate for vision; (2) pupillary constriction reactions' as well as pupillary dilatation reactions,posses a very characteristic property of accommodative reflex which fades quickly on repeated stimu- Ution; (3) accommodative pupi-lary constriction and dilatation reactions can be used for objective research on the cerebral cortex. (Fiziologicheskly Murnal SSSE i men4 1. M. Sedhe~ov, 16i 1 42 k4 56' 6~04 No PP: 38) (V) - I , Awl i~~ , I ~111 1117 .L~- I ~jl .I 1 4 111 , 'I if f ,. I uil-~ il 1 1- ~. , ~ I a , ! I . 1 11 . I , , " I I . Vp 66 EVF1(M)/E'~,P(V)/fA WA (k) /MVP (b) EM C L 9482 ACC NR- "5027598 SOURCE CODE: UR/01 35/65/000/011/0011/0013 AUTHOR: Shablygin, S. V. (Candidate oftechnical sciences); Shsiharov. V.',N. (Engineers_ ORG: Saratov Polytechnic Institute (Saratovski politekhiticheakiy.institut).: _.y TITLE: Effect of th crest factor of nonsinusoidal weldi:ng,current on thle; SROt welding process SOURM. Svarochnoye proizvodsm, no. 11 19 65 11 - 13 TOPIC TAGS: pulse welding, spot welding, pulse shape, electric current ABSTRACT: In recent years systems generating spiked welding-curtent'puls6.8 fo.r-sp~ft and roller welding have been developed;.the crest factor~6nd ghakt of: these pu.1ses- influence the regimes of the welding of~thinaftd mediutm'ot'h'ick work;parts. In~this~' connection, the results of a comparative expe f the:effecti~re- rimental inVes tigst tion ~ o. ed wii:h~_ ness of.spiked pulses are presented. 1 + 1~91M thick 1ow;carbowsteel wasi eld 50 cps current on using a synchronous interruptor with aihigh-ignition afiglej. (~u - 106*) and 175 cps current. The experiments-showed4hst spike'weldink required- T a lower intensity of mean square current, and involved iihig6i~~ierft factor,:~than*. welding with high-frequency sinusoidal current. It is shown thAt;:pulse shape V'irtu-' ally does not affect the quality of the spot welding of;llateel more than 1.1-14'5 MM 1/2 UDC: 6216:791.763.011 Card SHAMIAT I A. L-inzhenerp sportsmen 1-go razryadd Variable-diameter.propeUer. Kryl.rod. 12 no.4:29-30 AP 161. (MIRA 14.-7) (Propellers, Aerial-410dels) w 1 4 1 . -1 '' ;.! iv- I IpT. '01; 111 '1111:11 . I : I , ; ii. !