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December 31, 1967
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L 01820-67 EW'r(ai)/'r/EWP(t)/E'r1 IJP(c' JI)IJWIJG ACC NR: AP6030965 SOURCE COI)F,-. UR/0181/66/008/009/2664/2667 AUTHOR: Antipin, A. A.; Kurkin, I. N.; Livanova, L. D. ; Potvorova, L. Z.;3.5--` Shekun, L. Ya. ORG: Kazan State University im. V. I. U11 yanov- Lenin (Kazanskiy gosudar- stvennyy universitet) TITLE: Invest~iiation of paramagnetic centers of Er3+ in BaF and SrF sin-ale --2 2 crystals SOURCE: Fizika tverdogo tela, v. 8, no. 9, 1966, 2664-2667 TOPIC TAGS: single crystal, impt,rity center, paramagnetic center, erbium, barium fluoride, strontium fluoride ABSTRACT: The authors investigated SrF and BaF single crystals with a Er3+ 2 2 3+ impurity. More trigonal and less cubic Er centers were detected in both single crystals. The dependence of the relative concentration of cubic and trigonal centers on the total concentration of Er3+ was traced for the BaF :Er sample. Orig. art. 2 has: I formula and 2 tables. [Based on authors' abstract] SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATE: 3lJan66/ ORIG REF: 003/ OTH REF: 005/ .rd 1/1 Ev L 11397'-_~7 (t)/ETI__ I.JP(c) _ JDIJGI ACC NR-. AF?000391 SOURCE CODE: uB/0386/66/004/009/03,A8/0.~.-i AMMOR: Zaitov, M. 'A%I.; Shekim, L. Ya. ORG: Kazan' State University im. V. I. Ullyanov-Lenin (Kazanskiy gosudarstvennyy uni-I versitet) - - ___ - '_ __ I TITIS: Effect of uniaxial compression on the paramagnetic resonance of INd4+ Jn CaWO4 .,.,I SOURCE: Zhurnal eksperimental'noy i teoreticheskoy fiziki. PisIma Y redakt~iyu. lli-iiozheniye, v. 4, no. 9, 1966, 338-341 TOPIC TAGS: electron paramagnetic resonance, neodymium, calcium compound, tungstate, pressure effect, line shil't ABS'17bICT: The authors analyze first the effect of uniaxial pressure on the ordinary spin-Farmiltonian with effective spin 1/2 and estimate the perturbation of the Hamil- tonian brought about by this pressure change. The results are compared with the\ ' shifts of EPR line of Nd3_1' in Cal-104 under the influence of uniaxial pressure, mea- sured relative to the line position at a certain initial pressure. The measurement results yield three linear combinations of the components of the tensor representing the compression effect, the estimated 'value of 'which is G - 10-`0 erg/Gauss. Even this preliminary estimate leads to a few interesting conclusions, since the direct cou-plinG of the NLd3+ ion to the CaWO,. lattice turns out to be unexpectedly small and, most curiously, smaller than that obtained for Co2+ in MgO (E.'j3. Tucker, Phys. Rev. v. 143, 264, 1966). This contradicts the current opinion that rare-earth ions are -C-a-rd- __ 1/2-- ACC NR, AI'7005868 . -SOURCE CODE: ___ uR/o181/66/oo8/o12/3658/365q. AUTHOR: Kurkin, 1. 11. ~hckun,_L_.-Y,&-.._, IORG: Kazant State University im. V. I. Ul'yanov-Lenin (Kazanskiy gosudarstvennyy uni- iversitet) TITLE: EPR of neotkymium in Ca1o04 scheelites SOURCE: Fizika tvcrdogo tela, v. 8, no. 12, 1966, 3658-3659 :TOPIC TAGS: laser material, epr spectrum, neodymium, activated crystal, cadmium i compound, molybdate, scheelite .1 reg 'ABSTTAACT: The authors determined the parameters of the spin Hamiltonian describing !the EPR of Nd*+ contained in single-crystal Cd?4oO4. The samples were prepared by the !Czochralski method. The values of the constants obtdined at 4.2K and -9.4 GHz are jisted. By comparing the results with data obtained for other scheelites in an earlier paper (m v. 8, 731, 1966) it is concluded that the parameters of the ,Hamiltonian of Nd3+ in CdMoO4 obey the same laws that characterize all other schee- !1ites, namely a smooth dependence on the lattice constant c. In particular, extra- ipolation of the curve for the g-factors in the earlier investigation yield excellent 'agreement with experiment. To decide conclusively that the regularities observed are Iuniversal, it is necessary to carry out experiments with Nd3+ in SrMo04 and FbVIO,.. ,The authors thank A. M. Morozov for preparing the CdMoO4:Nd samples. Orig. art. has: i 1 table. [WA-14] [021 'SUB CODE: 20/ Sum DATE: 2oTun66/ ORIG REF: 001/ OTH REF: 001 SHEKUN, N., propagandist (Chernigov) Disseminate a knowledge of economics among the masses. Sov. torg. 36 no.1:50-51 Ja 163. (MMA 16:2) (Chernigov-Economica-Study and teaching) SHMN, Olimpiada Alekseyevna (Third All4uBsian Congrea5 of Trade Unions] III Vserossiiskii B"ezd profmoiuzav. Moskvay Proflzdat, 1958. 75 P. (KRA 14:10) (Trade union3-Congresses) ALEKSEYEV, F.K.; ANDRIYUTS, G.L.; ARSENTIYEV, A.I.; ASTAFIYEV, Yu.P.; BEVZ, N.D.; BEREZOVSKIY, A.I.; GENERALOV, G.S.; DOROSHENYO,, V.I.; YESHCHFNKO, A.A.; ZAPARA, S.A.; KALINICHENKO, V.F.; KARNAUSHENKO, I.K.; KIKOVKA, Ye.I.; KOBOZEV, V.N.; KUPIN, V.Ye.; LOTOUS, V.K.; LYAKHOV, N.I.; MALYUTA, D.I.; WTS, Yu.S.; 0110DENKO, B.K.; OKSANICH, I.F.; POOV, V.A.; POURER, Z.B.; PODORVANOV, A.Z.; POLISHCRUK, A.K.; POLYAK011, V.G.; POTAPOV, A.I.; SAVITSKIY, I.I.; SERBIN, V.I.; SERGEYEV, N.N.; SOVETOV, G.A.; STATKEVICH, A.A.; TERESHCHENKO, A.A.; TITOV, O.S.; FEDIN, A.F.; KHOMYAKOV, N.P.; SHEYKO, V.G.; SHEKUN, O.G.; SESTAKOV, M.M.; SHTANIKC, V.I. Practice of co4struction and exploitation of open pits of Krivoy Rog Basin mining and ore dressing combines. Gor. zhur. no.6: 8-56 Je 163. (KIRA 16:7) (Krivoy Rog Basin-Strip mining) orra:iza-,lori cf ~;ork --n -a.~t:nF ~.,nus~s. SHEONOV. 1. 1. Progressive technology of casting exhaust boxes for TLZ diesel locomotive engines. Lit.proizv. no.7:16-17 Jl 161. (NUA 14:7) (Iron founding) (Gas and oil engines-IlLfflers) S"KI)NOV, N. ~ I Stamping the onds of tin cnns. Mias.ind.SSSR 25 no.1:57-59 '54. (IfJAA 7:3) 1. Vinnitskiy myasokombinat. (Containers) SaKuliov, N. Improving thp crankshaft of the "Kagema" firm's seariless can press. 14ias.ind.SSSR 30 no.1:44 '59. (HIRL 12:4) 1. Vinnitskiy nyasokombinat. (Power presses) S ', ILE K U I I OV , Y EN (, I ~ :' P r-,R F IF, 'TE7%l 1 - H DD-EASED SEE ILC BOTTSOV, Vasiliy Vasil'yevich, prof.; GRIGGRIYEV, VaBiliy Prokhorovich; RAZUMIKHIN, Mikhail Ivanovich; SMZIIEVA, Anna Andreyevna: ;SIOKUIIOV, Tevgraf Porfirlyevich [deceased); BELTAVSKIT, G.A., inzh., rotsonzent; BRODTANSKIT, lu.M., inzh., red.; SUVOROVA, I.A.,; PUKHLIKOVA, N.A., [Assembling and mounting work] Sborochnye i mnnt--~zhnye raboty. Pod obshchei red. V.V.Boitsova. Moskva, Gos.lz6--i-) myshl., 1959. 476 p. (MIRA 13:5) (Airplanes!-Design and construction) '311EKIlulilli, Dlodor Yofroniovich; MIARITONOV, N.D., red.; VASILIYEV, Yu.A., red. izd-va; M~LOGWOVA, I.A., tekhn. red. [AnalyBis and dissemination of information) Analiz i obobshchenie informatsii. Leningrad, Leningr. dom nauchno-tekhn. propagzmdy, 1962. 20 p. (MIRA 15:5) (Information services) (Research) - L 15318-65 EWT(d)/EWT(M)/EWP(W)/EWP(c)/UdA(d)/EWP(V)/T-2/EWP(t)/W(k)/W(b)/ Ewr-(l) Pf -4 SSDAF" xjw/JD/EM ACCESSION NR: AP4047832 S/0314/64/000/004/0035/00a'7 AUTHOR: Shel', M. M. (Erngineer) TITLE: Stress measurement in metals by the Addy current method SOURCE: Khimicheskoye i neftyanoye mashinostroyeniye, no. 4, 1964, 35-37 TOPIC TAGS: metal stress, stress measurement, eddy current ABSTRACT: Severa'l devices have been develope recently for m"suring stress by electrical methods, including X-rays, magnetic measurements and measurement by eddy currents. The X-ray method has the highest accuracy, even though the other two methods take less time. The eddy current method yields more data than the magnetic method, and tests using the magnetic method have many other disadvantages. in the present paper, the author describes a special unit designed for measuring the differences in magnetic permeability and electrical conductivity along the direction of the applied forces and at right angles. The unit has two stretched coils arranged cross-wise (M. M. Shel', E. B. Stankevich, V. V. Sharov. Author's certificate, class 42k, 21, No. 151080 of Oct. 9, 1961). the circuit being shown in Fig. I of the Enclosure. The unit was calibrated with samples of St. 3 and 25Kh3NM steel, after which the -anisotropy of a steel plate containing 42% so, 15% CO 37% Ni and 0.05% Si and machined on a planer was measured. Tests were also Card L 15318-65 ACCESSION NR: Ap4o47832 made on an etched plate and on a high-pressure vessel under pressure. on the basis of these tests it was found that the best method for measuring the stresses should be determined individually in each case. When high accuracy is not very important, the eddy current method may be used. "The experiments were carried out under the direction of Ye. M. Korelev and V. 1. Etingov.11 Orig. art. has: 6 figures and 4 equations. ASSOCIATION: none SUBMITTED: 00 ENCL: 01 SUB CODE: MMIEMI NO REF SOV: ao6 OTHER: 000 L ACCESSION NR.- AP047832 ENCLOSURE: oi B, 0 B, U R. D2 R D2 R Fig. 1. Wiring diagram of the measuring device. card 3/3 KONYUKHOVY I., svarshchik, strakhovoy delegat (Barnauj); CHERTKOVA, le., plani ovshchitsa, a4akhovpy dalegat (Barnaul); MOROZOVA, G., sp,aXqvdhdhitsa, strakhovoy delegqt (Barnaul),-SMI 0 zdfodhnik (Barnaul); SFCHERBINA, I., svarshchi: ~- ~B ~r~ ~ b We are interested in everything. Okhr.- truda i sots. strakh. 5 no.9:18 S 162. (MIRA 16:5) 1. Obshchestvanny-ye inspektora po *hrane truda Altayakogo motornogo zavoda (for Shell~ Shcherbina). (Gus'-Khrustalln,vi-Industrial hygiene) DEVIRITS E.Ya - NOVIKOV, A.S.; Prinimala uchastiye SHELAGINA, L. o Y Investigation of the structure of pure gum Vlil-canizates from SKS-30 rubber contAining indene-coumarone resins. Kauch. i rez. 20 no.10:11-14 0 161. (MIRA 14:22) 1. Dlauchno-issledovatellskiy institut rezinovoy promyshlennosti. (Gums and resins, Synthetic) (Rubber, Synthetic) BOGOSLAVSKIY, -~%.V., prof.; BREGADZE, I.L., prof.; VELIKOIETSKIY, A.E., prof.; VIKOGRADOV, V.V., doktor med. nauk; GROWN, D.M., prof.; GUIYAYnF, AN., prof.; DZHAVADYA:-., A.M., doktor med. nauk; KRATUMMO., F.V., prof.; LOBACHEV, S.V., prof.; ITIKOLATEV, O.V., prof.; PYTIELI, A.Ya., prof.; :YIFIiDV, A.V., prof.; FAYMM, I.L., prof.; FUTORYAN, Ye.S.; SHELAGU A A zas. deyatell nauki, prof.; ROMAN, R.O., profjdecea-~-edj; PETROVSKIY, B.V., prof., otv. red.; SKICHILO, K.K., tekhn. red. fliultivolume manual on surge r:, I Yr. ogotomnoe ruIco-.,odstN-o po Ird-J"r-Lirgii. Moskva, Medgiz. Vol.8.(Surgery of the liver, biliary tract, pancreas, and spleen]Khir-urgiia pecheni, zhelchr-.ykh putei, podzheludochnoi zhelezy i selezenki. .*:ed.torra A.V.Guliaev, 1962. 659 P. (EU;A 15: 6) 1. DeystvitelInyy chlen Akademii meditsirskikh nauk ~.;SSR (for Petrovskiy). (PAT: C.-~EAS-AIRGERY ) (sr-1EEII-SUIRGEHY) r 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 8141 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 OLAP .. It' CTM-W 11 32 33 0 B 3' 17 )1 )q 4C 1 04 A L 0 PC S T L- C I - - J- ST CIO AV U T1 0 - 0 0 'a 00 0 0 A F00 1 SP s 0 o f00 a e 0 : 00 s z- es e so eOR 00 04f 04f 09 RIO I edr It 00 00 0 0; 04F i Pjcllou ;w!IvAjvls v jalle jp*q aqi u! VH In "lualal w P'sad go aTnu! poaj )o ImA.43al uadn PuB 'w(1!nA!Jd3P "w1 00 -.! OH po tvamaj uod.1 *P-w-lo I =9-"2- 09 al 4r Nlajm * p. &Awl, ^31 Wq.)ql 11up"(1 P ltft aql V-011 Inu aaop Iful 'm fJWtHjjj u1 AW13ul ITT Ill ) ff j (O ul HY-11r6l 11011"l, On In olv 00 trqvvR w1 Uw 0 41 -P Tm PUN AM 0 0" -so so embil ;o allwool p%w sollwAlld" ja 12899 091 100 00- eel - . V -Y ' j N - r 0o 00 so 00 0 f I A I 90 I OY 'f fl 'q r m 9 1 it v -v V .11 Vf ft K It ,, IN fl 41 a o 0 0 0 o a o o 0 0 0 0 9 0 9 a 0 0 0 0 o o- aaa 0 0 o a o a 00 a 0 6 a 0 a a 0 A a 0 00 4 o 0 o Use of the stop-photameter for differv thition of the e a' warieti st of van don Bergh reaction. A. A. Slart4turrrv. I.-ap. A,kk. 20, No. 3. W-5(lVIS).-In ordcr to full.. the st.txcs of the van den DetCh reaction. a - U-J, file c4WIT. of clillicliati 44 color twillit me.3surs.1 an scrurn. Curves are irpruduc"J showinjig the ossu-t j-1 "XISIC of indirect nod direct reactions. The curve for thr indirect mwtk)u rises skmly, thAt for the direct rmction ,hArply and immediately. The curve in nortful sub)tri, ;fiflets greatly frurn thew, the onwt of the rise being 11, ,!.I aml file 16e very VIM- KUSULYAK, II.M;SHELAGUROV, A.A. Use of graded spectrophotometry for bilirubin liver function test. Ter. arkh. 22 no.5:50-52 Sept-Oat 1950. (CLKL 20:1) 1. Of the Fropedeutic Therapaiitic Clinic (Director -- Prof. V. Kh. Vasilenko, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences USSR), First Moscov Order of Lenin Medical Institute. SHILAGUROV. A.A.,professor: YUREVEY, P.N.; MURASHKO, V.V. On the subject of mitral commiBourotomy. Xhirurgiia no.8:11-16 Ag. '55. (MIRA 9:2) 1. Iz fakulltotakoy khirurgielieskoy kliniki (dir.-chlea. korrespondent ANN SSSR prof. B.V. -Petrovskiy) pediatricheskogo fakullteta I propedebticheskoy terapevticheskoy kliniki (dir.-prof. A.A. Shelagurov) lechebnogo fakullteta II Moskovskogo meditsinskogo instituta imeni I.V. Stalina. (MITRAL STMOSIS. surg. commissurotomy) SHRIAGUROY, A.A., prof assor (Mosk-ya) Clinical aspects of pancreatic cancer. 34 no.4:5-12 Ap 156. (KM 10:1) 1. Is propedevitichaskoy torapeytichookoy kliniki lechabnogo fakull- teta II Mookovskogo meditsinakogo instituta iment I.T.Stalina. (PANCREAS, neoplaams, (Maa)) BMSHTEYN. A.L. (Moskva), KHASILISHCHIK, R,,B,., kandldat maditainakikh nauk (Moskva); SHYIA-GU4OVtp' A,,A., kanclidat maclitsinskikh nauk (Moskva) Cdecease,0 I Observations on the treatment of tuberculous maningitis with saluzid. 34 no-7:55-60 J1 056. (MIRA 9:10) 1. Iz lafektsionnoy gorodskoy klinichaskoy bol0nitsy No.1 (glaMyy vrach N.G.Zaleskvar, nauchn~7 rukovoditelg G.M.Kapnik) *.(TUBERCULOSIS. MENINGRAL, ther. isonlazid) (ISONIAZO, ther. use tuberc.. madingeal) SHaAGLIROV J~ professor; YURENEV, PA.. dotsent; HURASHKO, V-V. k MOB ICva Surgical therapy of mitral stenosis. 35 n0-3:7-14 Mr '57. (HLRA 10:7) 1. Iz propedevticheskoy terapevticheskoy kliniki (zav. kafedroy - prof. A.A.Shelagurov) lechebnogo fakullteta II Hoskovskogo meditsin- skogo institute imeni Staline. (KITRAL STICKOSIS. Burg. (RUB)) E',C-~RPTA MEDICA 3ec 6 Vol 11/3 Internal Med. Yar 59 1932. OUT-PATIENT FOLLOW-UP OF CONVALESCE.%,rs FROM INFECrious HEPATITIS (Russian text) - S lit I a 0 X X and Dobrovolskaya -1 U ' ' " ""e T. 1. - KI_lN.MED.(,%losk.) ) Tables 2 Patients with epidemic hepatitis should be closely followed for at least 6-12 months after the acute disease. Only in this way is it possible to determine how often chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis or the liver follows tile acute disease. In 133 cases, orn, cast- Cndt'd in cirrhosis and 10 patients (876) in chronic nepatitis. Seventy-one of tile patients were ohserved ror 1-5 yr. and 43 of them 4-5 yr. or tile last-men- tioned only 35 were completely cured while the others showed either an enlarged liver (8) or spleen (1) or a disturbance of one of the liver functions. Witn a long observation tinie it is possible to intervene in time with therapeutic measures to prevent a bad outcome. It is concluded that tile earliest possible hospitAlzation is needed. for in tnis case the best results are achieved and there art! stricter cri- teria for the asuessment of a cure and the time or discharge from hospital. N ajman - Zagreb (L. 6) SHZItAGiUOV, A.A., Drof., SOKOLOV, Ye.l., Clinical asDects and diagnosis in an atypical course of myocardial Infaret. Terap.arkhe' 30 no-9--56-62 S'58 (MIRA 11:10) 1. Iz kafedry propedevtiki v-nytrennykh bolezney (zave - profs A.A. Shelagurov) II Moskovskogo meditsinskogo instituta imeni N.I. Pirogova. (MYOCARDIAL IUARCT, case reports, atypical, ding. & cling. course (Rus)) SHBUGUROV, A.A., prof.; YURENEV, P.N., doteent Diagnosis of witral stenosis and its relation to surgical therapy. Terap.arkh. 31 no.12:45-50 D 159. (MIRA 13:4) 1. Iz propedev-ticheskoy teraperticheskoy kliniki (zav. - prof. A.A. Shelagurov) lechebnogo fakullteta II Moskovskogo meditsinskogo insti- tuta. imeni N.I. Pirogova. (MITRAL STENOSIS diag.) SHBLtL prof; 'flJHEIbV, P-J., dotsent (Hoskva) Clinical picture of a primary tumor of the left auricle. 37 no.6:116-123 Je '59. (MIRA 12:8) 1. Iz propedevticheskoy terapevticheskoy kliniki (zav. prof. A.A.Shelagurov) II Moskovskogo meditainakogo institnta ineni N.I.Firo,,,ova. OEIPM, neoplasna priwtry, of left nuricle, differ. diag. from mitral ntetioaia Olus)) (IAITIL,%L STENOSIS, differ. diag. primary tirnor of left auricle (Ger)) SHMAGUROV, Aleksey Alekseyevich [Clinical aspects of pancreatic cancer] Klinika raks podzhelu- dochnoi zhelezy. Moskva, Medgiz, 1960. 229 p. (MIRA 13:8) (PAIICRXIS--CANCER) SIMLAGUI-XV, A.A. - -1 Clinical aspects of cancer of the head of -'1-:2e pancreas. IT-nimm. med. 38 no.5:12-20 My '60. (YM-A 13:12) (PANGERA --CJUICER) 8111LAGUROVp A.A., proV.j ROVIIISKIY, V.I. Problem of fatal outco-me in seizures of bronchiell astbr-&.Temp. arkh. 33 no.3t26-32 Mr 161. (19F,' 14:3) 1, Iz propedevticheskoy terapevticheakoy klinAi (dir. - prof. A.A. Shelagurov) II Moskovskogo meditsinskogo instituta imeni N.I. Firogova. (ASTHKA) SHELAGUROV, A.A., prof.; DORROVOLISKAYA, T.I., dotsert.; ILOIN, D.2. Hospitalization a-rid treatment of patients vith myocard-lad infarction complicated by collapse. Klin. med. 40 no.11: 62-68 N162 (MIRA 16:12) 1. Iz kafedry ropedevtiki Anutrennikh bolezney (zav. - prof. A.A.SbelagurIV5 leclielinogo fakull-teta IT Moskovskogo meditsin- skogo instituta imeni N.I.P-rrogova. .-4UUGURGV, A.A., zasluzhenyy deyatell nauki, prof.; YUREYEV, P.17.; FOROSHII,'A, Yu.A.- AIZKSEYEVA., T.A. Study of allergic factors in t-he clinical aspects o--;' intemal diseases.; prel:Liiray 26 no.2-.17-23 F163. (MIRA 16:6) 1. Iz kafedi7 propede-vltiki vnut-renrikh bolezney (zav. - za- sluzhennyy deyatell nauki prof. A.A.Shelagurov) lechebnogo fakuilteta II Moskovskogo meditsinslcogo instit, ta imerd V.I.Pirogova i na-achno-issledovatellskoy allerVogicheskoy laboratorli (zav. - chlen-korrespondent AM' SSSR prof. A.D. Ado). (ALIERGY) (MEDIGE;E., IITEFd!AL) SHELAGL:ROV, A.A.., Course of propedeutics of internal diseases in the third yeaz of M3d-ical Irstitutions of "-igher Educations KlLn. med. 41 no.7:150-152 J1163 (=-~ 16:112) 1. 1z k&fedry urovedev-tiki vnutrennikh bolezney (zav. - prof, A.A.Shelagurov) 1-ec'hebnogo fakulttetaa !I Moskovskogo med-Its1-- skogo Lnstittuta --meni lt'.I.Pilrogova. SHELAGUEOV, Alulhoov AltilKoeyevich; Frinir--,qli uchastiye: A:.-D;~LMINOVA. ?'.V. ; X3RbV-l--:L'SKk!A, T I. V.V. ; MALT2XVSKAYA, SFY:!" ART:Y---7EV, n3d.; [FeThodolor,7 of examIna-,ior- in diseases] Metody issledovaniia leznei. Izd.2., ispr. i dop. 1964. 474 p. -.he clinj L -Lc for v klinike .-nutrennikh -Do- Moskva, Izd-vo "Meditsina," (141H.4 17:3) SHEI.,kOIN, r. Coal blinars Great Stalinist care Bor miners. Prof. soiuzy, No. 8, 1952. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, November 1952. UNCLASSIFIED. s nnd 4 renc... -ner ak h L -Y n monthi List Russian Accessions. ~f Cong-ressy SIMLIKHIN, P.. sekretur'. Militant organization of miners of the world. V pom.Drofaktim 14 no.14: ii 153. (KLdA 6:7) 1. TSentrallnyy komitet T)rofsoyuza rabochikh ugollnoy promyshlennosti. (Miners--Congresses) AFANAS'T&V, N.; KORGRAGINt. Z.; PANOV, V.; SHELAKHIN. P. Words of truth about the Soviet Union. Sov.profsoiusy 2 no.5:77-86 )~y 154. (MI-RA 7:6) (Russia-Description and traval) SHELA0114, P. Inter-national miners' union. Mast.ugl-3 no.3:30-31 Kr :54. (MLRA 7,4) (Coal miners) (Trade unions) - , - -..- I I . i. . - 11 . I -,. I .I 311NI"IIN.P. Higher work standard of trade-union councils. Sov.profsoiuzY 3 no.9: 17-24 S155. (KLRA 8:12) 1. Zaveduyushchiy Organizatsionno-i4struktorskim otdelom Yeesoyuznogo TSentrallnogo Soveta professionallnykh soyusov (Trade unions) SiiEIAKiiIIv. P. Raise the organizing role of trade-union comm!,ttees and councils. Sov.profsoiuzy 4 ao.2:24-29 F '56. 09LRA 9:5) 1. Zaveduyushchiy OrE-Anizatsionno-iiistruktorskim otdelom Vsesovuz- nogo TSentral'nago Soveta professionallnykh soyuzov. (Trade unions) SHELAKIIII, P. Trainini, and instruction of the trade-union activist group.Sav. prr,far)illzy 4 no.ll:-7-12 N 956. (MLRA 10:1) 1. ZFtveduyu,rhchiy Organizmtsionno-Instruktorskim otdelom Ysesoy-uznogo tstntra".1nogo Roveta prof mi3sionallkvkh sonizov. (Trade unions) Sill-LIKIIIII, P.I.; GUDYOV, I.N.; KHITROV, F.T.; NOVOSPASSM, V.V., red.; SfLADRINA, N.D., [Collection of directives on the work. of trade unions] Sbornik rukovodiashrhikh materialov po organ iza ts ionno-me ssovoi rabote profsoiuzov. [Moskva] Izd-vo VTsSPS Profizdat, 1957, 167 D. (Trnde unione) (KTRA 11:5) KACHAN. Yn.: SHELAKHIN, P. Clospr to life and production. so-I.nrof5z-!'~,Zy no..11:41-45 9 157. (MIRA 10:11) (Kazalchstnn-Trade x-mions) C.-,airmar of the Central Co-mi-~-_e :~f "-Ie Un in TI TL E ir Anticipation of the All-Union Confernrce Inventors and Innovators o'r the Geoln.,Yical- vice ("Navstrechu Vs,:-soyuznoiru sov-s'cliani:111 torov, izol~retatele.y i novatorov gecloeorazvedochno.y hby. ', Razvedka i okhrana nedr, 1958, Nr 8, PP 1-3 ~-,fEfficienc~ Expertal , -,,)s-_-41_;n6 r-Itsionaliza- s luz - (USSR) AB3TR4'1"I`: The above mentioned conference will take place in Sverdlovsk from 7 to 11 October 1958. The author describes the aims of the conference in propagating new methods and new tools, as well as measures to be taken in order to increase me- chanization of mining operations, etc. He also mentions the large sums of money saved by the following propositions and inventions: 1) a self-releasing elevator and a perfect- ed hloist, invented by the senior foreman D.E. Fadochnikov frow, the Ural Geological Administration, whier helped to mechanize hoisting; 2) a device for autoratic scre"V- ing and unscrewing of 'rill-ing pln.~ -ro,-2sed 1-v Card 112 kolov of the trest Luganskuglegeoiolziy"'a ('The /16 I-n Antici-ation ~)f the G orf ere rice of Efficiency Exp", Inventors and I n, 0v,-.. tors C -' tile 1.2c) cal - e c tirg ---~ rvice geology Trust ~7e.;-mograpl', invented b.-, ianic V.2. ~-,roiev of the "Geologorazvedka" plant. ect ~'Iccordin- to the -irectives of thek:~ Conference ~,,f t-e Com- -arty, t,e activity in this field mmst be further irtensified, all deficiencies in the orpanization must be elim.inated and the introduction of new methods and the me- charization of mining works must be accelerated. ASSOCIATIC.1.': The Profsoiuz rabochikh geologorazvedochny h rabot (The Trade 'Union of Geological - Prospecting '..'orkers) I. Geolog-j--USSR 2. GeoplVsical pi,,,j,,,)ec~in,-7--Equi~;.,,ienT 3. In- du,;'-ry--USSR 4. Personnel-Performance Card 212 t; mm e e F7 ~r~,an-7a~ions radr- JGr of -Ysitl uroven' raboty y T :,-C~ --it YUI.',~l racoc~iiki- E,(-ologorazvedochnykh T 0 jj -1 L V -a e,i - Q 1-6 (Ujsh) J, -,-:C: 0 6 T.H A -_,f the 7rade-Union of 1-~eolo-ical Prospect- 0 I n in L1ay In the past two years much r,as f~ul'-E:-,-6 -Cip in~ziqbers: the world's best deposits of Ir'Dn 1-1,2 in, the Belgorod regiont huge deposits of )rj-s.n J-76n. :r;~! -,-iere d1:.sccverP_d in Vest Siberia; large depo- s- ci_-_ the Kuybyshev, Daratov and Perm b S a--,,-,rd!ct and the Ukrainian SSR. The ~.vor..,-, 1~:ader in explored reserves of oil, lead nickel, salt and diamonds ~ZISH '-as '7" of the world's coal re- T 1, - :3 o n t1ne last conference (in 1956) to de- ~_Cn C_C_Is~la many satisfactory changes in committee, -.-ihich could devote more a r d _!"Pi.*:~.,~"_,r.t juestions, of labor organization. But 1412-58-6-1/13 halt~e the liork -,;-an-- t J_ons of the '2rade-Union of Geolo- g1cal Prcspec-. , nt,, "K,-.; --on are the still not working satis- wel"nre of its members, taking only a v.,ork of the regions, oblasts 4L n r, ~~3w(-.- rem.adechieflybythefol- ''o; i. j.* A.V. ~;avrilenko (Kazakhstan), G.P. n ~ Krasno~vars k V.N. Knyazeva, -JrAk. New principles of work, r J-1 :3 -A.eintro~,4iiced too slowly. "he confer- ".-c. ter of 1-~eology and Deposits e ~,Ya. AntroDov, on "The Pro4ect of tn- ~~io Develotment of Geolo6ic and Ex- 5 ec lIaLcv Tlaian of Geological Prosp tors G,:.-.', Person-nei-Standards SHELAKIII, P. Under the badge of trade-union democracy. Sov. proffsoinzy 6 My 158. (PIRA 11:5) 1.Zavodu7ushchiy Orranizatsionno-instruktorakim otAt-lom Vsesoyuznogo tsentral'nogo soveta profsoy=ov. (Trade winions) SOV/17- cc I i SK-elakhin, P.I., President TT L E: o New Successes in the 'igh' for Communism ( r- n ovym usuekham v bor'bE za kommunizm~ T~ DI~-',*-.L: Razvedka i o'Khrana nedr, 191-9, Nr 1, T)P ('-SSR) ABS"RAC'1': In connecti,;n with the Seven Year Plan, a plenar.,- session of the TsK profsoyuza rabochikh geologrorazvedechno-kh rabot 4c (Central Committee of the Trade Union of Geologi al and irospecting 117orkers) took place in Moscow on 19 and 20 December, 1958. After enumeratint; different achievements already made by the Soviet workers, the committee appealed to them to =tinue their fight for Communism. ASSOCLAMION: TsK profsoyuzurabochilch geologorazvedochnykh rabot (Central Com- mittee of the Trade Union of Geological and Prospecting Worker-;2) Card 1/1 SlUELI'Sm"i, F. Korean nncountern. liast.ugl. 8 nn.6:26 Jn '59. (AIRh 12:10) 1. Predsedatell TSentral'nogo koviiteta profsov-uza rabochikh g0olograzzvedochnfth rabot. (Koroa-Coal miners) SOL&MI1. P. I. To new a-uccesses in the struggle for conm-inism. Razved. i okh.nedr 25 no.1:53-55 Ja '59. (MIBA 12:2) 1. Predseclatell TSentrallnogo komiteta profsoyuza rabochikh geologorazvedochnvkh rabot. (Labor and laboring classes) SHELAKHIN, P.I.; NkBIYEEV, K.A. Delegation of the Soviet trade unions in the Chinese People's Republic. Razved. i okh. nedr 27 n0-4:53-55 Ap 161. f (MIRA 14:5) 1. TSentralIP47rkomitet profsoyuza 3~abochikh,geologorazvedochny'sh rabot (for Shelakhin). 2. Geologosmyemochnaya poiskovaya ekspedit- Uz,>--*-,-Ilc-,y 33P (for na'34-7--T). AHIJAM Il I,- L-Tv Approaching tne Fourth Congress of the Trade Union of Prospecting Workers. Razved. i ol -4:1-4 AP 160, WIRA 15:7) ,;h. nedr 26 no 1. Predsedateil TSewtrallnogo komiteta professionallnogo soyuza rabochikh geulogorazvedochnykh rabot. (Prospecting) (Trade unions-Congresses) SHELAKRIN, 1".1. Raise the lev- ~ne ccmunist training of workers. - - W--r. -.. f Geod. i kart. nz.9%3-8 S '63. (MILU. 16: 10) SHELAMIN, P.I. Our consultations. Sov. profsoiuzy-19 no.20:44-46 0 163. (KERA 16:11) 1. Predsedatell TSentrallnogo komiteta professionallnogo soyuza rabochikh geologorazvedochnykh rabot. STHEU,FJiIr1, f-.I. Increase the importance of the role of the trade union in communist consti-action. Razved. i o1ch. nedz- 29 no.11:3-8 N '63- (MIR-A 17:12) 1. Predsedatell TSentrallnogo komiteta professionallnogo soyuza rabochikh geologurazvedoelinyh1i rabot. ct, C, -i o n - SHELAKHiN, F.I. lot us properly greet the Sixth Trade-Union Congress. Razved. i okh. nedr 29 no.6:5-8 Je '63. (mIRA 18:1i) 1. TSentralfnyy komitet professionallnogo soyu7,a rabcchi2ch geologorazvedochn.vkh rabot. SHFLAKHINI Pole A fitting meeting for the congress of the trade unions of rospectors for minerals. Razved. i okh. nedr 31 no.7: 58-91 J1 165. (MIPA 18:11) 1. TSentrallnyy komitet professionallnogo soyuza rabochikh geologorazvedochnykh rabot. TEBYAKINA, A.Ye.; CHAYKOVSKAYA, S.M. , BALDRI.A, A.V.; ZAKINA, I.I. ; BRODSK,A.Y,A., T.A. ; _~~.Yr~NA _ A. I. Optimal conditions for deternining the aterility of an antibiotic cultural liquid [with summary in English]. Antibiotiki 3 no.6:108-110 H-D '58. (MIRA 12:2) 1. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-Issledovatel'skiy institut antibiotikov i zavod medpreparatov No.8. (ANTBIOTICS) ACC INR; ANG03671 SOURCE CODE: M/007q/66/o36/oo3,/1507/1507 AU-IMI-1: Lys,~:n:w, V. V.; SheIz-ikova, 1. D.; Karavanoy, X. V.; Ivin, S. Z. nonc PO-11tacovalent J-o~sphorus compourds. Interaction of ethy~tetraflucroj-;hosphi e -.1 m i-.1`6161 carhoxylic acid anhydridics, D CLS jL~%CE: Zhurnal olzlichey khimii v. 30, o. 8, 1~; 6, 1507 TO-PIC TAUGS: alkylp;hosphire, carlbo:cylic acid anhydride, fluorinated orGanic 'Itetrafluorophosphine was for-nd to react with acetic, propionic A3ST'.-,,A3 T -thy- -L anci butyric anhydrides, forming Trethyidifluoropho3phine oxide and fluorides of k-16e corrospondin..- acids. The raaction rate drops with increasing molecular ,voight, o.LC the carbo):.,flic acid anli-tydride, and the yield of the substances for:wd decreases. The authors intend to publish a further series of reports on the cli-lo.-aistry of pentacovalent phosphorus compounds under "the title, __"Derivatives of Phosphorus Acids Containin the P-~F Bond.$ [jpRS. . 38 ,9 ?9701 SUB CODE: 07 / SUBM DATr,-. 04mar66 / (>TH REF: 002 Card IVIN, S.Z.; FO',TPjT'YEII, Yu.'.; SH-LAYOVA., I.D.; ZAY Sj.'T OVA, I.A.9- GUBINKO; _ i J~ T ~ I . Reactivity olf ethyle nay., Id e-0- al'j,-v.',,Te .~y--- ar..-4 Lhio phosphinates. Zhur. ob, kh-'-rr. 15- rc~7;121F-1220 ~--- ltr5. (MTF,A 1,0 - P, ~I I / IVIN, SHEIAKOVA, I Reactlon )f alkylene Fulf~-des with Zhur, ob. R-him. 35 nr,,-!:,,1220-T22'l'L il 165~ :~A -, ~- ~ -Q " VLADYCHINAI Ye.N.; SEREBRYANIKOV, S.N.; RELEKKIM, A.L. Electric propertica of* paint mitterials find the optimum cond-itiona of their spraying in the electric field. Lakokras. mat. i Ikh prim. no.4:32-36 163. (MIRA l6tio) SHEIAKHOV, G., general-leytenant Role of the staff in organizing the battle training and duty of troops* Voen.vest. 40 no.2:50-53 F 161. (PIRA 14:2) (Military education) ARrIEVICH., A.M.; VIKHREVA, O.G,~ TYUFILINA, O.V.; LIVANOVA, N.K.; BLUDOVA, N.M.; VATOLIMA, V.M.; *HEIUAKOVA, A.A.; KEMENEVA, M.P.; VARDASHKINA, M.A.; SOROKINA, New trends in the treatment of fungal diseases of the skin. Sov. med. 26 no.6:52-56 Je 162. (MIRA 15:11) 1. Iz mikologicheskogo otdela (zav. - prof. A.M.Ariyevich) TSentrallnogo kozhno-venerologicheskogo instituta i klinicheskoy kozhno-venerolo icheskoy bollnitsy imeni Korolenko, Moskva. (DERMATOMYCOSIS5 (GRISEOFULVIN) (FUNGICIDES) IVIN, S.Z.,- SHEIAKOVA, I.D. Synthesis of alkylselenophosphinvl dichlorides. Zhur.ob.khizo 31 noi12340524,053 D 161. (MM 15:2) (Phosphinic acid) L 52107-65 EPr,(c)/kviPQ)/ mj r-4 Rm 'ACCESSION ITR: AP5015239 UR/0286/65/000/009/0022/OQ22 AUTHORS: Ivin, S. Z.; Promonenkol.V. K.;~S!glakovai -I. D.; Leving.b. B.; Feting--If TITLE: A method for obtaining phosphinio acid est! Class 12, No. 170497 SOURCE: Byulleten' izobreteniy i tovarrVldx znakov 9no. go 1965t 22 TOKC TAGS: ester, phosphinic acid, alkylphosphinic acidt alkylene~oxiaej phenylvinylpho4hinic acid f c ABSTRACT: This Author Certificate presents a method for obtaining phosphini acid ,esters by interacting warmed allcylphosphinio acids with alkylene-oxides. To broaden,--. the assortment of the esters, alkylphosphinic acids are replaced by C( -phenylvinylv- :phosphinic acid. An alternate process conducted at 120-i35C. J., ;ASSOIVIATIONt Organizatsiya gosudarstvenvogo komiteta kbimich skoy proEyslilemost' 1pri gosplane'SSSR (Enterprise of the State Committee of the Chemio-al.Industry at the ;'Gosplan SSSR) ISUBMITTED: 30Sep63 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE t NO REP SOV: 000 OTH m1i 000 SHEIAMITOV, N. Seanonal construction yarda. Sel'.stroi. 13 no.11:15-17 N 158. (MIRA 11:12) 1. Glavnyy tekhnolog instibuta "Roggiprosel'stroy." (Precast concrete) SEWIANOV) N.A.) inzh. Anchoring of precast reinforced concrete structures :)n flat and gon- dola railroad cars. Energ. stroi. no.34:95-98 '63. (WRA 17:1) 1. 14oskovskiy filial Vsesc,.Tuznogo instituta po proye.-ctirovaniyu organi- zatsiy energeticheskogo PHASE I BOOK EXPL01TATION SOV/5685 Fridlyander, 1. N., Doctor of Technical Sciences, and B. I. lMatveyev, Candidate of Technioal Scienaea, eds. Tapioprochnp( material iz opechannoy alyuminiyevoy pudry (SAPI,- abmmlk stntey (Heat-Re3lotannt Naterial From Baked Aluminum Powder [SAPJ; Collection of Articles) mosco-a, Oborongiz, 1961. 122 p. Errata slip inserted. 3,550 copies printed. Reviewera: M. F. Ba::henov, Engincer, and M. Yu. Bal'ohin, Candidate of Technical Sciences; Ed.: M. A. Dochvar, Engineer; Ed. of Publishing House: S. 1. Vinograds:mya; Tach. Ed.t V. I. Oreshkina; Managing Ed.i A. S. Zaymovskaya, Engineer. PURPOSE : This collection of articles is intended for scientific workers and engineers In the institute and plant laboratories of the metallurgical and machine-building industry; it may also be useful to'instructors and advanced students. COVERAGE: The 12 articles contain the results of research on the structure, properties,and manufacture of semifinished products* Card 1/5 ;_ 0 Heat-Rc3istant ,material From.(Cont.) SOV/5685 from ointered aluminum powder. The technology for the manu- facture of alu-minun po,,.,,der and briquets is described as are sintering processes, and preo5ing, rolling, drawing, and 3hect-otamping methods. The dependence of the properties of se-mifinished products on the aluminum-oxide content of the powder, on the degree of hot and cold deformation, and on the stresses of pressing is investigated. Also invest1gaDed are the ne=hanical and corrosive properties of semifinished pro- ducts, the mechanism of hardening of sintered aluminum powder, the reasons for blister formation, and the possibility of recrystallization. Data on sintered aluminum alloys are included. No personalities are mentioned. References in the form of footnotes accompany the articles. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction 3 Gerchikova, N. S., N. I. Kolobnev, M. 0. Stepanova, and I. N. Fridlyander. Effect of Aluminum-Oxi_de__C_oht6nt-on the Structure C ard 2/5 Ifeat-Resistant Material From (Cont.) SOV/5685 and Properties of Pressed Articles From SAP [Sintered Aluminum Powder ] 5 ,Stepanova, M_ Q., G. P. Zenkov, Ye. M. Lekarenko, and L. A. S-arul '-. '_ Alu-minum Powder for SAP' 17 The work was carried out wit4 the participation of G. N. Pokrovskaya, Chief of TsZL; R. V. Nesterenko, Acting Chief of the Shop;and Engineers L. I. Kibitova, N. D. Chumak, and N. 1. Kolobnev. Matveyev G. Stepanova, and N. I. Kolobnev, Effect of Spect~i,c.p,r;.,s-U,-re-lb-Prea~ln-g on Properties of Semifinish- ed Products From SAP 30 Matveyev, B. I., S. I. Nomofilov, and V. A. Shelamov. Prees- ing of Semifinished Products From SAP '- - --- 36 The work was carried out with the participation of Engi- neers A. V. Fedotova and I. R. Khanova, and Senior Tech- --nician L. S. Perevydzkin. Card 3/5 Heat-Resintant Vaterial From (Cont.) SOV/5685 ", rzot, A. 1. (Candidate of Technical Sciences], S. I. 'U v NQmofilov [Engineer], and V. A. Shelamov (Engineer]. Rolling of Sheets From SAP 50 Th-~ work was carried out with the participation of Engi- neer it. F. Filimonova and Technicians V. 1. Sverlov and 0. A. Kolooov. Matveyev, B. 1., 11. A. Davydova, and 1. R. Khnnova. Study or ~he Effect of the Degree of Defornation on the ProportleD and Structure of Pressed Semifinished Products and Cold-Rolled Sheets Prom SAP 59 The work was carried out vrith the participation of L. S. PerevilazIcIn and 0. A..Kolosov.. Da,rjdov, Yu. P., and 0. V. Pokrovskiy. Stamping of Sheets Prom SAP 66 Litvintnev, A. I., and E. P. Belova. X-Ray Diffraction Study of the Oxide Phase in SAP 77 Card 4/5 j H,~at-R,~aistant Material From (Cont.) SOV/5685 Govolik, S. o., A. I. Lltvintoov, and E. P. Dolova. Special FOatUre3 of Recryatallization of Sintered Aluminum Powder (SAP) &3 Litvintsev, A.,~., and V. M. Polyanskiy. On the Nature and M echanism of Bli3ter Formation in SAP 11 100 M .1atveyev, B. P. V. Kishnev, and I. R. Khanova. Properties of Semifinished Products From Sintered Aluminum Powder 108 Krivenko, R. A., Ye. A. Kuznetsova, and I. N. Fridlyander. Sintered Aluminum Alloys 113 AVAILABLE: Library of Congress JA/wrc/,Iw 10-27-01 Card 5/5 31L~i4l".UVf V.". j--,ctjjo(j uf *-j,--~-: -, ;t"'t ' r~ Ldtuainm powdur. Izv. vy:~. . zav.; I , I I tsvot. at. 4 1 :134-139 1 a-. 11,:21" l. KrzLsroy-roki y inotiltut tsvetnykh metallov, Hafedra obi ~--'~-otkli rl~,-tallov (Iii~~invm) (Powder me tallurgy) WRT AMIC114, -. " ,'T , I ,, , , 7 ~, ~ I I (I f) "Ij ~jj T ',I -TIM; 4~5.; Sq~E I V~A~ n, i llij f ron "hr, wii.; ~A- gajas in the prodactlon e vtrn-!3ho---, Na%ch, zap. Od. polite-kh: (MMA 1'7z4'1 ACCESSION NR: AT4012715 S/2981/63/000/002/0071/0077 AUTHOR: Shelamov, V. A. TITLE: Investigation of some conditions for hot rolling of SAP SOURCE: A15,uminiyevy*ye E;piavy*. Sbornik statey, no. 2. Spechenny*ye splavy*. T Moscow, 1963, 71-77 TOPIC TAGS: powder metallurgy, 'sintered powder, aluminum powder, sintered aluminum powder, hot rolling, SAP, aluminum ABSTRACT: This investigation, under the guidance of Prof. 1. L. Perlin and Eng. S. 1. Noraofilov, was carried out to determine tbe optimal parameters for the hot-rolling of pressed blanks made of grade APS-1 SAP containing 6-8% A1203. Formulas are given for calculating the widening of a rolled spez;1mcn, consisting of widening due to slipping on the contacting surface, widenin.- because of barrel formation and widening due to spreadinc, of the sides on the contacting su-.-face. The theoretical and experiment-il values showed good agreement. The coefficient of friction during rolling of SAP drops rapidly as the temparature increases. An increase in reduction up to 50% when rolling SAP leads to an increase in specific pressure , while a further increase in tt tal reduction (up to 90%) leads to Its lowering. The coefficient of friction increases in the iame way as the total 1/2 Card I-ACCESSION NR: AT4012715 reduction. These changes in specific pressure and coefficient of friction may be explained by the high thermal effect resulting from the deformation of SAP. The specific pressure drops as the temperature during rolling incj:easca. The force parameters for rolling of SAP differ significantly from the data for common aluminum alloys, but prcliminary heating of the SAP sample had no effect on these parameters. Orig. art. has-* 7 fi-~ures and 4 formulas. ASSOCIATION: None SUBMITTED: 00 DATE ACQ: 13Feb64 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: MM NO REF SOV, 003 OTHER: 000 ACCESSION NR: AT4ol27Z3 S/2981/63/000/002/013010134 AUTHOR: Shelamov, V. A.; Zhuravlev, F. V. TITLE: Anisotropic properties of SAP during hot rolling SOURCE: Alyuminiyevy*ye splavy*. Sbornik statey, no. 2. Spechennyyrye splavy*. Moscow, 1963, 130-134 TOPIC TAGS: powder metallurgy, a)uminim powder, sintered powder, aluminum, sinter- ed aluminum powder, hot rolling, anisotropy, SAP ABSTRACT: The author studied the influence of annealing of the blank and direc--, tion of rolling on the uniform distriEution of mechanical properties in hot-rol)ed sintered aluminum powder. The work %.IZrS performed on sheets ot pressed SAP (12 X 5 x 100 mm) containing 7.5-8.0% A)20 3; subjected to a total deformation of 75% at 450-470C. A study of the mechanical )roperties showed that the ultimate strength, yield point, rel-zive elongation and narrowing of transverse samples of hot-roll- ed SAP are higher than for longitudinal samples. This is explained by the peculi- arities of the strengthening process in SAP during rolling. The direction of rolling does not influence the variation in properties of the material when the degree of deformation increases, except that the ultimate strength is lowered in- s~qnificantly for a degree of deformation of 40-509%, with a following increase to Car 112 ACCESSION NR: AT4012723 the initial value. The properties changed in a more uniform way during increas- ing total deformation for materials whi:h had first been annealed than those which had not been annealed. There is almost no area of flow on the graphs obtain- ed when testing microsamples of SAP for elongation. The structure of the material is uniform and stable, but a tendency toward texture formation is observed as the total reduction increases. "The work was carried out under the direction of Prof. 1. L. Perlin (Doctor of Technical Sciences)." Orig. art. has: 4 figures. ASSOCIATION: Kafedra obrabotki metallov davleniyem MATI (Department for the Pressure Treatment of Metals, MATI) SUBMITTED: 00 DATE ACJ: 13Feb64 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: MM No REF SOV: 003 OTHER: 000 Card 2/2 r., em 0 /ASIA TU 10105-63 1- !1-'- Py';r- /r~2/9- ACCEOGION UP.: ~T (J! (71 AUTHOR: She'llamov, V A. TITLE: On the SOURCE: IVUZ. Tsvetnaye- metcall,.~--':-J-ya, no. 2, -11 3, 16f -16.6 TOPIC TAGS: sinte-Yed hr't U rolling, cold rolling, exti-d"ic", str-'riast du-til`t-~ Sheets ABSTRACT: Changt~.-z in the Qf a.-wmi--um (.W (containing 6.5--SXj1j' Al szib 2 0 dhzrirg 9~~-jd rolling ],.wre been investigated. hot ralling (vith t-rotal reduction of 83-%) cf extrmaded SAP '1)9:,s increases tensile strength at 20C f--r,:P, :-7--28 to 2~1-31 IXE/nn. 36 Subsequent cold rolling brings --t-.en9t:7F:z:':7-'g ('.i~ t-'. I ~Z/uu sup but when total reduction in coli rolllnF, exceeds 60-6%, strength &-ops .553-5000, but in to 30 kg/mm sup 2. The -Aarnp i,, k, this case strength b,~-ins '0., ""'ary t-..t tLe C~ - Elongation at 20, 350, -cLn-' vl'-~.-'h -z:reased ri-duction. Card 1/3 L 10105-63 ACCESSION NR: AP3000985 The peculiar character of these changes appears to be associated with the breakdown of the previously formed Al sub 2 0 sub 3 network and with the increase in the quantity of oxide particles (i,e,j particle-size reduction), with simultaneous occurrence of mechanical and diffusion bonding. During hot rolling, there is little increase in temperature, and diffusion is slight; the only source of strengthening is mechanical bonding cf crushed grains, accompanied by texturing, i.e., preferred orientation of a previously formed oxide network. Subsequent cold rolling destroys the oxide network, and microcracks develop. At the same time, displacement of microcrack planes prevents self-healing, which can occur only as a result of mechanical or diffusion bonding. Such bonding (self-healing) takes place if sufficient heat is liberated during plastic deformation, which explains the beneficial effect of cold working cni the room-temperature tensile strength. Diffusion without pressure as it occurs at tests at elevated temperatures may lower the strength of the bond, since ii; causes the redistribution of brittle constituents (oxide particles not bound to the lattice), and a strong bond, produced earlier by mechanical bonding -without the aid of diffusion, may be destroyed as a result of diffusion. This explains why at 350--500C cold-rolled SAP has a tensile strength lower than that of hot-rolled SAP. The increase in oxide-particle dispersion with increased reduction by cold rolling was confirmed by microscopic examination. The number of particles per square centimeter at first. Card 2/3 L lolo5-63 ACCESSION NR: AP3000985 up to 80%; beyond this point (during increased slowly with reduction (hot LO-11-i cold rolling) the rate of increase rose sharply. It is concluded that in the cold rolling of SAP sheets there Is a critical degree of total deformation at which an irreversible breakdown of the oxide network occurs, accompanied by a partial softening of the material. Orig. art. haE: 5 figures. ASSOCIATION: Moskovskiy institut stali I splavov. Kafedra tekhnologii I avtomatizatsil prokatnogo proizvodstva (L4?scov Institute of Steel and Alloys. Department of Tlechnology and Automation of Rolling Production) SUBMIMED: 08Jan63 DATE AcQ: 2ijun63 EMCL.- 00 SUB CODE: 00 NO REF SOV: 007 OMM: 00 1 S/30 0-1 A I v v W t I Pf D m L 14476-65 ELiT(m)/fW(k)/IMP(b)/[,!iA(d)/E~W(j) -~4 IJP(OVAS* )!03' JDART'~ ACCESSION NR: ATW12712 V;9_81AI/000/002/0048/005 AUTHOR: Zakharov, M. F.; Zhuravlev, F. Nomof I I ov S.I She 'm6V, V. A.- _1a TITLE: SAP sheet ro));.)q SOURCE: Alyumin- -evy-,.ye splavy*. Sbornik siatey, no. 2. Spechenn 'sp avy*. Y*ye Moscow, 963, 48-57 TOPIC TA7,S: sinterea aluminum p~ ~je SAP$ ":a I uminum roill _qg,1,.SAP'edIIing,:a um. num presting, sheet roiling, aluminum sheet, SAP sheet ABSTRACT: Two special-flat containers viere designed and teste&-In:brder'to'adapt the avai,able machinery to the rolling of wider SAP sheets. For c6ld bricluettingi a conta i ner was des i gned wi th 59.5 kq/mrt?- load and a140x535 x IACI mm stamp. For hot briquCtEing and sheet pressing, - the container was:designed .. with,52 kq/fflm2 load and a 155-170 x 550-570 x 1240 ny" ~itamp.. Vsing the.containers with a 5060!! ton horizontal hydraulic press, SAP strips with a 30 x 410 mm cross sectiott were obtained from 60-80 kg APS-1 powder charges with 6.5-8.5% A1203.a6d 4 density of 1.1-1.4 kg/ci-.13, in 6 four-operation prccess of successive 1) cold.briluetting* in 125 x 52 x 900 mm sheet-aluminum molds (or In the first containeO, 2) hot compacting in the second container at h. 10-420C and a specific pressure of 45-52 3 kg/mm to a density of 2.6-2.7 9/cm 3) hot rolling of the obtained blanks. In Card 1/2 X_ 'T L V 3~1,,~Cture 01 F defo:=ed a"'u-m-inum rowder. Dokl. A",., BSS:: 8 je 7 i. FIZ-1ko-teknnicheskiy institut AN B 'ZT I r. . :J,.1)-P,K0, "'.P.; -07FECANTKOV, Ya.13.; ShEl-AXOV, V.' S S-.- Roll'.nr FAnterej aiumirwT powder (5A?~, rill- 0 1 from powier. TISvot. met. 37 no.llt8e3-90 t64 a "Mi-I'll, 13W SUB CODE-ILJHH ACCESSION NRI AP4042728 6/0250164/008/00610382/0385 AUTHORt Severdenko, V. P.; Tochlinkiy~ E. 1.1 Shelamov, V. A. rITLE: An -investigation of the structure of a deformed SAP material SOURCE: AN BSSR. Dokladyk, v. 8, no. 6, 1964, 382-383 TOPIC TAGS: aluminum, aluminum powder, SAP, aluminum powder sinter- ing, sintered aluminum powder structure, sintered aluminum powder strength ADSTRAM The effect of cold working on the structure of SAP has been Investigated. Aluminum powder containing 6-11% A1203 was cold com- pacted under a pressure of 35 kg/!nm2,sintered at 620C for 6 hr,and hot compacted at 500C under a pressure of 50 kg/mm The billets ob tained were cold rolled with reductions up to 99.6-99.7%. The structure of sintered SAP was found to consist of an aluminum matrix and a three-dimensional network formed by aluminum oxide. Cold roll- ing gradually destroys this network and reduces its strengthening Card 1/2 ACCESSION NRz AP4042728 effect. Cold rolling with reduction up to 95% does not produce any definite texture which could be detected by microscopic examination. -but x-ray diffraction patterns revealed a texture in SAP rotted with 83.3% reduction. Annealing of cold-rolled SAP at 650C for 3 hr leads to recrystallization. Orig. art. hass 2 figures. ASSOCIATIONt Fiziko-tekhnicheskiy institut AN BSSR (Physicotechnical Institute, AN BSSR) . SUBHITTED: 02Apr64 ATD PRESSt 3086 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: MH NO REF SDVi 004 OTHERt 000 Card 2/2 ACCESSION-NR: Ap~ S/0226/65/000/002/olo4/0107' r Pf~4 UP -IIJWIJD AUTHOR: Shelamov, V. A. (Moscow) TITLE: The feasibility of rol1iijg SAP -toil directly from powder g iv -_7 SOURCE: Poroshkovaya metallurglya, rio. 2, 1165, lo4-loT TOPIC TAGS: SAP, SAP powder, powder rolling, foil, SAP foil,-SAP foil rolling ABSTRACT