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" i r 1! 2, , 'I *; : . "ir~ . Y i - 1 , , k!xndl ~ v ~~ . , m ~ va ~~ k SH"'t DC 11"I I K , V v , , : ~ i .: "., ; . - .., . La I I I I - T", 1 - , " , :, , - e, i,; j.- _,i - ~ ~ -%~ (-,! -E, ~ - : ~ni cp~ r-lj* -ie by thc 11- -- . - - I I ' - - '- 32--' 3 , ',- -, - : ~, -~i - r. t. s ., - - ~ 7 , 'Trudy 7N ~ . - li ~ f , c- n r, 0 , .. C - - - --4. . IHA --,7;!C,) . % , ~ 11 Y I KOV,L~SS-Ff, l)FflSE1(OV, Dmitrly NluRs'jrovJ---h-. Y(jKRETSOV A. M. red. S.J. gri an., pi~ z' a ior, rif erj'Ulpment the producticn of actyllenel 1 ekspluatatsila obi,rudovariiia d1la ttLS,-~` L=nll. Moskvas, Vysshaia slik-ola. -'-87 F. ~MIR-A 18~8') SIROVA, N.N.; SHEIEG, A.U. Wnamic atomic displacemr-nts, coefficient of limar expansion, and characteristic toryperaturecf silicon. Dokl.AN BSSR 3 no-10:403-404 0 '59. 041R& 13:2) (Silicon) SIROTA, H.N.; OLZONOVICH, N.M.; SABLEG, A.U. Distribution of electron donsity in silicon. Dokl.AN BM 4 no.4: 144-147 AP 160. (MIRA 13:10) 1. Otdel fiziki tverdogo tola i poluprovodnikov AN BSSR. (Silicon) 6006? 0 AUTHORS- sirota, 14. N., Academician of the S/020/60/132/01/042/064 AS BSSR, Olekhnovich~ N. M., B004/2007 Sheleg, A. U. TITLE: The Determination of the Distribution of-Electron Density in Crystals PERIODICAL: Doklady Akademii nauk SS3Rt 1960, Vol 132, Nr 1, pp 160 - 163 (USSR) TEXT: The electron density distributio:a 9 and its value at a certain point xt yl zq) is determined by summation of a three-dimensional Fourier series 1). The number of terms in this series is limited by the number of experi- ~ mentally determinable reflections. The authors mention the methods which were suggested for the purpose of further in-.reasing the precision of the determi- nation of electron density (extrapolation of the f-curve,introduction of a.' temperature coefficient), and point out the errors arising in this conneef-ion. They then explain their method, which makes use of the value of the atomic scattering factor, which may be determined by means of CuK.4radiation as well as by less hard radiations. The authors divide the value of the scattering factor into two parts with a density distribution ~2 re ~11(r 11(r) and (r), whe: corresponds to the density of the electrons near t e atom a is describeed by Card 1/ 3 'K1 8006? The Determination of the Distribution of S/020/60/132/01/042/064 Electron Density in Crystals -BO04/.BO07 the Gauss function A exp(-J-r2 r), on the other hand, corresponds to the electron density of the outer ele.,irons, which, in the case of high reflection indices, cause only a slight -hange in the course of the f-curve. Figure 1 shows the course of the f 1-curva and the f2- curve for diamond, ihere f - fI = f2' f2 corresponds to the unknown density f2 of the outer electrons, which may thus be determined from the difference. For the electron density in an arbitrary point of the crystal, ~1(?) + C2(1) . This equation is ex- I panded into a series (6). Figure 2 shows the results obtained by calculating the electron density for diamond in the direction fill] according to the method suggested and by means of a temperature factor at 75000K and 200C. Figure 3 shows the calculation for the points Ov 0, 0; 0 1/8, 1/8, 1/8 and 1/2, 1/2, 1/2 according to both methods between 0 and 15000 K. There are 3 figures, and 18 references, 7 of which are Soviet. Card 2/3 80067 The Determination of the Distribution of Electron Density in Crystals S/020/60/132/01/042/064 B004/BOO7 ASSOCIATION: Otdel fiziki tverdogo tela (Department of the PhysicE Belorussian Academy of ScJences) SUBMITTED: January 5, 1960 i poluprovodnikov Akademii nauk BSSR of Solids and Semiconductors of the - ~K Card 313 86843 S/020/60/135/005/034/043 B004/BO75 AUTHORS: Sirota, N. N., Academician of the AS BSSR and hel eAhwAAL_9j_. hwhbw TITLE: Distribution ofthe Electron Density in Germanium PERIODICAL: Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR, 1960, Vol. 135, No. 5, pp. 1176-1178 TEXT: The author iystematically invostigated the distribution of electron density in semiconductors. The present paper gives some results of the de- termination of the atomic scattering factor f as a function of 37-b.2 and of the distribution of eloctron density in germanium. The in- i i vestigation was carried out with n-tfpe germanium monocrystals pulverized UP to 5-8p (resistivity 60 ohm-cm). ;rhe X-ray pictures were taken in Cu Ka radiation at room temperature -3y means of a YPC-50" (URS-50I) re- corder. A 20-V thick nickel foil served as a filter. The reflection inten- Sity Ihkl was calculated on the strength of the peak areas of the 3nrl-09 (EPP-09)-type recording electronic potentiometer. To find out the absolute Card 1/4 86843 Distribution of the Electron Density in S/020/60/135/005/034/043 Germanium -t B004/BO75 values, the Ihkl of Ge was compared with the 220- and 311-lines of Si and NaCl, which served as standards. The absorption coefficient of Ge was de- termined from the re-duction of the intensity of the primary beam during its passage through 50-200 V thick lamellas. Results are given in Figs. 1, 2, 4. On the level of electron density of 1-5 el/A3 a Ge-ion diameter of 0-5 A is obtained, and on the level of 0.05 el/A~, one of 2 A. For a com- parison, the corresponding values for diamond 0.20 - 0.25 and 1.25 A) and silicon (0-4 and 1.75 A) are given. Yu. N. Shuvalov is mentioned. There are 4 figures and 6 references: 3 So,riet and 3 German. ASSOCIATION: Otdel fiziki tverdogo tela i poluprovodnikov Akademii nauk BSSR (Department of 83lid-state Physics and Semiconductor Physics of thd Academy- of Sciences BSSR) SUBMITTED: September 10, 1960 Card 2/4 f hlz 86843 S/Q20/60/135/005/034/043 B004/BO75 IV zo 30 z Card 3/4 S/02o/6o/135/005/034/043 30 IflAs B004/3075 300 300, zoo J 200 100 W 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 4 9A 0 14 -F 2 j 4 Legend to Fig. 4: Distribution Of 3lectron densi-ty toward [111] -nd El 1 3j in the (110) plane of the germanium elementary cell.,3A/13 - electron density. Card 4/4 S/02ri/62/147/0()6/017/034 B104/B180 LUTFORS; Sirota, N. N., Academician.AS BSSR, Ah_e__j_eg_j_A- U. TITLE: Dia-magnotic susceptibility and electron density distribution in grey tin PERIODICAL: Akademiya nauk SSSR. Doklady, v. 147, no. 6, 1962, 1344-1347 TEKT: The aim was to determine experimentall7 the atom-scattering f of .rrey tin at room temperature and at -1000C and to find the electron density distribution in the crystal from it. The grey tin was obtained from high-purity white tin by recrystallization between -10 and -200C. The CuK -radiation reflexions from powder compact-samples, were taken on a a JPG-50M (URS-50I) apparatus with C?J counters. Results: From the graph 2 1n f as function of Th. , where h. is the lattice index, it follows Sn that f is a Gaussian curve-, if hi > 16. Using a method given by N. N. Sirota, A. U. Sheleg and N. M. Olekhnovich (DAN, 132, 'no. 1, (1960)) the Card 1/3 47/oo6/01 7/034 Diamagnetic susceptibility B104/B18O electron density distribution Q = Q, + Q2 in plane (110) of the grey tin crystal lattice is calculated. For Ahe parameters A and a in the relation Q1 . Aexp(_ar2) the values A - 406,31 and a - 15-708 were obtained for 0 room temperature and A - 571,98 and 19.637 for -100 . The Q2 distribution was obtained by summation of a three-dimensional Fourier series. Results: As with diamond, silicon and germanium, in grey iron there is a "brid6e" -aith density of 0.37 electroyls/1,3, 'lying in the Lri 111 direction between neighboring atoras with coordinates 000 and 1/4,,X41 1/4. Temperature chan6es hardly touc. -i this value. In the t 3 2, 1/2, 1/,2 and 3/4, 3/4, 3/4 electron denssitj minima, 0-05 electron%1~3 and 0 respectively, were found. A temperature drop raises the maxima and lowers the minima. The diama-netic susceptibility 38-1 0-6 calculate& from the electron density distribution according to N. N. Sirota (DAN, 142, no. 6 (1962)) agrees satisfactor;.ly with experimental data. There are 4 figures. ASSOCIATION: Otdel fiziki tverdogo tela i poluprovodrikov Akademi'A nauk BSSR (Division of Solid State and' Semiconductor Physics Card 2/3 of the Academy of Sciences BSSR) S/020/62/147/006/017/034 Diamagnetic susceptibility ... IB104/Blao SUBMITTED: June 22, 1962 j Card 3/3 UROTA, N.11, nkqrleml A. U. _k, I E~G Magnetic 31130eptibility Of 3eMiCon6ucting elementE of the 411h group g as determined bj Yray diff:-action analysis. Dokl. AN SSSR 152 no.1:31-83 3 163. (MIRA 16:9) 1. Otdel fiziki tverdogo teLa i polnprovodnikov AN BSSR. 2. AN BSSR (for Sirota) . (Semico,iductors--Magnetic properties) (X-ray diffraction examination) L 6?72-65 ACCESSI ON NR: AP4044585 fraction method is used. The -d'ata.obtained on.'the ~electron densit;.~'~~.~_.,. distributions are used to ~ ic~~' ~ . calculate the diamagnetic and paramagnet - l , , components of the magnetic susceptibility of these elements. It"isei-I-I.. shown on the basis,of the- *,-' experimental:data that the energy of the- ' . J - - - _ interatomic interaction decreases.with increasing.atomic number.of the elements in the series C-SimGe-aft.~ "I'. am. detply; �rateful. to,*-' Academician AN BS SR,N,:N,, Sirot~-,for,:Iintdrebt~: art. has: 3figures#~S formulast.and 3 table.s., ASSOCIATION:,. No e::,~ il SUBMITTED: '00, SUB, CODE: Ap HP NR REF,:SOV.- 016 YAM& o r L 7-924-66 E~.,;Iix(k)/E-,,T(1)/E'.'iT(fn)/EPF(n)-2/EP~(w)-2/E'e!A(m)-2/E'- (h) TjP(,) TRRAT ACC W AP5027929 SOURCE CODE: UR/0363/65/ 1/010/1673/1683 L; AUTHOR: Si -ota N. N. I Gololobov, Ye. M. ; Sheleg, A. U. ; Olekhnovich, N. M. YY OI1G: Institute of Solid State Physics and Semiconductors'Academy of ScletTe~t]~SSR, MIn6 (Institaf liziki tverciovZ; tela I 5615rovodnikov Tkadernir-n-Rau-K MORT- TITLE: Potential and limitations of the use of :c-ray diffraction methods for studying the nature of chemical bonding in crystals SOURCE: AN SSSR. Izvestiya. Neorganichesiciye materialy, v. 1, no. 10, 1965, 1673-1683 ZI L/ ) 5- '--- TOPIC TAGS: x-ra diffraction analysis, neutron diffraction, electron- density, electron diffraction 11X_Y~-is' cherni-c-al-bo-n-dirg; 'crystal structure analysis ABSTRACT: The experimental determination cf electron density distribution in crystals in- volves measurement of the intensities of x-ray scattering peaks, finding of structural amplitudes, calculation of the form factors Of i Dns, reduction of the values obtained to abso- lute zero temperature, and summation of three -dimensional Fourier series. Each of these operations is discussed in detail. X-ray diffra--tion methods make it possible to give quanti- tative experimental expressions to the wave fuuctions of electrons In crystal lattices. Of great significance to the study of chemical bonding is the possibility of estimating the electron density distribution over the electron shells. l'or example, the use of form factors obtained b neutron and x-ray scattering has permitted the determination of the distribution of all elec- trons, including those with unpaired spins, in the 3d shell in the lattice of ferromagnetics and UDC: 541.57:548.19 L 7924-66 ACC NR; AP5027929 antiferromagnetics. However, X-ray-, election-, and neutron-diffraction methods cannot as yet solve problems involving electron distribuiion at low densities or when the density changes are slight (not exceeding 0. 02 - 0. 05 e1A3 ). For example, it is not possible at the present" time to determine by x-ray diffraction the number of electrons which migrate from the valence band to the conduction band under the Influence of thermal motion or photo-electric effects in semiconductor crystals. Despite such limitations, these methods are of paramount importance for studying electron density distributions in crystals. Orig. art. has: 7 figures. SUB CODE: SS, GC, IC / SUBM DATE: 05AL166 / ORIG REF: 019 / OTH REF; 011 rA~ 2 . r .S4 cne- SHELEG,M., per, t .ki Gratl~aki-= f,--r aiol --a.-P. Zdrav. Be-'. 9 no.M5 Ag'63 (MIRA 170) ~. ,, Lj-~m' rz--!-~enlca. I PHASE I BOOK EXP_'0l7AT!;.N 307/4893 Vseaoyuznoye aoveshchanlye po fi=lke, r'z'.'KD-kh-1.:ne3~In avoyntv'lm rerr1tOV I fIZ1cnc5;C1= OsnOvam Ikh prlmtnerlya. Minsk, 191~9 Perrity, fizicheskiye I flz I ko-khImiche3k lye 3v'~v5'vI. Doklady (Perrites; Physical and Physicochem!cil Prape;.ttea. Repcrt.4) Minsk, lzd-vo AN BS SR_1960. 655 P. Errata sl*p 'nSerted. 4,000 copies printed. Sponsoring Agencies: Nauchnyy sovet p0 zagretlz=-~ A_N SSSR. Otddl riziki tvardogo tela I poluprovodn.14ov AN BS-R. Editorial Board: Reap. Ed.: N. N. 51rOt3, Aca~2e=lcllan Of the Academy or Sciences BSSR. K. P. Belov, Prore3sor; Ye. 1. Kon,!or- akly, Professor; K. M. Pollvanqv; Professor-. R. 7. Telesnin, Pro- res3or: 0. A. Smoienskiy, Professor; N. N. Shcl'tb. Candlddte of rhysical and Mathematical Sciences; 3. M. and L. A. Bashkirov; Ed. of PublilhIng House. S. 12101yavskly; Tech. Ed.. I. VolokhanovIch. FuRPDsE:_Th'rI-b60k'Is Intended ror radio electronics engineers, ard technical ~d!:3--nnel engaged in the production and use of rerromagnetic =teriaiz. -It may also be used by students In advanced courses In rad-4o electronics, phys.ical Ind Physical chemistry. COVEWE: The book contains reports presented at the 'hird All- Union Conference an Ferritea held In Xtnsk, SSH. T!he reports deal with magnetic transC_=.Ations, electrical and galvanomagretic properties Of ferritea. studles cf the growth Of ferrite stnirle ervatals. DrobleT3 In th- --q-1 %,A --j- cochemical analysis Of ferrites, stud-ea of t,r.-I-es havin-g- rectangular hysteresis loops and mUltlezzponen- ferrite systems exhibiting spontaneous reccanguiarity, problems, _'n ma~rnetlc attrAction, highly coercive ferritex, =aE;net,.c spectroscopy, forromagnetic resonance, mao-,eto-opticg, phyail:al prj~cjpl,s or using ferrite components in electrical circuits, an--sotropy or electrical and magnetic properties, etc. Tte Cc=mIttee on ?ojg_ notism, AS USSR (S. V. Vcnsovakiy, cha-,,man) OrganIzed the con- _jOrence. References accorpany Individual articles. Ferrites (Cont.) SOV/4693 Bondarev D Ye. The Selection of Ferrite3 With Rectangular For Quick-Acting Systems 637 P._Kor:chrr2. Sku arev V V Sh. Yu. Ismallov, and 4ff1'e's94r;1.-r rc-r_R_.d_,TFCPi_ri~t.. 643 .,Illyushanko, L. P., ..J The Ferrite-Based Me-m-o-Fy-DFv-TY--_Q_T_`Lhe Ele-c-tron'c Computer of the Academy of Sciences, BelorussiAn SSR 645 AVAILABLE: Library of Congress (TK453.V75) JA/dfk/on Card 18/18 5P. A I 30106 S/194/61/000/007/010/079 D201/D305 and Sheleg, 11.U. Ferrite mamory AS Belorussian Referativnvy zhurnal. Avtomatika i radioelektronika, no. 7, 1961, 15, abstract 7 B98 (V sb. Ferrity. Fiz. i fiz.-Ichim. svoystva, Rinsk, AN BSSR, 1960, 645-652) TEXT: The magnetic memory of the computer described utilizes the linear number selection method (method z). The ferrite memory cores perform not only the function of memorizing binary information, but are used as impulse sampling and pulse registration forming circuits. The duration of one cycle is 8 microseconds. The memory control circuit consists of standard computer circuits (trigger, gate) and of the basic following circuits gate-producing read-out pulses, storage gate, amplifier for the read-out signal which excites the magnetic decoder, produces recording of information, amplification Ferrite memory... 30106 S/194/61/000/007/010/079 D201/D305 of read code pulses and code regeneration. The basic circuits use pulse transformers with ferrocart cores and cores in the shape of rings of rectangular hysteresis loop ferrites. The characteristics are given of five types of transformers as used in the memory con- trol circuit. The amplitude of the signal at the amplifier output - 30 V. 5 fioures. 3 references. Z Abstracter's note: Complete translation-7 Card 2/2 L 26075-66 EWT(m)/EWA(d)LEWP(fl ii '(r,) JD/0 ACC NR' AT6015373 SOURCE CODE: UR/0006/65/bOO/000/0188/0191 AUTHOR: Il'yu ~enko, L. F.; Sbeleg, M. U.; Kostyuk-kul'gavchuk, L. P. ORG: none P-1 TITLE: The influence of-.a constant applied magnetic field during,the electro- deposition process on the coercive force and anisotropy field of a vermallov film SOURCE: AN BSSR. Institut tekhnich"k )t jt4h-r-C&jkj,, Vychislitel-Inaya tekhn ka .(Computer engineering), Minsk, Nauka i tekhnika, 1965, 188-191 TOPIC TAGS: magnetic thin film, magnetic coercive force, magnetic anisotropy ABSTRACT: To investigate the influence of an applied magnetic field otj the magnetic properties of permalloy films during film formation by electroplating.4fields ranging from 0 to 500 oe were utilized. Films were made by plating 80% Ni-20% Fe on 0.07-0.08 mm polished copper foils Ln a sulfuric acid solution. The film thick- ness was 2000 A. The fields, created with Helmholtz coils, were parallel to the films. The electrolyte current density was 1.1 amp/dm2, and the pH factor was 2.7-3. In the range of applied magnetic fields, the coercive force and the field of anisotropy did not exhibit any correlationwLth the magnitude of the applied field. Changing the pH factor of the electrolytic solution had no effect on the coercive field and field of anisotropy. It was noted that the axis of easy magnetization did not depend on the direction of the applJ.ed field but was colinear with the direction Card 1/7 Mut_- L 26075-66 ACC NRt AT6015373 in which the copper foils were drawn in the rolling operation during manufacture. To exclude the influence of copper substrate texture on experimental results, new substiates were carefully polished and used in the next series of tests with films 3000 thick. Again no correlation cou::d be found between-the magnitude of applied field and coercive force and field of anisotropy. However, the axis of easy magne- tization in this case aligned itself with the direction of the applied fields Orig. art. has: 2 figqres. [BD] SUB CODE: 09/ SUBM DATE: 15Dec65/- A7D PRESS:-Va 52 Card 2/2 L 06366-67 E, I TOm )/!,VIP( t Vijl IJ 1'( c ), I ACC NR: SOURCE CODE: UR/10000/&:~*/000/000/0194/0197 AUTHOR: Illyushenko, L. F.; Gribovskaya, L. G.; Sheleg, M. U. ORG: none .TITLE: The effect of alternating current on the properties of electrodeposited permalloy films ,SOURCE: AN BSSR. Institut tekhnicheskoy kibernetiki. Vychislitellnaya tekhnika (Com- ,puter engineering). Minsk, Nauka i tekhnikE, 1965, 194-197 TOPIC TAGS: magnetic thin film, ferromagnetic film, metal deposition, electrolytic deposition, thin film magnetic memory ;ABSTRACT: The effect of ac superimposed or, dc during the electrodeposition of magneticl Ithin films is repoq%d. It ij well known that the crystalline film structure in elec- itrodeposited nickelI14nd zinc I, films can be radically altered by superimposing alter- .nating current on the direct current. The authors used the same technique for con- trolling the properties of permalloy magnetic thin films. The extensive experiments show that the greatest effect on the coercive force and anisotropy field can be achieved when the current density ratio of ac to dc is equal to 2 for the ac rrequen- cies between 25 and 50 cps. It was noted that large alternating current densities pro-: .duce a coarse crystalline film structure, vhich, according to Rother, corresponds to c ar d ACC NR: AT6015375 a large coercive force. The experimental cata confivms the desirability of using superimposed ac during magnetic film deposition. Description of experimental condi- tions and tabulated results are included ir, this paper. Orig. art. has: 1 table and 2 figures. SUB CODE: 1l/ SUBM DATE: l5Dec65/ ORIG REF: 000/ OTH REF: 000 Card 2/2 L 26Q12-1L4. EWT(1)1E15%1rf (~)/T/EWAW/EWP(t) IJPW GG/GS/JD ACC NR: AT6015376 SOURCE CODE! UR/0000/65/000/000/0197/0200 AUTHOR: Sheleg, M. U. ORG: none TITLE: Dynamic properties of ferromagnotLe films obtained by electrodeposition SOURCE: AN BSSR. Institut tekhnicheskoy tibernetiki. Vychislitel'naya tekhnika It (Computer engineering). Minsk, Nauka I teklinika, 1965, 197-200 TOPIC TAGS: magnctic thin film, thin fiLm circuit ABSTRACT: Test results of research on the switching speed of thin_permalloX electro- plated films as a function of the switchirg field aligned with the axis of easy magnetization are presented. A study was also made of the relationship between the constant magnetic field applied in the baid axis and the switching speed and magnitude of the output signal. The films were plated on a copper substrate immersed in a sulfuric acid electrolyte and subjected to a 300-oe external magnetic field. The films varied in thickness from 1300 to 2400 ~, in coercive force from 2.4 to 4.2 oe, and in anisotropy fields from 4.3 to 6.8 oe. The test equipment was capable of generating switching pulses 300 nsec long with a 3 nsec risetime. To return the film to its initial state, 10-oe fields were set up by means of Helmholtz coils which were also used for creating a constant field ap?lied in the hard direction. Figure la shows the dependence of switching time on the applied switching field-W exhibits ACC NR: T6015376 a 4 b ~Fig. 1. I/T as a function of switching field R 1 - 2400 A, 2 - 2900 13 1500 A, 4 - 1300 A, b I - HL =' 0, 11.L 0. 25 oe, 3 H.L 0.~--oe. two regions which characterize the switchirg process (wall domain motion and erotation)'r- The output signal was found to increase with increasing applied switching fi Id. 2/3 ACC NRt AT6015376 Figure lb shows the dependence of s4itching time on the magnitude of switching field for different values of the transverse field H.L4 The presence of H.L enhances the switching process after a certain threshold is exceeded (H k 6 be). Orig. art. has: 2 figures. [BD] SUB CODE: 09/ SUBDI DATE., 15Dec65/ ATTI PRESS,,q Card 3/3 Smaml, P.M. -'. . . I .- 11. [Fattmning swina on leading Aite Russian collactive farm8l Adkorm svinei u peradavykh kitlhasakh Belaruskal SSR. Minsk, Dziarzh. vyd-va BSSR, 1956. 49 p. (MLRA 10:5) (Whits Russia--Swinm-.-Famding and foading stuffs) 55 E'&7(d)/EWP(h)/~'P(Q____ N NR: AP5019108 UR/0286/65/000/012/0134/0135 it -,( Y f- f. ~' Pq 3-1 &fonin A. N., Tershon., 0. 1.; Ivanovski. K. To.j loffe F. S.; A. Kh.; ioLlko~i ~'T --id wte i j Mq ~sk 1 In ifkof :~.:_ V. j I., - - 1-i -azAhkly _ Neverovich A 'ff.; aris!R -A , A. A. F Prddbi RiKm~anyM.-k.1 S Serr!~~Sukhanov7A.'-I. I S"l Taguzhinskiy, S. M. Transmission device of an overhead thrust conveyor. Class 81, No. 172231 Byulletan' izobretoniy i tovarnykh znakov, no. 12, 1965) 134-135 TOPIC TAGSt overhead conveyor, transmission, crane L14 1 1~ g ABSTRACTt This Author Certificate presents a transmission device of a suspended thrust conveyor. The device contains spring-supported vane5 set in a rotary motion by a star wheel meshing with the drive chain of the conveyor (see Fig. 1 on the Enclosure). To prevent the possibility of wedging the carriage during its transport, the device is provided with a two-&mod spring-supported lover. One of the.ams serves as a stopper for the carriage, and tha.other'one (provided with a roller) interacts with a circular template fixed on the star wheel. The template has openings for receiving the roller which.rrees the carriage fron the stopper, Card 173 -L 61412-65 ACCESSION WRi AP501jl Orig. art. haot 1 diagram. AS=IATION t Vassoparqy nauchno-iBolodovatell skiy institut podllyjmno~ transportnogo mashinostroyedys (All-Union Sciomtific Rogeanch Inotituto of Hoisting and Comqina Kwhine Construotion) ffq j75- siBmTrEDi ' 12Aug63 ENOW 01 SUB CODII Is NO 107 SOV 1 000 OTHERi 000 f h, k h ru r-ir z v inec. nnuk Yu.S, -,zo in,~n -ek t cc,- z7a L.u 17 fra-. y y ci r-, y -a e 1 tn-i-.Jai, p--fo V G d- in E~a 1~ on it nn~ a. r -7 e e ~3 I m ys k a n i ia 7 c zd it a L ny kh 1 - v I i ti ~ J e lek rcn e re --i, 1- -1 ~)d fj r-'n 11 rB . Moskva, Goo. e n3 9 WUL4. 10:1G) Materological Abet. Vol- 4 NO- U Nov. 1953 Soil Temperature 4-11-171 551.526.6:639.222.2(265257) Probatov, A. N. and Shelegova, E. K., K metodUe predakazaniia srokov nachala nerests selldi u sapadnogo poberezhlia lUshnogo Sakhalina. [On the methods of forecasting the beginning of herring spawning on the western coast of South Sakhalin.] Meteorologiia i G'.drologiia, No. 5:51-53, 1952. DIL-The water temp. observationn for 16-18 years were used for investigation of relation betweon the time of herring spawning and the thermal state of sea. Correlation coefficient for Jan. (-0.09) showed ao relation. ~or Feb. and March coefficients of r= -0.64 and 0.62 were found. Thus for the forecasting of probable date of herring spawning the water temp, characteristics observed In Feb. can be used. The experimental forecasts established the date of spawning for 1949 as April 5 (the actual be 4--4ng spawning was on April 6) mid for 1950 between April 12-1 the actual beginning was on April 12). Subject Headingst 1. Sea temperatures 2. Herring fisheries 3. Sakhalin, U.S.B.C.A.T.So S7EIMASOV, P. Measures for the reduction aid improvenent of industrial adminia- tration In the People's Reptf-)Jic of China. Biul.nauch.inforri.: trud I zar.plata no.6:57-60 159. (14111A 12:9) (China--Industrial management) SHELLUSOV, P. Wage increase and improvement of living standards of workers and employees in the Chlnese People's Republic. Biul. nauch. inform.: trud i zar.plata no.10:59-63 159. NMA 13:6) (China-Wages) (China-CoEt and standard of living) SHELEKASOV, P. The management of the industrial enterprises of China without shop divisions. Sots.trud. 4 n0-7:36-41 JI '59. (KMA 13: 4) (China--Industrial organization) SHBLEWASOV, P. Improving cultural and technological level of workers and employees in the Chinese National Republic. Biul.naucb. inform.: trud I zar-Plata 3 no.4:47-49 160. (MIRA 13:8) (Obina-Amployees, Training of) S"LEKASOV, P. ____ Improvement inihe material welfare of workers and employees of the Chinese People's Republic, Biul.nauch.inform.: trud i zer. plate. 3 no.5:52-55 160. (MIRA 13:8) (China--Cost and standard of living) KARAP&YAN, K.G.; SHRI-EKASOV, V.I., p,)lkovnik zapasa, red. [Hero of the Soviet Union Vasillevich Smirnov] Geroi Sovetskogo Soiuza lUrii Vasillevich Smirnov. Moskva, 1960. 11 P. (MIRA 14:2) 1. Moscow. TSentralln$7 muze'j Sovetakoy Armii. (Smirnov, IUrii Vasillsvich, 1925-1944) I ?I! Afi~,Ell N.D.j ;UDKUVShIY, N.G.; iJCL(nlll, A.A.; 130";LRTSEVA, N.N.; BOGDANOVA, M.V.; GOLOV*,I.*,KO, I.P.; IMBIMIKO, K.I.; KIRLPOFOS., Ye.M.; KAP.ATEETYAL, K.G.; KEZANOVA, I.A.; KUMETSOV, A.L.; KORESIMIKOVA, N.F.; M-01-1-21ENSKAYA, T.I.; illa~I1,011.711.G.;_I.IIKOI.t,OVAI T.E.; 1,11AZAROV, V.11.; PISAREVA, I.A.; FOFOVY S.A.; FRONRIA, N.A.; PAKILMU, I-'.Ye.; RaFOLSKIY, S.E.; IICGACIZ~', Yu,11,; SGS-NiNn', I D.; S-I'ARSH11101T, -D.M.; FIRMAKOV, 1-.Y a. I --E, o k, red. _25IIELZKASOV,--V--I-- lt~~-~,01.', V.P., podpoUc vni "U -1,1V 11-I'LV) I -A) . I . - A.I., polk-ovnik, red.; CIIAPAYE% tekhn. red. r-clics of military glory]---elikvii boevoi qlaN7. ~-:oslcv~ 1,-'oei-iizd-:t, 1962. 166 p. (MIRA 15:8) 1. '.-auclm~~ye Sotrudmiki TSEiitrailnogo nuzeya EF.-ovetskay Ainii (for all e~:cept 1.'u--avlvev, Chapa,~eva), of th(~ Sucticr: of F, :~Oprnent Used for Tre;Ain,-, "olid Caml Tech Sci, Delcrussian..1 ol-itechnic I-ist imeni 1. 11. Stalin, ~JFher Education USSR, '*'insk, 1955 -(n, No 17, Apr 55) SO: Sum. ".o. 704, 2 '7ov 5r - Survey of ."'cientific awd Technical Dissertations -4 Defended at USSR Hi-her Educational InstLtutions (16). A,V., kandilpt tokhnicheakikh na-Lik; KARFUSHIIISKIY, N.S., inzhener. .,~-11414xl -4,;44t duat colloctorn for air pirifirAtion. 'Reu~11-,iri, no.2:26.-27 r 1%. (WRA 9:9) l.Ukrainakiy tsentralOnyy irstitut gigiyany truda I profzabolevanly ('or Sholeketin).2.Al,,lomeratsionnyy tsekh zavoda "Zaporozhatal" (for Karpushinskiy). (Air-Puri,"ication) (Zaporozhye--Indtistrial hygiene) SUMMIN. A.V., k-nndidat to-k-hnicheskikh nAuk; KARFUSHINSKIY, N.S., inzhener. HydrnuliZ~ method of dust r#tmovnl f ram multicyclene hoppers. Metallurg no-8:9-10 1-- '56. (96RA 9:10) l.Ukrainakiy TSentrallnyy institut gigiyeny i prof zabolevaniy (for Sheleketin). 2.Starshiy energetik Aglemeratsionnege tsekha zav*dFt "Zaporozhetell" (for Karputshinskiy). (Separators (Machinea)--AttachmentB) (Zaporozhlyr-Ore dressing) SULS kandidat tekmicheskikh nauk; KARPUSHINSKY, N.S. , , --,KN inzhener. Ventilation ducts in the return gallery. Metallurg no.11:11 N '56. (MLRA 10:1) 1. Krivorozhaki7 institut gigiyeny, truda i profzabolevanly (for Sheleketin). Z.Aglomeratsionnyv. teekh zavoda "Zaporozhstall* (for X#rpushinskiy). (ZaporozhVi-Metallurgical 11ants-Reating Abd ventilation) SEH'JITKO, Aleksandr Semenovich, kend.tekhr..nauk; FROTSERK0, Galina Aleksandrovna; SHNISMIN, Al.eksandr Vit&.l!ye2w1qh,_1mnd.tekhn. nauk; GOLIKAN. S.P., [Dust elimination in plants c!ngaged in crushing, separating and concentrating iron ore] ObesVylivanie vozdukha na dorbillno- sortirovochnykh i obogatitelinykh fabrikakh zheleznoi rudy. Khar1kov. GOB. -,wuchno-tekhn.izd-vo lit-ry po chernoi i tsvetnol metallurgii, 195?. 162 p. (MIRA 11-4) (Dust-Removal) (Ore dressing) YEDIN, V.V., professor, doktor tekh-aicheskikh nauk.;SHELMMIN, A.V., kandidat tel--hnicheskikh nauk. -- ODist control during ore cmahing" by L. A. Glushkov. Gor. shmr. no.l: 78 Ta 15 7. (KLRA 10:4) (Ormshing machiner.,r) (TAist collectors) A I LEVIN, A.I.; BABOV, D.M.; SHRIJOWLI, A.V. "Pnoumoconiosis"; bibliographic index to Ruesian literature from 1918-1955. Reviewed by A.I.1evin, D.M.Babov, A.V.Sheleketin. Gig. truda i prof.zab. 1 no-5:62-63 S-0 157. (MIRA 10:11) (BIB LIOGRAPHY--UINGS- -DUST DISEASES) SHNLF"TIN, A.V., kandidat tekhnichaskikh nauk; KARFUSHINSKIY, N.S., inzhener. Device for the removal of atmoepheric duet at a sintering plant. Me- tallurg 2 no.&M-12 Ag 157. (MIRA 10:9) 1. Krivorozhakiy institut gigiyeny truda i profzabolevaniy (for Sheleketin). 2. Aglomeratsionnyy taekEL zavoda "ZELporozhatall"' (for Karpushinakiy). (Sintering) (Dust--Removal) ME 1 b -i 17h nai, 1 - , NETXO V , C . Dgornyy at tel-tinicheakikh rai&; BABOV, ol I filters. Gor.zhiir. ro.6.6.6-6.9 -111.1.y institut i YrIvorozhakiy Institi, T t lur ta I (;'I I te rs ~ud filtration) 13 0 -8 -4-// _2 0 AUTHORS: SheleLcetin, A.V., Candidate of Technical Sciences , and Karpushinslciy-R. S. , En,,ineer. TITLE: Arrangements for 1)ust from Sinter-Plant Air (Ustroystva dlya obespyLivaniya Vozdukha na aSlo-fabrike) PERIODICAL: Metallurg, 195/, Noo3, Dr.. 10 - 12 ~USSR), ABSTRACT: The mthors describe tha moistening of limestone, ore and coke at the "Zaporozhstal"' Works sinter plant and an arrange- ment (Fig.1) for improvjin6 the sealing of bunkers. They des- cribe how the dust which ac3umulates in the shells with which the strands at this plant are covered and which used to cause considerable opelating trouble is removed, (Fig.2) and a device for depositinc- dust Dn to the centre of the conveyor belt. There are 3 figures. ASSOCIATIOV: Krivoy Rog Institute of Labor Kygieie and Occupational Y n Diseases (Krivorozbskiy institut gig;1yejay truda I rofzabolevaniy) and the "Zaporozhstal"' 1.11orks avod "ZaporozLstal'" K AVAILABLE: Library of Congress. Gard 1/1 SHELEKETIN A.V., kand.takhn.nauk jl~mt extraction in coarse crushing shops. Bezop.truda, v prom. 2 no.9:8-10 S 158. (MIRA 11:9) l.Kirvorozhakiy* institut gi giyeny truda. (Ore dressing) AUTHORS: Ned-in, V.V.., Doctor of Techn-7cal Sc-en--=-s, lieykc-i, O.D., !,Ifring E,-.Eineer, Shelaketin, Al.V., Cand'daze cf 3ziences TITLE; The E-lim.4-nation of D--iEt fr~-m- "re ja-A shchekovoy drcbilk--') PERIODICAL: Gornyy Zhurnal, 1959, 77- ~1' ABSTRACT: The authors descrire ai~::araluz~ fc:' ~h~ el4alination of I n z, 'L r,.~ c t e d 'r.) yT Laborat-)ry for dust fromm the iaw cruEher, S 4 it the Prevention of Silll-'~sis c'l -f 'n4ng ',7orks of tne AS USSR and 7hE K-rivDy Rog ins".71UTP -ff .';-irk .-.yE-Jene. There is 1 figure, ~3 ielference-s,, 15 of .v,-.,-,h are 6cvi'3t and -En6lish. AS30CIATLIGN: Laborator-4ya po borltz s AN 6SSR ~Labcratory --'cr i.`-- Prevei-.~tf.~n of ins:--i--t E4.:,-J n .Zin4ng Institote ef tl,-t, A--' UIrrSSR~-_4 e truda (The Krivoy Rog institute Q~l rk Hy Card 1/1 1. (re crushers - Sa~pty me!isures 2. Cre crlj3her s Hqz.-irds 3. Sili-co sis -i,7-sures tL.V., karid.takhn.nauk Determination of the voltime of air for dust removal by snet-Ion in installations of a criishLng and sorting plant. Bor'ba s sil. 3:1)5-140 '5(). (HM& 12:9) (IUHMJST SYSTEMS) ( ORE D I 0,',S S I N G ) ,%gmjOZViiN_._AjeksBudr Vital'-yeyich; ]WIFUMINSKIT, Naum S8vvich; ZHILO, M.Ye., red.; ISWOVY]MA, F.G., [Improvement of working cond"Aions at iron ore agglomeration factories] Ozdorovlenie uslovii truda na aglomeratsionnykh fabrikakh zheleznoi rudy. IC)skva, Gos.rwuchno-tekhn.izd-vo lit-ry po chernoi i tsvetnoi metallurgii, 1960. 117 P. (KIRA 13:12) (Sintering--Hygienic nspects) S 07 AUTHOR. 1 V f TITLE: S C i~~, c e S E PERIODICAL: .~E,STRACT: K i, 1, v z;,,r ~r, ti'~e El ilrilna---I&z-~ clus- c-- s ~ I i a i i a z -,~ L, 3 a, a --, -3 j S a -' e t e e e T's zcrfe~,e~~ce was t:4-r-oub:-i-1. L e i n i 1~ I a t v e 3 T' -,:-ie Certra-- C c 1; t e e "-e Urjor -3.f Workers of T- ~-.. e Me I; i -- a I lnd--~s t -ny j P-d i-,0 represenra~.Jves -:,f z.-e ~rJ--is,~~fal, -z-,arr~-:r a-d scient-i'l- -ese-ar,n. esta'-11srner-s car-iclca-eJ -,em~-ef, A-"ter ar, ir~,r,,,,ducctcry w3nd P. F.-=ev , 3 presid4-,,~m of 'ne Centrail Cominittee -e T7- several reports we., ' e read and discussec;. V. Sinebry-jkhov ol' V~qIIOc;,~ermet ?ias re--~,,mxner.,'ed Card 1/3 ,,s ,~ ! erl safety engineering measures for t~ e slnz :a . u - .. - ,; p- . Con-Cerence Or, Safet, E a s Evenz- S OTIT c S. P. - -, c ra c) r1 MI re.-a .Me ta MF ro, s _j[h, -S ANOEIR,~,.e-rrn-e I C;-L -s a ii -or exr --~-cer.!--rateS a" 1~e -a -1 K v S. V. (MMK) r e u c- "j e Imp t p o S C)-"e C,~,m b i e JOK~ Lett- `tl`at "Z; P~:, e -j a Yi GOK N S. Ka~,pl p- 7 ar t /e 4,n --e v7 -:-:e r~ew 0 p in e I, c c -.3 t per S e,,a-, cal c Fe rnj~7-~ Z; a IVIEK-I Piar,t~~ C": r c e, i;lu at d: Z; d e J uc ...";a Z c-s J z. Card SHELEKETIN, A.V., kand.tekhn.nauk; SHEVCHENKO, A.M. lii--dEnctering plants of the Frivoy Rog Southern Nining and Ore Dressing Combine. Metallurg 6 no. 1:10-12 Ja 161. (MIRA 14:1) 1. Krivorozhskiy institut g-igiyeny truda. (Krivoy Rog--Sintering) "IfFUUTIN, A.V.; AFANA51YIN, I.I. Dust r-emoval from hammer mills. Metallurg 9 no.4:15 Ap 164. (MIRA 17:9) 1. Krivorozhskiy filial Instituta gornogo dela imeni Fedorova. .:. ~i.- ~ I - I I ~ -,! j...- --I., ,;~ . ~ . ; :', - ~'. - I lfl~ ,, ,, . .1 . Du~: I I from -1 (~r-, I.'- --j ; ', I I ~ --I" -. 1 - " 1 - 1; t:, , , 1 , --- j (~ D lt)~. (MITRA 18:2) 1. 1,11AP-11,- ',all urg-ventilya-. siya. '~T I ~,,, " I M.-T, -, AFANAS'YEV, I. I.; MALF1,17 11, ~~. ", ; ,- 0 C.-,ndensation duqL collectors for gas purification. ',,j Irl.-,.19:14-15 0 165. (Y. I F,!~ "8: lo) i. Nilletallurgventilyatsiya i Yuzhz--,yy gornoobogatiL~dlnyy h,-:nibinat. SLUTSKIY, L.I.; SHF.LFJMINA, I.I. C~iantative determination of c3l1agen in pulmonary tissue. khim. 5 no.6:466-468 N-D '59. (MIRA 13:3) 1. Nauchno-issledovatellski.y Institut giglyeny truda i profzabolevaniy, Krivoy Rog. (COLIAGXN chem.) (LUNGS chem.) POLEKHIN, Sergey Illarionovich; SHET, S, A.M., reteenzent; BOSOM, N.D., retsenzent; IMEN, K..D., retsenzent; ANTONOT, A.I.,; KIRILLOT, L.M.. red., MARKOCH, K.G., [Theory of wire communications] Teoriia sviazi po provodam. Moskva, Gos.izd-vo lit-ry p3 voprosam sviazi i radio, 1960. 461 p. (MIRA 13:7) (Telephone) (Talegraph) VINNIK, M.M.; SHELFKHES, T.B. Development of a rapid met.--iod for determining flucrine in boron superphosphates. [Trudy) NIUIF no.164.46-47 '59. (YjRA 15:5) (Fluorine-Inalysis) (Boron phosphates) KLUSHIN, D.N.; NADINSKAYAJ, O.V.; Prinim-gli uchastiye: BOGATRIA, K.G.; SHELEKHES) T.N.; KUZNETS, T.P.; SAVINA, Ye.V. Rea.ction between stannous &ad stannic oxide and ferric sulfide. Zhur.prikl.khim. 34 no.8:1668-1679 Ag 161. (MIM 14:8) (Tin oxide) (Iron oxide) L 22899-66 EwT(l)/EwT(m)/EwP(e)/EW1'(t) IJP(c) JD/JG/AT/WH ACC Wt~; Ai,6oo6859 SOURCE CODE: UR/0181/66/008/002/0589/0591 AUTHOR: SheleldA%_Yu. L.; Votinov, M. P. Berkovskiy, B. P. -1 5 ORG: Leningrad Polytechnic Institute im. M. I. Kalinin (Leningradskiv pol nicheski3r Institu ) 1~1 TITLE: Concerning exchange interactions of pairs of paramagnetic Cz" ions in a corundum/lattice SZZ-'CE.. \_~Fizika tverdogo tela, v. 8, no. 2, 1966, 589-591 TOPIC TA.11S: corundum, ruby, chromium, paramagnetic ion, crystal lattice, electron paramagnetic resonance, epr spectrum, nuclear spin, multiplet splitting ABSTRACT: The authors indicate that when the concentration of Cr+,3 ions in ruby is high there is a finite probability that these ions will be located close to one another, thus giving rise to an isotropic! spin-spin interaction, which in turn leads to splitting into spin multiplets. Since the levels corresponding to states with spin 1, 2, and 3 are paramagnetic, they can be observed by the EPR method, since the intensity of the EPR spectrum for the state S - 3 should exhibit a larger temperature dependence than for the states S = 1 and 2. This circumstance can be used to separate the lines belonging to the multiplet S 3- Earlier ex- Card 1/2 L 22899-66 ACC AP6006859 periments did not disclose the lines corresponding to all the transitions belonging t.:) the spin multiplet S = 3. The authors have therefore carried out measurements ,,."Lh parallel orientation at 9,188 Mcs, and observed four weak lines at 78o, 1681, and 3473 oe. For perpendicular orientation they obserred -three similar with resonances at 2548, 2944, and 3289 oe. The exchange coupling constants ..Dr 7che spin Hamiltonian are evaluated on the basis of these lines, and the values cf the parameters of the spin Hamiltonian are found to be in better agreement with ti., :heoretical parameters of a pair oriented perpendicular to the crystal axis, t'.an for parallel orientation. It is con2luded that comparison of the theoretical a-%-d experimental parameters of the spin H-3miltonian makes it possible to deLermine t..e orientation of the axis of the pair r,-.lative to the rrystallographic axis and t"._at the observed transitions belong to the multiplet S = 3 of the pair formed by the Or+3 ions located at the nearest neig)1boring crystallographic axes. Orig. ext. 2 figures and 11 formulas. SUB CODE: 2o/ Sum DATE: 1qAug65/ oTH REF.. o& Card 2/2 L 206~4-6 RMW-A IjP(q) WWJXT -TC-C--NR--7't 0481 SOURCE CODE: UR/2563/65/000/255/0162/0165 ~.AUTHOR: Antuf'yev, V. V.; Votinovj M. P.; Shelekhi n, Yu. L. ,ORG: none;~-, !TITLE: Electronic paramagnetic resonant spectrometer for the millimeter band JSOURGE:- i '~`Leningrad, Politekhnicheski-Lilstitut. Trudy, no. 255, 1965. Radioelektronika (Radio electronics), 115Z-165 TOPIC TAGS-- EPR spectrometer, spectrometry ABSTRACT: The constru t' f 36-Gc c Ion (,A a 8 mrn) EPR spectro ete_ (supple - menting an older 9-Gc type) is reported. The new spectrometer intended for analyzing the complex spectra of poly- crystals has been developed along the lines of the standard RE1301 type; it has a power detector and uses a "small" modulation of the magnetic field. Klystron 8-mm oscillator I (see figuze) via attenuator 2, directional coupler 3, Card 1 L 20684-66 ACC NR: AT6004861 and phase shifter 5 excites silver-plated brass resonator 6 (its Q a 8000). After the resonator, the energy is detected by crystal detector 8. The klystron frequency is stabilized by an AFC; system, which consists of a 10-kc reference -voltage oscillator 20, amplifier 9, and phase detector 10; thc AFC system keeps the klystron frequency constant within 0. 00 10/6. The use of 10 -kc frequency, instead of the conventional 460 kc, permitted reducing the modulation broadening of lines. The new spectro- meter has a sensitivity of 1013 unpaired electrons In the specimen. Spectral curves of T-900 and BaTiO3 ceramics taken on both spectrometers clearly show the better resolution of the new instrument. Orig. art. has: 2 figures. (031 SUB CODE: 20, 09 SUBM DATE: none / ORIG REF: 002 OTH REF: 002 PRESS:Y'Z'Z-3 SEREBRYANIKOV, S.N.; SHELEKHI1VA, A.L.; STEPANOVA, M.1, Determining the dielect:nic permEability of pt.Lnt materials. Lakokras. mat. i ikh DrIm. no.4:54-55 163. (MIRA 16:10) SHELEKHOV, I.I. Time saving aide in blackb)ard drawing. Geog.v shkole 23 no.1:75-76 ja-F 16o. (MIRA 13:5) 1. 114-ya zheleznodorozhna:ra shkola at. Petrovskiy zavod Zabaykal'sk07 zheleznoy do:!(gi. (Blackboard d:rbwing) 1. 3)-"-'L1'Ki1(--Vv Y. 1. 2. rss',i (6oo) 4. Cotf on Finishing 7. Internal potentialities of finishing factories. Tekst.prota. 12 no. 12, 1952 9. Montbly List of Rue3ian Accessioas_, library of Congress, March 1953, Unclassified. SHELEKHOV, M. I Experience deserving attention of all textile workers. Sots. trud no.12:121-123 D (KIRA 13:4) 1. Zamestitel' nachallnika inspektaii po legkoy promyshlonnosti Gosudarstvannogo Komiteta -Sovota Ministrov SSSR po voprosam truda I zurabotnoy platy. (Moscow Province--Manufaclure--Procluction standards) (Wag"s) SHELMMOV, M. Ochedule with shorter night shifts. Oots.trud 4 no-7:108-111 il 16o. (MIRA 13:8) (Kaminskiy--Textile ind.ustry) (Hoare of labor) .^ - - I i ~ I - I - N.;-S=K'TIOV. N. The helD of the nationp.- eccnornic ouncile is needed. Mi ~ s . i nd. SSSR 23 no.4:52 '57. (;J:,Rfi 10: 7) (LPicrs;i-.,ie--~,'attle--.Feeding and feeding stufffs', KOMI, Te,';- SHEIEKHOT. 15. Control slaughtering of cattle in indispensable. Mian. Ind. SSSR 30 no-5:33 '59. (MIRA 13:1) (Slaughtering and slaughter houses) SlELF,K-f10-V,-S,A,, inzh.; GLANTL;, A.Ya., inzh.; MODZELEZVSKIY, V.V., inzh.; ZYATIT:DKfY, ~t.Ya, inzh.; PHITYUKHOV, L.L., kand.tekhn.nauk Series of All electrio m6toii-f6i ctxiv~ntroll tables. Vest. elektroprom. 32 no.10:30-37 0 161. (MIRA 14:9) (Metallurgical -)lants--Electric equipment) (Ele;3tric motors) SHELEKHOV, S.A., inzh. Standards for three-phase a3ynchronous roll train motors. Elektr(-,TC-k_17_ nika 34 no.12:52-53 D 163. (i.-qRA 17:1) SHELFKHOV, V.; SHLEYYER, G. The piecework bonus wage s:rstem and labor productivity. Sots. trud 8 no.8:95-99 Ag 163. (MMA 16:8) 1. Nachaltnik Ekhirit-Bulagatskogo proizvodstvennogo kolkhozno- sovkhoznogo upravleniya (for Shelekhov). 2. Nachallnik planovogo otdela Ekhirit-Bulagatskogo proizvodstvennogo kolkhozno- sovkhoznogo upravleniya (for Shleyyer') (Erikhit-Bulagatsk-'-y District-Agricultural wages) (Erikhit-Bulagatskiy District-State farms-Labor productivity) TARNOVSKIY, I.Ya.; GAITAGO, O.A.; BA(rROV, I.B.; SHEIZKMV, V.A.;Prinimali uchastiye: MAXAYEV, S.V.; Inzh.; RYABOKONI, N.K., inzh.; KOTELINIKOV, d.V.. inzh.; PUCHKOV, S.G., inzh.; STAROSZLICTSKIY, M.I., inzh.; PAKHARZV# V.P..-tekhr-lk. Developing a technology for the manufacture of lightweight railroad car wheels. Kuz.-shtam. proizv. I no.9:1-4 S 159. (MIRA 12:12) (Car wheels) (Forging) SWEKHOV, Vladimir Aleksandrovich; GAIIAGO, O.A.., kand. tekhn. nauk, retsenzent; KOIIIKOV, A.S., dots., red.; DUGJ21A, N.A., tekhn. red. (Forging with presses] Slitampovka na pressakh. Pod red. A.S,49n,lkova. Moskva, Mashgiz, 1961. 60 p. (Nauthno- poodiArnaia bl~lioteka :-abochego kuznetsa, no.11) (MIRA 14:4) (Virging) (Power presses) STHIZHOV, V.P.; Si-:EL,:,K!fGV, V.A. 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TOPIC TAGS: metal, carbon steel, alloy steel, metal forging, metal heat treatment, high quality steel, material deformation PURPOSE AIM CWMACE: This book presents the technology of the production af large forGings. The effect of forging and of deforra-ition conditions upon the quality of forged pieces is described as taken from studies made by heavy machine construction factories of the Soviet Union. Practical xecommendations are given for perfecting heat conditions and forging technology in arder to increase the quality of forging and decrease labor expenditure. This book is recommended for technical engineers in forging plants, technological bureaus of heavy machine construction factories, and forl those in research organizations. It can also be useful to students of higher educa- tion. TABIZ Or CMaNTS (abridged): Preface 3 -nrri 112 wc.-62i. ACC NRi Al,r,009946 Ch. I. For(,,L~ ingots -- 5 Ch. IL Heating of ingots and of billetE while forging -- 28' Ch. III. Effect of the rmchanical conditions of forging upon the quality of the motal -- 57 Ch. IV. Forging internal defects -- 93 Ca. V. Effect of deformtion on the quality of the mtal while forging ingots of carbon steels -- 130 Ch. VI. Changing the quality of a metal while fccrging ingots of alloyed steel -- Ch. VII. Changing the quality. of a metFLI while forging ingots of a different form - 164r Ch. VIII. Perfecting the technological processes of farging large pieces --201 BibliWapby -- 289 SQ% coloe -. 13 kk,%O /%u" DA-M ~ V.) Ama (oq Oki%/O-V-'4 9ev: " oot 151 C.rd 2/2 ".1017082 BOCK EXPLOY-FAT ION S/ Ganago, 0. A. (Candidate of Technical Sciences); Shelekhor, V. A. (Engineer)l Balyasny*y, L M. (Engineer) Improvements in forging; generalization of the experience of Ural plants (Solor.- shonstvovaniye 1cuznechno--shtampovochnogo proizvodstva; obobahchonlya oPY*t& Ural'skikh zavodov) Moscow, Maahgiz, 196.1. 216 p. biblio, 3000 copies printed. Coverr B. L Tyufyakova; Editor of the publishing houser E. L. Kolosova;- Technical editor; N. A. Dugina; Proofreadert K. K. Arsenlyeva. TOPIG TAGS: forging, hot pressing, cold prfissing, die forging, drop forging, heat treatment, stainless steel, carbon steeil, alloy steel RJRPOSE AND COVERAGE: This boolk is intendeC for engineers, technicians, and scientific personnel connocted with forging production. It has been compiled from material having the general theme of iriprovement in forging in plants in the Svordlovsk and Chelyabinsk oblasts. Improveiment in the organization of production and planning in forge shops., improvement in the technology of hot and cold pressing and die forging and in heating methods, and the mechanization and automation of Card 115 A=17082 forging and pres3ing operations are analyzed. TABLE CF CON7ENTS: Foreword 3 Ch. 1. Organization of production in forge shops Paths of development of forging production :~n the Sredne-Ural economic region (0. A. Ganago, V. A. Shelekhov, P. P. Vshivkov, A. M. Sychevs I* S, Kate) U Group method of producing wrought and press forging3 (Ze F, Neyshtadt P. L Ylekhayeva., So I. Koltun) 12 Improvament in planning and record-keeping in forge shops-(09 Pe Bogomolov,, K. F. CVkher) - - 26 Literature - - 30 Ch. II. Heating the metal - - 31 Relation betweea the heating power and the productivity of heat-treatment furnaces: (B. F. Zolonin, V. P. Markin) 31 Improvement in the processes of heating metal in the forging shop of the Chelya- binakiy Traktorny*y Zavod (go D. Shuster) Card 2/5 AM4017082 Literature 67 Ch. III. Die forging 69 Selection of appropriate technological pro:esses for forging steel ingots (I. Ya. Tarnovskiy, V. N. Trubin, S. G. Pachkov) 69. Optimum degrees of deformation in the manufacture of forgings of the shaft type from ingots of carbon and alloy steel w3ighing up to 5 tons (V. N. Trabin,, 1. Ya. C'harnikhova, A. V. Khrustaleva) -- - 85 Experience in improving the technologgy of die forging with hammers and presses (A. M. Kazarinov) 96 Engineering method of calculating the technology of roUing forgings of the type of tires and wheels (I. Ya. Tarnovskiy, 1. M. BalvaBny*y) 104 Literature - - IZ7 Ch. IV. Hot volumetric. stamping 129 Soma trends in improving methods of volumetric stamping (0. A. Ganago,, L Ya. Tarnovskiy, V. 1. Stapanenko) - - U9 Uethod of grooving forging rolls during forge rolling of billets in drop forging and pressing (I. Yas Tarnovskiya Ve K. Smirnor, Be Le Kotuar, Be roe Khaykin, K. 1. Litvinov) I" Card 3/5 A=17082 Measuring forcos when heading pipe on a,hot-forging machine of 1250-ton force 4 ILI (V. N. Tr-ubin, R. A* Vaysburd, S. D.;Shalyagin) 172 Litorature 177 Ch. V. Cold pressing - - 179 Experience in.pressing bottoms of stainleus steels and bimetal (V. 31. Potulov) - , 179 Block-packet presses - progressive techno:.og7 of equipping (A.A. Kozloy) - 184 Literature 189 Ch. V1. Mechanization and automation in forging production - - 190 Low-level mechanization in a forging shop (M. L. Borinskiy) - - 190 Mechanization of loading and unloading an overhead conveyor at the section for pressing the links of tractor treads (V. V. Bassein, V. U. Geybeyj V. F. Keras) 199 Mechanization of transport in the forge shop .-)f the Chebarkullskiy Metallurgiches-! kiy -A* Zavod (Yu. A. Zhuravlev) 20,'. Literature 214 Card - AW17082 SUB CCDS: IM SUBMITTED: Web63 NR MW SOVI 46 I CTHER: 3 WE ACQ: * 10N053 I I i i I I I ! I 1 I Card 515 t d 1 e U r a 117 SHE OV, V.m.; MNISOYEV, V.I. [Technical standardization and wages in logging] Tekhnicheskoe normirovanie i zarabotnaia plata na lesozagotovkakh. Moskva, Goalesbumizdat, 1954. 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COonstructing and servicing electric power trannmtaaion lines of 110-220 kv.; collection of study plateal Sooruzhenis I ekaplunta- tsiia linii elektroperedaAl 110-220 kv: Serita uchabnvkh plakatov. Moskva, Goa. enerp. izd-vo, 1954. 14 plates. (MIRA 8:?) (Riectric lines)