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AID F - 1150 Subject USSR/Electricity Card 1/1 Pub. 29 - 3/31 Author Shelekhov., V. V., Ene;. Title &_~e-c'-t'i-on 'o f- -'r o-tted wood in the Mosenergo networks Periodical Energetik, 11, 7-11, N 1954 Abstract The author is of the opinion that because of wrong methods of testing wood, much is rejected and replaced permaturely. He suggests an improved method, which should effect a con- siderable economy. Fe describes a device of his own con- struction for testing. the degree of rotting. Five photo- graphs, drawings and diagrams. Institution : None Submitted : No date SHMKHOVit. N-n., med.itsinakaya sestra(B"-u). Gare of patients with complicated pulmonary ti:Cberculosis. Med.sestra no. 6;19-20 Je 153. (MI.-RA 6:6) (TuberculosiO (Nurses and nursing) IVAITOV, S.S., Icand. tekhn. nauk, SFMLMOVA, O.S., starshiy nauchrkr7 sotrudnik Leading in technical progr830. Tekst. prom. 19 no.11:4-7 N '59. (PIRA, 13:2) (Textile :-esearch) S 7 i~ 1A /07C/C~11 21Ya kUTHORS: Skarre, 0. K. , _Pe I-eshkevich, 0. Snele~~.uovL, T. S. TITLE: Study of the Influence of the Nature of the Cation on the Mobility of Oxygen Atoms in the Anion in Aqueous Solutions. I PERIODICAL: Zhurnal fizicheako~ khlmil , 1 )60, Vol. 7, PP. 159? - 1601 TEXT: The authcrs proceed -from the statement that the influence of the cation on the properties of the E.niion in cop.,-entrated solutions has not yet been thorou;-hly investigated The aim of this pap~_r was herefore to study the oxygen exzhan6e betreen hater and The nitrates of Na, K, Rb, Cs, and A.q. The -Neighed s~~mpl~_ of nitrate and water was put into an ampolile and placed the -hermc-.~tat. The water-sait ratio was 3:1 related to one ~rari-atom of oxy6en. After a certain time, the ampoules were opened, the wa%er driven off , and -,'ne in,7~nsity of the exchange reaction calculated fror., the decrease of the 018 content in the water. Analysis was performed by means of flotation. Since nc. oxygen Card 112 87766 Study of the Influence of the Nature of the S/076/60/034/007/030/042/XX Cation on the Mobility of oxygen Atoms in B004/BO68 the Anion in Aqueous Solutions. I exchange took place at 140 0 and 1500C, small quantities of HNO3 were added as catalyst. The exchan6e raaction rate decreased in the fol- lowing order: HNO3N LiNO3/~'NaNO3'I'KNO3> CsNO 3* AgN~ showed the same activity as LiNO 3' It is supposed that the exchange takes place through complexes forming from solvent, cation, and aniong with the proton of the acid actina- as catalyst. The complexes must be rather stable, since 0 no exchange takes place with CsNO_ G~ P. Miklukhin and A. I. Brodskiy are mentioned. There are 1 table itnd 7 references: 5 Soviet, 1 US, and 1 British. ASSOCI'TION: Dnepropetrovskiy -ozudarstvennyy universitet (Dnepropetrovsk State University) SUBM, ITT ED -October 22.~ 1958 Card 212 SHELEKHO.VA, Z.P. Foreign bodies in the bronchJ. Probl. tub. 42 no.1:86-88 t64. (MIRA 1718) 1. Vinnitskiy protivotuberkuleznyydispanser (glavnyy vrach O.Z. Goretskaya). ASSONOV, A.D., laureat Stalinskoy premit, kandidat takhnichaskikh nauk; SML19LTAKOVSKIY. K.Z., kandidat takhnicheakikh nauk; LANKIN, P.A... nauk. Rapid cementation in heating with high frequency current. Vest. mash. 34 no.6:56-60 A '54. (MIRA 7:7) (Cementation(Matallurgy)) (Induction heating) SEMLRLYAYEV, A.I., inzh.-ekonomist. Lowering the costs of local building materials. Trudy MI no,,6: 224-239 '57. (MM 11.5) (Building materials industry-Accounting) (Riilroads Rreight) TARTAKOVSKIY, R.N., kand.tekhn.nadc (g.Gomell); SIIELEILYAYEV, A.I.) inzh. (g.Gomell) - Effectiveness of creating track skeleton asse:,-bly units in the t, - plants manufacturing reinforced concrete ties. Zhel.-dor.transp. 43 no.9:36-37 S 161. (MIRA 14:8) (Railroacts-TiesY Concrete) ANOKIIIN, S.I.; ANTSUK, D.N.; urr'.;EV, Ye.G.; GOLOVANCHIKOV, I.Ya.; NIKITENKO, V.G.; �~~L YAYEV,_Aj,_;_14ARTlNKEVICH, F.S., red.; PASHKEVICH, O.N., red.; VASILYEVSKIY, I., red. izd- va; VOLOKHONOVICH, I., tekhn. red. [Improving the efficiency of large-esale transports In the White Russian S.S.R.]Ratsionalizatsiia perevozok massovykh gruzov v Belorusskoi SSR. Kinsk, 1963. 241 p. (KRA 16:7) 1. Akademiya navuk BSSR. Ninsk, Instytut ekonomiki. (White fbissia-Freight and freightage) SAFUNCTV, Petr Ye.gorovich, zvenlyevoy, Geroy Sotsialisticheskogo Truda. Prinimali uchastiye: FEDIN, M.A.; SALOIAU-ID-1, I.I.; SAFROROV, V.V.; SHE=USEV, I.T. OUIIELYSHKIT, Yu.G., red.; SERGEYEV, VOI., red.; SOKOLGITA, EX., [S:L.--ty-two centners of corn per hectare] 62 tsentnera zerna, kukuruzy E; gektara. lAoskva, lzd-vo sellkhoz.lit-ryp zhurnalav i Pla-katov, 1962. 77 p. (1-aRA 15:10 1. Kolkhoz "Krasnoye znMa" Dmitrovskogo rayona Orlovskoy oblasti (for Sapunov). (Dmitrov District-Con (Maize)) SFELE;-~RJV-YEVA, A.N.1- VALUYEV, A.I., dots., otv. red. [Local budgets and their role in economic and cultural- development] Nlestnye biudzhety i ikh rolt v khoziaistven- nom i kullturnom stroitellstve. Sverdlovsk, Urallskii gos. urdv., 1963. 43 P. (1,1 IRA 17:9) SHEUMET 'YEV, A. Corl: oak. Mn.nat. no.3:2L.-25 Mr 160. (141RI, 13:5) (Cork tree) c c T VY41 , # 49 4 AlL -9 k W V O " 0 0 0 0 0 * 4 0 _ 0 6 ; ; d I d I I to fl 11 fj t4 Is I? Is A a A 27 A A x 11 u u m n k LF is it la $I a As 'A a A r r I L it j4 r #t s i W -L--L--AA Oll rA 99 Q,~- A 4 00 t 00 MM. Drybg of pmW &MtSMM wft SM im tim of of pmessm w kftrmd dwmim lh-v. F. AND I )WIV. 190) 1pr Rat" - it Is omiw%m Inowure srdicuc~ do lining ttw rate of internal dXUUM aw tramow Af " UrAid frm ilms imweri" to dw 4 Surface ortb -ARsb*g r"Wrimils. dwtcawj~ that the appfi=601 of 4 OWOWSIWO VIVAM WIC&OWS ak apprft-wbk wegIppatim of dm dryim P- -00 I)qiug OA(VO tot 123. ISO OW no &V tns-%-'~ jrcaWd in a spalml Cupboard withmi valuum. go arc given. F. 9. -06 44 -.00 00 "71 a*40 00 00 09 00 WSCL~VV &L LITC44T4,0( 'LASS416CAflCh Leo -"-5 too 'mq( Ito 0 1 - -'T --I Al 0 F.Az 4 f. 1 1 2 0 40 00 41 0 10 10 0 0 0 0 0 11 0 0 0 0 a 4 0 0 00000****0000*000 ,a 1 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 * 600040000400fooesoooot.~ ACC NR, AP7001992 SOURCE CODE: UR/0040/66/030/006/0993/0999--i iAUTHOR: Shelement'yev, G. S. (Sverdlovsk) ORG: none 7111Z: On the stalbility of a nonholonomic system SOURCE: Prikladnaya matematika i mekhanika, v. 30, no. 6, 1966, 993-999 TOPIC TAGS: motion stability, control system stability !ABSTRACT: The problem of the stabilization of nonholonornic systems in the neighbor- ihood of unstable equilibrium positions is --onsidered and a stabilizing control 'Law is iconstructed analytically in terms of the c,:)ordinates and velocities. The position of Ithe.controlled mechanical system is determined by generalized coordinates qi(t) 1(i = 1,...,n + 1) which are restricted by t nonholonomic constraints. It is assumed ;that the constraints are linear and statio-aary and hence are represented in the fom of a systom of I differential equations whIch cannot be integrated. It is flarther as-' simied that tho forces actigg on the system have a mass-f1cm euzzctllan %Lich =&kes It possible to describe this system by means ~Df Lagrange's equations. The mathematical analysis which is presented concerns the construction of a control law u = u(q,j) which immediately brings a set of equilibrium positions qjQ(q) rather than indivi- i 1 4-- card 1/2 ACC NR: dual points q - q'. qj a qiO(q*) to & state of asymptotic stability. The author thanks N. N. Krasovskiy for posing the prcblm and for his commnts. Orig. art. bas: 32 foinulas. SUB CODE: 13,12/ SUBM DATE: WunW' ORIG Mr: 011 Card 2 I , , . I Card ~) I" i_- - - - 'l-/ .0 L 2,7473-66 EWT(m)/EWP(~) IJP(c) JD/HW/WB ACC NR: AP6015286 tfi) SOURCE CODE: UR/0365/66/002/003/0312/0317 AUTHOR: Kravchenko, T. G.; Shelement'Yeva. Ye. A.- Zhuk N. P.: Karpman G. H. ORG:- Moscow Institute of Steel and Allo)n!_(Moskovskiy inatitut stali i splavov) TITLE: Oxidation resistance of dispersion-strengthened nickel SOURCE: Zashchita metallov, v. 2, no. 3, 1966, 312-317 TOPIC TAGS: nickel, nickel alloy, dispernion strengthened alloy, alloy oxidation, aluminum oxide containing alloy, chromium oxide containing alloy, titanium oxide containing alloy, zirconium oxide contain:-'ng alloy ABSTRACT: The oxidation behavior of disparsion-strengthened sintered nickel alloys containing up to 7% A1203, Cr203, T102, or 5% Zr02 oxides has been investigated at 800-1200C in air with a test duration of 2 hr. It was found that oxidation of all the alloys tested follows a parabolic rate with the formation of NiO scale consisting of a porous inner layer and a dense outer layer of almost the same thickness. Both layers have a cubic-lattice. The outer I.-,yer has equiaxial crystals and the inner has acicular crystals. The outer scale leyer on alloys with A1203 and Cr203 peels off during cooling from 1000-1200C. Thc scale on alloys with Zr02 and TiO2 is less susceptible to cracking. All the oxides tested increase the oxidation rate at all tested temperatures. However, T102 and Zr02 accelerate the oxidation much less than do Al 0 :and Cr20 . Orig. art. has: 4 figures and 4 tables. [NDI SUB CODE: li~ SUBH RiE: 27Sep65/ ORIC REF:. 008/ OTH REF: 007/ ATD PRESSq-Lb6Z.-:-' Card 1/1 t3L(.,,--- UDC: 620.193.5 13ALASIM, A.A. ; LOSSF, V.L. i Cit'I'~I;'Y'SNEIN, V.0'. ; SHVAB, A.F. Z~D,, red.; POPOVA, S.I.I., tekhn. red, [Flow sheet:~ aivi means of automation of radiochemical industries; ausomaLion of radiochemical extraction proces- ses] Skheiri i sredstva avtov.atizatsii radiokhimicheskikh proizvods'L.v,- k voprosu ob avtomatizatsii radiokhiricheskikh ekstrakt.-*L,)v_i:ykh protse_--scv. Moskva, Gosatomizdat, 1963. 186 p, (MIRA 17:2) L 1909-66 EPA (s)-2/Ewr(m)APF (n)-2/EIVP(t)AWP(b) AM5026187 BOOK EIMIMATICK UR/ -:.I A SheILWAA, Boris Vl&Umirovich Automatic analyzers for the determinaticn of the composition of ra&chemical nedia:1 (Avtomaticheskiye analizator7 soatays radio"imicheakUh ared) Moscow, Atomizdat, 65. 0293 p. illus., biblio., fold. chart. Errata alip inserted. 1,650 copies printed. ITOPIC TAGS: analytic chemistry, physical chemistry instrumentp radiation 1 chemistry,, nuclear fuel,, apectrophotometerv apectrometerj photmeterp electiv- j c hemistr7p automation equipment iPURPOSE AMD COVERA(Z: This book present autematic analyzers for the determination i of the composition of radiochemical media,, the work of these analyzers being based on modern physical and physico-chemical methods of analysis. Technical demands which are made for automatic analyzers are stated. The principle of thi processj, constructions and technical aspects based on published data are do- i i scribed. Technological possibilities of analyzers and the fields. of.,- their application are also discussed. General data an radiochemical ~it ceases of treating irradiated fuel and automation schemes for betterunder- Pro in of the demands for automatic analyzers are covered. The book is stand g recommended for technical engineers apecializing in automation of processes of Card 213 UDC: 681#20:543-53 L 1909-66 AM5026197 radiochenistr7 and for radiochanistry technicians as well as for univeraitY students of corresponding specialti.ea. 1TABIE OF CORENTS (abridged): Foreword - 3 Ch. I. Introduction - 5 'Ch. II. General information on the technological process of treating irradiated rractor fuel .. L-14/ 'Ch. III. General informati n on trol schemes and regulation of technolo giCal processes for treating nuclear fuels - 12 'Ch. IV. Instruments for determining activity of hydrogen ions (pH-meter) 26 :Ch. V. Instruments for determining the media of solutions by electrical conductivity - 43 .Ch. VI, Meters of dielectric permeability 56 Ch. VIL Utrimeters - 59 Ch. VIII. Aut=atic polarographs -- 78 Ch. IX. Coulometers - 93 Ch. X. 1twLineseent photometersA-32/ -109 Ch. XI. Photometers and apectropholmeters - 114 Ch* XII. lutomatic X-ray spectrometers 139 - Card 213 - Ch. XIII. Gamma spectrometers - 147 Ch. XIV. Nuclear magnetic resonance qmetrometers Ch. XV. Electronic paramagnetic resonuce spectrometers - 175 Ch. ZVI. Instruments controlling the stdia of solutions by absorption and dispersion of radioactive emigisions - 183 Ch. XVIL Instruments determining the ntedia of solutions by their own alpha, beta.: gamma and neutron radiation - 191 Ch. VXIIEE. Instruments based on the ultrasonic metbod of control -.;- Z26 Ch, XIX. Instruments based an embizkod pethods,of malysis of the coWaltion. of multi-component solutions 245 i Ch. X1. Mass-spectrametwe - 256 Ch. XIL Chrowatogrq*y 264 Bibliography 279 SUB CODE: GC9 NP SUBKITED: ~5. NO W SM. 137 OMM: 212 V/ Card 3/3 5'! lv~ t tilt, mor!~- -I!'T40HS Pcdmc;---K,3nFL-iy, !,V. and 6-I,,eI-:wiina, V~11~ T T TI, Dettpnfiiriation of A:;orption Of -L.1alyti c 3 vec- 1 L n n r,- and a tra i as i n Et ooglc-~,-.Kenlva analitioheskikh spektral;nykvi -..Ini,y du-. A i-kry' FER-2101) I ~;iLL Optica i ~~.pektroskopiya. -%~o! ~4, Nr 6, rr# K I'R A,"' T C'l I'd 112 The authors dev:c-ribe a m,~th-)J Of LICUF-Urin'r ab GOr;)tIOn u-Sin', tv.-~ ~,ianti-al -~OUV70-- One our--E) 1~ an a-r! t~r a spark in Fig, 1 1 in -Nhi the sub-~tance studied Is :A~i--ed and the other is a vIrtual Eour,~o formc-- by focii---ing tha light from the arl~. or the spark onto a oonca-~- - mirrc.. 7 by meuw; of a 16PA e (KIF I) Some of the iight from 7 iz ab-(j~: .--.-i at IC and soire of it varse.7! ---A t~) !5~)e-trorneter :71it I ('~;-a '-c-nr. ~' ani a diaph-caon 3,1, Thi- methcd encurez that the-te t-vic sourcc- are emactly identicaL. To allcv. fcr ttia lonse5 at the mirror 7 anO ine ot4ectiva 6 and for the --liaphragm a.:t;c,n of the arn elsctrodaz: 4, the fc-11.~:,iviug, precedure is used. -'.'ire iZ placed acrosa a light beam at ttia o~,iecti,oe 6. Then a -tigmat spe,:trngraj:h will record two -'Fef.-tra~ I (1) the) cqni-sicr, ul' the a-.c' 5 at the point?~ vhjexd,)~ ity the wire and (2) the emission cLc-,tr,:.m c-f -1 with the addition of li-ht fx,om tran-caitted by "-. Ttc i:ieth~J iv%s at:plied to linec of "-r' 17, -6-6-2Z,/34 SOV/51 Determination of Absorption of Analyti:: S pectral Lines in an Arc and a Spark excited in an alternating-urrent arc. At low concentrations of these metals in the are their self -absorption is small, 'cut it rises vith concentration. Self-absor-)tion vas also noticed in lines of Ni and C7 excited in a high-voltage ;;park. There are 2 figures and 2 Soviet references. card 2/2 ACCrSSION NR: AP4039702 S/0051/64/OIG/006/0940/0957 AtMIOrt: 0gurtsova, N. N. ; Podmoshensk~yp 1.7. Shelemina, V. hi. TITLE:: Coefficient of continuous absorption of hydrogen-carbon plasma at 40,OOOK and pressures of hundreds of atmospheres SOUP 1) ICE: Optilta i spelctroslcopiya, v.16, n13,6, 1964, 949-957 TOPIC TAGS: plnqma, plasma temperature, high temperature plasma, light source, ab- sorption coefficient, gas discharge, multicomponent plasmap plasma absorptiou,, ruby 2awr AnSTRACT: The present determination of the coefficient of continuous absorption of plasmn at high temperature was undertalcon for the purpose of finding the degree of deviation of the radiation from in EV-39 capillary discharge source (N.N.Ogurtsova, I.V.P(x1moshcnsJUy,and M. 1. Demidov,Opt. weldi. prom. No. 1, 1 .1960) from the emission of an ab!;olutciy black body. In view of t)i.c fact that the temperature.. pressure, and chemical composition of the plasma in IL high-power pulse discharge in the EV-39 had hoon nwantired with Good accuracy, it was feasible to calculate the cuntinuous ab- sorption associated with free-free and free-bound electron transitions for purposes of compirison with experimental data. In the present work# 10,000-ampare discharces Card V3 ACUSSION NR- AP4039702 were studied in tc%tolite capillary tubes 10 mm. long and 2 and 3 mm in diameter, i.e. conditions approximating thc-operating conditions of the EV-39 source. It was astnb- lished experimentally taint the atomic com3osition of the plasma was 4V6 11, 377. C, IG"'. Oond under 1,10 inorganic contaminants, and that the plasma was in thermodynamic equilibrikin at 39jOOOK and pressures in %hc range from 120 to 500 atm. nic values of the coofficient of continuous nbsorntion were measured by two independent proce- durc:;: transillitni-nation of the plasma by the radiation from a more intense sourcep -ind incastirenont of thc absolute intensity of emission of a plasma layer of known tjjic!-ncs:;. An osciiiographic recordinG tccl~ziiquc was employed. The long-wave source for trati!--illumitiation was a ruby icrer; in the short-wavelength rcgionthc sourec via!; a flarit ttibe similar to the T."V-39. The results for 500 atm (coefficient Versus v.-nvclcnj-.t10 ;ire given in a firure. The coefficient at 39,OOOK and at 120 ntm equals 1.2 cm-1 for X = 2600 IT and nbout C.0 at 500 ntm; for X = G942 X the values are abotit 10 and >11 cn-1. Conparison witli theory shows that at .120 atm ,,the expcri- inentnI coefficient is 2 to 3 times hirlier than predicted by theory; at 500 atm the . reement Is closer. The reasons for the di:xrepancy are di!;ctissed, and means for re- -it- dUCill". it are indicated. Orif--art.haf;.- 1 forntiln, -1 figure:,'pand I table. Card 2/3 ACCE.';SION Nit: APJ:039702 ASSOCIATIOIN: none 2GJulG3 SUB CODE. Mr., OP 3/3 Card AV) PRESS: 30,84 Nit REF SCV, 003 ENCL: 00 (MIER, 007 AG-CEESSIbN 11R: AP4009456 S/0051/63/015/006/0743/0746 -1=011: Ogurtsc,,ja,N.N.;PDdmoshenskiy,I.V.; Shelemina, V.M. TITLL: Characteristics of plasma jets from a high-power capillary discharge SOURCL: Optika i spolctroskopiya,v.15, no.6, 1963, 743-746 TOPIC TAGS: capillary discharge, plasma, plasma jet, EV 39 source, plasma jet structure .%r,%Tr%CT: The paper describes and discusses the results of spectroscopic investi- .gation ^f the plasma jets escaping from the open ends of a pulse textolite (lamina-' ted resin) capillary EV-39 light source. The current density in the capillary was about 3 x 107 A/cm2, the thermal dissipation to the walls about 10 7 watts/cm2 Yand wall erosion rate about 30 cm/sec. The temperature was about 40 0000x; the channel presaure 400 to 500 atm. Under these conditions the chemical composition of the plasma channel and jet was largely determinel by the composition of the capillary walls (the atomic composition of textolite is 46.4% H, 37. 1% V and 15.5% 0 and ash content is about 1% by vejght~ The purposes of the study were to clarify the pos- sible influence of the quasistationary plasmi discharge on the radiation of the Card /A ACC. IRI: AP4009456 capillary source and to dete=ine the apprcximate structure and characteristics of the jets. Time-resolved studies shmed that despite the brevity of the period (100 to 400 microsec) duringvrhich the temperature and pressure in the EV-39 tube renain constant, stationary or quasistationary gas outflow conditions have enough time in iihich to be established. Shock waves are evident in the time-resolution spec- trograms; the wave propagation velocity is about .. 1,k~/sec. A method proposed for measuring the gas velocity in the jet was used to evaluate the velocity at the jet axis as about 13 Im/see behind the shock front. Temperature evaluations irith reference to selected C 171 and C III lines indicate that the rate 6f cooling in the heart of the jet is relatively slow (T = 30 OO&K + 20pp, that is, not much 1(zrer than in the channel). Thus, the heavy-current - capillary discharge tube EV-39 (modified EV-45) can be regar4d as a pulse -olasmotron, capable of providing a high-velceity, high-temperature plasma jet. Unlike conventional gas-blast plasmotrons, with the present tube me can vary the composition of the plasma jet at will by appropriate choice of the material lining the inner wall of the capillary, which makes it feasible to investigate plasmas of different amposition. "The authors are grateful to V. T. Bayunov and M. I. Demidav for assistance 112 photographing the jets." 4 figures. Card PODMOSHENSKIY, I.V.; S-H-ELEMINA, V.M,.- Effect of the coating of sariples with a thin layer of water on the analytical properties of high voltage spark. Zav.lab. 29 no.5:562-563 163. (MIRA 16:5) (Spectrum analysis) (Electric spark) (Sampling) SHEKHURIN, Diocior Yefremovich; SHELINOV, P., red. [Ways of Increasing the eff:~ciency of the work of the information section of research institutes] Puti povy- sheniia effek-tivnosti raboty otdela informatsii NII. Le- ningrad, 1965. 23 P. (MIRA 18-10) ARANDARMO, V.; SRELENGOVSKIY, A. Universal machinery attachmenti.. Tekh.mol. 23 no-2:35 F 155' (Machine tools-Accesilories and attachment3) (Ni~; 8:4) Ell 6, 4 C- n' q 0 a 5 R /. t-l' /I - Z. UWR/ z:aeinuc;rjn& - Assembly jirs Card , 1/1 Pub. 103 - 10/25 Authors I icien6ovskly, A. I. Title I An (-.(I:erjrrc-n'L cn using twiver"l-asnembly jies Periodical i Stan. i instr. 1, 25-27, -Jan 1955 Abstract I A fl-"ription is presented of sevemil typus cf univer.-al-ass-zmbly JiL;z, Used in Et rr,.'Xchim~ -7hop for accuratcly 6:tidirL ard loc~)tlz.c- tCjO'j:--. U-11; clperbficm irvolvinE the rrcjductit_,n~ of inte-r- chanc,,7-ib1c acirr-,Dnentc. 7:iblcs. illustrati(.n.9. Institution Submi ttcd SfrELENWVSKIY, A.I.. lnzb. Saving, four and a universal assembly N 156. (Efficiency, balf million rubles during four years (using equipment). Masbinostroitell no-1:15-17 (MIRA 12:1) Industrial) (Assembly-line metbods) en-oliskii.y, T --'ngine er 1 L ~'Sistoma U~;F') 61,andarti:~atsiya, 1)`F8, -T 2, ~L 17-18 ~'15SR) A B 6'il n. CT T.,,.e principle of the IIUSPII ("U~-,iveroallno-Soornyye Prisposo- ljiefliya") system consists in assembling standardized inter- Chanc;eable parts of work-holding devices into various combi- nations for machine too', ',ieliin6, assembling, checking and "USPI'_SyS4,e.M aeViCeS pr other ouerations. -"-,c I e particularly suitable and advnn'OaL;eous in experimenLal, sinEle-piece and jmall-lot prod-actio.i. A Jig for drillin6 3 holes in a complex- shaped part is 6hown (1).10tograph, p 18). The basic members of the Jig are providei with a system of grooves in which the ex- changeable members can be attached by exchangeable keys, bolts and studs in any wanted position. Holding devices are nearly exclusi-,rely assembIed stanciard ::members, and special members must only be made. A total olf '40,000 universal holding de- vices were assemblEmd at a z-,acj,.irebuiiding ~Iar_t (not identi- ied) ever L. iie 5 years. Tnese devices are applicable for ~-0-557, of the work needing ~iolding devices at th-at plant. The z:; Ca7,d 1/2 --cs-c of 25,00,C) IIIJS-~;' -charts amounted to 1 million rubles; the "-Syst em 28-58-2-5/41 period of deprecJation was 1.2 - 2 years. It is poin-ed out that centralized jrcduction of "USP" parts should be organized. There is 1 photom-raph. 0 A.VAILABLE,~': Library of Congress ,.lard 212 1. Industrial standards 2. Standardization-USSR SOV/117-58-12 32/716 AU T H C >e1engoV3kiy, A-!. aid li,cdioncv, -'-'ngineers TITLE: vibration Shears 'Vi-:7atsionnyye nozhnitsy' PERIODICAL- Mashinostroitel', 1958, "Ir 12, p 41 \'US3R)' ABSTRACT: Vibration shears for ;,utting 3 mm thick stainless steel and 4 mm thick "20" grade steel sheets are here described. The cutting can be done in straight or curved lines, The shears can be fitted on a special support or on a bench. There is 1 diagram, Card 1/1 I ~ T : L I TE, W) *C9j G 6-c:~-'T'Ou '7E *14SUT T -UTI~ :O~ Sge.;,- e j 'T*V ofvIr.2-ational ani teclnnf'-~al equijmen-. .1*0. int7..rchang,~able T~rts. %Alan. 3~ no. (MIRA 17:,7) SEMLEITGOVSKIY. D. -1 , Our forestr7 should have model standard production norms. Sots. trud. no.9:123-124 15E. (MIRA 11:10) 1.Starshi.7 inzhener otdela zashchitn7kh lasonasazhdeni7 sluzhby puti Yugo-Zapadnoy zheleznoy" dorogi, (Forest--Production standards) , : !, i VC! ',~ . '. i ~ -, !~! :. - ! ; , , ,.;, ! , , 1-1 .; !-,;, ; :: ,'. ;, i. I /, 1. - .. , . - ~ : I ~: . . r" . III. . .. , ,- . . -1 . .- I. " , i ~ . ;- . ~ '- , * - ,, ,'. I - .. ; -- , : -- : " - , ; - 0 SHELENGOVSKIY. D.F. Protective plantings of thf, trellis type. Put' i put.khoz. 4 no.1:40 Ja 160. (14IRL 13:5) 1. Starsbiy inzbener otdolet zashchitnykh lesonasazhdoniy, Kiyev. (Hedges) (Railrottda-Maintenance and repair) SHELENGOVSKIYI, D.F.; SAVCHMIKO., P.P. Improving the quality of seedling materials. Put' i put. khoz. 5 no.2:39 F 161. (11IP1 14:3) 1. Starshiy inzhener otdala, Kiyev (for Shelengovskiy). nika, Kiyevskoy distant3ii (for bavehenko). zashchitnykh lesonaeazhdeniy, 2. Nachallnik Nezhinakogo pitom- zashchitnykh lesonasazhdeniy (Seedlings) SHLLENGOVSKIY, D.F., starshiy inzh. How to preserve oalk plantations. Put' i put.khoz. 6 no .2:4.1 162. OVLP~A 15:2) 1. Otdel zashchitnykh lesorLasazhdeniy Yugo-Zapadnoy dorogi, g. Kiyev. (Windbreaks'. shelterbelts., etc.) SHELENGOVSKIYI D. F., inzh. (Kiyav) Reclamation of swampy sections. Put' i put. khoz. 6 no.8:40 162. (MIRA 15:10) (Railroads-Maintenance and repair) (Reclamation of land) SHEIONIN, Ye. I., Docent. Sprii-,gs (~-Iechlanism) Effect of internal friction or, the deformatim of springs during a stroke. "Tauk. zap LPI no 1, 190. Month List of Russian AccessionE, Library f Congress, December 1952. UNCLASSIFIED. SHELENKOV, Aleksandr., kinooperator, zaeluzhennyy deyatel," Iskusstv RSFSR i - Ita~i-ayskoy MR Angle of view and foreshortening in photography (to be continued). Sov.foto 21 no-3:17-18 W 161. (MIRA 14:4) (Photography, Artistic) (Composition (Photography)) SHEELEI,'KOV, Aleksandr, zasluzhenny deyatelt jsjrus~-tv RSFSR i Latviyskoy SSR Angle axd foreshortening in -.hotocrrar~hy. 0 4 ! 011. (Photc-graph,,r) Sov.foto 21 no-4:14-15 (MM4 14:13) I*i~-LE':"AOV, V. .... j jt. ~U. Fedorer-'o, I. D. IrriEntion of arricultural cropc in the central chernoz-~m b-It Moc;kvn, Goe. izd-vo sellkhoz. lit-ry, 1954. ~08 p.maps (5=-7v5647 ) 1. Irri~atlon - Russi-s. 1. Shelenkov, V.M. it. 9u. ~'EDQRENKO, I.D.; SHELENKOV, V.M -'-" "-*'"- ---- [Irrigation of agricultural crops in the central Chernozem region] Oroshenie sell skokhoziaistvennykh kulltur v t sent ra 11 no-chernozemnoi polose. 2. izd. Moskva, 'os. izd-vo sellkhoz. lit-ry, 1957. 202 p. (Irr,Lgation farming) (MIRA 10:9) AUTHjRS: TITLE; S/170/62/005/009/008/010 B100102 Kolosoy, S. P., Ostryakov, I.A., Smirnov, V. A., Shelenkov, V. Current-conducting ?olymers as thermistors PE-KODICAL: Inzhenerno-fizichefikiy zhurnal, v. 5, no. 9, 1962, 85 - 89 '77;71: Ther!,ioelectric characteristics of 16 different current conducting oolymer's as determin2,d experiminitally are given. The characteristics of other Jolym--_~rs are S14ilar to these. Two groups of specimens were studied.*,- (1) ba;ed on mixtures;containinG a constant weight of filler with varying weiGhts of polyisobutylene and/or polyethylene; (2) biLsed on mixtures containing constant weights of polyisobutylene and/or polyethylene wi'th varyinG weights of fillers. The specimens in the first group were of the to-~?e n-85A (P-65xh), n-1113 ~ (P-118Kh) etc., those in the second groups C -50X (3-50xh), C-60)( (S-60Kh) etc. Using the analogy between . therraistors and polymersj,the design of current circuits with . conducting polymers is discussed and r,~Iations for the behavior of the thermopolymers under transient conditions are derived. There is i table. Card 1/j KOLOSOVI S.P.; 0STRYAKOV, I.A.; S~JRNCJV, V.A.; SHELENNOV, V.14. Using current-conducting p:)Iymers as thermistors. Inzh.-fiz.zhur. 5 no.9:85-89 S 162. (laRA 15:8) 1. Aviatsionnyy institut Jjaeni Sergo Ordzhonikidze, Moskva. (Thermisto:m) (Pol3amrs) KOLOSOVI S.P., dokLor taklin. nauk; PPrm Ev, V.A., inzh.; SWHFOV, V.A., inzh.; SHELEINKOV, V.M., inzh. Calculation of reversive networks wlth a.c. power suppi-y. Tmdy MAI no.155990-109 164. OC-Ral 17:11) doktor teklin nauk; OS"RMOV, I.A., inzh.; SMIMOV, V.A., inzh.; KOLOSOVY S.P.D SHELEUKOV, V.R., inzh. Cal--ulation of circuits witli caurrent conducting po-,Vmers. Tridy K-'l na.1551120-131 164. (.NERA 17:11) BZIOV, D.; SHELY210K, 1. Protecting wooden bridges against rotting. Zhel, dor. transp. no.l:P,2-83 '47. (MIRA, 13:2) (Railroad bridges) :Wood--Preservation) SHEIUPA, D. T). Merves of the Pla Mater Arteries of the Human Bra:n.11 Cand ',led Sci, Crimean Medical Inst, SLaferopoll, 1953. 'RZhBiol, No 4, oct 54) Survey of Scientific and Technical Di:3sertations Defended at U3,SR Higher Educational Tnstitutions (10) SO: Swn. No. 481, 5 Mv 55 iwann (11crnni r!n I ?it -~l , c-1) N(_2'Vt-,US FuripherA ilervcus Syntem ,;.'-s R.Ur: -Rcf Zhur - Biol., -7171o 19, 1958, 1-18399 - i - ..,;tl :Dr sh,-lenat D. D. Tnot Cri-enn Modic~-_l Tnsti-tuti~ -tic T-he of tho `j.r~ 14:,tor of the -Bralin of Yan, C~~-U nn(I Dop G-rip- Pub: Tr. Krymsk, mccl. in-ta, 195,1., 18., 114-20 it w,'!s clemonstvituo,''-by tho moth-(~ of impre~;nz,.-tic-n with silvur nitrIn-tc), thit tKo cero'-~rnl Di_,~ m.-Acr (Cr-,;) c(intains " 1;,r&r,3 number of n...rves. Thcre morc. of tho:n -in tho CFV of the I-nse of the ornin th~!n in its , xt.-.rn,-l uppc~r surf,-cc, The inn.2rv;~tion -,f the CFM criginates from tho picras of th,,~ intc!rn.-l c:--Airl nrtery 7nd the vertel-ral czlrc', 1/2 30 USSP./Humnn an'--'.nin,-l Norphclcr~!r (Normal In! ?:~thclcHcal) 5-3 Nor-.-ous System. Puriphcrnl i,!crvous System -s Jour: Ref Zhur '!o 19, 1958, 88399 ~'Ibstrac t: artery, frcm th- nucloi of tl-,,- cercbrc-crfmial ner7cs. ind also from the m1cl.)i of the up7(-ir cer-v2.cnl corebro- spin~!l ner,.-es. The nerves in t~,c CF14 ire distributed in the foim of wscular, propur ,!n,' iy-,riwnscular consistinE of myolin oacl ncn-myelin fibres. 2/12 1: ; - : , ;-! : f ) KOTINA, V.Ye.;SHNIMMI, I. N, Internal stresses In man-w,de fibers. Tekst. prom. 17 no.4:17-1.9 Ap '57. (KLR& 10:4) (Textile fibers, Synthetic--Testing) A 5 ( r Au THORS: '76-32-10- 1/70 Kotina, Y. Ye., Shelep2n', I. N. SOVi TITLE: Some Remarks on the InfTu_enceof the Deformation Uuon t'-_ Orientation of High PoLymer Substances (Nekotoryye zamechaniya otnositellno vliyaniya deformatsii na oriyentatsiyu vysoklo- polimernykh veshchestv) PERIODICAL: Zhurnal fizicheskoy khLmii, 195,58, Vol 32, Nr 10, pp 2247-221.-/0 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The orientation of the molecules of high polymer substances can take place by a conden:3ation as well as by a loosening of the structure (Ref 1). hlec~ianical stresses formed in polymer films were investigated by V. A. Kargin, F. V. Kozlov and others (Ref 2). V. A. Kargin 3.nd G. L. Slonimskiy (Ref 7) observed that the aging process is a,,.tivated by mechanical deformations. Preston (Ref 9) assumel that as a consequence of the formation process the shell of the viscose fiber had a tighter structure than the nucleus. This difference in the density of the struc- ture was also observed with the acetate and polyacrylo-nitr-ile fiber (Ref 10). It mus-,, however, be taken into account that a Card 1/3 loosening of the struc--.ure of high poly-mer. substances in the SOV/76 0-4,!73 IQ Some Remarks on the Influence of +he Deformation Uuon 'the Orientation of High Polymer SuIstances expansion process of the sample can take place by other means than an orientation of the rnolecules. Some ri-iierophotographs of the cross sections of exoanded "Capron" and "Soviden" fibers are given. The normally expanded fibers have a uniform cross whereas .-;ith thnst! (,xPnn;.Ied rtftr~r a certain lost, of their expansibility t,.-io clearly separated Lones were observed. The loss of expansibility due to aging takes first place 'In the inner part of the fiber. The microphntoi-raDh of the cross section of a jet of a concentrated solution of polyacrylo- nitrile in dimethyl formarride is also givei. The small air artificially placed are more densa in certain zones of the cross section, which fact is explained by the influence Cf mr~chanical stresses. The swelling of tY. shell and of the nucleus as a function )f t-- exuansion wa~ also investigated microscopically; the r#~sullts obtained are -iven in a table. The expansion caused a dec:-ease in the swpilin* of the nuclear la:ter and an 4ncrease in the s-;.rell-inE of lie fiber shell. The decrease of the capability of swellini- is explained by a packing of the str?,ctu:-e, (-aused bv an or-. ,ntation of the Card 2/3 substance of the nuclear la%yer. in the fit --r shell there takes SOV/76-342-10-4/39 Some Remarks on the Influence of the Deformation Upon the Orientation of High Polymer Substances place a looseninE without orientatior, There are 2 figures, 1 table, and 11 references, 6 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovatel'skiy institut iskusstvennogo volokna ~). Moskva (All-1.'nion Scientific Research Institute of Synthetic Filhers, Moscow) SU3111ITTED: Mlarch 17, 1956 ~ar- 3 `3 Card 2/ 2 SHELEPIN, A. Iz opyta.gaboty otdelenii zheleznykh dorog.. Otdeleniia povyshalut kachestvo raboty dorog. 4 From experience gf operation of railroad dividiohn. They are raising the standard of railroad work_/. (Zhel-dor. transport, 1948, no. 1, p. 36-41). MC: M.Z5 SO: Soviet Tran.9yortati -~n W& 22.jM.Mjj(jati --ns, A J3ibliojgraphy, Library of Congress Reference Department, Washington, 1952, Unclassified. Tr fp-ta Si!i: 11 E'l I IT, I . , f;erieral-mayor I I ~ I V. - _an- -. -n is ir -- ty 'lle force off "he rom--m!.-st "cuth League or~ *zat*c p- r leack ' ~ 11 46 ri c, .2 -': 1 77- - 4 ,r,-,-ip. Kom.;i. loor-,:,-h. S , i16 5. (?-',IR.A 19:1) SIHELEPLi, A.E. he I - Mlorp~oloFical changes in tuh liver during the anicteric form of virus hepatitis ~-*n children. Akt.voo.ilat.Dech. no.-A:178-184 105. (~'IRA 18:11) SHELEPIN, A.S. (Dushanbe) Phetmocytosis in nursing childern. Arkh.pat. no.1:31-35 162. (MLP.A 15:1) 1. Iz kafedry patologichesl:oy anatomii (zav. - doktor med.nauk B.I. Monastyrslr-aya) Meditsinskogo instituta imeni Abu Ali Ibn- Siny (dir. - zasltizhenn~y deyatell nauki Z.F. Khodzhayev). (PNEUMONIA) ~.l I + ITYSLYAYEVA, A.Y., k-and. i-wd. nauk; ZtUfflVATKIVA, I.A.; SVFMLOV, S.L.; ANDREY1,77, I.D., dotsent; GKIADBIM, I.S., kand. med. nauk; KUZELTSOV, A.A., IIIIKOIAYEVA, G.V., prof.; SIMOVA, V.V., dotsent; SHAI-ILYAN, U.P.; FRIDMA.N, dotnent; GORBYLLII, M.F.; SIGAL, Ye.S., zasluzhennyy %-rach R3FSR;KHOWPOVA, GABOV, A.A.; LIMSTEE7. V.A.; lUXJUIEVICH, Ya.A., -Und. med. nauk; S12.1=1 M.M.; FEVZI:,'R, G.I.; SILAYEV, Yu.S. Abstracts. Sovet. med. 27 n:).6:140-145 Je'63 OMIRA 17:2) 1. Iz kafedry propedevtiki,rtmtrannlkh bolezney i patclogicbes- koy anatomii Kazakhskogo melitsinskogo irstituta (for Myslypyeva, Zakhvatkina). 2ziIz lovozybt~:ovskoy mezhrayonnoy bollnitsy Bryanskoy oblas ( for. Sverdlov). 3. Iz kafedry normallnoy anato-ii Il Moskovskogo meditsinskogo instituta, ( for Andreyev). 4. Izlkafedry obshchey khirurgii i kafedry rentgenologii 0 Chelyabinskogo meditsinskogo instituta ( for Genadinnik, Kuz- netsov). 5. Iz kafedry proFedevticheskoy terapii Ivanovskogo meditsinskogo instituta ( for Nikolayeva, Silakova). 6. Iz Lovozerskoy rayonnoy bollnitsy Marmanskoy oblasti ( for Shamlyan). 7. Iz kafedry gtspitallnoy terapii Bashki--qkogo meditsinskogo instituta i terapevticheskogo otdeleriye 8my bollnitm7 (far (Continued on next card) SHF,LEPn,, B.A. Use of synthomycin amulgion in treating certain forms of eczema in children and adults* 22 no.10:114-115 0 '58 (MIRA 11:11) 1. Iz taraDevticheskogo c,tdpleniya zheleznodorozhnoy bollnitsy stantsii Kochmes Pechorskoy zheleznoy dorogi (nachallnik bollnitsy L.Y. Muradov) (ECUNA, ther. chloramphen.Lcol emulsion, locnl admin (Rus)) (CffWRAMMENICOL, ther. use. emulsion in eczema, local admin. (Rua)) SHELEPIN, B.A. (stantsiya Kochmes Komi ASSR) Some drug-induced diseases of the liver. Felld. i akush. 25 no.4" 5-a-,51 Ap 160. (MIRA 14:5) (LIVER-DISZASES) (DRUGS-TOXICOLOGY) SHELEPIN., B.A. Case of individual sulfan:Llamide intolerance. Sov. med. 25 no,5: 146 My 161. (MIRA 14:6) 1. Iz lineynoy bollnitsy ot. Kochmes Severnoy zheleznoy dorogi (nachallnik bol ,nitsy B.A..Shelepin). (SULFANILAJ-alM-TCOCICOLOGY) S,SW IN, F. usSR/ miecellaneous - Radio Card . 1/1 Authors Title : Shelepin.-E.-Ohairman of the Council of the DOSAAF Radio Club, Volog-KT,-ar~d Voy-tulevich, F. (Leningrad) : Radio Amateurs Helping Colloctive Farms Periodical : Radio, No. 4, 5., April 1954 Abstract : The use of the radio for educational purposes is described. Institution : Submitted : FEDOROVA, A.I.; SHELEPIN, IN.; MOISEYEVA, N.B. Polymerization of methyl met.hacrylate during the electroreduction of oxygen. Dokl.AN SSSR 1318 no.1:165-168 Itr-Je 161. (MIRA 14: 4) 1. Moskovskiy gosudarstvenrUy universitet im. M.V.Lomonosava. Predstavleno akademikom A.N,.Frumkinym. (Methacrylic acid) (Polymerization) (Reduction, Electrolytic) :rtiversitr-t itrieni Lomonogova. L 52741-65~ EWT(i)/W(c)/NG( )I*ItWP( PC JVT -4/Pin4Ae 4 R~t/W/Jk ACCESSION NR: AP5016026 UR/0(Y76/64/038/(Yn/2676/2679' AUTHOR: Shelepin, I. V.; Fedoroval Asl. p TITLE; Initiation of polymerizationlof-Joethyl methaorylate] at the reduction en tials of hydrogen ions SOURCE: Zhurnal fizicheskoy khimii$.v,,-38, moo 11- 1964, 2676-2679 vA: TOPIC TAGS: polymerization, hydrogen,:electrolysis, chemical reduction, electro-.01'-~* chemistry, acrylic p1 astic !Abstraeto The influence of thyl me crylate ont e reduction of.hydrogeh'-_ 0 pions on a mercurX electrode d the r leer the autooxidation products of t1le Monou'ler in the electrootEraical Initiation of: Polymerization ere investi-. fw gated. The polariz ion curves and curves or the time dependen a of +-he current- i3trength during electrolysis, oonducted on a atationaryinercury electrode in acid aqueous solutions saturated with methyl methacrylate, at k1he reduction potentials of hydrogen iDns, were measured. It was~found that uhe fox rmation of the hiGh-woleoular pr)duct in the reaction medium-was re- t .~Iated to the reduction of peroxide implzritiea in the monomer, an well, per- I hn-)s, as thoir decomposition products. The polarization our-yes of the reduc- I_ L 5274l--'&5 FACC'ESSION NR: AP5016026 1[ti6dof hydrogen ions in the presenceof tothyl methaorylate exhibited an, Cunusual shapet methyl methaorylate exerted no influence on the reduction of, 1~hydrogen ions at low current densities; with increasing current densitY,.a,.'.-,. overvolta eore so Ge was obeerved,whioh thon roso sharply, giiing"a was added, the region- region of inhibited liberation of hydr)gen, When 11202 of inhibited liberation of hydrogen bq-,an at a more positive value of the !,Potential. Plote'of the ourrent density versus time of electrolysis for a, saturated acid solution of the monomer:ahowed a negligible increase in the !,!ourreut with time, in contrast to the 1-t curve meas'ured,with avolution of' !:the monomer oontainins autooxidation products, exhibiting a steep rise in I.the current, related to the catalyt~_ liberation of IW4roge!~, followed by' a flat maximxmt "We express Academician A, N. Frumkin for valuable linformation.11 rig. art. has 1 figure and 3 g -0 raphs. !ASSOCIATION: Moskovskiy gosudarstve nnyr univpraitet im.- M. X.-lamonosova, Kafedra elektrokhimii (Department of ELectrochemistry, Moscow State University). _1SUBM 20Aug63 ENC:W 00 ~SUB COJM: OC GO, !NO REP SOV: 004 OMER: 002 -JPRS 2 SHELEPIN, I.V.; FRUMKIN, A.N., alcademik; FEDOROVA, A.I.; VASINA, S.Ya. Study of the double layer structure in the electrochemical initiation of methyl methacrylate polymerization. Dokl. AN SSSR 154 no.1:20~~06. Ja 164. (MIRA 17:2) 1. Moskovskiy gosudarstve.-.-inyy universitet im. M.V. Lomonosova. AUTHOR: Shelevin, L. A. 30V/56-34-6-26/51 TITLE: Cn the Theory of the Particles With H'i'zher 3nirs (K tcorii chastits s vysshimi 3pinami) PERIODICAL: Zhurnal eksperii3entallnoy i teoreticheskoy fiziki, 1958, Vol. 34, Nr 6, pp. 1574-1586 (USSR) ABSTRACT: This paper proposes an algebraic nethod for thqinvestigation of the relativisticE.lly invariant equations for the particles with higher spins. :-t investigates the relativistically in- variant linear equa,;ions a 6k4) + x~ = 0. The wave function k q) of the particle has a finite number of components and may be transformed.according to a representation with a finite number of dimension:3. Discussing.the general method, the author first investigates some general relations. In the fol- lowing part of this paper the above mentioned method is applied. to equations with the maximum spin 1 (in an algebraic form) and to equations with the maximum spin 3/2 (in the spin-tensor form). In this way automatically the computation relations in a parametc-ic form are obtained. In the trivia4case with the Card 1/3 . maximum spin 1/2 the Dirac (Dirak) equation is the only ir- On the Theory of the Particles Wi-;h Higher Spins SOV/56-34-6-261/51 reducible equation that satisfies the physical conditions. Some conditions for the existence of an invarialnt Lagrange Lagranzh function are given. If an invariant Lagrange agranzh~ function exists one may restrict oneself to the R investigation of a matrix. The algebra of the matrix a k may be split up, it contains 126 independent matrices. Altogether, there are 4 irreducible equations which satisfy the physical conditions. In the case of the maximal spin 3 2 all the ad- missible matrices a. are contained in the direct product of the 3 Dirac (Dirak) algebrae. The author investigates the algebra (44) in a spi~-n-tensor form in order to demons'trate the possibilities offered by the method. The necessary con- dition for the existence of an invariant real Lagrange (Lagranzh)function is given in an explicit form. The-auth.or discusses a way of ottaining conditions of definiteness, the additional conditions, and for the algebra of the matrices Ck- Altogether, there are 4 types of equations: 1) the Ginzburg equation describes a particle that may exist in 2 states with the spins ~/2 ani 1/2. 2) The Fradkin equation describes a narticle with the 3*oin 3/2 and with an anomalous magnetic moment. 3) The Ulegl'-Petra~ (Petrash) equation for the free Card 2/3 state is identical to the Dirac (Dirak) equation. When there On the Theory of the 'arti-cles '.',,ith Higher S,)ir-~ SOV/56--