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89344 S/ i 9 7/6,/0001*00 1/0091/0 Application of high-frequency... B101/B205 tubes and the types of resin, Therefore, the possibility of high-frequency heating has been examined. Tests were made with GRP on the basis of different resins! a) 70% epoxy and 30% phenol resin; b) P-2 (R-2); an aniline-.formaldehyde resin with zirc stearate. In order to prevent the resin from flowing off, the tubes viere rotated with 2-5 rpm. Heating was done in a condenser field, with thi. metal rod serving as grounded eiectrode. The optimum strength fcr epoxy-phenol resin was reached after heating for 2 hr (instead of 20 hr,' and for R-2 after 30 min (instead of 6 hr), The heating time could thuE be reduced to one-tenth. The limit compressive strength of epoxy-phenol and R-2 resin was 4500 and 3500 kg/cm, respectively, Heating with 20-25 Mc/sec proved to be most favorable, The second electrode of the condenser has been designed in the form of a sP.M! cylinder (I), a cylinder (II), and plane-parallel plates (III) (see Flg_a). The following capacities were calculated per cm of tube length; 350p J. ive III was chosen M ; 7 0014r f (II); and 150'010f (III) .Alternat since it facilita es the automatio.,.i of the process. An apparatus designed by the Scientific Research Institute of High-frequency Currents has an insulat9d chamber containing h-f plates, a feeding mechanism for tubes, and a drive for rotating rods, A h-f current is generated by an )7P)1,112 Card 2/~ 893" S/191/61/000/001/009/0!5 Application of 1nigh-frequency ... B101/B205 (LGD-32) tube generator and 'Led to tie condenser by a coaxial feeder. The 1. -oilowin- technical data are presented: rated power of tube generator: 0 ')5 14va; ma-ins voltage: 380-220 v; coisumption of cooling water: 2 .5 M3/hr; (limeno-ions of electrodes: 1100-1600 mm; electrode potential: 6-10 kv; frequency: 20-10b cps; motor power: 5 kw; cost of treaiment per kg of vubc: 25-55 koDecks. Performance of the plant: -.)-'ernal tube output number of tubes in ,,all thickness len,3th d-lameter, mni MM Un Dieces/hr the condenser, pieces 60 5- 7 1500 10 10 80 5-10 1500 10 10 110 7-112 15)0 5 i 5 140 7-15 1530 5 5 U -i:ere are 8 figures, 1 table, and 1 *3oviet-bloc reference. - U 1A 1' e.3 e n dto Fig.B. I: semicylinder; r7: cylinder; III: plane-parallel V, V plates; 1: electrode; 2: air gap; tube; 4: rod. '3 Fig.8 lard 3/3 BRITSYN, N.L.; FEDORDVA, I.G.; SHELINA, T.A. Accelerated preheating of t.E.bletted molding powders, Plast*massy no.5?,?9-3() 161. (MIRA 14:4) (Pbenol condensation products) ACC NR, AR6011878 SOURCE CODE: UR1008116510001016150611SOD'i 11 Shelina =IHOR: _--ritsyn, N. L. A.,.~,_4,;,,Knyazhsk&ya, G. S. TITIZ; Welding f poly iides by heating in a high-frequency electric field ex SOURCE: Ref. zh. Ehimiya, Abs. 16S427 MF SOURCEI Tr. Vses. n.-i. in-ta tokov vysokoy chastoty, 5, 1964, 131-138 TOPIC TAGS: welding, polyamide ABSTRACT: In the HF welding of polyamides of Soviet brands P-68, P-6, P-8, P-10, an& also Rilsan, tricresol was introduced into the weld zone in order to increase the range of the visco-fluid state. The welding was carried out at a frequency of 27 Mc by limiting the final gap, equal to the single thickness of the material. This t e Y_P of welding doos not decrease the mechanical strength of the polyaddes because of the j short duration of the heating. A in the mechanical strength of the polyamide weld joint with time (6 months in closed storage and under atmospheric conditions) I was demonstrated. The data of experimental investigations were utilized in the de- velopment of a technological process for sealing storage battery tanks. V. Pruslin. [Translation of abstract] SUB COD0-:1311 IC. r'd TERASOV, A.V., inzh.; SHE IN, M.P., Inzh. Redesigning of PV-150-3 fuel oil heaters. Elek. sta. 33 ro.7: 84 ii 162. (~aRA 15:8) (Petroleum as fuel) (Electric power plants-Equipment and supplies) -erles an-f! 'an e 3ci -'-ct ~)n of ',,;lor'.,ie on a D' a, 70 "-)v 55 51=.,ey of Sc*-enti'c and -,--c': ii-cal Dissertations Defended at -;-.~SR ',ducational lns',-.',,utions (1 FEDC-ROVA, I.G.;,SHELINA, LA.--- ; BR17SYN, N.L. Applic,;tion of the high-frequency welding m,--thod to the preparation of a soft plastic system for the preserv7-tion and transfusion of blood. Plast.mas-y no.3:32-1^1+ '61. (MIRA 14:3) (PLASTICS) (BLOOD-TOLLECTION AND PRESERVATION) 'I.A., prof.; `-I. "I. PIAI' Elli, ) Tra,..,matic hypo-be.-.-~irn ',h=- e~-- ar-I -+-- treatment. Vest-n. oftal. 76 no.4:V.---Fl .71-Agl~3 (MURAL 17:1) 1. K-affPdra glaznyMi bolemney VL-mitskogo meditsinskogo insti- go 4 : 4 _44" 10 t; 0 111 0 0 so * 00 00 go to 41 9 0 0 0 010 9 0 0 0 6 0 0 90 0 9 * 0 ;I 1) 1. 1 ka, Il 4 I's 11-1 J)Jdh AVA A 1611 V Is is 13 is 11 ill P 1. as A 0Oro a 1, 1. Y L 11 1 1. a h. AA is, it -00 -.00 I i7 Determination ill total iron in Prussian blue. G 1. 00 Shelinilid and A. lif. Hollyactikovii Zavaiid,k i vi L ih, 7, 11 ",(MM.-The drin. is biwd on Ow ili,.filial d'. ** l;k., . i compit. oil Pruilii.&o blur and the re-Action: ~ I_ C.N;,.;. 00 00 ",FCICN)a + 2tcv)#; FC(CS1. - Fvc, N, Ex- 00 1 v-1vc licating kit A .4811111C Inust it., A1,11061 (,. 11ftV.~.41C the folsoLAtIOR 0t Inval. Fc.C. Calcolk, IA A I.. 00 NAUtilla. in A WICUA tin CTUCiblic isn't dl%.AA% Cold ill sit 141 15 nd. of nxlcd. IICI on a -Lind lutn. Des. Fe in GO =00 tilt MAn. by titrAtion with K2Crll)T or with KNInt). a, I 00 11'slal. Chk,. HU11'. Of zoo =00 00 00 0 00 90 00 00 00 00 1 r t:o 0 o0 S ZOO as 1: too U %a &1 43 Ll a r o- )Al is- WX K It If 91 It ff n o 11 4`14 " 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 as Tie :::::: ::: 94000000000040 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 ~* 4 0 4 a * 0 : : : : # : 6 0 .1 . . JD a N h 1. - 11 are 4 it 4A of LIL W u t 6 T 7t0 A I L It L I f. A A 00 Pfoduction of while pigments froat ej"c ShOlik"LlI od It M 11 41, /1,.,. 1938. N,, it 1-1. A 41- X. ,,,I HL., . 1., .4 .11h k /Ilk CAA 1.1 ts'llog at : 4U., I I, ;I, M-1.11o"I It-'. 14,40. 111. J."I .... I. I~ :n"1~12I. OjA Fert h Aid are doI, ."d, f.. it.. -ImIunt of logiment, I'lle covu'lliv, 1-" .4 00 1,,- /o C. .- 1311 441 V, -.1 ... ..... I 111, .0 of 3 .41,1'etl :41-it 2"1. Owilic I., I-, .... It 0 00 .7 "-.1 joclue'll '11"IrIll .......... 00 --1 h, ; see zoo see s Des u so LjTfNAI,,Aj ~LA%tifKATIC% we* am a.- k I . .0 !t W it 9 AJ a 3 6 W 1011 40114 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a a 0 4 1 4 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 4 0 0 0 000 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 00 0 e 0 0 to OL X it 00 00 00 so jrcp&fsjjOn 01 Inc chrom&te bV using chialk lastf4d 4 caullfir "it. L- 00 a 19JUi. \'I. I!. xe-'. 1939. N- , I 'L- 'I'll 14 , .4 00 1- N 111 4 -00 00 1-., .... .. I - - I.ol It. ""04 1, 114' :,--t 0o 1-- 1.1.1 I-A --t it. -I 00 Ib, 'Am. 4-4 OW 00 _00 00 &0 00 4 :Zoo 00 z -* ZOO ItA . z 00 000 800 00 a ;too 00 j woo so so =00 ,it goo 1 ~ 4 19 4 ooooosoooooefteofooooo0 - 40006006000000000 0 L x T z X IN #1 41 41 U 6 L s IL i t L - - - - - - coo as - UtiUlation of the waste products of lithopoa* production nd G Vi ld G b W r. a . &t,um or e. ~ far the prepdration of Bv ah-kral,44"'.1 /'row. 1938, 'N". " kim. keferaj fhmir. 1939. No. S. 101-The .4 jhe erl%te fir-lavvi ( litholmne productim l dll- the filivialim 14 Ilazli with hir I Il 1 h w v t m "llic At vralrr w.a% immigalvd. A,ptimunt miuhti,ms fm the pto- d--li .... .. f BACI, fiwu I NwIlOr pt'Am-14 were drul. W. R. Itenn. a 0 J, 11 tic. AS, 4.1 al IS GO a W a I a 4 a x oil 0 0 a 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 41 a 0 0 0 It 00 I L A 0 10 16 It AIt 00 1 -00 1'rdctloo of youaw A" md "Mamol -00 00 All 10,0,4 fjo%-1 - 1- -09 Y. It". vits"'I Av. .1m . 1- 1, -4 11,1 t 00 -Allfurte 11J.'i ..., ~ddl 4 1-, In. -00 00 Ut ppta. ~4 lasw 11'. -4,l - 1.1-to .1111 a .040 .111 of I pact NA.Cip, m J1." j.,1, t Il.k. .1 1- .1" pl't'l. JS.3, 'ask."Al, "&, I,W ,,, has ;;1 00 so a; n3durd with it 15" -in. 4 -11 " 1 zoo rh, inuduct huw,,i it-xt tj,,,w,,iuK dr.d &I W. , 00 .?I LW U-1 In M-1 k"n-Wing pvw~r Vdio. -1-1- 00 :r 4101.1 PIVJ)tllt%, 45 Wdl A% an tniti,ti, lAhrn ~vlluw 00 llltcll~ltv AIA vq)vvFtnx lmlwtr was 'AitAint'i 00 Dj. o,J A, 1-n 00 go woo j i 'jo 0 r so .6 u woe ' p , P -7;7 I d - -- - 7- - - --T 00 O u i 0 . I 0 "llo Mal 1"I u K 91 tt It 2 Win n 0 a 0 0 0 0 S OTI dma 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 to 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 flo 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 O 0: Milt m'' Zr H N . . " . 0 U I I! I y t AA Is CL from Inc 00 00 09 0 b a , ago 061 1 1 Zoo see ago !No@ 0 S No* -law am It. W3 V 71 An S 6 a a I ff a 'j a 3 a 0 0 0 41 a 4 * 46 0 0 Is o o 0 41 00 ois o 0 0 0 00 see 000 0 061A r. W W tt Leadicyanamide 0 now pigment, G. I Mullil'.1,11 -00 1-11 01-mex Oryl. Wkilkral.4kx"l I' It 1940' No : I 00 vo rech. L a q anandile (CACN, &I S. CUC, A it -00 WON ctild %till -1.1 IIAW -00 vrii- ti-A I-, vilt 'ItIli-11 -I Ill I 00 "I'tvalf-I bv I .,:, -4 Phil 1.11, 1. .00 00 1., .-1 .4 CO MICNI. I lit, i'll .4 Ou 1-0- 1 00 -A it I.- _i I'l.k. Ito v -Iol Aml g-1 zoo Oe SOO, 0 Foo ~ see 0 l 00 00 .00 00 *0 we* 00 it %I il 4 1 '71AIIL $11OW 0 N I WX Joe V 11II AJ 4 Ono 1 ~ ; 0 o 4 o o o o 00 0 0 0 SHELINSKIY, Georgiv Ivanovich, uchite-11 khimii (Leningrad); PWMTYAKOVL, ' to-r-7-11-Mb -wTa 0 IN, I.V., lakhnichaskiy redaktor [Problems and exercises for the study of organic chemistry] Zadstrhi- uprazhnenita pri izuchenti organicho-skoi khimit. Moskva, Goa. uchebno-padagog. izd-vo Ministerstva prosveshcheniia RSFM, 1954. 38 P. (MLRA 8:6) (Chemistry, Organ i c--P~oblnms , exercises, etc.) SHRLINSKIT, G.I. (g. Leningrad) -11 --- Determination of certain chem!.cal concepts. Khim.v shkole 9 no.5: 61-62 S-0 '54. (na 7:9) (Chemistry-Study and testching) T. Of C~',j,---,j-jj iei~tlnn ~n e e 2Dn r-.r eni.-' rv -our-e. " Le n I n S t ~ t e P~ d a i 1 lnf;+ !--,~ieri zk. I. --e tno:,olo~~y of cf "Tne7astr~,, Leringn-oi, 1955. for D--:~r~-e of :)f S---Jences) -os-ow, JIm 5r, p-, SHELINSEY, G.I. (Leningrad) Studying the fcnindations cf A.M.Butlerov's structural theory in the chertistry course of' secondary schools. Xhim. v shkole 14 no.2:41-49 Mr-Ap '59, (MIRA 12:4) (Stereochemistry-Study and teaching) SHELINSKIT. G.I, KROTKOV, V.V.; PLETBER, fu.V. Useful, but poorly writton book ("Chemistry mado interesting" by I.I.Zaikovskii. Reviewed by G.I.Sholinskii, V.V.Krotkov, IU.V.Pletner). Khim.v shl.-ole 14 110-5:84-87 5-0 159- (141M 12:12) 1. N,,jriyskiy podagogichorkiy Iiintitut, gjol3hkar-Olu (for Krotkov). 2. Kalinit,skiy pedugogichookly inutitut (for Plotner). (Chemistry-.-Study and teaching) (Zaikovsl7iii, I.I.) SijET T"ISKI'Y G I . ll~~ I . . Basic stages in the forEation and development of the m.. '- ----ce-,,i, in an eight-year 3Ci~001 ch-,.mistry course. K,iy.,. v sh-kole 1-8 - , o 163. 11.-1.. ~ - f h,-: j )t,u cl- -nan-a "I~siz of cal, au-i a man*i:-, -~n G-uuit~~t ive ana-IvE":7 an:: -1 -.h k.-Ai(~,nfn, i arl,4 o -c n-.,,::u a i iz u 47 4& -6010 4 0 4 6 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 v 4 17 A 2f 2; Z 21 'J :1 :7 :- k 4 1. r, J. -1 A- A A L D P1 V Y AA hb :c LA 0 o 09 44 A method I" cletttmining the Ruldity of 0 other thermol-l"lles. L. F. Ak.-IK7X and A ' Wasmo 1933, No. 3, 20 2, 00 ~Prcn", unc'er Mandard colulitioti4 in a R 00 _ and the fluiclity i4 mrsmired by the. I,nj:Ih I, obtained. It %1 90 00 of so 0 111 00 00 6 0 0 Is 00 0 q 0 o 0 000 0 0 0 0 6 0 & 0 0 0 0 o o 0 0 6 1 6 -6 :0 0 -00 llulaid Isad -00 V. ShOwn he ri Ouloid -00 whig pf".. -60 1hr "JIlInn 3 -40 49 .0 0 e .00 w w X1 -.w w 00 -.40 00 f .00 *0 A S i L A AITAL~~-ICAL LITtRATLOE CLASSIPICATIGN 00 8 , lili~ ~'- As -u- tt tv -0- nlift If's ore 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Is 0 Is 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 'A 10 01,1 11 4 16 1 9 10 It 12 13 u It, w 11 is ::A A,LA aA F- 9A .-A T 4 0 0 00C, 09 1 *001 4i A 11 A - S L AAFTALLLORGICAL ILITINATION1 CLASSOKATIC Is. sic., 111:9141- r,49!41 INOCIIIII A~* POOPIPS1141 I.rt, PFOWdc$ Of bODROCA"414, 5. S. MIR Off &W A. 1qXsWy.,,ri%ccmityol the soini, stability to beat 4W light. Aygroseopicity, adqcwption mad permmbility to wairt. snech., chrm. atiff dick-c. pro;)crties and aging of bentyl- -rllulo*-i in varims -%Avrnts. P. It. Rathmann ID 11 12UM A369X 30 4 41 Q 0a I It It. L too ..0 cactirt coo age roo Zoo see 1,110. NO.Llvv- wool 1.40" -Ap off 431111(set. 81141, ma awv Alf q of 0 1 if & 9 5 1 Ir ap at K 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 a 0 0 0 0 *Is 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 * 0 a a * 0 0 A* V slay on tlO p Wwd Wwather condi- tions ALM discussed. W=11"22tions during pressing exert a very Important effect upon the keeping properties .of the plastles. Tht effects were studied at 130-2000 by - keeping standard slu4m front 2-3 to 30-60 min. at these temps., and showed that best results are obtained when pressing at 160-170'. Preheating at. the feed in a drying oven at 190* for 6 trin. raises the optimum pressing temp. to 180', but the use 3f temps. exceeding 170-1801 produces inferior products beeamme pressing Is done at temps. ex- .Mdint. those of. thit yjscowfIqv~ conditions. W.1 USSR Phen,','t io P !_-is; ics 1 V FD 167 Card ...tuf Kati.avot.~i, I. F. and Shelion, A. V. Title Changes with use in the Dh:rsical and mechanical properties of phenolic plastics. Periodical : Khim. prom. 3, 15-21 (143--.49), April-May 1954. Ah,stract : Describe on the basis of extensive experimental data the effects of tem- perature, moisture, and the evaporation of volatile substances on the physical and mechanical prcperties of objects molded from phenol plastics. Illustrated by 12 graphs. The data are listed in 5 tables. 6 USSR refer- ences are appended. Institution : Sci'enti'ic Research Institute of Plastics. -7 Us"R Card ;/l FD 196 A-.-Ithors H. N. Profess(,r, Doctor of Technical Sciences; Shelion, A. V. T _i tle ConcerrAnj~ tl,.e LroLlem of inner stressez; Ln pcoducts made of pulysty- refle YD'i.m. j:i-ujjl- 4, 28-32 (.2~-0-:".A, JL'ne 19~4 A'bstract F,-~urid in the investiEation described tWl- while internal stresses do no' af-f"ect the mechanical stren';,th of casL polystyrene bars, they re- tl.,e resiStance cf -h(~~ tal-s w, :)roduced by temperature e e i! dces not elirlinate the str sses. 1 ~' i1a T, an i I 1C rea ts e Z !. -, L~ lead S utiliza~Lul'. of the Clow capacit-i fh,-: -;.lLerial with the result Szre~~je:~ u~-c reduced. 'I'wu USSR referenc~-S, one since 1940; five _'raDn' SIX z:'- ree tables -.~re t U!, i 0 1. und Piavnin~- Institute of Plast'ics Plastics C I / I lliib.r~3 - 7/21; A r Kanavets, I. F., Peshekhonov, A. A., Shelion, A. V. 7i t I D Tl-,e -effect of t'I~e weather on the p.':ysical and machanical prcq;erties ~,f P1.0nol plastics Fe, iudital Khin, . proi.., i1o 6, 345-';4?(-"5-29), ';ep l5r4. DL,-scribe the results of an -.nvestiLption of the stability of Phenol- formaldehyd~a. plastics to weather influences depending on th~- t,:~mpera- ture at which pressure moldi-ng is carried out and the co-Liditions of mol:Iin..,. T.ree i-cferences, all USSR) one 1940. Irizt.i'Lutio% Sci-~-ntific Research and Plurining Institute of Plastics FD-874 -H. E U ans at litdolldl" PMrent undtrp sudden thailsm. Y when stored under atm. conditions, by. it combinatiori-oli exposure to dayUght, heat, and inoisture. and during the' illuminati w ' . . -I on In a iatherometer. Heating alone at 010, for 300 hrs., or maimaining It at 50 for 100 hrg., affected the nicch. and chem. properties of pol~styrcne vtry little. A 230-thty immardon of polystyrcne In m4ter failed to affect Its mech. properties. Compressible Materials obraztsov iz -~ermoreakti-mylkh pressmateriuOV) Co' -'.L: ',,,di. i, -, j .:,~I t.,, A it a s i, r e z u in e ~L t'," C I ~I f "L e r n c e f i -.hys-'-cal and Ga, ~O oltse-rved in tests of standard ~;I.,ecimt:ns flom C"ne and tht: same lot of ma~eriais, de- ~)end on tne ur~!~3sure v,,hich the material hardens. The a--'t'Cle 6~ves a `etafled aescriptior cf ar, experiment using fzom which it was concluded t" ziresent ;,ressink '~chnolc-- dces not assure a constant -Y p--,~ssure t~,,foue,hGut the 'har:~ienin-- p-ariod. A press oroduces tle set ~-ressur.--- u,.of. the mass in tne zress-mold only until tn~-- u~:~er mcva--'-E~ --~:rt t'ne ~rEsz-mold sinks do-xn to the j zin o - n 7- s ,, c. e I c -J I - a 4 i c h e i n v e S t i g a t e d a :lucnent on, ?iar~eriiri,- of the mass ;;.ro--eeds -IrLaer tf and t-.-s accounts for the f: -- r e r o r t 1 ~V s 3 e r a L,!,a ~ e r I a 1 ~,-essin~ technology ~;ard t E,--" -1 n - - a - be stan- itandard z;peclmens cf ve "OnIP-"eSSi:DIC 2E,-53- 2-9/41 Ma-terials da, rld i z e d _=d e s =- c I --'c)n ing -)'Pec i-mens " in -U echnical suecificatioris for p1astics, must be amended by the addition of recommendations fc,r _.uanlities of material to be taken for s oecimens arid 'UhE c I 3si', n .-- spe ed ol ~he molds .The thick- ness o~ standard sDec 'L.-riens s- f -~,ul be reduced to mm. (From 'h,j accepted IG mm'). _21h, e r e a r e2, diatgrams, j tables and 1 drawing. ,m.3 I-) C) ~ I AT 10 IN Nauchno-i6jledovatel ;vii i prcyu-ktnyy ln~3 ti tut plas ticheskikh Ma3S (icientific aesf~arch and lir_ject institute fur Plastics) V '1 1 L i' _~~ L E' Librarv ol ~;ard 2/2 1. Plastics-PressLng-Standards 2. Plastica4lolding-Standards 3. Ste-ndardization-USSR SHELION, A. V., Cand Tech Sci -- (diss) "Study of the variations in TH-e-p-Ey-sicomechanical properties of polystyrene under the influence of several operational factors." Moscow, 1960. 16 pp; (Moscow Higher and Secondary Specialist Education RSFSR Moscow Order of Lenin Chem- ical Technology Inst im D. I. Mendeleyev); 150 copies; price not given; (KL, 29-60, 126) 2 0, AUTHORS: Wiikhov, Yf!. 'fe Gorimi, A A V, Properties PERIODICAL, Vysokomolekulyarnyp! 1960, V)I- Nc pp, T Fi The auth?r~~ d~s:~uss eqtjarL.~n T, &:3,, ibl i --n that anly the value of for n- ri ~i 3 j all 11 t re need be known to Qa !,, ua-- Ir" (1 -1 ant Z re!, 3 For Uz; 1 t v. ;, ve x ami na sr ~~quat 1 on i*,(--mer),,,. it is f'urther ~!xplair-~~-. 82077 rmat ior, P r~- per-ir Les of Po I ymers x ri p n t n -m~ f i c -rl ri t F-C a s xv-~ - by Th,3 ;i,i! h m,n i~ w;,- re rr j r, --i til'? ieformat Ty, Tn~ r, as t I Th vu- t r n;7 ~- n ~,,a ~-J w A he !It-f( n.;i 1 n p p -1, r t f h i - v Pc, I Nr;o v ~i n d p y j rite! t beore r -,a ("r 5 Wh i h p Th- s T and rr T r T h, r - q r,? tz -,I , ./ ~: /05/02: ~ ~ ~ ~ r u- -~ - ..,, 1-1 51) ~ r,&~wo 1137/ 1;' AUTHORS: Glukhov, Ye, Ye., Shelion, A. V. 21- 38 S/1 90161 IC )310U-10" 3/014 B1 01 /B207 TITLE; Temperature dependence of the deformation be~iavior Of DOlymers PERIODICAL: Vysokornolekulyarnyye sol,edineniya, v. 3, no. 4, 19061, 63o-636 'LEXT; The deformation occurring as a result of shear is defined as: 1) bre-j,dng d~_-formatiori, 2) flow deforma-:ion and 3) hardening deformation. This paper deals with Lardevin- deformation F_ at short-time stress of vitrified polymers. The followin6 equation is written down for constant temperature: E In r-(,r + -r )/-[ - (1 ) -r -lity of is t.-ie constant denoting the stabi 0 0- 0 r_ structu-T,e to s,.ort-tizze mechanical a2ticn. It decends on strEss and tem- ~t-rature._ The de,.:endence of the deformation coefficient Ee is defined by j = (i eIn (E e + E0 (2), where E 0 is a constant expressing the res-ularity )/,01 Of' polymer pacckinl.-, and for tie the following holds: 1/T = (1/T 0 )1n(..5 e/00) (3)~ T 0 and a 0 are constants of the eauilibrium state of the polyrrier and are independent c-1 experimental conditions. By :,leans of -a ~:erf~2,_-ted apparatus descri'~~ed in Ref. 6 (Ye. Ye- r'111L-~,ov, Frilbor Card 1/5 '.-'e m P e r a t i r,: d c-: .-n c e 21138 S/1,'C/61/003/001/013/014 B101/B20-7 'Ilya di~formatoionriykh :3voystv plastmass (apparatus for the itivestij-,-Utiin the deformation behavior of plastico), Filial VINITI CNTK, SSSR, i.1103co"'j, 1,4)0) tl,~- deformation was measured as a function of ti-::.e an 1 plasticized 1)olyvin-.,l ,) block- pol~,st~/rene; 2) pulypropylene, and 3) .,.chloride Thi? data for pclystyrene, whose deformation could onl-.. be measured t 11 i ~jh e r tei:;i eratures , are -k~iven in Table 1 . Table 2 shows the data for .!")I ~,foj~y and , Talble 3 for 1,cly-tinyl chloride (PVC) treated in a dif- ierent manner. For all three pol:~me:-s a linear function between 111 (; and 1/T was fou-,d to exist, so that the applicability of' the equations (11, (2), is described by and was prov-n The effect of the constantsTo and (5C ; the followint-, equat-lons: )in 1(T + - )//,c where 0 (en 0 0 n ex;,~(-I' /T) ma., also be expreseed by exp(-u/RT), where u is the 0 0 j - activation ener.-y of tIle cre-eD uroce3s. To = u-/R = u/2 is found, The -fol- -C,~,,*in~ 1-4 concluied; 1) The ratio T,,/T expresses the capability of the ;7c' I'. er of retUirlin;r its shape. 2) The greater (5 he lesSer is the influ- n 01 Ince Px~-rt~-d bv -at ",/T = const, 50 expresses th~refc)re the hardeninI7 ca:,al,ility ;7 t 1 e 1'. T- Js related to the kinetic ene-- --,f "h---i,-- t'-e ther- I C.-, , 0 wit'. ti.e e-ternal ef-,'3ct . Both constants dptermine 'ar C -1 2/1~ Temi,erature dependerice ... 21138 S/1 90/61 /003/C04/0131/01 4 BI 01 /3,207 mal stability of the polymer. For tI.e latter as well as for frost resistaunc,--, the following equation is writtea E. values for PVC which are high irrei;ular packing, which renders this substance difficult. There references. dovin: T - T 01 as (.,ompared to the production are 4 fi,,.ures, /~ln(c (61- Th e e/a 0 1 other polymers inrd--cate of regular products from 4 tables, and 7 Scviet-bloc ASSOCIATION: Nauchrio-issledovatellsl:iy institut plastic!-eskikh mass (Scientific Research Institute of Plastico) SUX,,11TTED: Autust 29, 1960 Tninav"Tpa UcukiTiumfl. T Ta 60,3 70,5 0 232 --41 3,1 64,3 34,5 0:079 -36 15,0 70 32,0 0,110 1 -15 6,0 75 22,0 0,080 ; -18 5, v Card 3/5 12970-63 EFR/E?F(~)/1'WP(j)/E"T(M)fBM AFFICASD P3-4/Pc-4/1>i-4 RM/W ACCESSION DIR: AP3000402 S/019:L/63/000/005/0049/0052 AUMOR: Shelion, A. V. TIM: Alteration of elastic and visc0ut;-fl0w properties of polystyrene under the influence of operating-fa-c'E55re SOURCE: Plasticheskiye massy*, no. 5, ic,63, 49-52 TOPIC TAGS: elastic properties, viscous flow, polystyrene, Kanavets plastometer, plastometric method ABSTRACT: The plastometric metl~qd (Kanavets plastometer) was used to study the processes occurring in the agn Vof polystyrene. Test samples consisted of pres- sure-cast block and emulsified polystyrent!, the latter containing 5% dibutylphthal-' ate and 0.2% lampblack. Significant detetioration occurred with long exposure of polystyrene products in the open a1r, whete they vere subjected to the action of sunlight, heatl humidity, etc. Aging started at the surface and deterioration was therefore greatest in products with largex specific surfaces. The samples gradual- ly turned yellow. Infrared study of the oxidation products revealed the presence of C=O groups. it is hypothesized that the iiajor factor responsible for the observed deterioration is the oxidizing and destructive action of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. When polystyrene was stored under normal room conditions, its elastic, Card 1/2 L 1297043 ACCESSION NR: AP3000402 .riscaus-fl(rd, physico-mechanical,, and die*.ectric properties J proved highly resistant, and its original properties were intact after 2 years in the light and 10 years in the dark. Heating the samples at 60C f or 300 hours and long-term exposure to water (up to 230 days) had no appreciable effect. on the elastic and viscous-flow Droper;- ties of polystyrene. "The author deems it. a duty to express his gratitude to I. F. Kanavets for his valuagle advice and aid In the conduct of the experiments." OR-s. art. has: 4 figures, 3 tables. 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OnthebulsotloometricAnd lll~l dders&114'an wtpresmiam to obtained (or the of tm ft.. tion, in a davr of Large mesdo of :t~ The Lb ~ssurewnt of the BMW f various-uablati: giavd the mensureawntol the dependence of the Assme speed an the iotational speed cmfirvi thttkorelfe, conclusions, U it Is assumed that the inermi fit ikaawAvauan We In tM "no is detennized by the turbulsnt4. 0,0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10, a w a 00 0 T 000000600006 0 0 0 16 it ! - 1 Ad JS X 1 At A; 1 0 1 u M 0 r U I w I T I AA a Cc 'D K k 4 , *0 AA 00 06 00 00 00 00 1 06 311. On Combu,tion in a Turbu ent flow. K1 Shelkiii 15 111~-"W FVI). 19474. NAtiona, Advisory Committee five Zronstutic,. Washington. (Technic'al Memorandum a N,,. 1110.) Translated fitim Journal Tech. 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P.,; NADIUMSKAYA, A.A., [Kuznetsk Coal Basin] Xuznetskii ugolIrWi bassein. Ugleteirhizdat, 1957. 199 P. (MIRA 11:2) (Kuznetsk IUBin-Goel mines and mining) .3ov/66- 58-1-1-113/2 5 A7j.LH~.-)R: TITLE: in the 3"I'ate O"cientific-Technical Committee of the Council of 1-~'inisters of the USSR (V gcsudarstvennom nauchr-o- ue.:'alnic~icj'~om lx-.itc-te zoveta ininistrov SSSR) 1 ~/, ~-~ IT 26 1! - ~5 (USSR) Pi~RIODIJAL: i I-,; i Kliiz.-iiyaj r 11, C3 ABSTRACT; Tho above Cc-Lnittoe or~-anised a ten,orary coz,,m]-ttee for o~ erfals and i-1- '-er~als for the -rcduz-tion of _~Jr,r, raw .,.a, c i1l--L,;ti,2s,7 synt,,~~-otic fibres and ot-'Uci- synti-ictic f,aterfals and chc,,-.i-cal j~roducts. Duties of the Comnittee: a) dctermination of the main directions of scientific rejearch, dejign and ex~;orir:,cn'ual-i-ticlustri-al work on" increasinS. tte ra-i-L','c' and volme of productlion of ccl-cing raw materials and sEMI-J 11--rodlact's as well as on widenims tr-ia _;.1lication; b) )rei-,,ara'ion of ,--,ro-.-)c,sals field of their a, U on increasin- ratior-al utilisation of coke oven gas for needs of tho chemiaE.l industry; c) consideration of new techr-oloZical -)-roce.;3es (under dcvelol~-Ment) d) -)eriedic consider-- 'Uic-n of th(, -~ro~--ress of scientific-rescarch, desim and indu3trial work; e) to su-pply Clard 1/2 tochnical 11--l-j in tli, construction of exllerimentai plants. So',1/6'1-5% -11-10/25 I-I I -I -c- -I l C()I:L,,.i ~ to C- of tr e Councii c,f of -teci',rLclo2;ical ,rocosse-.', design of )lant Ul c~ a,,*-.,; c fcon-trol an(,:. au'Gom-a tion; f) con-;icleration of of tilc nc-c-c--;sury quality of raw rmteria13 and semi- - i ri, j VO(IILC;,-; ',rc)dvc(:d by kae colcint du try for Uia clier-tical _i i idu s t- ry and ize.,;-kration of thc neecssary )ro,-,csals; and con-sideration of )roposvals on jt.--irt-L*nr- the L)roductuion of in .-:ic co'cinb and che..,.ical industries. Litvi--,Len-n';,o, Pro-flez;sor, Doctor of Chemical Science, was noninated a3 the Chair---lan of -'U~le Com'ii~tee. Lembershilp of ';ho - U I t . :'om.-i-tee consi3ts of rc:~;reserl-~atives of Go3plar- SSSR, Ukrainian 33R, Stal-ino sovinarlthoz, i;ro-fesscrs of c-; 'Uabli.;L~ icnt-; f or hib-lier eclucav tion, scil entists f rom -*-,!-;e Acadc-m-' , of 3cience of t'le USSR, scientific research and dc s i -n tutIc- S of ,,, ic and chemical indus tril e s . -'ard SHELKOV, h.A. , gornyy Inzh. Expanninn of hydraulic mining and hydraulic haulage is a most important potnntiolity for Incroaning Inhor productivity and reducing coal costs. Ugoll :13 no.10:21-23 0 15P. (141RA 11:11) (Hydraulic ninl`xig) (Cnal--Ctgts) ST`b,J,8NIKOV, D,iitriy A1eksnndrr)v1rh; KOZHEIVIN, Vln6imir Gri:-orlyevich; GORBACMV, Timofey Fedorovi::h; Sf=OV, A.A., ;-orrirj inzh., retsenzent; BUTISHT-IN47N, P.S., -ornyy inz-h., ree-:--~nzent; LINIENAU, N. 1. , qornyy inzh. , otv. red.; OMPLENKO, V. 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(MIRA 16:1) (Hydraulic mining) __W4 ; DIDENKO, V~Ye.; FILIPPOV, B.S.; TSAREV, M.N.; VODNEV, G.G.; 54B -f.G" IMKO~ M.S.-,KMEDEV, K.P.; KOLODTSOV, I.G.: ZASHViRr, LGALOV, K.I.; RUBIN, P.G.; SAPOZHNIKOV, L.M.; TYUTYUNNIKOV, G.N.; DMITRIYXV, M.M.; LEYTES, V.A.; L&RNER, B.Z.; KOVEM . S.M.; REVIAKIN, A.A.; TLYCaR, M.M.; TSOGLIN, M.E.; DVORIN, S.S.; RAK, A.I.; GBUKHOV- SKIY, Ya.M.; KOTKIN,A.M.; ARONOV, S.G.; VOLOSHIN, A.I., VIROZ`UH, Ye.V.; SHVARTS, S.A.; GINSBURG, Ya.Ye.; KOLYANDR, L-Ya.: BMTSUYA, A.F.; MHN71REVICH, N.R.; BRODOVICE, A.I.,, NOSALEVICH, I.M.; SHTROMBZRG, B.I. MIROSHNICHENKO, A.M.; KOPELIOVICH, V.M.; TOPIORKOV, V.Ya.; AFONIN, K~B.; GOFTM&N, X.V.; &ZMENENKO, D.P,; IVANGV, Ye.B,-, PEYSAKRZON, I.B.; KUIAKOV, N.K.; IZRaLIT, E.M..; KVASHk. A.S.; KAFTAN.. S.I.; CHERMNYKH, M.S.; SHAPIRO, A.I.; ]MUTTURI; G~S.; :;A-.K'T, F.Ye,; GABAY, L.I.: SMULISON, A.S. Boris Iosifovt7"I Xustov~ Knks 4 khlrn- iac.2:64 155-(MLHA 9:3) lnlo DIDENKO, V.Ye_ TakREV. M,N,, ~_MITRHYEV... M.M.: LEM.S. V.A.: OBUKHOVSKIY, Ya.M.; IVA-NOV, Yr,.B.; CHKRTOY, V.T.- URSKLF.NKC. R~N.b KELIGKR, I.Ta,-, PINCHUK, A.K.: ANTONENKO, N.E.; SMIJLISON., A.S,; VASIL:CHMO, S.I.; DRASHKO, A.M.: RAYEVSKIY, B.N.., XUCHIRUVFkNKO, D.N.; SAVCHUK, A.I.; ZHURAVLEVA, L.I.: BAUTIN, I.G.; KHRIYENKO, V.Ya.; MOSENKO, H.K.; CHF- BONENKO, G.P.; LISSOV, L.K,: MAMONTOV, V.V.. BELUIM&, A.A.; POYDUN,V.F.; VOLODARSKIY, X.B.- KAL'CHENK0, G.D.; LEVCHZNXO, V,M.; BASHKIROV, A.A.: VOROBIYL?V, M~F.. iL,CHENKO, PODSHIVALOV, F.S,- MOGILINYT, P.P.; LEVI, A.R., VA:jLTAYEV, G.P.-, DURNEV, V.V.; OSYPA, S.S.; SAMOFALOV.G.N.; POKIN, A.F , TZSHCHINA, A.I. ~ FANKELIBERG, ('T.Ye,, LHODANKOV, A.T.; MAKMIENK0 1~6., UUOVAL~ K.K.; VASILENKO, I.M.; VOLOSHCHUK, A.S.- SHZI_ FILIlTOV, B,S,; T-fUTYUITNIKOV, G.N.,~ DOLINSKIY, M.Yu.- NI - TINA, P.P.-, RUVEDEV TW3,LIN. M.E.~ LFIR"R, R.Z.; BOGAC~iV, V.I. Mihail Ukov!Elvich Ko7'-, ~.,,3-64 '56.(MLBA 9:8) ( M or o lAko7le--;4--h 1902?---;L9r;6) AFON 33, K.B.; BURTSEV, K.I.; BYSTROV, S.N.; VnIETS, G.B.; VCDNEV, G.G.; VCRONIN, A.S.; GEVLICH, A.S.; GRYAZNOV', N.S.; GUDIM, A.F.; GUSYATINSKIY, M.A.; DVCIRIN, S.S.; DIDEM, V.Ye.; DMITRIYET, M.M.: DCWJE, M.M.; DCROGaBID, G.M.; ZHDANOV, G.I.; ZAGCRULIKO, A.I.; ZEIMMSKIY, A.G.; IVASHCEMKO, U.N.; KAFTAN, S.I.; IVASHA, A.S.; KIREYN, A.D.; KLisHzvsriy, G.S.; KOZYM, V.P.; KOLOBOV, V.N.;. WAIOV, K.I.; INYTIS, V.A.; LUUM, B.Z.; LOBODA, NJ.; LUBIMUS, I.A.; MANDRYK3, I.I.; MUSTAFM, F.A.; 1MITROVSKIT, N.Kh.; IMFEDOV, V.A.; OBUKHOVSKIY, Ta.M.; PIMTS]ff, M.A.; PETROV, I.D.; PODCROZHANSKIY, M.O.; POPOV, A.P.; RAK, A.I.; REVYAKIN, A.A.; RCZHXOV, A.P.; RCMGAUZ, D.A.; SAUNCIV, S.A.; SIGALO7, M.B.; BTOMAKRIN, Ta.B.; TARASOV, S.A.; FILIPPOV, B.S.; FRIDMAN, N.K.; PRISHBXRG, V.D.; KHARIKOV- SKIT, K.V.; KHOLOPTSFIV, V.P.; TSAREV, M.N.; TSOGLIN, Well.; CHXRM, I.I. CHMOK, V.T.; SHWX(W, A.K. Sanuil Berisevich Bn=*.Ktka i 156. (MLRA 9:10) (Bamme, Samuil. Berisevich, 1910-1956) AUTHOR: Shelkov, A.K. TITLE: Basic Tasks of the uokinC Industry in lc5'~ zadachi koksokhiricheskoy qromyshlenaos~i'v 1~,5/ codu) PERIODICAL: Koks i Xhiodiya, 19'7, vo-1, pp. 7 - 4 (USSR) ABSTRACT: A 4.5% increase in the output of coke is rlari-ned for 1957, which is expected to be met by buildinc 0 new coke oven batteries. The most important task for 1957 is to i-r-prove the quality of coke, since in 1956 a small deteriorLtio_-.-_~ took ~-,lace. ~he first lar e-capacity battery in the USSR will start o-o-era- ting in 1957 Meful voluipe of the oven 30 m 3) on t1l~e Yasinovsk Works. On the same works an experimental plant (int_-.ustrie.l scale) for the beneficiatiDn of coals in he-avy suspe-nsion and on the V. Tagilsk Works a plant for preferential -riildins of coals will 6tart operating. Work on cDntinuous co'KinE of gas and weakly-cakinb coals wh-1ch was started in 1956 -will continue on a pilot plant built on the Kharkov Coke Oveii Work-s (Kharkov- skiy Koksokhiniicheskiy Zavod). The other tasks menzioned are; funeless charging of coke ovens, rjechanisation of charging, automation of heating of coke-ovens, control of conb-~ant mois- ture in coal charges, thei.r weighing and levellinE as well as tile operation of coke 101arves. On the ty-product side, the following tasks are mentioned: de-sulDhurisation o--" coke-oven Card 112 Sas by the vacuum- c arbo nat e method (in IT .)?three new plants i:t:,; T~- e De vc I c 7,!.r e C,)',- I U D,---r-,- t 1, . e L,-. s t -I rl 0 Y 1* -,-7 R,:. z t o6t-i SSSR za 4C let) T-ol. 1~1- 1 :jjy,:~ , 10) 1~ 0 11 10 (U 6R). PERIODICAL ~-~-,M?ACT T,.-- develo,),aent of e cokin~czl- in,dus,tr in l5hr USSR is Tj~e increa.-e -r. tl,e o,,it7)ut f col:e from 1c-13 to l'-?56 and -.1ancied o'..-tput fc,r 1360 - cable 1. IncreaSe in. the ,.roductioL of cokimi bi-:~~i-o--'~ucts 1929-1?56 - Fi--'. 1. Tl*-e outnut of nevi ,--Iai-L-'U--s ~ut ii~tO OPE!rLituion durin-- l-"'1-11-,40 - 'Table 2. T l, ; e, t i - I b u c -,, o thc; l'oduction o,' to 1~~17; 0 4 C) - T-ab2e 5. 1-. 2- o -,, c. t c ~ k e L, 1 i l(331- 1 .40 J- -i -,d east-~rn T,- .1e. A du r -n al. comr-larisc,11 of t-l-e c-f ir 1- 930 vn- lc'40 - m -'l ~,l c I, . - - 5. Tl e c n- --, u i, t i,) ri o f c u a 1 1 -) L! V, ~r I S co:,l 7 - 1) -5.6- - F -it, 'I A c c i: -'., F, r i_,- c f t i---e z t,-~ of ~:,-,,al-ity of c~.l%.~- duri,,i,, Mi d -': ~:7 J - Cres. A03~30CIAT1011: G,:szD!az--, R8---?SR A VA 1 L~~ --'o 11, of Ccr~r;--.;ss By-Product Coking Industry (Cont.) TABLE OF COYBWS: SOV/2127 Shelkoy, A. K, [Gosudarstvennyy neuchno-tekhmicheskly komitet Soveta Ministr.,77- SSSR - State Scientifin Technical Coomd.ttee of the Council of Minister-q of tb-~ USSR]. Development of the By-Product Coking Industry in the USSF Miroshnichanko, A. M., and B. I. Shtrcriberg. [UKhIN]. Coal Base for the. Coking Industry in the South 29 Panchenko, S. 1. [VUKhLN) Raw Material Base for the Coking Industry in the East and North 38 Sapor-hnikov, L. M. [Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences, TZSR]. Coke from Gas Coal and from Weakly-Caking Coals 45 Oryaznov, N. S., 1. M. Lazovskiy., and N'. 0. Felldbrin. [VUM:L331 The Basia Principle for Preparation of Coa.19 for Coking by Crashing Toporkov., V. Ya. [Candidate of Technickl Seiences, MIN]. Beneficiation of Coking Coals in Heavy Media -(6 Card 2/4 By-Product Coking Industry (Cont.) wV/2M Kashahenko, D. S. [XGt&l1ur9izdAt1,, W1 S. A. sazonov [Goggplan RSF* Ferro-Coke and Its Ure in the Blast Furnace 197 Vroll., Vo La [Magnitogorokiy metalluxgicheskiy kambinat.- Magnitogorsk XetaUvxgical Combine]. Methods of imareasing the 60-80 mm Fraction of Xet&Llurgietl Coke 212 1&tVf=0nk0P Ma S.., and I. K. NOBLIevicil LUKKNI. Pros"ets Of the Damlopsent of Processing Chemical Obtained in the By-Produat Coking Industry in the USSR. During 1959-1965 22',r Nosalevich, 1. M, (UKh1ff]. Progress in Developing a Larger Number of Primaxy Products in the Processing of Cloal Tar 2314 AVAILAMZ: Idbrary of Congress MI/Mg Card 4/4 10-30-59 SHELKOV, A.K. For a faster adoption of the zi~~ technology. Koko i khim. no.11%7-9 162. (MIRA 15:12) 1. Gosudarstvennyy komitet Solreta Ministrov SSSR po koordinatsii na-achno-issledovatellskikh rabot. (Coke industry) ~~'InMMICHEENKG, A.N., kand. tekhn.; FANCHENKO, S.I., dol-tor teklu~. naul-; B.I., kand. tekhn. nauk; FRISHBERG, V.D., kand. tekhr.. nauk; BAYDALE"OV, P.A., inzh.; GEY,'-.Z1,'C"V, _S. , Jok-tor tekhr.. nauk; ZASITKU11A, V.G. , ~ok-~or te'Khn. nau* - 1:~4iil. tekhr.. nauk; N.U~rl'ICHEV, L).T., inzh.; 11.G., kan,_~. tek~m. nauk; 3AHUI!, N.A... inzh.; BARAT-,,-, Z177 i id. ?.!IK "I inzh.; VO Y!, G.F., k- tekhr.. nauk; inzh. V.ya-., kand. tekhn. nauk; FLORII~'-KFI, EL i nzh. -inzh.; _31,- KOV, A.K., inzh.' t~uktw- tek-' REOBRAZ -SKIY, P.I., irzh., I red. ME FEU 1!'..-,.-Ual for cokc chemists in .-~ix vollinesl Spravcclmik kok--,okhi- i;.ika v 3heSti tor:-ak-h. Noskva, Izd-vo Irlietallurl-g-lia." Vol.11 [Sou,,-ce oC i-aw materials ard i.reparation of coal for cGkingi Syvlovaia uaza 1 : cd ~-otovka u,rlei k 1Xjksovani4iu. 196- 1 cc TAYTS. a-kt!r -"_ekhr_ riauk; SR'A_,.7'S S.A.. kand. tekhn. inzh.,, GELIFEq, M.L.. 1)!.'IqRIYFNK,3 iazh.- DORFVUVI, G.A., inzh.- 1"71tAE-1,11'. YE: '.n*zh.'KTLAKOV, N.L., inzh.; h1JSHLYAi4SKIY, 6.S.,, L.V., .,-,izh. [deceased]; LEOEOV, A.S., Sf~A~TS, G.4A~, inz'_~.- ShVARTa'AN, I.Ya., inzh.- ~!'Ya" ;rizei~- iikbrll", P.F-., inzh..- KHANIN, I.M.9 f., red., KOZYHEV, ~I.F.p P'*- . inzh. ii,zh_ LGALOV. K.I., inzh., I LVI i's J-lzli_ z,ed.: LEiU~IEHI !3.Z., inzh_red.~, KITArP""' A.`,_ red. - SHELKOV.A.K., red. t~e induStry worker's handbook in si-x volumes] e.S-1-4himika -.r shesti tomakh. Moslnra. Metal-- V.- ~905. 208, F. 1~: 6) d _I-izi 1 5. -~*' M. - 1, 71- '.. , A ;~:A ' - '.', -T . --,. -ind " * ' ~ 1: : -T'~i I ~ - 0 , '. A. "The ."(D,I-.-rn atlhode-Ra~y Os,;illo:,rat h", I art I, ',onstr ~' arativn, of t,ia ~atIliode-?a- 'scillo~,r'- '1, 192 Fr-, 19-0. _lTh, Iz.iiitellstva Akadenii Naak 333. I SHFJXOV, L,.S., [tranBlatc-Y.J; ABRAMSON, 1.S., redaktor-, GESSEN, L., re- clak r; GNRASIROVA, Ye., talk7hnicheskly radaktor [I-Iodern cathode ray oscill-og-raph; collection of articles] Sovre- m8nny'. katodnyi oatsillogra,'; abornik stat-si. Moskva, Izd-vo inostrannoi lit-ry. Pt.2. [Usas of cathods ray oscillographs in physica research. Translation and abstracts by L.S.Shelkov] Primoneniia katodnogo ostsillografa v fizicheskikh Issledova- niiakh. Perevod i referaty L.S.Shelkova. Pod red. I.S.Abram- sona- 1951. 236 p. (MLRA 8:3) (Cathode rav ~scjlilograph) (Physics-Research) ABWSON, I.S., redaktor; SHMMV, L. S. ~- translator]; TROFINOVA, V.A.. [translator] GESSXN, 1. 7 ; DRONOV. A.' takhnicheakiy redaktor; PECHNIEDVA, N, takhnichqskly redaktor. [Modern cathode ray- oscillograph; a collection of articles] Sovremennyi katodnyi ostaillograf; abornik statei. Moskva, Izd-vo Innstrannol lit-ry. Pt. I I'Installation and operation of a cathode oscillograph. Translated from the ftlishl Ustroi5tvo i rabota katodnogo ost:sillografa. Per-s angliiskogo L.S.Shelkova. i V.A. Trofimovoi. Pod red. I.S.Abramsona. lzd-vo 2-e, ispr. i dop. 1951 241 p. (MLRA 8:10) (Cathode ray tubes) $HELKOV, L.S., translator; ABLOGON, I.S.. redaktor; GESSEN, L.H., redaktor; GZWD(OVA, Te.B., tek-hnicheskiy redaktor [Modern cathode ray oacillog-mph., collection of articles] SovremaWi katodnyi ostaillograf; sboraLk statei. Moskva. izd-vo inostrannoi I lit-r7. Pt-3- [Construction, function, and use of cathode ray oscil- lographs in physics research (based on materials from 1950-1953) Abstracted and translated by L.S.Shelkov3 Ustroistvo, rabota i prime- neniia katodnogo ostaillografa v fizicheskikh isaledovaniiakh.k'po materialam 1950-1953 gg.) Referaty i perevod L.S.Shelkova. 1954. 1?,U (Cathode ray tubes) (MLRA 8-3) SfPj'LKOV. L.S.; K00"T111, A. Investigating the photometric aharacteristics of photon cminters. Fiz.sbor. no.4:195 '58. (MIRA 12:5) 1. Fizicheskiy institut imeni ?.N.Lebedeva All SSSR. (J?hoton3) 4319 , -::-, J 1- ur,.ate "Ourlt", 'lle f e o-lave f0'' s Cs be "T ~l T, iO US C t e p ocip C) f u~ - p1" jljlit-~111: t2 rl C 0 Ll F - C. 'j- j IT ode. sf-- L's I u - s .,ery e iDho tio,: 'D T -f U.- c onst w s tn- - - I 01T. r b, Uri ous t i o n o 1"; .7! -)babil -.y .:)f I ca-Ghode ~;,-,ee 7~ 15 [3, Cu - I'D Til -n Ec re~, u a!' IS a 2 to a S 1.3 --e _1a r' 17- in 3 S,-, V/ I ourzt.-r-, for 11ccui-ate ',Ieasuremetits of I ,i6r., ,in adclitioi~,,2L o,~-roer. _arid (curve 2) T`~e % aere carried out coris(~euulvely Ii_,I:!-,I, I'l-it'.1 IS ,)uL~ce of intensit,,, Vie coL alon- the ve-ticil axlis iLci ~'e riwnber o f !~Ihl e b ul,sellw!~,iorl alon'-_- U-1 horizontal axi.-, Yi,-, - -,how1o., r. ',,-ie uivi'-y of the a'~,,ovp two counter-, as f -o f The count~in , - t_- _J s plo to-V,31 num'ber of courits., Z, -~is and tjre tot.~11 nurtibtl-.1- o ~c or, -- d n t -,e ver,,ic,-l a. f 1 - de p u 1 ses- s o~-I the horizr-ntal ai-~_Js_ Fig 10 shows i;L-~ absolute s,r.ectral c','.aracteri,itics of Cu-Be photo-cathode counters aL Lhe be,---nnin~- of Lheir ,,cork (curve 1 refe-r-- to a C 0 UTI t, e r w i i, -'agut "-he grid and curve 3 with th- scret-i~ aild after 10 rtfcorled counts (curve 12' refers to tile counter .,.,ithout the grid and curve 4 to the counter C) -it'- the screen -rid)., All this work has shown that coimters usin-g t'lle screen -rid have more stable photo- The -Cain cf Oe- of counters ~,%-ith Cu-Be _.:.,i screen Crids a re ~__ :iven i_,-- Table 1- T_ --i~_.xirnu_171 h the pla au i -2:~ V T_ s I e t 05 h -119 ~--30 V/ 120 5G/ - 5 P~ 6 CounFer-- for Ac_-,irate ".1ea sure ment S Of UltraV401,, Radiatic,.I The %,.cjrkin,,- volta.:3,e is betwe-in '100 and 1200 V Di-, h :.ri c c i i:aa )_Lnt-;n::: rate is 40 OU t"ese -0 pulse All i-siiLts shov., ul.,at t-,I-iese counters may be used a~- h~ 17 sensitive detect~)rE oj' ultraviolet rallia-,ion in ne 1~!C;() - q'I-ie laechani o f f fe c t c f 1-he rar, - 1 il F, 1:1 v: i b e i 2 t i a t eJ, 1:a r ables and 1' ~-ef~rences 9 t c, t' h 4 F L-C. 9-rp- CVI irencla 1 Ge r.-I n w -.d 6 En, - 1 s-h- 7, ill IF F4 A.:,j -SSR 1_ r 1-. p~ 7 ill' 7 1: u U ID Tn:--~-'.`u~e. USSIR I,: ivski y o:~ I:t ro a:r!,,c) vy.,, wod SHEIKOV, L.S.; PRAGER, I.A.; KOSTIII, A.G. To the editor of "Pribory L tekhnika eksperimenta" concerning E.N.Pavlova's letter. Prib. i tekh. eksp. 6 no.2:198 IMr-Ap 161. (MIRA 14:9) (Photoris--Measurement) ~hO p r 3 r 1-17, xcrortion,il tika la f BETIN, Y,,:.P., EURSUKOVA, 1,11,T., B,I.; SHFLKOV, L.S. 4 Uo~-~ cf :-. zIrc-on--, LT., - -1,rI t4 ur., so ur,-r:: J'o-- nordi sue rs-* on X-ray- 3p~!ctrwm analysis. A~~--m, ~nerg. l'-) no.-3:297-298 S 165. (M:RA 18: 9) UVCHAPENKO., YeJa,; SIEIRW, L.S. Automatic X-ray spectral an-alysis of processed materials (a --urv37 of foreign matarials). Zav.2ab. 31 no-4:430- 435 965. (MIPA 18tl2) X-ray sp~c:-al a-.a--' ~,s-' s of a 71; av. numbers. lab. 31 no. sT RUDYKIN, Grigorly Aleksayovich; R7HARI, N.Y., inzh., retsenzent; SB=OV N.Il, inzh., red.; UTAROVA, A.F., takhn. red. [Measurement of dimensions in machine building] Tekbnflm izmreniia v mashinostroanii. lzd,,3*, parer. Moskva. Goa. nauchno-tekhn. izd- vo mehinostroit. lit-ry 0 195B. 351 P. OCM 11:9) (Measuring instruments) VESALOVSKIY, Sergey Ivanovich; SAIMOV, G.N., kand.tekhn.nauk. retsenzent; PO=rBLIT, Ya.M., inzh.. xetsepvent; 5121PIKOV, N.I., inzh., red.; KUZ1rVS0V.1, A.G.,; OP3SHKINA, V.I., [Mnnufacturing vmrious types of gear-cutting tools] Proizvodstvo otdel'nykfi vidov zuboreznntgo instrumenta. Mask-va, Gos.izd-vo obor.promyshl., 1959. 158 P. (MIRA 12:10) (Gear-cuttin- machines) lv,-Lr, 'itepanovich; DVIYEGLAZOVA, Ariastasiya Dmitriyevna; ZASUVA, Antonina Fedorovna~ 13AIOVI,MV, Georgiy Grigorlyevich; 13HEI . I U'OV, red.; GOROKHOVA, S,S., tekhn. red. [!Aa-..ual for laboratoi-f work on the resisLance of materialsi Ru- kovouStvo k laboratoMrm raboton po soprotivleniiu materialov, 01 -oskva, ros-.i-zd-vo "Vysshaia slr~-ola,ll 19' . 181 p. (MIRA 15:2) (Materials-Testing) SHAPIRO, David 1.'.oiseyevich; PRIKEODIKO, Aleksandr Blikolayevich; j PODO."Wo'VAI Alevtina Ivano7na; FIROEOV, Aleksandr Nikitich; 31--ELKOV, 11.1., red.; GPIGORCHUK, L.A., telrhn. red. [Collected problems on the strength of materials) Sbornik za- dach po soprotivleniiu materialov. Moskva, Gos. izd-vo "Vysshaia shkola," 1961. 2',49 p. (MIRA 15:2) (Strength of materials-Problems, exercises, etc.) MILOVIDOV, Sergey Sergeyevich, prof., zasl. deyatell nauki i tekhniki i,,SFSII; -,DEll-KO, II.F., prof., doktor tekhn. nauk, retsenzen-t; IEVITS"-"-T'-I, ;.YL., prof., doktor tekhn. nauk.. retsenzent; GUZE17KOV, F.G., dots., kand. tekbn. nauk, retsenzent;-,9LqkOV, N.I., red.; I.TiRASHOVA, V.A., tekhn. red. [Machine parts] Detali mashin. Moskva, Gos. izd-vo "Vyssbaia shkola." 1961. 613 P. (MIRA 15:4) 1. Rukovoditell kafedry detaley mashin Vsesoyuznogo zaochnogo politekhnicheskogo instituta (for Levitskly). Nechanical engineering)