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SHELKO-V., inzh. I-- "Rotary vacuum pumps and com:.)ressors with liquid piston.' by V.I.Teteriukov. Reviewed by N.I.Shelkov. Khim. mash. no.6:47 N-D 161. (MBU 15:2) (Vacuum pumpo) (Gompresi3ors) (Teteriiicav,, V. I. ) TUKHMULLIF, Gabdulla Aklm~etovich:: SIU-:LKOV, N.I. red.; GA:rlri;A, .9 T.D., tekhn. red. [Problems in the technolofC, of instrument manufacturelZa- dachnik po tek-hnologii instrumentallnogo proizvodstva. 14o- skva, Gos.izd-vo "Vysshaia shkola," 19621. 119 p. (MIRA 15:9) (Instrument manufacture) TAMBOVTSEV, Sergey Pavlovich, kand. i,ekhn.nauk;,SHELK0V I., inzh., ,A- ved. red-; APIRIN, B.S., inzh., red.; SMIRNOV, B.M., (Effect of the microstructure of metals on their machinability] Vliianie mikrostruktury meta:.lov na ikh obrabatyvaemosti. Moskva, Filial Vses. in-ta nauchn. i tekhn.informatsii, 1958. 22 p. (Pe- redovoi nauchno-tekhnicheskiJ i proizvodstvennyi opyt. Tema 10. No.M-58-146/27) (MIRA 16:3) (Metallography) (Metal et.tting) VESELOVSKIY, Sergey Ivanovich, inzh.; SHELKOV, N.I., inzh., ved. red., RUKAVISHNIKOV, V.I., -S~ffRNOV, B.M., tekhn. red. [Mani4facturing low-mod~le gear tail cutters] Isgotevlenie melkomodulInykh khvostovykh dolbiakov. Moskva, Filial Vses. in-ta nauchn. i tekhn. info.rmatsii, 1957. 45 P. (Peredovoi nauchno-tekhnicheskii i pro-.Lzvodstvennyi opyt. Tema 11. No.M-57-15/1) (MIRA 16:3) (Metil-cutting tools) PETROV, Aleksandr Konstantinovich; SURIN, Sergey Filippovich; -SHELKOV.-N.I., lnzh., ved. red.; IVANOV, P.F., inah., red.; SOROKINA, T.M., tekhn. red. (Highly efficient method for jig boring deep blind holes In cylinders with subsequInt reaming] Vysokoproizvoditeltnyi metod komblairo7annago.rastachivaniia glukhikh glubakikh ot- verstii tsilindrov a posleduiushchim razvertyvaniem. Mo- skva, Filial VsesAn-ta nauchn. I tekhn.informataii, 1958. 16 p. (Peredovoi nauchno-tekhnicheskii i proizvodstvennyi opyt. Tema 1:9, No-M-58-153/28) (Drilling and boring) (MIRA 16:2) POPOVY R.I.; i,'z;SBNKO, N.I.; SIFOVICII, S.Yu.; SHELKOV, S.K. Continuoi.s fusion ol- sulfur. Eoks. i kh-*-n. no. 3:46-48 161. (,,aR.A 14:4) 1. Dnepropetrovskiy koksok-himicheskiy zavod. (Dnepropetrovsk-Coke industry--By-products) 11 I j j V. (ioronezh' q:,m r i-., .'-)n~uezh. floz'-.cielo 3 no.9:,9 S '57. 'k l I:: P) (Vorone---h--!'lre orevention-Exhibitions) NNPOMNYASHCIIIY. Kh.M.; RYNDIMOV, Yu,A.; SULKOV. V.G.; GOLODYAGHIN, G.K.; OGURGIIIKOV. L.G. - __ -_~_ I Stat.jAng and profiles with one transition in two matrices; sWested by Kh.M. Nepomniashchii and others. Prom. energ. 12 no.12:18 D 157. (Sheet-natal work) (MIRA 10:12) ACC NRa AX7001401 IN-V1,,"NTO!?S: Alekseyenko, A. V.; Berlin, V. jkov, V. V.; Oparin, V. I.; Hemesnikov, She OIRG; none s)_W~Fdz _(;wi-.:_ _VkJ6~f3/66_/Oo0/1,z_1 1/007MO07 IM.; Krasov, P. A.; 'Uitvinov, !;. I., prul A. I.; Ste ov, S. N. TITLE: An assembly for welding internal joints of boiler shells. Class 21, No. 187906 ZTmnounced by All-Union Scientific Research and Design Engincerir..,~: institute of Chemical and Petroleum Apparatus Construction (Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-isz;3edovatellddy' i proyektnyy inatitut tekhnologii khImicheakogo i neftyanogo apparatootrryeniyaY SOURCE: Izobreteniya, promyshlennyye obraztsy, tovarnyye znaki, no. 21, 19666, 77 TOPIC TAGS: weldinc, welding equipment, welding technology, seam weldin:- tIaSTFACT: This Author Certificate presents an assembly for welding inte~-nal Joints lof boiler shells, The assembly conoists of a column with a frame mounted upon it. I !The fraw carries an arm with a welding head placed on supporting rollers. To I ukiintain a constant position of the electrode in resDect to the seam surface, the welding head and arm are connected to one another by a hinge and a spring (see Fig. I).' The latter assures a constant contact between the rollers and the boiler shell. The welding head is hinged to the bearing rollers which are rigidly connected to one another. Card 112 UDC% 621.791 ACC NR: AP7001401 A =ie=- A A Fig. 1. 1 welding head; 2 arm; 3 arm hinge; 4 -.bearing rollers; 5 boiler shell; hinge ~~Orig. art. has: 1 figure. -SUB CODE: 13/ SOM DATEs 11Oct65 Card 2/2- ZAVIYALOV, P. V.,, kand. med. nauk; SHELKOV, Ye. I. Goiter of the root of the tongue. Vest. otorin. no.3:76-78 161. (MIRA 14:12) 1. Iz Otorinolaringoloaicheslrogo stomatologicheskopo otdelenj.ya (zav. Ye. I. Shelkov) tiarmul'skoy gorodskoy bol'nitsy. (TONGUE-DISEASES) (GOITER) SHELKOV, Ye.I.; KAWIEV, V.M. Problem of the pterygopal-itine ganglion syndrome. Vest oto-rin. 25 no.2-.14-17 Kr-Ap 163. (MIRA 17:1~ 1. Iz otorinolaringologic';-leskogo otdeleniya (zav. Ye.I. Shelkov) Barnaullskoy gor-)dskoy bolinitsy. SHMYOVj-.-DORF, O.P., kand.tFikhn.nauk; SIMTOVT,'R, D.P.., kand.teikhn.nauk; YAKDVj'L-VA' 1. F. Measuring natural n1traviolet radiation. Svetotekhnika 4 no.11:20-23 Y, 158. (MIRA 11:11) 1. VsnRoy-uznyy svmtotakhnichaskiy Institut (for Shelkova-Dorf, Shklover). 2. Tmvpatoriyskaya bioklimaticheskaya stantslya (for TakovIeva) (Ultraviolet rays-Measurement) 3 2-U,, 3 sA75 'ta 0/0~ju'/004/002 D 2 YD 0 4 6:i:~ided _Linot direct sunii,,ht, tilureby rucurdi!.,- extei,.tl- of ed of ultra-v_Lo'et rudi-tion. -'-.'hF- Li tne 5E), IPA "'Liere s~pectral irrudi"ticu (in relative units) beinG znea- Z3-111'ea' absolute sdectrul Eensiiivizy of:' tLie instru~aen /U a /,44 v /c ~n I - photocurrent cf v'ae instrument in/la. From J-,A;ly October 1)57 tile ~_.d,)aratus was u~sed for measure- Yevpatoriya~ TIie meus''ients provided ddta on toto, na-~-_~ral r_.diution in tne s)~_ctral runLe close to B, to;::-etne-_'- ,,vit-) i's direct _~nd dispersed coaponents at different times of y ".id tiieir c, Lin 'es throuLhout the months. The results of diA 11 L;~ --.ts are prese.-ited 6rapniculiy. The app-ratus' rea- r e:ae: chro- -;i,~-re co:adUred viitn s_J:.a_iL..r readins fro:a a Boyko mono Card 32143 S A 7 5/(D-0/0 0 0/0 04 /C C" 2.1"0 0 D233/D304 matic light ."eter. A consider.."oie dive rle.-,ce -in t.',e L)Ut f~ r icer study needed to d~-,ter:. ne the reascr of L'61atinC, Baieline.:--ri-6 j jC7 33~a (Instit--~-e -I~ skoy S 4 -! 6 -. r- b o v e -e n e .-, -el s a Z 10-1 CL -,D C' iroved rt: curdi-ib dtvices, These use as r.~Ldj-;,,ion r~-ceivers and re.-i s~-e-r ent J ome elt:;ctr,- -)L ~11 -v-ri~~Us sections of -7 -I, r S SHEMOVA-DORF, C.P., kand.tekhr.naak; ANDRMSYV, A.P., invi. Additional device for an SF-4 spectrophotometer for measuring the ~;pectral characteristics of phototubes. Svetotekhnika 6 Do.2: 26-28 F 16o. (MIRA 13:5) 1. Institut biologichesko7 fiziki All SSSR. (Photoelectric cells) (Photoelectric measurements) s/196/62/000/007/006/007 E032-/E514 AUTHORS: Andreytsev, A.P. and Shelkova, O.P. T ITL E A stationary recording apparatus for systematic measurements of natural ultraviolet radiation (Thesis) PERIODICAL: Roferativnyy zhurnal, Elektrotekhnika i energetika, 110.7, 1902, 5, abstract 7V-'3. (Sb."Aktinometriya i atmosfern. optika". L., Gidrometeoizdat, 1961,291-292) TEXT: The photoelectric apparatus for the measurement of illumination produced on the lic-rizontal plane by natural radiation (total and scattered components) in narrow sections of the UV spectrum consists of six photomultipliers with a set of correcting light filters and the electronic potentiometer 24 7-1 rl - 0 9 (EPP-09). The apparatus may bt! used to obtain reliable data on the diurnal and annual variation in the natural UV radiation. ASSOCIATION: In-t biofiziki Ali SSSR, Moskva (Biophysics Inst:Ltute AS USSR, Moscow) ~Abstracterls note: Complete translation Card 1/1 s/196/62/000/002/012/023 E194/E153 AUTHORS,; Bukhartsev, I.G., Sokolov, M-V,. and Shelkova, 0 P~ TITLE~ Industrial instrument.3 for measuring ultraviolet radiation PERIODICAL~ Referativnyy zhurnal, Elektrotekhnika i energetika, no.2, 1962, 15. abstract 2V 112- (Svetotekhnika. no.7, 1961, 18-23). TEXTj The article describes the construction and the optical and electrical circuits of new instruments, types 1j4>M -11 (IsPl, -.11) YqbM-13 (UFM-13) and Yq)JX-4 (UFD-k), for measuring the intensity of ultraviolet radiation developed by bactericidal, lighting and mercury quartz lamps in two spectral regionsl B (28o-32_o milli- microns ) and C (200-280 millimicrons), Ultraviolet meter type UFM -1i consists of a vacuum photocell with magnesium cathode, the spectral sensitivity of which (with a wavelength boundary of 320-36o millimicrons) was such that it could be used without a light filter, and a d.c. amplifier. The instrument is supplied from dry batteries, Instrument type UFM-13 differs from UFS -11 in construction and in having an electrical circuit which contains Card 1/2 Industrial instruments for measuring s/196/62/000/002/012/023 E194/E155 a transistorized voltage convertor. The sensitivity of the ultraviolet meters can be varied by a factor of 10 000. the non- linearity of the readinjs is up to 15%, The minimum current tha, can be recorded is 10- A, corresponding to a radiation of I mW/m2 for X 253.7 mp 7Abstractor's noted mm in Russian tex* is incorrect] Ultraviolet dose meter type UFD-4 is intended for measuring the amount of ultraviolet radiation, The radiation recorder is an impulse counter type Ck-'$.~,-50 (SB-50) and audible indication is rovided- The minimum current that can be recorded is 3 - 8 x 10--~l A A-5SOCIATIOS SKTB poluprovodnikr,,.rykh j u1. tritzvljk(jvykfi priboro., lensovnarkhoza i In-t biofiziki AN SSSR (SKTB of Semiconductor and Ultrasonic Devices of Lensovnarkhoz and institute of Biophysics, AS USSR) [Abstractor's noted Complete translation Card 2/2 SHELKOVA, O.P., kand.tekhn.nauk Simplified method for calcalating monochromators with a flat Jiffractional, grid. Svetotekhnika 7 no.5:14-19 My 161 ~MIRA 14:6) 1. Institut biologicheskoy fiziki AN SSSR. (Monochromators) SHELKOYA, 0. P !-P kand. tekhn. nauk; ZIMINA, G. M., inzh.; PERRASEJ. X. I., inzh.; MOV, A. I., in2h. Features of using PRK-2 and EUV-15 lamps as(Mstandards. Sveto- tekhuika 9 no.3:11-16 Mr 163. IRA -16:4) 1. Institut biologicheskey fiziki AN SSSR i Vsesoyuznyy svetotekhnicheskiy institut. (Ultraviolet rays) (Electric lamps) or Poll t Y14 A f I vlllm~k ZI 99 r ft! t: ;g as F r. ra tr:v !7 TL His, v 'OH INI ;II SOLOVUYLIJA, L.N.; MUNIN) P.P.,; NhLF'AYzV,, A.G.; SHELKOVA, Ye. 1. - - --------- We have set our course towBrd communism. Neftianik I ho.l:&-9 Ja 163. (141PA 16:3) 1. Sotrudniki I'Sentral3noy norm~4tivno-issledovatelljkoy stantaii Glavnogo upravleniya. po tramsportu i snabzheniyu nef;Iyu i nefteproduktami RSFSR. (Petroleum-Storage) DERFMI-NKO, N..", , ~ rizh. , li-ill ~ SHELKOVICH. G.L. , te)ainik Use C,! j I ~ . I . . - ~-- i; 1~- :ing of I i - ~ -- . -.-. - -- - - - y. - j 1, -, I--- ~ - - . . r. --:*-''~ -,,. :1 'r 16L. M U 17,,6) SHELKOVIN, V,', Important problem of the national economy. Vop. ekon. no.7:68-79 Jl 159. (MIRA 112: 11) (Lumbering) SHRLKOV IN, V. H. .. . ~ . Parents of the Soviet Union &nd their economic utilization. Geog.v shkole 18 no.4:9-17 JI-Ae: '55. (KIRA 8:10) (forests wid forestry) BUTKIN, N.G.. otarehiy aauchnyy sotrudnik; SHELKOVKINA. A.V.; NAZAROVA, I.B. Larusan therapy of pulmonary tuberculosis; preliminary communication. Probl.tub. 31; no.2:36-39 Mr-Ap '56. (MIRA 9:8) 1. 1z Sverdlovskogo oblastnogo institute tubericuleza (dir. - prof. I.A.Shaklein, zam. dir. po nauchnoy chasti. - kandidat meditainskikh nauk N.G.Butkin) (TUBMCULOSIS, PURONARY, therapy. larusan (Rus)) It ic ns IS thor helkovicina ns t ivan -)n of the o " 1,itle 00 concerning the -_(.,~rioheral t. Lon or , p. 40 roholo'~ic ients, ulmona - . in tiie TheraoY 0, 0'r~ elle- ~ ,- ob izmenenii m0ri , vooro: jeche- bercillOS; ctieskoi krovi -r-- i se7cyp -kikl,0 - 6t'ovc) ;~n t"lvq r lborkIl t 1 -'C;v ij n or- 27 (~rir !~)ub sb. .verdlovsk, ' _ 'Y 34 zat Lya bcr S,.vied a normal blood oic- ' IU I tract bs k '-a- of 85 Patients, thivazid; 18 -eatment vjith Dh t - wre before icture afTer rm~l blood o tients showed a no Card 112 In, 55 oatients, in 19 DRtien--,s, and (jl 4 -oration in 13 patji:~nts. There w-;s a left shjr~u in &~ na- tients bofore treatment, --trid in 4& aft#)r the treatment. NOT-7mal POE was observe,:i in 40 nr,- tients, qnd after treatment in 0. 'In increase in the of eosinonhils to 5-10*~_~' was noted. The 1-yiiinhoc~7te count bE-fQre treatment wi-,~s norri:!-, in 57 natients, and qfter treatment in 62 -.a- Lients. ~.-ard 2112 -!JTKPI, N.G.; SHELK011KINA, A.V. Course of pulmonar~r tuberculcsis in workers employed in dustj. -Are,-s in the asbestos industry. Probl. tub. 41 no.6:48-51 '63. (~ffRA 17:9) 1. 1-Z ",verdflovskoao nauchno-Lssledr,vqfelIskogo institlita tub(-rkuleza (dir. - - prof. I.A.S)hnklein). 311CM-110AKOV. G. ; SHELKOVIUKOV, A. Key workers were the soil of the survey. Okhr.truda i sots. strakh. no.1:25-28 Ja '59. NIRA 12:2) 1. Predsedatel' oblsovprofa:, g.Bryansk (for Shcherbakov). 2. Glztvny.,,- tekhnicheskly in!;pektor oblsovprofa, g.Bryansk (for Shelk-ovnikov). (Brvanak Province-Industrial hygiene) MIKOVNIKOV, A.D. ' . Different4ated gabbroid intrusion of the upper Kazvr Talley in the Hastern Sayan Mountains [with summary in Ruglish]. Sov. gaol. 1 no.3:85-94 Mr 158. (MIRA 110) 1. Krasnoyarskoye geologisb4~koye upravleniye. (razyr Valley-Gabbro) A liT, l',,-j R ~~C)V/20-1-27-3-42 '-I A. I. ~~helkovriiVov, TITL!~: On the T.'-iddle "ambrian Fed Deposits of the South-west Slope of East E'ayan Doklaily Ah.idewii n:-.Luk 1959, Vol 127, Nr 71,, pp 624-69-6 (US3R) Ali~,;THACT. Dtkring the summer of 191,8 tie first-mentioned author found that. the rod roc?o of tho reFion betv.,een tho rivers '1~uba und Syda belong to the Cambrian and not to the DevoniEui au had so far been assumed (Refs 1, 2, etc: ; the second-mentioned. author Laade thE z=ie discovery in the d.-ainage area of the river Kizir on the outskirts of 1rteciovsk t'Fiw 1). This was confirmed by the Middle- Cambrian trilobites fowid in concordantly stratified rocks. In the above region these red rocks are ieposit-3d on carbonate-slaty and effunive-sedimentar~T Cambrian rocks. In -,ome parts of the region the rocks 1,,,,ing underneath combine to form the Telekskaya sd* (= ?,:oiseyevskaya suite according to 0. K. Fo-etaye7a), in other parts to form the KnyshinskLaya suite. The aR, u-,' the red rocks and the entire suite Teplog.) Klyucha is classifi.-d according to the afore-mentioned trilobi-'~e fauna. The valleys in the region bet-.-.-cen the rivers Tuba and Syda are not fil-ed with red rocks; Card 112 but they are concord-q"L% stratified with th:3 ones Ving underneath and 0-.i ttie VAddle-Cambrian Red Deposits cf the South-west 30V/20-127-3-42/71 SloDe of East Sayan -aith calcareous-slaty rocks lying on top. Tie latter are undoubtedly Cambrian end not Devonian, as has so far been maintained. Investigation showed that the red rocks have equal stratigraphic position throughout the above region: they belong to the Lower Middle Cambrian. On account of the distinctly marked change in facies and the instability of their lithologic composition it may be assumed that they were accumulated in all probability under lagoon conditions characterized by unstable sedimentation. There Exe 1 figure and 3 Soviet references. 'L;J0CIATI`: Institut geologii i geofiziki Sibirskogo otdeleniya Akademii nauk SSSR (Institute of Geclogy and Geophysics of the Siberian Department of the Academy of Sciences, USSR) P R L,,'j _'-'1 I T S D ;March 6, 1959, by A. I.. Trofimuk, Academician 3 UBM I TT HZ :February 27, 1959 Card 2/2 SHELKOVNIKOV, A.D. Comagmatic properties of some intrusive and effusive complexes in the northwestern part of the Eastern Sayan Mountains. Mat. po geol. i pol. iskop.Kras.kraia no.3t65-96 162. (MIRA 17:2) KRYUKOV, A.V.; SHELKOVNIKOV, A.D.; VOLOBIJYEV, M.I. Recent deter-minatiGns of the absolute age of rocks from separate regions in the KrasnoyarEk Territory. Mat. po geol. i pol.iskop. Kras.k,-aia no.3:257-260 162. (MIRA 17:2) SHELKOVRIKOV, A.D. Intrusive complexes of -,he n~:--.nwestern part of the Eastern Sayan Mountains and their metall)ger',-1-2 role. ~rudy SNIIGGIMS no.2': 1 4 161-169 162. (MIRA 16:10) SBXLKDVNIKOV, A.V., inzhener. New type mobile construction hoist. Mekh.stroi. 4 no.2: 23 F 147. (MLRA 9:2) l.NII-2 Minstroydormash. (Hoisting machinery) P, 1.1 P, r ACT iR: A116032064 SOURCE CODE: 'UR/0271166/000/007/BO21/BO21 AUTHOR: Sergeyev, S. N. ; Shelkovnikov, B. N. 59 TITLE: Registers with phase-pulse multistable elements l6(/ SOURCE: Ref. zh. Avtomatika, telemekhanika. i vychislitellnaya tekhnika, Abs. 7B157 REF SOURCE: Sb. Poluprovodnik. elementy v vychisl. tekhn. M., 1965, 42-50 TOPIC TAGS: phase recording, phase diagram, pulse generator, multistable element, register, shift register ABSTRACT: A phase-pulse multistable element as a recorder with a dynamic programming system for information recording has been studied. A phase pulse is the dynamic indicator in this register. Information is recorded into the phase- pulse element with a forced single-cycle starting pulse of a blocking generator at ar appropriate moment of time. The descr:.ption includes block diagrams of registers without a shift, 3 registers with delay lines between discharges, and shift registers with the phase-pulse elements. Orig. art. has: 9 figures and a bibliography of 3 reference items. (Translation of abstract] SUB CODE: 091 I.Cor,j 1/1 1-- UDC: 681. 142. 642. 7 sHxLKovNixO,r, D., iazhener-podpoll-,ovnik Being able to see in the dark. Vaenovest. 39 no.12:74-77 D 159. (MIRA 13:6) (Night visio-1) 3ri~-1,',i,01111ij7, -W.A. USSR /Matnemat ics - int-c-grala, May/Jun 51 De f inite "General,,*z--.d Fcrmula of Cwjc'~,,Y," F, A. Sh.~-Ikovnikov "Uspekh Matemat Nauk" Vol VIE, No 3 1'43, pp 11~7-159 Derives the following integral formula which r-apre- sents a generalizatIon of the familiar ~Iassical formula of integTal caLculus and also of Cauchy"s formula t t t t 1 1-17 f(t,)dt Fr(T)dT= _ff (tl)dti f f (t2)dt2 a a a ii"'AiT61 1 1n ')IF (T) (t n ff(x)dx) dT. L a T 188T61 SKELECAT(KOV., Fr-txinsly Alelzze-yevich; TAKAY-SITVILI, Konstantin eli IC h; ;.UZ:ETSU,.,. ::,,I , p-of., dloktor fiz.-rrat.nauk, D,A., red.; VOANIII.~A, H.K., tekhn. red. [Cr,ije-tion of exercises in operntional calculus] Sbornik apva,,`~rv~nii po operatsionriorm ischisleniiu. Pod red. P.I. 1-!oqkw,, Go.,,. iM-vo "Vysshaia shkola," 1961. 150 P. (MIRA 15;2) (Calculus, Operational) L 28435,;-;65 ACUMBIUR an: AM131 SOURM Ref. zhe Matenatika., Abs. 4301 K AUMORS i Taker ~~~he~ov IP. A., TITM: Contribution to the solution of tit differentiale it Arm an oper.-~ egro- ational method ' 7`. ngg where N and N are linear differential operators With constant coefficients of or .. A ders a and n, while f(x) in a continuous function which posses as a Laplace trenff--I forso The difficulty in this ease lies lz~tha fact that the =a transform of the solution y(t) can vanish In the operational wpation correspandlog-to (1) vben,' The a < no This difflmdty Is cironwented 1q# 111troftel" a Paramt0i in (1)0 method Is illustrated by maw of an exmq aw N*-proofs are p"S"t" MU 0( M C(Mzt NA =Ow 0 z,* ? Card 2/ DRUZHININ, Nikolay Serge-yevich; TBYLBOV, Petr Petrovich: SHCHUKIN, S.M.@ doteent, reteenzent; SHIK::N, S.T., kand.-padagog.r-auk, retseLzamt; IRA, L.I., red.izd-va: 31FAT, OVNIKOV, G. I.Iinzh.,, red.; 13GORK -MAUffff-A, G.V.,, (Course in engineering drawing] Kura chercheniia. Izd.Z., perere Moskva, Gos.nauchno-tekhn.izd-vo mashinostroit.lit-ry. Pt.3. [Mezhanical drawing] Kas"Ainostroitellnoe charchenie. 1960. Z67 P. (MIRA 13:12) (Mechanical drawing) DRUMININ, N.S.: TSTLIIOV, P.P.; SH(;HUKIN. 5.M., dot sent. rot a eazont; SHIK1N, S.Y.. kAlItiiAmo, np,ix~~ocichoootlriich nan1r, rot sons ont; IMI V- %IIKOV,-:LIo LaLhener, redakt)r; POPOY,&, S.M., tekhaichookW ,edaktor ' [Course in drawing] Kurs cherchoniia. Kosk-ro, Goo. nauchno- techn. izd-vo mashinostroit. lit-ry. Pt.2.[Projection drawing (perpendicular, axonometric projection and technical drawing)) preektsionnoe cherchsnio (priamougollnye, sksonometrichoskis proek-taii. i tekhnicheskoe risovanis). 1954. 323 P. (MLEA 8:7) (Mechanical drsiwing) _L 7977-66 EwT (1) Gd , ,.ACC NR: AP5026536 SOURCE CODE: UR/0286/65/000/019/0(Y79/0080 AUTHORS: Veselov, K. Ye.; G=gnoy, A G.; Lpginets, A. P.; Smirnov L. P.; Shelkovnikove Go 1. 44 57 5, "Q3 ORG: none TITLE: Gravimeter for measuring the force of avit in motion. Class 42, No 175257 Za-nnounced by All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Geophysical Re;on- naissance Methods _(Vsesoyuznyy nauchrio-issledovatellskiy institut geofizicheskikh metodov razvedkiT24','!~' SOURCE: Byulleten' izobreteniy i tovarnyk 1965p 79-80 ,)i znakov, no, 19. TOPIC TAGS: gravimeter,.gra gravitation AKLI!Imet ABSTRACT: This Author Certificate presents a gravimeter for measuring the force of gravity while in motion. The gravimeter is provided with an automatic com- pensating system*(see Fig. 1). It includes an elastic sensitive system, photo- electric converter of angular displacements, filter, amplifier, electric motor, reducer, and measuring'potentiometer. To increase the accuracy of continuous measurements of the gravity force, thq quartz sensitive system of the gravimeter Card 1/2 UDC: 550.831 L 7977-66 ACO NRs AP5026536 Fig. 1. 1- pendulum; 2- damping plate; 3- spiral compensating spring is provided with a damping plate riE:idly connected to a pendulum. The plate is located in the-opening between the auxiliary immovable plates and a spiral com- pensating spring. The auxiliary plates and the spring are submerged in a viscous liquid. Orig. art. has: 1 figure. SP,CODE: IE/ SUBM DATE: 18Sep63 Card 2/2 SHELKOVNIKOV, I.G. Calculation of the transmission of the force of impact. Zap. ILI 47 no.1:100-110 162. (MIRA 16:5) (Boring) cl, thrcugh core nz ba-rels us4ng T'n". v. ti I-,- I C) 0 163. (M,,PA 1824) 1. Lenlngrad~ikly gornry illstitut im, G.V.Plekharieva. SHF,LKOVNIKOV, I.G.J. inzh. Strining of t~xeaded joints during ro-Uary-percussive dr j 7 -- 1 1 -. Izv.,rys.ucheb.zav.; gor.zhar. 7 no*2:107-113 '64. (M'I-RA 17:3) 1. -- ordena Lcnira i ordena Trudovogo Krasnogo Znameni -L Ler-angradski', gornyy institut imerii lj.V.Plekhanova. ltek~Dmendovana kafedroy tekhniki raZIredki. Sjj~:,l,K(jVNiK'-)V, I-G,, "! i J,jil~ L -,, ~~ t " -; - r~ ' -"3v ~ ve . iry -- . c, ~ na c h i n P- -*,r 1- s $~', ~ ~: -' '- - i Increasing '-na- e'fic `-Y -' .. - - . I I - -23 drilling. izv. "rys. zav.; geol, i raz,,,. -n 0 , I I : .114 - I N 164. (,mIRP, 18: 5) 1, Leningradskiy gorny-Y irstliti~t 4.m,, G,V- Plekhanova, SHELKOVNIKOS--H-S- Effect of lowland winds on the mountain-valley circulation. Trudy GGO no.135t8l-99 162. (MIRA 15:3) (baksan Valley--Winds) SIIELKOVNIF.OV, M.S. Temperature coriditions in the mountains and on the plain of the Northern Caucasus. Trudy GGO no.135:100-116 162. (MMA 15:8) (Caucasus, NortEern-Atmospheric temperature) BALABUYEV, A.G.; SHFUNNINOV2 M-S-- 'Virculati-m rerime charae.,tpristics in Transcaucaeia. Trudy Inst. geofiz. AN Crti7. '15R 19:211-257 '60. 1-4-9) (Oporvia-Meteorolory) L 5023-66 ENT(1)/FCC GW ACC NR: AT5024883 3OURCE CODE: UR/2531/65/000/17-1/0038/005 0 AUTHORS: 8helkovnikov M S.- TrusLkpy, N. I#,- ORG: State Scientific Research In.5tjk~qte,. (j3 -GVF (Gosudarstvennyy nauchno- issledovateTskiy institut, GVF) TITLE: Flight conditions of the MI 4 helicopter along passenger routes of Crimea SOURCE: Leningrad. Glaynnaya ge9flziglieskaya obsQrvatQriya, Trudyt no. 171, 1965, -z 1 4 55 Rezulltaty is -edovaniya atmosfernoy -;urbulentnosti na liertoletnykh trassakh (Results of the investigation of atmospheric turbulence on helicopter routes).* 38-50 TOPIC TAGS: aeronautic flight F~praqt helicopter, research plane, SY . i ,eristics, -4 meteoroloF,y, weather, turbulence,~'t&iMence effect/ LI 2 cab aircraftl 3P 15 .Pygrloal device '_! KV 11 altitude corr tar, DUS 15 velocity indicator, a anple indicator ABSTRACT: A otildy of helocopter flights in the lower layers of the atmosphere was made for the purpose of evaluating wind conditions, turbulence zones, and Card 1/2 L ACC NR: AT5024883 their effects iipon h-,21.icopter flights. Tests were conducted along the passenger routes in Crlm-a in 1.962 by the State Scientific Research Institute, GIN, the Contral nt!A '!n;.n (,oorihysical Observatories, the Central InqUtUt _at, the Moscow-State _,Un:LVQr4 ~Sj_.t2l~ 'Air is the Simferopol' - Yalta air route. A brief review of and greo~ravhlc chara c ter is ties of the Crimean peninsula .9 ~).~r,,3dition featured observations on a programmed basis using ra(1io-1-1,~1-,r!.:i--,_c, balloons, and flight information from an LI-2 airplane and an '11-4 h,-31J'tc(,,,. Flights were made on the windward and leeward sides of the riourtnin ri(IFes and over the sea at selected altitudes. Each aircraft was equipp-~:' wlth an PlectrometeorOGraph, overload and pulsation complexes, a baro- Fri-aph, 3: -15 overio,,d devices, KV-11 altitude corrector, central gyrovertical', anlg~lar volocit-J- ilie- tc!r.Lor DUS-15, and an MU-62 skew angle indicator. Data are present.-A showing tli- resmIts of soundings made for a typical data run, the varia- tion of w4nd ,clocit: irlth height, variation of wind direction, and distribution of turbull,nce zc?,cs -,rit.hin the study area. Comparisons between observations by fix,11 winL- aircraft and the helicopter are made, and data on the occurrence of down draft3 are gjvo~i. The effects of the mountain waves on flight are discussed, Orig. art, has- 6 L":,-ures and 4 tabl.63. S1-0 C.Q_d.. I-i, i~~;l SUBM DATE: none/ ORIG REF: 015/ OTH REF: 016 Card 2/2 LIMIT, P.L., SOSNIOV, K,A.- _4ELI,OITNIKOV._N,I,L GARTSHAE, Pje~ "Purification of waste water from enterprises of ferrous metallur&l by A.F. Shabalina. Reviewed by P.L. Litvin and others. Stall 21 no.12.1145 D 1616 (~rf,IRA 14-12) 1. Leningradskiy Gosudaristvennyy soyuznyy institut po proyektiro-- vaniy,a me+_c6_!,jxg_T-,haskikh zavodov. (Metallurgical plants-.--Water supply) ~Water--Awifi cation) (Shabalim.. A.F.) GOLIDGOF, :ioris Grigorlyevich; LEY.IZON, YakcTv SOSKIL, Emil' Arturovich; MIIIBI~, G.R., retsenzent; SHELKOVIIIKOV, N.I., ipzh., AVINOVITSKIYY I.Ya., red. Izz-allevich; lutrid. Lekhn. nauk, re4__"enzent; [Auton.atic and remote control of the power supply networks of industrial enterprises] Avtomatizatsiia. i telemekhaniza- tsiia energosnabzheniia pro:nyshlennykh predpr-iiatii. Mo- skva, Izd-vo "Energiia," 19~4. 279 p. (NIRA 17:5) SHELKOVNIKOV, S., in.zh.. uOrganization and mechanization of grain elevator construction operations" by P.V.Kalmyk.)v. Reviewed by S.Shelkovnikov. Muk.- elev.prom. 28 no-3:30-31 Mr 162. OMIRA 15:4) (Grain elevators) (Kalmykov, P.V.) SHF,I.KOVNIKr)V, B.G., inzhener. Mechanical raising of movable: concrete formwork. Stroi.prom. 32 no.6: 17-21 Je 054. (NI-RA 7:6) 1. Promzernoproyekt. (Concrete conBtruction--Yormwork) SHKLKOVNIKOV Stepan Grigorlyevich, inzhener; KUROCHKIN, A.M., inzhener, redaktor; POPOV, V.I., redaktor 12datel'stva; TOUR. A.M., tekhnicheski.v reclaktor [Sliding formal Podvizhnala opalubka. Izd- 3-e, perer. i dop. Moskva. Goa. izd-vo lit-ry po strolt. i arkhitekture. 1956. 242 p. (Concreta construction--iformwork) (MIRA 9:10) SHNLKOVNIKOV, S.G., inzh. Mobiln wooden and me,;al casings for concreting silos. -Prom.stroi. 38 no,6;43-46 16o. (mIRA 13t7) (Silos) (Concrete construction) S11"ILKOVIIIIKIN S.-J., inzh. - - -- - - - Mobile forms .'or concretin,-, coal towero. Mont. i spets. rab. v stroi. 23 no.3:13-16 Nr 161. NIRA 14: --) (Coke indus'ry-,!~juilnent and supplies) (concrete con;3truction-Formtork) KEZI-ViKH., L.I., inzh.; VOLYITTSEV, 'V.A.; jjLjOjjOV, V.A., retsenzent; SHELY,OVIIIKOV S.G., retsenzent; KRYLOV, B.A., kand. tekhn. 1;ia-'ri~ucamy'y -red.; SHIROKOVA, G.M., red.izd-va; BO;_-lOlTPT_EV1 N.K., tekhn. red. (Construction of high reir.Corced corcrete structures]Stroitell- stvo vysotnykh zhelezobetonnykh sooruzhenii. Moskva, Gosstroi- izdat., 1962. 278 p. (MIRA 1r:12) (Reinforced concrete :!onstruction) SHELKOVNIKOV, S.G., inzh. Some causes of the breakdown of structures erected with movable forms. Prom. stroi. 40 no.7:31-35 i1 163. (KIPA 16:10) SITFLXCMK67, 9.9. SaMOVNIKOV, B.S. The problem of Kalthusialdsm In biology. Bi-ml. MOM Otd. biol. 59 no-3:89-108 MY-Je 154. (MMA 7:7) (Nalthusianism) (Biology) SHEL-KOVNIKOV, S.S. , Theoretical principles of the check-row method of sowing and planting row crops. Biul.Y.OIP.Otd.biol. 59 no.6:87-96 N-D'54. (YI,RA 8:2) (Sowing) TYMINSKAYA9 S. Yu.; LIKHTER, A.D.; Prinimali uchastiye-. ETKINv Ye.I., star My inzh.; SHELKOVINIKOV.Yu,V, - 8 Automated machine for cutting'slots in screen sieves. Bumagodel. mash. no.8z140-157 160. (MIRA 14:3) 1. Nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut po proyektirovaniyu buma- godelatellnikh mashin (for Etkin). 2. Nachallnik byuro instrumentov i prisposobleni-y zavoda im. 2-y Pyatiletki (for Shelkovnikov). (Papermaking machinery) )ITMAYLOVA, 0.1.; WELKOVNIKOVA, B.h., rodaktor; SAVINA, A.A., radaktor; . k,.-V NIKOIAY. S.R.. torM 'MAKFreaaktor. fWmntfvrn kiropean weapons in the 1~)th-17th century] Zapadnoevro- poiskoe orwhis IV-XVII vv. RDskvs,, Gos.izd-vo *Iskusstvo, 1955. 40 p. (MLRA 8:11) (Leningrad--Arms and armor--lihibitions) GUSEVA, A.A., kand. tekhn. nauk dots.; TROSHINA, V., studentka; SHELKOVITIKOVA, M., studentka; MIROSIMICIEWO, A., studentke;BYMVA, N., studentka Comparative characteristics of the processes of velting and sewing the welt on an automatic single-process flat full-fashioned hose machine. Izv. vye. ucheb, zav.; takh. leg. prom. no.4:124-137 '59. (MIRA 13:2) l.Moskovski7 tekstillny7 institut. Rekomendovana kafadr07 takhnologii trikotazha. (Hosier,r) (Knitting machines) FERDINAND, Ya.M. (; Prinimali uchast-iye: MARISOVA, A.P.; BRAYNINA, R.A., MARGULIS, L.A.~ WASNENKO, A.M.; KOVALEVSKAYA, I.L.; TELESHEVSKAYA, E.A.; SG~OIPIA, S.V.; KAL11"NINA, K.I.; KOVALEVA, N.S.; IVANOVA, M K.~'ARENDER, B.A.; KW CHE~XNKO, E.A.; MANATSKOVA, K.S.; OIZYNIKOVA. L.T.; KIBARDINA, Yu.A.; GRIGORIYEVA, K.S.; SEMENIKKLNA, L.G.; U'HEFNYKH E.I.; DOROFEIYEVA, V.M.; SHEVCHFNKO, Ye.N.; AFRAMOVA, O.K.; SKUL'SKAYA, S.D.; PETROVA, Z.!.~ MAKHLINOVSK11Y. L I. , KUZ'MINA. A.I.; AL'TMAN, R.Sh.; MARDERER, R.G.; YENGALYCHEVSKAYA L.N., CHIRKOVA,, M.~T.; VF]RESHCHENKO, N.I.; SHELKOVNIKOVA, M.A.; PROKOPENKO, V.V.; BEKLEMESHEVA, Te.1k.; BARANOVA, T.V. Effectiveness of spe--ific Frophy-laxis with alcohol divaccine against typhoid and para-ly-,hoid B fever in schoo"-age children. Zhur. mikrobiol., epid. '- -1-mun. I+1 no.1,-,23-27 Ja 164. (MIRA 18:2) Sn-LKOVS,KA~A,__N._K. , assisteat Ghange%; in the throrabocy-te composition of the blood following deneravtion of the cardioauxtic zonc~ Trudy Semipal. med. inst. 2:113-117 159. (EIRA 15.4) 1. Iz kafedry patofiziologiJ. Semipalatinskogo gosudarstvcnnogo meditsinskogo instituta (zav.kafedroy - T.A.Nazarova). (BWOD PLATELETS) (IIEk,.T-I.T.,,-ERVATION) (AORTA-IN'F--RVATION) - ´┐Żn- -MpYgZj.Y. zootekhnik; MUZHIPOV, R.G., zootekhnik; MENDELEVICH, M.M., kand.veterin.nauk, rect.; LODVIKOVA, A.S., red.; GALKINA, V.N., [What the leading poultry breeders of the Tatar A.S.S.R. have to say] Govoriat peredoviki ptitsevodetva Tatarii. Kazan'$ Tatarskoe knizhnoe izd-vo, 1960. 85 p. (KIRA 14:1) (Tatar A.S.S.R.-Paultry) 0! *1 -: -~ K ";* ! -~ V T Y , I , . ", . to, Sy,"Wiptrical Reflex Gh,,nves In tht- Lungs In Experimental Stencosis of a Bron2hus." Cand Med Sci. Molotov State Medical In.3t, Izhev3k State Me-1--cal Inst, Izhevsk, 1954. (KLY No 1, Jan 55) Survey of ScienLific and Technical Dissertations Defended at USM Higher Educational Institutions (12) SO: Sum. No. 556, 24 J'an 55 T SIIELKOVSKIY) JI.A., dotsent Change in the thrombocyte c:)mposition of the blood in oxygen deficiency in animals with radiation sickness. T-i-udy Semical med. inst. 2:106-112 159. (~M~A- i5:4) 1. Kafedra patologicheskoy Ciziologii Semipalatinskogo gosudarstvennogo meditsinskolo instituta (za:v.kafedroy - dotsent T.A.Nazarova). &DIATION SIMESS) (ANOXEMIA) (BLOOD PLATa,.;;TS) " ,, Inzhener (Alm--Ata). Puliding granaries of 'arge c!yr.-- re. te blocks. Gor. i Oe ' '. stro .-* . no.2: Ul-il F '57. ~ !.~ T _T, IC: 6) (Kazakhetan-Granaries) -r--ed noncrete corstr-,,tion) SHMKOVSKIY, V., inzhener. Using reed panels in housing construction. Sell.stroi. 12 no.5:6-9 My '57. (MI-RA 10:7) (Reed (Botnrq)) Ma2akhatan-Farmhouses) I_-IiiCLKUV-KIY, V. ?-L UXRAINSKIY NAVCHNO-153LEDOVATEL'5911 ft4SY)TUT 300RQ7HENIY ,'40VYYE TIPY ObLEGCHENNYKH KON!!TRUKTSI I STEN DLYA MNOGOETAZHYXH ZDANJY. PAGE 36 SO: 30ORNIK ANNoTATsiy NAUCHIJO-ISSLEDOVATEL'SKIKm RA80T PO STROiTCL'STVU, t-loscow. jq~l SHELKOVSKlY, V. M., INZH. OUSINSKly, A. M., 1, AND LJOERMAN. A. D., KANDIDATY TEKHN. NAUK, I UKRAINSXiy NAuCHO-ISSLEDOVATEL'SXIY INSTj'rUT SOORUZHENIY SKLADNYYC STROPILA OLYA ZHILYKH I GRAZHOAFISKIKH ZDANIY. PAGE 39 SO: 58ORNIK ANNOTATSiy NAUCHNO-IS5LrOOVA-EL'3KlK" RABOT PO STROITEL'STVU, MOSCOW, 1951 KASPIN, L.A.; SHELKOVSKIY, V-M.; CIC)ASHEVICH, A.M.; RASHINSKIY, S.V., retsenzent; PERNIATIN, A.Z.. apetaredalctor, ROMIN. I., redaktor; YUNOTSKIY, Ye., tekhnicheskiy redaktor. ETime and wage rate standards for general construction work] Normy vre- meni i rastsenki na obshchasti-oitellnye raboty. Izd. 2-e, ispr. Kiev, Izd-vo Akademii arkhitektury ISSR, 1954. 555 P. (MI-RA 8:2) (Building) (Wages) ALIPAROVICII. Saman ZinovIyevich, kandidat takhnichaskikh nauk; CHICHIK. Aron Abramovtch. kardidat t,ganichaskikh aauk, dotsent; SHVIDINK0. Talentin Iosifovich, kandidat takhnichaskikh na dotsent; SINIKOVSKIY, Vollf Moisayev~qh, inzhener; SHC=OV, A.N., vedushchiy re R8'r;'VI-T- dbtek. 'M'.te khni cbe ski y radaktor rArecting buildings of precatit reinforced concrete] Montazh zdanii Iz sbornvkh zhelezobetonnylCi konstruktaii. Kiev, Gos. izd-vo tekhn. lit-r.V USSR, 1956. 246 p. (MLRA 10:2) (Precast concrete consruction) t t t .~; i f i , , , V Y A. h IL USSR/Uedicine Veterinary FD-1286 Card 1/1 Pub 137-6/2o Author Shelkovyy, G, T. Aspirant Title On the question of treatment of animals infected with hoof-and-mouth disease Periodical : Veterinariya, 8, 29-32, A19 1954 Abstract : Experience has shown that better results may be obtained when combinative therapy is used in the treatment of cattle infected with hoof-and-mouth disease. Local treatment alone produces no desired results. The combina- tive therapy recommended consists of subcutaneous injection of 200g of serum from reconvalescenta the first day of treatment and lOcc of 20% solution of coffeine natr, benz. the first and second day of treatment. On '.he second, third, and fourth day 59 of potassium iodide should be given per os each day. Qi the second and the third day of treatment 10-15 1 of 1% solution of bicarbonite of soda would be administered per rectum twice a day. A 1.1i% solution of copper sulfate, Vishnevskiy's liniment, and combinative ointment should be used for local application. Tables. Institution All-Union Institute of Exlerimental Veterinary Science Submitted SHSLKOVYY,G.T. Affect of induced sleep on the course of foot-and-mouth disease In guinea pigs. Zhur.mikrobiol.epid. I immun. 28 no.9:66-67 S 157. (MIRA 10:121) 1. 1z Stalinskoy oblastnoy veterinarno-baktoriolo~,,icheakoy labors- torii. OFOW AND MOUTH DISFASIC, experimental, eff. of medication sleep ther. in guinea pigs (Rus)) (ST-RE , effects, on exper. foot & mouth dis. in guinea Digs, medication sleep ther. (Ras)) A. F nc, I RA 18 ACC INR: ;,p?00-130? -(IV) OURCE CODE UP/0080/67/040/001/0204/0 2o6 AUTHOR: Klirranko, I. B. Podlesskaya, N. 'K.; Sheikunov, N. G. ORG: Leni-grad institute of Textile and Light Indust2rr imeni S. M. Kirov (Lenin- gradskiy instuitut tekstil'no-i i legkoy promyshlennosti) TITLE: Infrared spectra of polyvinyll LlCohoi modified with di;nFithy1dich-lorosilane SOURCE: Zhurnal prikladnoy khimii, v. 40, no. 1, 196?, 204-206 TOPIC TAGS: polyvinyl alcohol, IR sDcctrum,, silane ABST.RACT '. An attei7pt was made to eluc-*.da-Le the mechanism of interaction of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) with organosilicon comoounds by IR spectroscopy on PVA fiLms 14-16 ~i thick treated with dinethy1dichloros -ilane. The SD(3c'klra were recorded with an N-800 I sroctrophotometer in -the ?50-4000 cm-1 ran,-e. The absorption bands obtained are shown to be due to the presence of silicon in the films: the 803 cm-1 band corrosDonds to unsy-i:netrical stretchin- vibrations of Si-C in the Si-CH3 grOUD and the 124~ cm-1 band corresponds to symmetrical defor-mation vibrations of CH3 in the Si-Clt group. Of greatest interest is the 1000-1090 cm-~'range, which contains bands corresDonding to the Si-O-C and Si-O-Si vibrations. Tho oresence of the 1010 cirl absorntion band in the sDectrwm of PVA modified with dimeth~ldichlorosilane shows that the'Dolymer is chemically bound to the latter. The interaction takes Dlace via the hydroxyl groups of PVA with the formation of the Si-0-C ether bond. Similar results wore obtained Card 1/2 UDC: -543.422-16?8.?44 ACC NR: AP?00?80? by trea"MIc- PIA with a 10% solution of dimethyldicl,-lorosilane in decane. Authors am deeply grateful to L. V. Smirnov for discussing the results. Orig. art. has: 3 figures and 1 table. SUB CODES 07/ SUM DATE: 25May66/ ORIG REF: 009/ ON REFS 006 Card 2/2 MOROV, V.I., k-andidat takhaicheskikh *auk; SHVITS, I.T., dektor tekhjkichemkikh nauk; SHM IKKMO, N.N., iaxhazer. Investigation of temperature distribution In several types of turbine rotors in connection with nometationary heat exchange. Teploenergetika 2 no.11:27-31 N 155. (KIRA 9:1) 1.Iastitut teploonergatiki Akademii sauk USSR. (Turbises) (Hent-Transmission) MAMI&E, S.M.; SAVITUKAYA, Ye.M.; BRUNS, B.F.: SIIIITSYUA, Z.T.; SHELIXNBkMG, N. if. ......... Producing streptomycin sulfate by an ion-exchange method involving mothanol. Med.prom. 12 no-1:39-42 Js 158. (MIRA 11:2) 1. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy inatitut antibiotikov. (STH&ITOKYGIN) (MITHAROL) SAVITSKAYA, Ye.M.; SMIJWUG, N.V.; SIR OV, D.I.; SALDADZE, K.M.; PASffOY, A.B., BRUMS, Use Of tyPe KU-2 cationites for the decalcification of strepto- mycin solutions. Med.prom. 14 no.4:13-17 Ap 160. (MIRA 13:6) 1. Vaesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovatellskiv institut antiblotikov. (ION RXCHAITGE) (smm3TOMYCIN) )EAKHONTOVA, L.F.; BRUNS, B.P.; CHMULAM, A, Yu.S.; SHELLENBERG, N.N.; VAKULENKO, N.A.; KOVARDYKUTA, S.N. - Choice of the optimal cationite in producing streptmycin by means of ion-exchange sorptioij; Med. prom. 15 no.1:21-29 Ja 161. (WA 14: 1) 1. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovatel'skiy institut antibiotikav. (STRMO14YCIN) (ION EXCUNGE) SAUTSKAYA, Ye.M.; SI-TjIZNDj-jQ-, N.N.- LIBINSON, G.S.; BRUZ, B,P.; KOLYGINA, T.S.; DRUZHINDLA, Ye.11. Method for isolating crystalline 6-aminopenicillanic acid from culture fluids obtained during the fermentation of the mriicro- organism, Penicillium chrysogenum, without a precursor. Antibiotiki 7 no.5:434-437 MY 162. (M!R,~ .15:4) 1. Vsesoyuznyj, nauchno-issJcdovA,--lIskiy institut antiblotirk-ov. (PENIGILLANIC ACID) (PEI!IC1LLILQ!,) SAVI,rSK='. LIBIN.,011, G.S.; BRUNS, B.P.; KOLYGII~IA, '11.3. Ion exchanEe method of isolating crystalline 6--a.7-inopenic-i-l-larde acid from the products of the fermentative hydrolysis of penicillin. Antibiotiki 7 no.5:437-"10 My 62. (1,!I,-,A 15: 4) 1. Vsesoyuznyf nauchno-issledovatel'slAy institut antibiotikov. (PENICILLIN) (PENICILLAI;lC AGID) (ION -!-'XC'IAI:G-r,' IC-3INS) BRUIN'St B.P.; SAVITSKAYA, Ye.M.; LIBIN'SEV, G.S.; KOLYGINA, T.S.; DRUVIII111111iA, Ye.N. Physicochemicall properties cf 6-a-ancDenicillanic ac-*d - titzatior- curves and its solubility. Antibiotiid 7 no-5:41,0-4-1.2 IMY 162. (KI RA 15: 4) 1. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut antibiotikov. (PE1,ICILUNIC ACID) --- --N YAYdIOT.ITCVA,, L.F.; BRUITS, B.P.; CHEKULAYEVA, Yu.S.; SIELLENBERG N .; VAME110, N.A.; KM11DYKOVA, S.N. Production of highly purified streptomycin sulfate by means of carboxycation exchange resins. :led. prom. 15 no.6:26-32 ic 61. (MIRk 15:3) 1. Vsesoyuzny-j muclino-i.,;sledovatellskiy institut antibiotikov. (STM~iyrouym) (ION" i"XMIZE Imsils) L ACC '.R: P6015324 A/) SOURCE CODE: UR/0410/65/000/003/0039/0050 AUTHOR: Budyanov, V. P. (Novosibirsk,,-, Filippova N. P. (Novosibirsk); Shelomanov, A. I... (Novosibirsk) ORG: none TrrLE: Measuring the time constant of an object by means of self -tuning models iSOURCE: Avtometriya, no. 3, 1965, 39410 TOPIC TAGS: self adaptive control, time constant, system reliability ABSTRACT: The study involvipp a analysis and experimental verification of a high- speed selftiming niodel systc4lor measuring time constants of objects whose behavior can be described by a linear differential equation of the first order. Recognizing practical deficien- cies of existing systems, the authors evol,re theorems Y' 0d (t1) ~' Y'obj (t 1) and t2=2tl Here tj is the instant of coefficient equalization and t2 is %te instant when error e=0. The* former theorem indicates that the moment to, at which error derivative e1=0, preceeds mo- ment t1. The cited theorems serve as a basis for the design of two high-speed measuring systems wifit models, whose stability and accuracy do not depend on the form of the input signal. The partial derivative of error in the parameter being tuned need not be calculated. UDC: 62-606 A.A.; SHELCAW, 1-.K.; FARIW)KIY, A.I. Speeding-up the gas chromatographic analysis of multicomponent mixtures. Zav. lab. 31 no.11:1328 165. (m-a-'. 19:1~) 1. Volgodonskoy filial Vsesoyuznogo nauchno-issledovatell--kogo I proyektnogo instituta sinteticheskikh zhirozameniteley. Zlelec t: 0 -1 C;.- th - rel-, IT, -i or s", ic, cc parame t~-rs r~.-' dev-'ces witi, ing~rtial trc-n---duc~rs. irudy Inst. -a,.,-,orr. -~lek*romelx. S' AN S-~Sh no.10:1:6-tA FEDOROV, V.I.; SHVETS3, I.T.-, SHELIMENKO, N.N. On temperature distribution in turbine rotors. Dop.AN URSR no.6: 533-536 '55. (MIBA 9:7) l.Di.vani3r chlen AN UR.SR (for Shvetal).2.Institut teployanargetiki AN URSR. (Impellers)