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L 38FIbL-66 F?;T( L) ACC NR, AR6021043 AU'LuoR: Yezhovp V. TITLE: Analysis of electric circuits I,7r W) SOURCE CODE: UP/0056/66/000/002/ho6VIV67 1. Sheloput, D. V. lo sTe-s-d-e-te r'min ed by- the conditions for matching scouatic and SOURCE: Ref zh.Fiz, Abs. 21454 REF SObRCE: Sb. Elektroosazhd. met. I ul'trazvuk. mikrodefektoskopiya kristallov. Novosibirsk, 1965, 123-136 TOPIC TAGS: ultrasonic equipment, electroacoustics, piezoelectric transducer, coupling circuit ABSTRACT: A general analysis is presented of the operation of the radiating and receiving converters in an ultrasonic line circuit. Also considered are the losses .Lntroduced and the conversion losses due to mismatch between the input and the output! of the acoustic and electric circuits. A formula is obtained to determine the genered losses in the ultrasonic circuit and Its application to the case of connection of piezoelectric converters without and with tank circuits is considered. The results of measurements of the transfer coefficient agree within � I db with the theoretical curves. V. B. [Translation of abstract] SUB CODE: 20 C.,d 1/1 L 38845-66 EWF(j)/r1JFF(1)/EVf (r1)/T/F7,4F(w)'TIjF(c) &\0qv/WW ACC NRs AR6021042 SOURCE CODE: UR/0O58/66/0OO/O02/HD64/HD64 AUT11OR: Yezhov, V. I.; SheLo2ut, D. V. 11 TITLE: Calculation of the reflection coefficient of acoustic waves from the boundary between a sample and an intermediate-li7y-er Ref zh,.Fiz, Abs. 2H428 REF SOURCE: Sb, Flektroosazhd. met. i u:.'trazvuk. mikrodefektoskopiya kristallov. Novosibirsk, 1965 141-145 A2 F 6 V TOPIC TAGS:A acoustic reflection, transition element, sound transmission, ultrasor wave, circuit delay line, epoxy plastic/ ED-5 resin i ABSTRACT: The necessity is noted of lowering the reflection coefficient from a iran-1 sition layer in order to broaden the transmission band of ultrasonic delay lines. In! view of the tact that it is extremely difficult to produce a q~uater-wave layer, the attempt is usually made to lower the reflection coefficien~by reducing th thi knessi of the transition layer. An experiment is made with filmsl f epoxy resiz4 20 - 40 Mcs has shown that the transmission coefficient at the- lower frequency drops 10% when the layer thickness is increased 6 fold (from 0-5 to 3 p), whereas at 4o mes it decreases by 30',OV. Yu. B. [Translation of abstract] SUB CODE: 20 Card I SHI~ ~j-)! ;,( ,..;r1. !, P 7 Z! - - r ,., t..... , , ' tile M~(,P,'Iwup~-Ing Plarit "-, , 11 , r, Lr - I ' t7 hinest-rci-nia I'l . ",i Gong--3.3 cl the GPSU). I... - Mr 10,5. (MIRA SHELOWCV, V. V. Dissertation: IIr.,n InVestigation of the Ind-astrial Exploitation of 'Kiviylil Oil-Shale Distilling Tunnel Furnaces." Cand Tech Sci, Moscow Inst of Chemical Machine MIding, 24 Jun 54. (Vachernyaya Moskva, MoBcow, 15 Jun 54) SO: SUM 318, 23 Dec 1954 -SFELCTTf2V, V. : 'Er-SH-FINT, 9. Semidoking of hot shale in tunnel furnacomp,, P. 41 (Trudy) No. 21 1956, Fqtonia - M, TI-Lv 7,.q)7.X CF EV7- Vr~, 'T')-c! 'Tr. 1, JA~T. 21)9;11 - VOL. 7, - . .0': A; -- - ~ I -k-1. . - ~ .. I (T7, AT) 117. M LOUMOV, V.V.; EFSHTEYN, S.L. Studying the effect of the upper limit of coarseness of industrial shale on the semicoking pro,;ess In "Kivi7li" tunnel ovens. Trudy VNIIPS no.5:189-196 156. (RUIA 10:5) (011 shales) . ......... L Z L fV -,I r u -~u I J, t'l Old 11 1 T I r I j Ij A -,4y it . ~4 W,J -Is frc -Jq -1-g ja :d A A.;- 11I AAA lliTR 4 a."Ild ',L~YKOVY V.1'.. kand.tekhn.nauk; 611ELOUMOV, V.V., kand.tekhn.nauk, dotsent Theory of the thprmal operating conditions of a tunnel oven for semicoking. Trudy 14IKHM vol.16:37-53 158. (MIRA 14:7) (Furnaces, Heat treating) SHELOUMOV) V.V. Selecting the quality of shale for shale oil gas producers. Khim. i tekh. gor. slan. i prod. ikh perer. no.9:79-90 160. (MA 15:6) (Gai3 producers) (Oil shales) SHELOUMOVP V.V. Using the heat from shale semicoke. Khim. i tekh. gor. slan. i prod. ikh perer. no.901-98 160. (MIRA 15:6) (Oil-shale industry-Equipment and supplies) SHELOUMOV, V.V.; VALLANDEH, B.V. Qualitative characteristics of the sediments of tunnel furnaces for shale distillation. Khim. i tekh. gar. slan. i prod. ikh perer. no.9:9~---106 160. (KRA 15:6) (Oil-shale industry--Equipment and supplies) 'j~,- 1,C)UI-IOV V.V. ; ~jp.TS 1j,, EERG, .(J. rKal berg, A. 1; K'.'Vll-IAA Kh.M. [Kivimaa, it. L Preparing oil shRIP tar for distillation. ?-n _4 m . e 0 r slan. i prod. ikh perer. no.10:174-19() 162. (MIRA 17 - 5) ~ i Ju. .Na ru I -;-'I,; ~ii- v.,/. , I -I jiiT. . ".h. -1 . . I I :n-iestigftt-'n.7 1~he operqtirn c;!' a unlt. for remov-i,,lg phemils fn)-ni t~xr wat,~-3 ot* thick Klv,.61i Combine. Khim.. i tekh. gor. 3jan. -, prod. ikh, P~1-7-ar. nc~.10:217-12.27 162. (MIRA 1?:5) 5HEIII)UMOV) V.V.; RATMAN, O.V. Analyzing the operation of the condensation systems of gas-generator stations. Khilm. i tekh. gor. slan. i prod. ikb perer. no.11; 148-155 162. (MIRA 17:3) SHELOUICV, V.V.; KIVIMAA, Kh.M. (Kivimaa, H.] Centrifugation of heavy shale tars. Khim. i tekh. gor. slan. i prod. ikh perer. no.11:220-229 162. (MIRA 17:3) KNIMSSED Iju. '~ SHELCMILVP V.V,,- "AYA11YE, E,L.; ~ETSIK, RJ' ~ KIVIIW,, Kh.M. ,KIvimaa:- -Tr--T,- --*-- r S, I Certain possibilities of increasing water soluble ph-nol resources. KhIm. i tekh. gor. slan. I prod. ikh perrer. no.1112 0-235 162. (NMIPA 17s3) "0 "1 -1A)k 1 -a.~, for the synthes-'s of i a prod. ikh perer no.'3; (M---?A 18.9') KVJIMAA, Kh.M. (K-'vimaa, H.]; SuLpTy L _j_ V.V. Distribution of water-soluble phenols in the system shale tar - wash water. Khim. i tekh. gor. slan. I prod. ikh perer no.13i213_216 164. Recovery of water-soluble phenols from shale tar with the washing method. Ibid.:217-.228 (MIRA 18:9) 1ww 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 do / 0 0 !000md 0 do 0 0 0 0 t 0 0 04 0 0 ~# 00.2 dodo AW so a raft & - 'a ---- 00 0 41 000 it :0 0 0 0 0 -zt 00 Ise 'a too 0 -p-- 0 x.4 4b* 46 460 280 400 6o0 W W 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 - - - - - - 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4) 0 0 4 0 4 0 6 0 a & 4 0 a 0 *Iw- tj u m IS m 11 a 2, 5- Aa 1, A., A mo to a at A JL I 00 t to a f4um of emboaaaceclum; atuaftim for & =&St r rams. A A . Slat"q~gj"'d R. Wakittat, - 135 4-5 I-SM 1935A tk 00 a . % t. S". M . met . In its devrIt,pumit Awtabdcw utifiscs rtw)% act-rclium and 00 ARM. N. N 6 tot fixed below Pao 6. The prtsence of o* As,'106"kr in 01.1 ruot Wur of angaige gives an inctramell vield. hot AcklifiAstinn of the medium rv,ult froM the ,Wth of malse aops N fimtion. C. A. gyt . .3 00 j 00 V 00 a III.SLA 99TALLU*CICAL I.IfESIATURE CLASSIFICaTiOu too". idnove -d IsIdj 11 a.- aft U IN AV 00 AS * I a- I -T-TzI filial OW a.. It, on on it ft -, A, I ; a, ,, g, .11 A S a Od 0 9 a at 24 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 09 0 .41 0' V: 40 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 * 0 a 0 0 0 : 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 e * - 0 ei 0 -00 =00 1516 a z*9 zo 0 MOO moo X4 . - ...c. - - - , . -,, n I- , - - - -;- -, - :: r" : "-*, -, - ., ~ - - .- It - . , . : . , __Izz - . , - - - , , - , - - - , ~--* - -7 - - ::~, ~-- --' - , - , ". -, z - ~ - _ I ~. I , , .7- - - - - - - - If I --e , , - - - - - --: -7 - - - . . - - - I . - . - - , - .- -. ~C--. 00000,00 60000041--o 0o0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o o o o 0 0 0 *!* 41 0 0 0 * 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o Our T~. L i v u m 15 k v il Y, 'K P 43 A P C 0 CF 6 $6 A L 0 P, a I vv 7% 00 :Ix H, p 00 00 00 v 00 -jaql!a 1,Ipj 411, _11 1,1 0 : Ir M) IMM11V in IqatA a I I majwj pns..p -1 0 -"AvJ,qm v p. -' I p~ 00 so Asilulm iftasull-,.4 qj tillm a,pj, 00 P- JI'll 1111411 lAIIJT .1tj sr r '11-tistvjullit. Fy. 01('If*9'4.;*,,)~.(30?~,Iit,,,,)I- 00 in aql 00 0,00, vv 0 0 0 o o 0 SHZIOUMOVA, A.M., kandidat biologicheakikh nauk. Effect of granular superphosphate on the increase of Azotobacter in soil. Trudy Vses.Inst.sel'kh-cz.mikrobiol. 13:141-151 '53. (Azotobacter) (Phosphates) MRA 8.-l) Z' C, V ~::F~ cl on S/7 6 1- 0 Ile JD - (3 - USSR/ Geology - Archaeology Card 1/1 t Pub. 124 - 33/45 Autbors : Shelov, D. B., Cand. of Histor. So. Title t Jkt the Material culture History Institute Periodical 3 Vest, AN SSSR 2, 93-94t. Feb 1955 Abstract t A joint report is presented by the Soviet-Bulgarian archaeological expeditionort their findings in Bulgaria and Rimania- Institution I .......... Sub.-nitted I .......... 25-12-34/39 AUTHOR: Shelov, D.B., Candidate of Historical Sciences, Head of the LrYwqr-~--D_o_n__Z_xpedi ti on TITLE: Ancient City Tanais (Drevniy gorod Tanais) PERIODICAL; Nauka i Zhiznl, 1957, # 12, PP 57-58 (USSR) ABSTRACT: More than 2,000 years ago, at the river Tanais a tributary of the river Don, there was a town of the same name. This town was founded by the Greeks during the 4th century B.C.. Greek and Roman geographers reported Tanais as a large trading center. The town existed for seven centuries, and was complete- ly destroyed in the 4th century A.D. In 1955t the Institute of the History of Material Culture of the USSR Academy of t3ciences (Institut istorii materiallnoy kulltury Akademii nauk SSSR) in conjunction with the Rostov and Taganrog museums conducted excavations, which enabled to reconstruct the lay- out of the ancient town. Unearthed were numerous household utensils and other objects, witnesses of an ancient culture. There are 3 photographs and 1 drawing. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 1/1 SOV/30 -59-4 -- 4/5'. AUTHOR: Shelcv, D. B. i,ITLE. News- in Br-Lef (Kratki-ye soobshchenfya).. The Se~:-;nd Corferen-:!e ,g4.qtS 'If the Socialist Cc-ntri es (Vtcr~,ya k-n - of Archeolc ferentsiya uchenykh-antikovedov PERIODICAL., Vestnik Akademii nauk ESSR, 19592 Nr 41 PE 103-104 ~~USSR) ABSTRACT: The Secorid Conferen~,e took place In Erfur'., (GDR~ bptw,;qr. D-cem-- ber ',6th anti T)-iember '9th, 1958 and the First Conference had b ee ii h 41 d-Ublice '*Czechoslovakia) in Apri.'. '957 (Ref 1), The Serond Ccnference had been organized by the CLmmlltzee for Promotion 'of the Reseaxch of Anticlufties in the Sor;ialist Countries. Scientists from the GDJL9 Albarda, Bulgaria, Hungary, Polaz~d, Rumania, 'the U3SR and Czechoslovakia took part ir the I Ic Conf arenc e. 3 2 reports were he Id or, the 3 f ol' cw'L9 t P-' -S w- 1,? s,absequent discu4sior.: Homer and the Mycenaean world, Roman- poetry in the age of Augustus, the northern part of the Black Sea in Antiquity. V. 0-ra:iyev (Bulgaxia), A. Bartone-k (Czecho- slovakia) and G. A- Stc)1.1 .GDR) spoke about the first topi(-.. Comments of individual passages of the works of Horace, Vergil. and Ovid covered the main part of the reports on the second Cq,rd 1/2 toric. In connection with the third topic the reports by the SOV/30-59-4-16/51 'dews in Brief. The Second Conference of Archeologists of the Socialist Countries following scientists are mentioned: L. Mtusta.$ L. Vidman (Czechoslovakia), M. Plezia (Poland), G. I. Drezner, K Treu (GDR), and D. Pippidi (Rumania). K_ Kichiovsk-I lad A. badur- ska 'Poland) reported on results of archeological research in tne region of the Black Sea, achieved by the Russo-Polish expedition on the Crimea. in the years 1956-1957. R. Heiden- - reich (GDR) reported on the Bulgaro-German excavations of the Roman fortress and settlement of Byzantine times near Krivin in Bulgaria. Further, reports by S. Mikhaylov (Bulgaria) and 7. condu~rachi 'Rumania) are mentioned. N. I. Sokollskiy (USSR) reported on 'Ithe Relations of the Antique States and Tribes of the Northern Part of the Black Sea". I. T. Kruglikova (USSR) spoke about 'the results of her investigations of the villages of the Bosporus State of the third ~;entury. D. B. Shelov (USSR) dealt with the role of t'ne Hellenic and barbarian elements in the population and civil:- zation of the town of Tanais (on the basis of new archeological material collected in an expedition iind- his direction). The report by the Albanian archeologist Islami ca joint Albano-Soviet excavations of the antique Card 2/2 town of kpolloniya was read and illustrated by a film. There is I Soviet reference. GANAGO, F.M,qkanJ. med. nauk~ Frmima--i u--nastiyo- ALEKSEYEVA, R.M., v-rar-h i.Sverd.-Iwrak),~ AYZEN.5HTEYN, B.S., wac-h (Sverdlovsk); BABINOVA, r,.D., -.rra.I--h BOROVITSKAY-A, L.M., vrach (Sverdlovsk)- VARGAN07A M.V,,, 7Ta-Ih (8v*rdI*vsk'" KOPYLOVA K.P., vra::h i.sverdlovak,; SOKOLOVA O.V., vTech (Sverdlovsk); SHEVTSOVA., R.P., v-ra,,..h iSverdlcrvsk~,-, 4HZLOKOVAY, 10MO, vrach (Sverdlovsk)- BYKHOVSKAYA, M.A., vra.--h IRevda),~ BELYAYEVA9 N.Ya., vrach ~Magni,.--gors~-),,~ KRUGLOVA, N.A., vm--h (Kurgan'j~ NIKIFOROVA, F.N.. vra,h (Hurganll- MITINA, D.A., vrach (Asbest); PORKHOVNIKOVA., E.D.,-i--a n U-)9' PONC14AREVA, N.I., Y-ra-~h (.0--enburg); RASSOSHNY.KH, CF.F., irm-n SAZANOVA, V.V., vra~~h (Izhevsk) Chemoprophylaxis of in --hi-i4raft and ado--'5s-~en-:5 in fo,4 of t-aberculaus --n. Pr,-b--, 74,ib. 42 no.lsE-11 (MIRA 17.-8) 1. Detskoye ctdeIeniy-t F.M. Ganagz,j g-~-erJ!.,,-VSk,)go insti- tu-ta tuberku' za (dir. prof~ !.A, Shakl:q-' J-6 ---n) Ganago~. 5 (2) AUTHORS: Yudelevich, I. G., SOV/32-25-6-21/44 Sosnovskaya, T. I., Bortnik, L. S. TITLE: Spectrographic Control of the Production Process of Rare Metals PERIODICAL: Zavodskaya laboratoriya, 1959, Vol 25, Nr 8, PP 959 - 961 (USSR) ABSTRACT: To control the extraction of rare elements from semi-finished products and wastes of the lead-zinc production, a spectro- graphic determination method has been developed for In, Tl, and Te in the semi-finished products, and for the determination of the impurities in metallic TI, Te, and Se. The determinable concentrations are for powder 0.001 - 20% and for solutions 8 - 300 mg/l. For lower concentrations (0.001_- 0.5%) an are PS-39 is used, at higher concentrations (C.5 20%) a spark IG-2. A "fulgurator" is used for the analysis of solutions (Ref 1). The articli~ contains a description of the working con- ditions with the ar.- and with the spark. The simultaneous de- termination of In and Tl in lead dust and lead products was partly effected according to the method reference 2. The ar- Card 1/2 ticle contains the conditions of analysis for the final deter- Spectrographic Control of the Product'lon Prccess of S07/32-2~-5-21/44 Rare Metals mination (Table). N. T. Alontseva developed the method for the determination of Na and other impurities. It was effected ac- cording to reference 4 with a for Na relative accuracy of + 100. The determination methcd for Se and Te was developed in cc7lia- boration with V. N. Vardugina and occurred under conditions differing from the above. A method for the determination of Fe, Te, and As in Se was also developed at which an are PS-39 was used. There are I table and 4 So-iiet references. ASSOCIATION: Vsesoyuznyy nauchnci-issledovatellskiy gorno-metallurgicheskiy institut tsvetnykh metallov (All-Union Scientific Mining-metal- lurgical Research ':nat`LtiitP of Non-ferrous Metals) Card 2/2 S/137/62VOOP/004/197/201 A154/A101 AUTHOBS: 'Judelevich, I. G., 3helpa:fova, I. R., Polatbekov, F, A., Sosnovskaya, T. i. TITLE: Spectrographic determinatlon of arsenic in sem1products of rare metal metallurgy FE2IODICAL: Heferativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, no. 11, 1962, 11 - 12, abstract 4K70 ("Metallurg. I khim. prom-st' Kazakhstana. Nauchno-tekhn. sb.", 1961, no. 3 (13), 77 - 81) - EEC. Spectrographic methods of determining As In powdered test samples and,technologicai solutions are propozed. Small and medium contents of As (0.02 8,~,') in powders aie determined simultaneously with Te by the arc method of excit- ing the spectrum; the test sample Is introduced into the discharge out of a car- bon electrode's crater. Charcoal powder containing comparison element Bi (5%) is used as a spectrographic buffer. Mean relative reproducibility error - 5 - 6%. Determination of high concentrations of As (5 - 15%) in In products is carried- out by the spark method of spectrum excitation. Test sample Is briquetted to- Qard 1/2 0/ ~' -J'7/-'- 2/COQ/()0,V197/201 Spectrographic determination (-,f... A 154/~-. !0 1 geti-er. with cripper powder. Analytical pair of lines used for analyzing tech- U :iOlUtlons is Ao 2,349.84 ~Qi - Cr 2,408.062 ~. Cr is introduced in the fonm ov 1114,1, 20,( aqueouG DI. -.,an be used as tho Internal standard. Spec- ~ra of weak alkaline and sulfide solutions are excited in the arc of a 3 - 4 amp. L. alternatin- curvent. Electric current used in the analyses of strong alkaline solutions with a lo-,..; concentration of Au must be 9 - 10 amp. Changes in the con- tent of Pb, Sb, Sn and Zn have no effect on the results of determining As. Average relative error in the analyses of solutions containing As in an amount of .0.5 - 40 g/l is �5 - 8%. L. Voroblyeva [Abstracter's note; Complete translation] Card 2/2 3/075/62/017/002/'001/004 S3ectroscooic determination of ... B107/B138 .tbsorbin,- power of carbon electrodes was improved by heating them -for ~D sec with 10:1-A. C. An investigation with labeled atoms revealed that In ind To are kept in place by capillary forces only, whereas Tl is selec- tively adsorbed by the carbon. 20 min are sufficient for electrode satu-, ration. A, 100 g1l sodium or potassium salt concentration (chloride, nitrate, sulfate, carbonate) lowers the arc temnoerature and the contimcus~ backfE;round. An increase in the content of H so used to acidulate the i 2 41 solutions, produces a parallel disDlacement of calibration curves in the A S - log C dia~;ram. This displacement is probably explained by the in- Oreased formation of sulfates of tqe elements to be determined. Lithium, bismuth, and chromium served as the internal ~,tandard. The following Line! -airs ire in question for indium and thallium: In 32506.09 - Li 3232.62, TI 2767-64 - Li 3252.61; or Tl 2767.84 - Bi 2809.6-~, In 4511.32 - Li 4602.86; or In 4511.52 - Cs 4593-18; TI 5350-406 - Li 4602.86; or Ti 5550-46 - Cs 4593-16; for tellurium and arsenic: Te 2385-76 - Cr 2406.62, As 2349-84 - Cr 2408-6.2, Te 2565.76 - Bi 2400.889 As 2349-84 -1 Bi 2400-88. The mean arithmetic Etrror-is less than 10 % (relative). T. 1. Sosnovskaye, Ye. M. Avu' eykd"L avo F. K. Iffiamidulina participated in the investigation. There are 5 f:-gures, 1 tabyel'and Soviet references., Card 2/3 S/075/62/017/002/001/004 Spectroscopic determination of ... B107/B138 ASSOCIATION: Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-i;3sledovatelfskiy institut tevetnykh metallov, Ust'-Kamenot?orsk (All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals, Ust'-Kamenagorsk) SUBMITTED: March 24, 1961 Card 313 I/ -1- SHE Spoct'rographic of selenium in the producte of 31,.imr,- processIng. Zhur. anal. jrh1m. 18 no.5.,6134-638 Mr'63. (MIPA 17,,2) Vs~-5(,~~nlznT( nauchno-Issledovatel'skiy gornometallurgJLches-kiy 4nst-itut tsvr~~.-vr~~, e 0 0 8 2 -66 ;~-7 (m) t) /ET! LJFI'C) L ACC NR, AT6ol3544 (A) SOURCE CODE: uR/oooo/65/000/000/011-1/0114 r- (' ~AUTHOR: Yudelevich, I. G.,- Shel akova, I. R.; Avsevko, Ye. M.; Minskaya, L. N 'Larina, L. k.; Chalkova, _La.; Sosnovskaya, T. T.; Zaks, I. V.; Khamidulina, F. K. ORG: None TITLE: Spectrographic determination of trace elements in the raw materials and intermediate products of the rare metals industry tSOURCE: Ural'skoye soveshchaniy~_pos -Xkrqr 4th, Sverdlovsk, 1963. Materialy. -pe Appi.i 'Moscow, Izd-vo Metallurgiya, 1965, 111-114 TOPIC TAGS: spectrum determination, zinc, lead, indium, thallium, germanium, selenium, tellurium, spectrographic analysis -7 ,;ABSTRACT: A nuinber of new methods are described for determination of indium, thalli-am, "7,lgermanium, Velenium- and tellurium In intermediate products of the lead-Ei-dzinc industry. Germanium is spectrographically determined by injection of powder specimens into an a-c arc discharge. The spectroi3copic buffer for determination of more than .0.001% Ge is carbon powder containing 5% Bi(N03)3 as an internal standard. The ,analytical line pair is Ge 269-13 mp-Bi 280.96 mv. For determining higher concen- ~trations of germanium (above 0.1%), use is made of the Ge 258.91 mp-Bi 280.96 mu or Ge 274-04 mp-Bi 280.96 mp line. A buffer consisting of a mixture of quartz and sulfur Card 1/2 34F82-66 ACC NRt AT601 -i'-))I It 0 was used for determining traces of germaaium of the order of 1 part in 100,000 in slag luld Thr. ";('Iisitivity of germantuin determination with respect to tile Ge 303.90 Irio line i,- 10-h% In thii; case with a relative error of about 15%. Commercial solution ,are analyzed by electrode saturation. The relative mean square error is 9% with this method. Indium, thallixun, gallium, tuid germanium are simultalieOusly determined by pouring the solutions to be analyzed into a socket in a special copper electrode and then drying the electrode so that the solution adheres to the surface. The advantage of this method over the saturation of carbon electrodes lies in the possibility of -using the sensitive long-wave lines located in the region of cyanogen bands: In 410.1 mw, Ga 417.2 mV and T1 377-57 mv. This method gives a relative error of 9%. Methods are discussed for determinatiun of rare E!lements in zinc and lead ores with a sensiti- 'vity of at least 10 -4% using spectrographic analysis with a buffer solution of sodium fluoride. Orig. art. has: 1 figure. ~SUB CODE://,20/ SUBM DATE: o&ju165/ ORIG REF: 005/ OM REF: 000 t Card 2/2 I SHELOMOVA , r.p.) kand. med. nauk; KISLYAKOVA, G.H., kand. ined. nauk Causes of fatal. outcome in znil-.ral commissurotomy. Vest. khir. 92 no.2:87-8P F 164. (MIRA 17:9) 1. Iz gospitallnoy khirurgi(:heskoy kliniki (zav.-prof. A.T. Lidskiy) Sverdlovskogo T-edi%sinskogo instituta (rektor - prof. A.F. Zverev). Adres nvtorov: Sverdlovsk, u1. 8 Marta, 78, gorodskaya klinicheskayn bollnitsa. VAN NAY-YAIII [Wang Nai-yen); VIZI, I.; YEFIMOV, V.N.; KARZHAVINA, E.N.; KIM, P.1 SAN; POPOV, A.B.; PIKEL'NER, L.B.; PSHITULA, M.I.; STADNIKOV, T.; CHEN LIN-YAN'; CHARAPOV, E.I.; SHELONTSEV ' I.I.; SHIRIKOVA, N.Yu.: YAZVITSKIY, Yu.S.-,, Neutron resonances in RhX3. Zhur. eksp. i teor. fiz. 45 no.6:1743-1753 D 163. 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Zavedu3rashchiy lzrolikovodcha- skoy fermoy kolkhoza 'Tul'turnyy put'," Bogotol'skogo rayona Kragnoyarsko o kraya (f,.-)r Olin). &bbits) j -.1. p,:k; L.A. t 7,cientific Rc~e--,rch Ixt:Lt ~Lu )f I Ti-tio fr)-. f tl,.-, C--w Pars,,-in L 11,21 i' r P By-, -1 i:,f 11. -i. S . k.--. Kra-j-, Scvera, 1-957, N ~ 3, 11-12 Abstract A tec'n-tique f~-I- and focdi-.-~ sila:,e fr=. the "caves -)f t1no c w ti-ic caloric val-~e :)f Vniah is 00 -'21 t-- rrepared fr-..:-. cab'17,e leaves, is de,~c-rib&.. Tlais sila..-.e ca.-- serve as a so-.--rce ,-.f'-L,~-t feeds for ii- narticular f--.r f )xos 'Lire! t~;'e the Ext---e-e C-i--d L/I 51 ELI pkl A. A