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. L 458@1-66 AC=R; AP6030582 SOURCE CODE: UR/0413/66/000/016/0064/0065 Milyakh, A. N.; Shidlovskiy, L K. ne Converter of single-phase to three-phase current. Izobreteniya, promyshlennyye obraztsy, tovarnyye znaki, TOPIC TAGS: current converter, single phase current, three phase current ABSTRACT: The proposed converter of single-phase to three-phase current in Fig. 1 is in the form of a transformer with single-phase and three-phase current windings which produce a rotating magnetic field. To obtain a symmetrical output voltage with a symmetrical layout of phase windings having an equal quantity of loops, the axis of the single-phase winding is shifted 90 electrical degrees in relation to the axis of one of the phases of the three-phase winding. A resistance whose value is equal to that of the reciprocal induction between the rotor winding and the corresponding phase winding of the stator (their axes being coincident) is connected in each phase of the three-phase winding. The single-phase winding is L 45831-66 2 At R. AP603066 connected between the power line and the terminal of one of the phases of the three-phase winding. In a second variant, the proposed converter is equipped with a second single-phase winding whose axis is shifted 90 electrical degrees in rela- tion to the axis of another of the phases of the three-phase winding. It is connecte@ between the power line and the terminal of the second phase of the three-phase winding. A third variant of the converter provides for a switch in the circuit of single-phase windings. A fourth variant provides for equipping'the converter with four single-phase windings. The axes of two of them are shifted 90 electrical degrees to one side, and the axes of the two others are shifted at the same angle but to the opposite side in relation to the axes of the three-phase winding phases with which they are linked. Finally, a fifth variant provides for a saturation choke in the single-phase circuit. Orig. art. has: 1 figure. [Translation] [DW_ Fig. 1. Converter of single-phase into three-phase current. 1 -Three-phase winding; 2-resistances; 3-single- phase winding C.,.d 2 2 SUB CODE: 09/ SUBM DATE: 02Mar62/ SHISHKIN, V.F., tekhnik; SHIDLOVSKIY. A &, --,,-- jnzh. Work practices at the "Krasnogorskaya" coal preparation plant in Kuznetsk Basin. Obag. i brik. ugl. no.6:44-50 '58. (MIRA 12:7) 1.Krasnogorskaya ugleobogatelInaya fabrika, Kuzbass. (Kuznetsk Basin-Coal preparation) 50 i mdi-,ry al li t.1 c rF c t EL Mr 16L. ;kCC NR: AP7001035 SOURCE CODES UR/0371/66/000/003/0093/0c)96 KiLLICHENT70, 0. T., SHIDLOVSK31y, A. Ya. Institut'p, of Givil'Aviatio'n' Engineers.. ns y 00-Me Mistitut in~h-e'ne-ro-v-'~~ra-zfiTan-sk-oy--a-v-IaTsii) "Solution of One Problem in Nonlinear Programm -Riga, Tz-vostiya Akadwii Nauk Lat. SSR, Ser. Fiz i Tekh Nauk, No 3, 66, pp q)-96 ;@bstract: The article presents an approximate mothod for solution of the r,@,oblem of maximization of a nonlinear separable function witIT Un-sided Limitaluions on 'the unknowns and the fixed common lower boundary of the modulus of the difference of the unknowns. The possibility of applying this method to some problems of air traffic. controlclin high-density zones is s4iown. Appropriate data can be storeT in-the 6perativo memory of. a Vral-b" Orig. art. has: I figure and 3 formulas. IJPRS: 38,429 TOPIC MGS., nonlinear programming, air traffic control system, computer Ural-4 computer SUB CODE: 12,17,09 / SUBM DATE: 02Feb66 / ORIG REF,; 010 Card 1/1 SOV/80-59-1-37/44 A T'T'-OTZO Gleyn, V.G., Shelomov, &nd -I-idlovskiy, B.R. T-_i'_L:E: Oil the Processes Leading to Drop Formation During D !isruption of bubbles on the Surface of Liquid - Gas Separation (0 protsessakh, privodyashchikh k generatsii kapell pri razryve puzyTey na po- -vcrkhnosti razde"a zhidkostl-gaz) --EETOEICAL: Zhurnal pril"ladnoy khimii, 1959, Nr 1, pp 218-222 (USSR) The study of phenomena occurring between the liquid and gas phases in tile processes of boiling and bubbling necessitated the consid6ration of the geometry of bubbles in connection with the problems of their stability on the separaticn surface and i-eneration of moisture durin- their bursts. The authors in- U vestigated the phenomenon theoretically and then carried out experiments for determination of the weight of drops in depend- ence on 'the bubble radius. The conclusions drawn are as fol- 1cws: 1. The bubble an the surface, which separates liquid -from gas, consists of two segments, the upper of 7hich car- be approximately considered as a hemisphere; 2. The formation of drops from the surface of liquid can take place only up to a certain critical value of the bubble radius; 3. There are Card 112 definite relations between the kinetic energy of the formed SOV/80-59-1-37/44 On the Procesoes Leading to Drop Formation During Disruption of Bubbles on the Ou@face of Linuid - Gas Separation drops, its mass, the hei,-,ht of its lift, and the radius of the bubble; 4. The formation of drops in alkaline media is ener- -etically less probable than in neutral ones under the same other conditions. There are 4 graphs, 1 set of photos, 1 table, and 5 references, 4 of which are Soviet and 1 English. ASSOCILTION3 11afedra khimii Rostovskogo-na-Donu instituta. inzhenerov zhelez- nodorozhno,go transporta (Chemistry Chair of the Rostov-na--Donu Institute of Railroad Transport Engineers) SUB.'17ITTEDg JulY 19, 1957 Card 2/2 5(4) SOV/80-32-5-20/52 AUTHORS: Gleym, V.G., Shelomov, 1.K., Shidlovskiy,.9.A- TITLE: The Stability of Electrolyte Foam PERIODICAL: Zhurnal prikladnoy khimii, 1959, Vol 32, Nr 5, Pp 1046-1050 (USSR) ABSTRACT: 7. The value of absorption The present article is based on,@R_efs 1, 2 of diluted solutions of electrolytes is based on Gibbst equation in the form proposed by Semenchenko LRef 2J. in the surface-inactive field the stability of films increases in direct proportion with the coefficient of surface tension. A method has been proposed by Shidlovskiy ensuring the generation of a sirgle bubble at the liquid- gas interface at a time. r1rhe apparatus for the method is shown in Figure 1. The mean. time of existence of the bubbles was determined for NaCl, Na2SO4, NaOH, '1_2C03 and MgSO4. The stability of the bubbles increases with the concentration to a vallue of about 500 mg- equ./l. At this point the decrease of the film thickness starts, .L The highest stability which has been established by Deryagin fRef 47. 1 is produced by substances causing an alkaline reaction of the solution, Card 1/2 like..NaOH and Na2CO3' This is explained by the interaction of the The Stability of Electrolyte Foam SOV/80-32-5-20/52 hydroxyl ions with the water molecules. There are: 4 graphs, 2 tables, 1 diagram and 5 Soviet references, ASSOCIATION: Kafedra Ichimii Rostovskogo-na-Dontu instituta inzhenerov zh.-d. trans- porta (Chair of Chemistry of the lbstov-na-lbnu - Institute of Engineers of Railroad Transportation) SUBMITTED: October 7,1957 Card P_/2 GLEYM, V.G., doktor tekhn.nauk; SHEIMM, I.K., inzh.; SHIDIOVSKIT, Bj., inzh. The effect of suspended matter on the sta@,ility of elementary foam and carry-over of moisture. Teploenergetika 7 no.3: 17-20 Mr 160. (NIRA 13:5) 1. Rostovskiy institut inzhenerov zheleznodorozhnoro transporta. (Chemical engineering) (Foam) (Bubbles) Sli!DIA)',,'L,KIY, B. R. C;@nd Chern. Sci -- "Phi., sic ochemic @n 1 t@rooesses on -he surfqce o@@ 4 Avem!e@- S e _.r -r-q. 1117@n T"@ boilinT vid bubbling. " No,.rocherkassV, 1960. in of Higher E d n c @, t i o i i I TS S) .Trr,@ of Ellernentrry OrCR.rdo Compomids) (KL, 1-61, 18,11) _75- GLEYM, V.G.; SHIDLOVSKIY, B.R. .. ..... ---- --- -- . - Conditions for minimum drop entrainment in boiling and bubbling. Zhur.prikl.khim. 35 no.7:1533-1537 JI 162. (MULA 15:8) 1. Kafedra khimii Rostovskogo-na-Donu instituta. inzhenerov zheleznodorozhnogo transporta. (Ebullition) GiEf,l, V.G., pa7of..- L:Ilokftor tekdm. nauk; SlUDLOVSKIY B.R , assistant; VE _ I' OVA @ J . nia"M@7,16CLCVANGVA, T.G., assistant; RlyrjT L.N. kand. khim A DYSKIN@, Ye.G. Iron f:.orrosion in boiler waters with increased alkalinity. Trudy RIIZHT no.28.-120-138 159. (MIRA 16--7) (Boilers-Corrosion) ACOESSIox xR: Ap4oio492 s/oo8o/64/037/001/0 209/0211 AUTHORS: Gleym, V.G.; Shidlovskiy, B.R.; Ryabinina, G.B. TITLE: Elementary foam at elevated pressures soum: Zhurnal prikladnoy khimii, V-37, no.1p 1964, 209-211 TOPIO TAGS: Foam, pressure effect, bubble dimensions, vapor-loss, moisture loss ABSTRAOT: The change in the geometrical dimensions of bubbles with change in pressure is one of the factors in determining the time that' a gas or vapor bubble (the elementary foam unit) exists at the surface of a liquid. Studies at 1 and 7 atmospheres pr6ssures show that the length of time a bubble exists is independent of the pressure, de- creases with decrease in its dimensions, and increases with contami- nation of the solution (colloidal Fe or Or compoAnds); bubble dimen- .sions are an inverse function of the pressure at which they are formed. For air bubbles on a glycerin surface the following relation- :ship exists: r 10.66', where r is the radius of the bubble In PM-0-- P Card KUSHNIR, F.V.; SHIDIDVSKIY, I.A. - '. Exciter for the frequezop-modulated ultrashertwave transmitter. ]Claktrosviazl 10 no.2:22-25 F 156. (MLRA 9:6) (Radio, Shortwave--Transmitters and transmission) s1a,i)LIUV:5@-d I, @* . ; Y_L@_,-@ -L. , V . V , ; F_ V 1,_L , i ,. . @. ;. .1 I'V@11 @@ j,i. -_ I - . .-__ - ; - , - - .- -I -b@P.FPISKIY, V. Ye.; VENET'STANOV, Ye. A.; MOVSESOV, N. S., and BELIBASL, B. A.; "The Case for Exolosion -proof Electrical Equipment in the Oil and Gas Industries." report presented at the All-Union Scientific and Technical Conference on the Electrical Equipment in Buildings and Outside Installations Liable to E-%mlo- sions) 14-19 April 1958, Stalino. (Energet. Byulleten', 1958, No. 7, pp 29-33). 719de-et of stro ;i@ -fleful-aiia elect Velectrocanducti Ity 01 amoilluous select pw- V ta. iOVSKII. uc"nye 4apups M-44; Referal. Zhar., Fiz,10!Z, No. l9fl0k ef- CA. 40.1 9981b.-With th& Aid of,@rj coud. Of chemically pure aruorphou- Se was measured., Measurements wem madc for field strengths (E) 200- 180,000 v./cm. and tculps, -35, -20, 0, 20, and 50'. Specimens had the form of a (flat- with a diam. of 30 mut." unit Ihicku"ies of 0,2-1 mm, SVcific resistatize- (P) jaf! tile. qxcitlielw Am -10`1-1014@01U c1n; In the mmure-; ments the decrease of current was observed with time,I induced by tile reduction of the vol. charjes (high-voltage, polariiatiou). Rju.f. of high voltage polarizationlit"Icen taken into account with 6% accuracy. Thedependenceolp. caled. -according to the current which was set up taking into account the emJ- Of higtl4(JIT38L- potzrizarjon, or accardicig to tile initial current from' @thc field strength, is ex4ressed: well by the formula of Pecukel: -P fiel& ail) to 100-120 kv.fctu.@ Rowe er, the "j,@rhrteritall3r il,,fmcd value of tile coeff.a differs froul thetheomicA), doued. Tusup. ikpcittlence of tile clectrixcijnd.'@carj: tie jepresewed by tile formula &I = a The %York- of diisoizu. of tbe-wrier of t1e,current IT" deer %villi tile increase of L from O.GW to 0.315 cov on m easure- filelits tal-ling Ito accoulit tile of high-voltage polar- ization. Tlierectuctiunof-iti~i,4orkofdissixn.isattributed to the effect of strong flelds which reduce the 7porcutial barriVr and facilitate thti r,-vmw@if of the clectrons froul the: at-t- True r@i@tat:- @if am-phous Se sbould be figured ac=ili.ig to the r@sd4i d m: @tit with Lulea. of tile e.m.f. of; higli-v,,it-ge J. Rovtar-'L-h T_ USSR/Electronics - Conductivity of selenium FD-568 Card 1/1 : Pub. 153 - 8/28 Author : Shidlovskiy, M. K. Title Electrical conductivity of amorphous selenium in strong electrical fields Periodical Zhur tekh. fiz. 24, 837-844, May 1954 Abstract Presents results of measurements an the electrical conductivity of amorphous selenium for field strength from 200 to 180,000 v/cm and at temperatures from - 35 to 500C. Establishes that the dependence of the conductivity, as computed for a steady current taking into account the emf of the hign-voitage poiar.Lzation or for an initial current (for 0.001 sec.), upon the field strength agrees well with the Frankel formula in fields up to 100-120 kc/cm. Thanks Prof. D. N. Nasledov, who proposed this subject and offered advice. 16/,3 --;IlIDLC'/SKIY 1" V- uryz'Lriy Ad-harii (-,Iol.- faurdst. ocherk) .1 1 0 0 ii-t, /ool. in-ta k.,Ukad nauk Gruz, :-,*'-'R) t. TIIIIJ, 1;14@, s. 187-2'@'3-- , ezli-La -c -e n--@, -ruz yaz. - Pibliogr: s. 223- -0: "oris Z11-m-nall, nylih Statey, Lo. 20 '-'oskv-l L,3-' u /.? .. , 10/49 SHIDLOVSKIY, M.V. Rodents of South Ossetia. Trudv Zool.inst. AN Cruz-SM 10:187-222 151. (MLRA 7:7) (Ossetia--Rodentia) (Rodentia,-Ossetia) SHIDIDVSIIY, M.V. The mask-shrev Crocidura russula Herm. among the shrews of Georgia. Trudy Zool inst.AN Gruz.SSR 11:215v228 153. (MLRA 9:7) (Georgia--Shrews) SHIDLOVSKIY,M.V. 1--.v, @- Systematics and occurrence of the dormouse glis glis in Georgia. Trudy Zool.inst.AN Gruz.SSR 13:47-61 '54. (Georgia--Dormouse) (MIBA 8:8) SHIDLOVSKITM.V. r Gerbil family (Rodentia, Gerbilidae) among the rodent fauna of Georgia. Trady Zool.inst.AN Gruz.SSR 13:63-69 154. (Georgia--Gerbils) (W-RA 8:8) SHIDLOVSKIY,M.V. Plan for changing to a preventive system of field rodent control. Trudy probl. i tem.sov. no-5:76-77 155. (MLRA 8:12) 1. Institut zoologii Akademii nauk Gruz.SSR. (Rodent control) SHIDLOVS!j Systematics and distribution of the forest dormouse (Dryomys nitedula Pall) in Georgia. Trudy Inst.zool.All Azerb.SSR 14:249-259 '56. (Georgia@-Dormouse) (NM 9: 9) SHIDIJOVSKIY, M.V- The amll mmmals of Klukthori District. Trudy Inst. zool. AN Gruz. SSR 16:209-224 '58. (MIRA 11:12) (Earacha.vevsk District--Mammle) VEXUA, A. K. - SHIDWVSK.IY, M.V. First finding of pike (Ochotona) in the Paleolithic of the Caucasus, Soob. AN Gruz.SSR 21 no.3:285-288 S '58- (MMA 12:4) 1. AN GruzSSR, InBtitut palsobiologii. Tbilisi. Predstavleno akade- mikom L.Sh. Davitashvili. (Marneuli Digtriet--Pikas, Fossil) 5HIDIDY.9KIY., Mi k Ul-Viae j&!yevJ&h, kand. biol. nawk; KOBAKHIDZE, D.N., red.; hNARIANI, E.A., red. izd-va; TODUA, A.R., tekhn. red. [Classification key of the rodents of Transcaucasia]Opredeli- tell gryzunov Zakavkazlia. Tbilisi, Izd-vo Akad. nauk Gruzin- skoi SSR, 1962. 171 p. (MIR-k 15:11) 1. Institut zoologii Akademii nauk Gruzinskoy SSR (for Shidlovskiy). (Transcaucasia-Rodentia) -1 7V 7 f UM/AcadmW of- Bqlww,@w '7be Nommic Syst4m in the AcadaW of Salawas U38R,m P. G. ShidlovskiY, A pp "Vest Akad Wauk SSSRff No 5 Repcrts 1947 budget for scientific and research flaldg increased It billion rubles over 1946, -a three-fol .Id increase over - 1940. Discusses aiisigmMent of budgiot tc AeadeW of Sciences. Work of Acadmq receives. jwUr- ity vith regard to appropriaticnal nevertheless, Acad- mw =at p-ractice'eemccUr vhIle stInalaUng cleTeil(m- ment of Soviet resources. 54T9- DRAZHIN, Public health system in Bract Province for twnty years. Zdrar. Belor. 6 no.3-.11-13 * 160. (MM 13:5) 1 (BREST PROVIRM-PUBLIC HEALTH) DRAHA, S.V.; SHIDLOVSKIY, P.R. January resoultion of the party and goverment in action. Zdrav. Bel. 7 no.9:12-15 S 161. (MIRA 14:10) 1. Iz Brestskogo oblastnogo otdela zdravookhraneniya (zaveduyushchiy S.V.Drazhin) i Brestskoy oblastnoy bollaitsy (,-,lavnyy vrach - zadluzhennyy vrach BSSR V.G.Tishchenko). (BREST FROVINC,'.;'-FUBLIC HEALTH) PHASE I BCOK EXPLOITATION SOV/3671 kkademlya nauk SSSR Inatitut clektronnykh upravlyayuahchikh manhin T&1rrOVAYa tekhnlka I vychtalltellnyye ustroyatva, [Sborrilk) (Digital Technique and Cozzputittg rvvIce3; Collection mr Article$) vo AN SSSR, 1959. 184 p. Er-rAt& slip Inserted, Mosco. Tzd ; 4,000 copie printed. Corresponding Member. 033R Academy of 3clences, Zd. Bruk N 3. r ubll hing Housai O.Yu. Shtaynbok; Tech. Ed.: V.V. id. ; A P Volkhova. Thla collection of articles Is Intended for persons PURPOSE% @pea., Izing In computer technique. ,L COVERAGE- Most of the work In this first Issue of the Collection Articles of the Institute of E203tronic Control Machines of Academy of Sciences, USSR carr@ltd out during 1958-1959, , wan - technique . The Institute conduo- was dedicated to digital Atadles aimed at creating a high-speed memory device of large a k Wa ity. One of the results of this or was Improvement c - .-or t"a & -- -2 d-(5mput4rbj-z;ipli-ijng its static StO-rage device with ferrite '"wry acres. Other article* concern the U30 of tranalators in digital computer*, stability of analog computers equipped with d-c operational Amplifiers, And the Us* Of the M-2 compute'r in Atilying various problems. Future Issues of thin collection @rioloa will pre..n, th --Lats of work In dlgL@al :r - rc tocil In me thematical ln@oeatigationa, and In control machition at)d ,q systems of control which operate an the principle of digital technique So" per3onalitiea am mentioned in the artialt,4. Reforenco; accompany Some Or the articles. ' l;- Tu V 1 . . ., , Z912tartIV3Y@.Z. X.A. X&rtnev. V.P. yonatantirto , - i, -3 ' A o AW - L T a ri Ferrite W@@ P T t a general description of the ferrite core V meatOrY device. it ha 0 a 4096 word capacity, each woru consisting or 36 binary bita, two of wnich a" reserve. The access ti.0 is N about 30 miarceac; part of this other computer c)rzlr Gverlap ThIB Operations maz try unit in aqulp;,ed with 6 electron tubes A2 o , d an 03 &dLtl0r%A- ttl es are used In the power supply. Th.sw specifications constitute a great impmvement over the previouA a :-/ device, In which the operational electrostatic storagn and eT th roserve magnetic drum storage had a cpacity or 512 binar-y, 34-bit words each, and In which access time wS3 from 37.5 to 50 or too M MiCrOSOC. It Was equipped with 644 electron tub,z and 150 additional tubes were u3ed In tte Power Supply. The new ferrite core memory device was developed, executed, and adjunted at th: Institute wider the general direction of I.S. Bruk, Corr* ponding Member of the Acadetay or Sciences, U3an, Prollm.1- nar7atudlaa were made in 1955-1956 wiler the direction or O-V- RO:nItAklY- Tn* 03.3dritial part of the work a% done w0ftr A the up rvI ton of M.A. K^rtsev by engineers T.M. Al-k3anllrldl, V.B. Borok, Yu.N. OlukhOv, V-1. ZOOtarevskly, L.V. Ivanov, V.P. Konstantinov, YeAl. P111nov, And R.P. Shidlovokly; at I , technicians I.I. Oallyanova, N.S. Zhdanov, V.K. Min4yov, M YA Matanzon, Z.N, Sidyakova and V.S. Sokolov. The construction group was under the Supervision or A.11. Patrikey.v. arij th,, assembly shop wan wider the supervision or A.D. OraahusW ri, A nd the mechanical shop or the Institute Q1vanOv, L.V. and Yo.H. PI 1nQ.V.,_Ch.ckInZ InotallAtion Used In t1j., PFO-d@tll3n-and AdjLMrc-a-nF. 28 r Ferrite Melao" Device The following clieckIng operations, wrilry, are c onaiattroid Inlip- pennable, were carried out during produ-tion of t1w rar,ito ,me-- device, Ition or the cGron, According tu as. CZAZI 6 ed r q ire ttrg the finished matrix fr4maol and chocking the whole memory device. There is very little refarcn--a literature concerning the mothc-'s and equipment, ro r carrying out such workAnd thO Artie's w%a written rront on t ttriol acquired In dc%e]Opirlg such check4rg Arringementa. Title work W&Stdoto. at the rnatlt,,t.; -.t i,.h. r--,in to he out horn o.@ this article, partlcipated In it, V.p. Kwi- atfantlnov, M.Ya. flatftnzon and V.S. Sokojov. . There Are two re erencen, both Sovlot. Chernov A.H. Utilization of a Dynamic Tr'@ggor Equipp.,l With a In Arlthtntitll DvIe CjrzuIts 42 The author briefly describes the results of his investigation Of Possibilities or developing a dyna@lc trigger otjolpp.d with a Junction tran3lator And utilizInZ capacitance &A Ito .0mory device. He concludon that such triggers can b 010d in logical circuits And that their main advantai:c over atetlp I9gor. in their use or only one translator Inateal of twa. TIL--vir malit disadvantage In their low Input ronlathrice. 'S/799/621000/003/00* AUTHORS: Kaminskiy, V.N. Shidlovski I Ir T IT LE: Constant memory equipments for specialized machines. SOURCE:, Akademiya nauk SSSR. Institut elekironnykh,upravl~4yushcltE-,h n*sh-:.-.,,. 91 Tsifrovaya tekhnika I vychislitel'nyye ustroystva. no. 3. 1962,4 TEXT- The paper describes two types of memory @vitha. constant, compost,tion of theinformation. Both types are, memory equipments with ferrite corles. w, he: one ,type i@ 1,280. 30-dl' @angular hysteresis loop. The capacity of t git nutbe s that of the other 1,088 12-digit numbers. The maximatAdmes of zevolution amount to 25 and 15 p sec, respectively. All fundamental neti-mrks employ pemiconAuctdr.@' diodes and triodes. It is noted that memor y equipmenttwith a con stant , c ompq,@d ion of information perrnits the dependable storage an duction of inIbrmati6&i re-,. d reprp corded therein. Information 3@ecorded. in such memory equipment Is jact los@ urin-... . random skips in the operation, either by the memory equipme.nt or in. the ma'g'hine a.s a whole. Thisvaluable quality opens broad perspectives for their utilizatio4-4n cialized digital control machines that operate with'real objects- accor ng@to@ ixed -fe rit6s:--'.' programs. In comparison with other types of memory equipmenti-eiiwlo @r of the same memory capacity, such memory equipments- are .1 signii tI s' Ad-." pler an Card 1/2 Constant memory equipments for specialized machines. S/7991621000/0031005'10W@,- contain a smaller number of hardware items. For identical memory cap'acities the-.-, , first memory equipment described here requires for its construction a smaller number of cores and other accessories than-the second., However, it. cannot -match: the latter with respect to the time of revolution for a complete cycle.., An optimal relationship between the number of addresses and numerical, blocks ir',k the.melrrkory matrix is determined in each specific case from the programming conditions, -the required time of revolution for a full and average cycle, and by the practical possi@_ bility of the construction of the required commutators. Illustrations comprise the block schemes of the memory matrices of the two types of memory. the funda- mental principles of operation of the memory cores, the fundamental s6heme of a. typical switching unit of the address commutator, a schematic network of the magnetization current generator, a schernatic network of the read-out amplifier and a time diagram of the operation of the two types. There are 10 figurei.,'. Card 2/2 SHIDLOVSKIY, V. t. 111,11icropnysiological Study of Peculiarities of'Secretion of Calcium ions in the Heart in Irritation of Sympathetic Nerves," Dokl. AN SSSR, 59, No-1, 1948 Lab. Comparative Physiol., Moscow State U. SHIDLOVSK11', V. A. Shidlovskiy, V. A. - "On the properties of the parasympathetic regulation of the heart in bony fish", Trudy Darvinskogo gos. zapovednika na Rybin' vodokhranilishche, Issue 1,, 1949, p. 326-33. SO: U-411, 17 July 53, (Ietopis 'Zhurnal Inykh Statey, No. 20, 1949). SHIDLOVSM, V. A. - i @ I- -,o _:4 -- Shidlovski,y, V. A. - "The Golsts reflex in bony fish", Trudy Darvinskogo gos. zapovednika na Rybin. vodokhranilishcho, Issue 1, 1949, p, 334-35. SO: U-411, 17 July 53, (Letopis tZhurnal fnykh Statey, No. 20, 1949). SHIDLOVSKIT, V.A.; KOVALBU, N.T.; VADKOVSKATA, Tu.D. Influence of the limitation of sleep and of emotional stress on arterial pressure an& the amount of adrenergic substances in the blood of animals. 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