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0 USSR/Plant @-iseases. Diseases of Cultivated r1ants. iCbs Jour: Ref Zhur-Eiol., No 6. 1958, 25373. A- Author Abdullayev, S., Shifiran, I , Treskcva, V. Inst Title Several Developmental Feculiarities in Fruit Tree Black Canker in the AzerbayOzhan SSR and its Control. (Nekotoryye osobennosti razvitiya chernogo raka plodo-vykh derev'yev v Azerbaydzhanskoy SSR i bor'ba s nim.). Orig Fub: Sots s. kh. Azerbaydzhana, 1956, No inc, 4o-44. Abstract: Two fonrs in which the black canker appears are des- cribed, formed by two species of fungus which are disti-rguished by a series of characteristics. The incubation period of the disease has been determined. Methods of therapeutic treatment are reco=-ended. Card 1/1 SHI@YAN, I.A. Biology and place of classification of the pathogen of leaf rust of gramineous plants. Trudy VIZR no.21:13-1? pt.2 64. (MIRA 18:12) r S"HWAT-', i.A,Gand B-iol Sci -- (diss) "Sexull of forms of %the brovim ce-eal T-t." Len, 1958, 20 Op (All-Union Order of Lenin Acad Agr bci Im V.I. Lenin. All-Union bi Res Inst fov--b+Te Protection of ?lants) 11--0 cooies (KL, 50-58, 123) - 4h - SIIIFM,@N, I.A. Mothoda and results of the hybridization of of grain. Trudy VIZR no-10:137-152 ' 58. (Rusts (lVngi)) (Grain-Diseases various leaf rust forms (14IRA 12: 1) and pests) .. SHII,14,14, Dion I Jgdrze.j Sniadecki, the Polish naturalist-materialist. Trudy tekh. 23:144-177 '59. (MIRA 12:10) (@nladocki, J7drzej, 1768-1838) LXVI, Ya.L., professor; SHIPM&N, L.M. (Khartk6v Spontaneous glycemia and its theraw. Khirurgiia no.3:69 Ur 155. (PANCRFAS, neoplasms, (MLRA 8:7) adenoma causing byperglycemia, Burg.) (Iiy C-VM, etiolog7 and pathogenesis, pancreatic adenoma, surg.) '-4 1 T- I' , f f 't t T r TIKHOROVA, Ye.P., SHUMAN, L.M. (Kharlkov) Prevention of an increase in endemic goiter among Inhabitants of the Lisichansk-Rubezhnoye Industrial District. Probl.endok. I gorm. 4 no.2:10&110 Mr-Ap '58 (MIRA 11:5) 1. Iz klinicheskogo otdela (rukovoditell - prof. X,A, Kop-dovich) Ukrainskogo instituta eksperimentnllnoy endokrinologii (@iir. - knndidat meditsinskikh nauk S.V. Maksimov) (GOIT-ER9 prevention &- control prev. of endemic increase (Rus) SHIFMAN,L M., kand. med. nauk. Indications for admLaistration of estrogens in climacteric neuroses. Akush. i gin. 34 no.6:52-57 N-D '58. (W-A 12:1) 1. Iz klinicheskogo otdela (rukovoditell - Prof. M.A. Kopelovich i fiziologicheskogo otdela (rukovoditall - dots. B.A. Vartapetov) TJI-rainskogo instituta elrsperimentallnoy endokrinologii (Dir. kand. med. nauk S.V. Maks imov). (CLIMACTARIC, YF1MAIA, compl. neurosis, ther., estrogens (Ras)) (,,EM033S, et io 1. & pathogen. climacteric, female, estrogen ther. (Ras)) MTROGM, ther. use neurosds in female climacteric (Ras)) fiThe Problein of Pathology of the Menopause in Women." Theses of the Proceedings of the Annual Scientific Sessions 23-26 March 1959 (Idl-Union Institute of Experimental Endocrinology) From the Khar'kov Institute of Experimental Endocrinology(Direc-tor---candidate of Medical Sciences S. V. Maksimov; Scientific Director--Prof ssor M. A. Ko el ic.) Le p vrv t and from the Scientific Research Institute of the Protection of Motherhood and Childhood imeni N. K. Krupskaya (Director--A. I. Korni-lova, Candidate of Medical Sciences). TIKHONOVA, Ye.p. Experiment in the use of protective inhibition in treating some endocrine diseases. Sbor.nwich. trud. Ukr. nauch.-issl. inst. .6ksper. endok. 15:252-255 t59- (MIFA 14:11) (SLEEP THEWY) (DIABEETM) (TRYROID GUIAITD-DISEAS-@S) VARTAPETW', B.A.; SHMAN, L.M. Experience in the use of testobromlocit in clinical practice. Frobl, endck. i prm, 6 no#6;1:L2-115 '60, (MIR@ 14-21 (CLIMACTERIC) (TESTOSTE RONE) (LECITHINS) VARTAPETOV, B.A.; GLADKOVA, A.I.; SHUMAN, L.,M. Experimental clinical study of the combined use of methyl- testosterone, bromural, and lecithin in vasomotor disturbances induced by castration and--ineretory insufficiency of the male sex glands. Trudy Ukr.nauch.-issl.inst.eksper.endok. 18:272-283 161. WIRA 16:1) 1. Otdel fiziologii i klinicheskiy otdel Ukrainskogo institute. eksperimentallnoy endokrinologii. (GATPATION) (HORMOMS19 SEK) (TESTOSTERONE) (BROMURAL) (LECITHIN) SHIFMAN Effect of hormone therapy on the content of follicle-stimulating hormone in the blood of women with a climacteric syndrome. Trudy Ukr.nauch.-issl.inst.eksper.endok. 18:315-322 161. (MIRA 16:1) 1. Iz kl'inicheskogo i fiziologicheskogo otdelov Ukrainskogo instituta eksperimentallnoy endokrinologii. (HORMONE THERAPY) (CLIMACTERIC) (PITUITARY HORMONES) AKISHINA, L.M.; LIBMAN, N.M. Use of reserpine and aminazine in a pathologlical climacteric in women. Ti-udy Ukr. nauA.-issl. inst. eksper. endok. 19:369-378 164. (KRA 18:7) 1. Iz klinicheskogo otdela i otdela alektrofiziologii Ukrainakogo Instituts. eksperimentallnoy endokrinologii i Kharlkovskogo gorodalcogo protivozobnogo dispansera. 1. SHIFMAN, M. I., NOVITSKIY, G.V., Engs. 2. ussR (6oo) 4. Lifting and Carrying 7. Using automobile loading trucks at the building of a coal concentration plant, Mekh trud rab No. 12 1952. 9. Monthly LiLst 2f Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, April -1953, Uncl. 2. U0337, (6,-C,) 4. 7. Ty-pe of concrete and c,@@raent morta-r ruxin.7 arran-e-ents for construction -vork in the conl indu@-,try. Ulu-011 28, '!0. 3, 1953. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, I-Lay -1953. Unclassified. SHI MAN, M. I - SjEEn,,'_Ajj, I.T. I. :3 ljo-VI"S@ClY, G. V. OPTY 0RGkNIZATSII STROITELIST11A 'fj-E!ITRAL'IPfKH UILE080GATITELINIKH FABRIK. 11,1954 448- S. SILL 6 L CIERT 22 51-1 (1-1-VO UGCV INOY PROM, 5171 55,9R. TEKFM-i URR TSZI--;TR. DI-T ZSKIUN. DIFOPEATSII 1.000EKZ BEESIPR. t55-2-,23)P 62g:.333:622.7 :69 plus 69:658.5 SO: TN-,IZHA27YA Ll' OFISI N0.6,. 19,15 J, 4214. UTIUZA'TION, OF BUR" MINE RM Sh Epshtoln,A.Y., I . Coui , 9 o -CU I ( - J22,M C141n, R.M. SnO Go ia . sulphur. anti shale in mine r McW causo spoptaneous combustion and . temperatures uv6 a I two 181, -Some of the material rmzIning Is 100ft in p RqMlally Olinkerod wid hard; In Donbass, the heat comes Irm anthrivita and co na codl mines. 1 s.4'uscd cucc=sfully Is an undo' YCP rIn beiew, the: foundarlun of tjocor rvad@ InSCO44 of sand or Crushed stono. L Fuel kbstradtO June 1954 KtAbral -$olid Fuelfil. 'Winning SHIFKAN, R.I.; ROKLIN. R.N.; IPSHTSYN. L.V. Ways of utilizing burnt mine waste. Ugoll 29 no.1:21-24 'Ora 1@4- - (MLBA 7:1) 1. Kombinat VoroshUovgradshakhtontroy (for Shifman). 2. Treat Voro- shilovgraddorvodstroy (for Roklin and Rpshteyn). (Coal mines and mining) (Roads) SHIFYAN, M.I.; KLOCHEEK, P.P. . Manufacture of sectional reinforced concrete supports in orven air construction yards. Shakht.strol, no.3:26-27 Vir '57. 04MA 10:7) (Precast concrete construction) (Mine timbering) AGALINA, M.S., inzh.; AKUTIN, T.K., inzh.; A.PRESOV, A.M., inzh.; ARISTOV, S.S., kand. tkhn. nauk,; BKLOSTOTSKIY, O.B., inzh.; BERLIN, A.Ye,,inzh.; BNSSKIY, K.A., lnzh.; BLYUH, A.M., inzh.; BRAUN, I.Y., inzh.; BRODSKIY, I.A., inzh.; BURAKAS, A.I.,inzh.; VAYNMAN, I.Z., inzh.; VARSHAVSKIY, I.N.,inzh.; VASILIYEVA, A.A.,inzh.-. VORONIN, S.A.,inzh.; VOYTSEKHOVSKIY, LiK., inzh.: VRUBLEVSKIY, A.A.,inzh.; GERSHMAN, S.G., inzh.; GOLUBYATNIKOV. G.A.,Inzh.; GORLIN, M.Yn., inzh.-, GRAMMATIKOV. A.N., inzh.; DASHEVSKIY, A.P.,inzh.;DIDKOVSKIY. I.L., inzh.-. DOBROVOLISKIY, N.L.,inzh.; DROZDOV. P.F.,kand. tekhn. muk,; KOZLOVSKIY,A.A.,inzh.; KIRIT-ENKO. V.G.,inzh.; KOPELYANSKIT, G.D.,kand. tekhn. nauk,; KORETSKIY, M.M.,inzh.; KUKHARCHUK, I.N.,inzh.; KUCMIR, M.G.,inzh.. K=4YAK, M.V.,inzh.; MIRONUV, V.V.,inzh.; NOVITSKIY, G.V.,inzh.; PADUN, N.14.,inzh.; PANKRATITEV, N.B., inzh.; PARKHOMENKO. V.I.,kand. biol. nailk,; PINSKIY. Ye.A.,inzh.; POILUBNYY. S.A., inzh.; PORAZHENKO, F.F.,inzh.; PUZANOV. I.G.,inzh.; REDIN, I.P.inzh.: REZNIK. I.S.,kBnd. tekhn. nauk,; ROGOVSKIY. L.V.,inzh.; RUDERMAN, A.G.Anzh.; RYBALtbKIY, Y.I.,inzh.; SADOVNIKOV. I.S.,inzh.-, SEVERIYANOV, N.N.,kand. takha. nauk,; SEMESHKO. A.T.,inzh.; SIMKIR, A.Kh., inzh.: SURDUTOVICH, I.N.,inzh.; TROFIMOV, V.I.,inzh.; FF2ER. M.M.,inzh.; FIALKOVSKIY, A.M.,inzh.; FRISHMAN, M.S.. inzh.; CHFR SHNEV, V.A., inzh.; SHESTOV, B.S., inzh.; _�gLjaj&Uv- ,&L., inzh.; SHUMYATSKIY. A.F.,inzh.; SHCHERBAKOV, T.I.,inzh.; STANCHONKO, I.K., otv. red.-. LISHIN, G.L.Anshi,red.: JCR.AVTSOV,Ya.P.,- inzh.,red.; GRIGORIUV. G.V.,red.-, KAMINSKIY, D.N.,red.-, Klusasny, I.P.,red.;.LEYWAN. L.Z., rad.(deceasedj,; GUREVICH, M.S.,inzh..r8d.; DANLWVSKIY, A.S.,inzh.,red.; DEMIN, A.M., inzh.,red.; KAGANOVs S.I..inzh.,red.; KATTFMAN, B.N., kand. takhn. npuk, red-LISTOPADOV, N.P.,irizh.,red.; MENDELEVICH, I.R.. inzh. red.LdeceasedJ; Innntimind on next card) AGALINA, M.S.... (continued) Card 2. PENTKOVSKIY, H.I.,inzh.,red.; ROZENBERG. B.M.,inzh.,red.; SLAVIN, D.S., inzh.,red.; FEDOROV, M.P.,inzh.,red.; TSYMBAL. A.Y.,inzh.,red.,, SMIRNOV, L.V., red. izd-va,; PROZOROVSKAYA, Y.L., tekhn. red. LMining ; an encyclopedic handbook] Gornoe delo; entsiklopedicheskii spravochnik. Moskva, Gos. nauchno-tekhn. izd-vo lit-ry po ugol'noi' promyshl. Vol. MOrganization of planning; Construction of surface buildings and structures] Orgenizatsiia proektirovaniia; Stroit5l'stvo zdanii i sooruzhanii na poverklinosti shakht. 1958. 497 P. (1111LA 11:12) (Mining engineering) (Building) - SHh"',kill Ili..,--*. __ __ i@egitlation of thle loading of co'ce ovens at -U*he Cherepovets 161. -etallarl-ical F,',ant. Koks i no.2:22-23 (IM@A 1/,:2) 1. Cherepvets!ciy _,.,et@alurL-ic,:eskiy zavod. (Chere2ovets-Goke ovens) SIIIfI-',AN.. Matve3i Samoylovich, kand. ekon.nauk, dots. ; BEZDaBZIfNYKfI, P.T., red. [War and economics; the influence of armaments upon the economies of the belligerent countries in the First and Second World Wars] Voina, i ekonomika; vooruzhennoe voz- deistvie na ekonomiku voiuiushchikh stran v Pervoi i Vtoroi 1.11irovykh voinakh. Moskvap Voenizdat, 1964. 205 P. (14IRA 17:11) KUZMETSOV, A.K.; SHUMAN, M-Ye.; KONONOVIGH, I.G.; YEVDOKIMOV, V.I. Brief reports. Zay.lab. 23 no-7:878-879 '57. (MIRA 10:8) 1.Kiyevskiy mekhanicheskiy zavod for Shifman, Kononovich) 2.Institut obahchey i neorganicheakoy khimii Akademii nauk SSSR (for Yevdokimov) (Laboratories--Apparatus and supplies) AUTHORS: Dem'yanchuk, A.S. , Shifmang X.Ye., Rekitar, M.I. 32-21+-6--.25/" TITLE: The Photographic Method of Analyzing Iron- and Nonferrous Alloys on the Spectrograph ' ISP -51 (Fotog:mficheskiy metod analiza. ohexifth i tsvetnykh splavoy na spektrografe . ISP-51) ODICAL: Zavoaskaya Laboratox-1ya, 1958, Vol 24, Nr. 6, pp 751-752 (USSR) ABSTRACT: As the most sensitive spectral lines of alkali metals and alkaline earth metals are within the visible spectral range, it is obvious that the determination of Al, Or, Ti and other elements in iron. alloys be carried out within this range, for Which purpose the spectrograph mentioned in the heading can be used. The optima= con- ditions for analyses carried ou-t by means of the speotrograph mentioned are given as well as a table showing the pairs usel in the analysis of iron alloys, the entire analysis of -the alloys being carried out according -bo one speotrogran6 The spectral. anal- ysis of aluminum alloys is carTied out under the same conditions with- the only difference that the ou=ent of the light ara Is somewhat weakened and that the time for previous irradiatiGIL is reduced. The pairs of lines for determinations of this kind are Card 1/2 also given, and it is said in this connection that concentreitions The Photographic Method of Analyzing Iron- ax?A 32-24-6-25/44 Nonferrous Alloys on the Spectrograph ISP-51 of 0.001-0.01% of admixtures can be determined, which is sufti- cient to satisfy the demands made by the industry and, in may cases, by scientific work. The method of three etalons was em- ployed, for which purpose the etalons VA MI No 2,1+6 and the brands A L 9 and A UO were used. The relative error is mentioned as amounting to 4,% and the two methods mentioned are being ent- ployed by the plant mentioned- below for serial analvaes. There are 2 tables, and I reference, i of which is Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Kiyevskiy mekbanicheskiy- zawa (Kiye-T Machine Plant) 1. Aluminum alloys--Spectro.graphic aftalysis 2. iron alloys --Spectrographic analysis 3. Metals--Determination Card 212 SH]Plx@.N' N. D. "Thoracoplasty and Extrapleural Pneunolysis in Tuberculosis of the Lungs in Children and Adolescents," Sub 14 Nov 51, Acad I-Ied Sci USSR. Dissertations presented for science and engineering degrees in Moscow during 195.1. SO: Sum. No. 480, 9 MaY 55. GIL 114AN, A.G.. KMAPUNOVA. N.V.; SHUMAN, N.D. First results of application of streptomycin in surgery of pulmonary tuberculosis. Probl. tuberk., Moskva no.4:54-59 July.-Aug 1951. (CLRL 21:1) 1. Of the Second Surgical Clinic (Head - Doctor Medical Sciences A. G. Gillman), Institute of Climatotherapy of Tuberculosis (Director - Docent Ye. D. Petrov), Yalta. BOGUSII, L.K. , prof.; SHUMAN, N.D., kand. med. nauk.; KAG&IOVSKIY, G.K., vrach. Directed segmental bronchograpby. Khirurgiia 34 no-3:72-77 Mr '58. (HIM 12: 1) 1. Iz 1,,hirurgicheskov, kliniki (nav. - prof. L.K. Bogush) InBtitmta tuberkuleza AMN SSSR (dir. Z.A. Lebedeva). (BRONCHI, radiography directed segmental bronchography (Rus)) SHUMAN, N.D., Directed segmental bronchography under pressure. Probl.tub. 37 no.7*37-40 159. (MIRA 13:-4) 1. Iz khirurgicheskogo otdeleniya (zav. - chlen-korrespondent AMU SSSR prof. L.K. Bogush) Instituta tuberkuleza AMN SSSR (direktor - chlen-korrespondent AMN SSSR prof. N.A. Shmelev). (BRONCHI radiography) ALTYPjtZiAKOV, Anton; SHIFIWI, N.D.[translatorl; BOGUSH, L.K., red.; GROMOVA, L. ., red.; -IRONOVA, A.M., tekhn. red. (Bronchoscopy and bronchography] Bronkhoskopiia i bronkho- grafiia. Pod red. L K.Bogusha. Moskvaj Medgiz, 1961. .126 p. (MIRA 15:4) 1. Chlen-korrespondent Akademii meditsinskikh nauk SSSR (for Bogush). (BRONCEI,WIOGRAPHY) (BRONCHOscor-Y) SEVEROV, V.S. (Moskva.. 1-128., ul. 6--ya versta., d.2., kv. 33);.,@@HIFMI, N.D. GR%IOVA, L;S. (@bskva) - - Use of the N.M.Titarenko aspirator in a clinic for lung sur- gery. Grud. khir. 5 no.2:117-119 Rr-Ap'63 (MIR& 17:2) VARSFUIMIJ, A.A., inzh.; KH1103NIM' , N.I., inzh.; SIBAROVyu.G,@ inzh. 3 FOMIGIMI, V.A.. inzh.; MELu-ED., M.F., imh POTAPOVA, T.I., inzh.; KOI-YUZIUiYY, G.G,., -inzh.; TAGIROVA, M,I.; in-7h,i SHU-MMI C.I.. inzh.; S-1017TS, A.A.., inzh.; VASIMMIJ, A.A.@ inz .9 o . za vypusk; KHITROV, P.A., tekhn. red. [Safety engineering regulations for operating traction substa- tions and sectionalization posts of electrified railroads)13ra- vila tekludki bezopasnofti pri eksj)1-uatatsii tiagovykh pod- stantsii i postov selctsionirovaniia elektrifitsirovannykh zhe- leznykY, dorog, Moskva., Transz@eldorizdat, 1962. 202 p. (MIRA 15:8) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.)Glaurnoye upravleniye elektrifika- tsii i energeticheskogo khozyaystva. 2. TsE Ministerstva pu- tay soobshcheniya (for Khlebnikov). 3. T.Santrallnyy homitet profsoyuza (for Fcmichev). 4. Moskovskaya zheleznaya doroga (for KoIyuzhny-y). 5. Sverdlovskaya zhelemaya doroga (for Tagirova). 6. YuzImo-Urallskaya zheleznaya doroga. (for Shifman). 7. Zapadno--Sibirskaya zheleznaya doroga (for Storts), (Electric railroads.-Safety regulations) , -, Ar- I, i I-It-I + NW, C-1. 'I OVF,CHKIS, Ye.S.; SHIYMAN, R.-O. e@@. Place for sampling for the Analysis of Russian leather and leather for shoe bottoms. Leg.prom, 16 no.10:42-43 0 '56. (miRA lo:12) (Leather--Analysis) OVECUIS, Yee.S., kand.tekhn.iiauk~~ikN~R.O~-,--,inzh. Simplified method of determining residual grease content in Russian leather after a "dust" treatment. Kozh.-obuv.prom. 3 no.6:15-20 Je 161. (MIRA 11+: 8) (Leather--Testing) OVECIIKI5, Ye.S., kand.tekhn.nauk; SHIFMAN, R.O., inzh.; YAGODA, L.A., _Lnzb. Analyzing the chemical composition of leather by the separate topographical sections. Nauch.-issl.trudy Ukr IJITKP no.13-.222- 23@ 1622. (MIRA 18-.2) KAZARIKA, N.N.., inzh.; SHIFMAN R.O. inzh.; GILIMANP B.A., inzh.; I ip I RUDENKO, S.D.$-Inzn* Simplified method of determining the content of fatty substances in leather and far. Kozh.-obuv.prok- 4 no.8:28-29 Ag 162. (NIRA 15:8) (Leather) (Fur) YANOVSKTY, YU.G., VTNOGRADOV, G.M., KRASHENNIKOV, S.K., SH DEHISHEV, G.K., ZELENOV, YU.V. - JEH&N, V.S. Apparatus for testing polymers with audio-frequencies. Report presented at the 13th Conference on High-molecubw compounds Moscow, 8-11 Oct 62 KRASHENINNIKOV, S.K.; SHFMAN, V.S.; KAZAKOVA, Z.I. The KhV-1 chromatograph made of standard units. Biul.tekh.-ekon. inform.Gos:nauch.-issl.inst.nauch.1 tekh.inform. 17 no.7:41-42 Jl 164. (MIRA 17--10 -1 311711";TANOVE'll) N. 2. USSR (6oo) 4. Technology 7. Handbook on tolerances, threads, and bores. Novosibirsk, Izd. 2-e. 1952. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, - April 1953. Unclassified. AFANAS'YEV, S.P.; S HIFMANO IJU ec. dedl, HPAKOVSKAYA, L.I., [d red.; SUBBOTINA, G.M., te [Handbook on tolerances, threads and gages] Spravochnik po dopuskam, rez'bam i kalibram (By] S.P.Afanaslev, N.M.Shifmanovicti, Izd.3., perer. Novosibirsk, Novosibirskoe knizhnoe izd-vo, 1962. 406 p. (MIRA 16:6) 1. Novosibirskiy instrumentaltnyy zavod, Novosibirsk. (Mechanical engineering--Handbooks, manuals, ate.) SHIFMANOVICH, R.L. Significance of biopsy method in cytologic diagnosis of diseases of the nose, mouth, pharynx and larynx. Probl. tuberk., Moskva No.6:45-IP) Nov- Dee 51. (CLHL 21:14) 1. Of the Ioryngological Diwision (Read-Prof. A.N. Toznesenskiy), Moscow Oblast Scientific-Research Tuberculosis Institute (Director Prof. F.V. Shebanov). ALMIN; WRIS6V; VOLKOV; WGORIYANTS; GRUZINV.; DICH; DUS.Li'MA; WRUSHINj LOPINSKIY; IVANOVAI 9; kONKII; MEOS; t@EMYWV; MOGIIZVSLI'lPAMHVEA,- ROG.OVIN; TAIROV;.-SHIFRIN r @@ssrving workers of the synthetic fibers inftptr-7.' Khim-- volok.,.- no.3:79 161. (MIU- 14: (Birgers, Georgii Efimovich, 1886J 1-4 .6 al xg 9 . @ a all 9 32 YA -03 mlo jj.- Aiiji 4 J, Al Jig , , m gig ROZOV, Yu. (Moskva); BORODIN, V. (PooTuchkovo); SHIFRIN, A. (Leningrad); 0 T- BOIMARMO, P. (pos.Belyy Kol eml)-, VOROVICH, B. at. Yarmolintay) ReFiders exchange practices. Sov.foto 19 no.11:61-62 -N '59. (MIU 13:4) (Photography-Equipment and supplies) .111 @ f --"/ KRTI,OV, A.M.; SHIFRIN,_A.M., inzh. - @ Over-all mechanization in tempering shops. Mashinostroitelt no-10:1-5 0 '57. (MIU 10:11) (Automatic control) (Tempering) (Sverdlovsk--Bearing industry) SOKOLOV, Konstantin Ni4ftdrovich; VOROBIYEV, S.A.,, kand. tekhn. nauk, retsenzent; TEIEGIN, A.S.,, kand. tekhn. naukp retsenzent; SHIFRIN, A.M., jnzh., red.; DUGINA, N.A., tekhn. red. [Mechanization and automatic control in heat treatment plants] Mekhanizatsiia i avtomatizatsiiIa v termicheskikh tsekbakh. Moskvap Mashgiz., 1962. 294 P. (MIRA 15:4) (Metalo--Heat treatnent) (Metallurgical plants-Equipment and supplies) M;ki@-,-'Ii Petrovich; :3,111MIN, red.; RA.YKH'NSiTEY!I, -N f NI rc-d. [7@ear-tooth st@7,clki:nF cutter an-I 'i-4-1 low-magnetic steel] Chernnvoe i chistovoe zubofrezerovanie malomagnitnoi stali 45GUI42. Leningrad, 1964. 17 p. (Lenin- gradskii dom nauchno-tekhnicheskoi propagandy. Obmen peredo- vym opytom. Seriia: Mekhnnicheskaia obrabotka metallov, no.3) (MIAA D-7) Leo.-,-id Nikolayevicn, ir;zb.; IL'-Il,, Georgiy Petrovich, inzh., SPATERIN, Mikhail Andreyevich, inzh.,- @HIFRIN, A,M., red. (Df-Ming and milling heat-rasisTant and low-magrozt-ic st-jalF; vr--r-b,-,,tu-. record of a lecture delivered at the Leningrad House of Sc-Lentific and Technical Information in May 19631 S-verlenie i frezerovanie zharoprochnykh i ralomagnitnyk-h stalei@ sten@--- grwarima lektsii, prochitannoi v LDNTP v rAe 1963 g. LeningraA,. 1964. 113 P. (MIRA 17:7) SHIYRIN, A.R. @~@q nt,;rxr Effect of aleep on sensibilization of guinea pigs to dinitrochlorbanzol. Vest. vener., Moskva no. 4:24-25 July-Aug 1952. (GIML 23:3) 1, Docent. 2. Of the Department for Skin and Van real Diseases (H6ad -- Prof. P. M. Zalkan), Yaroslavll Medical Institute. -4) A.R., Doc Vod Sci --(diss) thct study of the tho-rcne-siE@ of ti--- so-c7lled inicrobi-c nnnitraumatic eezemall. Alm"t,'Aal 105". 34 P:'- Mazakh 13tate Yed/ insti-@,). 360 copies. (IlKLI 38-53, 10-f). 21 -, CHUMAKOV, N.N.-. SHIFRIN A.R.- SHIRNOV, A.G.; KRZ-PYSIEV, D.G.; VYSOTSKIY, A.I.; KUZIMINA, N.M.; STEPANOVA, N.N. Control of athlete's foot among workers of a plant producing rubber and industrial goods. Sav. med. 25 no.5:149-151 My 161. (MIRA 14:6) 1. Iz kafedry kozhnykh i veregicheskikh bolezney Yaroslavskogo meditsinskogo instituta (zav. - prof. N.N.Chumakov) i Yaroslavskogo ob]Astnogo venerologichoskogo dispansera (glaynyy vrach D.G.Krepysheir). C! (RINGWOM) (FOOT-DISEASES S-HIFRB,I, A.R., doktor med. nauk; TWASHIVSKIY, D.I. Secondary eruptions associated with antitularemia vaccination, Sov. med. 26 no-11:56-59 N162 (MIRA 17:3) 1. Iz kafedry kozhny1ch i venericheskikh bolezney ( zav. - dok- tor meditsinskikh nauk A.R. Shifrin) Stanislavskogo meditsinsko- go instituta ( rektor - dotsent G.A. Babenko). rW) `2 r, Z- s, n z e@;: ri S@ I SHIP711N , A. R.. , pro-C., Study of trace element.@ in dermnatology. VesL. derm. -J 'Ven. no.2: lz,-'L'8 164. (MIP01- 17:11) 1. Kafedra kozhrykh j venerichesk-ikh balezne-.., (zav. - prof. @.R. Shifriri'- lve-nc-Frankovskogo meditsinskogo instituta. SBIFRIN, A.R., prof.; N1K',';L'SK.VA, I.I.A., kawid,med@naLik r, t'opper, iron and cobalt in the blood of rabbits with experimental ryoderma. Vest. derm. i ven. no-5:10-16 165. (MIRA 18,111) 1. Kafedra kozhno-venerichesk-ikh Shifrin) -i kafedra mikrobiologii Ivano-Frankovskogo meditsinskorro 18, 1964. bolezney (zav. - prof. A.R. (zav. - prof. T.I.Ivanova) instituta. Submitted Februaa-y SHIFRIN-1 A..R.., prof.; TCHASHEVSKIYy D.I. Some trace elements in the blood of eczematous patients. Vest. derm. i ven. no.3:20-21+ 165. (MIRA 18:11) 1. Kafedra kozhno-,nnerologicheakikh bolezney (zav. - prof. A.R. Shifrin) i kafedra, biokhimii (zav. - prof. G.A. Babanko) Ivano-Frankovskogo maditainbkogo instituta. AUTHOR: Shifrin, A.R. Engineer) sov/96-@9-9-LP/22 TITLE: -Tfi@W'V1's"c`osity of Steam at Atmospheric Pressure PERIODICAL: Teploenergetikaj 19597 Nr 9, pp 22-27 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The need for now determinations of the viscosity of steam was revealed by the great differences between the results of various authors and by the discussion of this problem that has appeared in the Soviet and foreign technical press, The need for such work became particularly clear during the meeting of the Co-ordinating Committee of the International Conference on the study of the properties of steam, held in Moscow in 1958. A variant of the capillary method was used in which the flow of steam is throttled by -two straight capillary tubes of different length connected in series. With this arrangement there is no need to correct for the end effects which cancel during simultaneous solution of two equations. Moreover, the method allows the end effect to be determined7 which is useful for checking existing theories and previously published results. The tests were made in two stages. Card /L@ For temperature up to 550 OG the whole system, including the capillaries, was made of molybdenum glass. In the sov/96-59-9-4/22 The Viscosity Of Steam at Atmospheric Pressure range of 400-866 OC the tests were made in quartz capillaries. All the other parts of the system subject to high temperatures were also made of quartz. In all the tests the pressure differed from atmospheric only by the pressure drop in the capillaries. The experimental equipment is illustrated diagrammatically in Fig 1 and is briefly explained. The dimensions of the capillaries used are given in Table 1. The experimental procedure is described. The pressure drop of each of the capillaries is due partly to the friction loss associated with the parabolic velocity distribution given by Poiseuille's formula for isothermal laminar flow and partly to the end effects, (see formula 1). Simultaneous solution of the equations (1) for two capillaries in series gives formula (2) from which end effects are excluded. The assumptions on which formulae (2) and (3) are based are explained and are claimed to be acceptable . The results were corrected for the expansion of mercury and of the manometer scales. One hundred and fourteen experimental values of viscosity Card 2/4 were obtained in the temperature range of 149-865.6 OC at a pressure of about 1 kg/CM2, and are given in Table 2. SOV/96-59-9-4/22 The Viscosity of Steam at Atmospheric Pressure The test points were used to plot the relationsh4 p between the coefficient of dynamic viscosity and the temperature, as seen in Fig 2. Rounded experimental values of the viscosity obtained by graphical interpolation are given in Table 3 for 500C intervals. For comparison the results of nine other authors are given. The new results are also compared with previously published data in the two graphs of Fig 4. At present the results of greatest practical interest are those of Timrot (USSR) and Bonilla (USA). The comparison of the new results with the previously published work of these authors is plotted in Fig 5: up to 600 OC Timrot's results differ from the present ones by not more than 3%, which is within the limits of experi- mental error. At higher temperatures the difference is greater, reaching 6% at 700 OC. The results of Bonilla over the temperature range 300-900 OC differ from the present results by a constant amount of 3.8%. It is supposed that Bonilla and others have made a systematic error, but this cannot be judged from the data published in their articles. it is probable that Bonilla's Card 3/4 results for still higher temperatures should also be SOV/96-59-9-V22 Tho V13COSIty of Steam at Atmosphorle Pressure oorre.-,ted by 4%. Up to 900 OC the viscosity of steam r-an be represented with sufficient accuracy by the I'Mear equation (4). The viscosity of steam may also be deter- mined by Suzerland's equation (5); values are recommended for the constants in this equation and if they are adopted the calculated values differ from the ro,,unded experimental -values published here by less than 1%. It is concluded that comparison with other published data indicates the possibility of Peliably determining the vise,-_)s-;1-Y at temperatures up to 1500 OC without making further tests, provided the recommended corrections are Card applied. Tfiere are 5 figures, 3 tables and 06 references, of whioh 1 is Rrench, 1 English, 2 German and 2 Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Moskovskiy aviatsionnyy institut (The Moscow Aviation Institute) F L7, 7T 77 T - T-T IFTLIF A. 7. and 1. Sgj1,1 17.'j@7T larth,-iz, 19)X. -ichino FlmroFtnop t ocheni e. oFkva 11!2 p. i1lus. (Teklinololii.. ru strocniia: S+a71ki i o'@@ra@-otka metallov - ezaniem) '@'il,lioF-raph.-,'@: p. 142-(1113) High-speed grinding. DLC: TJ1230.V8 SO: Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering in the Soviet Union, Library of Congress, 195-3. 25(l) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/1339 Shifrin Abram Sbmerovich, Boris Gustavovien Levin, Illya losifovich @@%ish@iN, Moisey Isaakovich Pisarevskiy, and Nikolay Aleksandrovicb, Fefelov Vysokoproizvoditellnaya kholodnaya obrabotka metallov (Efficient Cold Working of Metals) Moscow, Mashgiz, 1958. 294 P. 7,000 copies printed. Reviewer: Vullf, A.M., Candidate of Technical Sciences; Ed. (Title page): Lomachenkov, S.Ye., Engineer; Ed. (Inside book): Morozov, V.D.; Candidate of Technical Sciences; Ed. of Publishing House: Borodulina, I.A.; Tech. Ed.: Pol'skaya, R.G.; Managing Ed. for Lit.- erature on Machine Building Technology (Leningrad Division, Mashg1z): Naumov, Ye.P., Engineer. PURPOSE: The book may be of use to process engineers, machine tool de- signers and personnel of plant and Institute laboratories for metal cutting. COVERAGE: The book presents the special features of the processes of cutting hard-to-work austenitic. and other steel grades. Rational Card l/ 4 Efficient Cold Working (Cont.) SOV/1339 designs of single-point tools, drills, taps, face milling cutters and cutting regimes for high-productivity machining of these steels are described. Standard methods of conducting investigations of turning, milling and drilling of metals are given along with quick simplified methods for determining metal machinability. Turning, drilling and milling dynamometer constructions are givEm ProblEms of preci- slon ttread roUing on thread rolling machines with die rolls are treated. No personalities are mentioned. There are 55 references of which 53 are Soviet, 1 is English and 1 is German. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Foreword 3 Ch. I. Efficient Machining of Hard-to-work Steels 5 1. Special features of the process of cutting hard-to-work steel (Candidate of Technical Sciences A.Sh. Shifrin) 5 2. Turning (Candidate of Technical Sciences A.Sh. Shifrin) 27 3. Face milling of stainless steel (Candidate of Technical Sciences A.Sh. Shifrin) 47 Card 2/4 Efficient Cold Working (Cont.) SOV/1339 14. Physical and mechanical properties and machinability of investigated steels 15. Methods of rapid determining of steel machinability Cti. IV, Rolling Precision Threads (Candidate of Technical Sciences M.I. Pi8arevskiy) 16. Effect of plastle deformation on the mechaninal pro- perties of parts with rolled threads 17. Thread rolling machines 18. Construction of cylindrical die rolls 19. Moving highly durable thread rolling cylindrical die rolls 20. Accuracy of blanks 21. Manufacturing errors in elements of rolled threads 22. Operating troubles in thread rolling machines with cy- lindrical die rolls and means of eliminating them Bibliography AVAILABLE: Library of Congress GO/sfm Card 4/4 4-22-59 212 225 241 242 243 255 26-5 274 281 288 291 PHASE I BCO?L SXPIDITATI09 SOV/3791 Soveshchanlye pa obrabotka zharoproohnykh aplavov, Moscow, 195T. ObrLbotsra tharoprachnykh oplavov; E4bornik dokladov... I (Treat- Collection of Papers Road at went of Heat-Re3intant Alloys; the Conference), Moscow, Izd-vO AN sssR, 1960. 23.1 P. 3,500 copies printed. Sponsoring Agencies% Akademlya nauk SSSR. Institut manhinovedeniya. w-'saiya po takhaologil maahinoatrOyanlya; Akidemiya nauk 3SSR_ Institut metallargil I=. A.A. Baykova. Nauchnyy sovat po probladL&A aharoprochnykh splavov. Reap. Rd.i V.I. Dikuahin, Azademician; Ed. of Publishing Housa: V.A. XOtOT; Tech. Ed.: V.V. Bruzgull. PUMSE: This book Is intended for metallurgists. COTERAGNt The book consists of thirty papers read at the Conference on the Treatment of Heat-Resistant Alloys hold in Koacow by the CoanItthe on MAChIne-Bullding Technology, Institute or the __3UW_ -of'KabhInes, Loademy of'Scl,noeB USSR, In 1957. The t&11LLrgyl papers deal with four princlPal areas or allay mo casting. forming, machining, and welaing. r.11a alloys (together with rerractory carbides, borides, nitrides, and oxides) are discussed especially in connection with their application in the "nuract4m or turbine blades, heat engines, boilers, reactor,, containers for high-temparature media, dies, coatina zMldn ' and meta.1-outting. tools. go persorwilltlen are mentioned. so" or the articles are accompanied by references, mainly savl,at.. PrOnIn&, YO.M. GLA-Shlelded Ara Wdldlng or neat-nesistant Alloys 124 /.NLROIWV, G.A., and A.V. K3rdvLntseva. Welding or Kartenaltic Steel 131 v. P,@. Radiatance Welding of Titanium 138 1-@. Two Examples of the Machining of Wear- b14 Heat- Resistant Alloys A=ft11o3V-N@X. Mach1nability of Heat@Rcnlatant steel* and A Joy* In Tarnlng@ Killing, and DrljUing With Carbide Thole 154 Reznikov A.M. Temperature ?loll In the Work and In the Tool In end Alloys i62 Xuroahkin A S. Investigation of Some Machinability paotors or 116lT-Hi-&t:i;vi&t&nt Ailoy IT5 Xr&veta. A.T. Electric-pul3e Machining of Heat-fleal.3"=171loys 182 Zharkov@ja.@. High-speed Killing of Hvat'R*313tant MAt@rlaas With ?MrF3pIrL1 Milling Cutters X90 -Vr"zkiY_R-Z_ Increasing Productlvlty In the Machining or Rost- Resistant Stadia And Alloys With Face Killing Cutters 195 Examples Or Foreign Practice - "Sh - d Alln the MAO"ning Heat-Resintant stadia and lays 202 VA3111YOV, D,T. Tool Life in the Machining or 111gh-Strongth -Neral's 207 GurOvlc@&.L- Kachinability of Stainless Steals In Turning,. 91=11ij', and ReamIng operAtlons 214 Morozenko, O.V. Cutting If Thr*113 on laltG Made or Heat-Rasla- -tant-MAtUrIRIN-and Titanium Alloya 222 RM,"ant Alloys questions Concerning the Machinability or Heat- 226 ? KARASEV., V.Ya., novator, Geroy Sotsialisticheskogo truda; SHI 131, A,Sh-., kand. tekhn. nauk; NECHAYEV, G.A., red.; TORSHINA, Ye.A., tekhn. red. (End and cylindrIcal, cutters with irregular circular pitch of the teeth] Kontsevye i tsilindricheskie frezy' s neravnomernym okruzh- nym shagom zublev. Moskva., TSentr.biuro tekhn.informatsii, 1959. 63 P. (MIRA 15:1) 1. Kirovskiy zavod, Leningrad (for Karasev). (Metal-cutting tools) S/73@6U'/0%'I'3/QG0/0O !/CO 3 ,@G-34/A 127 MRS: Karasev, V. Ya., Ehifrln, A. Sh. TITLE: I'ligIn-efficlency millin_rr cutters -.-iith irregular circular pitch 3 0 U'R C E., Nlovoye v .@nst--Lm.;ontallnom proizvodstve. Comp. by I. G. Kosmacnev. (Leningrad) LeniLdat, 1960' 5 - 26 T_`,:,:T: Ine authors present a detailed analysis on the advantages of end cutters, facinZ; cutters, cylindrical cutters, three-sided disk cutters, etc. whic'n ,.,,ere suggested by t e turner -4 setter of ,with irrogular circular p-, tc_, . I th a-n- the ','irov Planit, V. Ya. Karasev, one of the authors- of -.his article. The experi- me, gations and the practical use of the.milling cutters at various , it 1 @nvesti plants made it pos3ible to improve their design and develop new standardized - pes that aere included in the 903T Standard under GOST 8237-57 (end cutte-:1S), VY GOST '3752-59 (cylindrica:_ cuttera) and COST 8529-57 (facing cutters), It is .pointed out that end cutter@ irregular circular pitch reduce vibrations during operation, posse--s mcre favorable cutting conditions and a higher service life. The optinun cutt'n- for various metals are indicated. The irre- Card 1/2 S/7--WWCOO/000/001/003 Hi6'rh-efficienc,, @n,--@ters -,..,i-.h... AGOVA127 gularitv of ','@e circular Gf the layout of bits of facing cutters amounts o @ I - - 0 These milling cutters m@.O@e r-@oss-ble a larger cross sec-zion of cut than t it -is -@he case wita sta-ndard cutters, since they are leZs z@-.-).Iected to vibra- "lions. A detaileci description of the cutt-ing conditiz)--s, -fiiish, etc. obtalined with these cu-7ters is @resented. The superiority cy---*.-,drical cu-1-zers with irregular circular pi-,ch in machining ferrous and -nonferrous metals over standard cut-,ers is proved ---imh a number of tables and graphs. The geometry, number of -Ileeth, opt-i;iu::. i:@utting conditions, e*zL. of three-sided disk cu-1- ters@ with irregular pitch form the subject of the final part of the article. There are IC, @nd 9 -@ables. Card 2/2 KAiWEV, Vladimir Yakumovichp Geory Sotsialisticheskogo Truda; S11IFRUI, Abram Sbmerovich, kand. tekhn. n@uk; NADEL', A.G., FAtGER, D.P., red. izd-va; GVIRTS, V.L., tekhn. red. [Efficient machining of metals with cui-6ks of irregular circular pitch; survey] Proizvoditellnaia obrabotka metillov frezami s neravnomernym okruzhn;7m:shagom; obzor. Leningrad 1961. 98 P. NIRA 15:3) (Metal-cutting tools) BLW'ISTROV, Yevgeniy Vasillyevich., inzh.; MATROSOV, Gennadiy Alekseyevich, inzh.; SHIFRIN, A.Sh.., red. [1.,.achining heat-resistant and weakly magnetic materials] Obrabotka zharoprochnykh i malomagnitnykh materialov. Le- ningrad, 1963. 15 P. (Leningradskii dom nauchno-tekhniche- skoi propagandy. Obmen peredovym opytom. Seriia: Mekhaniche- skaia obrabotka metallov, no.19) (MIRA 17:4) BORISOV, V.V., inzh., red.; NE24IROVSKIY, B.S., kand. voyen. nauk, red.; IXTSKAYA, K.M., inzh., red.;,�@LTjq1IN, A.Sh., inzh., red.; RUDMIKO, L.D., inzh., red.; DYATLOV, T.D., inzh., red. [Construction specifications and regulations]Stroitelinye normy i pravila. Moskva, Stroiizdat. Pt.3. Sec.D. ch.11, Pt.3. Sec.M. ch.4. 1964. (MIRA 18:4) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Gosudarstvennyy komitet po de- lam stroitel'stva. 2. Gosstroy SSSR (for Borisov). 3. Na- uchno-issledovatel'skiy institut organizatsii, mekhanizatsii i tekhnicheskoy pomoshchi stroitel'stvu Akaderii stroitell- stva i arkhitektury Slqc;R(fnr TTpmirovskiy, Shifrin). 4. Go- mL . -pauq@no-rjssl va---i. -mdarstvennyy proyektno-izyc- L@e- lskiy-,1, edo tellskiy institut Grazhdanskogo Vozdushrogo Flota (for Letskaya). 5. Proyektnaya organizatsiya. Goplidarstvennogo komiteta po sudostroyeniyu SSSR (for Dyat-ovi@,,A@idenko). -m-@ ZHURAVLEV, S.A., kand. tekbno nauk,-_,,_SHIFR[N_, A.Sh._; RITSETSKIY, A.L., dots., retsenzent (Milling cutters] Frezy. Moskva) Mashinostnenie, 1964. 125 p. (Bibliotechka frezerovshchika, no.2) (MIM 18: 5) ZHURAVLLV, S.A, , icand.teklin. naulq SHIFRIN,__L.@@.; GOLIDBERG, M.I., inzh., rolsenzent [Fundamentals of milling and the cutting conditionsj Oanavy frezerovanila i rezhimy rezaniia. Moskva, Maah-inostroenie, 1964. 150 P. (Bibliotachka frezerovshchika, no.1) (NilRA 18-5) L 41918-�j P--4/?--5/ Po-4/P e-2 Peb i-11 SJP(C) GW ACCESSION W k;500964 UR/0293/65/003/002/0237/62 I AUTHOR: Babichenkp, S. 1. KarpLnsk@Y,_j_- Katyij@hina V. V.-L Kap;LEE, S. pustovay-t, R. M.; Shifrin, A. V. ITITLE: Investigation of scattered ultraviolet radiation in the upper atmosphere. il. Equipment % -_ SOURCE: Koomicheakiya iusledovaniya, v. 3, no. 2, 1965, 237-243 TOPIC TAGS: UV radiation, rqdistign cquntee, photon counter@ Geiger counter/SF74-IL radiation counter ABSTRACT: Photon counters used in investigations of scattered UV radiation in the upper atmosphere are described. The two counters, of the SFM-1-type, are filled with NO and have LiF radiation windows for measurements within 1050-13hO A. The counters were selected for their narrow sensitivity band and comparatively high quantum yield (0.01-0.1). Pulses from a counter are recorded by a two-channel logarithmic rate meter within the interval from 2 to 2 x 103 ppa. However, slot. width and brightness were selected so that the counting rate does not exceed 1000 pps, which keeps it within the linear portion of the counting characteristic. Card 1/2 - --- - ----- L 41818-65 ACCESSION NR: AP5009640 The operating voltage of the counters is 1000 v. The counter circuitry includes a preamf3lifier, trigger, pulse normalizer, storage circuit, transistorized d-c ampli-I fier, supply-voltage regulator, and high-voltage converter for power supply'. The modular design of the system provides a high degree of miniaturization and relia- bility. Orig. art. has$ 5 figweg- ASSOCIATION: none SUBMITTED: 23ju3.64 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: OP, AA, NO REF SOV: 005 OTHER: 002. ATD PRESS: 323 SHTF41N, B.I. Nemetsko-angylo-russl