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e2- L 10356-66 EWr (1)/E~M(j JK ACC NRi AP5028193 SOURCE CODE: UR/0346/65/000/009/0025'0028 C"~ AUTHOR: Likhachev, N. V.; Borisovich, Yu. T. ; Skalinskiy,'Je. I. f7~ ORG: State Scientific Control Institute of Veterinary Preparations (Gosudarstvennyy nauchno-kontrollnyy institut veterinarnykh preparatov) TITLE: Susceptibility of swine to the vir%L,;es of fowlpox SOURCE: Veterinarlya, no. 9, 1965, 25-28 TOPIC TAGS: animal disease, immunity, fowipox, virus disease, veterinary medicine ABSTRACT: Swine are susceptible to the virulent strain of the Kuchinskiy virus of cowpox and to the vaccinal strain pf the-GKI(I virus of pigeon pox. Contact infectior, of young sows with ST!!pox virus-is possible during two successive parsages. Sows which recover from cowpox and pigeon pox cmi immune to the corresponding types of pox and in part to the vaccinia virus, but not to the original pox virus. Cowpox virus passaged once in swine loses its abiIjity to infect chick embryos, i. e., it ac- quires properties similarly to the original swine pox virus. Histolog~fally, the variolar process in swine infected with the original swine Pox vaccine4is prolifera- tive in nature, whereas in young sows infected with cowpox virus it is mostly exuda- tive. Lysis of the caryoplasm and wrinkling of the nuclear membrane occurs in the epithelial cells of the skin of young sows 'infected with virulent cowpox virus. Vac-- UDC: 619 : 616.988.13 - 636.4 L 10356-66 ACC NRz "S028193 uolation of the nucleus is characteristic in sows infected with the original swine pox virus. Cowpox virus in the skin of young sows usually does not form the cyto- plasmid; inclusions associated with the original swine pox. Orig. art. has: 5 figures. SUB CODE: 06/ SUBM DATE: OFCIG REFI 003/ OTH REF: 003 Card 2/2 A7 ACC-N4 -AP5023729'"(A SOURCE CODE: UR/0346/65/ooo/oWoO20/0024 AUTHOR: Skalinskiya Ye* I*; Age-yeva, Le So; Taymlyakovt V. Yo. ORG: State Scientific Control Institute of Veterinary Prop ations (Gosudd-rstvennyy nauabno-kontrollnyy institut vaterinarnykh preparatov) 14, TITLE:. Ultra-tbin structure of chicken and pigeon pox virus s SOURCE: Vaterineriya., no, 8, 1965# 20-24 TOPIC TAGS: animal disease, virus, electron microscopy ABSTRACTz The first part of the paper is a literature survey of various negative contrast solutions used to study the ultratbin structure of - viruses* The second part describes methods of investigating the ultraw thin structure of a pox virus (Laffont strain) found In chickens and a pox virus (GNKI strain) found in pigeons. Parts of the chorioallantoic membrane of chick embryos were taken on the 3rd to 5tb day following infection with one of the virus strains and placed on a slide* A few drops of a 10% solution of sodium pbosphotungstate (pH 7 to 7,2) or of a 10% solution of mercury diabloride (pH 4) were applied* Then the contrasting solutions were removed from the membrane surfaces with filter paper and the membranes were examined under a UEMV-100 electron Card 1/2 UDC: 619:616.988.13-094-29 ACC NRI AP5023729 (I--- microscope (lOvOOO to 309000 X). The electron micrograpbs sbow that the ultratbin structure of virus particles of abicken and pigeon pox virux strains is similar to that of otber pox virux species* Reproduction of virus particles in the two pox virus strains starts witb the formation of the outer layer of the filament structure, The filament structures of a virus particle represent a belix. It is assumed that the ribosomes participate in the syntbesis of pox virus matrices and filaments. The effect of a mercury diebloride solution on a pox virus is expressed in the form of diffused staining of the outer protein layer of the virus particle and the depositing of mercury granules Inside the particles Witb mercury diebloride applied to the membrane for a moment* only a fe'w'. small mercury granules were formed; wben mercury diebloride was applied for a 5 min period, the granules increased botb in number and size. Details of pox virus ultratbin structures are given6, !Abstraoter's note: No details are given on the effects of the 1 olution of sodium pboapbotungstate), Orige art* bas: 4 figures* SUB CODE: 06/ SUBM DATE: none/ OTH REF-- 03.4 CZECHOSDVAKL~ / .,n,-I-Iticrl ',hcmistry. .~;n-lyzis -)" Or--nic E-3 Sub:A-noos. ,'ib,- Jour Ref Zhur - Yhim., ZVI,, 7, l?'E, No 21237 Autlior Lrtin-k, SI.-rlitski ,7 inzt ..Ct ,J-ven Title '1hr-,,2-t,)-r-i:hy of Intermjirt~~ Product-- -, 'kh(, Time of '.:,;-1-inZ Dyes. i Chr-m-togr-phy ~,n r-por ~f 111--ryl-minc- VT. n7phth~-lin Sulfoll~ids. Orig, Pub : Cheia. listy, 1957, 51, No. 1, Abstr-ct : Th,~ chromrto7r-phic -ctim or. r-por h-s been studied of r -eriei- of '-A-rry1-minor.!-phth-.1ir. sulfg-cids, N-ryjf-minon-ph- th-01:,-jifn-cids, di--,xyr.-ph'Lh-l.r---,,;fc--c-ir~l.-, -nd -L1inrn-D1Ahcl- The wcrk .-i,s conducted .-dth- the -pplicrticr, of - do-sconding mothod on V;,tm-r'.- pcpcr Ito. 4, not tro!.tcd, or tre7ted rith - 5 percent solution N7FC03y in d~-rknoss; C-rd 1/2 i-z micro, 2 rcrnert sclution of th,,, cubst,nco in r 5Gc/'f ryridinc. Tho-systems of rcl*,`~,'.,-~- used- warc: n-butyl -lcnhcl CF.-.CCOH (4: n-butyl 11cohol - p,ridirc r (5:1:1), -rd n- /7 ~tp- pr-~-,-;! -1cnhol 77 HCO3 !,n-lyf-'LL is c~,rri---,d out rf neries oil t-ccjxic,j pro-lucts. infcx:n-tion V soc FZH FLip-I.., 1 7, 2/2 9 SULITSKIY, Timofey Work of the Research Institute for Labor Protection in Prague and the Provincial Institute in Bratislava. Gig. i san. 26 no.8:83-87 Ag 161. (MIRA .15:4) 1. Sekretarl Slavatskogo soveta. profsoyuzov. (CZE-CHOSLOVAKIA-HYGIENE) :: Uectrc.,viechanical analot7j of wine VE:UtLlation. P. 303. (Praha, CzechoslovakLa) Vol. 7., 11,11o. 9, Sept. 1957 SC: Monthly Index of East European Accession (E-AI) -TC- Vol. 7., No. 5, 1.958 SnLK-., -n. Automatic-control equipment for Mal belt-conveyer lines. P. 45 UHLIJ. (Ministerstvo paliv) Praha, Czechoslovakia Vol. 1, no. 2, Feb. 1959. Monthly list of East European Acessions (EEAI), LC, Vol. 8, no. 7 JUIY 1959 Uncl. CZECHOSLOVAI'aA/14icrobiology - General Microbiology. F-I Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biol., No 10, 1958, 4314o Author Skalka, B. Inst Title Inie So-Called L-Form of Baa-'~eria. Crig Pub Veterinarstvil 1956, 6, No 8, 244-246. Abstract A review dedicated to the discovery and properties of L-forn bacteria, as well as their possible role in disease etiology. Card 1/1 - SKAM., Bohiud,!; inz. Short-circuits in electric networks in mines. Energetika Cz 3-2 noL, 194-197 Ap t62. 1. Banske projekty, Ostrava. SKAL.KA,, Bobumil, inz. 14Ddernization of the dispatching equipment in deep mines. Uhli 4 no.8:266-268 Ag 162. 1. Ministeretvo p&Uv a energetiky. 5: L