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USSR/Biology - Snake distribution Card 1/1 Pub. 86 - 21/36 Authors Skalon, V. N., Prof.; and Gagina, T. S. Title Distribution of sna a around Ballcy," Periodical. iFriroda "/6, 108 i09., Jun 1.955 Abstract vTo the information in published literature that snakes Inhe it the southern portion of the Baikal region near the city of Irkutsk na- tuialists add the finding of such varieties as Ancistrodon halys and Elaphe dion to the north and northeast of lake Baikal. Four Russian and Soviet' (1906-1929). Institution : Submitted : SXALON, V.N. "Guide for the commercial hunter." Reviewed by T.M. Skalon. Biul. MOIP. Otd. biol. 60 no.2:133-138 Mr-Ap 055. (MLPA 8:7) (Hunting) SK&LON, V.S. RGame animals and birds of the Altai Territory," V-Savinov; "Gave and game management of Takutia"; OGame management in Tomsk Province and the outlook for its development.0 I.P. Laptev. Books reviewed by V.N. Simlon. Zool.zhur- 35 no.4:625-627 Ap '56. Ona& 9: 8) (Game and gamebirdo) (Savinov, V.) (Laptev, I.P.) SKALCN, VW, 90khota i okhotalchlo khoslaletvo,O nes.1-3. 1955.Rowleved by V.N.Skslon. Zool.shur.35 se.8:1267-1268 Ag 156. (NM 9:10) (G=o and gmebirds-Porlefteals) SKALON, V.N., profesoor. Practice of Chukotka hunters ("Aid to the hunter." M.P. aitarin. A.S.Zimanov, V.N. Ziaser, N.F.Sokolov, V.I. Khorev. Reviewed by V.N Skalon). Priroda 45 no.6:122-123 Je '56. (KWA 9:8) 1. Irkatskiy sel'skokhozyeystvennyy institut. (Chukchi National Okrug--Hunting) (Gitarin, N.P.) (Zimanov, A.S.) (Zisser, V.N.) (Zhorev, V.K.) SY_kWS, V.N. "Caves of the Baikal region" by F.F.Khoroshikh. Reviewed by V.N. Skalon. Geog. v shkole 20 no.1:75 J&-F '57. (M" 10:3) (Baik*l region-Caves) rj U T "!_,' R -~okolov, Professor (Leningrad) 26-58-6-48/r6 TITLL".: A guidebook Through the Baykal Region (Putevoditell po Baykalu) F7,`-Tf~'DICAL: Priroda, 1958, Nr 6, p 121 (USSR) APSTUCT: This is a critical review of a guidebook named "Along Lake Baykal" by V.N. Skalon, published by Profizdat in 1957. Card 1/1 1. Books-Review SKAWN, V.11.; KHOROSHIKH, P.P. ----7Drawings of domestic elk found on rocks in Sib,sria Ewith summqrv in English]. Zool. zhur. 17 no-3:441-446 Mr 158. (MIRA 11:4) 1. Vootoclino-Sibirskiv otdal Geograficheskogo obahchestva SSSR, Irkutsk. (Siberia, Bastern-Petroglyphs) (Elk) (Domestic Pnimmle) SUWN, V. N. "Trudy' of the Voronezh State Preserve. Pt.5. Reviewed by T,N. Skalon. Biul. MOM otd. biol. 63 no-1:120-122 J&-F 1580 (KrBA U: 5 ) (MUVM) (YMSTS AND YOUMT.) A UTHOR: Sokolov, N.N. TITLE: Reviews (Retsenzii) SOV/12-90-6-16/23 PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vsesoyuznogo geograficheskogo obshchestva, 1958, Vol 90, Nr 6, pp 559 - 561 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author gives a review of the book "Protect Nature" (Okhranyayte prirodu) by V.N. Skalon, published in Irkutsk in 1957, It deals with tn"4-T8TT?TM"MVh of forests and ani- mals in Siberia and with the author's anxiety about the pre- servation of wild life in Siberia. Card 1/1 REY1,MRS.- F.E., doktor biol. nauk, otv. red.; BUDDO, I.S.f Prof.) red.; GRUSHKO, Ya.M., prof., red.; SIIMISKIY, P.P.., red.; _,.S~4W4, 1~, IOROSHIKH, F.F... dots., red.; _ yj _prQf,, red.; KF STRILEVAI G.F., red.; PECHERSKAYA, T.I., tek-bn. reed. [Conservation in Siberia; raterials)Okhrana pr:Lrody Sibiri; material,l. Irkutsk, Irkutskoe knizhnoc izdatel 'stva, 1959. 190 P. (MIRA 15-7) 1. Sibirskaya konferentslya po okhrane prirody, 1st, 1958. 2. Predsedatell Vostochno-Sibirskogo otdola Geografichoskogo obshchestva SSSR (for Silinskiy). 3. Irkutskiy sel'skokho- zyaystvennyy institut (for Skalon). 4. Irkutskiy meditsin- skiy institut (for Grushko). 5. Vostochno-Sibirskiy filial Akademii nauk SSSR (for Reymers). 6. Ir'icutsl:iy universitet (for Khoroshikh). (Siberia-Conservation of natural resources-congresses) SK!tION, VA. Frobltiinn of game management in tht-, ilght docislons of rbf- 2lbt Congress of the CPSU. Zonl.zhur. -33 no. 8: 1121-11127 tic '59- (Game and game birds) SKALON, V.N. Problems of hunting management in connection with the forthcoming 2?~ Congress of the CPSU. Zool. zhur. 40 no.9:1291-1298 S '61. (MIRA 14:8) 1. Irkutsk Agricultural Institute. (Hunting) A.11i.p otv. za vypusk; DOelk-~ADSKIY, I.V., otv, red.; SILIIISKIY, P.I., otv. red.; ZHOVITY, I.F., red.; 11EKIP1MOV, 1U., red.; SY"U, V.N., red.; TIRUSTEDiA, T.!-~ tekhn. red. [CoUaction of works on biulogy, 1960]Biolo,,.!,icheslll sbornik 1960 g. Irkutsk, Vostoclino-Siblrzkoe otd-nie geogr. ob-va ra 53SR) 1961. (11-DA 15.- 11) (BlOLOM[) SKALON, V.N. In memory of Professor German Eduardovich Ioganzen, 1866-1930. Trudy BGZ no-4:233-234 162. (MIRA 17:9) V,111.; SYROYEGHKOVSKlY Ye.Ye. SKALONY -,., j il-roblems in the utilizat4cn wd rop-c"i-xt-ir'n of stocks of cor-nercially hunted animals in Sibeeria. Izv. All Ser. :eog. no.5:551-62 S-0 16-5. (MIRA 18!10) 1. InstitUt grcgrrdfli AN S~;SRL,e SLAWUD. P. -_ , Prof. dr. Jlri Xaly died on JuIr 7, 1950. Cas. lok. cook. 89 no.29:829-830 21 JulY 1950. (ma 20:1) 1, ObItuarye SKALOUD, F. -;,,- - Prof, Mudr. Frantivak Kosteclm. Cas.lek.cesk. 9G no-7:220-222 16 Feb 1951. (CUIL 20:7) 1. Obituary. SKALOUD. Ford. Doc. MUDr RXDr Frequency of orthodontic anomalies In preschool childred. Cesk. Stomat. no.4-5: 245-248 J1 '55. 1. Fakultadstakeho Iskarstvi KU v'Praze. (KALOCCLUS ON, statistics. In Czech.) SKALOUD, Ferd, NWr., Rvercise of orofacial muscles. Cas. lek. cesk. 94 no.46: 1241-1246 11 Nov 55, 1. Stomatologicke odd. periatricke fakulty K.U. Logoped Hava Skaloudova. Ustav pro napravu vad rect a sluchu UNV blav, mesta Prahy, (predn. prof. Dr. M. Sovak). OW, muecles. orofacial, exercise.) (MUSCLES, orofacial, exercise) (EXERCISE, of orofacial muse.) SKALOUD, IProd-:JIRaL. V. Teeth coloration as a diagnostic aid. Gas. lek. cook. 96 no.40-41-.1309- 1311 11 Oct 57. 1. Oddeleni dotske atomatologie M, prednosta doo. NUMr. ZFDr Ford. Simloud. Ustredni bioahemiaka laborator IN 1. prednosta prof. Dr J. HoreJsi. (TIMTH, in various diseases. diag. value of coloration (Cs)) SKALOUD, F. Relation of lithiasis and sialolithiasis in the mouth. Cas. lek. cesk. 103 no.43:1203-1204 23 0 164. 1. Stomatologicke oddeleni lekarske fakulty hygienicke Karlovy University v Praze, (vedouci prof. MUDr. RNDr, F. Skaloud). SKAWUD, Ferone, dr. I SZEMY, Imre, dr. Acrylic prostheses for facial defects. Fogrov. essule 47 no.5: 162-164 Kay 54a SICS facial acrylic prostheses) (FACB acrylic prostheses for gross defects) (ACRYLICS prostheses for gross facial defects) SXLLOUD. Ferenc, dr. Correction of defects and fixation of bone ends by metal nailing after mandibular resection. Fogorv. ozenle 47 no.11:337-341 Iroy 54. 1. Kozlemany a Budaposti. Oryostudosanyl Baotou Stomatologial Klinikaj&rol. (VITALLIM mandibular nailing after resection for cancer) (KMIBLI. surg. resection. vitallium nailing) 3ec 9 Vol 1)/1 Surgery Jan 59 102. DENTAL PARTICIPATION I': 1HEATNIENT OF 11ARE-1-11' AND (A.LFT PALATE - Uc,sl na lee~)t~ r~,zAt~~-'- rt.; a p.'Ira _~ ;t I,, ~td F . 0~vl, D~,IsK6 DF%. Praha - ACTA ClIfit. 0iMI )II S V TTf_VUNF. C_[Cil. 1~6P. 25j, 1 (28-38) lilus, 21 In the 'omplex Ireatirent oi hare-lip and cleft palate is im- ;-J't fit 1,11z' ;lit "r" f-Inctions, alld liecess.'ry for I lolig J'Crlud in the disease. I tic. surge,)n must tie a paedodont, ziordvz to prOvide earl.% extraction and I 01i'VI'vAtIoll , are. But he 11,11st tic pt ;n.;,riIY an orofacial crth,qavdic tiargeon w Ith all outt').'k, %%ho orthodontia prosthetic as Vell as the relation6h,p bet-ween im,ne and tituscle function ill livrili;tj all(I ki-regillar ilevelopirent Lif;d gl-"Wthl It Lb t,~- work -,it a cl,,sure of the lip, increas-.- the Aillity ,,f the anligriivity Mil:,(Aus. enable nornial occluson and mast.caton, and teach tilt p;AtlVT1t hOA I" Swiilluw. It is nevessary to approximate built fragment.5 of the de- fo-icrit maxillit and mandible and correct the apper rui% of teeth in Ehe or,il cavity. C--I,eration between the dent,11 and j11iI:,t1k UrgConS OCCUrs in 3 fields: (;I) re- habilit.ttion exercismg pcrixi; (b) preoperative preparation of X-ra '; films and vebtibular insurts; ortiodontit: exurciseb; (c) preparati-.-:1 Of Instruments for re- v,nustructio n if the maxilla. Conditions for successful treatment are: (1) recon- strui, tion o, the lip mu-,t lo-s at the tatest when the roilk teeth cut thiough: (2) forma- il"ll of it sufficlentI..'. roorliv vestibulum or;s; (3) in approximating the maxillary J`I';'L'MPWS alld all (asub If cornpres5ion -If ,he alveolar ridges. the nterposition o1 . t1w burian mucous mellibrane lool, into the I left; (4) with a bilateral cleft, if there is Ito pressure on the intermediate inece Of maxtIla from the reconstructed lip. 1,, 1 arry ,ut, before Operation on the maxilla, 'a V0lDCr0tUniY with intermaxillar tit- bel-ti"ll. If both lateral fragments are placed under the intertilediate fr;igment, it is necessary to widen the sh~trp edges of the lialate %% ith a screw sel t1lat there can tie all insertion between theni after vornerotomy; (5) recunstrut: Eton of the hard and soft palate it tilt! latest in the last pre-school year. In the last pre-schoul i'mod at tilt: latest at the start of the school period. patients have the List natural development Of orofacial function, mainly mastication Lnti swanowing. 'rhis requ,.rement is also illiportant for the development of speech, anti, as the autl;or noti cd, pronum:,azion tit this period is an ohjective stvn of ttic rv:~,ilts of,:ular traLr.itig of the ariterior , losure. (IX, I ~#) SKALOUD, F.; UDEENT L.; TZAR, R.; BLEIIA, P. The importance of tooth extraction in orofacial orthopedics. Acta univ carol. Imed.] 7 no.5:650,-668 161. 1. Stomatologicke oddeleni lekarske fakulty hygienicke University Karloirf v Praze, vedouci prof. MUDr. RITDr. F. Skaloud. (TEJ-,,TH EXTRACTION) (MIHODONTIGS) (', V() ,- ~ ~ ,- I j .-~ ~~k T C) 11F(, k! I R., Agne-9, dr. KAI) PAT'l 2 f , - , ., . . .- I frr,cij~iti-,~n (Z paroti(i tumil-.i lurin,-7 WiFogorr. szemle ')6' no I 1 :338-340 t I 165, 1. A Budapest XIV. ker. Tanacs VB Uzsok-i utcai KorhPz (Igazgato- foorvos: SzarLo,Sandordr.) Onkc,-Radiologiai In-,ezEtenek (oszta- lyvezeto foorvos: krando.--,Ferenc,dr., gondozovezoto foorvcs: Karpati, Gyorgy, dr.) es a Budapesti Orvostudomnyi Egyetem Szajsebeozeti Klinikajanak (igazgato: Balogh,Ka:-oly, dr., egyet. tanar) kozlemenye. GUTMAJIN . E. ; JAKOUBEK, B. ; 11AJEK, I. ; ROHLICEK, V. ; SKAWID, J. Effect of age on proteosynthesis in spinal motoneurons following nerve interruption as shown by histoautoradiography of 335 2abelled methionine. Physiol. Bohemoslov. 11 no-5:437-442 162. 1. Institute of Physiology, Czechoslovak Academy of Science, Prakue. (NEURONS) (SPINAL CORD) (METHIONINS)- (PROTEIN METABOLISM) (AGING) SKALOUDY Jaroslav Ochrana rostlin. Ucobni text pro zemedelske mistrovske skoly oboru pestitelskeho, chmelarskeho a pradnych ro5lin. (Protection of Plants; a textbook for the agricultural training schools on breeding, hops, and textile plants. lst ed. illus., indexes) Introduction by Jaroslav Smolak. Prague, S7N, 1957. 158 D. Bibliograficky katalog, CSR, Ceske knihy, No. 33. 24 Sept 57. p. 721. SKALOUD, Jaroslav (Hradec Kralove, CSRS) Experimental large-size panel construction of apartment houses in Hradci Kralove (HK system). Przegl budowl i bud mieszk 35 no.4: 213-217 Ap 163. L 167hi-66 FWP(w) EM AUC NH: AP6004289 SOURCE CODE: CZ/0090/65/000/006/0724/0751 AUTHOR: Sjmloud, M. SDocent, Engineer, Candidate of sciences) ORG: Institute of Theoretical and ApRj!~Ld MechMM,9_zSWhQAL0xakAQ94_emY of Sciences, Ws-F- G1 Prague tut f1dr theoretische und angewandte Mechanik der Tschech4 v Idic-Fefi-ATUP demie der Wissenschaften) TITLE: Boundary condition of compressed carrier flange plates In thin-walled be 8 SOURCE: Acta technica CSAV, no. 6, 1965, 724-751 TOPIC TAGS: s' tress analysis, structural engineering, thin walled beam ABSTRACT: This article is a continuation of an earlier paper In which the bending resist_ ance of thin-walled beams was discussed. The present article considers the deflection, stress, and boundary conditions of depressed thin-walled beam carrier plates supported along both long edges without bracing. The shape and dimensions of the cold-formed test beams are shown in Figure 1. Card 1/3 -L 16741-66 ACC NR: AP0004289 schndl 1-1 Schnill 1-1 MASSIgh f.*25 70X3 .... 2W .4 400 f92O Aus Ne ch dl~r Nche 05 . rabelte (ter Anmsw Ausffw 9M A B C f U 2 67 b a f 77 76 Fig. 1. Shape and dimensions of test beams. Legend: SchnItt section, Masstab scale, Aus Blech... = made of plate of t thickness, Tabelle der Ausma se = table of dimensions, AusmaBs dimension, TrQer = beam' Card 2/3 L 16741-66 ACC NR: AP6004289 The loads were applied at N and N' shown in Figure 2. P12 P12 Af Ael M, Fig. 2. Load application to test beams. The beams were subjected to increasing loads until failure occurred and were monitored duriDg the test for buckling of the carrier plate and tension of the compressed carrier plate. Equations were derived for the characterization of the phenomena observed. The boundary conditions were defined, considering the effective width of the buckled, stressed carrier plate. The results of the investigations showed that failure occurs in most in- stances due to the buckling of the carrier plate under compression. Orig. art. haB: 4 tables, 10 formulas, and 20 figures. SUB CODE- 13 SUBM DATE: O6Aug65 ORIG REF: 003 OTH REF: 001 Card 3/3 vmb PKIAT - ' T), ':'EC!fl!(jLu"'Y PMiIODICAL: ;'~CTA "-'--C'r--ITCA JOL. It, no. 1, 1959 Skaloud M. Solving the problem on sta"ility of walls havinF. initial rnrvatilre. n. 52. Voi. It, no. 2, 19c~9 on'uh-l.-;, List of East European Accessions (EEAI), LC, Vol. 6, no. 5, 1*ay 19719, Unclass. SK,WJD, M. of the reE-LItS of recent Desiim, of stccl--irda~r walls from the viewpoint 0 research. p. 142. INIZUffRSKE STAIIBY. (~Emisterstvo stavebnictbi) Praha,, Czechoslovakial Vol. 7, No. 4, Apr. 1959. Monthly List of East European Accession, (EEAI), LC, Vol. 8, No. 12, Dec. 1959. Uncl. SKALOUD, Miroslavv Kandidat der techniseben Wlq-sanschaften Some characteristics of the static resolution for thin-4alled constructions from cold-bentp cold-pressed and colled shapes. Acts. tech. Cs 6 no.1:57-79 161. (EW 10:6) 1. Tschechislowakische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Praha. (Rolling (Metalwork)) (Sheet metal) --SKALO.UD,-Mirpv1avj Ing., C.Sc. Postbuckling behavior of web plates. Acta techn Cz 6 no.3:294-332 161. (EFAI :10: 9) 1. Ceskoolovenska akademie ved, Praha. (Plates, Iron and Steel) SKAIAID., Miroslav, inz.,, C.Sc. The plate girders and bars considered as plate systems in determining their limit-Ing stress. Stav casopis 10 no.9:532-551 162. 1. Ustav teoreticke a ap]-ikovane mechaniky, Ceskosiovenska akudemie ved., Praha. SULOUD, Miroslav.-, doe., inz.p Me. Postcritical behavior of compressed plates reinforced by elastic stiffeners. Acta techn C~ 8 no-5:459-474 163. 1. Tschecho3lowakische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Praha 2- Yove Mesto, Vysehradska 49. SFJ~LOUD9 ffiro.,lavy doc. inz. ("Sc.; IDOIAA, jean,, Duckling of web plates with residual str-~--s5. ' -*,, -,echn Cz P no.6- 524-556 16 3. 1. Aradernie "cb&oslovaque d1fs inst-4.t.L.A. de Mpcaniqu,~~ Theorique et Alppliqu4e, Prague 2. Vysehrfirlskit 49 (for Skalovd). 2. Universite de Liege, Institut &, Genie Civil, Quai Hanning 0, Liige, Beligiclue (for Pcn"~O. SKALOUD, 14. Postbuckling behavior of web plates and -,he-,'r state. Rev mec appl 9 no. 1%3'7-53 164. 1. Institute of Theca.ptical and Applieii M-~,c,,anic3, Cuichoslovak Academy of Sciences,,Prague. n SKALOUD, Mirslav, do-2. inz. CSc;.; NOVOTNY, Roman, inz. -!t-' - PostbuZkiing beha:-~Lor of a uniformly compressed web plate reinforced in the middle by a longitudinal stiffener. Acta techn Cz 9 no.3:217-249 164. 1. instLtute of Theoretical. and Applied Mechanics, Czechoslovak Anadepyl of S,--ienr;es,, Praha 2 - Nove Mesto., Vysehradska 49. SKALOUJ) M., doc. inz. GSc. "Metallic constructionw, by K.K. Muchanov [Mukhanov) K.K.J. fieviewea by M. Skaloud. Poz stavby 12 no.5:218-2-19 'b4. MASSOMEET, Ch., prof.; SKALOUD, M... inz., CSc. Principles of steel girder web-plate design with regard to their postcritical behavior. Stav cas 11 no.6:361-369 163. 1. Universite de Liege (for Massonnet). 2. Ustav teoreticke a aplikovwie mechaniky, Geskoslovenska akademie ved, Praha (for Skaloud). Sj~AWUD M. inz, C3c. -1 International Symposium on Postcritical Behavior of Plates and Shells in Liege. Stav cas 11 no.6:412-413 163. 1. Ustav teoreticke a aplikovane mechaniky, Ceskoslovenska akademie ved,, Praha. SKALOUD-t-Miroslav, doc., inz., CSc. Posteritical behavior of uniformd-yj empressed webs- stiffened by longitudinal ribs. Stav cas 11 no.10:624-627163. SKALOUD, V. P doc. inz. CSc. French wall panels with bearing frames from light alloyo. Poz stavby 12 no. 1:44-1+8 164. 1. Caskoslovenska akademic ved, Ustav teoreticke a aplikovane mechaniky, Praha. SViLr)l-JDY iMirosla,i-, doc.., inz., CSc.; DJULIEI," Jozefl doc., in--., CSc. Calculaticn of membrane and bending stresseo in tall walls for some forms of experimental surfaces. Stav caE, 12 no.l: 62-63 164. 1. listav teoreticke a aplikovare mechaniky, Ceskoslovenska akademie ved, Praha (for Skaloud). SKALOUD) Miroslav, doe. inz. CSc. Basic differential equation of stability of webs with residual stresses. Stav cas 12 no.2:102-111 161t. 1. Ustav teoreticke a aplikovane mechaniky, Ceskos2ovenska alzademle ved, Praha. SKALOVY AoD... Inzh. Operative management of all-purpose accoustical auditoriums. Izv. ASA no.4alO6-121 160. (Auditoriums) (KRA 14:4) SKALOVI _,_,Oan-. Tee' . 3ci. (diss) "Investi -n-tion of A-nbio- A. D. u ~i oh-onic ~Jystema," Imloscow, 1961, 14 op. (All-Union So. Res. 11-ovie Film Inst. "NIKFI") 17.5 copies (KL Supp 1-2-61, 274). SKALOV, A.D. Reverberation measuremenLs of the sound absorption of maLerials. lzm.tekh. no.10:24-26 0 165. (MIRA 18: 12) ROTTE, A.B., SKAIA)V, A.D. Load fluztuations during parallel operation of 4GCH.-42-5/60 gas engines. Gaz. prom. no.8:31-35 Ag '58. (MIRA 11:8) (Diesel engine) YUDIN, Ye.Ya.,, doktor tekhn.nauk; SKALOV, A.D., kand.tekiin.nauk Lowering the noise from steam discharges from autoclaves. Stroi.mat. 9 no.11:30-31 N 163. (MIRA 17:4) L 6oL-6q-- ElT(d)/V-PA/D!T(k)/EkTP(f)/,T,PF(n) 2/EPR/T-2/EPA(bb)-'2/EWA(c) -Paa-4/Ps-4- ACCEWTON NR: AP~OOM8 UR/O AMMORt SkalovL A. ~andidateof technical sciences),, uz netsov, S. 1j, (Eng!VEeer) TITLEt Mae reduction in powerful g" turbineft no* SOURCEs Elaktricheakiye atantaiii 91. 1964 34-38 TOPIC TAGSt gas turbine engine, steam turbineg electric power plant, industrial condition,, industrial medicine Abitract: Rikh power ga - ana iie'am'--g'as -t,ur-b'ines* wil:1 be installed in several el:ctric power stations an the next few years. Equipment of this type is a source of very intense, high frequency noise which is especially injurious __--to--humans. Because of the nature of tte design of a gas turbine, its noise I - --stuffid ------Th measurew- towards--- cannot be entirely localized wtthLn-a jjc~wvar a. on. A 'noise reduction that were taken In designing the.GTU-25-700-1-LMZ turbine ____for_the_TETs-2 Power station in Kiev and the GrU-50-800-1 KhTGZ for the TSTs-3 power station in Khar!kov are desecitiid--ih-74-dttil-lo----Dat a--ow- the--noise-- spectra-- L'AmAgriculture - Statistics Card 1/1 1 Pub. 123 - 8/17 Authors I Nikolaev,. P. A.; Skalov, G. F.; and Kaplan, R. M. Title I Using the regulating characteristics of the supply of Diesel engines to establish standards for'agricultural work Periodical I Vest. AN Kaz. SSR 11/1, 77-83, Jan 1954 Abstract I An attempt was made to use statistical principles in establishing norms for agricultural production using the figures for tractor sup- ply as or,~ of the operators.* Ten Russian references (1948-1952). Graphs. Institution : Submitted : Q. A JUGHLY STABtF PROCESS MR CAM FICATICH OF BROMI COALS APPLIC[.BLE,, ~'M F-MAL POMEA ST,,MONS. SJMIAV -0.F. (TrfU(J. Hauth.-IS-9led. Inat. M0hM.-:. Elektrif-Sel-Kho --ffF-7VA---NW-(Proc, Inst. Mech. Elect Z. Kaz--Idi. SKr ri f. Affri Branch VASKW! L), 1955, vol. 1, 119-131; MIG In Ref. Zh. KhIM. (R;3f. J,.ChCM., 110500-4), 1957, (10), 3533l)- SKALOV, K. 0 dalineishikh putiakh kapitallnogo voestanovleniis i razvitlia stantaii i nslov. (On iNirther means of large-scale reconstraction and development of railroad stations and junctions). (Zhel-dor. transport, 1946, no. 11-12, p. 41-48.) DLC: HLP?.Z5 SO: Soviet Transuortation and CozmutilgLt tons# A 131bliocraEbl, Library of Congress. Refer nee Delartment, :Washington, 1952, Uncladsified. KA L 0 Apr Railroads - Switches "Wider Use of the Automatic Switch," K. Skslor, EW) 1 p "Tekh Zhel Dor" No 4 Describes principle of automatic switch and points out saving iA man power Involved. Shows appli- cation to varioas ra!.1road layouts. Urgea authorities to extend its use. SKALOV,K.Yu., Inzhener Problem of standardization in railroad station development. Tekh. zhel.dor. 7 no.8:25 Ag,48. (MLRA 8:11) (Railroads--Stations) SKAIAW, Konstantin Yurlyavich, kandidat takhnichesk-ikh nuiLk; TSARMIKO. invn6ner. redaktor; YUDZOII.D.M.. tekhnicheskiy redaktor [Railroad stations and terminals] Zhele,-nodorozhnves stantsii i uzly. Hoskva. Gos.transp. zhel-dor. izd-vo. 1955. L07 p. (Railroads--Stations) (MLRA 9:3) 3"WV, Idat takhnichaskikh nauk. ~- ~K-~ Development of section stations. Sbor.trudAked.shel.transp. no.4: 125-144 '56. 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(MIRA 14:4) (Railroads--Stations) (Sailroada--Construction) transpurta- and storagp, Of ip ,Ido'crenii na ka J khra,-IE3' - (1"'qA tionj Perevoz yo.,iva- Trans-:-,rt~ !965 46 tralISP,J'*"e, __j~ ~Yu.,. kund. tei.1m. naukv otv. red.; PODGWETSKIY, II.L., red. J~KAL~V, izd-va; ASTAFIYEVA G.A., tekhn. red. LT:-ansportation centers in capitalist countries!'Transpor-tnye uzly 11-apitalisticheskikh stran. I-,oskva, Akad. nauk I slwlsli, 1962. 31E p. OURA 15:10) 1. Akaderniya nauk SSSR, Institut kompleksirrkh transportxWkh pro- 'ilem. 2. Zaveduyushchiy otdelom ekonomiki i razvitiyu transport- nykh uzlnv Institutn kompleksrWkh transportnykh problem (for Skai-w) . 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Moskva, Transport, 196.5. 197 p. (MIRA 18:4) MITIE ,3j, W HAIRT04EV yr(,j,,~j'jy Va. SKALOV, y,.Yu., kt.nd. teklin. Vasil' - 1-, -7 Ly llixola nauk. reJ.-. L red." I-Arranc-ement of trackage arvi stations] Ustroistvo puti i 1~ stants-ij. J!,ooklia, 1965. 1151 M', 11 u, :L -Estfiniatlon op the eondensatlon degice of urea-forrnal- _ T dehyde reilns.V Rudolf Kv6to' and AAnalk fii-- rbli T C W~ he 91 suroviny, t~Lrelslce kfi)St ech.), nys P it-1174r). -From be estn. of the total contej;t (a) of HCHO (1), and of the hydroxymethyl form of I (b), the con- densation digree (Kj,) of urea-tomaldehyde resins may be OA. caled. as Kp - (a-b)la, the deto. of b being carried out at 7 room tentp. for 70 hours, at higlier temps. the detu. of b becomes less nccuratt J. SKALOVA, A.; METON, 101. DetermlriLng the condensation degree of urea-formaldehyde resins. p. 446. CHP14ICKY PRUMYL. Praha, Czechoslovakia. Val. 9, no. 13, Aug. 1959. 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Iz Gradakog zavoda za zastitu, Skole narodnog zdravlja "A. Stampar' i Bolnice za zarazne bolesti u Zagrebu. (TrFHOID tranam) (WATER SUPPLY microbiol) T!All Wnilas dr. f)ar -.1 lrrrotA(Z~ "Co, . i Lpirgorye I. T-, FI-xv..-olco kllril~o i Skole rarcdnog zdravlja "Ardri~a Sti-irar" *6~.-ultvta SveucilUtv- L, ",ac:reba, !~OVAK, E.; ~LLAIVO'.'A, V. Te,-Iin. spolupra--e: BRADLEEOVA, , Z. PELCOVA, V. ._g4OVA, Elmeriences -.;4Ah baleneol,)~;-i.:,,al therapy Of" foreIgn patients m In Karlo~-j Vary. Fysiat. vestn. 43 ric.3:138-143 ule'65. 1. 'eskoslrv,=Inske Ir-ne, Lazenska sanatoria Lriperlal, Karlovy Vary (reditel: MUD-Y. J. Hanyew.).