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December 31, 1967
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tecb 4 no.1:533-545 (EEkI j019) ustay goologicky a katedrs sineralogie chemicko-technolog-Icka, Praha. wDetermLrarlon *I_Aad!zLtx= &L.S." 't "i '@*'a@@@.'.11" jkw. of pixtykne (1) with Affh (11) with -h'@'q 1@'temig. IICI fuetric (itralluji of vice" an ikxribed, Its this mitt1wKI in *xlts i mo 1* 1w) preM. that the equiv. r;stio 4 1 wid 1.16 kvpt e(mu. The equiv. ratio ('( I to It Is 1:2. )r I ml. 0.1 IV x4n. -4 It etare- SIMInds to I @W. Ms. (11. hocative 06 tradWri Is fever- 'Able, JINO# formed Judas the reacti,,ts ruiAxt be rguJoyed bt the addis. of AcONA it) k"p site pit 4-5. The temetlem tigne rutapt I-A at IM4L 10 10111,; it Slit-arr. the relulta fire low. JAII N(j&I @31 , '01. New trends in tLe Jcveloprcnt of 1 orous plastic leather 6ub-,Aitates. 1@.60 (Kozarstvi, Vol.7, no. 3, @iar. 1@57) 1 raha SO: Ponthl@ List of Last Eurol-ean Accession (EkAQ LC) Vol. 6 no. 7, Jul) 1557. Uncl. Interwil Medicine CZM10SLOVAFIA UDC 616-33-C,02.1@4-08 R o 4 is @,-Y, J@th T nternal Clinic, Faculty of General Miedicine, Charles Univer3ity (IV. Interni Klinika Fak. Vseob. Lek. KU), Prague, Chief (Prednosta) Prof Dr M. FUCIK; Research Insti%uto for Pharmacy and Biochenistry (Vyzkuirny Ustav Dro Par- macii a Biochemii), Prague, Director (Roditel) Dr 0. N1--.4;JtEK '10pportunities for a Reliable Determination of Successful Clinical Therapy of Peptic Ulcer." Praf;uoi.Gasonis Lekaru Coskych, Vol 106, No 7, 17 Fob 67, PP 178 - 1 Abstract Juthors, Fnglish summary modified,._7: A method using a double blind test for the evaluation of the treatment of peptic Ulcer ic dercribed. By the test anti-ulcerous preparations can be evaluated in a uniform and objective manner. A long term follow-up of the patients is necessary for the proper evaluation of the drugs. 20 Western, 9 Ozoch, 1 USSR reference. (Manus- cript received Doc 65), 1/1 SMERAL, V.j ZLAMAL, K. flomograms of achromatic lenses. Jamra mech opt 8 nooll: 346-348 W163. 1. Ustav pro v7akum optiky a jemne mechaniky,, Prerov. SKLTKLL, T.6 NUDr; TARL, T., NUDr Therapy of spolk4oons panniculitis of Weber-Chrlotlan type. with cortisone and ACTH. Cos. lek. cook. 93 no.46:1280-1201 12 Nov 54. le 3 chlrurgickoho oddeleni OUn v- Cook* Lips. prodnoot& NUDr To Fabian (PANNICULITIS. therapy ACTE 4i cortisone) (ACTH, ther. use pmniculitim) (CCRTISOMI. ther, use p&nniculitle) . S;-',JAALp V.; S:@KALUIJA--PhAWOVA, -x", W- @, MethodoloC,ical contribution to the isolation of leukocytes from peripheral blood for the biochmical examination. Cesk. fysiol. 12 no.2:117-120 162. 1. Vyzkumny ustav andokrinoloacky, Praha. ("I'MOGMS) NEVSIMALP 0.; ROTH, B.; SMEJKAL, Vl.; SOUMAR, J. EEG otudies on hyperthyroidlem and hypothyroidism before and after clinical therapy. Cesk. neurol. 25 no.4:243-247 J1 162. 1. Neurologicka klinika fakulty vaeobeeneho lekarstvi University Karlovy v Praze, prednosta akademik K. Renner Vyzkmmy ustav endokrinologicky, reditel prof. K. Silink. (uwTRoE?icEPHALoGRAm) (HrMTHYROID134 ther) (IffPOTHYROIDISM ther) "INGLIAH M.; SWAAL, V. p Determining chlorinated nydro:arbon in waste waters. Chem pnim 14 no.6:283-286 Je 164. 1. Rosearch Institute of Petrocher-jstxy, CHZW1F National Ent-@r- F'r 1.m@, Novaky. L.1djJS, 1. L. iO C-f 'he --toe.' .-I Fl, t t v Cook. 44 L t. iistavu naroin'tin zlrj@vl v PoFrade ',TDr. L. T,)t,,0:,ky ; Gyn.-p)r. cdas IT'! v Krrxanrhoch I fli Dr. j . Po I @ a Lic-f-Aiwi 1-t-,i fIx.1 v !'ovom'Smokovei T'' fill i t(! I I IMT)r. K. K ro-Knavy). TOPOLZKY, L., dr.; S%&IF-TK,'%IOVA, J.; LAWS, 1. Treatiment of interral genitalia with seccnd line anti tuberculotics. Cook. gynek. 30 no,1:40-43 Hr'65- 2. Llecelma pre tuberkulozu v 1"ovom Smokovei (riaditelt dr. A. Krclmavy) it Gyn.-por. oddzJal Obvodniho ustavu narodniho zdravi v Poprade (veduci: dr, L. Topolsky). 2. L.Topolsky's adireas: Pcprad, Uzavreta 2. L 1110)14,1-, ZpA(@)-21F WA( c)AwW(M(M)/hVP(b)/T/EWP(t) Pt-7 IJ ACCM3IOU NR: AP5005381 /Off/ JD1JG o/oo5o/65/006/062 5 AMMOR: Iyanov-0tr4kin ?Loj@@ _p.T.; @allkovaj A_A-; ogorodnlkovj V.1. qjeA. K. P. TIM,: Galvanwagnetic properties of M-erc telluride 1/0 0 '1.. '1 111? Sob=.: Physics, status solldi, V. 8, no. 21 1965, 613-618 TopIC Tj@GS: GalvanormCnetic property, mercury telluride, semiconductor, donor nt, sentmetal, conductivity, Hall concentration, Hall coerfIcIe singlecrystal, mobility I j%Bo-TrtACT: 7niz paper reperts the results or an Investicati-of the notic properties of HaTe carried out on purer p-type samples, and al:AO1=- suits of measurements made an n-type single crystal with an excess concentra- tion of donors a a 4.5 x IOCI% cm'3. This is a continuation of an earlier stuAy In VhIcb the Hall coefficient and conductivity of p-type single crystals of see ot low temparatures were measusv&. It vas an the basis of this stvAy that the conclusion was a&" that H&Te Is a senixistal. In the Vmeat InvestleatUn 910 conductivity, Hall coafficlent, and Owe of resistan" in a maswus MIA vm ;-rd - 1/2. L 43601-65 AMMSION NR: AP5005381 menoured in the temperature interval 2 to 500"K. go riGorous agreement betveen experiment and the Wo-Ione conductivity model vas observed. The R&Te single the cryrtnla vere prepared by horizontal zone melting. An estimate is given of a tcnperature dependence of the natural cconcentration of charge camien. The all 0 mobility of the n-type sample at low ures exceeds 200,000 cm r,6-I art. has: 7 figures and I toblie. AS=IATMNt FLsiko-tekhaichoeskiy institut, IMdow" tute) UU&UTM I 1011MA MOOLI 00 ami W, 0 WD W GOV t 002 comi Oo6 Carol &J j A L V UMPLENTI, T,. MUDr-, BECK, We, WJDr.- SnJXALOVA, Me, XUDr; RAUGHENBIRG, M.. MUDr Implantation stanoste of liver carcinoma to the heart with a clinical picture of valvul&r lesions. Case lake cask. 93 no.43:1194-1198 22 Oct 11"14. 1. Z Int. odd, at* obl. new. v Praae-Motole. prednosta prof. MUDr T.Jonas. (for Zemplenyi, Back, Smojkalova) 2. T prosektury st. oble name Y Praze-Motols, prednosta primar KUDr M.HAuchsnbnrg. (for Rauchenbarg) (HEART, neoplasms, metastatic from liver, differ. diag. from valyular lesions) (LIVER, NEOPLASMS, metastatic to heart, simulating valvular lesions) (CARDIAC VALVICS, diseases. differ. diage from carcinoma of heart mitastatic from liver) IICLECKOVA, Helena;,..SMEJKALOIIAI Karia Fetrochemistry of Klatcvy LTanite. Sbor chem tech no.3, part 293(77- 319, 159- 1, Katedra mircralogiep 'Iysoka skola chemicko-technoloOckas Praha. SMEJKALOVA, Marie Petroohemiotry of Javany granite. Sbor chem tech 1. no.11383-390 160, (ZEAI 10:9) 1. Katedra mineralogle, Vysolm skola chomicko-technologicka, Praha* (Granite) SIMEN, Karel; HCRECKA, Jana; Technicka asistences S A MALLIMAR -m-Axle Reterohemgglutination in spidomic hepatitia. Ser. mod. fac. med. Brwsenois 36 no.5:241-248 163. 1. Katedra mikroblologie Iskarske fakulty univereity J.1. Parkyne v Brno. Vedouci, katedry: NUDr. ZAd. Jandamsk,, C.Sc. Infekent k.Unika fakultni nemocnice v Brno-Bobunicich Prednosta: prof. MUDrc Vaclav Houbal Dr.So. (HEPATITIS, INFECTIOUS) tZMAGGLUTINATION) (ANTIBODY FORMATION) (LIVER DISEASIS) (LIM FUNCTION TESTS) S:L,JiUL, V.; S:@@KALOIIA-PitAZAKQVAI -0 6-1 ', A "ethodoloCical contribution to the isolation of leukocytes fro= peripheral blood for the bioch;,,rAcal examination. Cesk. XPysiol. 11 no.2:117-120 162. 1. Vyzkunny ustav ondokrinoloacky, Praha. (Li-MOGMS) CZECUTOSLOVAKIA SMEJKALOVA-PRAZAKOVAt E; SLn,;JKALt V. Research Institute of Endocrinology (Vyzku=y ustav endo- krinologicky), Prague (for both) Praguet Vnitrni Lekarstvi, Wo 9, 1964t i)P 908-911 "The Significance of Adenosintriphosphatase Activity in Leukocytes for the Diagnosis of Thyrotoxicosis." CZECHOSLOVAKIA 3MEJTEKO P.; HONZL9 J,; METALOVA, V. Institute of Macromolecular Chemistuf Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences# Prague - (for Prague,p Collectlon -9f CzeS49gl2i" Chemical QMAM"- cations, No 11, November lgb5, PP 3U75--35U9. IlElectron paramagnetic resonance of radical cations of banzidine and tetramethylbenzidine." lnt*IM*i Ulu effect@ In 'ag" --U. 12. d-. -C-A-.32, 3443i.-Tte vapar4iquid e@pu.-iu the sylum, 7L h 'BuOH-RtOH was detd. at OW min. Hg. Us system be. haves ide&Uy In agreement with tbemv" apKutim. R. STANEK, Jarcslavy SMEKAL; Emil On the possibility of distinguishing chemical compounds by semiconductlng sensors. Ser. med. fac. mad. Brunensis 36 no-5:215--228 163, 1. Katadra lakarske fyolky lakarske fakulty univerijity J.E. Purkym,@ v Drne. Vedouci. MUDr. Jaroslnv Stanek CSc. (GHRIISTRY, ANALYTICAL) (ALCOHOLS) SKOTAKOVA, Marie; VEZVAL, Jaroslav; SP=' Mnil Contribution to the mechanism of the potentiating effect of ethylenadiaminatetraaceti, acid on the bactericidal activity of N-(alpha-carbethoxypentadecyl)-trimethulammonium chloride., Brunensis 37 no.lt2l-28 164. Contribution to th&,4"hanism of the potmtiating effect of Othylonediaminetet-reac6tic*!-Ot&-on.-the bacterioidal activity of N-(alpha-carbothoxypentadecyl)-trimwthyl amm-'r- chloride. I Xatedra lekarske fysiky lekarske Mhaty university I.E. ;@irkyne v Brne (vedoucitdoc. MUDr. Jaroslav Stanek, Mo.) a Katedra hygieny a epidemiologie lekarske fakulty un3versity J.E.Purk@ma v Brne (vedoucitprof. MUDr. et RUDr.Karel Halacka). NRt WU.RCi.(,'OI)L-'- -306-@: ACC @TP602-7376 cz/003/ 6'/0006646Z99/0 'r AUT' XR: Si.-,okal. r-za (Graduate chordst; Drno) ORG: Dopartrant of I-bdical Physics, Eodical Faculty, J. E. PurIqrno University, Bm (Katodra lokarsIco fysiko Lokarsku falculty University J. 1-3. Purlqno) TITIS: Fluorescence measuremants irith a universal spoetrophotomtor SOURCF.: Chomicko zvosti, no. 4, 1966, 299-3o6 T IOPIC TAGS: spoctrophotometar, fluorescence, fluorescence spoctrum/VSU-1 spectro- photormter ABSTRACT: The author describes a modification of the East German universal spectrophotometer produced by tho firm Carl Zeiss, Jena Model VSU-1 so that it could be used for fluorescent spectrophoto- metry and for fluorometric measurements. Combining the instrument with a linear recorder makes possible direct recording of fluores- -cence spectra. The modification using parts produced in East European countries is supposed to be equal to a commercial fluori.- motor offered by Photovolt Cnrp@ .9f New York, Orig. art. hast 7 figures Zj@RS 1 36*3 46b7 SUB CCDEx 20 / SUBM DATE$ 07Ju:L65 /ORIG RUs 006 / SOV RUt 001 / arif R?7%oo4 GAUTIK, Antonin; SMEKAL, Frantisek; KOVAGOVA, Olga Indirect polarographic determination of calcium In chrome leather. Kozarstvi 14 no. 2: 49-50 F 164. 1. Oblastni laborator, Svit, n,p,, Otrokovice, L- I t-'Y Czech,oslovakia Academic Degrees: Affiliation i Sources Prague, Prakticky Lekar, Vol 41t No 11t 19619 pp 499-505. Data: in the Staphylococcal Infections in Maternity and Infant Alepartments." Authors: GAZAREK, Frantisek, MD, Director of the Obstetrical and Gynecologic Department OUNZ /Okresni ustav narodniho zdravi; Okres Institute of Public Health/ (Porodnicko-gynekologicke oddeleni OUNZ), Sumperk. Luskac, Emil, DW, /presumably/ Epidemiological Department of the Ministry of nealth (Oddeleni epidemiologie Ministerstva zdravotnictvi), Prague. HAJDUK, Prantisek, 0, /presumably/ Epidemilogical Department of the Ministry of health, Prague. @IU@UL M., F1TDr, KHES /Krajska hygienicko-epidemioloi;icka stani- 1,raj Public health and Epidemiology Station/, Olo'-.ouc VARBKA,-@iIDR, OhES /Okresni hygienicko-epidemiologicka stanice; Okres Public "ealth and Epidemiology Station/W0 9816..3 SurEperk. BOL,'-X,S.;-SMEKAL, M.; INUDAL, M.@ ZIZKA.. 2. Antibac,tr,rlal and antimye,@Alc effects of varicus antimalarials. Bratisl. lek. listy 1.5 no.8t499-505 30 Ap 165 1. Okresni hygienicko-e idemiologicka stanice v Olomouci (reditelt MUDr.V. Wrian@ a 111. intemi klinika Lekarske fakult University Palackeho v Olomoucl (vadouA: prof. MUDr. V. Pelikal MDRGUN, A., inzh. ; SHCMIUAKOV, V. , inzh.;ZUBKOV, V. V.. I azh, Rubber cleaner for separator sieves. Mak..-elev.prom. 25 no*7: 16-17 J1 159. (14IRA 12:11) 1. GorlknvaklF manbinostroltalInyy zavod im. Vnroblynva (for Morgun, Shchnrbakov). 2. Gorlkovsl-dy mellnichnyy kombirutt No.1 (for Zubkov, Smelmlin), (Si,yvas) 514MALINY V.I. Packing glands for turbodrills. Bezop.truda v prom. 5 no.700 ,Jl 161. (MIRA 14:6) 1. Kontora bureniya No. 5 Saratovskogo, sovnarkhoza. (Turbodrille) 0 AUTHOR! TITLE: PERIODICAL: 31861 S/17 @62/005/001/009/013 B125/ 104 Smekalin V. 1. A method for quickly determining the coefficients of thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity of nonconductors Inzhonerno-fizicheskly zhurnal, v. 5, no. 1, 19620 99-101 TEXT: An improved method, theoretically based on the solution of the problem of a plane source of heat with a constant specific power q in an unbounded medium with the coefficient of thermal conductivity a and the coefficient of thermal diffusivity @, has been elaborated for studying the thermal properties of nonconductors. From the solution A i to W i eric (xl'2 -at one obtains Card 1/4'@ Atj@ r, i erfc (x12 VT71) A tj i eric (x12 V-@-vj) (4) 31881 S/17 62/005/001/009/013 A method for quickly determining... B1 25YB104 with the formulations A ti = ti (x. to (q VW7,1). ) i e He (x12 (2) A t2 = tj (x, z,) to = (q ) i erfc (x12 1/-@ and (3) for the instants t and -r By means of the functions 1 2- A, x12 V-ac,; (5) A3 = x12 I/W:, = A, (61 1/4 A2 (7) 2 and (p). 1 /2 A,) (i erfc A,). (8) (4) is represented in the form i erfcA, (4') -tj i erfc Ifts1t, A, Card 21 4@' , I s/170/62/005/004/009/01 5 A method for quickly deturminine. . . 13125/B 104 At fixed values -t1and -t 21 t@2can easily be found from (41) with the aid of a nomoeram, a and A, respectively, have to be calculated from (6) and 2 (5), reupectively: a - x Ta/T2 and qxyl/a 2' ye and +, were deteriiiined Eraphically. Fig. 2 shows the basic diagram of the apparatua operatinj according to the principle proposed here. In the course of' the experiment, which took 5 to 6 min, the temperatures were determined for the instants 2, 31 4, 5, and 6. The values of a and .", obtatned for a .- -eat number of different materials (textolitea, glass textolites, plastics, rosins, eta.) by the mothod and apparatus described above, deviated only by 5 and 3 ;$, respectively, from their arithmetic mean". In view of the Ereat experimental and theoretiotil simplicity of the method under consideration, it Is suitable for quick investigationo of many nonoonductora dielectrics. There are 2 figures and 3 Sovist references. SUBMITTED; May 15, 1961 Card L 8,52 M-5 ACCESSION NRo \@@404WB 8/0Oq6/64/0O0/0iQJ0O82/0a63-, -1. Ya, JCandidate of technical soienced)f 41611chf @'J#1#1 AUTHORS: Zalkind, @mekalkin, V. I.j Kormer, I.-M. (Kngfnaer)s Kklyudt EL tA. NJ (Eagineer) 491, TITLM A now device for determining the coefficient of thermal oo@duotlvity at high temperatures 'SOURCE: Te loenergetika# no. lot 1964P 82-83 p 0 .,TOPIC TAGS: thermal conductivity, blah temg2raturs instrumenv/ PP potentiometer# ometer PPTN I potentiometer# NO 5 null galvan q ID -tA 4BSTRAM Present deviceyfor measuring thermal c d otivitr at high temperatures are based on steady, methods* A whole series of planart cylli-n-aricalt and spherical :devices have boon employed. Several defects of present methods are pointed out by P-';'- the authors, The present work preuents the design or a simple devicelwith-anxiou simplicity of measurementj for detorminln* the coeffloient of thermal- conductivitj 2 of small specimens at high temperatures The basic scheme is shown in Fig. I on the Enclosures, The basic difference b1tween this and atandard devioes is the acing a fundamentally now scheme of measuring heat flowt based on an element pr* definite heat flo*. The design of the calorimeter is shown in Pig. 2 on the Card 1/4 852M5 -ACCESSION NRt AP4046800 "Y .;:Enclosures. The temperatures of the specimon and of the plate are measured by me: :of a potentiometers The opecimen Is measured an the hatter side and the cooler -Bid%- and the tamperature drop is determined,... The equality-of temperature between the 4_1 calorimeter casing and the shield of the heat-generating elements is determined :null galvanometer. The coefficient of thermal conductivity,Ap in kcal/n-hrooao 0.861v given by the equation F At where,I is the current strength at the ,calorimeter heater* v is the voltage at the calorimeter heatert'.8 in the thi of the specimen betmeen themooouplea, F is the area of the ctlorimatei heater shield, and At is the temperature drop an the-speeimen'in IDC&--The@deidds was tested against published data and found to give results in good agreement with thene. Orig. art.-hast 3 tigures and 2 formulas. ASSOCIATIONt ORGRES SUBTAITTEDi 00 EMCLt 02 000 SUB COM TD NO REP BOVI 001 OTHER i Card 2/4 L @ACCZS$tok Us AIP40:46800 fttdiw Of L 852M5 ACCESSION M AP4046808 Fig. 2. Design of calorimeter. I - casing of calorimeter; 2 - shield of heat-generating elenenti, 3,- heater; 4 - thermocouple under shield of heat-generatinS elements 5 - heat-insulating cover of generating alementi 6 - heat-resiatant@. oementl tharmooouple in onsing of calorimeterl a - current leadi to calorimeter heater; b - leads for kloaauelne voltage at heaterl c leads for differentiAlly combined thermocouples. Card 4/4 ANDMYCHENK01 A.V., inzh.; 110113TANTINOV, i-zil.; DAV, Z.I.,, inzh.1- -SIEKALOV, A.G., inzh. Study of the stresses in the rods of reinforced concrets Fc;.er trans- mission line towers. Energ. strol. no.32:76-83 '62. (MIRA 16:5) 1. Beskudnikovskiy zavod zhelezobetonnykh konstruktsiy (for Andrey- ctienko, Konstantinov). 2e Moskovskiy filial Vsesoyuznogo Instituta po proyaktirovaniyu organizatsiy energotic@,eskogo strottel'itva (for Dav) J!---,cka1ov) o TXRMOIAYEV. V.I.. )MYIJCIIKCV, V.V., SHRKALOV, M.M. Modern signnling, central control and block sYstes 6%diment used in underground electromotive t-stnaport. Priborostroesis no.12:2-5 D 156,, (MLRA 10.61) (Subways-Signallne.) (Automatic control) s@_IuOkjvanovich; LIPKIIID, M.Ta.. inthener; ZHIMIN, M.L. InZhener, PeNaWor; WDYKrIT, A.Te., tekhnicheekty redaktor [Detection of imperfect rails in the track) Obnarshente defektrykh rellsov v putt. Ifoskya. Goo. transp. shel-dor. tzd-vo. 1934 26 p. (NM 8:7) 1. Putevoy obkhodchik po oemotru rellsov Kuzinskoy distantsit putt Sverdlovskoy dorogi (for Smakalov). 2. Sachallnik takhnichaskogo otdola sluzhby, putt Sverdlovskoy, dorogi (for Upkind). (Railroads-Rails) properties of monoc:-ystalline HqTe anc .-*-.s a*,Iovs w::.h Zc7c- .@vanov-0.m.,skiy, 8. T. Kolwiyets, A. A. Ya:'Kava, V. Ozorodnikov, K. P. Smekalova. (Presented by V. I. !vanov-Gmskiy--i5 minutes). Nozes: XqTe in semi-metallic; at VK the band overlap is - 0.05 eVp , @zo to 100. e Re:)ort nresented at V-0 3rd "ational Conference on Semiconductor Compounds, Xlsh.inev, 16-21 sept 1963 ACCUSIO19 as AFM13TT 1 AVIRCM: Ivanw-awkir, V.I. g "Imiyeto,B.T uslobova'A.A.; *qgors&sIbwwV.KO; TITIJB: Slectrio Properties of simoo crystals of p-typs Kdft ad Its alloys With Conference on Semiconductor Compowids bold In KIWUww 10 4 OdTo Poport, Third 21 Sep Ing SMWS: AN SSSR. lavestlya., Sari." flulalwakays,* Y.28, no.s. Is", 1067-10" TOPIC TAWs semiconductor property, 'electric* property, Mall commtent, wrewy telluride, ca&dm tollwide 4, I Ngft-Offm solid solutions were -prepared by ABSTRACT. Single irystals of Kgft and Bridgman9a method and annealed I* mercury vapor. Sloctric conductivities, Nall comf- 'io stants , and g - toresistamose were measured , In some cases &% tomperat sm sm an 14V as 209. "w relation bet@m the Nall constant of NgTw &ad the mWastle field was determined at 4.2ft. Mw r4l&tI4ft'bwtw@@j@ the mail Gosstast and Um nagne""Wis. I tance was determined for ftft at 'as"' ral - tures and was lewd to be lim"re IThe behavior of Ow Nall semstaw-09 at 160, temwntumo varied trims mampW to AOCZSSIOK MR: AP4041377 A"OCIATICN: now sxcLg 00 te MW.., $Wl OOIL'I'L cam 3/) L 3459-66 Ewi-(l)/EPA(s)-2/EwT(m)/ETC/EwG(M)/;PA(w)-2/T/EWrk-'* ;/1@VP(b)/ZWA(M)-2/ZWA(0) :ACCESSION NR: AP5017205- LIP(c) 5~WPD/JGUW0020/65/1~2/006/1269/1270'~i AUTHORS: jvanov-OmskiX, V. I.; Kolomiyet8, B. T.,@ Ogorodnikov,, V. K.*, Smekalova, K. P. Konstantinov, B. P. ,TITLE:.'Electron mobility in HgTe- AnI :SOURCE: AN SSSR. Doklady, V.-1112, no. 6, 1965, 1269-127o 'TOPIC TAGS: mercurAompound, telluride,)LIHall coefficient, semi- ,conductor carrier, elec-tron mobility, mNgnetoresistance ;ABSTRACT: In view of the difficulty of determining the type of con- 'ductivity of HgTe from measurements of the Hall effect, owing to the mobilit larger ratio of the electron 4 to the hole mobility (-.100), th4 ,authors investigated single-arystalXlbamples of HgTe, prepared by zonel melting with subsequent anneaMng-ln mercury vapor, over a large range' .of temperatures. From the temperature dependence of the Hall coeffi-;--- cient it is concluded that HgTe is a semiconductor of the n-type whose carrier mobility has a temperature dependence typical of the degenerate electron gas in semiconductors and in metals. The eleotro Card- -JA L 3459-66 - _AP501720 ACCESSION NR: mobility is quite high at all temperatures, reaching 200,000 cm 2/V-sei The Hall coefficient exhibits a strong dependence on the magnetic field intensity. This is attributed either to inhomogeneity to the crystal or to the complicated energy spectrum of the electrons in thel HgTe. The magnetoresistance of HgTe is characterized by curves havinj a continuously varying slope and exhibiting no saturation. This report was presented by B. P. Konstantinov. Orig. art. has; 2 figures ASSOCIATION: Fiziko-tekhnicheskiy institut im. A. F. loffe Akademii nauk SSSR (Phyalootechnical Institute AN SSSR) 1/" C ' SUBMITTED: 16Dec64 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: NR REF SOV: 00,3 OTHER: 005 Card 2/2_ SMMIOVA, L.K. Dividing a terrotory into physicogeographical districts for studying front danger. Vest. IOU 12 no.2:164-167 157. (MIRA 11:2) (Frost) SMZKAIZVA. L.K. Intensity of morning frosts In different locales of Ieningrad Province. Vest.IAU 12 no.6:112-121 '57. (KLRA 10:5) (Ieningrad Province--Frost) L.K* f Caj Gooor Sci -- (diss) "Intensity of the First Auttan Frosts tin V @ouz Typos of l7eather on the Territory olf 4RIW J*+ Len'q 1958 f 10 *;+" (Lenimmd Order of Lemin State Enivatakty im A.A. Zhdanov). 100 copies (la, 10-58, 119). SKU"VA. L.K. Frost intensity under conditions prnvailing at variolue locations in Leningrad Province. Uch.zap.LGU no.269:96-122 '59 (KIRA 1;-.6) (Leningrad Province-Frost) SMEKALOVA, L.K. Some types of connection between moiature content and rainfall. Trudy OGMI no.23ZI7-22 161. OURA 16s6) (Pumidity) (Rain and rainfall) S144UIDVA. L,K. Relationship between the moisture ccntent and precipitation. Vest. LOU 17 no.18:220-lU 162. (MIRA 15:10) (Black Sea region-Precipitation (Meteorology) (Elack Sea region--44oisture) KALININAV I.I.; SMEKALOVA, L.K. Moisture transfer over the Ukrainian S.S.R. and the Moldavian S.S.R. Trlidy OGMI no.28;39-45 162. (KM 16:6) (Ukraine-Moisture) (Moldavia-Moisture) TURITAN, Ya.I., kand.tekhn.nauk; SXHKALOVA. V-V-; KHARLANOTA, T.H. Developing the automatic control of the liquor vapor conteat la the production of ammonlux nitrate. Xbim.pron. w.d.-679-681 D 160. (MIRA 13,12) 1. Lisichanskiy filial Instituta avtomatilci Gosplana USARs (Ammonium nitrate) TURIYAN, Ya*I.; SMEMOVA, V.V. Polarographic study of equilibria in the interaction of hydrofll-ine and cyclohexanone oxime vith formaldehyde in anueous solutions. Zhur.anal.khim. 17 no.9:1117-1119 D I@K (MIRA 16:2) 1. Yaroslavskiy institut monomerov i Lisicianakiy filial Instituta azotnoy promyshlennosti. (Hydroxylamine) (Cyclohexanons) (Formaldehyde) TURIYAN, Ya.l.; SMEKALOVA-I-V.V-. Indirect method of polarographic determination of cyclohexanone oxims, hydroxylamine, aci-form of nitrocyclohexane, nitromethane, and nitroethane. Z&v.lftb. 28 no.8s923-926 162. (MIRA 15:11) 1. Lisichanskly filial Gosudaretvennogo instituta azotnoy pro- myshlennosti. (Azepinone) (Polarography) TURIYAN, Ya.I.; SMEKALOVA V V Polarographic study of the equilibrium of formaldehyde reactions with nitro alkanes and nitrocyclohexane. Zhur.priki.khim. 35 no.1232729-2734 D 162. (NIRA 16:5) 1. Lisichanskiy filial Instituta azotnoy promyshlennosti. (Formnldehyde) (Paraffins) (Chemical equilibrium) TURn, Nil Andreyevich; SHWATAT, Fetr Alskeandrovich; T3XC"Mff -o&.P-w - prof. red.; MKOW.-TONO, "Cv. PMNICMWA-,--l.A., red. IR-vi; BRATisHro, L,V,, tekhn, red* [Increasing the productivity of forest@; forty years' practloe of the Serebrvanyys pru4y working group] Pby"henis produktivnostiloss,; 40-latuil opyt raboty Serebriano-prudekogo levnichestva. Pod db@ shchei red. V.P. Timofeeva. MosWa. Goslosbualsdat, 1957, 54 p. -- (SerebrysuM Prudy District-Ybrests and forestry)(MM l1t7) L LP I tM) ACC N j AM6002131 Monograph Frolov, Nikolay Prokhorovich.- Bessonov, Valeriy Georgyevich; Zalogp, Vitally AL -Fedorovich; Petsolld, Timofey Maks'imovich; gmekh.,.Ivan Vasillyevich 16 ' ..' MRsh-reinforced concrete constructions (ArmDtsementnyye konstruktaii) Minsk, Nauka i 1965.- 90 p. illus., biblio. 2000 copies printed. tekhnika, TOPIC TAGS: construction material, reinforced concrete, engineering technology PURPOSE AND COVERAGE: The book reco nds technology to be used in manufacturing reinforced-concrete structures. It summarizes the results of the investigations of rigidity and crack-resistance of reinforced concrete and analyzes some particxilar features of its work and design. In addition, an example of the design of a reinforced concrete structure is given, and the results of an experimental investi- gation of its performance are outlined. The book is intended for engineers and technicians working in building and designing organizations, as vell as for student specializing in construction and research workers in this field. There are 46 references, of which 26 are Soviet. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction -- 3 Ch. I. Use of reinforced concrete in construction -- 5 1/2 ACC NRt Am6002131 Ch. II. Materials and techniques in making reinforced concrete structures - 12 Ch. III. Investigation of the physical and mechanical properties of reinforced concrete -- 22 Ch. IV. Features in the performance of reinforced concrete 47 Ch. V. Design of reinforced concrete structures 73 Bibliography -- 89 SUB CODE: ll/ SUBM DATEi o9jul65/ ORIG REP.- 029/ OTH REP.- 017/ Card 2/2 L L a X F JL I AA - - "- j;jm A (49111 lp -Vt. 00 00 00 I -', -1 - : " " " 0 " AL 0. 'Off#$ j 11- - - 90 -IL md N. V. wn Ma 10*1 . md, M Invou OMA nmi by the Im 00 No. 4. um4wnaml lp "ohm of dol 10 anat tam" Inatmi Q (w C 001) wm . Mium al"Momw W oo J1 #If 01411"m AffrWtv MR &be be ud for th- PA--O- im t- bp Flow F 00 - 111 to as it im now and mme suble, ps"Ic'u- n 00 Imiy in wwm wtsdm- sl@ Wes 000 Soo 400 k. 0 -100 moo 100 moo me "0 ago see IL. ISLLUA#,KAL III 111MAIL1011 CLASUOICATON tL U- a AV-vu -,At 1i I I I'M- A -f -i- -Iii 0 -i a I v IN 9 'a 0 7-9-9-1 0 0 fie 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 9 0 q 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 *1 @000 0 0",", "WO 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4: 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 a a 4 . .1 '04 fee 699949066996#6099*9 0 96099000900600 0 a 0 0 0 0 tollolv -- 0 * 0 9 0 1 0 00000 4 1 6 1 A 'I is !I $A it 4 11 p m is If " Al it 11 W 11 0 h 0 x 0 it 4W a ago A-- L-j A f I &A 0 (A 00 :c 0 -60 10 00 00 it' .u1W of ejamosk wafted me SOMWOM "k Is Askows - 041 a I r. - --- - iss osewd. N.V. vdcrvr"o and 4. 40)(1"11- 00 00 lirts Rif ji iltid, iij 11w umusif way bw sho P"suUa#4 methiml. thr liMts(h fivivird no I* filrated sigh NaNh so mAn. )uil its eunitattly as with Nslf.A" m4n. H. Z. Kanibrh Mee *go zoo 00 00 00 of ;00 t. see 20 see tie isee 414 ILA love 4 b v I 'Irv A 1 00 4-6 i- 0 n If rv 1. 0 .0 a Pi Is It it sq ow 00:00000000i*:: 0000000000000*00abi a 010 00 0 0 00 00 0 : : : :1: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0000000- o 0 0 ot 0 0 e a 0 0 0 ?I _L__L AA R (L A 4 oft; !!@Oj91 . , @ - - - - -- ..a lo'COlot to so 0 t bj moose of jairrool solvitrol : ldfIodikajont lw cd Imunpir in lip Ok Ild I if 0 @ Ct%A. wW .10 *) ail . '111, Wish watel III2.1y) fool I t II I . by'Inkfirw. Immemil am# thr elmemlirm. off PO '. -ki tfwlr@. -h. do v m0n t 1 i ..Ir 4"411.1 lIc a sas"r 41" It's- 01".1, -- o yale f- , wet 01N.Iren.1 "' . . III mvis in dions an-1 Ve 10; I .. - j . sotis sit view 11.004- I is-- 64 0 0 a 0 0 0 6 0 a go CE t. .-I 7 -00 catbom imail loss 4110T D%rr-- *so I. v..*,nnloho-lA %I 9, 121,4119111) Ifil 0 U'p% A-M I 1 0"1 torstrf. ht@ai its di"Ilirr -%41t*. Oil W 711" and 844 4 v -.1 goo Almalmisle 1111.1nm. 1.4 Vs inin Rristmo Ilw ill. I It, .*0.0., It. As% ,Igr 4"411.1 14'..... tI t.%-t%f ft.-n 1.1re r%l t'.1 tom limit It K goo wee Igo* Isee We* -is* boo L4'. so 'also stool too. a a or of 0 e 0 goo Iq 5-L-) 28:'156 3/122/61/000/003/009/013 D241/D305 AUTHORS: Zemskov, G.V., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent, Smekh, Ye.V.. Gu8hkin, L.K., and Khme.levs- kaya, Eng n ere TITLE: Ultrasonic cleaning of steel from scales PE'RIODICAL: Vestnik mashinostroyeniya, no, 3, 1961, 59-61 TEXT: The authors carried out research on the effect of ultra- sonica on cleaning steel wire after drawing and patenting as well as on clock files and ordinary files after their hardening in oil. Pickling was carried out in a stainless steel bath. The ultrasonic vibrationj were produced@by a valve generator of 2.5 KW and em- ployin a band of frequencies of 18 - 50-Kc, Nickel. and "permen- dure" ?K50F2) magnetostrictive vibrators mounted below and on the side of the bath produced the vibrations. No effect of frequency variation on the speed of etching was observed. The wire was trea- ted in 'ouri(iles, whereas the files were etched in bunches. Use was 11 -lie followJng media: Water, a solution of sulphuric NlWle of t Card 1/5 2 8:5,6 S/72 61/000/003//009/013 Ultrasonic cleaning of steel D241YD305 and hydrochloric acids, their mixtures and solutions of culinary @al t -rind ilkalis. The relationship between the time of cleaning tKe compouit trin, cone entration and temperature of solutions ,da'S t@,--itHbIiAied@ Th@_, effect of the number of rows of wire in a bundie wag alBo investAglated, Por comparison purpooeg expariments .;ere (@a@vied ou* -vjithout the, ultrasonics. Fig, 1 illustrates the relationship between the time of etching a patented wire in steel 70 and the cf)ncentratjon of acids. It can be seen from the graphs that the dtil,fition of etch-ing, is reduced by tens of times, and it Veki-Ales ti, e mininun, a Conf-.@entra tion that is lower than in normal etching. This allows a less frequent renewal of so3utions. The effect of tcmperature i3 indic@at-ed graphically alqo. With lc- wer roncentratons c,' ac-ids 'there is a greater effect of tempera- ture on the speed of -@?tchIng. The int.rciu-tion of hydrochloric inlo the sulphuric acid sclution ink:reages thie speed of pls-k- i d J, 1-,ng and produces a clearer met;al surface. The most suitable aolu- tions are the 'O@o sulphuric or hydrochlolric acid with a content of 5 5@ NaCl . The -f f ec t of due to the number of rows of wire h,-, --Oso sLnwn, I If the artiale is preliminarily r 8 -"V, S/12 61/000/003/009/013 Ultrasonic cleaning of steel ... D241YD305 treated during 5-10 minutes in a solution of sulphuric or hydro- chloric acids and then cleaned by ultrasonics in water, the scales will be removed in 1 - 3 minutes which is a few times slower than in a solution of acid. Cleaning in water promotes rinsing of the etching solution. This can lead to a reduction of brittleness due to hydrogen. The mechanics of ultrasonic removal of scales is then described. There are 4 figures and 2 refereiices: 1 Soviet-bloc and 1 non-Soviet-bloc. Gard 3/5 S/13T/62/OO0/00T/070/(YT2 A160/A1O1 AUTHORS: Zemskov, 0. V., Kogan, R. L., Amekh, Ye. V.,-Zdanovich, V. L.. Gushchin, L. K., Kostenko, A. V. TITLE: The problem of hardening steel in an ultrasonic.field PERIODICALt Ref erativnyy zhurnal, ?4etallurgiya, no. 7, 1962, 109, abstract T1746 ("Nauchn. zap. Odeask. politekhn. In-t", 1962, 37, 41 - 44) TEXT: The inv6stigation of the effect of an ultrasonic field on the pro- cess of hardening was csrried out with Y 8 08) and X 12 0 (Kh12P) steels. For comparison reasons, experiments were made by quenching these steels in water with I : and without the ultrasonic field. The U8 steel was hardened from 800 - 8200C# 2 the intensity of the ultrasonic field was within I - 2 va/cm , av'td the frequency, of the ultrasonic oscillations - 23 kilocycles. The Kh12P steel was quenched from 1,1300C in oil or in water with and without the action of the ultrasonic field. The su6equent triple tempering was carried out at 510 - 5300C for I hour and steel cooled in the open air. It was determined that the hardenability and hardness 9f the U8 steel Increase (Ro increases from 37 -*42 to 54 - 60 in a Card 112- s"Wilvows or WSCONIZU) PUT WA!m WTAD3* J.d.), S"t- 1"1, 15, 10) ftmk@e!o mrr. Prom. V, set @'@AiWiOV, A -A., kandidkt te!2.n-'@!hoakikh nauk. Wwwowroining the optivis number of car deliveries to the freight vard. Trudy MIAIII no. 3:127-145 156. (XLRA 10-6) (Railroads-Malcing up trains) SMZKHOV, A.A., kandidat tekhnicheskikh nauk. Organizing leading and unloading in freight yards. Zhel.der.traAMP. 37 no.4:87-90 AP '56. (MIA 9:7) (Nurope, Western--Loading and unloading) SKZXHOV, A.A., kand.tekhn.nauk. Planning warehouses with tracks loading into the interior. Trans. stroi. 7 no.4:22-25 Ap '57. (min 10:10) (warehouses) (Railroads-SIdings) SMEKHOV, Anatoliy Aleksayevich, kand. tekhn. n- ; TSAMMO. A.P., red.; ffdMWA-,--T9O'X., tekhn. red. [Railroad freight yards and warehouses in foreign countries] Gruzovys dvu7 I skl"y zheleznodorozfi@@ stanteii sa rasshom, Moskva, Goa, trangp. zbel-dor. izd-vo, 1958. 173 P- (NIM 11M (Warehouses) (Railroads-Tards) SKIKHOV. AA.. dots. Mmumaterlstica of the freight-hAndling process in the transportation of post. Truay wmi no.qm-m 150. (NIM 1195) (Ullroada-Prelght) (ftat-Tmasportation) SMRKHOV, A.A., kand. tekhn. nauk. Automatic control of loading azbd,u*oading machinery. Zhol. dor. transp. 40 no.12.-34-4o D 158. (MA 320) (Loading and unloading) (Automatic control) 28(l), 32(3) SOV/118-59-9-6/20 C. AUTHOR omekhov A A,, Candidate of Technical Sciences TITLE Automation of Loading and Unloading Operations at Railroad Stations PERIODICAL: Mekhanizatsiya i avtomatizatolya proizvodstva, 1959 Nr 9, pp 21-27 (USSR) ABSTRACT. According to 1959-1965 reconstruction plans, an exten- sive building of railroad warehouses and mechanized loa- ding and unloading installations has been undertaken. First of all, attention is paid to the automation of cranes and transnort equipment used at lar e freight yards, Three methods of automatic control GAU) are con- sidered-. local - from the cabin, remote, and teletype control, The first two types of control are realized by means of relay-systems; the number of relays used is de- termined by the number of commands to be given from the control board, which, in turn, depends on the number of leads and the conditions of work. in designs of PAU TsNITEVT, all leads of portal cranes, except those for Card 1/3 lifting device, are Intended for single-speed working @@ i SOV/118-59-9-6/20 Automation of Loading and Unloading Operations at Railroad Stations condition. In the Table reproduced on page 22, devices of the PAU for overhead travelling and grab cranes are given. The teletype method permits control of cranes by one ODerator. 77he most efficient systems of teletype control are the code-frequency and the con- tactless cyclic systems; both of them can exercise con- trol over the radio. The code-frequency system of VNIIPTMASh aDPlies a double code for the transfer of commands: each impulse in the code has 2 meanin, -s, T!,us with 4 frequency generators it is possible to form 24= .6 commands, and with 5 generators - 25 32 com- mands (see Fig. 1). The principle of the contactless cyclic system is shown in Fig.2 It is based on the synchronized work of transmitting and re- ceiving commutators-distributors built on magnetics with a rectangular hysteresis loop. Devices of cyclic auto- matics are used for the control of conveyors, dosimeters, feeders, etc. Fig. 3 shows a layout of an automatic con- trol of cranes and conveyors. In some cases, the systems Card 2/3 of reflex and semi-reflex automatics are applied. SOV/118-59-9-6/20 Automation of Loading and Unloading Operations at Railroad Stations The layout of a semi-reflex system, worked out by the TsNIIEVT and Lengiprorechtrans, and used for control of portal cranes, is shown in Fig. 4. In order to increase the economic efficiency of automation, it is reco-nmen= ded using high quality compounds, such as germanium diodes and triodes, magnetics nd contactless monitors. There are 6 graphs, 2 tables and 4 diagrams. Card 3/3 SiMMOV. A.A., kand.tekhn.nauk Outlook for the automation of operations at freight terminals. Zhel.-dor.transp. 41 no.9:30-3 S 1 590 011RA 13:2) (Railroads-Freigh8 (Automation) SKIMOV, Ap#_tolly-Aleksey ch, kand.takhn.nauk. Prinimal uchastiye 'pj@_--hn.nauk. YVIXOT, a.?.$ YNGOROV, K.A., kand.tak red.; PUWVI=VA, M.A., tekhn.redo (Principles of the automatization of loading and unloading operational Fati avtomatizataii pogruzochno-razgruzochnykh rabot. Koskva, Toes.izdatellsko-poligr.ob*edinenle X-va putei soobahchaniia, 1960. 113 p. (MIRA 13:9) (Loading and unloading) (Automatic control) (Railroads-Ireight) ,S'HXKHOV, A.A., kand.takhm.nauk "New tvnes of automatic lo@idsrs, small containers, and nallets' by G.P. 31fimov, L.A..Xogaa. @aviewed by AA_. Smekhov, Test, TSNII MPS 1711-0-191 no.?:63 160. (MIRA 13:11) 1. Hookovskiy Inatitut inzhenercy shelesnodoroxhnogo transporta imeai I.V.Stalina. (Railroads--Equipment and supplies) (Loadiag and unloading) (xrtmov, G.P.) (Kogan. L.A.) SMXMY, A.A., kand.tekhn.nauk; TRIIONDVA, M.G.# inzh.; UITHEW, Ye.L, insh. Ways for the mechanization and automatization of operations in freight agencies. Vent. TSNII MM 19 no-3:12-17 160. (NIIA 13:10) 1. Moskovskiy institut lnxhenorov shelesnodorozhnogo transporta Im. I.V.Stalina I Vaesornn" nauchno-iseledovatelinkiy institut sheles- nodorozhnogo transport&. (Failroade-Management) (Automatic control) SIMEKHOV, A,A., kand.tekhn.nauk Some problems in the over-all automation of technolgical, prRcesses in freight st4ations. Vest.TSHII MPS 20 no.3:18-23 161. (MM 14:3) 1, Moskovskiy institut inzheneroy zheleznodoroshnogo transports imeni I.V.Stalina. (Railroads-Freight) (Automatic control) SMEKHM, A.A., kand.tekhn.nauk Automatization of loading and unloading of bulk cargo. Zhel. doretransps 43 no*3:40-45 Mr 161. (MIRA 14:3) (loading and unloading) (Automatic control) SMEYJICV, A.A., kand.tekhn.nauk .... 3elacting the optim= reloading processes- Vest.TSNII KFS 21 no.6:58-61 162. (MIRA 15:9) 1. I-lookovskiy institut inzhenerov zheleznodorozhnogo transporta. (Linear progra=ing) (Loading and unloading-Equipment and supplies) SMIEKIIOV@ A.A.; I-TKUR9 A.P., 1-jind. tckhn. nauk, rotsenzent; SAVUE, A.U.) @and. okon. naWc: retson"ont; AI:DIIEl'zV, K.1., in2h.,, red.; BAI%IKOVA, G.I., red. izd-vc; IJVP-ItCVA, A.F., tc&bn. red. (Automation in warehcruses]Avtonatizatsiia na okladakh. Moskvap Mashgiz, 1962. 267 p. (MIRA 15:1-2) (Wakehouses-Equipment and supplies) (AutorAtion) SWKHC)V,_A.A._,_ kand.tekhn."uk Basic principles for the automation of storage accounting, Mekhol avtom.prolzv. 16 no.509-41 162. (KRA 160) (Storage and moving trade) (Machine accounting) SHMOVI. A@A_@, dotsent Theoretical problems in the Planning and design of freight Yards and container service points@ Trudy MIIT no,14608-92 162o (MIM 1502) (Railroads-Freig#t) (Railroads-Yards) -SMXHOV, A.A.,, kand.tokhn.nAuk Problems of the automation of operations in freight stations. Zhel.dor.transp. " no.762-55 J3. 162. (KWA 15:8) (Railroade-Fzeight) (Automatic control) SMEIKHOVP A.A., kand. tekhn. nauk Means for automatic accountirZ and registretion of freight transportation. Mekh. i avtom. proizv. 18 no.6-.48-53 Je 164. (MIRA l7t9) a!EKIIOV, Anatoliy Alekseyevich; BOBYLEVA, L.V., red. 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