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December 31, 1967
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a-! 1~-mntion u.-- 30-1-17/39 aiid C. D. !u-- u eel' 'with the electroencep'-.alo- a.V hic iii roan, and U,,ed '-y the cerebra-1 Cortex jycl~-v-,m ir formiii~; tl,.----z;e 'LLIL, -IT -'I)r .:rz~ of 1. Electroencephalography-Applications -Jaxd 4-12 Outstanding Event in the Progress of the Science of SOV/30-58-12-11/46 Higher Nerve Activity. International Conference on Electroenosphalography of Higher Nerve Activity Held in Moscow the USA, Franc@, Czechoslovakia, Chile, and Japan. The fol- lowing scientists from the East held lectures: P. S. Kupalov (USSR), J. M. Konorski (Poland) on the dynamics of stimula- tion and retardation in the brain. A. B. Kogan, A. 1. Roytbak (both from the USSR) on considerable progress in the conceptions of the elementary processes in the formati,on of a conditional reflex.- G. V. Gershuni and assistants (USSR) on variations in the performance of stimulation on different levels of the afferent analyzer system during the process of elaboration of a con- ditional reflex. P. K. Anokhin, L. G. Trofimov (both USSR), A. Kreindler (Rumania) on results in the investigation of conditional reflex activity by means of electrodes. K. Lisak (Hungary) pointed out the importance of the inter- action between neocortex and palaeocortex in the development of a conditional reflex. Card 2/4 L. G. Voronia, Ye. N. Sokolov, V. S. Rusinov (all from the Outstanding Event in the Progress of the Science of SOV/30-58-12-1t'46 Higher Nerve Activity. International Conference on Blectroencephalography of Higher Nerve Activity Held in Moscow USSR), A. L. Jis (Poland) spoke on results of electro- encephalographical research concerning the higher human nerve activity. G. T. Sakhiulina (USSR) stated that up to now not even the complicated processes of higher nerve activity in dogs are thoroughly investigated from an electroencephalographioal point of view. M. 1. Livanov (USSR) dwelt on the development of topoecopical methods and on their application in the analysis of the development of conditional reflexes in animals. J. Buresh (Czechoslovakia) described a method of temporary suppression of skin activity under chronical experimental conditions. A decision was unanimously adopted to ask UNESCO to secure the coordination of brain research. The conference commis- sioned Soviet physiologists to develop a technique of electro- physiological experiments by making use of most recent Card 3/4 achievements of electronics and automation in the analysis PjL-'SHCJERSKjY, R.M.; SMIRNOV, G.D. Origin of the rhy-thmic reaction of the cerebral cortex to flickering light. Dokl. AH SSSR 139 no.1:245-248 Jl 161. (MIRA 14:7) 1. Institut morfologii zhivotnykh im. A.N. Severtsova AN SSSR i Institut vysahey nervnoy deyatelinosti i neyrofiziologii AN SSSR. Predstavleno akademikom I.S. Beritoshvili. (LIGHT--PHYSIOLOGICAL EMCT) (ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY) ,_~q.D.; FEDOROV, V.M.; ROZENELAT, I.I. ,KIY., R.M.; _�~IP49Y Ametional comections of the visual cortex with the extemal geniculate bodies in a rabbit. Trudy Inst.vys.nerv.deiat. Ser.fiziol. 7:78-90 162. (MIRA l6t2) (CEREBRAL CORTKX) (OPTIC THALAMUS) FILIMONOV, Ivan Nikolayevich; - SMIRNQV, G. D, doktor biol. naukj, otv. red.; BUZNIKOV, G.A., red. izd-va; IKASHINA, P.S.,; NOVICHKOVA, N.D., tekhn. red. (Comparative anatomy of the cerebrum in reptiles] Sravnitellnaia anatomils, bollshogo mozga reptilii. Moskva, Izd-vo Akad. nauk SSSR, 1963. 242 p. (MIRA 16:6) (Reptiles--Anatomy) (Brain) Ij,jjFj*,J .G.V (-;. J-~. : T-j AWYLOVA T. V. ; DYAC.!UWVA, L. N. - ... I Y "The --d-t~astr--ict,-Lre of S:~napses in; the braln of certa.n vertebrates." report suJonlitted to 3rd European Regionall Conf, Electron Microscopy, Prague, 26 Alig-3 Sep 64. I A11TEIFEL', Yb.H.; SMI-1~1110111 G.D. M Effect of ga=-a-aminobutvric acid and picrotoxin on the reactive potee-itials of -the tectum mesencephp-li in the frog and a-colotl. 0 ' Iinr. 4VT SSSR Ser. biol. 29 no.1:98-113 Ja-wF'64 (MIRA 17:3) 1. Institute of Animal Morphologyp Academy of Sciencea of the U.S.S.R., Moscow. MESCHCHERSKIY, R.M..; FEDOROV, V.1.1.-;-SMIRNOV, --- G. D. Efferent influences from the visual cortex to the lateral geniculate nucleus in rabbits. Fiziol. zh. SSSR Sechenov 1+9 no.6 -. 649-658 163 (KIRA 17:1) 1.,Institut vysshey nervnoy deyatellnosti i neyrofizi6logii All SSSR i Institut raorfologii zld-,ratnykh imeni Severtsiova All SSSR, Moskva. GORGIIIADZT:'. G.1, ; SMIRNOW, G.D. Effent of the polarization of the labyrinth on the conduction of stimulation in the optical system. Dokl. .414 SSSR 155 no.1:230-233 Mr 164. (MIRA 17:4) 1. Institut morfologii zhivotnykh im. A.U.Severtsova AN SSSR. Pred-tavleno akademikun I.S.Beritashvili. SMIRNOV, G.D.J. doktor biol. nauk Conference on telestimulation and telemetry held in the German Democratic Republic. Vest. All SSSR 35 no.4:87 Ap 165. (MIRA 18!6) MAZURSKAYA, P.Z.-, SMIRNOVP,-G.D. Functidnal, charactteristics of exteroceptor projectioas in the dorsal forebrain cortex in turtle. Zhur. evol. hiokhim. i fiziol. 1 no,5:A42-"8 o-O t65. (MIRA 18:10) 1, Laboratoriya ney-robiolcgii Institute. morfologii zhivotnykh Imeni Severtsova AN SSSR, Moskva. SMIRNOV, G.F.; B&RrZT, V.D. Experimental determination of loads on flying crop shears. 0 Met* i gornorud, prom, no-3:43-45 MY-Je '65. (MIR& 18:11) SMIRNOV, --Q. F,. - .- __ General construction work on the main building. Energ.stroi. no.24:56-60 161. (FJRA 15:4) 1. Starshiy proizvoditell rabot Stroitellnogo upravleniya I Pribaltiyskoy gosudarstvennoy rayonnoy- elektrostantsii. (Narva region-Electric power plants~-Design and construction) (Precast concrete construction) SFIRNOV, G.F., inzh. Over-all mechanization of labor-consuming processes in flax-spinning mills. 111je-kh. i avtom.proizv. 1.1 no.12:28-30 D '61. (milt4i 14:12) (Flax processing nachinery) ROSPAS.IYENKO, V.I.; SMIRNOV, G.F. Improvement of the equipment of individtial 3ections of the 2,800 mill. Met. i gornorud. prom. no. 2:36-38 Mr-Ap 164. (YdRA 17:9) VERKHIVKE-R, G.P. kand. tekhn. nauk; SI-III'U'OV, G.F., inzh.; 1_UUT.KT'--, -*,izh .? - I ~L - . Determination of optimum thermodynamic parameters of regenerative thermal power cycles in substances with low-melting points. izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; energ. 8 no,1:46-53 Ja 165. (MIP!, 18:2) 1. Odesskiy teklinologicheskiy institut imeni M.V. Lomonoscva. Predstavlena kafedroy teplotekhniki. M ' " S6-U'RCE 60D~:_ - UR/0096/66/000/001/0020/0024 AUTHOR: Q kbzLb~~D, P, (Doctor of technical sciences, Professor);,5 Smirov, Go F. (Engineer); Kirov, V. S. (Engineer) ORG: Odessa Tecbnolnj~~_Institute (Odesskiy tokbnologicheaki-y institute_ TITLE: Characteristics of steam-gas systems with non-aqueous vapors SOURCE: Teploonergetika, no, 1, 1966, 20-24 TOPIC TAGS: steam power plant, thermodynamic analysis, carbon dioxide jABSTRACIA: The article considers the question of the tbarmodyna'/mic ~characteristics of low-boiling substances in steam-gas plants. The main characteristics are the following: there Is no limit to raising the ;upper temperature of the working body, which makes It possible to attain [high efficiency; intermediate beating is eliminated; it is possible to -attain a power of the order of 1 million kilowatts at each discharge of Is gas turbine, due to the higher density of the working bod-y'compared 'with water vapor; and, condensation takes place at the residual pressuree~ iThe article gives flow sheets of systems employing carbon dioxide as tbel !working body, and two tables give experimental data obtained in such I A-C:C NRt AP6014394 jr,',,;Od systems. conclusions are as follows: 1) use of low-boiling slj --otances in the vapor cycle of a stesxn-gas plant lowers the specific consumption by from 3-10% compared to a- high pressure turbine sy3tem and by 12-21% compared to a steam power plant operating at the temperature; 2) the efficiency of the application of low-boiling subo~~--ces Increases on going to higher initial temperatures; 3) among t~.u substances investigated,, &CF 1 ousAgave the highest efficieney, This moans that the most advantag6ous bermochavilcal substance sought In the range of oritical temperatures from 100-1500C, Orig, art, hasz 6 figures and 2 tables. SU-,'-. CODEt -10/ SUBM DATE: none/ ORIG REFt 010 L 08060-67 E lirr (m) /ENP (f FDN&,A~IPJLN~ ACC NR, A-0001676 SOURCE CODE: UR/OW/66/009/008/0053/0061 AUTJOR: Vorl&dvkor, G. 1-1. (Candidate of tocimical ocioncos); ~zAEnov, Ci. F. (Enainoor) O26G: Odessa Tochnological Ins-tituto in. L. V. LononoRV (Wosmrdy tokhno1o7,Wwa;dy TITIE: Selection of optimal regenerator parameters for a gas turbin SOURCE: IVUZ. Energetika, no. 8, 1966, 53-61 TOPIC TAGS: gas turbine, heat transfer coefficient, hydraulic resistance A13STRACT: A solution of the'probl =_ similar, to that stated in an o--a'rlier uvelc, at allow consideration of the influenco of a change in operating --jAwith a change in regcnerator surface,' and which required knowledge.] of the total heat transfer coefficient in the regenerator. The method sug- p.. 043sted allows determination of optimal parameters with consideration of- the influence of local conditions of t:rte operation of, the installation,~ that is Ifuel cost, assignment of the turbine, (peak load or basis operation),-cost of wanufacture of regenerator; it also allows selection of the optimal type of i'inning under the given conditions. The method considers the influence of hydraulic resistance to a chang3. in operating fluid flow in ther installation land the influence of a change in gas velocity on the 'effectiveness of the finning. The method can also be used for selection of the optimal increase' in pressure in pl4p;Ug a now- t4 n,. as well as for detemin.ation qf-- I [ Card 1: 08o6o-67 A Cd-N ~i-tO-6-0-167 6 the optimal surface of air coolers and other elements 6f a gas. turbine and Df steam, gas installations* An expression is given uhich makes It possible to determine the limiting expediency of. introduction of regewTatkon, in &_ SAA_ turbine with a given cost per meter of surface. Orig. art. has: 4 figures, 1 table and 32 formulas. IJM: 38,4901 SUB ODDE: 13i 20 SUBK DATE:. 29Jan65 /-'oiaG w: o12 SIURNOV, U. G. Mbr. , Dapt. General; Biology & Parasitol6Mr, Mil. Mod. Acad. im. Kirov, -1943-; I M br., 111il. tied. Acad. in.. S, M. Kirov, -1946-c4g-. Mbr., Inst. Georgian, Inst., Tropical Diseases, Tbilisi, -1946-c49-. "On the Efficiency of Cutaneous Infection with Hookworm Larvae," Dok. All, 42, No. 1, 1943; "Duration of Transit Parasitism of Iu*vai of Ancylostomidae in an Abnormal Host," ibid., 52, ho. 5, 19416; (11. G. Ka-malov) "Inoculation of llemorrhacgic Sebticemia Ricrobes in the Treatment of Skin Infection by Jlmqjlostoma Larvae," ibid., 68, No. 6, 1949. USSF/Medil,:irac - infectious Diseases 11 Feb 51 "Tra-,_smj.s 7, ion of Bacilli anthracis by Larvae of Ancylostoucide~5 '" G.~ G. Smirnovi N. G,, Kamalov., M' . 1. Me dA::-,;id imeni S. M. Kirov "Dok Al~ Nauk SSSR" Voll LX)CVI,- No 5, pp,759, 760, Ability of' larvae of Ancylostoma. duodenaleL or Pecat-or 9.m,~ricanus to entrain Bact. bovisepticus through the Ain of hamsters, thus infecting the animals wxth hemorrhagic septicemia, has been shown by the authors before ("Dok Ak Nauk SSSR" Vol IM-1-ii., No 6,. 1949),, Using Western Asiatic hwz-'~eri Vl~~,.3ocftcetus auratus brandti N~hring, 184T87 USSR/Medicine - Infectious Diseases 11 Feb 51 (Contd) 1898, d-::monstrated fact that the animals are in- fected in same manner with Bacilli anthracis by larvae of Vecator americanuB. Culture of B., an- thracis -aas supplied by Georgian Sci Res Vet ins'... Ba~:teriol examn of the dead animals was carxiei out, by I., Giorgadze, Head of Chair of Microtiol, Georg ian Zoovet Inst. SMIPIICV, G. G. Metody gellmintologicheskoi diaganostiki ZMethods of helminthologic diagnosis_7. Moskva, Izd-vo Akad. med. nauk SSSR. 1953. 61 p. SO: Monthly List of Russian Accessiors Vol. 6 No. 9 December 1953 BUROVA. N.G. [deceased] SMIRNOV, G.G. Helminths parasitic on the domestic animals of Tajikistan. Trudy An Tadzh.SSR 21-31-47 154. (KLRA 9:12) (Tajikistan--Parasites--Domeatic animals) (Worms, Intestinal and parasitic) SELiNov, G. "~. "The Natural-Focus Origin of Echinococcus." Tenth Conference on Parasitological Problems and Diseases with Natural iLeservoirs, 22-29 October 1959, Vol. II, PLiblishing House of Academy of Sciences, USjR, Moscow-Len.'~ngrad, 1959. Leningrad SMIRNOV, Grigoriy Grigorlyevich [Medical helmintholog7l Keditsinskois gellmintologiia. Leningrad, Medgiz. 1959. 262 p. (MIRA 13:8) (WORKS, INTESTINAL AND PAHASITIG) ALFL'YEV, N.I.; BREGETOVA, N.G.; GNEZDILOV, Y.G. [deceased]; GUTSEV!ICH, A.V.; KOSTYLHV, N.R.; NIKOLAYEV, B.P.; OLWFIYEV, N.G.; PAVLOVSKIY, Yevgeniy Nikanorovich, akademik; PSRVOKAYSKIY. G.S.; PZ]3FIL'YXV, P.P.; POMERANTSEV, B.I.Edeceased); =YAYEV, V.A.; SEVORTSOV, B.P.; SMIRHOV G G-;. TERAVSKIY. I.K.; BLAGOVESHCHENSKIT, D.I., doktor. red.; RULEVA. M.S., (Laboratory manual on medical parasitology) Laboratornyi praktikum maditsinakoi parazitologii. Pod red. I.N.Favlovskogo. Leningrad, Gos.izd-vo med.lit-ry, Leningr.otd-nie, 1959. 486 p. (MIRA 12:9) (mni= rARAsITOIDGY) PAVLOVSKIY, Ye.N., akademik; SMIMIOV, G.G., prof.; GIUTSEVICH, A.V., prof.; FMYiONAYSKIY, G.S., prof.; PODOLYAN, V.Ya., prof4 - I V-G. Gnezdilov; an obituary* Med.paraz.bolezn. 23 no.1.126-127 Ja-P '59. (MIRA 12:3) (GMMIWV, VLOIMIR GEMIEVICH, 1898-1958) SMIRNOY, Grigoriy Grigorlyevich; PERVOMAYSKIY.G.S., red.; GULYAMA,T.S. tHelminths are injurious to healthJ Glisty vredist zdorov'iu. LLeningradj' Gos.izd-vo med.lit-ry Medgiz, Leningr.otd-nie, 1960. 29 P. (MIRA 14:3) (Worms, Intestinal and parasitic) SMIRNOV, G. G. Natural foci oil trichinellosis in the Arctic. Zool. zhur. 42 no.3:338-344 163. (MIRA 17:1) 1. S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy, Leningrad. LEBEDEVA, L-,P.; KRYSIN, B.T.5 KOLPAKOV, Ya.V.; IGNATOV, L.N.; M-rKHAYLOIISKIY,- V.A.; SMIRNOV, G.G.; TSITSENKO, M.V. Experimenta-l-production of iron-base friction ceramic metqlz-. Porosh. met. 5 no.8:96-102 Ag 165. (MIRA 1819) SMIR-NOV, G. I- Decrease the volume of unfinished housing construction. Zhil.-k-om.khoz. 9 no.10:4-5 159. 04IRA 13:2) (Construction industry-Costs) (Building-Contracts and specifications) ILIIN, Valentin Mikhaylovichi-IMIRNOV, Giva~' Ivanovich [Accounting in the construction industry] Analiz fimansovo- -khoziaistvennoi deiatellnosti stroitellnoi organizataii. Moskvap "Gosfinizdat, 1960. 134 P. (MIRA 14:7) (Construction industry-Accounting) 6 MAP i o l 111 to j. .4 Oft '.k Lk I[ I t AII .1i G o t L VO . .. .... 3 , c SMIN to . I & to " 9 . , IIIIIIIIAKAVA.M A C. I SMIR%,,~ r (7ir." Ind . 1: IN 7, N- I limpti-4(l. II)... gjII,L. Wert. ll~.l I" Ii".1 utul"r Which NIX des4-i1~1 from of loath III -alf, "III Zoom . . . f . . .. . ilm 'alu'l .1111 alkA. implif.twoc I It., N'll, "I MlWt.. K0 nol N.C1 11w I,&'I It, 1411, I,rn .1un Nflit'l, lit llir- hath ira.-b-A I---. t.h., I "' 'If 00 1 'Ig --141. I"lr %is m, o1, I Iv-, I:. :' .1"t-dy o.1 -.t9 III cm. tist, Mxl':Im ""Iti-Ill o,oln Iot. I-clo -1 .00 t,- nune than it P','. K Into, the Mg dq-il Addil NAV) I~ ts"t"Itint lot-altw it mltKvi thot Ill it -of the Nith isid al Ow -iv,, lintor I 1w k CI ?,I'll I. ImIpful ill Lml It; K 'tilt .4 NIX 0 j; a LOG 99 t of j~ if 'I If ff of 0 0 0 0 G 'D 0 0 0 e 0 0 * * * * : 0 0 0 0 0 : : :j: 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 00 0 * 00 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 O-A 0-0 0 0 0 9 0 0 6 0 & s s M LA 11 e * s a l Analysis of nickel by the Methw of parr-uOds"U. G. 1. 7apijki kazax, Gosa&rit. Vair. (Sci. Rcpt. Kazan State t*n-;rr";"%*d-6, 14-0-5 -VP ti so _o$ modification of the dimethylglyoxime method of detn. G4 Xi suggestril by Part and Lindgren congists in dissolving the M compd. In HjS04 of known crm". and vs of Ni- s of anal i d b S I n a %cr c y titfating the exce". nis tnethod wa-s Investigate y Go (.N*().)s %ith IICI sometimes in place of 11,SOu &nd found to give more exacrt tes"Itl than other inctlicAts in general mw. G, 'I'm 1-1.-4 00 00 -00 1 -00 .00, 00 09 :is 0 0 0 0 0 00 00 00 0 Pf AIt S1 YE [I It IfJ:~V) n 0 ***Ooooooo~:000000000000000000600 1 - 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 * 0 Off 0 * 0 6 0 0 a go 00 0000 0 00 Mop 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 0 0-0-0 0 0" . ft 1, 11 fis a u n 14 n is /I A A L 11 1. u 14 n u I? A I L 0 it I A Ju N 0 io 09 extr"two of WAP"~m tfom 40mal. !.00 War- ,r#YAA. (1, hAlwal Ilys, ' A. lltktwl,,t 0 : J, ~'-4 I , G. 1. Sknimov. KahW (11. $. 4. RA 1936 , No. lo, t 10-28- Th~ tkctrA". is of hated carnallite wAj Larrint out in a diaphraM -fr" "If wit h C rods (dfam..W-411 mm. j 0j an anadr-4 and the Fe wWkef the crif as a mthack. Tlw a* 0 irmp. rA I he Aftirolyte wm WO -M'. The cvII wai e% - ternally heated. Anode tuffrot if. k 12 amp. em, Zoo Clurrm Salsk4cy I's 50-56C A. llrxtoff 100 :Zoo goo 00 :1 1 ftoo go t:00 90 A S S L I Of TALLURGK&L LIUR-T&RE CLA%SIPKAYK4 t00 IP 0 as ti %.namt -I Ant svow6ol .1 It -u-" ;, -M3 ptrip Iwo( Wit of a 0 A 0 e000,0 0606 000* 9999949999199 of of 099969 90 - M-1 iff- 1 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 OF O." 0 f4i P M 4 I t R P M a 2. 4 v 11 N j , ig it v U W U it 0 a to v 41 a 41 a a f! A A 1 11 x v I A.A 00 U- 1-1 4 A I a % A l- The stratitirsphy. mineralogy, and chemistry of the effusions of Transcaucasia and Central Caucasus. G. 1. ..~kikiraov~Copnpt. rtnd. acad. ici. U.R.S.S. 32. itit-to)-Extrusivv rocks irt the region mrige Ittmit pre- 09 Cambrian thnxigh Cenovic in &V, with art1wahomlyie pvtoxesir a rhatacirtimic mincral 4 the C~iwv4v r-k, 111c JA. rat i.) Na.-O: K'O avciraige% :1.3 bw J..t ~Mirxvor * , wcite WAS owing 14) X i, hower bw I,. i, high 6" twk. Which ar~ high iti S4. M. 11 10 : 0 00 coo ZOO 'Do o m DO! z A14.11.4 ntt ALLUKGKhL LITIEN&TUIRE CLA1,110KAIMM 9 2- .10- 1114.111. -- Ash it 1.71545 -L* a... woo 00 U TS AV 93 A V A S 0 Md a W 14 * ii 1 3 1 K tt ZI it 42 A I .04a 1 0 f 0 q 0 0 0 0.0-0-4 SM UINOV G I Mineralogical characteristics of altered rocks in the Beregave region of TrnnscmTsthia. 155. (MLRA 9:9) i.LIVOV. lustitut goologii poleznykh isk aysmykh AN USSR. (Transcarpathia-Volcanic ash, tuff, *tcl. (Mineralogy) Sm a p4 dhats U.-A.Da4va- as NO" ' olla sher A I io 0 1 smkzm~ 24; S~I~ .,7 ,CA. ts '01 From pt zamyl magatmen W-dw9mms, equAtkas "d WOO ets show th!XCOM vc s id f d d h iknk e a u un t empa iod=. ithftla (r-" and I'!) ~*' the-vtracts. For the sim e, Vtffe~t of blvalca catl= (*Ith i# i O. betwem 0. t u4 0.823 M ;Wd a c=M 0.571- kX r"" 0.413 M * the ~equatl= i" -a 10.629 + I-Wo Pis the lhicist itlatloolvau In the inks a the pyMM in the-grosmikWte-andradift ScrW Is sivei bY. the fuaUloi3 10.695 + 2.000 Tll (tot Lol kx' d = r""'- 0.418 for e= 6~1!eowblned -kX)-- Both veUtifts. '~ts falhelormWa 7dj ~-' O~M LWO r" + pprem Im"if With a to 5% , Accuracy. putthir dfa~ shi4 the interitlidaft OUT d with ' I the aj-n cwhs W the 6items py an am to pe " latter, distramli'highly. -dite. ~'For practkal ouq)os" , usefal, and qoly~ the preocice d MhO avd.CrA insy bring devLations.' Poe, the pure: mob. -of e3l about, ftbt, Ahi d ' members k"the Safact- 9vouP'k* data 4te glvia of 4i (in adite Spessawte kU -pyf4e-;-. 11-435, "1 11 -578;' gw~fe - A.M. an4ridta- -a 12.W; u"Wo. vite -::,12-OD "skkilte"'(WeO.Ve MOO:- :-11.695; (3MoO.MaA3S0v) AW lytWt*' 47 t1l 14tt er cle c&k W, BOBRIYEVIGH. A.P.; KjiLYTJZIiNYY, Vl.A.; SHMOV, G.I. goissanite in the kimberlites of the last Siberian Platform. Dokl. AIT SSSR 115 no.6:1189-1192 Ig 157. (MIRA II.-I) 1. Inatitut goologii poleznykh iskopayemykh AN USSR, Llvov. Pred- Btavleno akademikom D.S. Morzhinskim, (Siberia, lastern--Kimberlite) -7 A BOBRIYPuVICH, A.F., sotrudnik; BONDARENKO, M.N., sotrudaik; GNEVUSHEV, H.A., sotrudnik; KIND, N.D.. sotrudnik; XORBSHKOV, B.Ya., sotrudnik; KURYLEVA. N.A., sotrudnik; HEYEDOVA. Z.D., sotrudnik; POPUGAYNTA, L.A., sotrudnik; FOPOVA, Te.l., sotrudnik; SIULISKIY, V.D., sotrudnik;,SHIRV_QV._jG._I.. sotrudnik; YURKEVICH, R.K., sotrudnik; FAYNSBnYN;4~~- '~o ik; SHCHUKIN. V-H., Botrudnik; BTJROV. A.P., nauchnyy redaktor; SOBOLIV, V.S., nauchnyy redaktor; VFMTAK, G.V., redaktor izdatel'BtVa; ERYNOCHKINA, X.Y., tekhni- cheskiy redaktor CDiamonds of Siberia] Almazy Sibiri. [Moskva] Gos.nauchno-tokhn. izd-vo lit-ry po geol. i okhrane nedr, 1957. 157 P. (MLBA 10:7) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Ministerstvo geologii t okhrany nedr. 2. Amakinakaya ekspeditslya Glavuralsibgeologii Ministerstva geolo- gii i okhrany nedr SSSR (for Bobriyevich, Bondareako, Gnevushev. Kind. K6reshkov. Vu7leva. Nefe"dova. Popugayeva, Popova, Skullskly, Smiruov, Yurkevich, Faynshteyn, Shchukin) (Siberia--Diamonds) 2o-6-37/48 ATITHORS: Bobriyevich, A.P., Ka1yuzhnYy, Vl..A., Szmirnov, TITLE: lJoissanite in the Kimberlites of the East-siberi'=- Platfom (T.1tiassanit v kimberlitakh Voztoclino-Sibirskoy platformy) PERIODICALs Doklady AN 3513H, 1957, Vol. 115, ?Ir 1189 - 1192 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The authors ~-ive a hLj,~orical Jurvey sith tho dioco- ver.11 of the above,montioned mineral abrt-,;A-Ind in the USSR and entinerate the conco.,.,iitant !-,iinoralss Olivinc, pyrope, chrome dioside, ilmenite, pyroyene -Lnd ma,-Inetite. In other lnyors olivine is absent, 11menite predot.,iinat;,~s L~nd almandine is met with. In almost all layers occur: staurolita, rutile, distene, spinel, chromite, tourmaline, lcukoxezzie, more rarely hornblende, epidote, corundum, chloritoid, monazite, sphene, apatite, anda- lusite, anatase and srold. The fact that moissanite is bound to the association with kimberlite-minerals, such as pyrope and chrome diopside, -ave rise to the assumption that there exists one common source for them, all. Stich a soty-%e was found for some places of discovery. Finally the firqt aiithor found a roundish xenolith of porphyry-peridotite with a marked content of riois- 0~~rd 1/3 sanite. It was rzicroscapic~~Ily and mineralo~icully investigated 0 in the rimberlitua oi* t1ne f ASSOCIATION: Institute Cor t1le Mineral Geology AN Ukrainian SSR, L I vov (Institut ,,eolo,-ii po1ezny,1r-h is1,:opu,.yt:T:iy?1i Akade:.iii nauk USSR Llvov) PREPSENTED: by D.S. Korzhinskiy, Academician , March 20, 1957 SUB~JITNED; Alarch 18, 1957 AVAILABLE: Library of Con.gress Card 3/3 S011/3028 M a-lot, on the GeOlO9%1 P, MCK. wross (Series" f ilial '99 p: inserted- J,,Xats i, 1()59- j ta slip 305 Bvlyh -,810, 0 SSSP,) Brra a naxlx SSSR - - s1copay &--Vo no. 4) ,Yademil 1e, vayy-~ 0% ~ SibOrDA:Y- Tecyl. - i p0 , -a) Kost a. geOlO91 jsjcat~-Y iellesica'i S. shobolo, 11,teris3--y 90 ersls Of geolog Of tae 14~-n Ser-110- RO-aseS gists -its - Tradl - inted. yalblir'lling -ner ao .es pr Of 50() COPI -W -Y; Bd- 1 ogist I-Ier$ tendedL for geo O.U Bast Ba. 14 - is In s ReSP- )f ar 'icles le On 013 ec tion ( igre-PI-jerS -he geolOgy 0 artle ~ on e an d one _Ilsses t an T,aj S strat ne e ar t,,, Fef e'r 1jers I a I as in strac t. PTV ograp of art" ticulIl-, rylst~ tion) pet-f 1ject-lon or p0 an c1 C blot-ILa ,his Co 8%es- aology tiony T OMPI -morp t-j%a SOGF,'. - ner al C s1low s (83.~i r, ON Siberian, 101,hotograVyle ompl,,,ce amonds (p . rocy~ C di tions In jele. .1tera any es-ch aT accoslp Gr& ,/ 3 Materials on the Geology (Gont.) SOV/3028 Strugov, A. S. On the Geology of the Kempendyays~oye Brown Coal Deposits 151 Bobrovy A. K. Cambrian Stratigraphy of the Lower Course of the Olekma River 155 Tolstykh, A. N. New Data on the Permian Bryozoa of the Western Verkhoyanlye Region 165 AVAILABIS: Library of Congress Card 313 M/lsb 12-21-59 BOBRITSVICH, A.P.; BONDARENKO, M.N.; GIINVUSHEV, M.A.; KRASOV, L.M.; _4UMVICH, R.K.; SOBOLEV, V.S., akademik, nalichnyy red.; VERSTAK, G.V., red.izd-va; GUROTA, O.A., (Diamond deposits of Yakutial Almaznye mestorozhdeniia IAkiitii. Nauchnyi red. V.S.S:)bolev. Moskva, Gos.nauchno-tekhn.izd-vo lit-ry po geologii i okhrane nedr, 1959. 526 p. (MIRA 12:11) (Takiitia-Diamonds) BOBRIYEViCH, A.P. IRNOV G.I. k-Al-I.. - - ) .- I ~ -- Hornblende from garnet amphibolite. Nauch.soob. IAFAN SSSR no.2:40-41 159. (MIRA 16:3) (Hornblende) (Amphibolite) SMIRNOV, G. I Mineralogy of Siberian kimberlites. Trudy IAFAJT S=.Ser. geol. no.IP:47-73 '59. (11IRA 12:8) (Siberia--Kimberlite) 3(8) SOV/2o-126-3-5o/69 AUTHORS: Bobriyevich, A. P., Smirnov, G. I., Sobolev, V. S., Academician TITLE: A Xenolite of the Eclogite With Diamonds (Ksenolit eklogita s almazami) PERIODICALi Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR, 1959, Vol 126, Nr 3, pp 637 - 640 (USSR) ABSTRACT: A xenolite of the type mentioned in the title with a great number of visible diamonds was found in the kimberlite of the "Itir" tube, and handed over by R. K. Yurkevich and L. M. Zaretskiy to the authors for investigation. The rock forms a coarse-grained aggregate of red-orange colored garnet and dark-green monoclinic pyroxene. Diamond octahedrons are enclosed in their mass. Together with diamond, idiomorphic graphite crystals are visible (Figs 1,2 adjoining p 616). Garnet (Fig 3) constitutes more than 50% of the rock, and occurs in the form of idiomorphic or irregular grains. Tables 1 and 2 indicate the garnet composition in % converted to xenolite and basic components (analysis by E. A. Kolesnikova in the laboratory of the Amakinskaya Expedition). The same Card 1/3 tables also contain analytic results together with conversions A Xenolite of the Eclogite With Diamonds SOV/2o-126-3-5o/69 for other garnets for compa-rison. The diaLaond crystals are investigated at present and their description will be given later. Thej are flat facet-shaped octahedrons of coarse-laminar structure. In spite of eager search, it has only been possible up to date to find single concrescences of diamond crystals with eclogite minerals (Refs 4-6). According to Z. V. Barta- shinskiy there are sometimes traces of graphitization visible in the xenolite diamonds. But this may be graphite of the 2nd generation which was formed after the reduction of pressure below the equilibrium curve graphite-diamond at the magmatic rise (before the formation of tubes). There are 2 types of eclogite formation: a) peculiar crystalline slates (Ref 1) with no plagioclase; b) not only the plagioclase is missing, but also the garnet has a different character here: it con- tains much less of the almandine component and is rich in chromic oxide. The eclogite discussed here is similar to type a. The occurrence of diamonds in the eclogite xenolite leads to the assumption that the rock referred to - in spite of the similarity mentioned - was formed at a 'ii&her pressure than is attained by the usual metamorphism (up to 20000 atmospheres). Care, 2/3 It is probable that this rock was lifted by the magma from k Xenolite of the Eclogite With Diamonds SOV/2o-126-3-5o/69 great depths - though from smaller depths than the garnet peridotites. The taking hold of xenolites of diamond-containing eclogites does by no means justify the assertion that all dia- monds in kimberlites are xenogenous. The diamond crystalliza- tion in the kimberlite ma.-nia, or in any case the genetic rela- tion to this magma, arc nov established (Ref 1). There are 3 figures, 2 tables, and 7 references, 3 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Amakinskaya ekspeditsiya 111inisterstva geologii i okhrany nedr SSSR (Amakinskaya Expedition of the Ministry of Geology and for the Protection of Mineral Resources USSR) SUBMITTED: March 26, 1959 Card 3/3 BOBRIYWICII, A.P.; SOBOLEV, V.S. Mineralogy of xenoliths of grossularite-pyroxene-disthene rocks in kimberlites of Yakutia. Geol. i geofiz. no.3:18-24 6o. (MI-RA 13:9) 1. Amakinskaya ekspeditsiya Yakutskogo geologicheskogo upravleniya i. Institut geologii i geofiziki 4ibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR. (Yakatia-lenoliths) (Yakutia-Kimberlite) Smuuiov) G.I.; KHAR',KiPV, A.D. ThaumaBite in.kimberlites of Yakutia. Geol. i geofiz. no.12:116-118 160. (MIRA 14:5) (Yakatia--Thaumasite) S/081/61/000/023/011/'o6i B117/B147 AUTHOR: Smirnov, G. I. TITLE: Characteristics of accompanying minerals of diamond PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya, no. 23, 1961, 100, abstract 23G60 (Tr. Yakutskogo fil. Sib. otd. AN SSSIR. Ser. geol., sb. 6, 1961, 71 - 86) TEXT: During the search for original diamond deposits the occurrence of accompanying minerals in the schlichs was examined: olivine, pyrope, picroilmenite, chrome diopside, and magnochromite. Results of the determination of the physical properties and chemical composition of pyrope (10 samples), olivine (7 samples), chrome diopside (2 samples), and picroilmenite (9 samples), as well as of the semiquantitative spectral analysis of magnochromite are presented. An increased magnesia content and the presence of Cr, Ni, and Co are typical of each of them. [Abstracter's note: Complete translation.] Card 1/1 LEBEDEV, A.A.; SMIRNOVI G.I. Serpentinization in kimberlites. Trudy IAFAII AN SSSR Ser. geol. no.9:103-105 163. (MIRA 16:12) LEVSHOV, F.P. [deceased]; MUZYKA, G.M.; KHARIKIV, A.D. 11faiant-it" in the kimber-lites of Yakutia. Geol. i -eofiz. no.10:161- 0 169 '64- (MIRA 18:4) a 1. Amakinskaya ekspeditsiyal poselok Nyurba. KOZLOVI I.T.; MUZYK-., a.jso(!jat4on with kimIRrlitP-q. M-111. Find of' ac lato,11 L (MIRA 18: 5) !3bcr. 18 nc,.2-,207-,210 164. ,akin5kaya P , eologicheskogo up 1. An 'akufskO.9c g r IfLarICE" Cf a n 31 3 F 6 5 I-; % u L 9662-66 MT(l) /EM/EWG (m)AVA(h) TT/AT AGG NR: AP5026504 SOURCE CODE: UR/0286/65/0OO/Ol9/O035/0C)35 AUTHORS: -DO-vachenkol-G. I.; Khutoretskiy, G. 14.1 Smirnov, G, K,j Shalyt, L. D. ORG: none TITLE: Multiphase unlike-pole inductor generators Class 21, Noe 175114 SOURCE: Byulletent izobreteniy i tovarnykh znakov, no, 19, 1965~ 35 TOPIC TAGS: electric generator, electric rotating equipment ABSTRACT: This Author Certificate presents a multiphase unlike-pole inductor generator with a distributed stator winding and with the number of stator tooth equal to twice the number of rotor teeth (see Fig. 1). To simplify fabrication, 0 X N jr M Fig. 1. 1 - Stator teeth; 2 - rotor teeth; 3 pole; phase winding. C a S1~7TRNC;V. G. L. A.~-,-rlcjilture , t.1- ;. ~_O 7 1, - L C_p ::l*ctrific~tioa I . - . - , Jj 4! s e lkhoz . I i t , '-,? 5 1 F, O-f Svercllovuk Provi-ac-, Goi3- izd-vo !'~! 111. monthly List Of --Russi:pn 1-ccessions. Librpry of Congress. Cctober 1-9152- ll~c -~~-S S IF I ---D HOVIKOV, KikI)aiI Pavlovich;,_2iIRNQY,_G L -__PUDZKO, I.A.; RADIN9 K.3o; ,2, SMIKHM, A..A.; GR TSOV, P.P., red.; GCRIKOVA, Z.D., [Farm electrification In the U.S.A.] Blaktrifikataiia sel'skogo khoziaistva v SSU. Moskva. Gos.izd-vo seltkhoz.lit-ry, 1960. 238 P. (MIRA 14:3) (United States-Alectricity in agriculture) %- SM - V. - *- WOUISNA60, Materials on the biology of the bream Abramis ballerus L. in the lower Kama and middle Volga. Uch.2ap.KaZ.un. 116 no.1:231-235 155. (MLRA 10-5) 1.1afedra 20010git poz-vonochnykh. (Kama River-Bream) (Volga River--Bream) a, Ws: -"7 Barium Sulfate Jan 49 Chemistry Aluminum Oxide 'Troducts of the Interaction of Barium Sulfate With Aluminum Oxide in the Temperature Range ' 1,200-1,4ooo C." G. M. Smirnov, 0. P. Mchedlov- Petroeyan, 2 pp "Dok Ak Nauk SSSR" Vol I=, No 2 Experiments with various mixtures of barium sulfate and alumininn oxide confirm that stable intermediate products, a-luminates, do form in the temperature interval l'120O-z.1-,4ooo c. . sub- mitted 7 Sep 48. Am 25/49T9 -Changes in the opticel Propedes at iv6entk'e by ea S R iO. P. L.. L, Kar)-aklu, an (8, Af. Kirov Inst. En&ccrs of Ruilio _Rharkov).. Doklad~ Akad. Nauk S.S.S. R. 96. 617-20 -The structural analo , bet en antig ite and isiaclinite (on Its dchydrutim $lyAa`khx and Fot'evi e de- 'CA. 45, 747-11)) makes the optical investigation of th products of serpentine highly 5uggestive; lzyd. Th 6 serpeatinite -front Tanelissitil (Georgian S.S.R.) is a, min" 'W ch*'Satileand ZnEigorlte. This and it gem tarting nk, IrIj.. fine (chlefly antigaritee) vmrc taken as a [While kaolinite entirely-loses its birefrinirence in the metal -is ah~ Iph4se, the birefrLigenceof fired sexpentime. ayN marked ~Jn the letup. range of rapid dehydration (W to il~~ Y the colurnalt serptntinLi 650' to 00' for the gem material) ease. with a min. at W, for the common ~ sa the _nsAece 'i.pentine, but rapLily increased bei-and 600' in both min =is. - rptFratediate phases (if they exist) nuin be ephew gem ser- tral, App.-rently, the rntigorite-tables in. the [~pcntinn are changed to a fibrous product of cbrysotile4lite' ,aspect. The authors conclude that the first,.int Pha-,e with decreased ns 6 a Mg silicate with gTozips still preserved in.the-strarture. ' The X-My Powd 911=5 gr"Ll 'dis for the gera sapeatine, Ilea tcd to 2-and 5 hrs.), 610' (for -1 and 5 hrii.), and,760' (f 6' show even at the highest temps. not one strong fiveforolivine. TheinteritiediateubaseLi,th are, a di&, ferent silicate, at least stable in the Interv at- between, 6w'-'; and W. Only afte~~the complete dehydr-ti-1 (abn Ve �W*1' do the -4 1161incily increase.; SMIRNOV, G.M., inzh.; &FIONSHMN, I.I., red. [Technician's handbook on the installation of equipment for chemical water purification in thermal electric power plants] Pamiatka slesaria po, montazhu oborudovaniia khimvodoochistki teplovoi elektrostantsii. Moskva, Gosenergoizdat, 1962. 64 p. (MIRA 17.4) SMIRNOV, G.M.; IVANOV, A.A.; BOCHAROV, V,A.; KOSTYUCHENKO, N.T.; 'r P t I ~ !Y-A.F.; KSHCHENKO, V.P.; TANCHIK, Ye.M. Welded ladle for pouring steel. Met. i gornorud. prom. no. 2-. 65 Mr-Ap 164. (MIRA 17-.9) IVANOVI A.A.; OBODOVSKIY, B.A.; SNIRUOVI BOGHAROV, V.A.; KOSTYLICHENKO, N. ('.j LY1113OV, V.A.; MANOV,- MEDYNSKIf, A.F.; MISHCHENKO, V.P.; FUESA, I*G. Investigating 350- and 4PO-ton welded steel-pouring ladles. Izv.,rys.ucheb.zav.; chern. met. 8 no.4:220-223 165. (MIRA 18:4) 1. Zhdanovskiy metallurgicheskiy institut. Subject Card 1/1 Author Title Periodical Abstract Institution Submitted AID P - 3330 USSR/Power Engineering Pub. 26 - 16/28 Smirnov, G. M., Eng. Use of a light gantry crane in installing thermal and mechanical equipment at power plants Elek. sta., 8, 45, Ag 1955 The operation of a 2t gantry crane with a 17 m long arm and the crane itself are described in detail. The use of this type of cranes in powerhouse con- struction is strongly recommended. One diagram. None No date Subject USSR/Electricity AID P 3348 Card 1/1 Pub. 29 - 6/27 Author Smirnov, G. M., Eng. Title Mechanization of assembly work Periodical Energetik, 9, 13-16, S 1955 Abstract The author describes in detail an apparatus which was developed by A. I. Zotov and serves to cut boiler pipes for adjusting In the installation of boilers. This is a transportable machine of the PTZ-32-83 type. The author gives details of its operation. Five detailed drawings. Institution None Submitted No date Subject Card 1/1 Author Title Periodical Abstract AID P - 37711 USSR/Electricity Pub. 26 - 16/29 Smirnov, G. M., Eng. Hoisting of a 44-t drum with a 2 X 15-t capacity bridge crane Elek. sta., 10, 49-50, 0 1955 The author describes the hoisting operation of a 40-t drum of the TP-230-2 type boiler which was executed with two 15-t capacity each trolleys of a bridge crane. Four drawings. Institution None Submitted No date Subject USSR/Electricity Card 1/1 Pub. 29 - 3/27 Author Smirnov, G. M., Eng. Title Required torque for rolling tubes Periodical Energetik, 11, 7-8, N 1955 AID F - 3539 Abstract The author describes his experience with rolling boiler tubes, and in particular in the determination of the required torque for the most efficient result. In his operations he worked with rolling mills of the "Tsentro- energomontazh" design. Institution : None Submitted : No date AID P - 4064 Subject USSR/Power Card 1/1 Pub. 26 22/33 Author Smirnov, G. N., Eng. Title Mounting a pre-assembled crane in the boiler room. Periodical Elek. sta., 12, 51-52, 1955 Abstract The author describes the process of mounting a pre- assembled gantry crane in a boiler room. One diagram. Institution None Submitted No date SMIRMOV, G.M., inzhener. Unloading and setting up a 155-ton generator stator by mosms of two cranes with capacities of 100 tons qnd 20 tons. Iner&stik 4 no.8:22-24 Ag '56. (mm 9:10) (Electric generators) (Loading and unloading) (Cranes, derricks, etc.) OUMPA4 , inzhener. Fall-rotating jib crane with a capacity of 5 tons mounted on the S-80 tractor. Blek.sta.27 no.2:49-50 F 156. (MLRA 9:6) (Cranes, derricks, etc.) SMIRNOV, G.M. ene3Z. - - --,. inzh lmcic:~ mak"Mi - - Hoisting a 45-ton drum with a traveling crane having a capacity of 35.5 tons. Elek.eta. 27 no.4:52-53 AP '56. Wak 9:8) (Cranes, derricks, etc.) SMIILNOV, G.M., inzhener. Device for joining pipes to heating surfaces. E.nergatik 5 no-3:15- 17 Mr '57- (MIRA 100) (Boilers) 1 -'JOY, n7 -ienar. rie precision electrodes for electric Lower plants. Energ tik. J1 Guathes) AUTHORs S-mirnov, G.M., Engineer SOV-91-58-4-11/29 TITLE; Mechanization of the Beading of Boiler Pipes (Mekhanizatsiya pri valltsevenii trub v kotlakh) PERIODICALs Energetik, 1958, Nr 4, pp 12-14 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The "Tsentrenergomontazh" Trust has mechanized different stages of the beading process. A portable machine of new design, suggested by Engineer S.L. Fedoseyev, was utilized for trimming pipe ends by means of a grinding stone (Figure 1). A pneumatic machine of the "PM-211 type is utilized for beading pipes of high pressure boilers. It has the follow- 13,g characteristicss 2.2 hp, 5 atm air pressure, 4 to 5 m /min air consumption, 4,800 to 5,000 kg/cm torque and 36 kg weight. For the beading of pipes in medium and low pre5- sure boilers, a beading machine was utilizedg worked out by the "Kiyevpromenergomontazh" Trust. It is driven by an elec- tric wrenching machine with increased frequency and 0.6 kw power of the "1-6111 and 111-9111 types (Figure 2). The torque of this machine was sufficient for beading pipes of 83 mm diameter and 3.5 mm wall thickness, the beading ring having a width of 28 mm. An additional gear with a ratio of 34.2~ introduced into the reducer, increased the torque up to Card 112 3,600 kg/cm. Such a machine was suitable for beading pipes Mechanization of the Beading of Boiler Pipes SOV-91-58-4-11/29 of 83 mm diameter and 3.5 mm wall thickness with a beading ring attaining 40 mm. Mechanic A.D. Chulkov designed an original beading limiter for a given torque (Figure 3). The limiter is connected in series with the main switch and auto- matically cuts out the feed circuit of the electric motor when the given torque value is attained. After the electric motor has stopped the worm gear returns to its initial posi- tiong due to the action of a regulating spring. The worm gear reducer is fixed by bolts to the rear of an electric drilling machine of the "1-59" type. Figure 4 shows a slant fastening beading system for pipes of 60 mm diameter and 3.; mm wall thickness, with a beading limit of 50.7 to 57 mm. Figure 5 shows a flange beading system for pipes of 60 mm diameter and 3.5 mm wall thickness. The beading of one pipe end of the above dimensions requires 4.5 to 6 minutes and the flanging of the same requires 1.5 to 2 minutes. There are 5 diagrams. 1. Boiler tubes--installation 2. Pipe beading machines card 2/2 8 (6) SOV/91-59-4-6/28 AUTHOR: Smirnov, G. M., Engineer TITLE: Some Mechanical Aids for Assembly Work (Malaya mekhanizatsiya montazhnykh rabot) PERIODICAL: Energetik, 1959, Nr 4, pp 8 - 12 (USSR) ABSTRACT: By cooperation of the trust "Tsentroenergomontazh", the "Proyektno-konstruktorskaya kontora" (Planming and Design- ing Office) and the "Kotellno-mekhanicheskiy zavod" (Boiler Mechanical Plant) the mass-production of the following mechanical aids was started: 1) the universal sheet roller UV-1800 for shaping boiler shells and structural steel will handle sheet metal 10 mm thick with a maximum width of 1800 mm, or sheet metal 20 mm thick and correspondingly smaller dimensions. The length of the roller is 3350 mm, the width 940 mm, the height 1180 mm. and the weight 2.7 tons. The roll- ing speed is 0.105 m/sec. The rollers are driven by one 4.5 kw motor, the upper roller is lifted by a 2.8 kw motor. Card 1/2 Figure 1 shows this roller. 2) an electric winch with a Some Mechanical Aids for Assembly Work SOV/91-59-4-6/28 lifting power of 0.5 tons is powered by a 2.8 kw, 1420 rpm motor, shown in Figure 3. 3) A manually operated hoist, which lifts parts of up to 0.5 tons to a height of 2 m. It is shown in Figure 4. 4) A pulley with a hook with a lifting capacity of 5 tons is shown in Figure 5. It weighs only 20 kg compared to the 35 kg one at the plant "Krasnyy takelazhnik" and the 36 kg one of the plant "Krasnyy blok". 6) Figure 6 shows a hydraulic pipe bending device for tubes of small dia- meter. 7) Figure 7 shows a device which is used for fasten- ing the hoses of an oxy-acetylene welding apparatus. There are 7 diagrams. 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(MIRA 18:4) 0 0 0 00000000000000000000 00000 I u w 11 u IS m a 3. 1? man C 0 it $4 A k 0 Pu I; I, I IN T; At 1i 1 4 . - 41 _04. 00 .311INAls"13 syms.113111 I.Nn.1111wil. 0 11% 0 00 ~ 9 Oft OW, it 00 s ' 1 so v 0 - l 0 e : 0 o OO= III!- Im.11 '111N.411 11'rid, Appm .,Imll 4 C, ' " 00 , N.63'. .1111 oil J 'I 0 IV' I.f ppm PL,J Pit 00 j ilt 00 o o- * 0. 90-7 00 00- go 00 w 33 ft A ' w r of a 03 A 64 fill "UH11 rl It 0-0-0 go-*-@ 0-0-00 a- - - : -0-0-0 1111640-9 9 00 0 0 m - - - " 7v Osew 6099#00069903 1 0 a 0 J :~'. - 1"? ,*-. ,I. I , , . l7rairriov, G. i.i.- 11-7-ic- dark-silica'es in the Trans-Caucasiax~ granitoidg." Soobshch. AL'Id. naul. (;I.U,!,. SSR, I~w', :c.. [" [I-. IFq-~o SO: U-1;15,3h, 2'*7- CcL !:3, (Letuo~is 'ZHurnal Inylr:li State%-, Nu. 16, 190). 1. SMIROV, G. K.; V-kZAMAS!P[ILI, T. G. 2. USSR (600) 4. Shale - Caucasus 7. Crystallic shales of Transcaucasia and central Caucasia, Dokl. AN SSSR, 87, No. 1, 1952. 9. 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