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STGRONKiN. A. V.; Sij~IWIOVAY N. A. Ci-t-ain problems of the thermodynamics of multicomponent heter- ogeneous iystems. Part 6. Zhur. fiz. kJim 37 no. 3:601-6017 14r 163. (MIRA 17:5) 1. Leningradskiy gosiidarstvennyy universitet. STORONKIN, A.V~; MOILICHMMY, A.G.; SHIRNOVA, 11 A. Certain problems of the thermodynamics of multicomponent heterogeneous systems, Part 5: Effect of temperature and pressure on the equilibrium of demixing solutions and vapor. Zhur. fiz. khim. 37 no.6.-12-13-1218 Je 163. (imu 16:7) 1. Leningradskdy fyosudarstvennyy uriLversitet. (Systems (Ghemistry)) (Phase rule and equilibrium) -C. On, PC&- dle -Ac IV ty Mulne -smemoho. K. S.:Xashtoyunis and N.A. Smiin6va 3&N. Lamonqsov - Moscovi -'DUBNT state Univ ., : -50055)-wNSuccessive pcn*od,c contractions or, the 104,662 1 of A clinia tqnfjsa can be produ~ marsinai sphinctii -ed or will, by, electricalo and mechankal.stimuti.- _BiddinjA cin SH groups with Cd thus reducing the-reactivity bf rot P at' th- protein components, results inA block of such periodic ' ~- " of aubstances-- with free oitrActioiiii,--joicid4urtion ;'! Y" --Thus the.6antractile mechan' A3.7, N7: to'the stitti of tht irrotelixi t4-. fix USSR/General Dioloar - Physical Chendcal Dioloa D Abs Jour Ref Zhur Diol., No 6, 1.959, 23495 A-4thor Smirnzma, N.A. Inst Title On the Depeadence of the Galvauotaxis of Parameci*Lm or- Sulfhydryl Groups Oric.; Pub Diofizika, 1957, 2, No 6, 67o-674 Abstract The threshold Luirent w1hicb i-,Auces the cathode Lplvano- taxis of paramecium Pararaeciam. caudatum is a current of 2 ma, and the optirx-,m is 150 ma, while, at 200 m, a cha-,ir;e of Vie Galvauotaxic sioa t3 the opposite takes place. Outside of tae electric field, chanres of m-otili- ty of parameciiin, are induced by lo-6 SS-Glutathione (I), and the mximum conceatration of I which G;Lves also the reverse effect, is 2.1o-3; for cysteine (II), this value is 1o-3. In concentration of 1o-5 of 1, the motility of paramecitm are slowed down after 3 minutes, and, after Card 1/2 2 SMIRNOVA, N.A.; OSTROVSKIT, M.A. Persistent activity rhythms in the sea anemone. Nauch.dokl. j; vys.shkoly: biol.nauk-I no.1:56-59 '59. (MLU 12:5) 1. Ilakomondovana kafedroy fiziologii zhivotnykh Moskovskogo gosuduretvennogo universiteta im. M.V.Lomonosova. (SM ANEMONES) (ANIMAL LOCOMOTION) SAIRITOVA, N.A. ~ Relation between Irritability and thne atate of mercapto groups of protein bodina In actinlana. Vest.Mnak.un.Sar blol. ochv., pool., geog., 14 no.1:31-38 '59. 641RA 12-9) 1. Mookovskly gnqudELrRtv#mMry univnmitet, Kafedra fiziologii zhIvot.nykh. (14orcapto g-roup) (Irritability) (Sea anomones) 6MIANOVA, 11.4L. Role of sul:Chyd-r-rl groups and the glutathione-reductase system at different stages of fatigue In skeletal muscles of the frog. Fiziol.zhur. 16 no.8:1015-1020 Ag 159. (MIRA 12:11) 1. Kafodra fiziologil zhivotnykh Moskovskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta imeni M.V.Lomonosova. (14USCLNS. physiology) (ISULFILYDRYL COMPOUNDS, pharriacology) (DSHYDROGMUbBS, pharmacology) KOSHTOYANTS, Kh.S.;_~MIR11.0VA, N.A.~ PPPKOVA, R. Interaction of cerebral and abdominal ganglia in the snail Helix pomatia in regulaing the cardiac activity. Fiziol.zhur. 45 no.10: 1236-1241 0 159. (MIRA 13:~2) 1. Kafedra fiziologii zhivotnykh Moskovskogo universiteta imeni M.V. Lomonosova. (HEART physiol.) SMLINOVA, ii.A. aelation between phototaxis in some crustaceans and the state of sulfydryl groups in some protein bodies. Zool.zhurr- 39 no.7: 1012-1017 J1 160. (MIRA 13:7) 1. Department of Animal Physiology, Biologico-pedological Faculty, Moscow State University. (Mercapto group) (Crustacea) (Photoropism) Iv, 11, A. Ca!!E~~ 3aWIIT;iia 14/X 1960 17~ B COBCTe OTamemm rimmiu. -611O.-iorim it 5mmomoriorim AMH CCCP ARCCepTaumo ,fa Temy cK,,:uuuKa xpotmecKoi! -UIITOKCIJKaIjUU, Obt3blaaemoCI owq5unamu u x~zopucrbtx awamom;. nINITIOARTCH htaTCPIt2J'IU KAIIIIIIIIeCluix Oft-ic;tounmiri ima, usietottwx nPOWBOACT13ell- flUff NOI[TaHT C iteapeRenfinusm yr,,ieBOIOPCAa,%"[ aTwleitonoro pflAa It X.10PUCTUM 11111111- ~iom. Bbinuema it omicaim xmmINW(He CHN111TOMU: 113NIC11011111 COCYAOB, IICPBliOrl C11- ,CTC.NIIJ, XPOBOTBOPCIIIIH It j1p. HZIN101cim-4 nelieftbic it itpo(PimaKTRqCCKIIe WPOI]PII)ITIOL Candidate of Medical Sciencea Dissertations approved by the Higher Attestation Comission in January and February of 1961. Terap. arkh. no.6:1176121 161 SMIRNOVA, _,N,,.,A.; OVECHKIN, V.G. Effect of ribonucleic acid on the working capacity of the neuro- muscular preparation of a rat. Nauch. dokl. vys. shkoly; biol. naulki no.3:93-97 161. OURA 14: 7) 1. Rekomendovann kafedroy fiziologii zhivotnykh 14oskovskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta im. M.V.Lomonosova. (NIJCLE, IC ACIDS) (111-ERVES) (MiSCLE) LOSHTm')YANTS, El S. Edeceaf~r-dJ; i:., 1-,ffoct of r1bmcl-ic acid on direct and indimct excitability of t'hp neurorriuscular Preparation of a frog. Dokl. tirl SSSR 140 n.-).3:731-?33 S '61. 041RA 14:9) 1. Moskovskiy gosudarstvenn.Tj universitet im. M.V.LomonoEova. 2. Chlen-korresnondpnf 4'11 SSSR, I `~NUCLFIC ACIDS I) (VIUSC- E) (NFRVES) SMIRNOVA, N.A.; SHAROVSKAYA, N.M. Effect of-the change in the ribonucleic acid content of a motor nerve cell on the excitability of the peripheral muromuscular apparatus. Vest. Moak. un. Ser. 6: Biol., pochv. 17 no.5:17--13 S-0 162. (MIRA 15:11) 1. Kafedra fiziologii zhivotnykh Moskovskogo universiteta. (Nucleic acids) (Nerves) coil;: idal tra no.",-..6-89-690 J, (AMA J.5. L-cj~,,reroatet iri-eri- LOM0,10.301,Ta- 5ak-aiioin. eno ak~4ara'Domk op?-asm) (Ani-eba) (Pro L SMIHNOVA,_Y-.~.; OVECHKIN, V.G. Effect of ribonucleic acid on the excitability of a neurowascular preparation of varm-blooded animals. Nauch.dokl.vy8,shko1y,- biol.nauki no.2:101-101+ 163, (MIRA 16:4) 1. Rekomendovana. kafedroy fiziologii znivotnykh Moskovskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta im. M.V.Jomonosova, (NUCLEIC ACIDS) (NERVES) IMUSCLES) S "! L ' 11"lli 1v A ,NI . A. ,"I*nLeal as~ecls of acute poisonings with ld-,C~10rooe-thane. Trudr I I - - . GIGT nG.9:93-87 162. (IMI:,,A 117:9) T~' nr~t-2e-ms cf r-r,-enpous ~Ystemso ?--~-t Zhu-, L,r, :r -46 nn.9z!~~oE,-, (j%j T '6 -RA imeni j -,- :--I- ~qf4uv ." ti ."-G. nNi Pt~ase e,vjiLibrir, In h.*- z3yeti.,w,, isvbutyraldehyde - -46f;buttyl sil-:!3hcj~ - ,-afer mid Isevaleraldehyde - isobutyl alcohol - I",khuG. 38 rv.:.6~,12162-1267 ~- 165. (MIRA 18:10) i, Tenlngrai4.4~-y gosudarqt.vannyy universLet imer., -I.A,ZbdanC)va. L 340h4-66 M (I)IEWr (m)ITIEW(t) /ErI IJP(c) JD/GG/GD ~CC 1~ ~Itl AT6013560 W SOURCE CODEt UR/0000/65/000/000/0309/0314 AUTHOR: Pichuein. 1,_ G, ; Smirnova, N. A. Tpirov. Yu. H. ; Ysps Ikov, D. A. 1/. 2.' ORG : L-epingr Elec-frotechnical Institute im.,Ullyanov,(Teningradskly elektrotekhni- cheskiy institut) 1-5;1 / rITLE: The effect of certain factors on growth and formation of SiC crystals - 7)7 -V I SOURCE: AN UkrSSR. Institut problem materialovedeniya. Vysokotemperaturnyye neorga- micheekiyesoyedinenLys, (High temperature inorganic compounds). Kiev, Naukova dumka, 1965, 309-314 rOPIC TAGS: silicon carbide, single crystal growth, ftat; crystal growing kBSTRACT: The growing process of SiC crystals was studied in the 23500-25000-C range in in argon atmosphere. Before sublimation, the SiC raw material was degassed at 2000C and 1-10-5 mm Hg. The crystal growing duration was 6-12 hours. -Best quality SiC crys-, tals were obtained using a two-diaphragm crucible. The distance between diaphragms -ould be varied from 0.5 to 6 mm. It was found tl-nt the optimum conditions for growing Agh quality, homogeneous SiC crystals 6-8 mm in diameter (with an average defect den- sity 2f 200 cm-2 and with a large proportion of crystals with defect density less than 30 ca 2) are: an axial and radial temperature variation In the crucible maximum '500C, testing from 20000C to the desired process temperaturie at a rate not lower than 200/ K(KOSH, G.D.; SMMOVA, N.A. ApplyV-hg--TqT`method of torsion pendulum in investigating balance arms of precision balances. Trudy VNIIN n0-19:21-30 152. (Balance) (MIRA 11:6) ~)MilaluvK. Z,- &. Fundamentals of Mechanics and Mechanics of Systems DisEertation: !An Investigation of Conditions for Obtaining the Maximum SenEiti-rity of an Eoual-Arm Fulcrum Scale." Cand Tech Sci, All-Union Sci Pes Inst of Metrology, Lening-rad, 1953- (RPferativnyy Zhurnal -- Mekhanilm Moscow, Mar 54) SO: SUM 213, 20 Sep 1954 SMIRNOVA, N.A. w, _-" -4, . ~i~ Sensitivity of knife-edge balances. Trudy VNIIK no.27:28-35 155. (Balance-Testing) (mm lit6) T) 240); 50); 6(2) PMASE I BOOK WtOITATION SOV/2215 Vaesoyuznyy nauchno-iasledovatel'SkiY Inatizut metrologil Iment D.I. Mondeleyeva Rarerazy nauchno-inaledova-el I 3kikn rabot; abornik No. 2 (Scientific Research Abstracts; Collection of Articles, Nr 2) Moscow, Standartgiz, 1958. 139 p. 1,000 copies printed. Additional Sponsoring Agencyi USSR. Komite; standartov, mar I i=eritel-nykh priborov. Ed.i S. V. Reahetina; Tech. Ed.: M. A. Kondratlyeva. PURYOSEg These reports are Intended for scientists, researchers, and engineers engagecl In developing standards, measures, and gages for the various Industries. COVERAGE: The volume contains 128 reports on standards of measure- ment and control. The reports were prepared by scientists of institutes of the Koml-et. standar-ov, mer I I=eritellnykn priborov pri Sovete Ministrov SSSR (Commission on Standards, Mea3ur:a,,and Measuring Instruments under the USSR Council or XI.13t . The participating institutes are& VNIIM - Voesoruznyy nauchno-inaledovatellakly metrologil imeni D.I. Mendeleyeva (All-Union Scientir-c Research Institute or Met- rology imeni D.I..Xend.laWv) in Leningrad; Sverdlovsk branch of this institute; VNIIX - Vaesoyuznyy nauchno-IsBledovatel-akiy In5titut KomIteta standartov, mer I I=erItel'nykh pr1borov (All-Union Scientific Research Institute of the Commission on Standards, Meacure3o And Measuring Instruments), created from MOIKIP - Moskovskly gasudarstvennyy Institut mar I L=erltel-nykh priborov (Moscow State Institute of Measured and Measuring Instruments) October 1, '955j VNIIFTHI - Vaeooyuznyy nauchno-13sledavatel'skiy Inatitut r1rIko-tekhnI- cheakikh I radiotakhnlcheakikh I=erenly (All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Pnyalcotechnical and Radio-enginearlng Measurements) In Moscow; KhGIMIP - Knarlkovskly gosudaratvennyy Institut mar I i=erIteI'nykh priborov (Khar-kov State Institute or Measures and Measuring Ins truzenta); and NGIMIP - Novosi- birskly gosudarstvenyy inatitut mar I lxmeritnl-nykh priborov (Novosibirsk State Inatitute of Measures and Measuring Instru- No personalities are mentioned. There are no references, Checking Optical Dividing Herids 19 Kass and Den3l Measurements (Rudo, N.M., Editorp Candidate or ty ) Technical So enrea 3 I-ove (VNIIX). Studying Condit.4ona for Securing Maxim,= P .n=Vhg,~.. of Equal-am Prismatic Balances 21 MOTO-VA.1,H, (VNIIM). Experimental Study of Reasons ror Varia- fions in the Readings or Analytical Balances 22 Kokosh. 0 D (VNIIM) Designing Model Balances of' the PIrst 'CTANFilit-a Range Qf*2g and Value of Decisions or o.oo2 mg 23 ftvAQ._&M.(V"IIM). Now vNilm Balance for Checking Standards or weight 23 ,Tyqk~ko,t#,._n.I_. (VNIIM). Developing methods and Means or Checking Balances With a Load Range of 2 ma or Loan 25 _ChInn.rvv,_A.I_, and G.A. Cheri~ilqqv_ V.V. Card 6/27 SOV/'28-58-6-23/34 AUTHOR: Smirnova, N.A., Candidate of Technical Sciences TITLE: The Principal Metrolo,ical Characteristics of Equal-Armed Balances Mnovnyye metrologicheskiye kharak-teristiki ravnoplechikh vesov) PERIODICAL: Standartizats-iya, 1958, Nr 6, pp 76-79 (USSR) .ABSTRACT: The institutes of the Komitet standartov, mer i izmeritellnykh priborov (Committee of Stand- ards, Measures and Measuring Devices) are deve- loping a unified system of metrological require- ments for weight measuring devices. The different requirements in Prance, Germany, and the USSR are compared here. At the present time, preci- sion balances are constructed for frequent measure- ments. Figures 1-4 show the distribution of errors during a number of measurements. The curves de- monstrate the chance distribution of errors. The determination of -the precision of the balances Card 1/2 by taking the variations of the readings does not C) 'iOV/28-58-6-23/34 The Principal Metrological Characteristi-cs of E(jual-Armed Balances lead to exact results. The squared error of the balances is the most reliable characteristic of the precision. It is also recommended to estab- lish a terminology for equal-armed balances. There are 4 graphs, 1 table and 6 references, 2 of which are Soviet, 2 German, 1 French and 1 English. ASSOCIATION: VNIIM imeni Mendeleyeva (VNIINT imerli Mendeleyev) Card 2/2 SMIRNOVA, N.A. New copies of the MaESO-u-nit atanUrd. Izm.tekh. no.4: 13-14 Ap l6o. (MIRL 13:8) (Weights and measures-Standarda) SMIqNOVA, I Theory of an automatic bea-a balance with an electric weight comoensator. Izm.tekh. no.10:22-26 0 160. (MIRA 13:10) Palance) (Electric controllers) SMIRNOVA, N.A.; RIJDO, N.M. Reorganization of the use of standard units of mass. Izm.tekh. no.6:10-13 Je 161. (MrRA 14:5) (Standards of mass) SkUP(NOVA, N.A. Causes of the instability of measurement characteristics of an analytical balance. lzm.tekh. no.2:12-14 F 162. ( WRA 15:2) (Balance) s/569/62/ooo/o62/010/011 E194/E136 AUTHOR: Smir,)Ova, N.A. TITLE: Investigati-on of I)ending of the beam in balances SOURCE: USSR. Komitet standartov, mer i izrrieritel'nykh priborov. Trudy institutov 1~omitcta. no. 62~122). moscow, 1962. Issledovanlya v oblasti izmereniy vyazkosti, plotnosti i massy. 66-75. TLXT: if a balance beam bends under a load, the knife edges and the centre of gravity of the beam are lowered and its arm is shortened. Both these effects reduce the sensitivity of the balance. y1oreover, bending of the beam makes the balance reading unstable. Accordingly, balance beams are made as rigid as possible, but because of their complicated shape'it is often difficult to calculate the rigidity and, therefore, it is desirable to have a method of determining it experimentally. A simple formula is given for the sensitivity of the balance and it is shown theoretilcally how this is affected by bending of the beam. It is also shown that the balance sensitivity alters in proportion to the square of the total load if the beam is flexing. Thus, if the Card 1/2 SMIRNOVA, N. A. Evaluation of errors occurring in comparing copy-standards with the original standard of mass unit of the U.S.S.R. and some changes in using them. Traft inst. Kam. stand. mer i izm. prib. no.57:91-100 162. (MIRA 15:10) 1. Vsesoyuznyy riauchno-issledovatellskiy institut metrologii im. D. I. Mendeleyeva. (Standards of mass) SMIRNOVA, N.A.; MOSKVIN, N.Ye. Unified conventional dezOity of materials used for weights. Izm.tekh. no.2:25-28 F 163. (MIRA 16:2) (Weights and measures--Standards) KAYDANOVSHlY, N.L.; SIMIRNOVA, N.A. Limitation of the i-esolving power of r~~dio teleacopes and radio interferometers due to the conditions of radio wave p-nagation in outer space and in th, ea-rth's atmosphere. Radiotekh. i elektron. 1C no.9:1574-1582 S 165. (NIIRA 18:9) L 4930-66 FBDA-4T (1': GS/MIAIS-2 ACC NR: AT5024311 SOURCE CODE: UR/0000/65/000/006/6 9 ~3b- 12 /01 AUTHORS: -.,S--mirngva, N, Kaydanovskiy, N. L ORG:~~All-Union Conference Dedicated to the Problem of Extraterrestrial Civiliza-_~ tion fVsesoyuznoye soveshchanlye, posvyashchennoye-pt~-obTe-m6-vne-zemun-lyvlffi----,----- Ts'ivilizatsiy) Main Astronomical Observatory, AN SSSR, 11tako (Glavnaya astronomicheskaya observatoriya, AN SSSR) TITLE: The effect of conditions of-radio wave scatter in the cosmic medium and. in the earth's atmosphere on the apparent angular dimensions of the source SOURCE: Vsesoyuznoye soveshchaniye, poevyashchennoye problems vnezemrqkh tsivilizatsiy. lst, Byurakan, 1964. Vnezemnyye tsivilizatsii (Extraterrestrial civilizations); trudy soveshchaniya. Yerevan, Izd-vo, AN ArmSSR, 1965, 129-135 TOPIC TAGS: astronometry, galactic radiation, radio astronomy, cosmic radio source ABSTRACT: The angular dimensions of a radio source in Duter space are discusee'd'-;, i as a criterion of the artificiality-of the transmission source. An effort is made to develop the joint scattering effect of the cosmic medium and the earth's Ca -.rd- L 493o-66 ACC NR: AT5021+311 2 wavelength A71 is the mean square value of the fluctuation of the refrac-:- tion index and Using data on the nonuniformity of the troposphere, ionosphere, interplanetary and interstellar media, and the metagalaV, the authors solve and tabulate the phase deviation. It is noted that the most significant phase disturbance'is due to the cosmic medium. The formula for evaluating a ray's mean square deviation from the undisturbed direction is given by %S ~-n 2. -i=4r Additional discussion is devoted to analyzing frequency distortion. The authors cite the need for experimental data on the nonunifoimity of tho'cosmic medium. M The useful advice and comments of Yu. H. Pariyskiy are gratefully acknowledged* Orig. art. has: 2 equations, 2 tables, and 1 figure. SUB CODE: AA/ SUBM DATE: 26May65/ ORIG REF: 008/ OTH REF.- 004 Card 313 7- 77 ALEIKSEYEV, Ivan Aleksandrovich; ~VIIRNOVA, FREGER, D.F., red. izd- va; GVIRTS, V~L., tekbn. red-.- _* (Safety measures in operating mechanized manual tools] Tekhnika bezo- pasnosti pri rabotakh s mekhanizirovannymi ruchnymi instrumentami. Pod obshchei red. N.A.Smirnova. Leningrad, Leningradskii Dom nauchno- tekhn. propagandy. 1960. 29 p. (Bibliotechka stroitelia po tekhnike bezopasnosti, no.10) (MIRA 14,.10) (Power tools-Safety measures) -7- SMIRNOVA, N.A. Province conference of therapeutists in Marmnalr. Zdrav. Ros. Feder. 4 no.3.-47 Mr 160. (MMA 13:5) (mmwsK PRoviNcs-THnammrs) T-)r D-7ree of Doctor of Technical -- I c - c i d _i s s C, I c-s I p t c c o L o x Cjjlor4 e." '.OS 0. pp; ca-licn fro~~, o-lefinS mid vinyl a c VI C L- C, 11"!-C-1 1--InE: and C-ccupa ~u i cria I Diseases AcaCllemy c-f .-%edical (Inst of' Sciences U S,R 4W copi~-s: price not reiven; (KL, 22-60, 14':-) Sid,--NUVA, 11. A. , Bone changes in chronic intoxication with olefins and vinyl chloride. Vest. rent. i rad. 36 no.5.-63-66 S-0 161. (14IRA 15:1) 1. Iz klinicheskogo filiala (dir. - G.F.Yelizarov') GorIkovskogo nauchno-issledovatellskogo instituta gigi eny truda i profzabolevaniy (dir. - O.M.G (BOMES-DISEAS1,S) (OUFINS-TOXICOLOG--r) (ZTII=NE-TOXICOLOGY) SMIRNOVA, N.A.; POPKOVA, R.F. Interaction of cerebral and abdominal ganglia of the edible snail Helix pomatia in reflex regulation of cardiac activity. Nauch. dokl.vys.shkoly; biol.nauki no-4:59-63 t62. (MIRA 15:10) 1. Rekomendovana kafedroy fiziologii zhivotnykh Moskovskogo 0 gosudarstvennogo universiteta im. Lomonosova. (MERVOUS SYSTEI"bULLUSKS) (HEART) SMIRNOVA, N.A. Une of diprophen in the treatment of toxic angioneuroses. Gig. truds:i prof. zab. 4 no.1:48-49 Ja 160. (MIRA 15:3) (ANGIOSPASM) (DIPROPHEN) (ACETIC ACID) KHARCHENKO, Petr Nikolayevich, inzh.; SMIRNOVA, N.A., prof., red.; PANIVAN, P.S., red.izd-va; BELOGUROVA, I.A., tekhn. red. [Accident prevention in the assembly, use, and disassembly of scaffolds and trestlealTakhnika bezopasnosti pri montazhe, eks- pluatatsii i demontazhe lesov i podmostei. Pod obshchei red. N.A.Smirnova. Leningrad, Leningr. dom, 1962. 23 p. (Bibliotachka stroitelia po tekhnike bezopasnosti, no.12) (MIRA 16:2) (Scaffolding--Safety measures) MORSHCHIKHIN, Vasiliy Nikolayevich; RYNIN, Nikolay LIvovich; PJLLA49,~.", prof., red.; FAPIYEV, V.R., red.izd-va; `EELWURbU_,I.A., tekhn. red. [Safety engineering in-working with radioactive isotopes and electronic Instruments used in testing building materialsTand structures] Tekhnika bezopasnosti pri rabote s radioaktivny3ii izotopemi i elektronnymi priborami, is- polIzuemymi pri ispytanii.stroitellnykh materialov i kon- struktsii. Leningra, Leningr. dom nauchno-tekhn.propagandy, 1962. 32 p. (Bibliotechka stroitelia po takhnike bezopas- nosti, no.11) (MIRA 16:6) (Radioisotopes--Safety measures) (Electronic instruments--Safety measures) (Building materials--Testing) 3HNO',,Ii S.E.; SMIHNOVA, N.A. Variation in SH-group concentration in actomyosin, actin and urlosin solutions. Biofizika 9 no.4:532-53/+ 164. (MIRA 180) 1. Fizzicheskiy fakulftet Moskovskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta imeni Lomonosova i Institut biologicheakoy fizlki AN SSSR, Moskva., KOLESNIK, A.A., prof.; GRYUNER, V.S.., prof.; EAKZEVICH, D.D., dots.; ZABOLOTSKIY, M.S., dots.; OTIEVA, O.K., dots.; �~P~OVA, N.A.,.,dots.; ;34OLISKIY, N.T., kand. tekhn. nauk, prepod.; kYRIMA, N.S.p red. [Study of food products] Tovarovedeniye prodovollstven- rjykh tovarov. (By] A.A.Kolesnik i dr. Moskvap Ekonomika, 1965. 607 p. (MIRA 18:7) 1. Moskovskiy inatitut narodnogo khozyaystva im. G.V. Plekhanova (for all except Ayriyeva). L) ";i0h"i R R S B rik u t oa I I ti k h- r Pv ij .4 A, !-.i -.n K',i L s ova A -NB IL"-': of t.,,r- r;-'dtonctivat4or, method ir, ER 1 C' DCA L Refe:--ti,.nyy zi-.iurvil ,F h t zi i ~-. a 6 a 25K66 (:;b. "H-ilucal~t izotcry ',,adtirn z" ""Ch Yl -k h~' Zdn t9 267 kh-w,. 35217 v I " M., Goatopt( 1 61, rreyceJureo have, be,~n :~nr, lk~nttln in practi.. ~hi, ac't~""Lticll 'qnai-~sln of Cu, St. Zn. 1n, Gj, T,t, INa. :.I, Cr, A,--, n-. La, n-. Cerman-.uT., Br, Cc, Se. and other i4 si~lico,-te, silicon---,urbid-, quart-,, alurninur, ain-minumm oxide, deicniz-1 And repeatedly '11-3tlll~~d nc'ids, Dad ct-er oubutanceo T o, *,-e -mothol is the ureliml.-lary Faxima spec-rcm-~trlc &-.tidy of th- r t cr.~ The ti3chnclogL~ ~osi tion of matgrials of a Fiven puri ty. I '- 'CludQo a method for decompoging the specimen; Rveporating the 4sotcv-a D~ the banic; material from total impurities; eliminating Card 1/2 .1,32 U!!., ul Oie radiriactivation r I winch intt~.vfurf, wi th tij,~ c rn-f~Q-hw~mica) -i~paration of iopun t,,E7 ~ntc sample,;. Abstracter?r: nc'e: Compl,~'.q AR6017175 SOURCE CODE: UR/0058/65/000/012/A017/A017 7 AUTHOR: Smirnova, N. A. ORG: none TITLE: Developments in research on the measurement of mass V\M SOURCE: Ref. zh. Fizika, Abs. 12AI84 REF SOURCE: Tr. in-tov Gos. kom-ta standartov, mer i izmerit. priborov SSSR, vyp. 76(136), 1965, 252-257 TOPIC TAGS: measuremert, measurement method, standard unit, mass measure- ment 7 , 15~,9,00AeO ABSTRACT: A report on studies conducted at the VNIIM [All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Metrology] has been made. It supplies some information on the development and c-omparisoffi of standard units or mass in operating and standard measures, as well as the natural unit of mass, based on laws connecting mass with CQ,d l/ 2 L 44816-66 ACC NR: AR6017175 other values and constants. The report points out the necessity of working out new methods for measuring a very small mass, such as hundredths and thousandths of milligrams, and a very large mass, such as tens of tons. Yu. Vaysberg. (Translation of abstract] [NT] SUB CO DE: /-~, Zal 212 FINOSHIN., A. Tq.; SMIRNOVA, N.B. Experiment in the imitation of valuable wood species. Der.prom. 10 no.3:20 Mr 161. k- (MMA 2-4:5) (Wood) (Graining) KOKOSHKO9 Z.Yu.; CHUPAKHIN, O.N.; SMIRNOVA, N.B.; KODOLOV, V.I.; PUSHKkREVAI Z.V. Quinoline bases of coal tar as a source of raw materials for the production of monomers. Report No.l: Carrying out the reaction of condensation of quinaldine with formaldehyde directly in a narrow fraction of quinoline bases. Plast.massy no.2:51-54 '62. (MIRA 15-2) (Quinaldine) (Formaldehyde) L 52605~#65_ Mv Ap-so1069 . -:.:,ASSWIATION: Ural' bki~:~ ut p6liteklmicheakiy,insf it. Kirovi,:lUt tec hnic Inatitutq) . IM MIM: ZuXpr64 ENCL: 00 U B OGO 0 . -, 99 o - I. 7 _ . . ~~ _i NO IMF SOV., 000 '005, JF C MAGHKOVA, R.F.i. SMIRNOVA, N.B. Copy the work practices of the t, ster operator. Khim. volok. no.2s65 165. (MIRA 18s6l' 1. Klinskly kombinat. MIKHAYLOVA, Z.P.-, SIIIIRNOVA~ N.B, Simplified method of bobbin feeding in doffing. Khim. volok. no.3:67- 68 165. (MIRA 18:7) 1. Klinskiy kombinat iskusstvennogo i sinteticheskogo volokna. SNIRNOVA N.D. I - We shall give our country high-quality canned food. Kons.i ov.prom. 17 nc.12:6 D 162. (MIM 15:12) 1. Gantiadskiy konservnyy zavod. (Gantiadi-Canning industry) GWETSKIYp A.A.;.- -SMITIOVA, N.D. Method of stimulating the otudents' participation in cheraiatry clwvose Uch.sape!IGPI no,22504-41 164o (HIRA 1881,21) OZEUiTSKOVSKAYA, N.G.; Chemical analysis of the Psekups River and -ponds in Krasnodar Territory in connection with fertilization. Trudy Zool.inst. 26:96-128 '59. (MIRA 13:5) (Psokups Valley--Fish culture) OZERETSKOVSKAYA, N.G.; SKIRNOVA, N.F. Hydroohemical study of the Oka Fiver from the swi-rce t!-. the estimt-y carried out in the suxmner of 1959. Trudy Zool. inst. 3212,1-51 '0'4. (HIM 17:11) SMIRIIOVA , N. F. Scarlatina-Biblio.mmphy Diphtheria and scarlet fever; selected annotated bibliography of Russian literature for 1946-1951, Fel'd i akush., No. 6, 1952. 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, October 195t2 Uncl. 70, I-br., Thara---uttic Clini-cal Order Lemin ".osp. --i-. S. _P - Bot'l-in, -cl3'483-CiP,-- A: '.'br., Sect. H_nm 1:orpholoz:r, 4. 1-Union Inst. I-led., -Clg.LI8-; 'Ibr., Lab. ~ vc -oUs-olorr D. T. L-.vrt~ntlyev, Inst. _',or~ml & '-atliolc--ca- MoruholoCy ut Der,t. E_O~Iico_:Biol. "ci., ~7.1-1. ~-ci., _cl?49_. "_Tnaz~nation of the Glomus Carotlicum, MMI .:-Iinus C--roticus in,ll Klin. 205, _70- 3, 1948; I'Inn~_rvaltlion o--:' 'Ll.e -Zfl--~-O~-Cmdc Z'orp of Vascul.?s and "'rlonau5 in 7*7,,~_itorda CaSes,:' `Iera::~. Airl.`.iv., 21, EXCERPTA MICA Sec. 7 Vol. 9/12 Dec- 55 2755. SMIRNOVA N.G. and SAFAROVA F.U. *The cbange of the opsonic- _PF_a-g--O_c`y-F1-c1ndex under the influence of a combined treat- ment of rheumatic children in Kislowodsk (Russian text) PEDIATRIJA 1954, 5(89-90) Examinations in 87 rheumatic children, 76 of whom received ia combined treatment including 'narsan' baths (Kislowodsk spa. abstr.), electrotherapy, climaticthera- j py, dietetic and gymnastic treatment, led the authors to the conclusion that the j opsonic-phagocytic Index is a suitable means for examining t6e improvement of the immunological condition, the function of the nervous system. letc. ( .. Pre ner,_.Z.,LQbeek-1TV-71 - SOV/137-58-10-21839 Translation fror~:-.: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 10, p 196(USSR) AUTHOR: Smirnova-bL-G-.. TITLE: Effect of Vitamin B on the Elimination of Mercury During Chronic Exposure ot an Organism to Low Concentrations of Metallic Mercury Vapors (Vlivanive vitamina 131 na elimina- tsiyu rtuti pri khronicheskom vozdeystvii na organizm malykh kontsentratsiy parov metallicheskoy rtuti) PERIODICAL: V sb. : Materialy po vopr, gigiyeny truda i kliniki prof. bolezney, Gor'kiy, 1957, pp 109-117 ABSTRACT: The investigation carried out on experimental animals (EA) showed: 1. Small doses of vitamin B, (5 mg per dcse), intre- duced orally as prophylaxis against a background of a chronical poisoning of EA with metallic mercury vapors, and massive doses of vitamin B, (100 mg per do5e)-,-- applied during the first two weeks after the cessation of inhalation of Hg poison doses contribute to the decrease of the Hg content in blood, bile, urine, and excreta of the EA. 2. The systematic inti-oduction of small doses of vitamin B, orally in the process of chronic Card I/Z inhalation of Hg poison doses delayed the date of -ntoxication SOV/1 37-58- 10-21839 Effect of Vitamin B, on the Elimination of Mercury (cont. ) and softened considerably its manifestation. The favorable effect from the application of massive doses of vitamin B Iafter the end of an Hg-poisoning period manifested itself to a smaller degree and sometimes disappeared completely after the cessation of the intake of vitamin BIby the organism. 3. Against the background of regular introduction into the organism of small doses of vitamin B (0. 03 mg/kg of weight) during the course of inhalation of Hg poison doses tO Hg content in the liver of EA increased. Greater con- centrations of Hg were discovered in the kidneys of EA that had not received vitamin B Ithan in those that had received the vitamin. Y e. L. 1. Mercury vapor--Toxic effects 2. Mercury po-isoning--Therapy 3. Vitarnin B --Therapeutic effects Card 2/?_ WEKIASOV, V.I.; KNYAaVA, O.M.; SIUTINOVA, N.G. Germination of the pollen introduced wc(>dy plants. no.52:76..79 164. (MA 17.-4) 1. Glavnyy botanicheskiy sad AN SSSR. !,'EKRASOV, V.I.; SMIRNOVA, N.G. Seed productivity- and quality of seeds of some introduced woody plants and shrubs. no. 48:11-17 163. (MIRA 17-5) 1. Glavnyy botanicheskiy sad AN SSSR. 3/065/601000/011/003/009 z 0/ 1. , I '73 1, 1 - AUTHORS, X. 1. T..N ~ . Ab,..., t~h, S. 3h L~ D.O., SIU~L,hln Y-V. ..d P TITLzi Preparation or Low Pour Point 0&4tillatn Oils of Typ-; MK-S(.-%-8)Fr,, Tly-y D:,-~,, I:r,d"-, PEUXODMALi %hii a I t.i, in.I.Xij. t J. .... 1. 1160, N-11, 1, TRXT~ A mat1h'.d1h.. be., d-I.p-d C-A, obt,ini-~ h\lNgh 1-lity I.. D. o I a ud and C- D., ainto' .8 ~,.S o r,"r 11, btmD--:i1,s7,rud(- h-1 .,ad r r P. r r I.. . d ct,~kt h~, .112 V, 1:2on'st"bibilty."t Th~npreme~L h.g t 7-5 't b 203 "-2. 300, 3 C r. P. ti. I Y. rx- w th phmnol. -d 'tr 'Ixture P-:nt'."":.b' 'h""rig to -b5'C .,th . v of -,-~ -i c, further f- the 0. B31 h p t I fin 't, 5.-C, cant-nt 0.377%. rt is. I at, 'T 65~7-33 (C.05T tier IC on I, p'"' int or -53'c, Even higher qualitLIC3 ined by r.rtl,-r -1- i1h h tto,50ot 6, - t h '210 ,,2, t r.. t,%k h I 'C or I., to 6.3 t-tistox- it 50 an , .r "~h..~ ~ _, ;, lor -8 d ranipfor-r 1r. -ith lo I slope C,~. -20 t. *10 . - Jt ,I ty dit I. .1 1,21 1-1 "ri. 81 3( O$TI T'OC.T 9 - 5G q8 7,15, . IF 6 :P.":~"rt'L1.aaI1*hi,h -dal,- t.bLl1tr t', b",.-d, in, no, . !*, - -C. Y 0 1 " Ol, Por I for o-dation at 1,0 ST)I,:r. are 2 table.. 'N' 38635 J/08 1 /62/000/009/0541/075 A ~,/ CA) 614,4 cc - D. 0. -iiiirnova, Prodiictio:-i of heavy cylinder oils from sulfurous crude C 1 71 n, zriurnal. ric. ~11, 1~6~, 518 - ;)10, (:;ovosti neft. i [,,,nz. tel~thr-~. ef tepc-rerabo",a no. 6, 1961, a The pOS S4 '.)i I i ty of abtainin~- cylinder oils fro,-,l sulfurous petraleums" 4 ~-stzb'is*nc~'. ,c,3n.-dI4nr- to laboratory data, cylinder-bil of type -4 I ,V4-sc~,Sine) C.,:r, 'be obt;--ined either by blending the reoiCaal extract -.-, i th e fo t of the mixture, or by blonding the residual U. t: I ~~, - i_ - dist.-illate, or else by de!.-;axinE., the '.deasphaltization---~ rodu c i; --Ii.ndez- oil,- of -,.yze 38 (cylinder oil-06) and of ty e 522 (va-)or~), r~~ o-,~ t,ai -.,10 dc un,;, c -I Ezz a ti or, o --r the deasphaltization product with subse-,,uel6t 0 of t1ae rosi-~ue lef tat te!,.,.)eratures of +5 and - 14 C, res-,--)ectivc-I Y. -ez~in,~ t:,e c,!J-1inder oi-Is from, sulfurous petrolew.;s on a four- z. h c re h~s that the,, have better lubric~iting properties 'Han ---r oi-ls lo---sul'ur Petroleums. lAbstracter's note. CaTplete tz-2islaticn. lard 1/1 -. j; I . . . KRIJTOV, N.V., inzhener; SKMNOYA, N.I., inzhener. I am"Oft)"i Device for controlling the solder of electric motor collectors. Iner- getik 5 no.4:21-22 Ap f57. (KLRA 10:6) (Electric motors) with rugulp.'ed nozzle orifice. Energe-ti- GULYAYEV, B.B.; ALEKSEYEV, P.Ye.; KONONOV, D.R.; STEPANOV, N.M.; Prinimali uchastiye: SHAPRANOV, I.A.; GARKUSHA, P.I.; KOVALENKO, P.Ye.; SHUVALOVA, N.A.;-SYJRNOVA,.NI._ High strength foundry. steel with good weldability. Lit.proizv. no.2:1-4 G 162. (MIRA 15:2) (Steel castings--Welding) PAVLOTSKAYA, Ye.V.; GRUSHINA, A.G.; SMIRNOVA, N.I, Clinical aspects of spongioblastomas. Zhur.nevr.i psikh. 61 no.10z IJ4,93-1496 161. (YJRA 15:11) 1. Kafedra nervnykh bolezney (ispolnyayushchiy obyazannosti zave- duy-ushchego - dotsent S.A.Mellnikov) I Moskovskogo ordena Lenina meditsinskogo instituta imeni I.M.Sechenova. (ASTROCYTES-TUMDRS) DANISHEVSKIY, S.K.; IPATOVA, S.I.; PAVLOVA, Ye.I.; ~MIRNOVA, N.I. --~- zw 1 - Thermocouples from alloys of tungsten with rhenium for measuring temperatures up to 25000C. Zav. lab. 29 no.9: 1139-1141 163. (MIRA 17:1) 1. TSentrallnaya laboratoriya avtomatiki i Moskovskiy elektrolampovyy zavod. T VA, t. -I . I - -L fr jit.ilization in the Pi~ -nOs'sl ltT.arval Pa,tel'iWhavn and. 1t_ i, pn cand Tlet. ~c nf P.Meric IThe ra '', .,,n,-. - (pzr,T)-, oi, llo 5j, mar 551) 195". rina-v Of scientific and Ter-linical c- 0 qui, To. 6-70, 2" ve 55--sul-, - 1 (15) her FdllcatJcna pissertations Defended at USSR lli~'- j: 20, 1958, 92677. -icLe-tur- - Scicntific List. fo-,.. '~l Ti ti c The of ZC0 Foulbrood DiSez5o to .--ntibiotl --.3 - Ori~~ Pub: !>,rul . I Lau en-- -, ---, -t 01, --f 01'. i T ill -tu C"' c 1, v Od Stv 1957, ll.Tr- 2, 30-32. .'Istract. -. Inib,;ratory studies have co-Lablishcd that t'ic CIEMts viiiel, causc -.iicl Eouroycw- fcnil:orood 1,_1vc v,-,,r' Gus docrocs cf zonsitivity to !,,Cnicillil-n, strqp- tc,,;:.yci--i, b-ic.-ilyci:~ ((.;.,I,--~rtctrncyclino) anrl levonycetin In troatinc airo-.3cm-i frjl:,Ibroca t;hc ~~.Catc;st Offecti,.-Olluss was obtaninca -by al,'Illyirlc~, Card 1/2 102 ou t Va. it !~t r0-', SMIREOVA, N.I., ,-~.acteriophage and bee diseases. Priroda 50 no.8:109-110 Ag 161. (MDU 14: 7) 1. Nauchno-issledovateliskiy institut pchelovodstva (Rybnoye, 1(yamnskaya obl.) (Bacteriophage) (Does-D-Iseasoo and Pests) SMIIUIOVA, N.I. IV'.,, -- Natural reproduction by 154 (FlantB-Reproductioni seeds in a linden-oak forest. Uch.zap.Len. WaA 9:6) (Trees) SMIRMOVA, N.I. Comparison of natural reproduction of oak by seeds and sprouts in a forest-steppe deciduous forest. no.167:151-173 154. (Plants--Reproduction) (Oak) Off-RA 9:6) --P ,I I . "The Re,~;toration of* ',,Ioocl Varieties in Forest-Steppe Grows." Cand Biol Sci, Lenin- t-rad Order of Lenin S)Late U jmcni A. A. Zhdanov, Leningrad, 1955. (FL, flo 18, Apr 55) SO: Sum. No. 704, 2 Mov 55 - Survey of Scientific and Technical Dissertations Defended at USSR Higher Educational Institutions (16). I -, - 11. ; -)?.'T fL~JOV A. SLESIUCEVIL,,11, V.%%, ., ~' 1- 'L. Inzil. Kirecl.n,vs of the Barzas da-zosit'. Tr4dy instu. oF_,.neup. no.35:3-25 1 '03. (".!i?A 17:12) ALEKSEYEV, P.Ye.; SMIRNOVA, N.I. Efficient conditions of heat, treating case-har(iened l8KhNVA steel parts. Metalloved. i term. obr. met. no. 6:47 Je 164. (MIRA 17:7) AKIMOV:, V,..S,; ABRAMOVfCH, S.Sh.; SMIRNOVA, NJ~ Effuct of the intennity of' the mixing of cooled rafffnatAO solutiong an their dewaxing. Trudy BashN11 UP no.7tr3-55 164. (MIRA 17:9) wito; cemlllp q ag*-tr_l -IzFl--l_l:'*;z 5 ~f S~7 IT,Mi2hrl SMIRNOITA, ff. I. - __ -- --- --- ____ . Possibility of using the electroancephalograRbic method of investi- gation for evaluating the clinical condition of patients. Sad.-med. ekspert. 2 no.4.,44-48 0-1) 159. .. N, (MIRA 13-5) 1. TSentralluyy nauchno-issledovatellakly institut sudebuoy psikhiat- rii imeni Serbskogo (dir. - dotsent G.V. Morozov). (MCTRONCEPHAWGROff) (NEVAL ILIMSS) - SMMNOVA, N. 1. Study of the bioelectric activity of the cerebral cortex In psychogenic hallucinations and in the hallucinations of schizo- phrenic patients. Probl.sud.pslkh. 8:643-659 159. (MIRA 13: 6) (Hallucinations and illusions) (Blectrophyalology) (Cerebral cortex) (Schizophrenia) SMIRNOVA, N.I. Bioelectric changes in the cerebral cortex in protracted hysterical states. Sud.-med.ekspert. 3 no.4;41-46 O-D 160. (MIRA 13:11) 1. TSentrallnyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut sudebnoy psikhiatrii imeni prof. Serbskogo (dir. - dotsent G.V.Morozov). (ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY) (CEREBRAL CORTEX) (HYSTERIA) SMIRNOVA, N.I. (~Jbskva) Changes in the bioelectrical activity of the cerebral cortex in patients with psychogenic hallucinations. Probl.sud.psikh. 9:269-273 161. (MERA 15:2) (RALLUCIMI-IONS AIJD ILLUSIONS) (ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAM) SURNOVA, N. 1. Comparative anal:-sis of the bioelectric activity, of the brain in patients with tho hypochondriac syndrome in reactive states and schizophrenia. Prob.sud.psikli.10:.133-146161. (MIRA .16:7) (HYPOCHONDRIA) (SCHIZOPMENIA) (ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY) L 38432--66 m (m)/Fup(t)/grI lip(c) Jr,/JD NZ AP6019579 SOURCE CODE: UR/0115/66/000/004/V50/0054 ItA4 AUTHOR: Dankshavakiy, S. K.; I at?V8 so I.; Olenikov, P. P ;0.1 . IT. I so IQ; I j i q-ynikovi, L. D.; Favloya Ye. 3mirnova, Trakhtenborg, 7011~: n o n e 5 iTITLE: Thermocouplep made of molybdenu -rheniun'alloys (3 .,SOURCE: Izmeritellnaya tekbnika, no. 4- 19669 54% I .TOPIC TAGS: thermocouple, mo7ybdenum containing alloy, rhenium 1containing alloy, temperature measurement I ABSTRACT: From a study of the phase diagram of the system it is evident ithat, with a high rhenium content in the alloy, there is formed a large Igrain chemical compound (0