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PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/5159 Golenko, D.I., V.Ya. Kaplanskiy, V.P. Smi ryagin, and Yu.M. Shivalin Datchik sluchaynykh chisel na elektronnoy vychislitellnoy mashine "Strela" (Pickup of Random Numbers on the Electronic Computer "Strela") Moscow, Vychislitellnyy tsentr AN SSSRP 1960- 29 P- 750 copies printed. Sponsoring Agency: Vychislitellnyy tsentr AN SSSR Resp. Ed.: V.P. Smiryagin; Ed.: M.V. Yakovkin; Tech. Ed.: N.S. Popova. PURPOGE: The booklet is intended for technical personnel concerned with the development of computers. COVERAGE: The booklet describes a pickup of randon numbers constructed at the Vychislitellnyy tsentr AN SSSR (Computing Center AS USSR). The device is one of the first operating dummies and has already solved a number of specific problems. Its basic principles of design, problems of beach testing, and cer- tain mathematical criteria used for checking the dummy operation are briefly reviewed. 'No personalities are mentioned. There are 3 references, all Soviet Card 1/2 Pickup of Random Numbers (Cont.) SOV/5159 (including 1 translation). TABLE OF CONTENTS: From the Authors 3 1. Advantages and Effectiveness of Forming Random Numbers by Physical Simulation 4 2. Short Description of the Components and Units of a Pickup of Random Numbers. Block Diagram. Elementary Diagrams 8 3. Methods of Bench Testing a Pickup of Randon Numbers 17 4. Law of Probability Criteria for Checking a Pickup of Random Numbers. Solution of Problem by a Pickup of Random Numbers 21 Bibliography 29 AVAILABLE: Library of Congress (TK788q.S7S55) 4J?/dvm/gmp Card 2/2 5-18-61 ZAK, L.A.; NJICHENKO, T.I.; SMIRYAGIN, V.P.__ Short description of the machine BESM-II; basic parameters. Mat kut koz1 MTA 5 no-1/2;171-178 160. (EEAI 10:1) 1. Computing Ce*ter of the Academy of the U.S.S.R., Moscow. (Russia--Calculating machines) GOLENKO, D.I.; SMIRYAGIN, V.P. A source of random nwnbers which are equally distributed in integral[0,11. In Russian. Mat kut kozl MTA 5 no.3%241-253 160. (EE,U 10: 8) 1. Vychislitellnyi Tsentr Akademii nauk SSSR. (Humbers,Theory of) (Integrals) (Probabilities) (Electronic calculating machines) ZAK, L.A.; hTJLLSIIOV, N.P.; PETROV, I.A.; SMIRYAGB V -P., otv. red.; 011ULVA, I.A., red.; FOFOVA, N.S.,_~i~e~ [Punched card information input and output systems of the BESM-2 computer] Siytema ustroistv vvoda i vyvoda na perfo- kartakh vychislitel noi mashiny BEal-2. Moskva,, Vychislitell- nyi tsentr All SSSR, 1961. 26 p. (MIRA 15:2) (Electronic calculating machines-Input-output equipment) S~:: nt~ TORGOV, Yu.I.; SMIRYAGIN, V.P., otv. red.; ORLOVA, I.A., red.; 'POPOVAp . ., e . red. (Arithmetic unit based on dynamic elements] Arifmetiche- skoe ustroistvo na dinamicheskikh elementakh. Moskva, Vychisliteltnyi tsentr AN SSSR, 1963. 84 p. (MIRA 16:4) (Electronic digital computers) ACCESSION NRt AT3012139 S/2967/63/000/ODO/0212/0221 AUTHORS: Golenko, D. I.; Smiryagin, V. F,; Kaplanskiy, V. Ya.; Shivalin, rue Me' TITLE: Random number data unit for computer "Strela" SOURGEt Voprosy* vy%chislitellnoy matematiki i Vy*chislitellnoy tekhniki. Moscow,' 1963, 212-221 TOPIC TAGS: data unit, random number, noise generator, pulse shaper, germanium diode, statistical criterion, weighted sum ABSTRACT: The details of a data unit f or random numbers consisting, of 12 nois'e generators, 12 switches, 12 pulse shapers,, 12 triggers, and 12 output inverters been presented. In octal system, the random number cell is assigned the ~number 77579 Each electronic element is discussed in detail. The noise generator d consists of a germanium diode noise element and 3 cascade amplifiers. The pulse shapers are used with triggers to ensure a uniform position distribution for the 0 and 1 digits on the triggers. To evaluate the quality of the data unit and to establish some reliability criterion for its operationthe randomness of the numbers is studied by the series method, which uses a statistical criterion to Card 1/2_, ,kGCFZSIC)N N-Ri AT3012139 determine the degree of association entering the random succession in the formation of numbers. Next,, the uniformity of the random number distribution is determined by the Pearson criteria which uses X distribution as the weighted sum of the square of deviation between J)and -npi, or where ~, is the quantity of selected objec-ts in the i-th interval and np, - math- einatical exp'ectation of 1)1in a hypothf-Aical theoratical distribution. It is shcr,ni that the data uxiit satisfies both criteria arid materially reduces the time for solving problems in statistics. Orig. art. has: 10 equations and 6 figures. ASSOCIATIONt none SUBi,!TMD z 00 ukTr,' i'VA: 220ot63 ENCLz 00 CODE: CP '~10 RLF SOVi 002 0MR2 000 Card 2/2 i" BELYAKOV-BODIN, V.I.; KOLESNIKOV, M.A.; TORGOV, Yu.I.,- SHAFRANSKIY, V.V.; S1AIRYAGI1-J _V,,F-, otv. red.; ORLOVA, I.A., red. =~-j (Supervision of the operation of electronic computers] Kontroll raboty elektronnykh vychislitellnykh mashin. Moskva, 1965. 48. p. (MIRA 18:8) 1. Akademiya nauk SSSR. Vychislitellnyy tsentr. BASHKATOV, A.F., kand.tekhn.nauk; MSHIROV, R.M., inzh.; SMIRYAGIN, Te.S.., inzh. Ilew method for determining the tightness of piston pairs. Trakt. i sel'Ichozmash. 32 no.2:9-11 F 162. (MIRA 15:4) 1 Ba xskiy sellskokhozyaystvennyy institui (for Bashirov). 2: VogInskiy zavod toplivnoy apparatury (for Smiryagin). (Antomobiles-Fuel sy~atems) (Tractors-Fuel systems) S/081/62/000/006/035/117 B102/B101 AUTHORS: Shaykind, S. P., Solov1yeva, S. V., Smiry 9~xkki -a--A-. TITLE. Polarographic determination of uranium and the use of its catalytic effect, upon the nitrate-ion wave for these purposes, ,eElt'10DICAL: Pteferativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya, no. 6, 1962, 132, abstract 6DI04 (Tr. Leningr. tekhnol. in-ta im. Lensoveta, no- 559 1961, 172) TEXT: The possibility of a polarographic U determination on chloride, nitrate, and carbonate backgrounds is considered, and a method is proposed, to determine trace amounts of U. It is based on the catalytic action of 2'0, U upon the polarographic liave of NO one drop of E30 solution 3* 3 g/ml) and 2 drops of 0-5io' gelatin solution are added to the solution to be analyzed which is 0.1 N with respect to KC1 and-0.01 R with respect 6 to HC1 and contains)2.5-10- g1ml U. Then, N1 (or H~ is passed through, and' 2 the polarogram is taken. LAbstracter's note: Gomplete translation-3 !i Card 1/1 L 22o61-66 )-2/T ..-,T(t) IJP(c) 01 D-1J*j1Jr--1GG ACC RR: Aiyooo9642 SOURCE CODE: UR1018V66100810031068010683 i AUTHOR: -Golubeva, L. A.; Pchelinsh3ya, S. Shishelov, A. A. ORG: Leningrad Po echnic Institute im. M. I. Kalinin (Leningradskiy politeld nicheskiy institut) ~A TITIX: On the influence of x-irradiation on certain properties of lithium-flu single crystals SOURCE: Fizilm tverdogo tela: v. 8, no. 3, 1966, 68o-683 TOPIC TAGS: lithium fluoride, single c:r7stal, x irradiation, color center, cryst4 defect, dielectric loss, crystal lattice vacancy ABSTRACT: The purpose of the investigation was to establish a connection between the change in the volumes of the cells of LiF crystals and the occurrence in these I,, crystals of processes which change the dielectric losses. To this end, single crystals of LiF were exposed to x-rays at doses ranging from 2.1 to 86.7 micro- roentgen and their dielectric constant and capacitance measured with an ac bridge (60-20 kcs) . The results showed that the crystal lattice constant increased evea [7~ with the smallest x-ray dose, indicating that irradiation produces not only,the appearance of color centers,but also of lattice defects which increase the losses. Card 1/2 L 22(D6:L..66 ACC NR: AF6oo9642 The accompanying decrease in density (measured by a flotation method) can be showni to be due only to a change in the lattice volume. The increase in the lattice constant and the change in the loss angle due to the irradiation are briefly dis- cussed from the point of view of formation of vacancies as a result of ionizations The decrease in conductivity-leads to a decrease in the dielectric losses. The author6- thank Bs P. Konstdritiho-V_ -for help _W_ ith the _w'ork_'_'.' Or-i itit. has:-'- 3 figures) l.formula, and 1 Ta_F1_e._' SUB CODE: 2o/ Sum DATE: o5jui65/ ORIG REP: 002/ OM REF: 007 Card 2/2-06 SMISEK, Frantlisek. inz. Mleasurement of flow and volume of flown through substance. Automatizace 7 no. 4: Supplement: Kurs prakticke auto- rnatizace 120 AP 164. 1. Cliemoprojekt, Prague. SMISEK, Frantisek, inz. Pressure measurement. Automatizace 7 no. 3: Supplement: Kurs prakticke automatizace 111-112 I-Ir 164. 1. Chemoprojekt, Prague. ;: r t i I I '. ~.- e f, I ,I v- :, ',)ti t I. -, :J 't. 1 1: , ,7) 1~" 3 -R -1 - . I I K ,-,,' ~ I .,u, a il / ~ 1 ~) 53 , qll~:~:ollo,-J,~~%!~-;tj ~ , ) I - I I ) 4 1. S,,'): -T-bntlCLv- li st of Lust Lltropcan Accessions) Vr.)!. 2, Library of Conf,ress, Atq.~ust 1953, Uncl. J. Public water surrly and water conduits in Czechoslovakia during 1957. P. 42 5. VCD74! ll()Sr-C)D-'--RSTVT. (1-linisterstvo energetilcy a vodniho hospodarstvi a Verlecka technicka spoleenost pro vodni hospodarstvi) Praha, CzechoslovaIcia. No. 10, Oct. 1959. Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol. 9, No. 11, 11ovember 1959, Uncl. SMISEK, Josef, inz. I - - -- -- Development of rates for water supply and sewerage use. Vodni hosp n0.9:384-387 S 162. 1. Ministerstvo zemedelstvi, lesniho a vodniho hospodarstvi. ie i w d by Jos,--f- Sniaek. T--,dra io-,-3r, n-l-lo. c C.! I I POKORPTY,, Jan; &IRVATZK,, Milan.- SiaSEK, Josef ~o CF.PIGKA, Jaroslav Determining the iodine number of fatty acids by hypohalogenites in alkaline medium. Sbar potrav VSChT Vol.5, pt.2-93-119 161 [publ. :62]. 1. Institut fur Chemie und Untersuchung -von febenamitteln,, Fakaltat fur LehE3zlsrLlttelt-ec~linologieI Chemisch-Te~hnolx,- glische Hochs-hule,, Prag. SIUMK) JosefV inz. "Statistical yearbook of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic 1962.0 Reviewed by Josef Smisek. Vodni hosp 13 no".139 163. SMISEK, Milan Conductometric determination of ammonia. Cesk. biol. 4 no-3: Mar 55. 1. Ustav pro fysiologii rostlin biolgicke fakulty university Karlovy. Praha. (AI440IIIA, determination, conductorietric technic) SMISEK, Milan; CERNY, Slavoj; I-IRIAROVA, Jindra Structural inhomogeneity of charcoal activated by gaseous agents. Chem prum 12 no.5:237-239 My 162. 1. Vyzkumny ustav vzduchotechniky, Praha. 2. Nynejsi pracovistj: 'Ustav fyzikalni chomie, Ceskoslovonska akademie vod, Praha (for Smisek and Cerny). CERNY, Slavoj, SMISEK, Milan Mercury porosimetry. Chem listy 56 no.1131206-1301 N 162. 1. Ustav fyzikalni chemie, Ceskoslovenska akademie ved, Praha. SMISEX, Milan;. GEM, Slavoj; MIKAROVA, Jindra Semiautomatic device for msaeurement of vapor adsorption isotherms on volumetrical apparatus. Chem listY 57 no,6,. 638-W Je 163. 1. Ustav fysikalni chemie., Geskorslovenska akademie ved., Praha a Vyzkumny u9tav vzduchotachniky, Praha. SMISHEK'f Mr [Smisek, M.]; CHERITY, S.' [Cerny, S.]; MINARZHOVAI I. [Minarova, J.] -Z:~ Semiautomatic measurement device attached to a volumetric adsorption \,.,apparatus. Zhur. fiz. Ulm. 35 no. 4:939-941 Ap 161. (MIRA 14:5) 'l. Nauchno-issledovatellskiy inatitut vozdukhotekhniki, Chekhoslovakiya. (Adsorption) Acmdacy of :50016=00,, i'rg*&* re -b 19bbs Pp 01' j,~ ~li71--_-;ee~! rl rliriF~ at the Cotru-va-Karvina mines." Uhli, 7rz~h&, -5, "o 2953, p. 6,;, '-aster;. Euro-,ean ~'ccess` Dn- List, Vo' 3, l), Oct 1954, Lib. of ConEress LF MSEK. V, An experimental method of gravity loading. Tr. from the English. p. 67. (Uhli, Vol. 7, no. 2, Feb. 1957, Praha, Czechoslevakia.) SO: I'lonthly List of East European Accessions (--,EAL) N. Vol. 6, no. 12, Dec. 1957. Uncl. I . a~' . . The mining of coal by boring. P. 20. (UHLF.) (Praha, Czechoslovakia) Vol. 7, No. 7, July 1957 '50: "onthly Index of Ea~t Eurocean Accession -IC - Vol. 7, No. S, 195' SMISEK, V. Ploughability of coal seams in the Ostrava-Karvina coal basin and its relation to the hardness of coal. p.223- UHLI (Ministerstvo paliv) Praha, Czechoslovakia. Vol. 1, no, 7, July 1959 Monthly list of East European Accessions (EEAI), Vol. 9. no. 1, Jan. ig6o Uncl. -1 ':r - PAN G If 2 M. ~r8MYS'rd - -* ' "' I N' BA&~DZi~L~fffGV.? E.E. f.o.; St-IISUZA EV, -L. hl~-, [Babadzhanov, -P.1-E. .1' k-ttachment for e'Lc-ar;.'_rjg, 11c, spindlea off Eipflrm-lng ma:~It--:Lo - ~ 3 - 1~ ~ 2. rollers. Leh. prorc.. nco.21,35-36 (HIRA 1~, . ) h i:Tl S 19670-65 E.%7f (m)/EPF(c)/EPF(n)-2/EPR ACCESSION NR: AP4045667 Pr-h#84/Pu4i 3S") P/00 46 /6 4 /009 /0 7-/05 75 /05 85 AUTHOR: Adamski. L.; Arkuszewski, J, (Arkushevski, Ya.); Bednarz, R. (Bednarzh, R.); JozefowJ_c_L- F_ T_ (Yuzefovich, E. T.); Jozefowicz, K. (Yuzefovich, K.); Kaczmarek, W, (Kachmarek, V.); Kulikowska, T. (Kulikovska, T.); Malewski, S.-('Malevski, S.); Mika, J. Mika, Ya.); Szechter, A. -(Shekhter, A.); Weiss Z, (Vayss, Z.); Bryhn-Ingebrigtsen, K. (Bry*n-Ingebrigt*sen, K.); Snit, J, Smit, I.); Stamm'ler- R_ J. J_ (Stamm'ler, R, 1. 1,); nckovfc, M. (Iotskovich, M.) ; Pop-Jordanov. J, (Pop-Iordanov. 1.) Takac, S. (Takach, 11.) TITLE: Microscopic neutron flux distributions in unit cells of cri- tical assemblies of the NPY Project SOURCE: Nukleonika, v. 9. no. 7-8, 1964, 575-585 TOPIC TAGS: neutron distribution, reactor physics, intracell neu- tron distrLbutionj unit call, critical reactor, NPY project ABSTRACTI This article, which is one of the first official reports Card 1 13 L 19670-65 ACCESSION UR: AP4045667 0 of the UPY Project, contains a preliminary study of intracell neu- tron distributions in three critical assemblies operating in Norway, Poland, and Yugoslavia. The UPY lattices that were studied and the experimental techniques used in three zero-power-reactors (NORA, ANNA, and RB) are discussed and experimental and theoretical results are given in tabular form ( the Enclosures), The computational methods used in Norway and applied to the NPY lattices involved the use of two integral transport codes (available for use on the Ferranti Mercury computer) developed by the Netherlands-Norwegian K-7 Project at Kjeller-K-7 THERMOS and K-7 TRANSPO; cross-sections used in these codes are given in tables. Two analytical mothods were used in Pol4nds the first, used for NORA and ANNA, made use of a one-group Amouyal-Benoist approach applied to a multilayer syscem; the second used the Laguerre polynomial expansion for distributions in the mo- derator. Two computational methods were employed in Yugoslavia: a standard one-velocity P3 method with isotropic flux return at the outer boundary and an improved analytical neutron thermalization me- thod developed in Yugoslavia. The experimental and theoretical re- sults obtained for NORA lattices show that the experimental values Card 2/7 L 19670-65 ACCESSION NR: AP4045667 13 of the disadvantage factors lie within the range of theoretical va- lues obtained by different methods. Orig. art. has: 3 figures and 6 tables. ASSOCIATION: Institute of Atomic Energy, Kjeller, Norway Institute of Nuclear Res , !iwierk, Poland; Boris Kidrich Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Vincha, Yugoslavia SUBMITTEDt 00 FNCL: o4 SUB CODE: NP NO REF SOV: 002 OTHERt 020 Card 3/7 &!IT, Yxur-cslrAv,, inz. Relative orientation ~Jy the Gruber method. Geod llist 17 no.7/9:251-253 il-S '63, 14- 57-6-12417 Translation fromi Referativnyy zhurnal, Geografiya, 1957, Nr 6, p 99 (USSR) 0 M' AUTHOR. Ordeval, A. P., Kubota, Dzh., it$ Khho M. tio TITLE: Principal Soil Types and Their R~elation Climate (Glavnyye tipy pochv I ikh sv-yazl a klimatom) PERIODICAL., V sb: Merzlotnyye yavleni7a v gruntakh, Moscow, Izd-vo in. lit., 1955, pp 9-20 ABSTRACT: Climatic change from north to south produces change in the soils. Low temperature and slight precipitation catise the formation of tundra soils. Climatic influ- ence is basically of a physical nature. Both physical -and chemical factors contribute to the formation of podzol soils. Chernozem Is developed in the semiarid and semihumid temperate climates. In deserts, cli- matic influence exhibits itself mainly in the physical destruction of original materials. Latosols (former- Card 1/2 1y known as laterites, red laterites, or red clays, Principal Soil Types (Cont.) 14- 57-6-124 17 etc.) develop in the humid and semihumid tropical climates.- They reflect profound -,hemical and biological climatic influences. Latosols are very thick and are usually red in color. They are strongly leached out, are rich in clay, poor in dust particles, friable and permeable. In contrast to podzol soils, latosols do not develop clays in the subsoil, but a gradual increase in the amount of clay can be observed in them from the surface downward. The article includes soil sections, a world soil map and bibli- ography of 13 titles. Card 2;A2 M. G. SJUT, Krunoslav, inz. (Zagreb) Influence of the unequal density of diapositives on the preCiBion of the level curve setting by steroinstruments. Geod list 16 no.4/6-.158-166 AP-Je 162. 7 /0 / 3) S/124/6i/0oo/0o8/O0-/042 fooo (/ AOOI/AlOl AUTHOR: "~Mitl Ot- TITLE: Basic principles of automatic control PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Mekhanika, no. 8, 1961, 13, abstract 8A122 (Mezhdunar, federatsiya po avtomat. upr. I Mezhdunar. kongress po avtomat. upr. Moscow, AN SSSR, 1960, 20 pp, 111.) TEXT: The author considers the problems of synthesis of automatic control systems with allowance for fluctuation noises of the system elements arising due to fluctuations of their parameters. The component of the control error depends on the properties of elements, as well as on the distribution of the transfer function of a disconnected system over the control contour. The optimum distri- bution of the transfer function is determined by minimizing the root-mean-square error. A lot of attention is paid to transfer function distribution between direct coupling and feedback. It is shown that the amplification factor of a disconnected circuit depends on the noise level, and only elemen.ts in the feed- back impose restrictions on this factor, The notion of efficiency ("vygodnost"') is introduced for each system element, which is determined by the ratio of its Card 1/2 S/124/6 1/000/008/005/o42 Basic principles of automatic control AOOJ/AlOl amplification factor to fluctuation spectrum. The expediency of increasipg the quality of one or another element of the system is investigated. By synthesis of a system, the feasibility of its physical realization is taken into account. Moreover, the problem is considered on determLning the optimum law for control- ling a system operating with a maximum intensity. It Is pointed out that these systems are more eCfeotive than equivalent linear systems, since they provide the possibility of obtaining the better quality per unit of weight, I. Maksimova [Abstracter's note: Complete translation] Card 2/2 15-57-10-14449 Translation from: Referativny zhurnal, Geologiya, 1957, Nr 10, p 179 (USSRT AUTHOR: Smit) P. V. TITLE: Contemporary Knowledge of the Origin and Accumulation of Petroleum (Sovremennyye svedeniya o proiskhozhdenii i nakoplenii nefti) FERIODICAL: Ir sb.: 4-y Mezhdunar. neft. kongress, 1. Moscow, ostoptekhizdat, 1956, pp 351-368 ABSTRACT: Bibliographic entry Card 1/1 SMIT, S.; STAVRIC, S.; MILET1C, B.: DRAKULIC, M.; ZAJEC, Lj. Correlation between the photorestorablemse of the lethall effect and the biochemical effects of UV irradiation, Bul so Youg 7 no.J./2Z'14 F-Ap 162, 1. Institut "R. Boskovic," Zagreb, t~ Slavica; MILETIC, Branimir; DRAKULIC, Marija; STAVRIC, Stanislava; --- -"'BRT)AR-1, Branko Photorestoration of the biosynthesis of nucleic acids in irradiated bacteria. Biol glas 15 no. 4: 207-214 162. 1. Institut" Ruder Boskovic", Radiobioloski odjel, Zagreb. I'- I , ~ . ; .-; -ld T 3 HL LETI C, , -:3 0-1 FIG 7- '-)I NA, T. ; I-aLOMEVIC, j ANY, M I I j.. , -F DRAY,'!-;'LI,-, , M. ; ', : PALETIC, Z. Review o~ p~,-,odlcals; blology. Bul se n o. 4/ -5,: 3 3 - L 139 Aig-0 161P. 3q M011). Sialikir condensation pionitrile with la vve M% 'Aikile, in. 144-51. (frous EtOff), whien gave 1(.q% of tile synthesis and props yixtbe~is with acrylanitrile. XXI. dim4QxY??*e acid, Ill. 1:N' (front RZO). lwl"k (5..'; to g. EtOXCII-CH,, and 0.3 g~ powd. Koll stilled I fir. at ertlez 0( 1-indoleprapiquic acids. A. -Z jereRceia _74117- $s, M fliv in tells's in 2rp ud. C.U., t1wis refluxL-d 2 Ill s. gave .10% - . U I 55 c repionale, b. 135-50% %vlii& pvc Vie free acid, * f K - ; fro jyj toss can be cleave wjs shown tilIt tfie 2-cyau _. I I this cleaves with salse'rIttated sttoaw to indole. 1 34adolebispro ilinic acid uith ;ii rfte ted n; tile inal. is stable judole ring if it is located Is iv-siti of 11 7 To stirred inixt i i . , a pe p $team aL 2IMP gave 3-indoleprupionic ticid. Heating M' ' . . - if tile group is in the 3-poi cll,:CfjCN' (fa), and 50 nil. CjH4 was 10 6 trith a little hydroquinone under. N t - 2500- give 92% 64% it i I i . g~ g. udde,j o.6 g. powd. K011 (Qx0tllCfrlliC reaction) and after re ax ng w tli 50% K 011 8 lirs. its NU. stream gave. no indole and nearly all acid ins rtcuvmcd. 1-2 lirs. tile Iniv distd. yielding 95% ..t. %va,- filtered and 470 Refluxed wit), tn However similar treatment of. 1-indolepropionitrie gavc, ' ' - r b i l 0 . . 95% ns. a out 1 ndo c wid 80% 1. XXR. Now Metho d f syn, 5 0 a ' h i 10% IC01 13 lirs. it W-We 1 FtOlf-IICI). Iftating Jy)-11 (frons art t ei s of pyrrolines., A. P. Tereut ev. A. N. Kost, and A, ? I B li Ibid . M-0 (ectide). ni. I L7 g. iudijIL, 8 it et~iyluie cyanollydrin, and 6 g. solid ~ % . er n. . 1613-10~To 91.2 g. iso-pr2co and MO- N' (0,6 9- N2 in 10 Ini. EtOff) - heated oil a atoaln bath was 20V KOI I in 100 lot. 05~0 FtOff in autoclave 6 hrs. at 1& .1d; the best yield was NaOll cave a 41% yi( . 62% 1 , 4pdded 21.9 g. CH,-CRCN juti, heated 4.5 lits. longer, the . 1. i t f l 1 ; 9 081V-7~. attained %vith KOlf in 6 1". at 2900220'. Sim Jar re- x M a ter neutra ization with H-SO, gave 46% -ryteth _VI--y-. - '' isablitYrYlMlerriniffile. Ill 106-8- br 1116-18% u2j 1 413- , action u%ing Ct0ClfjCEfjCN gave a 47% yield in 0 his. at . . , d:a0.q2:!L'; this (15 9.) in 300 lot. 3% HiCi 3 nil 0,VNa0I_T 11004; in refluxing C.fft only a 12% yield wasobt3ined. The s above of indole and MetNCHiCH%CN tio k , , and EtOH to form 2 clear 50111. was beated 6 lirs. at "0. t ti d d n it autric ive teac with solid. KOH in 95% EtOlf gave 53% 1; ouly 15% was Stirring 2.9 g. q_rneilly'lln- n l ft i n 01 ra ze an evalid. yielding 89% -1-niethyl-rispblayr -'"aillide M- ni. 000 MORI CiRi). itnilarl yallasethyg- =-I - a c. e reflux obtained i ng xy dole, 3.4 g. Ill, 0.2 g. powd. KOH and 15 nil. C4TT& I lir. a: ave 77,7 eflux t I h d 110 of hob atyrophenone gave -rfjlgjhYi WYrVaIer0"i_ INS, bt.& 159-61*, IsW 1.6200, jilil 1,0"9, which hydrolysed b r 0 r. a g room temp. an propilinivile, in. 83*, Ill 170-800; IsArolyiis with KOH gave as a ove to 03.5 -rillethyl-y-bentaylvateranside (11); M, -3* ~ko 23 S NMOH in 300 till H O at 2-"ieAyl-I4ndotej5ropjopdc oct'd. in. ill-W. Similar reac- ionitrile (U) and 21A.g. 1R vvith , d L i i f 34 3 . . . I Wai added 5 ~ 5 ad. Br followed by 14,2 g I and after 2 his . ~ - u n on o po t g. p powd. KOH in CJT' K:-U 977g 1,1-indottbis~ropianilrile * 06-7 (from MR); hydrolysis d ) ~ On ate- bath and addo. of Na0H there was holnied 70�; 3.3-dimdhyl-24sopropyi-z-p7maline. b7o 157-8*, nV 1.4471 e . in. (rru (IU), rn. 89-9 ave tile free dicarboxylic acid, m. 146* (from with 10% KOH dn 01 040 which C=xs headaches on Inhalation and eye irritation isqu picr k d r g a eco . als. ; sty - I . phinate, in, 1811V an oil-- N. flatrianate deri~ OR; N-Phen* , -. CarbaniWo cleriv CIHX,O, in, 2030. . Similarly II jr&ve.- 0 i 10-2f bi xy LSM . , , . e, m; 230*.: G. M. TFaENT'YEV, A.P.; KOST, A.M.; SHIT, V.A. Synthesis with the aid of acrylic acid nitrile. Part 25. Cyanoethylation of indole. Zhur.ob.khim. 26 no.2:557-559 F '56. (NLRA 9-.8) 1. Hoskovskly gosudarBtvanW universitet. (Cyanoethylation) (Indole) (Acrylonitrile) h, 20-2-27/60 AUTHORS: Nazarov, I. N. , lifember of the Academy, Yanov3kaya, L. A. Gusev, B. P. , Yufit, S, S. , Gunar, V. I., Smit, V. A. TITLE: The Synthesis of Methy1heptenone and Methylheptadienone (Sintez metilgeptenona i metilgeptadiyenona) PERIODICAL: Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR, 1957, Vol- 114, Nr 2, PP- 331-334 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The two substances mentione4n the title of the paper under review are of importance for the syntbmis of the natural scentin- substances of the isoprenoid type. The authori of the present paper investigated the production of the former on basis dimethylvinylearbinol or isoprene with the aid of three different methods t(1) by condensation of prenylhalo- genids by aceto-ethylacetate; (2) by interaction between di- riethylvinylcarbinol and the same ether; and (3) by pyrolysis of the same ether of dimethylvinylcarbinol. As was shown in a previously published scientific paper originating in the same laboratory, there are produced at influence by hydrogen Card 1/4 halidGP. on dimethylvinylearbinol corresponding prenylhalides The Synthesis of Methylheptenone and Methylheptadienone 20-2-27/60 with high yields. They can be easily condensed by sodium-ace- to-ethylacetate and at a subsequent saponification they yield methylheptenone. The second m8thod of synthesis takes place at a temperature of 160 - 170 and yields 60 - 70 14 rflethyl- heptenone in addition to an almost theoretical amount of ethanol and CO 2. The reaction mugt be carried out under pres- sure or by using high-boiling, Vaseline oil. The remainder after distillation is aceto-ethylacetate of dimethylvinyl- carbinol. At 16 10 - 1700this is subjected to a pyrolysis, and here methylheptenone and C02 are produced. This supports the reactions mechanism as illustrated in the paper under review. The pyrolysis of pure dimethylvinylcarbinol-aceto- acetate was investigated further. It is produced with a yield of 90 ~, when diketone affects dimethylvinylearbinol in pre- sence of small amounts of pyridineg best at a temperature bet- ween 145 and 160 . During this process, nethylheptenone is produced (65 - 70 %). The pyrolysis has also a lateral di- rection and leads to isoprene, acetone and C02. Sometimes this lateral direction predominates. The authors of the pr-- sent paper studied in detail the production methods of methyl- Card 2/4 heptadienone both by interaction between dimethylethinylear- The Synthesis of ]Jethylheptenone and llethylheptadienone 20-2-27/60 ASSOCIATIONt Institute o.F Organic Chemistry imeni N. D. Zelinskiy, AS USSR (Institut organicheskoy khimii im. N. D. Zelinskogo Akademii nauk SSSR) SUB14ITTED: January 7, 1957 AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 4/4 5(3) AUTHORS: Smit, V. A., Kucherov, V. F. (Moscow) SOV/74 -28-3 -4/6 TITLE: Cyclization Reactions of isoprenoid Compounds (Rt;aktsii tsiklizatsii izoprenoidnykh goyedineniy) P-1- Ill 01) ICA L: Uspekhi khimii, 1959, Vol 26, Nr 3, pp 272-311 (USSR) ABSTRACT: In the present paper the attempt is made to systematize the abundant material on the cyclilation of isoprenoid co-npounds. The present paper covers all publications issued until the middle of 1958 in the field of transformations of acyclic com- pounds into cyclic ones in the series of the mono-, hexa--, di- and triterpenes. Farthermore the cyclization of 1,5-diene syste=1 of the non-isoprenoid type as well as tho data avail- able on mechanism and stereochemistry of the cyclization of isoprenoids were discussed more thoroughly. It can be seen from the material available that there are three kinds of cyclization of isoprenoid systems (Ref 1)z A -cyclization, where compounds of the ionone series are formed; B -cyclization, where p-menthane derivatives are formed and C -cyclization, where compounds of the allo--cyclo-geraniol series are formed. The direction of the reaction proceedin- mainly depends an Card 1/4 the nature of the compound and also on the kind of the bonds Cyclization Reactions of Isoprenoid Compounds SOV/74-26-3-4/6 which take part in the reaction. Further, cyclizations of several monoterpenes are discussed the transformations of which were investigated in all three possible directions; in this class the cyclization of ketones (pseudoionone and its analogues) are best investigated because of their accessibility. The cyclization accordin.- to A is especially characteristic and essential of' the ketones where ionone and its analogues are formed. Whereas the p-menthane cyclization is unusual for ketones and was discovered quite recently only, this 1-ind of cyclization is more characteristic of monoterpene aldehydes than the ionone cyclization and the only one possible for aldehydes similar to citronellal. The ionone cyclization is less characteristic of isoprenoid alcohols than of aldehydes. The cyclization of isoprenoid acids can proceed in all 3 direc- tions and was very thoroughly investigated. The cyclization of alicyclic terpene-hydrocarbons has been known for a long time already (Refs 153,154). Later, (Refs 155,156) it was proved that this reaction has a general character. In con- sequence of this reaction a hydrogen carbon mixture is formed which contains a considerable amount of 6 and a-isomers with Card 2/4 an impurity of r-isomers (Refs 157,158). This reaction Cyclization Reactions of Isoprenoid Compounds SOV/74-2a-3-4/6 proceeds prevalently according to the ionone scheme which distinguishes it from cases previously investigated. The forma- tion of bi- and polycyclic systems from alicyclic terpenes proceeds so readily as the formation of monocyclic systems in the monoter-Dene series, The analysis of the products formed is, however, made difficult because of the formation of a large number of possible stereoisomers. It is comparatively easy to determine in the cyclization products the ratio of the isomers according to the positions of the double bond. Far more difficult is the separation of individual steric isomers from the mixture of stereoisomeric a, 3- and allo-products and the detcrmination of their structure. For this reason individual stereoisomers were separated only in a few cases until recently. The affinity of the carbon skeleton of the stexoids with cyclic triterpenes and the resemblance of their steric structures have raised the interest of the scientists for some time already and suggested a common way of their bio- synthesis in nature. The fact that these compounds, at least partly, can be constructed from elementary carbon groups of isoprene, allowed to seek a connection with acyclic isoprenoids for which such a structure of the molecules is common. Still Card 3/4 in 1926 the assumption was expressed (flefs 198,242) that Cyclization iteactions of Isoprenoid Compounds SOV/74-26-3-4/6 squalene might be a genetic precursor of cholesterol and over this also of other steroid compounds. The correctness of this hypothesis was confirmed experimentally only quite recently. The theoretical consideration of this problem induced RtzZ:L_dV,& and collaborators (Refs 11, 12) to establish a biogenetic formula for isoprenoids. Deriving from some well founded pre- suppositions for the cyclization mechanism of squalene it became possibie on the basis of this formula to explain the formation of all known triptene3 from squalene. k I':A aka a ain- terpretations of the ways and cyclization mechanism of squalene into polycyclic systems have, however; not yet been confirmed, but there is a number of experimental data which verify their correctness. The number of papers dealing with the investigation of the mechanism and the steric orientation of the cyclization becomes lar-er and larger. Further investigations in this field will doubtlessly lead to an experimental foundation of the biogenetic formula of the isoprenoids. The knowledge of the conditions and the mechanism of the cyclization of isoprenoid systems will extend the synthetic possibilities and will facilitate numerous natural compounds. There are 3 tables and Card 4/4 282 references, 27 of which are Soviet. 50) SOV '20-124-'-33/6-2 - I 7 AUTHORS: Smit. V~ ;.- , --" , 1 .' --Tr- --a V ..IeTve -eva, V- M. . Fui2"!ero1j, TITLE, On the Cyclization Character of the 'Pseudo-ionon (0 kharaktere usiklizatsi;-L P.~x-,doirjnona), A New Mlethod of Producing zhe az-ioron ("Tovyy imetod pol-ctcheniya a-lonon"') PERIODICAL; Doklady Akadequi nauk SSSR. 19~,q:, lie! 124~ Nr 'j, pp ioso-ion (USSR) ABSTRACT: As has been Dro-ed in numercus publications (Refs 1-8), the psaudc-ionort is ~onve-ted tc a mi-x.ture of u- and P~ionon under the action off irr . I s, The ratio between the resulting a- .jrious acid L and P -iacin~~!Ts d-~p~~rids on the nature of the cyclizin,~ agent. Por P-iorton concent.Tated sulphuric- ancid in ether or in acetic acid is rhe specific t-, ', ycli~,.in',' agent whereas this role is played folL U-1orion tiy 60 )0 oulpauric or phosphoric. ac2.d, preferably by boron -craf';uoride, The statements made in oublications seem to "ndirate chat rhe a-'somer forms the original reaction product abaoqt ir, ---Ll ~-,ao--- 'Lild-e-Gendent-ly of the nature of the agent (Refs 9,13~ and --an ~~e converted to the stabler conjuSated system of the 11ndar the action of acid agents. Thus, Card 1/3 the spec.--fx;~. activity of various c;yclizing agent is restricted On the Cyclizatio-a Chara,,Ter of the Pseudc.-_,,-r(_-, COV.,..'*'-?O- 124-5-5,31.1/62 A New Method of ?ro-i;oir7 7..-IE~ a -L~,nr;n to the--r --eat;~!r of small-e--r a-iiity of isomerizin- t_1 - -. - I - - ~ - ~ allay f o _~- m & J a i s *.m e r _'n ordez to give experimental proof of this a~~stum-vta.~.n -.,he have studied the cycliza-ion of ~he p-,e~ido ioncn by '100 ff so '~.efvee-n +6CP -and -600- 2 4 or ritrcproparte twere t!sed as solvenTs. The destillate obtained In a ,ac.,ium rIns aiialyzqJ the aid of its ultravlolet Spec-, ob.- ~ a ined with t be assi sunce o T Padeyeva) (Table 2 It apLaxent fr-om ~tlhe resull to 'Tab] e 1 ) That th- ratio be- ~tle a an-4. 3.- icnon.5 fo%-.ned is entirely dptermilad ty the c.clnd~t~ons, narnely, -the resdence time, temperatiare. o Y 3.L and th._~. a7.,io-unt. of H2 31) 4 "This shows clearly that "lie primary proceS.43 -L-a 4he ef the Pseudo.-ionon is the formation Thi a D_,pand-ing ~n the r-,onditiona of t-ie rea;:~ti on this is more cf lec-s rovrerted by isomerization to form the P -ionon . Thus - the rea;~tions whe.reby these isomerz, a7e formed are sequential .- ...a-ther than Darallel reactions The specific c-f the , -:yzAizing age-nt is restricted to the dagree of lt-a 1*oinerizir~g a-.ti,-ity. The meethod described 1-n the arti- cle make--~ possi.ble a c~!,..venierit preparation of _onoqs3 Card 2/13 and zmay p~rc-e On the cyclization Character of the Fseudo-ionon. SCV/20-1~zl 5-33/6)2 A fiew Method of Producing the a-Ionon valuable in the production of a-ionon. There are 2 tables and 15 references, i of which is Soviet,. ASSOCIATION: Institut or-4,nicheskoy khimii im. N.. D. Zelinsko,-o .1kademii L, n,.,tzk SSSR (Institute of Organic Chemintry imeni N.. 1). ZelinDkiy of the Academy of Sciences, USSR) PRESENTED: October 30., 1958, by B. A. Kazanskiyv Academician SUBIAITTED,- October 24, 1959 Card 3/ 3 SMIT, V. A., Cand Chem Sci - (diss) "Study of the structural and spatial alignment in the cyclizatton of isoprene compounas," Uoscowq 1960s 17 pp, 180 cop. (Inst. of Organic Chemistry, im Zelinskiy, AS USSR) (KL, 44-60ji 128) '--~~T V.A.; SWNOVSKIY, A.V. ; KUCHEROVI V.F. Regularities and the cyclization mechanism of isoprenoide- Report No. 2: Cyclization of cia-and trans-geranylacetones. Izv. AN SSSR.Otd. khim. nauk no.12:21~3-2200 D 160. (MIRA 13:12-) 1. Institut organicheskoy khimii im.N.D.Zelinakogo AN SSSR- (Undecadienone) (Cyclization) SBMMVSKIY, A.V.; SMIT, _V.A.,.; KUCIMOV, V.F. Mechanism of the cyclization of pseudoionone. Dokl.AN SSSR 132 no-5:1107-1110 Je 160. (MIRA 13:6) 1. Institut organicheskoy kbimii im. N.D.Zelinakogo Akademii nauk SSSR. Fredstavleno akademikom B.A.Kazanskime (Paeudoionone) (Cyclization) - I Amu, ,Y :. A., 73r' 1, T .1 KIT-C-R~V, 'l. --. (US~7:--, l. aThe St"lictur7~,I. aril `)oatial Orient.~-tion of Cyonilization lleacti.on of Iso-,renoid I .; Rt,,~ort -resented -it Une ,A~ Iriternattonal Bior~ e,d.stry 'on:,res3, l4oscow, 10-16 Au-Li9t. 1.961 RUDENKO, B.A.; KUCHEROV, V.F.; SMIT, V.A.; SWENOVSKIY, A.V. Gas-liquid chromatography of isoprenaid compounds. Izv. AN SSSR Otd.khim.nauk no.2-.236-243 1 162. (MIRA 15:2) 1. Institut organicheskoy khimii im. N.D.Zelinskogo AN SSSR. (Isoprenoids) (Gas chromatography) SMIT, V.A.; SEWNOVSKIY, A.V.; KUCKEROV, V.F. Cyclization of isoprenoid compounds. Report 110-5: Low tem- perature cyclizaticn geraniol acetate. Izv.AN SSSR.Otd.khim.- nauk no.3:470-476 Yx 162. (MIRA 15:3) 1. Institut organicheskoy khimii im. N.D.Zelinskogo AN SSSR. (Geraniol) (Cyclization) SMIT,__K.A,,_;_SEMNOVSKIY, A.V.; KUCHEROV, V.F. Cyclization if isoprenoid compounds. Report No.6% Conversions of Ok- and 6 -cyclogeranic acids under the effect of sulfuric acid. Izv.AN SSSR.Otd.khim.nauk no.3;477-484 Mr 162. (AURA 15:3) 1. Institut organichaskoy khimii im. N.D.Zelinskogo MI SSSR. (Cyclohexenecarboxylic acid) (Lactones) SMIT., V.A.; SEIENOVSKIY., A.V,; VIAD, P~F.; KUCHEROV, V~F. Cyclization of isoprenoid compounds. Report NO.4: Iow temperature cyclization of geranic acid and its ester. Izv. AN SSSR Otd.khim.nauk no.2*.312-317 F 162. (MIRA 15:2) 1. Institut organicheskoy kbimii im. N.D.Zelinskogo AN SSSR. (Gerania acid) (Cyclization) SEMENOVSKIY, A.V.; ~MIT,_V.A.; KUCHEROV, V.F. Configuration of -lactones formed during cyclizatio'n of geranylacetic acid. Izv.kN SSSR.Otd.khim.nauk no.3:558-560 Mr 163. (MIU 16:4) 1. Institut organicheskoy khimii im. N.D.Zelinakogo AN SSSR. (Lactones) (Cyclohexenecarboxylic acid) SMIT, V.A.; ~EWHOVSKIY, A.V.- KUCHEROV, V.F. Cyclization of isoprenoid compounds. Report No.7: Low-temperature cyclization of dihydro-.o(-, dihydro-/,S-, and dihydro-y-ionones. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser.khiih. no.9:1601-'1607 5 163. (MIRA 16:9) 1. Institut organicheskoy khimii im. N.D.Zelinskogo AN SSSR. (Ionone) (Cyclization) SM9 V.A., SEIENOVSKIY,, A.11.; KUGHEROII, V.F. Dependence of the staric course of isopremoid cyclization reaction on the configuration of 6,7-double bond, Izv. AN SSSR. Ser.khim. no.9iI702 S 163. (NIRA 160) 1. Institut org&Aichesk-oy khi-mii im. N.D.Zelinskogo AN SSSR. (Isoprenoids) (Cyclization) (Double bonds) SMIT V.A..q SaIENOVSKIY. A.V.,- RUDENKO, B.A.; KUCIIEROV, V.F. Cyclization of isoprenoid compounds. Report No. 81- Mecharaism of the stereospecific cyclization of geranylacetone. Izv. AN SSSR Ser.khim. no.M1782-1789 0 163. (MIRA 17:3) 1. Institut organicheqkoy khimii im. N.D.Zelinakogo AN SSSR~ KUCHEROV, V. F.; SEMENOVSKIY, A. V.; SMIT, V. A. nA new route for the stereospecific cyclisation of isoprenoids.0 Report pimsented for the 3rd Intl. Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products (IUPAC), Fvoto, Japan, 12-10 April 1966 SEMENOM IY, A.V.; SMIT, V.A.; KUCHEROV, V.F. Cyclization of isoprenoid compounds. Report No.9: cyclization of geranylacetic acid, its methyl ester analogs. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser.khim. no.3:504-512 Mr 1. Institut organicheskoy khimii im. N.D.Zelinskogo Stereospedific and monocyclic 164. (MIRA 17:4) AN SSSR. 1;1 CHERNOVA, T.N., HICHEROV, V.F. SMIT N(jVz:K"f, A.V ov~'Iizmliol 0i' isopreno'd compounds, Report No.10i Dependence of the J. U SI-ructural course of cyc'.zat-on reaction o4:' isoprenoids on the configura- oub-le "--cnd. lzv. AN SSSR. Ser. khim. no.7zl229-14-36 165. tion of 6,-7-d! (MJRA 1827) M IM 1. institjt organLcheekay kbi 'i 4 . N,D,,Zelinskogo AN SSSR. SEMENOVSKITY, A.V.; KUCHEROV, V.F. CyclJzatior ol' .4scprencid ccm-po=ds. Report No-21: Cyclization of isompri- farnesenic es'-ers and their monocyclic analogs. Izv. AN SSSR Ser. khim. no.B-.1424-1433 165. (MIRA 18:9) 1. Institut organicheskoy khimii im. N.D. Zelinskogo AN SSSR. SMITANNIKOVA, A. 1. "A Comparative Ecologic -physiological Injestigation of the Medick Under t~)e Conditions of the North-west of the U.S.S.R. Paper suIbmitted for theInt'l Botanical Congress, Montreal, Canada, 19-29 Aug 1959. Komarov Botanical Institute, Academy of Sciences, U.S.S.R., Leningrad. A_~ USSR/General D-i-vision -Congresses. Sessions. Conferences. A-It Abs Jour Ref Zhur - BioioSiya, No 1, 1957, 95. Author N.V. Pmitensj~~y-, Inst 1 Union Acadenty of AL-Ticultural Sciences imeni Lenin. Title Expanded Plenary Session of the Section on Fertilizers. Or 1 g ?ub Agrobiologiya, 1956, No 2, 150-151. Abst A plenary session of the fertilizer section of the All- Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences imeni Lenin was held at the end of 1956. About 300 delegates took part in the session. A number of reports on the utilization of and experimentation with mixtures of organo-mineral fertilizers (I.I. Samoylov, A.A. Avakyan, P.A. Vlasyuk, I.P. Mamchenkov, and others) were heard. Data were ci- ted on the work done at inclividual kolkhozes -in the utilization of organo-mineral fertilizers. In the reso- lution which was adopted it was recomm ended that orEano- Card 1/2 USSR/General Division Congresses. Sessions. Conferences. A-4 Abs Jour Ref Zhur Biologiya, No 1, 1957, 95. -mineral mixtures for various farm crops be widely utilized; that manii e, humus, and peat be utilized as organic fertilizers; that the work for the preparation of composts and mixtures, and their introduction in to the soil be mechanized. Accounts of the work done by the scientific-research institutes in 1955 and the plans for scientific-research work in 1956 were heard. Card 2/2 I-e count- rod,~ctlllrm c- r- C., "Ln c 1:e f.': ccessiori list, 0~ i, F '. , s-, , , in ?, . "odn' i~, 11 '1 - ~" 16"' v , J. j EP J- ' ~ - - :7e_ljr,Rr on w&sc lwatar3- 11 -1 SMITKA, StanLslRv. iriz. Purity of strowns in the East Echenla Region. Vodni hoBp 1.3 no.9:353-354 163. Sm! tka, V. Technological progress in construction during the first Five-Year Plan. p. 81. INZENYRSKE STAVBY. (Mnisterstvo stavebnictvi) Praha. Vol. 2, no. 3, Mar. 1954. Source: FDU LC Vol. 5, No. 10 Oct. 10,56 -Smitka, V. Use of steel pipe for bridge span trusses. (To be contd.) P. 122. II'Zn'YFLqKE STAVBY. (14inisterstvo stavebnietvi) Praha. Vol. 2, no. 4. April 1954. Source: EEAL ~C Vol. 5, No. 10 Oct. 1956 3'~, ti !*;~.,'I, L, . r- 7 Timber:3 for monolithic concrete constr-uc-4~~ns. p. 155. 3T-17171. ''inir I Aerstva -taveonictvi) Praha. Vol. 4, no. 7, Apr. 1954. ~'30- CE: -ast European Accessions Lint, V,)!. 5, no. 9, September 1956 SMITKA, V. - Inzenyroke Stavby - Vol- 3, t,o. 4, Apr..1955.. Proceedings and resolution of the National Conference of Activists in Construction Fmgineering held March 7-8, 1955. P- 133- Construction of a drawbridge In Brest. p. 1.59. SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions, (EFAL), LC, Vol. 4, No. 9, SePt. 1955, Uncl. -k llll-'-m~,s, J. fc)-ced-concrete bridge construction carried out by -zechoslo-vak (To~,-e Commtd. ) p. lYz :Irp'-..a, Vol. 1, nn. 5, 1',-y 1955. o!' 'uropoan ccessions, 955, 1,C, V-d. 4, n3. 10, -'~ct. ljncl. '~',JTTK~ V. I Establishment of the Czechoslovak Scientific and Tec".o'Lo.gical 3ociety for Building -'onstruction. P-309 I-NZEN'fRISKE a 4- . (Ninisterstvo st Praha Vol. 3, no. 8, I~ug. 1955 T . i~ast European accessions List 'Vol. 5 INO. -1 jar.. 10,55 Smitka V - I I. J, .? , Activities of the Czechoslovak Scientific Society for Civil Engineering ofthe Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. P. 46. INZENYRSKE STAVBY. (Ministerstvo stavebnictvi) Praha. Vol. 4. no. 1, Jan. 1956 Source: ETAL L(; Vol. 5, No. 10 Oct. 1956 .1 L"Pitka, V. The State Plan for Development of the National Economy in Czechoslovakia for 1950'. P. 53. INZFkJYRSKE STAVBY. (Minis- terstvo stavebnietvi) Praha. VOL 4, no. 2, Feb. 1956. Source; FEAL LC Vol. 5, No. 10 Oct. 1956 "Jid tka, V. The Interna~ionaj Confererce orWinter Concreting in Copenhagen. p. 292. INZE14YRSKF STAVBY. (14,inisterstvo stavebnictvi) Praha. Vol. 4, no. 6, June 1956. Source: EFAL LC Vol. 5, No. 10 Oct. 1956 S11 I"IsI., V. SI~JTKA, V. "he Congress of the International Association for Eridge a, d Sl~ructural Enoi- neerinC. P. 4118. Vol. 4, No. 9, Sept. 1956. EGHNOL(r~`~ Praha, Czechoslovakia 3o: East Etu-opean Accession, Vol. 6, ANO. 3, 1;.arch 1957 SMITKA) V. Report on the activities of the Scientific Technical Society for Building in 1957. P. 334. (Inzenyrske Stavby. Vol. 5, no. 6, June 1957. Praha, Czechoslovakia) SO: Monthly List of East Euronean Accessions (EEAL) LC, Vol. 6, no. 10, October 1957. Uncl. S?-'!TTKA, V. The National Conference on the Economical Construction of Monolithic Concrete Structures. P. 388. (Inzenyrske Stavby. Vol. 5, no. 6, June 1957. Praha, Czechoslovakia) SO: Monthly List of East European 1-Lecessions (EEAL) LC, Vol. 6, no. 10, October 1257. Uncl. ~ - I i~ I IX I. I F 7-* r. I- .I L - ~.; ,.a'--'n- -nvest-men' luildin.~ an,3 the 1-vii.-Iin- 7nore r'. 42,01 St:3-1-YI Vol - 5, no. 9, Seept. 1951-(, Praha, Czechoslovakia 1, .1 X: -f- ',-T, --'AS"j. -"" F *A, ACC 'S510~43 LC, 1.,rL. 7, 11,1c. 1, j T. 1 ~ , X 6 .1 g G'F F~MKA, V. TECH'IOLCCYY Periodicals: Inzenyrske Stavby Vol. 6, Ho. 11, t1ov. 1958 S4ITKA, V. A pleasant balance sheet of cooperation with Soviet science and engineering. P. 516 Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC Vol. F, No. 5 May 1959, Unclass.