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SOBOLEV,_ AG., kand.tekhn.nauk Stability of single stage automatic control systems composed of aperiodic cirou$ts. Trudy TSNIINF no.38:70-00 161. '(14M 15:9) (Automatic control) SOBOIEV. L.G. (Leningrad) I - Selection of parameter relations of two types of single-loop third order automatic control systems with an additional Pulse at the derivative. Avt. i telem. 22 no.1:10?-110 Ja 161. OAIRA 14:3) (Automatic control) SOBOLEV, L.-G-.,(Leningrad) Concerning the properties.of single-circuit automatic control systems. Avtom i telem 22 nG.4:530--535 Au 161. (MEU .14 4) (Automatic control) ' SOBOLEVY L.G.p inzh. Selection of parameter correlations for control systems composed of three aperiodic links. Sudostroenie 27 no.6:36-38 Je 161. (MIRA 14:6) (Marine engines) (Automatic control) SYROMYATNIKOV, V.F., kand.tekhn.nauk; SOBOLEV, L.G. Results of testing the automatically controlled units of the engine and boiler room on the steamer "Leninskii Komsomol." Inform. sbor. TSNII14F no,64. Tekh. ekspl. mor. flota no.90-26 161. (MIRA 16:15) (Boilers, Marine) (Marine engines) (Automatic control) SODDLEV L G Jmnd.tekhn.nauk Testing ventilating arrangements of the engine and boiler room on the steamship "Ieninskii Komsomol." Trudy TSNIIKF 8 no.42s 44-47 162. (MIRA 16:1) (Steamboats--Heating and ventilation) SO*LEV, L.G., kand.tekhn.nauk @StruIctural diagrams of regulation systems of fuel combustion in marine steam boilers. Trudy TSNIMW 8 no.44:15-n 162. (MM 16%1) (Boilers, Marine-Fuel systems) (Governors (Machinery)) SOBOLEV, L.G., kand.tekhn.nauk Initial quick operation of single circuit control systems. Trudy TS@IIMF 8 no.44.-46-49 162. (MM 16d) (Automatic control) SOBOLEV, L.G., kand.tekhn.nauk Dynamics of limiting control systems. Trudy TSNIIKF 8 no.44:68- 71 62. (MIRA 16-1) (Automatic control) (Transients (Dynamics)) KRATINOV, Ye.., vtoroy shturman; SOBOLEV, L., starshiy nauchnyy so-urudnik Ventilation system and air dr7ing in the holds of the stesm r "Leninskii Komsomol," Mor.flot 22 no.1:26-29 Ja 162. (MIRA 15:1) 1. Parokhod "Leninskiy komsomol" (for Kratinov). 2. TSentrallnyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut morskogo flota (for Sobolev). (Ships-Air conditioning) SYROMYATNIKOV, V. , kand.tekhn.nauk; _SOBOI4V,_.L. , starohiy nauctuiyy sotrudnik Operational testing of the automatic control system for the power plant of the "Leninskii Komsomol"Isteamer. Mor. flot 22 no.3:22-26 I-Ir 162. (MIRA 15:2) 1. TSentraltr-yy nauchno-issledovateltskiy institut morskogo flota. (Boilerg@ Marine) (Automatic control) AU I! U 1-@ 6 3/107/'-2/023/002/014/015 D2 -I- C D3 0 -`-:j L, o 1 ev 1, G. (Leningrad) -@,he oriticz@.d amp'-fica-tion coefficient On esimaln Sin,-'.@,-Ioop automatic systems consisting of aperio- J L RIF ODI-C 1, - A-: 1@ -xqa,@ k a e 1 e r.,le kharl -' k L .. v 2'31- no. 2, 196@-' T@-- -Ial ;.,ze -f thie clr4 ti- a' amplif ication coe-"'f i cient K of - -L - -L cr automatl@--@ system consisting of n+1 aperiodic i:@ fu1iy defined by i, parameters of TI as follows- n 1 2)7 K z -1 z T -.-.,here 1, - ratio of t1me constan-ts of 1--th st, to the largest ti- n- ' - - -1 2 stant v,,,hi@h 15 normally that of the con-trol'ed object, z = ti@r S/I 075/62/C,;23/CC2/01 4/0111; D2') i r i I,: a! frequency. IntrocIucing further relations T T. and Z T, - T)/T T an approximaie formula for K cr is ne K T)/T][(! T"(T -@ T )@-T This formula z-,az),Ld evalu@-,A-Lon of Kfor automatlic systems of the type an@, '17@lr a I.-irj,7e number of stages, the time constant of the - I- LI c:,Ia6e--- beinC -ons'Lderably larger than tHose of the latter TI.-In-re ..-re 2 references, SOBOLEV, L.G., kand.tekhn.nank Dynamics of certain classes of linear autmptic control systems. Trudy TSNIIMF no.46:79-101 162. (MIRA 16:6) (Ships-Equipment and supplies) (Automatic control) I - , r@ @ rid. -in. riauk SOBOLEV, L,G. L i - 1,hara-Ler of stability regi-on changr3s in r". cijntrol 'L systems With the additional. connection o' an inertial do-vice. Trudy TSNIII-IF 8 no-5:3&-,39 if6 3 , (1,11IRA 171-3) SOBOLEVI L.G., kand. tekhn. nauk Errors in determining the time of start and acceleratior of marine engines, Sudostroenie 29 no.8:43-45 Ag 163. (KMA 16:10) (Marine engineering) (Automatic control) SOBOLEV, L.G., kand.tekhn.nauk Utilizing a supplementarv impe@us at an `Lnterreliate point -for pressure regulation systems. Sudoslli-oerie 30 no.1:24-26 Ja 164. (MA 17:3) Yll MG 17-i te Leonirl (,eorgi.-I-3~.,icli-FECilEFiEIIKO,%,.I.,kand.tekhn.nauk,,dotL-~., @,e %.,.ep 2,en "'T'Y!.Tl'OVA, I. Ya., red. 4u oin a tic. rn-fnllai--Aon of Die I c:cqi.bruE--,tlon 'I i r.,-, a:,-' ne b. a i I rjn-, ;-eguliravanie torjlivoszhigaviixi v sudo-v-yl:i,. Transport, 198 rv. 18:2) ACC NRt AT6014879 SOURCE CODE: UR/2752/65/000/077/0037/0039' AUTHOR: Sobolev, L. G. (Candidate of technical sciences); Petrov, V. P. ORG: Y)onp- TITLE: Evaluation of the inertia of temperature transducers SOURCE: Le ningrad. Tsentral'nyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut morskogo flota. Trudy. no. 77, 1965. Aytomatizatsiya i vychislitellnaya tekhnika na morskom flo-fe (Automation and computd,r engineering in the Merchant Marine), 37-:39 TOPIC TAGS: temperatuft, control, temperature transducer, temperature sensitive ele- m@nt, temperature measWement, servomechanism, servosystem ASTRACT: The theoretical possibility of calculating the dynamic error in tempera- turelomeasurements is discussed and certain experimental data are presented. The prob-,,' lem arises during dynamic investigations of heat exchangers as objects of automatic J control. In such studies, the experimentally established temperature of a definite medium as a function of time during steady perturbations (e. g., changes in the dis- charge of cooling or heating media) contain dynamic errors due to the inertia of tem- perature sensors and transducers. The authors formulate the problem as a problem in servosystem theory. The temperature transducer is characterized by the transfer UDC: 621.398.694 C rd 1/2 T_ .' I ) -4 ' I, @'_" " -, -.-L- '00 ACC NR: AT6014879 function k D(p) = -7@ vinere k is the coefficient of amplification, a dimensionless constant; T is a trains- ducer constant (in sec) and pis a differential operator d1dt. The disturbance is assumed to be steady-state. The dynamics of temperature measurement are represented in tems of the Laplace-Carson function of the disturbance and the experimentally-de- termined curve of the transducer temperature. The unknown quantity T is determined by operator calculus (A. I. Lur'ye, operatsionnoye iachisleniye, Moscow- Leningrad, Gostekhizdat, 1950). The quantity k is determined on the basis of data from static tests. Orig. art. has: 2 figures. SLM CODE: ..10,09/ SUBM DATE: none/ ORIG REF: 003 2/2 L 02254-67 ;-;kC -NRI--AT6008031 C e9 The use of these ratios makes It possible to (;xtend the conclusions of a previous work (Trudy TsN]IMF, vyp. 46, 1962) in which a similar method was employed to study the dynamics of automatic control systems wiLh aperiodic elements, to broader classes of such systems. Orig 1art. has: 49 formulas. SUB CODE; 09,12/ SUBM DATE: none/ ORIGREF: 006 pb for the auz,@- 7,41-45 PI 165. (141 RA 11 8 - 3 @@ G!. - L- -@, I .J . ";;e Ile orolcr ical Shics In 'ulic Atlantic," 1:o 4, IDP L-15-8b - i lio 1, NGv/Dec 19,1@) ':-!E, 3 A:@r 15`13 sc: u -,; ,- L SOBOI,EV,L.G. 11@ Conference on problems Of geophysics in the Lithuanian S.S.R. Metero. i gidrol. no.2:55-56 F 153. (HIaA 8:9) 1. GUGMS Dri Sovete Ministrov SSSR, Moskva. ~Lithuania--Geophysics--Congresses) S OBOUTV , L. G. Scientific conference of geophysicists In Vilnius. Ketero.i g1drol. no.10:57 X-D '53. (KLRA 8:9) (Vilniua--V,eophysics--Cone,raoses) Z@Cal r::!Lcc CS vel-, U c - - i-d lr@' bot-:-cc@ .- _ 1'@. t 1- sci@_.-Ces U33-, -ci of L AID P 3195 Subject USSR/Meteorology Card 1/1 Pub. 71-a - 22/23 Author Sobolev, L. G. Title Preparing for the International Geophysical Year Periodical Met. i. gidr., 51 68-69, SIO 1955 Abstract Article reports on preparations made by a special committee 6rganized by the Academy of Sciences, US=, for the 3rd International Geopbysical Yearp under the chairmanship of Academician I. P. Pardin to be hold in 1957-1958. The scientific institutes and societies invited to participate are listed. Institution None Submitted No date 3 (5) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/1637 kkademiya nauk SSSR. Kompleksnaya. antarkticheskaya ekspeditsiya. Opisaniye ek5peditsii na dizell-elektrokhode "Obl, "1955-1956 99. (Description of the Expedition Aboard the Diesel-electric Ship 110bl" 1955-1956) Moscow, Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1958. 231' p. 2,000 copies printed. 3ponsoring Agency: Alcademiya nauk SSSR. Sovet po antarkticheskim Issledovaniyam. Chief Ed.: I. P. Bardin. Academician; Resp. Ed. for this vol.: V.G. Kort, Professor, Chief, lst trip of the Marine Antarctic Expedition, USSR Academy of Sciences; Editorial Board: A.A. Afanaslyev (Chief, Main Administration of the Northern Sea Route, Sea Route, VINF),V.G. Bak&-yev (Minister of Sea Transport), V. F. Bur@hanov (Deputy Chief', Main Administ-.ation of the Northern Sea Route), A.A. Zolotukhin (Chief, Main Administration of the k.ard 1/9 Description of the Expedition (Cont.) sov/1637 conducted in cooperation with the IGY program. A large part of the observations and preliminary findings cited are in the field of hydrology and hydrochemistry, marine geology, geophysics., hydrography, and hydrobiology. A roster of the members of the expedition together with their specialities is included. There are 72 figures, including maps. Bibliographic references accompany separate chapters. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Foreword 5 I. Purpose of the Expedition and Its Preparation (V.G. Kort) 7 Purpose and problems of the expedition 7 Preparation of the expedition 8 Expedition personnel 13 Card 3/9 Description of the Expedition (Cont.) SOV/1637 V. Hydrological Studies (K.V. MoroshkIn, N. D. K--avtsov, V.S. Nazarov, G. V. Rzheplinskiy, and Yu. G. Rykhkov) Volume of work completed (K. V. Moroshkin) 48 Organization equipment and methods of research (K.V. Moroshkin) 49 Preliminary results 52 Hydrological observations (K.V. Moroshkin) 52 Hydrooptical observations (N.D. Kravtsov- 9 Glaciological observations (V.S. Nazarovi 76 Wave observations and 8tereophotogrammetry. of waves, ice and icebergs (G.V. Azheplinskiy) 79 Registration of wave elements with a strip photo-wavegraph.., and the measurement of wave height and period with the V.V. Shuleykin iticrobar level (Yu. G. Ryzhkov) 89 VI. Hydrochemical Studies (A.N. Bogoyavienskiy) 92. Volume of work completed 91 Methods and equipment 92 Preliminary results 93 Card 5/ 9 Description of the Expedition (Cont.) SOV/1637 XI. Biological Studies N. A. Arsenlyev, K. A. Brodskiy, P.V. Ushakov, G M. Belyayev, A. P. Andiyashev, and A.K. Tokarov (d;ceased) 172 Research problems and organization of studies 172 Plankton (K.A. Brodskiy and M. Ye. Vinogradov) 173 Problems of plankton studies during the first trip of the Combined Antarctic Expedition and the extent to which the plankton of the zones traveled was studied 173 Methods of study and the volume of the material collected 175 Preliminary considerations on the distribution'of plankton in the investigated area 1,T6 Benthos (G.M. Belyayev, and P.V. Ushakov) 181 Extent to which the benthos has been studied and the problems Involved 182 Methods of study 182 Volume of research 183 General characteristles of materials i86 Card 7/9 Description of the Expedition In Southern Australia On Kerguelen Island In Hamburg Conclusion AVAILABLE: Library of Congress MM/bmd 5-28-59 SOV/1637 222 228 229 233 Card 9/9 Si2cond '@'arine E\ncJitkm (Cont-) Sov 15-M, COVE'RAGE: T'-,2 7@;,esent vo7urne, the fifth in a series of scv,@n, is a collection @0:- t-.,.-Odevoted speciftcally to oceano_@raphlic, meteo-o-, :C,_@@ical, an(@ hydrochernical findings of the Second Soviet @' :arine conclucted on the diesel 6hip "Ob'" (LA. Man, Captair)darin,, 1956-57. The a (4 , qr @irst t,.,.,o articles outline the Lypedition's orqanizaziori n . pro am and provide n :@enQral account of its activities during "he 223-day voyage, whlch covered more than 40, 000 miles of the Atlantic, Antarctic, and Indian Oceans. Thle (2-.pedition was Sponsored by the Arctic and Antarctic Scientific Research fi).,;": wtc. of the Glavstfvtnorput' Nlinisterstva morskogo flota SSSR (Main Ad- tnin;stration, (@f the -Northern Sea Route of the Ministry of the 'Merchant Nla- rinc o' " the USSR) as part of the International Geophysical Year program. Its purpose was to investiaaTe 1) atmospheric processes in the Antarctic region and their eflect on the earth's general circulation, 2) basic regularities in the distributic-i of waters in the southern oceanic zone, 3) exchange of the water@; of the southern seas with the waters of the world ocean, 4) geological structure of the sea bottom in the Antarctic region, and 5) the Plankton, benthos. Card 2/6 _`:._pj(LuorI (Cont. ) SOV/54G3 n'-'d fill CrOorganisms of the AnTarctic waters. Observations ,)I l!"o m:i"11"tic iield of the earth were also made. The expedition, header] o"'r, Alaksirnov, r)oc*ol- of Geographic.-il sci- anci at zi@lu Leningradskoye vy:;@4h(@yo :nz!ienurnoye rwr,;koye imen; S.O. Makarova. (Len;n,rad Hi@@her Ma.-ine Engineerin,- School S, 0. -Mlakurov), consisted of the follow" scientific tas, OVO,.-,10.eorolo@,@cal (headed by L.@un'ul Gunna(Hyvvich Soholev); Vlad:znirovich Moroshk;n); -colo@ical (Alcksandr P,.,trovich Lisitsyn); hvdrochemical (Aleksey Nkikollayevich Boqoy.,jv'jejls!r-.,'y); Vi'ktor Aleksandrovich Arsenlyev); geophysica! (Nikolay Pa,iz,.',CyIIIonoVICh Gru@;Iiinskiy); geographic (Gravrila Dmitriyev"ch Rikhter); hvdro, e uap!,@iQ (Yki-iy A"eksandrovich Gordeyev). A complet Ii t ;-,@irnes and affili4tions of the 65 scientific and administrative members of the 1%%pcA.'t4on is conta,ned. ;n the first artle'le. The a t i r icles were written by of the Inslitut olkeanologii Akademii nauk SSSII Gnstitute of Ocean-,i@eademy of Science- USSR), Gosudarstvennyy okeanoara@;chesk:y inStitUt Gidrometsluzliby SbSR (State Oceanographic institute of the Hydro- Car d 3 / 6 ...... SOV (if e,.f. USSIO, i ol-canograiii Sciuai"ic R- and Oceano@,raphy), and t'ie Arctic and Ant- Rmsoarch institutt'. nier(, are no references. TA-@[,E OIF CONT,-:N'i'S: Mak@;:mov, - V. Secori,.4 Antaretic :@Tarine Expr-dition 7 '..ian, 1'. A. S-cond of the Diesel Ship "07)'" 19 S. P. Circulation anc' V, eat'her During u;-s(: Cf -@! e -@@56-57 Voyage of the "Obl" 27, c: Cc 4 '1 1 Gutriikov, V. P. Syncouic Processes in the Southern Hemisphere carc 4/6 Nllr%no ...... n (C"Ilt. ) sobolev, L. G. V. 0@-'I- of th. e Aerorneteoroio@@l cal Un: 0 1 'Morosh:-,n, K. V. illydvolo,_,ical investigations 106 K. V. , and' M. A. Bo[!danov. Results Obtained With -r,, Carront in the Indian Ocean and in the Souznorn Part e,f th, `@ac:.`.c Ocean 124 @,. P. 0I)sinwazions un Sea Disturbances 13 8 Gor-jeyev, Y@.. A. Hydroj@raphlcal Works 1.1.1 ,rom una s, B. Ya. 'ice Obsc-rvations 134 Bo@oyavloriskiy, A. N. I-lych-ochernical Investigations 159 Card 516 soc-ond On Cc,--.) SOV/5463 V. r.,, the Conzoat of C-or S 1, 1. , nc@nts 1,73 ,-ec an@; Sp,.ctrall Ana`ysis of Phytoplankton Pigr AVA`1-.@'.F3',l,E: Library of Cun,7.ress @GB@O. S53) J A i i b c C; G 6 -3oLEV, r . G @ W. --- - - Studies of hydrometeorological conditions of the Vistula Lagoon. Meteor. i gidrol. 11-.12:52 D 160. (MIRA 13: 11) (Vistula Lagoon-Hydrology-Research) BOROVIKOV,A.M.,kand. fiz.-*at. nauk; KHRGIM , A.Kh., prof.; SOBOIZY, L.G., az7v. red.; YASNOGORODSKAYI, M.M., red.; VLADIMIROV,--O.G., tokhn. red. [Abridged cloud atlas for hydrometeorological observations on ships) Sokrashchennyi atlas oblakov dlia sudovykh gidrometeoro- lor,icheskikh nabliudenii. Pod red. L.G.Soboleva. Leningrad.. Gidorometeor. izd-vo, 1961. 52 p. (MIRA 15:2) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Glavnoye upravleniye gidrometeorolo- gicheskoy sluzhby. (Couds) .. Meteorological and bydrological i gidrolo no.2:47-48 F 161. (Meteorologyp observations on ships@ Meteor. (MIRA 14:1) Maritime) SOBOLEVY L.G. Meteorological program of the international expedition for the study of the Indian Ocean. Meteor. i gidrol. no.1:53-54 Ja 164. (MIRA 17:3) 1. Glavnoye upravleniye gidrometeorologicheskoy sluzhby. ACC NR: AP7005231 SOU13CE CODE: /0102 A'L'!-. H 0 i Sob o I e v L. M C an di d a t e of t e c1lin I c a-; S C i e r, c e S pt-..;rer) I ORG: Kostroma AF'ricultura-I institute (Kostromskoy se' 's`ckh-ozyaystvenr.T 'n U@u U) TITLE: Theoretical orincioles of carburetion in a 'precombustion engline SOURCE: I%IUZ. 1-11ashinostroyenive, no. 9, lc,',6r',', 9"(-102 TOPIC @-',AGE: "'UC-1. lrlternai combust-:(;"'. eni'Lne, tin'-inc fuel sys"en'l, co:z-'bustion A.BS"-T..AC'I'. 'Llic, .W i Q, 0!, U 'Ill i L: L. -1 of clazsical C-*--,.-;1,@::IpL@nL3 of general and Ll@chnicaal ~Ll.,:c-i,.rocl,;r-;L-Ii~l-C.@ ::07'.- p 0 s i t i on o- 0 f" 1 e I m'i x U, - e a. -.r a r --' o u -s s t a g e,,; a s s u- n i n va r --' 0 0 d 1. s a n CI st C - tural Ual-oz:IeLers in a precc!-.bus@.ian eni7ine. Exuress-i,:;ns- are d@ri-:--d for ,the result ant t- ion of the T,"Iixture in ,)-f ecc--b',aST@ 1"= w.-. accc "I n for ti-,e -ecmetric -Jegree of comprez-zion, the volume of tlie chamber and tt.he voltun-e of the cylinder as well as the operating conditions of the engine---@he actual de=ee of COMI-Iressicli as E@ -Functicn of the -,LgniLlon advance a-le, ine T-e:=era'@ure of " r,-,buz-; on --, hambe r and i n t he cy-I ir der s and --e scaven@;-*n:, t n e x tu r c n,.! preco -of L"ne precc-mbustiGn chamber. Curves axe given sho-win@g th"2 in chamber as a @unctaon the cc=@ocitior of a.-Y varicu:; ru@iative -.z:jLtes of air c o r, s t i o, i . An increase in zhe C a rd -. /2 uLc: 6,n.43 ACC NR: ;JP -1005231 ra@@- c.-f air while ',nolding the ----e zr@---ry ar@ I @ Z, tii.),-, "nixtures coqsta,-,@.- reduces @.he concentration, of air in the --esultant enterinjS tllic- yrecombu-@tion chamber froin the cyl inder durin.- comnression in the case of a J-ean prinary mixture thus enriciiinl- the resultant mi:--ture or ma@cing it necessary to provide a leaner raixture in the precombustion chumber Vhere thu composition of the resultant mixture is to be held constant. Formulas are derived for the relationsnip between -ol-u-combustion fuel consumrtion -and other -parameters, and also for the ,rol-,;me of the Drecombustion chamber which gives normal carbuxetion. Orig. art. has: 2 figures, 22 formuias. SUB CODE: 2-1/ SUBM DATE: 10ALg65 Carc:.,2 I-! RA vu, t NOBRODOV, D.M.; SOBOLIV. I.M. Tool for pressure casting small nonferrous metal parts. Lit. proizv. no-5:10-11 MY '53 (MLRk 8:6) (Die casting) iYoundry machinery and supplies) SO-10L','i, !_ '.!., Cand Tech Sci (diss') -- Of the worki-n,--- process of a *@-,ottoin-valve car-buretor motor witb Jet il-Mition" . Leningrad, 1@-1'59- 1.@ -up (Min A:rric RS7;SR, Tening ad A,7 Lc Inst, I-ln@ineerinn, F, oulty), 250 - -- r .-,r @ -a copies (n, FO C)) 12'-) 0 T LL E iko La@i ISOYD LEIT i i @ @lr@ - . c tors @ a a!' k 30bcl@,V, L.V. t-le.clianizing Lhe removul of waotc. jx,-7zi 1JIt.. frcizv. rir).@,:41 Je ' 163. (MIRA 16@.,7) apd supplieg) (Induat.rial S.Yu.; G-,r C E VCjj,!-i- I , @--, AVSYU F G.A. p,;T)-4:FYFVSejy .9. L. I . MR T C' P - TE @ @4 . C. F, V Y-u. 1 J, -ca 1 1 I?JiT-,7 , r; -D. ; @5 T DT, M. I . ; R on Academician Vladimir Nikojapvich Sikachevls Sr)th J. ( m--, -@. -Lzv. AN SSSFL. Ser. E-!eog. no.4:3-4 6,: SOBOLEV, L. N. USSR/GeophysIce Jul 48 Atmosphere - Illumination *Rainbows In Winter L. N. Sobolev, 4 p "Pr1roda" No 7 Describes weather conditims vhich preceded the appearance of this rainbow observed from Tarasov station (Yaroslav Railroad) on 7 Jan 48. --------- - - PPIA5@ro -(@, -, T T -, 'I, . f - . -- I - ; @ -I1@nl's o . Z'--- -, :11 - -1 1 i r@; , 1! = I C)-.i-: -2 r - 1, @,l @'O.An notpny-Tien S-n in t,he li-strict Op I-ons of +-'-R Tien Shp-n +11c. 1!e@7ek,@@ AN SSSR no. 4q, lc)r'@' Tri.,,dy Tn3t. Fre0g- @T C LAS C T Konthl Acces7ions, Lilbrnry of CmEresS, ovember 1952@- TI ED. .Lj@ -Of L-1:3-i-nn SOBOLEV, L.N. Results of observations of the effect of the snow cover on various phytohabitats in the forest-meadow belt of the northera Tien Shan. Geog.sbor. 4:34-40 '54. (XLHA 7:9) (Tien Shan--Phytogeography) (Phytogeography--Tien Shan) (Snow) ,i0HOLICV, L.N. Botanical activitiea of the Nortd Kirghiz Jkpedition of the Institute of Geography of the Academy of Sciencep of the U.S.S.R. at the Tien Shan high-altitude physical geographical station. Bot.zhur. 39 no.4: 632-634 JI-Ag 154. (W-RA 7:10) (Tien Shan--Botany--Yield work) (Botany-Field work--Tien Shan) 11S."R/ Geography Card 1/1 Pub. 45 5A4 Authors Sobolev, L. Title Determination of complex characteristics of a convenient locality on the basis of territorial ecological signs Periodical i Izv. AN SSM. Ser. geog. 6, 36 - 42.. Nov-Dee 1955 Abstract Sdientific methods are described for determining the characteristics of convenient (habitable) localities by the territorial ecological signs. Tables. SOBOLEV, L.N.; SYROYECHKOVSKIY, -fe.Ye. -- ". @ --ol. . -.-- 't ,I Conservation of natural resources of the countrv. Izv. AN SSSR.Ser. geog. no.6:142-143 N-D 156. (MIRA 10:1) (Nutural resources) SOBOLKV, L.N. - -- Modern organization of large scale territorial geobotanical studies, and methods for reorganizing it. Bot.zhur.41 no.l: 152-157 Ja 156. (na 9;6) (Phytogeography) TSYSI, P.N.; KALFSNIK. S.V.; SOKOIDV, C,11001i,, 11I.S.; ITIOT0110AW, A.P.; ZAEELIN, I.M.; GVOZIETSKIY, li.A.; YEFUMOV, Yu.K.; KARA-MOSKO, A.S.; KOZLOV, I.V.: SOMITSLT, N.A.; ISACHENKO, A.G.; ARMAND, D.L.; MIROSHNICHENIX0, V.P.; PF.TqOV, Z.M.; KAZAKOVA, O.N.; MIKHAY1OV, N.I.; PARMUZIN, Yu.P.; GERENCffUF, K.I.; VILIKOV, F.N.; TAIRASOT, F.T.; NIKOLAYEV, V.N.; POBOLEV, L.N.; RYBIN, N.N.; DUMIN, B.Ya.; IGNATITEV, G.M.; MELIKHEYEV, M.N.; SAIMBLIDZE, M.S.; VASILIYEVA, I.V.; FEREVALOV, V.A.; BASALIKAS, A.B. Discussion at the conference on studying land forms. Nauk. zap. Liviv. un 40:2 1-267 t57. (MIRA 11:6 1.t vovMy gosudarstvennyy universitet (for TSys', Gerenchuk, Dundfl. 2.Laboratoriya aerometodov AN SSR, Lenink=ad (for Sokolov, Miroshnichenko, Petrov). 3.Instit-at geografii All SSSR,@bskva (for Armand, Sobolev). 4.Gosudarstvennyy universitet, Voronezh (for Millkov, Tarasov). 5.Leningradakiy gosudarstvennyy universitet (for Chochia, Isachenko, Kazak-ova). 6.Komissiya okhrany prirody AN SSSR, Moskva (for ProtoPoPov). 7.Gosud,@wstvennYY universitet, Chernovtsy (for Rybin). 8.Gosudarstvannyy universitet, Irkutsk (for Mellkheyev). 9.Go- sudarstvennyy pedagogicheskiy institut im. V.I. I-enina, Moskva (for Vasillyeva). 10.Bolshaya Sovetskaya igntsiklopediya (for Zabelin). ll.Gos7-idarstvenny7 universitet, Tbilisi (for Saneblidze). 12.Moskovskijr gosudarstvennyy universitet (for Gvozdetskiy, Sointsev, Mikha7lov, Farmuzin, Ilikolayev, Ignatl7ev). 13.Torgovo-ekonomicheskiy institnt, LTvnv (for Perevalov). 14.Gosudarstvenny-y institut im, Kapsukasa, Vilinyus (for Basalikas). 15.Muzey zemlevedeaiya Moskovskogo go- sudarstvennogo universiteta (for Yefremov, Kozlov). 16.Srednyaya 4hkola No-13, Kiyev (for Kara-MGsko). (Physical geography) SOBOLEV... -L..N. From the practice in teaching L.G. Ramenskil's projection method of determining vegetation density. Bot. zhur. 42 no.5:730-733 W '37. (Botany-Study and teaAing) (MIU 10:6) (Plants. Space arrangement of) SIL'VESTROV, S.1.4; SOBOLEV, L.N. The FirstCongress of PedolOgiStB of the U.S.S.R. Izv.kN SSSR Sengeog. no.5:144-148 S-0 '58. (MIRA 11.12) (Soil research) SoBOLEV, L.N. Soma problems in the qualitative evaluation of natural forage lands. VoP-geog. no-43:109-115 '58. (MIRA 12:5) (Pastures and meadows) SOBOLEV, L.N. "Ecological rating of forage lands based on vegetatAonu by 0 L.G. Ramenskii and others. Reviewed by L.N. Sobolav'. Vop. geog. no.43:206-207 158. (MTRA 12:5) (Pastures and meadows) (Botany-Ecology) (Ramenskii, L.G.) SOBOLET, L.K. Vegetation in the forest-iReadow-steppe belt of the eszktral Terksey Ala-Tau. Trudy Inst, geog. 75:74-143 159. O(IU 13:12) Terkney Ala-Tau--Vegetation and climat6 PRASS I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/5174 > Z Pravda, Moscow. Vtol-oy Sov:tskly koamichegskiy korabli; materisly, opublikovannyye v gazet .Pravda' (The Second Soviet Cosmic Ship; Materials Published in the Newspaper "Pravda") Moscow, 19bO. 198 p. 50,000 copies printed. Rasp. for this Publication: V. Reut and V. Sairnov, Tech. Ed.: V. Yagodkina. PURPOSE: This back in Intended for the general reader. COVERAass The book Is a compilation of articles Which npponred In the newspaper Pravda after the launching, orbitlng, and re- covery of the capsule of the Soviet 4,600 kg spaceship an August 19o 1960. The articles give some details of scientific resea.rch undertaken In this flight In the fields of biology, cytology, eeneticso cosmic radiation, solar radiation, ultra- violet radiation, and radiation levels. A description and ihrie-ohc~t7oi--c~r-tije-ei6s~ii-are riven. No personalities are mentioned. There are no re ferenceB. 483 repectiven. V. Fedynnkiy, Doctor* or Physlcal and MatheM.AtIC&l Sciences 99 Care for lNuture Astronauts. D. Mdrkov Academician of the A4&de=j of Sciences BSSR (Hei4-.~.Chemicalt;nnd,Physiologi- oal Laboratory 0f the In3titut Fiziologii (Ina itu, e of ftysiologr), Kinsk] 91 forerunner of Great Conquests. _A.gNAl1khhan11a'n Corresponding D__ Irectol Plember or the Academy of Sciences SH, Director of the Flzi Meekly Ina SSSR Institute of C titul AN Armyanskoy ffhysical the Academy or Sciences Armyanakaya SSR 93 ?alevIslon 'Eye* In Outer Space. Pedorov 95 Two Flights. Le2ald S4C@ov@ 98 B4ginnIng of a mew Era. 0itga. Porch 100 Meeting With the First 'Astronauts.' V. Smirn V. Shirokov- 102 Event b0hl ch Surprised the World. - D. MartZg= Professor, (Director of the Gosudaretvennyy aaVronomIche5kiy Institut Imeal Shternberga (State Astronomical Institute lmenl Shterob4rg) 104 Creative Genius of the Builders of Communism. Editorial In Pravda 106 Solution of a Very Important Problem. _!,_AmbartjjL%jan Acadextici an 113 Inarmous Success of Soviet Sciente and Engineering. Press Conference In the Academy of Sciences USSR 115 Blolog:Lca-l Program of the Spaceship. _E,_. @aak an@ Academician 130 On the Eve of Mann adaSpacleen? 11 gh t. S V. Perin Active Member or the Academy at Medic I So ces US A@@ 137 Into the Depths of the Microcosmos. _0_YUm_av Corrsponding Member or the Academy of Sciences USSR, IL. Gri&orgy proreaso.- 143 4 SOBCLEV, Leonid Nikolayevich; PELIT. N.N., kand.sel'skokhoz.nauk,; LIKHACiW, A.14., red.izd-va; DOROMITTA. I.I., (Forage resources of Kazakhstanj Kormovye resursy Kazakh5tana. Moskva, Izd-vo Akad.nauk =R. 1960. 278 P. (MIRA 14:2) (Kazakhstan--PasturoB and meadows) SOBOLEV,---4.14 Vegetation in alpine regions of the Terskei Ala-Tau. Rrobl. bot. 5:225-227 160. (MM 13:10) 1. Institut geografii AN SSSR, Moskva. (Terskei Ala-Tan-A-1pine f lora) GOLOVKIN, D.A.; SILIVESTROV, S.I.; -SOBOLEV, L.N. International Conferende on Methods of Land Utilization organized by rolish geographers. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. geog. no.6:118-121 1@-D 16o. (MIRA 13:10) 1. Institut geografii AN SSSR. (land-Congresses) VORONOV. A.G.; SO.BOLIV, L.N. The substance and objectives of biogeograpb7o Vop.geog. no.48:5-30 160. (MIRk 13:7) (Geographical distribution of animals and plants) SOBOLIV, L.M. Classification of natural forage lands. Vop-geog- no.48: 186-193 16o. (MIRA 13:7) (Pastures and meadows) SOBOLF,V, L.N.; SYROYEGHKOVSKIY, Ye.Ye. Activities of the Biogeographical Comission of the Moscow Branch of the Geographical Society of the U.S.S.R. Yap. geog. M-48:303-304 160. (MI" 13:7) (Icology) VORONOV, A.G.; @O.BOLEV @ A- --L-. N. @ Go-aference on problems of vegetation mapping, Izv.AN SSSR.Ser.geog, no.3,-146-148 W-je 161. (KRA 14.-5) (Phytogeography) I- SOEOLEV, GAL'TISSOV, A.P.; GERASIMOV, I.P.; ZAND, Ci-V-; Scheme of the peneral rroLrram for station field research on the r T bioi-e.ophysics of natural landforms. LZV. Ail, SSSR. Ser. eog. no.5:9'-99 S-0 '61. @MIRA.14:9) 1. Institut geografti AN SSSR. (Pbysical geopraphy--Research) SOFOLEV, L,N. Development of an ecolo--,ic system for the steppes of the sou'Lhern Urals. Trudy Inst. bioL IT AN SSSR no.27.-97-104 61. (MIIRA 17:2) GERASINOV., I.P.; Prinimali uchastiye: AWAMID, D.L.., nauchW ootrudnik; BUDAGOVSKIY, A.L., nauchnyy :jotrudnik; LIVOVICIIJ, M.Ij# nauchnyy sot.rudni.k; SILIVESTRGV, S.I.1 nauchnyy sot-rudni ; @SODDIV-p_L#Nop nauchnyy sotrudnik Reduce and bring to a minimin the dependence of our 4piculture on natural elements. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. geog. no.5:4i-51 S;-O 162. (MIRA 15:10) 1. Institut geografii All SSSR. (Agriculture) (Geographical research) I L-.@@ Coordinating conference on comprehensive bioge:ocenotic research conducted in the @entral Black Earth Reoervation. Izv. AN SSISSR. Ser. geo no.5:396-198 S-0 162. (MIRA 15:10) @Koursk Province-Botany-Ecology) -SOBOLEV, L.N. Alpine vegetation in the central part of the Terskei Ala-Tau. Trudy Inst.geog. 81:73-Ul 162. (MIRA 16:2) (Terskei Ala-Tau-Vegetation and climate) SOBOLEV, L.N. .Desert-9 and semideserts in the weBtern part of the IBByk-Kul depresslon. Trudy Inst.geog. 81:112-134 162. (miRA 16:2) (Isoyk-Kull region-Desert flora) ge @@n anj S P M:J: Io . J e - SOBOLLY, L.N. Automatic control of the shaft level of a cupola furnace. Ratsionalizatsii-a 14 no.8:19 164. SOBOLEV, L.N.; KAIRMISFIEVA, N. 1&..; UTEKEn:, "..D. Ecological system of the soil and vegetation of the Aksu- Dzhabagly Preserve.Trudy Inst. bot. AN Kazakh. SSR 18: 41-54 10'- (MIRA 18-.2) SO BO LP4 L;,,N,,, KODIWIHIII"K, I.F." L Urill f. Cor au@ormtic load (I i@- -,r-i bmt I on on moles. Mashinastroenie no. ",.-31-32 Pty-Tc, '65. (MM 18:6) -OBC)LE-V y L.N. An interuniversity conference orl +lb--- gecb;tv-ni@a.' of the U.S.S.R. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser@ geog. --c-3; - -I!,7@;, - -1 1 'S 0D.,17, i"N 1@ . IN I ;.:-12 f- a @- @--7 I'S ',1: 5 C;@ '.,'I e 'JI. s _-Ij c..ition of piants aar, i s@ '- -,-:, -. n ;--ae Lr I '7;j @,pml--e forests ot@ ',he 71tri Shan, Biul, Otd, h , - . no,", -61-70 my- je '6r (MIRA i8--70) SOBOLIPI, L.N. @P inzh. ; SWAM, V.N. , inzh. Conveyer for the manufacture of low-melting patterns. Lill. proizy. no.909 S 165. (MIRA 18:10) 1 q ...C.11T s O-C -A'X -V ;o jo %-JJU *11.!7 4 zll--la *11-2 x U0. : a .)o -41 -qt s` .-4 C.-42 P.O.9 :.I*.t--.C; P-1 EM J, X-4 : jd It tq U, 1.; 1.0 ;.S.. o .1-A U, T :.auoo , 171DIC0111d .0.2,90.- l 'a -;.@u -n- I --?mo "nn Tly Wn 7. ti I =. @ Kq --v as ld 'a 1. X I U 2A(3) AUTHOR: Sobolev, L2V: .3OV/55- 59-1 -1 4/_28 TITLE: Volt-Ampere Character-isticsand the Temperature Dependence of the Conductivity of Nickel-Zinc Ferrites .-,ERIODICAL: Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta, Seriya matematiki, mekhaniki, _@stronomii, fiziki, 1K,himuit 1959, 1'r 1 , Pn 1 17-120 (Ussa) ABSTRACT: The author studied vol t-aii-ioere-charac teris tics of ITi 0 Zn 0 Fe , and Ni Zn 0 7-e 0 0.25 O@75 20 00@75 0.25 - 2 3 for temueratures -780, 00, +200 C. The form of the characteristics deviates from that being usual for semi conductors, The Ohm's law is valid only for very weak currents- The terniperature dependence of the conductivity was determined with the aid of the bridge method, The curves ln(@= W/T) show a series of cracks (discontinuous derivative), The author thanks Professor Ye.I.Kondorskiy for discussions- There are 4 references, I of which is Soviet, 1 1 English, and 1 German- ASSOCIATION:Kafedra magnet-izma (Chair of .1agnetism) SUBMITTED: October 9, 1958 Card 1/1 SOBOLEV, L.V. Temperature dependence of complex dielectric permittivity spectra of Dolycrystalline nickel zinc ferrates. Vest Mosk. un. Ser. mat. .Aekh. , astron. , fiz. , tchim. 14 no-2:107-111 '59 (MIRA 130) 1. Kafedra magnetizm Moskovskogo gosuniversiteta. (Nickel zinc ferrates--Electric properties) WBOLEV. Loonid Vasill yevich; GOLOINIBERG, G.Ye., red.; YEMKOV, H.S., ---- - -- I---- --- -- - - (Short handbook on physics for the students entering colleges] Kratkoe -.)oGobic po fizike dliq postupalushchikh v vuzy. Moskva. I,-,d-Vo Mosk.univ., 1960. 287 P. (mmA 14:2) (ftsics) SOBOIZ-V, s. rod. cn ;--nvterin@: the irsUtu- dlia postu- h-; e r un-v... IY64. vai U;A- ohi 2 SOBOLBY, M., arkhitektor. Planning machine-tractor station layouts. Bell.stroi.8 no.6:12-13 N-D '53. (MLRA 6:11) (Machine-tractor stations) SOBOLKV,K. Some problems in the development of television. Radio no.10: 25-26 0155. OILRA 9: 1) 1. Glavnyy inshener Glavnogo upravleniya Ministerstva radio- tekhnicheakoy promyshlennosti. (Television) n 0 VC 0 (V @4L' USSR/Radio Sep/oat TranE@fcr-,ierfj, Radio Frequeacy Choke Coils "New Methods for Designing Powerful Modulating Transformer-," S, V, Person, Cand Tech Sci, M. A. Soboler, N, 1. Eydlin, Engineers, 22 pp "Radiob-gich." Vol III, No 5 Briefly- re-levs existing models of modulation trans- formers and design requirements. 'Gives method of designing mcdulation transformer and choke coil in circuit villhout magnetization current, and method of designing transformer in circuit with magneti- 2o/4- 9T103 USSR/Radio (Contd) Sep/oct 48 zat I on L-irrent. .Compares the tvo.circuits. Stxb- mitted 10 Jun 48, 20/49TIO3 s35---.':Zv' 1@. ;' . sobalev, N'. I-". -- "Vasa-tdar 'nconditioned Reflexes In Foca-i -Ilfeations f' @!,e 'rain." ',"nar''krov .'edical Ins'. Kha r I kovv D k - -- - I u 1956. 'Disseration For o the Degree of @-nndidate in .-iedical Ociences). So-. Knizhna-,@a ict@pisl, @Io. 11, 19@56' PP IC3-11 4 @ if Foo I 01 149 ? !??f6hofel) )d log .4 ; 30 It U ll@ 14 1A M It 19 1'. L- L- a i I.- _I , i I '" ii I A A @Ilm Alp, @"q@ -Cell-1-01: A k C; U Productkilit of brkk from tripoll. Af A S-imijiv SIM, I Krram.. 3 161 21)-Zl (R4x) Sfflf.)- diffit-1.31111., in largir plAnt- in tbe UrAl, hwh %vrr InAktug tripoli brick. using the clay brick pr-@- After exicil'ive large-willir experintentN ct"Iductvd Illaring Ulu. to 00 1911. it wa!i -tabli,hed that the quality if the pr,.fiwl vgri- inwrwly aith the length of treAmtru @ thv r.m ( , nwicrial ;&fill of the scinifiniihed brick. A, ill. the ; %hole proLess Of tilanufactuLe WAS reduced to I; lit 1,hr * 00 tri;uili i, drietk in it drum to elitnittAte Ill', i.f tItt- tiio--jjtc 'tallipillK p1mv- allothcr 5", of 11mi'ttift: i, climillaird 111,01"ItivAlly The PF%Xlttct. clittlamillit al"nst 3W, nwi, ture. i@ then fired rapidly (3 br.) in it qX-6.111Y conqrtivit'l tunnel kiln not ovvr 3V ill. in length K 00 Z it I I I A xjIA1.LVr&XAL L)TESATUME CLASSIFICATION IQ,, It -)C.@ .1. C.. C.C. LU n a- --Y is n (V rp 11 Ce 04 0 a 9 a CC K or 0 0 0 * q 00 0 16 0 0 q 0 * : AM I 00 00 coo go* coo go* it* 1=0 1 CIO We An J. w 5 A] mia n I to 0 Gois 0 0--g- -0- 0 0 0 0 0 so 0 00 1 ;l -;o#r M. A. , jLgv) 26420 Kolltsevaya kirpiclieob-zhigatellnaya pechl s meklianizirovannoy zagruzkoy vygruzkoy kirlicha. Sbornill: rabot po mest. Stroit. Materialam (upr. prom-sti stroit. Vaterialov i stroit. Detaley pri rosgorispolkome. Nauch-issled. I zksperim. Stantsiya), vyp. 2-3, 191,9, s. 27-30. SO: !ETOPIS' NO. 35, 1949 SOBOLM.M.A., inzhener Rotary tunnel kiln for burning bricks. Gor. khoz. Hook. 29 no.6:33-35 Je '55. (MiRA 8:8) (Kilns, Rotary) SCBOI&V, M.A., inzh.; ROGOVOY, M.I., inzh.; GILINSON, P.G., tekhn. red. [Calendar and reference book for the workers in brick factories] Kalendarl-spravochnik rabotnika kirpichnogo zavoda. Hoakwa, Goa. izd-vo lit-ry po stroit. materialam, 1958. 254 p. (NIHA llt9) 1. Nauchno-tokhnichesko-PR obahchestvo prnmyshlennosti stroitellrqkh materialov. Uoskovskoye oblastnoye pravlaniye. (Brickmaking) I I I I Ic I: '1 14 It 1. 1, 'a It to U 11 it .1 "a .7 im N L 11 v u IN @Mvlmw-lvll a A a Q c L- j S, -it j L a 'i v A I ; 4. Pe LIE IV U 8, ofgimokgdc m*Qods lot the deteminstiou of the quillity of &x Glivirs in the LlOt of thOMIC&I 1111311Y11111. L'Pto-Pex*k.,,-PxkjAvrwu Prom. 6, .4106). i 0:4vitilsO, A%h. 4vlltkltxve and tit a crttain vxtcttt the ligum vilts of the [I&% fitle" call bk obtabled front C%tvrmal p-iwrti". 'rhe moir ififfittiftly I hcy fall Lipari t lie Nigher 0: I% the lf'O' M%h alld listlin &Vfltvglt. and the lo-er I- 16@ c@)llllo@r content. The *'fAtths-%,s- and ]titter ser not --filiou"I by tile lot Itild W,I% collivilti of tile (11.1, 00 1% till itictraw III lawtv tile vvlllkh@ Vow. lit lit, till tontrut %levivii-nI. 00 coo 00 Los 00 too 00 00 POO! 00 f A I a - I L a011ALLUPGICAL LIT(R&TLPOE CL4%SI?tCAtICk it. AA I CW 0 0 to it 44 a it It q A to I o": 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ; 0 . 0 00*0's 00000900 0900090*0 *:1* o of)****