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GEZENTSVEYIL.B.,kand.tekhn.naul,-; SQAHKOVA V.N.9 inzh, Using activated mineral powders in making asphalt concrete. Avt.dor. 24 no.2:19-20 F'161. (MIRA (MIRA 14:3) (Asphalt concrete) BELYAYEV, B.Ye.; GEZENTSVEY, L,B.; SOTNIKOVA, V.N. Results of the use'of activated mineral powder. Avt. dor. 26 no.D15-17 A 163. (KIRA 16W (Pavements) Bituminous concrete) KOLBANOVSKAYA, A.S.;, MIKHAYLOV,,, V.V.,~ SOTNIKOVA, V.N. I ~-, Rhoological conditions of bitumens for road construction. Avt. dor. 26 no.2sl&U F 063, (MrRA 16-4) (Bituminous material&-..Testing) E L OU I on a base of li.---nosulfate. Trudy Kar. fil. T 7,,~ - - 18:3" js~,'tt no.3F:~-12 1~3- 1. Institut le~ia Karellskogo filiala ANI, 36,1;k.. USSR/Microbioloey - Sanitary Microbiolo(Zr. F-3 Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Biol., No 12, 1958, 52815 Author : Sotnikova, Ye.V. Inst : - - , - , - -_ ". ~ ~;. , Title : Characteristics of Strains of Coli Isolated from Soils of City Yards. Orig Pub : M. mikrobiol., epidemol. i irTmnr,)io!Ogii, 1956, 110 3, 59-65. Abstract : Of 1293 strains isolated, 2&~ contained B. coli commune, 6c~ B. coli conounior, l8rA B. coli citrovorum, 15~% B. coli acrogencs, 17% paraintestinal, 2% Mor6pn bacilli, and 1% intestinal alkali generators. No pathogenic coli were isolated from the sail. Biochemical properties of parain- testinal strains varied greatly. 91% of paraintestinal strains belonged to type A (according to- Minkevich). 67% of the strains isolated were agglutinated by antidysentery, antityphoid., antiparatyphus T, and B-sera. Attontion is Card 1/2 - 37 - USSR/Microbioloa - Sanitary Microbi)loLw. F-3 fibs Jour Rof Zhur - Biol., No 12, 1958, 52815 directed toward atypical variants of coli (14.N) which, in thu author's opinion, have a &Teat epidemioloLical siLgifficance. The significant number (265) of isolated strains of typical coli testify to the fact that the soil was polluted by fresh fecal excretions. BiblioCraphy 21 rcforcnces. -- M.Ya. Boyarskaya Card 2/2 SOTNIKOVA, Te.T.. ...................~ Sanitary and bacteriological characteristic of the soils of city lots. Gig. i san. 22 no-5:8D-82 My 157. (MIRA 10:10) 1. Iz Ukrainskogo Institute kommunallnoy gigiyenv. (SOIL, hyg. & microbiol. in cities (Rua)) KULISKIY, L.A., red.; BUGAYEV, N.V... inzh., red.; KVITNITSKAYA, N.N.. kand. med.nauk., red.; NAYSHTMI, S.Ya... red.;, �gTltjkOjA_,,_Ye.V. red.; POKROVSKAYA, Z.S., red. izd-va; LISOVETS, A.M.j tekhn. red. [Protection of resevoirs and methods of water purification) Okhrana vodoemov i metody ochisti vody; doklady. Kiev, Izd- vo, Akad.nauk USSR, 1962. 126 p. (MMA 15:7) -1. Nauchno-tekhnicheskcye soveshchaniye po probleme okhrany vodoyemov i uluchsheniya kachestva vody, Kiyev) 1960. 2. Chl-n- korrespondent Akademii nauk USSR i Institut obshchey i neorga- nicheskoy khimii Akademii nauk USSR (for Kultakiy). 3. Ukrain- skiy nauchno-issledavatellskiy institut kormmnallnoy gigiyeny (for Kvitnitskaya, Nayshteyn)., 4. Institut obshchey i neorga- nicheskoy khimii Akademii ndvk USSR (for Sotnikova). (Water-Purification) (Reservoirs) SOTNIKOVA, Ye.V. [SotnykOvat IE.V.], kand. med. nauk; BIDNA.,I.P. Biochemical oxidation of some chlorinated hydrocarbons and- chloro-mzbotituted aliphatic carboxylic acids. Xhim. prom. (Ukr.]-no.241-43 Ap-Je 163. (MIRA 16.8) 1, Institut obahchey I neorganicheskoy khimii AN UkrSSR. KULISKIY., L.A,,; SOTNIKOVA, Ye.V.; NIKITINA, S.V.,' SLIPCHENKO, V.A. Long-term storage of drinking water containing silver ions. Gig. i san, 28 no.l.*99-102 Ja'63. WIRA 16:7) 1. Iz Instituta obshchey i neor anicheskoy khimii AN SSSR. (WATER__PURIFICATIONI (SILVER IONS) KULISY,IY., L.A. [Kul's1kyi, L.A.]; SOTNIKOVA, Ye.V. (Sotnikova, O.V.1; PTITSA, R.P. [Pty-tsia, R.P.) Biochemical oxidation of chlorophenols. Dop. AN UFSR no.10: 1373-1375 '64. (KRA 17 :12) 1. Institut ob3hchey i neorganicheskoy khimii AN UkrSSR. 2. Chlen-I.orrespondent AN UkrSSR (for Kullskiy). KULISKIY, L.~..; SOTEIKOVA, Ye.V.; 1,111KHALEVA, A.P., red, [?,.'n--hemica:L purification of industrial waste waters; !.-.rAhcds and units] Biokhizrdcheskaia ochistka prou7shlen- nykh stochnykh vod- metody i ustanovki. Kiev, In-t tekhn. infor-matsii, 1965. 40 P. (EIRA .18: 11) _--- SOTOLA, J. Organization and management of field gurOUDS in ITelim p. 8 Vol. 10, no. 5t May 1956 ROLNICKE HLA3Y Praha SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (FRAL)p LC, Vol. 5p no. 12 December 1956 SOTOLAR, B. Experiences of the Horni Herspice Machine-Tractor Station influenced the results of our work. p.298. (Mechanisace Zemedelstvi, Vol. 7) No. 13, July 1957, Praha) Czechoslovakia) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessiors (EFAL) IC. Vol. 6, No. 9, Sept. 1957. Uncl. SfITOLAR, J. i-echanization of industrinl pairting. p. 160 (1,11echinisace. Vol. L-, no. 5, May 1957, Praha, Czechoslovok'a) M U Monthly Index of East -Europem Accessions (P-EAT) L'. Vol. 7, no. 2. February 1~-58 MEISSI-TEIII, JK.; SOTOUT, J. , promovany ekonom, Economic effectiveness of the building finishing rork mechanizatien. Ina otaiby 11 no.10:Supplement: Mechanizace no.10:151-153 0 163. 1. VUIS Brno. SIOTON ) ~, :O~e ~~ A secutity valve for purip menczat'--s. -4 gor-, - r , ' . . ~, - ".L 6 - - 52-53 F 165. SUTONA, M. Excitation 6t r.)tat:LcMal lev3ls of nuclei by scattering high energy nucl:g6i. Chekhosl fiz z~Twnal 13 no.12:871-880 163. 1. Ustav ja4srfiiiho vyakumu, Ceskoslovenska akademie ved,, Rez, /A,, KIRCIUDIoPY, Marton; GEIROFI. Karoly; SOTONYI, Gabor A c~ise of chronic Wieloid leukemia complicated by millary tuberculosis. Orv. hetil. 99 no.19:647-649 11 May 58. 1. Az Ozdi Varosi Tanacs Korhazanak (igazgato: Major Kalman dr.) kozlemenye. (LEUKEMIA, MYMLOCYTIC, compl. tuberc., miliary, in chronic myeloid leukemia (Ran)) (TUBXRGUlA)SIS, MILILRY, compl. leuk-emin, chronic myeloid (Hun)) GEHERI Katalint dr.; SOTONYI, Gabor, dr. Fulminating eosinophilic leukemia. 0r7. hetil. 103 no.26:1236-2237 I ii 162. 1. Borsod megyei Senoelweis Korhaz, I. Belosztaly es Prosectura. (LEUKFXU case reports) 32138-66 C-RA-1-AF6023540 SOURCE, CODE: HU AUV?7- Ronai, Bela; Sot Gyula ORG: none TITLE: Basic-point network of the hydroelectric power plant planned for the band in the Danube River SOURCE: Geodezia es kartografia, v- 17, no. 6, 1965, 419-422 TOPIC TAGS: geodetic survey, hydroelectric power plant, power generating station ABSTRACT: The determination a. ~he geo etic datalrequIred for the planning of a hydroelectric power plant t the bend of the Danube river in Hungary, the first plant to utilize the -4'ow of this river, was assigned to the Enterprise for Geodesy and Cartography (Geodeziai es Terkepeszeti Vallalat) ~in Budapest. The basic-point network comprises twelve points of a primary ,nature and nineteen points of a secondary nature. The physical construction features of the individual basic points, the configuration of the network, .and the accuracies of the basic coordinates-were discussed and illustrated #by data in the form of drawings and tables'. The calculation techniques in-r--; ,valved in the_ de-sign of th ne_~work.we-~e -described -in detail.. Orig. art. has: JF~j 3 figures and 3 tables* S SUB CODE: 08, 10 / SUE1.1 DATE: none Card '1/1 9L-6-- WC: 528-323 cheruica I and nve a tigations of mrk a ~Iectric injury. At---un m-~rph. acza. sel. Hung. 13 no.1,311- f,.:r f,--.,rjJchllic'e Meei.,Jn r:f.r Medizirischell Univer- ~,tt,kL OUA-ek-lor; P-of. Dr. S. Olzrw), 6udapest. SubmitUd ll:-,rch 27, 1964, -77 CZECHOSL3VAKIA/General Problems - Methodology. Scientific A-i Institutions and Conferences. Instruction. Questions Concerning Bibliography and Scientific Documentation. Abs Jour : Referat Zhur - Khimiya, No 8, 1957, 25648 Author : Vladimir Sotornik. Inst Title : To Methods of Computation of Factors in Chemical Equations. Orig Pub : Prorod. vedy skole, 1956, 6, No 9, 809-815 Abstract : No abstract. Card 1/1 - 9 - SOT JWUK, V. Apparatus for measuring hydrodynamic pressure. P. 176, (Vodni Hospodarstvi) No. 7, July 1957, Praha, Czechoslovakia SO: 'elonthly Inlex of East European Acessions (ERAI) Vol. 6, No. 11 November 1957 CZECEOSLOW-IM-~ / Cosmochomistry, Goochomistry, Hydrochemistry. D .).bs Jour : Rrif Zhur - hhim., No 15; 1958, No 49863 -,utho r --S_otornik, Vladimir 111st : Cvochosro-v-aV --caduk,, ~-t Sciences -4-tlc : Revision of Somo Natural Copper Sulfates. Orig Pub : Rozpr. CSLY, Ruda MPTI, 1957, 67, No 5, 1-66 ,.bstract : Exporimontal investigation of specimens of follo'.-ring mincrals from mincralo-ical collections was carried out usin- all available biblio-raphical material- copper phosphato ere (psoudomalachitc), olivo-groan malachite (olivonmalachit libothenito), psoudo-malachito, lunnito, libethonito, Dhos- phorochalcito (psoudomalachito); prasino (prazinachaljito psoudom--lachito), ohlitc, asphoroso, ypoloimo (psoudomala- chito), trombolito, co-,)por diasporo (kupfordiaspor = psoudo- malachito), dihydrito (psoudomalachitc), tagilita,.pho~pho- chalcito (phospharochalcito = psoudomalachite), psoudolibo- Card JJS CZECffOSLOWM.',/Xuclvrr Fhysica - Nucloor Powur tn,,l Ti~chnolop;y C-8 Abs Jour aof Zhur - Fiziko, No 11, 1958, No 24867 !,uthor -�otornik Vlndi.--!ir Inst Not-ZE,-rcff-~ Title Frocc~sos Occurring in Atunic Rocctors. Orig Pub Frirod. vedy skolo, 1958, 8, No 3, 204-213 Abstrect 1~o nbstract Cord !/I SUBJECT USSR / PHYSICS CARD 1 / 2 PA - 1944 AUTHOR VUL,B.M., SOTOV,A.P. The Surfac TITLE e D scharges on Electron-Hole Transitions. PERIODICAL ~urn.techn.fis.27,fasc.1,211-212 (1957) Issued: 2 / 1957 On the boundary of the electron-hole transition on the surface of the semi- conductor breakdown is complicated by a boundary effect. The surrounding medium is able to limit breakdown voltage considerably if on the surface of the diode "overlapping" (i.e. a surface discharge at a voltage that is lower than the breakdown voltage of the electron-hole transition in the interior of the semi- conductor) occurs. In the case of constructions encountered in practice the electron-hole transition is located in a gaseous medium at atmospheric - or lower - pressure. For gaseous media there exists a minimum breakdown voltage be- low which no electric breakdown can occur in this gas. For air the minimum breakdown voltage amounts to U min = 330 V and to this belongs also the value pd - 6, Here p denotes the pressure in mm torr and d - the distance between the electrodes in mm. In the case of diodes in which the breakdown voltage of the electron-hole transition in the interior of the sample is less than U min' over- lapping can therefore not occur at all gas pressures. On the other hand, over- lapping can prevent total utilization of the possibilities of the diode in the case of diodes in which the breakdown voltage of the electron-hole transition is more than U . . min 1. RABINOVICH, M.V.: SOTOV&. A. . 2. USSR (6oo) 4. Mouth - Diseases 7. Herpes zoster of the oral mucosa and of facial skin. Stomatologiia. no. 4, 1-952. 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, Februarl 1953. Unclassified. I r-sav, s-ariltetski puk~;l!:.ik, dr. -. i~-_! !_%, I .. , B(;~ - . ~i " TL ..- - r, rria 4; or, d!-. Vari~-ose veins of lower extrem ! ties ' 9-rialys '3 of 11200, casez). Vo-irosanIt. pregl. 21 !~. 76"~ I 1. P_rmJLJska bolnica, Beograd, Hirurske cdelJonje. SOTRA, Rar*o,, Inz. (Beograd., Kumanovaka 4) Present conditions and prospects for the further development of foundri4s in Yugoslavia. Tehnika Jug 17 no.9:.Suppl. Rudi.~stvb metalurg 13 no.9:1717-1721+ S 162. 1. Zam,enik generalnog direktora u Industriji motors. itraktora, HovI Beograd. GOIJJTVIIIA, A.N.,kandidat meditsinskikh nauk.,; IKOI-INIKOV, U.N.. ; ARALOVAf, Z.T.,; CIMMATINA, A.11.,; SOMFINSKAYA, T.B. Biomycin in the treatment of gonorrhea and nongonorrheal diseases of the urogenital system. Vest. ven.i derm. 6-,46-48 N-D 155. (MLRA 9:5) 1. Iz Sverdlovskogo oblastnog,) nauchno-isaledovateltakogo kozhao- venerologicheekogo instituta i oblastnogo diapansera (dir.-Icandidat meditsinakikh nauk A.V. Bakhireva; i.o. glavnogo vracha oblastnogo dispansers, N.P. Toporkov) (ANTIBIOTICS. ther. use biomycin, in gonorrheal & aon-gonorrheal dis. of urogenital system) (UROGNIIITAL SYSTEM, dis. ther., biomycin) (GOITORRHSA. ther. biomycin)) 3/680/61/000/020/002/0133 Act,ivation of Cu--.Si ... D204/D302 ele--trolytic ~40 (MO) --opper and C.,j/1 (Su' 1) ant-L.mony, by fusion in graphite boats at 1550_. 160000, without fluxes, and cortalned 3.10 or 20~o Cu and 0.00r,-, 0.0-1, 6.02 or 0.05% Sb.' Antimony was found to act as an activator when present in quantities "0.005%, in,~,reasing the yield -,A.5 times, a.nd as a catalyst poison in the range 0.01 - 0.05%. These results were confirmed by work with Ou.-SI ingots produced by (1) the experimental 'Giprotsvetmetobrabotkal wo--rkF and (2) an industrial non-ferrous metals plant. S. A. Gclub- t,~7ov, T. V. Trofimova and N,. P. Lobusevich aided the authors in 'I-he chemical part of the work, There are 1 figure,, I table and 4 re- ferencep,g 2 Soviet-bloc and 2 non-.Soviet-bloc. The referencee to the Ergli5h-language publications read as follows,- T~ Griffit-hs~ The I-IeOianiesm of Contact ca.talys:Le. p.p. 74-76, 1936; C. Audibert and A. 1.3,_-nan, IriJ. Rng. Chem., 20, 1105j 1925. Ca r 5- 2 ~ /2' ROKMAN, D.Ye.; REZNIKOV, Ye.Aj_�Mq G..A. ~ Determining miniymim data content for establishing norms for qualitative indices. Standartizatsiia 27 no.10:10-15 0 163. (MIRA 16-.11) I I 1UN 7 fl ROK11 D.Yo., lcand. toklui. lulll~; FEMOROV, V.I., inzi.; SOTS, G.A., Inl1h. Selecting the aini-mara radius of pipe in-nd ca pipe-bending =achines. Proizv. Lrub no.10;131--",--6 163. (!-f[,PA 17-,ICj) 5OT577-UXV1-C1, SOTSMIDOTOV, N.I. -- ~;--: ~ , - Interprovincial no.2:91 F '57. seminar* for school inspectors. Politekh.obuch.. Mak 10:5) l.Inspektor shkolftnisterstva prouve4shchenlys RSFSR. (School management and ormnization) 1I.N.: "";a-anrid sc'-iz,;threnia." Fin llealth USSR. Central f-.r the "varced TrFining of l-scow, 1956. (Dissertation for the Degree of Candidate in Yedical Sciences) So: Ynizhna: a LetoFis 1, lTo - 18, 1956 SOTSMCH, G.N. (Moskva) - ... ... --- --I .- Clinical dspects in delirium tremens of jealousy Trudy Gos. nauch.-issl, inst. pslih. 38:130-1" 163 NM 16:11) *11 (4. ad vifolisher r thr-~ W-- in, bi U2 3 -1-3 5 3 164. 17:12)" Tr~-chatl" rja llystavke dost4zheniy narod-nogo ~.Srva SOTS' KA, - Z. N. ................... Concentration of the active cubstance of Actinomyces globisporus Ilo.324. Mikrobiol.zhur. 19 no-3:51-55 '57. (MIRA 10:11) 1. Z Dnipropetrovalkogo medichnogo institutu. (ACTINOWUS, globisporus NO-324, concentration of antibiotics NO) (AIVIBIOTICS. determination, in Actinomyces globisporus Ho.324 (Uk))