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SOURCE CODM. U4 AUTHOR: Sots, Kh. N.; Fedorov, F. 1. ORG: none TITIZ: Singular points of the cross section curves of the surfaces of elastic W'M In crystals SOURCE: AN BSSR. WSW SMY& Mika-matemtrebiwkh naruk,, no. 3p 15"p 30T-3616 I TOPIC TAM: elastic mve,, elastic wdulus,, crystal lattice structures =75tal NYW metry ABSTRACT: The authors obtain equations for the sections of the wave surfaces by the MYMWtrY Planes for rhOMbiC.. hexagoM1j, tetragona,, add cubic crystals in a parametric form., and for arbitrary crystals in an impucit form,' and investigate the singular points of these sections. All the calculations are based on the fact that the sec- tions of purely transverse vaves by the symmetry'planes are ellipseso-and the equap.- tions for *the di:,Yerent symmitries are obtained by substituting the proper moduli of elasticity and other constants. The investigation of the sir4gular points, which has not been carried out by anyone before, is based on eliminating the angle variable from the parametric equations by =man of a coordinate transformation. It is shownp. In aaeamez* vith earlier results by one of the authors (Fedorovj, Teoriya upurgM voln Y kristallakh (Theory of M^xtic Waves in Crystals]., AvAmp x. 3X5) that the equation for the section of the wave surface by the symmtry V2AW in any crystal has . 1. 1. . .... I " . I ~ I .;~,~ QW 2121' . 1, 1 .~ I '. i : , :1 SOTSKAYA. M.N. ---------- Heating of penduline tit in southern Mr,scaw Prcvince. Ornitologlia no.7s488 065. (MIRA 18-:X") SCITSKAYA, V.P.; SMIRNOV, V.A. Chemical changes of starch due to cooking in the distilling industry. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; pishch. tekh. no.4:2-S-34 161. (MIRA 14:8) 1. Leningradskiy tekhnologicheskiy instit-ut, pishchevoy promyshlennosti, kafedra tekhnologii spirta. (Starch) (Distillation) SOTSKAYk, V.P.; SNIRNCYV, V.A. Effect of the pH during the thermal processing of grains on the losses of fermented carbohydrates and the Aeld of aleohol. Izv, vys. v~cheb. zav.; pishch. tekh, -no,2:93--~98 163. (NIRA 16:5) 1. Ieningradskiy mezhotraslevoy nauchtio-issledovatellskiy I institut pishchevoy promyshleimosti, laboratoriya tekhnologi-I spirta. (Distillation) SOTSKAYA, V.P.; SMIRNOV, V.A.; TIKHOMIROVAY, L.Ya. Effect of pH on alcohol yield in the thermal treatment Of crushed raw materials. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; pishch. tekh. no.6:67-69 163. (MIRA 17:3) 1. laningradakiy nezhotrasisvoy nauchno-issledovatellskiy -. institut pishchevoy promyshlennosti, laboratoriya. tekhnologli spirta. V. L. Sannitsiva " arDitln-7.nykhi DVtyt,riy-v 1, Nosityelyey. llrachyeb kh No S'D 317-11c L~~Tlld~!S TIC. '113 S~' TSKA'YA, Z. it. SOT-ISKICYlt, Z. A.: "The stimlating (-,f fect of -.old on certain functions of mcrobes producing antibiotics." Odesqa St-te Medical Inst imeni N. 7. Pirogov. Odes!~a, 1956. (Dissertation for the Degree of Doctor in Medical Sciences.) Source: Kriizhnaya le-top-is'- ,To LO 1956 Moscow SOTSKAYA, Z.A.,,, Doc Med Sci -- (diss) "Concerning t-le -~ - W, In certain functions of stimulating a of cold 611-V microbes of antibiotics." Kharikov, T' 1958, 16 up. (Kharikov State Nei, nst) 230 copies (KL, 39-58, 111) 59 GROKOV, A.S., prof., doktor med.nauk,,, 130TZMA Z.A., dotsent, red.; GORITSIAYA, V.I., dotsent, red.; K~ I., neuchnyy aotrudnik, red.; BADAYKV, D.A., [Problefas in the im-imology, microbiology, and epidemiology of intestinal infections] Voprosy Immmologii, mikrobio'logii i epidemiologii kishechnykh infektail. Dneprope~~ovskq 2959. 256 p. (KiRA 14:z). 1. Dnepropetrovskly nauchno-inaledovatellskiy institut epidenio- logii, mikrobiologii i gigiyeny Im. N.F.Gamaiaya. .2. Dire"or Dnepropetrovskogo neuchno-iseledovatellskogo inntituta epidemlo- logii, mikrobiologii i gigiyany im. N.F.Gamaleya (for Gromov). (INTESTINES-DISMSM) GORGIYEV~ T.B.; SOTSKJIDII.-Z.A., 14icrobe forms resistant to antibiotics. Vrach. dolo no, 3:125 Mr 161. (MIRA 14:4) 1. Dnepropetrovskiy institut epidemiologiiv mikrobiologii i gigiyeny. (STAPHYLOCOCCUS) (ANTIBIOTICS) E-11RICUM"~INIJ), S.S. iz;ll.; YESIKOV, A.S., in?A-i.; SUIP~~EIY, A.11, Y-izh 'li.Y il. 31MUTH, A.A. , inzh.; VESELOll, Yu.A-.-- Deepeni ng the shaft of the Kc-nintern iline. halclit. stroi. I 0 no.7:20-2-4 Jl 162. (1,MU 15-7) upravlenip No.2 tnasta `-' ::'~szshaklita- proldiodIr'. (for flikolayr-riko), 2. Yxivorozhski-.r ftili- m-uchno-isoledovatellskago i-nstituta or-anizatsi-i z;,-;al-"itnoj;o stroitellstva (for YesIlcov, Sotshly., voselov). (Krivoy Rog Basin-413haft sinking) YES`KOV~ Anat--'iy sp-menovich- MAKSIMCHUK Aleksey Arssentlyevich; KAZAKETICH Eduard Veniardnrjvich; _�g:TS~IY. Ananiv ,~~14~94qvich- TREGUBOV, Vitaliy Anatol sye,.rich; SOUIN, Mikhail Samcy-'1-jvi.,:h,, FEW-R'OV, S.A.9 prof.;, dcktor tekhn. nau-Kr retserzent [Short haDlbcok -,n shaft, deepening) Kratkii spravochnik po uly.11jUe stvo!~~v shakh-t. Vaskva, Nedrr., 1965. 1,75,p. (MIRA 18:8) SOMISKIYY B. A.: Master Ph.lrn-Math Sci (diss) -- "Th" molecular theory of the --l. -- - - - Complete reflection of light". NUnnk, 1958. 1? pp (Bel.OXIISB 9tate Tj Im V. T. Lenin) (IM, 1-10 5, 1959, 143) 55-1- 4 13/ 3C AUTIJ ORS: LS--ot-skiy, and Fe-dorciv, F.I. TITD~: ole~aar Theox-y of Reflection and Refrac.-tion of Light. I. Light Tn,-.idenju- from Vacuitm or-to an Isotropic Mediua. (K mc..'-eIa----1yar-r.L;--Y te(--:ri-i otrazheniya i prelom'Leniya s-jeta. I. Padeniye, s-,im'Va 1z -7aI-xLma na 4:_zctropulayu sred,,. ) PBAIODICAL: Opt.ika I Spekctrosl~'I-ol:dya, 2.958, Vci.IVv 'Nr-3, pp. .36-'3--3?2 (USSR). ABS-2EkCT Molecular theory of and refraction of light in isotropic. inedia was developed b'7 Ewald, Esmarch, Oseen, Lundblad and cjtliar~~ (Refs 1-1-18). This the o----y is based on the foilnwim- assumptions, Und--r the action cf an eler;troluagnetic incident ficm vacuum -r'.,-J the r~,--ecliuL- mi~].~;cula.-, d4c.Ds are ex,;ited into a - .7 state. of vibTaticr-,~-- :,:ind emit secondavy wa-ves. D:,,'th the in,-,idlent and Se3u:dary waAres obey 1-iiamvell's eqa a t I o n Sl)-pe--T-csitior- cf all the via-',es and ~-I-f the Tvvave gives t-he -efr-a --ed '---va-vre the and the --:-If:flected 1--i-, MT cul --i- --,ecry has a niumber lh-j,s Card 11-A -3-13/1-; 0 Lolecular T; ecry z~f Re 'Ie cn and lief r*a (-,t or- c, f LJ lormulae fc;.r tiie L;er-er-ai case c,f ln,:,idence a3.e c~btained- en2j in. a --u by using the method pproximate f c of Oseen and Lundblad (Ref .10-12). In none 3f the papers an the molecular theory cf reflection and refraction is the case of total refle,tion of light dealt with. The pTesent paper is an attempt to develop a more compIete and exaot molecular theory o:,.' reflection and refractioni including in pa:rticular-t'ie case of total reflection. All the main relationshi::)s (such as the relationship between the iefractive indl.*IX and polarizability, -the q:-.en-,~hing theory off, Oseen, Frcsnel~s formnlae) are obtained exa-'tly and in a comparatively simple, way. The present authors also generalize Oseen's -.1heory ie-c-) the oase of non-homogen-3cus wave s . The paper is enti-rely U:Leoistioal. There are 2 fi6ures and 21 ieferences., of whicI 14 are German, 4 Soviet, 2 Englisb and 1 a translatlL~-.-n of Born's "Optics" 111t0 Russian. ASSOC IAT-1 ON-. Be'.ooussiari State University (Be--1.-1rL:.sski-.7 Card 2/3 6osudarst-v--unyy ujai--.Tersi:tet.) 5-1-- 4 -3-13/1;-o Molecular Theory of 11-Reflection and Refracticr- of Light. J-- SUB~JTTED; May 4, 195"?. 1. Light-fteflection-Theory 2. Light-Rt~fraction--Theery 3. Light-FropWtiv;;i-Thsory Card '.V*; . I -kTJ TH ORS Sotiflciy, B.A. and Fedorov, F.I. 0/ On the Lolecular Theory of Reflectlion and Refra~-Ion- of light. IT (K molokulyarnoy teorii otrazhenlya i prelomien-iya svota) II, Light Incident on the Boundary 3etwean an Isatroplu- Kedilum and Vacuwa or Another Isotropic Medium. Total Refle..-tion. (II. Padeniye sveta na granits-a izotropnoy srody a vaLcuum"T Ili s drugoy izotropnoy sredoy. Polnoye otrazhe,-iye) Q PERIODICAL: Optika i Spektroskopiya, 1956, Vol 5, Nr 1, pp 5.7-65 (USSR) ABITPACT: In the preceding part of this woric (Ref 1) the authcra c3asiderad the caas of an infinite plane monochromatic electromagnetic wave incident from vacuum on to an iaotropic medium. The present paper gives the molecular lk'--ory of reflec-~ion and refraction of light at the boundary of two media, of vhich the first consistas cf molecular dipoles and the second is vacuum or consists of dipoles of another type. The molecular theory of total refleution is given. Card 1/2 It is found that, under certain conditions, the vaovwn .-;ave vihi ch SOV/51-5-1-10/19 On the Molecular Theory of Reflectica a-.4 Refraotion of Light. 11. UiS4t Incident on the Boundary Between an Isotropic Mediem and Vacuum or Another Isotrooic Medium, Total Reflecticn. appears as the result of superposition of primary waves produced by vibrations of dipoles, may be damped in spite of the faab that the dipole vibraticns are undamped. This is the convei7se of the -base discussed in Part I -(Ref 1) 'where a damped dipole wave produced an undamped va=-am vave. There are 3 fikpires and 5 referen;-,as , 2 of vihich are Soviet, 1 translation of a Wastern. work- Into Russian, 1 German and I Engliqh- ASSOCIAT ION -Beloruaskly Scsudarstvennyy univeraitot ( Belorusalan State University) SUEUTTED: Auguat 1-9, 1957 (;a rd 2/2 1. Light - Reflection 21. Light - Refraction 3. Light - Pblecular theory SOTS~Iyj P, A~ Molecular theory of the refraction of light in cryst4ils- Opt. i spektr. 11 no.2!229-236 Ig 161. (K= 14:8) Molecular theory) ft"tal optics) i GONCHAREINKO. AAM.; SOTSKIY, B.A. Condition of self-excitation in a plane-parallel layer. DokI. All BSSR 6 no-4.223-225 Ap 162, (NDU 15.4) 1. Institut fiziki Ali ESSR. Predstavleno akademikom AN BSSR B.I.Stepanovyrq. (Optics., Physical) 0 S/250/62/006/005/003/OD7 1024/1224 AUTHORS: ~ki -P. AAnd Goncharenko, A. M. TITLE: Electromagnetic field of a plane-parralet layer in conditions of self-excitation PERIODICAL; Akademiya nauk Belaruskay SSR. Doklady, v. 6. no. 5, 1962, 297-300 TEXT: This paper is a continuation of: A. M. G(,ncharenko and B. A. Sotskiy, DAN USSR, 6, no 4, 1962, A system of equations is written for the normal and parellel components of electromagnetic fields, propaga- ting inside and outside an active plane-parallel layer. These equations contain the refraction angle and di-- electric constants. Expressions are given for the electric and magnetic fields inside the layer and also for the time and phase averaged energy density and Poynting vector. For the lait two a definite dependence of the dielectric constant on the radiation density is assumed. An agreement is claimed between numerical values characterizing the system of rings actually observed on a screen (T. H. Maiman and otheirs, Phys. Rev 123. 1151, 1961) and those predicted by the present paper. There is one figure. ASSOCIATION: Institute fiziki AN BSSR (Institute of Physics AS BSSR) SUBMITTED: March 14, 1962 Card 1/1 KHAFALYUK, A.P.; STEMOV, B.I.; SOTSKIY., B.A. Electromagnetic field in a plane-parallel lepr w3der self- excitation. Opt.i spektr. 13 no.2&282-285 Ag 162. (KIRA 15:11) (Optics, Physical) GCVGHARENKO, A.M.; SOTSKIY, B.A.; FEDOROV, F.I. Self-excitation of a plane-parallel anisotropic layer. Kristallo- grafiia 8 no.l.-47-50 Ta-F'63 (MIRA 17M 1. Institut fiziki AN Beloruaskoy SSR. AID Lr. 9-93-3 7-9 June SE T07 LF-EXCITATA \T COINDITIONS FOR A PL-~NE-PARALLB,L CAYSTAL- LINTE PT TE (USSR) A Sotskiy 33- ard. A. M. Goncharenko. Kri's tallografi3ra,: Vs no, 2 17%~.LaApr 7 2 1 3 0. S/070/63/008/0'02/01 /oil The " 'Yn--m ic ecufllibri~m of monochromatic phLne waves inside and outside a pl-----lo-parallel anisotropic plate bou-nded by an opaque metallic -iay'er on one su---face a serni- er is consi transparent layer on the oth 'dered in; the absence of exterral incident radiation. Such equilibrilim can be established only in n1Z t-~s wil:h a neaalive, absorption coefficient. For fhfe genei~*al case,... eight waves described by eight equations, each having its ovrn, absorption Caxd ~/2 'D ~3-3 19 June S E L_-- - E ]K'C _1T-3 _NTCONDITITONS (Cont.) s/070/63/008/00~/012/61:7 However: thio 'specific factor and -ref-"active index,r-nust be consilde're,d. ca~; --.n- is reduced to two Independent sets of fdui-- eqti4tions: each' desc_-ihin~;- generation of ordinary and extraordinary wave's i t*i, zi;~ I ate cu-~ fronaa--nonaxial crystal of mean syngoi Iiy,perpen6icula'Pf~ to th6 optical a_xlz~ 11ach set of _-quations is considered separately, and.0scillAtion condi.' tions are cl e-rived by setting the determinant of each set equ~al to zero. - Con'4 d-t4on'-s fcr the existerice of non-zero solutions yield the osd'illation:: conditions 04' e-raordinarv %Ajaves. It is noted that emi8sion in.differ~nt dir;e`ctions with- (BB] P. thu plaic: roust be polari,_,ed differ ently. (1)/BDS/EEC(b) -2-AF.'VTr,/ASD/ L 9879-63 EWT ESD-3/SSD--GG/IJP(C) ACCESSION NR: "3000786 S/0070/63/PW/003/0471/0473 AUTHOR: Petrov, N. S.; Goncharer-ko, A. M.; Sotskly, B. A* q layer in the presence of; TITLE- Oscillation of a plare parallel anisotrapic total reflection SOURCE: Yxistallogra-fiya., v- 8, 3, 1903, 41,473 TOPIC TAGS: o3cillatian, plane -paxallel laye;r ,aniso-6iopic ~nledium, 1 coefftclent of absorption ABSrMAG-T; Oscillation ixi a plw,~e -Parallel mnisci-txopi~.- `,-*~je lj~~vhich elec-L-amagnetic vaves are propagated. obliqUely 4~ ,the:] er!i sur ZX faces i's a na "yzed withiz, the framewcirk of linear optics. Two cases are.' considered: 1) osaillation in- the presence of total reflect- ic)n, rather th-4m oscillation. Ln a layer wlith r-etal coatings oz,-, both sides, and 2) osnillAtidn with total, reflection taking place at a simg~e inte-rface an. It is sh6m.that :Ln the. ly. case a stable oscillatian regime cannot be attairied fbil either The ordinary or the extraordinaxy wwres without resorting in, bigh.'en;erar densities- Card 1/2 - - - - - - - - - - 5/051/63/014/001/018/031 E032/9514 AUTHOR: Sotskiy., B.A. TITLE: Oseen$s extinction theorem'for metals and Optically-` active isotropic media 1,- 1963,- 112-116 no, PERIODICAL: Optilca i spektroskopiya, v.14* TEXT: The propagation of ~electromagnetic waves. in 'the4 'free`:' 'electron gas in a metal is considered*assuming that 1) each electron executes a simple harmoni6-o9cillation-under the ac.tion~, of the field, 2) the waves are - transverse, and 3) tfi Ose'en c theorem holds for the system (Ann'. Phys., 48, 7, 1915).. Subj ti- to these assumptions it in shown that by it'dnaidering the intor:c't 115n, of the electromagnetic wave with the Xreo-electron gas,'.itis possible to obtain the usual, Fr-esnel reflection form*u'lAe Sok a metal. The analysis holds for wavelengths in excess of and in the region of the normal skin effect.-The analysis isl- then applied to the case of an optijpaliy-a4flye isotropic m6dium-.-, in a vacuum and expressions are deriveckitor"Itherrefracted atid reflected waves. 'The restilts-are identical with the usual phenomenological.expressions,.i.e..macroscopic solutions of, Card 1/2 % Oseen's extinction theore"rd ... S/951/61/014/001/018/0311~ P E032/E514 .2. Maxwe I 1s equations,so tfidt the,present anslysis in effect provides a"wolecularfoundation'for these re's'ults. The Oseen extinction theorem is thi~x found to, have a very.; wide range -of,.---'-f'..-~--,_ applicability and it is concluded that it may*bi regarded the fundamental and univer~sal result determ'lnin! the behaviour. of an electromagnetic wa,~e~ at the boundary Oietwien two arbiiialry'.1 media. SUBMITTED: November 4 '1961 N Card 2/2 45079- s/o5i/63/014/001/019)(031: 2 Z032/B514 U, AUTHORS: Bokut B. V. alwd Sotskiy, .8.,A. TITLE: Transinission'of light through an,dptically active absorbing.plate PERIODICAL: Optika i spelctroskopiya, y. 114, no.1, 1963, 117-120 TEXT: The radiation is-assumed. to be at normal inci'derice ~on a plane-parallel optically-isotropic active 'Abnorbing plate of thickness d placed in-an isotropic medi!4m.witfi a index n. Tjie reflectio.tis from both surfaces' are taken into, account. It is shown that the reflected and transmitted field: are in general elliptically polarized.If the incident wave is' circularly polarized, then double refractio'n will be absent Bin a 11 the waves will have the same polarization as the incident wave. if the-ine'ident.wave is plane polarized,, then the transmitted wave will also be linearly polarized but'Its pjane of polarization will be rotated through an-angle 1/2 k daL where Ic is the wave number in vacuum andt~- is the optical; activity coefficiento=fl;,4~.The reflected 'wav~'*will be elliptich4lyt~ polarized with the ratio of the. semi-axe's given by' Card 1/2 Transmission of light through ... s/o5i/63/014/001/019/0311, E032/E514 np 2) n M b c; a 2 2 2 n 11 0 where n' and x are tbe, refractive index 'and'absor:ption 0 coefficient of the plate,,,respectively.' and Ip .= kcx.'. These -tax-s-re I DI aequation~;`subject to results are obtaineel'by solving the appropriate boundary qonditions.. The-paper coricludes with a molecular interpretation ofthese results in~tekms of the C. W. Oseen theorem (Ann. Phys., 48, 7, 1915). . The~molecular treatment yields the same results a- the .11macros.-copic solution" of the Maxwell equations~ SUBMITTED: November-30, ig6i Card,2/2 STEPANOV., B.I.; GONCHARENKO, A.M.; IVANOV, A.P.; SAWON, A.M.; SOTSKIYP B.A.; KHAPALYR, A.P. Generation of radiation from an infinite plane-j*ranei layer, Izv.AN SSSR.Ser.fiz, 4 no.4s460-465 Ap 163. (MA 16:4) (Masers) (Electric resonators) ACCESSION NR: Ap4o44254 S/0250/64/008/007/0438/0440 AUTHOR: Sotskly, B. A.; Goncharenko, A. M. T;TLE: Diffraction of partially coherent light SOURCE: AN BSSR. Doklady,*, v. 8, no- 7, 1964, 438-44o TOPIC TAGS: physical optics, dielectric resonator, light dIffraction, partlally~ coherent light ABSTRACT: An attempt has previously been made to calculate the diffraction of partially coherent light at a narrow slit, given an exponentially decreasing co- herence function. Since the implicit assumption that the latter satisfies the wave equation is not satisfied, the results obtained are doubtful. in tile presents paper, the calculation is made for a coherence function of the form (sin X)LX where cc is the coherence interval. The diffracted intensity found does rlot giffer,; greatly from that for monochromatic light when Zalct Is small, where 2a Is the width _of the slit. When this ratio Is large, the divergence of the-radiation is I.A /211ct, independent of the slit width, as confirmed by experiment. For dielectri * C' resonators this angle will be several tens of minutes. It Is not known how well i he coherence function fits the case of a dielectric resonator; however, It satls-'~ Lt.i.qs,~~e wave equation, decreases with Increasing distance between,the points cone's 7 ACCESSION NR: Ap4o44254 sidered and probably does not give results differing greatly from those given by other functions satisfying these criteria. "The author acknowledges the Interest of Prof. 0. 1. Stepanov and 8. Bo Boyko In his work." OrIg. art. has: 1 flqure and 9 formulas. ;ASSOCIATION: Institut fizIkI AN BSSR (Physics Institute, All OSSR) SUBMITTED: 28Feb64 -ENCL:: 00 JSUB CODE: OP NO REF SOV: 001 OTHER: 006 Card _2/2 ~A, !j -WFOP _,Izt L 23062-65 EWG(J)/EWA(k)/FBD/W(i~)/EiIT(i)/EtC(k~)-2/*(t~/ /&C(b) RWA EWATM 2TE (h Pf44/Pi-4/?1-4/ft,,4i/Pn-4/Pa-4/Pa~t1 1W ACCESSION HR: AP5003373 I./oz~ 4 F, o- AUTHOR: Goncharanko, A, Hs; fliotski B.; Ao TITLE: Oscillation of 4 cylinder vi:th a circulor crbvs sectio'n s6d i- sphere SOURCE., AN HSSR,, Doklady, V4 as noq~ 11V 1964, TOPIC TAGS: oscillation, generation:, tss ser.$ lasiar *(:~t~on osci It otiam',. mode, oscillation condition AbSTRACT: A theoretical', conduc,ted ~aii: 13tim;ulated e MI 13 on of a cylinder with a circular cross section and: A spiie~!A: SLh~e ihL problem is actually equivalent to lia,dLng mo'des; F-pr ~gl~ Ly e'n caL4 L ~Y~ . .resonators, the authors use general solutio'1139 ofil,vax4e-11 s eq~itidas t i IF for the cylinder and the sphere. Under ~~the: assui~p an;! tha t ~ tfi~, ir 'd of the cylinder and the sphere are finite !Isymptotid' Oessel aid Hank4i- functions are used in the solutions. The tif'o daces dereCar~ ohsi those for which the mode number is low an: -the m6de wi4abeis &Z.4 of 'th-i order of the absolute value of the wave num4er times jt6e; iadI4~ of, th--.14; Card 1 / 2 ACCESSION HR: AP5003373 sphere or the cylinder. It is shown' thit the q4flactbri,is higher kor~ igher modes. Therefore, for the:gi'ven -g'eometr#1 ti h ~m`lated eM~Lssjon of higher modes should be observed, 1 In-Casi of ithlighd-r~ mode eml~ a s L on the index of refraction of the activd-medium Ld ~~"'e n gr ate;t "ths, t6at of the surrounding medium. Therefore, both in the 'idAse !al ~the spo.ere a ri to the ~n:4 o waves the cylinder an effect analogous scatteri i *- nea~r the critical angle takes place and the energy ii~ radiaie:d. primirkly in~. the direction tangential to the surf ace,lz- This eff,ectica'us6s a~dftt energy losses and a decrease off the Q-fa6tor. tt.:; isiipo` Lnted out ;that~ such losses are absent in gaseous lasers 'and alio'An !t~e~ presence :6 f a dielectric along the sides of the 6ylLhder witl~an liddex of ~ ie fiaC- adium, Oria": ;k 0-~ tion higher than that of the active' m art' Ji' st 0 ........ .. . AC=31CM 810521WO161003103131OW AMCR: fttzws, No go; Ae Xe; SOMIdyp S. A;.;! T=: Concerning In a plane-parallal s3L*b In the ynm~ ar total reflectIca SM=: OpUkL I spekbrookoplya,, v. 16, no. 3, 19S4, 53.3-516 TOM %W: 1wer, ]=or cscdLIUtAcnO stimxIatea gmeraticn, self-miftacu'p laser slab,, plme-para.Uel slAb., reflectica,, laser slab reflection ABSOUT: Under the usual coaditims of SeneratIm (laser oscIllatbicn) in a p2mp., p=-allel s2nba, energy Is mItted throuGh =& or both faces (Sivem a suMeUnt tbickmess of the metallic coating on the other); that is,, uaer ecadIticam In ,&ich Dart cC the emerMr Is lost due to absoz7bicae This can be mrodded IbV Wari& Ins for ccmplets reflect.1cm by bevelllnZ at least cme of Ue and faces to the Angle of total reflectica. Thus,, the stI=LU:te& mission froa a. sSbariwa speci. mcm 6baerved by C. Be Garxet, W, raiser, and W. L. Bcmd (Bzyzftvv124,v2WTp -_ ) may lba- expladned by Increase cC the reflectica coe=cImt &+, now -total refur.. Cwd, ACCEWION NR: A4020966 Of electromagnotiia waves In a plane-parallel slab under conditions of total refloc-' tion. The approach is solution of the Maxwell equations with the appropriate boun- 'dary conditions; an analogous problem was solved earlier by two of the authors (A. M.Goncharanko and B.A.Sotskiy,DAN BSSR,6,223,297,1962), and the expressions for'the. condition necessary for self-excitation are taken from thaw papexa, By separation of Ithe real and imaginary parts and introduction of the Presnel reflection coakficled%, the conditions for self-excitatica in a plane-parallel slab are derived In the case of total reflection from both facas. Analysis ct the expressions shown thst?f ~ :self-excitation is impossible if the imaginary component of the dielectric constant' .(i.e.,the negative absorption) Is smaller than zero, that is, in the region of Un-: ear optics; however, the energy density in the layer may build up to the point vbm, in the limit the medium becomes transparent and self-excitation becomms possible (but, of course, no radiation can be extracted without violating the condition for total reflection). The equations are also extended to the case of a slab with total: reflection only at one face; in this case self-excitation (laser oscillation) be- !comes possible in the region of linear optics. The condition for generation Is af- fected primarily by the value of the ordinary Presnel reflection coafficlent. "ne authors are grateful to F.I.Pedorov and B.v.solatte for their Interest ja the work." 2l.formulas and 2 figures. 2/$ emu I ACCESSION NR: AP40107 3/0020/64/154/ 57 AUTHORS: Sotskiyp B. A.; Goncharenkop A. Me TITLE: On the condition of electromagnetic waves generation In a d6uble-layer crystal SOURCE: AN SSSR. Do%lady*9 v. 154P no- lo 19"P 91-93 TOPIC TAGS: photon generator, electromagnetic waft, crystal# uni- axial crystal, crystal self-excitatift, laser, double-layer crystal ABSTPRACT: The previous work of the authors (Kristallograxlys. S. 47 1963) which dealt with an ideal homogeneous crystal Layer Is ex- tended to a parallel plans cry3tallins plate consisting of two layers of equal thickness of uniaxial crystals with an arbitrarily oriented optical axis. This represents the simplest'model of an actual Crystal which has a nonuniformity of the refractive index and of the absorption coefficient. For the derivation of the condi- tions for generation (self-excitation), In the absence of external radiation, the Maxwell equations are saved with'the boundary can. 1ditions at the three separation planes. The results ohmathat Wn Card 1/2 ACCESSION NR: AP4010757'-"' conditions of generation In a double layer are considenkbly ljore complex than those in a uniform layer. Small deviationa from'Val- formity have very little effect on the generation of the ordinary wave. The extraordinary wave Is affected more. "The authors are grateful to Prof. F. 1. FedorOT for a useful discussion of the results. i Orig. art. has: 1 FIg=v and 12 Equations. ASSOCIATION: Institut fisiki AkadeMli n&Uk SM Phiflaa Academy-of ScIencessnW. I SUBMITTED: OlApr63 DATS ACQs 10F064 INCL: 00 SUB CODE: PH MR PJW 307t 003.; t 0102 Card 2/2 7-: -L 45567-61.5-- - EWA(k)A_, ,w/EwG(j)/EwT(-j-)/ - g0A Ak(k F_ WA (m F-2TE- WA (h) PM-4/Pn-4/Po-4/Pf-4/Pt-7/P* P 'S P1 ACCESSION MR: 061 AP5031 J Croncharenlw,, A, K Sotgklr~, 16. AO -AUTHOR. th itA; TITLE: Contribution to1he~~ e( MT a a And ikii*-'', T6 J SOME t M MRe Dokl&T~rx v. 99 no 41, lq%sl 0241.0 TOPIC TAGS: laser arwityp dielectric "vi fiber '"VityV (We 1w rea loss the- out first that ni4aect:of 1-0-ft ABSTRACT: The authors point n Sidi -too gee 6t e the cb~.- vmUs of laser cavities is not Suotfied i -ee !to th served distribution of radiation intensItk1n.'dielegirl, 5V _X9 1 . -distribution 6btai ned-4a -optical-- fiber cavitle thir-themk fairly well. developed. They therefore extend.the resultic obt Abers io derive some information on the properties af 11idite 4W."i-atridi'lia :i&ri, ciaxltbis without solvi.M the baund=7 value problem. It lit ohmm: t fi6n~ infinite cylinder,, the field inside a finite cylinder cad; be. msed!ln W%x 6*f A at' position of cylindrical vaws traveling In beft4ir!ctic" &41 th6 4ilmer axis. the ezt fleIA-zazu-be, datqwvihx~; AM-4 t AS WIN Do SUM o4Aj;rA NO M 5": 003.- A7; 7- 7-- 7~ i?:- i --- -- - II F L 1983-66 E7v/T(1)/3dA(h) F1 -ME-9 MSI 0 NNR: AP5017693 UR/0250/65/009/006,,0360/03t.3". AUTHORS: Goncharenko, Sotskly, B. A. TITLE: Contribution to the theory of a dielectri,c,circular resonator.~,,.,-,I~ ~SOURCE: AN BSSR, Doklady, v. 9, no. 6 1966, 36o~-363 !TOPIC TAGS: resonator, dielectric material, laser*: opti'' laser, pumping 7 :ABSTRACT: This is a continuation of an earlier P o ap r DAN. BSSWY 9 -no. 4, 1964), In which generalTorm-0as were deriVe'd fan'the ene~r ,of a finite resonator and for the energy losses. The pr6sent pap: ideals in greater detail with the properties of dielectri.16 circula(r., ;resonators in the case when the critical resonancelcondift6ri cah~be' I 'satisfied for cylinders of finite length, and wheni~the~16:*sses thitougffi :the resonator ends are replenished (negatIve absorptlon' or amplifica- .tion). It Is shown that with Increaoing radial propagation conatant 1 ;the total energy and the energy flux through the resonator ends. d6-~ It Card 1/2 L 1981,-66 jACCESSION NR: AP5017693 ~crease rapidly, so that nonaxial modes begin to pre,dominate.. This ,explains, In particular, the occurrence of divergence In laser beams .It Is deduced from the analysis that at minimum pump energy, th re 8 'hold) only lower axial modes should appear, and that.an4ncrease:In :the pump energy Is accompanied by the appearance of'nionaxial modes, which must be suppressed to limit the beam divergence. ',The authors ,thank Professor B. 1. Ste,-)ationcLitor a discussion of the results.' This' ~report was presented by B. I. Stepanov. Orlg,,art.~fias:, 6 formulasi; MSOCIATION; Institut fIzIk1 AN B88R (Physics InstituteAN jBSSR) i 1) ODEs up ~:SUBMITTED: 05Jun64 ENCL: 00 S1 0 M REP SOVtV 003 OTHER: 005. !Card 2)t2 T 7 a L 6189?-65 AT(d)/D-FD(1)/T/EE P Ij ACCESS 7--uk/061/001066 01306*i4d: ION NR: AP5017906 5 3 5 .1112 . 0 6;1!;. 1. AUTHM SotBkly, B. A. On the possibility of determining the .-oher6iace -~f 4ncti TITLE, 0 'observations of diffraction ptil-d- i spektraskoplya vj --1:9 ,SOURCE: 0 t lar'. TOPIC Ti%GS., coherence function, opticai diffractitup:0 d ern, cobearence, diffraction .patt !G10TMW`i', Tri vj-,~w of the. great di.ffictilties 11'nt6ilp-d in an, tion. of the coherence function, the author a Prp ~ . - , t1he diffraction patternOt- o this: end- I 1V A 17ir the intensity distribution in the foceLl plane- of a 1~ms pUtcad-:Q d- n'd the';4lit'.1. ille validity o.--' this approach is demonstrate(I by an analyaii~6f t foiwula for tliej, interisity of light having a specified coherence i'unction awl:!~rliffriic;te4 by a;,Aitj`i i which i-s a Fredholm integral equation of the first kin& relat:lve coherence function. An analytic solution for the coheren: ce -functioni ~-(~~itain~d,~ fkcm thts~ dn- fu-d tegral equation, is preserrLed, and it is shown'that to tbe, coherence a tion it is sufficient to measure the values of the ligttt itxt~isitylitni iL discrerte J-i set of equidistant points. "The author thanks B -L Stvoa-n6~-,i B. ;b.j&ykQ A.1 andh Khamal~i& for a useful discusaicin. ort1r. 1~9 for- 1 nu I a [;02 Curd 1 2 T 7 -717--7-F, L 61897-65 ------ - ACCESSION NR: AP50179o6 ...... p!7. :-ASSOCIATION: none SUB1111TED 2lDec64 E[ICL:: 00 ODE:t SI op ;NO MF SOV: 002 01M, "R 003 PRES 4W~9 ATP it Card 2/2 7~ E L 8106-66 E IVIA (k )/FqP/ 4M~ k SCMAJ 'ACCESSION NR: AP5027672 UR/0051/651619/065 810791; 621- -Y15-9:535-000 :AUTHOR-. Sotskiyl B. A.11 0oncharenko, A, M.4y TITLE: Connection between the coherence of radiatiori and the nuiber.of modes ."I jquantiLm generator ISOURCE: Optika i spektroakopiya, v. 19, no. 5, 1965, 788-791 23 iTOPY. TAGS: L A5 rR AADnIrldo .quantum generator, laser theory ABSTRACT: On the basis of the classical theory of coheren~~:(ik. i6 and E. Wolf, rn "Principles of Optics#', NY, 1959), the degree of coherencelof radiation in a quan- I ~tum generator is evaluatedand its connection'with the number of:generated modes tis determined. It is assumed that the radiation field of th~a quant um,generator iconsists of N planar harmonic modes having different frequelicies.and directions of 'propagation but identical (unit) amplitudes; also the eledtfomagnetio field is ~considered in a scalar approximation. It is found thab under stationary conditi6nal ;the radiation is entirely coherent, when only one mode is generate'd.*** Both spatial-. !and time coherences rapidly deteriorate as the number of gefieratedmodes increases# iUnder nonstationary conditionsp the radiation field of a lader is partially d0he, t ;the degree of 'coherence again depending on N. IfThe airLhorB wish toUank Card 1/2