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Y L 47409-66 9-4Y(j)-_-IJELc) M ACC NR, (A) SOURCE CODE: CZ/0009/66/000/006/0348/0354 AP602P'106 AUTHOR! Soucek,. Jaroslav; Vasatkoira, Jirina; Cadersky. Ivan ORG: Research Institute for Macromolecular Chemistry, Brn Vyzkumnyustav 04 makrofn-ole"rni ch;'m-iel TITLE: Identification and determination of mixtures of phenolic 4jjtjgAwAwïż½ and UV absorbers in polypropylene by differential spectrophotometry in ultraviolet N'~' SOURCE: Chc-micky prumysl, no. 6, 1966, 348-354 and appropriate inserts preceding p. 319 TOPIC TAGS: phenolic antioxidant, polypropylene ABSTRACT: A procedure is reported for spectrophotonietric identification and determination of small amounts of phenolic antioxidants and UV-absorbing sub- stances in polypropylene. An optimal solvent for extraction has been chosen and the precision of the direct photometric determination of the ratios of both campo- nents contained in the mixture has been evaluated. A suitable chromatographic 1/2 UDC: 679. 576. 32 679.5.04 L 47409-66 X6C-N--R-: AP-6-0-2-8-3-0 (*-,-) I separation procedure has been elaborated for use in cases where the relative i error of direct determination is too. high. Orig. art. has: 5 figures and 5 tables.. (Authors' abstract. I [KS] SUB CODE: 07/ SUBM DATE: 03Aug651 ORIG REF: .002/ OTH REF: 005/ L 448o ACC NRj M/00il INVENTOR: So ek, Jir-I(Engineer, Benesov u Prahy); ffMl, JK. (Vlagi&); Amius. (Benesov u.'Praiq);_skyor, J. Engineerp Uvaly); Besouska. V.* (PruhiDnice); Mrdlicka, 4P.tagi~e); Pokor (Prague); Zavazal. Z. (P~ai~* (Frain) ORG; none 16 TITLE: (Therml expansion compensator for semiconductor systeg CZ Pat. No. PV 1827-64 SOURCEs Vynalezyp no. 10, 1965, 11 TOPIC TAGSt electrode, semiconductor devicep thermal expansion ABSTRACTs The electrode of the housing of a semiconductor system which in vacuum. (hermetically) tight secured by moans of the a*lectrical insulating part to the bass housing forzing the other electrode which has positioned inside it a channel or duct sealed from the outside to which is introduced inside the housing a positioned expan- Sion member constituting an electrical connection between the electrode and the semi- conductor system feature in the device described here. The electrodes protrude from the housing in such a way that to the expansion member fixed to It can be secured deformation electrodes from the outside and that a conductor can be attached to them ------------ ACC NR,AP6006152 0 from the outside. This arrangement is distinguished by the fact that the electrodes and the conductor connected to it are enclosed by the housing fixed to the conductor and the deformation electrode. The deformation of the housing at the point vh9re It touches the electrode proceeds to such a depth that the electrode and expansion member are deformed simultaneously. SUB CODE s 09gW ~ SUBM DATE i 3lHRr6,4 212 - b1g SVOBODA, Lubos; SKORPIL, Jaroslav; UAVGMO, Ivan; SOUCEK, Karel Protracted insulin com treated with chlorpromazine, -peychoton and ACTH. Ceekpayeblat-56 no.4:234-239 Ag'60. 1. aM - nemocnice ve Vysoke-m Nyte. payeblatricke oddeleni r Chocni, Interni oddoleni Ye Tymoksm Nyte. (HYPUI)ISULIN SH tber) (CHLOSPROKAZIIM ther) (CCRTICOTIMIN ther) (AMPRETAKTIM ther) PIZAKY M.; LEDEREROVA, E * SOUCRK K ; GROF, P. -, VOLAWA, V.; POKORNY, R.; -7 ' NEUMANN, J.; BREHWO~V ~,.' ~ Combined Tofranil-Pyrifer therapy of endogenous depression. Activ. nerv. sup. 4 no.2:226 '62. 1. Psychiatricka klinika fakulty vooobeeneho lekarstvi Karlovy uni- versity v Praze, Psychiatricka lecebna v Hornich Berkovicich. (INIPRAMINE ther) (11ROGENS ther) (DEPRESSION ther) ~~Vwmvmq I L 11021-66 Ap6oo4967 SOURCE CODE., CZ/0083/65/OW/002/0107/01~2 AUTHOR: Plzak, M.; Soueek., K.-Souchek, K. e 13 ORG: Psychiatric Clinic, Faculty of General Medicine, Charl s University, Prague, (Psychiatricka klinika fakulty vseobeeneho lekarstviv KU) TITIE: Duration of the depressive phase of periodic affectivL-'psyehoses SOURCE: Ceskoslovenska psychiatrie, no. 2, 1965, 107-112. TOPIC TAGS: psychology, applied psychology, behavior pattern! ABSTRACT: The authors *,ozipareo time parameters or the-depressive phase of affective perivdic~ sych- P oses in 3 groups of patients: 1. no medication glvin; 2*~ treat- mont with imipramine; 3- treatment with:electric shbak. ., Abroad scattering of the duration of the depressive phase~was found. The electrical shocks show a good curative effeat, and so,does imipramine. The latter however takes longer to work. The authors'thank Dr. R. Fischer for significant assistance with thet processing of the results. Orig. art. has: 3 figures and 2 tables. fjPR-S7 SUB CODE; 05 SUBM DATE: none A(', C' CODE- CZ/007,q/65/007/003/02-^,'~./'029.)- -1,3 1 Unim rs ity, Pr!~gue u-f irrimprandne in ropeated phases of endogenous depression ~'G I(I 'L ivi lual papor was pi-m3ented at Uie ?tli A Psychopharracologi: cial_ J-p2m 965.7 Jamiary I L(.!Hvita5 no-rvosa suporior. v. 7, no- 3, 1965, 293 -,: r~ru~ psyclioneurotia disordor ALbT.---2-~ Tho authors -at to-g)tod to confirm the data of Angst who stated that a: with imiprarLlne shovis in subsequent treatment rosistancel to Troro G 1.on comIucted. on 19 pationts did not show any decrease in the, thni-,-, c o 'I'Lect of L'll ~-jramrio in s-dosequent treatmntso ffrig.~ art. in Eng.7 j'. SUB 06 nono OTH Ri3F-. 001 Card 1111 LS SKALICKOVA, 0. (Praha 2, Ke Karlovu 11); FUAK, H.; SO'NEKi .41 Psychological and psychiatric aspects of fe=ale involution. L'ask. gynek. 30 no.6:482-485 Ag 165. 1. Psychiatr. klin, fak. vAeob,, lek. Karlovy University v Praze (prednosta prof. dr. V. Vondacek, DrSc.). Submitted January 9, 1965. CZEC'.-MLOVANIA k-PLZAK, 1-I.; F IS C TT I!IR R.; Psyc' -,-tric Clinic, Fe.~,u.Lty ol" General liedicine, Charles University ( Psychiatricka K! in. Pak. Vseob. Lek. KU), Fra,-,ue. tal Length of the -1,1idogenous De-,)roasion Phase Daring, Treatment with inipramine 011'clinranin6 and Norturiptuylire (Lundbeck). Prn"ue, Activitas Nervosa Sunerior Vol 3 Uo I;, I-,ov 66, -Dp 385t;'- 386 Abst-ract: L;,G patients wc--,,e '~,ror~ted wit'a cac;-, of drugs. A-11 of t~iose tureated with llortr4ptyline- showed an early reduction of u -*vc sympt-)matolor;y. in periodic depro snons -the total une depress.L u s u lenC'uh of the depression, ~-!aas not aj--.'ec'u-od. I r, manic-de,nres... sive psychoses the total length of tho depression phaso wras short- Nortript-lvllne when cm-r,7pared to the -rcat- ened substantially by T u ment with 1'elipramine. "'-o refe,?ences. Submittod a tt In cSth An- i nual Psychonhart.-acolo-ical Teicet-iing at Jesenik, 18 22 Jan 66. IXIIM.'.-.~', Didislav 5U;C;/W11'-'-', Givon Namos Czechoslovakia COIL-1tr7l Acadmic Deeree3: DID Okres Institute-gf-Rublic health (0kresni ustav narodniho: Affiliationt Sourcet Prague, Praktick y -Lekar, Vol itl, No 11j, 1961 p 518, tAe Data# "Possibility of Lowering the Alcohol Level inlBlood of Intoxicated Drivers Caused by the Stress Effect of an Automobile Accidente" 'a ~' htix FOP, MT, juaf, WELL SW 5 1149. SOUCEK L. OUNZ Praha-zdpad; sttedisko Kndleves, Praha. *Pokus o I . . usse hormonAinfm vlivem. A trial for treatment of whooping cough with hormonal influence PRAK. L9K. 1954, 34/6 (135-138) The treatment consisted in the first 3 days in: (1) alkalization of the organism with mineral -.aterz, fruit and vegetables, (2) arrangement of electrolyte balance with aid of peroral administration of desoxycorticosteronacetate (2 times I mg. daily). Aftt-r such hypothetie normalization of adrenal function non-specific stimulation of ;,.drenRls was started with (3) salt-deficient diet and (4) pertussis vaccine. tn 12. out of 15 cases so tre. ated the paroxysmal stage was shortened to:12-14 days in comparison with 4 wet!ks in controls. The frequency of paroxysms was lowered to 4016. The work was done in general practice with lack of laboratory and clinical examinations. PeSek Brno (XX. 7) m SOUCEK, Lactislav SOUC3K, Isdislay, Dr., OUR kneseves v. Praby The practitioner anit the popalar medicine. Prakt. lek., Pfths 34 no.12:287-288 20 June 54. popular and practicing pbyalcian) relation to popular nod.). W~' L'-j - - LK SOUGM, Ltdvik. KLJDr (Praha) Rapid de*elopment of roentgenographic pictures. Prakt. sub, lek, 2 no.3:70-72 1954. ftevelop. of prints, rapid technic) SOUCRK. Ludvik, MOr Unnecossaa pain In perlodantology. Prakt. sub. Isk, 2 no.6: 137-140 1954' 11 Il stomtol. klinika, Praha. (HOU01MIUM. dismogs. *thw.. control of pain in) (FAIR. *control In periodontal therj CZECHCSLOVAKIA/Analytical ChemiStnr. Analysis of Orfmnic Subatancea. E-3 Abs Jour: Ref Viur-Khim., No 13, 1958, 43092. Author Jurecek M., Chladek 0., Chladkova R., Soucek M., Srpova D. Inst Title Sirmltaneous Detection: 1dentification and Deteminatiorl of Secondary and Tertiary Alcohols on a Micro-Scale'. O.-iG_Pub: Sb. chekhosl. khim. rabot, 1957, 22, No 0, 1809-1813. Abstract See RZhXhira, 1958, 4350- dard. 1/1 Czec6oslovakla Chemistry. E-3 Analysis of Organic Substances. Kbs Jour:, Ref. Zhur - Khimlya No. 2, 1958, 4350 Author Yurechek, Khladek, Khladkova, Souchek, Srpova Title Simultaneous Detection, Identification and Determination of Secondary and Tertiary Alcohols by a Micromethod. O?rlg Pub; Chem. listy, 1957, 5-1, No. 3, 448-451 Abstract: The alcohol under investigation Is converted into the correspondin alkyl chloride by means of the Lucas reagent foionc. HC1, sp. gr. 1.19 or the solution of-136 g. of anhydrous ZnC12 in 105 cc. cone. HCI). The sepa:i~ated alkyl chloride Is converted with thioura M' into a soluble alkyl thiuronim chloride. After neutralization Card. 1A Czechoslovakia /Analytical Chemistry. E-3 Analysis of Organic Substances. Abs Jour: Ref. Zhur - Khimiya No. 2, 1958, 4350 with CH3COONa it is converted by the action of sodium 3,5-dinitrobenzoate (11) into an insolu- ble alkyl thiuronium 3,5-dinitrobenzoate.. The salt is recrystallyzed from C2HrOH solution and ,d"'by titration its nitro groups are determine. with an excess of approximately a .4N solution of TIC13, 0.05N solution of NH4Fe(S04)2 using NH4SCN as indicator. A blank determination Is required. The melting point of the derVirative Is determined at the same time. In the' reaction of alkyl chlorides with (1) or (11) theAddition of KI is expedient. The method Is not suitable for pentanol-3, 2,3-dimethyl pentanol-3, cyclo- hexanol and triphenylearbinol. Card 2,42 AUTHORS: Dolly L. Z:, r;c. 9 lierc "I. hhi TITIS: On Terpent, (0 tvr;e:i-h) StructuNe of (ICIV. Struktur& PERIODICAL: Voi 52, tir 11. pp 2C94 - 20~13 (C achosla .kla ABSTRACTs IA:tucize C15H1605 and it~ p-hydroxYPhOnYlacOtste lactueopicrin C231~220? have long been linown to be the bitter principles or certa.In cembers of the Co~pot,:Aaa (*. Lactuca viras3. Cl-horium intYbua)- The vtr"ct%ir* af611.tacine wh,) p-,y1ouely exalLined in detail by and by We5sely ir, the early 1950's- Accordir-9 to authors it is a ae4quit !rpeme lactone, which yields Qz seleniuz lehydrodetutton on unchsracterised "ulere.. 'he authors of tLe protect yaper state they are atle to show zkka~t t,4a a palanoildille BKOletCn with SM Ds r t laztnnt rlLa~ I-and at position 6. Cn t-'e u et t - boas .. of U.7. &=I I.H. spectra they formulate a d~*~t ,y for situated in the SuatatIoli'diat Cardl/k Na. ~f 0i- ~idroxyls of lactucine ta a seconUry one on C(6) ;' tLe 46cond" is a P. one mo at lik Zimary further avida.7 4'tu"Od On 0(14) . The aut1jors 61vs, en-e to,- atructurv I for lactucine In addition to tha- jr,,j pvvIou3ly (9&f 5) and whI=h opp.o.ared aimultarsc~jsjy w.'th that or Bart.r, j,aj ::arayana~, CRe 6). The b-ithDrs -1*0 propose the abool,t. figurd,tiOus at certain Anyzzatric centres. Tiaqrc irt 1? 5 or ~e Czach, 4 Gor=ln, I and ? Inglish. ASLSOCIATION& ,,Oddel oaf lAttic, Checicki Ifst,,v, Prod *614,venivica a4-.IjmIz 7Y3, Praha (DIvision at uctal In3titute- Czachon)ovakiu.- A-.S-,, Prague.) SUBMITTIM: June 10, 1958 Card 2/2 zEeff/a - 5 2-.11- 26/30 i , L., SOUUK, L., Her 4 L. and Sorm, AUTHORS: Dolejs - TITIJi On To 4 ~O t.rpenech) Y.CV::I. The Constl~utix)r~ Of IdolTXOVII. a konatituc~' ledolu) ' 2188 - 2190 PERIODICAL: actiqke ~Liat3, 1958., Val 52, ,Ir 11, pp ki a (Czechoslova AF~BTRACV; Kirplov (HoP 2) propos;d I for *ledol (C H 15 260) a 68quiterpone isolated from Leduz palustre and certain b y tb,r plants. Thialstructure has been criticlead : ;;yo and by Iahey and Lamborton (Ref 4). The latter e .wed the absence of an absorption band in the region ! . In the 4nfra-red spectra of ledol, which 3024 - 2058 ca I -r-cterlatic for cyclopropame rings w-Ith unsubstituted eh bylene groups, On the basis of this observation and 1:t certain further results I which the authors now report In more,detail, two alternative structures, II and III, I are proposed, analogous to the truct irea 0 f globulol . I r Lad aromadenArene. In the inf -red :pectra of ledol and desoxyledol the authors failed to obt in SO absorption CardlZ8 band of about 1173 cm _1, which corresponds to an iao- PrOpyl group. (Doeoxyledol is produced fvom ladol h K . by bidrogenolysis af the alcohol group. Bot ompps (Rof 9) and K1r 10Y (Ref 10) call it dihydroledons and " ;iate It from the dehydration "A fail to d itroret hydrogenation, products of ledol. Its imfra-red spectrum Is similar to Lromaderdrane and differs fundamentally from the Spectrum of kadiname.) The required frequency 0ccurs only in the spectrum of -tetrahydroleddiano-. This derivative is produced by the hydrogenation of unsaturated hydrocarbons with two double bonds obtained from ledol by the action of alcoholic H2SO.. The debidration and degradation of the reaction leads to th cyclopropano ring. ezic.1 evidence &'$o exists which L ; supports II and III . With the openi Uthe cyclopropane ring with H Br and the dehydrobalogenation of broso derivative produced with collidine, an unsaturated hy4ro- carboa was obtained, the czaalsat"on of whlcL ji6ldod acetone, formaldehyde and a milture of higher ketones. An absorption band at 1703 cz- was discovered in the 'Card2/8 Infra-red spectra of the higher keezone m"tLwa, which is char cteriatic for Cgrt,04.11 groups In Seven or higher- somb:red rings. Sizilazr results were also obtained by the 9onifiation of the hydzrocarbon prepared by the iaoncriggtion 0 o desox7ledol on all'.ca columna. No direct evidence has . yet been given for the positioning of the tertiary bjdroxy ~ OIL the five-membered ring of ledol Kiryalov u1 ~ r ) showed that the hjdroxyl In on a arbon wisleb ISO 195 had a nothyl group. After the oxidation of ladene (IV) with MOD, (both d.rivazi, & are formulated on the basis . f the ledOI structure for simplicity) the authors isolat d , part from the naln preduct. the diol 0 : 15112602 already deacribed by KIryslov (1953) hydrazyketone V in Small quantit as. ThiL possesses, according to infra-rod M.AsiLrements, a ketogroup in the flve-me=bored ring (absorption band at 1 t45 cm~l ). Elryalov observed an Interesting transformatio 0 on converting the diol C3.582602 to a decalin derivative (assigned structure VI). thin reaction cannot be a simple plaacolize trsnafor=atiog. 4ccording to the authete- views. the three-mambGred ring PertlciPsttz In a reaction with sYnChronis d machhZJjfA hich can only be fort.4lated with certain a the basis 0 t; Q Of the formula II for ledol, by the Scheme ; VII - 7111 The establishing of the actual structure Of the decalin derivative and verification of the lode, structure le the subject of work by the authors. 11xP*r1;aent&l. Dssoxyltdol~ atetrohydroleddionew and ladeno were prepared according to KIrjalov (1951). The products were purified chroZatoeraphically on Al 203. ftp,t,lon of with HrBI. DCOOXYledol (31? 11, a ff ~ d ,,E ,. anz v rOus Acetic acid (3 1. m ~ Satur*ged with hydrneen bromide. After 3 hours' shokine at 20 C the mixture, in which two layers had formed was , t;ured into water (10 ml.) And the neutral product Isolated . the usual procedur , Haloien was detcrmined directl y art a- evaporation. 7t, -to U! td! 24-?3% Br, CZYCH/6-52-11-~26/30 On Torpenea IML ihe Constitution of I;dol,,. I . f the Bromoderivative by Collldt ft 4:3-:Er.01~1:1.oEet-.n7a.te, (900 =f) was tented to "a ilin6 point for 3 hours with collidl of L .olour loss liquid (490 mg; B.Pt. 117-118 /9 mz) was iso lated by the usual procedure. C15H21( 200.4) - Calculated: 87.301% C; 12.70% H Found: 87.28% C; 12.69% R 0.22 nathylone double bonds were found by the Navas (list 11) asonization method for the dateraination of =ethylene groups. loomeriestion of I n Gel so Wo 'ica gel c us P,3 711o.Ailies t- olu= I k114 50%. 0 ,F.L4QO ~t d On :lu c (9 hastad W to benzylalcohol. The ted r4dr; arbon was cleared of the desorbant by chrome tography am on alkaline L120, column (10 g; akt.I-11). The product in a colourlesa liquid (59.8 zg; B.Pt. 123-124 */9 =) which gives an intense yellow colour with tatranttrometbans. C15'26(200.4) Calculated. 87-30% C; 12-70% H Pound. 8?.13% C; 12.64% R The Save& otonloazion method for methylena groups gave 0.26 mothylone double bonds. oft' f dtgaUr,,rUurat(eUYd_r.c.1b.._ R0.0!..t:;.0te r . . 116) ottainal by the debydrobalogenation of the bromoderivative by collidine, d for 45 =in in acetic acid The rea-tion was was 0=0144 411.,dIth vat r '0 1. ) aLnd re lux ;d to 15 =1n 5 &1t'-.. 41.ti I doff from the zilur .into & coo i.d receiver and that lixture of higher ketones volatile in #teMak so &rated off. TLa distillate was Clesred of tormaide do by heating with a saturated aqueous solution of Kftl~4~5 al.) and the residual volatile products of the oxonization steam distilled once more. 2 4-dialtrophanyltydraz8ve -prepared from the distilla,to (E mg; D.Ft. 125-12E, C) did not give a depression with 4'a authentic 4=pla of the acetone 214-dinitrophazy1hydrazone. C95101940,+ (238.2) Calculated. 45.01.4 C; 4.23% H; 23.52% N pound; 45.11% C; 4.50% H; 23-5?% N Paper cbromatoeraphv of this in a dLaatbylform&mide- G.Tclonexans system (Bar 13) had an R, - 0-3? as did the authentic nample of the 2,4-dinitrophanylhydrazona or acetone. St The Unotiturated 14dracarbon (730 zg) by the iso;erisation of doooxyledol on mili "I r1e I Yielded, vader analogous conditions to A, the dinitrolhuYlAydrazone of acetone (135 mg). lalFg mi Ideas (1-33 9) in acetone (40 al.) )(was oxidieed, with water coolirg than abakan with KUDO. I _S g). The neutral product isolated b the usual procedur wan,ch:*omatographed on ze~tral 2 03' " 03 (activity III-IV . A iquid (B.Ft. 165-170 /L2 mm) was-fluted with benzene. 025k4 02(236.4) Calculated: 76 22% 0; 10.24% H You ad t 96:49% 0-. 10.43% a. The first fraction .1utad with Ott-er contained the crystalline diol deficribsd by Xirjalov (1951) (0151~602 -B-Pt- 15 1-152 C). There -0 13 references, 3 of which are Czech, a English, 1 Bcand"vl&a and 1 German. AMOCIATIOL Odd;lenf PrirozonjFch la'tek, Ch.zlckj,, U , SkOffilOvOnGkif -k.demia v5d stay Prabs (Natural products Division Inatituto Of Chem atry, Czechoslovakian irugue) DoLi.,JSJ L.;MOTL' 0.; SOUCEK, M. HMOUT, V.- SORM, F. P On terpenes. Part 108; Bpi--eirlc aromendendrenea. Stereoizomerism of ledol, viridifluorol and 'Lobulol. Coll Cz Chem 25 no-5:14$3- 1491 MY 161. 1. Department of Natural prcmiucts, Institute of Chemistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague. SOUCEK, M.; HEROUT, V.; SOW, F. Terpenes. CXVIII. Constitution of parthenolide. Coll Gz Chem 26- no.3:803-810 Mr 161. WAI 10: 9) 1. Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Science, Prague. (Chrysantemum parthenium) (Terpenev) SURRAME, Given Names Country: Czechoslovakia Academic Degreess [not given] Affiliationt Institite of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Czechoslovak AcadevV of Sciences, Prague Source: Prague, Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Commmications, Vol 26, No 10, October 1961, pp 2551-2556 Datas nOn Terpenes. CXXX. IsoUtion of DigerarWl and Isodigerarql from Bergamot Oil." Authors- -/HEROUT,V SOM, F VANEX, Z.; SOUGEK, M. Factors determining the biosynthesis of griseofulvin and similar substances. Folia microbial. 7 no-4:262-265 162. 1. Institute of Microbiology and Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague 6. (GHISEOFULVIN - metabolism) (YMIGI - metabolism) VIAD, P.; SOUCEK, M. On terpenes. Part 137: Absolute configuration of nerolidol. Coll Cz Chem 27 no.7:1726-1729 Jl 162. 1. Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Csechoslovak Academy of Scieucesj Prague. 2. On leave of absence from the Institute of Chemistry, Moldavian Academy of Sciences, Kishinev, USSR (for Vlad). SOUCEK Ji-, On terpenes. Part 148s Biosynthesis of carotal in Daucus carots, L. A contribution to the configuration of carotol and 4aucol. Coll Cz Chem 27 no.12:2929-2933 D 162. 1. Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague. SOUCEK, M.; VIAD, P. On terpenes. Pt. 152. Coll Cz Chem 28 no. 5: 12.11-1214 My 163. 1. Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague (for Soueek) 2. Institute of Chemistry, Moldavian Academy of Sciences, Kisinev, U.S.S.R. SOUCEK, M. 10antification of fillers, pe 136e A GELULCSAsvol. 10, no. 7,, iu3j-1955, Praha) -SQ:~Monthly Idst of last Zuropean Accession,,(ZFAL), ILP Vol. U., go. 11,9 Nov. 1955, Uncl. SOUCEK, M. SOUCEK, v. Modern testing methods in the paper industry. p. 242 Vol. 11# no. llp Nov. 1956 PAPIR A CELUWSA TECMMOGT Praha, Czechoslovakia So; East European Accession Vol. 69 No. 22 1957 Soueek, M. Soucek, M. Statistical evaluation of the results of testi ng. p.1.1 Vol..12, No. 1, Jan. 1957 PAPIR A CELULOSA TECIINOLOGY C'Zechoslovakia So. East European Accessions, Vol. 6, No. 5, may 1957 CZECHOMOVAM/Churdeal Technology ClwriLcal ProducL; and K-5 Their Applicationc;. Cellulose and Cellularie Products, Paper. Ab s Jo, ir Ref Zhur - Khimiya, No 2, 1958, 6635 Author Soucek 14. Inst Title Controlling the Condition of Measurine Instruments. Orig Pub Panpir a celulosa, 1957, 12) No 3, 59-62 Abstract The necessity of a systematic control of the condition of paper-testing instruments is demonstrated. Control methods for determining the accuracy and the comparabi- lity of the results porduced by the instruments as ve.U as the correctness of their stamping are presented. Card 1/1 Testing machinery at the Leipzig Fair. P., 200. (PAPLI A CEHLOSA) (Praha. Czechoslovakia) Vol. 12, no. 9. Sept. 1957 SO: Z-4onthly Index of East European Accession (---EAI) LC Vol. 7, No. 5. 1-368 0 LJ-, CZEC',IIOSI,011,"iK71L/Chem:Lc~-1 Technology - Chemical Products and Their TI-33 Application. Cellulose and Its Production. Paper. Abs JoUr : Ref Zbur - Khiniya, 110171 1958,, 59579 Author : Soucek., M. Tnst Title Statistical Quality Inspection in the Paper Industry. Orig Pub Papir a celulosa, 1958, 13, No 2, 35-39 Abstract Principles of statistical inspection in use in the paper industry, are reviewed; the rethods of correct and sta- tistically-basea selection of samples. Practical directions are cited for the evaluation of the results of inspection. Card 1/1 105 - CZECHOSLOVAKIA / Chemical Technology, Ghemical Prod- H ucts and Their Application, Part 4. - Cellulose and Its Derivatives, Paper. Abs lour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, Vo 18, 1956, 63147. Author : M. 9oue Inst : Not given. Title New Methods of Paper' and Cardboard Tebtin6 in 1957. urig Pub: Rapir a celulosa, 1958, 13, No 3, 58 - 62. Abstract: A review of methods and appliances (Y;ith the description of their construction) developed in 1957 for measuring the mean fiber length, the fiber capacity of dehydration, the amount of admixtures, for determining the capacity of getting dusty, the gas-permeability of paper coated with polyvinyl chloride, poly- Card 1/2 =,I CZECHOSLOVAKIA/Chemical Technology. Chemical H P-roducts and Their Applications. Cellulose and Its Derivatives. Paper. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur-Khimiya, Wo 69 19592 21834 Author : Soueek, 1"'ilan Inst Title New Methods for festIng and Evaluatin- Wood Pulp. -Orig Pub Papir a celulosa, 1958, 13, No 9, 195-200 Abstract Wood pulp is evaluated according to length of fiber, content of alkali and mucilage. Methods of laboratory selection and a ;:,ie- thod for determining the initial strength and dehlydration capacity of the pulp are cited. "'Lee ommendat ions for improving the Card 1/2 JOUi,,'T?,Y Z- invalklia CATZGOP J3 ZY - ~3. JOUR. A'; Al, 7~L.CL io AUT,i O-R SE tel:Lk,, V. T IT L~--, Dutc-- :,mination cf 111,~lod Pulp Contont Of Paper 1: 11 h3l 'Ux h" orin,,,i t ion M,e thod 0 R PIT .Puj~- P-,r)j~ cel!.1-1 . 14t Nc 4, 85-88 A BST R-A 0, T st-~idy of the effects, on the results of, 1,latiorl, of Tf:r;~-naration cf the samale, COMPOSI-tion --eaction, and w~-~-igbt of the sample. t OPOSEd for re. r t j r is -jr. D T)a a 0 i Of the sample WI-. i C'. r .,;. 14 to secure more accur,*tte and repro- - b1E, L Cuc rc E F rom Authors Surfimary, CARD: ~.i,] M Scuca, -Utili,~a-ticn of 'the carboxymetbyleelulose in the paper industx-y. 206. A CELFL.C.2A. (~Iinisterstvo le,su a d5revarskeho pruW-clu) Praha, Czechoslovakia. Vol. 14, no. 9, Se-ot. 1959 1110"thl,v list of East European Accessior, (7'a--I) LG, vol. 9, no. 1, Jan. 1960 Uncl. SOUCEK Milan inz. Significhnce of the apparent viscosity of water-groundwood suspensions. Sbor cel pap 6:81-107 161 0 SOUGEEp Milan., inzop GSc. Surface treatment of paper Im the electric field. Sbor eel I pap noo71211-227 1162. i, , SOUCA, !.'ilan, inz. CSc. ; KORDIA, Josef Study of infiuences on pulp density. Sbor.cel pap 8:10,i-208. 163. ii N -SOUCEK, Milan, inz. GSc.; KORDA I Josef Continuous measurement of the degree of paper oulp processing. Papir a celulosa 19 no. 6%158-163 Je 164. 1. Research Institute of Paper and Cellulose, Worksite Prague. Milan, inz. C'Sc.; KOVDA, Josef Determining tho specific stirface and of ptilps. Papir a celtilosa 1~ no.10:271-275 0 164. 1. Research InstitLite of Paper and Cell-Lilose, Wor "-ite Prague. ITCEF villan, :L r, z Chanp of Aliber properties during the Tr-:)aess. Papir a celulosa 20 no.l.,17..19 ja 1. Research Institute of Paper and Cellulose, Worksite P-'dgU3. SOYKAJ, 0. [Sojka, 0. 1; SOUCMX,-V- [Soueek ~J; SOYKOIIA, Ye. [Sojkova, E. 1; PEEROTJTKA, F. Methods and results in the diagnosis of anemias in pregnancy. AkushA gin. no-4138-41 161. (MIRA 15:5) 1. Tz 2-Co terapevtichoskogo ot(leleniya (zav. - 0. Soyha) ginekologicheskogo otAleleniya (zav. V. Kral) i tsen- tvallnoy laboratorii (zav. M. ladvinal Cblaatnogo instituta na- rodnogo zdorov~15a, Gotvalldov. (ANE24I (PREGETANGY, COMPLICATIORS OF) so H K V,. [Soucek, V. ; LEDVINA, M. Determination of acid mucopolysaccharides in the blood serum. Biokbimiia 27 no.3;403-406 FV-Je 162. (MJRA 15:8) 1. TSentraltnaya biokhimicheskaya laboratoriya oblastnoy bollnitsy, Gotvalldov, Chekhoslovakiya. (POLYSACCHARIDES) (BLOOD-ANALYSIS AND CHEMISTRY) ZAHMNIK. R.; WISYBLD, V., SOUCZK, V. Analytical use of the reaction of histidine and histamine with carbon disulfide. 4 no.3:119-125 Apr 55. 1. Usiav hygieny prace a chorob z povolani v Praxe a Organo farna, n. p., Praha. (HISTAMM,'determination, In drugs, use of reaction with carbon disulf1de) (HISTIDINE,*determination, in drugs, use 6f reaction with carbon disulfl&O. (GARBON Drstwoz, effects, In drugs. reaction with histamine & histidine as method of determ.) WMMW=WIW CZEXHOSW-XrAIC-A,/-F"-n a:--aacology, Th.)dc-)IsOr. V .8 Abs Jbi= &-f Biol., No 5, 1958, N,-.) 234o6 Author So::n--k--V, Inst Given Title Ca,-%on Dis-,zlpbide and An-%~~, -,x Ori g Pub Fi-acovni lekar., 1955-7, 9, No 1, 21-22 Abstmct Gaf-,on dis-alphide is one of the products of antabus dectmposi- tion in the organism. Gaeon disulphide combines with arlmo- a~-ids to form d-Ithio car~,14mic acids, which prevent the cxi"4-- tion of acetaldehyde in the blood. When acUoinistered to azInals, the dithiocarbamic acids raise the acetald hyde blbod level to that raised by antabus or ever- more sharply. The -4--Adc effect of carbon disulphide was accompaLled by int-olerazee to alc-oho"., b-e. to a lesser degree, than Iber. antabus was taken. Mis Was explained by the fact that, an'babus in therapewllie &:)see aa=sel Vae formation of considerably larger quaratities of ditUo~~ar- bamic than of carbon disulphide, which get inrt,:> -,,he cz*g=- ism in conditions of production. Card 1/1 SOLYCEK, V. SCUGEK, V.. The renmring of fruit orchards. 33. Vol. 10, no. 12, Dec. 1956 ROL':ICKE HLASY, A(IRIt;ULIITI E Czechoslovakia So:. East European Accession, Vol. 6, i,'o. 5, May 1957 0 U CZ-1K. I V Development of the Soviet hydroelectric-power engineering. -p. 481e vom.-I-tui Hospooluism. (Ii-inisterstvo energetiky a vodniho hospodarstvi a Vede6m technicka spolecnost pro vodni hospodarstvi) Praha, Czechoslovalda, Noi-11, Nov. 1959- Monthly List of &-st, European Accession LZ Vol. 9. no. 2. Feb. 19060. Uncl. ~ F-MOSEM -4 SOUGEK,, Vaclav, promovany ekonom Road transportation of the Czetchoolovak Airlines in numbers and its prospects Letecky obzcjr 7 no.7:214-216, 163. .,iOucmi VI inz. "Water (-. L ngincerr,[,, des-Ign of fesemirs" by inz. dr.! Ladislav Votruba, ~inz. 'i Vojtech Broz. f1wdetood vy Vs'--Souce-k. .Vodni hosp 14 no.6:204 164, BOJANOVSKY, Jiri; SOUCEK, Zbyuek Possibilities of determining the prognosis of incipient schizophrenia, and borderline schizophrenia states. Cesk. PsYchiat. 54 no-3:170-172 June 58. .1. PsychiAtricka. klinika. MU v Brne. (SCHIZOPHRENIA, case reports progn. of incipient & borderline schisoDhrenic cases (Cz)) DIURI Iff,M.; SOUCKW.Z. - - -- ---------- - - - ------------------- Congential fissure of the cricold laryngeal cartilage. Cesk. otolar. 9 no.3:180-181%T* W. (IAMGXkL MRTIIAGW abnorm.) LORENC, Josef; SOUGEK. Zbynek On the problem of gastric evacuation after ftan-Rydygier rwiection. Hoshl. chir. 40 no.8:523-528 Ag '61. 1. Chirurgicka klinika LFH KU v Praze 12.. prednosta prof. dr. Inerich Polak. (GASTRECTOMY) SOUCRK, Z. - Strojirenstvi - Vol. 5, no. 2, Ifeb. 1955 Power In the lovers of hydrmulic tractor equipment. p. 109 SO: Monthly list of Asat Baropem Accessions. (MUL). LC. Vol. 4. N. 9. Sqp%. 1955 Wacl. m SOUCEK, Z Fbver relationah:LP3 of the hydraulic mchan' m of a tractor with a mounted plow and determination of the position of suspension points of the hydraulic mechanim. I. p.373. SBORNIK. RADA NECHANI ACE A EIEKTRIFIKACE MWEISTVI A IESIIICTVI. Praha. Vol, 28, no. 6, December 1955 SOURCE: East European Accessions List, (SUL) LIbrary of Congress Vol. 5, No. 8, August 1956 ,juca, Z. Stra;n -auve inaasurements of a 3 P1.11-35, a three furro,.-- mounted plow with a U t, frame of reduced ,.-eiSht. F. 201. 3TRGJE) (Praha, Czechoslavakia) Vol. 2 No. 9, 3ePt. 1957 - East Euro,-.ean Accession (EEAI) - Vol. 7, No. 5, M 1-958 U: Monthly Index of LC lay SOUCEK, Z. "Vaasurement. and calculation of stresses in the tube beans of agriculture machinery." P. 375 (Shornik. Rada Y-schanisace A Elektrifikace Zemedelstvi) Vol. 30, no, Dec. 1957 Prague, Czechoslovakia SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EEAI) IB- Vol. 7, no. 4, April 1958 SOUCm, Z. "The rolling resistance of solid tires." p. 27 (Zemelske Stroje, Vol. 3. no. 2, Feb. 1958, Praha, Czechoslovakiip) Monthly Index of East &wopean Accessions (FMI) Wo Vol, 7. no. 9. September 1958 o,--L, -~ 1. 7.bynek, inz., Fo ce and power relatolcns In a wheel straw cutt-sr. Part 2. 1 ~arnedel tech 8 no.5:337-360 0 162. 1. Vyzk=ny -qstav zemedelskych struju, Chodov u Prahy. STC~Kq 2~r in z. We. .~Zakj: Experimental results of the rasear~ah on the nature of agricultural n*.,.)bine stresses. &model tech 10 no.8s1+31-4,6.1+1 Ag'6/+ 1. IL-search Institute of Agrlaixl~%Iral M&;3h1ne;3p Chn*wnear Prague; Direator of the Institute: inz. Jarosle-v Homolk-a. cie Ch,)4-v -,qar CZECHOSLOVAKIA RUZICIKOVA, R.; BILY, D.; KONIAS, V.; SOUCEK, Z.t Psychiatric Hospital (Psychiatricka Lecebna), Havlickuv "The Effect of Psilocybin in Chronic Schizophrenia." Prague, Activitas Nervosa Sunerior, Vol 8, No 2. Jun 66, pp 222-223 Abstract: The effect of psilocybin was tested on 30 paranoid schizophrenics who had been sick for at lea,t 15 years. In chronic schizophrenics psilocybin effect was substar- Lially imaller than in normal. subjects. Of the clinical pattern of psilocybin intoxication in healthy subjects, only involuntary laughter and euphoria were noticed in the pati-ints. Optical phenomena, which are the most characteristic in healthy people, appeared only in half of the patients. Negativism alone was more frequent than in normal subjects. No references. Submitted at the 4th Conf. of Exper. and Clin. Study of Higher Kerv. Functions, at Mar. Lazne, 12-15 oct 65. Article is in Daglish. 1/1 80 C Z EC.1 OS iOVAIN IA RUZIC::OVA, R.; BIT Ly, D. VY11 11.,12%TKOVA,D B.; XONIASPV.~- SOUCEKjt_~j _V Labcratory ol 15TA, Olomouc, and-Tsycriintlric Hos- pital, Havlickuv Brod. fUriginal version not given-7- Lot) "Clinical Effoct of Psilocybin in Chronic Schizophrenics." Pra-ue, Activitas Nervosa Supqrior,, Val 8, No IL Uov 66, PP 346 347 Abstract; The effect of a single dose (0-15 mg/km weight) was ob- served in 30 chronic schizonhrenics. The drug had a strong ef- feet on 11, a sli-ht one on 8 patients. 1111pationts became relaxed after tha drug was administered; in some patients it in- duced ' deep relaxation andoouldlbe used even fo.~ therapy. In 16 patients -uhe drup, had a dysp~horic effect. All showed catatonic traits in tho clinical picture- 3Y," of the patients had optical hallucinations, Mat complientod ones. 7 Uostern, 3 Czech refer- ences. Submitted at the 8th Amiual Psychopharmacological Meeting at Jesenik, 18 22 Jan 66# Article is in English, 1/1 85 SOUCHA, A. "Present state of our professional schooling system and important requirements for the education tech-nicians.11 p. 181. STAVIVO. (MINISTERSTVO STAVEBNICTVI). Praha, Czechoslovakia, Vol. 37, no. 6, June 19 59,, Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI), I-C, Vol. 8, No. 9, September lg"~. Uncl. -'Ou' V. Krutats Stavebni hmoty- v oraxi inzenyrslvch stavet~ (:Bui1rAnr 11-1;-AeriLls 'n the Practice of Construction Enpineerin ); a book review. Stv-vivo, Praha, 'Vol '112, "r') 6, ju-ne D54, -p. 227 !~'a-ltern IE'uroperui Accessions List, Vol 1, T-To 10, Oct 11-.154, Lib. of Congress SOUCHA, A "Present development and outlook in Czechoslovak brickmaking." (p. 115). STAVM (Ministerstvo stavebnich hmot) Praha, Vol 32, No 4, Mar. 1954. SO: East European Accessions List, Vol 3, No 8, Aug 1954 Pr-ojije~;,~n 4 r: ;.,lie proOluction of roofing vzt,~rials in Czechoslovalkia. p. 165. Prah~ a Vol. 33, no. 5, v:ay 1955. SO: "'onthly List of East EUropean .~ccessioris, (InEAL), LC, 1101. 4, no. 10, Oct. 1955, Unci. soucirl", ;%. A serious situation in the quality of brick produabs. P. 345. (STAVIVO, VD-1, -15, 1-6. 9, Sep 1957, Prahn, Czechoslovakia) .L t SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EFt-L) LG, Vol. 6, No. 12, Dec 1957. Uncl. SOUCHA, A.,- inz. The quality of brick industry products. Stavivo 42 no.12:454 D 164. 1. SecretErIat of the Central ConLnittee -of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia.. Prague. AUTHORS: Kreshkov, A. P., Maiveyev, V. D., SOV/76-32-9-'1/46 Yelinek, V. I., Souchek, I. I. TITLE; A Thermographic Study of Some Orgranosilicon Compounds (Issle- dovaniye nekotorykh kremniyorganit-heskikh soyedineniy termo- CTaficheskim metodor-) PERIODICAL: ZhLirnal fizichnskoy khimii, 1958, Vol. 32, lir 9, 1K( - 1941 (US'o'H) ABSTRACT: Impurities in pure materials raise the boiling temperature and change the shape of the boiling-point curves. The al th U hors here sugZest a method by which the boiling temper- azure of the pure solvent may be determined from the thermograms (temperature-time graFhs) of dilute solutions, This method is discussed first from a theoretical stand-point and is then illustrated using several examples. The test samples were first heated in a metal block, the temperature being me?,~ured by a recording pyrometer of the -.-ype used by N.S.Kurnakov. The thermagrams of the investigated sifostancep are reDroduced (Figs 2--)), --nd' the results are tabulated. Card 112 The following solutions were investigated: aqueous sclution S;,idy of Some Organos-i-licon Com-pou-nds of 1)otassium chloride; hydroquinone in ethyl alcc-hol; oxalic ~xid in methyl alcohol; diphenyl in benzene; tetr-a- butoxy ~:ilane in tc-traethoxy silane; and a tetraethozy silane solution of the vat residUE. which remained after the distillation of the tetraethoxy silane. The method can-not te used if t-ne impurity forms an azeotropic mixture in the solvent, or if the impurities are volatile. There are 5 figures, 1 table, and 4 references, 4 of which are Soviet. ASS OC IATIOIT: K-nimi ko-t ekhnol ogic he skiy institut im.D.I.Ilendeleyeva, l,os-*---V-a (1.1oscow Chemical-Technological institute imeni D.I.Mendeleyev) SUB'NITTED: January 29, 1957 r ",6-T2-9 1/46 SG j Card 212 PATUCKA, F. ; I~LLiJi,, ii. SUUGEK, A. - SOUCKOVA toclinical assistarico: SKOROVA, SAHULO Observations on the biological proFerties of atypical haemolytic Corynebacteria isolated from man as compared with Cor. haemolyticum Cor pyogenes bovis and Cor.ovis. 1. In vivo investigations. J. hyg. epidem. 6 no.1:1-12 162. 1. Departiient for Medical Microbiology and Immmology, Charles University, Prague. (CO1tYL1uZACTE-t'IU1-1) SOUCEKY I PATUGKA, F.; techrdcal assistance: SA~HULOVA, Vera; SKVOADVA, 1.'iroslavt Observations cn the biological of a-typical hap.-,olytic Gorynebacteria. isolated from man as co!~ipared wIth Cor. haertolyticum, Cor. pyagenes bovis and Cor. ovis. J. hyg. epidem. 6 no.1:13-23 162. 1. Depart,,;ient for Mfedical Microbiology and Imainology, Charles Universit.~`-, Prague. (GOEYALCTEiLluld) tor RIMIX. Ota, Dr.; SOUCKOVA, Iva. Dr ,~. ; Survey of poisonings In Internal clinical Practice. Frakt. lek., Praha 35 no.4:73-77 20 Fab .5.5. 1. 2e IT Int, klIn. KU Y Praze: predn. prof. dr. Bohnsil Pruelk (POISONING. spidentology In Csech.. clin. practice) POSPISIL, V., Primar RUDr; KUDLICKA, V., MUDr; SOUCKOVA9 I-s WUDr Dangers of ACTH therapy in bronchial "thm- PIMM-Isko, Prww 35 no-7:163-164 5 Apr 55. Cal~~. therapy, ACTH, dangers) (ACTH, their. use, asthma. darsers) SKOP,Vaclav; SOUCKOVA,Zva Calcifications of the cardiac skeleton and valves. Cesk. rentg. .14 no.2:83-;39 Ap 16o. 1. IV. interni klinika ILU prednosta prof. MM. BOb6 Pswtk* (HURT DISASS radlogr.) (GALCIFIGATION radlogr.) SOUCKOVA. E.; RIEDL. 0. Treatment of acute rheumatic wrthritis with pelentan. Sborn.lek. 62 no-3:57-63 196o. 1. IV. interni kliniks, fakulty voeobecneho lekarstvi University Karlovy v Praze. prednosta prof.dr. Kojmir Faeft. (RHSMTIC FBVJIR ther.) (COUURMS ther.) mm~ffm SKOR, Vaclav; VANOUSCWA, ZTa; SOUCKCWA, IT& Roentgenographic charg" of the thoracic PiCtUrO in amrgical patients with mitral qtenosis. Cas.lek.cesk.99 no.38:121&1220 16 sl6o. 1. M Interni klialks IM v Prame, predmosta, prof. dr. X-ftelko (KITRAL SOMIS sun") SOU!LT,.OVA, Eva /reviewer/ SURIW.2, Given Names Countr7e Czechoslovakia Academic Degnest /not given/ Affiliation s /not given/ SOW091 Prague. Prakticky Lekarp Vol 41, No 8. 19619 PP ~77-398 DILtal "Radiation Therap.* With an Introduction to Pr'eventive Oncoloa (Lecba zarenim s uvodem do preventivni onkologie)p Praguee State Medical Publishing House (Statni zdravotnicke nakladateletvU 19599 280 pages, 58 Muse Authores DVORAK,.V. HLASIVEO, Z. KRGILEK, A.; BAZIKA, V.; POKORNT.,J.; S(XJGKOVA, E,; TODDROVICOTA, H, HIAM,X. - BRET,.T. Recurrent pulmonary embolism as a cause of chronic PUI*Mary heart disease. Acta Univ. Carol. [mad.] (Praha) 102 su*.17s 31-42 163 1. IT. interni klinika fakulty v9sobeeneho lekarstri University Karlovy v Prans (prednosta: pror. dr. M.Pacik) Ustredni labora- tore FN; Ustredn:L vojenska nemocnice. SOUCEK, A.; SOUCKOVA.A.: INIARA,M. Phospol-inasp and lipase in Comme-bauterium phyogeres var. liominis.i.byg*epidem,Praha 8 no.1:132-233 164. f 1. Laboratory for Special Medioal Microbiology, Medical Faculty, Charles University, Prague. SOUGFOVA, Jana,, Inz. Use of plastics for increasing the service life of molds for making porecelain ware. Sklar a keramik 14 no. 3: 84-87 Mr 164. 1. Research worksite of the Karlovarsky porcelan, Brezova u Karloych Varu. EK SOU, V.-,) of carb.-n'-vi ij.,nyl acetate wid acat;`- ecid. C*r,--,P. p-mm '4 rv-.-,8,430-4131 J 64. Reoean~h SOUCKOVA, -Jitka,- VAIMCEK, Rudolf: tech-nicka spoluprace: PREVORNSKA, V.; Certain results of experimental intravenous staphylococcal infection of rabbits. Toxic and invasive differences In-2 strains of Staph. aureus. Cesk.epidem.mikrob.imun.10 no.1:41)-47 ja 161. 1. Ustav ser a ockovacich latek v Praze, 11. pntologickoanatomicky ustav KU v Praze. (STAPHnOCOCCAL INFECTIO19S exper) DE~TALOVA, M.; SOUCKOVA, J. ~ ". The persistence of the lethal effect in toxoids of some staphylococcal strains. lst communication. J. hyg. epidem. 7 no.2:195-204 163. - -1. Institute of Sera and Vaccines, Prague. (TOXINS AND ANTZOXINS) (STAPHYLOCOCCUS) VANECEK., R.; SOUCKOVA, J. Effect of active immunization with staphylococcal anatoxin on the course of experimntal infection in rabbits. Gas. lek. cesk. 102 no.32/33:870-874 16 A41 163. 1. 11 patologickoanatomicky ustair fakulty vaeobeensho lekarstvi KU v Praze, prednosta prof. dr. It. Jedlicka, DrSc. Ustav ser a ockovacich latek v Praze, precbiosta MUDr. J. Malek. (TOXINS AND ANTITOXINS) (STAPH INFECTIONS) (NEPHRITIS, INTERSTITIAL) (ANTIBODY FORMATION) KAREL, F.~ PASTRNAK, J.- SOUCKOIJAV L. I I Some luminescent and cathodoluirimescent properties of AIN. Acta physica. Pol 26 no.3/4:679-f,92 5-0 164. 1. Institute of Physics of the Czecho3lovak Academy of Sciences, Prague. SOUCKOVA. Milena; ZYKA, Jaroslav Polarimetric titrntion of organic bases. I.; titration by silicotungstic acid. Cesk. farm. 4 no.4:181-185 May 55- 1. Z kat"dry analybicke chemie Karlaw7 university. (TUNGST3W, derivatives silicotungetic acid, titration of organic bases, polarimetric) (ALKAIDnS. determination in pharmaceutic prep., polarimetric titration by silicotungstic acid.) SOUCKOVA, Milena; ZYKA, Jaroslav Polarometric titration of organic bases. 11. Titration with phosphotungstic and phosphomolybdenic acids. Cesk. fam. 4 no-5:227-230 June 55. 1. Z Katedry analyticke chemis Karlovy university V Frase. (TUNGSTEI phosphotungstic acid, use In polarimetric titration of organic bases.) (NOLYBMFJM phosphomolybdic acid, use In polartmetric titration of organic bases) 1..-,,;,; 0 1' 1. 1 j Contri'bution to the study of rusts and blioghts of plants in Gzechoslovakia, D. 108. Brno. M'oravske rimsetm. ACTA, Brno. VOL. 400, 1955. I., U 11' -L: -ast, Euro~ean Accessions Ust, Vol. 5, no. 9, September 1956 .ZOUCKOV.A. , .-'. Protectinr silver-t--)lated surfaces in weak-curvent electrical engineering 1~v mams of rhodiwm. P. 12, (S)DELOVA-U! TECEMIKA) (Praha, Czechoslovakia) Vol. 6, no. 1, Jan. 1958 SO: Monthly Index of Easi; European Accession (E'-;'AI) IC Vol. 7. No. 5. 1958 cz C:I, A Vol. Ix. .0 Ve 'or the S'CZ". --,SP cc-'ro p h dr ;r'c' sect e,,,roag- , - - il,~ ~ b-.1.25 ,.e C- a! th- the "-,j I j The A-le to (10 ric-,cn. 1A --------------------------------------- -------------------- - - - -- ~I Im SOUDEK *Principles of physics' by B. Klimes, J. Fachner, E. Rimang Ke Sedlabek and J, Tichyo Revieved by Soudek, Slaboproudy obzor 24 no.l:Suppl.: Literatura 24 no.l:L3 163.