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December 31, 1967
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.'', : ;: : .:I : , '. I . I i I : - i ; : 1,1 .:. iI : I : I I i , : ~- I. 1! ; t ~ ~ - :*! : . . . I I ;I : i 11 ~.; !~ 1: 1 : ; ~ 1 .1 t~ SOUKUP., F. 9 (2, 3) CZE76H/11-59-12-27/4 AUTHORS: K~tdn, Otakar, and Soukup, Frantidei... ---- -- -; -- TITLE: - ----- - ------------- An Integrating Equipment -for Measuring GM-Tube Cha- racteristics -PERIODICAL: SdKlovacl technika, 1959 , Nr 12~~P~;,P 476. ABSTRACT: The authors give..10'formulae for'.medsurin GM~tube characteristics. The basic 'cJiciiit 6f J~ the int. egr6tor;~~:~~ ,a fcaultl6s f is given in Fig 1. For s -functioning - o, this circuit, the arriving:pulses m"t~be previouslyi normalized, for instance by a ti~igge'r,` circui t and the irregularities betweenthe~various magnitudes of::,::-~-., ~the circuit must'be elimina-tedi Uo -Uss;- J_ 5R C Co~~,C A'umbei- bf pulses for a.. n time unit. The unitto whi6h this c~'Llculus r! (if erbi R2C2. Under this conditioziob ea6h pulse 4ith .an amplitude Uo transmitted b'y theicond6riser Cl;repre- : a ~ tim6.-.unit this wills sents a charge: q- ClUo. For Card 1 2 , be- Q nq n0jUo. The medium'!~'q~uadr,,~tic deviation is 7 p "!17"IL . .. .. 7-7 !nT J ilf f A:~ frl'", D,26379~:j�5i'j; WroVolp(t) Am (b) Ml jp t ACCESSION BR AP4644-W I -IF A`N ljj lit s tie AI MU ro lav (161ac illre Mu;;J stanis~la~ (Shq,~ 8 M", suh, ~'Mlisi K hOtt i 14 1 shve z i i in", 7;7 77 1- device for sttzd~Ln~ "V16, ~n gamma - rs,'ILO, ~j Jjl r soukz: Jade=a -dnei~'p7- ~4 T., _g TOPIC TAGS:: gamma radiation,:. okiented`~ htid ~6;~A' c ",a &di' leUw&:.-bdu '~lv cuun c 4qm~e izat, on one sta&., c* -4idd ~ti t i k., A13SrLMCT: M6 particle deticribes' a~ldeV%Ce ~Wlth_Vhidh~ h';t e., O'01'K vas res. ch-ea R~ adiabatic demagnbtization!: qtartin~ fran i~ i -t':- - L' th s had been cooled. one ;age qryos a :an( q (~kjjerliiia4I i were immersefd in a- liqid& helil =-* batl~__4Atji-4 ~iein p e Iation av!acu= caa ng.-::,V6ciuua;,aF',p'a;r8& us!;i Mas r Wqli I -was. insured :.9 11:0~! ,IT 0 aeuate ~the 7a#ous q~paciaq :of -th6: 164 pe: 'l - "';!~q --' -- I. ,~4W~ilde pd liquid helium- feed. _In the nuclei vere 6 .rbint4d -11 Qiz- JWJ Ca T 17= T171 4, J. q L'2637245: T' ~.AP4042 ACCESSMN NR 144 i; Adiabiatic demagnetiz iti6il il ec Ath I q~ ~TA rdtr4te Or IM t y~ f ~mort!:A! o sA;oz�ro-T 01napet f maxlmlqn f eldAn-tensit haw 69 -CO h dlao- strength.~ The nu vere,,.tb6n:icr wtho. I on was-detected by single- ze W12 directions. The:~ tempeMtw~~ EU h vred by the, ballIatic m W I yi C pe lu pA -6 of the, ttib'tl' f:: C6 fiaO!,;Ci~ 4-11 :e anplar Ais u. on o Wei! 'I'spins -at the same twe be jrieM_6d-Ais1 wit *0*1 of t Og i ~ tt j temal field in &.pkr";netico~crys.ta'a,` d'' e 'Th 3imd At, loend, ballistic error and the: oh It' I:& il;S44t rj - In 7i 0 ot aj~ea were independently meaw ex 'ML ve, ;nta il El Il. - - ,4 1_0 hat* -in --godd, agreemen ri t experimdnt~is v. iith-t66r e i~ pe t to-0.10OK; at 0. 0 K-~the d' s7iless -T- Nd ltheAl he 0, The: results"obtained 'Jeri& S.; ii ion w6j other methods: of, oribi q ~11SP 4Te Cot -o: e ng ei zit k_--r, i~~ ft deAce. Thi3se methods ~toi h, s- e eir co, basic re A-arch in%:nuclead,~'-phyAcs 1! Th6:Jii~bh ~resq h. ir !t e Rodov and t'-stizw t workers Novakov Praskov~ 6 aart ilka -I 0 Troni~ 45 4 J, 26372-~65' ACcEmiaw-io -~.-"4042144~.-']. A S r) 0 HIT, L: W1 6'- - ow~ it jr P. 211. (ENERGGETIKA) (Praha, Czechoslovakia)~Vol. 8, no. 1" ian-~'1958 USSR/Cultivated Plants Technical, Oil,.and:SugELr Plants. m-4 ALbs JoUr Ref Z-hur Biol., No 3) 1958, 1089a Author Soukup, Irzhi Inst Title The Problem of Raising and Feproducing the:G~tta-keicha Tree (Eucommia ulmides Oliv.) in a Temperature Climate. Orig Pub Za sots. s.-kh. naukul 1.957, A6, 110 1, 55-104 Abstract In 1953 the Scientific Research Inatitute,of Dec(iratl-ve .,;Gardening in Pruhonici (Czechoslovakia) c6fiductecl 6xperi- ments on the vegetative reproduction of the''ducobmia:by ~application of growth stimulators. Cuttin& of 'various origins were also planted. It vas determined that in growth stimulators and addition to the 4nfluence of the . of the eyternal condition (Misture nd 'teiTerat e) S the state of the metabolism in the shoot tissue6~ their degree of maturity is an important factor in the formation of adventive roots. The cutting:6 which h~d: been' Card 1/3 SOUKUPP J.; SULCI S. -I 28601 z/02/6VOOO/00/oWook ~9197/9335 AUTHOR: Soukup, Jir":L' a -1uncti TITLE: Filters for the measurement of correl tion,' ons PERIODICAL: Blektrotechnicky cas.opis, noo 8i~19619 I pp. 524 - 531 TEXT: The purpose of the papers is a thooretical. consideration of filters proponed,for the measurement of correlation functions. The author refers -to previou:s literature in which filters were part of a s ystem for the correlation of input and s nals,.and..'statesl.'. output ig that so far no investigation has been published as.,to the characteristics of such filters and-proposes the notion of foreltive frequencyll, defined as a product of true teequency]and; i j, of time delay. The author proceeds to develop,~'th(i,transfer, function frequency response and phase shift of-filters for,the~ first, second, third and fourth moment, and concludes that a7 certain frequency band can be chosen for the.w9rking range which is outside the range of noise. In the example qu6ted, the nomse range is taken as 100 10 000 rad/sec. and the -worklng range Card 1/2 SYK01111, VacJx--v, doe., inzidr.; WTIPTS, Jan, inz.; DIJWKY F(: SOUKUP, Jiri, inz., Csc. Use of svnthet-ic ion exchanL-ers'as nlant~ nutrient soi~bents. Pa,~f2 w L~ E;1P(V)/E,-1P(k BC ACC NR, AP6030057 SOURCE CODE: CZ/0039/65/026/007[61~1-6T614-1 AUTHOR: Soula~p _J oulmp, Y. (Engineer) ORG: Department of Mathematics and Descrlptive Geomwitr7,,Electrical Engbieering Faculty. Czech Institute of Technolo(W, Prague,(Kateclra rate=ti1w a deskriptivni, geometrie elektrot-e-c-M-Ec-ko fak-alty; CVF- T) TITM: Note on the nodelling of linear 'stems y means ot~ a deUq: line SOURCE: Slaboproudy obzor, vo 26,,noo 7. 1965, 416-418 TOPIC TAGS; integration, linear systen, irathematic model,'~palse. signal, dircuit- delay line ABSTRACT: Until nmr the coefficients of synthesizers hawil been adjusted as,'if they-~ were a tire series of the desired pulse response. Tho article ~ih(xfs that such an adjustment is really an approximation of the respective convoluie~!integral ~17 the trapezoid rule and states how the coeficients may beAdjus .t6d s6 a' conform to higher integration rules. This will- substantially improved: the functioning 6f the entire equipmont. especially if the si&Mals to be dealt with have;a greaternumber of limited differentiations. For=las are given for estimitingAhe errors in tim 10 f6rillul".,% and frequency. and an example is presented. *Orig. art. h~-- 3'figures and 1 table. fB-ased on author's Eng. abst-7fTBAS: 33,54-17 SUB COD713: 12, 09 SUBM DATEE-. l5ju164 ORIG BE F: 061 80V REF: 002 OTH REF; 004 Card UDC:z~;691 3164e'001 M-. T- - - --------- A C -CN R. )1564 SOURCE CODE! CZ/O039/65/G26/(YJ8/0476/O4 79; AUTHOR: Souku , Jiri (Engineer) ORG* Department of Mathematics and Descriptive Geometry' .. Ele ctricgl_ Eilgjn]ft~ Facult CVUT, Prague (Katedra matematiky a deskriptivni giometrie elektrot6chniske, fakulE TITIE: Synthesis of logical threshold circuits SOURCE: Slaboproudy obzors v. 26, no. 8, 1965, 476-479~ TOPIC TAGS: logic circuit, electronic circuit ABSTRACT: Inaddition to some general considerations, the a~rticle'.:suggestsa transfiguration for splittirg and joining logical threshold circuits, the most important transfiguration being that for joining a simple cascade as it may facilitate considerable reduction of the number.of active component parts in the more complicated net of logical threshold circuits. The " thod Is very simple MP and well suited for practical use. Orig. art. has: 9 figures and 8 formulas. (Based on author's Eng. abst.] (JPRSJ SUB CODE: 09 SUBM DATE: 09Feb65' ORM REF* 001 OTH REF., 003 Card 1/1 6u. L 10479-67 ACC NR' AP60201V i/A SOURCE CODE: CZ/0078/66/000/002t0017/0017 AUTHOR Soukup, Karel (Suchdol near Prague) W 0 RG: none 241 TITLE: Encodin circuit.: PZ~ Pat. No.~-'TV:421245,", C! '"a 42'-,_-`,1,11-,-`* :SOURCE: Vyna)ezy, no.: 2 'l 66 .:17 - 6 TOPIC TAGS t encoding circui digit block ABSTRACT: An Author Certificate has been -issued ror an enc6dih iinked_f~,;~.~'-~' ;vJU g circui to several digit blocks, each of which consists of several"elec.tkic circuits. -The.-.;...~N F rotors of the changeover* switches of the iiI idiIvidual digit blo ks e ~ coupld~Wi th t h c ar e selection elements which, in turn.,- are kinetically Ift-iked via reset elements and shafteontrolled cams to the rotor switches of the same-or,lanother digit. If in the; encoding program, the selection element ~ ositions; corres 6 nd to several digits, t e - .P selection elements are designed as logic "NOR" gates which areikineticall,~ coupje~j.,, via reset elements to the pertinent digit cams. The: selection; elements may also be kinetically coupled, with the mechanical logic 11NOR11 gates w1hich'are thein-ti,ed. Card 112 7 ~V~0 ACC NR% AP6 183 kinetically via reset elements to the same of another digit6am 'The reset elem! ent s or logic gates used may be kinetically coupled with th() other digit blocks, or they' may actuaRy form such blocks. j SUB CODE: 69/ SUBM DATE: 30Jun65 , 2/2, C ard S/260/621090/013/001/001 100?11207 AUTHOR: Soukup Karel. TITLE: Method for training operators in the use of k-yboard machines with a train .ing device PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, otdel'nyy vypusk. 40. Pribory tochnoy mckhaniki i kpytatcl'nyye.; ustanovki, 13, 1962, 2, abstract C7ech patent, class 142 n, no 98031. January 15, 1961 TEXT: The method for which the patent has been granted consists in the followin by means of a special g: keyboard device, the operator records the information, preliminarily stored on a punched tape, by reading or listening to it. The device automatically compares the record with the text on'ethe p6,nc.hed card. 16 case of discrepancy, a light or sound signal automatically stops operation of the keyboard until the error is corrected. The device also indicates the number of correctly or wrongly recorded signals. The device has a simple relay-contact circuit. There are 3 figures. fAbstracter's. note: Complete translation.) q 01 '62 Card III E- -2312! 0 , I SOUKUF , Karel----. -,. . ir , :. E",.CERPTA YELICA Sec 2 'ol 1215 Physiology May 59 1658. THE SERUM LIPID LEVEL FOLLOWING INTAKE6F A LARGE AMOUNT OF EGG YOLK (RussianteXt) 7Soukupo-,,l K. and H! yrov A. e IVth Clin.forIntern. Dis. and-U-n-d-CE-nfor Intern. Dis., Charles Univ.. Prague - PHYSIOL. BOHEM. 1958,~ 7/2 (194-IS49) Graphs 5 The intake of a large amount of egg yolk produced alimentary lipaemia, cholesterol- a emia and phosphatidaemia, which reached a maximum in 2-6 hr. Thii peaks of ( these 3 curves did not usually occur within the same time se'ictor. The. serum phos- phatides returned to their initial values more slowly than fats and cholesterol. The maximum changes in the phosphatide. fractions do not correspond chronologic- ally to the peak of changes in the phosphatides. All the fractions usually return to their initial values within 8 hr. In most cases the choleaterol7phosphitide ratio falls. In the cases described no differences were found in lipids in paaents with or, without arteriosclerosis. Hahn - Prague