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November 2, 2016
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August 23, 2000
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December 31, 1967
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RXINIS, Z.; ZOUISK, D.; nSTAN, J. ~ SO~MM,,X,; KRABANE, J. KONRAD, J. SOUKUOVAp K,; JARDOVA, B. - ... H 'L 2063-66 , ACCESSION. IIR:.'A ~.:Vitro',for v-er*'y-lo-ng-oeridd-:-assunie~~ amftlI qiianVj'.',qharab ter ahd q W184 r!alignant tumors "When linplan ed'ih'.,, t 0 "aptibIe br&iii6ini; 4fii c ; bit cells. have more.than di 161d-niii~bers p hroii6ibrii~~E` 6 _ Orig' art, has: ~11 figures 1 tab a -,~:I -graph* y, ASSOCIATIOM e` 'o, b 1 P (k*Aoj~,6at x j raguo, ns a Faculty of Obnoral Ile'dialm JPY6koIoO.6V, _uAtW CSAV PYiOM6: (PhyAA6jiI Instituto,,CSAV), ENC i~ 00,~ L SUDEETTED 1 00 AWCODR. NR REF,SOVi 000 bTTI 1,t A _jJ 2 2 . ...... Card 1 7- -:7 CZECHOSLOVAKIA HNEVKOVSKY, P., SOUKUPOVA INI.-HRUZA, Z; BiPlogicallInstitute, Medical Faculty, ~ar ~est-n ~rsity, P u te'. 1v hys16logi a1,Instit Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences~(Biologicky Ust'av:Lek. UK; Fysiologicky Ustav CSAV), Prague. "Role of Collagen Binding in Changes Observed In :Vitro In'. Y, I d n ey Cells During Ontogenesis of Donor." Prague, Ceskoslovenska Fysiolop-,Ie,Vol-3.5, No 2, Feb~ 60, loo Abstract: The.behavior of cells in ontogenesis differs accordIng to the age of the donor. The possibility -L"hat such behavior is~ due to different amounts of collagen binding of the cells wa s investigated. The cells were released from- he 'e by, tryps 't tissu and cultivated in vitro; the differences pers.isted.and I t' is therefore assumed that they are due to ontogenetic'ehanges.1n, cells proper a-ad not to different amounts ofjnti~.adellular~. binding. 1 Figure, 5 Czech~references. ;5ub1m1tted~:at~1116-,Day&' of Physiology" at Kosice. 29 Sep~65- CZECHOSLGV,UM~j/14IcrobioloC,y Microbes P3thoGenic for Man.:and F ja-limals. Bacteria. Mycobacteria. Abs J,)ur Ref 711ur Diol., No 22, 1958) 99519, Author Lani;erova, M.) Heislova, M., zavadil6vdi Z! i SbWiqpova, T . Inst Title ImmmizilIG Action of DCG and of the M-Vaccine Upon the, Course of Experimental TWoerculosis in White Mice. Orif, Pub Rozh3-. tuberk. a nerlocech plicnich, 1957, 17, No 318- 321 ~Abstract BCG vaccine or M-vaccine was i:ijected, into. tlie caudal' vein in nice; the n:Lce were infected. withili 4 weeks with a culture of the strain D217 adapted for nice. 1111 the experimental aaimals were killed, within4 weeks ard the avera(;e wei(Iit of their orLaLs was deitprmined. The averar_e vei~~t of the ILUI,-s of the infqc~ted nice was 1 6; that of the iLzwnized an& then il'if ected ones Card 1/2 . 1 - 1) '1-) ljlli~tlj SOUMAR, J. 11P SOUMAR Joself; SILINK., Karel w, I . It SGU,'-'AR, Josef; BEDNAR jiri; ROHLING, Svatopluk Determination of protein-bound iodine in thyroid function tests. Vnitrni lek. 11 no.11:1090-1096 N 165~1 1. Vyzkumny ustav endokrinolc,gicky v Praze (prednosta doc. WDr. Karel 'Silink Dr.Sc.).. SOUMAR) Josef;, ROHLING, Svatopluk,- HEDNAR, Jiri Canparlson of protein-bound iodine values and -the accumula-o- tion of 1-131 during thyrold.funetion tests. Vnitriii lek. 11 no.12:1164-1169 D 65 1. Vyzkummy UBtaV endokrinologicky v Praw1predfiosta'. doe. MUDr. Karel SilInk, lh%sc.). 'jj ~11 i 7. .'s"! 1 1. -Y q MOON* 6 It V/d Ttll ii, f i 1*~ 'I ~o 1'~ 'ti hi filixt.~ (yidd of 1. -i,~ 4-1: is "V tj h i tart j1EV. jr ;rL 42 go AUI 2 H't 42 'v F. I vc :1 'all F lei CZ/0067/661000/004/0193/0198 CnE CHOSLOWINIA AUTHOR: Vojte6iovs14Ly,,K.; Sourek, J.; Zeman, K. ORG: Fpidemiology and ',Hicrobiology Institute, Prague (U6tav epidemiologie'a mi rob iologie) TITLE- Autoradiographic detection oC radjoisatopo -l'ab eled toxopla'said. antigen in a precipitating system SOURCE: Ceskoslovenska. epidemiologie, mikrobiolo-gie, imun,ologie,' no. 4, 1966j; 193-1981. TOPIC TAGS: radioisotope, antigen, autoradiographic dete~tion~,~~toxoplasma~gondiiv human serum, animal serum, specif ic gel- dif fusion p antib6dy. sdr~m, autoradiagraphy iodine ABSTRACT: An attempt was made to detect Toxoplasma gondii intiblodies in human and animal sera.using Ouchterlorty's tecaniqLie: of specific gel diffusion. The results indicated that serum extract from mice was suited for the basic typeslof.p~e- cipitation reaction in the Anti en-antibody,system.-.rhis. wit h 1.31 and detec .ted.1 y au It 6 antigen could be labele(f, .,radiography. The use, of the i. q - U~-e lincreaned the sensi-tivity and accuracy of im-munochemical analysis in agar gel in some cases. [TWA-50; CBE N6~. 111 -V- - . 1-1DWc4L--,T -J, .1 Im SOUMX, -Tiri Use of micro-precipitation in agar in laboratory dlignosis of smallpox. Cesk.epidemnikrob,lmun. 9 noO2:101-~,105 gr 160. 1. Ustav apidemiologie a mikrcbiologie v Praze~v (SX&LLPOK diag.) ERBAII , ~ I sou -WKA, Karel, Jr. Effect of a bacterial suspersior. of 3hige-111a f1exmzerl ty~;e 11 on the formation of anti-endotoxin-like antibodies. Contribu- tion to the study of the antigenic relations ofian erdotoxin 13 complex with specific precipitation in agar. Cesk. epidem., 11c).4:221-2-18 JI 164. 1. Ustav ser a ockovacich latek,, Praha, a Ustav, epide-miclogie mikroMol.og _ACC - Nk,___AP602_6_q_8q SOURCE CODE. CZ/0067/66/000/004/01-93/0198 AUTHOR: Voj techovsky,. K. Sourek, J. Zeman, K. ORG: Epidemiology and Microbiology Institute, Prague (Ustav-e idemiologie a p mikrob iolo gie) TITLE: Autoradiographic detection of radioisotope,I"I-labeled, toxopla'sma antigen' in a precipitating system SOURCE: Ceakoslovenaka epidemiologie, mikrobiolo-gie, imunologie, no.:4, 1966, 193-7198 TOPIC TAGS: radioisotope, antigen, autoradiographic detection toxoplasma: gondii human serum, animal serum, specific gel dif f usion antibody,,. serum,,; dutoradiographjrj~ iodine ABSTRACT: -An attem-pt was made to detect ToxopZasma gondii: anti,bodies :in human and animal sera using nuchtarldny's techni4ue of,: ispecific gel diffusion. The results indicated that:,serum extract from nice was suited for the basictypes of pre-7' cipitation reaction in the anti en-antibody system., Thii3 1 31 and detected by_L:1uto-''~; antigen could be labeled; with ILK!i4iogi~aphy. The uae of the autoradiographic techni e SOUREK. K. IN M"H" ~ YFFM o !zr b,c, 74fn.. C~ U Uv* z Vcl Z7. ~'c, 6 De c, 61 Ury -namconi,?,;j -I-rtr LI I a O"hisf Locint Wcil"l L PY M 10 . . , j , 4 (nSO elnik) 2 54-156 . - Anz;;Il oh au=nzig Aaul;,sj~Yaj Or a=crIAl ~-,L. ~M. rrA .1i. a- Lieu te- " ' M-7,",~ I -P 25f-259. nant &a C -21=p2q ~:e--%Cd -.~7 ow N-prm-laxtic-I Of 22mwftLTlt7 of 10. ~ JAAGOt2 to C=rmtt-_t orae~m- and atw.,m Wfljq,~I~ -ic>*& e-.Pzic*) ~ XOviv) I F.V 22,9-?Z1 . lirj3 tdl' W=jru-V 12. *2.ze of rustard 7,,,jz 13nalo-ti-,n,~ llmor Niloclw ' tt o A.M f .C;*aXbk P; z611-263. e:Ztg2lch :mr-mFt-Zr Nplu-c- 12. -0),Cffld Eel" 2, , *~ - 4 . oric 11 Ds;~=-ztmt P.111tary lio3pital olom=,; ;;p 161-;I-i. en :hit Ratte --nn in Cloalici UT a tnI i Dlecl=0 t* j - je 110 2.9 14. mr,GInwed. Socd Znlurits." Mnor V3 15. 1CM312 litlat, coiv?f T"M --Y, X) P.&A Y-%,4or jr=cx~- V1041m!-r Eoq~,: birLk$ pp 21~-274. (o; ;,c-t on tl-.e 3--cbt urrz7A~,e, i,l t1mi L~r3ncAa ~ licAl.%clany La VJ~.Im~, -11 P~x%,v 2 J,qttator 1961,11 Litutenem. Co2oall Jv%rl-rl ^J:, -.f -hi chair tri-adra -mleor 0: inta-ral We-- ta-mu'-ZI I . j nd inttm~ u ' kr.%cjl W=ll V110 J67%,Mll, 40, rlic) 27C-278- Or.! &C 7104-cra X~ -*f2- V ~C4 X t td-werle"61 :..r"rd gOUROK! Karel Sequelas in the central-ner7ous syston of reslOmbitation duHme ue~ stage of clinical death. Roahl. chir. 40 rI'0'.11-*69&70l,4,:N,16l0 FUSEKS, I.; SOUREKJP K. SOUREKJI K. . . . - 1. 1 1 1 . : ~ ;! 1 . 1 1: ;- :t ; I .~ I1 1, j~ : ; .1. SOUREK, M.