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November 2, 2016
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August 23, 2000
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December 31, 1967
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JOUNOVSKA, K.; SOVA, J. SOVA, J.;_-Jl,;ZEK, V. On the problem of clinically undiagnosed cases of Myboardial infaration. Acta univ. carol. [mod.) Suppl. 14:495-500 1610!* 1. 11. interni klinika fakulty vaeobecneho lekiirstvi'University' Karlo,rf v Praze,, prednosta prof. dr. Fr. Herles'. (MYOCARIDIAL INFARCT diag) I I I I I . ~t : I . I I i I - . I I. . I . . : 1 : 11 p , ; : I I i I . . , , . ~ ;i . I . I I . I. . . .1 1 1 . :: I I I I ; . I , , V, ii :~ i, : . ;, 1~7: :; I . ~;l I I . . N , I . . -- i . i H W NUMMUMN f. - SOVA, J.; KOLAR, V.; KORAL, V. KOLAR M.; ANDRYSEK, 0.; SOVA, J.; hEADEC, E.; SCHUCK, 0. Cardiology: CZECHOSLOVAXIA PAICHL, P.; VANEK, J.'; POKOWY 1.1 HULA'. J JAN011 A- CAJZ~L,- R. CEPELAK, V.; PETEROVA E.- SIGMUM -hAHN, V,~ VOH-, J, TIM$ S.; Clinic of Internal Disoase~,' 14eil. P-6:6., a Liarl e a ~Llv (Klinika Chorob Vnitrnich Lek. Pak. KU), Plzej . Pre'drio n sta (ff6ad) Prof Dr J. SOVA; Internal Departmqnt Local :Imtittute ~of National Health, Factory Hospital.:(Iftterhi Qddeleni,J-R~IZ Z~Vodni, Nein6cnic' e' Odboroveho Podniku) Skoda, Plzen,' Ilead (Predno'sZd) "Do c ant Dr Mi. POK.ORTTZ; Psychiatric Clinic. Mod. -.Fac. Charles, University (Psychi atricka Klinika Lek. Pak., ICU) Plzen, Miad (Predhosta) Prof -Dr- ogical d Anatomical institute F16d.~`: Pac. E. VENCOVSIff; Silcl Pathol an Charles University (Sikluv Patol6gickoanatc)~,ii.6k-y.~;V~t~--~ 1,ek.-Fak.'.'- ~~J ev KU), Plzen; Head (Pr6dnosta-) Prof Dr J.;'VANmX- Group: for the,b elo'mr-ent. of Programming M6thods (Skcupin~ R je; I rogram h ozyq, ovacic Netod v Odbor6vem Podnik-u) Skoda' ::PI- en* Head Md6udi) mtomc~ V ky; Chair of Mathematics.. El-'--ctr6technical 1~acui:ty'!bollege! of Mechanical' 1!6ginearing-'~ (Kaitodra Maten, atik ' 'El 10 k tf, Y ty VSSE), Plzen, Head (Vedoual)'Docent J. XLATILs~Central Bio6hem-~.:.` ical Laboratory (Ustredni Biochemicke Labor aitore) Plz6n- ~Iead (Prednosta) Dr V. LAMT. w "Use of Digital Computers in~the'Evaluationkof Pathogenesis, Mag-'. nosis, and Prognosis of Myocardial Infarctl'on. Leknru N ;P Q e n 1-m h Vol 105, ~,-?L~-25,;~ 117 Jun 66.. 'P.i MURAR, Jcz?f; SOVA, OLt-:o; BAWAK, Mlmin:i IiA,")'IARJI luvol Te SOU BioloidA-. no.',12.'1(364*- ~897~-905 lp 47A 9 03'~; DO 6at P'i ibi, u CL"r, (it J P 1.4 . APW22083.' OR -AGCES SMD6 f p (Del,%utmnt:-df --Bl6chem"tr3rt-- Rld .42:1-, .-.'A' 4 F-I I Bice ll~:;:a V, no M, N -I it Z!! ,77 I A ji: i. -77 ji if, MASIAR,, P.; SOVA,, 0.; TJUTCLV,, N.; Department of Biochemistryp~ Institute of-7M ~er t~nihtal Biolog7v Slovak Ac6demy;of Scienoes (Oddelenie Biochemis Ustavu Experimentalnej B 'iplogle SAV), Kosiee,, Head (Veduci) Docent Dr P. XASUR; Chair of'Biochamistryp Mid-.' ical Faculty PJ Safarik University (Katedra'Bioohem'is Lekarsi_ kej Fakulty UPJS), Head (Veduci) Dr P..MASIAR "Protein Metabolism. 1. Prague Casopis Lekaru Ceskyo Vol 1051 No 33, 19,Aug 66# Op 886 - 689 Abstract fluthors' English summary: modifiedIt During the first days of protein deficiency a systeratio drop In albumins and a concurrent rise of globulin fractions occurs; quantitative changes are noticed mainly in the alpha and beta globulins which arefound in the first 20 days of protein,defi6iono ' a-new Y; frad- tion corresponding to the alpha globulin.appaire... Gamma globul- in fraction changes very little# Total nitrogen about 75% of the initial value, 3 Figures,, 2!Tablem,~10 Western, Czech, 1 Russian, I bmgarian reference. Mn.:reiceived mar 4 - AUTHOR: TITLE: PERIODICAL: ABSTRACT: AVAILABLE; Card 1/1 Sova, P.P. (Zakarpatilye, Ukrainian SSR) 26-12-49/49 Female Specimens of the Lombardy Poplar:(Zhenskiye osobi piramidallnoto topolya) Priroda, 1957, 12, p 127-128 (USSR) In a letter to the editor of "Priroda" the author points out the fact that the Lombardy poplar, which!is especially~favor~ed by the inhabitfints of Zakarpattye becaus.6-ofjte picturisque,- appearance, does1not produce female specimens74nd ther4fore~ propagates by the vegetativ,e.met,hod. The'.autho Ir has.flound two female poplars in his native city of Uzhkoro&'&'nd draws~thei attention of the authorities to thin fact with~'the-su estio'n 99 to protect those valuabletrees. The editor,iwhoapproached Professor A.S. Yablokov.of V.ASKHNIL in the matter, publishes the professor's reply in which he stateithaf in'many places of the Ukraine female poplars of the Lombardy''species can-,be found and that they propagate by seeds i.n considerable numbers. Library of Congress --- ~ffMMMwmEwmIwM" 0 IR" Crvc ;olutib dt lqWi'cem~ 6rdfuraq,:, V. SWw, hna Ktl Vjzk' Pt Sul ai lit or;A~Iii i.IuWidl ('7~ 64ii6j* j i6 n6at L It: "d"Mmilt'ildF Wby QJah ril6a ~4t I !Jn4cr"phit 4 [glyckr4und Eli , - lt i a -6 im VIS1,10NIty 4; ~.-Tha i 2o ~ 0 a oiu aipi v Hdia OQ 6 f the freezink juiti . were tWs iedheed W OV Gal _. rb loc.- at 10 .1r0. ro?,Ib Pt SL ;Jae Of! NO Tojou t.~o 't"OT O~ t Ile, ovi: to tj~~g, !60,t 0 at ~'-" JOUR. AB RZIC1,11M. _59, " , , eL~td Tfijaar, J. xv Invost-Lgation of the -Solubility ok .4 1 Proteirl.8 Lact-one Foolutinar, prumycl Pc-travirt, 9, No 1, J, 5 - 3 _':I' 17, C T A, The bsbavior of the- pro teins C A -:,D 411 raw MI-13-F nugar from a number,of swirces w4ts ;Ltud,4a,d,, also invAstigated frcre-the tiiict of the isoc-lect,ric polnv- on tua rsolubililtv if'~Jhe' pro-, 4 teir-, complaxen in inilk sugar at a ef fect of fai~ying tha ratio a.*" awtot 4nd tsour, -ohey, (psic] and of neutral salt add-ItIph, Th*- residual prot,vinia wart'iseparsted by dialj4is t-~oa with fror%zinT out. o f :tb o: re sid_u~ jkl Th6 stud proteins wm* c;%rrisd out by eleciroph~r:esjs and 291 COUNTRY Czechoslovakia Ai-28 CATEGORY AES 10 i iiZ. r h J. iy~ 2 76665 1 . . . A t 3 C', I 30';~>Va' and Sov.a' V. Not glivayl ' thetic The Chrouatogrikphi-c.C~.;aractiarizat-ion 0&~Syn Dyos Used ia tile Food Industry Prumysl Potravin, 9, No 5, P-61-265 B 3T "ietb,3do uacd at F.-,od Tech-aall zy Rejaearckt Inatitutl (Prague) for 'the. svparmtiaia~;and deter-, fruination of Synthetic food dyea-ilm d0s'cribed. Beet re6ults were obtaixed b~y thr- application of a6cstding and radial chrommtogruphy (A~alyz' Ciaantit ',4-,,,Z 75, 37 (19.50)~: at dat~6rmiriations with ' : ' i~e_lllulta at. .4ter give reidabl._i tiae Ilse Of a ph61:;Om dye g~wiars. T.:i zv&tbY3:. I i 41-i 4-i it ;. i ; e-; i ; i* li 0- zi, li-~t ~-'1111-11414 I"; ~ , a I ~! ! , ! ! 'I 'i I I I la 11 a - 13 U a Is V 1 m - I I i ~4 1 . i ~ . . 11 . I . - . . ~ . . . 1 106 fill L IN V 9 104 Joe- eo E 2 a 0 p OW" L Down it oil , .,-Rtnwcb Slow at vwws 16 21~44' IW Y a ham a oo aw 0.4-0. p to W-WCH- Wde - i6w o " c l Mu 000 t lea live saw= dm On ml%;7:1~ ~ m, T " t t -b ~ if tin. o oms m p ewe. r 0 W Ljjla&TL*j CLAkA"Tft- as p p i2 IM i F,-AM 0A - - 66.99 0: 0 i 0 0, 0 - 44 0: ~: 1212, 1 -~-i lr%ov~q 7-. I r e -~,~os ovakla ~7706 -ad ina M.-, SlaWca, R. liypr, zaoki-ng qf~ Herrings High-Voltage Eiectriz,S :D r I, Prumvs-I -Dotravin, 195'7, 8, No 124 623 (261 e 4 t Descript.-Lon of an ~. le aPd of of smoking of herrings in an elec-.r le fleld 'Iiesults of thei ex-nreriment's show that- wit-h a voltage of 50 kv them hanging f Ish which sub4ected to. a thermal pretreatmeat ad uire the, necessary amvunt of llsmokingll- substances I within 21-3 minutes; these subs-tances, lwh-ich dcAparmine the taste~a'ncl aroma, be--m come distributed t2riereafter throughout the body of'~the f i~h. As concerns organoleptic indices, herrings sr~okedl b~y this rrocedure do not differ from those smoked in'.~the 'conventiorl- al manner. N. Berezin. irurnny -cvj,~ev pro maziot, brno.. 0t 'Kp~at 'Peakilgircz :LOxl Sell Orvi 1~ S.tnr-s~- Nfod Vo- xcr, pr 914. Ab t, - 6 t~ tT he m a t "3 0 r, PoP the nhvngau j.s 11~te pre~stm(-e rif oxyg-in; 1.1ght only enbaineen th. la Or in. i, V_) sad zirj parp'--va to wor"i stort, Th-, -08C.1tv?"irig mater-4.0-1 1hould be olu,,4 t,3 .ttr-. The ord-y matorial af V-An kind -.i~ 11ned. -vj'Lth poly6th, is oellophs- 9 T tib 1. e a12 W'cm ter rt,, 2 C zc I Ru. a 1: r, r- 1-ef"er- HMARY SOVAGO, Janos, Dr, GYETVAN, Imre, Dr; Jaras Council'of Berettyoujfalu' flospitaf, -Surgllclard (chief physician: MAKO.,I Istvan, Dr) ;~(Beretty6ujfalui Jarasl Tanacs Korhaz, Sebeszeti Osztaly). Experiences With Tetanus Serum Administration After* Mixing: it with the Patients' Own Blood, on the Basis of 4229 Cases." Budapest, Orvosi Hetilap, Vol 10?, No~ 3?, 11 Sep 66,,~'pages,-1?50-1752. Abstract: [Authors' Fungarian summary], During the past 10.,y~' ears, TATI,4as e; administered to 4229 patients by the:aUthors after mi~ing~it with th patients' own blood. The experiences indicate that this method of usiili Passivex tetanus antitoxin prophylaxis is more sim6le. less dangerous and less time-consuming than the Besredka type of desensitiiation. In:spite of the gradual increase in the number of active immunizations among the public, the method reported is still of practical im; rta' e. 14 Hun-'; PO PC garian, 3 Western references. .17 RAGHINSKIY F. Yu.; SIAVACHEVSKAYA N.M.; SOVAUOVA ~: L.K. ~ Y P . P;. BOROZINETS., B.V.; GINZBURG, S.A.; GCIRNSHTEYN, V.M.; SHUMOVICH, V.D.; S.A.;~ LIVOV., Yu.N. The RER co' ter and its use fathe centraI di"tcher;;office of, MPU the consolidated electric pohr, systen. glektriehesivo no.3:9-12 mr 64. :.'CKM 17W l.-Vaesoy,uznyy nauchno-isslq0evatellakiy instAut elektrooner 't iki go (for Borozinets, Ginaburg, 'ishteyn vich) Shlizo 2. Ob" yedinennoye dispetcherskoya upravleiniye,Yedinoyenergetichaskoy sistemy SSSR (for Savalov, LIvov). m SOVALOV, I. G. --- SOVAIM. I.Q., kandidat tekbnicheakikh nauk, redaktor; BWZKK, B.A., redaktor; GALKIN. Ta. G., kandidat tekhnicheskikh nauk, redaktor; ROGOVSKIT, L.T., inzhener, reiaktor;LMOD, T.Ta.,,redaktor; VOLEDT, V.S., tekhnicheakly rodaktor; SMDLITMDTAV~ M.V.;,~.tekhni- cheskiy redak-tor. [Technical specification for -producing* and InsimetIng:construction* and assembly work) Takhnich"kie 2111OV11a n4 protsv0detwo .1 prIewAm stroitellzWkh i monta shqkh rabot.:Moskya, Gos.isd-vo lit-rY PO strottelletvu I. arkhttakturegBaction I[Darth vork.and-work with boring and blasting] Zmlianye i buro-vsvyvzWe raboty~,.1955- 36 P9 Section 3[Concrete and reinforced conerete workI ~11.etonmWe I sheleso- betourye raboty. 1955. 102 p. Section 8[Finish rations) Otdolochmye raboty.1055. 4.6 p. (NT.RA 88f:11) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.)GosudarstyenzWy komitist po disUm stroite~'_! sty&. (Construction,industrjr) SOYAWIG.",O,,.kandidat tokhnichemkikh nauk; MY1, S.S.. kandidat tokkb'i- YAKOBSON , Ya.M. , inzh. ; KRMDIJ3ri' 4.11 SOVALOV 1. 0. knad. tekhn. nauk; PONC14AREVAp N.Ye.9 inshel [ProvlBional instructions VV-17/59,11110KTP,fo'r heat.and .~wlstiare treatment of reinforciod-c-oheTate &md'co-lncret;~;'wticUs~ in Pieiffure'- less chambere) Vremenzwe i*kzaniia po termdvlazbn6st,nol~obr~"~.' zhelezobetontVkh i betom VO lzde-11i v beiiiao .kb~ himrak~ VU-17-59/'NIIOMTP. Moskvap bliro teikhn,~ W(irluktaili 19~9, 21 (NIRA 3:1.1~6~; 1. Akademiya stroitellstira"i'arkbit6kUry SSSR. buditut orS~#i*tsiij makhanizataii i tekhn, y. POMbbb~bi Bt*0it8l L 8 2 Proektno- tvue 0 T tkom,6 ktN konotruktorakeya kontora ye ~(tor)Wvbwnv kieyndan)a Laboratoriya betom4r)eh-i W*IezobstonrWkh~rabotti.suabno-isn3.odoT&- tellskogo instituta-orgwaYiaUiiq mekbaniziLtaii i lt~kbuicb*A4, PO- moshabi stroitellstvu"Akidenii stroitelistira: i afthitektury'SSM (for Sovalovq PonomareTOO oncre4) (Reinforced conc~rete)' (C DESOV, A.Ye., prof., doktor teklut.nauk; SMIGA:,'SF.IY, V..N:, inzh.; SOVALOV, I.G., kand.tekhn.rauk; LALAKINA, T.A., inzh.; red.izd-va; RTJDAKOVA, 11.1., [Instruction on the time and intensity -f-vAzationsand on the selection of concrete mixes of the most efficient placing qualities] Instruktaiia po prodo1zhitellnosti i in-tensivnosti vibratsii i po podboru sostava betonnoi amesi pov~shennoi udobouklad.vvaemosti. Moskva, Gos.izd-vo lit'ry p6 atroit.i arkhit. i, 1959. P. IMIRA 13:1) 1. Akademiya stroitel'stva i arkhitektury SSSR. ln~titut betons i zhelezobetona, Fdrovo. 2. Laboratoriya ty'zhelyth betonov, Nauchno-iBsledovatellskogo instituta bf,tc-Tta i~,zhele~obetona Aka- demii stroitelletva i ark:hitektury -SE-Ai ~for,'Deso ~:Shmigallskiy)'. 3. Nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut c)rgaiiiititaii.,~makhanizatell. i takhnicheskoy pomoshchi stroitel Istvu Akadetmii it~oitellstva i arkhitektury SSSR (for Sovalov. Lalakina). (Vibrated concrete)