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SOV-113-58-8-9/21, AUTHORS: Yatsenko, N.N., Candidate of Technical Sciences and.,Sozon~- tov, TITLE: The Dynamometric Truck of the "MI-2111 Type. (Din~a:mom e~ iriche s - kaya mashina DM-21) PERIODICAL: Avtomobillnaya promy6h1ennost', 1958~.Nr.8,;Pp. 7-3 2 0: (USSR) ABSTRACT: A new model of a dynamometric machine of the: IIDM-21 type has been designed., It cons-Ists.of a~lchassis of~the 151" typecar, on whii;h~an electric' motor'of the IIDK-'202 B" type, manufactured by the "Dynamo" Plant~is'installed. 4- trolley-bus. traction motor is used :as'~a b r`ake' generator.," A. trolley-bus starter-r'heostat of the 11KF_2A 111 type I` s -used as a resistance. At the rear of the,'fdri-%r6r'1s cabin,' a.,6tand-,':, ard covered hood isinstailed. ont:~of :it contains the, "YaAZ-204 V" type engine and a second- 11DK-202,B11 .type elec- tric motor both installed on a separate:chassis. A hydraulic, dynamometer is instal-led in the rear'T)art;.:of1he frame,;iThe total -weight of the "MT-21" is about' lo, 000. kg'and.'the maxi- mum brake-torcue is 36 kgm. Figure.7 shoiffi the traction! characteristijs of the "YaAZ-214" and IIGA~_63" typezcars. Card 1/2 Figure 9 shows the traction characteTristic;~of :he ','YaAZA'..214", t ;4 tic 9 t ~~ . I ,c rl ~e U') 0 t 11 0 ci*l II". gTi6 26/4 ACCESSION AT4004737 8/2922/63/001/000/00ml AUTHOR: Sozy*kins M. F. 'ace Me TITLE: Method of observing the Moisture transfer furl Lilin atmospheric boundary layer using a stesun-impervious ~prlzeynnugu SOURCE: Wes. nauchn. meteorologich. soveshch. Trudy Akka, sloya, Leningrad, 1963, 296-306 ometeorology, micrometeorq_ voir evaporation,: TOPIC TAGS: meteorology, hydr Ao&, reier antievaporation film, air -water moisture transfer, heat transfer, waier, albedo, atmospheric boundary layer ABSTRACT: The- author discusses "molecular method" to 6bacrVe Moidure transfer by retarding water molecules with a~keam-lmpeivious film. Ate disc;uisis the underlirfig principles of his method and cites the advantages of the application d these' principles. He explains in detail the mathematical formula *for his methodivith Its theoretical' deriva- tion and proof. As part of his proof, he subjects the theoretic.411mathimatical comlx"- tions to a comparison with practical computations obtained thriAigh ei~erlments. 7216 desirable specifications and designs for laboraUvry 1A be uswtare also d6scribed. 1/2 Card ------- ---- ull"I fix 1w"p, mm"Im" lm~ M 2N/K -7-7 ---- , USSIV Scienti sts Econonics ~A Card 1/1 Pub. 45 16/16 Authors Gerasimov, I. P.- Ivanovaj"E.* N~'* Larifi J. V hi` S. As!; Sozy'kin,~ tIV N K an(I FridlaInd 'Title KeEories of 1., 1. Folimon"O' Periodical t Izv., AN SSSR Ber. -geog.. 6,- - '!--' ' '10B: 109 N oil ec Abstract I In announcinz the death on.22rfd'Jun6: 19~54!-of 04 J lim6ao, --d V:!;- 1880 1950 the ' a: rk 6-~ ihiii:econ6t atoi d life hi' f st'~Ts' 4 tJlL,':.I_. recal-l~d. Folimonov is said to have also-bee'n*:a~ OuntanAing ridt ralist 4ell in- et~ dlst;Ln~ui' he'd ~im-self;!as dix formed in agriculture-H S .j search ito rker, e teacher and writer. Institution: ..... 4 A Submitted: It A j!] H10641611600101310011003~ DOl8/?lO5- ev AUTHOR: Spacal, Lev TITLE: Radiation and man PERIODICAL: Tudominy 6s Technika, no- 13, 1961, 43~4438 TEXT: The article which represents an interview.granted to: thi author by Professor Ferdinand Hereik, doctor of medicine*, docior of sciences, corresponding member.of the Cze6hoslovak Acidemy of~: cishe stand a e director of the Biophysical Institute of the-Czechoslovak Adadem of Sciences, deals with effectsof radioactive radiation on thebody neral and with research in this field kut:by v~iiou.s! e hoslov:akl~ carried c ,z a scientific institutions. According to,Professor Hergii, thd first Cz'ee'ho-' slovak Biophysical Congress held1n Tatranskh' Lomnica at the beginning,of May 1961, discussed the training of scientists Iand v airious :bi .ophysicat ;Pro blems, such as effects of radiation on the organism, protectionagainst such radiation, molecular biology, influence of'low tei~iiperatu' ng~ re: on li7i organism, biophysical measuring methods, biophysical instruments, etc'. Card 1/2 H/064/61/069/01-3/061/063. DO 6/~105~ Radiation and man The Biophysical Institute of the Czec4oslovak4cademy,of7scii, Brnoi' eno in operation since 1960, has been studying the effects.6f radioactive- radiation on health. At the Medical Department of the:University in Xo.~3ice a radiobiological center has been established., At Prag:ue research is being conducted on the diagnostics of diseases caused by radi6icti,~e': radiation while the Biophysical Institute at Hradec Kr!Llovfi studies~th4 effects of radioactive materials absorbed by the boay. Research is,als .6~,eing co:n~- ducted on the treatment of diseases caused by radiation*:. A new-diagnostical method of determining radiation damages is expected to'be deieloped in'the near future. Czechoslovak scientists are participating1jin the','Opreparation, for the first International Biophysical Congress to be held in-Stookholm in the summer of 1961. The Biophysical Institute of the Cz~echodldvdk Academy of Sciences keeps constantly in touch with~biophysicists'lin Leningrad, Moscow and in Hungary. There are 5 figures. Card 2/2 H/004/r'1')l/oob/.026/00l/005 D2 -1,'6/ D 304 AU.01101i: Dubsk,-~, Vilda. gand S-p0ral,._-Lev TITLE Fantasy becomes reality PERIODICAL: TudomAny 6s technika, no. 26, 1961~ 90L~~- ~~05 TEXT: The article describes an inb6rview~: given-L to the: io. authors by Engineer Jaroslav 931echtaj chief designer E the HC"'3 helicopter, Engineer Jaromi"r Schindler, well-kno'wn be'Obnical Write'r and Engineer JirfiC Mat-ej:65ek, designer of the "St'a'hdart~~ i6l' and.,: "Standart 17" gliders. All three engineers are :associates of -6 he; Czechoslovak Aircraft Engineerin- Research and Develoj~m'ent Institute. The Czechoslovak aircraft.industry specializes in spor"ts-planes a~ad ,e aircraf t:~ engineering i& small airliners. In the field of larg: technical levels have been reached in the USSR:with1the,"TU"-models and the "Il-18". The passenger-carrying capacltioflthese aircraft will probably be increased, requiring, however, increaIse 'of the power plant capacity. Experiments with VTbt aircraft are.'under- Card 1/2 11/004/61/00( /0'-%f I~Y)11005_ V~inLasy bocomcs realiUy D286/D30L~ 0 --jay and- a helicopter rotor is being developed by_~which.!even 500 L km/hr can be achieved.. The Soviet '%U-6" jet-poi~ered:helicopt6r has an enormous lifting capacity, yet its,speed does,not' exceed 300-32 .0, km/hr. In the development of STOL aircraft, aut6mation.will play~an important role, e.g. in case of a convertiplane no pilot would~bei able to fly without automatic control. The shape of a'ircr'aft to be flown at the end of the 20th century will differj'from~~,~'he present7 types. These aircraft will1have practically no wings,.,~s.ince the size of the wings is relative to speed. VTOL aircraft having an auxilia- ry power plant for take-off would need a flat wi-49-shaped fuselage for horizontal flight. Thereare 5 figures. Card 212 z/04 6~/00d/026/ 7y 001~ 04, D28 jj3 07 MHOR~; Dubshy, V. and_.~~~~Revie;wers) TITL'i' 'When towards the moon?,. V6da a technika ml6dez"i. nd.: 26; 1962, 904"905; T r Summary is given of replies by-A diffe'rent e~cp ,ert s on astronautics to the folloi-ring estions.-;. A) !.Tdhich 'ilere the'~'mi 08 A important events or discoveries in recent, months?` 22) :11s~ the iJSSW or the Ul"In,, leading in tho conquest of th e-., . iiniver"4ie 3) :When Willi r V* .-Einally land on another planet and -who mrill: lafid;th6~6-4' Z ejoV,~-W;tro cek. Astronomicky 6stav 1~eskoslovenske' ak,~demle;'~Vk:~:Onai~ nomical Institute of the Czechoslovak AS The~;f ight of Nikolayev and -?ol-)ovich which proved the: possibility of co6rdindted~.: action in space and the flight, of the' 2 costaic "probe s.. Narine r1; i1. band: Lars 1. 2) The advantages of the ~UGSR, in 'the C .onqu6 S*t of space are as follows: heavier rockets and more economic.methods of. rctu`~rn',t the earth. 3) Rockets could be sent to the m4ooiin cairying a 'crew that man wilV land but for unsolved medical problems. Ile cib,ates - Card 1/3 J~ Z/04V6~ ob/P26/001/~04-~! 12/0 f6then towards the moon? D287/ 307 on the moon in 10.65 or 1966 'probably both Russian as z-Anericani space cabins are not satisfactory. M. Pick Engineer; director oi- theiGe6-- fyzikalni u'stav Gc sk-os lovens ke''d (Geoohysiclal AnctituAq: Czachosloval: M'j: 1) Determination lap e 6:1 the, of the sl earth by using:_ van , Alle A' 0 ands satellites; further, the phcn6mcnon of-the n ri iati n: b (which have adverr ffects on living Oirganisms) 'all e c d :tra.nsmission of tt:~Ievision pictures throughin'terpl,7,aietary space ~.(2) The ~ Soviet lea, d in astronautics CqTL be explained by the facts that~ onl` ~'qne researc authority coordinates all investi gat ions note several competing, ~Luthor- ities and firms as in the 3). The ~ first Soviet wil I probably land within the next tell -years. I J. ~ Dv6~ak, b86tor of Medi-, cal ~'.;ciences 6stav letecke,ho 2dravotaictvi' v Fr4'lze (Institute 'of 'Iedicine of the Air -Force, rague): 1) The problem ok .'Visits of co; monauts from other z)lancts to the earth has been.igiven ~serious. con-' ~ideration as well a- the problem of ~the presence of microorganisms III meteorites; 2) T)r. Dvor~a'k considers hat the space research t a d t' :3) an -.411 land on the grAm is more realistic in thee U-311, an tiat m I I moon as soon as the problem of the rocket's return ~ t6l;~ ei~ar t~h hA ;s~.been'-- sofIved. J. 3adil, chairman oJ. the Lunar. and Pla'tl~ietar'y' t (I.yr-I 2/ !Ai: SPACJ,?K, Antonin DECFASED:. A9 A ' 41 --------- ----- j Pr Selective broncliogmphy' ivith';% niw`cq~ntmvt rafldluniolli dt~ V116" P. behumll 6pamazil, so cherni Pis L Id C 6w t ast 89 in in ej wn r , n ~ c g ol acid (Ultmren) and poty-Vinylpyrrolidinoni is deccnbed.;~ B4Dth 4 components fmm.cL caltoldid'c6eiplex- 'which edzbfes the prepn- of a conhwk medium of ver* high I contmi; and suRAble viscasfty. 11 Is rinnizrithat and its~exmtion b v7yj ra id 4 . 1 p ii, q 7- i A i 4- 7J MP MP -1- w - - EXCERPTA IEDICA S-ec.18 Vol.1/8 Cardiovascular Aug 57 1! 2394a. SPACEK B. Inst. fijr Klin. und 1---xp..Chir., Prag. Ein neues Opiiarations- verfahren FCIM HerzNvandancurysma A new inelliod of operation 'tit. aneqy~m of file cardiac wall Zbl. Chir. 956, 811-13 (497---m-502) Illus. 3 Description of a new operation for chr he method can onic~ cardiac aneurysm. j be described as aneurysmorrhaphy byrneans -of cardiomy6pexy. In it, ~ important surgical advantages are combined: it abolishes the aneurysm, which is the" cause of cardiac weakness or rupture, leads to adequate scar formation and even improves the nutrition of the ischaenuc myocardium. In this way, 3 patients Nvith ahcurvsm of the apical region of the heart and one patient.with a large aneurysm of the a~te- rolateral portion of the cardiac ventricle were successfully oper;ated ~6n. All the patients tolerated the operation very well and all of them "vere considerably improv- ed by it. The'operation is therefore recommended in cases of chronic ane Iurysm with symptoms of cardiac weakness or a severe form of angina pectoris.. (Ix .7 . 11 .------ Orig Pub: Rozhl. chirurg., 3-957, 36, No 41 197-208 Abstmct: No abstract. Card - 1/1 SPACEK, B. SPACEK -- -- -- - III ... I III VINIM,WFM 1. Aq I CZECUOSLOVAKIA Z. ONDRACEK, C. SVEILLA, K-I~kgXKQY,~.andjl. SPANKOVA, Clinical and ExperimentAl Surgery Research Insticuto (Vyzkumnu UQt4V ~Iiniclta' a expcrimencalni chicurgie) Chief (reditel) rj6Lp -5.p6ceKi Or'Set an Experimental Therapy Research Inscotutc (Vy2k%:mny ustav experitontalni. terapie) Chief Docent Dr 0. SMILEL, DrScg Prague. Effect of Coagulation Processes by Chlortetrac~cline." Prague, Casopis Lelutru Ceskych. Vol 1020 No 190 10 May 62; pp 532.533.;- Abstract : Studies in dogs and in vitro rev I significant aftd~c6mpleic effect of chlortetracycline an coagulation'beyond the self-explanitari decrease in vitamin X (from intestinal'bactliriostasis)., Tentative explanation is that altered pancreatic ons to influence K absorption, and formation of chlort* complawtakes, place in the plawrza. Graph. j - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 1: mmimfflmw~ C 7-ECHOSLOVAI:IA UDC 617-510 -001 -085.816 S CE~k B~'; ZITKOP X.; Institute of Clinical and~Experimental'Sur_ "_ T _L gery s r1~linicke a Experimentalrii ChirurgieY, ':Prague, Dirac- tor (Reditel) Prof Dr B. SPAcEK. "Importance of Prolonged Artificial Respiration in the Treatment of Closed Chest Injuries." Prague, Caso-pis Lekaru Ceskich, -.Vol 105, No';20,:20 Kay 66,~ PP 5hk - 547 Abstract /-Authors' Mriglish su;.-,Dlary modified 2:' cases.of -block fracti z of the ske'Leton ofthe chest with:1'parad8xiqal rospi'ra-, tion mid severe respiratory insufficiency are de'scribed. 'Both patients recovered completely after prolonged artificial respira-..~ tion by means of an Engstrom, apparatus. Thi s m6 thod is recommend- ad in tretament of block fractures.of the chest~~walll. 6, 1-,Ie s tem, 1 Czech reference. (Manuscript received Apr 66),,'*' 208 C, E -,C 1-16 S Le Vi%~:w,:[A TelchnoloF,7T, Chemioal p-* 7,ood Induotry d ZI-11 Ref Z W-nim, J-95-59., NO 7., 25354 1, Spacok, J. E'valuation of qe rZjjajijj of Poo! Pr6ducts 7 L 11) 2zrLnysl potravin, 1957, 8, 534 537 ITO 10 -,~-cmtr 'Eric ,aims Of the (10A. u enainatiorl 01: the quali-4y, producto with Andi!~,atlon of the r-Sr-gerl' proble MS involved and organization OL coritrol, are dis- Cussed. The (17Lie-tgt-o 0 0 less of :tha n of the b * ctjv6j control, of the selection of tho parporls -ke th-c quality evaluatio:j~ th,3 techn-~qlae of the selection of samples, bhe order o-i"'the ova I I-Tiatioll of t1heir qua" ity, and, t1lo processinglo.f the r0sulta of the tasting, ai- ~,'-;-reatde In greater detaill.- V. Grzhivo C' H CZECHOSLOVAKIA fi -J ITA.DVORNIK, P`.~,- lleu~rosurgical N:524ECEK, S.; PETR, -R.;-2zjL G- ad (Pr6dnds, Clinic (Neurochirurgicka Klini aT He ~ta) Prof Dr R' PETR, Chair o-' Histology and Embryology (Katedrd~ Hist6log-ie s;Em- bryologii) Head (Vedouci) Prof Dr V. VRTIS., Medical'Faculty, Charles University (Lek. Falculty K-U), Hradec Kralove", lc "I.,ficroseopic Findings in the Acoustic Nerve and in Adoust. Neurinoma." 7 Prague, Ceskoslovenska Neurologie, Vol 29,: No~ 51 Sep'-66, pp 292 Abstract /Authors' Engli'sh summary_7: It is importe~nqt to opprat.61 bermine; -6n -acoustle neurinoma as early as possible and to;1de' the origin and microstructure of these tiziors,~: A survey of the histological, histochemical, and electronoptic,':findings the authors is presented. Figures, 9 Western, 4:Czech,.1 East German reference. Z/93 /6 /002/1008/008 1 1/009 A205/A126 .gineer AUTHORS: Kadlec, L., Engineer and ApaBek,. J., Docent, Mh TITLE: New technoloVj for hot-bending of tubes r- PERIODICAL: Strojirenskh qroba, v. 9, no. 2, 1961, 98 9�~ TEIT The "artAcle lists laboratory and.som-production*-aaalt;.testo on vibrt,- tion filling and compacting of sand into tubes being pr*parodJor-h6t,b*ndIng1 The tests were performed with the purpose of re lacing the tiresomeland insuffi- .p cient manual compacting with pneumatic hammers. Sine* the vibration equipment mainly used in foundries is not very efficient, tests were based cn~the principle' used for compacting the earth with rammors:or for driving piles LhU the ground with vibration and vlbration-shook pile drivers, Very good.:r4eult4j:war* sahleved, In laboratory tests and the percentage of compacting, compared with loosely'fil-, led sand, reached 16 - 25$,., Best results were achieved when;,vibration was aj~. plied during filling and when tubes were not rigidly connected wI*.th9:vIbrator.' The principle of the vibration equipment in shown Inlig, 2.~: Semloroduct1wtests were performed at the tube plant of the 11Kr&lovopolsk6 stroArny":iNational Miter.' pria* in Brno. The vibration equlpmnt was used for fillingl4nd compacting of Card 1/~ Z/031/61/'009/002/008/008, Now technology for hot-bending of tubes A20.5/AJ26;~~ sand into tubes 44 - 270 mm in diameter and 4 - 6 m long, T4s suopossfully pro- i duoed bonds measured r w 2.5 to 3 D. The oompaoting porooxti,ge rei6hod:18 -.23$,: additional compacting with pneumatic hammers was not nooosoa6 sinoi-it: increased- the compacting percentage only by 0.2 - 1.5%. 'Conventional JLVU 560" and "M 1000" were used and the time for sand filling and oompaoting',W" 51' -7 times shorter than that required by the old technology.. The testal, Ishowod that the: centrifugal force of the vibrator should be 30% higher than:ih* total weight of the vibrated mass, and that the shaking amplitude of the vibrator table should be 1 - 1.6 mm. The size of the vibrator must be adjusted to the'vibratod load.I:To use one vibrator size for tubes of all diameters, smaller tubes are''S"ither vibrat-~ ed in bundles, or vibrators are provided -with the iltertheirrkine, tic moments. The described sand filling and compacting method is also used at:the construction of the "Slovnaft!' National Enterprise. There are 6 figures. ASSOCIATION: Vojenskh akademie A. Zhpotockbho (A. Zapotocky.Military Academy) Card 2/3 v 10 (0); 26 (1) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION ~CZECH/2-369 Ceskoslovenska Akademie Ved. Sekee technicks. ProudLi v lopatkovych stroj~~h (Flow Through Tarbomachinery) Praha-, Na::Elada- telstv-f beskos*lovenskg Akademie Ad, 1958- 41~ P- (Series- ltsi. Sbornfk ustavu pro vyzkum stroju') Errata slip inserted. 1,250 copies pr Scient-Ific Ed.: Jan Jerle, Engineer, Doctor, Corresponding M6mber;of tha Czecho- slovak Academy of Sciences; Resp. Ed.: Iadislav Hrdim; Tech. Ed,.: Fraatis"ek KongicV. PURPOSE: This collection of papers is intended for engineers and scientific workers in the field of turbomachinery. COVERAGE: The collection covers turbomachinery theory, investiga~ionsof the flow of working substance in basic elements of turbomachines, phenomena a*c:- companying flow and variable with time, and investigatio4s of various problem's Card 1/7 Flov Through Turbomachinery CZEdH/2:569, 6. Bukovsky, .3ba, Doctor C. Ae. (Ci7zLI AexQnautics) VZLU. Research on Arrangement of Blading in'High-spl-led Turbomehinery 146 7. Zaj-fc, Vladimir, Doctor,, Engineer, ZVIL (V. I. Lenin:Works , Plte'n Evaluation of Yk-asurements of Airfoil Cascades and Use of Analog Computers 200 V Discussion: Kucera, A.,UMS (Institute of Mathematical' Machine's, Czech Academy of Sciences). Basic Functional Elements1of the,Anapos Analog Computer 223 Peprny, Josef, Engineer, VUS (Machinery Research Institute) ZVIL, Pl;~Ah. Wind Tunnel for Airfoil-Cascade Research 225 III. PHENOMENA VARYING WITH TIME IN FLOW THROUGH TURBOMACHINERY Card 4/7 Basic Problems in the Construction (Cont.) Z/6284 L. Svr'sek (Research Institute for Crude Oil and Hydrocarbon Bases, Bratislava). Heavy Fuel Oils for Gas Turbines; 251 P. Grobner (Modrany Machine Plant, Nodrany). Corrosion by Combustion Products in Gas Turbines 279 Heat L. Spa6ek and M. fGi~lca (State Research Instltute'fo,r onj RF~fn-eering, Prague). A Proposed System for Subs a, Gas J tv CZECHOSLOVAKIA/MagnetisLi Ferromgnetism. Abs Jour Author Inst Title Orig Pub Abstract Card 1/1 TWSTY, Arl [Tlustyy. Irsht. Inzhener, laureat Gosuder'stvannoy pramii. Chekhoslovatskays Akademlya nauk]; _30 zedlelay, SEPACRU, Isdislav. doktor. laureat gosudjiretvannoy p SiNAUS, T.T.6 Itranslatorb UMINOV.V.A.. kandidat takhnic Sony nank, redaktor; UVAROVA. A.7.. tekhnicheakly redaktor [Self-induced vibration* in machine tools) ~Avto6lebe;014 V' matallo-: reshumbehikh st&Wmkhe [Supplement: ImdI92aV npacmk.~j'lhe thsary!of coordinate relations for systm with several dagre"!:4i treed"i 0 Translated frox the Osech] PrIloshoul I&dIsla*,3 koordinatnot evissl Me slatemy so moCW stepentemd bvib"r,* Pereyod a cheshakago T.T.Shvartma. Moskva, 154-T0 nashinestroit- lit-ry, 1956. 394 p. (m= loo I) (JbchI;q tools--Vibrations) (Differential equatleds) Him i --- - S 4~ PA c Etc'. I Damalfis ofi -slightly; indirw4.,j Uo L ummir ~IL4 611 it Polished j~ -tic .,tioxt bf tile 110 plai Idd. by ctrb !fig m l0i 2.5% a )i NZ 1) :61, tit, IfIc ' - nifll~ 1111 the 1 07 &~txvml tile (PC ~6AKLI'mUcin Iq t tilat (if chis~ical 94"IM nu if whicli tile tit wid tit of the Block iva U(ia iocm~r,th nvi ~ fe AM. rl czEcHosLOVAKIA/ Magnetism. Ferromagnetism. Abs Jour Author Inst Title Orig Pub Abstract Card Ref Zhur - Fizika, 110 3, 1957,26847 Spacek ;g~~i,�;Lav Higher Railroad School, Wague, Czechoslovakia Structure of Domains in Folycrystalline Msterials~ .'Part Ii. Domains on Planes Making:& Small Angle~~I&h (110). Ceskosl. casop. fys-, 1956, 61 No 3, 313-323f A study is made of the magnetic structure.of pol~lcj-ystal- line iron with particular attention to the .(110),,-silrface, which is rotated somewhat relative to the f-110-7 a;ds, and' the grinding plane. The d(=Ain ,structure is observedlin inclividual crystals as a function of,the angle oftinclin tion. The author describes the preparation of thin speci- mens, the effect of mechanical and electrolytic~pollshing: on the domain structure, and the action of:'anisotropic et- ching. The connection between the domain,structureand the crystallographic orientation is determine(i. In'a'regon of 1/2 - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - CZECHOSLOVAKIA Magnetism. Ferromagaetism. -4 F Abs J011r Ref Zhur Fizika NO 3, 1957, 6847 Abstract of angles of 60 between the Z-001 -7axis and,the gri'n!ding r%! -T plane, when the (110) plane I'sAnclined to the Cgl~j axis, there occurs a very rapid change in the charaAerof:the domain structure, in which classical scheme changes into forms in which the ~ddth of the domain is Practicall~r equal to the width of the boinidary layer. An attempt is'tmiide to exii1ain this result on the basis Of the enerd balance, and good agreement is obtained thereby with the ex results. perimejLtaj For Part see Referat Zhijr Fizika,, 1956, 1364~. tisr, FerronagnetisEl. ..LOVAKIA/Mague or CZECH 1.1o 6., 1959; 3.32-36 jour Ref Zhur Spacpk, Ladisla'v th A-uthor Domins on~ e a in S'UTf cc inst of CIOS Structur Title Surface of Iro 11o 6o 666-672:~'i caSOP- fys. L957, 7) Orig pub Ceskosl- Fizika, 19591 110 10 See Referat Zhur t libstrac carc C L ism Ferromagneti'lp 'CHOSLOVAIUA/Magnet CZF No 10 1959) 110 1081 Fiziha) Abs JOur Rof Zhur sics Faculty., Pr6gu()), kLadislav Phy Author '__9 or Railroading: Inst Higher ScnOO (100)~ planes in Czechosloyc them .txia Domains in Of surface CloBur Title Structure Iron- No 6: 714-7.22~ 1957, 7: Cheldlosl. Lh,, orig Pub t energies Of the-;Beat er' 6 ion.of the -L boundary total examinat tociasticy!aac Abstract From a f the ficidsy the magnetOstat'cl magne itructure 0 _f6unjj-for the iI i, . n an expl=atiorL'it sit oprurri 9 in cnergies) ___ __ - __ he form Of itherringbon,e ~to the plane. regions in t lose closure 'rystals of iwonj Those surface is C oi obt~ains the total. energy -the auth single c th, Is on the angle From tho.minim= Of Ignitude.of these regior ( plane (1cpandence of the mf men and the: 3_001~ f the speci V.. ,!~aykova between the plane 0 Card d: Magnetism lFerrCOW"Ietism' CZEMOBLOVAIM/ No 9, 19551) 040M Zhur Fizika Abs JOur Ref spacek, Ladi5lmv Atfthor rOMUS .n the (100) I'lanes Tast structure of Surftce Closin tire Title ike Struct Of Iron. Tree-L 051. fiz. zh.) 1958, 8, No 4, 41t 415 z. Chekh Orig Pub Y explains the Oe*!: total energ e minimaliz&tJonlof the of!the dooMins, in'. Abstract Th 311d: the .dii like struct"re Alned for t32e I dejeidiuci Of. the I ~ I ~ ' the d io. iron. RelatiOns Vere Ob' lof observation On the- drystal- ~~ lination Of the plane inc nd on the dimension8of defi- on the domin a he doiain ~ is a j to each dimension Of't... Correspondinj t line f Obser- nite Maxiff-m angle of inclination of the p le tree-like stir'7.6ture exists- vation, up to vhich a stab diminish .es vith in-, of inclination This limiting angle creasing dilnension of theddomain. Card 1/1 CZE6110SLOVAKIA/MaLpetisu - Ferr.)rnpietisn. F Ab s Jaur Ref Z-hur FLzikA, NIO 12, 1959, 27566 Author Spacek, Ladislav List Technical University of Railway Enj3inl~eerincr Pra[,,ue, Czechoslovakia Title The Enera of Periodic Surface Structures,in Ferro- mzpetisn. Ori,-~ Pub Chek'a,~.,sl- fiz- zh-, 1959, 9, N 2, 186-199:. Abstract An experimental' and theoretical investiL-ption was i favoi-ably --~~rien- zande of the a:)maj-n structures for un ted surface,la7ers of ferromagietic substances. The connection between the surface structure and'the crystalloi7aphic,orientation of the crystals was con- firmed. All the aDmponents Of the;'tlotdi. 6nera of the surface layer were determined.".: A general- solution Card 1/2 F CZECHOSLOVAKIA/Magletism FerrDraeaetism;. Abs &)ur Ref Zhur-Fizika, No 12, 1959, 27566~~:~~, ~for arbitra- is [Aven fdr the problem of the poltentia,]:.,',, ry distribution of charGes- Card 2/2 -:65 L Qqc F l 104 C TION 45 C i ITA BOOK ROX MON f ~ JOrIO.-Jan, ed Engineers Doctor,, Corrqeponding Xwber'. of the Cxeoho- Blovak Academy of Sciences Z&klWn proble"My ve etavbt spalovogloh turbin,(Baslo Problms In the: ConstrUction of fts Turb~nes [collection of ArtiO260))..,: rrWi, Nixkl. CAV, 1962.. 62T p. 3.600 copiis printed. q -Sponsoring Agj cyt Ceskoslovenski akademle~vk. Ed. of,Pub;1eh1nS Houses YALrdLe Moravoovii Tech. Moi PmUlsk Kondickir. The b~iok IsAntendod to fawl"arl" -turbine desIgners with PURMEi recent developments In the designor San turblvies. and to~:vreeent a Ome research results-whloh may be helpful In d 1 Of f lcient turbines. CVVMC13t Th* book comprises articles by les4ling is6hoslbvsk' ~uvblno ' experts on** thormodinizie cycle *" flow research In turbine ocOponens wr Nird 1/1 4 it - I - I 0 - e i W*44426' Ole 0 a is 0 0 0 0 0 6 0,1411 & , " " 'I it 1, " " it .. ,,, 34 46 A it V it m A 4 0 1. J, W -1 4 111 110. 0-1 -A &F, .0 of Al ......... PAIX11411 Aku Onvolitysili .CIS -00 '00 A d' the mis"i ad the The 00 New. 1=dges Ub"# Ktu kit-- SIMSS 31. M(1947).--TM M-M At B tim emking of the Ms. of amwvd-.Id Od-.- discussed. Spectmagamixts-aft and sulfotyTosim, YFOUM d oxy- and umethenvoglottin, resp., are discassed with an ijis-cUl reg-Ard to conciss. =00 zoo roe U NOW coo 00 see COO lose] boo ties glee Cleo ASM.&L A NETALUIRGICAL LITtRATURE CLASSIFKATICN Mitt 1C.144 1 it ZA An L S a 'W 0:~ 10 a I ~Iffl: U U AT PO AS IT P It OR it Ka Ita it 40 n 0 40 0 *-~O!o 0 0! 04~9 00 0 6.0 0 0 0 0 01; 0 0 0 0 N AD 0 0-0 0 WO 0 0 0 0 o Ole * 0 0 0 00-0 so 00 0, 0-0 t*'; 0 , 0. 0 000 9.9 0 0 0 41 0 O)e 101 1 101 14 is 4 11 is1v21 10 s AT a' it a?a U 4 is -A 11-1-1 ~)L I-M I I i b , ft a it-L .11- A -1 1 I A C!V a o -00 *So Aw 0 m pff IM4 I 00 l -of ' X= 9 : w mkomkv spwtk 11"L radkilhirvir. #47) i-Wbm IOLO Of Is d ti hl 4 0 0 , m m 1110111 Wil ww N&OH k SMW to bwmm 11111 witio low tkw dishIlate costalfm WWAII Wall- Of 4 "111111111"M we 00 041 and cimm. dwacteriiiilics of a- tmvwet abowpion Curve dimm peaks at awas, MOO 330 mad 2S0 mo wftb a dip at 3M ins, The mumante 00 giv"I a powmmbk hall-wow* po"JIM of - 11(y) Mr. at . d becoraft 85 ruip. uiiaiie mg, for ewfi pH vidt up pit 2 an II a see t to pH &B. Tbom is cm*krAk warhilti- ft- day 10 is gm"- but the got t i f th d i bj 200 . any one %u ne o m e ur n . ay ally pfttw In camim Patients. eVociallY aftm x-7 Gil 8 son . ruent, In goo 0 04 A ARTALWACXAL LITIPATUAI! CLAWFICATIGN i Wit t/ 16 jkw to Ls WIM t -I -T-i I I 'A a '50 d a a 0 AD K lag s a a a Is ep tt Ce 00 0 e 0 SO 0 0 0, SjO 0 SIISI 0 0 00 0 So e 0 q 00 e Sp , ; 0-0 ILL' - K /,r~ ~ J-12 Inology. C1,emical Produ,9ts and; d refinement Tect mical Carbohydrates'Pn Che 5,OvAKIA Application CZSCHO" Their 2p~ 1958P 610 Referat zhur - No Abs JOur cek I-liroslav Spa Author Not given Inst ity Determitation. and Re- ncerning Qual - Some Problems GO Title ement of Fructose Sirup fin `325 in, 1957, 81 No 6, 3201. Orig Pub PrumYsl POtrav the ql~alitY Of thods are Considered of determining rflpositjon2 Abstract Ile On Of solids. and their c0 1p (deterninati is shown.~ that py,7 fructose sirt degree of acidityl ash content)* It detoin. j~qtjon,of efractometric method' of arilY which depends pr,_111 cnometric and r sults, .,rijretric solids yield inaccurate re glucoseo The~ pola eand on Proportions Of fructos Card 1/2 UZZCHOSLOVAKIA Chemical Technology. Chemical Produ7ts ahd: J-12 Their Application -Carbohydrates and refinement Abs Jour Referat Zhur Khimiya., No 2 1958p 6147 Abstract method is also unreliable, since it determine,s only these two sugars. It is shown that the conductomettic method is suitable in this case. A description is~giveh of ekperimental work on purification of fructose sirup with ionwexchangers and activated carbon; this method of purification en- sures the production of colorless, ash-free sirups. Card 2/2 41A ROSLMMKIA. I:E I Ti S PAC E K P, Inn-titute o.-L' ~7acro=olecnl-3r ~Cltomiszvf of the OmbiqlOrliomit Acadozy of Scienocwj ~-raguo (for- both) -.S-P,ACEK, V.-,',-IUSIL, J. Z/008/61/000~'001~6402/005' 13112/E253 AUTHOR: Opacek, Va/clav TITLE: Zirconium PERIODICAL: Chemicke" listy, 1961, No. 1 pp. J6-25 TEXT: The present paper is a litIeratur -e review on zirconium up to and including 1959- It dealsvith (1,):OCcurr6nce in nature (distribution of some elementst includingi~~irconium is shown in a table). (2) Physical and chemical'proper-'ties. ~(Th6l following data are tabulated; (a) Atomic constants natural. isotopes and their relative distribution; (c) radioac:'tive isotopes; W physical*constants of metallic zirconium;,: (Le) Zi~~conium contents and accompanying materials in zirconium concentrates. (3) Preparation of zirconium (a flow sheet showingiaits preparation from zirconium concentrates by the method of Kroll,'&anorg.Ti Chemie. 234,42,193? is included). (4) Alloys,'Of zirconium. (5) Applications. No contribution to the chemistr~'of zirconium either by the author or other Czechoslovak workers1s.quoted. There are 41 references: 2 Soviet and 39 non-Czech,'~'~ ASSOCIATION: Ustav pro vyzkum rud, Praha (Institute.for Ore,Research, Pra ue) Card 1/1 aryl 0-acetla acid$ With (flazodu in Hall$ V rdleL Coupling 01 xy - 'r*T77rMas Mt! 0 . J rav. crit 1. a i j~7Aja_. 6 - in -ds (carbd iryini th 2 "-,T Wait 0 a rL 7 f .-It[' c the coupling of Pho-C141-C011f, Cj, ' ! ng of Ulm tofu I-Ijj0j,Ni.3II,0. tn.p. 203"-2041.~; Short boi ' rjy() -Cfis -C01II or Me), and I-C,,11,,O -CFfj -COIR with diazo- i - r ti d i th ~ i i I ~ oIconc:.I-I,Sbiindkeip1nj pot ndoroMnAcOllconta,hin atrace l VL' Eiazotisin~21 , 5 ii 4 f f . ne., o w am curr n anner a-, w e same th tho cormspond ng m . or 2 1r. g solution at room temp. the ; I ii~,nthcri. A ridition of a trace of I-T.F-0. to the mediunt ra SC3 I . % iti ti C 11 CI.-NII, In conc. 11IS0j; anti jjiro~ecding w Ici case 0 till repmccinmt of O-CIII-COJI by OH (almosi; quant. in tho aso . lit Razonittin saWwith. 21:11 Nod C touplin tho %au 4 ' 1 $ ~ 5 l-li~~'ti6,iiy- -J' : 5. t*t-hffir~lLflk$lzra:c-tn ~ishes- 4 11 in~ AcOll lur (I mol.) and RaOll (2 mnL) it, 11,0 ate rnixed~~ oiene, Cjjlj,O~Njds~ M.~. i21)9-210* "Ill and IT file * ) ; ith a solution ofCIIICI-CO311 (I mol, +Iu,~) anti NaCtIf (T 111ol. ives filit -(j -C I 1,!C IV CnupIinj;jViyiiIu2-Cj*IIi~ 0,jr ijj WOH Ig hr 10%) and boiled for 2 hr., giving, after acidification, vs-phenyl- rn(A iox vdiacc, tic add (1) m converted b builin I i t.2' :i4'.ti'iiiitrobttjzetiea.~o.2."Phthol,iCl, M:p., jV;afid 2- rodu6t ~:Waitml frooj; l witl c 016 ti id d 6 j .p. . , y g into theMc P strrC II Diazat 0 isin (11) (86%) , l ca (!c en tjjp. , p ( -C0 W in -Cj1Ji-0-cIi :vOll (NaNlo ) !k-N1f in Di ti 11 C _ . . , ,, j, & g With N."NO, in dil. N3501 (I ; 3) at ' . azo s , ., g, , , , '. dii, H!71 -at 01 and fii-aduafly~hddittg 11110H in a N%C-0i; gh* Na b ;;-:P arid hcating the solution slowly it) 8,0 givc~i m., 11 -0-C0 011-C in transformcd b 11 (_80%) d Na, c,im-cri6l 1 1, y f C C) N mp. ~ 1 t I n , .p. , , y 11 o, (tall- (1) sa . 0j ,C hAinif II'So.--MC011 Into Ale m C01toO, ' 1 1w~' 1 TP b I 76 16 I 1 111 >!!5G*.,tIm1i)htAh10d fr(1111100' , ' " With, - 01 - , 1 .. - - - mm. 2 : - . : -p. , ), in.1). , ( / Inzoiktd 2 & nupllng A ~ ( ~ l ' '110 f -NI1, d6wived in A,011-#~uvc. 11,S0, iS Efi.UU1isCd i by , ( ~d On i&1,-(;- 5 . 1w, rl~_ , 2' 11,0 -'TO and the diazonhim --,:ttt UV~ i% pptd. as In oil by . ~ :', eccu. p. a:oph~ltoxya4tif, acid, C., il fj,C),N,C,1j;* m.p. 2 1(1 - 23- additio;l ~jf I.-Z-0. It i!i ptirifird by di,:.v)Intion in AcOll t fq) * diazotised 1f1 anti ' 21233 hy Ft,Ctand is wiul in AcOl L 11 and IV in AcOl I for 20 hr. at 0 1111j,0013f] 120, m.p. 13 7 1 arid, 1 ( ' V~! 21 4 -So If 1114 Iff dive a Lfly diai06361 p-NIF :-C If (d-!cotnp.). Simil: Wid 3,hydro.ty-i.2' : 4'7 lv~, 162. 1 prod,ict igolaictl as the Yjac w. I L Nvxk ti, Od - 0 '1 V11 _234- h, id, , I I I * ~, t 0' T v I an l IV i! Acolt ni l t i I T , . . t t o er i i . Tn S 1 r j A; M97A VII F.1, lirl T -- - - - -- - -- Immmiumm"mr-