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AL711-7-7-1, FCftr A., D. F., TQ. S. (2-11 Sixamvair, A. S. c:il 1). '1. "Tin "ITailtroa-L-mtron I'llIz-0 report to be aubmitta4 far t'-3 Conforenva on Tacl4ar Qlopbyalcv, rcratc-sr, Fol=l, 24-30 S."t FILIPPOV, Yev,-eniy Mikhaylovich. Frinimali uchastiye: GUBEIOIAN, SH.A.; LBYPUNSKAYA, D.I., nauchnyy sotr., red.; BESPALOV, D.F., nauchr,vy sotr. , red. ; "REMODOLIS M, . D.M.,_ nauch=Iry so-'Ur. , red. SHECEIEVICH, YU.S.,, nauchn~-j sotr., red.; TREDI, A.Ya., red.; MLEDER, V.11., red. izd-va; PRUSAKOVA, T.A., tekhn. red.; MAKOI, Ye.V.,, tekhn. red. (Applied nuclear geophysics; use of sources of nuclear radiation in geology and geophysics]Prikladnaia iadernaia geofizika; pri- menenie istochnikov iadernogo izlucheniia v geologii i geofizike. Pod obshchei red. L.S.Polaka. 14oskva, Izd-vo Akad. nauk SSSR, 1962. 579 p. (MIRA 15:12) 1. Chlen-korrespondent Akademiya nauk SSSR (for Filippoi. 2. In- stitut geologii i razrabotkd goryuchikh iskopayemykh (for Lev- punskaya, Bespalov, Srebrodoll-skiy, Shimelevich). 3. Institut ne'Ltekhimicheskogo sinteza Akaderii nauk SSSR (for Temkin). (Yuclea7 geophysics) 'Rv R OLISKIT, Nikolay Dmitriyevich; KIRAKOZOVA, N.Sh., red.; BABIMOVA, -_ ~ 11 -- - . (Business mathematical Torgovye vychisleniia. Moskva, Gos.izd-vo torg.lit-ry, 1960. 117 P. (MIRA 13.-10) (Business mathematics--Study and teaching) SREBilODOLISKIY,,-Lfil~olay-Dmj--tr-i, N.Sh., red.; ~-U-ZIONT6VA, II.N.Y tekhn. red. [Collection of problems and exercises on business mathematics) Sbornik zadach i uprazhnenii po torgavym vychisleniiam. Mo- skva, Gos.izd-vo torg.lit--ry, 1961. 214 p. (MIRA 15:1) (Business mathematics) jdzijdCIv' Tj. "Exrx)sure cif Textile Fibers to Light. 11 p. 11, (LEI,D, PRCRISHLOUST, Vol. 3, No. 2, 1954, Sofiya, Bulgaria) SU: Eonthly List of East European Accessions, (&AL), LC, Vol. 4 No. 5, May 1955, Uncl. ';RE , 03RIV, H. Bleaching natural wool fiber and yrrn. P. 28. TEKHNIKA, Sofiya, Vol. 4, no. 6, Aug./Sept. 1955. S~): Monthly List of East European Accessions, (EEAL), ix, Vol. 5, No. 6 June 1956, Uncl. ~11. Srel rov, 13. Esta:)Iishing il o F - " . U , correct technological rules for car'.ioniza'i r~ o ra:~s P. 1~" . vol. L, no. 7, 1955 'LLIQk Pi--~'-)" Sofiya, 3algaria SO: I'lont.Uy List of East European Acecssions, LC, Vol. 5, No. -2 Februax7, 11?5~', SREBROV$ B. Establishing the Proper Technological Conditions for the Carbonization of Rags. Leka Promishlenost (Light Industry),, #7-12;13:July-Dee 1955 ni ~7 1, : : : -,~ - '; 1 jci 23 1~ L Ap vcl se- c;:-= S 4 BULGAPJA Chemical Tochnology. Chomical Products and Their H-34 Application. Dyeing and Chemical Treatment of Textiles. Abs Jour Rof Zhur - Khim., No 3, 1958, No 10,053 Author :_Srobrqy,_B.,_Boyadzhiov, iv. Inst : Not given Orig Pub : Tokh-nika (Ntlg.), 1956, 5, No 3, 28-31 Title : Investigating the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Silk bstract Card 1/1 : The yield of silk fibers out of coooons, as woll as the changes in the physical and mechanical properties of silk whon articles are stored under various conditiont of tomporatyro, humidity, and lighting were investigated. The oprimun conditions for the storage of cocoons are a tomporaturo of 300C, and a humidity of 52/40, while0 those for the storage of'unfixod crepe yarn are about 0 C and about 70'/.' humidity. It is rocommondod tfiat threads be sto,-mod at 100-1100C and a pressure of 0.45 atm. The sto- rage chambers for raw silk, intermediate and finished oroducts should be dart. / 7 BULGARIA/Chemical Technology, Chemical Products and Their H-34 Application, Pazt 4. - Dyeing and Chenri:!4 Treat- ment of Textile Materials. Abs Jour: Referat. Zhurnal Khiriya, No 10, 1958, 34777. Author : ov. _Z,s,~br~ Inst : Not given. Title : of Processes to Prepare Cotton Fabrics to Ryeing and Printing. Orig Pub: Leka promishlenost, 1956, 5, No 7, 34. Abstract; It is noted that the utilization of auxiliary textile pzcducts permits to shorten the duration of separate process and to rise the production quality. Card 1/1 E_ BULGARIA/chemicaL Techno-Logy - Chemical- Products and Their I-10 Application. Fats and 011s. Waxes. Soap. Detergents. Flotation Reagents. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Khimiya, No 1, 1958, 2746 Author : Srebrov, B_ Inst : Wool and Use of Sodium phosphate for Scouring of Merino Title Soft Bulgarian Wool- Orig Pub Tekhnika (B"19.), 1957, 6, No 1, 7-11 Abstract A verification was acrried out) under laboratory and indus- trial conditions, of the wool scouring efficacy of various !iquid compositions comprising Na P04 in different propor- tions with calcined soda (in addNion to other adjuvant irl- L,-edients), and of their effects om the physico-mechanical properties of the fiber. To maintain the requires pH of the baths fresh solution was added every 2 hours and the entire bath was renewed every 10 hours. The residual Card 1/2 S.',IEBF(JV, B. What effect has herd water on silk reeling, boiling off, and tinting? P. 35, (Lika Promishlenost) Vol. 6, no. 2, 1957, Sofia, Bulgaria SO: Monthly Indeg:of East European Acessions (EEAI) Vol. 6, No. 11 November 1957 BULGARIA/CheriLical Technology - Dyeing and Chemical 11-34 Processing of Textiles. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Khimiya, No 12, 1958, 41985 Author Srebrov Inst Title New Printing Technique- With Vat Dyes. Orig Pub Leka promyshlenost, 1957, 6, No 5, 35-36 Abstract A description and characteristic of the emulsion prin, ting method ( method of Luprintol K) is given, where an emulsion thickener which contains low boiling ben- zene and the eriulgator -- Luprintol K, is used. Card 1/1 SHEBROVI b.; BOIADMIEV, I. "Changes in the physical and mechanical properties of silk under various cli- matic and other influences.ft p.14 (Lek-a Promishlenost, Vol. 6, no. 8, 1957, Sofiia, Bulgaria) Monthly Index of East European Accessions (MAI) LC, Vol. 7, No. 8, August 1958 3,~-Vsaov, 3. "Application of metal complex dyes in the wool industry." P.22 (Leka Fromishlenost) Vol. 6, no. 11, 1957. ~-'ofiall Bulgaria SO: 1-!onthl.,,- Index of East zuropean Accessions (EEid) LC.7 Vol. 7, no. 5, May 1958 +-;rs 01, ',",'Cj~rj materials B et e I -~-'4 -Tc, cr- F - soMa, ~'-Iul:-aria- -ekl:nika Vol- 7j 3 '--' - I Nonthly L xonean Accessions (ELkI) LC, Vol. 7, No. 103 .; ndex of -,Elast Di cct. ~'8 SREDROV. B. TECHNOLOGY Periodical LEKA Ph()MISHLENOST. TEKSTIL. Vol. 7, no. 7, 1958. SRLEROV, B. Using artificial and synthetic fibers in the wool industry. p. 18. Monthly List of East European Accessions (EBAI) LC, Vol. 8, no. 3, March, 1959. Uncl. ,,xo 1 o gy. Chemical Pro4ucts and Their Applicatio, n7---Dyein~ W chvAical treatment of "k;- 2.-L 9 VO. 77034 Z- A. :"T:RACTL :19 112 CA i -91 V e n '17he Sani,tary Properties ani Crease Pesistance of Wo-31 and Wo~~!-Viz;cofse Staple Ficer Blend Fubrics romishlenost Tekstil, 7, do 9. 21-?o' (1958) Leks P- The author has irvestigated the heat coonductivity, permeabillty, mc-4sture a*sorption, and crease rea-,stance of pure wcol. ard blende-d wool serge contai.ling 30, 45-*, 60, and viscose staple fiberak"iFY. As the VF rontent of the fabrii-. is ~z~-:reased. *the saw.tary properties of the serge deteriorate and the crease resistance dedreases-, nevertheless, all fa'brics containing less than 50% VF can be classified as suitable for the production of winter clothing. Serge containing IC textile materials. SROMY, B. TECRIOLOGY Periodicals TEEMFIKA Vol. 7, no. 10, 1958 SREBROV, B. Problem of improving the crease resistance of synthetic fabrics. p. 2h. Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) LCY Vol. 8. No. 5, may 1959, Unclass. ICCONTRY I Bulgaria I C z C, t Y t 5 1960.. No, 20514 IAP-S. JCMI RMJZO~ AUTINCIA Sreqt~a~-13. and Plakov, L. ! FiS T. 'ej t given I r-I MrS 3 The Crease-Proofin,- o' Fabric,-, Made from Viscose Staple Fiber C-P IG .PJP,, I Tekstilna Promishlenost, 8, No 1, 26-_~l (1959) ABSTR-ACT I The Bulgarian preparation Veganit, representing a product of incomplete condeasation of urea with formaldehyde, has been applied with success in the finishing of fabrics made from viscose staple fiber to give them crease resistance. A comparison of the above preparation with the Swiss preparation Ureol (Ciba) has shown that at otherwise equal properties, Vaganit has a greater storage life (5 months). The process used in the production of Veganit, application methods, and charaeteristies LCARD 112 416 (331-.r~D; Srebrov, B.- Some properties of woolenmaterial mixed with artificial and synthetic fibers. p. 29. TEKHNIKA. (Suiuz za nauchno-tekhnicheskite druzhestva v Bulgaria) Soffia, Bulgaria. Vol- 8 no- 9, 1959. Monthly List of East E!-,.ropean Accessions EZAI) LC, Vol. 9, No. 2, Feb. 1960. UNCL SREBROV, Boris,-dr. Fixation of synthetic ailk fabrics. Tekhnika Bulg 10 no.1:27-29 161. "' E, I.". - I ~ ~.- 1." 1 -1 , ) ,p d- r . s t, . mauch . su t rudn -:k ; B.') ' ' D";,' , ~,v. 11 nauch. 1 =;' ~I .1 1. , rl~l -.1 1 k Manufacture of articles f-ro-m synthetic and artific--a-, silk and mixtures) and the technology of weavin.2- and finishIng . T-ud . 162. " 0~ Tns-, teksti` prom 3;0-77, SRE'BHOV, Bot-Js, d-r. C1111KAROV St,(j'Lctn,- BAUKOVSKI, Gi~.orgi, KASLARSKA, - -- - Ra- i i1a , in ih . T n t ra,J tic. c. i on of polyester fibers In the worsted and wool yarzi 1: Innuiches. TeksUina pror, 11 nc).6:22 '62. BOIADZHIEV, Ivan; SREBROV, Boris, d-r Articles made of artificial and silky and 011 Mixtures; peculiarities in the vF-av-~ng and fin-':3h.-Ing processes, Tekstllna prom 1-1 no.6.-22-23 16--. CHUKAROV., St.Y nauchen sutrudnik; BADKOVSKI, G., nauchen sutrudnik MASLARSYA, R.J. inzh., nauchea sutrudnik; SREBROV, B., d-r, nauchen sutrudnik - Introduction of polyester fibers in the wool bmnches. Trud Inst tekstil prom 4:49-70 163. 1. Scientific Research Institute for the Textile Industry. NIKOLOV, Georgi, inzh.; PREBROV, Boris, d-r; CHMIROV, Stoian; SHKODPEV., Vasil Use of polyacrylonitrile fibers for interlock knitwear. Ft. 2. Tekstilna prom 12 no. 6:22-24 163. SREBF OVJI B., d-r, st. naueb. autr. Role and action of softening agents. Tekstilma prom 11 no.1:19-23 162. 1. Vauchnoizsledovatelski institut za trikotazhna promishlenost, Sofia. 1. SRPYRYANSKAYA, P.I. Ubinskaya Expt. reclamation sta. (11046) "Freezing and thawing of scil-grounds in the central part of Baraba" Pochvc,vedeni-ye, Nc,.'-, 1W. SREBRYANSKAXA.-P. I. Phenomena of Seasonal Freezing and Thawing of the Soils of the Central Baraba Tr. Pochy, in-ta. AN SS3-R, 42, 1954, pp 172-231 The author describes the special investigations conducted in 1942-1948 at the Uba experimental soil Improvement station, which had as their aim the clarification of the principal factors determining the depth and rate of freezing and thawing of the soils, and also the study of the dynamics governing these processes, the region of moisture in the soil, their water premeability, etc. The principal conclusions reached were the maximum depths of freezing for various soil types (e.g., 120-185 am for chernozem-meadow soil, 70-150 cm for meadow-marsh, etc.). (RZhGeol, No 3, 1955) SO: Sum. No. 639, 2 Sep 55 SRXBRYAIISKIY, A. " Timing in D-15 and D-54 engines. Tekbeov. MrS 17 no.24:12-13 D 156. (MLRA 10:2) (Diesel engines) SRF,BRYAliSKIY, A., - kand. teklin. nauk I- - Brake testing of tractor engines. MTS 18 no-8:38-0 Ag'38 (MIRk 1119) 1. Toronoshskty sellskokhosynystvannyy institut. (Tractors-- Ingines- Testing) SRE1Yi'L11.-S1'.-1Y .-A,V., kand.,tekhn.nauk; PUSHILIN, N.K., inzh.; ATKIN, V.S. Reducing the wear of D-51+ diesel engines due to starting Trakt. i sellkhozmash. 31. no.6:6-8 Je 161. (MIRA 14.6) 1. Voronezhskiy sel'skokhozyaystvennyy institut. (Diesel engines) MANUK(JVSKIY, N.F.J. Geroy Sotsialisticheskogo Truda; SREBRYANSKIY. A.Y-.-,, kand.tekhn.nauk; KMHINOV, U.I., Operation of thw NTZ-50 and T-30 tractors in Voronezh Provinces. Trakt.i sellkho-ah. 31 no.9:5-7 S 161. (MIRA 14:10) (Voronezh Province-Tractors) OVSHINOV, Ya.I., kand.tekhn.nauk;.SREBRYANSKIY, Aj., kand.tekhn.nauk; GREBUEVP V.P., kand.tekhn.nauk Experience in operating the T-40 tractor with air cooled engine. Trakt. i sellkho=ash. 32 no.10:5-7 0 162. (KRA 15;9) (Tractors) V- L., T.S. . I " V ., T, a -.:5 -;.v rfl Ing di-itrl'utibn of in-wrral over7olt&ges ill vcltjig.,~s ratvo-kt3. TT-..:dy TPI no.242a!K-71,88 165. (141RA 18.-S) STEPIEN, L.; BRYEZINSKI, J.; MNMPEL. E.; SREBRZYNSKA, J. Disorders of dymamics of the higer nervous functions due to focal Injury of the temporo - parieto - occipital contact area in the dominant cerebral hemisphere. Neurologia etc. polska 4 no.5:473- 481 Sept-Oct 54. (BRAIN, wound and injuries higher nervous funct. in) (CENTRAL IIERVOUS SYSTEM. in various diseases brain inj., higher nervous funct. in) (WOUNDS AND INJURINS brain inj., higher nervous funct. in) MIPEL, Eugeniusz; SREBRZYNSKA, Jadviga; ZARSKI, Stefan 4~- Analysis of cases of mixed speech disorders appearing after injuries of the "Posterior aphasia region". Rozpr.wydz.nauk mad. 6 no.2:73-92 161. 1. Z Zakladu ITeurochirargii Polskiej Akademii Nauk Kierownik: prof. dr mad. Luejan Stepien. (SEX SPEECH DISORDERS atiol) (BRAIN dis) MR-1PEL, Eugeniusz; SREBRUNSY1. Jadwiga; SUBCZY14SKI, Janusz; ZARSKI, Stefan k - Compensation of speech disorders by the non-dominant hemisphere in adult age. Rozpr,wydz.nauk med. 6 no.2:109-128 161. 1. Z Zakladu Neurochirurg'Li Polskiej Akademii Nauk Kiernwnik: prof. dr med. Lucjan Steplen, (SPEECH DISORDEIRS physiol) (BRAIN dis) SREBRZYNSKI, J. "Training Problems in Electrical Engineering; Correspondence Courses in Engineering Organized by The Association of Polish Engineers" P. 40. (Przeglad BlekkotechniclM Vol. 29, no. 1, January 1953v Warazama) SOS Monthly List of Fast Eurppean Accessions, Vol 3, No 2, Library of Congress, February 1954j, Uncl. ST-MRZYNSKI, J. "Activities of Consultation Centers." p.304 (MEGLID TELFUROTEGIINIUNY Vol, 29, no, 7, JulY 1953 ifarszawa, Poland) SO: Monthly List of East Europea Accessions, LC, Vol. 3, no. 5, MaY 1954/Uncl. Cl I-T! ITT rell -T, Li lqr SREBW'rr.'SKI, J. "Educational Problems;,A Preparatory Course for Technicians Organized by the Polish Electrical Engineers Associaiion.0 P. 142. (!v-IAD-CVCSCI TET,FKCKTNIKAC7f,RTE, Vol. 23, No. 6, June, 1954, lefarsm-ra, Poland.) SO; Monthly List of East European Accessions. (MkL), Le, Vol. 4, No. 1, Jan. 1955 Uncl. SIZF,BRZ'YNSKI, J. "The Polish tube industry at the 26th Poznan International Fair." p. 226 (Wiadomosci Elektrotechniczne) Vol. 17, no. 9, Sept. 1957 Warsaw,, Poland SO: flonthly Index of East European Accessions (EEkI) LC. Vol. 7, no. b. April 1958 SHEBRMISKI, J. "Standardization in the electrotechnic industry; report from the activities of the Committee on Tubes and Tube Equipment of the Inter- national Electrotechnical. Commission." p. 233 (Wiadomosci Elektrotechniczne) Vol. 17, no. 9, Sept. 1957 Warsaw, Poland SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EFAI) LC. V01. 7, no. 4, April 1958 SREBRZUSKI, Jozef, mgr inz. Economic problems of external lighting, Wiad elektrotechn 19 no.8:241- 242 Ag 159. SREBRZYNSKI, Jozef., mgr inz. International standardization of electric lamps and fitting. Wiad . elektrotechn 19 no.1012-99-301 0 159. W. Some wor6s about the sellvlce. V c 1% 0 48, hov. 1955 darszawa, rolard So: ~-a -- tEi;rc,-,.-ccr, Acces~Sicn, Vol. 5, No. 5, "ay 1956 SRI C:Y"_-.7 ": . S Tzj.7RRzfT is KI, ,. Self-sufficient baker~v. p. 6. 1761. 9, no. 5, Jan. 1956. RC,U'IK SPOILDZIFLCA. Warszawa, Poland. SOURCF: East Furopean Accessions List (FEAL) vol. 6, No. 4--Apri-1 1957 - - - , ~ - z, ,-~ 7 8RF.DIC,,G. New freight rates on French rail oads. Medun transp 8 no.11:400-802 N 162. SREDIC, Gvooden Choice of the route in the transport of goods by railroads. Medun tran p 8 no.10:706.-710 0 162. SREDIC., Gvozden Cooperation of highways and railroads in the same transportation process. Zeleznice Jug 18 no.7/8:6-11 '62. I - SREDIC) G. Real freight rates could be also determined within the system of a uniform railroad tariff. Medun transp 8 no.2:101-102 F 62. 11 ,SREDIC,, G. The railroad traffic between Yugoslavia and Poland, is regulated by Federal Tariff. bbdun transp. 8 no.63429-430 Je 162. E! RED-f C G' If! i - Irf refo-m of Cz;~,nhoslo7alc Railroad . Medun -1--rT-.nap 9 no.l?-,. lar - a I M-1,R1.1 D 1 03 SREDIC, G. -, Tariff refoi-:: in Czechoslovakia and preparation of a direct tariff system in Yugoslavia. Medun tri4ap 10 no. 2:119-120 F 164. OiEll- I bi , lil'., , U . C.-o7rerr-lal priiilegei for transport ff' -pas!~engers freignt. on Yugoslav Rgilroadis, INIedun tr;.,13[~ -10 nG. 5~ .1 339-3-~() 1,,,y 164. ,i;U-Tjc9 G, ChangeB in the Yugoslav Railroad freight rates. Medun f " 0 .ransp 10 noJ'~19-20 c! "I.. .1 . L, SREDIN, V.V. Detergent and surface-active qualities of DS-RAS [refined alkylaryl sulfonatel from petroleum distillates. Khim. i takh.topl. i manal no.8:34-41 Ag '57. (MIRA 10:10) 1.1-angiprogaz. (Sulfouic acids) (Surface-active agents) SREDIN, V.V., inzh. leying intershop communications in petroleum refineries. Prom. stroi. 37 no.11:10-15 N '59. OURA 13:2) i.Longiprogaz. (Petroleum refineries) (Pipelines) SREDIN, V.V. Manufacture of chemical products as the economic basis of shale processing. Khim. i tekh. gor. slan. i prod. ikh perer. no.8:13-30 160.. (HIPA 15:2) 1. Lengiprogaz. (Oil shales) (Chemicals industry) SREDIN, V.V. Production of polymer materials f-om shales. Khim. i tekh. gor. slan. i prod. ikh perer. no.8:51-74 '60. (MIRA .15:2) (Polymers) (9.~.l shales) SRF,DINs.-V.V.-v, inzh,9 KAZACHINSKU, V.K., :Ln2h. Mechanization of repair jobs in petroleum refineries. Kekh.i avtom.proizv. 14 n0-5:26-27 My 160, (KIRA 14:2) (Petroleum industry-Equipment and supplies) ASPEL19 N.B.; SRLDIN, V.V. Gatalytic reforming. Neftianik 6 no.1:26-27 Ja 161. (MIRA 14:4) 1. Lengiprogaz. (Petr6leum-Refining) - SIMIN, V.V., inzh.; BURSHTIEU , Ya.I.; DZRGU-NG',J1, V.I.; TARAISH21-KOV, P.M.; CHEMETYK09, A.I. Laying pipes above ground at oil refineries. Stroi. truboprov. 6 no.3;16-18 i-tr 161. .,- . (IMIRA. 140) 1. Institut Lengiprogaz, Leningrad. (pipe) Sild-IDINY V.V. High temperature corrosion of equipment in catalytic reforming and hydrofining plamts. llim.i teich.topl.i masel 6 no.8!41- 46 Ag 16.1. (MMA 14:8) 1. Lengiprogaz. (Petroleum refineries-Equipment and supplies) (Corrosion and ant-corrosives) Sll Dl'~., V. V. Y12 T f'i, oi I JV; iL -,Ijror.,. 27 no. k-ci(L, 9 'Y."'ut: (iticc-Ols) (Pav2 ns) fi SREDIN, Viktor VladimirovIchj_TARASENKOV, Potr mlikhqylovlch~ Fj-GAcHEv, N.A,, nauchnyy red,; DESHALYT, I.U., ved. red.; YASHCHURZHIIISKAYA, A.B., tekhn. red. (Equipment and pipes for cataly-tic reforming and hydrofining plants] Oborudovania i truboprovody ustanovok kataliticheakogo r1forminga i gidroochistki. Leningrad, Gostoptekhizdat, 1963. 237 p. (MIRA 16~6) (Petroleum refiner-Jes-Equipment and supplies) SREDIN, V.V.;.ASPELI, 1~.B. Use of apparatus for catalytic reforming and hydropurification in petroleum refineries. Khi-.i tekh.topl. i masel 7 no.11:13-19 N 062. (MIRA 15:12) 1. Lengiprogaz. (Petroleum refineries-Equipment and supplies) S Fil-D'M V. T. (;a'..rily-HIc-rofor,s-'n9 Is. ffen.-TRr. i ne",-.-3 him. no.,n (!4-f RA 17:7) 37-1.2 '763 1. 'Pulngradisk'y instit-Ilt po pr.3yc-kL.!*ff)vaT.,'.r-I .,Yh;,Jkor,,-. taplivi. 1. gaza. SPEDIN, V. V. Fydrogen corrosion and the selection of me-tals for catalytic reforming plants. Mash.i neft. obor. no.12-02-36 163. (MA 17:4) 1. Leningradskly gosudarstvennyy Institut po proyekti-rovanipi . predpri-yatiy iskusstvennogo zhidkogo topliva i gaza. 16RE'DINp V.V. Units for the hydropurification of gasoline fractions. Nefteper. i neftekhim. no.ir8-13 164. (MZRA 17:6) 1. Leningradskiy gosudarstvennyy institut po proyektirovaniyu predpriyatiy iskusstvennogo zhidkogo topliva i gaza. SREDI'1112- V.Y.; TARASKIKOV, P.,Irie Circulation com.oVesacirs for cataj.7tia reforming ard hyd~-' ::f Ln in g mits. Hash. i neft. abor. no.1:20-26' c!6-/, (MIRA ) 1. LpiningradqRiy gosudarwtvenn~7y LrIstitut po proyektirovanipl predprl.-~T&Liy iskits 9 tvennogo zhidkogo topliva i gam. Econo:aics of the production of arormatic hydrocarbons frcm eastern oils. Nefteper, i neftekhim. no. 4:25-30 164. (MIRA 17:5) 1. Leningradskiy gosudarstverAiyy institut -po, proyektirovan--yu predpriyatiy -iskusstvennogo zhidkotro topliva i gaza. 0 SR6L.], N , V. V. Chip-ride corrosion of tae equJILpment of hydrofin.Lng and catalytic reforming units. Mash. i neft. obor. no.8:33-36 164. NUIFU .17:11) 1. Leningradskly aosudarstvennyy institut po proyektirovaniyu pred- prlyatly Iskii-ast-,rennogo zhi.dkogo topliva i gaza. ~P~Flj 2 - _ V.-V. - - , j,C., optiM-ai Sej.~ .~ 4. 1 Me lor a reformhig catalyst. KliJrl.. i tekh. I L topl. i masel 9 5 14Y t 0" 14- (MIRA 17:7) I. I~eniiligradakiy goaudarstvenn~7 institut po IfroyekdArovani7a zhi.Cfvogo topliva 'L gaza. SREDIN, V.V. Production and use of inert gas in petroleum processing plants. Khim. i tekh. topl. i masel 9 no.1:12-16 Ja 164. (MIRA 17:3) 1. laningradskoye otdeleniye Gosudarstvennogo instituta proyektirovaniya gorodov. ~:~ Qjj Pj~,t'jT =.I C:-ItalySta. IlefVL", Or. i Yia,la -asoline in, z-~Jfor-!Ij~nrf L -1 nt*ftelidr- no.663-7 1614. ( ,a:,A -17. 9) 1. institut pa proyeektirovaniyu pred- Priyatiy zhie&ogo topliva i gaza. _L 57787-.!65 uz d1R k(d) EW t IJ (c) J~/WB ACCESSION NR: AR5014270 TJR/0282/65/000/004/0062/000 620.193: 665.5.013 SOURCE: Ref. zh. RhImicheskoye i kholodillnoyb ashinostroyenlye.',Otde nyy AA Abs. 4.47.19 AUTHOR: Sredin V V. 2. TITLE: -Chloride corros-*?! of equipment in hydrofining and catalytic reforming plants CITED SOURCE: Mashiny i neft. oborud. Nauchno tekha. ab., no. 8, 1964, 33-36 TOPIC TAGS: petroleum refining, hydrofining equipment, catalytic reforming plant, chloride corrosion, corriDsiQn prevention TRANSIATION: The author considered problems relating to chloride corrosion of equipment in hydrofining and catalytic reforming plants. HCI forming on the -cooled m etallic surfaces of the equipment as a result of.cofitact between gaseous HC1 and condensing moisture causes chloride corrokom Corrosion is also encouraged by- H S reacting with metals In the presence of water. The intensity of corrosion depends on. 2 n level and stability of the m tYe acidity of the condensate, aeratio etal to the given type of corrosion, as well as the temperature of the aggressive environment. - Basic I card 1/2 SREDIN V.11.) irizil. (Leningrad); IOFI,?., V.B. irzL. (Lenirgrad); G.A., inzh. (Leningrad); ONIKULt, B.A., inzh. (Leningrad) Unit for rendering Mrmless the sulfur-alkali discharge petroleum refine-ries. Vod. i san. tekh. no.1:27-30 Ja 165. (MIRA .18:3) SREDINV V.V. Saving money by using air cco2ing in p~tlrvleur- refl-Ilyieries. MA-Eh. i neft. ebor, no.2:27-30 165. 28:5) 1. Leningradskiy gosudarstvennyy institut po proyektArovaniyu predpriyatiy iskusstvennogo zhi-clkogo topliva i gaza. SRIKDINSKIY,. ,N. .g-yegltation and its significance. Trudy Sekt. Coloration of develpp~n astrobot. 0 Xaz~6. SSR 5:242-245 '57. (MLRk 10:6) (Color of plants) Ofs:re (Planet)) f USSR/Plant Physiology. Photosynthesis Abs Jour Ref Zhur-Diol., No 13, 1958, 58196 Luthor :"Sip Inst S ction of Estrobotany~ Academy of Sciences Kazakh SSR Title : Coloration of Growing Vegetation and its Signif icance Orig Pub : Tr. Sektora atrobotan., 1957, 5t 242-245 Lbstract : Observations carried out on the coloration of young plant leaves ina,temRerate belt, matured leaves of high mountain and Polar plants, as well as of tropical plants are reported. The property of coloration is more sharply expressed in angio- spermae. The supposition is expressed that the coloration which is accompanied by the appea- rance of antocyanin (which differing from chlo- Card 1/2 AUTHOR: Sredinskiy, S.N. SOV-26-58-3-15/51 TITLE: ~,Ire S~ilver~ouds Observed in the Arctic (Nablyudayutsya 1i serebristyye oblaka v Arktike) PERIODICAL: Priroda, 1958, Nr 3, PP 74-74 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Illuminated clouds in the Arctic can be seen under crepus- cular conditions when the sun is below the horizon from - 6 to - 180. '"he author thinks that most Arctic voyagers mixed up phenomena of the aurora borealis with illuminated clouds. There are 2 Ncrwegian references. ASSOCIATIONs blinskoye otdeleniye Vsesoyuznogo astronomo-geodezicheskogo obshchestva. (Mirsk Branch of the A-7-1--Union Astronomic-Geo- desic Society) 1. Clouds--Visibility 2. Clouds--Physical properties 3. Clouds --Arctic regions 4. Aurorae--Arctic regions Card 1/1 SOV/26-59-3-46/47 AUTHOR: Sredinskiy, S.N., (Borisov, Minsk Oblast') TITLE: The Sprin~,- Color of Plants PERIODICAL: Priroda, 1959, Nr 3, pp 127-128 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author describes his observations made on the spring colors of plants in 1951 and 1952 in the surroundings of Minsk, in 1953 in Alma-Ata'(together with Astronomer G. A. Tikhov) anti from 1954-1956 near Borisov~ Mozyrl, Polotak, Brest and Grodno. He deals with various plants and their developmental stages showing various colors. In compari- son with the fall coloration, spring colors are only of short duration, lasting 3 or 4 weeks at the most. The author concludes that the changes in color are condi- tioned by continuous physiological processes in the leaves and their chemical composition. It mi.-,ht also be possible that the periods of color changes are especially critical and determine the further development of the plant. There is 1 Soviet reference. Card 1/1 3(7) S/026/0-0/000/03/028/047 D001/D006 AUTHOR: Sredinskiy, S.N. TITLE: Bright Luminous Clouds.N~ PERIODICAL: Priroda, 1960, Nr 3, p 110 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author describes a luminous cloud phenomenon observed from 0130 to 0325 hours MT on 16 July 1959 at Zaslonovo in Belorusskaya SSR. At 0200 hours the clouds were of the II-beta type and assumed the shape of a plane semi-circle. By 0310 hours type III-beta crests and type / IV-beta turbulences appeared. Two days be- V fore the phenomenon a large group of sunspots were observed and,on 15 July, radio inter- ference was noticed. ASSOCIATION: Minskoye otdeleniye Vsesoyuznogo astronomo- geodezicheskogo obshchestva (Minsk Section of the All-Union Astronomical and Geodetic Society) Card 1/1 88845 s/o26/6o/ooo/o12/oo8/ooq J,15To (I o-c7, I o6z) //2?) A166/AO27 AUTHOR.* Sredinskiy, S.N. TITLE: Coincidence of the Sunts Altitude on Mars and the Earth PERIODICAL: Priroda, 1960, No. 12, pp. 87 - 88 TEXT: In 1947 N.P. Barabashev discovered a relation between the color of the dark areas on Mars and the height of the sun at noon. Barabashev concluded that this indicated the presence of flora on Mars. The author of the present article adduces a table to show that vegetation on earth also begins to show green at a corresponding or similar altitude of the sun, a fact which tends to confirm Barabashev's hypothesis. From a comparative study the author also found that the relation between the width of the boundary of the polar lee cap and the altitude of the sun is identical for both Mars and the earth. Observations showed that on both Mars and the earth autumn is warmer than spring. An effect of the eccentricity of the orbit on the polar spots was also noted. Studies of V the rate of movement of the polar cap's rim at different latitudes showed that the central part (from 850) contracted 3 - 4 times slower than the periphery. In the authorts opinion this indicates that the center of the cap consists, not Card 1/2 88845 S/026/60/00()/012/008/009 Coincidence of the Sun's Altitude on Mars and the Earth A166/AO27 of snow, but a layer of ice. The coincidence of the sun's altitude during the spring development of greenery is a clear indication that flora exists on Mars. The general course of the curve reflecting changes in the sun's altitude during. the spring thaw of the snow is the same on both planets: the sunts altitude de- creases as the rim approaches the pole. The same phenomenon can be observed during the development of vegetation in the earth's northern hemisphere. 'Phis is caused by the lengthening of the spring and summer day as one approaches the pole. It also points to a similarity of physical conditions on Mars and the earth.. There is I table and 1 figure. ASSOCIATION: Minskoye otdeleniye Vsesoyuznogo astronomo-geodezicheskogo obshch- estva (Minsk Department of the All-Union Astronomical and Geodetic Society) Card 2/2 SREDINSKIY, S.N. Coincidence of solar altitude during seasonal phenomena on Mare and on the earth. Biul.VAGO no.27:15-19 160. (MIRA 13:6) 1. Minskoye otdelenlye Vaesoyuznogo astronomo-geodeziebeek-ogo obshche- stva, g.Borisov. (Wars (Planet)) (1krth) SREDNEV,M. Experience with technical propaganda. Za rul.14 no.5:10 Ag 156. (MLRA 10:1) (Moscow-Antomobile drivers) BREDNEV,M., polkovnik, kandidat vo7ennykh nauk. .r"- Atomic weapons and their effect on automobiles and tractors. Za. rul. 14 no-7r13-14 0 '56a (KIBA 10:3) (Atomic bokb) SREDREV, M., polkovnik, kandIA-at voyennYkh nauk. Anti-atomic bomb protection for automotive equipment and drivers* Za rul.14 no.9:16-17 1) 156o (KLRA 10:3) (Atomic bomb) SREDNEV. M., polkovnik. On roads near the front. Za rul. 15 no.2:2-3 1? '57. (MLIRA 100) (Military roads) SREDNEV, V.A.; FEDOTOVA, V.P.; NOGTZVA, P.Ya., master prom. 25 no.11:41-42 N 165, Use of xylitol in sizing. Telkst. (MIRA 18:12) 1. Nachallnik tkatskogo proizvodstva fabriki "Bollshaya Ivanovskaya manufaktura" (for Srednev). 2. Nachallnik tkatskoy lab--ii fabriki "Bol'shaya Ivanovskaya manufaktura (for'Pedotova). 3. Prigo+ovite-l.'nYY otdel fabriki ll*Bollsh~ya Ivanovskaya manufaktura" (for Nogteva). ~'-ACC NR.. AP7008886 -SOURCE- COD.E UR/0367/66/004/004/0850/0852-- AUTHOR: Bokov, 0. G.; Nguyen Van Khleu--Nguyen Van Hieu; Sredniava, B.-Sredniawa, B. ORG: Jo4nt Institute for Nuclear Research (Obylyedinennyy institut yadernykh i ssle L dovaniy) TIPLE: Electromagnetic interactions of the X-meson in higher symmetries SOURCE: Yadernaya- fizika, V. 4, no. 4, 1966, 859-852 IOPIC TAGS: electromagnetic interaction, meson SUB CODE: 20 ABSTRACT: Radiative decays of the ninth pseudoscalar meson X(960) are treated. Relations have been obtained between the coupling constants for singlP photon decays of the X-meson and the nonet of vector mesons and for the two - photon idecays of the pseudoscalar meson nonet in the Internally broken U (12)-symmetry w ;.scheme. Relations bet een the probabilities of Vhe various processes are calculated. Orig. art. has: 5 formulas. [Based on authors' Eng. abst.] 1JPRS: 39,650-1 Card 1/1 UDC: none - ~ - - - 7 - A -, - -,N- '~ ~ . 1'.. 7 - " ~; I ; .. I , 1 -11 i -1 . 1 ~ t ;I -, J ~ , - ! 1~ : : , , I , r . - - . - .. '. , . -- j : 1 --- 0 1 " r Japellonian Univ., Krakow, Polard ltl~ec~endence o' - i, , the cross section for fair production bv photcns on the atrj:'.-dc n. t v~,'-- -2 r . " A peta phys. Polon. 11, 331-3 (1953) (in EnClish) POLAND/Thooroticel F'hysics. Puentui Mochenics 8-4 Aba Jour : Rof Zhur - Fizika, No 9, 1958, No 19639 S , ,Luther :- dniawa Bronigia%.'_ Inst :Not ~Givon_ Title :On the Connection Between the Method of Strtisticel Operetors end the Schroedingar Equrtion for Unisolatod Systems. Orig Pub :Zesz. nauk. Uniw. jngioll., 1956, No 6, il-5o Abstract %Within the franowork of nonrclativistic quantura nechanics, the authors consider the probleri of the existence of a wave function of subsyston A, representing a portion of an isolated syston A+B. It is shown that if the subaystan B can be con- sidered "naeroscopic' and the interaction energy of the sub- systoris is srip-11 compared with the energies of each of these, end if furthermore at the initial Instant the subsystem A is in one of its individual strticnary stetes, and efter the sub- systems nre divided evch of them represents a hermonie os- cillator, then it is possible to construct a function U (t) such, that if U(T) is represented as the perturbing tarn in Cerd 1/2 SREDNIAWA. Bronislaw Mass difference of the proton and neutron. Ft. 1. Postepy fizyki 11 no.5/6*489-501 160. 1. Katedra Fizyki, Teoretycznej Uniwersytetu Jagiellonskiego, Krakow.