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(@,*A) GRISHKOVI., IT.P. . nrofessor; S jmndidat tekhniehfls@AL-h rawlr. OMI&T @Q@vp*, AAwki-M-PI, Ilb-roical, and mechanical properties of Drnnov de-osit anthracite as related to Its anlsotroM. Tridy lust. gor, dela AN USSR nc.], 116-127 051. OURA 10:8) (Donate Basin-Anthracite-Testing) SPAROVEMU, V.A. @ " '@, __. Forces acting upon hoisting ropes. Sbor.trud.lust.gor.disla AN LTM no.3:3-15 156. (am - 9: 8) (Strains and stresses) (Wire rope--Testing) PENIKOV,, A.M.; STAROVEROVA, V*A, Comparative studies of the mechanical properties of coals from some seams which are subjest to sudden outbursts and from some which are not. Sbor.trud.Inst.gor.dela AN URSR no.5:3-30 158.- (MM 15:5) (Doneto Baoib-40al-Testing) ROZOVSKAYA, B.A.; STPRO.VERO.VAj_.,Y.A.- Mechanical characteristics of the samples from polymprolactame wastes. Plast. maBoy no.11:69-70 964 (MIRA 1821) T V. T. "Investigation of anode precipitates formed in the electrolysis of solixtions of certll?-in salts of thaLliustt Noscw City Pedacrosgri- cal Tn-t imeni V. P. Pltemkin. loscou, 1956 (Diss,?rtation 'or the degree of Candidate in Cheracal Science) Knizhnar.. letopis' o. 25, 10 6. LOSCOW 5 AUTHORS: Skanavi-Grigorlyeva, M. S@, SOV/79-28-6-56/63 @taroverova, V. I. - TITLE: Investi4@ation of the Anode Depositions Forming in the Electro- lysis of the Solutions of Some Thallium Salts. III (Issledova- niye anodnykh osadkov, obrazuyushchikhsya pri elektrolize rast- vorov nekotorykh soley talliya. III) PERIODICAL: Zhurnal obshchey khimii, 1958, Vol. 28, Nr 6, pp. 1689 - 1693 (USSR) ABSTRACT; The investigation of thallium and its compounds are of great practical importance at present. This element is found in poly- metallic lead-zinc ores. In the modern method of the electroly- tic separation of zinc at the cathode the possibility of the formation of thallium. oxides at the anode in form of anode de- posits must be taken into account; such a deposition of thallium oxides at the anode can also take place in the electrolytic production of thallium. The conditions of the production of anode deposits of thallium as well as their composition were not determined in earlier papers by various authors. Some of them believe them, to be oxides of trivalent thallium (Refs 1-7) others Card 1/3 a mixture of tri-and tetravalent thallium or even a peroxide of Investigation of the Anode Depositions Forming in thelSOV/79-28-6-56/63 Electrolysis of the Solutions of Some Thallium Salts. III thallium (Ref 8). The addition of various organic solvents, like alcohol, oxylic- and benzoic acid, acetone etei turned out to be necessary for this electrolysis. The problems facing the authors werel)Which are the best conditions for the formation of anode deposits in the electrolysis of thallium salt solutions ? 2)Which composition do they have ? i.e. do they occur as thallium. oxides of the one or other valence, or are they of an even more complicated composition ? 3) Does the complex formation exert an influence on the com-:@osition of the anode deposits and on the conditions of formations? It was shown that in the electrolysis of the salt solution of monovalent thallium, of the nitrate, fluoride, ulfate, carbonate and the complex salts To ) 11 AgcTl(l 3 @ and TH 4@Tl("03)21 black, stable, metal-shining, fine-crystalline "'epositions are separated at the platinum anode, very close to the electrode. The electrolysis of the solutions of the other four salts was carried out for the first time. The anode deposit consists of T1 0 . There are 5 figures, 1 table/ and 11 references, 2 of whicr, Ue Soviet. Card 2/3 Investigation of the Anode Depositions Forming in thISOV/79-28-6-56/63 Electrolysis of the Solutions of Some Thallium Salts. III. ASSOCIATION: Moskovskiy gorodsko@ pedaffogicheakiy institut (Moscow Municipal Pedagogic Institute SUBMITM: JTU1Y 15,v 195T 1. Thallium, compounds--Properties EVIT(l) IJP(c) AT L-29524-66 ACC A i 2o6 SOURCE CODE: UP/0201/66/000/001/0119/0120- AUTHOR: Avdeyevp V. N.; Kasparovp K. N.; !4orozovj 0. A.;-Staroverova,, V. N. ORG: Laboratory of Electronics AN BSSR (Mboistoriya elektrocild AWJP64@): TITLE: Use of the photoeffect for the measurement of the spectrum of extreme3,v weak radiation @72 J.- SOURCE: AN BSSR. Vestsi. Seryya fizilm-tekhnichmykh navukt no. 1pup W_. TOPIC TAGS: photoeffect,, radiation spectrump radiation intensityp radiation measure-v nxent, photoelectric detection equipmeut ABSTRACT: The ituthora describe a photoelectric device Intended for the measurement of the intensity and of the spectral cbarapteristies.of YM weak radiation (.10-14 - 10-1a v/cm--sec) and for the determination of the spectral characteristics`--- of the radiation. The device described (Fig. 1) is a ccmbination5-of.;@& photocathodep a control (separation) system for the photoolectrons,, and an electron' multiplier. .Its operation is based on the dependence of-the phatoemission of electrons on the quantum energy. The instrument cal also determine direct* the wavelength of mono- chromatic ;adiation. The sensitivity in different regions-of the 1.7 - 5.0 i/mv. Anode-current cutoff curves for one of the samples are presented. Orig. art4'hast 2 figures. I card, 'z.@ zm__@k L 29524:66 AC s 0 c NR -AP6=2o6 Tj- Fig, 1, Electric diagram of instrumento A anode Ua 19T5 v; De - photocathode., CVC Conti-61 dilectradesi...,_ 5 74, _jw SUB CODE: 20,1 09/ SUBM DATE: O5Nov65/ OFUG Wt. OM/11. 71 ON HJW& 002 Card 2/2 L 5 SF=CffgK, I.P., kand.ekon.nauk,. dots.; MUMNO, P.P., kand. ekon. nauk; STAROVEROVA, V.V.2 kand-eekon. nauk; KUFUDAKI, V.I., assistent; T SHF M, 1J.D., assistent; PUSHKO, D.S., kand.ekon. nauk; PILENKO, I.F.',, kand. ekon. nauk; MU11BERG, I.L.,, starshiy prepodavatell; BOLIFOY, G.T.; KACHANGVA, N... red.; GODYACBENKO, F.., tekhn. red. [Businens accounting within individual production units in opera- tion; practice in introducing business accounting in individual production units of the M.Lenin Collective Farm, Bendery District) Vnutrikhoziaistvennyi raschet v deistvii; opyt vnedreniia vnUtri- khoziaistvennogq rascheta v kolkhoze im. V.I.Lenina Benderskogo raiona. Kishinev, Izd-vo sellkhoz.lit-ry MSKh MSSR, 1962. 211 p. NIRA 151,6) 1. Zaveduyushchiy kafedroy ekonomiki i organizatsii sotsiallati- cheskikh sellskokhozyaystvennykh predpriyatiy Kishinevskogo, sell- skokhozyaystvennogo instituta (for Shevchuk). 2. Predsedatell kolkhoza im. V.I.Lenina Benderskogo, rayona (for Bollfoy). (Bendery District-Col-lective farms--Finance) MUSKAT, Leonid Veniaminovich; SHCHEGLOV, A.V., nauchn. red.; STJUiOSVETOVA, V.G., red. - f--- -- -.- [Teaching the science of materials for fitters and sanitary engineers in technical schools' Prepodavanie materialovedeniia dlia slesarei-santekhnikov v profes- sionallno-tekhnicheskikh uchilishchakh; metodicheskoe posobie. Moskva, Proftekhizdat, 1963. 150 p. (MIRA 17:6) OGAAKOV, Nikolay 4LIekseyevich; ;-,ai.-a- Yedorovna; GR.:',Dllj'HGIF , N.Ye., nauchn. red.; :iTAR0.';VFTOVr-%, V.G., red. . ... .... .- - -- [Iwaboratory exkpe-r--mantls fcr the cmirse on "-Science of materi- als" for finishers] -ibornik laboratormkh rabot po Imrm Nkla- terialovedanitell dlia otdeloelmikov; metodicheskoe posobie dlia FTIU. Moskva, Vyssimia -shkola, 1964. 90 p. (I-IIP-A. 17:7) SEIJVERSTOV, Aleksey Nikolayevich; TARSHISH, A.M.,, nauchn. red.; STAROSUTOVA, V.G., red.; DORODNOVA, L.A.P . ...... .-F- @---- -- (Young assembler's manual on precast reinforced concrete elements and parts) Spravochnik molodogo montazhnika sbor- nykh zhelezobetonnykh konstruktsii i detalei. Moskva, Proftekhizdat, 1964. 276 p. (MIRA 17:4) kc4spantive sam.- N. A. lunrisroko, ' -N-StAreirich. Zd Fton. I . F"Plim 8, No. 6. IO-13(100.-A edt. votalynke of th. z NIIArvii-h 41"itgo (cf. C.A. 43, OWW). The ruwt wrious 4sawback of this tlt*ixn Is the liquM air wmiliquicl stic whk-h. i, ctffW by the hot furnam gas" sod which will tlc;xyAit w 11". f.villwfat"r, N1. flowh STAROVICK.M.N., kandidat tel-hnicheskikh nauk Heat processes in the basic Martin-furnace. Stal' 15 no.9:791-801 S'55- (MLRA 8:12) (Open hearth furnaces) 137-58-6-11708 Translation from- Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1958, Nr 6, p 70 (USSR) AUTHOR: Starovich. M.N. Toward an Intensification of the Heat Exchange in Open-hearth Furnaces (K intensifikatsii teploobmena v martenovskikh pechakh,@ PERIODICAL. V sb.- Primeneniye kisloroda v metallurgii. Moscow, Metallurgizdat, 1957, pp 115-118 ABSTRACT. Under the conditions obtaining at the Moscow "Hammer and Sickllel' plant , 02 was used to intensify the processes of fuel c omb-ustion ;500 nrn3/hr at 6-7 atm), and it proved possible to obtain a unit heat input of 650-103 - 700-103 kcal/hr-m2 open- hearth floor area and a jet flame with the following character- istics, variable during the course of the heat: type-I flame (high speed of combustion, high temperature at the flame base, intensive radiation of flame along entire length of bath), em- ployed during charging, preheating, and the first half of the melt-down; and type-2 flame (uniform rate of fuel combustion along entire length of furnace proper, high flame temperature, Card 1/2 high and uniform distribution of radiation along entire length 137-58-6-11708 Toward an Intensification of the Heat Exchange in Open-hearth Furnaces of bath), used during the second half of the melt-down and during the working pe riod. N. 1. 1. Open hearth furnaces--Tliermodynamic properties 2. Fuels--Combustion 3. Ovjgen--Applications 4. Jet flames--Properties Card 2/2 137-1957-12-23247 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya, 1957, Nr 12, p 56 (USSR) AUTHOR: Starovich, M. N. - ----------------------------- TITLE: The Utilization of Secondary Energy Resources at the Plant "Serp i molot" (Sickle and Hammer) (Ispollzovaniye vtorichnykh energoresursov na zavode "Serp i molot") PERIODICAL: V sb. : Kotly-utilizatory martenovsk. pechey. Moscow, Metallurgizdat, 1957, pp 181-188 ABSTRACT: The energy- technological utilization of the exhaust heat of the open-hearth furnaces yields 0.35 - 0.40 tons of steam for each ton of steel using the heat of the waste gases, and 0. 30 - 0. 35 tons of steam per ton of steel utilizing the heat from the water serving as coolant. At the same time the efficiency of the energy- technolo- gical process increases from 15 - 20 to 50 - 55 percent. In the period of 1951 to 1953 the production of steam through the utili- zation of secondary energy sources at the "Serp i molot" plant had risen from Z4.3 to 51.5 percent of the plant's annual steam con- sumption. Expressed in percent the cost of I ton of steam produced Card 1/2 at the plant's steam- generating installations compares with the cost 137-1957-12-23247 The Utilizition.,Gfr& ioor e t, One, of steam produced by the regional TETs (100 percent) as follows: the plant"s boiler installation: IZ6; the recovery boilers: 33; the evaporation- cooling units: 19.4 Ye. N. 1. Secondery eiiergy-Utilization Card Z/? S/118 62/000/003/001/005 D221YD302 AUTHORS: Adabashlyan, A.K., B)agineerv and Candidate of Technical 8ciences TITLE: On the path towards complex automation in ferrous metallurgy PERIODICAL: Meyhanizatsiya i avtomatizatsiya proizvodstva, no. 39 1962, 3 - 6 TEXT: The Magnitogorsk, Kuznetzk and Nizhne-Tagillsk combines as well as the Metallurgiche3kiy zavod im. Dzerzhinskogo (Me-tallurgi-. cal Plant im. -ozerzhinskiy) are developing pilot shops.for comple-. 'ce mechanization, the resu.Lts of which will be transferred to ihe :Cerrous iietal industry. The work is oeing shared by 32 scientific research institutes, 21 design institutes, 17 machine building plants and 11 experimental design organizations. The systems for blast furnaces permit optimization of the process. Some introduce complex automatic control of heating air, or distribution of air jet in the ducts. The correct division of gas flow in the furnace top is also being automated. The automatic control of metering the* Card 1/4 S/118/62/000/003/001/005 On the path towards complex ... D221/D302 inst-allations for'continuous casting of steel with a planned year-- ly capacity of 1.8 million tons. The Novo-Tullskiy metallurgiches- kiy zavod (Novo-TulsX Metallurgical Plant) carried out tests on me- tal level regulator in the intermediate ladle. Experiments with a radioactive transducer for the level control in the crystallizator are also being conducted. The development in the rolling mills in- c-Ludes 'the automatic control of neating plantp regulation of the drive and of auxiliary operations. At present 12 profile and 15 tube roiling mills are automated. The Magnitogorsk Combine employs- about 800 workers for zhe manual cleaning of blanks and 600 for finished products. The design offices are now engaged in providing LI/ -the mechanization of these jobs. Partial automation ensured increa- ses in productivity: In profile rolling - by 6 sheet production - by 3-@@ - 5 %, and in tube manufacture - by 7 Progr@a control is being introduc.ed in bloomings by -uhe Ins-tytut avtomatiki i tele- mekhaniki (Institute of Automation and Telemechanics) and TsNIIKA, which relates to 'the control of a jaw crane and ingot carrier. The Central Laboratory of Automation has designed measuring devices for checking the width of hot and cold strips. A prototype unit for hot Card ;,/4 ADABASIAN, A.K. [Adabashlyan, A.K.J; STAROVICI, M.N. (Starovich, M.N.) Complex automation in siderurgy. Analele metalurgie 16 no.4: 151-159 O-D 162. 31&1 PA 64/49T76 two/*du Medicine Stamatology "Further Observations on the Use of Sulfidine in Stcmatolo@iqIal.ftactice,11-Prof-I.'M. StarIovInsk%, Chief, Chair of Maxillary Surg, Docent Ya 1. Gutner, Chair of Maxillary Surg, Second ;;soov Med Inst imni I*' V. Stalin,. 5 13 PP wStmator No 2 secommems sulfldlne@ in the fom or for: bjper@Pethesia- of tba@ 4"#06-and tinwacu , peir,16dmUtis, sibic'U'L in t@ea at neirsulftio-14CAU6, In: V"Ung infec c .#Ad- qulflbcala@=,pwtim Ili prosipmeed @6irts, STAROVOYDA, V.P., inzh. "Road builder's pocket handbook" by V.S.Boichuk. Reviewed by V.F, Starovoida. Avt. dor. 24 no.10:29-30 0 161. (MIRA 14:11) (Road construction) (Boichuk, V.S.) STAROVOYDA, V.P., inzh. (Kiyev) Roads with a concave profile. Gor.khoz.Mbsk- 35 no.7:41-42 ji c6l. (streets) (NM 14:7) I. I 'i I STAROVOIDA, V.P. qlodern highways" by F.B. Bablcov. Reviewed by V.P. Starovoida. Avt.dor. 25 no.5;29 My 162. (MIRA 15:6) (Roads) (Babkov, F.B.) STAROVOYDA V. inzh. 2--_ Meams for increasing traffic safety. Avt-transP. 40 no.5.46-48 illy 62. (MIRA 15:5) (Traffic safety) STAROVO)MA, Y.P., _inzh, International highway engineering dictionary. Avt.dor. 26 no.10: 28 0 163. (MMA 16:11) ,_,__@TARO'IOYDA,.,V.P., inzh. Designing main highways in areas reserved for city expansiono Avtodor,i dor.stroi. no.1:25-31 165. (MIRA 18:11) NOVIKOV5 A.I.; STA.ROVOYT, I.A. Coprecipitation of plutonium with ferric hydroxide. Zhur. anal. khim. 19 no.3:346-352 164. (MIRA 17:9) 1. Tadzhikskly gasudarstvennyy universitet imeni V.I. Lenina, Dushanbe.. It u 34 'L A__k -4-w k__L_A_JL_ f FOOC9111111 AN* PXAP H. lee 00 2661- DRYING W STUM PUT* Staravoit, N. 0. (Torryamis 00 Prowshiewmat (not rudu*tr-jy';-i7qii.-NiiI** 9. 22-z4). 46 00 00 4P ACT4LIURGICAL L111114TIAL CLASINbCATICN ;134@4 At Ov d4c SIA&II =9 MV Sit v"'OOL sit (w a 3w a 5 A a 3 0 fic It tr sc car tat tat a I jut oe s, 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 C. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0. 0 lo 0 0 0 0 0 0 : ! o * 0 0 ej, 006 s, 0.0-0 -*,.* a 0 * 0 0, 0, OA m mg. starmo!%,114. I1W. her. (Post led.), &a. ISSI, lfr@ AbOW. W. VW6 IM It 0& 16%). lnr*am In tover- AtUft 00 OQPII*r and "S MCftr In din" VM;arUcA So ft tioloftv /Ocsi"ClUedMIMMISSAINge I%ASPr~C~rMM%WPM%mboddbe : *WAN&d with voletwe un Ifte W., Ift valeam diateftnUm snor : I II gtwmft am aft*r OPCRUMJW ImatIall In shown to d6senve. In ow4ft 00 tvIsUre rigmtea aNUMM WMb a lVer CaVand of IN -M mftlammo.@ LW %his. tk* Spo"Woom boallift 1% 101 EM994 SW11910114117 "Md daft ation ran munly %ka IV decolfoldre %I* SMSJ6 Ift g. sour uVel ShcUld, *A I M0986MY. be loand lia I a talc* UM la"l at UN 21`01114 to pmm% loss of pat Unwh oiler admMUaft. 1. STAROVOTT, N. G. 2. US-SR (600) 4, Peatjnduetry 7. Increasing the priductivity of machines used In cut peat production. Torf. Pros, 29 no. 11. 112/ Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, Yebruary 1953. Unclassified. STAROVOYIT, N. G. pAyjjmj,,CV, Yu. I. Peat Industry Work organization of a mechanized peat enterprise. Mekh. trud. rab. 7 no. 2, -1-953 Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congresse MaY -1953. Unclassified. 9. 3TA10VOYT 7 N Peat boas. 0 Exploitation of drained fields. Torf. prom. 30, No. 4, 1953. SO; Month List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, June -1953, Uncl- STAROVOYTY N.G. Preliminary mr--,--r7 of the results of the operation of MPCP--2L machines. Torf. prom. 40 no.2.20-22 ,63. (MIR& 16:4) 1. Rybinskoye torfopredpriyatiye. (Nat machinery) ACC NR, AT7003837 SOURCE CODE. UR/3169/66/000/01~,?,/~:)090/0093 ;AUTHOR: Savarenskiy, Ye. F.; Starovoyt, 0. Ye. ORG; Institute of Physics of the Earth (TsGO, Moscow) (Institut fiziki Zn:nli) TITLE: Use of long-period.surface seismic waves to study the earth's intornal structure ISOURCE: AN UkrSSR. Geofizicheakiy abornik, no, 18, 1966* Goofizicheskiye issledo. @vaniya stroyaniya zemnoy kory (Geophysical investigations of the structure of the 1 oarth*s crust), 90-93 TOPIC TAGS* MrAwmaAa"-, seismic wave, neiampgraphy, selsmologic instrument,' seismologic station, earthquake, Rayleigh wave, phase velocity ABSTRACT: The results of processing the seismographic records made by the "Moskva" seiamologic station during three very heavy earthquakes (Chile, 1960; Iturup Islands 1963; Alaska, 1964) have made it possible to isolate the long-period Rayleigh waves and to obtain dispersion curves for phase and group velocities for the periods 50 to 450 seconds. The results are plotted, and errors noted. The results are compared with theoretical calculatLons, but note is made of the fact that the results obtained are not the only answer to the problem. It is possible that the difference between Card 1/2 ACC 'AT7003837 observed and theoretical phase velocity values when T a 200 to 350 seconds will disappear if absorption is discounted when theoretical dispersion is calculated. Orig. art. hast 2 figures and Itable. SUB CODE: 08/SUBM DATE: 08jul6l/CRIG REF& 003/OTH REF: 002 .6id SAIIARENSKIY, Ye.F., doktor fiz.-matemat6nauk; @TAROVOYT, O.Ye. Elastic oscillations of the globe. Friroda 52 no-3:9-14 163. NDA 16:4) 1. Institut, fiziki Zemli im. O.Yu.Shmidta AN SSSR, Moskva. I (Seismology) ZAVARENSKIY, Ye.F.; STAROVOYT, O.Ye.; FEDOROV, S.A. Long-eriod Rayleigh waves from the Alabka earthquake of March 289 1964. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. geofiz. no.12:1826-1831 D 164. (MDU 18: 3) 1. Institut fiziki Zemli AN SSSR. SHUSTIN, V.A., dotsent; STAROVOYT, V.V. (Imningrad) Compression of the spinal cord in cervical osteochondrosis. Vop. neirokhir. 27 no.2:24-28 Mr-Ap '63. (MIRA 17:2) 1. Kafedra neyrokhirurgii (nachalinik B.A. Samotokin) Voyanno-moditsinskoy ordena. Lenina akademii imeni S.M. Kirova. ST.LROVOYT, V.V. Bilateral neurological symptomatology in the pathology o" the lumbar disks. Zhur.neyr. i psikh@ 63 no.l2sl767-1774 '63. (MIRA 182 1) 1. Kafedra neyrokhirurgii (nachallnik - dotsent B.A,,Samotokin) Voyenno-meditsinskoy ordena. Lenina akademii imeni S.M.Kirova. 8HUSTIN, V.A., kand. med. nwuk@ 57AiOtf V.V. Neurcl@igic syrdnmas im ce-nulcal u3terjchor,&-osi5, Sov. med. 27 no.3,, 94--Sr/ Mr 164. (MIRA .17. 11) 1. Kafedra nayrokhlrurgli (nachaltnik - dotsent B.A. Samotokin) Voyaano,-;.meditsin-ik-:-.y ordera Lenina akademi-I imeat Yirwa, Leni@igrad. m STAROVOYT, V.V. Madivostok) Cases of lipcmas of the spinal cord. Vop. nelrokhir. no.l: 6o-61 65. (MIPA 18:10) SMIRNOVY L.S., kand. tekhn. nauk; STAROVOYTENKO, G.P., otv. red.; TUBOIZVA, M.V., red.. [Artificial furl IskusstvenrWi mekh. Kiev., 1961. 39 p. (Obshchestvo po rasprostraneniiu politicheskikh i nauchnykh znanii Ukrainskoi SSR. Ser.6, no.15) (Fur,, Artificial) (MIRA 14:32) STA1,0VOTTEm, I. Velik-le stroiki 11-ommunizma. (0 stroitel'st-v'e Kulbyshevskoi i Stalingradakoi gidroeiektrostantsii na reke Volge, Gla"ogo Tarkmenskogo kanala i Kakhovskoi gidroelektrostantsii na reke Bnepre, Wzhno-Ukrainskogo i Severo-Krymaltogo kanalov. LThe gre't constructions of communish; on the construction of Xuibyshev and Stalingrad hydroelectric rower stations on the Volga river, the Main Turkmen Canal and kakhov kydro@tlectric power stations on the Dnieper river, the 6outh-Ukrahlan and 'orth-Crimean canals/. Kiev, 1950, 47 p. SO: Soviet T!ransnortation and Communign.tion, @Blbllogjap!jy, Library of Con,--ress, Re'@'erence Department. 4ashin,Tton, 1952, Unclassified. ST,kROVOYTFSKO, 1. P. EU-. 4N15 621.8 Khrestomatiya Z Ekonomichnoyi Geografiyi Ukrayinsikoyi RSR (Reader .37 on the Economic Geography of Ukraine) Posibnik Dlya Vchiteliv Geografiyi Serednoyi Shkoli (Kyyiv, Radyanalka Shkols, 1954) 295 P. Illus., Map, Diagrs., Tables. STAROVOITENKO, Ivan Pavlovich. ,Development of the economy of the Ukraine during the fifth five-year plan] Pidsumky rozvytku nfkrodnoho hospodarstva, Ukrminy v p'latii Pliatyrichtsi. Kyiv, Derzhpolitvydav URSR. 1957. 90 P. (MIRA 11:1) (Ukraine--Seonomic conditions) , STAROVOITIRIKO, Ivan - - , I I - 1. - @ [Socialist Kiev] Sotsialietychnyl Kylv. Kyiv, Derzh.vyd-vo polit.lit-ry UM, 1958. 252 p. WMA 13:3) (Kiev-Description) A IGNATKIN, I.O.,red.- KAS 0, O.K., red.; KOSARIK, SAO, red.; ALIKSMI . -J.P.;@- red.; GNATM I.M. [Oleksiuk, I.M.J, red.,%.A%jpqjQZ@W I D.I. [Huatj-uk,-D.I.J; SILIN, B.I.; BAMIRL. Z., red;; DXRWYANKO,(*. [Derevianko, H.1, tekhn. red, [Notable Places in the Ukraine] V@zmchnl mistele. Ukrainy. Iy7iv, Derzh. vyd-vo polit. lit-ry UIL$R, 195B. 721 p. (UM 11.08) (M=aine-Description and travel), PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/4228 Starovoytenko, Ivan Pavlovych Novobud.ovy promyslovosti i transportu Radyanslkoyi Ukrayiny (New Construction in Industries and Transportation in the Soviet Ukraine) I[Wv.,1959. 35 P. 10.,000 copies printed. (Series: Tovarystvo dlya poshyrennya politychnykh i naukovykh znsm?Ukraynskoy RSR. Seriya 7, no. 8) Errata slip inserted. Chief Ed.: 0.1. Shkaratov,, Candidate of Economics. PURPOSE: This booklet is intended for the general reader. COVERAGE: The booklet deals with new construction and reconstruction in the field of various industries'.afid trAnap6rtation which is in pfogress or projected in connection with the Seven Year Plan for the Soviet Ukraine. No personalities are mentioned. There are no references. Card 1/2 New Construction in Industries (Cont.) SOV/4228 TANZ OF CONTEM Tntroduction 1. Predominant Development of Heavy Industry Considerable Increase in metal production Accelerated development of chemical industry Changes in fuel balance structure Doubled electric power production Rapid development of construction of machines and tools Increased production of building materials 2. Let Us Have ftough Consumers, Goods 3. Purther Development and Technical Reconstruction of Transportation 4. The Seven Year Plan Is Being Pulfilled Successfully AVAILAM: Library of Congress Card 2/2 3 5 T 12 14 18 20 24 26 31 34 AC/wbc/x" 9-26-6o IOYTAMO Iv lovich. SHKURATOV. 0.1.,; T-MIMATA, _SARQVI t:t@ - A.A. iesnaia, A.A. , red. [The seven-year plan load's us toward communism) V komunizz khodoiu semyrichky. KYiv, 1960. 38 p. (Tovarystvo dlis poshyrannia politychuykh i naukovykh snan' Ukrainelkol RM. Ser.9. no.12). (KINA 14:2) (Ukraine--Industries) GX4TYUK, D.I.; SILIN, B.I.; IGNATKIN. I.A., red.; KASJJ04KO, A.K., red.; KOSAMK, D.K.. red.- MKSYUK. I.N.. red. (deceased]; red.; RWZIRA. 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(Uk@aine-Meteorology) (Ukraine--Hydrology) POPOV, V.P., prof., otv. red.; BOGATYR, T.K., red.; DTBROVA, O.T., prof., red.; ZAMORIY, P.K., prof., red.; MARYNICH, O.M.$ doktor geogr. nauk, red.; POGREBNYAK, P.S. [Pohrebniak, P.S.), akademik, red.; PYSHKIN,B.A., red.; STA49VOTTWO, I.P.[Starovoitenko, I.P.], kand. geogr. nauk, red.; KHARCRENKO, A.S., dots., red.; MELINIK, G.F.[Mellnyk, H.F.1, red-A-id--ii;,TURBANOVA, N.A., tekhn. red. (Materials on the meteorology and hydrology of the Ukraine] Materialy z meteorologii i gidrologii Ukrainy. Kyiv, Vyd- vo AN URSR, 1963. 140 P. (MIRA 16:10) 1. Akademiya nauk URSR, Kiev, Ukrainslke geografichne to- varystvo. 2. AN Ukr.SSR (for Pogrebnyak). 3. Chlen-korres- pondent AN Ukr.SSR (for Pyshkin). (Ukraine--Meteorology) (Ukraine--Hydrology) v t r c e f, r, (I im STAROVOYTEEK0. S.P.,,inzh. Cnr-type snow plows. Put' i put. khoz. no-3:15 Mr 158. (MIRA 11:4) 1. Znmentitell nnchallnika aluzhby puti, Voronezh. (Railroads--Snow plows) KIBY, Pj, (stantsiya Moskalenkl); KaWKOT, N.P., inzh. (Rovoisibirsk); SHAKHBAIAY3ff# N.A., dorozhnyy 'Master; CBOLONSICIY. N.P., insh'; BARTASH, V.V.; SUMIANOYA, A.M., takhnik (stantelys, Belev); STAROVOY? W 0. S.F. letters to the editor. Pat' L put. khos. w.6142-0 Jo 158. 1.L Bachallnik putevoy mashinnoy stantaii N6.22 (for Xirey).' 2Stan- tsiya Zenzeli Ordzhonikldzevekov dorogi (for &@@baisyev)- 3. Stan- telya Loyga Pechorskok dorogi.(for Obolous),dy) 4. Nachal'alk i7skatellskoy partii,, stantsiya Theisovatiya ifor Bartash). 5" Be- leve)caya distantelya Nbekovskv4[IY0Tskoy dorogi (for Sakhanum). 6. Zamestitell nachallnika siuzhb7 puti. Yugo-Vostochnoy dorogi,' Voronezh (for Starovoytonko). (Railroads-Maintensince and repair) 0 STAROVOYTEMKO, S.P. I -I_A%*wAW Ma , Spead up and reduce the coats of constructing section-assembly b@see. Put' i put. khoz. no. 8:42 Ag '58. (M IRA 11:8) 1. Zamestitell n3challaika sluzhbir puti, g. Voronezh. 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TITLE; Some problems in the theory of electrostatic charging of bodies exposed to currents PERIODICAL: Zhurnal tekhnicheskoy fiziki, v- 32, no. 6, 1962, 759 - 765 TEXT: The charging of a sphere in a uniform current of particles is examined. Conductivity of the medium and corona currents are taken into account. It is shown that the contact potential mechanism of charging in a particle stream is suitable for explaining the observed high values o potential. ESt4 mates of the Darameters that occur in field conditions, when an airplane flies through a cloud, made it possible to estimate the equilibrium charge on a sphere of 1 m radiuss 104 _ 105 ESU. This value agrees in order of magnitude with that measured on an airplane. This is because the cross sections of both are of the same order of magnitude. There are 3 figures. Card 1/2 S/057/62/032/066/018/922-1-7 Some problems in the theory... B108/B102 ASSOCIATIONt Glavnaya geofizicheskaya observatoriya im. A. 1. Voyeykova, Leningrad (Geophycical Main Observatory imeni A. 1.-Voyeykovp@l Leningrad) SUBYITTED: October 17, 1960 (initially) April 2, 1961 (after revision) Card 2/2 x AIMREnV, S.I.; VUIYUKOV ILP.- STARQVOMV. A.T. Effect of an external magnotic field on the light characteristics of a pulsed discharge in holium. Zhur. eksp. i teor. fiz. 43 no.3:804-SW 162. 1. Gosudarstvennyy opticheskiy institut. (vagnatic fields) (Electric discharges through gases) (Helium) ANDREYEV, S.I.; VANYUKOV, M.P.; STAROVOYTOV,_A.T. Effect of an external magnetic field on the development of a pulsed disch&rge in argon, Zhur. eksp. i teor. fiz. 43 no.5:161&-1,618 N 162. (MIU 15:12) 1. Gc@udarstvennyyoptiaheskiy institut imeni S.I. VaVilova. (Electric dischargpo thrott6 gases) STAROVOYTOV, A.Ye. Iliminating the tearing of paper strips. D=.prom. 29 no.11:27 N 154. O(T-RA 8:1) 1. Inzhener GI&vsakhalinbumproma. (Papermaking machinery) YM STAROVOYTOV,A.Ye., inzhener Zfficiency suggestions made by the Sakhalin paper makers ("In- novator suggestions by workers in the Sakhalin wood pulp and paper combines.' IU.D.Iakubovskil. Reviewed by A.S.Starovottoy; Bum.prom-30 no.9:32 S '55. (NMA 8: 12) (Sakhalin--Paper in6ustry) (lAkubovskii, IV.D.) STAROVOYTOV, A.Ye.. inzhoner. @. A paperworker's handbook. Reviewed by A.M. Starovoitoy. Bum. prom. 31 no-11:31 H 156. (MLRA 10:2) (Paper industry) STAROVOYTOV, A.Ye., inzhener. .- i@ "Rapid digestion of sulfate woodpulp" by N.A.Illin. Revlewed by A.S.Starovoitov. Bum.prom.31 no.12:30 D '56. OMRA 10:2) (Woodpulp induetry) ST,;,R.IDVGYTOV I't, Vetu Sv, Northern 5akhalin - @Lj I 1. A., Er " 1-1,3edl dis--as-3 of horses" 501,TRC,-,': Yatarinariya,, Vol 241 No 71 1947@ P 47 14ALYSILEV, Dmitriy Iosifovich@ &TAROVOYTQV,-j,,E.., red.; ROZGV, L.K., takhn. red. (Preparation of mortars and concrete mixes at plants and other instal- lations] Prigotovlenie rastvorov i betonrykh smesei na zavodakh i . . ustanovkakh. Leningrad, Gos. izd-vo lit-ry po stroit.., arkhit. i stroiti materialamg 1961. 247 p. (MIRA 3-4: 11) (Mortar) (Concrete) L St&rovo.0L,ov, "An open meth )d -)" haridlin@ the rf-ma-inim, umilicus in t he ntwh-mi", In the collection: Doklady Vsebelorus. resp. so-.@eshchardya nedi.atrov i -@inek:-)loEov (28-30 id',wern-ber 1946), 190, r). 5@@--61 SO: U-1!1@1, 17 July 1953, (Letopis "hurnal 1nykh Statev, 'o. 20, 1% - .-I W d A .9) STAROVOYTOV, I. M. Doe Mod Sci "Tubular metreurynter and its application , I , lflj@t- @11- ' in obstetrics." Minsk, 1957. 30 pp@20 am. (Minsk State Med Inst), (KL. 14-57,87) 1 -7vg- - 19 - ST-AROVOYTOV, I.M., dotsent Metreurysis in interruption of pregnancy at late terms and in delayed abortions. Zdrav. Belor. 4 no.2:10-12 F 158. (MIRA 13:8) 1. Iz akushersko-ginekologicheskoy kliniki (zavduyushchiy - professor L.S. Persianinov) Minskogo meditsinskogo instituta. (ABORTION) MASHKELEYSON, A.; SERZHAFINg P.; STAROVOYTOV9 LIVI, Tenth AU-Union 4ongrese Obstetricians. Zdrav. Belor. 4 no.2s68-70 F 158. 13:8) (OBSTETRICS-CONGRESSES) - STAROVOTTOV,,Ivan H9tveysvich,,_doktor wod.nsuk; PERSI"INOT, L.S., prof., zaaluzhannyy deyatell natAd BSSR, red.: STEPANOYA, N., (Metreurysis in obatetrical practice] Ketreiriz v akusherskoi praktike; izbrannys glavy akusherskoi patologii. Kinsk. Goo. izd-vo BSSR. Red.nauchno-tekhn.lit-ry, 1959. 189 p. (KIRA 13:1) (UMUS--SURGERY) STAROVOYTOV, I.M., dots. Nonparaoitic cyst of the spleen In pulmonary tuberealosis. Soy. med. 23 no.1:133-134 is 159. (MIRA 12:2) 1. Iz akushersko-ginekologicheakoy kliniki Minskogo meditsinskogo instituta (zav. kafedroy - prof. L.S. Persianinov). (SPLIM. cyst a nonparasitic. in pulm. tuberc. (Rus)) (TUBIRCULOSIS. PULMONARY. compl. nonDarasitic cyst of spleen (Rus)) rMSIAIIIIIOV, Leonid Semenovich, prof. v zasliizhennyy dayatell nauki BSSR; STAROVOYTOT, I., red.; MWANOVA, N., [seminar in obstetrical Akusherskii seminar. Minsk. Goo.izd-vo BSSR, Red.nauchno-tokhn.lit-ry. Vol.2. 1960. 431 p. (MIRA 13:12) (PREGNANCY, COMPLICATIONS 07) YT I.M.; BOGOSLOVSKIY @L STAROVO OV,-. G.'. (Bohoslovslkyi,, H.I.] New type of breast pump. Ped. akush. i gin. 23 no-3152-54 161, (MIRA 15:4) 1. Kafedra kliirurgii pediatricheskogo fakullteta Kiyevskogo meditsin- skogo instituta (zav. kafedroy - zaaluzhemyy deyatell nauki USSR, prof. O.O.Fedorovskiy [Fedoroirolkyi, 0.0.]) na baze bollaitsy im. M.I.Kalinina (glavnyy vrach - V.A.Udintseva). (BREAST PUMP) YAKCVLEV, I.I., zasl. deyntell nnuki, prof., red.; STAROVOYTOV, _L.14., prof., red.; GUTKOVSKAYA, 0., red.; STEPANOVA, N., tekhn. red. (Practical handbook of gynecology] Prakticheskoe posobie po ginekologii. Minsk, Glavizdat 14-va kulitury BSSR, 1963. 4C7 P. (MIRA 16:7) (GYNECOLOGY-HAND130OKS9 WUALS, ETC.) I ST;AROVOYTOV, I-M-, PrOf- Therapeutic properties of the cranberry.Zdrav. Bel.9 no.2: 61-62 F163. (14IRA 16:7) 1. Iz kafedry akusherstva i ginekologii Minskogo meditsinskogo instituta. (CWIBERRIES -TIMWEUTIC USE) ,_ STAROVOYTOV, I.R. Work of a medical center. Zdrav. Belor. 6 no.3:20-22 NY 160. (MML 13:5) 1. Iz UrItskogo sellgkogo vrachobnogo uchastka Gomel'skogo rayona (glavnyy vrach V.P. Zenkov). (GOM9L DISTRICT--F"LIC HXAWH, RURAL) IGNATOV, Leonid Petrovich; STAROYZTOY,-4cilstantin__;~pn~pnovich- POTAPOV, Kh.Ye... red.; PONOMAREVA; A.A.., tekhn. red. [Some problems of agricultural planning] Nekotorye voprosy Planiravaniia sellskogo khoziaistva. Moskva., Izd-vo ekon. lit-ry, 1961. 207 p. (KIRA 15:4) (Farm management) SHUVALOV, Vasiliy Dmitriyevich; STAMVOYTOV, Konstantin Semenovich; GINZBURG', Yakov Markovich; RYBAKOVA, V.D., -rel-.; -PO-NO--MA-R9VA-,* A.A., tekhn. red. [Ways for improving agriculture in the non-Chernozem zone]Pu- ti pod"ema sel'skogo khoziaistva nechernozemnoi zony. Moskva, Ekonomizdat, 1962. 162 p. (MIRA 16:2) (Agriculture) ns. o. 1r.:iT of Socialist Agric AS Bel.orussiar, ssiz Ctartaiii 't-oblems in Corn Agrotechny in the Northern Districts of Belorusslari SSR. 7. sb.: Yukuruza v M-4111sk, AN 23131-R, 1'957, 2 3 2- PGSR ) r@atza gnfk-.erad by the Jnstitute of Socialistic, Agr.icult,ira of the Acadomy of Sciences Belo- russian SSR in the study aijd development of' rr!et1--od:*. of r-,Liltivatins corn (sowing t.,-Lajes and de)..Ab of planting of the seeds, mi)lching the plantings, methrids of seed preparation, prab- lemA of thaintenance of thtt plAnting.,31 the application of organic and minirral fert-ilizers, the oed area:-7 and oonsity oil the sl@ands, art4- I'Lcial pol-lination, etr-,,) on the t-iirf-Podzolic J./Z STAROVOYTOV, M. Centralized milk transportation. Avt.transp. 40 no.12:21-12 D 162. (MIRA 15:12) (Milk-Transportation) PIRISTUPLYUK, NJ.; STAROVOYTOVY M.M. Determining the degTee of sand mixture packing by boring. Lit. Proizv. no.6.-43 A 162. (Sand, Foundr@r) NIRA 15.-6) STAROVOYTOV, N.J. inzh. Determining schedules for maintenance procedures no.1 under real conditions. Avt. transp. 42 no.7:22-23 JI 164. (KOU 17: 11) -. STARO-VOYTOV,_ N. [Staravoitau, N.] How the party and the Soviet Government helped the White Russian people after their liberation from fascist occupation, from 1943 --L'o 1945. Vestsi AN BSSR.Ser.hram.nav. no.3:38-49 161. (MIRA 14:9) (White Russia--World liar, 1939-1945) ALEKSEYEV, A.P., otv, red.; ADROV, M.M., spets, red.; KONSTANTINOV, K-G.. spets. red.; KUTAKOVI B.G., red.; MASLOV, N.A., red.; MINDER) L.P., red.; NIKOLISKIY, L.S., red.; =ARQVQ)70V, red.; SURKOV, S.S., red.; KERANOVSKIY, A.Yu., red.; YUDANOV, I.G., red.; VOROBIYEV, A.T., red. (Materials of the session of the Scie,--.@.-ific Council of the Arctic Scientific Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Ocoanography denling with the results of research in 1962-19631 14aterialy sessii Uchenogo soveta PINHO po rezull- tatam issledovanii v 1962-1963 gg. Murmansk, 1964. 237 p. (MIRA 18:1) 1. Murmansk. Polyarnyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy i proyekt- nyy institut mor5kogo rybnogo khozyaystva i okeanografii. 2. Direktor Polyarnogo nauchno-issledavatellskogo i proyekt- nogo instituta morskogo rybnogo khozyaystva. i okeanografii, Murmansk (for Alekseyev). 3. Laboratoriya vos,-roizvodstva Polyarnogo Nauchno-issledovatellskogo i proyek-Lnogo insTaruta morskopo rybnago khozyaystva i okeanografii, Murmansk (for sur- kov). 4. -,dboratoriya tekhniki promyshlemogo --ybolovstva Polyarnogo nauchno-issledovatel'skogo i proyektnogo instituta morskogo rybnogo khozyaystva i okeanografii, Murmansk (for Starovoytov). STAROVOYTOV.,I P.I., master smeny Kommunist-Joheskogo truda Foreman is responsible fo- the quality of production. 'Ma6hinostroitell no.12t39 D 161. (MIRA 14.:L2) II (Nachinery industry-Quality control) NOMOVICH, S.S.; SUOLOVOYTOV, V.I. -11-1-,;w@t Methods of treating spiral fractures of the knee. Zdrav.Belor. 5 no.6:60-61 Je '59. (MIRA 12:9) 1. Minskiy institut travmatologli i ortopedii (direktor - prof R.14.14inina, nauchnyy mkovoditel' - prof B. 11. TSypkin) . (UO7,--FUCTW,S) STAROVOYTOV, Vasiliy Konstantinovich[Staravoitatim V.K.); KATSYUSHYN, I.I.S., re M-t telchn. red. (One hundred and fifteen tons of poultry meat and ore million eggs is only.the beginning]115 ton ptushynaha miasa i millen iaek - tollki pachatak. Minsk., Dziarzh. vyd-va sellskahaspa- darchai lit-ry BSSR, 1962. 22 p. (MIRA 15:12) 1. Direkto.- scvkhoza "Hadnyanski" Klimovitskogo rayons, Hogi- levskoy oblasti (for Starovoytov). (Poultry) STAROVOYTOV@ Vladimir Moiseyevich@ GURIN, V.D_, red, [Fabrics made of artificial fibers] Tkani 1z iukuvetven- nogo volokna. Frunze, Kyrgyzstan, 1964, 20 p. (MIRA 18%3) 022633 UH/0069/65/019/002/0157/0161 614.8!539.12.08 AUT11ORS: 1@yzhov. N. V.; Skatkin, Zhernovt V. S V. So-, TITLE: Continuous centralized monitoring of personal radiation doses SOURCE: Atomnaya energiya, v. 19, no. 2, 1965y 157-161 TOPIC TAGS: radiation dosimetry, radiation monitor ABSTRACT: The present article Is an abbreviated version of the report presented in September 1964 to the international conference in Budapest, This conference was attended by the countries belonging to the Council for Mutual Economic Aid. Various possible developments of a c-e-R-ra- -1155-csys em or personal monitoring were discussed and some alterna-. tive control methods were reviewed. The use of individual and station- ary dosimeters was considered. rossibilities for an automatic process- ing of personal doses were examined and the use of computors and analyzerswere recommended. The use of computing equipment was reoom- mended also for collecting information on personal doses and for calcu- lating cumulative doses* A general electronic computing arrangement Card 1/2 'q% L