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I . I I . . I - - . .. : . I . . . 3 - I I . I c - - , :' . , I ., . I . , I , . . I ~ 1 .1 1 ~ I , I . 4 . , , I - . I - I I . 0 . p ,1 1, .10-1 . saft!t-", T:. 5,'(~ ,' ~ % ~ , ~, . -1 ~ , r~) . ,~ .1 - 1, . - Pr-iha, Czociio-Ar)v~i i . Vol. 9, no. 10, ct. I " -vanly lint. of !~.-ist i:~jrotvan Accc,,;sioris I.C. Vol . -1, no. .', Feb.. IY~t- x L . % I a . c I . jTCLL, Ld,ia6k.~ lziz. StAt,dardization of tranazission chains and chain wheels at Um International Organization for Standardization. Iformallsace 11 nG.6U89-191 Jo 163. lo Urud pro norrAlizact a mronip Praha, STOUD, Zderek Now flys~m of measures. Rope a uhlie 5 rio.7t216-2,U J1163. 1. Urad pro romall.-aclu a meranis, Praha, STOUD, Zdsnek, inz. Quantities, units, and "bols In theruodymudco. Morualizace 11 no.8:238-239 Ag 163. 1. Urad pro normlizacl a meren~, Praha. c"t /a d) la 110 )A, e,. C -i- ren of t. :v., till-, )n o IT o r t r i - A t j) 1. 4L r, ID 'A C f 1 3 i.0 r,c 1:1,or. tiro~- o 9 c t ;-)r rever.Te o o o MW 'iii 1,; for mpruv c f 1;.-- n,ii x I I ten' j t e The it'. L-r tr 1-1 MA 4 1 ter, ,;e -A ke r L f.,2 C? ere t', e C 4 1 .e n e I e L c 2 c n i - c, i3 30600 4"1/039/6 1 /02210121003/009 oll" thermoelec r D2-91/,'-,306 t'-) th", owurce of Collector vljlt-t,;.c of the power trintintor, to t), 'v jw;,;cv i-t-ctifler. Thermoelectric cooling of will t;,.-Lin in Impoi,tatice when new themoelectric m-.ite- for, eleMents wil thermoelectric gaiiei-ators ai,e 1ntrc)- '3~ C11 3 , ' e"I A 0,M".- i 111111, thl'eC S~- "I t2l 01-1 - t , A pe r. ture of - I 000C, re!tched. Thel-C, "We 0 li~,,ires and 21 i-eferencen: 1` j~)viet- -j referencez; to the 4 mo.,t -ecent C I publicationo. read :is followu : J juby F-Lised i J' P-N ~MWUQTI on trinsio P-voc . IRE 40 1)5 Z 1 A.0N-):-ton: Prenent -,;tat(A3 of trariiiator developme.n.;s. 1 4 0 ( 1 )5 2 r, o. 11 , p - 1314 ; Iii. Iti. r3s,ir tner: Tempe ra tVare of juriction tran.,jistor parametera. Proc. IRE 45 (1957), t)6"'; L. D. Arnotrung, D. A. Jenny: Behavior of germ;--trii- on ti-,mviotorv at c-lowited tempox-aturen and power-tran- 52 no. 3, p. 527, qlf?;,i~,n. Pr,)c. IRE A j 1'; 0, 1 A-l ON Ootav i,,,i(1iotec),niky a clektrurliky X~IIAV, Pr,,tha (I-,-- ititute of Radio Entinecring and -'lectronico, -,Ze- cKoslovak Aj, (I. 11'uergl; !"lot;Av te-chn rk~ 30600 Z/03 -11;'6 111022101. 21'003,.-'00"i D2 e) i~;)306 fyziky, "SAV, Praha (Inatitute of Physical ~ , I'l"Ce (L. ., t o ti ra ") ,.Y J , houlovik Ak~i, Prague) c , 'rho sirinicicmducting c"paund j,,vh4Av ',~J-j3444 "I 11-1juj&V. V Ph j ii (k I W,L~an 1. . 1144 tirrn ths'.. frIlmOr" of M :110 4 !,ti Vi, fn~t!-v frill'ir) t"trfri art'l 11.1vc a NXI 1,- 1, rill 0,4t th.,kt Ph, !,7. O.Ful (",, v utj Ufrl j vwov- frOlaWe (04'r, SnTr, G, Fr~, 1~lt 0:11 Si 1,,v!rtir wlt III,: tunim,reffirrOr, I-st 0- tho flodfifrOr. -1 !1' , II, 114 4ryo,l tw,c- u. f-I '4 0, NXI Lill. lf~ d. I, 11~ 'live U~ tc,4,i, i!ij- ~t+-"- M a hrr-,k, it F. -m W"J, lit Ot! tTo d ! - " ,. ~ , W W, U , - * q -~ - . 3 r. A~l - t,,~ r ~ i r. - ~r'l !-i ~I, - -. r- , , - I ..0 rl , 11, icr7, "c!. 1, '-,- I -iv ( 1~1', _) : -. . , , -~c . t'7. I - W , ,,- -1 * I - s.,r ' e)t "i4 --,%n I r n.-, I - . c, . Ir I ; : . I I I t . - . . v - z m - -, i ~, ~ , , Y 1- . ;'-- 1.2-, , v ; - - i ~ . , - . SiTe semiconductors. p. 107. (Cezkoslovensky c4rcpis Pro Fysikus Vestnik. Vol. 7,, no. It 1911~7.) LO: Monthly List of* razt i:,urofK~un ~kccczsion (L.A) LC, vol. 6, nn. 7, July 1917. Und. '7T%.TAC 0 L F.LEKTRCrr,%HMGKT CPZCP. ST-RRArSp L. Indium antimonide as a niterial for the manufacture of probes used in the measurpments of mMnetic fields by means of the Hall effect. pe 627 Vol* h79 no. 12y Aug. 1958 Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) W, Vol* 89 no, 5 May 1959, Unclass, Distri 4M(9)/WMd(b) 2 or$ 7- 4f "tbor dwribes The V1415-Xis ~Iusdm),-In It Ow eawt Sir cbmp in aw. 27 = U CbM OL. is mww I &Aft PUM OWW 14 1 a & ebsor in Comm. at If" dddfOw- laid"" 0& lackwy of 044amt topi FW1 tm pa" I. A' Mt-YTRCTMiINICKY C!3ZCR. (Finisterstvo tezleeho rtrojirenetvi a Ce3kcslovenske vedecl-.a technicka spolecnost pro cloktrotechniku pri Ce!!koclo-tentt~a akaderdi ved) Praha, Czechirlovakin. Vol. V, No. L, Apr. 1959 Yonthly Lirt, nf "-a !t Fiiripoan Acrer!,ions OMI)q U;, Vol. 0, NO. 7, July 1959 A ccc ~11;* clor.'en'., j-rZf,(! n tho elt --, r effe c*, * j, L L 1 F, laterr t vc, toz"-clo stre renslk. I a ~- c:.-.' .:-I _r(Ac ,rtA h,i.llfi, CezechttAlovalprim , , ", I Vc I f I L 1-.", n041. I-st c", i,lfr~ i-urvp~l-,; Acces:~ irn I o.31 iiov. Z/002/60/000/005/'002/006 A205/A126 AYTI'l I 'j R: ttourac", Ladiolav, Candidate of Science TITLE: lnternat.4onal Conference on Semiconductor PlVaics in Prague P_~~'RIODICALs VA5jtn1k deskoilovenskif akademie v6d, no- 5, 1960, 516 - 522 TEXTt Mezinaro4ni' konference o fyzice polovoiN (International Con- ference on Semiconductor Physics) was convened in Prague on August 29 - September 2, 1960, at the Ce3ko3lovenski( akademie v4d (Czechoslovak Academy of Science), with the consent of the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Physics (IUPAP) and the assistance of the 6SSR Government and the UNESCO. The conference was attended by 168 Czechoslovak and 593 foreign de- legatea trom a total of 26 countries; 278 reports were included in the a- f,,-ezida, but could not all be delivered. The 22 main reports on the present itate of research into basic problems of 3emiconductor physics sill be pub- lished in the Report of the Conference. The conference opened with a ple- nary session at the DIm um4led (House of Artists) with an address by Minister Z. Academician and President of the 6SAV (Czechoslovak Academy of Szience) ani ' introductGry reports, Academician A. F. loffe (USSR) read a Card 1/7 Z/002/60/000/005/002/006 International Conference on ... A205 A126 pqpcsr cn new ways in oeniconductor research. Dr. W. Shockley (USA), Bearer of the Nobel Prize, reported on his research on properties of p-n junctions. Oth--r re,,i;ort.-, were leliverLd in 21 oections (A - W), 11~ of which were orean- A..ej aj dl'-~;ujsioli tro-upo. Se=iconductor bar.1 atructures were dealt with in ~3'-ction (B). F. fler:~an (USA) reported on application of computers in c-ilCulation uf parameteri. 71. Kohn (USA) reported on the pre J, ent knowled~.,;o of semiconductor band structure and on theoretical data S. V. Vurisov3kiy and G. G. Taluc (USSR) reported on a more accurate multi-electron theory. J. G. Phillips reported an wider applica- 'ion of the method to utudy electron-structures of solid bodies, which was primarily developed and applied by E. AntonM of the OTY 6SAY (In3titute of Techraical Phjjica, Czechoslovak Academy of Science). Transport phenom- ena, dissipation proc~3:)es, fast electrons, t;alvanomagnetic and other phe- nomena of nemiconductors were dealt with in aectIons (C, D and E). C. Her- rini,; (USA) reported or, the proere.;s in semiconductor transport-ef feet theo- ry, Report~; on the mechani3m of interaction between free current carriers and ac~~otiallc and optical phonono in aemiconduclors with homeopolar and het- eropolar ~inliri,, were delivered by G. Whitfield (USA), W. Klose (GDR) and C,trJ "i 7 Z/002/60/000 '"'00 51/00 2,/00 6 International C,~nf-~renze A20 5/A 12 6 1. M. "jidilkovokiy (USSR). T. P. UcLean and E. G. S. Paige (England) re- i%orted or, inoraction betmoon both current carrier types In germanium. B. Vul, E. 1. Zavaritikaya and V. A. Chuyenkov (USSR) reported on electrical C o rA J. -, i c t ivitj or jemiconductors in strong electric fiells. A. L. McWhorter, R, If. R,.,Illker (USA), J. C. Sohm (France) ani G. Lautz (FRG) reported on im- puloe lonization of ;urmmanium and silicon. W. Sajaki (Japan), W. F. Wei and W. F. Love (USA) reported on new magneto-re3istan;e phenomena. R. J. Sladek, R, "it. Keyti-I (USA) anti othqr5 reported on t;alvanomagnetic phenomena in 3e=i- conductor materials. D. L. Dexter (USA) reported on the theory of excess elec"ron-carrior pairn and holes originating in semiconductors. Various tranoport-phanumt,na were dealt with in section (F). R. N. Hall (USA) re- ~orted on the application of the tunnel phenomenon in the otudy of transport phenomena. W. Shockley and K. Hubner (USA) reported on the discovery of the tunnel effect and P. Aigrain (France) reported on the helicon theory. Vol- ume recombination in aemiconductors was dealt with in section (G). S. G. Kalashinkov (USSR) reported on research conducted at Soviet laboratories on recombination and Impurities of gi,-rmaniun, and silicon. Optical properties of semiconductors were dealtwith in two sessions of section (I). B. Lax (USA) reported on the aignificance of magnetic fieliag low temperatures and Card 5/7 Z/002/60/000/005/002/006 Internati anal Conference oil ... A205/A126 the entire electromagnetic oVectrum on semiconductor research. J. Tauc and A: AbrahtIm of the 6TF &JAV (CSSR) reported on the dependence of reflection o;lectra cn th-~ composition of solid-solution GO-Si systems and some semi- cjnductitw co-pounds of the AIIIBV type. F. Luke.1 and E. Schmidt (6SSR) re- - n I ported oil the dopenlence of optical constants a,.' t;ermanillm on temperature. P'laenomena, conn-2cted with the orril;in a,." "excitronn" (term introduced by So- viet Physiciot Ja. I. Frenkel) in ion crystals and semiconductors were dealt Witt, ill jection (K). E. P. Gross (USSR) reported on optical and magneto- optical phenumena and their application in studies of the band structure of semiconductors and excited itates. J. R. Hayniis, 14. Lax, W. F. Flood (USA), C. Benoita and 0. Parodi (France) reported on the influence of "excitrons" oil current-carrier recomb.-nation in germanium and silicon. J. PastrAdk of the FI 6SAV (Physical Inotitute Czechoslovak Academy of Science) reported on optlic"l properties of copper-oxide. Photoconduciivity of semiconductors wai dealt with in section (L). R. A. Smith and A. Rose (USA) reported on the k;ontrib!.ition of photoconductivity to 'the knowledge of basic sericonluc- tor prop..,rtiej. J. Shwiderski (Warsaw) reported on further development of inhono,,eneity investis,,ation of semiconductor crystals with the aid of the Card V! r Z/ '002/60/000/001,,/002/006 It It %~ rn ~t C) I.. a I C r, If C, c .3 on A205/A126 hotovoltaic effect, whl~-h was diacovo!red by J. Tnuc and Z. Tro~,Isil Olt, the djAV Phyatci of jurface offects were dealt with in secticn W. V. L-Ax (USA) raportt,-d on the present knowled8e of jeml-conductor-surf ace effec" Anton~'k, '. Ko-atecki and M. Toma'sek ( SSR) reported on *he basic theory of olactron structure. J. A. Dillon Jr. anil R. U. Omiar (USA) reported on teot!3 toprepare an entirely pure germaiiium a-.irfaze. A 7, 11-.~Iharov (U~-Z;R), A. --any (Univer~~.ity of Jer,,iiAle=) and other3 reported on ot%lieo of' !,,_~rmaniur.-.-ourf ace atatei. Resonance of oemiconiuctora was -It With in ject4on, (N), the pertin~_,nt Taper was read by G. Feh~.*r (USA). Thermal and th,~rmoeloctrical properties of semiconductors were dealt with in jection (0). Academician IoNfe (USSR) reported on electrical and thermal propx~rti,,?n of 3eniconductors which are not yet fully illuminated. (Ioffe hi.~adj a school at thc, Soniconl,,.-Ior Institute of the Soviet Academy of Scl- tinre in Lenin,-rad). Problems of ion crystals were dealt with in section (P)- W Khnzin~,- (UZA) reported on the present 3tate of color-center molela -a'i-qlimutul halo,-enide,3 , ostablished by paramnagnotic reacnance. S. I. P,~_,ka- (US-SR) cc-nipared calculated and tezt-valuez of para=eters, character- for atscrption an,1 t-misaion bands of alkali-metal. halogenide3. A. B-hiin anI oh-_~ro, of 'h-~ 67F 6SA7 reported on "esto. made At tte 4UTF to Ca r I -~: /7 Z/002 It 60,,'000,2'00 5 /002j1CO 6 intt~rnat 4 onal Cunrlercnze cn . . . A205,/A 126 IT-ly pllhj.- r-ii i h-oncm~~na of HaC' crystals with cadmium admixtures. K. Vacek c~ f t?;-.! Chrarleo Univoz-aity in Prague reported or. the theory of luniriscence i % -~ i I r ha I o 1,-, e r, I J. e a . problems of oemicoriductor phjsina were dealt -Xith in ooct,~Cn (CO. G, B,,;sch (Switzerland) re;~orted -on mab-nellic proper- --j C"I 11se and "54. solit! oul,..;tic~ro K. W. Bder (,GDR) reported an recently -n',,,Lr-,c,IeneA-' ties 4n jemicon-ductors an.1 ln2ulatcra. L. V. Xeldysh, j, -iv I I) v a i, J X . I Br-Ouin (USSR) reported on the Jnvestilt,-ation of T anl curren'13 in seni conductors with the aid effect. cornpoun,143 were dealt with in (R), C G, 3 Garrett. (USA) zrenor'-~J or. '."-e prelent otate of z:tu- c o.-, c rj rc;ortel cr, krcpertlles On, o C j em; I 0 f-M n -As c.-,. i n I n,; t ran s l' 'I ~ on metali. G, H. jonker (Netherlar.1s) and 11. F. R, Frt-;JT~rik (USA) reported on related problems. V. P. Zhiize ari So-.4el plysi.-,ista reported or. propertie-3 of materials which have a at,)m in the grid-structure of the semiconductor. H. Welker (FEG) rei~ort-, --.1 cii iemlconductor syntem3 with covalent bindine. Further were~ male bx K B Tolpyg of Kiyev, W, B. Pearson (Canada) and J. (F-jn-) in sectior; (S) was opened by D, 11. Nas- Carl' 7 Z/002/60/000/005/002/006 Cnnferenco on... A205/A126 lolov OISSR) who read a ,-,aper on present state of research into semiconduc- tor com-Dundi; of the A111BV type, such as indium antimonide, indium arsenide, Callium aroei.4de. etc. Proporties of elements tellurium and seleni-,I-M were 11~allt xi'll by (-,). Reports mere delivered by J. S. Blakemore (USL), F, It, llvdco~-k, (Canala), F. Eckart ODR). V. Procier (03H) reported on dopenlen-v of ba:0 otructurv on optical anJ i,hotoelectrical ;roperties ho & I . of D.-~-,c-,ijjionz in je--t.-On were op~in,211 by a report of V. Ro- heavW-ele-.ent tell,-;-- J~,' (Par`o) on the ide3 ant aril th-~ir 3olid iolutiona. This report wa,; supple=entei ~to.lrae of tj1C A by rqap-r,-~ of F, Oxmircui and L. _ UTF CSAI. Uri. 11. Rodot (:-,ra.,v;e) reportod on now oy3te=3. xaitable fcr direct energy converzIon, or. A . ;rop-~rtip.l of nntliriony ant nilv-vr tell-jrileo, -._-tc. Di3CjjjSJonj 41- 3eCtion 'V) wort., with a rei~ort bj W. IT. Pip-~r (100A) et-, ~icmlconductinr cad- A (W) were opened with a re- m i u m t t, z I n z~ I f i I e j -Diicuaiionj in ject4on k bj E lu- i (FR3) on 3emicon-luctorn ZnSb and CdSb, who also acknowledg- nort U e1 the two papera in thia field, compiled b~ the dTF 6SAV. The closing plenary meetinr was heli on Septenber 2, 19 0. ". Ta-ac evaluated in his port the contributionn made at the conference, ani mentioned 'he sinmarj re prop,ress m. D;nce the last confirence held in Rochester, USA. The aignif- a of basic physical research into ae=iconductora was emphasized by J. Carl 7/` 7 Bardeen (USA) and B. 9, Vul (USSR). 2 7 ? 5 S/194/62/000/011/037/062 D293/DjO4, ViLmI'mir and itoura", L dialaw i.U c I I "I Iii":111C ond tic tor t1ovice with a p-n jUnction cooled by i'f"14if-r cell A j 1j: ;~vtvmntlka i radiociektronika, no. 111, l'ot,2, I'J. abutnict 11-4-26 1 (Czech. pat., 2;(;q I I/ U2, no. j6dj)6,- October 15, l(j60) c~,,:ibinlng a .1 J C 011d Ut, 4 A or dw~vice A--C C CC, JQF o IIII -UCIi U aAnner that tile A'~Ati~:r ccll Ii-_,c L~:unLact :iz,, I.J.- d._-vJce to be cooled. olien iioth de- _~c L; i-ri-, tea in c~,Lduule, an itioul Ating 1.Lyer lu usu- wl.ich ~rvvezita the pousibility of electric ;ilil;, hu kcccumpanied bj a of the effi- Af-.Vkce, olnce Lj-*%!I'C Is A Conoidenable tenpe- 6 ro i) .,crojn ti. int, a 1: , t in -!,iy t_,r. The c ono true toil ii-I - e t d A ,g s C 7, A ~;c of a diode with 'ier cool- A. A 014OW11 In tii,,~ ;here: 1 is the diode, I are the Utubs C ni 112 i-d~,-u Connecting ti.e.-I (tht~ ;;old io C nu 2/2 S/I 94 /62/000/003/043/166 D 2 0 1 7D 1) 1 NioRi: c T LE. p-n Junction v,!~,miconductor dtvi.-e cooled by a Polle- tier effect elenento R,~11'vrativziyy ohurnal, Avto,--itika I rtidioelektron.1ki, 3, 1)6", abotract 3-4-~~k (Czechonlovakian p:ttent 2,)1 ; -1 1/02, no. 1)6B96, 1 ~,,. 10. 60) -XT In order to iecre,.ise the de.enlence of a semiconduL-tor J~-;ice .]'D) purametc-o on temperature, it. ~:j su6~_,~.,sted dekligning il. with a mech%nlcal connection with n Pellet-l,~)r effect (11,E) ele- ,ood thermal conduction. The principle which would enoure v of the invention IAeo in the fact that the SD is connected in 131-,ries th I-' no tiat a1.1 the opcrating current is passed t1mugh PE, at tLe junction of the two devices a barrier layer June- i cm. It paya to have it separate supply for the PE, tix output pow- :V of which is controlled by operating cuLrrent of a junction diode. ..:iX conotruction of a PE coled Junction diode, photodiode, trannia- Card 112 A 1-11 ititif-ti9n ... S/11)4/62/000/003/043/066 D201ID301 I !~,, I tur and of a phototranuititor ifi Iriven. The c,mitruction III suttabta f production. /-Abstrticter'3 note: Lranull 'I -:~r -,LA"30- - atioll, -1 C; ~-l I. I L. Conferarce on nermoelectricity In Durham. C,.q cas fps 12 89-93 162. 1. Ustav technicke fysikig Ceskoslovenska Aka4emis ved# FraM . STOURAC, L., L _ tn C. Se. i., 0 A scientific conference on Hall generators and their use. Slaboproudy obzor 24 no.21ll9-120 F '63. ACCESSION ';R: AP3003616 Z/0055/63/013/005/0350/0357 AUTHOR: Smirous, K.(Deceased); 11ruby, A*; Stourac, L. TITLE: The influence of impurities on the electric and thermoelectric properties of cadmium antimonLde single crystals SOURCE: Clickhoslovatakty fisicheskly zhurnal, v. 13, no, 5, 1963, 350-357 TOPIC TAGS: cadmium antimonide electric properties, cadmium antimo- tilde thermoelectric propertiesi p type cadmium antimonide, n type cadnium antimonide, cadmium antimonide ABSTRAM In order to determine the influence of impurities in CdSb single crystals, a study was made of electric and thermoelectric pro- perties of high-purity CdSb single crystals doped with Cu, Ali In, Gas Ge, Sn, Pb, Se, and Te. It was proved that the n-type conductivity is caused by the presence of electrically active impurities. Cu, Ag, Ge, Sn, and Pb impurities In CdSb single crystals behove as ac- ceptors and In. Go, and To, as donors (the behavior of So couldnot Cord 1/2 ACCESSION NR: AP3003616 be uniquely determined). A schematic model for the substitution of Impurity atoms In the CdSb lattice is proposed. The study of carrier concentrations Indicates that the first and fourth group elements re- place the Cd atoms, and those of the fourth and sixth groups replace the Sb atoms. The temperature dependence of the mobility of current carriers in the impurity regio determined to be proportional to T-1-34 for electrons and to T_ 2w?s for holes. It was verified that for lightly and heavily doped samples the electron mobility is smaller than the hole mobility. The density effective masces of electrons and holes were also deter-3in*d. Orig. art. has$ 5 figures, 3 tables, and 2 formulas. ASSOCIATION1 Ustav fyziky pevnych latek CSAV, Prague (Institute of Solid-6tate Physics CSAV) SUBMITTED: 13Apr62 SUB CODEt PH DATE ACQs 12Jun63 NO REY SOVs 001 ENCL: 00 OTHERt 022 Card 2 / 2 ACCESSION IMI AP4018176 A'U-INORs Hruby, A.; Stourac, L. Z/0055/64/014/002/0130/0136 ,.LA.L-ri Eloctrical proportioa of CdSj cr"Istals doped vith silver "On=-: Chokhosl. fiz. zhurmaa. v. 14. na. 2, 1964. 130-136 TO'PIC MIS: electric property, CdZL- :;in:,-,!a crystal, silver dope, electric can- ductivity, Hall affect, thaxroolect~%~. force, reciprocal temperature, extr:Ln3lo conduction. lattico -.obillty, hole, -onlzed acc-c-pt-or, Lnparity center An c-arlier paper (Czoch. 11`0102k, 1963) studied the properties of- Cd-~b cingla cry-,tais dopad -W-Ith ol(-,. of tha firztV group of tho periodic Systame A o ri s CdSb s ino prosent 'n-t.,U~Io5 tho cloctric ani: elloct c proportle of ingle C al- .Y.Iu a weakly and heavily dopod and gives neasurements of the o-ectrical ec.-ductivity. V-40 '.bail of:,,,;:, ard '"~o themoolloctric force of CdSb z~~ples orlont .;-d along *Uio IV- wit"I-A varlous concentrations of silv,ar in thrca :;cts of &rap.-is as a :z-c*-Ion of tho raciprocal t4emperature. In ex-Itz-Insic corduction, tho tcr-poraturo of the lattice =ability or the holes uas found to have the fom T-- in t:his direction. The paper dismsses the Card 1/2 ACCESSION N-Rt kU'4018176 offoct of t;~,o -~cattorizZ of holo~. on 11,-.rAzed acceptors upon tho temporaturo d"n- donco of -Lho ro*:~!Iity, and calcaIaIc,-. ofIfea-Ulva nasses of holes in extrinsic Uhai. tho., ZL rui,.ct-lon ol* t.'-.e Vntent of i=purit~t (0-3 to 0.65)=, for x 1015 to 1~19 c=-J. Oriciral has 1 t.IL!.!0, ,rap.4i and 10 n=.-,borod ktions. 'I --z;tituto of Solid Statc Czechoslovak Acadwq of Scioneos, j 7 !1 -.A;.:,D: 3IjuI63 ~Emar64 EINCLt 00 5;;j XZE, irii :DL"-, SOV., ON OZWI 00 Card 2/2 I I I ~ ., . -.- , .1 ill i n , U-1 ~, I t. I !ll ter-ft I cl'-G; erat Ic t% 4 -, ~-en ~ -j-, ! t~:- I )~-tv I ci. Ve r tn I k k ~~'. ~% V" I r. o . I : ~ ~.~ -, ) . ! , ~. i,' HAD --ni'ftn* of p-t.(p- r-vlmt-ra. :~r I Neld. fit th-irnal :", -,- 1#1-, :. C,* *011,i ~'hjilr~-4 nf !.r,,? *ZP,-h,-lTlcvik Ac%lemy 0." :." ,, I ~-rptiVia (~, !',12krr)-n:-rlr!kq 1). ",,taitt,~A . I 14-164. ACCESSION NR: AP5006839 CZ /0055/65/015/002/0140/01142 AUTHOR: Stourac, L. TITLE: The Hall constant in p-type cadmium antimonide as a function of the nag- netic field SOURCE: Chekhoslovatskly fizichaskly zhurnal, v. 15, no. 2, 1965, 140-142 TOPIC TAGS: cadmlum'~ompound, Hall constant, Hall mobility, phonon, semiconductor band structure ABSTRACT: The dependence of the Hall constant on the change In the ratio of Hall and drift mobilities claimed In previous studies was not observed. CdSb crystals prepared by the modified Czochralski method were urned. The two single crystals had hole concentrations of 5 x 1015 and 2.5 x 1017 cm-3 respectively. Magnetic fields were varied from 400 to 9000 G at temperatures of 60 and 3000C on samples oriented by the x-ray method. The results show that the Hall constant in the whole range of measurement under these con,'itions is Independent of magnetic field In both the b and c crystallographic directions. This Is explained by assuRing only one type of hole. It agrees with the theoretical work of rrsi and with the Card 1/2 L h295-66 ACCESSION NR: APS006839 conclusions of Pilat. In contrast to the findings of Tovstjuk the ratio of the Hall and drift mobilities of holes up to concentrations of 1017 cm-3 can be regard- ed as Independent of magnetic field. This agrees with the assumption that hole cattering at,.Me concentrations occurs primarily on acoustic phonons. "The :uthor thanks Hruby, C.Sc., V. Miskova rd J. YLaspar.j r reparing the materials p- ) 'P and M. Neuvirt6;i-ai-rid J. Hrnavkova fFo-r~-f~~-ihe-iea-sur;iiiints.1' Orig. art. has-# 1 figure. ASSOCIATIONt Prague SUBMITTEDs NO REF SQYt Institute of Solid State Physics, Czechoslovak Academy of Sclencest O6Nov64 ENCL: 00 SUB CODES SS 004 OTHER: 006 it Card 2/2 L 21-119-66 T/EWPLt)--.---1j Z/ -4-o ACC NR, AP6003659 SOURCE CODE: C "0055/65/015/olO/61 ToTW-~ AUrHOR: 11ruby, A.; Kubellk, 1. Stourac, L* OIRG: Institute of Solid State P!%q1cs, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague TITLE: Electrical conductivity and thermoelectric power or heavily doped P-type CdSb :X)URCE: Chekhoslovatakiy fizicheskiy zhiirnal, v. 15, no. 10, 1965, 7ho-746 TOPIC TAGS: cadmium compound, antimonil,!, Hall efrect, Fermi statistical theory, Coulomb interaction, hole mobility, valenre 1,wid, thermoelectric property AN7-711ACT: An Investigation of the electrical conductIvItyt Hall effect, and thermoelectric power as a function of the temperature wasperformed In the (c) and (b) crystallographic directions on cadmium antimonidii(single crystals rongly doped with silver. The anisotropy of the electrical conductivity and thetbility of the holes and their mechanism of scattering on lattice vibrations and Ionized acceptors are discussed. Also the density of states effective mass of holes Is determined. The origin of the anisotropy of the hole mobility and the model of the CdSb valency band are considered. Graphs shoving the temperature dependences of the electrical conductivity, thermoelectric power, Ha.11 mobility of holes, and the hole effective mass are presented. Also a table shoving the concentration of acceptors in different samples obtained from measurement of the Hall constant at 80K In both Card L M94-65 ACC NR; AP60036519 (b) and (c) crystallographic directions Is given. Measurement In the (a) crystallo- graphic direction was not carried out because of brittleness of the material at this orientation. The thermoelectric power was analyzed by means of the general expression applicable for Fermi-Dirac statistics. The Brooks-Herring method of screened Coulomb potential was used in measuring the temperature dependence of hole mobility. The experiment showed that the valence band has two equivalent maxima on Its axes of symmetry. The authors thank Prof. J. Tauc and V. Frei for advice and stimulating discussions, V. Miskova, J. Berankova and J. Kaspar for preparing CdS1 single crystals and M. Neuvirtova and J. km__avkova help in Me- xperimental vork. Orig. art. has: 7 figures, 1 table, and 6 formulas. (Based on author's abstrac-tj WD CODE: 20/ SUEN DATE: lhApr65/ ORIG M: Oll/ OTH RZY: 006/ SOV Mo. 001/ RUMHIN, Y.1 TXYHIMV. A.;STOUNDY, To, Insh. Uning assembly-line methn4s In building large-panol houses. Stroltell no~12:7,20-11 D 159. (MV4k 13:3) 1. Glavrqy Inshener upravlemiyu Spetestroy (for Bushin)o 2. GlayWy inxhaner upravlonlya Mantashshilstroy (for Yefremov). 3. Treat Cherepovetenstallurgetroy. Cherspovots, YologodakRya oblast' (for Stoumov). (ARsenbly-MrA methods) (Leningrad--Apartunnt houses) Distr: hE2d(b) 2oys Inversion of 'he tn4 of coo4ucdvuy in the se"LicerAwtoc 7, , -new AM - I V 3 stem Zn,cd~~,Sb.N~K'vfrL* -Z Sit'.. Prague). X. of wk. 144. -lie me"of the thrrowwItc .ft *ChAuled fru4n phis to ruinias in Te-doped ZN .C4..Sb o,= k-txAw. tors, The Te cown. ties brtwe" Oj= aM 04%. A vwg thermork-w. tm" aM wtAk *.#"g tecrtUrt were fouroi at rmuts trmp. in oanqAn conte. 0.1% Te ahd Thethrnooclee.fcmisde- clits" with dermating tcrnp. And Invm." to poit. vakm--* was oWevi"I at -4'. schm-br-rr 110V Ill LIP) y - r w l a , r fA T I t It 1011. C~)Qwl IBM Mand at 0 k M&A 50 1 (1). ftmkry%4. moo, A Matt K'"Wis ed I Pot fm M Pcm 6 pl,%T~ fave 0 1 30-60. Cisnom" 0 -A-v w- , %AAnatim 11ormili almoUG. Tom LZ "Vvd r IN U( I "'islaved In pdt. stba was Attend thmmb a c'"hims l mb Uh to a b t of 20 w k d Ut w s u m e o cm. e cm. un. pac T. frSel;c3s wwo *Msbmd: (1) 1a- "lilt - NNW $t tem. J-0 a th ism WhIch Sakti im, 11 0. 1 AM 1 St th t . en, e , l he In dim. cooft 00 1. shank* S114 13 tom 7u Im . . is 25 td . Wit of I't4r. filur, 0"a L4 1-tt. 1!11t#f pbe btame. WA of tiengfile. C41C 4 tA,nlrmf 113,1A F1011. *act CAS, rj R2011. W ' 1 J 1 3 I f k h t ul 4r A- ful eco. 2 o will Ap e t T1w miJim vt 1 owtogrAjOstil iindcr V~ tA,jr Tlo datko was viry O"tp. OAV)0 iz,g 1) V17 34 ~f 44. '"ki fy j - -4 (Tyd I;;.~" fco~4 V1011 cbd m. 37-r . xW. A.-H.U. ' Q III tu I .-ri A Y- ',,vovsk. cif' :1pot' for.-AtIon ze'nc -'Anctdol U1411 th~' Critical, tora-11eir- ITie -14MIc ~,f th+, n-,Iar ftr. .1 v! ty Z'- 1-.,! r Irli-cli I ri T.' )). f or pmnl nezv-e s t~' 15 s 5; n an u-,l x r c., r c it I pq ra I I c 1 2 0 1b- active alin laye. 1~~!cause the critical, rrwmlli~,I, a re I c,,- ,,-)n an e1l.l;ool-l r-itating with vftrial0le angular IL~Y' i" Y. ne shnpe of tlie rowl f 1n, time'l Rt the ev! Jerred I:y cri 4,-sI a iz pamlIeL; (7n 'he t rc,,'nting cillpzoli. (F42"Mstr, No 10. 1~1-1_ Sf~, : 3ur.-N, . -M.*. I" Jan 51. STOVAS, M.V. Irregulaxity in the rotation of the earth as plane tary-goo worphologl cal and gootectobic factors. Geol. shur. 17 n0-3:58-69 '57* (MIRA 11:2) (Urth-Rotation) (Geology. Structural) STOVAS, M.V. Latitudinal Sonality of earth setantow. Nauch. dokl. vjrs. shkoly; geol.-geog. nauki PO-3:19-29 '58. (MIRA 12:1) l.Dnepropetrovokly gornyy Institut. (Seismology) . . 11 STOYA-1j. NJ. Changeability In the *arth's rotation ami the gootactonjos, Geol. abor. (Lvov) no.5/6t447-461 '58. (MIU 12tlO) I.Gornyy i-mititat Im. Artsma, Dnepropetrovsk. Olarth-Rotation) (Geology, Structural) !, (1) MIT1101o S t o v a a -)0V/43-59-1-12/17 TITLEj The Potential of the Deforming Forces ani 11.9 Variation Under Variation of the Rotation of the Ellipsoid ~Potentsial deformiru.rushchikh oil I yego izrzen--~niye a 12reneniyem ro- tatsionnogo rezhima ellipsoila) i'EHIODICAL: Vestnik Loningradakogo univprsiteta, Seriya matematiki, mekhaniki i astronomii, 1959, Nr I(I), pp 119-129 (USSR) ABL;TRAM The potential of the deforming forces In the variable part of latitude of the potential of the contrifugal force which according to L.S. Leybenzon determines the compression of the ellipsoid. The author conallers the potential of the deforming forcee acting on a unit of mass which In on an ellipsoid, and he investigates the variation of the potential unter rotation of the ellipsoid. Among others the a:;thor states j On the degreo of latitude ~f t 550 the potential is equal to zerol for 0, there are obtained extreme valueal the deforming force F2 is decomposed into the tangential component FI (to Card 112 the meridian) an4 the normal ccaponont FN ; for P a t 350 Tne potential of the Deforming Forces and Its z-,OV/43-5?-1-12/17 Variation Under Variation of the Rotation of the Ellipsoid it is F -- FM# F - 0 ; for 0 , -t it is F W Fy I P . 0 2 N 2 2 x The variation of the radial deforming force In dependence on the angular velocity of the ellipsoid cauies the deformation of the ollipsold. The author mentions Krasovaklyl i ellipsoid. There are 6 Aligures, and 7 tabi.-,o. ~-.UBMITTEDt December 30, 1957 Card 212 DOIDIP", A.U., inzh.; KRTIAKOV, I.I., dotroont; rnl,"NU, A.I., inzh.; SIRTACWTKO, I.P., Insh.; STOVAS. Y.V., dotamnt; ZPSHTZTN, M.M., doteent Znginmerine, and geodatic observations on tinforsations in transport- and-dumping bridges. Ugoll 1.1cr. 3 no.7:24-27 Jl 159. (MIRA 33:10 l.DnopropAtrovskly goray institut. (Mine surveying) V / 2 1 - T i 7 L-;-, on a iossible Cause of Periolic Formation of PA'anetary Fracture-,, and Basalt Lffus;.cna D-..)p,NvAdI AkaIemmil, rmik 'Jkrainalkoi RSR, 1959, Nr 5, PP 522-524 (USSR) A ii RAC' This is a brief sutmary -if a survey of literature on this jubje,A (indicalti In the literature reference block). The der-rease in the jerinel of the Earth's rotatim required for fracturing the ar%ist layer of the Earth's surface 19 n 'IN 1: =Inutes, aci:,~rding to L.S. Leybenzon Ilef. 3), w~A--h witri an increase in the leneth .)f the day by 1.6 tu 2.4 seconj,.t for every 1.0,j,(L(~0 years should give a !0-40 zil- ''onth -n the Itschr.:-ge of accumullatei stresses ,n the 7rlirzt inyor, generat!ng the formation of new, and -.~IJ pianetary frr:t,,;reso Such cyc;i~- trans- fz~rmat;.-ln cf tlhe '-*a!,t,,,, an arale of ~ealcglca' tize ani --e-ptitiz~n, as we;! as the ;.IanetaTy nature cof the '11 ;~9 -` 1, K ~6' 1 On a Possible Cause of Per;oJic 1,11anetary Fractures and Ba-ialt Effusirjn3 pher-)menon, is h-.ntorical geolcgy Gef. 4 and L - ',"ane4ary fractions of merilianal an I submerldianal roached "000-4000 ka, an-A ar-pe mainly ir. the -pat4,risC 7one arri in hi h-latitule z e) r, e s Of both hemispheres i~21 ', ARef. The latitadina'A compression of the crus! lftyei'iri the equatorial zone en- tailed extensions of the cruet layer at high latitudes, and vice versa. A bouniary .na -! --,~=bined deformntions was lozated along the 350 Iaralle~, aczor,]AJng to LI 35u-kmng (2.0f. ,C tetween ~C-4-~" The latltudina7 ard ,vublatitu14nal planetary f ra -i r rf, Imair~ly in t!le midl.e latitudes Uef. 4-f .) near *.he zone of the critical larallel't 550. Thero are 14 ref!2renr-~S, 12 of whish are SovIet, I Frenci; and I A=eri-an. ASSOCIATL N: rnej-r~~-.etrova?iy ~nv..*.-ut MinIng T Card 21, On -, Yu.-,sible Cwise of icriolic For.-itixi of flrinetary Frv!tures and ba'nal'., Effusions I R *-" 3 EN T i~ D By V.C;. Boniarchuk, Memb~!!- of the AS 'U'krSSR S U PX 1 T T*-'D Cnrd 51 7 AUTHCR, V e (4u e ai v a n t n e t r, L a r a s o t 1E 0 .7-, C A 1, D.) I, J A-* I R3 R I ~i 3RA 11" Tnl~, ,t,. trio t a c a t a t.1 7u' a' 1 ~-Y- lef.,.rnlre t'~.-Ce u:-, h c or. the at tne 5 50' 1) par,i' lei , stating th a t ~ 11) the pctentla, ~-;f defcrming f ~rcqi there equal 9 7P---, 2) thp AeformiT,g fi)rce like- wlj~ t I " i a I ~) Z -~, :, . .~ ) - '-, a - w~ ? n t t a Ie f o r.-,, 1. n e, f r, ! ~ e p 1,,j a 19 t~-.e full defvrm.~.-g r,, -~- an 3 i s j , re.; e I a I on6 a tal,,I-e n t I r. ~he me ri d t,in d i rp,~ on: A t he (-, %angre t r I he z-ant,:en al de-- formlrw, with thp change in t~,e rlitational legl=e f--f an incompreaqit~lp el.A't,,-qolJ dries n,-..t deienl on the hom,,Ferielty f)r heteroeeneitj of the chose n r--,.Iel and is eju~,t t,, tho change in the ftill doformint! ff~r,-. Thq p~,tenf I I e to ex ro,3--ell SOV121 -rj'~--.- 17 12-7 Some ;iuestiona Dn Ithe 55--th Parallel of ar, EI'llisoid of Rotation 2 2 2 2 w 2 2 (A; a I -cc) (1- 5 sin u 39 1 n 'y0) - 6 [t) -0,;)'cos I) in2 The full deformine fori~e I's rerresentei by equation-~ 1 2 sin 2~'- '112, iv r 12) where ";j" A49 angular rotation speed, "r" is radius of e1 lipao--A voc tL,r, If to the geotontric latitude and Is the polar pres!;.re. The final eljation, arrived at after a series is expressed for the ".-th Varallac: ..r. the lollowine forz; Py F2 2 2 1,12 ain (12) j v r r k 77~ SOV/'21-19- 6-17/2'~ 3ome (%uestioni on the Farailtl of an E;l4soil of lRotation A.3 S00t, TAT! L41: DneprDpetrovskly gornyy Institut (Dn*prop*trovsi Mining Anstit'liq) i R "; 3 E N, Z -'-' D By V. R. B-)ndarchuk Bouda=buk) Xember, AS UlLrSSR ,-)"PMI'ATEDz Janua.- 1, 191'- Cart A"; ri i t ILE.- Deformstionn of the Ellipsoid Parnmeteri "-y Variation of Ellipticity (Critical raralif~ls) L: ttrik U-ninfraiskoro universiteta, 3.4rlya nntwtatikl, r.~,'A-hanikl i nstrononii, 1959, :;r 1~(7), r,-, 12'1-13~ CUSSSA) A F 2,1% T17: 7hv author consid-rs an ellipioid of rcvolution of kn incom- rreinible matter rotatinC with : variable rotativ* 3pepl. 7he vari~,tion of the rotative sp~,-el I=rIIe3 q viriation of the rot-ntiril of the iiefo-rzlr.~ forcer -And conuequently the variation of fh,~, ellipticity. 7he nuthor inv'I'Itigates the var;ation of the principal ~,,onstnnta of the ellirtjoirl fradius of the parallel ,7irc,jit, local voctor. m~--an rall.lis of curvriture, arc lengt% of th;- mert-d.lan, area of a zonal strip otc.~ in depenlencq of the r-11ilticity. The author proves the ~xistnn!,e of sevin critical -520, Pae --G, +200, +350, +450, +650, +900)- 7h- characterize the 7oncom:Ttant 7cfor~7itions-. The Sain role ;lnys the rnrallvl +350, here arpearn a change of sien3 Of the ~Iarfl, 1/2 1 - e Co rm -i t i o n r o f t h (! E I I I pri o i d Ila rame t o ra Ly Variation of Ellipticity (Critical rarallela) loforr.-ttion~- jeveral tatles ccntain the numerical valuen of the investii:nted varintiona for tho earth. The author mentiona Krnsovakiy. 'hore rkr~, 7 .,Ablen, (, figures, and -1 Soviet references. Docember 1,10, 1957 ~ar:] 2/ STCYVASI N.V. Solar activity and critical parallels, Heshdunar, e f1s, god [Kiev) no.2s105-111 160. 1= 14, 1) 1. Dneprops~rvvsk mining Institute. (&M) STOVAS, ma. Displw-oumnt of a point on the s-irface cf a defcrned uniform incom- prou3i.-)le ellipsoid of rotation vith a ciange in compression. Dop. All U4.31 no.P.:1070-1073 160. (MIRA 1339) 1. Dnepr ope trovsk 17 rorny7 institnt. Predstavleno rik"emikon AN USSR V.G. Gonlarchukom. (1111peoid) STUIVAS, MI.V. Sme regularities in tile geographical distribution of platforms and folds. Geol. zhur. 20 no. 054-4t. 160. (MM 1414) (Geology, Structural) 3, 9400 (1Oq1)j3'7&-L7) 9/0,~ AUTHOR: Stovas, Lt. 7. TITLE: The Probler. of the Formation of P'Ainetary Deep Faults in the Earth C'nint I'V RIODICAL: D,)kl;i!iy Akijiemil nauk J.3S.R. V)6r;, T,~!. 1~1, ?, 1. - ()) - 7 2 p TEXT: The present paper invest igate,, the main 'Vension -listritution In a fipl~-riclil lFiyer for fc,,ir lifferent mrJelq of t~iz) layer. Sw-,h, a layer it~ teri -~e4 by the inner r-i I luo . U~c )% t e r r;i 104 R III I th.-- ":jiijqcn n,imber m, the mg.11i1mg of, shearing 1, ~j~J the quantitlen X ani t - la fol - A~,,xing ajnum;-tions are male for the molel: 41 A: I , ?I '. V1, 41 -R km , 7 - 101 , t - 0 . 2 , m .0-2 10 lyn/ cm I V Ie I R: R :-1, ~1,~7 kr., K-'O, t:~0.2, m-~.7, 1, -,'. 1~ -10 1 iyn.( / c m2 1!- -1 e IC: R R If,40 km Z r, 10 0 t ~11. 2 , m - .7 1 -7 - 0 1 1 iyni C M"2 M ~-, A e ID ; R R -~900 k7, X-2 .2 , t .0. 2 2 - 10 2 '..n/ 11 CM Carl 1/5 5 7h9 ilroblum of the For=ati,,)r. of PlanetAry '0 2 0 1 Deep ?aultff ir. the Earth Clr,iot POJ:V?0~6 The Jielriltqlioroaf the main tenjions o,, 02* a n I are investigatei. .9. 1 -mid ~ ahow t?;e :,atterns c.kf the liotribution of al FI g ani a, accor1ing to brealth as-A Je;~%h of th-.? moJels; :) ani 1, resTectively. Fig. 2 nhowq the LrpfiJt1;-1ijtribtjti(jn ofo2in "he =eri-111kn i4anp- All moleln have In c~:,m- n C. The effect of mon thnt the main tennion.4 linlereo a change of nif, ;k 55 () an in~retise tani a iecre,t.-e) of the p.,)Inr cz)z~restiion of tho., Flabe upon the tenziion 3iotributions is Iiac,jaOel. P, F. Paakvvich 13 =entionel. There are ', firires, ASSO~',TATIDN: DnepropetrovskJy gornyy inatittit ir. Arterm (Dnepro;,etre~isk Miningy, 1nrt.1t1jteir_en1 Artem) .1 E Z EN-D A 3' ~ ~ " 3 9 1 T TDki1 71 C ~i r I " / 8/020 60/135/001/ole/o3o 3006 B056 Fig- 3 !'T(!VA,'-', M. V. Doe Tech Sci - (diss) "Experience in mathematical analysis of tectonic processes caused by changes in the Earth's figure." Leningrad, 1961. 3'1 pp; (Ministry of HiFher and Secondqry Specialist ~RSFER, Leningrad Order of Lenin and Order of Lat.or Red Banner Mining Inst imeni G. V. Plekharov); 150 copies; price not given; list of author's works on pp 1/6-37 (17 entries); (Kl,, '/-61 sup, 230) JTUVA-~. Latitudinal boxxia.ries of the baWs of Jupiter. goofi' z. god no.3:65-?U 161. (.,au 1~4. 1 ), (Jupiter (Flanet)) S/169/61/000/009/009/056 1)298/MO04 AUTHORs StO 4 TITLEj The significance of the irregularity of the earth's rotation in the formation of planetary abyssal fractures in the crust FER I ODI CAL t Referativnyy zhurnal. Gootiziltaq no. 9, 19619 129 abstract OA90 (Geologichnyy zh., V. 91# so. 91 1961, 13-24) TEXTs On the change of lar contraction, a strain *Ilipsoid-with semlaxes 6 19 6 2, and 6"_ __ and also the change in three-dimensional 3 contraction- A -&rise at any point of the spherical crustal layer. This evidently produces not only latitudinal meridional fractures and folding, but also disjunctive diagonal stroasoo-to which the block cborac- ter of the crust's structure contributes. The hypotheses of gravitational differentiation, radioactive best and others cannot explain the patterns which are outlined in the chief forma of the world's relief and in its Card 1/2 S/169J61/000/009/009/056 The significance of..,, D226/D304 geographically-correct planetary formations. All this has impelled some tectonicists to seek the mechanism of the crustal layer's movement in the irregularity of the earth's rotation. Many Soviet researchers have writ- ten about the latitudino-meridional direction of planetary folding and abyssal fractures, and also about their connection with the earth's rota- tion. Most researchers recognize that abyssal fractures, and also deep and surface folding, are the consequence of the geographically-directed planetary compression and stretching of the crustal layer throughout the whole geologic history of the earth. It would be more correct to explain tectonic movements, not by one particular hypothesis (while rejecting all the others, since there are, probably, very many forces acting in the crustal layer), nor by the arbitrarily permissible compression and stretch- ing, but by the conjugate deformation of the terrestial ellipsoid in connection with the irrt-gular axial rotation of the earth in time. Z-Abstracteon note: Complete tranxlationj Card 2/2 Immov, I-I.P Clotsont; SL4YAChr.H.Wt K.P., inzh.; STUVASS M.Y., doLsent Using an engineering geodetic method to detersim defornation Of tA porter bridges. Izv.vys.ucheb.zav.; gor.zhur. 5 no.2:82-85 162. (KIILA 15:4) 1. Dnepropetrov*kly ordena Trudovogo Krasnogo Znwwni gonqy instituta imni Artem. RakomeDdoyana kafedroy j;eodezii. (Transporter bridges) STCVAS, H.V.; USENKu, D.N. briefly about the forces of gravity and inertia of our planet. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser.geoll 27 no.11:101-102 N 162. (MIRA 15:12) 1. Dnepropetrovskiy gornyy inatitut. (Gravitation) ACCESSION NR: AT4032216 8/3089/63/000/005/0085/0092 AUTHOR: Nesterenko, F. 0. (Deceased); Stoves, M. V. TITLIC: Change in the gravitational field sai one of the causes of terrestrial seismicity SOURCE: AN UkrSSR. Mezhduvedomstvenny*y.geofizicheakiy komitet. Ceofizika i astronomiya; informat'ionny*y byulleten', no. 5, 1963, 85-92 TOPIC TAGS: geophysi:s, gravity field, seismici,ty, earthquake prediction ABSTRACT: Seiamicity and volcanic eruptions have long been considered to be un- related to cosmic phenomena. This geocentric point of view possibly explains why so little progress has been made in earthquake prediction. This is true although the relationship between earthquakes and cosmic factors was clearly demonstrated by A. Perrey in France during the past century. This article fully discusses his extraordinary papers on this subject (Comptes Rendus des Seances de I'Academie des Sciences, v. XXXV1, N 12, 1853; LUM, N 16, 1875). On the basis of statisti- cal data for 125 years he demonstrated that the frequency of earthquakes is related to lunar phases, the distance of the moon from the earth and its culminations. that earthquakes are more frequent at synygiss than at quadratures and more fre- Card 1/2 ACCESSION NR: AT4032216 quent at perigee than at apogee. Despite this evidence, Perrey*s findings fell -into obscurity. The foreign literature on this subject is reviewed, for example, in 1958 the Italian geophysicist G. lobo published date showing that the eruptions of Vesuvius during 1913-1944 were induced by lunar tides In the earth's crust. The Russian literature on this subject to reviewed; G. P. T&mrazyan rediscovered Perrey's first two laws on the basis of Soviet data although he was unfamiliar with Perrey's studies. Tamrazyan, using data for a large number of regions in the SSSR, repeatedly confirmed Perrey's findings. The year 1960 was a time of high seismicity with severe earthquakes in Morocco, Iran, Chile, Albania and Assam, all which can be irelated to cosmic conditions. Perrey's first two laws therefore have been confirm- ed on the basis of abundant evidence. The article concludes with a discussion of the controversial concept of critical parallels. Orig. art. has: 2 tables. !ASSOCIATION: Dnepropetrovskiy gorny*y institut (Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute) SUBMITrED: 00 DATS A0Q: 16Apr64 ENCL: 00 SUB COD&: LS 100 R1r SOVi 014 OTHEAs 008 2/2 wri -.Itithod o4' for I-M3 the I of transportor %xid,-es. I vys. u- ib. zav.; gor, zh-,;r, U zv ' 1:~ i i no. 163. kf)i:o (,ransportcr bridg-s) 131~iiA~;, Recent y~jung tectOnic hirh In the coastal part of the Whi*.e and Barentr Seas. Dokl. AN Sz"ISR 153 no.01415-1417 D Of-)3. (MIRA 17:1) 1. Drvpropetrovskiy gorrvy inrtitlit im. Artema. 1redstavlenn akademikum D.V. NalivkInym. STOVASP M.V. Planetary character of crustal vertical movmmnto. Geol. zhur. 21, no.2t18-31 164 (MIF-A 180) 1. Dhopropetrovskiy gomyy Inrtitut. I , .. . - 1 !is, .; I I I r . . . I a . : ~ , ' , '.' I . I . . . I I . I , . 1, 11 ~ :'-j ,i . - . . 4 ~ .. I - ~.-!;- r*.?~ A-, rr,-a. '), :e ~, e, cjt~ollliz. I niLron* nooS356-1 I ", 5 . Wl~,,A% 1911) 1. f;n(-f;,-op.,*,rovskJy i:o-nYY Inr,,,,Il-uLe I ut rovement of the ccean level in tho cojua*orial z on r, AN i:~rll!-,R. ~ciitct. Informat5ionnrj byul- 9, !'A,&. Gvofizika i astroncm-ya, 73-79 A 1.11, ro;,erty, c-ceArj fllc,or rclf'ef ~T: I,- rf* 1~; ~l j"I'L t deal of t_,v;dcnce o.,* r.1z'mtrni-,-n of u-,~, !and n tl.~! t- - f-, o f tti,~e Atlantic, il~jcific, and In d iian Oc c a -n s .1cef-huildim- i rl)- , is found throu,-,hout rcFions. Su'.-.arinc c4nyv-,15 f--;-) A'-rc;; are tlhou;~ht to b~~ due to sulacrial em.-inn. 7ricm arr hi!;tory of 61e subrkri,,ence of Ceylon, and villarer or for- ubm on %~.e ea-,t ccinl of Ssrr~!-- i i,., I cin pillcen . Studies of s -cr-,cnce I I nub5istence rate froc-i 1930 to DuS a,- /ye S 1,., 4., r.1,.1 J1. 5 to 7 rr: -ar, re,.,- A_7 A r f! i r a_-, raximum. Carbon-14 dating of suLrner-ged plant mazerial gave im avf!rage I to 1.6 =/year in New EnplanJ. The California Islands are believel to be tn:"!, of'- su1)rr41_r%,cd ridges . Additional evidonce of submergence is a field of Posi- jLon "aVit. alias in the lhaains of the Eazt and West Indies. the Sea of Band ~I thr.- Gul f of Mexico, and tt~e Cu~lan ~eij. Fcla~ive nuLmo!rgence car, le b%, of sea levels in tl;e equatorial zone, where there i,- -a rairing of th,c sea level. Vx! m~~eults of tLIS inveLtiFation are sLown table. Years Apparent increase I Speod of In~ro?w;e in levei, cm in levcl, Apparent II*rm, Level- i +~'O .976 C,- Gulf' Otr I lac~fic Ocean +5.o +5.6r, Cola;%2)ia. t. -lfj6U +3.202 3 +4.76 1 1 SI-3 1 1943-1'~60 +7.229 +10.3 +11.16 'Vel, I-M rn. 1, T,CI I 1950-1959 40, ' --iav. CuLa 194 4 - 1 j& 0 4 1 ) xt-.X:co. Gulf of 9 5 2- i 56 1 16 '464 Gulf of Xt I C, 1952-1960 + 1. ~3a 3 Vora ~:r-az. '-.-xico. Gulf of Xe- 1951- +2.83G r ~s ,Pexico. C u I f tn~ ~ k: U) +0.488 ba Uiiiwl, S.-.1vador. Pacific 0': 1 1948-1960 +4. 606 Sxi Dit--ju. Pacific O~;ean 1927-1960 +3.202 Georgia 1933-1959 +7.777 Puutarenaj. Pacific Ocean 1942-1960 +11.560 Canj 3/5 j be r A;~parent I rron L,!~vel- .171 44.0 + 7 + +7.7 +5.85 +1.9 40 f6.0 +8.14 +11.6 +12.17 j "L; a c Z I c t 1.2,31 Ecuador. c 1 +2.959 PP!-:- Pacific +1.677 Pacific Ocea. V142-1955 8 l') Li +1.51)2 i4vlzil .0.671 1949-11i 57 +7.625 U:, Dvt~~! i a Ila. GU I +Li . P- zitan. Ara!)J an, 1094-1920 1 +1.86 +5.60 i~raidiin S-a +13 85 Flay of Leng'-I +3.477 ~Qiurdj,-juri .3al of 1802-l! -8.72 t 1. 6 11 t'.42 4 44.9 t4.35 +1.7 +2.93 tl.9 42.43 +0.92 +15.3 +2.53 +0.7 +0.79 +1.4 +1.31 +13.0 +17.41 +1.9 +&.57 -4.4 4.63 har". ou. 11.1.1 of i I P (,, n)-,a 1 Years of LI!, W in level. cm In I-vell m-ly- Apparent Fruz Level- ling 1'148-Y,ul 193 2 - 1 1) 1) 1 0 c 18 8 0 - 1'~ 2 0 1380-1960 p 'Liar. Gu f of Sidn 1940_19~6 '.'r 'ii land I Yj40-11'5~6 !,I. P;-_ ~ ~,)-)inc Islands South C;,ria ",12ZI 1901-1910 1926-1938 1948-1959 Hawaiiar Islands 19OS-1936 At.!ca 1880-1933 1937-1959 S~;5 CODL: OV SUBM DATE: nono/ O curi 5/5 RIG + 1. q'i t 1. P19 + +~3. 34 +3.752 +3.29 +_50 +0.47 +4.48 +1.58 +6.07 +2.531 +0.18 +0.52 REF: 020/ 43.2 i +0.75 + Q. 1 + 1 . 0 -f 0. 9 +.1.3 + I P, 0. ~10 +0. 3 +1.8 +2.57 +0.5 40.05 +1.4 *-2.2 41.6 +..63 +0.06 _~P.C6 -#o.5 1 OTH REF: 013 Ailfj,~2906 SOURCE CODE: Ult/'Vli6/66/,~i~C)/006/004710,~49 Slokhov, V. Yu. (Engincer); Stoviba, L. 1. (Engineer) A. A vlok-trvaic com-Aiters ior des' tal-cutting opor- tions in igning me -49 7 4 III-WilitIM '~~ctrm.-.c colx-pkilor, pl.irposc computer e, ii, r.* A' Ii he se sho rt corni ni;o i I i -Illit'i-y %nt~ ,'he Rostov U;, i v i i 14.:'.V "Cyc:ic corru-cttot~" i, i c. i,i oci iuc*tw..,,; "ov y?r,,,ollt.ttc;y lblkiim~ uhc o AAiw';1i o t u J, ililll-illnt.,~J, A ~.hitrc of the UDC: obi. !-;'1. 353 ;A!; ;'rA ri t T t i1 ti--tcrilrimi, vc v of ;ie,.-Ilp tool c.11611~ hl.% ~i figure tnd 6 formulao. S- -U'!~ 6 0 1 i-l' i 3 SUBIM DATZ: none Card -7/ h!'fot- t of 1 t%o: on ti.e v c r I w rAti grmiulsis. ll.*-11~:-~.~,,-~t m~.D8 Jrt-F 1i,5. IF:4) 1. Gosudarotvt~nnr/ vs-o p3",ny7 lnrt4.!%;t. jo ;VOYBUN. 0.T.. red.; ASKALONOT, S.P.* red. [Problems In the hygiene of nutrition) Pitannia rAgiany kfuirchuvanrAn. Xyly. Dershmdvydav URSR, 1959. 115 P. (MIRA 14:2) (MMUTION) XALM;lWfT. D.K., otv.rei.: Goliullj.,*7SKIT. A.S., kand.ped.nauk. red.: IZDA3~~I'f. A.M.. k~izd.aud.nnuk. red.: XVITNITSIATA. N.N.. kand. rwd.nnuk. rA~., ILMHAN07SKATA, V.V.. kand.wd.nauk. red.; KARTT- 11M, V.Z.. prof., r6d.- PMOT, Tu.L., kandwdonauk, red,: POZMANSKIT. S.S., ro4.-. 5107mo-A&Tes, kandowdo nnuk, "d.; SHMAIllil, D.D., kAnd.wd.n&u)C,'-'r'ed.-, POTOTSEATA. L.A., tokhrf)4. f4gionlo study and improvement of th6 environment) Gigieniche- skoe izuchenle I ozdorovllmnl6 vneshnel aredy. Kiev, USM, 1959. 331 P. WRA 13: 4) 1. Ukrainakly muchno-Issladovatellsidy Institut kosimanallnoy gi- ,,iynny. 2. Proisedatell Problennoy koulseli Hinisterstva %dravo- okhranonlya USMt (for Kalyushn"). (PUBLIC HIALTH) STOMN, A.-'.. kand.rw3d.muk (Kiyov) Cod liver. Uorov's 5 00-1009 0 '59. (MIRA 13-2) (FISIMT PROIXMTS) (CODTI SH) YORONOT. Tu.Yu.; M"OVIATN, A.T.; K0S:e-%'-KO, A.F. Hydration study of electrical properties of the blood In radiation injury. Toen.-mqd.shur. no.8:28-32 Ag '5?. (KIRA 12:12) 1. Ix Ukrainakoom nauchno-Issledowitel's1cogo InstItuta pitanlya I Ukrninskoro nauchno-Issledovatel'skoro Instituta parelivanlya kTovi, (RADIATION MMRT blood) (BLOOD radiation off.) 1* KAMUZIU.-Y, D.N., jrof., otv. rud.; AUE.Y.SI'EI,,-E2-'4-'O, I.F., red.; LAKIZO, *Ye.J., red.; L.I., red.; ST(MUN, A.T*j rod.; SUNNITSUY, Y.Ya., red.; la'A."IIISKMA, A.L.P tOPIM. red. [FroU-nc of niral I:ygienel Vo,-,-o.%.r g1gleny soln; ,:Wrnik do;:1ndov. Fod red. D.';.KalIuzhno,&o. Miov, Gorczedizdat UOSIP 1r,6120 2J,1 11. NRA 16:12) 1. V.~esoyuznaya konferent.Aya po, problem "Gigiyena sela." 1nt. 2. Ulen-'kon-espondent Q-1; OISS.i i Ukrainskiy nauchno- issledovatel';--ki,., institut korj.-.unaIL'nc7 gigiye?W (for Ka1:,-uz)m-,-Y). 3. 3. U.:.rainskiy nauc'.no-issledovatel'skiy in- stitut ortuy.c-(~Ii i trav=tologii (for Alekseyonko). (FUBLIC FXALTIH, MAL) rf-I Al~ N: V, i.1% , red.; HffiYY, V.S. red Cj; VA. 4.5'. red ft'*lf)E,%,. K. R. , red. SFf*,PRYA.'IAYA - v , , rel , ZATI- 1. ':,KA YA, L, A. . tokhn. red. [Prnblems of nutritids] 'lopmay pitqnllq~ Klsv, Goomedizdat, us3 it, I % -. 2~2 (MIRA 16:7) 1. [Jkrfitnnkiy nwuChoc. lo-i~ltti ik!y in.-I-itut pitanipl, AWL)T--.:Yi.'VA , V.A.; L.-TEWN, N, A. ; 4.V. t FjLnges of values of some system of functionals in certain classes of analytic functions. Vest.LGU 16 no.7:8-22 161. (.'.UM 14:p (Functional analysis) 5TOV-3UIi, F.I. 14br., Clinic Children's Diseases & Chair of Alicrobiol, -al9',8-. NValue of Rectoronanosoppy for Bacillary Dysentery In Children," Poiiatrics, No. 3, 154e. STOYBUN, F.l. Stained liquid medium with a small fluantity of Plycoss for the diag- nosis of enteric bacteria. Zhur.m1krobiol.apid.1 Imun., no,3136-37 Kr 155. WRA 8:7) 1. 1z kafedry mikrohlologit (zav. prof. G.P.Kalina) Chernovitskago mn41tsinskogo instituta (dir. doteent H.B.Kaulkovskir). (CULTURI IMIA, for entaric b,~ct.) tBACTIRIA, enteric, MIltu-," "64ta) STOYBUN, f.l. Nature of enterococcus. Xikrobiol.shur. 18 no.1:41-46 156.(KLAA 9:7) 1. Z Ghernlyntalkogo modichoogo Institutu ta Chernlystolkot mialkoi sanitarno-apidesiologichnoi stantalt. (ISCHERICHIL COLI) :iTtlygum- jj . -GAZUNT IRMA N. P.1. XtIology of otoontritis In dysentery in Infants. Yest.oto-rin. 18 no.4:63-65 J1-Ag 156. 00-VA 9--9) I. Is 1-y oblastnoy detakoy bollnitay I baktariologichookogo otdola Chernovitskoy gorodskoy sanitarno-epidestologicheskoy stantsit (DYSMTXRT. in Infant and child, with otoantritts (Rua)) (OTITIS, In infant and child, otoantritis In dysentery (Rum)) (KASTOID diseases. otoantritis In dysentery in Inf. (Rum))