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December 31, 1967
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POPOV. I.; AFANASITEV, V.; SUKROVA, G. Using synthetic washing agents in laundries. ZhIl.-kom.khoz. 8 no.10:Z-4 158. (Knu 11:11) (Washing powders) 0 POPOV, I.P., kand.biol. nauk; AFAITASIYEV, V.L., mladshi7 nauchnyy sotrudnik; STJKHOVA, G.V., mladshly nauchnyy sotrudnik Washing synthetic fabrics in automatic laundries. Gor. khoz. Moak. 12 no.9:19-29 S '58- (MIRA 11:9) l.Akademiya kommunallnogo khozyaystva imeni K.D. Pamfilova (for Afanaslyev, Sukhova). (Synthetic fabrics) (laundry) POPOV. I., kand.biolog.nauk, AFAUSITNVA, V, mJLdtjIdy nauchnyy sotrudniic, SMOVA, G., mladshiy nauchzqf , ~; lurudnik Reusing suds in laurdering. Zhil.-kom. khoz. 10 no.11:12-13 160. (MIRA 13:11) 1. Akademiya kommulallnogo khozyaystva (for Afanaelyeva, Sukhova). (La6undries, Public) SUKHOVA, G.V.; IVANOV, S.A.; ODAYSKAYA, Ye.D. Equipment for washing work clothes and cleaning dust off them. Adm.-byt. komb. ugoll. shakht. no-4:37-42 '61. (IURA 15:8) 1. Akademiya kommunallnogo, khozyaystva im. K.D.Pamfilova. (Work clothes--Cleaning) (Dust-Removal) .4 1 POPOVI I.P.,- kand.biolog.nauk; AF~M5119VA.0 V.L.; SUKHOVA, G.V. .- z.- .1 The use of carboxymetbvlcellulose. Gor.kboz.Mosk. 36 n9.12; . 32-33 D 162. (KMA 16jZ) 1. Akademiya koTmmmallnogo khozyaystva imeni K.D~Pamfilovae . (CarboxymethylcelluWose) PIS! IGH I K, A. F. ; SUMIUVA, G.V. i I I SHCHIK, A. A,; FOIOV, I J -~ kand. biol. nauk.. red. rMechanical and seird-mechanical processing of laundry; L textbook for laundry industry workers] M,ekhanicheskaia i polumekhanicheskaia obrabotka bellia; posobie dlia masterov prachechnogo proizvodst-va. Voskva, Stroiizdat, 1964, 80 P. (MIRA 18:5) POPOV 0 1 . P. ; !,,i i 1~ I j() VA , G . V. ; A FA NA S I YE VA , V. L. Taclinulogy of the laundering of work clothev. Sbor. nauch. rab. AKKH no.7:92-97 161. (14IRA 18:r,) SUK-110VnI, 1. A. USSR/Medicine - Virus Diseases Mar/Apr 51 "Relation of Subacute and Chronic Poliomyelitis to O~her Neurotropic Infections," Dr. I. A. Sukhuva, Clinic Nervous Diseases, Azerbaydzhan Med Inst "Nevropatol i Paikhiat" Vol XXJ, Nc 2, pp 62-66 On basis of clinical and histol data discussed in detail, concludes there is close connection between encephalites, encephalorqelites, and subacute and chronic poliomyelitis. Subacute and chronic polio- myelitis occu-, in connection with acute encephalitis. They are distinctforms of primary neuro-infections originating due to specific localization and spe- cific properties of virus. 166T67 M, ZUT,Tu1T'EV, A. Z. ; SMOVA, I.A. Clinical aspects and histopathology of acute alcohojic.cerabmlar gtftxi&. Zhnr. nerr. I palkh. .55 no-8091-595'55(911JU 8:10) 1. Kafedra nervnykh bolezney (zav.-prof. A.Z. Feyzullayev) Azerbaydzhanskog,) neditsinskogo instituta, 3aku. (ATAXIA, cerebellar alcoholic acute, clin.aspects & pathol.) (CF,RMELLUIJ, diseases. ataxia, acute alcoholic, clin.aspects & pathol.) (ALCOHOLISM, complications. ataxia, cerebellar acute, clin.aspects & pathol.) SUMiOVA, I.A., Optochiasmal arachnoiditia syndrome in primar7 serous meningitis no.2:95-97 7 158 (Mm 11:12) 1. lz kafedry neL-vnykb boleznay (sav. kafedroy - prof. A.Y. Peyzullayev) Azerbaydzhanskogo gosudarstvennogo meditainakogo institut2. (MENINGITIS) : CV& -1 , I I !. smAywit, '. camzjvtji~n ul, the localization of a LvUt-.-t in tho bmins Azarbs Maire 41 no* 23 : 77-79 N 1644 (LMA 18112) IVANOVSKIY, G.; SUKHOVA, K.; AYUSHIM, A. Aid technological progress with credit. Den.i kred. 18 no.7:16-28 Jl '60. OURL 13:7) 1. Prodsedatell Zaporoshokogo sovnarkhoza. (Credit) (Technological innovations) SUKROVA , K. Redistribution of amortization deductions& Don. J kred. 20 no.9:29-34 S 162-m. (Amortization) (MIRA 15:9) SUKHOVA, K.S. Conditions furthering the formation of low clouds in the Khab~:rcvsk region. Trudy Dallnevost.NIGIU no.7:46-73 '59. ( IJ RA I -,, : 6 ) (Khabarovsk region--Clouds) I SUKHOVA, L.J. inzh, (Alnta-Ata); SKRIFNIK, L,,, inzh. (Alma-Ata) Optimum plan for the transportation of concrete, Zhel.dor.transp, 47 no.10:76-77 0 165, (MIFA 18:10) zn~ -71 17 21(4) SOV/112-59-2-3388 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal- Elektrotekhaika, 1959, Nr 2, p 166 (USSR) AUTHOR: Rozen, 0., Sukhova. L., Eheyker, D., and Favorskaya, N, TITLE: Using Radioactive Isotopes for Quality Control of RoU-Strip Materials (Primeneniye radioaktivnykh izotopov dlya kontrolya kachestva rulonnykh materialov) PERIODICAL: Stroit. materialy, 1958, Nr 3, pp 34-35 ABSTRACT: VNIIAsbesttsement has used methods which permit continuously controlling average weight and thickness of a moving cardboard or pergamin strip and, consequently, its density or porosity. The weight has been determined by a contactless instrument designed by A. N. Slatinskiy (its scheme is presented) which depends an absorption of beta-rays by the material; TeZ04 is used as a source, an ionization chamber as a detector. The strip thickness is determined by an inductance primary element. The strip passes between two rolls, one of which is movable; the latter is displaced by thickness Card 112 SOV/ I IZ-59-Z-3388 Using Radioactive Isotopes for Quality Control of Roll-Strip Materials variations and moves a primary-element core; this results in an output voltage across the primary element which linearly depends on the displacement value. The contactless weight -determining instrument is calibrated by cigarette- paper standards in the range of 220-970 g/m2. A table giving the instrument checking data and a plot of porosity against water absorption in per cent are presented. This outfit for continuous material -porosity control is being adopted at the Leningrad "Kartontol' " and Odessa Roofing-Felt Factories. Two illustrations. M. L. G. Card 21z L 25691-0 EWP (j)IIE71r.'T (m) I BLDS AFFTCIASD PC al URi AIR3003597 5/0081/63/000/008/0514/0514 2OURCEi R7h. Khimiya, Abr,. 8H195 AU""HOR. Loc-inov, G. I., Sukhova, L. A., Xhoykor, D. M. TITLE'.- Dotormln:ttion of the oxtent of fluffinass of chrysotile asbestos by moml~; of radioactivo isotnpe-~,, 24~ TITED SOURCE: Tr. N.-i. in-t asbasta, slyudy*. asbosto-tsementn. izdeliy i propyaktir. str-va ~~iy slytid. prom-5ti, vy*p. 10, 1959. 65-90 TOPIC TAGS: chrysolite asbentos, rurface measurenont, radioactive tracer nIRM,13LATIOIN OF ABSTRACT: For ti,", determination of the extent of fluffiness in chrysotile asbestos a mothed wAs used which was developed by the Institute of 11hy.,:ical Chomistry AN' "ISSR for the measurement of the specific surface of sand and cci%c-nt. 'Elie r1Wt-h-o-d--Ys--1mod on tho dotor,dnation of the quantity of tagged atoirs ad!!orbed on thr~ ~airfac-e being As an adsorptive, the rad-Loactive i:3otove Q suu 1E.5 was, adopted; it iz relatively well adsorbed on the surface of Card 1/2 L 15691-63 ACCESSION MA: AR3003597 cnrysotile asbestos, but does not enter into chp.-dc.31 roact-lon with it. Experimants showed that on the first treatment of asbestos on rollers f:-, 15 min. some takes place in the SE)OC4 Ii C surface, which is characterized ~1- -1 bv an increase in the adsorbed le.'O zub 4 sup' 2- by a1vtost 23%. Fluffing t): a colandlor followin- this for a i)~-riod of 1 nin. aOAitional increaSes the C7 I n' i. ty of adsorbed 1,10 subli sup 2- ions by 45,"U'. Subsequent fluffing for 9 rr?in. i, ch-Aracterized by art increase in the quantity of adsorbed WO -,ub 4 --up'2- i~r s of I- T. ime 'ho ~;oouerce of viluen dotermined in ~,hn oxvcr nts agrees wiih the ro-ultn obtained by th(~ authors by other i-3thods (on tho apparAtus of B. V. Dvryai,in, 'by the a6sorotion of nitrogen, by tho heat of wettinG, etc.). Yo. Sllto.yn DATE ACO.: 12jun63 SOD CODE: CH"12. ENCL: 00 Ccrd 2/2 SUKHOVA, L.A.; PAKHOMOV, V.I.; LUKOSHKINA, L.A.; KHMER, D.M. Use of tagged atoms for the investiyalli-,n of the proc-esses of waterproofing asbestos cement with sodium methyl and ethjl silicone. Trudy NIIAsbesttsementa no.10:91-102 '59. (MIRA 16;8) (AAestos cement) (Waterproofing) 3/081/62/000/001/029/067 The application of control ... 3,151/B101 raiiazion vias increased from 15 to 75 mcuries and the --' --1 (STS-1) Couate-,-.,; Oiane;ed for -8 This approximately doubled the 11 actless -,veight measurer sensitivity of the apTaratus. Using a cont ~31-1), develop~.-U by T;3,,'IyhB, (in the Leningrael'%amontal" plant) continuous wei6ht control of a moving strip of roofing paper livas carried out with a mean error of not more than + The determination of the amount of bitu:,-,en in per-a%-iyn %,,ras carried out using two BIV meters, one of which measured the wei~10it of cariboard and the other the weight of the pergamyn. A systerl for automatic measurement of the density of the cardboard from two parameters, --,ieight and thickness, has also been installed. [Abstracter's i note: Complete translation.~, Card 2/2 UGGROV, B.G.; SUKHOVAR L.A. Determining B203 in synLhetic b-iric mica by the neutron ab- sorption method. Trudy NIWbesttsementa no.11:114-118 161. (MBU -16:9) BUT, A.I.. inzh,; SUKHOVA, L.A., kand.tekJin.nauk; LEVCHEMO, G.1., inzh. ~deceaueal----- Mathod of electric dehydration of roofing paper. Stroi. mat. 8 no.5:20-21 My 162. (MIRA 15:7) (Roofing) PARCHUFY L.S.; PERVIN, V.Ye.; SUKHOVA, L.A. Continuous measurement and control of the weight of I m2 tar paper. Stroi. mat. 9 no.6--l-1-13 Je 163. (MA 17:8) L.A ,)eve lc~ing cf' FrO' Y paper. Trudy .-il'Asbes'~ SVKHOV [Sourmorri (K. 'S.) & ZSUKHUVA (SOVKHOVAI (MIne X Intenslatim bdwm ft mm of a now graim ==me 4~ (Bakuklivamis) and H5 Wrier Ddabax drWdk FAGM Amd. Sri. 17.R.S.S., N.S., xxvi, 5, pp. 47%-48.2. 190. In continued studies on the 'zakooklivanie' fpupation di"GAW: RA.M., x-viii, p. 666; xix, p. 3%j at Omsk I Went Siberia I in 19U, the authors reared a non-infective generation of Delphaz (LWpAarakjI striakfia. the vector oftbLis virus disease (loc. cit. Ion healthy oats gremm in isolation. The cat pbmts remained healthy in spite of the large num- ben of them 'sterile * insectA, thus showing that the pupation disease. is not due to a toxic effect prMuced by the insect. The infectivity of the pupation disease was poved when larvae of some of these uuiecu placed on diseased oats &M after warfing periods transferred to healthy plants, with the result that from 7-6 to 70 (average 3*2-2) per mmt. of the larvae were fimud to have become infected. rhe incubation period in the insect varitd wWiy, averaging from U, to 16 days, but it was never less than six. Owing to the length of the incubation period, the larvae in their various instars showiml a different rate of infection. which was practically nil in the first. but incream-d with rach subacquent instar and reached its maximum in the imooo. The MtAe of infection, however, never exmded 37 per cent- either under laboratory or field conditions. 71e larvae were most hal4r to bemmie infected in their early (first, amd second) instam while m thoe fifth It I'taror dw i I Illig" KtAg-' ill- IMSWA I Z' Wt`f" ;IT1iiVtIf`a I I'Viiuotitin, TI-ma'v film I--b all vXplanal I I, In of th~ fact that I I I I wit fi-144 coln I A,, tvk- oJ'-q-Ted 1, v the djim-aAv. the nullil"'r (If dillitni-,,hes ;:rA.IUAII %-. f Iropping from :4) 111 1-7 lier verit hy th, .-ii, I "f Jull". But #-N -11 111 1 heir rarlp-r instaN tit, larvap did tiot -&illy Im-conte infet-tol , tiotis- %6,wrtt trat-f...% of inf--ctioiti after ovw hour's fet,ting ,m &,iw"I oat," Anti Amlv all itoigmifirant jx-m,niage after mix hour,,, ill#. highest jo-ri-enta--- 1-~ulxl rva( ho,l aftl-r twi, to three Javz&, 4 hi the -,th--r Land. the iiif, ?-n ii O-W-01V lrali.'OllitNA 11 V infl-C1.11 Itc".0, I't 11"altb l 14.4111A. Ill 44&"es ill lite or ten Ininutei. The vims dorN not intiltiply in the im*pcu, arid ill time thev low their infective vallat-ttv. That the % iru~ v, not 1ran.4111ilted to the next gi-rierution was proveti lov an rxim-l-eril-lit in which the rggm of t#-n infecteil feiiia)" were trxn~ferrtxl to kid-alt1i % oat plants, roore than a hundrvA larvae tiring obtainet) fr,xin therij I norw (if them- larvae varritA the infection. The ratio of infected inwt-s varivd with different fieldA and differvat vtopei in direct proportion to the anloulli of infrokin in at givez fiek alld vrop. Thus, in a field of eArt'v outs infectt-d to the ext--rit of I(A) P-r (.ent.. the ratio was Im-two-ri Nt and 37 jit,r lent. : oil )at~ 'Ws infeetetl to the rxtent of 25 lo-r vent., it wio M-5 jwr i-ent. htb- It WAA (Ally 4 ller cent, on rye, %vhich ~,; generally far 1,~A I,. til- fectiott. When I(PS larvae. volkN-t-A from ttrv oat t,ttiWilv tin a fallow IsIld devoill of ally vegetation just x, th.-V %xvrv- .-Illem'itiL, fri'lli their winter anabiosim, were trawiferrij to h" It hV (.;It* JrrO 'A Ing ill 1*111t ion. lit-r (-*-tit. of the larvae wrn, fijuriel tit I.- irift-o-1. This L, taLen to indicate that the viruit overwintert lairg-Ay in the 1-gly of tit-- insert. lAt'-f fin, atiot her IN WlihifitV I of OV.-rWintenng Vk Jus G'at" I ill t tit- graw-l,, surh aii .4!jir4),PW(Jl% re-prait and BrIff"lis spwrn'". WLit-h Wem. however. infect(A only to the --vent. of less t4an IHOI lier cerit. and therefore cotild not conotiloitie a signifie-Ant in(Ar oftiverwinterinz- The virum was ftirthernit-re dim-over"I in the annual w("Im Sefaria rinda asul Asairum [A.'rAinix-hinal e7w-gaffi. the forriier rrprftwnting a writ-as MIU."le (of infeLtion twcatate. very suiti-eptililt, to the disearw anot very attmetivr to the ve"or. In exywriincrits %ith ricr, 15 Iwr cent, of the 110114-riAl WftA ISUC4.'~fUJIV itlfWtieti. 'White Utteflif)DI 10 infm!t )LoA -IWAh failed. The lirm-tration of the virus into the timwa of the oat jilant %-m found to ItrorewQ at a mtA- of 7 cm. per hour. T,:- t%'-Odacts of t"'-:'! Cal n r-1: Li S t o. 22, 19 ..;j 1 -inia J -a' sur c J. 1-1 - U 'Al 7' T a d TA on s t Z -,r I s -7: d I ci 1, o s i S ra- -cvo-,, ri S~~ic!.lt% I iol. 1--;DSCQWI -.L rl 5 lyclorrhaphous flies; flies liviri~- in placezi inhaWtod by inan. ~.,oskva, Iz.i-vo Akademii rned. nFLuk -3.5Si, 1951. 5? (V rnedltsinslkim r-~ ot: _frka:.. na veli'xikh stroikakh ku-namizma., vyi,. 1. Fliezi. ':,-,A SUKHOVA, M. N. Data on the epidemiologic significance of coprobionic exophylic species of synanthropic flies. Zool. zhurnal 30 no.2:188-190 gar-Apr 51. (CIML 20:8) 1. Department of Parasitology and Medical Zoology (Head-Academician Yn.N. Pavlovskly) of the Institute of Npidemiology and Microbiology imeni Academician Gamaleyn. (Director-V.D. Timakov, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Medicnl Sciences USSR) of the Academy of Medical Sciences USSR. STJI A, 1-i . ~N I J, -: ~' i~ ., . ;,- . Flies w" Cavr-iers of Contagion Control of flies in pr(wention of gastrointestinal diseases. Gir, i san. N!o. 5, 1952. 1,~onthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress September, 1952. UNCLASSIFIED. SUKHOVA, M-N, " e - -.411:11"~---- Significance of Musca sorbena Vied. in epidemiology-of acute epidemic conjunctivitis in western Turkmenia, Gig, sanit., Moskva no-7:40-42 Jii3,v 1953. (CIAL 25 -* 1) 1. Of the Institute of General and Comminal Hygiene of the Academy of Medical Sciences U=- SUKHOVA, M.N.,kandidat biologichaskikh nauk. -, A dangerous companion. Zdarovle I no.6:25-26 is. 155. (MI.RA 9:5) (FLIES, AS CARRIERS OF DISMASH) GOLIMMERG, A.Z., kandidat meditsinskikh nauk; SUKHOVA. M.N.. kandidat biologicheakikh nauk Prevention of aCUt6 epidemic conjunctivitis. no-3:65-68 Mr 135. (MM 8:5) 1. Iz Nauchno-IssledovatelOakogo lustituta glazrqkh,bolezuey imeni GelImpolOtse, (clir. -ohlen-korrespon4ent Akademit madits-Inskikh nauk SS-qR prof. Y.N.Arkhangellakly) I iz Instituta obehohey t kom- munallney gigiyeny Akademli meditsinskikh nauk SSSR (dir. -dayst- VitelInyy chlon Akademii meditsinek-ikh nauk SSSR Drof. A.N.Sysin). (COITJUNCTIVITIS, prev. and control) ,_J I," Q~-~J AID P - 2484 Subject USSR/Medicine Card 1/1 Pub. 37 - 13/19 Authors :.,Sukhova M. N., Pastukhov, Ya. F., Gladkikh, A. N., Title Organization of outdoor cesspools to prevent the procreation of flies Periodical Gig. i san., 7, 48-50, Jl 1955 Abstract Discusses the efficient arrangement of cesspools in localities without sewage system and the preventive measures against blue flies (Calliphora uralerisis Vill.) which develop in moderate climatic zones. Diagrs., 5 refs. (1937-1953) Institution: Institute of General and Municipal Hygiene Acad. of Med. Sci., USSR; Medical and Epidemiological Station, Kalinin District, Moscow; 3rd Disinfection Division, Moscow City Disinfection Station; Central Control and Research Laboratory, Moscow City Disinfection Station. Submitted Aug. 3, 1954 Li f .-Adr.- o~. cort'l-n-I L&VKOVICH. Ye.N.; SUKHOVA,_g4~__ Duration. of the retention and excretioa of the poliomyelitis virus by BynantrODhic flies and its relation to the dissemination and prevention of poliomyelitis [with summary in English]. Med.psraz. i Daraz.bol. 26 no-3:343-347 MY-Je '57. (MIRA 10:11) 1. Iz Instituta virusologii imeni D.I.Ivanovskogo AMN SSSR (dir. instituta - prof. P.N.Kcsyskov) i Instituta obshchey i kommunal'noy gigiyeny A14N SSSR (dir. instituta - prof. A.11-Sysin). (POLIOMYELITIS, transmission, by flies (Rus)) (FLISS, polio. transm. (Rus)) in 11 -07V A i c h, i-.- on yptsmic In t~.-~f the ss~ -1fary ~-rctect* of 'U! -~ e3G of pD 1~ Lu, :.laced- report sub,- itted A the 13th All-Union Congress of Ly-enists, Epidc. dolcrists "nd Infectionists, 1.1)59. 17(12) sov/16-59-6-14/46 AUTHORS-, Sukhova, M.N., Shnayder, Ye.V., Yerofeyeva, T.V.,Z-1atkovskaya, Ye.V. ~'na--KuWrl-na-, -14. P TIME: A Comparative Evaluation of' the Efficacy of Measures to Combat Synan- throple Flies Using DUP, BC11 and ohlor,oph,3s, and the Further Prospects In De~:Lroytng Thene PERIODICAL. Zhurnal m1krobiologil, epidemlologli I lmmunoblokigii, 1959, Nr 6, pp 66-73 (USSR) ABSTRACT. Because of the disappointing effects of DDT and BCH In combatting flies in areas where these drugs have been used for a number of years, many authors maintain that the flies have developed a resistz..nce to these agents (Derbenova-Ukhova, Morozova)- Further, V.I. Vashkov, Pogodina and N.A. Sazonova maintain that the insecticidal properties of DDT and BCH vary with the climatic factors, the physical and chemical properties of the surface under treatment and the physiological condition of the insects. The present work gives the results of fly-clearance work carried out in different districts of Minsk by *the Minskaya gorodskaya dezinfektsiorLr,aya stantsiya (Minok City Disinfection Station) using DDT, Card 112 BCH and chlo-rophos. It was found that the combined use of one drug from SUKHOVA.-M.N.- ZAIROVJ K.S.; GVOZDEVA, I.V.; ANDRFYEVA, A.I.; NURULLATEV, D.Kh.; TALIPOV, M.Z.; MOSUNOV, V.B.; STOROZHEVA, Ye.M.; SAICONOVA, A.M.; SHAMIRZAYEV, N.Tu.; AKMURZATEV, T.A. Fly control and its organization in Uzbekistan. Med.zhur.Uzb. no.3:3-14 Mr 162. 0 (MIRA 15:12) 1. Iz TSentralinogo nauchno-issledovateliskogo dezinfektsionnogo instituta, Ministerstva zdravookhraneniya SSSR (dir. - prof. V.I.Vashkov) i sanitarno-epidemiologicheskoy organizatsii Uzbekistana (glavnyy gosudarstvennyy sanitarnyy inspektor- K.S.Zairov). (UZBEKISTAN-FLIES -EX TERM NATION) S-U1QiO-YA,--M_.N.; YKROFEYEVA, T.V.; GVOZDEVA, I.V.; NIKIFOROVA, N.F.; UOTSENKO, K- T , DEMIYANCHENKO, R.F.; BIRALO, T.I.; SERAFIMVA, A.M.; IIDSUNOV, 11:B.; SAICONOVA, A.M.; STOROZHEVA, Ya.M.; SURCHAKOV, A.V. Methods of applying insecticides to control synanthropic flies. Zhur.mikrobiol., epid.i Immun. 33 no.8:15-19 Ag 162. (MIFLA 15;10) 1. Iz TSentrallnogo nauchno-issledovatellskogo dezinfektsionnogo instituta Ministerstva zdravookhraneniya SSSR, Mytishchinskoy gorodskoy sanitarno-epidemiologicheskoy stantsii, Kuybyshevskogo instituta epidemiologii i mikrobiologii, Minskoy gorodskoy dezinfektsionnoy stantsii, Brestskoy sanitarno-epidemiologicheskoy stantsii, Tashkentskoy gorodskoy dezinfektsionnoy stantsii i Tashkentskoy gorodskoy sanitarno-epideni-,Lol.ogicheskoy stantsii. (I%ECTICIDES) (F LIE.-D-EXTERMINATION) SUKHOVA, M.N. Control measures against musca sorbens in the prevention of acute epidemic conjunctivitis. J. hyg. epidem. 7 no.1:82-89 163. 1. Central Disinfection Research Institute of the Ministry of Health of the U.S.S.R., Moscow. (CONJUNCTIVITIS) (INSECT VECTORS) (HOUSEFLIES) (INSECT CONTROL) (HLEWRIHILUS) i,iC&L J,'Ul V .13. V h GCL I I G. S :-'OVA LIC T I.; ~17K I icv,. - 1------ -1 c-1.IIi. GRG*,,"D!-,TA, 1.V. ;JT:i6ij IT K, Yu . 11. ; T,~ -1 7. 0. :-:CLi--)T,-- T. Y~K,,LC D-U.'A , G. K. STOPC,~HEEV A, Ye.M. ; S I-, -1~01 Cv, A% A .%r Sensitivity to chlorophos, trichlorometaphos, DDT, hexachloro- cyvioiiexane tind polychloropinene 'In housefly populatio~.,s fol- lowing the u5e of tht-se ins~,cticideo for sevemil years. Zhur. epid. i 42 rcj.F:7-14 Ag 165. 18:9) 7- -al I nri sir, Y de-, infektsiorim7i -n- Sen'i I I sLiLut, ',ioskva, Mytishchinskuya i Tzashkent.3kavu 4orodskiye sanitarno- epidemiologicheskiye stantsii, Tashkentskaya 1 Minskaya gorcdskiye dezinfektsionny,ye stantsii i Brestskaya gorcdskayu i Brestskaya oblastnay-a stantsii. :A~ VASHKOVP V.I., doktoi med. nauk prof.;-.$PXHQVA, M.N., doktor biol. nauk; KERBABAYEV, E.B., kand. med. nauk; SHNAYDER, Ye.V., kand. med. nauk; DREMOVA, V.P., kand. biol. nauk, retsenzent; VOLKOVA, A.P., kand. biol. nauk, retsenzent; ERIKKAN, L.I., kand. biol. nauk, reteenzent; VOLKOV, Yu.P., kand. khim. nauk, retsenzent; BESSONOVA, I.V., biolog, reteenzent; ZUBOVA, G.M., biolog, retsenzent; KARON, I.I., red. [Insecticides and their use in medical practice] Insekti- tsidy i ikh primenenie v meditsinskoi praktike. Moskva, Meditsina, 1965. 523 P. (MIRA 18:12) L 23112L!~5 T RQ/JK - ACC NR; AP6014013 SOURC~', CODE: H, /6610657666/668 007/QOV AUTHOR: ~ukhgya. M. Ng; 6yozdevj. I.-Vj; Nisnik. Yu. No; Toterovskaya, To 0.; :61 Bolotova, T. A.; Kholoclova, Go K.; S on;va, A. 311 ; Q I'dina. G. S.-Goldina, Go So;? Storqzhova, Ye. M,--Storozhova, E. M.; Mosunov, V. B.; Nesslovsk"a, V. K,; -,9( .; Biralo. T. I.; Vasilen-ko. T- M. I ORG: Central Scientific Uah Dj,.q!nfnptjQU Tnatitji:tFi, Mnsrarraz (Tsentraltriyy nauchnd- :LssledovatellskAy dezin-fektsionnyy institut); I~Ttishchi City Sanitavr Epideraologicall 1. Stat -on. Mytishchi (Ilytishchitsskaya gorod,-kaya sanitarno--opideniologichoskaya stants- oro~- a, Tashkent (Tashkontskzeva gorod- iya); Tashkent Cj tatin skaya sanitarno-epiderdologichenkaya stanl~-siya); Ta5hke~at_Cjt Di2inf lashkant (Ta~;Wcantskaya gorodskaya Tbatlon- Unsk (~-Unskaya brorodskaya dozinfebtsiorwaya stantsiya); J~r"r -ja r jatz- tion -ty- 010- Sanita Epidainiolo, gal ~tfltiorj, Brost (Bro5tslzaya Corodslciya sanitarno-opidomiolo- ~ gicheskaya stantslya); Drest Oblast Sanj~~ Tdondolorical Station (Brostskaya oblastnaya sanitarno-epideiTdologichoskaya stan siya) TITIL : Sensitivity of the house fly population to chlorophos, trichlororwtaphos-3, DDT, hexachlorocyclohexane, and polychloropinene after many years of application of these insecticides SOM CE: Zhurnal mikrobiologii, epideniologii i immmobiologii, no. 8, 1965, 7-14 i TOPIC TAGS: entomology, insecticide, organic phosphorus compound, chlorinated i organic compound I -7/7797.,r 1 3 umc: 614'. :615.77 -5Z6.895. Card )j ~'. ~.M ~i, 234o5-60 ACC NR: j'~P014013 ABSTRACT-. The sensitivity of flies to insecticidea was studied in a number of'cities. Tests were carried out on ',emale flies by applying an acetone solution of the insecticide to the back and determining the LD50. At Minsk and Brest, where sprinkling of walls with a 2-3% aqueous solution of chlorophos was applied for 7 and 6 years, respectivelyy increased tolerance of flies t6 this insecticide was observed. At 1.~ytishchi, where chlorophos baits were used, particularly In the form of mixtures contiininL, ai7nonium carbonate, the sensitivity of flies to this insecticide remained undiminished. No increase in the tolerance of southern house flies (Musca dome'stica vicina Macg,) to chlorophos after application of this insecticide in Tashkent for 4-5 years was observed. Use of trichlorometaphos as a larvicide reduced the sensitivity Of flies to this insecticide to a small extent in Mytishchi, Minsk, and Brest, but not to a degree which could be regarded as an increase in tolerance (de- fined as a decrease of sensitivity by a factor of 2-4). The sensitivity of flies to trichlorophos was unaffected after use of this insecticide in Tash- kent. Flies at Minsk and Brest which had developed a tolerance to chlorophoe also showed an increased resistance to DDT and hexachlorocyclohexane (this increase in resistance also developed to a minor extent at ~Iytishchi). How fever, the increase in the resistance to hexachlorocy ohexane was presumably not related to the use of organonhos-phorus compoi)nds. '_but due to the appli- cation of polychloropinene in the6e localities. Fodstence of a relation between increased resistance to DDT and tolerance to chlorophos was more like4. Southern afies in Tashkent, which retained sensitivity to chlorophos to the full exbent, did not exhibit an increase in the resistance to DDT. After a L 2340 5-66 I ACC NR; AP6014013 6 to 7 year'diecontinuance of the use' of chlorinated hydrocarbons in Tashkenti, a moderate tolerance to DDT-that was on the initial level remained. while.the resistance to heyachlomcychlohexane decreased by a factor of three. The nost expedient methods for the extermination of flies are used of chlorophoo ainmonium carbonate baits to exterminate imago and application of larvicides) spccifica-lly those containing trichlarometaphos - 3 in optimum doses, so that developmont of tolerance will be prevented. Orig. art. has; 4 figi'res and 2 table3, fi-PR-57 SUB CODE: 06, 07 / SUBM DAM 24Sep65 / ORIG REF: 004 / OM REF: 004 Ccrd I. 7,111110VA, M. V. 2. USSR (600) 4. Milking 7. My work in milking mares, Konevodstvo 23 No. 3, 1953. 9. Monthly L~ist of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, April -1953, Uncl. 11 It,, I-orsont-1. plan fcr thp sor-n-year plan." Sov.profsoiuzy " no.1c:9-10 i4y Irc). (.,ilRi, 12:q) (Lnl,)or productivity) 67697 49,)63-0 SOV/126-8-1+-21/22 AUTHORS: Arkharov, V,I. Blar-'kova, Ye,B., 'Sukhova.-N.A.2 and Entelis, R,A. ji~ TITLE: Investigation -f Reaction Diffusion In Binary Systems 'tv*~-.-il-Gas". III of the Type . PERIODICALs Fizika metallov i metallovedeniye, 1959, Vol 81 Nr '+, pp 636-638 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Arkharov and Blankova have previously (Ref 1) postulated a correlation between an increase in the relative role of homopolar bonding in dIffusion-reaction products and the increase in the relative role of the metalloid in the diffusion process. To check this they have now stud,~ed the mechanism of-, diffusion in the systemst FQ-_P"I 1-1q2-Pj ZrQq-4','-jNb-S, Nb-Se and Nb-Te. These are particularly- suited, as the authors explain, to studies of the postulated correlation. The results are tabulated, showing for each system the temperature range, the number of macroscopic layers, Card numbor of metallo'--.-aphically diistinct layers, phase 1/2 compos--'tion 3f the scaled whether there Is texture in the scale layers and the macroscopic characteristics of reaction dif f"Usion. Much of the information on scale SUKHOVA, N.A., inzh.; BIDERMAN, V.L., doktor tekhn.nauk Designing nibber ccmpression shock -absorbers. prochn. no.83200-211 '62. (MrRA 15:3) (Shock absorbers) BIIHMEA"l) V,,L. (Yfoskva); SUKHOVA, N.A. (Moskva) Approximate fulfillment of noncompressibility conditions in the solutions of problems in case of large deformations. Izir. Ali SSER. Mekh. i mashinostr. no.6:167-168 N-D 163. (MIRA 17: 1) BIDEMITAN, V.L., doktor tekhn. nauk, prof.; SUKHOVA J, N.A., inzh. Designing rubber comprevsion absorbers under large deforma- tions. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; mashinostr. no.10:36-37 163. (MIRA 17:3) 1. Moskovskoye vyssheys tekhnichoskaye uctilishche imeni Paumana. _7 L 4024(-66- 93 ACC NF~ AUTHOR: Sukhova I Is. A. (Candidalle Of techz~ics'! 51-ances, t-;" K. (Candidafe-of technical -s-c-rences) ORG: None 1, TITLE- A unit for testing klisloi~--ation of compressed rubber dam ers SOURCE: IVUZ. Vashinostrojeniye, no. 12, 1965, 214-26 TOPIC TAGS; shock absorber, test Afacllity, strain tes-, i~~TRACT: TI., ;iuthors a unlil~ ciisiccw-~,:. of and rectangular parallelepiped compress .ed zubber dampers. Yhe unit is designed to load thd dampers evenly n', a i-,ivt!,,. rate cf co:7~nression for dislocation. The unit consists of a stem-! Sleeve wi~'n a stress attachment. Two idenTical damDers, are placed but,.~2Q:i ir, ~--e s1t2C';t-. da.:.-.pers are al7ead;y under compress ion f rc,=, a spe,~i ii C e:-~ wi tli i-,n a,: ---.ent f ~3 r el i r in It ng =' 5 &1-- zn- ment. This cliLip ls removed af-~cr dampers &re --ace'l in t~e sleeve. ."e nz.clh'ine transmits frjrci~ cc;----,Tre~'3iCn to t~~e Additional car. z~, applied on t,he L--,,pers frcn the by a cz*o-,,6 memler. '7his croso is cen- tered with respect to t1le r1eerre by -,,Aden. Varicus 'pl'5-.te thichnesses arc, uzed to Card 1/2 2 - 5 6 7, + 6 20 - I 6Ul!JiOVA, II.G. Middendorf's Siberian expedition. Vest. LG'~ 16 --c. 6-144-151 '61. (=-41 14:41 (Siberia-Expeditions, ScAntific) ONUOVA, Natallya Georgiyevna; OijR'LJCHrJ, S.V., otv. red. (Physicogeographical studies of Eastern Siberia in the 19th century) FIzIko-geog-raficheskle issledovanlia Vostocluwi Sibiri v XIX veke. Moskva, Nauka, 1964. 190 p. (RI 17:12) 1. Chlen-korresrcnaent AN S55R (for CbrucMvl. PHASE I BOOK EXPIDITATION 1049 Kabardino-Balkar A.S.S.R. Statisticheskoye upravleniye N.,ir(_)tJYioyv ',jio7.yuyntvo Mbardino-Dalkarskoy ASSH; statiaticheskiy sbomlk. (NationaL Econo-W ofthe Nabardino-Balkar A.S.S.R.; Collection of ';tAtI, itlo,i) Nalrhlk, Kabardin-.)-Dal-karskoye- knizhnoye izd-vo, 1957. 112 p. L,O(X) oulAe.,; printed. Addttional J'ponsorLng Agency- U.S.S.R. Tsentrallnoye statisticheskoye upravlentye Compilers: Leshchenko, Ye.V., Zakh rov, G. V., Akimova, A.G., MolIkov, I.P., ahive.ynova, L.F. , Su-khova .1 and Agaronyaa, P.K.; Chief Ed.: Zimovnov,# L.I., n2m.-MI, Chi,~,f, Habardino-Mkar S.S.R. Statistical Administration; Ed.: Sakhova, N.N.; Tecli. 'E'd,- Tkhaknkhov, D. Zh. PURPOSE: 11his book is intended for economists and economic statisticians. COVERMIE: Ihis is a statistical compilation containing the conventional stat- istical data on the developrent of the national economy within the present- day lim'"ts of this Recent statistical data are contrasted with t11050-_ for 19,'10, and in sow cases also with those for 1923 and 1913. Th many Card 1/5 j r :-acrobinlo- y. Antibiosio ani Symbiosis. Aniibiotics. ?,of Zhur-Blol., "o 2,, ?:'o 103703 1958, ~ju~2y&_YQ., Vitgeft A- Ye. Tom3k Solentifio Research Insti-hita of Vaceines and Sara :Antimicrobial Propertiev of Reains of Certain Plants :Tr. Tomsko,,,o n.-i. in-ta vpkt-qin i vyvoroto;-, If--55, 6, 27,9-241 J- L r..c t --0 abstraot. SUK1110VA, L.C. ObtaAnir.g a senum by prolonged hyTperir-a-anizat4on of rabbits. Trudy Tom NIIVS 12:270-Z74 160 (MIFLA 16:11) I. To~.-,n! 1.Y IsMy Inotitut vaktoin .1 ny--- I No,ioslbl t,.,4.1y zittuclir sanitamyy SUMHOVA, F; 0. ImT=e reactivity of rabbit producers of hemolysin in repeated irmmmization. Zhur.miJaobiol.epid.i. immm. 32 no.1:133-136 A 16-. (MMA 14:6) 1. Iz Novosibirskogo nauchno-issledovateliskogo sanitarnogo instituta6 (HMOLYSIS) (VACGINATION) SUKHOVA , ANDREYE-VA, T.P. ---- Rriniirala uchaotiyax Change in complement titer during its storage. Trudy Toulm~S llzl66-167 164). (COMPLU4ENTS (M-,MlI7Y)) (MIRA 16:2) KLYACHKO, Yu.A.; IMMOVA, T.A.; BUYANOV, N.V.; TULEFOVA, I.V.; SUKHOVA, N. 1'. Spectrochemical mothod of analyzing nonmetallic inclusions in steel. Sbor. trud. TSNIICHM no.24:82-86 162. (MIRA 15:6) (Steel--Inclusions) (Norunetallic material s-Spe c tra) FEDOROV, A.A.; BUYAXOV, N.V.; LINKOVA, F.V.; SUKHOVA, N.P. Spectrochemical determination of hafnium (0.5 - 90 percent) in zirconium-hafnium and zirconium-titanium-hafnium alloys. Sbor. trud. TSNIICHM no.24:183-190 162. (WRA 15:6) (Zirconium-hafnium allois-Spectra) (Hafnium-Spectra) IVANOVA, L.A.; SUMOVA, N.F.; TlWaiE.fKOP N.N. Spectrum analysis of open-hearth slags cn a DFS-10 quantomet-er. TSKICHM no.31:19-28 163. (MIRA 16:7) (Slag-Spectra) BUYA"NOV, N.',., IV.',N~-7A, L.A.j SUKHOVA, N.P. Spectruis Rnalysis of heat~rnsistant alloys on a DFS-10 quantometer. Sbor.trul. 'ISNIICHM no.31:29-33 163. (MIRA 16:7) (Heat-regi3tant allop"Spectra) z-rconium S~)(,C!ral an( 7 - IS hafniur-I aLIOY, ri Of h ~3J ill 'J n in r q ! 1,~% a!~ r,~,,(,rnov inet:d1uroi im S,'TI CODE: NiM. [C lit, %F:F, E70OV: "tol SUKHCP,',l, Shortco.-drigs of the 1,71-12 a.-;jaratui. ~,Vto,,I.p i sviaz' 8 no.,~:41 Ag '64. (?a.u 17:10) 1. Strxchiy inzh. 1 inn yno--appax atno(,,-o zala Krasnoyarskoy distantaii Vostoclino-jibirskoy dorogi. -j7 L 22676-66 L',4T( d)/Ellf (1)/ 2 IJPk'c) WW ACC NR: Ap6oo,6137 TW SOURCE CODEZ UR10114165100010101001910021 AUTHORS: Oaherov, S. Ya. (Candidate of technical sciences); Petukhov, V. G. (Engineer)~ -Sukhowa, R. V.-TEngineer) ORG: nme Computing the temperature of the rim o.f a cooling blade with consideration ,of a variable value of the coefficient of thennal conductivity SOURCE: Energomaahinostroyeniye, no. 10, 1965, 19-21 TOPIC TAGS: heat transfer, thermal conductivity, metal forming, cooling, cooling crate .ABSTRACT: An approximate method of calculatinIT temperature and its gradients at the rime of cor)ling blades is preaen~ed. The method laes into account the varia- .tion of the coefficient of thermal conductivity of the material with temperature and the variation of heat transfer coefficienti3 between the rim and the cooling gas. In cross section, the rim is represented as a ;3eries of rectangular sections with metal contacts between them (see Fig. 1). The change in heat quantity between x and x + dx is expressed as Card 1/3 UDCt 6210'436'-536.24-001.24' L 22676-66 ~ACC XR: AP6006137 Fig. 1. Blade edge ii b- where x is the distance from the base of a rectangle, E~ is the rim section at x, 'X is the coefficient of thermal conductivity of the material of a given rectangle#' and t is the flow temperature. Heat transfer with the ambient gas is related to .this heat quantity according to the equality irdS (i, ~- 1), 1 where OC is the heat transfer coefficient trctm the gas to the wallo dS is an 149. element of the wall surface, and t3 is the gas temperature. The problem in Card 213 L 22676-66 ACC NR: AP6006137 one-dimensional form may be reduced to t.he eqnation where UAF Poundary conditions are developed in accordance with the z traps ;idaf'6onfiguration of the cooling device. The system is solved and the variation of temperature is plotted against variation of heat transfer coeffioient and other variables. Orig. art. hast 2 figures and 6 equations. SUB CODEt 13/ MM DATE: none/ ORIG REF: 004 Card 3/3 SnHOVA, T,A., assistent Methods for testing norrwoven fabrics. Tekst. prom. 23 no.9: 10-15 S 163. (MIRA 16:10) u, Kafedra tekstillnogo materialovedeniya Moskovskogo tekstillnogo inst-'tuta. (Nonwoven fabrics-Testing) SAVINKOVA, YO.I.; ~U-KHQU,--T,&; DEGTYARL-VA, T.A.; OREKHOVAp A.I. Hydrolysis of carnallite in the course of its preliminary dewatering. Zhur.prikl.khim. 34 no.11:2555-2558 N 161. (KLRA 15:1) (Carnallite) SAVINKOVA, Ye.l.; SUKIICVA, T.F. Action of moist. gas on hydrolyzed carnallite. Zhur.prikl.khim. 37 no.1:197-199 Ja 164. (mIRA 17:2) 1. Ural'skiy politekhnicheskiy institut. DURNOV, L.A,, kand. med. nauk; SAMORYADOVA, L.S.; SUKHOVA, V.N. Excision of a hepatic lobe for cancer in an 11-month-old infant. Vest. khir. 93 no.8;91-92 Ag 164, OURA 18.- 7) 1. Iz onkologicheskoge otdeleniya (zav. - kand. med. nauk L.A. Durnov) I patologoanatomicheskogo otdeleniya (zav. - kand. red. nauk V.M.Afanaslyeva) I-y Moskovskoy detskoy gorodskoy klinicheskoy bollnitsy (glavnyy vrn--h zasluzhenny-,f vrach RSFSR N.S.Bonova). 10 -M. S. 19 vj to vi T4 mil " oil AM I psi fit xv Iffia log 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 00 0 0 a a 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 If 0 0 0 0 019 0 4 0 ---------- ------- ij it If is 11 JD It (I J) 14 A 16 It a A J, 11 il 11 0 VI w 11 a 0 4. . " A, J 00 '1 51XHoV q A L a ft 1 1 A4 10 U W If A A I 00 i 00.1 j 00 Bj " (~-A e. 17 .00 -00 00 Alm OfTect of heating the top end of the ingot an tne reduction of cavity Imitation- 11. V1,1111hin Soul J~ go SUILWYA- St-11 5, NO. I. =' it' 0:04); Chrm- Zrnip. fOB: 1. 310) 1- The Simplest fresulletat of file 1,,p ends ,1 '40 1.el ingoi,i and ific m-^s tGeti%r bo s,disting -jt)iy f fm ma(im are limling with Thermite -w with noxts. having -00 111161af effiCt (1,601kiY9141. The 1111YIA.-Chillt, j1APLMWS 00 tirting itt the cnd 44 t tie ingot Orr t lie adifti.of Lim Lt f &0 ZJ is, are div. n-d anti &14 are given oil thr rht r - .0 0 tiow-bSir meits.and 0 0 At timd for Itigh-C lottvi. Ille rvillIH it( mvelitmilent 0 floch. im"Im-Fts". $br '111dy 1A akrilonii 01 file "trial, And -OLAYN13 Of in-fi-MV41 01:11 11Y I1TkjXF t0j)-hriblifig Of thr itsK.t with lli, totitc ot Luttitrim- the inerb. pm;wrtie% of "0 0 00 j! l1w x1tel aml it., 1-havun when wlied wri, 0 W. A, 10-tv Ot ;4) -00 00 00 -00 00 zo 41 00 0 00 ~* ' q * 41 L s a -4 at it -C a tt a a it Vwi3 n t A ! Z & s 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 & 0 : : :10 0 0 a 0 g * 0 0 0 a 0 & 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 41 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 a * so 0 0 0 * 0 ' SUKROVA, Ye. 1. Dissertation: "Development of a Rapid Method of Controlling the lasicity of Open Hearth Slag Duxing Smelting.* Cand Tech Sci, Sci Inst of the Ainistry of Defense Industry, Leningrad 1953 & W-30928 SU: Aeferatiynyy Zhurnal No. 5,17oc; 1953, Moscow, AN USSR (X;MX1W NADEWIN, A.A.; IVANOVA, L.P.j GAVRILINA, L.S.; ~UKIIOVA, Ye.I., otv. red.; BOYIUIII, B.Ya., red.; MAVASOV, B.Ya., red.; SLEMNE, A.A., red. [The econonV of Moscow Province; statistical abstract) Narod- noe khoziaistvo Moskovskoi oblasti; statisticheskii sbornik. Moskva, Izd-vo "Statistika," 1964. 151 P. (MIRA 17:5) 1. Moscow. (Province) Statisticheskoye upravleniye. 2. Nachall- nik Statisticheskogo upravleniya Nloskovskoy oblasti (for Sukhova). KUROMTSEY, Alaksey Mikhaylovich. Frinimala uchastiye '.. RUDOVITS, L.P., prof., doktor geograf.nauk, zaaluzhennyy deyatell nauki, nauchn" red.; FROTOPOPOV, T.S., red.; SCLOVEYCHIK, A.A., (Basic hydrological features of the Indian Ocean] Oanovnye cherty,gidrologii Indiiskogo okeana. Leningrad, Gidrometeor. izd-vo, 1959. 435 P. (KIRA 13:2) (Indian Ocean-Hydrology) SUKHOVA, U.M. -rL -)n (;f ~nt, .3tion ot The ~v-r-okdo he gj, _ra Hydrolog~-- c.-)nu ticng of t - \'W,RA 187.2 ) and t:rg (Vas~Az;o Truciy GOIN no.702,19-30 164. MAKEROV, Yu.V.; SUKHOVA, YO.M.; MUROM'1*6EV, A.M. Daily oscillationj of hydrologic characteri-tics in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean, Trudy GOIN no,77:57-82 164. (MIRA 18-1) VOR014ovy V.1j.; SUMOVAV Ye.S- . -.7--l-1-1- 1k of jermW cattle bybride and Protein content in mi .33t46-50 '65- black and White CMOs Trudy Inst- 9~n- no (KM 18:12) VOROPIGVY V.N.; SUKHOVA, Ye.S. Fat and protein content in cow milk and the interrelation between these indices. Trudy Inst. gen. no-31:330-334 164. (MIRA 17:9) SUKHOVA, Ye. V. Cand Med Sci -- (diss) "On the Clinical As ects of;'~ 4 -- li n- - 1. 1-1 d Tabes Dorsalis and.tbe-Therapy of T~*t Disease bi the-W Pyatigorsk~ Len, 1957. 13 pp 21 cm. (First Len Medical Inst im Academician I. P. Pavlov), 100 copies (KL, 26-57, 113) - 134 - SMOVA10VA. V.Y. Spectrographic analysis of arsenic in simple carbon steel varieties. Izv.AN SSSR.Ser.fis.19 no.2:191-192 Mr-Ap '55. (MIRA 9:1) I.Zavod "Azivetall". (Tnrtu--Spectrum analysis--Congreases) 'q AUTHORS: Ivant3ov, L.K., Konstantinov, I.I., Sukhovaloya, V.V., 32-ii-21V60 Shur7gin, A.I. TITLE: Testing of the Spectral System "I KAHn for the Determination of Phosphorus in Steel (Ispytaniya spektrallnoy ustanovki "fMAR"d3ya opredeleniya foafora Y stali) PERIODIOALi Zavoaakaira Laboratoriya, 1957, Vol. 23, Nr ii, pp. 1329-1332 (USSR) MSTRAM In the Physical Institute AN USSR the second model of the wMerimental photoelectric plant for accelerated determination in steel during melt- ing was tested. This work me carried out under operational conditions in the "Azovetall" worka together with the institute mentioned in the time between 1954 and 1956. The phosphorus oontent detemined usually amounted to 0.01-0.8%; samples were taken from a melt mass of 350 t; every day up to 300 experiments were carried out. During experiment&1 work about 15-000 spectral determinations of phosphorus were carried out and a total of about 1000 melting processes subjected to spectral- chemical supervision. According to the new scheme the spectral plants consist of the following parts: Autocollimation mirror monochromator with constant deflection, double light transmission through a dia- persion prism of transparent quartz, controlled revolution which makes Card 1/2 it possible, together with the flat mirror, to lead the spectral lines 32-ii-24/6o TESTING of the Spectral System for the Determination of Fhosphorus in Steel to the output gap of the monoohromator, in which case, beoeu a of the accurate adjustment of the output gap, a micrometrio shifting of this gap in required. Operation of the device is automatized. The angular dispersion of the plants permits the faultless s"ration of the line P 2136.2 R. Further data are$ practical spectral height 10 m, inner diameter of the input gap 0.02 m, inner diameter of the output gap 0.027 =. The process of speotril analysis is described. The anAlyals takes about 4 minutes, doubledt 5 minutes. In order to increase the reliability of operation a double system is recommended. There are 5 figures and I table. ASSOCIATIM Ph (F_yoical Institute Imeni P*N,Lel)edev AN USSR and "Amovetall" Works izioheeki inatitut im. P.N.Lobadev Akademii Nauk SSSR L tavod "Amovetall 11~ AVAILABLEi Libmry of 0ongreas Card 2/2 SOV/81-59-19-67767 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya, 1959, Nr 19, 1) 132 (USSR) AUTHORS: Ivantsov, L.M., Konstantinov, I.I., Sukhovalova, V.V., Shurygin, A.I. TITLE: Industrial Tests of an Experimental Spectral Photoelectric Installation for the quick Determination of Phosphorus in Steel (A Short Exposition of the Paper) PERIODICAL: Fiz. sb. L'vovsk. un-t, 1958, Nr 4(g), pp 388 - 392 ABSTRACT: The analyzed samples contained 0.01 - 0.8% P. A two-prism quartz auto- collimation mirror monochromator of constant deflection separates the line P 2136.2 A, the intensity of which is automatically compared with the undecomposed light source. The conducted analysis is not inferior to the chemical marking analysis as far as accuracy is concerned. The time needed for analysis is 3.5 - 5 minutes. L. Gribov Card 1/1 W)CUROV, V.,'.J,, '; DUDAY-EVA, LM.; YEVN)K.2-V)V, V.M.~ KOLOSOV, A.F.; K~',ASOVSKIY, V P..; LUKIYMOV, EB.; MUSAT6VA, V.A,; NOVIKOV, SUKHOMICHENKC) G,P,.~ TABELEV, V,,V.,, TOLKACHEV, A.S.; CHERTKO, SHTADISKrY, V,,A.; PAK, G.V,, red.; SELES11M, A,D.., mlad. red. [Structi~re of -apital investments in the U.S.S.R. and the U~S,,A , analya!6 and methods of' com~-arison] Struktura kaDi- tallnykh vlozhenil SSSR t SShA.:: analliz i metody sopostav- lenlia, Moskva, Ekonomikap 1965, 250 p. (IMIRA 18, 5) L. 1.1-scow, lr;sti-. - 321401091 . ikolay Alakeandrovich; PANOV, V.I., redaktor; BOBROVA.Tel. te cheskiy redaktor (Manual for passenger car conductors and train officials] Spravochnik provodnikam paseazhirskikh vagonov i nachallnikam poazdov. Moskva, Goo. transp. zhel-dor. i2d-vo, 1956. 266-pe (MLRA 9:12) (Railroada--Kanagament) SOVI/I 37-58-10-21523 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal 1,,Ietal)urgiva 1958 Nr 10, p 152 (USSR) AUTHORS: Makogon, M. B~ . Panin, V. Ye. Kitayeva L P., Korotave,.,. A D Sukhov,Arov V. F Shch,:rbako,a N I TITLE- The Effect of Annealing and Intermediate Wgh -temperature Defort-nation Oil Compression Cljr~e~, of Copper arid its Alloys Miyaniye otzhiga i prom ezhut oc hnoy ~ Vsokotemperdturnov deformatsii na kri%vvc s2-.hatiyo rnedi i veye spla,,ov) PERIODICAL: Dokl; 7-y Nauchn. korierent.5ii pasvyashch 40 lelivu VelikoV Oktyabr'sk sots revolyutsii Nr 2 Tomsk Tomskiv un t, 1957. pp 59 60 ABSTRACT: The effect of plastic d(tormation (D) on the progress of reco%ery processes in Cu and its alloys with Ni (5'10'15 atom-0/'o). A] (5, 10, 15 atom-9~,o) and Zn (5 atorn-0/6) was investigated Mechanical properties of metal which had been subjected to deformation ~It room temperature were compared atter the metal had been annealed as well as subjected to slight detormation under identical temperature conditions it .vas established that application of stress stimulates the recovery Gard 1 /2 processes; this is nianifeited by the fact that mcchanlLal SOV/137 58-10-21521 The Effect of Annealing (cont. properties of work-hardened specimens (S) which hake been subsequently sub jected to mild deformation at ele%,ated temperatures are lower than the prop erties of S's which have been annealed only at identical temperatures. A drop in secondary reduction curves of S' s which ha,, e been preliminarily subjected to deformation at room temperature is obser%ed at ele%ated temperature, The StiMUIZIting effect of loading, which becomes greaer with increasing tem- peratures. begins to diminish as the T p point is approached and. finally, goes down to zero. it is shown that the D ot work- hardered S at temperatures beyond the recrystallization threshold contributes to complete reliet of work- hardening stress achieved at room temperature and. at the same time, pro dUces new distortions which cannot be completel *7 relieved during D at the given temperature. Compared with pure Cu, other conditions being equal the inten- sity of recovery processes under load is lower in the Cu alloys in,,estigated, As the concentration of Ni is increased and the concentration of Al in the Cu alloy is reduced. the intensity of recovery diminishes. In alloys with relatively small cohesive bonds (Cu Al), the recoverv processes occur more intensi%ely than in the case of alloys in which the cohesive forces are greater (Cu-Ni), --He ea t ir~e n t Copper at t Coppei- V. N, Ca r d 2 / 2 11-1 (C) ) SOY/'2o-122-2-15/42 A f f'~','O R 3 Ii!akogon, M. B. , Panin, V. Te. , Abramets, L. P.t Korotayev, A. D., Shcherbakova, 11. A. A TITLE: On the Role of External Stress in the Weakening During a Plastic Deformation (0 roli vneshnego napryazheniya v raouprochnenii pri plasticheskoy deformatsii) IT~,ITODTCAL: D