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see BUILIMIG NAMUts '00 Tel. Me -1951 *0 0* At *0 *of molling tank furn-lim, 16- 20 goo too *0 1 ALIN OCTALWOSCAL LITINATUR9 CXASV*KAIM 4wr---X.%v= u 16 AV I ;Fo's T'j,"ams so"* of I Ir 41 's 4 0 0 0 Ole 0 0 0 -ft~~e 0-910 * 0 9 0 0 0 so* see e 0.0 0-0:0,0 0 Wo SZADER, R. Instrumentation and automatization of glass ovens. P. 412. EFITOANYAG. (Epitoanyagipari Tudomanyos Egyesulet), Budapest, Hungary, Vol. 11, no. 11, Nov. 1959. Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC., vol. 9, no. 1, Jan. 1960. U001. Rudolf Increasing tbe developme-it, Jn glass meltJ71g. Fpito.~tnyag 16 no.10:371-378 0 164. 1. National GII-iss Indlistr-i Entei-pris~, R~i"Est. 3ZADER, Rudolf The Oroshaza Glass 7,actory, the giant factory of the glass industry. ~ktsz elet 19 no.22:12 22 0 164. 1 I ID " ~% D Ko".""s P, ~ =ndrzeji DYMNSKI, Fawel 'L ti Complications of cholel.ilthiasis. Fol. tya. leirc. 20 no.31: 1162-1164 2 Ag 1109. 1, Z Oddzialu Chirurgiczriego Szpitala im. I.. Pasteura w Lodzi (Ordynat,or,. dr. imad. Jozef Balkiew-icz). SADKOWSKA, D. Vital capacity of luW in relation to anatono-pathological changes in pulmonary tuberculosis and during conservative therapy, streptomycin and collapsotherapy. Przegl. leg., Krakow 8 no.1:21- 27 1952, (CLNL 22:2) 1. Of the Second Clinic of Internal Diseases (Head--Prof. Tadeuss Tempka, M. D.) of Krakow Medical AcaderV. POLAND / Chemical Technology. Chemical Products And H Their Application. Water Treatment. Sewage. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, No 12, 1959, 42786. Author % 5zadcowskij. Inst ; Not given. Title : Use of Evaporators in Place of Water Softening Equipment. Orig Pub: Gaz. cukrown, 1957, 59, No 10, 267-268. Abstract: Described is the diagram of an evaporation process involving the utilization of exhaust steam from turbines of a power plant. -- 0. Lenchevskiy. Card 1/1 SZADKU.,i-~-'KI, J.; JARZECK!, S. -.- ------ --- - The D.d.S. diffusion system. p. 170 GAZETA CUKROMICZA (Stowarzyszenie I-laukowo-Techniewe inzynierow i Technikow PrzerVslu Rolnego i Spozywczego, i Gentralny Zarzad Przemyslu Cukrowniczego) Warszawa) Poland. Vol. 61, no. 6, June 1959 Monthly List Of East European Accessions (EFAJ) LC., Vol. B., no. 9., beptember 1959 Uncl. PHASE I BOOK EC',FLOITATIOM PoL/446o Polska akademia nauk. Instytut podstawowych problemo`w techniki Zagadnienia drgan nieliniowych, 1 (Problems of Nonlinear Vibrations,, Vol. 1) Warsaw, PaAstwowe wyd-wo naukowe, 1960. 136 p. 650 copies printed. Ed.- Stefan Ziemba; Deputy Ed.: JanisZaw Skowroi~ski. PURPOSE- This book is intended for scientists and engineers interested in theoretical and experimenthl research on vibrations. COVERAGE: The collection contains 10 articles on the theory and measurement of nonlinear vibrations of structural systems. The basic problem is the nonlinear character of the dependence of the acting forces on the strains or the velocity of motion of particular elements of the investigated structural system. This nonlinearity is to be taken into consideration in calculating electrical and automation systems. The mathematical procedures of the investigation of motion in the calculation of the nonlinearity of systems with a finite number of degrees of freedom are based on the theory of dynamic systems generali~~ed according to the wnrk of Birkhoff and other classic studies. The combination of the purely Card 1/4 Problems of Ron-Unear Vibrations., Vol. I FOL/"60 technical problems of vibration theory with the theory of dynamic systems has contributed to the rapid development of Lonlinear vibration theory during the last decade. The main research activities in this field have been based on the development of adequate mathematical centers like the school of V.V. Remvtskiy and Krasnosellskiy in the USSR. In Poland, the mathematica.k school of T - Waiewski is working In this field with very promising results. For severa.1-years a gmip of workers of the ZBD IPPT PAN (Zaklad Bads- 'trgaz~ Instytat Poclstavowych Problem3w Technild Polskiej Akademii Nauk (Department of ilbrat- ns Studv 10 _, Institute of Basic Technical Problems of the Polish Acadenrj of Sciences) has conducted studies on two sets of problems: 1) the qualitative analysis and synthesis of the motion of mechanical systems of several degrees of freedom; and 2) the quantitative analysis of the motion of such systems by asymptotic methods. The papers of th-'s collection are concerned chiefly with the first set. References and summaries in Russian and English are given at the end of each article. TABIE OF CONTEUTS: Ziemba, S. -Introduction Ziemba. S. (Warsair),Internal Friction Taking Plastic Microstrains Into Account C ard 2/4 oblems of Nonlinear Vibrations., Vol. 1 POL/4460 Bogusz) W. (Kraka*w'), On Certain Dynamic Systems P-3 Skowro " ki ns , J. (Warsaw) Free Vibrations of a Certain Mechanical System With Strong Nonlinear Demping and Two Degrees of Freedom 35 Szadkowski, J. (Warsaw)# Problem of the Alternativity of Notion of a Certain Mechanical System 45 Skowronski) J. On the Possibility of Synthesis of Some Strongly Nonlinear Mechanical Discrete Vibrating Systems 59 Osin-'ski, Z. ('Warsaw).Generalization of the Asymptotical Method of Bogolyiibov in the Theory of XonJinear Vibrations of Nonautonomous Systems With Heavy Damping 69 Osi4ski, Z. Problem of the L-ifluence of the Simaltaneous Action of Exciting Periodical Forces of Different Frequency on a Certain Nonlinear Vibrating System 78 Card 3/4 SZADKOWSKI, Jerzy (Warszawa) Boundedness of motion of autonomous systems. Zagdd drgan nielin 3 31-41 162. NUBICKI) Edward; SZADOWSKI, Jerzy; WOJTKF-I-IICZ 1-lincentry .1 Influence of the size (j.~ grains and other factors on the condensation rate of cyanuric chloride with arylamines. Chemia stosow 7 no.3:415-440 163. 1. Katedra Technologii Barwnikow, Politechnika, Lodz, i Instytut Przemyslu Organicznefo, Laboratorium, przy Politechnice, Lodz. P/519/62/000/004/005/008 E202/z492 AUTHOR: Szadkowski, Jerzy (Warsaw) TITLE: About the bounded sets of dynamical systems SOURCE: Pol 'ska Akademia Nauk. Instytut Podstawoirych Problemow Techniki. Zagadnienia ergan nieliniowych, no.4. 1962. 113-148 TEXT; The author considers a dynamic systern f(p,t) describect by a system of differential equations of tl-~e first-order dp = X (p) (1) dt where p and X are single column real matrices. General conditions of Eq.(1) necessary to fulfill the above dynamical system are formulated. The work deals particularly with the problem of the bounded regions, the latter being defined by S. Ziemba and the present author (Boundedness of Motion and Existence and Stability of Limit Regime in Strongly Nonlinear, Non-autonomous Vibrating Lumped Systems, Proc. Intern. -Congr. of IFAC, Moscow 1960). Two main problems are considered viz:, Card 1/3 P/519/62/000/004/005/008 About the bounded sets ... E202/E492 a) the existence of the bounded region of a dynamical system defined by Eq.(I); b) the structure of the limiting region. The study is limited to a class of dynamic sets without reference to their quantitative analysis. Also the shape of the regions and their position within the space, En is excluded from consideratibn which is limited entirely to a case when X (0) = 0 and (0'...,0) is a unique and isolated characteristic point of a set of Eq.(l). The criterion of existence of the above set is obtained by transforming Newton's system of the second order equations d2xi + Fi(xl,...Ixnsxl...,kn) = 0 dt2 Furthermore, criterion of boundedness and criterion of terminal boundedness of the above system is derived from the above solutions. The behavior of trajectories in finite neighborhood of singular point and in sufficiently large distances from it is given in terms of the conditions defined by the above criterion;. of existence. A series of formal proofs, lemmas, corollaries Card 2/3 % P/319/62/000/004/005/008 About the bounded sets ... B202/E492 and dynamical models are included. The paper is concluded by investigating the structure of the limiting sets showing that they exhibit the presence of periodic motions. These and similar findings led to the formulation of equations on the geometric structure of minimal sets composed of almost periodic motions and belonging also to the bounded sets. Numerous physical interpretations of the theory are included. There are 2 figures# ASSOCIATION: Zakkad Badania Drgan"'IPPT, Polska Amademia Nauk (Institute of Oscillation Studies IPPT, Polish A'S) SUBMITTED: September 4, 1961 Card 3/3 WOJTKILVICZ, Wincenty; SZADOWSKI, Jerzy - Preparation and Tx:;p-erties of"2-mothyl-l-naphthylamin- 7-sulfo acid. Chemia, Lodz no. 13: 59-66 163. 1. Katedra Technologii Barwnikow, Politechnika, Lodz. IESZCZYNSKI, Kazinderz, mgr inz.; UJEK, Stanislaw, inz.; IIASYLLVIICZ, Adam; WALIGORSKI, -Edward, inz.; SZADY,07!SKI,, Kazimierz, mgr inz. Asphalt cooling by Iraying tith water. Gosp paliw 11 .1 , Special issue no,(95 ;1 12 Ja 163. 1. I'afinoria Nafty, Czechowice. J AD R_ o. Y . 187 -41MOR,amecri Wt4 of qITj with efib" dichlom6tv'row carbon-(4atrach(ovide.,rectifiertion hea b,4)a cart.od out ' adiaba#Ao w4Qnxu 1100 nm.long, n-4 ru"a T.D. fithj NWH Rambig tingi., rae_~otlld--4 1-11,13. flask-woA hratrd electrically. XNprrimont was carried eiii, with total witf paruaireturit~),widuc-s)tottwktttle, F1 rd of fd! cl 71 It Im been eatiblishod thett Raschig rings e~m qute adejuat'i fortheirjob. Condition, XyMch was thm. -varicKI, was tl~czrtv o~ eqapontion. Variation of liq rotention, in column thea' followed automatically-,__ tioa was obtAined rhun We whcle leng column Mled with Rambig rings vo-to full of emulsiflM Ii?,; Very extensive cbservitions were nuvie of t)~hjwlout of the liq phase inside Me column. As the evaporation -rite rfiwa, frothing appeus and later oc,:upies more of the -olvmn~ M42 cinl/minuto j ofita length fili"I with o-nubdrtod III and number of equivalent thoorotimL p!stca roee by 24%, : On~ ki t i lu h l 4 e -o repae etmm ng.(emp ng t mn and rvfl,l ng with th y rIHggj,.,jutnborofB.T.P. rom.~y d9f'/~ when n%a~ ratf~ reachodl ackin over 37 orn'Irnnuto, and anotbcr change In the* p arrangement more Man-doubled the EXP,-nuiaber at 311 ' .)the pfc~a are differential between 143p ~faJlinnu4-bdrofE.T X and bottom 16" fourfold. and tirre of retention of liq In Uw pears to be an equ. column rises fivefold. There up qibated " e -z full xf fi, made of operation when the column i olh ard number of EX.P. is neerly 2*5 times higher than withont frothing. in indymWal design some consiticratian mwit~ be given to offtakim at various heights. 1036. Cas abso in ntsgaie th-ou-b a bubbler. _~i Rif 10. 262-4 -1 he nNtJ ------ __ _ ----- 0 tfic~. 517,71galf.,jr Al.- tha, th'. itzt!-f ff, fl, f Aoxviv i c ri~'. Pmfj,wT,t Ii h, rz 24 Th" t1wormical vallip q x X x 3 X PL Fx d y p, x Coeff of ahscrprion K 6-95d"17 X, vI,ZI It d,t~rid,~ incernal nwviimf~nt ,f mq,er,a! !7 ',,ibhl, -A A I~y iumilg ~t ;,,I ~y "Aung uudbi,j. (Imm -a. J. Appl. CAc, M. S. POIAND / Chemical TochnologY. Chemical Products and Their H Application. (Part 1) Conditioning of Water. Waste Water. Abs Jour : Rof Zhur - Khimiya, No 10, 1959, No- 35368 Author : Szadkowski, Kasimiarz *I^- Not Inst F-Van Titlo Y40t1joda of CorrItinuous Purification of Waste Water of Oil Rof iner i ov Orig Pub Wiadom, riaft., 1958, 4, NO 10, 225-227 Abstract The methods of coagulation arA clarification applied at the present time in the USA ard in Europe are described. Diagrams of installations are given. -- M. lapshin Card 1/1 SZADKCI,,'EKI, K. An inst-.1lation for the continuous oxidation of asphalts. P. 234 WIPDC,I,,',%I NAFTOWE. (Stowarzvszenie Naukowo-Techn5.czne Inzynie-row i Te-chnikow 'Przenzyslu "aftowego i Zwiazku Zawodowego Gornikow Naftowcow) Krosno, Poland, Vol. 5, no. 10, Oct. 1959 9 Monthly list of Fast EuroFean Accessions (FZA:) Lo' Vol./no. 2, Feb. 149 Uncl. 5ZA'DiMKSKI, K. The petroleum chemistry in Poland and abroad. p. 99. CREMIK. (I-Linisterstwo Przemy'slu Chemicznego i Stowarzy-szenie Naukowe-Techniczne Inzynierow i Technikow Przemyslu Chemicznego) Warszawa, Poland Vol. 12, no. 3, Viar. 1959. Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC, Vol. 8, no. 7, July 1959. Uncl. SZIDKOWSKI, K-. Complex automation in petroleum refineries. p.357 CMIIK (Ministerstwo PrzemyKu Chemicznego i Stowaszyszenie Naukowe- Technikow Przemyslu Chemicznego) Warszawa, Poland Vol. 12, no. 9, Sept. 1959 Monthly list of Fast European Accession (EFAI) LC, vol. 9, no. 1, Jan. 1960 Uncl. SZADKOWSXI, Kaximiers The technology of paraf f In production in molern ref Ineriee. (To be contd.) Wiad naft 6 no'.1:13-15 160. (zlAr 9:~6) (laraffins) SZADKOWSKI, Kazimierz C-.- The technology of paraffin production in modern refineries. (Conclusion). Wiad naft, 6 no.2:30-32 F 160. (EEAI 9:10) (Paraffins) S/081/62/000/002/087/107 B157/B110 AUTHORz Szadkowski, Kazimierz TITLEt The removal or paraffin lubricating oils by means of solvents PERIODICALs Referativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya, no. 2, 1962, 492, abstract 2M261 (Wiadom naft, v. 6, no. 3, 1960, 60 - 63) TEXTs The technological principles are described of a process for separating paraffin using acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, ethylene di- chloride and other solvents, obtaining thereby paraffin of commercial grade. [Abstracter's note: Complete translationj Card 1/1 - Kazimielm- ..-gAPKCWSKI, The oxidation of asphalt. Wiad naft 6 no.7/8:159-161 JI-Ag 160. (EFAI 9:11) (Asphalt) rZADKOWSKI a. Kazimierz Attempts at disulfurization of petroleuA coke, Wiad naft 7 no.2: 31-34 F 161. (EEAI 100) (Petroleum coke) (Deaulfurization) SZADKOWSKI, K. A new refinery in Godorf In the German Federal Republic. Wiad naft 7 no. 597-99 Itr 261. (EEAI 10:9) Petroleum) A I il~ SZA91MISKI, Kazimierz Composition of the basic fractional oil for compowding engine oils. Wiad naftowe, 8 no.2:34-39 F162. SZADKOWSKI, Kazimierz 'The occurrence of vanadium in petroleum and its effects* Wiad naft 8 no.3:55-56 Mr 162# SZADKOWSKlt-- Kjq!7,jmj r% Comparison of paraffin refining methods. Wiad naft 8 no.4.'82-83 Ap 162, SZADKOWSKI,, Kazimierz Boom Adsorption refining in the production of reAiLdna oils, Wad naft 8 no.J2:261-283 D 262. A ;w - SZADKOWS-U,, Kazimierz I I Industrial testing of coAi actors,'with rotating discs. W:Lad naft 8 no.12:283-2851D 1622. A I IN, 140 SZADKOWSKI, Kazimierz New ways and installations in the field of sewage vater purification. Wiad nAft, 9 no.1:7-9 Ja '63. SZADKOWSKI., Kazimierz Problem of obt~~ .:: .~' :1 -~. 11--ilates for the productioh of engine oils. Wiad naf t ; ~ ~-- " I " ' 5-168 Jl-Ag 163. 1 1 - -SZADKOWSKI, Kazimisrz Vitrogen bases from petroleum as corrosion inhibitor. Wlad naft 9 no.12*.Z75-277 D163. 1. .1, : ~ SZADKOWSKI, Kazimierz Desalting petroleum by countercurrent (octraction. Wiad naft 32 (i.e.9] no.2:31-33 F 163. SZADKU,ISKI, Kazimlw.-s. Thermocatalytical mazzut processing. Vlad naft 10 no.3e7l-75 Mr 16/+. SZADKOWSKI, K. Scheme 6f cru4 41 Iprdc*gsi'ng In the Ruhrchemie Re Fining Works in Oberhaus6n. Wiad haft 10 no.12.-268-273 D 164. ~ I i_ I 1~ 11-1 T, ..) I., !. ; .~ . I t 'Ihn npw DFA petrol~,-,Y,~ refinery in Scholv,--n *-~,---,,-~,;7 in "he German Federal Republic . Wiad naf t IG nc, ~, -1 ' ' '~, 112 ,:1v 164. CZECHOSLOVAKIA / POLAND URBANEK, B.; GNAT, T.; JANCZARSKI, J.; 2a4UH,_&,- Research Division of the State Sanatorium for Nervous Diseases, Warsaw. Zo-riginal version not given_7. "Some Pharmacological Properties of Thiolic and Disulfur (-S-S-) Analogues of Acetylcholine." Prague Activitas Nervosa Superior, Vol 8, No 4, Nov 66v pp 426 - 428 Abstract: The role of acetylcholine in the CNS is discussed. In experiments on cats the pharmacological properties of thioglycol- choline (HSCh) and of dithiodiglycolcholine-(ChSSCh) were investig- ated. Their influence on blood pressure was vieaker than that of acetylcholine. Amounts of 10 gamma/kg of the compounds caused a strong excitation of respiratory activity, andl mg/kg caused a brief apnea. In experiments with isolated frog heart amounts of 0 01 to 1 gamma/mi caus-wd-a decrease in the amplitude of heart contr~etion and bradyoardia. 10-1000 gamma/ml caused the cardiac arrest. The role of the 2 compounds in nervous transmission is discussed- 3 Figurost 5 Westerh references. Submitted at the 8th Annual Fsyoho- pharmacological Meeting at Jesenik, 18 22 Jan 66. Article is in Eaglish. SZADKOVISKI, Zbigniew, mgr inz. .... ..- Elew products of the Elester Electric Apparatus Works. Wiad elektrotechn 31 no. 5:10?-108 My 163. 19 IK KOSA, Arpad, dr.; ROKA, Gyula, dr.; SLUM, Bela, dr. Cases of calcification of annulus fibrosus. Orw. hetil. 95 no*39: 1077-1079 26 Sept 54. 1. k Debreceni Or7ostudomanyi Egretem H. as. Balklinikajan (Igazgato: Petranyi Gyula dr. egyet. tanar), Routgen Laboratorimanak (Vgzetol Roka G~ula dr.) IgazsWgri Orvostani Intezetenak (igasgato: 0kroe Sandor dr. egyet. tanar) as a Hajdu-Bihar Megyai Tanace Randelointezate Rontgenlaboratorimmaamak (foorvos: Imrs Gabor dr) kozlemenys. (CALCIFICATION annulus fibrosus cordis) (HgAgT ar"Ins fibrosus calcification) SOBIS, Halina; SZADOWSKA. Anna Effect of penicillin, streptomycin and sulfathiazole on pulmona y changes in mice Infected with influenza viruBes. Med. dosw. mikrob 10 no-3:357- 366 1958. 1. Z Zakladu Anatomii Patologicznej A. M. w Lodzi Kierownik: prof. dr med. A. PrL,-gzcyneki z Oddzialu Wewnetrznego Szpitala im. dr 4dgiera w Lodzi Ordynator: dr med. J. Hajman z Zakladu Formakologii A. M. w Lodzi Kieraw-nik: prof. dr med. H. Leyko. (INYWOU, exper. eff. of penicillin, streptomycin & sulfathiazole on pulm. changes in mice (Pol)) (PENICILLIN, effectas on exper. influezuta. pulm. changes in mice (Pol)) (STRBPTOMI~ IN, effects same SCBIS, H.;,SZADOWSKA, A.; POLAKOWSKI, P. Effect of calcium pantothenate and vitamin C on pulmonary cbazges in mice infected with the influenza virus. Acta physjoj.T)ol6n~ 11 no-5/6:883-884 160. 1. Z Zakladu Anatomii Patologicznej A.M. w Lodzi, Kierownik: prof. dr A.Pruszczynaki. Z Zakladu Farmakologii A.M. w Lodzi, Kierownik: Drof.dr E.Leyko. (PADTOTHENIC ACID -Pharmacol) (VITAMIN C pharmacol) (INFLUENZA ex-Der) DARZTNKIXWICZ-CZMX. Dantela; POLAKOWSKI. PrzedziBlaw; SZADOWSKA, Ann& . ...... --z-,-,"~, Phrmacological properties of certain thiazoline derivatives. Med.doew.mikrobs 12 no.3:301-309 160. 1. Z Zakladu Farmakologil A.M. w Lodui Kierownik Zakladu: prof. dr nauk med. E.Leyko. (THIAZOLES pharmacol) SOBIS, Halina; SZADOWSKA, Inna; POLAKOWSKI, Przedzislaw Effect of vitamin C and calcium pantothenate on pulmonary changes in mice infected Vith influenss, viruses. Med.doow.mikrob. 12 no.4: 397-404 160. 1. Z Zakladu Anatomli Patologicznej A.M. w Lodzi, lierownik: prof. dr med. A.Prussasynaki i z Zakladu Farmakologii A.M. w Lodzi, Kierownik: prof. dr nauk med. Z.Leyko. (IWJWENZA exper) (VITAMIN 0 pharmacol) (PARTOTHENIC ACID pharmacol) SZADOWSKA, Anna Pharmacological action of the galenicals and flavonoids isolated from Helichrysum arenarium. Acta pol. pharm. 19 no.6:465-479 162. 1. Z Katedry i Zakladu Farmakologii Akademi-i Medycznej v Lodzi Kierownik: prof. dr nauk med. E. Leyko. (PWITS, MOICINAL) (GLYCOSIDES) (BIOEUVONOIDS) SZADOWSKA, Anna ' CTBORSKA, Halina; DARZT-JKTL141CZ-CZJERiIK, Danie'L~-a 1-1,171- Pharmacological properties of some new esters of diphenylacetic acid. Acta Pol. pharm. 21 no.6:509-518 164 1. Z Katedry i Zakladu Farmakologii Akademii Medycznej w Lodz! (p.o. kierownika Zakladu., dr. med. A. ftadowska; kurator Katedry'. prof. dr. med. V. Musial). WOJTKIE1-11GZ, Wincentry; RADOWSKI, Jerzy Studlen on the po:;:Ability of vicing, 2-yrothy1naphtlalp-ne In the synthests of dy"s. sf,-)3c~w 8 no. *64. 7, Department of Technology of Dyes, Technical Unlvo--sity, Lodz. n c e nt y , -S *21' N) 0 WSK 1 , J F~ r 7, y St!idies on the possIbility of using 2-methylnaphthalene in rhal product-ion of dyestuffs. 11t. 2. Chemia silosow 8 no. 2; 2-33-247 '64. 1, F)apa, tment o,' Tlechnology of Dyestuffs. Technical TUrAversity, Lodz. WMW"W--41CZ. WIncenty; Jer.,y Studles on the poss-b-i1lT-.y of uti-izing 2-MetryInaphth-alene -1 ~L..L .n the synthesis of dyes. P'. 1. Chenfa ---L-osc~v A 8 ro.3-,295-- I 303 164. j.. Department of Dyes of thr, T.c)dz Tachnl.,ml. UnIvarsity. "" 't')KG~l 9 .-- .., I t',)KI Kdzf flde-~z P-oHpms conrerring water and soll poll'u'lon wit -r :,vn - I ~- p-rcvjur,ts. Wiaa naft 10 no.tjsl42-14,3 Je 't 4. SZADKOWSKJ , Zbigniew, mgr i. , .- .-.. 1-1 .1, -- New products of the Elestfr Electric Apparatus Works. Wiad elektrotachn 32 nc.5/65252-1.44 My"Je 164. KORNBERG, Ign~~qy, SZATgJK$-,-Balina,-ZYWIOL, Stanislaw Pneumatosis cystoideB intestinorum. Polskie arch. med. wewn. 31 no.4:569-575 '61. 1. Z II Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrznych Studium Doskonalenia Lekarzy AM w WarBzawie Kierownik: Doe. dr med. E. Ruzyllo z Pracowni Anatomii Patologicznej Szpitala Miejskiego Nr 8 w Warazavie Kierownik: lek. H. SzadujkiB. (INTESTINES dis) A6" PARADYSTAL, Tadeusz; SZADUJ=, Ha2l-na Sarcomas of skeletal muscles. Chir. nar%ad. ruchn ortop. p01. 28 no.1:69-77 '63. 1. Z Oddzialu Ortopedyczno-Urazowego Szpitala Miejskiego Nr 8 w Warszawie Ordynator: prof. dr Z. Ambros Z Pracowni Anatomo- patologicznej Szpitala Miejskiego Nr 8 w Warszawie Kierownik: lek. H. Szadujkis. (MUSCULAR DISEASES) (SARCCMA) (SURGERY, OPERATIVE) LATYNSKA-KOWNACKA, Ewa; MAY, Jozef,- 3ZADMIS-LINCEL, Halina A case of tuberculaus endocarditis. Gruzlica 30 no.7:661-666 262o 1. Z Odd-zialu V Ordynatora dr med..J. May i z Pracowni Anatcmopatologicznej Kierownik-. dr med. M. Afek-Kaminslca Ydejslciego Szpitala Zakaznego Nr I v Warozavie. (TUBERCULOSIS, CARDIOVASCULAR) (ENDOCARDIUM) TF.UrT.-AIN N -- -8 Fol , A- Karol; SZkU--,JYTS WWI p Tpomdr. -;qmr!m--tal atudien on th) intm-nifiCatirm of maeface anoe- t.hatics. czaa. atnmzt. 19 noolz!7-23 Ja 1 66o 1, Z Zal~lactl Fba-tw1cologil XA w Gd4zr.&-.u (Nierotmiln prof, dr, mod. To Torachmm), KOWALIK, R.; SADURSKA, I. Air microorganisms destroying paper, leather. and wax seals in archives. Acts, microb. polon 5 no.1-2:277-284 1956. 1. Z Laboratorium Mikrobiologicznego Instytutu Barwnikow i Polproduktow w Warszawie, (AIR, microbiology. microorganisms destroying paper, leather & wax seals in archives (Pol)) (MUSMNS' air microorganisms destroying paper. leather & wax seals (POW (BOOKS s;;e) KOWALIK, R.; SADURSKA. 1. dwa.wao.~ Microorganisms dentroying leather bookbindlugo. Act& microb, polon 5 no.1-2:285-290 1956. 1. Z Laboratorium Mikrobiologicznego Instytutu Barvnikow i Polproduktow v Warszawie. (BOOKS, air microorganisms destroying leatber bookbindings (Pol)) (AIR, microbiolo ,Ay, same) :7) KOWALrK. R.; SADURSKA I. Effect of ethylene oxide on certain types of fungi destroying wood. Acts. Microb.polon. 9:67-69 1959. 1. Z Instytutu Przemyslu Organicznego v Warszawie. (AMI pharmacol.) (ETHYLENE OXIDE pharmacol.) ~'z 7-,~ L L R.J~ -," I , ; . KADDFLKI, A. Fast determination of moisture in crushed minpra2s from swelled volume 1- 284. Vol. 11, no. 9, 6ept. 1956. ~!ATERIALY 5["LCWD*!E. Wp-rszawa, Foland. 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At present, there are 9 National Parks totalling 80,000 hectars and 231 reservations of 18,000 hectars. The last park to be opened (Kampinowski, near Warsaw), opened in January 1959, covers 40,000 hectars. In this park, 134 species of plants, 386 animals and insects are protected. There are 5 photographs and 1 drawing. CbP_J r of Botany, Jagiel1o University, Krek6w. SLIFIM-1 W. .6 Vie birth of the idea of organic evolution; the centenary of Charles Dandn's work on the origin of species. D.213. - KOST-r-S. SERIA A: BIOLCGIA. lalarszawa, Poland. Vol. 6, no. 3, 1959. I vionthly List of East 'Diropean Accessions Index (EFAI), LC- Vol. 8, No. 9, Septenber 1959 thicl. SZAFER, W. The scientific cooperation of national parics and reserves of the H,~---arctic rel-ion. P. 15. CHRONMY PRZYRODF, OJCZYSTA. (Panstwowa Rada Ochrony Przyrody) It,-akow, Poland. Vol. 15, no. 5, geot./Oct. 1959. Monthly List of East European Accession (EEAI) LCC, Vol. 91 no. 1. Jan. 1960. Uncl. 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