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July 16, 2001
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December 31, 1967
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TARASOV, Yu,D,, inzh. Automation and increase in productivity of loading stations cf ring cableways. Mekh. i avtom.proizv. 17 no.10:16-19 0 '63. (MIRA 17:1) TARASOV, Yu.G. , inzh. Potential conditions of the collector of a traction d.c. engine with compensating winding. Trudy MIIT no-135:104-115 161. 1 WII%~ 15-1) (Eloctric railway motors) ROTANOV, N.A,, kand.tekhn.nauk; TARASOV, Yu.G., inzh. Commutation of compensated traction engines in cases of puasating voltage. Trudy MIIT no.135:116-127 161. (MIM 15: 1) (Mactric railway motors) (Coamutation (Electricity)) AMANOVP N.A., kand.tekhn.nauk, dotBent; TARASOV, Yu.G., inzh. ConOutation of traction motors operating on a pulsating current and means for increasing.,their comutational stability. Trudy MIT no.157:40-09 162. %' (KRA 1615) (Electric railway, motors) 4; TARASOV, Yu.G., inzh. Voltage conditions on the collector of a traction motor of a rectifier locomotive. (Trudy] LIIZHT no-193:114-122 162. (MIFLA 15:12) 1. Moskovskiy institut inzhenerov zheleznodorozhnogo tran porta. (Electric locomotives) FHVOSTOV, V.S., dotsent; ROTANOV, N.A., dotsent; Yu G inzh -..- L!-I- --kf * ~ a 1- How to imurove the coir7vtation of IIB-412Y traction motors. teril.tiaga 6 no.1:13-14 Ja '(2. (Electric railway notors-Design and const-r-actiin) (Commutation (~lectrlcity)) 33364 2 L10( 0 L40140 ""I S/181/62/004/001/040/052 B100112 AUTEOIRS: ivanov, A~ G., Novikov, S. A,, and Tarasov, Yu. I. TITLE; Splitti ng off effects in iron and steel, caused by trie action of rarefying shock waves PERIODICAL: Fizika tverdogo tela, v. 4, no. 1, 1962, 249 - 260 TEXT: Shock waves were produced in cylindrical specimens using the setup shown in Fig. 2. The specimens were destroyed in a very characteristic manner (Fig. 4). The height of the conical cores could be changed by varying the stresses applied, The shape of the broken specimens changed substantially at a given stress if their length was bplow a definite value (Fig, 7). These results were found on Armco iron, GT ~ (St 3), 40 X (40Yh) and 30xrCA(3OKhGSA) steels. No such splitting off effects were observed on copper, brass, and aluminum~ These effects are attributed to the inter- action of rarefying shock waves under explosion-like stresses with pressures above the a --* y transformation pressure. The wave contour propagates in steps (Fig. 10). The two compression shock waves D and D 2 are followed by a rarefying ohock wave D 34 A second rarefying shoci wave appears after C a r d 0'_/ ~Y_ 3336~1 S 81/62/004/001/040/052 Splitting off effects in iron BI04/B112 reflection. The fracture develops in the very narrow zone in which the rarefying shock waves meet. Assuming that the pressure-volume curve coincides with the Hugoniot adiabatic curve under stress, the conditions for the existence of rarefying shock waves are formulated. Academician Ya. B. Zelldovich and Professor L. V. AlItshuler are thanked for interest and advice. There are 11 figures, 2 tablesgand 6 references: 4 Soviet and 2 non-Soviet. The two references to English-language publications read as follows: D. Bancroft, E. Peterson, S. Minshall, J, Appl, Phys, 27, 201, 1956; i'l. E. Drummond, J, Appl~ Fhys.~ 1 _~8, 999, 1957, SUBMITTED: August 28, 196". Figo 2. Experimental setup. Legend: (1) detonating tube; (2) additional load, at the end of which a plane shock wave develops; (3) principal load; (4) specimen (dimens,.ons in mm)~ Fig. 4. Schematic diagram of the core. Fig, 7. Schematic d-iajram of the core- Card 21,51 TARASOV, Yu.1. Time of failure of copper and ateel aa dependent on the tensile load. Dokl. AN SSSH 165 no.2:323-326 N 065* (MIRA 18:11) 1. Submitted VArch 24, 1965. TARASCIV, TIJ. K. 29268 Ob tzmeneniyakh so storony paikhiki u somati-cheakikh bollnykh, lecheanykh dlitelInym anom. Klinich, meditaina, 1949, No 9, a. 79-82 SO: Letopoll Zkwnallnykh Statey, Tol- 39, Moskva, 1949 TA-,.A'707, ~.. TARASOV, Yu. K. I C.HZR:-J&iF0, Ye. I. -34164. Orryt lecherdya dlitellny-a sno-i yaz-,r,3npy't-.h L.-.'Llnykh. V St; frol:-Ie-rly Kortilka-vistseral 'noy patolq-ii. 1-1. , l)4", s. 35~71-59 C~ SO: Knizimayn Latorls I No 6, 1955 TARASOV, Yu. K. Tarasov, Yu. K. - "Psychic peculiarities and psychopathological manifestations in ulcers during interrupted sleep therapy," Trudy Tsentr. In-ta psikIdatrii, Vol. IV, 1949. P. 342-52 SO: U-4934. 29 Oct 53, (Iatopis 'Zhurnal Inykh Statey, No. 16. 1949). TARASOV, Yu. L. "Experimental Investigations of the Strength of Reinforced Cylin&--'.cal Shells." report presented at the 13th Scientific Technical Conference of the Kuyl.5rshev Aviation Institute, March 1959. 80 UAV/JD/hW/EM AUTHOR:-.Tarasov, Yu. I. ORG: none SOURCE CODE: UR/0020/65/165/002/0323/0326 TITLE:. Dependence of the time-to-failure on tension load for steel and copper -SOURCE: AN SSSR. Doklady, v. 165, no. 2, 1965, 323-326 TOPIC TAGS: explosive forming, explosive lFading, metal failure, 7ykc~A4Lik rL ABSTRACT: Under conditions of explosive lo"adin 4~ Ifigh deformation rates, 7 unattainable with other method 15 of loading, can be achieved. The a sses at which a afensile e metal fails under such conditions are substantially higher than the _~n -s'~fength determined by conventional tests. These stresses, however, are not constantbut drop from a certain maximum to zero in a very short,period of time. This article describes a method which makes it possible to determinetbe "time-to- failure!!ibder conditions of explosive loading depending on the magnitude o the initiak`~(maximum) stress. The method was used for carbon steel 3 d co dY Hl. The time-to-failure for steel 3 was found to vary from 1.5 peec a PC Inn-Mitla-I-Aress of 35,000 kg/mm2 to 0.05 Psec at an initial stress of 80,000 kg/mm2. Copper failed in 2.5 paec at a stress of 38,000 kg/mm2 and in 0.05 usec at a stress of 83,000 kg/m~ Orig. art. has: 4 figures and 1 table. JDV] SUB CODE: 1/ 20 /j SUBM DAM 07jan65/, ORIC REFS 009/ OTH REFS 005/ ATD PRESS; 539.4.016.5 ',ard 3;11 uDc: L .13137-66 FBD/EwT(1)/Ewp(e)/Ftrr(m)/EEC(k)-2/ ACC NR, AP5028910 SOURCE CODE: U k)/EWA(m)_2/EWA(h) SCTS/IJP(c) )20/65/165/003/0537/0~40 AUTHOR: Tarasov, Yu. A. .ORG: none C1 TITLE: On the width of the emission spectrum of a quantum generator SOURCE: AN SSSR. Doklady, v. 165, no. 3, 1965, 537-54o .TOPIC TAGS: ruby laser, emission spectrum, laser pump, photon generation ABSTRACT: The author derives equations for the dynamics of emission in two-level systems and employs the results to calculate the width of the emission spectrum of Z2abPlasers, It is shown that the emission spec- trum narrows down to a certain limit, which depends on the magnitude of the pump illumination and on the width of the spectrum of spontaneous emission. The narrowing down is due to the nonlinear character of the development of the photon ca3cade, as a result of which the photons whose frequencies are close to the frequency of the center of the line become multiplied much more rapidly. The laser emission is described in terms of'traveling waves. An expression for the total nudber of photons in the resonator Is derived. The calculation does not take L 13137-56 ACC NR, AP5028910 Into account the undamped oscillations of emission intensity, whien occur at near-tbreshold pump values. To allow for these, a more ac- curate account must be taken of the geometrical properties of the resonator and of the active medium. This report was presented by Academician A. P. Aleksandrov. Author thanks T. N. ZubljMy and A. K. Sokolov for useful dig-cu-s-s-16ns. Orig. art. has: 8 formulas SUB CODE: 20/ SUBM DATE: O4Mar65/ NR REF SOV: 004/ OTH REF: 003 -L 20353-65 Ewr(d)/EWT(m)/EWP(w)/EWA(d)/E'eT(*)/T/EWP(t)/EWP(k)/EWP(b)/DIA(t~) Pf-h/ ACCESSION NR: AP4048508 Peb ASD(f)-3/ 3!0147/64/000/004/0052/005SIAF'-O(P) JD/~M/EM larasov, Yu. L. TIT Practical method for,determining the stresses In articulated piping with thin- 13 walled frame elemerto :'SOURCE; 1VUZ. Aviatsio-n-n-ayatekhnika, -no, 4, 1964, 52-59' TOPIC, TAGS: -piping, articulated piping, cylindrical shell, -thin plate, stress determina- tion, vibration crack, weld eam, edge effect, butt weld, bending stress ABSTRACT: The authors call attention to the fact- that under machine operating cordi- tions (paAcularly in the case of structures subject to vibration) instances are observed in which cracks develop at the points at which pipes or tubing are joined to thin-wallec. frame elements. If the method of joining or "articulation!' is poor, then because of the edge ef- fect there will be a high stress level near the weld seam, with all the unsatisfactory conse- quences that this entails. It is further noted UW a widely used method of joining pipes to thin-walled shell or frame objects Is by means of a direct butt-welded connection, and that it is precisely in this case that high bending stresses occur at the point of articula- tion. U, furthermore, the tubes are regarded as cylindrical shells, then one is cottfronted Card 1/3 -~20353-65- L ACCESMON NR: AP4048608 with the problem of stresses in the joining of two shells, the radius of one of which (the pipe) is small in comparison with the radius of curvature of the other. In the present article, in order to obtain, in the first approximation, an idea of the stress state of those structures which are of practical interest, the results are given of theoretical and ejqmri- mental investigations of the simplest models, in which pipes (cylindrical shells) were welded to plates. This, the authors note, has the effect of considerably simplifying tile problem, while at the same time making it possible to advauce a number of practical sug- gestions and recommendations. Comparative experimental investigations of samples were carried out, in which pipes (R = 20 mm, 1. 5 mm, where R Is the radius of the ndd- surface of the shell and of the Internal contour of the plate, and S Is the thickness of Ole shell) were welded to thin cylindrical shells OR = 500 mm, 1. 5 mm) and plates. Maximum stresses in both cases, with-Me-Whes applied to the pipes being equal, were found to be almost Identical. Whereas the authors consider the case of transverse Ioad- Ing In detail, only the final calculation formula with the necessary graphs is givert for aido-symmetrical loading. The fundamental purpose of the article, therefore, is to de- termine the bending moment which develops along the articulation of the pipe with the plate. For the solution of this problem, the authors make use of the equations of the 2/3 7 I Card - .1,- /.,/J; - ~ - ; "II- : / ~iI %II~_,- V) ,, _./%~ mos. V.V.; KUPMHMIDT, B.L.; PETROV, G.Sj TARASOVN--"A,. Investigation of the D6-24 engine provided vith an electric starter. Avt. i Irakt. prom. no.2:7-10 F '57. (MUU 10:3) 1. Vladimirskiy traktornyy zavod. (Automobiles--Engines) TARASGV, YU,N. New method of fixing blades on shot-blasting turbines. Ut. proizv. no.1:40 Ja 163. (MIRA 16:3) supplies) (Foundries-Equipment and Z., 312). )(4) 74, 407901: T12IJ: Result. of the C"P.11tion for the U.' I-Yr-Lod Ugge:tlm (Itogt kmkuma so 1~1%4hwyo ralvisocallzatarskoyo r~ prodl shost") PMODICAL: Goodesiya L 1Sar1oV&f1ya* 1959, Ir 1. vv 17-21 (C=) ABSTRACT: In My 1959. the ordinazy onp.1ttim for the be:t Laprov- in mmostim, in be fix of %to &A4 c::10drapkic produ Stan ma onaclud*4 a% the Glavzoyo uprav- I I" god.&LL I =106rfli WD 331R (Note Ldclat-traltim at G*oi;;V 4 Carloer.pby of %be MIzi.try of Internal Affair# of She, 7 &0 odoodollt wervic.., And mac1h part. A total of 30 topographic -co *got 10, and ,:rtogr&Pk"# ouggstions sere ubsitted. The Is% prize 31 a of 000 r'bles ." saard.4 1. V. A. Morazo, "I V. V. Cruso. (.=k.j. =W"fichaskays fakr"A (Minsk Urtopaphla . fw &he `55OULL-60 FaWtolLQ6 of Atlas 31O.W. The Zad prlsos of 750 mblas vere wwarl*4 is. 1) TS_J_ and 7L. P. ~St- of the Co. of St-&-d Card 1/6 ;-Sea (1_IP"A7a-MO-&)'- 2) 1- T. 51-K.oicb, V. X- T.fS.SLK. 0. siw~11-0 eye. a.' L, _L_!LLAQTA for f Coubiz.4 AZP))*;Or w2-ductim 0 r in ItTAL-ting %b@ AccoMey of ArsantrIc 0.04:tio Sets Parsed by Figems of Regular Shape'. 4) X. V_ Sh" bor (X"osibizakoye LOP (NO,nsJbLrSk ACP)) for ~Lidght Collages 1. ior f Dural for Prospeollag-. - Tba 3r4 prison at 500"b14. each m, &.ard.4 *a : 1) 1. 2-1he"Ll- (Takul.kays LOP (Yakutsk AGM for n1t.b1lahzent of F1..d ?*Lat. by She Method Of Thoatu Steals, of T.2-2-. 2) -02 5;~Ij (Yakutsk Aar k A37)) for "construction Leb"r Transport r-oknv.k;;AOP Us..- ACP)) for -varltim I Of Photographs an the STD-2-. 4) 1. 1;~.l -biz (acak. , . - -_ - _,O- i LOP AZP)) for -L&Lsiod ;'IT motors-. _h7x~ 1. M, Tart. for -T-Obsol;d7tat the CON91-tift, a-I Edition Of :0P.Grophla Map, by the ho *relief Utkod-. 61-9, 7. (Minakey. barlografteboakays. fabrIbA (Kiask Car_%_oc_r_*_y1T9~-Situ1a)) fcr2.VoF215.1 Piling Machine far RrOcb=esl. 7) A- - . YnuXxx__ (T.ahk..tsk&j. kr%W.f1chzAr. fakrika ( Zarlo_: -.phit, TwIllsb)) for -M..bmL*. for the Loading of Trucks Paper tolls-. a) A. I._%A2X21aAXP (UkraizskvTt ACP (. AVP)) for '1s`p1_.Fo-WS Of the Arc Loop f= the Hall Q- graphic-printlAg Machin* KP-1 by as, nluainatloC Dwvio. Wttb: Laell.mant Loops, Wi40 -art1cl.koy. (a . or or 5;.. ;, Aar rd sic ar) fc; to too .1r.W.- tion of Map Cooril.41m. and FL-11 Cmp1lt1ms,,. 1.') LX~ (SV-rO-?.P.d.Qy. AC? (Sorth-a% Ar?)) f- 'I.- of the contact M-hand" t Todar.. 11) ;. E. kthey. (Uskov LZ ( 0 one .ri) far -Foroulas and Ycrw for a Cam Motional C-p-t-s2m of sup.~, I ... lima Yroa the TrIgoo-1,31. 12) ;~;L_ (3-rdlol.koy. ACP (3-41-sk, ACP)) f- 'I.. N.obvr- ftiating of L .. ling Staffol. 13) (Xook~vskcy. Aar (9-cow ACP)) for 'Forculn"i -at,. for Xz:m" Nvordonc*a bet-on, loo Yroe Ter. f J-.L_ and Be.. cmjitiona co..~t.d no a ?I." od no . 3.11". - I th f.llowta,, or. ..-rr ... 4 by the Jury; 1) T_j:: ... boy. ACP (3,.rdlo,.k Aar)), 'Cadorf-a. f., to. Yr.. .11. T.I.-pi. T--*. A-SMISS Of the Cociptition tar the Ust _-Izzastim (3.w.r.-Up.duoya ACP (Marth-oost Correction* of centel-Ad Ad Reducing with - .."Illary 5041. for Determining She Corrections of the Curvature of the 124go of the Geodetic Lino W of the 3pheric Ucema". 3) T. C. K JftEM (1:O4kQVakcyQ AGP (1:04COM AGP)) 'VarlstLOA of %h Coustra -. 4) C. 2ble.adarf (Nos. 'Lan a' the Heliotrope r---M. Creel. Zero Thra.MV or v ey: No sk AG? (9osco. AGP)) _ sm%era of the QAX-Z1 type. ;)_EL_LL_E2Aa_ (Uosko,sk.y. ACP : (Bosom AGP)), -Device far C.111AZ Ll..IAUX" 6 A. 1. Fikh-A :. ~ end P. M. CrIzb*rjT (1:omkovskaye AZY (Mao " ~? ) , Tf5JT4_4T~ 1 _71 1 , J _k'2&'-_kLxIzb and X_r~ W r OC. 'ch key. f=tk. (KImak Comic. is 1 l ~ A Ur far j booch Device Xing Offset a Nv. U ). ('.shk*at.k&y. or 'r.".. lastit.ts)). 'Device rOr 'ria4- Ing Who 24doo of P141. Close-. 9) A. A. V-kav (T'.hk*A1skcq. kart.graftchaskaye, fabrIke, (Tmahk;-ntd~~torr.;hla Iftelt4uto)), a) -Houbmism for ZaallsiAe the Crindlaw Cos.-. b)'Voahanfij; for Lifting the Tro.;h with the Ullal end S. A. in (Ts shk n kv. kz;..r k. .hS.V CA" 4/ (Too too &rtacr.phic Ins 1.) 'Autanta tic*h-aff of : Ara Vasil-7-14 ek" fabrika (To-sUm A~�r odralhic Plant), -Increase 9 1A the Bambility at Udht.s*mISL,. Robber 3olution (*. 12)Z. 2. Sheir (Kiyovskaya karlografichaskays, fabrika (XLysv jagrijEJE --- Vlent), -Correspondence or the 3troke-.10- Mo on Topogrimphid Naps With the Letters an the Machine Printing Fora.. 13) V. T. llourlkcv'a ~ . Cei k.r0w.tIoh*mk^Y& tab ~ of -On the laprovemmat In She Cumstruallon I 2.0hanimma for P"asing-on the Znklat Rollers and Friction Am.. an the Off- set Machines 14) tL&~MZ No a k.:togratich.skar. fhr1ka Cfta , = , A la%ional Mcleod of Making Positive$ of trInt- ) " far ftlAt" Ing Farju of Relief Printing m Tracing L.! . , Books ac Offset ILehines" 1510, V. Y- " (]Uxhsuj,. ka,rtesmonchooksys. fabrLk~ (11S. C.rtogr.pblo Punt). 3yachroulzation "I lut-hatizatton of 1" 5-It-hiCt an and off at Ara Lamps and of the Duc%lam F" In the C47YIZS Do- 16) V. ?, 11gaLLTax. (112hokAY& Urt0grifich "kays pe,risout ratrika go Cartographic Plant), . "Uriation In he i;, C." hnolof Of WMAC of Collins the IPIA sake i'fAl L. raf ka kario h 1 7 1 t a ys. g C 7 coll.oUnt- -Pra;arstlom of "T be bathed of the 1.814-4-ont w.JhLtohki4 (7biliaskays, k"U- -list am vialpros'-. 18) j: _ _ ELfichookaya fabr&X& (Tbilisi Cartairaphia P".Lat), wSoitching off the Notor of be Cosproo.or on %be CopyxAg yramo 17 I.&AA of the Chang. Laver far Liftl4g the Glass and by Na,ca of %he racu.s,. 19) VI_UlkA?A (?b.-jjx.ky4 k"10- draflabeek"a fabrika (Tblfisi Ctr1ocr4;hiv Plant), *Device far 1471AC on the X.,tstilo. In Copytae 0) (Mllaskays, karlograticbeskaya fabrika (Tbilisi Urlotralhte tryin" ?.per an Offset runt), -Devi*. for 21) S. W-DAjjcOtic' a TbjliS.k4jL U&"49rLfI4h4$kMq& fabrIX& ( (Thlas-i Car%ogr-&VErc~pjAut), . *Progressive Lathol &sJ Procedure far the Pr.p&r&%oz7 Work In Calculating and P1411ift, 'he Coo sphto Not-art on Naps to No C";tl-4'- 22) 6 Z Vwk%..Qh far Up4trIng Sh. C.Ld-4 of the off*.% (sun) end 1, T, pq.lmZQIA_.(NRKCh) -I.provinC the WQ%h04 of Ing the 311ver 311rats In rood Solutionso. TARASOV.,__juj_.,; BABAYEVA, S.T.; KOWNA, A.B. - . ------- Semiautomatic instrument for titration with Fischer's reagent. ILakokras.mat. i ikh prim. no.2:72-74 161. (KMA 14:4) (Titration) TARA.SCV-~GALAYCV, ". k. 'Inter sucriv fcr fire ~.,xtlncticn 'n vor!ti-te-; rll-c!~- -n!-r -C . . - ~7 I - - - - .1 - lzr,;-vo R573R, 20 _17. -I: ~' - . r- T119311.T3F TARASOV-AGALIUMV, N.A. Methods and eOUiPment for extinguishing fires of highly infla=able liquids, Moskva, Izd-vo Narko=-'.c:noza RSFSR, 1944. 71 D. (49-=39r-4) .11 11 Tti9446.p4T3 ZOLOTHITSKIT, N.D., kandidat tekhaichaskikh nauk, dotsent; TAICHKOT, K.M., kandidat tekhnichaskikh nauk, dotsent; SOLOTIMIT, N.Y., kandidat tekh- nicheskikh nauk, dotenst, retsezzent; TARA 21-&A , kandidat JAMI - - .takhnichookikh iauk, rateenzent; DUVANKOV, GO-S-O" in-shezer', reteezzent; ARDANSKIT, A.B,, Inshener. reteenzent; LATROV, D.P., inshener, retsen- zent; KUPRIYANOV, Te.M., kandidat tekhnicheskikh usuk, redaktor; GORBACHEV. I.K., inshener, redaktor. (Safety techniques and fire-prevention techniques In construction] Tekhaika bezopasnostl I protivoposharnals, tekhalka v stroitalletvo. Moskva, Goo. izd-vo lit-ry po stroltellsivu I arkhitakturs, 1952. 350 P. (KLRA 7:6) (Building--Safety measures) (Fire prevention) TODYANTW, N.Y.; SAVELOYIV, K.M.; TARASOV-AGALAKOV N.A., spetsialInyy 4 ~ redaktor; IOYINOVA, T9.B '---RIdq. Ye.. tekhai reYak~~or-, skiy redaktor r- [Physics and chemietry in fire extinction] Tiztka i khimita v po- zharnom dole, Izd, 2-9, perer. i dop. Kookye,, Izd-vo Ministerstva kommunallnogo kh02IaI6tVa RSFSR, 1952. 162 p. [Microfilm] (Tire extinction) (MLRA 7:10) (Firemen's mamials) SABUFOV, A.; 2k.R4pOV..-A%4 ~w,;. TOZTAKOV, V.; ZEMSKIY, M.; TRDITSKIY, I.; RUBIN, A.; OBUKHOV, F.; POLOSUKHIN, M. ; REMIZOV, A.; SHALIN, V.; IMIKHAYLOV, F. Konstantin 14olseevich IAichkov; obituary. Pozh.delo 3 No.6:11 Je. 157. (MIRA 10:7) (14ichkov, Konstantin Moiseevich, 1873-1957) BOBIN. K.P.; GIRASIMOV, N.S.; GOLUB17. S.G.; DXMIDOV, P.G.; DF.MIYAITMMO. M.P.; OTTO IN, N.M.; ZIIKSKIY. M.I.; KALASHNIKOV. K.A.; KONCHAYHY, B.I.; KOROIAV, A.I.; KRZHIZHANOVSKIY, F.I.; KUIAKOVO G.M.; PCLOSUKRIN, X.N.; ROYTKAR, M.Ta.; RUMYANTSIV. V.I.; SAMUSHKIN, B.V.; SMUROV. A.R.; TABASOT-AGAKOV N.A.: TOKASHEV, A.I. Semen Thaillevich Kallaev; obituary. Pozh. delo If no.5;29 MY 158, (Kaliaev, Semen Vasillevich, 1904-1958) (HIn 11:5) TARASOY-IGALAK(YV. 11. At the Brussels World Fair. Pozh.delo 4 no.10:25-27 0 158. (MIRA 11: 11) (Brun sals-Athlb It ions) TARASOV-AGAWOV, N.A. ... Iron reserve of vater for fire extinction. Vod. i san. t'ekh. no.12: 34 D !59. (MIRA 13:3) l.Nachallnik Glaynogo Upravleniva pozharnoy okhrany Ministerstva vnutrennikh del SSSR. (Fire extinction--Water supply) TARASqV-AGALAIMY. 11. New urgent tasks. Pozb.delo 5 no.1:1-2 Ja '59-(MIRA 11:12) 1. Ilachaltnik Glavaogo upravleniya pozharnoy okhrany. (Fire prevention) - .. x,- it" OZYAKOV, V.; GOLUBEV, S.; LAVROV. D.: AWHOV. I.; ,*,j,2ARA8,OVAA -4 Gplf'~Im, 1l.; KASHCHFINX0. V-; 14AnROY, 14.; GOWSTIM, M.; ZNAMMMKIT, It.; DZHALALOV, Ye.; GLEBOV, V.; CHSLYMNY, F.; WTAKOV. N.; BRAUN, P. Genre.ii Innokentlevich Zhukov; obituary. Poxh.deln 5 nn.7:32 JY '59- (AIRk 12:9) (Zhukov. Georgii Innokent'evich, 11959) TAP,ASOV-AGAIAKOVO N.A. Selection of pipe diameters for' sprinkler systems. Vod. i san. tekh. no. 12:25-28 D 160. (MIRA 14:4) (Fire sprinklers) TABASOV-kG&IAKOV, M. Fire prevention engineers. Pozb.delo 6 no-8:13 Ag l6o. OUM 13: 8) 1. 1kchallnik fakallteta inahenerov protivoposharnoy tekhniki i besopasnosti. (Fire prevention--Study and teaching) TARASGV-AGALAKOfV. N. Attention should be given to the students of correspondence courses, Pozh,delo 9 no.lz17-l8 Ja 163. (KMA 16d) 1. Machallnik inzbenernogo fak4lteta Vysshey shkoly Mnisterstva okhrany obahchestvennogo poryadka RSFSR. (Fire prevention-Ztudy and teiching) ROMAN, M., kand. tekhn. nauk; TARASOV-AGALAKOV, N., kand. tekhn. nauk Standardization of evammtion procedures. Pbzh. dw2v 9 no.6.- 7-9 A 163. (MIRA 16:8) TARASOV-AGALAKOV, N.A.; FOFOVSKIY, A.Yu.; GODIVER, F.Ye.,, red. [Extinction of fires in the focus of a nuclear explosion] Tushenie pozharov v iadernom ochage porazheniia. Moskva,, DOSAAF, 1965. 41 P. (MIRA 18-.6) KOZAIV 0 V.N.; 1ARASOll-AGALArOll, ll.a., kard. tekhn. nauk, rukovoditall diplomnogo proyckta Use of fire hoso in fire depai-tments. Pozh. bezop. no.3s98-103 164. (MIRA 18:5) TSYMM,kKGVj, L.I.; r,'.A., 'kAW. t-C-I:bn. rS1A.,, nikovoditell raboty - - - Stationer7 fira extinction syst= for new entaiTrises %f the cheacal in(Lutry. I-loth. bozop. no.4-116-n9 165. (1-MIA 19:1) ACC ""A145026732 Monograph UR/ Po o vskly,__ A, YU, Fire eXtingUlshlog In the center of a nuclear 0 0 nn_ (Tushenlys 'T po harow 7 YadOrn0m ochage porazhenlYa Moncowo lxd-vo DOSAAF, 1965. 41 P- 11lus. 75,000 copies printed. TOPIC TAGS: civil derense, nuclear blast effects nuclear defensive training, f:Lre protect:jon -PWOSE AND COVERAGE: This popular-type Illustrated (16 sketches) booklet In Intended for the general reader. The book discusses the. ...fundamentals of-SovIst civil-defenoe f1re-fightIng techniques for areas struck by nuclear weapons. Some peace-time preventive fire- fighting measures are listed,, and basic fire-flghtlng equipment In. described. The booklet recommends that every Soviet oltlxen learn how fires are started and fought,, and states that,, 1f needed,, the services of all ablekbodled persons say be sallated, TANA OF COMMOs' Introduction 3 1, Damage Ufset of Nuclear Weapons 5 I OV PESCIUNSKIY, Valentin Vladimirovich; TIAYDENOVA, N., red.; TARAS A mladshly red.; ULANOVA, L., tokhn. rod. (Contemporary workers' movement in England) Sovremennoe ra- bochee, dvizhenie v Anglii. Moskva,, Sotsekgizp 1963. 383 P. (MIRA 16:12) (Great Britain-Labor and laboring classes) Cl..EL CIVSKIY, --j.; red .; TARASOVAI A. P -.r-' a.--, the. ~iciloncer I ., I . '. 1--hysi-al and waller-naticil n a kn o e;lk v IN 1. Akade,..iyi raulk S011113 AU~TORS: Kochergin, V.P., Froatak!,~v, M. Ye -.-Arla 4 - TITLE: Electrochemical Degreasing of CoIrl-rol.led Sheets (BlektrokbiMiCbeskoye obezzhirivani,7e khcloduokatanoy zhesti) PERIODICAL: Stal'2 1.959, lir 3, pp 252 - 254 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The ability of emulsifying agents (sodium silicate, OP-'e', OP-10. oleic acid and Petrovis reagent) for decreasing surface tension of a degreasing solution (containing: 10 g/litres NaOH, 23 g/litres Na 2C0 3 and 21 g/litres Na3P04) at ?0 - 90 OC was established. It was found that oathodic degreasing of sheets rolled with the application of aqueous emulsions of castor oil and emulsol should be carried out under the following optimum conditions: current density of 10-15 A/dM2 (with palm oil emulsion - 25 dM21 temBerature of the degreasing solution not lower t 80 C. The duration of the process I -- 3 se;:. The concentrations of emulsifying agents in the degrea5inF solution are given in the text. There are 1 fig-are and Cardl/2 9 refc~rences, ? of which are Soviet and 2 English. ..7, ,1 ,'1- Electrochemical Degreasing of Cold-rolled Sheeus ASSOCIATION: Ural'skiy nauchno-issledovatel'skiy institut chern,ykh metallov (Urals Scientific Research Institute fo.- Ferraas Metals) Card 2/2 BAIRBAYEV, D.B.; GRODIMI. G.S.; GULISHIR, P.A.; I'Ll IKOVA, H.S.; FETRU- KHIX. P.M.; PCLYANSKIT, I.P.; RASSOLOV, K.I.-. TARASOVA, A.A.; YMNWHEYSTAR, Ta.N.; CHERVINSKIT, M.S.; Sdiilisvikili. KLIKANOV. A.D.,; ZHMOV, V.V.. red.izd-va; PROZOROVSKATA, Vj~..; KONMATITIVA, X.A., (Control of coal and rock d-ast in mines) Bor'ba s ugollnoi i porod- noi pylliu v shakhtakh. Moskva. Gos.nnuchno-tekhn.izd-vo lit-ry po gornomu deln. 1959. 499 P. (MIRA 13:3) (Nine dusts) 3 4 5 4 Id is m $y 0 11 21 V a IS jai V Al 13xv ill RUJIMAXIVISM.41.1 0 a x-~ P . a a I -.1 V- 11- M 91 12174* FlIPwrill1wistal Appliessi.. -04 Or "A."ll" to Cprimin *jWb of 1b, (In I(Ilwan.) 11, p. (3uhillvich And A. A. Tiwjsq%-a. g Jigne frallocr (nalnud flit dw gi-111141 gf 4-11jerilim inin its 4) ict-kI and quably of -jArj,jjjj I rill,$ it rje,. Inflill w3 -t)als. ba =00 I clulfirmt-41 ferlijul 4, ;$))Pli(-AIJI#', 1011111111141 With finlitilf, in geat Imigs A 0 landy-hMill wd wilb Swampy Orem P11111% I'l thf. in% I'll igAt ion ire tilm6led. As ZOO 0 -d! v S L 4 u IS AV %m oil its Kurt ltdc-ft RYBALgVSKAYA, M.D.; TARASOVA* A.A* Results of applying slightly decomposed peat on sandy soils. Uch. Zep.Ioen.un. no.174:83-92 154. WaA 8:4) (Peat) (soils) TARASOVA, Anastamiya Aleksbyeym; PROTASEVICH, D.S., redaktor; CMWYICVA. ,' isichiiiehaskiyIrwla ktor Z.V.. [Peat coupon%) Torflawe kowposty. Moskva, Gas. Isd-vo selkhasb lit-ry. 1956. 87 P. OCLRA 9: 11) (Peat) (compost) TARASOVA, A. A., Cand Agr Sci -- (di,86) Vethods ofIprepatation and utilization At, of peat-841=11;~ composta." Lan, 1959. 23 pp (A~I-Union Order of Lenin Acad Agr Sci im V. I. Lenin. All-Union Sci Res kist .14 Fertilization and Agr Soil Science), 150 copies (ILL. 44-59, 128) -36- BEREZINA, N.H.; S'HCHI*, G.I.; DROZHZHINA, V.V.; RIZA-ZM, R.R.; -TARASOVA, A. D. ~ Wfect of CD 60 gamma itradiatlon of tubW* before planting on the yield and vitamin C content of , po+,atoft,, lkdiobiolo ii no.1:139-la t63. '1 16 #2) 3 fM 1. Institut b1ologicheskoy fiziki AN SSSR, Moskras (PUNTS, ZFMT OF GAM RAYS ON) (POTAWKS) (ASCORBIC ACID) TMASOVAP.L.G. fever in Kalinin -*royincs*--,.ZhtIr.mikrobio4,, ~W.i imBun. 32 no.12M.5 D 1. Iz otdela osobo opasnykh infektsiy Kalininskoy oblastnoy sanitarno- epidemiologicheekoy stantaii. (KALININ FIROVINGE--Q FEVER) TARASOVA A.G. inzbener. Production of stbyl butyrate. Gidroliz. i lesokhim. prom. 9 no.4:23-24 156. (MLRA 9:11) 1. Iseledovatel'skaya gruppa Ashinskogo lesokhimichookogo kombinata. (Etbyl butyrate) CHISTOVO I.F.; ZARAKOVSKAYA,-A.I.; 'TARAWYA, A*Gs - I - - , f7a~ ~ ~,~ Production of proplonic acid. Gidrolti. i lesaYhim. prom. 9 no.6: 13-15 '56. (KEBA 9:10) LTSomtrall vy nnuchno-issledayntellskiy lesekhtmicheskiy institut (for Chistev and Zarkkovskpya). 2.Ashinakiy lesokhimicheekiy kembinat (for Taraseva). (Propionic acid) SHULOGIN. Tu.~.; CHRTMIKOV, D.I.;tj~JIASOVA, A.G. Continuous black acid apparatus. Gidrolls. I loookhim.pron. 10 no.lt27-28 157. (HLRA MO 1. Ashinskly lesokhImicheakiy kombinate (Acids) (Distillation apparatus) VZSZWVSKAYA, M.M*; IMINA, IVA.; PIUSHMO, A.I. [deoeased]; TAMSOVA, A.G., kurator; PILIPFOVA, N.Y. . Issa key well. Trudy VNIGNI no.26:176-226 6o. (jau 14: 1) (Russian Platform--Petroleum geology) (Russian Platform--Gas, Natural--Geology) CUETVERIKOV, D. I.; TARASOVA, A.G.; SIMOV, A.A. Continuous recovery of ethyl acetate andathyl alcohol from waste waters of ethyl acetate manufacture. Gidroliz. i losokhiu,pron. 13 no.7:15-17 160. (KIRA 13:10) 1. Ashinskly losokhIsIcheskly koubinat. (Ash&-Ilthyl acetate) (Asha--Ithyl alcohol) ABDUVALIYEV,- A.A.; KHAYDAROV, Kh.F.; SULTANOV, A.S.; SIGOV, V.V.; DORONIN, N.L.; JARASOVA, A.G. Production of polysylvan from the wood-chemical sylvan. Gidroliz. i lesokhim.prom. 17 no.2:22-23 164. (MIRA 17:4) 1. Institut khimii polimerov AN'UzbSSR (for Abduvaliyev, Khaydarov,, Sultanov). 2. Ashinskiy lesokhimicheskiy kombinat (for Sigov, Doronin, Tarasova). TARA30",, A.G.; KALUGINA, A.Ya. Production of prcpior-ic acid at the Asha wood-chemical combine. Gidroliz. i lesokhim. prom. 17 no-3:24-25 164. (MIRA 17:9) 1. Ashinskiy lesokhimicheskiy kombinat. TARASOVA, A.G.; KALUGINA, A.Ya.; YAKUSHKOVA, A.Ye. Three-column continuous action apparatus for the product.:;.on of acetic acid. Gidroliz. i lesokhim.prom. 18 no.1:24-25 165. (MIRA 103) 1. Ashinskiy lesokhimicheskiy kombinat. TARASOVA, A.G. in the and -~--,hnical Society organization c,f Ash,I-nk wood processing romMne. Gidroliz. 1 lesokhim. no.2:28,29 165. 1. Predseda tell soveta Nauclinc tekhnichaskogo obshchest-~a bimjxz~noy i i dprevoobrabatyvay-unchey pronyahlennosti. 1. ?-TE "IbIS(VID (Dr. T~RASCVA. A P. (E---!:"Inee~" 2. USSR (6w) 4. Floors, Concrete 7. Heat resisting concrete for hot shop floors. St. roi. pram., 30, No. 4, 1952 TSNIPS 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Librm7 of Congress, August, 1952, Unclassified. V IUCKRASOV, K.D.. doktor tektmicheskikh nmik; DOIAMV, V.Ta., kandidat tekhnicheskikh nw, ; TARASOVA. A.F., inzhener Heat-resistant concretes for factory floors exposed to heat. Rate. i Isobr. predl. v stroi. no-95:3-8 154. (NlRA 8:7) 1. Tekhnicheskoye upravleniye Kinisterstva stroitellstva. (noors, Concrete) TAPA."VA, A- F- a s f, ! TA'Wrl,'A, A. P. -- "Refra&O-y rnj-rrnto !'~-r Liiuie- Gl s ." n ral -'.c; A I . I -~ - .. -I Res In5l.. of Tn,!ustrial f-tr..!ct-!res J-,;NTP.-7). Yoscow, (Dissertation For the of Cancildate in '7echnical F)'.': lctc~pis, NC) 'l, 1~56 AKRASOV. K.D., prof., doktor tekhn.nauk; SALUMOV, G.D.# kand.tekhn.naule, starshiy nauchnvy sotrudnik~ TAR4SqTA,,,A.P., kand.tokhn.nauk. stershiy nauchayy sotradnik; FlTaOVA, Ci.', red.izd-va; PMJSKOVA, T.-A., tekhn. red. [Instructions for making and using heat-resistant concretes] Ukaxaniia pa prigotovlenllu I primenonliu sheroupornykh betonov. Koskva. 1956. 46 P. (KIRA 12:3) 1. Akadenlys stroitellstva i arkhitektury SSSR. Institut betona i zhelezobetona, Perovo.. 2.'Laboratoriya theroupornifth I khimicheski stoykikh betonov Nauchno-inaledovatellskogo institute betoua i xholezobstona Akndemii stroitellstva i arkh1taktury SSSR (for Nekrasov, Salmenovo Tarseovs). (Concrete) N31RASOT, K., doktor takhn. nnuk; TARASOVA, A., kend. takha. nauk; FIDOROV, A., kand. -takhn. nauk Using heatproof concrete in lining tunnel kiln cars. Stroi. mat. i (MIRA 11:7) 4 no. ?0.9-11 JI '58. (Kilns)' (concrete) NAMASOV, K.D.; TARASOVA, A.P.; VOLODID , V.Ye., red.,, DRIBIN, L.F., red.; SOAK, Te.G., [Chemically stable heat resistant concrete rande with noluble glass] Zharoupornvi khinicheski stolkii beton na zhidkom stekle. Pod red. V.M.Volodina. Moskva. Gos.nauchno-tekhn. isd-vo khim.lit-ry. 1959. 149 p. (Korroziia v khimicheskikh proizvodstvakh i sposoby zashchity. no.15) (HIRA 13:1) (Concrete) (Soluble glass) ALITSIPMR, B.A.. Imnd.telenn.nauk; SANANOV, CY.D., 1mnd.tokhn.rvtifk; TARASOVA, A.P.. Imnd.tqkhn.nauk Experimental data on elastic plastic properties of refractory concrotos. Trudy NIIZIIB no.6-.136-156 '59. (141RA 12:10) (Conaretfi-Teattng) ~S* TARASOVA, A.P., kand.tekhn.nank Affect of negative temperatures on properties of beat-resistant concretes made with water-glass. Trudy KIIZHB n0.7:223-237 159. (MIRA 12:11) (Concrete) LARIONOVA, Z.M., kand.tekhn.nauk; TARABOVA, A.Ps, kand.tekhn.nauk Microscopic and thermographic testing of heat-resistant concretes made with water-glass. Trudy NIIZHB no.7:238-254 159. (MIRL 12:11) (Concrete-Testing) *2 0'0 AUT'HOR. TITLE: 35h33 S/08 62/000/004/054/08T B1 50YBI 38 Tarasova, A. P. Conditions for the liberation of fluorine from heat- resistant concrete in water glass on heating in different aggressive m~sdia PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya, no- 4, 1962, 395, abstract 4K369 (Tr. N.-i. in-ta betona i zhelezobetona Akad. str-va i arkhitekt. SSSR, no. 22, ig6i, 163-166) TEXT: It was found that, when heat-resistant concrete is heated on water glass, Na SiF and NaF decompose with separation of SiF and, in some 2 6 4 cases, of HF. In an air medium the process of F liberation proceeds more 1 slowly than in the aggressive medium sulfur dioxide. In this case, if the SiF4 liberated during the heating of the heat-resistant concrete has a badl effect on the production procesep the concrete must be pro-heated up to 700-8000C in order to remove the main mass of F. The duration of the pre- heating depends upon the type of aggregate. The liberation of SiF 4 from ,_Card 1/2 ------ B/081/62/000/004/054/ca7 Conditions for the liberation ... B150IB136 the body of the concrete does not disturb'e of Its physical or mechanical properties. The strength of the concrete increases by more than 1.5 times 40 during the reaction of the aggressive medium of sulfur dioxide. Preliminary heating of the lining does not always ensure a normal produa- tion process, owing to the influence of even quite small quantities of F liberated from the concrete. betraoter's note: Complete translations] [A 50- card 2/2 11EKHASOV , K.D., dolctor tokhn. nauk, prof., red.; ALITSHULEA, B.A.P kand. tekhn. nauk, red.; IVELIVIKOV , F.I., kand. tekhn. nauk, red.; MILOVANOV, A.F., kand. tekhn. nauk., red.; 141IIDNOV, V.Y., kand. tekhn. nauk, red.; SAU,XiOV, G.D., kand. tekhn. nauk, red.; SASSA, V.S., kand. tekhn. nauk., red.;,TAg&5QVA A.P.2 kand. tekhn. naukp red.; ROGINSKAYA, V.M., kand. tek~n-. red.; TESLENKO, M.K., kand. tekhn. nauk, red.; KUZNE-TSOVA, M.N., red. izd-va; MOCHALINA, Z.S., tekhn. red. (Fireproof concrete and reinforced concrete in construction) Zharoupornye beton i zhelezobeton v stroitellstve; trudy. Moskva, Gos. izd-vo lit-ry po stroit., arkhit.i stroit. materialam, 1962. 301 P. (MIRA 15-5) 1. Vsesoyuznoye soveshchaniye po voprosarn issledovaniya, pro- yektirovaniya, stroitel'stva i ekspluatatsil teplovykh agrega- tov iz zharoupornykh betona. i zhelezobetona,, 1960. 2. Nauchno- issledovatellskiy institut betona i zhelezobetona Akademii stroitel'stva i arkhitektury SSSR (for Nekrasov, Alltshuler, Mellnikov, Milovanov., Milonov, Salmanov, Sassa Tarasova). (Furnaces) (Concrete construction TAIVA"i'A, A - P - lln t'~a L~n,:: J--rin-, 'ji Y,-,ljli ; " (j: I'! 1 .1 ~j - .,:ei 3cl, Lcnin_-,rad :~a~ilcal Inst, :~ar. Haalth 1?5f5. (FL, *.") 11, ":ar 55) SO : ""0, N Sop 5~--jiirvcy cf Scientific .in-l '"eclulical f L Dissertatl~-ns Defen-je-l a~ '.A -,! (!',,) TARASOVA Pulmonary changes rel-sted. to dysentery in early childhood [with summary in Xnglish]. Trudy LBGMI 41:151-164 158 (MIRA (DTMTERY, in Inf. & child. with pneumonia & other pulm. disord., pathol. (PUMONIA, in inf. & chidl dysentery. pnthol. (Rue)) DISBASES. in inf. and child same (Run)) 11:11) (Rns)) TARASOVA, A.P. : ~- ' Korphological pulmonary changes in whooping cough [with summary in Inglish]. Trudy LSGMI 41:165-177 158 (KIRA 11:11) (WHOOPIUG COUGH, compl. lung disord.. morphol. Otus)) (LUNG DISEASES, in inf. & child caused by whooping cough, morphol. (Rua)) ~%f T c' n 3~~Ing 3. 17.4) 1. Kafelra rat ', 0 10 t~ L M c- i L i, rof lk. kilon-korrespondent AMN S&I'R, pro!'. ll.i~. --wIz;Fdj; 'apoln.yriyushchiy obyazannost., kaftolroy V.N. Fej~.,Yeva) Leni.ngrc~.dsk~)go instituta. TSINTSERLING, A.V.; POLONSKAYA, Ye.V.; TARASOVA, A.P.; LYUBAVIN, A.R.; NABOKOVA, Ye.R.; MASUENNIKOVA. L.K.; KAYOROVA, L.P. (Leningrad) Pathological anatomy, of adenovii-Lis lesions of the lungs ir, children. Arkh. pat. 27 no.10:21-28 165. (MIRA 18:10) 1. Institut detskikh infektsiy i Insti tut Imeni Pastera, Detskaya bolInItsa imeni N.F.Filatova, Dets~aya bollnit6a imeni "Simbalina i I-ya detsknya bollnitra Olctyabrlskopo rayona, [Aningrad. TARASM, A.S. Treatment of bloodiag ulcer of the stomach and duodtxm. Xhirurglis no.1:153-157 Js 154. (NIM 7:5) 1. Is fakalitetakoy khlrurgichookoy kliniki In. B.I.Spsookokotakogo (saveduyushchly - professor A.K.Bakalay) Il Hookovskogo meditelaskogo Institute In. I.T.Stallaa. (Peptic ulcer) BULATOVA. Z.1.; VOYTSILI, Z.A.; GORBOVICTS, A.N.; IVANOVA, Ye.A.; KAZIKINA, T.A.; KIMIMAN, B.S.; ILINKO, S.A.; ILIHOVA. 1.G.; NOURIVA, V.Y.; KOMWA, P.R.; KOSTITSINI, R.P.; KRUGLOVA, Z.M.j STRIZHOTA, A.I.; KAIMOVA. L.G.;__TARUOTA,_A.S..-_USHUOTA. K.T.; FILIPPOVAl TG*A.,; TROFIKOV, A.V.,, Nesozoic and Cenozoic stratigraphy of the West Siberian Lowland) Stratigraftia mazosols i kainoxoia Zapadno-Sibirskoi ntzmannosti. Moskva, Gos.u9uchno-tekhn.izd-vo neft. i gorno-toplivnoi lit-ry, 1957. 147 p. (MIRA 12:2) 1. Gosudarstvennyy soynznyy Zmpadno-Sibirskiy nefterasvedochnyy treat. (Siberia, Western--Geology, Stratigraphic) TAU 0 -kandidat meditsinskikh nauk (Moskva, 64. Iqalin persulok. WA,. Two ca as of torsion of the stem of the spleen. Nov.khIr.arkh. '57. (NLRA 10:6) L.Ginekologichaskaye otdolonlys gorodskey. klinicheskoy bollnitsy no.l. (SPLUE-DISBASES) TARASOVA, A.S., -"i, -`- 1, Two observations of torsion of the soleen. Khirurgiia Supplement: 27-28 157- (MIRA 11:4) 1. Iz Moskovakoy gorodakoy klinichaskoy bollnitny Noel imeni N.I. Pirogova. " (SPURN-DISFASES) S/661/61/000/006/019/081 D205/D302 AUTHORS: Taraso Petrov, A. D., Andiianov, X. A., Go- t's _ ov, S. 4Lub Ponomarenko, V. A., Cherkayev, V. G.1 Zadorozhnyyl N. A. and Vavilov, V. V. TITLE: Continuous addition of hydrochlorosilanes to unsatura- ted compounds SOUILICE: Khimiya i prakticheakoye primeneniye kremneorganiches- kikh soyedineniye; trudy konferentsii, no. 6, Doklady, diskussii resheniye. II Vses. Konfer. po khimii i prakt. prim. kremneorg. Soyed., Len. 1958. Lenin.-rad, Izd-vo AN SSSR. 1961, 99-100 T'SXT: Por practical application of the addition reactions of me- thyl dichlorosilane, ethyl dichlorosilane and trichlorosilane to liquid and gaseous unsaturated compounds an apparatu3 was designed and optimum conditions of synthesis were established. The chloro- silane and the gas are fed into a reactor. The products are dis- charged via a cooler into a receiver equipped with a reflux. Dur- V/ Card 1/2 S/606 01/000/006/0!9/051 Continuous addition of D205XD3'02 ina the reaction the reactor and cooler are cooled by water, the receiver and the reflux by brine. The arrangement was tested on the reaction of ethylene with methyl dichlorosilane and ethyl di- chlorosilane. The exaeriments have shown that in the 35 - 2000C temperature range th~ reaction is unchanged giving a 65 - 75'ia' yield. 4.To by-products are formed and the output is hi h (,> 6 kg of methyl ethyl d-ichlorosilane/hr/l of reactor volumel. The pro- cess is amenable to automation owing to its insensitivity to tem- perature changes. There are 1 figure and 1 table. V/ Card 2/2 P=07, A.D.; AwRaNov, X.A.; GOLUBTsov, S.A.; POKOMAREM, V.A.; CMIATEV, Y-G.; TARASOVA, A.S.; TAVrWy, V-V-; ZADORMNM, N.A.; POPXIWA, G.S. --- Continuous method of catalytic addition of bydrosile a to un- saturated compounds. Ihim.nauk I pros. 3 no.5:679~-681 158. 1. Ingtitut organicheekoy khimil im. T.D. Zelinekogo. (Bilane) (Unsaturated compounds) OSTRIN, P.I.; TARASOVA A S BEM'!SIITEYN-MffMt, R.A. X-ray therapf in acute pancreatlitis. E