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C2 la~-- --3 . n - ~ -~ - ~~ :, - - , PETRAKOVSKIY, A.P., irjzh.~ TISIIKCV,,Yu.Ya., inzh.; TISHCHENT.0, 0,1, -*n&..i SOLODOVNIKbV, '1.V:, inzh. Use of comprmssed air in IntenBifying open-heart.1i smal,ting with f'urntwo operatton by Clio scrup proccinri. Stalt 23 no.12:1070-1082- 1) 163. 041RA 1.7,2) 1. Zlatoustovokiy nit, t~dliirglohmskjy -uvo(A. -ACCESSION NR: AP4040388 S/0133/6h/bo0/006/0540/05U AI~HORS: Okhririovicii, B. P. (Engineer); Tishchenko, 0. 1. (Engineer); Filatov, So 1. (Engineer); Kolyasnikova, R. 1. (Engineer); Gurevich) Yu. Go (Candidate of technical sciences) TITLE: Dark crust in the macrostructure of stainless heat resistant, alloyed Istructural steels ;SOURCE: Stall no, 6, 19649 546-544 TOPIC TAGS: steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel, crust formation, steel l3Khl2',MT-A U steel 13KIaNVFRA, steel 20K1i15N3MA, steel Kh17N2, steel 4KI19S2, steel Kh23,, steel Kh17, steel Kh25., structural steel 18KhNVA, structural steel 15.KhG',4TA,, structural steel 16KWNT, structural steel 40KI-AITMA ABSTRACT: TUs study is a continuation of a previous investigation on the nature of dark crusts common on stainless heat-resistant steels of the types 13Kh12NV1'-TA, l3K1-aLXW-RA,, 20K1-a5N3HA,, KUM., Khl7., K1125, 4KhqS2., Kh28 and on the alloyed . structural steels 18KhNVA, 1%hGNTA, 18KWNT, 40KhM-1A. The investigation consisted of metallographic analysis of samples cut from "healtl-q" and from defective sac- tions of ingots, and the comparison of their compositions and structures. 1-'Letal- Card 1/2 I.Acussiai NR: Ap4o4o386 ;lographic s-Wdy showed that defective sections were richer in carbon, aluminum, ..!rld aluminum oxides. Large silicate inclusions of complex corkposition with multi*-I- .ple aluminate inclusions were,found to be distributed regularly in the direction :of deformation. Corundum represented the basic part of the precipitate and ;occurred in the form of transparent colorless grains (N 1.767). Spinel and ,titanium were less common. The precipitate also contained colored anisotropic inclusions with N a 1.775. The experiments rovealed that the dark. crust orig.- 9 ';inated in the deadhead zone and penetrated the body of casts during the crystal- Ilization period. Defects caused by crust formation were eliminated by preventing I the cl-dpping of the crust and its subsequent sinking into the metal. This was ;achieved by decreasing.the heat of flux by sprinkling lunkerite 23, vermiculite : pot-ider, or chamotte over the ingots (2 kg per ton of metal). Orig. art. has: I 'table, 6 figuresp and 1 forrw2as. ASSOCIATIONi Zlatoustovskiy metallurgicheskiy zavod i Chelyabinskiy :politekhnicheskiy institut (Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant and Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute) .SUBMITTED: 00 DATE ACQ: 24Jun64 SM: 00 :SUB CODE s RH NO W SOV M5 OTHERt 000 .Card 2/2 '~,Ynthes',s of h~ 1A ~.,,l th ondium :Zlr,, 165 1. Ode~-,,sllclly Z~l ..u1nitted Karoll 1-6. 1965. STEPANGVA, o.S.; DROZDOVSKAYA, A.I.; KALINITSKAYA, E.A.; PANCHUKp, T.D.; YAISENKO, Ye.A. Synthe.419 of some OL-halo ethers. Zhur. MO 8 no.5:598- 599 10. (MIM 17: 1) 1. Odesskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet imeni Mechnikova. VYDRIN, Y.N., kand. tekhn. nauk; AMOSOV, P.N., inzh.;,.Tl NKO, O.J., inzh. Investigating the performance of guide s7stems on small section mills. Sbor. st. CHPI no.14:91-100 159. (Rolling mills) (MIRA 12:9) "tt writtan v7 &~srr b- or tb. awlysuin- COVIMAM "as -11s.tion of al, poUtekhmICheaktr Institut 13%bLask FblytaCbAICA1 InfUtutf), dBUIS with probloss on the tboorjr, Vj%j=�4ds, And 444190! at of saw forKing. pMbj,.j In tango of abap. "'Atato0r :tm a; at Paralletspip4do and 4rundri"l bodt.0 ub.40L.4 to flAtt&ntn In 14M pamllal for$Ing h*Sdd am 416444014. the temattals of the tba*rY of the tdt4m*tt*n bQ`wQQ strip and rall, and th. irwatina or sup along ~Oatsnt sm-rioso during rolling am OXVUJ=d. An &,Alyttc nattod for the kinematic dOsiga OP te"-4istr1b-t1O- Saabanisas for at- 1-ra is prssetted. Precision sta=pius of thiz~%Iled psrta~f intricate sha2e to des~Kbed. An Lawstigatiom of the AIOCUOU Of rapta rs In in tandea rolling mills LA d1scossed. An artlala an tht testing of UCU-14 bm;lng ftr~ma Is Also Included. go parwalattLes am sontionsd. agVerenoso tallow ft"ml of the &rticlas. LEVENETSP N.P.; SAMOINt A.M.; SEMIKIN, I.D.; KAZAKOV, V.E.; BEMBINEK, Ye.I.; PANYUKHNO, L.G.; SVINOLOBOV, N.P., AVERIN, S.I.; SMIRNOV, V.M.; ZELENSKIY, V.D.; LAYKO, B.G.; TISHCHENNO,-9j.; OMMIYLYIGH, B.F.; 4ANOV, M.A.; MARKELO DANILOV, A.M.; TISHKOV, Yu.Ya.; V, A.l.; PETROVP A.K.; VASILEVSKIY, P.A.; PASYUK, K.I.-, NESTEROV, V.I.; KHRUSTALIKOV, L.A.; GLAZKOV, V.S.; MAKAGON, V.G.; FOMINq G.G,,, TRISHCHENKO, V.D.; KORZH, V.P.; SUYAROV, D.I.; ARSEYEV, A.V.; PAVLYUCHENKOP A.A.; ZHADAYEV, V.G.; KONDORSKIY, R.I.; MOROZOVA, I.A.; KOCHETOVq V.V.; PRUZHINER, V.L.; MALEVICIlp I.A.; MALIOVANOV, D.I.; ZAKOVRYASHIN, I.I.; NOVSKIY, I.S.; NOVIKOVA, V.P.; GRISHIN, K.N.; IMOSKOVSKAYA, M.L.; KORNEYEV, B.M. Inventions. Met. i gornorud. prom. no.3s75-76 My-Je 164. (MIRA 17z10) 130GATSKIY., A. V.; GOTffACHUK, N. A.;_,TISHCHEIIKO, 0. 1.; KIRtYAKOVA, A. A. Synthesis and transformations of alkyl- (X-alkoxyethylmalonic esters' Part 3: Synthesis and saponification of alkyl- a - meth~;;ethylmalonlc esters. Zhur. ob. khim. 33 no.1:42-45 163. (MIRA 16:1, 1. Odesskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet. (Malonic acid) (Saponification) GKiFUMIGIVICII, B.P. , I nyi;. KOI,YA.71 I Dark. criist in Uie strun turn I s f ee-- till o,, s "t,ill 24 .1. pol 1 tekhniche sl, iy i r,,.,3 t L tu t. L 266h-66 91TM/&4TW/FCG DIAAF GS/GW A7c-om NR:---AT5O2j961 UR/6000165/000/000/0466/0472 CESSI AUTHOR3 Izrael'. Yu. A.,: Tishchenko. 0. P. N~ TITLEt Adsorption method of determining radon concentrat ion in the air from an airplane SOURCE: Nauchnaya konferentsiya po.yadernoy meteorologlit__ bninsk,, .1964. Ridioaktivnyy.e izotopy v atmosfere i ikh spol'zovaniye v metearologii (Radioactive isotopes in the atmosphere and their use In meteorology); doklady konferentsii. Moscow, Atomizdat, 1965, 466-472 TAGS: nuclear meteorolo,%yj aircraft radon measurement, radio-, active aerosol ABSTRACT: A brief description is given of experimental airborne equipment devised for in-flight measurement of the radon.concentra- tion in the atmosphere (apparently modified activated-carbon equip- ment previously used for surface measurements). The laboratory tech- niques and procedures used to calculate optimum conditions for the rate and interval of sample collecting, as well as results obtained in tests of the equipment are also presented. Radon concentrations Card 1 / 2. .L 266h-66 .!ACCESSION NRt AT5023961 Imeasured over land areas near the White Sea in 1960 were in agreement: with data cited by Kirichenko and by Karol' and Malakhov in "Voprosy yadernoy meteorologii" (Problems in Nuclear Meteorology), Gosgeol- tekhizdat, 1962. Orig. art,, has',. 2 figures. [ERJ ASSOCIATION: none SUBMITTEDs 28Apr65 ENCLs 00 Sun CODE: ES, N1 No REr SOVs 007 OTHER: 000 ATD PRESS: rd 2/2 TISHCHENKO, O.R. [Tyshchanko, O.R.] Co.lored gla3es for majolica. Leh.prom. no-4:37-44 O-D 162. (MIRA 16:5) 1. Vasillkivslkiy mayolikoviy zavod. (Majolica) (Glazes) TISHCBENK0. P. (g. Simferopol,) PID-1 device for small bore rifles. Voen.zaan. )2 no.2;21 Y '56. (XLHA 9: 5) 1. Predsedatell komiteta, pervichnoy organizataii Dobrovol'nogo obohchestva sodeystviya armii, aviatsii I flotu. (Rifles) GORELOV, Militant aids of trade-nnion committees. Sov, profsoiuzy 16 no.20: 43-47 0 16o, (MIRA 13:11) 1. Zamestitell prodeedatelya zavkoma profsoyuza zavoda *Krasnyy A~saj".~for Gorelov). 2. Chlen zavodskogo komiteta profsoyuza zavoda "Kraspyy A~pay"-ifor Tishchenko). (Rostov-on- n ZFricultural machinery industry) (Trade ufir~ns) VorV cou;cils) TISHGHENKO, P.A.) ansi8tent Means for increasing Uze reliability of large d.c. machine3. Trudy MEI no-39:81-90 162. (MIRA 17:6) GORYAINOV) F. A. "On ti,.e Problem, of' a HiL-Iii-Speed Electrical Mh(-i-Inerly pp 128-133, 7 rein Abst: An cumlysis is rade oi' various I'actors wi.ic-h at'fect hL.,li-sneed electrical machinery reL;ulator-a:.-plifiers. Soi-,ie possibilities f'or increasinfl~ the speed are considered. SOURCE: Trudy Moskovskogo Enerr~eticheskogo In-ta im. V. M. Moloto-va- (Works -- the ' - 6 L I;Ioscow Energetics Institu'e imeni V. M. Molotov), Dro 16, Electrome- o ch.mics, Moscow-Lenin_nrad, Gosenergoizdat, 19506 Sum 1854 GORYAINOV, F.A., doteent, kand.tekhn.nauk.;,,T1SHCHE1TKO, P.A. -, assictent Dynamoelectric regulator "Magnicon". Izv. v7s. ucheb. zav.; elektromekh. no.1:79-85 158. (MIRA 11:6) l.Moskovski7 energeticheskiy institut. (Voltage regulators) T~ 112-3-5814 Translation from: Referativnyy Zhurnal, Elektrotekhriika, 1951,' Nr 3, p. 109 (USSR) .AUTHOR: Goryainov, F.A., Tishchenko, P.A. TITLE: The Problem of Fast Response of the Rotating Regulator (K vo~rosu o bystrodeystvii elektromashinnogo regulyatora) PERIODICAL: Tr. Mosk. energ. in-ta, 1956, Nr 16, pp. 128-133. ABSTRACT: Fast response of rotating regulators Is judged by the control circuit time constant -:,. If the possibility of variations in the time constant is disregarded, it Is possible to establish ways in which the value of the time constant is influenced, by writing the expression for -C in various forms: LC111a Y G -. I la = Y a- 2. F. ajl -Fa - - ' aJ 1 YaA 2P 4ajl wa where 0-. dipersion coefficient of the poles; Oa useful flux; /T - specific resistance of the control Card 1/3 The Problem of Fast Response of the Rotating Regulator 112-3-5814 winding conductors; a = ratio of the total voltage drop in the control circuit, including the voltage drop in the additional resistance, to the voltage drop in the control winding; J - 'current density in the control winding; 1 - average length of turn of the control winding; va speed of rotation of the regulator arma- ture, A = armature linear load; Pa = capacity of the rotAing regulator; 2'p* = number of poles in the rotating regulator; E. fa = emf and speed of rotation of armature; wa = number of series turns of armature winding. To make the time constant short 'er, analysis in- dicates that it is necessary to Include additional resistances in the control circuit, increase the current density in the control winding, which requires the use of heat-resistpLnt insulation and improved ventilation, de- crease the specific power of the regulator per pole, increase the number of comnutator plates and series con- ductors in the armature winding branch, increase the speed of rotation and the frequency of polarity reversal of the armature 'and inertase the linear load to the extent per- mitted by reliable commutation. The magnetic circuit of Card 2/3 The Problem of Fast Response of the Rotating Regulator 112-3-5814 the auxiliary commutation poles should be designed with an additional gap between each pole and yoke; the magnetic circuit should consist of sheet steel with a lower specific permeability, and the frame and bearing housings should be made of nonmagnetic materials in order to reduce leakage flux. A.I.M. ASSOCIATION: Moscow Institute of Power Engineering (Mosk. energ. in-t) Card 3/3 TISIICifl,'-NFO. 'v.N. - Basic problems in the further development of 1,he S' * insulating materials, products, and Elemerta. S-Iroi. mat. _'~3 21-23 0 164. (141:'A 1. Gi,avnyv teklinolog kombinata "TSen troe nergo tap l-loizo 1yat s iya" . IMAP-clomos s.x.; Tistrouro, J,.V. Mthcdoloa of lPimtric roearch on IxTJZatcd landq. Truc-V GGI no.225958-W 165. bqmrimontal atudion of tho Olemonto of water balamo on irricatod lande of the Lower Don rrrigat-ion -,,3rt;tw. Ibid. t:L21-365 (141PA l8sl2) 2~ USSR / Cultivated Plants. Gralno. M-3 Abs Jour: lt~~f Zhur-3iol, 19~6, No 1", '(2883. Author : -Tishchenko. R Inst : Moscow A,-,ricultural Academy imeni K. A. Timiryazev. Title :Influence of Various Methods of Ci.iltivatinL, Peron- nial Grass Covers on the Hai-vest of Winter Wheat. Orig Pub: Sb. stud. nauchno-issled. rabot. Most. s.-kh. akad. im. K. A. Timiryazeva, 1958, vYP. 8, J2-58- Aistract: No abstract. Card 1/1 IMOROV, A.D.; TISHCHMO, R.D., kandidat takhnicheskikh nauk, redaktor, POPOVA, b".W.7~-Ibre`skiy reclaktor (work on a great toolmaker microscope] Rabota na bol'shom instru- mentallnom mkiraskope. MoBkva, Gas. nauf-hno-tekha. izd-vo mashino- stroitellnoi lit-ry 1955. 126 p. (MLRA 8:7) (MicroscopeO BARDIN, I.; BELAN, R.; BEKHTIN. N.; BOYKO V. - BORISOV, A.; BYCHKOV. V-; .VASIIENKO, S.; VINOGRAMOV, V.; UhMM~SEay. A.; VODN.EV. G.; MORIN. S.; DZHAFARIM. Ye.; DIDMO. V.; DIYAKONOV, N.; ZEUMVLEV, S--, ZAIMROT, A.; IVANOV, I.; KIRSANOV. M.; KOLTADA. G.; KOROBOV. P.; LESKOV, A.; LUKICHO L.; LYUBIMOV, A.; MELESHKIM, S.; MMSYMOT, A.; PERTSEV, M.; PZTRUSHA, F.; PITMWnY, A.; POPOV. I.; RAYZAR, D.; .ROZHKOV, A.; SAPOZIRIIKOV. L.; SEDCY, P.; SOKOLOV, P.; TNVOSYAN, I.; TIKHONOV, N.; TISHCHENKO. S.; FILIPPOV, B.; YOMMO, N.; SIM, OV, A.; SHERIMTOYEV, A. Fedor Alskeandrovich Markulov. Koks I '56. (MLHA 9:12) (Narkulov, Fedor AlekBandrovich. 1900-1956) TISI[CID-MKO. S. I. [Tyabcbenko, S.I. Steel industry of the Wraine. Nauka i'zhyttia 9 no.4:37-4'1 Ap '59. (.AMA 12:7) 1. Hinistr, Nachallnik otdola metallurgichenko.- prorWahlennouti Gooplana. Sovata Ministrov USSR. (Ul-traine-Steel induatr7) Tishchariko, S. I.. N'eaztro-itv, T L'Iprowanfit of thc of,!:rktioF! at tLe 1,iakeyav ,,al4 :1 jjo.,() vl. otd-T-liya lurf-ic2l plant isieni Kirov," Trudy Sl L 3 1 0 SO: U-521L11, I-i 1!111-1:11 SL.O,ay, .~O. TISHCHENKO, S.S. Resulte of mitral commissurotov7. Vrach.delo no.4:379-383 AP 16o. (MIRA 13:6) 1. Xlinika toraklaluoy khirurgii (zav. - prof. N.M. Amosov) Kiyevskogo nanchno-isoledovatellskogo instituta tuberkuleza imeui atRademika F.Gs Tallovskogo. (MITRAL VALVE--SURGERY) -. 7 . KUTEYNIKOV, Ye.S.; TISHCHEIIKO, S.Y. %%am --- -- -77za the tectonics of the upper Using aerial photographs to Ana Markha Valley. Trudy VAGT no.2:173-176 156. (MLRA 10:5) (Markha Valley--Gaology, Structural) (Aerial photogrammetry) TISHCHENKO, S.Ya., inzh. ------ --- --- -- Integrated management. Stroi.truboprov. 6 no.11YI6-17 11 161. (WRI 15-W 1. Stroitallno-montazhnoye upravlanlya no.7 tresta Mosga.-provodstroy, Leningrad. (Gas, Natural-Pipelines) TISHCHENK09 S-T~..j inzh. Field testing of poly,,dnyl chloride tape. Stroi. trubopr07. 6 no-3:21-23 Mr 161, (1XIII 14:3) 1. Stroitelyno-montazhnyy uchastok No.7 tresta YDsgazprododstroy, Leningrad. (Insualting materials) (Pipelines-Corrosion) ROZZI-IGAUZ, Hison Aronovich; SMWOV. Sergey Diodorovich; TISILCHENKO, S.Ya., retsenzent; SEMIYANOV, N.N., kand.tekhn.nauk, iWFs~enzent,- LZBEM, V.V. , nauchnyy red.; RUSUOVA, L.Ya., vedushchiy red.; YASHCHUR2HINSKAYA, A.B., LPipeline research] Izyskaniia magistrallnykh truboprovodovo Leningrad, Gos.nauchno-tekhn.izd-vo neft. i gorno-toplivnoi lit-ry. Loningr.otd-nis, 1960. 254 p. (MIRA 14:2) 1. Glavnyy inzhener Stroitellno-montazhnogo uchsatka NO-7 (for Tishchenko). (Pipelines) TISIICIENXO,,, S. Ya. [Tyshchenko, S.IA. I Positive results of the consolidation of the district pii-mri-racy net- work. Farmateev. zhur. 17 no.3s73-74 162. (14I~ 17:10) 1. Upravlayushchiy aptekoy No.50 g. Krasnoarmeyska, Donetsloy obl. ZLATKIN, Valentin Petrovich~.~~~~~~; SHPAKOVSKIY, V.I., nauchnyy red.,! DESHALYT, M.G., ved. red,; SAYRONOVA, I.M., tekhn. red. (Practice in constructing gas mains under conditions present in the northwestern U.S.S.R.10pyt stroitelfstva magirstrallnykh ga- zoprovodov v usliviiakh severo-zapadnykh raibnov SSSR. Leningrad, Gostoptekhizdat, 1962. 144 p. I (MIRA 16:3) (Russia., NortNWestern-Gas natural-Pipelines) :.:-'100 N' 164. urxav*ia-iy-q 1110.7 c.!, Ial Tn SI': Fnizhnnya L-1 c.-Pls "(7., 1, 1~1~( 50) C6231 AUTHORS: Angelov, A. I., Tishchenko, T. P. soir/64-59-6-23/28 TITLE: Coagulation of Phosphorite Mud PERIODICAL: Khimicheskaya promyshlennost', 1959, Nr 6, PP 537 - 539 (USSR) ABSTRACT: When the suggestion made by the GIGKhS concerning a second enrichment of phosphorite ore according to the flotation method was carried out in the Bryanskiy fosforitnyy zavod (Bryansk' phosphorite plant) no effective coagulation of the stable mud was achieved. The granulometric characteristic values of the ground phosphorite ore, of the mud to be coagulated, and of the coagulated product are given (Table 1) and it is stated that the phosphorite pulp contains much stable mud (Table 2) and is consequently slow in settling out, whichis the reason for the loss of fine fractions of the phosphate substance with the waste water. With A. I. Risovannyy, B. S. Lakhter, N. M. Khlebalova, and V. G. Kemova partiaipatint~, polyacrylic amide (propouod and produced by the Vsesoyuznyy iiauclino-issledovatellskiy institut Card 1/2 galurgii (All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Halurgy)) 06231 Coagulation of Phosphorite Mud SOV/64-59-6-23/28 was investigated as coagulating agent. The coagulating agent was introduced into the pulp tube by means of a funnel (Fig). From 5 experiments (Table 3) the following was found: the use of polyacrylic amide as coagulating agent decreases the loss of phosphate due to waste water 20 times. The optimum consumption of the coagulating agent is 25 9/t of phosphorite mud. When polyacrylic amide is used the solid substance content of the coagulated mud is 53% (up to a maximum of 56%). The coagulating agent should be added as close as possible to the point where the pulp enters the feeding funnel of the coagula- tor and should be thoroughly stirred. There are 1 figure, 3 tables, and 3 Soviet references. Card 2/2 taFIE -%Qk4~L (Kiev). tele 1)87elOPment Of inelmenoije '7i"ion Beta. Iludlo no-8:11P A4 153. 0 (Te I ev is jork USSR/Ei'loctronics Television Card 1/1 Author Tishchenko, V. Title A supplementary television attachment Periodical Radio, 3, 32 - 34, fear, 1954 Abstract In order to decrease the cost and to simplify the construction of a television not, the author gives a description, with complete circuit diagram, of a supplementary television attachm~3nt; this is a 4-tube television set which can be connected to a radio ed, However, the attacbment works only nt r-hort distancon (up lOklm 6 mil..) from a televising center. Institution .......... Submitted ten/Electronics - Television. receivers Card 1/1 s Pub. 89 - 18/20, Authors S Tishchenko, V.,(Kiev) Title A, television set with a limited number of tubes PGri0dical Radio 7, 35-37, July 1954 Abatz"t A television set operating on 6 standard tubes and one cathode-ray tube of the l8LK1B(18SKlS ) type is described. Operation on a limited num- ber of tubes was made possible t*ough the application of crystal diodes and the multiple method-of using the same tubes. In view of its low sensitivity, the reception range is only about 10 meters. The scanning system closely resembles that of the-KVN-49(KBH-49) television set. The sound track operates on a single channel. The details of the Coil windings'are listed. A selenium rectifier stack is used for feeding the set. Preliminary tests indicated that the set's parameters (ex- cept its decreased sensitivity) aA identical with those of the KBH-49 (IT-4") television set, Diagrams (inc1xxdinga,,drcuit diagram); table. Institution : Submitted : -TISMJ$ '49, V., - - -;. PAKMSOVA, K. Determining labor productivity in underground work. Biul.nauch.inform: trud i zax.plata 3 no-7:6-9 160. (KIBA 13t8) (Mining anginoorirW-labor productivity) TlcffCff:li,Ko ~,..4. KRASIN'ODIIIJ Stationary Irrangement for iri'leating orchards ~Ijth auto. contro-1 of soi-I moisture- SbOr- nauch tekh. inform. PO r1l, tic Olektr. sellkhoz I . no.101/17:70-75 ,,4.*- OMIRA 18:3_1) MORGULIS, N.D.-, TISHCHENKO., V.D, Cathod^ spitterin- threahoirl for notals. TZ-Y.411 SSSR.3er'I,i7.20 no-10:1190-1194 0 '56. (ML-n 10; 1) 1. Kiyevskly posud!iTstvan.Dy., unimrsitet, imemi T,G,, Slip, vchenko,, (Electron tubes) (Thercilonic emtagion) 2 S/185/61/006/003/0081/010 o D208/D302 AUTHOR-. Tishchenko, V.D. TITLE, Pulverization of metals by fast deuterium ions PERIODICAL- Ukrayins'-kyy fizychnyy zhurnal, v. 6. no. 3, 1961, 417-418 TEXT: The necessity to create an ultra high vacuum in thermal reactors stresses the importance of investigating the interaction between fast deuterium ions and the reactor shell, and in partic- ular the ensuing cathode-pulverization as reported by D. Kraston et al. (Ref . 1, Atomnaya energiya za r-ube zhom, no. 4 ~ 3, 1959) .. Up to now, deuterium-ion velocities of up to 30 keV were investiga- ted by, for example, V..M,. Gusev, M..I_ Guseva, V,P- Vlasenko and N.P. Liistratov (Ref,, 2. Izv, AS USSR, ser, fiz,, no, 6, 689, 1960) Only one short communication dealt with higher energies - F,, Fair- brother, J,,S. Foster (Ref, 3- Vacuum, 4, 112, 1954), In the pres- ent study, energies of up to 122,2 keV were considered., Metallic cobalt, labelled by its radioactive isotope Co60, was pulverized, Card 1/4 23295 S/185/61/006/003/008/010 Pulverization of metals,,,, D208/U302 The convenience of the radioactive isotope method for such invesLi- gations was shown before in N.D.. Morgulis and V,,D, Tishchenko, (Ref. 4i ZhETF, 30, 54, 1956) The experimental aDParatus had 8 powder-collectors which could be moved by a magnet; their perfor- mance was better than in previous investigations (Ref. 4,- Op, cit) and (Ref. 5,', N,D. Morgulis, V.D.. Tishchenko, Izv. AS USSR. ser, fiz., 20~ 1190. 1956). The deuterium ions were obtained from a high-fre- quency source with transverse high-frequency and longitudinal mag- netic field, N,,S, Nazarov (Ref. 6: PTE, no, 4., 93, 1959), The source used contained at least 8W'o atomic deuterium-ions. Hence the author considers that the amount of molecular ions (less than 20%) did not appreciably affect his results, Before the start of the experiment the cobalt mixture ...ras purified by an ion bombardment with an energy of up to 100 keV, The figure shows the dependence of the absolute value of the pulverizati~)n coefficient on the energy V of the deuterium ions (solid line). The dotted line shows t)-- resuTts of computations according to Piza's Z_,,~bstracter's note- Piza taken from the transliteration / formula (corresponding in the present case to D+ -C060); these re-sults are qualitatively in very C ard 2/4 Pulverization of metals ... S /18 5/6 1/00 6~01'0`3"/'00 8/0 10 D208/0302 good agreement with the experiment. There are I figure and 6 ref- erences: 5 Soviet-bloc and I non-Soviet-bloc. The reference to the English-language publication reads as follows: F. Fairbrother, J.S. Foster, Vacuum, 4,.112, 1954. ASSOCIATION: Kyyivs.'kyy derzhavnyy universytet im. T.G. Shevchenka (Kiev State University im. T.G. Shevchenko) SUBMITTED: January 30, 1961 Card 3/4 TIS110010, V.D. Pulverization of metals by fast deuterium tons. Ukr. fiz. zhur. 6 no.3:417-418 MY-Je 061. (KIU 14:8) 1. Kiyevskiy sudarstvennyy universitet im. Shovehenko. ~CooMsions (Nuclear particles)) (Deuterium (Ion beaZ MORGULIS, N.D.; TISHCHEM, V.D. The absolute luminescence yield of Y-scintillations in naphthalene and anthracene crystals. Zhur.eksp.i teor. fiz. 30 no.1:54-59 J& 156. (MLRA 9:7) l.Kiyovskiy gosudarstvanny7 universitet. (Cathode ray tubes) i, E. DLIC-1."i-s-ED, /'qo ~l F `11~ SEE ILC 04 4 a o3 'j W 11 Is 11 a a 10 X 11 U 1$ 16 A m 0 A do 6 61 a 41 ad ace m p 4 t- I- T- CC 0 ct 4 9 -A 0 P s d d O utlemy an Mea elyeev. V J l?UJJ PAYI Che". -Not, 61, -00 H. sovxXxorl, ;-00 ir A, zoo www 0 0 so A S 0 S L A OfTAkLURGICAL JITCRAtL41 CLASSIO ?a*, 1 1". 14... ---- 0 t. Ito AV at K n OF TV 0 o 0 0 T 00 KATICO so 3j. - - - - -- ;~ CA( It, it 6 1 w 61 1 0 4 A 0 76-0 ~eo 44; 1 2 3 4 1 # I a # ID It v 1) U 13 it 11 is X 11 bb3d'A MONNAP VU 14A IOU XJVQ 41 424 614%C0 -A a C It IF F r M I a L A-H T Z i--A A- 9--t-t-A-L' P1 ..v -44 tie Jt"CtQ-Xi;aiUm salts of Mull: Sews ;'ith Saftirstsid, a-dibiroazides. B. G. Gavrilav and V. H. ructleak. -60 (Leningrad State Univ.). J. Gen. CAWM. MS." ) 17. a 907-740047).-NatS with aliphatic dibromirlts *gives :-Of btWoles the norinal reaction oil I exchange, 21W an anumAhtus reaction yieldingivilly rettleptylirlwartions, Tht 002 yirhls of tile normal reaction drop with inrivase4l jnOI. wt. i-00 0 and with branchingot the Clikeloon. In all cavs iltudirtl indications of oxidative reactions we" found In which the -00 SN's bond is oxidized. This exothermic reaction ads the .00 cleavalre of halogen from C To 20A !. (,try NaA otoist - ened with Slits. 14011 was added 31.8 C111110'.. reac. -00 lion WAS IMMCdIAIV Will IfIl 10 tilt rVOW11011 Of C#11, oil, tilt reactiOn mix(. contained Nalir, $. and 8.8 j. (C11jSC11j)j, m. 110" (sublImativii). To ;M) g. N&,S was added 39.8 g. MeClIfIrCI-Isfir slid the reaction was started by, heating to 40% there were Whited 15.4170 I propylene and 10.2 g. yellow evil-strielling Oil, Identified as (MrrllC1l&-5)l, which was srpd. from the mist. of Nalir lit and S by steam distri. (Cillifl,le), (70A g.) and lit g. N&A gave 33.3% 2-butene and a mixt. of S. N&IIr. and a heavy oil, which, after wpn., guve a pos. Beilstein test. hence it was again brated 3 hirs. to 80' with NarSanddistd. ~to give 12.670 MeClIXUAft. b. 88-0', and 9 C. S.- CII&ft.Cif,%te.S.CIINte.Clihtc, Isolated as an oil by I F-W ;76 steam distri. NO, (39.7 g.) and M.9 g. Melclircillfir tie 6-00 gave 41:147t, laributylene and 6.2 C. of an c41, Identifirtl as A.Ct' If too Clit.H.Clis,CMel, isolated by steam distri.; the" wits *(So obliflurd 0.11 X. Nfo,C:CIIPr, b. 01 -2*, A. A ! I u*0 '11AILURMCAL 1.17111001 #Reaction of 41 C. hiclClIrCillithle still 29 g. Na'S gove trimethylethylene, .37-0',nosulflilcs,and20.I% 1Z do,) b. 118-20'. U it if 00 It,' a waxy lWatt 1101104) a I - 0 0 0 0 0 0 40 0 0 0 0 a 6 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0000 0 0 0 0 0 41 0 * - 000 o$ 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 * o o o a III to a it )1 15 4 11 A M I AA tx tt 01 11 U 11 u 0 is I? W I b is P W 41 m .1 0 t5 A . 1, SOS . Zvd"" ge dw white "ads *(Lap it= the vi#wPWat at Mtlf 1134"120" 10t \4tho mangluwe of glus. V. E. TISMOM0. P1911J. Caam- R"a"w"k /No- (Mmww) Zm& -19311 - M~A "ad umPk from Lugs WuUh*d CAm 9 3-21(1=)* N o. Vc.O.U.Otl.AIA2.MC&00.21%.UcOuam. lit loss on Ixanws was . SO.Z~M SO 0 . , 1. glass, and afteir 0.71% The sand can he used dkectJ)r. better aftu sifting. for MI So 't the &y has been wsshcd out. fnr CbCM, gJAW tDO. ALFRIND BUILGILIL SO a : O u 00 jo goo coo as* 200 no* too CIO 0 A S 4S L A 49TALLUKKAL UYINAYUNI CLASUPKAYMN U90 #3411 lot ZA AM I 1 11 IM 0 a 0 1 C 3 U 8 Al 10 IV; ; ; 1', . I a of it a to, St 11 - 3- YIA I to OT K ct 11 01 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 4 * 4 0 a 0 0 a a 0 0 o 'a 9 'a .0 'a 0 0 0 0 ACC NRI AT6034037 SOURCE COM UR/0000/66/000/000/0147/0149 AIMIOR: Voyevoda, L. V.; Okayuk, A. A.; Sidorova, R. P.; Ishchenko, I. K.; Vaudenskiy, Yu. X.; 7ishchenko, V. G. ORG: none iAILE: Correlation of the structure of the first coordination sphere with em.....- spectra of europium benzoylacetonate SOURCE: Simpozium po spektroakopii kristallov, soderzhashchikh redkozemel'n ye y elementy i elementy gruppy zheleza. Moscow, 1965. Spektrookopiya krietallov (Spectrarcopy of crystals); materialy simpoziuma. Moscow, Izd-vo Nauka, 1966, 147-149 TOPIC TAGS: luminescence spectra, jjR 3pectrvn),chelation, crystal symmetry , absorption spectrum, emission spectrum, .oenzeni, ouropium compound, acetone, complex molecule !ABSTRACT: Infrared absorption spectra of the microcrystalline EuB3P, EuNHP and I EuB3H(NH3) complexes, where 11 is benzoylacerone and P is piperidine, were measured at 771K to clear up the controversy about the degree of distortion of the first coordination sphere of the Eu3+ ion. This study was prompted by the reported difference in the luminescence spectra of EU3+ in benzoylacetonate complexes with different bases and by the earlier failure to correlate the emission spectra with the symmetry of the ligand field. A difference in the lumineacnece spectra of the Card 1/2 ACC NR~ A76034037 above Eu chelates was noted, even though they contained the same base, and was attributed to different structural modifications of the europium benzoylacetonate. '-e shape of the infrared spectra of the coaplexes studied confirmed the asskiz.ption of a continuous 4ecreae in distortion of the coordination oxygen octahedron '--. the pro- C066 of formation of the tetraligand EuBt,HP. The EuB3P complex is formed first in the process of synthesis and displays infrared spectrum identical with that of EuB3H(17113) .Depression of the spectral line corresponding to SDO-7FO transition in EUB411? as compared to EuB32 indicated a decrease in distortion of the cvordina- tion octahedron and was accompanied by an increase in relative luminescence yield. 71he spectral charactersitics Of EUB4HP and EUB4RK. where H is morpholine, are, therefore, correlated with the increase in symetry of the first coordination sphere in comparison with EuB3P or EuB311(N)13)- Orig. art. hast 2 figures and 1 table. SUB CODEz 07/ SUBM DATEs 25Mar66/ ACC NR- AT6034038 - ---------- SOURCE CODE: UR/0000/66/000/000/0150/0152 AUTHOR: Oksyuk, A. A.; Voyevoda, L. V.; Sidorova, R. P.; Jahchenko, I. K.; Tishchenko, V* Gl; Khudenskiy, Yu. K. .................. ORG: none TITLE: Coordination symmetry of the emitting ion in various rare-earth element chelates SOURCE: Simpozium po spektroskopii kristallov, soderzhashchikh redkozemel'nyye elementy i elementy gruppy zheleza. Moscow, 1965. Spektroskopiya kristallov (Spectroscopy of crystals); materialy simpoziuma. Moscow, Izd-vo Nauka, 1966, 150-152 TOPIC TAGS: rare earth complex, organoeuropium compound, organogadolinium compound, organoterbium compound, organodysprosium compound, organoholmium compound, chelate, luminescence spectrum, IR sp'ectrum,crystal symmetry , absorption spectrum, benzene, acetonc, complex molecule, rare earth element, ABSTRACT: A study of the infrared absorption spectra of the rare-earth element benzoylacetonates [same source, p. 147-1491 was extended to the microcrystalline protonized modifications MeB4, where Me - Eu, Gd, Th, Dy, or Ho and B - benzoylace- tone. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effect of splitting of the f energy levels in the ligand field on the frequency shift of the infrared absorption bands of carbonyl.groups (1500-1610 cm-1 region). The frequency shift in this region, as in the 500-900 cm7-1 region, reflects a decrease in distortion of the ACQ',jNR: AT6034038 *,)~r t coordinati6n sphere. The microcrystalline MeB 'complexes were expected to figplay higher symmetry of the first coordination sphere by- analogT with the MeB 41W "Complexes. The graph of the frequency of carbonyl band (1-1575 cm' ) of MeB,, com- ple xes versus the atomic number of Me exhibited the 11gadolinium angle" analogous to the one observed eariler on the graph of stability constants of the same com- plexes. The "gadolinium angle" may be correlated with a uniform distribution of f-electrons between orbitals of the Gd atom. Orig. art. has: 3 figures and 1 table. SUB CODE: 07/ SUBM DATE: 25May66/ Card 2/2 KHANIN, L.A.j TISIIGMTKO, V.G. Conference of Surgeons of Brest Province. Wray. Be"I. 9 no.-.7s 90 Jlt63, (MIRA I?s,/) TISIICIIENKO,, V- G- , Sasluzhenny7 -vrach WSR - Perforation of a gastric u-Icer into the retroperit r-al tiBLTuc-. Zdrav. Bel. 7 no.12:59-60 D 261. (I-111iA 15:2) 1~ Iz khirurgicheakogo otdeleniya Brestskoy oblastnoy bolinitsy (glavnyy vrach V.G.Tishchanko). (FLPTIC ULGEA) L 1600-66 Z-JT(d)/DJT(m)/EPF (n)-2/EWP (Y)/EwP (t)/DIP (k)/EWP(h)/EWP (b)/EWP(l) AMOJ 0 .310 Jr' BOOK EXPIDITATioff UR/ 6P3.4 (083) T47 JD1 Mahchenko. Vadim Grigorty!4ch liquid metals.4 methods and instruments for measuring and automatic Pyrometry of control Of temperatures of liquid metals. A manual (Firometr Iv-a&idkm. metaum metody i pribory dlya izmereniya i wrtomaticheakogo regulirovaniya temperatuwy zhidkikh metallov. Sgravochnik) Kiev, Naukova dumka.. 1964. 0191 p. illus.0 biblio. 3,200 copies printed, TOPIC TAGS: liquid metal$ cast iron, clag,, nonferrous metalp metal, metallurgic processes, pyrometry,, temperature control, pyrometer, temperature measure6ent. automatic control PURPOSE AMD COVERAGE: She book examines the temperature measuring methods of liquid metals, cast iron, slag end some non-ferrous metals end alloys. Presented are different pyrometer designs and methods for their use. One chapter deals with the continuous and automatic temperature control of liquis metals. New methods are projected for the development of liquid metal pyrometry in view of complete automation of metallurgical and foundry productim The dats, included in the manual cen be used in technological temperature control of l1quid metals In pro- duction processes. The book is intended.for engineering technical vorkere of GardilA AM501031 0 metaUurgical and foundry production end workers of scientific research and design organizations. It can also be used by students of higher educational instituticns end technical schools who specialize in metallurgy. TABLE OF CONTENTS (abridged); Foreword - - 3 Introduction - 5 Ch. I.,-'General concepts in the pyrometry of liquid metals6,- -; 13 Ch. n. Measurement of liquid cast iron temperature 2 Ch. III. Measurement of.liquid steel temperature - - 116 Ch. IV. Temperature measurement of non-ferrous metals and alloyo - - 143 Ch V. Continuoud control and automatic regulation of the temperature Of liquid metals - - 152 Supplements 163 Bibliography 186 SUB CODE: MM.* TD sumTm: oi oct64 tR REF SOV-. 075 01S C 2 TISTICHENKO, V.G. X. 2-M-1poki.,ids and mormsubst i,ul.ed i-dra'd.nea. Fart 2,, quantitatIve study " reaclic;n M-twerm, phen-1hydrazina and nubrtituted chal~ones. and, phaeus of t .7 '4-mr. crg. klilm. I no.] Ja 165, (?!JRA 1W~) :! 3 TI TITOVA NJI.V rad. ~s P [Pyrometry of liquid netals; meth&ds and equipment for the meauurement and automatic control of liquid metal ten.peratu.real Pirometriia zhidkikh metallov; metody i pribory dlia izmex-enlia i. avttmaticheskogo regulirova- niia temperatury zhidkikh metallov. Spravochnik. Kiev, Naukova dumka, 1964. 191 p. (MIR-A 17.-12) TISIICHENKO. V.G. Changing the cooling system for mercury pumps of mercury-arc rectifiers. Sbor. rats. predl. vnedr. v proizv. no.2:11-49 161. (MIRA 34:7) 1. Rudoupravleniye imeni Dzerzhinskogo, shakhta "Saksagan'R. (Mercury-are rectifiers--Cooling) SOVI 112 -57-6-1?-102 Translation from~ Referativnyy zhurnal. Elektrotekhnika, 1957, Nr 6, p 55 (USSR) AUTHOR: Tishchenko, V. G., Kharin, D. A. TITLE: Vibrations in Hydraulic Structures (Kolebaniya gidrotekhnicheskikh sooruzheniy) PERIODICAL: Tr. koordinats. soveshchaniya po seysmostoyk. str-vu. 1954, Yerevan, AS Arm. SSR, 1956, pp 219-228 ABSTRACT: Bibliographic entry. Card 1 /1 TISHCHENKO, V.M.; DIYACHENKO, N.Z.; DOTSENKO, I.I.; PLAKSIN, A.A.; BANSHCHIKOV, V-.I-; V14NOV, G.Ye. New record set by the V.I.Banshchikov brigade of mining 60,144 tons of coal Prom under a shield in one month. Ugoll 40 no.2:8-11 F 165. (MIRA 18s4) 1. Shakhta "Ziminka-Kapitallnayall Kuznetskogo basseyna. 30LTYK, V,Ya.;-.T.'13HCHCMKO, V.G. Pyrome Ile r for nor, Cortac t t6mpar a l,,,L-9 me a sureman I., 7a-. . 1 .-- 30 no.10-.1284-1285 164. (,TRA 18%4) 1. Institut problem litlya AN UkrSM. 5 TITLE: Preparative method for organic luminoDhores. Class 12, No. 167866 SOURCE: Byulleten' izcbreteniy i tovarnykh zna-kov, no. 3, '965, 24 1TOPIC TAGS: luminophore, organic luminophore ABSTRAM: An Author Certificate has been issued for the use of a 4-aryl- or 4-s!YMI lpyrylium perchlorate, as a luminophore in the green-to-red region. (SM) ASSOCIATION: Vsesayuznyy nauchno-issledovatel'skiy instulltut monokristallov (All-Unic Scientific Research Institute of Single Crystals). iSUBMTTED: 20Apr64 EUCL t 00 SUB CODE:04;W NO REF SOV: 000 OTHER: 000 ATD PRESS: 3210 LAVRUSHIN, V.F.; TISHCHENKO, V.G. Some new dtrivatives of L, 3, 5,.,-.triphenyl, - d -' -pyrazoline. Zhur.ob. khim. 32 no.7s2262-2261#. 11 '62. (MR& 2 5 -7) 1. narikovskiy gosudarstvennyy unJimersitet imeni A.I.I.Gorlkorro. (Pyrazoline) L 16710-65 EVITI'm)/EPF (C ) /'El,'IP(j AS( ~-2.TAPGC(b) ' RM M ACCF SION NR: AR5000785 SOUR,~E: Ref. zh. Fizika, Abs. IOD368 PC-4/Pr-4 RPT-/ESD (9s),/35D/AFV&/ASD(a)-5/ S/0058/64/000/010/D047/D047 AUTHORS: Tishchenko V. G.; Verkhovtseva, E. T.; 1~utsyna, _L. M.; Distanov, B. G. TITLE: Optical properties of some derivatives of 1, 3, 5-triphenyt- A,--pyrazoline CfTFD SOURSE: Sh. Stsintillyatory i stsintillyats, materialy. Khar'kov, Khar1kovsk. un-t., 1963, 126-129 TOPIC TAGS: absorption spectrum, fluorescence spectrum, luminescence quantum yield, scintillation activity, scintillator TRANSLATION: The absorption an fluorescence spectra were determined for a series 114 of derivatives of 1,3, 5-triphenyt- A _pyrazolinc (1), the quantum yields of luminescence were measured in heptane, and the scintillation activity was measured in toluol and 1-methyl naphtlialeno. In the general case, Lite absorption spectra are represented by three bands. With weakening of the electron-donor propertleq of the substitute, the Card 1/2 L 16710-65 ACCESSION NR: AR5000785 intensity of the two long-wave bands decreases, and the central band disappears com- pletely in substances with electron -acceptor substitutes. With intensification of the e1 ec tron -acceptor character, a shift of the long-wave band towards higher frequencies takes place, and iE, explained by the change in the energy of the 1, 3 system of conjugation under the influence of the "5" postition as a result of the action of the negative induction effect. The fluorescence spectra do not experience in general any noticeable changes under the influence of the substitute. The values oi 11 , measured relative to the sub- stance 1, fluctuate in the interval vallue 0. 8 -- 1. 2. It Is established that the derivatives of I can be used as highly effective additives to liquid scintillators based on either toluol or 1-methyl naphthalene. V. Korobkov. SUB CODE. OC, OP ENCL: 00 Card 2/2 ACCESSION NR: AP4014583 S/0079/64/034/001/0007/0013 AUTHORS: Lavrushin, V.F.; Bezugly*y, V.D.; Delous, G.G.; Tishche.n.ko., V.G. TITLE: Polarographic studies of reactions between hydrazine derivatives and certain,alpha-beta-unsaturated carboxylic compounds SOURCE: Zhurnal obshchey khimii, v. 34, no. 1, 1964, 7-13 TOPIC TAGS: hydrazine derivative, phenylbydrazine, alpha-beta- unsaturated carboxylic, compound, 1,3-diphenylpropenone, 1,3,5-tri- phenylpyrazoline, polarography, scintillator, luminescent additive, half-wave potential, reaction kinetics, activation energy, addition reaction, cyclization ABSTRACT: The formation rate of 1,3,5-triphenylpyrazoline _6 2 during reaction of 1,3-diphenylpropenone with phenylhydrazine was studied under various temperature conditions, starting with obser- Card 1/3 i ACCESSION NR: AP4014583 vations on the behavior of the reaction product at the mercury drop cathode. The derivatives of this product are promising lumin- escent additives for the preparation of fluid and plastic scintil- 1 lators. Folarographic determination was made against a background of a 5 x 10-2 14 solution of (C2H5)4NI in 92% methanol with reduced reaction time slowed by lowering the reaction temperature. The half-wave potential of the reaction product was -2.00 V, and the microcoulombimetric determination found a number close to 2 elec- trons participated in the reduction of one molecule. 1,3-diphenyl- propenone formed 2 half waves of -1.26 and -1.80 V. These find- ings were used for quantitative determination of these compounds with the standard -error of:c 5%. In studies of the reaction kine- tics, reduction of the rate of synthesis at equimolar quantities of Uhe-reagents did not result in parallel reduction of 1,3-diphenyl- propenone concentration. Reaction of 2 reagents was a second order reaction, and the synthesis reaction is a first order reactiob. An excess of phenylhydrazine howevet led to a first-order reaction for both PrO0035eb. The activating anorgion wera 6 kcal/molea for the Card 2/3 ACCESSIO"I' NR: Ap4ol4583 addition reaction stage, diphenylpropenone hydrazone spontaneous. Orig. art. ASSOCIATION: None SUBMITTED: lqJun62 SUB CODE: CH 22 kcal/mole for the intermediate 1,3- formation, and the cyclization was has: 5 figures, I table, 5 formulas. DATE ACQ-. 141?eb64 ENCL: 00 NO REF SOV: 003 OTHER: Oll ';Card 3/3 TISHCHEVKO, V.G* Isolated tuberculosis of the thyroid gland. Zdrav.Bel. e ro.11,: 8142 N 162, (MM 160) 1. Iz khirurgicheskogo otdeleniya Brestskoy oblastnoy bollnitay (glavnyy vrach - zasluzhennyy vrach BSSR V.G. Tishchenko). (THYROID GLAND-TUBERGUIA)SIS) PHASE I BOOK EXrjX"_VXOlq sv/406-( Savarensldy, Ye.F.,,, Doctor of Physics and Katbovati(.-so V.G. Tishchf--nkot A.Ye. Svyatlovaldy., A.D. Dobrwiollskiyj, L-zd A.V. Z~rv~ego Tsunami,, 4-5 noyabrya 1952 g. (Tsunamis of November 4-5., 1952) moscow,, Izd-vo Akademii nauk SSM., 1958. 60 p. (Series: Akz&miya =Ck SM. Sovet yo seyi3mologii.q Byalleten', no. 4.) Rrrata slip inserted. 1,500 copies printed. Resp. Ed.: Ye.F. SaTarensuy.. Doctor of Ph:n. J.cs and Mat-hemahieg; Ed. of Pablisbing Haase: X.P. Gurov; -xech. Ea.: 9.m. Pan gr rs,. PMPOW: This pifolicewton is iLtenae6L for seiswologists oc- o aphe meteorologists and geoph~micists. COVERAW: This collect-ion contt-l-nS h.X= a ::L~POZ-t __'T-'CPOX`~d jointly byKe.F. 5&rez~,asidyj, L.D. V.I. V).odavet3, L.W. Bretenakiyj, A.Te. BY~W&njVlly, JLj. ZlxlvaC?o, ancl O.A,, Olcmxldin ,incl?r -the auspices of tlu-, Academy m' Scien,_-cs WEMI, oji a tvanami uW-ch hit the Pacific Coast of K=cb~atka amd no--~tallun.-n on Wovera)ei- -4-5, 195'2. The ClEkrjd.,~~_ . 195'~' Tamnamis o' h-5 articla2 ;~omtuta eyeielt~-ei3s 4Z-' C-AI.SC3 V-d inforulatim on -Lhq oznigip-., ane. of tbe tauMM24 84d tlv-, P-~~?eat- cr~ wkricns Sourze material for +,",ae r~!?Yzrt was o'btr1aerl ~-,-uur 1) tjA4Lt of +~~cjjjnmjcgj~,aj ser.. vice; 2) a w. c-r=%qvv&u by I.1, -'aitaslienok, B.K. ML!w7q F.I. ?b-,vCe-aL-rT, o:f '--IV:! 3L-XW-tn o.'C the at se-FeLva -;)Oints or the caeo" tN;~. 3.1, ?J.Yj1 ot, the Laboratory of 1Ax1.t-&no.1-ofVr W! and V.G. tLL- 11"', J. Oil the 1W.iglits 0:,' the tommd veoreo at chiv-3tir I vera wrttten by Prol!eszor of t.%e Georfizicb.-s'-dY ":ez Lf8m)~(-.11F.1pter IT institut AN OCR (090- lbmA~. -10 by A.Ye. ~md m&be-.-v el t3ie TAborat/jry pter M 1by -. es or of Vuleanology,, AcadezW of Sciences UWR, vxd ah47 .1crof a Dobrmlla)dy of the Tmstitut olceanologii &N- Sslui (Institute of 0"-eawiogyp AAeJMq of Scient.,es USM),, and A.V. Md-fago., Candidate ot GeogrAphy and staff member of the InrUtat geografti AN WMI %Listi.tite of Geographyp AcadevW of Sciences WSR), The tPxt contains a "ap of eurtliquWam epicenters for the Kud1-Yhxcha,V.M regiori corWiled by L-1n&-,:YAp OWMAte of ynqsics and Mathe- matics and maker of the Geophysical Inatitnte. 11iere am 12 references: Soviet, 9 Eng3lsh, and 1 Cerman. Card 2/4 4r 7 -4 --::~ - - VD: 53 A006/A 10 1 t Yin! aJw f~ o-f May 4 1959 8A, 15 z' p E:- Y4,~ A j A? ZZ S, re -v t -j shIf .h M 41 f-cms.'-do.-xed ale ZOLId or; a,.-. -h-, -ill mag.-,It--id~! of snift ts is ej,ai tc tht E-; avd ~L 4. o f -Iz d C.,?S6 It 13 emall ~)Is- or, 2 Z. a:t 1 ins in-a-raged during -,he earthcp-aRes i-n 19--'~:,2 and build.' Ir solid nti, from 'Opha.Eal ltzrga S,~~ "I i c - s et rarla-l" 1-?, 5mc-c',,.h aglt& lcrn~j -:~ie break- dow- o~ of j7:.i -a:rA of r-'gid dwellings SOM6 A006/A ~01 -x, ciredgid aod I-a*,.ad g--o t.5 t-y torg-parlod d-image.:i a~" ~":r p g Al/ i.-ard 2/2 S/1 69/62/000/003/006//&~8 J2 2~_- / D3j,,) I AUTHORS: Tishchenko, V. G. and Lyamzina, G. A. TITLE: Oscillations of utorle-talus dams at thu Lime o1' mic auitation 2BRIODICAL: Reforativnyy zhurnal, Geofizika, no. 3, 1962, 14, ab- stract 3A122 (Tr. In-ta fiz. Zemli, AIN' S~31R, no. 17 (184), 1961, l09-118) TEXT: The authors describe instrumental inves-tigations of os- SejS_-4C cillations of a stone-talus dam caused by tile - effect oif ex--,--. plosions. The dam has a length of -2060 m and a hei6-ht of 25.5 m, its base beina of granite. The stone talus consists of siones, 2~ "3 01 1; - 50 cm in size, with an infilling of finer fractions; the slopes are partially fastened with concrete and rou-h wallin-; at the top Of the dam there is a ferroconcrete capping. Explosions were made on th e d 1 -water side. The vibra'i ons were recorded by V VE T~ soils ic receivers on a FjC)uf3_-d2,(P0B-12) oscillo-rar)h- with GIK ei mi t~ -4-1-1 (GB-111) five-hertz galvanometers.-The following propage, Card 1/2 S/11 6, 9/6 2 / 0 0 0- / 07/0 Oscillations of stone-... D228/D301 gational speeds of longitudinal waves were obtained: 5000 m/.9ec, iin granite and -400 m/sec in the s tone talus. The dlam I s n,-I tural us- cillations -- vertical, with a period of 0.08 - 0.1 sec, and ho-ri- zontal, with a period of 0.13 sec -- were recorded. D, the at-tenu- ation of the natural oscillations, was equal to 0.060. The oscd.lia- tions of the granite base are characterized by the presence, of high-frequency components (0.02 - 0.00' sec); lower frequenc~-_:-s '0.08 0-15 sec) prevail in the darn's oscillations. The caICUj-_P_-.edI ods of 'he vertical and the horizontal oscilla~io LI U _L U1 ns (T sec and T H = 0.154 sec) differ from 'he ine-asured by no rn,~re -,h 19~o. The conclusion is drawn about the usefulness of the adop-~ed method of calculation. /-Abstracter's note: Complete ransla U Card 2/2 ACC NRs AP6007837 SOURCE CODE: UR/0120166/000/001/019 AUTHOR: Tishchenko, V. G.; PushchaLovskiy, A. D. ORG: Institute of Foundry Problems AN U`krSSR Kiev (Institut problem litlya AN Ukr TITLE: New measuring circuits which use photodiodes ]~ kv" SOURCE: Pribory i tekhnika eksperimenta, no. 1, 1966, 1911-195 TOPIC TAGS: electronic measurement, photodiode, measurement bridge, voltage ampli- fier, solid state amplifier ABSTRACT: The authors describe two ac circuits based on photodiodeg: a voltage am- plifier and a measuvement bridge with temperature corripensaLion. A considerable nmipli- fication of the output signal is achieved by connecting the diodes in series with op- posing polarity (see figures). The amplifier circuit shows a chang.- in the output Sig nal from 0 to 50 v with a load resistance of apprOXiTIVEILely 5 IM when the suoply volt- age is varied froji) 0 -to 1.5 v. Tbe photodiodes should be thern)ostatically controlled to reduce temperature (arror. Tests of the measurnment bridge shovred that the output signal varies within limits of 0 -to 50% of the supply voltage. Orify.. art. has: 3 figures. UDC: 621.3fl2:536.52 Card 1/2 L 2484Z--ty-1- ACC NRt AP6007837 -.v D21JI-I eme v SUP:' out SUB CODE: 09/ D4 ~'V su U2 D3 4 0 out SUBII DATIE: 25Jan55/ ORIG REF; 004/ OTH REr: ooo Card 2/2alc~, L I.CIV jjj.,,j_ or, lic, -,"r TISIMIA, V.I. lifrw "wiFitnro for artificial and synthetic fibrsrq. T6:i,1.Prrj:1. 20 no.1:90-91 Ja 160. (mim' 13:5) (Germany, Went--Spinning machinery) S/125/60/000/05/05/015 AUTHORS% Pachentsev, Yu. A.; Tishura, V. I.;-Ivanov, 0. P~ TITLE3 Small Tongs for Resistance Spot Weldi,-gj,% PERIODICAL3 Avtomaticheskaya avarka, 1960, No. 5, PP. 32-37 TEXT: Three new types of small-size welding "tongs" are described - 11K-1651#~ "K-18011, and IT-171", of about 20 kg weight, designed for spot welding of steel parts with total thickness of up to 4-5 mm. The "K-165", and "K-18011 Pigures I and 2 weld 120-140 spots per minute, have a pneuma*t- ic: drive and are meant for large assembly shops with conveyer lines. The "K-171" (Fig- 3) with manual drive is for shops having no compressors. The "K-16511 has a built-in transformer (Fig. 4). The electrodes of all three types are water cooled. A special flexible cable, 11KGPE11 of "Ukrkabell" works is used for the feed of electric current, ompressed air and water. It comprises three electric cores with 10 mm cross section a9d one 2..5 mm core, and three ducto for water and airj one of the 10 mm cores is connected to the housing for grounding. The entiro welding unit with "tongs" suspended on a spring balancer is shown in Pigure 6. Welding is possible in any position. The article includes Card 1/2 S11 25/bO/000/05/ri 5/0 Small Tongs for Resistance Spot Welding details of design and operation. The experimental works of the Electric Welding Institute produced the first lot of "K-165" in 1959, and series production will begin in 1960. The first "K-171" and "K-18011 trial units will be produced during 1960. In future, the Institute will develop "tongs" of different power for special welding purposes. There are photographs, 3 diagrams, and I Soviet reference. ASSOCIATIM Institut elektrosvarki im. Ye. 0. Patona AN USSR (Electric.. Welding Institute imeni Ye. 0. Paton AS UkrSSR) SUBMITTED3 January 8, 1960 Card 2/2 KRASAVIN, Aleksandr Pavlovich; POPOV, Nikolay Nikolayevich; BOGUSLAVSKIY, Emil' Iosifovich. Prinimali uchastiye: _jLqHQ-1fE7TKO-,- V.I.; KLYKOV, M.V.; YEROMIN, G.M., red. izd-va; LAVRENTIYEVA, L.G., tekhn. red. (Mine worker] Zaboishchik n& rudnikakh. Moskva, Gosgor- tekhizdat,, 1963. 150 P. (miRA 16:8) (Mining engineering) jT V TISHCBMIKOP Vladimir Pavlovich; PINCHUK, A.P., red.; BOROVINSKAYA, L.M., tekhn. (Individual quality control; manual for contenders in communist competition] Tekhnicheskii samokontroll; v pomoshch' sorevnu- iushchimsia za kommunisticheskii trad. Rostov-na-Donu. Rostov- skoe knizhnoe izd-vo, 1962. 159 p. (MIRA 15:7) (Quality control) L AUTHORt Tishchenkt-YI-Y. ORG: none SOURCB CODEt TITLE: Ion concentration class 42, No. 177144 SOURCE: Byulleten' izobreteniy i tovarnykh znakov, no. 24, 1965, 96-97 TOPIC TAGS3 ion ooncontrationg ion gage ABSTRACT: This Author Certificate presents an ion concentration gauge with a diaphragm of electrode glass a-ad a metallic electrode. To provide f or. possible telemetry by conneo-ting the gauge in the tank circuit of an osoillatorg a semicon- duotor sheet is placed between the layer of electrode glass and the metallic electrode (see Fig. I)* The surface of the semiconductor sheet facing the electrode glass is coated with a layer of the oxide of the same semiconductor. A dielectric layer is placed between the o: xide layer and the electrode glass. UDC, 543.257 654-911 622.143 L 22723-66 Fig. 1. 1' - olectrode glass; 2- (B) metallic electrode; 3 - semiconductor sheet; 4 - senticonductor oxide layer; 5 - dieleetric layer. A - for con neoting in the tank circuit of an oscillator; B .. current tape;0 :to comparison taleatrode. Orig. art# has zI diagram. SUB CODE: 20/ SM IATE s .070at63 I-Card 2/2 ---T,1-S-HcHENK0, V.P. Manufactura Of cutting tools in a speciall2ed shop. Vest. mashinostr..45 no.709-81 JI 165. (MIRA 18tlo) KHJUIIII L~A.; TTSIIGRENKO V.S. zailuzliermyy vrach BSSR .1 9 3 2 Filroinas of the mesentery of the small int-eatirve, 7,drgv.bel. 9 no.2.68-69 F163, WDLA 16:7) 1. Iz kddrurgicheskogo otdelen-lya Brestakoy oblastuoy bollnitsy. (ISSENTERY-TUMORS) PASHCHR.NKox A.A. [Pasjjcbarjk6 YO.A. []Aalka, O.A.If KAR18AYEVP X. ry,,,Yt,,' L lf~vp Kol) TISHCHENKO V01,6 Durability of organooiliobn hydraphobio coalAxiga. Dop. All URSR no. 13 a 1498-3.50(3 165. (MITIA 18t 1- Kiyevskiy- Politely-hnicheskly jy.,at~tut,