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17(1,6) SOV/16-59-6-36/46 AUTHOR: Tokar, S.Kh. T=; The Epidemiology and Prophylaxis of Botkin's Disease. Author's Summary. 3c~ PERIODICAL; Zhurnal mikrobiologii, epidemiologii i immunobiologii, 1959,,k Nr 6,, pp 128-129 (USSR) ABSTRACT: This is an account of the background to the epidemic outbreaks of Botkin's disease in a large center of population in Northern Kirgiziya, where the disease has been recorded since 1950. The incidence of this disease has increased in recent years, although the incidence of other infectious enteric diseases has declined markedly. In 1956 wide use began to be made of cortical (morbillous?) serum and ganma-globulin for immunizing contact children and pregnant women in the foci of Botkints disease. In 1957 it was noted that the incidence among the immunized Card 1/2 persons had decreased by 40% over 1956. SOV/16-59-6-36/46 The Epidemiology and Prophylaxis of Botkin's Disease. Author's Summary. ASSOCIATION: Frunzenskaya infektsionnaya bollnitsa (Frunze Infectious Diseases Hospital) and the Gorodskaya sanitarno-epidemiologicheskaya stantslya (City Sanitary-epidemiological Station) JUBMITTED: April 28, 1958 Card 2/2 Torn S. K.K. Dysentery and influenza; author's abstract. Zhur.mikrobiol.epid. I immun. 30 no.9:129-130 S '59. (KM 12: 12 1. 1z Rrunzenskoy gorodskoy infektoionnoy bolinitay i gorodskoy sani- tarno-opidemiologicheskoy stanteii. (DYBXNMT BACILURY oompl.) (Im%u3m Compl.) TARANTAYEV, T.M.; _T~0KAR%_5.Kjj..,- KUYSHINIIIKOV, S.M.; ZUBOVA, Ye.Kh.; MINEYEVA, R.G.; 0111SHCIOIKO, G.F. Seroprophylaxis of Botkin's disease. Zhur.mikrobiol.,epid.i imman. 30 no.llrll-15 N 159. (MIRA 13:3) 1. Iz Ktrgizskogo instituta epidemiologii, mikrobiologil i gigiyeny i kafedry organizatsii zdravookhrananiva KirgizBkogo maditainskogo insti- tuta. (HEPATITIS, INFECTIOUS prev. &scontrol) (GAMMA GLOBULIN ther.) TOUR', Sh,,; 40SKIRk, S., nauchnyy sotrudnik I Forgotten subject. Okhr.truda i sots.strak-h. 3 no.2:36-37 1 160, (MIRA 13:6) 1. TSentralIM7 nauchno-isaledovatellskiy,institut Banitarnogo prooveahcheniya (for Sbskina). (Industrial bygieneT-Study and teaching) ACC NR: ARG035036 SOURCE CODE: 1311/0058/66/000/008/13007/33007 AUT14011- Nevidoms'ka, L. A.; Tokar, S. S.; Yukhnovslkyy, 1. R. TITLE: Chemical potential of a system of charged particles and the potentialts parametric curves accurate precision to the second virial coefficient SOURCE: Ref. zh. Fizika, Abs. SB70 PiEF S01TRCE: Visnyk Llvivslk. un-tu. Ser. fiz, no. 2, 1965, 19-26 TOPIC TAGS: -:;ft 9 -4 F charged particle, particle physics, chemical potential -5'0Z VrIO /0 00 /0 C QV Y;C,, j -710V ABSTRACT: The chemical potential is calculated for a neutral system of charged particles. Graphs for the relationship between the coefficient of electrolysis activity and the solution concentration are numerically plotted. [Translation of abstract] [NT] SUB CODE: 20/ Card ACC NRz ARG035039 SOURCE CODE: UR/0058/66/000/008/BO25/BO26 AUTHOR: Lomsadze, Yu. M. ; Tokarl, S. S. TITLE: The structure of the g-plane of a partial theoretical-field amplitude SOURCE: Ref. zh. Fizika, Abs. 813246 REF SOURCE: Sb. Tezi,;y dokl. k XIX Nauchn. konferentsii. Uzhgorodsk. un-t, 1965. Ser. fiz. Uzhgorod, 1965, 104-127 TOPIC TAGS: field theory, g plane, coupling constant, partial amplitude, theoretical field amplitude, angular momentum, meson theory ABSTRACT: The analytical properties of a partial amplitude with re'spect to the coupling constant g are discussed. In potential scattering the amplitude with respect to g is made up only of poles or stationary branching points; in the field theory moving branch points appear, whose position depends on energy and angular momentum. Ya. Azimov. [Translation of abstract] [SP] SUB CODE: 20 Card 1/1 A&L Ai ACC NR,'- AP60c)7793 :]!WPCP OODE,- IM/M f]5/66/oil/002/0133/011#1 AUTHOR: Lo sadze, Yu. M.; Tokar. S. S.-Tokar' S. 5 ORG: Uzhgorod State University (Uzhgorodslkyy derzhuniversytet) TITLE: Asymptotic behavior of the scattering amplitude for potential and field- theoretical scattering .SOURCE: Ukrayins'skyy fizychnyy zhurnal, v. 11, no. 2, 1966, 133-141 TOPIC TAGS: asymptotic property, potential scattering, scattering amplitude, high energy potential, recombination-coefficient, perturbation, wave function ABSTRACT: Proceeding from the results of the authors' paper (Yu. M. Lomsadze, S. S. Tokar, same source,- v. 11, no. 4, 1966), formulas of the asymptotic azid of the partial wave amplitude aX(I, s) as s for scattering by the "physical" potentials of type 1+00(0 rP areobtained. The dependence of the location Ilead(O) of the "leading" Regge trajectory on the degree of singularity of the potential at zero is also obtained. The maximum strong interaction corresponding to Zlead(O) = 1 turns out to be nonacbievable though any close approach to It is possible. An analytical continuation Into the complex n-plane is carried out for the coefficient function un(J, s) coinciding in the case of n = 0, 1, 2,... with Card -1/2 L 184-36-66 ACC NR.- AP6007793 the coefficient of the nth term of the perturbation series for the field theoretical partial wave amplitude' aA,(I, s) M* V`sf_;L(j, s) (k = g2 and g is the physical coupling constant)..- For the case of "renormnIii-abble" theo3Fies a connection is established between the asymptotic a.N(j, s) as s and the extreme right hand singularity un(j, s) in the n-plane-the connection which may be trivially extended to the case of total ampli- t tude TA(s, t). Orig. art. has: 7 figures and 35 formulas. (Based on author's abstract.] SUE CODE: 20/ SUBM DATE: lOApr65/ ORIG REF: oo6/ oTH REF: oo6/ -7*--- ACC NRt AR60!9669 SOURCE CODE: UR/0274/66/000/001/AO35/AO36 'AUTHOR: Tokar' S Ye ; Shvachka, N. F. :TITLE: Noise in train radio communication in areas using alternating current as the =otive force for trains PURCE: Ref. zh. Radiotekhnika i elekrosvyaz', Abs. 1A238 REF SOURCE: Tr. Khar1kovsk. in-ta inzh. zh.-d. trans., vyp. 72, 1965, 73-76 TOPIC TAGS: radio-noise, radio communication TRANSLATION: The results of studying train radio communications at the Pantayevka and KOristovka stations on the Odessa-Kisheneva Railroad are presented; the alternating purrent potential was 27 kv and the locomotive involved was electric locomotive WL 60. During the summer, the potential of interference was measured by instrument IP-12M at xne train radio communication frequency of the experimental sector (2.586 MHz). When :-4",-s,taiionary radio siation Zh-3 was hooked in to the terminal of reversed current, the -6ise potential was 300-400 U, and when connected to a sloping beam type antenna the noise potential dropped to 150 V; when connected to the locomotive antenna, it was 200- 7250 U. The analysis of obtained results are included. 6 illustrations. I. D. ];SUB CODE: 17,09 UDC: 621.396.931 Card 1/1 TOKARI, S.Yo.,- TATVININKO, L.H. Use of the paramagnetic resonance method for detoraining the concentration of oxygen dissolved in water. Izv.vys.uchob. zav.; radiofiz. 2 no.4:660-661 '59. (MIRA 13:4) 1. Kharlkovalciy grosudaratvannyy univorsitat. (Water-Analysia) 69961 sov/14i-2-4-Wiq AUTHORS 04 Ye,-,,,,and Litvinenko, L.N. TITLE: Using the Paramagnetic Resonance Method for Determining the Concentration of oxygen Dissolved in Water PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeuiy, Radiofizika, 1959, Vol 2, Nr 4, pp 66o - 661 (USSR) ABSTRACT: While studying paramagnetic resonance absorption in anthracite it had been noticed that the magnitude of the absorption fell sharply and then rose again when a pulverized sample was inserted in an evacuated enclosure. This was previously explained as due to paramagnetic Vf/ atoms of atmospheric oxygen. The authors suggested that the effect could equally well be explained by the presence of oxygen dissolved in water adhering to the grains of coal. If this was so there should be an inverse proportionality between the total particle surface S of the coal and the intensity of absorption, Q (for a con- stant sample weight). Figure 1 shows this to be the case from measurvments by Zavoyskiy's method at 3.10 8 C/s. By outgassing the particles by boiling in distilled water Cardl/2 69961 SOV/141-2-4-16/19 Using the Paramagnetic Resonance Method for Determining the Concentration of Oxygen Dissolved in Water the absorption observed "in the lump" was restored. It was also shown experimentally that the absorption varied inversely with the concentration of oxygen. The exact nature of the relationship was found as follows: an initially oxygen-free mixture of pulverized coal and distilled water was saturated with oxygen and its absorption measured-as a function of temperature (Figure Figure 26 is from a reference book (Ref 2) and plots concentration of dissolved oxygen against temperature at atmospheric pressure. A comparison of these curves, plotted in Figure 3, establishes the inverse relationship between absorption and oxygen concentration. There are 3 figures and 2 Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: Kharlkovskly gosudarstvennyy universitet (Kharlkov State University) SUBMITTED: May 12, 1959 2a); Card 2/2 TOKARI Sh. Z. TOKARY Sh. Z. -- I'Hygienic Training and Education of Students of Trade Schools of the Metalworking Industry." Sub 7 Oct 52, Central Inst for the Advanced Training of Physicians. (Dissertation for the.Degree of Candidate in Medical Sciences.) SO: VechernM Hoskva January-December 1952 TOKAR, Sh. Z. [Health 'education in trade schools of the metal wc:king industry; aid for physicians] Sanitarnoe prosveshchenie v r meslennykh uchiiishchakh metalloobrabatyvniiLshchal promysh!~-in6sti~ posobie dlia vrachei. Izd. 2-oa iopr. Moskva, saniternogo prosv. m-va zdravookhranenila SSSR, 19~5-85 (MLRA 10:4) (HPIALTH EDUCATION) TOX&RI Sh.Z. 1 -, [Materials for teaching the principles of hygiene and for health education work in trade schools of the metalworking industry; manual for physicians.] Materialy dlia prepodava- niia osnov gigieny i dlia sanitarno-proovetitellnoi raboty v remeslennykh uchilishchakh metalloobrabatyvaiushchei pro- myshlennosti; posobie dlia. vrachei. Moskva, Medgiz, 1955. 97 P. I (Health education) (MLRA 8:9) ASEYLV. G.M.; TOKARI, Sh.7a. Pa "" [Physical culture and sports among working youth; materials for health education] Fizicheskala kulltara i sport aredi rabochei molodezhi; materialy dlia sanitarno-prosvetitelinoi ratoty. Moskva, 1956. 6o p. (MIRA 11:3) (PHYSICAL IMUCATION AND TRAINIRG) TOKARI, Sh.Z.. kandidat maditsinskikh nauk (Moskva) IlTextbook for training members of health brigades." Reviewed by Sh.Z.Tokarl. Felld. i akush. 22 no-5:59-61 W '57. (MIRA 10:6) (FIRST AID IN ITS SS AND INJURY) TOL00. Sh.Z.; ABRA010VA, 14-11. (Moskva) Organization of health education for workers of the artificial fiber inclunti-y. Gig.truda i prof.zab. 3 no-3:46-48 14y~e 159. (MIRA 12:10) 1. TSentral'rVrv nanchno-issladovatel'skiy inatitut sanitarnogo prosveahchanlya i Talininskiy mediteinskly institut. (LILLIUDI-TROILE WORVAS) (IDI<H FMCATION) STRELKOVA, L.A.,,-__.~OKARI, Akt~~ . (Moskva) Health education in the job training and technical education of industrial workers. Sov.zdrav. 20 no.2:2'0-25 161. (MIRL 14:5) ~HEALTH EDUCATION) (VOCATIONAL EDUCATION) DYMSHITS, Mikhail Abramovich; TOUR, Toodor Bomenovich; PUYS, G,A,, kandidat takhnichaskiiZ L9UTA, V.I. , inzhener, redaktor; RU13NSKIY, YA.T., takhnichankly redaktar. [Improving the operation of equipment and inoreaning Its durabilitr] Uluchahoule ekepluatataii oberudayaniia I povyvhenio ego dolgovachno- sti. Kiev, Goe.nAuchno-tekhnAzd-vo mashinostroit.lit-ry, 1956.123 p. (XaQhinary--M&int4AMce and repiir) (HLRA 9:6) DERTAGIR, Goorgiy Alakanndrovich; KOSHFJXV, G.H., inzh., ratnenzent; TEROOIN, A.A., kand.tekhn.nauk, retsenzent; KONDRATOY, A.S., kand.tekhn.nauk; KOHOROV, L.A., dotsent, kand.tekhn.nauk, red.; - TCKARI, V.M.,-red.; GARKTIMINA, L.I., [Using technological methods for increasing the durability of machine parts] Povyshenie vynoslivosti detalei mashin tekhnolo- gicheskimi metodami. Moskva, Gos.nauchno-tekhn.izd-vo Oborongiz. 196o. 202 p. (MIRA 13:11) (Machine-shop practice) FESHMONOV., Nikolay Fedorovich; KOROSTELEVp Yu.A.p kand.tekhn.nauk, red.; TOKARIO V*M.,,- NOVIKO A*Yao., CD~ices for measuring pressure, temperature and flow direction in compressors] Pribory dlia izmereniia davleniia, temperatury i napravleniia potoka v kompressorakh. Moskva, Gos.nauchno-tekhn.izd-vo Oborongiz, 1962. 183 p. (Air compressors) (Measuring instruments) (IfIRA 15!5) GEVORKYAlf, Ruben Georgiyevich; TOKARI, V.M., red.; IOFFZ, G.S., kand.fiz.- ll~_- mat.nauk, dota., retsenzeiftl,~YJMIKOVA, N.A., rThe law of conservation and transformation of energy] 0 zakone sokhraneniia i prevrashcheniia energii. Moskva, Goo.nauchn.tekhn. izd-vo OBOROITGIZ, 1960. 112 p. (Moscow. Aviatsionnyi tekhnologicheskii institut. Trudy, no.46). (MIRA 13:11) (Force and energy) DALIN, Valeriy Nikitovich; TOKAR1, V.M., red.; ROZHIN, V.P., tekhn. red. [Design of structural elements of airplanes and helicopters; manual for making course--credit and diploma projects]Proekti- rovanie elementov konstruktsii samoletov i vertoletov; posobie po kursovomu i diplonmomu proektirovaniiu. Moskva, Oboron- giz 1962. 77 p. (MIRA 15:7) Wrplaneo-Design) (Helicopters-Design) MEYEROVICH, Irma Isaakovna;-.-To~~ ly V.M.9 red.; ROZHIN, V.P.v tekhn. red. [Distribution of stresses in compressor blades with presence of oscillations] Raspredelenle napriazhenii v kompressornykh lopatkakh pri kolebaniJakh, Moskva, Goo.nauchno-tekhn. izd-vo Oborongiz, 1961. 105 p. (Compre.soors-Blades)I (MMA 14-.6) SAMMI. Anstoliy Georgiyevich; TOM', Y.M., red.; CRE=IHA, Y.I., (Yundamentals of radio distance measurements; teaching aid] Osnovy radiodallnometrii; uchabnoe ponobie. Moskva, Goo. Izd-vo obor.pronWehl., 1960. 114 p. (miRA 13:6) (Telemeter) I. Turiy Georgiyevich; KASLMIKOV, H.M., prof., doktor takhn. nauk, retsenzent-, TCKAR'. Y.M., red.; ROZHIN, V.P., [Air injection system of the jet drive of a helicopter rotor; investigation of basic properties and characteristics] Kompres- sornaia sistema reaktivnogo privoda nesushchego vinta vertoleta; issledovanie oenovnykh evoistv i osobennostei. Moskva, Gos. nauchno-tekhn.izd-vo Oborongiz, 1960. 96 p. (MIRA 13:10) (Rotors (Helicopters)) KAZAMIT, A.V.; TOKMI, VA, rod.; ORESUINA, Y.I.p [Decimal system of classification of industrial drawings and obJects] Detaimallnaia obezlichannals sistema klaosifikatsii chortezhei i ob"ektov proizvodBtva' Izd.2. Moskva, Gos.izd-vo obor.promyshl., 1959. 75 P. (MIRA 13:2) (Classification, Decimal) TOKARI, Ya.G., inzhaner; K M TAVTSEVA, L.Z. The use of a fixed temperature thermoregulater in the wool industry. Taket.prom.16 no-4:36-38 AP 156. (MLRA 9:7) (Dyes and dyeing-Wool) (;~ermostat) USSR /themical Technology. Chemical Products 1-19 and Their Application Dyeing and chemical treatment of textiles Abs Jour: Referat Zhur - Khimilra, No 9, 1957, 32235 Author : Tokarl Ye. 0. Inst : Central Scientific Research Institute of Wool Title : Use of the Polarographic Method for the Deter- mination of the Concentration of Solutions of Acid- and Mordant Acid Azo Dyes Orig Pub: Nauchn.-issled. tr. Tsentr. n.-i. in-ta shersti, 1956, No 11, 133-14o Abstract: It has been ascertained that the polarographic method can be used to determine the concentration C ard 1/14 USSR /themical Technology, rhemical Products 1-19 and Their Application Dyeing and chemical treatment of textiles Abs Jour: Referat Zhur - KhImiya, No 9, 1957., 32235 of acid dyes and mordant acid dyes (D), on the basis of the reduction of their azo-group at the dropping mercury electrode. Polarograms with well defined wave are obtained with D concentrations of the order of 5 - 10--~'to 2 1 10-;-/ mole/liter (optimal concentrations are given for 30 D) in 0.15 N NapCox in the pre- sence of 20 ~/liter of NazSQ.3 (lo eliminate the oxygen waves) and several drops of a 1% solution of gelatin. There is a direct proportionality between wave heighth and concentration of the D, as a result of which the concentration of the C ard 2/14 USSR /themical Technology. Chemical Products 1-19 and Their Application Dyeing and chemical treatment of textiles Abs Jour: Referat Zhur - Khimiya, No 9, 1957, 32235 D under study can be determined by means of a calibration graph (based on measurement data obtained on using solutions of D of known con- centration). A conjoint determinatton of several D in a mixture is possible if the half-wave potentials show appreciable differ- ences. Although moBt D have fairly similar half-wave potentials, within the range from - 0.6 to 0.9 v, such determinations are possi- ble on using precise procedures for each vari- ant of the mixture. The polarograms of mixed solutions of D show 2 waves each of which Card 3/4 USSR /themical Technology. Chemical Products 1-19 and Their Application Dyeing and chemical treatment of textiles Abs Jour: Referat Zhur - Khimiya, No 9, 1957, 32235 characterizes the content of the corresponding D. Good reproducibility has been attained on repeated determinations. Deviations from the mean value amount to 2-3%. card 4/4 GUSHCHA , F.S. , kand.tekhn.nauk, starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; starshiy nauchnyy sot--udnilc; EkJMKELASMLI, G. I.,, m1adshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; BOGRYtREVA, M.I., mladshiy nauchn-yy sotrudnik 13p.oic principles of the production line mnthod for the manufacture cf top silver in wool spinning. Tekst.piom. 21 no.12:17-22 D 1,61. (MIM 15:2) 1. TSentrallnyy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut, sherstyanoy promyshlennosti. (Assembly~line methods) (Woolen and worsted spinning) TOKARI, Ye.G., starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; KUCHINA. L.F. Use of sound vibrations in the scouring and dyeing of woolen fabrics and fibers. Tekst.prom. 22 no.9:31-34 S 162. (MIRA 15:9) 1. TSentrallnyy nauchno-issledovatel'skiy institut sherstyanoy promyshlennosti (for*,Tokarl) 2. Starshiy laborant khimiko- tekhnologicheskoy labor.atorii TSentrallnogo nauchno-issledovatel'skogo institute, sherstyanoy promyshlennosti (for Kuchina). (Dyes and dyeing-Wool) (Ultrasonic waves-Industrial applications) TOKARI, Ye.G.; BOGOSLOVSKIY. B.M. Relation between the structure of acid monoazo dyes and their ability to be absorbed by wool. Izv.vys.ucbeb.cav.; tekh.tekst.prom. no.4:157-162 158. (141RA 11-111) 1. 14oskovskiy tekstillnyy institut. (Azo dyes) (Dyes and dyeing--Wool) -1 -C) 11'n /? / ~. 6-~' .G.-, inzh.; ATLASOV, A.G., iDzh. Location of oxygen sections at metallurgical plants. Kislorod 10 no.6:22-24 '57. (MIU 11: 4) (Metallurgical plants-Safety measures) (Oxygen) (Acetylene) TQIP~11', Ye.G.,inzh. Automatic control of the washing process for woolen fabrics. Tekat.prom. 19 no.2:47-" F 159. (MMA 12:5) (woolen and worsted manufacture) (Automatic control) TrqAP' G. T oltcr-~.r IYp G.- "The electro~etri~: 0, PH C'~~-trol Or rolu-ionr, T" F um u 0. 1 r, , s, rmd dyein,~7 Of WOOlen n- .,I- S- t iI 10 S0 t sherst. T;'rO- r, i '1, 06' t,." !" so: St ct - (LptOT ny! LIFSHITS, R.M.; TOKAR90 Ye.G.; DOMITEYEVA, I.A.j ROGOVIN, Z.A. Investigattmg the possibility of modifying the properties of fabrics wtde from rayon staple fibers by means of poly- acrylonitrile grafting, Izv. vya. ucheb. zav.1 tekh, tekst. prom. no.4s95-98 163. (MMA 16:11) Is Moskovskiy tekstillrjyy institut i TSentrallnyy nauchno- issledovatel'skiy institut shersti. SOURCE: Byu-lleten' iwbreteniy i tovarjV4,f.~ -ral- v, no. 9, 1965, 64 AURSTRICT This Authnr Ci r t. f-' -:'. G.; ;.A. Textile Finishinr, SignallinE device in firishin, urrp-uczicr,. ~ekst. jr0r:. ~-G. 62 -c~- II-. Monthl- List of Lussian Accessions., Library of Congr~-ss, Cctober, 1952. U;,CLASSITj,-D. KORSHAK, V.V.1. nauchnyy sotrudaik; MOZGOVA, K.K., nauchnyy sotrudnik; YEGOROVA, Yu.V., nauchnyy sotrudnik; TOKARI, Ye.G., nauchrqy sotrudnik; ROZOVA., T.S., nauchnyy sotrudnik; Pidnimalig uchastiye KUCHINA, L.F. Using the method of graft copolymerization ofr the modification of vool charaoteristica, Tekst, prom. 23 no.7:64-66 J1 163. (NMA 16:8) 1. Institut elementoorganicheskiky soyedineniy AN SSSR (for Korshak, Mozgova, Yegorova)e 2. TSentrallnyy nauchno-issledo- vatel'skiy institut sherstyanoy promyshlennosti (for Tokar', Rozova)- 3. Starshiy laborant khimiko-tekhnologicheskoy laboratorii TSentrallnogo nauchno-isaledovatellskogo inetituta. sherstyanoy promyshlennosti (for Kuchina). (Yarn-Testing) L 46188-66 DIT(m) DS/RM ACC NR- AP6030600 SOURCE CODE: UR/0413/66/000/016/0092/0092 IINVENTOR: Cherneva, Ye. P.; Kargin, V. A.;-!!Lok&r G. N, N, 4y/ ORG: none 4. TITLE: Preparation method for a homogeneous ion-exchange membrane. Class 39, No. 185052 SOURCE: Izobreteniya, promyshlennyye obraztsyg tovarnyye znakil no. lfrill 1966 , 92 TOPIC TAGS: ion exchange membranelt Z 'ro A 19e-'0,, t11A)YZ. 00n7.4bVV,0 ABSTRACT: An Author Certificate has been issued for a preparative method for a homogeneous polymeric ion exchange membrane, involving ultra-violet-initiated copolymerization of ethylenesulfonic acid derivatives with vinyl compounds, subsequent cross-linking of the copolymer, and fabrication of the film. The ethylenesulfonic acid derivative used is sodium ethylenesulfonate and the vinyl compound, acrylic acid; the components are copolymerized, the film is fabricated. and then subjected to irradiation (unspecified]. [SHI SUB CODEs 1l/ SUBM DATE: 23Har62. Card I /I fV UDC2 661.183.125:678.741-134.432:011:537.591 TOKARI, Ye.N. (Moskva) Some properties of a gyrocompass having a period of 17 hwrs. PrIkI. mat. i mekh. 2"; no-3:570-575 My-Je '61. (MIRA 14:7) (Gyrocompass) 28344 12 10,-j(-,1-, 7/f-,2 0 0 0 A: R--.,~kimbakh, & V_ Ye- N. -'Om~ p-or--'.cmz of -;on~rol ir. interplar.etar~y spa-,::P fief#?,'a-,,1vrIyy zhurnal, Me-khanika, no. 7, 1961, 13, abistrac'. 7AI31 (V 311). ~-Lsku-sst.v. spatniki Zimli, Vyp. '~". Mcncow, Ar) 3-S-SR, 19t)O, 4 1 -53) EXT, llh~, poz~,-bility of con -.roil-, rg the motion of a:.- missile b:4 Me;~r-!~ C)f the T-o-.ation iaw of the control flywhee!--z a o.*':~r--,-,oI iz~ teirig proved, Ttie reducAng the ener-.Zr ~--onsumption at s- ' I ar,,-- A~ ar, example +~hct ca-~e of' dev'iati~n-S of th~- mi--ssil~ V. DeEzty;--~'e- AUTHOR: Tok..r' V Ye.- TI.TLE On t h e e I f t- c tof errcrs In the distribution of maeses in a s -p-a c P.-vehicle u D,,~ ne i r t.; :- a , v r C -I C a tan -11c p -,,ef p 4- v17. :1 5 3 5 3 5 r~,PT 7 1 n r" tu 17 f! t a - t e -4 pa n gltresaed tha t h e a r e s ~6 f 7 An P r ~:crd 1P 'N� Vg, L 54;~,:5 8-1~ R: ACCESSION AP5015662 q I cu 1 a t t n r, r r n r qin the L t t.ri e7, r t r, c i 1 ~le e d A rin e t I- i r 4~~ uil L,i ASSOC LAT 10N P, a n ia s Ll B M I T T E D lOJun64 N' C L C~;rd A X C. Z SUB CODE; S'll ATn PRZSS! 4 -') 3 1 26745 3/040/61/025/003/022/026 D D208/11304 AUTHOR: Tokar', Ye.N. (Moscow) TITLE: On some properties of gyroscopic compass with a 17-hour period PERIODICAL: Akademiya nauk SSSR. Otdeleniye tekhnicheBkikh nauk. Prikladnaya matematika i mekhanika, v. 25,no. 3, 1961, 570 - 575 TEXT: It is known that all gyroscopic compasses have two positions of equilibrium. To the 1st position corresponds the northern orien- tation of the kinetic moment vector of the system and is stableg while 2nd position corresponding to southern orientation is unsta- ble. It is shown here that on the change of parameters resulting in the increase of the period of the system, four positions of equilibrium can be found, and that in the case of a gyroscopic com pass under terrestrial conditionsp phenomena appear, when the pe- riod exceeds 17 hours. A single rotor model resembling the early Sperry gyrocompass is considered. The coordinate system xoyo z0 Card 1/1 ~2674~ 3/040/61/025/003/022/026 On some properties of ... D208/D304 (Fig. 2) is assumed to be on the surface of the earth and zo is horizontal and directed north, while y0 is vertical and directed always from the Earth's center. If the gyroscope is on the fixed support then the angular velocity of xoyozo coincides with the Earth's angular velocit due to 24-hour rotation, w*, whose hori- zontal component is (w in a z directiong and the vertical com- 0 ponent (w") in a y direction. The xyz system is associated with 0 the gyroscope shell* The x-axis coincides with the axis of suspen- sion of the shell in the frame, the z-axis coincides with the di- rection of kinetic momentum of the gyroscope and it is assumed that axis of the frame is stab4ized "in a yoodirection. a and are given in Fig. 2. Then w = w* + W* + + P. It is assumed, that NZE = 0 F" const. (1) where MZZ - projection of the principal moment of exte.rnal forces Card 2/7 On some properties of ... 26745- S/040/61/025/003/022/026 D208/D304 acting on the gyroscope on z-axis, r - kinetic moment of the gyro- scope. Components of the moment of correcting pendulum are 12 Mx = pt sin M pt 7- sin 0, Mz = 09 (2) y where p - weight of pendulumq distance from the suspension axis to the center of gravity of the pendulumq 1 and E2 are shown in Fig. 3. Equations of motion of the gyroscope in components on the axes xyz of the triangular frame are Tw" Cos - T'W*I Cos a sin + F& cos k sin +rO- r,* Bin a h sin where k = pt, h = pU 2/11. Assumption P0 = 0 gives (T'w'* Cos a0+ k)sin P0 - rw* Cos Po o. rw' sin a0 + h sinoo Card 3/7 (4) 26745 S/040/61/025/003/022/026 On some properties of ... D208/D304 possible positions of equilibrium. For the approximate north direc tion of kinetic moment vector (rw.l + k)w*' 2 + 11 --- = 0 p TI 11 V P (7) shows that the northern position of equilibrium of the axis of the gyrocompass is asymptotically stable for any h, k and 11. For sou- thern position putting a' = Je - a results in W W h "o U'*"'I Po ~ k - rw*l Mao + (k -"rw')Ap = 0, r2S0 + hAP + rwl 6a' = 0 and P2 + h w4(k 0 FP which shows that in the southern position the equilibrium becomes Card 4/7 26745 3/040/61/025/003/022/026 On some properties of D208/D304 unstable only f o r k :~~ T-w As an example a gyrocompass on the equa- tor is considered, for which T' is found to be 16 hrs. 58.3 min.;:& 17 hours. Considerations of stability of (a 03' P03 and (a 04P P04) lead to + bill 20 b).P + P tg 0, 4- 4- h k and h-- 2P(a.2 (12) P!+ 11 P-T -'..: which show that the position exist for 7 w -,;,k in unstable equili- brium and are singularities of the saddle t pe. In Fig. 4 thick lines divide stability regions of (a01, 001~ and (002' 002) and Card 5/7 26745 S/040/61/025/003/022/026 On some properties of ... D208/D3o4 the region of stability of (a029 P02) is shaded. There are 5 figu- res. SUBMITTED: May 28, 1960 Fig. 2. Fig. 3. - 111m.. 3 Card 6/7 4DHr. 2 DITLj) jFSS_2jFw(j A%rP(Yn% lrvn ACC NR, A~66_1 -CL." Com'.1 U t o2 9589 ~t/__A3%eX)(N/003/U35 61/o566 I ALTT11OR.,. Tokar', Ye. N. ORGi none TITLE: Possible qriqntatiol~ principles of spacecraft with respect to rotatinR system i of coordinates 11 SOURCEt Kosmicheskiye issledovaniye, v. 4, no. 3, 1966, 356-366 TOPIC TAGS: spacecraft, satellite orientation, gyroscope ABSTRACT: Several principles of orientation of a spacecraft ire discussed with re- spect to a coordinate system movinp at nonzero angular velocity which vector is con- stantly oriented in the absolute space. The crart axes are ausum,A. to have small oscillations such that the given axes OxOy0zO coincide with similar axes Oxyz through a small rotation whose projection on the axon x,y,z is equal to 0 , 0 , 0_. The X Y ,, operational details are dencribed for a soniiing olernent which allows diAermination of the above anglea. It is first shovni that ouch a sensing eleinen.L- can be 11sed to stabilize the spacecraft simultaneously along the coordinates 0 x and Qy. Next, different principles are described which allow foi- possible orientations of the rj',;;_'ce- craft under the condition 9 x - Ply - 0. These are: measuring the abnolute anjulgr UDC: 629, 96-3:551-38 . - - ____ , _L_-___.__- 1- __ - 46-q96-9-6 ACC NR: AP6019589 vaiocity of the craft; monuu-ring linoar accoleratJon of points ori thr! craft the stago Foucault gyroscope; a kinematic principle where the direction of an Urbibrurj axis is held fixed in absolute space; -the principle of adjusting gyroscopes (one or two); and the principle of continuously stabilizing the spacecraft. The author expresses his gratitude to B. V. Rauphenbalffi and V_,jI1a~Lqnt,a_for a series of valuable comments. Orig. art. has: 21 equations and 5 figures. [041! SUB CODE: 22/ VOUBM DATE: 06Dec65/ ORIG REP, 001/ UVII REF1 003/ ATD PRF'SS:._r) Card 2/2 af S TOKARI, Yu. Conference on vascular diseases. Zdrav. bel. 8 no.1:68-69 ja 62. (BWOD VEESSEIS-DISEASES) (MIRA 15:3)' TOKAR I , Yu.K Dispensary sex-rices for hernia patients employed in induatrial plants in Minsk. Zdrav.Bel. no.3:52-53 162. OTIRA 15-'5) 1. Iz kafedry obshchey khirurgii Minskogo gosudarstvennogo meditsinukoeo Inutituta (zaveduyurihchiy kafedroy - onobizhonnyy doyatoll naidd UlcrSSR Me. WIorybov) 3--Y klinicherikoy g. Minska ( glavmyy vTa-.h A.I. Kork-hov). (H-E-FILTUI) (lar-SK-BTUSTRIAL MEDIC117,E) VASIL'IEV., G., podpolkovnik., voyennyy letchik pervogo klassa;JOKAR', Zlh.I I kapitan, voywmyy let-zhik per7ogo klasaae Wlth rockets at ground targets* Av. i Kosm- 47 nool.830-32 A 16 5 (MIRA 18el) TOKARCHIKJI"~, - Itinerant medical council meeting at a feldsher - midwife station. Zdrav. Bel. 7 no.6:71 Je f6j. (ILIRA 15:2) (14LDICINE I ORAL) TOKARCHIK, N.P. (Zherebkovichi Brestskoy oblasti) Exchange of experience between feldsher-midwife centers and collective farm maternity homes. Felld. i akush. 26 no.12: 42-43 D 161. (BREST PROVINCE-MATERNITY 110111ES) 01IRA 14:12) (PUBLIC HEALTH., RUILkL) TOKARCHIK, N.P;,, felldsher (Brestskaya oblast') Preventive inoculation file at a feldsher and midwife station. Felld. i akush. 27 no.1:52-53 Ja 162. (MIRA 15:3) (VACCINATION) -TbkfQ-C4bk ?~f9ffOWA6pA,..FA, inzh. Four-spindle horiVontal drilling machine. Der, prom. 12 no~2'- 26-27 F 963. (MIRA 16.4) 1. Vitebakaya mebelInaya fabrika. (Woodworking maebinerr) TOLARCHUX9 H.F., ~nzh. - ... --. -- -.- Continuous line for the manufacture of wire frhws for upholstered furniture padding. Der, prom. 13 no.5~23-24 Yq 164. (MIRA 17:6) 1. Vitebakaya mebellnaya fabrika. T JJGOV~.3K I y L, P S.I.9 doktor tekhn.nauk; 0,')Hl-jYAN:--3KIY, I.B., gornyy inzh.; .-T-OUIPMUK, D.M., ;,(-,rnyy inzh. Efficient speeds of air circulation according 'to the carrying out of dust on the scraper levels. Sbor.nauch.trud. KGRI no. 21: 122-127 163. (MIRA 17:7) YUDENICH, Vladimir Petrovich; TOKARCHUK, Leonid Zakharovich; KHLYPENKO, M.N., red. [A deserved fame; achievements of the N.I.Popkova cor, minist labor brigade in the Frunze Bread Combine] Zaslu- zhennaia slava; dostizheniia brigady kormunisticheskogo truda N.I.Popovoi na Frunzenskom khlebkorbinate Frunze, Sovet narodnogo khoziaistva Kirgizskoi SSR, [n.;.] 10 p. (MIRA 17:5) TOKMIK, Lach slav, inz. Organization of research and education of young scientists. Vestnik CSAZV 9 no.".16r-161 162. TOKARcIKO Ladislav, I,,,. Activity Of the F,restry Covmission, 16o. Vestnik CSAZY 7 no.lo.-533-534 (Czechoslovakia--Forests and forestry) (EEA.I 10:3) . TOURCIK Ladislav In * Forest soil improvement in the plain of Eaatern Slovakia. Vestnik CSAZV 7 no.W226-227 160. (EEAI 9;9) (Czechoslovakia-Foreats and forestr7) (Czech OBI cyvakia--S oils) TOKARCffIK, ladiulav, inz. National Conference on the theme "Forest and Water." Testnik CSAZV 6 no.11:617-619 159. MAI 9:5) (Ozechoolovakia-Foreots and forestry) (Czechoslovakia-Water) TOKARCHIK, N. P, WE n thee7s' -401-`9~1MMOTI=~f i~c7y term in advanced medical courses. Zdrav. Belor. 5 no.lo.77 A 159. OGRA 12:7) 1. Zherebkovichakiy felldshersko--akusherskiy -ounkt. (BORRUTSK-19DICIM-STUDY AND TFACHING) '-BII-- Oscillator for nAG-I." Radio no.7.55-36 JI 158. (JURL 11: 9) (Kngnetic recorders and recording--Equipment and supplies) (Oscillators, Blectron-tubs) AUTHOR: Tokarchuk., 3. TITLEi ho cwnar0ov f,ofl tho A I (0ot,,ovn1!,r PERIODICAL: Radio, 19,56, Nr ~, pp 55-56 (USSR) ABSTRACTi The LF tren~-rator I.-I 11,10d fOT' obtaining ot,nri&Ard opeod- un 0tv "DAG, 1110or ritted t(-: a tape recordef. It consistz .~f a master stage acting as a multi-vibrator (Fi6~~re 1.) and a pcwarful two-stage amplifier for obtaining the necezsaTy oscill-aiing power. A pair .f coupled variable res,istances car. vary the frequency betweer, 25-50 -, and thu,_ the tape-speed fr-)m 192-385 mm/sec. By changing the vai!.eLn, of Qiesa -rezistan-2es, 'he frequen~:y the ge-neratcr m . 'I = - ay bs var iE 5 St:` better the repla~_emert of 1~,p -arlab-11- rec,;i.,~tances by 'a bank fixed resi;31ancell vi~_fh I-.v.1-!hJ.,-e ~qi,.,Jfmcnt. givii,16 "I of fixed tape-sv-_,edz3. Deta_-_~3 of the generator's ccnstras- tion. are gi-ren. Vinere are 2 circait diagrams and 1 diagram: 1. Magnetic recording systems--Controls 2. Electric motors --Controls Card 1/, BORODIGH, I.D.; TOKARCHUY, B,F. - '., "n' ' I llfu-ttic 'ra---e for vEmce,rLrg tabic. leg5. Df~r. -j nr . . I , . 27 D 161, (,", I libil 18) - L. LYUBINSKIT, Yu S. ; TOKARCHUK, D.A. 2. USSR (6oo) 4. Agricultural Machinery 7. Something new in mechanizing feed preparation on the swine farm. Dorm. baza 3 no. 195 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, January, 1953. Unclassified. 1. LYTJBI-NSKIY, Yu. S.: n-KARCHUK, D. A. 2. uss-R (6oo) h. 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(URDRIA; comnlications, resp. ulcerations (Pol)) WSPIRATORY TRACT, ulcer, in uremin (Pol)) KOVALEV, Ya.B., inzh.~ Tp~~J inzh.; BIJRKOVSKIY, A.N., Inzh. Study of finned casings of VAO series electric motors. Elektrotekhnika 35 no.120-5 D 164. (MJR-A 18:4) TOKkRFNK0.,--1-L Change in the respiratory con-ponent of a motor defense condi- tioned reaction in various functional states of the respiratory center. Zhur.vys.nerv.dejat. 12 no.1:128-134 Ja-F 162. (MIRA 15:12) 1. Chair of Normal Physiology, Medical Institute,, Donetsk. (GONDITIOT-W RESPONSE) (RESPIRATION) TOYARENKOY I.I.; LIKHTENSHTEYNY E.H. -1 13 -Z I Methodology of recording motor condi"oned and ,incon-ft2one4 reflexes and their quantitative measurement. 7hur. vys. nor-v. deiat. 15 no.3:573-577 My~,Je 165. (1411y, 18:6) 1. Kafedra normallnoy fiziologii Donetskogo meditsinakogo instl-- tuta im. A.M. GorIkogo. izsertat i on: of tile T r j ',,-; t j r)!l Rabbit." Cand illed Sci, Kiev Order of IV:d! l-,anner ln.,it im,~-ni 3090molet'j, 54- ~Prftv:Pt U---rainy, Kiev, 25 A-.)r 54) SO: SUM 243, 19 Oct 1954 TOKARENKO, I.I. Extinction of the blinking reflex produced by stimulation of the helix in rabbit. Vop. fiziol. no.6:18-27 153. (KLRA 8:1) 1 1. Kafedra normallnoy fiziologii Stalinskogo meditsinakogo institute. im. GorIkogo. (IWLEI, blinking reflex extinction in rattib after prod. by stimulation of helix) (EY11, physiology, blinking reflex. extinction after prod. by stimulation of helix) (W, physiology, stimulation producing blinking reflex in rabbit. extinction time) TOKARENKO, I.I~ L ~L - -,.L Localization o~' s(~:ne for--nB of rondit~oned and iw-conditioned in.',,-ibi'-*on- Zhur, vyF, n6ry. deiat, 11 JI-Ag 161., (MIRA 15:2) Chair of Normal Physiology, Mediord ljistitu--, Stalino. (CONDITIONED RESPONSE) *, , ~,- I .) .. I.-* cf --mzerials axid the p4A--cdS of thefr fcz- -13--Z~ -T-a 1,S5. ; r I I ~Trisfifed bridges. Avt.dar. 28 no.6- (MIR4 18:8) L _4L) ~1-66 EW(d)/FSS-2/EW(j)/EkLP(1) ACC NRz ' AP6023572 64~ SOURCE CODE: UR, i,AUTHOR: 0018/66/000/007/0053/0056 Tokarev, A. (Colonel, Corps of Engineers) ORO: none TITLE: Maintenance of combat material SOURCE: Voyennyy vestnik, no. 7, 1966, 53-56 TOPIC TAGS: military tank, armored vehicle, tractor, military maintenance, refueling A13STRACT: The author discusses the problem of technical maintenance of tanks armored vehicles, arid tractors in military units. A diagram and photographs showing the general arrangement of technical services within a unit are given in the original article. Technical maintenance includes control and technical posts, a compressed- air cleaning point, a refueling point, a washing point, and a park area. The location of the hydraulic system at the washing point is itidicated on a diagram. The procedure- of technical maintenance of combat material is described. Orig. art. has.- 7 figures [NT] SUB CODE: 15/ SUBM DATE: none/ TIOKARFV, A.A. Determining the operational fuel consumption of urtan notorbuses. Avt.prom. 27 no.12:12-18 D 161. (YJRA 15:1) 1. Nauchno-issledovatel'skiy avtomobil'nyy i avtomotornyy institut. (Motorbuses--Fuel consumption) SOV-113-58-10-7/16 AUTHORS: Gol'breykh, A,A,, 7__Okazga~-~ TITLE: The influence of Viscosity of the Selection of the Working Fluid of Hydraulic Transmissions (Vliyaniye vyazkosti na vy- bor rabochey zhidkosti gidroperedach) PERIODICALi Avtomobillnaya promyshlennosti, 1958, Nr 10, p 2)-L)6 (USSR) ABSTRACT:',,-.. The Moscow Automobile Plant imeni Likhachev is working on the development of a hydraulic transmission for the town bus "ZIL-129". One of the design peculiarities is that the oil serves as a lubricant besides serving as a working fluid in thb-torque converter, The design requires a special oil with low viscosity and a maximum specific weight, A suitable de- sign of the torque converter may change the requirements for the working fluid.. Detailed investigations were conducted to select a working fluid for the torque converter "E129"o This working fluid considerably improved the work charac- teristic of the toraue converter. Figure 1 shows the cha- racteristics of the "E129" torque converter. The research was divided into test stand operations and actual road tests. The latter were performed over a distance of 25,000 km with a "ZIL-129B" bus with a load corresponding to 75 passengers. Card 112 For these testav oils of types "GTM" and "GTIA-2" were used. SOV-11]3-58-10-7/16 The Influence of Viscosity of the Selection of the Working Fluid of Hy- draulic Transmissions No excessive wear was detected. The characteristics of the oils "GTM" and "GTM-2" are shown graphically. It was estab- lished that a three-stage torque converter is sensitive to the viscosity of the working fluid. its sensitivity increas- es with decreasing viscosity. For the future, synthetic working fluids which possess the required properties of a working fluid and are lubricants at the same time may be- come important~ There are 6 graphs. ASSOCIATION; Moskovskiy avtozavod imeni Likhacheva (Moscow Automobile Plant imeni Likhachev) 1. F1.uids---V1scosity 2. Hydraulic systems--Effectiveness 3. Automatic transip_~ssions--Test methods 4. re3ults Card 2/2