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L 022 f_A6C_ -NR, 1) _jM - SOURCE CODE: AUTHOR: Andrushkevich, V. S.; Toreyev, A. I. TITLE: Certain problems in the the 0-type backward wave tubed in the presence of reflections SOURCE: Refe zho Fizika~ Abs. 1OZh224 REF SOURCE: Sbe Vopr. elektron. averkhvysok. chastot. Vyp. 1. Saratov) Saratovsk. un-tj 1964, 47-56 TOPIC TAGS: Backward wave tube, space charge, electron beam; electron reflection ABSTRACT: The authors analyze the influence of reflections in the linear mode of a -backward wave tube, with allowance for damping in the system and simultaneous allow- I ance for 'the- spA&e-chai-ge 6f 'the beam and attenuation of the - system. The equation f~r'--61~e--excit~,Eioii-'-Of'the-line by the bunched current and the equation for the per- turbation of the electron beam by the field of the line yield, when obtaining a solu- tion by the method of successive approximation, a system of equations which determine the starting conditions. By comparing them with the starting conditions of a backwar vave tube without reflection, it is possible to find the ratio of the starting cur- rents of a resonzuAt and nonresonarrt backward wave tube and the change in phaae of the signal. Circle diagrams are presented, which give the dependence of these parameters on the modulus and on the phase of the reflection coefficient for different values of space charge and attenuation. Introduction of attenuation of the order of 4-5 db limits the region of variation of the ratio of the staiting currents to a value Card L ACC NRt ARW13691 0.5-1.5p and the change of the signal phase is limited to values 2.4-4.1. Allowance for the space charge leads to a certain increase in the region of variation of the indicated parameters, but it has a sm*,Uer effect than aftenustlon. A. B. (Trans- lation of abstract] -SUB CODE: 0 9120 Card 2/2 MAKSBIOV, V.F.; TORF A.l. - Use of a jet, apFAratl.~a for th,; prification, of gp-E~:L~ ir. nul-fate woodpulp manufacture. Trudy no.13:1;55-li~r.- '64. (MIRA 18:; j GUROV, A.N., dotsent; LOGI14OV, A.P., dotsent (deceased]; RABINOVICH, G.L., dotsent; RUS321, Z.Kh.j dotsent; FYDINOVA, L.L., dotsent; Tq~Kj I.F " prepodavatell; ALEKSAPDROV, A.M.p prof., red.; MLIPf-O-VA, E., red.; LEEEDEV, A., tekhn. red. [State budget of the 'U.S.S.R.] Gosudarstvennyi biudzhet SM. Yloskva, Gogfinizdatp 1961. 560 p. (MIRA 15:2) 1. Kafedra Gouudarotvennogo byudzheta SSSR Leningradskogo finansovo-elconomicheskogo instituta (for aU except Filippova, Lebedev). (Budget) NEDOSPASOV, A.V.; TORGONUMO, K.Ye;. The range of low-voltage arc In Inert gases. Radiotekh. I elektron. 2-no.4:494-501 Ap 157. (MLRA 100) 1. Moskovskiy elektrolampl-jyy zavod. (Blectric discharges through gases) e~- c' /),-/ ~ L~ ~7.. - V " - - -_,; N~4_ - TORGOUNKO, Ye. - Now wage rate for builders in operation and problems in its i*. provement. Sots. trad no.2:58-66 r 156. (MIRA lltl) (Construction Industry--Production standards) I 1 6 7 1 0 12 $1 12 it 4 is it 11 Is I ;I INA AVA19 30), 34 J3 bob A 10 to : 11 a 1) a a I-A.- L it P -F 4 It 4 1 T R-A. -L-LJO 0 CC M tX A -, I i j k t-P . 4me . 0 1 . 8 '1 1 .~ I., 1. R % l . w. a of 00 00 so OW -00 Decrom in content of "um chloride, ON .60 (ION.-The voutiting am caused not ::a -anly by loss of liquids but AbOrkmolCloltheo anit 600 i=90 m. rg An adynittiumation of 10-2V11, or dil. N%CI 4oln. aft~t Coo all vomiting was beneficial. & S. de Fittilly 0. 0 0 04 cc 0 0 goo as Id' zoo LIN M -goo - kl MWID I-TOO tt*o tsoo S L A &CtALtUVGK4t LITEW1441 CLASSWICAT1100 voo WOO .84w ow"i its Ant lando 0610:2 0 U 0 10 it p irl to ai tt it of III a U it to 11 1 114 a ioo:oo;o*** 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 000 00 00 so 0 0 000 00000000 000000000000000000 0 0 0 0 0 0 00010 060lki 6 900404111004446 go' V~ 0o ~ ~Otl~ -- 40 i~ 0 0 W a I a r - A Z--A-J-J- r # 1 0 It 11 tj ld 11 16 trig NX Ila 233415MAZYMAR 11111 UIS ids 36 U 3sx4g If I A L IS-11-r. Q A I - A - M Elf;-A. 4.4-11 --L-L lo-a b o 41 U"--cl-ew v a -t- W ,-0 1., P. U1.1 f. out*, 00 R 00 j ut &a4 dw 111 d w at 001 ti lit in aid 0 d 1101 1 a or e gra w sp ng " c skins for cbroessr-talselld present &ad Haft antoorlaJ. -00 N. M. T Prow. 14. 148-0 ; (jW6).-4Mj4j skins or* Split after 11MIDY. elvanin of The faft. "Inji, Hats Irrejunctut at WIN , sod we Ing in ruvaing water. The grau-sido sWit Is wtiffhed, washed 4 i : -3D , Misnoed with HCI, a4tened, pickled, tanned by at 19 " 1 -# ~ 0 ~ NsCr- si in the firss. drum 100% of stocut solts., 4 '1 - N C d d l W 0 8 f 4% n. o , ^ ... . omft so . ., , I % N440, WW water W". after a resting pniod. the skin Is waabed in running water at 35* mutralized with 1 it is fat-fiquoted with 0 9-1% Natm and dyed . . mclumal aw 2, allsaxin oil 1 and mine oil 0,751~,-, or M emulsion (waste from the chmnols lovoev" mull, 0 j AO g. tat per 1.) A alicatitt cod A and msttw oil 0.7h"~. I zoo r) U The firtished twoduet coutalits CrA 3AN A.14 and fat see ' 0.70-14.1%. breaking strength is 1.27-2.67 log./sq. I 00 A N nim. and mm., ektagaticto 23.7-24.4% av. tilk-kness M wrIgbi0A6j.prrx+mm. 'I'lle sheepskins are limed tot o in rt g, 6 days, wadied,in running water at s split, treated mith HCI, scoficned with cw- Z* Centrete (of the weight of the split Avep Ain%) end then treated !n The same way &.-I groat skins. A. A. It. ie a to 0 hjp~$Ljt XjlALLUrrKjkL tillShYt,11t CLASSIFKATICII 9-1 CIO* oo gin.- , it vtu Kilts Itec i t kon 1~" o it 9 tv s K 0 0 o Is r And 411 0 * 0000 0 0 0 4 0 0 * * 0v 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 6 0 0 a l 6 0 0 00 06, A 00 ,*09 *0 9 00 f *0 j 1,000 00,31 09 W MW4;1*6 Wif loam or WMINO THE. SIPUT-OPAIN 8109 OF GOAT AND SEW SKINS FM CROW-TAM40, WAR AND LIN'So XAM'AL' L (KQ$h..VJM. hoa.*L 19350 14# 14$O140) ~-,The ahroo-tanned hides are dyed *h4 fat-liquored-with soap (or waste emulsion from cham"s prooess)-allserin oil-costor oil Cho Abso (P) .AS&-SLA 041ALLU"ICALU194,t?LWICLAISOPICA700 P U 0 AV 10 Ujj j, a j 66400010*00060000410 0 ob, 0-0-0-0-0-0 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 41 0 0 0 0 Zee .00 Poo !goo goo COO too U00 too vaim, sow two 431111 OR COW 0 0 0 0 * * o 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 ~o 00 o * o o o o o is 0 0 0 IN 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 6 FT~11*144~ 010 0 0000*00000*'Oost 0i I, ~ 4 .7 1 V ti 1111wI116 Ilia 1,1311111W,W14 li A 1) A N 11 D un No IOU 163re.1 ats memo It A- a P. Q a A-1- -U, J. .1--L.-Ak W, CC M tt k 00 Is 00 A 0 '.00 00 0 : 0 00 -440 J-Unt Allen, lAj," 1'6tcky. flusix. I ort.. 1. Mg. *rhcp1anit-"i-d61utrgiaI,.-d in &try tic nivist stilt-, -00 cleatted mechanically, washed, wet with wxia-cwtg. water go* smi buffed in alkalies or milk of lime. lifectrolysks in cold 00 a =4 0 sall wAIrr may replace the boiliam ir"Iment. Stems of corn.proandItiv t clover can he thus wiwited tip. coo 00 0 0 '3 0 w '00 00 =00 So 0 0 8 ISO 3100 9-x K Ull CLAWFICATION 77 -~7Z KETALLURCKAL _LIT_FAAT --- $viaga .1, a.. a4c isl 4P 0 is Ant setwo loll V V I a a 3 a AV 10 M It 41 KT IN, I a, 11, .1 C, 0 is 000 &00000000 00:; 0000099000000:90000, to: ~i ::00 ----*O*Ooooooo*oo 000: 000 000000000 111 *.A A-C-A-A-J-& 00 0 :04 11 A-m- I j ~- IN, AAAS L A-A-U I t 1-1 v V. AA lit war= 40:!rukeo fiben, Ujos TomkY, Hunt. IND. ne diAntrjrrt'd= - N. d rhankVily cleemd by Mf currvnts, Wastc NaO11 or N*XO#, ha" uDdef 1.3 Rim, Ll his. at RM-1200 in "its, cmig, either cajl~s(~)J' -0 IV tmat"t with Ca(HSO.), or 1140H. 71%eY maY al cdd HNOs. A 14. 1 L A ARTALLVOGICAL LITERATIM14 CLAISOKATION was -a I IRAQ" "At Q~. q. 90 -00 see age 0 too X*f too age Jt~* b U 00 n a 0 At a too 0 4 0 0 00 0 0 00 41 0 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 0 0 0 go 0 so 0 0 0 0 0 TOI--,, K.: FOTO, I. A GRI CULT I ITE Periodicals; P-n TO'U-,, K. F*TO, I. Our exDevences in raisinf- lanbs. p. 19. Vol. 13, no. 2, ii'eb. 1959. Nonthly List of East ~-uropean Accessions (!=--AI) LG, Vol. 8, no. 5 Elay 1959, Unclass. TORECKI, Stanislaw (Warszawa) Impulse heating of evlindrical walls. Archiv bud masz 10 - !63. TORE DT, M. D - . z "Ispol'zovaniye dikoraotuohchLkh rasteniya v russkoy narod-n-c-'o- -.-d-t,re. ! report submitted for 7th Intl Cong, Anthropological & Ethnologiml Sciences, Moscow, 3-10 Aug 64. TORENVEV, N. N. It. au. tal stations. Moskva, Krestlianskala gazu~.-p 1);KC). 77 Organize agricultural experimen Russia. N- 1. Agricultural experiment statiDns TORE, VP A.K. or of the 9,1-owtj~, and devolcl)- ushrco--r as a StiP-ul-a" 16r Common mead" = ZrIur. 50 no.4:528~-532 Ap I ;. (vi iu, 18: 5) ment Of Plan""Pl- ~ot' 1. Sellsko'kh .Ozyaystverinyy institut, P3,0',rdvi Bolgariya. IBULGARIA P. PEICHEV, N. NIKIFOROV and-2,-LOREVA,--Department of Pharmacology of Medical College (Katedra po famakologiya pri VIII) III.P. Pavlov", Head (rukovoditel na katedrata) Docent P. PEICHEV, Plovdiv. "Effect of the fSalt Spring, Water from the Naretchen Spa on Canine Gastric Motility." Sofiat Eks2erimentalna Meditsina i IforfoloRiya, Vol 2, No 2, Apr-Jun 1963; pp 43-48. Abstract [English sunnary modified]: Radioactive mineral waters were found to potentiate slightly gastric peristalsis in dogs. They are used as drink in gastric disturbances; their effectiveness is thus presumed established. Two kymograms, 3 tables; 13 Bulgarian reffs. L~ /1 _j L 45830-66 25 -------- C 6-2- /~6 ACC NR: ARbOl59b9 oiliA AUTHOR: the TITLE: Some problems in the theory of'an 0-type backward-wave oscillator tube in I presence of reflections SOURCE: Ref. zh. Elektronika i yeye primeneniye, Abs. 11A156 REF SOURCE: Sb. Vopr- elektron. sverkhvysok. chastot. Vyp. I. Saratov, Saratovsk. un--t, 1964, 47-56 TOPIC TAGS: backward wave tube, space charge, electron beam ABSTRACT: The effect of reflections under linear operating conditions in a backward- wave oscillator tube is determined with regard to attenuation in the system and with simultaneous consideration to the space charge of the beam and attenuation. The equation for line excitation by grouped current and the equation for perturbation of the electron beam by the line field are solved by the method of successive approxima-.! tions to give a system of equations which defines starting conditions. A comparison of these conditions with those for a tube without reflections gives a relationship for the starting currents of resonance and nonresonance backward-wave oscillator tubes and the change in signal phase. Polar diagrams are given for these parameters as a function of the modulus and phase of the reflection coefficient for various space charges and attenuations. Bibliography of 13 titles. A. B; [Translation o f abstract] SUB CODE: 09 Card .1 TORGASHIlUi., M.G.; JWMTM, V.G. (Moskv&) Adhesive paper tape for labeling machines. Shvein.prom. no.6:12 N-D 159. (MIRA, 13:4) (Labeling machines) (Clothing industry-Equipmont and supplies) uo. ol"Ifaro ry B--;l r .rip, 3, PnL-21.1 z il UR - 0 J,`jo-l Ftnd "Nr!Ctit,.9 Of '-T Behavior of Ce et a iv i L ':.)unflowf-~rs In M-ttun~l (Irnid'-I'lona J.n l'-h-; 'PPR :,)robl. agric 9 3 33 9 cavi,~- MITIN, Sergey Andreyevich; 'GOEEPJWI, M.D.; IIIKHAYLOVI F.D.; RUSAKOV, A.I.I.; SE141BRATOV, V.N - TORGOVENKO, Ye.A.; GIROVSKIY, V.P., --W glav. red. ; USP n-, ISKIY:YN~, -z.' ~Va.__red.; BASHIRSKIY, S.V., red.; GORBUSHIN, P.B., 64'4Q 'WR VIOU; H.S., red.j LEYKIN yB. P. p red. ; Y&MG111, V. I. i6&.-'BOGINA, S.L., red. izd-va.- NAMIOVA., G.D.j, tekhn. red. (Manual on labor and wages in conatruction) Spravochbik po trudu i zarabotnoi plate v stroitelletve. Pod rod. S.A.Mitina. Moskva, Gosstroiizdat, 1962. 581 P. (MUIA 15:7) 1. Akademiya stroitel'stva i arkhitektury SM. Haucbno- issledovatellnyy institut ekonomiki stroitellstva. (Wages-Construction industry) KOVALFV., A.P.; IPPOLITOV, A.S.; ZQPQQNENKO, Yu.14.; BIUMADIML, F),; CIIEIY'OKDV, N-I.; SHNEYDERY Yu.R. Flame propagation in laminar and turbulent flows. inzh.-fiz. zh-ar. (,I-fT no.10:28-36 0 164. Mjt 17: 11) 1. Energeticheskiy iTlStitklt, 141031CM. TORGOV, A I ~ ~- M"!- -11,~~',~----' W~ Escapements of time recorders with a stasA7 gear ratio. Nauch. dokl. v7s. shlccolv; mash. I prib. no.2:233-247 159. (MIRA 12:12) (Clocks and watches--Escapsmants) KOGAN., L.M.; ORANSKAYA, M.S.; STJVOROVp U.N.; SKMBIN,, G.K.; TORGOV I v Microbiological transformations Preparation of 40 -pregnene-11,4 , keans of actinomycetes. In. AN 303 F 162, of aSeroidso Report No.l: 20V ,21-troil-3-one by SSSR Otd.khim.nauk no.2:302- (MIRA .15:2) 1. Inatitut kbimli prirodnykh vioyodineniy AN SSSR i Inatitut mikrftologii AN SSSR. (Pregnene) RZHEZNIKOV, V.M.; ANANCHEITKO, S.N.; TORGOV, I.V. Synthesis of some D-homosteriods. Izv.All SSSR.Otd.khim.nauk no.3:465-470 Mr 162. (141RA 15:3) 1. Vsesoyuznyy institut eksperimentallnoy endokrinologii Institut khimii prirodnykh soyedineniy AN SSSR. (Homosteroids) 5 0 Aft~O~: Torgovp I. V. SOV/79-29-3-1/61 TITLE: azarov 1, Ivan Nikolayevich N 'Deceased) PERIODICAL: Zhurnal obahchey khimii, 1959, Vol 29, fIr 3, PP 701-723 (USSR) ABSTRACT: Nazarov was born on July 12, 1906, a son of peasants. In his early youth he became a teacher, but he soon entered the Agricultural Academy imeni Timiryazev and after his graduation as post-graduate student he became the assistant to the well-known chemist and Academician Favorskiy, A. Ye. at Leningrad University. In 1934 he was called to work at the Institute of Organic Chemistry in Moscow, where he re- mained till the end of his life. In 1935 he was awarded the title of a Candidate of Chemical Sciences in acknowledgment of his work "Metal Ketyls of the Aliphatic and Aliphatic- aromatic Series". From 1936 onward he supervised the inves- tigations of the synthesLa of membrane-forming prodccts and began his remarkable work in the chemistry of acetylene and vinyl acetylene. In 1941 lie took the degree of a Doctor of Chemistry on the subject "Investigations in the Field of Acetylene Derivatives, the Synthesisof Vinyl Acetylene Alco- hols and Their Transformations", and became the Head of the Card 1/2 Laboratory for Exact Organic Synthesis. His further scientific Ivan Nikolayevich Nazarov (Deceased) SOV179-29-3-1161 and technical activity may be summarized as follows: 1) Or- ganization of the industrial production and application of the carbinol glue invented by him (products that are obtained from the polymers of vinyl acetylene alcohols) for gluing together plastics, metals, glass etc. For this activity car- ried out during the war ho was appointed Corresponding IMember of the Academy of Sciences, USSR in 1946. Until his death in 1956, he and his collaborators published, inter al) t'he following works picked at random: 1) On the Synthesis of Several Physiologically Active; Pain-killing Heterocyclic Com- pounds Related to the Steroids. 2) On the Synthesis of Natural Terpenes and Terpenoids. 3) Investigations in the Theoretical Field of Stereochemistry and Diene Synthesis. 4) On the Electro- philic Substitution of the Aromatic Hydrocarbons. His publica- tions, known and appreciated also abroad, amount to almost 500. He was also very successfully active in the educational field. More than forty scientif4o students took the degrees of doctors and candidates of chemical sciences under his guidance. The Government honored him with many decorations. On the whole, his scientific conceptions excelled by pro- foundness and inventiveness. There are 38 Soviet references. SUBMITTED: November 10, 1958 Card 2/2 5 AAARS: Hazarov, 1. ff. (.Deceased), Andreyev, V. M., SOV/7Q-29-3-8/61 Torgov, I. V. TITLE: Diene Synthesis With the Participation of Trans-a-dihydro- muc onic Acid (Di enovyy sintez a uchastiyam trans-a-digidro- 11 mukonovoy kisloty ~ PERIODICAL: Zhurnal obshchey khimii, 1959, Vol 29, Nr 3, PP 775-778 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The authors continued their earlier work (Ref 1), concerning cyclic compounds, with a trans-arrangement of the cycles and they further condensed dienes with a,p-unsaturated dicarboxylic acids, of such a structure that the forming cyclic dicarboxylic acids could be transformed into the corresponding transindanone derivativ3s by subsequent cyclization (Scheme 2). This scheme would offer the possibility of avoiding the complicated and multiple-stage way, per reference 2, which has hitherto been followed in such cases. The condensation of dimethyl ester of trans-a-dihydrontuconic acid I(butene-l-dicarboxyl-1,4 acid (M] was carried out with butadiene and 1-vinyl- A'-cyclo- hexene. In the first case transdieBter (II) formed at 2100, the structure of which was proven according to scheme 3 by Card 1/2 conversion into the acid (III) (Ref 3). In the same way, the SOV179-29-7.-9161 Diene Synthesis With the Participation of Trans-a-dihxd~roz-iuconic Acid condensation of compound (I) with vinyl cyclohexene led to transdiester (IV) which, owing to the migration of the double bond into the o-position between the cycles, could not be hydrogenated with catalysts. The Baponification of diester (IV) yielded the corresponding acid, which was proven accordingto scheme 4. Also the acid (VI), a homologue of dihydromuconic acid, was synthesized according to scheme 5; it could, how- ever, not be condensed with divinyl. There are 5 references, 1 of which is Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Institut organicheskoy khimii Akademii nauk SSSR (Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences, USSR) SUBMITTED: October 20, 1958 Card 2/2 5 W SOV/79-29-3-11/61 RS: AU Torgov, 1. V., Nazarov, I. 21.(Deceased) TITLE: Synthesis of the Steroid Compounds and Their Related Compounds (Sintez steraidnykh so ed'neniy i rodstvennykh im veshchestv). X 2-Cycloliexenol-4-one-1 and Its Condensa- XLVI. The Acetate of tion With I-Vinyl-6-methoxy-3,4-dihydronaphthalene (XLVI. Atse- tat A2_tsiklogeksenol-4-ona-1 i yego kondensatsiya a 1-vinil- 6-metoksi-3,4-digidronaftalinom) PERIODICAL: Zhurnal obshchey khimii, 1959, Vol 29, Nr 3, PP 787-793 (USSR) ABSTRACT; In the present pa er the authors describe the synthesis of the acetate of A -cyclohexenol-4-one-1 (I) and its condensa- tion with I-vinyl-6-methoxY-3t4-dihydronaphthalene (II). After long and fruitless attempts the authors succeeded in carrying out the synthesis of the ketone (1) (24cA yield) (Scheme 3), by the oxidation of the acetate of .62-hexenol-I with the tertiary butyl chromate, together with carbon tetrachloride and acetic acid. Its structure was determined by hydrogenation into the known compound (III). The attempt to obtain the ketone (1) from (III) by bromination and dehydrobromination (Ref 2) was unsuccessful, as resinification occurred in all cases Card 1/2 4 .1 compound (1) by (Scheme 4). In the further attempt to W-aj- SOV/79-29-3-11/61 Synthesis of the Steroid Compounds and Their Related CozD=nds. XLYI. The Acetate of '62_Cyclohexonol-4-one-I and Its Condensation With 1-Vinyl-6- methoxY-3t4-dihydronaphthalene bromination with N-bromo su acinimide of ketal of A 2_ cyclo- hexenone-1, with subsequent treatment of potassium acetate and acetic acid, the authors only succeeded in synthesizing phenyl- and diphenyl-ether of ethylene glycol. Compound W enters the diene synthesia with certain difficulties. It only reacts with the reactive I-vinyl-6-niethoxY-3,4-dibydronaphtha- lene (II) at 150-1600, forming a mixture of products, from which the compound (XII) (55 yield),(XIII) and two di- mers of the initial diene (XIV-a and XIV-P) could be separated (Scheme 5). There are 12 references, 7 of which are 3oviet. ASSOCIATION: Institut organicheskoy khimii Akademii nauk SSSR (Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences,USSR) SUBMITTED: February 21, 1958 Card 2/2 TCRrj4JVITSYAYA, M.S.; BGRISOVSKAYA, B.L.; FALIKOVA, I.I.-, YUZSFPOLISKAYA, A.I. Salmonellal diseases in Zaporozhly-e. Zhar.mikrobiol.epid. i inmun. 30 no-5:135 MY '59. (Km 12:9) 1. Is Zaporozhekoy oblastnoy i3aixitarno-epidemiologicheakov stantoli. MUMMA IMCTIONS, epidemial. in Russia (Rue)) TORF._A~t,.- n Pirita. Za ral. 17 Automobile and motorc7cle clUb i (14IR& 13:4) no.12:16 D 159. I. Zam. tradnedatel7a igpolkov& Tallinskogo gorsovetas (zi-rita-.!Automobjleo-Bocieties, 4itc.) MAKSIMOV, V.F., kand.tekhn.nauk-. BUSHMELEV, V.A., t;tarnhty Inzlionor TORF, A.I.,_,starshiy inzhener Testing of an experimental system for high-speed gas purification apparatuses in the lime recovery shops of the Segezha Central Paper Combine. Trudy LTITSBP no.11OA-93 162. (MA 16-.10) 70 R11 Vss*cheraistry Synthesis -,Gard 1/1 Pub. .3.8/42 'Authors.~_ Totf S. F.J and KhromovBorisov. N. V. Title, Synthesis of nitro-J amino..: and oW~-derivatives of the diphewjlethane series -,Periodicai -Zhur. ob.. khim. 24/q-,,1674-l694P',Sep 1954 S, -of diphenylethane gories hydrocarb Abstract' The q is ons and their,conversion Into ~P,Pl-wdinitro, p,pl.-diamino and p,pl-dioxy derivatives are described. The physico '-chemical-properties-of five such bydrocarbons-were analyzed. It was established that the presence~of_two alkyls in positions I-and 2 of the diphenylethane aids' the. arrangemirit of the' nitro-groups in p- and,pl-positiom the effect of methyl 'or ethyl poisitions *in the diphany1methazie molecule. and the effect of carbon-chain elongation on the yield of the conversion products are explained. Twenty referencea: IO-USA; 6-USSR; l-English; 1-French aret 2-German (18-66-1952). Institution I Acad. of Med. Se. USSR,,Seientifle Research Chemical Pharmaceutical Inetitute, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Pharmacology Dept., Laboratory of Synthetic Chemistry, Leningrad .~-Sdbmitted April 9., 1954 TOBF, S.F.; M OMOV-BORISOV, N.V. Alkylated diamino derivatives of the diphan7lethane series. Zhur. ob.khim.24 no.12:2168-2173 D 154. (MIRA 8:3) 1. Institut eksperimentalino7 meaitoiny Akademii meditsinakikh nauk SSSR. (Ethane) (Alkylation) ~T-77-41 7-1 77' WerS GT CI! the ql ,ua Y--i~ nq rsrk4m7~ 4 V, 4WO W-' WAM--~!Mi W.;SMRAP VQW T9 Vf -41 A-4 4 IS-ZI-501~5,111,15i ~Ytl 111.7-t~ Tmr S.F.; Momov-!MRISOV, N.V. Hexameth.vlenebie-trimethylammon,lj'um salts (hezonium and haxonium B). Hod.prom. 12 no.2:18-21 F '58. (MIRA 11:3) 1. Inatitut eksperimentallnoy moditsiny AMIT SSSR (AMMONIUM COMPOUIWS) TOW, S.F.; KHROMM-BORIBOV, N.V. Diphenffuceindan and 2,6-dioxydiphensuccindan. Zbnr.ob.khim. 28 no.9:2452-2458 S 158. (MIRA 11:11) 1. Institut eksperimentallnoy meditsiny ANN SSBR. (Indenoin-lene) TORF S.Y ; KOOMOY-BORISOV, N-V- Studies in the series of alkylatedaromatic amiaes. Part 1: Methylated derivatives of phenylerediamines. Zhur.ob.khim. 30 no.6:1798-1805 Je 160. (MM 13:6) 1. Institut eksperimentalluoy meditsiny Akademii meditstaekikL neuk SSSR, Leningrad. (Pbenylenediamine) TORF, S.F.; KHROMOV-BORISOV, N.V. Synthesis of sigetin (dipotassium salt of p,p'-disulfo-meso 3,4- dipheny-lhexane). 14pd. prom. 15 n0-3:23-14 Mr 161. (MIRA 14:5) I. Institut eksperimen meelitsiny AMN,SSSR. I TORF, S.F.; KHROMO'V-,BORISOVI N.V. FluorMe- ard s U-fur-acntaining dprivatives of meso-3,4- diphenylhexane. Zhur.ob.khim-. 31 no.7:2102-2106 JI 161. (14IRA 14: 7) 1. Institut eksperimentallnoy meditsiny Akademii meditainskikh nauk SSSR. (Hexane) TORF, S.F.; KHROMGV-BORISOV, N.V. Bis-trimeth-ylammoniwa and bis-dimethylsulfote compounds of the diphonylethane series as curarelike substances. Iled. prom.. 15 no.6:18-22 Je 161. (MIRA 15:3) 1. Institut eksperimentallnoy meditainy Mll SSSR. (GURARBLIKE SMSTANCES) IORP, S.F.; KHM4OV-BORlS0V,, N.V. Some derivatives of lpl*,-bis (dimethylamino)- and 2#4-bio (diethylamino)- 2.,3-dihydroxbutane. Zhur.ob. khim, 32 no.6:1838-1846 Je 162. (MIRA 15:6) I* leningradskiy institut eksperinentallnoy meditsiny Akademii meditsinskikh nauk SSSR. (Butane) '(Chemistry,, Organic--Synthesis) TORF, S.F.; KUDRYASHOVA, N.I.; KHRO14OV-BORISOV, N.V.; MIKHAYLOVAI T.A. S-yntl;esis of some derivatives of pyrazole contair-ing the diethyl- aminoacety.lam in o or trimethyl ammonium group in the position/,. Zhur.ob.khim. 32 no.6:1740-1746 Je 162. (141M 15:6) 1. Institut eksperimentallnoy meditsiny Akademii meditsinskikh nauk SSSR,, Leningrad. (Pyrazole) TOa I YJMIIDV-bORISOV 1 11. V. ; INDiNBOYI, M. L. Methyldiazil, methyldiphacil and their quaternary ammonium salts. Med. prom. 15 no.12:19-25 D 161. (MJ,~tA 15-2) 1. Institut eksperimental Inoy meditsiny V414 SSSR- (ANTISPASMODIC6) TORFDW, A. V. Carbon IsotcPic constitution of carbon in magmatic ro6.-s. DoRl . ~ AN SSH ' 5, no. 1., 1952. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, November -1953. Unclassified. .1 TGUT"Ovy A.V. Carbon Isotopic constitition of clrbon In viagiotic rocks. Dokl., AN SO 85, no. 1, 1952. Monthl- List of Russian Accessions, library of ConCress, November 1952. UICUSSIML. TORGASIM, F.Y. , ''. Suspe,-Aed nlActric forging tiltor. Elaz.-obtam.proizv. 1 w.5: 32-33 14Y '59. (MIRA 12:10) (Forging, machinmry) IVYENKO, O.G.; PEROV9 Ye.V., kand. tekhn,, nauk, otv. red.; DUROV, S.A., doktor khi--. nauk, red.; R)NORAM, I.F., doktor khim. nauk) red.; 111,0ROZOVA., A.I.,, kand. khim. nauk., red.LJOE~~~ P.P.A kand. khim. nauk,, red.; POGiWTSCVA, L.V., red. izd-va; j -TADMOVA, Yu.A., tekhn. red. (Motor-vehicle fuels and 1ubricamts1Ivtomobil'rqa topliva i smazochrWe materialy. 11ovocherkassk,, itedaktsionno-izdatell- skii otdol IIPI, 1960. 112 p. (141RA 15:11) (Motor vehicloo.-Lubrication) (Motor fuels) TORGASHEV, P. D. AUTHORS: Durov, S.A., Professor, Doctor of Chemdcal Sciences, and ByKov, I.Ya.; Vologdina, M.P.; Kravtsova, Nemirovskiy, Ya JJ F=-,- and Torgashev, P.D. , Candl.dates of Sci,~nces TITLE: The Training of Specialists in Chemistry to Attain the Level of New Tasks (Khimicheskuyu podgotovku spetsialistov na uroven' r-.,ovykh zadach) Our Considerations (Nashi soobrazheniya) PERIODICAL: Vestnik vysshey shkoly, 1958, Nr Q, pp 28-29 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The authors consider that the article of Professor I.N. Putilova and Docent G.A. Ray-tsyn in Nr 7 of this periodical was published at the proper tire, as it substantiates the necessity to bring the teaching of chemistry closer to the speciality of the respective vtuz, to revise the theoretical part of the course's program. and to entitle the various vuzes to compose their own programs according to their individual sections. The authors (personnel of the Chairs of Inorganic and Organic Cherristry of the Novocherkassk Polytechnical Institute) set forth in the present article their considerations on the suggestions of I.N. Putilova and G.A. Raytsyn and describe how instruction in chemistry is organized in the Institute's various faculties. Since the number of students coming from plants in increasing year to year, and as many of them require a review course, the most important sections of' elementary chemistry should be retained. The idea of specializing chem-istry according to the type of vuz is absolutely correct. There is I Soviet reference. ASSOCIATION: NovacherkassVly poll teldinichtnok Ly institut in't-ml S. Ordzhonikid-zc (Novocherktissk Polytechnical lm;tltute imezil S. Ordzhunikidze) -1 TORG&SHEV, P.D., dotsent, kandekhImicheskikh nauk; CEMNI, N.G.9 4saistent, kandidat kbJymicheskikh nauk Use of radioisotopes for the investigation of pbVsico- chemical processes taking place inside the boilers of simple units, Trudy NPI 47:113-129 158. 0U" 130) la Novocherkneekly ordem Truiovogo Krasnoco Znalseni. politekhnichaskly institut in*-Sergo Ordzhonikidze, kafedra obahchey i neoronichaskoy kbi2iie (Boilers) (Radioisotopes) TORGASH37, P.M., vattakhnik (Ramenskiy rayon, Moskovskoy oblesti) ~ Treating mastitis in swine. leterinarlia. 35 no.11:44 N 158. (Swine--Diseases) (MIRA 11:11) (Nommary glands-Dismas'es) 0 io, a o, 0 o ic 00, *0 of) T"Mum" am$"& 'IV.; L too cambbo famnow. AL&.! Ahm 0 r~* of -00 *Woof t o0 woo It. T. Moo, -1U I " 'q a a -*9041 00,6004 ~!, S1 !I - - ft ~ ft ~ m A mmadba USSB/Cultivated Plants. Cereals. AbB Jour: Ref Zhur-Diol., No 17) 1958) 77651- Author Torga8heva, A. P. Inat Prop TMtific-I(march Institute of I.griculture. Title Grain Legume Crops in the Zone of Variable Moisture in the Stavropol Kray. Origr Pub: Dyul. nauchno-techn. infom. 8tavropol'i3k. n.-i. in-ta E;.-kh., 3-957, No 3, 25-27. Abstract: No abstract. m Cara : 1/1 KAEA.YEIT -. I " F. ; - S. F. 1'extile industry wid fabrics, Setting up the va5ic thread after the zeti-lcdc cd' L. ~~. no. 2, 1952 Yonthly List of Russian Accessions, Library cf Congress. Varch 1952. KARAYEV. M.F.j TORGASHIN, S.F. Textile industry and fabrics Setting up the basic thread after the method of L. M. Tigalomskaia., Tekst. prom., no. 22 1952, Mont& List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, March 1952. MICLASSITFUD ___ Z'41MOROTS I.A.;-,.TORGASHINA T.M. I - - Rnlisting etudental help in the collection of mollusks for chick feed. Biol. v shkole no-3:60-61 Yfy-Je 160. (KM 13:7) 1. Kurskiy pedagogicheskiy inBtitut. (Poultry-Feeding and feeds) (11gov District-Mollusks) 0 00 A 00 00 A 00 :00 so 00 "N so If il 0 so- so 0000006000000 43041440 yk ' 0 W, T% C&"IW Of K&W3W IN Plte;SM& OF VARIOUS CATAIIM. Z. Xt~ ~b)MU )AM,,.,,,(Abh. St"touniv. is yields of gaseous and IkW products at 6400 An presence or Fe filings, linestonI pumice stone,, marli ", clays or ach of bitu- minous shalom were measured. J. J. B. ~IA' MULLUINKAL LITINATLAI CLAMPKAlft kl~ ti.1821W. it .ftav.3 -4 1 4311. t CA 111 U a IT go is "a I I IM 0 a a 0 0, 104 *1 C, ~ `4 a 0 0,104100101411000*16411 004 00400*00*000000 00 0000 000 1-00 -00 a* Is !Pso coo coo zoo 000 goo 1-30: do 400 wo tgoo UPS, he bee we _--,_.___ M'__ 1___ - - I--- -- - 0 0 0 4 0 IN 0 0 00 0 9 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 6-W- 4 1 a I f 1 14 it It is w is 11 4 a' N IN is of it a m Is It 9 is P 4 it a it 'A Oro I L a 1 -1 A I 1 4 4 0 0 1 A.7aj 00 . ..... 00 Ataft" -to ydt*gyssftru add, %.. I _&o so for to Had- No - I.-TWSSAIM. - J. (;". CAM- (IL S..%- R.) 11,189"09W ef-C.A.31 422MI -Ili the cmdenw- 1)- 01 statlAwmedc fOrMS4 0.10,i2-tribirdimystrark- acid (1) WR ac" it h one dry HCI at room ternp. 00 (or 4 days, at. -00 I I 99% 9.104soloo," Memetri. am all htly ! tolow oil dja W, 0. 1 -90 Uw 11 00 1.4311, M. .01 03" (taw 00 didd fammot rmmma at L 0 to M. 1100, the 9,10-Ho -00 of or 00 groulls am "tWIT vituated L3 a etwMpawdinil 1noIdtlots n0@ slid &t9 lug In t1w 108W.Inellf"s 1. chal, IllAnc 00 j sod ocoo 400 it! i 300 i Joe !CIO* or I -j7-ji a 71 ot v r 11 if IN IN IN It ql 11 It it it It a m 1 11111 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 a a a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 41 00000cooosetfoo 90041410999 00*000*0000 .USSR/Chemical Technology - Chemical Products and Their Applicaticin. Treatment of Natural Gases and Petroleum. Motor Fuels. Lubricants., 1-13 Abst JPA=alt Referat Zhur - Hhimiya, No 19, 1956, 6258o Abstract: the oxidized product of carboxylic acids and aldehydes oxygen content in residue was decreased to 0.21% (aE; compared with 2..72%) which indicates the low content in the oxidation products of such compounds as alcohols and ethers. Card 2/2 TORGASHWA, Z.I.-, HAUMCHUK, A.L. "mm~ - Reaction of vinyl asters with comp(mnds containing wobile hydrogen. Part 1. lleactig of-vi I b t t i h eaters of mAlonic acid. Zhur.ob.khim. n 12 T9 5 3 -u3 IPA De N (MIRA 10:11) 1. Cherno-fitskly gosudaratyenW wiiversitst. (%tyrij acid)- (Malonic acid) L E-;11 ~ n!, EviI 0290-(-'. SOURCE CODE: UR/0413/66/ooo/oVs/0128/01291 IITITEUNTOR: Gerlovin, L. I.; Chernovin, H. A.; Averin, V. A.- 11agibin, A. Ya; Torgashoy -,-A. Al-Jtsandrovskiy, A. A. ; St&!Lct!~y, Mironov, M. ORG: none TITLE: '~Valve with a hydraulic or pneumatic piston drive. Class 117, No. l8ho84 [announced by the Special Design Office of the Baltic Boiler Building Eact Sergo Ordzhonikidze (Spetsiallnoye konstr uktorskoye byuro kotlostroyeniya, Baltiyskogo SOURCE: Izobret prom obraz tov zn, no. 14, 1966, 128-129 TOPIC TAGS: valve, hydraulic piston drive, pneumatic piston drive, pos "(~2ve W1 signed' ABSTRACT: The pr'o" 'e ~t a hydraulic or pneumatic piston drive is de for opening and closing the through flow-section of main and auxiliary pipings. In order to synchronize the opening and closing of both pipings, its control piston is provided with an annular groove, which, in the open valve position, connects -the Card L h7'174,4~6 ACC NRt AP6029071 Yig. 1. Piston valve -P if3ton jintake and outlet cavities of the auxiliary piping (see Fig. 1). Orig. art. has: 1 figum, [AV] 4 SUB CODE,. 2:1,,'.1suBm DATE: ilmay65/ Card 2/2 a0s. BIANTER, M.Ye.; GARBUZOVA, N.Ye.; TORGASHOVA, A.G. Mechanism of the recovery of strain-hardened iron under the effect of rapid heating. Metallcrved. i term. obr. met. no.4: 22-26 Ap 165. (MIRA 18.6) 1. Voesoyuznyy zaochnyy mashi,,iostroitellnyy institut. TOMMeL,"N, A. I. "Textbook on Aircraft Piloting", Voyenizdar., M., 1947. ---TORGMANP- A-*I-.-- - Textbook of Aerial Naviption. Voyenizdat (1947) PHUE X TREASSMS RiLAND 91BLIOCrRAF!M;AL REMIT All) '152 - X M BOOK t'all No.- AF65'1727 Authors: 30KOLOV, V. I., 'Maj. (.11cn. of ~%viati n, KUD'1TAVT3'_-:V, M. F., (1,0'ZSPK.0V, M. F., KUNITSM, it. V., TOAGMAN, A. I. Full Title: AIRCUFT NAVIGATIMI (Textbook) Transliterated Title: Samoletovozhdeniye !UBLISHI','G DATA Orir-!inating Agency: None Fifulishing House: State Publishing House of' the,Unistry of Def,3nse of the USSR Date: 1955 No. P.: 367 No. 0C cories: Not given Editorial Staff: Sokolov, V. I., Eaj. Gen. of Aviation PUIRfOSE, A410 -EVALUATIONT: A textbook for aviati-on schools and for the flying personnel of the Air Force. The text is easy to f6llow. Its value is only instructural. TEXT DATA ~Joverage: The book is presented in an easily accessible form, and is Trovided with 200 diagrams and 16 tables. The instruments are shovin mostlj schematically, and are not identified by trademarks. A number of examrles of calculation of navi- gational data are given. NOTE: See card for SOKOLOV, V. I. for rages ~-4 of the report. TSATURYAN, A.T.; SARKISYAN, M.A.; TCRGCM'ANp A.Kh.; KARAGEZYAN, A.G. -1--.11 i - Role of terblin in intestinal diseases in children. Zhur. eksp. i klin. mod. 3 no-3:81-V 163. (HIRA 17-0 1) 1. InBtItut epidemiologii i gigiyeny Ministerstva zdravo- okhraneniya Arnyanskoy SSR. KYAVDARYkN, K.A., starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; TORGOMYAN.. G.B.p miadshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik Radiation exposure of the sick and the personnel in some X-ray investigations and in the therapeutic application of radioactive isotopes. Vop. radiobiol. (AN Arm. SSRJ 1:41-45 160. (MIRA 15:3) 1. Iz Sektora radiobiologii AN Armyanskoy SSR, Instituta rentgenologii i onkologii. (RADIATION PROTECTION) (RADIOISOTMS-THERAPEUTIC USE) TORGOWAN, L.T.; NERSESYAN, V.M. haherItance of blood groups In man, Zhur. eksp. 4- Kin. mad. 5 no.1:110-114 165. (MT-RA 18qlO) TORGONW, M.S. Xffect of the averaging of monthly connVtion on the compated pro- duction value of electric energr for an unregulated hydroelectric power station. Izv.AN Arm.SSR.S9r.IW nauk 6 no.1:91-104 Ja-F 156. 1. Vodno-energetichoskiy institut AN Armyanskoy MM. (Hydroelectric power atations) TORGQ!,"YPIj, kand. tekhn. -jauj, .; cj!ILINGAFffX.1, L.A.,, kand. tekhn. nauk,- SBAKHBAZYA11, Sh,A,, kand. t-.khn. nauk; AGAKHARYAN, G.A.,, kand. sellkhoz. nauk~ KULOYMI, 1,.T,, kand. tokhn. nauk,, ARSHAKYAN, D.T.; BARKHUDA11iYAN, !.G.; SARKISYAN, S.G.,, kand. tekhn. nauk; MUITARYAN, S.A.; OSEITAN, A.M., doktor ekon. nauk, pvof.; BEK44A.'I'ARGHEV, B.I., kand. geogr, nauk, red.; A'YVAZIYAN, V.G., otv,;-red.; FEL'%LQ1, M.P., otv. red.; AVETISYAN, A.A., tekhn. red.; CHAKHAIXAN, TS.P., tekhn. red. (Results of the combined studies of the Sevan problen.]Rezulltaty kompleksnykh issledovaniJ. po, Sevanskoi probleme, Erevan, Izd-vo Akad. nauk Armianskoi SSR. VolJjWater resources and power engineering]Vodnoe khoziaistvo i energetika. 1962. 330 p. (MIRA 15:11) 1. Akademiya nauk ArrWanskoy SS,L, Erivan, Institut vodnykh problem. (Sevan Lake region-Water resources developmnt) (Sevan Lake region-Power engineering) TCRGOMM- M&S. standpoint f mountain river water resources from the Characteristics 0 v. All Arm. SSR. Bar. FWT nauk 8 no.2:75-84 of power utilizatiODo Iz (KLU 8:7) Mr-AP '55- 1. Vodno-energeti-heskV institut AkadOmii nauk Armyanskoy- SSR. (Armenia--E[$~Oelectric power) TO.-G-10112AN, T. L. (P4-,rsi(,.!anJ Dissertation: "iu)le of Lhe Trarwfuoion of an il~rythvovvUc Lass Lil tho Coin-Tel'i2nuivo Treatmenl~ of Postralartil ~'~ne.,aia.ll "'ariel I-led -4.i., Yen~vrm Ledical 'L'*n.,,;',, 26 54- Kormunist, Yertrva-n, 13 54. 30: 4j' UPI .1 2 8 4il ., 26 kv 1954 TORGONSKIY jkg;pyqvkch, dots., kand. tokhn. nauk; F L N DOROVSKOY, Ivan 14ikbaylovich) rotsenzent; nDORL14KO) Mikhail Fedoravich, retsenzent; LOBACHZII,, 11N., red.; PITWAN~ Ye.L.p red. izd-va; PARW-111A, N.L.j tokhn. red. (Principles of construction woex] Osnavy strpitellnogo dela. Y,oskva, Goslesbumizdat, 1961. :221 p. (MIRA 15:3) (Construction industry) VZOOVITSKAYA, H.S. Case of food toxinfection. 129-130 Ag '57- Zhur.mikrobiol.epid. i immun. 28 no.8: (MIRA 11:2) 1. Is Z8 orozhokoy oblastuoy oatLitarno-epidemiologichookoy stantsii NOW POISONING# case retports,- (RU13)) NEDOSPASOV, A. V.; TOEGONE14KO, K. Ye. The range of low-voltage are in Inert gases. Radiotekh. 1 elektron. 2 no.4:494-5oi Ap '57. (MLRA 10:9) 1. Moskovskiy elektrolamplvyy zavod. (Electric discharges through gases( AlJTHOR; Nedo8pasov, A-V. and Torgonenko, K.Ye. 109-4-15/20 TITLE; The Region of low-voltage Arc in Iner-tGases. (Oblast' nizkovo.?tnoy dugi v inertnykh gazakh) IODICAL: Radiotekhnika i Elektronika, 1957, Vol.2, No.4 pp. 494 - 501 (USS,R). ABSTRACT: In an earlier work [Ref. 111 one of the authors attempted to give the theory of the low-voltage of low-pressure arc di8- charges. The resulting formulae were not very accurate and did not always agree with the available experimental data (e.g. see Ref.3) A new formula for the electric charge distribution in the'low-voltage region of a cylindrical tube of radius r 0 is therefore proposed; the charge density as a function of radial and axial distances r and z ) is in the form; n(r, Z) = .... (5) where lia satisfies the transcendental equation; 1131W (6) in which Up and U e are the temperatures of ions and electrons (expressed in electron-volts), X is the mean free path of Qard 113 the ions and c is a dimensionleEs quantity which can be The Region of Low-voltage Are in Inert Gases. 109-4-15/20 determined from the condition that Q is equal to the diffusion current at the walls of the tube; D a is the diffusion coeffi- cient. Eq.(5) can be used to derive an expression for the axial field in the tube and to determine the 'Length D of the low-voltage arc. It is shown that: r0 fkbeeoQ D - ln IL, "bpi where i is the current and k = 21T c) l(iil)a:, The low-voltage are region was also investigated experimentally. The measurements were carried out in three cylindrical tubes (with diameters of 62, 36 and 23 mm) which were fitted with moving disc-shaped anodes; the cathodes were in the form of a small filament which could be heated in order to initiate an are discharge; one of the tubes was fitted with a moving probe which was used in measuring the diffusion current at the walls. Length of the low-voltage arc wes measured in Er, Ar, Ne and Ar + H as a function of pressure p at a current of 0.3 A Card2/3 (Fig.45. It was found that D can be expressed as: The Region of Low-voltage Arc in Inert Gases. 109-4-15/20 r0 ln A D = - - (10) a P where a and A are constants. Density of the ion current diffusing to the walls was measured as a function of the dis- tance from the cathode for gas pressures ranging from 2 to 10 mm Hg (Figs. 5 and ?). An experimental curve of the cathode-fall of potential as a function of pressure was also taken (Fig.8). The theory and the experimental data given in this article are only very loosely related. There are 8 figures and 7 references, of which 6 are Slavic. ASSOCIATION: Moscow Electric Bulb Plant (Moskovskiy Elektrolampo M Zavod) SUBMITTED: October 26, 1956. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress. Card 3/3 I TORGONENKO, Ye. Transfer toa seven-hour. wo-kday and wage regulation in the construc- tion industry. Sots.t=d.5 no.4:51-57 Ap 160. (MIRA 13:9) (Construction industry) (Hours of labor) (Whe,ea ) k. T~RGO 0-T�1. 04w wage system for ling engineering and technical workers in construction. Sots. trud no. 7:125-130 Jl 158. 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Th gatioa izi turbulent lflowa of mixed gases is based ort the assumption that under certain .Conditions the kaovn differential o!quation, of thermal conductivity c L~'_ I ,a tt~- bnt,~ Iam-i_nar and ;urbulent flowa4 According to this' itheoZy, flame Dropag-,tion in a tur)ulcat, riaw may ~va .1 c, taking, accoiint, of' the de-~endenc-~ h- -T-vecn Lhe ~.ilme averaca ~~a-rimcters of combustion"- ( temperature . concer, --rat ior. , f lov ~re 10C ity ~ dens ity (and the reaction rated and the tur'-_uient exchange characteristicg, T/ud (uhare is 'he turbuleat tuchange coefficient, u iE the gas IE -Car ---I/ 771 UR: AP4047821 d: ts - the- ncizzle d-tamo ter) W rom thm balf; of the Incle.C117 ar and ctirbut ent t iF. :--I:I, 7: 12 r Z' C 1~ i_, P~ ~7 1 7~ GUBINY R., parikmakher (Kharlkov); TORGONSKIY, M. (Krasnoyarsk); SLAVIN,-'~h. - ~ - I I. Expert hairdressers vrite to us. Zhil.-kom. khoz. 13 no-4:21 Ap 163. (MIRA 16-5) 1. 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