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JUMSMIT B v ~ �, -..A Marking points geodetically prepared for aerial photography. Good. i kart. no.9:33-38 S 158. (KRA 11:10) (Aerial photogrammetrv) AUTHOR: Troitskiy S07/6--::/:6-9-6/26 TITLE: Establishment of Ground Control in the Geodetic Preparation of Aerial Photographing Work (Markirovka punktov geo- dezicheskoy podgotovki aerosnimkov) PERIODICAL: Geodeziya i kartografiya, 1958, Nr 9, pp 33 - 38 (USSR) ABSTRACT: A considerable amount of experience is available gained in the establish-ment of ground control in forest areas previous to stereotopographical surveying at a scale of 1:25000. It is at the point that the establishment of ground control is relatively expensive and hence that it is advisable to reduce the number and the dimensions of ground control points. This is an approach to the problem in question as applied to mountainous and to promontory territory. In each trapezoidal section 6-7 points should be equally distributedg thus ensuring that each pair of stereoscopical photographs can be adjusted by at least 4-5 control points. Of these, about 1,5 will be covered by triangulation stations, thus only the remainder- is required to be established separately. Card 1/2 In this paper directions are given as to the laying of Establishment of Ground Control in the Geodetic S07/6-58-9-6/26 Preparation of Aerial Photographing Work such points in the terrain. It also includes a report on the experience accumulated in ground control establishment in the geodetic preparation of aerial surveying in a forest area in 1957. Finally the engineering conditions of establishing ground control in the preparation of aerial photographing in surveys in mountainous and promontory territory are briefly summarized. There is 1 reference,- which is Soviet. Card 2/2 .3 (4) AUTHOR: Troitskiy, B. V. SOV/6-59-5-4/206 .................................... TITLE: On the New Issue of the New Specifications for Topographical Surveys on Scales of 1 : 10000 and 1 : 25000 (0 novom izdanii nastavleniya po topograficheskoy s"yemkc v masshtabekh 1 : 10000 i 1 : 25000) PMMDICAL; Goodeziya i kartografiya, 1959, Nr 5, pp 6-11 (USSR) A33TRACT: Tn April, 19rg, the Glavnoye upravlenlye geodezii i kartografii (Main Administration of Geodesy and CartograDhy) of the t,LVD SSSR ('.11nistry of the Interior of the USSR) published the new issue of the Specifications for Topogra~iicnl Surveys on Scales of I : 10000 and I : 25000, Part I. These specifioations were drawn up on the basis of the main specifications for the production of topographical map* on scales of 1 : 10000, 1 : 25000, 1 : 50000, and 1 : 100000. They show the new methods and devices that safeguard work quality and increase output, taking into account the axncrienco end nchlovamentz; of tochnolor','y and ncionce. - However, these new specifications lay down only Conortil b)l~sic patterns for the technology in the production of topographical C%-rd 1/4 msps. In the new issue, much attention is given to IV-lie On thle :tieri Is,.~ue of "Iew Sneci fications for Surveys an .5cale-1- ani 25CCO mann of the mountainous nnd foresL technique for tho-oc rocions is in Errep_t-~r Jetail th,nn it to be on e%rlior A ne-,.-i inv;!1tivtion is irw:lo lnto the of rieri!ii il~',,otogranh-~ -r1r] tbe Nx-in- ot, -7 nc t L points in thc. torrnin. Experionce 'm vhown in tho identific%ition of the Frourid control Points to be tl~e mtin irripe.,liments in the stereotonof.-raphic,11 surveying, of tl),C- mountain-, Tai_ga-, and forest. region's. In order to removp those impediments, the on1v mathod ap-rropriale for this pur ,)o3e ir, x1f3commended: the around control noint raust be M.Ilrked in the terrf~,A?z in m.tch -I wey ~~n, 1.o on.-iure th,~. will in the photo~-ranhs. 1.11 O_Ce.~ to Saw, and rean,-,, the 3mallo~st pos~~-ible number of th,..,f;e contcw..'_ points should be eatablished. In mountainou.,, elevation control points should be plam-1 ,,.t intervial.; ~,f km, in high mount~,,.ins at intervals of I kni. evenly distributed over mountnin tops and valleys. of.~turl.,", C~,.rd 2/4 points should not be chos~m --o m,,trkod control them,,- on the _~'Ievt issue of the New S-.)ecifications for "cC)*"'1.5-z;':j-'-'-412!) Topo.Traphical Surveys on Scales of I : 10000 P_n(l 1 : 2500C do not er_erge sufficiently clear. Che coordintt~~,i of t*),-! elevation control points should bt~ determined by of intersection or by the trinn,.-ul~~tion it i.- nil when these techniques are inapDlicabla that altLtudc traverses 3hould bo em-ployed. - In the cartogrr-Phing of mountain-tair,,,a seeltions aerial phologrn-ph,,r must t"Ic. focal. 1-n-t"', out -aith 'wo co.:neras - - U ' differ by a whole multiple. If aerial;photogrRphy iz c::~-- .7e out during t?ie flood -~)eriod, rc-i)'hotoCri!j)hinrr at lo-~-, w,'Ai~r levels is permi3sible. Aerial photogra-Pha may be made )nl,,- in ar~;?as where 3urvcvin - and work- carried out in the cour3s of the follo""Ing .-;ear, a;, the rapid development of the regions, the photc-,~ i*-,s r,.,.,i the rizk of being out of date. For photogra-pHy in -,-!at oT),Dn regions a uniform scale of 1 : 13000 i:3 flxr~,~d, in res~-ect both of the KPA-TE-5:3 camera and of the reenrl to tlie deri~-it'y of th~- ro~nt:-. ~n surveyin.- net, the new specifications down t"'_ surveying area per control point. Under the new specifications, Carl" all doubts arisingr in the identification of cbject-- be On 011~, ITe;f rf t1le Spe cifications for ToT;c-,7r.3.Dhic,i-1 Survey3 on '. Scales of 1 : 10000 and 1 - e I olnrlfi'~d in tu~ie terrain. r gov /6 - 5 5 '/2 6 : 25000 The-~O J-2 , -oviet reference, C,~Xd 4/4 " - . ~ I ... ... , ~ ~ --- - - I'l- -., 1, 'I,-- - . , -- - - --'i -; -". 14 -. 1-:, i, - - :'; , ; - e *,.- -I i ~& - i~~ ~ ~-4 - :.' , BULANOV, Aleksandr Ivanovich; DANILOV, Vladimir Vladimirovich; ZAKATOV, Petr Sergeyevich, prof.; TERMOIDY, Boris Favlovich (deceased], PAVLOV, Vitaliy Fedorovich; TFOITSKIT, Boris Vladimirovich; SLOBODCHIKOVp D.A., red.; VASIT.IYEVA, V.I., red.izd-va; FDMKNOVA, V.V., [Geodesy] Geodeziia. Moskva, Izd-vo geodeZidhesk~i lit-ry. Pt.l. 1962. 315 P. (MIRA 16:10) (Geodesy) VIROVTSA,A.M., prof.; MIAUYERER, V.G., inzh j_ TROITSK4, Bjt.. inzh.; IVAVOVj V.F,j inzh.; PETROVA, Ye.F:j inzhs; BARVEINKO-) TO.I., inzh.; SRISHKIN., V.N.., inzh, [Tables of Gauss-Kruger coordinates fog lati es 320 -80 0 at 51 intervals and for longitudes 026 at 71r, intervals and tables of side and area dimensions of trapezoids in to- pographic surveys; Krasovskii's ellipsoig)Tablitsy koordinat Gaussa-Kriugera dlia shirot 0t 320 do 80 cherez 51 1 dlia dolgot ot 00 do 60 cberez 71P i tablitxy razmerov ramok i ploshchadoi trapetsii topografichookikh s"emok ellipsoid Krasovskogo. 2. izd., ispr. i dop. Moskva, Izd-vo geodez. lit-ry, 1961. 512 P. (MIRA 15:9) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.)Glavnoye upravleniye geodezii i kartografii. (Coordinates) VOLIPE, Rem Isaakovich; PODOBEDOV, Nikolay Sergeyevichi-TROOIXT retsenzent; ARDABIYEVA, Ye.I., red,; SHAVAROVA, . ., red. izd- va; SUNGUROV, V.S., tekhn. red. (Topographical interpretation of aerial photographs in the compila- tion of maps at scales of 1:10 000 and 1:25 000] Topograficheskoe deshifrirovanie aeroanimkov pri sozdanii kart masshtabov 1:10 000 1 1:25 000. Moskva, Izd-vo goodez. lit-ry, 1961. 255 P. WRA 15-*2) (Photographic interpretation) TROITSKIyt B.V. Geod.i kart- no.6:21-23 Je 161. workLng with the SD-1 stereograph- (MA 14:6) (Aerial PhOtOgr=mtry) TROITSKIY, B,Y.. red.; ROHANOVI, V.V., (Directions for topographical surveying on the scale of 1:10.000 and 1-25,0001 Nastavlenie po topograficheakim s"e'mkam v manshtsbakh 1:10000 L 1:25000. Izd.2., ispr. i dop. Koskys, Izd-vo geodez. lit-ry, Pt.l. [Field work.1 Polevye raboty. 1959. 155 P. (MIRA 13:8) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Glavnoye upravleniye geodexii i karto- grafii, (Topographical surveying) I Troitski, D N k'/'j 631.3 .Tobl Training of engineers in the U.S.S.P. Now Delhi, Information Dept. of the USSR Dabassy, 1,19571 42 p. ill-us, (ffu-ssia. Posollsfvo India. Information Dept. Soviet book- iets) 10 31A L"J-OfWt--- * -FM Mut To "Kilin ampP 14400 WAN ALAN 49 0 WO 0 Vo 0 go* 20* too M. I L A OCTAUNINKAL LITUATUM CLASSIMAIM %low $1116100 1 ~Wwiriv Mally oip cow (lot 4u&"649 evaill 4w a"v its 1 6 , ; 4. 1 r , w 1 11 , &-#A & I a w a 0 N I V 8 0 A 0 3 9 1 XX d a pr 0 0 t,*w can It YA It a n r t o 0 00 0 4 0 0 0 we, 1oploa v "O"Sas Aia !=tiff* woo MAN man AS VAS 12. o0 900 00- 06 1*0 l I woo to" S111481TO O~Wgnv obdk 1824W Hit Gov 044 4w wi 4#4 Ift it catQais a i IF"*," 9w 1 0 a I w9 a 4 2 01 ; 0 4i-- Le 0 ~60 0 , e t& - * W 0 ~* 0 0 0 9 0 0 TROITSMY, D. D" 1947 "Thir-ty Years of HI&Or Chemical Tecbnological AOtIv" ity in the UM," D. A. Troitekiyp Ministry Hi&Or FAucatiOD USM, 4 pp "EhIm PrCe No 12 Describes r a advances of higher ea"Caticnal oas in Um for past 30 Jvsars- At present instituti uicn people attend intermediate schoolig. time 31 mi co=t of operaticne of MOSO(w Fairly emprehensive ac -imeni D. I. Mendel- Chemica Tecbn,0109JLcal Institute eyev an& the institutes in various republics 53T13 TP\ D I Ts 1~ I PHASE I BOOK LOITATION SOV/1412 USSR Ministerstvo vysshego obrazovwd-ya Spravoebialk dlya postapayushr-bilch v vysehiye uchebnyye zavedenlya SSSR v 1958 g. (Handbook for Perions Entering USSR Higher Educational Institutions in 1958) Moscow, Sovetskaya nauka, 1958. 271 P- 300,000 copies printed. Compiler: A.A., Bkzertsev; Ed.: D,A, Troitski Ed. of Publishing House: L.N. Pan'shina; Tech. Ed.: PURPOSE: This handbook is intended for those interested in entering higb)er eda- cational institutions in the 'USSR. COVERAGE: Part I of this handbook presents admission requirements and Wmin ion schedules. Part II lists all Soviet universities and other hi&er educational institutions and their primary fields of interest, Part III gives a list of all such institutions arranged according to cities, These listings portray the status of Soviet institutions as of January 1,, 1958, There are no personalitids mentionedj, and there are no references. card l/ 6 Handbook for Persons (Contj TAKE OP CONTENTS: SOV/1412 FAFT Io ENYWCE FXAMnWIONS FOR STUDEWS EYTERING HIGHER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS OF THE USSR-IN 1958 3 PART 11. HIGHER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS [VUZES] 1. Universities 49 II. Polytechnical and Industrial Higher.Educational Institutions 70 III. Higher Educational Institutions of Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Radio Engineering, and Physics and Techwlogy 94 IV. Higher Educational Institutions for Mechanical Engineering, Shipbuilding, Aviation, Polygraphy, and Motion-Picture Engineering 97 Machine-building, machine tool and instrtment, mechanical engineering, and automotive institutes 97 Shipbuilding institutes 104 Aviation institutes 105 C ard 2/6 Handbook for Persons (cont.) SOV/1412 Polygraphic Institutes Institutes for Motion Picture Engineers V. Higher Educational Institutions for Geology,, Mining, Petroleum, Peat and Metallurgy Geological, mining., petroleum, and past institutes Metallurgical and mining-metallurgical Institutes V:1. Higher Educational Institutions of Physics and. Technology VII. Higher Educational Institutions for the Food and Fishing Industry Food industry institutes Fishing industry institutes VMo Higber FAkcational Institutions for Idght Industry Institutes of light Industry ,-Textile institutes Card 3/6 107 108 109 109 115 120 124 124 128 12~9 129 131 Handbook for Persons (Cont.) BOV/14.12 TX. Civil Engineering, Geodetic, andAutomobile-HighwaY Higher Educational Instituttons 133 Ciiril engineering institutes 133 Geodetic institutes ! 140 Autmobile-higavay institutes 141 X. Hydrometeorological Institutes 143 X1. HigherEducational Institutions for Transportation and Commnications 144 Railroad tiansportation institutes 144 Water transport institutes 150 Schools of higher navigation 152 Civil amlation. institutes 153 Conimnications institutes 153 X11. Higher Educational Institutions for Agriculture and Forestry 154 Zoological, Miry, and-~eterinary-institutes 165 Agricultural mechanization and. electrification institutes 168 Soil improvement and land administration institutes 3.69 Institutes of Torestry and forest technology 170 Card. 4/6 Handbook for Persons (Cont.) SOV/1412 XIII. Higher Educational Institutions of Bconovdcs Institutes.of economics FlnanceieiA economics Institutes Trode ~md economics institutes .,ring and economics institutes XIV. Um Inatitutigns of Higher Learning XV. Art Institutions of Higher Ioearning_ Architecture institute ancl inaustrial aft and design schools Art institutes ConBervatories Institutes and schools of theatrical art and the motion picture institute XVI. Medical Higher PAndAtional, Institutions Medical institutes Medical institutes of stomatology Pharmaceutical institutes 174 174 177 180 182 .183 184 184 185 -186 190 192 192 200 200 Card 516 Handbwk for Persons (Cont.) SOV/1412 XVII. Higher Educational Institutions of Physical Culture 201 XVITT. Higher Educational Institutions Specializing in Pedagogy, ,Library Sciences, History and Archives, and Literature 204 Pedagogical institutes 204 Pedagogical institutes specializing In foreign languages 244 Institutes specializing in library sciences,, literature., and history and archives 246 Normal schools 247 M. Correspondence Schools 247 PART III. LIST OF SOVIET RIGMER EDUCATIONAL IMTITEPTI 248 Br C AVAIMBIZ: Library of CongreBs card 616 JG/mw 5-22-59 F=pROVICH, Mikhail Kikhaylovich; LZOGUIN, A.P,, doteent, kand.ekonom. nauk.; FULTAKOVA, dotsent, kand.ekononnauk; KOVALEVA. A.M., kand. ekonom.nauk; TMOMIROV, -V*-A., d9teent, kAnd.tekhn.uauk,.Vetsenzent; KOVYLIN' I.I. ", inzh.-, TRPL9T. T~V., Prof.. doktor ekQaom. nauk, retsenzent; YKDORENKO't N.F., prdf., doktor ekonom.nauk, retsew.- zent; OOITSKIY,,D.A., dotsent, retseUxent; PZTRUSM, I.K., red.; TZR-~TICPRWAXOS', M.S., red.;. GERA IMOVA, U.S., (Organization and planning of chemical enterpri~sesj Organizataiia i planirovanie khimichaskogo predpriiatiia. Moskva, Gooplanizdat, 1959. 547 P. AMM 12-.7) (Chemical industries) DLIN, Alsiksaudr Mikhaylovic TROITSKIT,. D..A., red.; AROSHINA,, red. izd-va; TITOTA, L&L., e [Kathemtical statistics in engiueering] Katematiahaskals, statistika v tekhnike. lzd. 3., perer. Moskva, Goo. izd-vo "Sovetakaia uauka," 1958. 465 pe (KnA 11: 8) (Mathematical statistioa) ROZEROV, Vladimir Yevgenlyevich, doktor mad. nauk; IROITS~~t D.I. red. ; KAINSON, I.Ya.,, tekhn. red. (Alcoholism is an eneny of your healthj Alkogolizm - vrag zdorovfia. Moskva, In-t sanitarnogo prosv. 14-va zdravookhra- neniia SSSR, 1960. 35 Pe (MIPJI 15:3) (ALCOHOLI,41) TROITSKIY. D.I.. red.; KAIPSON, I.Ya.p tekhn. red. (Health education at enterprises of the cotton industry; methodological material on health education for physicians at health units~ medical centers., and preventive establishments serving enter- prises of the cotton textile industry] Sanitarnoe prosveshchenie na predpi~iiatiiakh khlopchatobumazhnoi prorqshlennosti; metodicheskie ma- teria:~v po sanitarnomu prosveshcheniiu dlia vrachei, medsanchastei,, zdravpunktoy i leebebno-,profilakticbegkikh uchrezbdenii, obBlUZbiva- iushchikh predpriiatiia khlopchatobumazhnoi promyshlennosti, Izd,2,., perer. I dop. Moskva, 1961. 66 p. (Ifflu 14.. 11) 1. Moscow. TSentrallnyy nauchno-issledovatellsldy institut sanitarnogo pro,weshcheniya~ (GOT-Trill MAIJUFACTURE.-HYGIENIC ASPEGTS~ (Wa,.jE2j- -DISEASES) GLADKIHII, Stepan Georgiyevich; TROITSKIY, D.I., rod. [Preparations repelling bloodsucking insects and ti C'ksj Sredstva otpugivaJushchie krovososushchikh nasekor,,,ykh i kleshchei. 14ookNa, Meditoina, 1964. 113 p. AVEDIS(YV,, Sergey Sergeyevich,, doktor med,naukj CRIOVSKIYp IAonid Valerianavich, kand.medaaak; TROITSXV, D,I., red.; RAIFAU# I.Ya., tekbu.rod. '"'- -- - --l-1--, -- -1- - [A powerful remedy; blood transfusion) Mogushchastvennoe tselebnoe oredatvo; perelivanie krovi. Moskva; In-t sanitarnogo prosvA-4a zdravookhrameniia SS9R 1961. 28 p. (BWM-TRAIISFUSION5 (MA 15:4) AISKSANDROV) Nikolay Ivanovich; GEMI, Nina Yefimovna; WIRIOV , Ye. I. red.; TH-DITSKIY, D.I..,-po:Lkovnik med. sluzhby zapaBaq redo; sourom-,R.L.., tekhn. red. (Active specific prevention of infectious diseases and ways for improving it] Aktivnaia spetsificheskaia profilaktika infektsion- rykh zabolevanii i puti ee usovershenstvovaniia. Pod red. i a pre- disl. B.I.Smirnova. Moskva, Voenizdat, 1962. 387 p. (MIRA 15:6) 1. Deystvitellryy chlen Akademii reditsinskikh nauk SSSR (for Smirnov). (COMMUNICABLE DISEASES-PREVENTION) DA V, Ya.I., kandidat meditsiaskikh nauk; TROITSKIY, D.I., redaktor; SACBSTA, A.I., tekhuivh"kiy-TedaIctor. :.. t,- " ---~ [Health resort regimen and treatment of patients with high blood pressure] Rezhim i lechenle bollnogo gipartonichookoi bolezaliu na kurorte. Moskva, Goo.izd.!-Yo med.lit-ry, 1954. 14p. (Otdykh i lechenie na kurortakh) (flicrofilml (mjaA 9:4) ("Irm-UNSICA) GURIN,N.A.; TROITSKIT,D.I., redaktor; SACHNVA,A.I., takhnichsokiy [Observe the program of the health resort) Sbbliudaite sana- torno-kurortnyi rezhim. Moskva, GosAzd-vo maditsiaskoi !it- r7, 19-44. 14 p. (Microf i1m] (KM 90) (Health resorts, watering places. ate.) SHAPOSHNIXOVA, N.Ye., kandidat maditainskikh nauk; ZABOIATSTATA, L.P., kandidat meditainskikh nauk, metodist; TROITSKIT, D.I., redaktor; KONSTANTINOT, G.P., tekhnicheski~, redakt0l"'- [Mud bathe for the treatment of gynecological patients] Griazeleche- nie pri ginakologichookikh zabolevaniiakh. Moskva, 1953. 7 p. (Microfilm] (KM 9:8) (BATHS, MOOR AIM MUD) (GYMOOLOGY) LITVINOV, Nikolay Nikolayevich, prof., red.; TROITSKIY, D.I'.~'red.; KOKIN) N.M., tekhn. red. [Health of man in the Far Voi'th; transactions of the Sci- entific Session of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the U.S.S.R. and the Ministry of Public Health of the R.S.F.S.R. in Murmansk from June 22 to 24, 19611 Worovie cheloveka na Krainem Severe; trudy Nauchnoi sessli Akademii meditsinskikh nauk SSSR i Ministerstva. zdravookhraneniia RSFSR v Murmanske 22-24 iiunia 1961 g. Pod red. N.N.Litvinova. Moskva, Medgiz, 1963. 222 p. (MIRA 16:12) 1. Akademiya meditsinskikh nauk SSSR Moscow. 2. Chlen- korrespondent VAN SSSR (for Litvinovi. . (RUSSIA, NORTHERN-ACCLIMATIZATION) (RUSSIAN NORTHERN-MEDICAL GEOGRAPHY) VAYNSHTEYN, Khaim Isayevich, prof.; TROITSKIY, D.I., red. --------- [Preventive and therapeutic use of oxygen in industrial enterprises] Profilakticheskoe i lechebnoe primenenie kisloroda na promyshlennykh predpriiatiiakh. Moskva, Meditsina, 1965. 154 P. (M Im 19: 1) 1. Za-veduyushchiy kafedroy propedevtiki vnutrennikh bolez- ney Chelyabinskogo meditsinskogo ins'tituta (for Vaynshteyn). VASILIYEV, M.V.; VIYUMNA, A.S.; DORONMIKO, Ye.P.; ZEBZIYEV, K.V., kand. tekhn. nauk; LATS, V.M.; PKIRMIOV, G.V.; POPOV, V.Ye.; FADD-7-YEV', B.V.; TSTETTAYEVA, Z.N.; ZUBRILOV, L.Ye.p kand. tekhn. nauk,, otv. red.; FAWMA, N.U., red.; PALIMIN, M.Z., tekhn. red. [Evaluation and the prospects of the development of the mineral resources for ferrous metallurgy in Chelyabinsk area] Otsenka i perspektivy razvitiia syrIevoi bazy chernoi metal- lurgii Cheliabinskogo raiona. Sverdlovsk, AN SSSH, 1964. 67 p. (MIRA 17;4) ISSHAKOV, G.Kh.; TROITSKIY, D.P.,; DUKHMICH. V.I.,'-' (Some economic aspects of metallurgical furnace repair] Makotorye voprosy ekonomiki remonta wtallurgichookikh pechei. Sve'~dlovsk, Alwd'.nauk SSSR.' 1958. 70 P. (MIRA 12:8) - (Metallurgical furnacea-Maintenance and repair) -VX T i T V Cuo a rbits,- 36 Y;A~hw --n V'ruii, -end VeZetable Institute 'r i.1, Lif"' Preplan"Ing Treativent' of Cucwrk~av Seed-s. 080"Dd) 19-58, 1113.5o 25 .-,-'T -rn 4n- expe:v-4ment 4-adet by Hichurin Fruit ard Vvtgatalble lr,-atituto on a rich bottomoil P-Oi , 5ri.-OdS Of CUCAtmberi5 were soaked before plantling i3a a 0.02~,4 saltAion of horic acid, Mix sulfate, Cu sulfate, Zn sulfatt, a mixt-ure of these substances, in pare wAter and liquid -re 111:8) for a period vf 24 licurj%. Plants :aaw springing up frum the seedii treated with 3 and Mn ~~ere ftie first to spr-Gut, &a well ats fl,7-.Yer .'ind ;;,ore fruit 1-2 days earlier. B and 14--1 W o r I PITL, brn-ichIng and fruit ",CT proniotcd intenzifield setting. The yield uraa correspondingly boo4,-ted'by 22.5% and 14.7%. --N.Ya. C-'RD 1-7--eA-~TX -D.5 USSWCultivated Plants. Potatoes. Vagetablea. Melons 111!-5 Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Biol., No 1, 1958, uo 1613 Author : D. S. Troitskiy Inst -ffo-t- GI-V-eTr- 12Ltle The Intervariety ffybridization of Cucumbers Orig Pub Tr. Plodoovoshchn. in-ta in. I.V. Michurina., 1956., 9., 189- 199. Abstract The study of F4 of intervariety hybrids of the Vyaznikovs~ye and Nezhinskiya varieties (as the basic ones) with pollinator varieties., NerosinWy, Sensattiya, Pobeditell 26 and others., has shovm increased crop yield of hybrids., a shortening of the vegetative period in tjaem,, an increase in the fruits of the quantity of dry extractable matter. The best yield was obtained from fresh~-seedss. The high grade pickling variety, Nezhinskiy 12/53 is mentioned. Card 1/1 Ti-CM, /Gheviistry Agriculture Card 1/1 Pub. 86 - 33/37 Authors Troitskiy, E. P., Prof. Title : Chemistry of the soil Periodical : Priroda 43/10~ 120-3-21., Oct 1954 Abstract ; A book is revietied entitled, 110hemistry of the Soil", by 1. P. Serdobollskiy, 176 pages, published by the Publishing Office of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, 1953. The book presents scientific facts about the origin of the soil and is writtan from the viewpoint of national economy. Despite some shortt,comings, the book is rated excellent. ~Instittition -Submitted off TROITSM Ej. Design for an open compressor shop. Stroi.'truboprov. 8 no.8:8-9 Ag 163. - (MIRA 1621-1) 1. Ukrainskoye otde:Leniye Gosudarstvennogo instituta p0 proyektirovaniyu zavodov iskusetvennogo zhidkogo topliva i gaza, Klyev. YAKHNICH9 I.M., prof.; ZODIYEVq V.V.9 prof.; VIKTURDU9 V.P.9 muchnyy sotrudnik; TROITSKIY, E.Ye.v nauchnyy sotrudnik Organization of the woek of a research instil-ate in the advanced training of physicians. Zdrav. Ros. Feder. 4 no.8:16-18 Ag '60. (MIRA 13:9) 1. Iz Gosudarstvennogo 'nauchno-issledovatellskogo rentgeno-radiolo- gicheskogo instituta Ministerstva zdrav6okbraneniya -RSRFS (dir. doktor maditsinskikh nauk I.G. Lug-mova). (MEDICINF--STUDY AND TEACHINGj VIKTURINA# V.P. (Moskva, Fistsovaya,,uLt d.16, kv. 146) TROITSKIY, EJe.; PASYMOVAI I.Yee Exposures received by patients in radiological investigations. Vest. rent. i rad. 36 no. 1:44-1*9 Ja-4 161. (MIRA 14:4) I* Is organi2ataidiano-motodicheakogo otdela (zav. - prof. I.M. Yakhnich) Gosildarstvannogo nauchno-issledovate~lskogo rentgeno- radiologichookogo instituta (dir. - prof. I.G.-lagunova). (RADIATIOI~-DOSAGE) VIETURINk, V.P., TROITSKIY, E.Ye.; SBUSTSKAYA, T.S.; YROIDVA, AcV.; PA Working conditions of personnel in I-ray and rndiologicAl rooms. i rad. 32 no.6:82-87 H-D '57, (YIRA 11:3) 1. 1z organizatelonno-motodicheakogo otdeln (i.o. rnkovoditelya V.P. Vikturinn) 'Josudarstvennogo nauchno-issledovatellskogo inatituta rontgonologli i radiologii (dir.-dotsent I.G.LAgunovq). (RADIATION PROTECTION in med. radiol. (Rua) T " V LX--)TH--'NT 1'. A. Vet Parturition-Gynecology L Artificial Inserination Upscow, 1956 -.2ROITSK . Fedor Aleksandroyieb, doteent; BORISOVICH, Y.K., redaktor; -1-1., IT, _0 .. ~ , ~. PAVLOVA, M.H.. teld~~ okiy redaktor [Veterinary obstetrics. gynecology and artificial insemination of animals] Veterinarnoe akusherstvol ginekologita i i9knestvannoe osemenenie zhivotnykh. Hookva, Goo. izd-vo selkhos. lit-ry. 1956. 367 P. (KI.RA 9:11) (Veterinary obstetrics) (Impregnation, Artificial) ATRAPMTAN, Vazgen Grigorlyevich, doktor veterin.nauk; TROITSKIT, G.,; MANWAN, A., [Hog cholera and its specific prevention] Chums svinei i as spetsifichaskaia. profilaktika. Izd.~., dop. Erevan, Izd-vo glav.upr.selikhoz.nauki MSKh Arm.SSR, 1959. 265 P. (MIRA 13:11) (Hog cholera) TROITSKIY, G,, starshiy artiUeriyskiy ma ter, mladshiy serzhant Servicing a recoil mechani m. Starsh.-serezh. no.12:30 D 16a, (Artillery, Field and mountain) Offr-A 15:3) KRASOVS1IY, L.I.; TROITSKIY, G.A. Soecific-feetures of fall feeding of hazel grouse low berry crops [with am=at7 in, English]. Zool. 930 Je 158. I.Zapovednik "Deneahkin Ramon", Severourallsk. (Ural Kounti"iu'region--Grouse) (Birds--Food) in years of zhur. 37 no. 6:926- (MIRA 11:7) KUSOVSKIT, L.I.; TROITSKIT, G.A, Some features of autumn 1 feeding of black grouse and capereaillies in the northern Urals in a year of low berry crops [with summary in English]. Zool. zhur. 37 no.9;1416-1417 S '58. (MIRA 11:10) 1.Zapovednik "Deneshkin Kamen, " Severourallok. (Ural Mountains-Grous'o (Birds--Food) PMVOZCHIKOV, B.S.; SAVNIKOV, S.S.; PASMOIK, A.I.; i,rinimali uchastiya: PROTOPOPOVA, T.I.; P;C.,L:SHAKOV, Yu.A.; KOROL"'V, V.O.. TROS TlYfi FITS E-R, G.N.; TT~'T-'.':;KIY,-- G.A.; DESEVYATOV, !.I. Adjustment of low-flash 1'orgin~ on a 4000-ton, RIC crankshaft hot forging press. Kuz.--shtam. proizv. 3 no.8:41-43 Ag 161. 04111A 14: 8) (Forging) (Power presses) ' BlotA. 13100d '-bs -four: Rc:f Zliur-Bifjl.; 111c) 2C, 1958jj 93066. ::Llthor -,j I::,-y, G.D., D.,,. L-ist ------- T C, Ou. Orii'.'i:i of r~L--O. :.'-Globul--'7-,s Li Djl--cI Plasm. Or-*,.C; Pub LP-:r. birAdin. zh., '.c"57, 29, 11e, 3, 34o..34.3'. and -Globulins a-I'd other plasrm protoi nS; 2.11 "injurious reactions'; (a nano applied iistLad of Vhc terr.dnoloCg "dcnatvx-;-zatiou" ) in blood sorm-, both in vivo ancl in vitro there were incrone--ts in r and 1~ -C;lob-Lilins. The aut1hor called this tion iX/ I ~, - abbu1--.!i-,.ization. A study was i.lndu of rabbit (by cluctruphoresis) after purfusion throuOh t1he isolat-cd huart of the rabbit and sc:r,- of ca rd 1/2 30 USSR/I~w.-mil, m-A --ii-,al Blocd. Blood T !.bs Jour: Rof Zhur-B--ol., ---;0 20, 1958, 93066. rabbits (by Ole Ctrop-loroS-i S and innmnolordeally) in vhic'i aseptic inflc ion had been produced by turpontirm,. ',ccoloratod nmsclc work (heart activity) and uspocially the paotlholo~;icanl copdition (infla:-um- tion) cmitributed to jt.,S -Globulinization. Evidontly suj-,.e part of the -protueift fr(x. C;roup (~, - and ~S buli,-,as formud -as a rus-a-It of the plrjsical or physical- &~Ior col tr,.jrsfan-i~tjoi, cf albirain mid ~' - obuli-,,-s C2. without a :.!ar!,.od rubull6inCr of tho poly-poptide chain. A.S. Garli--:~ti Cz~rd 2/2 0 0 0 * 00 04 0 1" A so A a Ak '4rtel 90 CUU4,A40 &ii6= W 00 jDZeMb CjA Lm G. N1 Im (Metallurg. 1939, No. 12, -ii; -00 as author ronxiders the literature anti pp. 39-54). (In RussOnT. lee flata, from various Russian works at which cupola-and electric- .00 groduced with reference furnace mefted-malleable cast Irons are i 0 n to the efled of the silicon, manganese, p osphorus, ferrite grai l b th h f d i f d h 00 ' on on e mec anica e temper-car on o ispers t size an degree o 04 properties of the iron. He finds that, within certain limits, changes bl 1l i h l h f h i lee e ron ave no e ma pa e e n t ements resent in the amount o t f th R f i i Go e e in ng o es, appreciable effect on the mechanical propert tcTpor-carbon by quenching or rapid (electrical) heating to ft)'C. 00 prior to tempering slao has no m&rked effect on the mechanical " " h di i t f d l 00 a e st rom t natura as nc a properties. Un the other han . *0 above " artificial," increase in the degree of disfrrsion of the tem. r-earbon in different heats increased both the tensile strength anti Pe r *0 00 elongation of the iron. This natural re ning is ascribed to a e th fine mary structure. This structure may .1flo influence the pro. a* of the final structure by its effect on the distribution of pert manganese and silicon in the ferrite matrix obtained on tempering and alsoas a result of its own partial persistence. Inconclusionthe i fl i h d h f see mary uenc od o in author describes his stu y of the met ng t e pr a retuft structure of the specimens by changing their thicknem, as of which he concludes that the tensile strength and elongation two is decresae with increasing diameter, awl that the mechanical proper. :4 ties were improved by Increasing the temperature, anti duration of 2^10 a ~-! L A GROKAL UnIRAT401 CLAStWiCADUR WALL jLAI _ VION1 "t a" alit -e-Ijillove 414S11 ON on- AS1 _ U -a AT 0 a 0, An A S 0 #W a of 0 1 9 Of a a a T: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ;40 06-0000 0 0*00 0 0 * 0 0 0 0*^**Oooooooooo*ooo 0000 ~4C a 0 0 0 0 0 S 4 It 11 11 it t5 it; I, u it X, V 21 44 A A i. P V 11 U u t 00 a- p Q A 1 Al It --A 7 CC if 11 00 At A o* oot C -00 00 _#O Factors governing the mechanical Prolltftfesd Amtriciin 00 Malleable cast Iron. 13, - 12, ~~j ,tg~ c'kjjj7ZO irJudPw 42, 1,11. I,ht, prill. .00 VI.I 1~4ej~,t I. 11ti- j.tjIII,tIV III114111W -If OW WhIll' . -00 . Ilicll (14-Iteml, -tit Ifir Iwal-11.11111mil Aild -.11 0 .1 "ymn. The primury Strilvitur al,til itdcvtt OR' IM. 0 .00 vr"irr* of XmIlhititiAtim, tit, ttilut-ming atill thert-by Kov- i i i ~40 0 mi. tat t rrn4 III, tat.. of graph a i .09 400 V ill An I It OW 0 jj I 10 Is ;0 to If it 9 Ir If IN 1 .14 rl It 10 a o to 0 0 0:0 to to q 0 * to 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 ~ 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 o 0 * o o 0 0 0 0 0 *~~ to 0 0 0 0 0 0 *0 00 0 * Ot w 0 ? a # C 11 tj 11 $6 ty 111 a R 4 14 n A 0 n 11JOIS 11113411 Jim XPF o .-a AA to CC MR4_c I I U-I L 4 A!1) i-V CArot 4 ip -00 .00 dIT: "The influefice a PIVIIMULary tmatntent on the raphiti- 00 S. Kvitet. Attkillivi 12, Nt;_.2,-tWV44f41"7l. 04 hing o(whhe iron frum PW* 1,roinotes 44ter Staphl- t t Ing to the formation o(aildtil. nuclei of crystu. nue , mull from meell. action of the metallic me. ~tkln t it an cementite at the transformation point. The 0 0 t nper-C inclusiolut In the quenched at normalizo iron -00 pt 00 smaller than In untreated iron. If. W. Rathmann so as 0 *0 .,Oe 00 b4 0 15 00 AjA,jLA SITALLURGICAL 1,17EVA, VNE CLASSWICATION E-Z it Rio t1l ob C.1 Q4( bill, 4AM34 -i I so V__T_ 0 U is AT go Ll! 1 11 ; I a U K a if It 0 0 0 0 0:0 0 0 : 0 0 0 0 0 48 'a '0 0., 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 'a 6 0 'S 0, 0 a 00 *0 0 0 0 0 0 0 '0 0 KNORRI. G.?.; TROITSKIY, G.P. A new improved gas an .alywar for laboratory and Industrial use. (Trudy] 14VTU no.15:151-155 '52. (MLRA 8:$) (Gaues-Anal7sis) yo-0 * 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 .1 01. P-0000000000*600000 0:0411 0, -6--o o- '44*000*00000000 of 03 1 1 1 4 s a 1~ 12 is 14 is is 11 W ti a m 5 .10 v 44 A Ia. 11 Ij u Id x J$ v " k 0 of u is " Oro 1 IV ,IkA A 4 - -4 f.-Ij A I t 8 L I k AL-A-A-L 4 X P 9 A J. V v -A 1- -1. CC It eocf,"s -D V~Ft.tqs :0 Detenumsbou Ot "t&= A m ussues and blood o# M6005 -di-IS with the itid Of A PhOtOckCtric photometer. 0 V. L. -SAy4nikova and Bmk4imiya 2. -00 8W Sit'j37).-The color mtvii,tty .f Ow CArr-Priv C. A. 20, 3tn-)) SbC1, mwtlort i, 11IMMIfed by A ~tx-ciallv de-kavc! Dbotmnctcr. if. Cohm 00 00 -00 :0 0 J c0 0 coo as 400 4700 zoo see tsoo A$M.ILA 0 TALLIjRGKAL UTFIATURE CLASSWICATICOt E.Z-- ts 0 0 woo J.i i u t% 14 to it W rt p 0 to op 41 0 a of 49 pt a InT it K 0 1 im 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 11 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 see 0*041414 09000 000i 0 0 0 0 0;9 o 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 o ~10100 100 044 *so**** 0 G* a&* to & 0 AS a I I 1 10 it 11 11 14 U M 17 to a 11 h, ZI 1. 1$ . 11 . - . V U 34 n M V M ' PO ai a 6: o 4 I I I I r r 1 9 AA 11, V 1 _X Al - M, U 10 U A _ s, I- Opt.$ - I I PS-W I V 00 Determ;--fion of ri-1, A by meant of a photoelectric " .09 r-lorimeter. 0. V, hid. MM. expil, F T 06 Ar t. R. S. S. 3. OR 1W7)_--Tbc isitihod 1wrinits ibc j 00 detemination of 0.5 -y rA carotene t'cc. and ruakes it jwrs- kitile to niesuire vitamin A in smjU quinthics (it 0 S. A. Cm-m -00 .00 00 00 ,e 00 a i 00 00 Zoe 00 N ate to a** W 30 0 0 "0 0 4111FALLOGICAL LITINATURI CLAWMATION S LA * 0 Italia-) ~i 1 4- '1. Q- I, - I YA _ _-710, goo u 42 VO A w Vs " " An L I a .A A j #49 0 ~ 0 0 . 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 or 0 0 0 a 0 0:0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 . 0 0 0:0 * 0 q 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 C 0 0 04 0 0 V 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0090 00 foe@ 000 of 0:4- 11 14 is 1, It to JD Dun joil VI) JWjs Ad V Upw 41 'J'j a s f! 0 14 r - Q it I I ll v,-V-X 1 44 M.MA P V 00 -r_ .0-ir'1#1 -t- RIP 11 F, 0 The Influtoge of the nerves on tko vitantin A content of blood. G. V. Twitqkil. Bull. hol. NeW. ejrP11- V. R, -~, 'N- tMlim).-Thc addit. of CaTutclic kl) 3tXt;;:(ir"ML? i" pijq does not cbjknge the vitainin A (U) Con- -00 he 1,10A. lnjtvtiml of coiliAdal I cauws an in- Emly when is ittrvolls reaction is tiamed Ot Ar lift induction Coil. when A Vs. k Iffitalvil by 111vall, of all Tile nwreale(A 11 in thecawcAnarr(All 1,11111v l"them"I"ll oI CliCh an the gvervvw sy'SIVIU, and lint to the PlAvirtil action P1 ibe ClIC4 on the I iti Ole blood Amain. Z* 00 S. A. Kariala eg 1110: A 41TALtURCICAL LOTEMATUNt CLAIAMCAVON to 0 boo keg 9 ---------- U w Af 00 is: A-S a ad a a 4 If 04, 91% nit n It Of a* n 14 1'064 T m g :io 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 is : 0 0 a 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o1 Is NJ 11 V 11 14 it It v 16 31 JL. 41 q it 4 ','O p v L I JA F4 (C M tf j d f~ 1_0 1. 4~1 10domelsic determination of vw0falati. F. A. Rarlicy. Akil lkllll 0 %*, LON, I'Mit. 11'. .4. S. Hj 19J$, ' -- \' qji Iv - it 1. . ~N) f. C.11. Is - C"1101, i% U"A Ill. 'k h III M iowl"I' lit I l.41.*141 0.1. ."Ill. .4 09 -111-.- .11 1-- O N -llt~ -4 1. 1% olhhd. Mill N ;: ill 00 e t mm. the rteri ii ut it Willi NiIA(h. The Irsult, %h w a line r trtmla xhi tw b h 90 Q a u e een t e carcitclic cuncn. p anti the aw. of Is used, BY this metholl the degree of 00 carotene oliklation by air can also be detd. since only the idi d i unox u carotene ilmsems v tarnin activi(y, so W. R. Herin *0 600 A P1 '00 . X :2i CLIS11FKATION r z Asse-SLA m9TA1LLlJP.GK-L LITINAT1,111 sic- 17-pa'. U ------------- 1, ', 0 11, ti it ag iia 11 Jo 011 0 0 0 see 0 0 0 0 OA 0 0 0 a 0 s if 0 mLo n vA s 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 of 0 0 0 4 0 09 0 o ooooo.**Ooooooooooooo* o*490*0600000060000 -000 A I --L t Pf CC W L14.v 6 4r k!7 4-4 -jt'~ *00 06 00 to Wing Kwrochanicel .a. Chem. Rum 00 A G. r i- I&O"d t- -IW6- 1011), ug UM logth ~of the *M by WOMW auwwnta Of 4019 way. and by CUP WhO. dimWsbft it&, vOL; 6 Of APP=to Al"n 4mounts of -c2 x -V0 a i;s am The t4whafqw of I g of Fe an ;I K."Of carojew and chl"Ophyll in the same sdation, UA" didwart filten- - MOO A S II L A affALLURGILAL LITERATURE CLAS11FICAMP r I fall -1. _7 i 21. T -8 'w 0 j] ry FT r7 Ir w it or is it An L SF n f[ tf It Or mw 000 goo $4 0 1 1 4 1 a Y a 1 0 it a U w to a ins m A a IF x3lubmaliv Is it a 41 a 43 do is 0 'a tare an I I L.1--f-ALA-A-T 01 1 r r a , d . ( ._A_L_ IL - , - -- A A 1.!t A"D J.0 &.0 *r. CIP0101.1 00 go P#DCES$tl A-4 PSCP12741 -Zlf I Of t-00 00 Separatim cal od*wp" awas ad celorfew substancts 00 0 in =*waIr?Wc malp" bi an"aarImssent of d4loeftle 141 37A M 19 kki j i 5 go - ms o l ) ( , p -.Wamurevocut of the ditlec. consmi. gives it mawo"t -00 so way .1 dol. the adsmpliota zonn of tat-sot. of vratef-siA. ' 60 -r fiable (tactiou of a substabm, Thus, th ti. was adsubcd by=- -1 AMID,, --d the -00 boundaries of the adsorbetl suWAnces Werr drIMC11 by 000 sound ebacps ws heard through the telephunc of the app. It. PlieAlley a0 0 000 006 004 croo 2 'ro 0 s- I 0 0 -0 tsoo CLASSIFICATION A, ties Sao. IPOWIAV Wes $41040 ON- III gas go is 01, ' . - I F 'm 1 1 U ?w It IVOR all IIIN K U of v Is, I Um m I t a Od a a 0 1 w it 9 a a 2 0 e 0 0 0 0 f 0 o 0 o 0 * 0 goo 0 s l :is 0 0 0 Q 0 000o0000 0 o 49~6-9-9 OM 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Is 0 * a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 T_ A c- A 814COOMOC study of the color jre;jjz~; 00 Wid* On Titanda A and rellaod c*wpoundg. ,Y Multil Bi kki i 00 . o m ya 6,. _lf)(in Germt,", 17)(1941). -The ab or ti s p on -xima Of the 1-01-rimg obtained with S '00 K4 are scattered over the entire spectral range. ()jjid,,. tion - hydrogenation of chaksterol, caratew and vitamin 00 Acauws a shift in the bands. locertainexses the appear. Itme of periodic changes wen% to be due to the nveflapping of individual dbmw1ition maxims. T. (Aanes V1 I L A 41TALLURGKAL LITERATUAt CLA$SIFICAIWN At, '0 ai; it LT tir air a 0 or !;IAAAI %VFW 0 .3 a 5 9 W. .00 .00 'Go zoo Woo V. USSR/Chemistry - Spectra., AboorptIon Oct 48 "Absorption Spectra of Polyenes: The Relation Between Structure and Position of Maximum Absorption," G. V. Troitskiyo Dermatovenereol Inst, Moscow, 7 pp "Zhur Fiz Xhimii" No 10 Increasing number of conjugate double bands causes shift of absorption maxinim of diene spectrum toward long-vaye region. Gives method to estimate position of absorption maxim, working from spectroscopic data. Method is based on empirical equation and table of constants for various dienes. Submitted 19 Dee 47. TIC 21/49T8 Co 7 I, Alp 04f, -J. '10(ationahip betwotri structure and absoclition aptictia of guembers of the vtt&mLti A group. kjixsya 13, 7_15( 1948).-The abvntiun flij, Y, tillamin A members air cakil. by considennit thr ttj- tum and no, of double bonds and tbr poition of Mr, I 1) 1. (ind other groups. Conversely, gi%vit ittv al~,rpttoii lee -IRTIra Inax.. the biructurre Of the vitamitt C nietn1wr tmi j rq* I.' I " ut th I I I IV I A Product oblasn"I by J it 'I A, W.A. 35. (11W) ki,1111%ider~1 WrI111C.61 1" t1w -t droU111,11. I'tMISIC And to thir SY111111711C AU1111411CC j-V11.3111111 A 'I jr .1 of Ramrr (C.A. 41~ 4t6-7s). The structurt. "istir IJy Rarrcr is (Ac, becAusc such a structure 4hould hive Mir ahwIrption Inax. Of XV frip, and nor of 275 1110 I tic following structure is suggested fix the "vilarnin A el-Ilide", or "Chromagen C%le:CCII:Cllcme:cltcll-.clic'Nie:Cllcif.,Olf. ii~o o 11. Pt i, .1 ky ZOO 07 41~0~ 0 0 t 11 i.;; !t:oo LittoAlU41 CLAWFICATIGIO ............ too 14 0 N I I Is 44 1) 111 An I It ',V is It it IE U t it cc wo n I i * 0 0 0 0 4 000 000 0600 0 0000*0*000600 Sol 06 g 0* 00 o 0 0 0 0 o 0 o 0 Is o 4t 0 & 0 0 0 a 0 0 44 1 V 9 #10 got# 00 A 9ft iton &UWure and POSIUM of the Absceptica va"imum. q. Y, T"ItsJul. ZkUp. A3. Kking. (J. Pbm Chem.) al, 01 00 i fiVII-11 Ov 1S).-TpcvrvyaIh4prpticKt mix. within the muj~' gymp al is 1%4yvtlc Itil it1trit" a is altrit"Lted; f.a." II;lI%tW%jI0, 444. mid 4M tu.% ui I t,tv, is Ileum 0 t, 8# aud 9. t"p. *rho wAvo lell,lb to( vA,,jj 14 th"!W Imix. it )- - 167 + 11 X + it. + I m + 4)~ I b- IIW 110, oil thil MIJUM-Itiml dmil)k tujqmi* ill Ok. 1116A. 611,4, And 6. are WX. derding oil 0. the VAII" of WWI; Am T 9500 004 sivviblawb1c. =00 A Itime ctutiplicated eqtiation mults for IMAYI-It" culiti. 40 vaititts (mictimm Thv equatiolits Art- J"tvtj by liteAm trf literalumdAtA. 006 inAx. in ja%cofinc uAns.: aDoMnL" 2',B, 1,14-dillictilyl. 000 0 0 -to IoCtAtetrarue,110. 1.1'.'.Iirtiethyldoilccubexatne3tU), vitamin goo A13V o tor-v~mgtoflc 47M, if-curtite-tic 441, -r-cafitette 195. Lind is 16 lycajocat too Itsm. 4900 900 1:6 0 X0 0 Soo J woo b*O a 4414LLURCSCAL LITERAT&IIII CtASSOKATICIO a I:-- 101~" Ilia Ila.. SQ.&A, .4 1111144-3 0411, G.v oft 41111JI-ve 111631 me a". Ali- 7 1 1 , I , I IF 0 T 0 0 0 1 IF tT &I t,t Q"r It It it 't a it, it it X KID n I Is TRCITSXIY, G.V. Electrophoretic determination of Vw- nature of phyoico-chemical bond of blood proteins with vitamin A and carotene. Biokhimiia, Moskva 1:) no.,5:426-43l SePt-Oct 1950. (CLML 20:7) 1. Central Skin-Venereological. Institute, Ministry of Public Health USSR, Noscow. "b autwMation of vftm)a A. 6. V. Troliskil B"Akiy, Ir-OPKMOr.- don jwwurts of Vilit wil o A (1) exist in the blood lid 11 of anifmlm and ntats. The "xide is formed I FEE '~t, the air for 2040 days. Further expowur": R." ",orruation of a sub. stance (ebromopa 570) which gives a red color with SbC4. Finally. an prom$ed expovure to the sk, I Is transformed Into a substance (chromopu 420) which yields with ShCta coltw having an absorption spectrum at 420 mit. If. Pricstlev Ce-yirro, It) e- a CA Rotation betweeta die assollissir of c=jWt*d double bonds and the abossirptlest siseetrissm of the coloired fitsictles of Polyins" and Amisnotsi triehistrilile, 6. V. PrI.Vrki, Ins, Tubruldt%is Aill. loscow). Asir. F$4, K440. 24! IMAX01950).-The ability of erttain hwinin- rally active corujids., e.g. A vitantini, carote"1%. anti if vitamins, to form colored compils. with MCI& is u-.wd in theirquant.detts. Thesta. olconjugated double bouds Is related to the displacement of the spectrum peAks toward the ittfrared rttsion; howevvf, hieunier's e1gluatiou (C.A. 41. IWf) of the reaction nitchmiturs of 8 C4 with 16-cariftene on y "llidered 4 double bonds (max, at Milk ins) while T. found that all 11 double bonds participaird (---. at 915 ms) and that conclusions from the tboory of resonance do not agree with the expid. data. It is ast- sumed drit the ablimption, peak will be displaced Sit m;t for each new double bond in the Carr-Price reaction. The presence of compda. of specific abimption ittax. anti 'also the possibility of structure change by the .19)rJ, could tHitort the simple mechanism. Paul W. llowrtton TROYTSKIY, G. V. ,Dr. Biolo:,!ical Sci. "A Study of the Biochemical Changes of Vitamin A and Carotene in an Animal Organism." Sub 19 Rar 51, Second Moscow State Medical Inat iment 1. V. Stalin. Dissertations presented for science and engineering degrees In Mos- cow during 1951, SO: Sum. No. 480, 9 May 55 apetric Apparatus and Appliances; Ionization; Proteins Now model of apparatus for electrophoresis of protdinB with optic registration of mobile limits of division. Bio1khimiia; 16, No. 6, 1951 Biokhimicheskaya Laboratoriya Tsentrallnogo Kozhno-Veneralogicheskogo Instituta, Moskva Red. 30 Dec. 1950 SO: Mont List of Russian Accessions) LibrAry of Congress. March 1952 4(X1, Uncl. TROITSKIT, G.V.; TARLSOVA. L.S. Character'istics of blood proteins in combination with carotene, vitamin 0, vitamin D2, and cholesterol. Btokhlulia 20 no.1:19-30 ja-F 155. (MIRA 8:5) 1. Kafedra biologicheskoy khtmil Krysmskogo meditsinskogo Insti- tuta. Simferopolt. (BLOOD PROTNINS, complexes with cairotens, cholesterol & vitamins A & D2) (CAROUNN, i~ blood, comIplexes with proteins) (CHOLISTEROL. in blood, complexe's with proteins) (VITAMIN A. in blood. complexe's with proteins) (VITAXIN D, in blood, D2, complexes with proteins) G--V, TREOGAI MMICA Sec,2 V61.9/9 Phy3iologY,AO-UptO 3827. TROITSKI G. V. and RODIONOV 1. 1. Biochem. Dept.. Stalin med. Inst.. Simferopol, Crimea. *Further improvements in electrophore- sis ap aratuR for proteins (Russian text) BIOKHIMIJA 1955, 2074 (431-437) Graphs I Tables I Illus. 5 The principal part of the new apparatus described Is a 'plexiglas' cell with inter- changeable optical surfaces; these are cemented to the rest of the cell in the usual way and the edges tightened by means of finely powdered 'plexiglas, distributed in a volatile solvent. The refrigerating system of the new device consists of a refrig- erating unit and a motor-driven pulsating membrane, carrying brine from the for- mer, through the tubing and coils In the cell compartment. A relay thermometer actuates the motor, thus controlling the temperature within a 2-30 range. The opti- cal recording system makes use of a cylindrical lens inclined at a. certain angle with respect to the normal to the light path. By recording a refraction gradient curve at each of various inclination angles it has been shown that there is a de- pendence between the area beneath the curve and the value of the angle; these re- sults are presented in a t-Able. The apparatus Is sensitive to a concentration of 0.07% of a single compc at; in the analysis of serum proteins the optimum con- centration is 1.5-2.5% of total proteins. Fuks - Serajevo ,fflROITSKIY, G.V.; TARABOVA, L.S. Iffect of substances, increasing the -and ~-globulin content of the blood, on the development of alimentary hypercholesteremia and atherosclerosis (with s-mar7 in Ingliah]. 2 no.6: 428-437 H-D 156, (KIRA 10:3) 1. Rafadre biologicheskoy 1rhimii Krymakogo maditBinakogo instituta imant I*Y.Btalina, SimferopoV. (AIMNHYM, off. 0( - & /3-globulin increasing aldetqdee_, on exper. bypercholesterinemia & atherosclerosis) (VITAMIff K off. 67~ - & -globulin increasing vitamin K. on exper. atherosclerosis & b7pereoleaterinemia) (ARMIOSOLIROSIS. exper. off. ofo~- & -globulin increasing aldebydes & vitamin K in dogs) (CHUSTXROL, in blood excess, exper., off. ofcK -&bulin increasing aldebyde & vitamin K) - , , 7 % i, - * L - 'I ~, -- i -- ~~ ir ~ K~ - , - 1 R. C. 1, T I.,