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VOSTOKOVA, Ye.A.; TAGUOVA, L.N.; VERFYSKIY, N.G.; PREOBRAZHENSKAYA, N.N.; MOSKALEVKO, N.G.; RACHINSICAYA, N.N.; TURMANDIA V I SHITOV, V.D.; O.RLOVA, V.P., red.; Mom, OKOLELOVA, Z.P., [Handbook and guide to the lithological composition of surf- ical sediments and the depth of occurrence of underground waters] Spravochnik-opredelitell litologicheskogo sostava. poverkhnostnykh otlozhenii i glubiny zaleganiia podzemnykb vod. Pod red. N.G.Vereiskogo, i E.A.Vostokovoi. Moskva, Sellkhozizdat, 1963. 259 p. (MIRA 17:3) 1. Moscow. Vsesoyaznyy nauchno-issledovatf-l'skiy institut gidrogeologii i inzhenernoy geologii. 2. Vseoo3-uznyy nauchno- issledovatellskiy in::titut gldroLioologii i inzhenernoy geo- logii (for all except Orlova, Pevzner, Okolelova). MOSKALENKO) N.G.; TAG~.,NOVA, L.N.; TURRANINA, V.I. Use of forest vegetation as an indicator cf deposits cf glacial complEx. Trudy MOIP 8:130-136 164. (MIRA 17:12) TURMANINA, V.I. Strength of tree roots. Biul.MOIP.Otd.biol. 70 no.5:36-45 S-0 165. (MRA 18:12) TIRI~All All, Fl. A. Vliyaniye iordzir~-i~-,shchikd, izlticheniy na inirilrdtet "Effect of Ionizing, Fadiation on Im~irity,ll by V. L. Troitsk:iy i M. A. T,.,umarj,-an. Moskva, Iledgiz, 19158. 197 i p. diagrs., graphs. "Literatura": p. 191-1198 I TUfU, Ri-LU, D.A. 276-8 GELLERT, Laszlo; TURMEZEI, Odon The expansion of Hotel Astoria and the reconstruction of its sanitary engineering. Epuletgapeszet 11 no.4:139-140 S t62. TLiiii;,, J. Use of' sawdust in forest nurs~rlcs. p. 124. Polana. flovonijOvo hitiov t,. drovarokoho DrAmkyohi. Vol. 11, no. 4, Apr. 1959. polanu, Gz(.,ch,!.)t3I.ovakia Monthly list of' East European kccession (=-Ai) Lc Vol. 9, no. ~ Feb. 1960. Uncl. f4 *too* 0 a 0 *011 ~ 9 T ?I ? f I 1 1, 1111 ~ I 11 1 1111.9.400 0 bk It tiff ". Vo A I L ~4 L Ah I L- L I N t 14 ~ T q S- ,: 1 4 41 1 90 7 a -0 of _ 00 .09 *00 so r 0 O .0 . CbwMmUm d numik MAW is Sho far north. H hl 0 g "), OW P. A. ru*XAX &10 A,V. KARMIKOVA (C i l 1 h lli A 1 oom - ms ( ) dwu wp rmll. WIN No. a. 16-SR).- ima Wm "M *A vevwvs " was (w) In l A th t h m, m o 46.auw pa ey iwutr ac =ft AWA)m brings 1 1um' T aim P , b goo o ' _ oe , VA 1 1 The P of (1) - W..00- A4i "Als. 11 a d soo too n &ft.W tfie first *r, ct t ( ) , 2 soe d As Koala. Uw- W" " r1Tft4jT* Am WS - 1100 mtxw vA41a did sat mpoW to X. Ot. Asm. (P) H WOO see too boo U11 WSAI NO* slow SIVIONST. Ito 0 ' - - V- 1 3 u oil 10 111 0 (f p it OFM *91 No P919; I Ve w !4 a ir is 0 3 o e o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0- 0 so * * o 0 0 -0 0 g- 6 0see* go a 0 0 0 0 0 0 TWAS, P. Head of Agrotechnical Sector of P.Q.M.R., Murmangk, L,%mm,´┐ŻLnskUa 0', FWSR Arctic Vegetable Growing M SOV4et Source: N. Polyarnaya Gravda, M rmansk, 27 1'ay 1944 Abstracted in USAF "Treasure Island" Report No. .12, on file in Library of Congress, Air ArL7 0 Infoxmiation Division. TURNAS, Petr Antonovich_,_doktor seliskokhoz.nauk; GCLOVKO, Daitriy da'vrilovich, kand.seliskokhoz.nauk; PIWIKOVA, G.A., red.; CHUNAYBYA, Z.V., (Growing form crops on peat soils] Vozdelyvanie sel'skokho- zialetvannykh kulltur na torfianykh pochvakh. Moskva, Goo.izd-vo sellkhoz.lit-ry, 1960, 334 p. (MIR-A 13:11) (Peat soils) (Field crops) (Pastures and meadows) TURNAS, P.A., doktor sel'skokhozyaystvennykh nauk Development of research on reclamation and agricultural use of swamps and swamped lands. Trudy SevYIIGi9 no.14:45-52 158. (MIRA 13:6) (swamps) (Reclamation of land) USSR/Soil Science - Mineral Fertilizers. J. Abs JOur Ref Zhur - Biol., 113 15, 1958, 67958 Author Z_~na~s-, ~k,_ Inst : Northern Scientific Research Institute of Hydrotechnolouj and ;'aaclioration. Title : Effectiveness of Mincral Fertilizers and Liming on the Nevily Opani~-_' Peat Soils of the Northwestern Zone. Orig Pub : Tr. Severn. n. i. in-ta (;idrotckhn. i melior., 1957, No 13, 47-7o. Abstract : Experiments conducted by the Institute have established the necessity of applyinG phosphorus and potassiiua ferti- lizers on transitional and lauland bogs. On the lattc,., N becomes effective after 2-3 years of application; on the former it is effective immediately. Upland and tran- sitional bogs must be lineC, the aim being to neutralize Card 1/2 USSR/Soil Science - Mineral Fertilizerz. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biol., No 15, 1958, 67958 J. half of the hydrolytic acidity. All of the forms of P and K fertilizers teste(7. (pvc favorable results on 1~,wlannd and transitional bogs. Woo(: ash proved to be a particu- larly effective PK fertilizer on thece bogn. On uplan(_' a-7id transitional boga -the most effective N fertilizr--rr, were r1c, Naa, and Na; Ika and urea were less effective. On the basis of these experiments approxi te dosaCes of rieneral fertilizers are given for the basic types of boGs. -- O.P. Medvedeva Card 2/2 46 - /L TAIROV. M.A.; SELIMSTOV. M.N.; TRUTNEV, A.G., red.;,Tq -.?.A., red. . . _ -(Ua* [Practices in reclaiming virgin lands in the non-Chernozem zone; a collection of articles] Op7t osvoeniya tselinnykh zemell v nechernozemnot polose; ebornik atatei. Pad red. A.G.Trutneva, P.A.Turnasa. [Sootavitali: H.A.Tairov i M.N.Seliverstov] Moskva. 398 P- (MIRA 11:4) (Reclamation of land) TURIRAS, P.A* [Tegetable'gardening, iwAnstzial Dvochahnye, tekhnicheakis i zarn Moskm, Goa. izd-vo selkhoz. lit (Vegetable gardening) (Pi crops, and cereals on peat soils] vye kalltury na. torflanykh pochvakh. ry, .1958. 235 P. (MIRA 11:10) Id crops) (Peat soils) TbRNAS P. A 2. USSR (6oo) 4. Agriculture 7, Taking over swamps for agricultural purposes. Moskvap Sellkhozgizs 1951 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, 1953. Unclassified. T J,.;, 7 T Automatic Or--'Ve ;7" L' clutches . 1z". F. r.3. (MIRA i9,9, Sib-*rskiy metallurglcheikfv ~nstit t -Merl ReRomendovana kaff-droy obshchey edekt-rote'Ylini-H gornogo inst'ituta. S/ I 1/cri 111r;0r, AOO4/A1O1 AUTHOR: Steshin, A. S., Turner TITLE: Metallic ceramics should be introduced more widely PERIODICAL: Mashinostroitell, no. 1, 1962, 22 TEXT: The author points out that, although ceramic metal cutting tools do not represent a novelty nowadays, the present problem is to choose the most suitable grades and shapes. He reports on work being carried out at the Gorl- kovskiy politekhnicheskiy institut (Gorlkiy Polytechnic Institute) under the supervision of I. I. Lubyanyy to select the most expedient shapes of ceramic i.~.etal bits. At the "Krasnoye Sormovoll Plant, a mandrel has been developed for U-332 (TsM-332) bits which possesses a superposed sintered-carbide chip breaker. Research work on the application of metallic ceramics is being carried out at the Leningrad Nevskiy Mechanical Engineering Plant im. V. I. Lenin. The known inno- vator Yu. M. Frantsuzov of the Moscow Plant imeni Kalinin has been using ceramic metal tools for some years. The author recommends to use the hexahedral tool bit, with three and six cutting edges, developed by the Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issledova- tel'skiy instrumentaltnyy institut (All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Card 1/2 S/117/62/0OO/OO1/CO1/OO,6 Metallic ceramics should be introduced more widely A004/A101 Instruments) under the supervision of A. V. Akimov, Candidate of Technical Sci- ences. If this hexahedral tool bit is used, a tool-dressing section can be dis- pensed with at the mechanical shops, since the turner will redress the tool him- self. The hexahearal bit 2can be used for machining tool steels and hardened parts UP to 58 - 60 k&/mm hardness. The feed should be in the range of 0.1 - 0.8 mm/rev, the depth of cut up to 6 mm on the sides. The trihedral bit operates in a feed range of 0.1 - 0.4 mm/rev and with a depth of cut of 2 3 mm on the sides. There is 1 figure. ASSOCIATION: "Krasnaya Presnya" Plant Card 2/2 LACHOWICZ, H.; TURNER, J.A,; 11OFFMAN, G.R. Rate of building up the magnetizing field and the shape of the histeresis loop of magpeticmaterials. Archiw elektrotech 11 no-4:797-818 162. 1 1. Zaklad Magnetykcv,,Insty~ut Podstawowych Problemow Techniki, Polska Akademia Nauk,, Warszawa. - I f)N-' G. :~t~l IF~ i C, M. 7UT, I - 1 .1 (1 rh ,.-J "iv, 'NR sro,.~f.r' ci n- ;t c nom al c I-v 36 r1c,. 3 164. 1. f,cAv)ar Linen t, of Af, Un,.vcr:-'Iy, Sheffleld, 2. ViSitiMl frilP 016 !"Udlr "a-rob i t ,1!1,1c 3 Uni vern TI, TURIM, N., inzhener. Causes of poor service of gravel roads in Uzbekistan. Ayt.dor. 19 no.1:32 Ja '56. (MLRA 9:5) (Uzbekistan--Roads, Gravel) TURWNTF-R V. tl,-, ctidu); Given lla=a Covintry. Yugoslavia Aca"Lamic Dr-grtr-3: /not givenj A:f.,Uation: Institute for PatholoZy and Therapy of the Faculty for - Veterinary-Medicine (Institut za pa ologiju i terapiju 1t=OC= Veterinarskog fakulteta), Zagreb. Sources Balgrade,-,Vatarinarski glasnik, No 4, 1961, PP 315-318- Data: OInfectious Laryngotracheitis in Fowl.' TURIMRR V. Given rl&mez COIUItz7: Yugoslavia Academic Degrees: /knot given/ AA.Mintion: Inatitu-ta-t;T-F~atk4~Ipgy_.Ap4_T~p;:apy - Pathology Dopartmont -i~e Faculty of Veterinary MadiciKe of the University of X*X*UM Zagreb (Inatitut z& patologiju i terapiju - Odjel za. patolo- giju - Vaterinarskog fakultata 5vaucilista u Zagrebu)g Zagreb XR~ Sources Belgrade, Vaterinarski jzlasnik , No 5t 1961, pp 389-393. Datas 'Fasciolosis in Horses.9 PXRSIC, N.; ROGINA, V.; TURNER, V. Prolonged insulin coma. NeuropsibijatriJa 3 no-3-4:193-215 1955. 1. Neurolooko-psihijatrijaka klinika Medicinskog fakultata u Zagrebu, Prea.: Prof. dr. R. Lopasis. Bolnica za sivcane i duserne, bolesti u Vrapcu, Direktor: Prim. dr. J. Glaser. Institut za medicinska istrazivanja u Zagrebu (Pred: Prof. c1r. V. Vouk). (HYPERINSULINISM, experimental, b1stopathol. & ther. (Ser)) Li 2- 1v, IN& W. K S. -fwews w sac&' ma" ffth"I'L. and Reviews 32, Ave. ig4s, p. goo go 0. goo goo age X90 &sm.sLa WtALLWG" UTMIM CLAS%WICAOMW 00 10"60 Nil 4XV oft 0 A It At 10 [A s a 'gm 0 K IN I V IN 0 a 4~7 0 4VO W,* 0-0~0 0 00 000000 0 0 -0 -0 0 0 0 00.0 000-00 TURNER, V. See: Marzan, B. 4r-16-9 00"o 0 7W. 0 0 4 a 0 0000000 000 0 000 4 1 a I a II uI) It is I s Ill I a a Is a 111 0x nil no 140 111; 0106 41 moves# A If I i A -j 11-A --k-p 0 11 -$-p 00 11CF11 111 .419 *SQCIMS Ak9 Glaw Wdleaka La Ciseba"aW La 194& w. ;j. s, 0 Trimits I Smr. Gkis rerkmc4.. 32 11.1 w ritsx(jiltst. .00 W, R It .00 -00 -00 *0 Mi: 00 a go* 00 9*0 Ooo see see tie I'ALLURGIC41. LITERATURE CLAISWKATION Ass iLA I C.Z e* ~JP OkV Oft 1412400 willn(pt " 09-04. -&-ts rAb 0 U It AT 10 IS' ka T t 41 fw0 9 1 Ir w5934 In An 11 RX 's 0 0 0 0 0 0 00o0 0 M& Ufa" toch"loo In Qwb"lovdkfA Its MR. W.-I. s It al.IFK Gidis Tf,*w,4. tio. IM). ERZEN, Janez, dipl. inz. (Ljubljana)- TURNESEK 'lit (1,jubIjana) Switch with magnetically hard contact bars. Elektr vest 30 no. 10/12:291-294 162/1163. 1. Institute of Electronics and Automation, Ljubljana, Teslova 30. :~t I'-..- --, r -, , ~ '. TURIZETSKAYA.t A.F.; IZPFMKOLV, I.N. Solub:Llity in the system KC1 KC10 - H 2 0 at 25 and 5A. Zhur. neorg. khim. 10 no.9:2163-216'6 s R5. (MIRA 18:10) TURNEM, P.; KUZNETSOV, V. Unification of comprebensive output norms. Sots. trud 7 no.8: 84-85 Ag 162. (MIRA 15:10) (Lisichansk-Coal mine7 and mirlng-Production standards) T!~~O~. ; KUZNFnOV, V.P. Intsgrated brigade working around the 4,lock in longvallo of minea of the Limichanskugoll Trust,9 -Ugoll, prom. no*6.-16-17 fi~-D 062o (MIRA 16:2) If Nachallnik otdela tradta i zarabotnoy platy Lisichanskogo treste ugol Inoy pra~VsUennooti -S&R (for Turneyev). 2, Naohaltnik normativw- issledovatellskoy stantaii Lisichanskogo tresta, ugollnoy roWahlennosti Ministerstva, ug6llnoy promyahlennosti SSSR (for Kuznetso4* (Donets Basinp-Coal mines and mining...-Labor productivity) TLJ n TUM~ IBUICA, 7. y in!~. .1; bor productivitY -*rl S. -n-; :4 nr~.*~:: La I - ~ I I 161-164 .'Y '63. TURNIBUGA, E., ing.; LUFTSGffUTZ, 0. Problem of beech log conversion by fr-wje sau3 or bai.d Saws, Ind lemnului 16 no.1:3-7 Ja 16j. 1. Ministry of Forastry Economy. TtftIBUCA 0 S. , Ang. Productivity-,of frdme saws and n measures to increase it. Ind lamului 14 no. 12; "9--458 D '63. TURNAS.- P.A., doktor sellskokhoz. nauk; MORGUNOV, N.Io.. kand. ~nellskdkhot, nauk Efficiency of pea t-inineral-umonia fertilizers produced comercially under the conditions prevailing in the Lenin- grad Province. Trudy VNI1TF no*18-.25-38 161, (MIRA 17-1) 77 777- -7- 7 .'77 i !77M 77, ~hU-XtZ, I- h- TURNO, A.; CZARNECKI, J. "Manufacturing Matrices by Stamping"v p. 177, (NECHANIK, Vol. 27, No. 5, May 19549 Warszawa, Poland) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessionsp (EEAL), LC, Vol. 4, No. 5, May 1955v Uncl. , F- - ..- . ~- .: - _ - , - 7 . '4' 1 ~ 1' ~ --. T, -."t. 10. , 7UTTO I. . -1 T- 11.1 11) . c.1, I . . )-I, B. T)--fp cts o~~' drawn-steel -ro,4,lct3- p. 214 . Poland. Vol. 29, no. b, June 19-16.) SO: List of East Euror~eLn Accessl-ms (Fr-'~L) ic, Vol. 6, nc. 7, JuIY 1957. Uncl. TURN09 A.; U&SKIEWSKIP B. --------- "Determining the Curvature of Stamping Punches"j, p. 232, (MEMANIK, Vol. 27, No. 6. June 1954, Warszawa, Poland) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessionsp (EEAL), IC, Vol. 4, No. 5, May 1955, Uncl. TURN09-A.; KWASNIEWSKII B. "Lubricants used in Stamping Machines"s p. 3039 (MECHANIK, Vol. 27,, No. 8, Aug. 1954, Warezaw%, Poland) SOs Monthly List of East European Accessions, (EEAL), LCt Vol. 4, No. 5t May 1955v Uncl. I I .." 261 1AP 1~ 'UMOll W.. or Ol tp -1 lze COS- the ?e Ile 10.04 ~~ke- -!~ a a 'I 10LO cl. to -A %let 1001TO t let e&e cle 14" TURNSEK, Viktor~~_ inz. Research, a preconditicn for the development and modernization of Production. Nova prolzv 11 no.1/2;.3-5 164. TUROC,, Aneta; I:ISTOR, Constantin; STOF:.'ESCU,V., ing. Internal reserves for increasing the production in the light industry. Probleme econ 16 no.lltl58-161 V163. 1. Director , "Tesatoaria Godlea", reguinea Brasov (for Turoc). 2. Inginer sef, "Tesatoria Codleat", regiunea Brasov. (for Vistor). 3. Director, Intreprinderile textile Galati (for Stoenescu). TUROCZ.I.-Ferenc, dr.; KIRALY, Ferenc, dr.; CSOK, Sandor, dr. Delivery complications caused by infants weighing over 4000 gm, 7 ,-1agy*noorv*1apj 26 no.5:293-300 S 163. 1. #udapesti Orvostudomanyi Egyetem II. sz. 1fdi KlinikajaAkk Je6z- lemenye (Igazgato: Zoltan Taro dr. ogyutoml tnnar). PERLIN, S.M.; TUROK, M.M.; GRINBLAT, V.H. R-ocessing of polyviny*l chloride into articles by molding under pressure. Plast.masey no.6:26-30 r6o. (MIRA 13:11) (Ithylene) (Platice-Holding) TUROV, A.Sh.,- NIKOLAYCHUX, A.V. Perfecting a spray device for the washing of vacuum-filters. Nefteper. i neftekhim. no.8:41-42 164. (MIRA 17:10) 1. Novo-Ufimokiy neftepererabutyvayushchiy zavod. TURNOV B.S. - VINOGRADOV., P.A.; DODGOPLOSK, B.A.; KHRANINA, Ye.N.; KOSTINA, S.I. Effect of ethers on the chain structure in the atereospecific po15- merization of butadiene. Drjkle AN SSSR 146 no.5slija-1142 0 162e (MMA 15:10) 1, Yaroslavskiy z&vod sinteticheakogo kauchii" 9. Chlen-korresporp- dent AN SS6R (for Dolgoplosk), (Ethers) (Butadiene) (Polymerization) TURNOV, B.S., VINOGRADOV, P.A.; DOWOPLOSK, B.A.; KHRANINA, Ye.N.; KOSTINA, S.I. Effect of ethers on the chain structure in the stereOBpecific po.1.3- merization of butadiene. Dokle AN SSSR 146 no.5:11.41-1242 0 162. (MIRA 15:10) 1. Yaroslavskiy zgvod sinteticheskogo kauchuka- 2. Ghlen-korrespoD.- dent AN SSSR (for Dolgoplosk).. (Ethers) (Butadiene) (Polymerization) TURAWV S. M. Conference on problems in the over-all mechanization of industrial processes in shipbuilding and ship repairs. Sudostroenie 29 no.4:72 Ap 163. (MIRA 16:4) (Shipyards-Equipment and supplies) (Shipbuilding-Congresses) Vl~ I TURNOVEC, Ivan; HROMDO, J. Exploration of the Certovra dira and jablonovska chasms at Horni vroh in Slovak.1&n Karst. Geogr cnfl SAM 16 no.lt884)0164 r 4 1-cal..-C I. S- t 0 is /V c W tTA, LAI j & Ycompirlsilti of 6o absorption spectra of tbo nitrate fall szam CraGow-M Zbi niew R w th its cathode reducibilit 14 i y. y g and _Ue;Law, T aawska t L=, 'Fac."m re r_gre sorption spectra of tho nitrate ion was coulp Lrcd with its polarographic behavior in the presence of all 0.(Y2Af soln. of LaClj. No depeudence of the cathode reducibility of the nitrate ion on the 5hifting of ab,..;orptioa band in the presence of trivalenE La was observ-d. 11. Drc!yfuss PoLAND/Analytical Chemistry. Organic Analysis. E Abs Jour: Ref. Zhur-Khimiya, No 12, 1958, 39426. Author : Bartel, Grabovsky, Kemulya, Tumovskaya-Rubashevskaya. Inst :Not given. Title A Polarographic and Spoictrophotometric Study of the Reduction Frocesses and Acid-Base Equilibrium of p- Dimethylamino Benzaldehyde and the Iodide of p-Benzal;6 dehyde trimethylammonium. Orig Pub: Roczn. Chem., 1957, 31, No 1, 13-26- Abstract: A study was made on the polarographic reduction and ad- sorption spectra of p-di thylamino benzaldehyde (DB) and p-benzaldehyde trimethylammonium salts (TBX), where X is chlorine or iodine. The TBI is obtained from DB and -Midi' M-p-, 144 degrees Centigrade; picrate, m.p., 168 degrees Centigrade. The solubility of TBI in 96% alcohol Card 1/3 65 POLAND/AnalYtical Chemistry. organic Analysis. Abs Jour: Ref. Zhur-nimiya, No 12, 1958, 39426. JS 18.7r, (r 1. .1 ,1. at 20 degrees Centigrade. The surve of the TV cf TIBC1 in 0.1 M KC1 solution has three xexima (;~.tcax. are given successfully in mlAand mol. coeff. of adsorption in mol.-1 .1.=-/: 240; 15150; 280-7; 1380; 311; 30) and is very near to the curve of benzaldehyde (I) adsox-ption. In acid solutions TBI is reduced like the (I). At pH 6, a new wave appears after the wave cor.- responding to the reduction of the aldehyde possibly caused by the breakage of the C-N bond. In acid solutior- DB produces waves similar to that of (I); in alkaline so2u- tions it produces 2 waves, the height of the first one diminishes with the increase of pH and second one be- comes larger. On the basis of the change in heights of the two waves with the change in pH, the value for pK' was Card 2/3 66 POLAND/Analytical Chemistry. Organic Analysis. Abs Jour: Ref. Zhur-Khimiya, 'No 12, 1958, 39426. found to be 8.2. Ch the basis of the changes in adsorbance spectrLim of DB depending on pH the valuefor pKDBH+ was found to be 1.82+ 0.05 . pK1 ->1 pK, hence, the first wave probably c6i~responds to the reduction of the DBH + ion and the second one - of the molecule DB. Prior to the reduction of DBe at pH,>-pK a rapid reaction of DB -7 DBH+ must take place. According to the Koutezki's equa- tion (R. Zh- Khiln., 1955, 3497), a constant of that con- vegion was found to be abnormally large (K-- 5+ 0.2 - 10 mole -1 . 1 . sec-1). It proves that the-reaction is dependant not only on hydronium. ions but on the other proton donors as well which are present in solution. Card 3/3 67 KMUTA, Wiktor; TURNOWSKA-HUBASZE.WSKA, Wieslawa Zxtrapolation method for determination of absorption spectra of the ACI form of nitroparaffins. Roes chemii, 35 no.4tll69-1171 161. 1. Zaklad Fisykochamiczny metod Analitycznych, Instytut Chemii Fizycznej, Polska Al-ademia Nauk, Warszawa. TURNOWSKA-CIPAVOY Zofia. dr. Translocation of carbohydrates in plants. Postepy biochemii 6 no.4: 517-532 6o. (EEAI 10:3) .L. Adiunkt Ratedry Fizjologii Roslin Szkoly Glownej Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego w Warszawie. (CARBOHnRATES) (PLANTS) TURNUSOVS, ZT.,- ~ Changos in the calcium content of the blood serum of healthy and de- corticated dogs in high temperatures. Izv. AN Uz.SSR. no.4: 9-12 '59. (MIRA 12:12) 1. InBtitut krayevoy meditairy AN UzSSR. (BIDOD-AN&LYSIS AND CEINMISTRY) (HIIAT--PHTSIOLOGIUL EMOT) IEV"SLISON, 1-1.1.; 1171;~TYIII, A.I.; YAJSHEVSKIY, V.V.; BOYKOj G.G.; KUMMOV, W.I.; BULANOVA, I.A.; MRSHKOV, V.I.; KATSKIN, I.A.; KMAYEVA, YE.V.; RYZHOVA, V.V.; TUROBOVA, V.I.; CM-REDE)EVA, Ye.M.; KOSHELFIN, M.V. Development of highly efficient ventilator models CRGRES operating according to a 0.68-1610 system for electric power plants. Prom. energ. 18 no.7:8-9 Jl 163. (MIRA 16:9) (Electric power plants-Elactric equipment) (Fans., Electric) 207 '-- / - -- -1 2 ~j,,Dj- y4 Gulncral Hydr.~bloj cGy. ,-.bL-, t7our R-f Zhur - Biol., 19, 1515SY ; -) 8 56,1 9 Author -Turob,~;-wsld, L. 7E Tit!,:; S i,, ri i ;nlfic~,.ncc. of S,~. tcry Hy'roblclo~;y In Pro- T,)ct-*Lr,.-; i,'~iturs. 0 j.:, Pu b Gzz, lifulalL L t.Dchn, sanit,, 1957) ily 3 3o6-308, Abstract ~bg-u`ract E if D 44 7773-", KEMULA, Wikto~r; TURNOWSKA-RUBASZEWSKA, Wieslawa Absorption spectra and acid-base equilibria of som.-- aliphatic nitrocompounds. 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