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L U-.)SR Farm Animals. Small Hornod Stcek. Abs Jour: Rof Zhur--Biol., No 23, 1958, 105648. .".uthor Umuraliy-,~ ~1,1~ ,,v Inst 0~ Titlo Fine-,!ool Shoop tho '3ovkhozos of Kirgiziya. Orig Pub: Ovds-.,vodstvo, 1958, No 3, 4-7. Abstract: No abstract. U . UMURZAKOV, S.j Can Geog Sci -- (diss) "History of the develcoment of the geographic conceptions of the nature of Kirgiziya (From ancient times to the end of 4,_ -to . the *i 6entury).11 Frunze, 195b, 18 PP (mos Order of Lenin St.-)te Univ Im I!.V. Lomonosov. KirgiAlk State ?ITW Correspondence Pedagogical Inst) 110 co,,ies (KL, 28-58, 103) - 7 - I On Renat as the 'author" of the map of Dzungmria of the first cplarter of the 18th century. Trudy Otd.geog.j Tian.fiz.-geog. sta.AN Kir.SSR no.1:163-164 '58. (MIRA 12:2) (DxunRmri.-,-Kapfl) .41 4 F-flrbak&m ZABIROV, R.D., kand.geogr.nouk, red.; BEYSUNOV, A., [Studios on the history of geographical discoveries and explo- rations In Kirghisial Ocherki po istorii geograficheskikh otkrytii i issledovanii Kirgizii. Frunze, Kirgizekoe gos. isd-vo. 1939. 148 p. (MIRA 13:12) (Kirghisistan--Discovery and exploration) UWjRZAKOV f S. - . On tho 100th anniversary of Ch.Valikhanov's voyage to Kashgar. Izv.Kir.fil.Geog. ob-va SSSR no.1:101-109 159. (MIRA 13:5) (Valikbanov, Chokan Gbingisovicb, 1835-186.5) (Kashgar-Discovery and exploration) ~ t OROZALITRY. S.; UKURZAKOV, S.U., red.; ANOKHINA, K.G., . I 1 -1 1", -, e_--,._, -- [Russian-Kirghis glossary of geographical terms] Geogra- flialyk terminderdin oruscha-kyrgyscha sosduga. Pranze, 42 p. (KIM (Russian language-Dictionariea--Kirghiz) (Geography-Dictionaries) 1960. 13:7) BOLISHAKOV, M.N.; VYKHODTSEV, I.V.,, doktor biol. nauk; NIKITINA, Ye.V., kand. b1ol. nauk; ZABIROV, R.D., kand, geogr. nauk; ISAYEVI D.I., kand. geogr. nauk; KASHIRIII, F.T.p KOROLEV, V.G.,, kand. geol.-miner. nauk; LUNIN, B.A., kand. geogr. nauk; MAMYTOV, A.M., akademik; OTIORBAYEV, K.O., kand. geogr. nauk; RYAZANTSEVA, Z.A., kand. geogr. nauk, at. nauchn. sotr.; _MEWU,S-ILj YANUSHEVICH, A.I.; BLAGOOBRAZOV, V.A., red.; BEYSHENOV, A., tekhn. red. (The nature of Kirghizistan; brief characteristic of its physical geography) Priroda Kirgizil; kratkaia fisiko- geograficheskaia kharakteristika. Frunze, Kirgizskoe goo. izd-vo, 1962. 296 p. 'MIRA 16:7) 1. Geograficheskoye obshchestvo SSSR. Kirgizakiy filial. 2. Zaveduyushchiy Otdelom geografii AN Kirgizakoy SSR, predsedatell Kirgizskogo filiala Geograficheskogo obshche- stva SSSR (for Otorbayev). 3. Dekan geograficheskogo fakull- teta. Kirgizskogo gosudaretvennogo universiteta (for Umurzakov). 4. Zamestitell direktora inBtituta geologii AN Kirgizakoy SSR (for Korolev). 5. Rukovoditell sektora geomorfologii Otdela geografii AN Kirgizakoy SSR (for Isayev). 6. Chlen-korrespon- dent, zaveduyushchiy sektorom Institute, geologii AN Kirgizakoy SSR (for Kashirin). (Coptinued on next card) WLISHAKOV, M.N.-(continued). Card 2. 7. Direktor Tyan-Shan'skoy vysokogornoy fiziko-geogreficheakoy stantali Otdela geografii AN Kirgizakoy S.SR (for Zabimv). 8. Otdel geografii AN Kirgizskoy SSR (for Ryazantseva). 9. Chlen- korrespondent, direktor Instituta energetiki i vodnogo, khozyay- stva AN KirgizskoySSR (for Bollshakov). 10. Zavedyushchiy Otdelom pochvovedeniya AN Kirgizakoy SSR (for Mamytov). 11. Chlen-kor- respondent, vitseprezident AN Kirgizskoy SSR (for ranushavich). 12. Zaveduyushchiy kafedroy fizicheskoy geografii Kirgizskogo goaudarstvennogo universiteta (for Lunin). (Kirghizistan--Physical geography) rAK HONTOVA) L. N. ; LUR N, B. A. ; UMUR ZAKOV, S. U. Brief news. Izv. Kir. fil. Geog. ob-va S&SFt no.4:85-93 163. (MIRA 16:12) GUZHINp G.S.; OROZALIYEV, S.; OTORBAYEV, K.; UMURZJKOV, S.; CHORMONOV, B. I MiUmil Mikhailovich Kartayov; on his 50th birthday. Izv. Kir. fil. f Geog. o 6 SSSR no.4t97-9&' 163. (MIRA 16:12) 1 UMURZAKOVI S. L.S.Berg's papers not included in the bibliography of Us work. Izv. Kir. fil. Geog. ob-va SSSR no.4:19-20 163. L.S.Berg's role in the geographical study of Kirghizistan. Ibid.t49-56 Interesting cartographic study. Ibid.:77-79 (NIRA 16.12) UMURZAKOV S. The first Russian expedition to IA~ke Iss.,ft-Kull. ob-va. 95 no.4:368o-371 Jl-Ag 163. exploration) Izv. Vaes. 9809. (MM 16:9) (Issyk-Ktil'-Russian S/167/63/000/001/001/002 D2Dl/D308 AUTHOR: TJmyarov, Kh.U. TITLE: Oscillations in control system elements with period- Ically varying disturbances PERIODICAL: Akademiya nauk UzSSR. I-vesl:iya. Seriya tekhnichoo- kih-h nauk, no. 1, 1963' 14-:20 TEXT: The author applies the asymptotic method of N.M. Krylov, N.N. Bogolyubov and Yu.A. Mitropollakiy to the solution of the differential equation representing the oscillations in a control system element which are induced by other el.ements present in the system. The real function of time for the oscillations is found by determining the complex functions of a real argument. The second approximation results in a detailed stability characteristic of the system and makes it possible to consider not: only the, Lyapunov but also the orbital stability criterion. ASSOCLATION., Tashkentskiy politelchnicheskiy institut (Tashkent Polytechnic Institute) Card 1/2 flu S/167/63/000/001/001/002 Oscillations in control system D201A308 .-.,UMYAROV, Y%h,U* Resonance in oscillations of systems with two degrees of freedom. Izv. AN Uz. SSR. Ser. tekh. nauk 7 no.5:85-88 163. (MIRA 17-2) L. Tashkentskly politakhnichaskiy institut. rip(j) jjp (C ACC NRt AR016618 -80ulta GOD98---Ua/0044/65/000/012/BlOl/BI07- AUTHORs YMMRY. IQ. U. TITLE: Certain oscillating systems SOURCE: Ref. zh. Matematikat Abe. 12Bj61 REP SOURCEt Tr. Tashkentsk. politekhn. in--t-a-L-V". 24P 1963P 37-43 TOPIC TAGSt nonlinear differential equationg asymptotio method, approximate solution ABSTRACTt Approximate estimates are obtained for oscillating processes in the Systems dW + i.Wl + b.10)* (1) + IoN (b,W bs* and dW 77t + 10)W=P In W, (2) which are often encountered in applications. For solving equations (1), (2) one uoes the asymptotic method of Krylov-Bogolyubov-Mitropollakiy. It is noted that the obtained approximate solution 2of equation (1) coincides with the precise solution toL- within quantities of order A * I. Shelikhova ZTranalation of abstrac~7 SUB CODE: 12 1 hs UDC' 518,517-91/-94 1 . ALIMUKHANBETOV) D., kand.geologo-mineralogicheakikh nauk; UMYSHEV, R.; KULIBAYEV, N. "I Interpretation of electric pro"eting materials in the Daheakazgan District. Vest. AN Kazakh. SSR 18 no.6:49-53 Je 162. (KRA 15:9) (Dzhexkazgan District-Electric prospecting) ALIMUKHANBETOV, D.; UMYSHEV,,4.; URAZAYFV, B.M. Electric prospecting data on the tectonic structure of the Paleozoic basement in the western part of Bet-Pak-Dala. Izv.AN Kazakh.SSR. Ser.geol.nauk no.1:98-106 163. (MA 16:8) 1. Institut geologicheskikh nauk AN KazSSR, Alma-Ata. (Bet-Pak-DeLla-Geology, Structural) (Electric prospecting) - - Operating the powerplant of the diesel ship OXrasnodar." Mor. flot 18 no.5:19-20 M7 158. (MIRA 11:6) l.Starshi.r mekhanik teplokhoda "Krasnodar." (Marine diesel engines) L 35615-65- E-f rr ( i ACCESSTON Np- Ap ~-7 013 AMORi Goetz, K., -,chtitz, W., !Inarigat, D. i TITLE: Diffractiaq c-.xpertments WiLh a laser for the Optical Fvurier transfoi-m- tion 90UPCF,: Acta physica polonica, v. 27, tic. 1, 1965. 41-48 TOPTC TAGS: x ray diffraction. 2p-s !FL-r, fire structure, orwPunic c-avound structure, optical Four:ter_ r- ran sro rim-9a;IPS. 3 5 limes, S-n' ABSTRACT: The intensity of illumination. can be Incrensed 10 to 10 . excellent coherence and !nonochromaticit% enqui-ed. b- emolo-,ing a laser ,-q ~hp light !;,,-,rce 4r, x-ray 5turiir,- 7k', m-anE of this te(JniQ,.1e, !hf, scop,e P!1'~ r e C 18 i () T-1 C) r1--- - .3 r re I ,,a q w I L f. T ,j v b C a tj t)f r C extende,1. Tbc schemAtic :jlagram the asc-r iet-jp (and that )f ~i con'!eqtlrm;l~ me rcur-.- i i- Iqnrp ser%p) 1 r 1 r - I ~ 1- p tic I o s ur r1i e - wo ri 1 I-, th. t r ~-- -~ P . r ri, !mcjr- Tr---n-rs T-,- !e wit i i.i- z i 'h, ca t i'on A t Ile .-A';;- Card thalene rnolL, c t it ~2 z In Figure 2 of the r-ncj(ysurf~ "rPF I H t' f1 IF gas laser Pne -or advice c o n t: i nniz, z r i g ar~ and 6 f I T- e AS SCWTATTC~E - PlivRlkal fgcheg Tnstlt-~t I jenA lphysms x-naultute, rT--CjLwdpk" "4~ kef -~2 Ti Cl -T)p Ccrd 2/4 1. ~56 - _5-65 ACCESSION 11R: kP500TO13 a) 7 4 7 9 9 12 tier > _~M_i P7~ _10055~ Fig. 1. Schematic draving of the Frau-nhoferian diffraction setup using (a a high-pressure mercury-vapor lamp and -b) a laser I Peercu~7-vapor lamp; 2 - cona-enser; 3 collimator diaphragm, filter, r ob,lective for i-xTPnslon-, ob-e-viv-~ 7 liffrartinn .;j I ~(, ; I 'L A _. , - 1: - -1 1 , - -.,+ ~ - Eff C DOC UM e01 --ACCES slog jwi~ii: 0 61 I 4i jn~ T. 4 7-iripr trannfoT-m -.f P nar)tthajerje fre)JeCil obtained f I a J.1 ght.-CqA, i'~ W 1. w'a L i.i~ T P C NR1 AP6O0OhO0 SOURCE CODE: _600016165M0. 0 0091 AUTHORI (Grad- physicist) (Jena) I Unangt;L.P-1qtd&. (Dr, of natural sciences)(Jona) ORG: Institute for Physics, Friedrich Schiller Un~~yers~~,_ J!~I!~, (Physikalisohes Institut der Friedrich-Sch!Lller-Univers-itat) TITIE: Improved matilons camer& for the preparation of deflection masks for 41;ht- I optical analogue techniques in fine-struotural studies by x-ray nothods F SOURCE: Experimentelle Technik der Physik, no., 2, 1965, 82-91 TOPIC TAGS: camera, x ray Investigation, photographic Ions ABSTRACT: The principles, construction, operation, performance, and applications of a matilons camra, capable of providing deflection masks for light-optical analogue techniques in fine-structural x-ray investigations for &iW desired shape and size of elemental cell projection, wore describeds The construction of the camera was dis- cussed in dotai-I and some results were prose, 4nd discussed to Illustrate its applicationse The authors thank Prof, Dr. VtAkr, for. the encouraging interest In this work, The authors thank Chief Enginoir__HT~X_a;UQ~ hand of the Institute f a workbhop, for the preoiso construciion of the rullao-In-a-munarse OrIgo art. hast 4 figures, 1 table, 3 fotmlaso fJPRS - 7 SUB CODE t ES, OP / SUBM DATE I O)Jul6f# / ORIG REF 1 002 / M REF 1 010 vuflov' A. Technology Skorostnaia rabota na tokarnom stanke (High-speed work on the turnirg lathe). Moskva, Morskoi transport, 1951. 68 P. Monthly List of Russian Accessions. Library of Congress. November 1952. Unclassified. UMNOTf_'RrMjM,Tamevosovich; MUSAXLYAMPS, A.M.0 redaktor; GONCHAROY, I.A., -_ - tokhalcheakiy redaktor [High-speed metal cutting with large feed] Opyt skorostnogo rezaniia metallov pri bol'shikh podachakh. Baku. Asnafteizdat. 1955. 114 P. (MLRA 9:12) 1. Jboter-novator tresta Azneftemaeb (for Unanov) (Metal cutting) P~Mov, EFgf!ni,_Anzh. I Increased production of emulsion oils. Tekh delo 13 no.429:1 2 Jo 162. I II I . .6 . . . VW:N~O~V,' 6. ; TAIAMA, M. Swine Breading. Experiment to eliminate unproductive breeding of sows. Mius.ind. SSSR no. 2, 1952e 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, Augtwt _-1951; Uncl. srNrTSTN, K., kand.tokhn.nauk; KMRATOVA. K., inzh,; UNANOV, G., zootakhnik Zffect of the fattening method on mechanical remo`v"aT-o?"ikins from swine. Miss. ind. SSSR 29 no.2:11-14 158. (MM 11:5) (swine) .-TVAITOY). G. ; KURIATCOVA . Ye.; KARAVAYEVA, S.; DERGUNOVA,, A. IV,-, New standards for hogs and pork meat. Hias.ind. SSSR 33 noj:M~-20 - 1;'1162, (141RA 15:7) 11 Vaesoyaznyy-neuch o-issledovatellskiy institut myasnoy promyshlennosti, (Pork I ndustry6-6tandard 0 SINITSYN, K.D., kand.tekbu.nauk; KURBATOVA, Ye.A., starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; UNAVOT, G.S., starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik Improving the technology of the removal of hides 'from bog carcasses. Trakt.i sellkhozmash. 30 no-10:5-12 0 160. (MIRA 13-8) (Swine houses and equipment) (Hides and skins) DERGUNOVA, A.A.; UNANOV, G.S.; KURBATOVA, Ye.A.; KARAVAYEVA, S.G. Standards for pork. Standartizatsiia 26 no.2:43-44 F 62. (KRA 15:2) (Pork-Standards) SOKOLOV, A.V., prof.; LYASKOVSKAYA, Yu.N., kand. tekhn. nauk; UNANOV G.S starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; KARAVAYEVA, S.G., mladshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; TALAYEVA, M.I., mladshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; KRASIL'NIKOIIA, T.F., mladshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; LAVROVA, G.M., mladshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; KOTOV, P.Ya., mladshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik; VASILICHENKO, T.A... mladshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik Effect of the breed and feeding of swines on the quality of pork meat. Trudy VNIIMP no.12:3-29 162. (MIRA 18:2) rlRljT)E,v9 lj.l., doktor scllskokhrz. ink, YU",rOV, P.Ya., nwmimy-y nauchnyy sctrudnlk; SYRUN.-L " i I ?. 14 f,' V ': F. -, Y Ve A., naw~hnyy 3ctrudnik-, IIINIJIIOV~ G.3,, nauchnry sslnx~n-k v1se of the tissue preparation VN]lt,U'-3 In the NV.Pning of swAnes. Trudy VNIMP no.15,'I",-19 '63. (Mi!l."., "The E91deniologicea Effectiveness of Influmas VaccUmp" by S. S. thumm, Y%Tartsent of Viruses, Moscow Tnstltute imeni -Y-.I-.TFe-cM1kcv, Voprosy Virusologii Vol 2, No 2, Var/,APr 57, pp 86-91 This work discusses results of 1953-1954 vaccinations of Orekhovo-Zuyew cotton factory workers with dry live polytype influenza vaccine prepared at the Moscow Distitute imeni 1. 1. Mechnikov. The effect of revaccination wA the duration of postvaccinal immunity are examined. Tables and graphs sb6ving the incidence of influenza in the cotton combine from 1953 to 1955; In vaccinated, revaccinated, and nonvaccinated groups; a chart showing the coefficient of effectiveness of vaccination in vaccinated an(Irevaceinated groups; and a table shoving results of the hemagglutination-inlilbition re- aetion, are given. Results are discussed in detail. Efficacy of the vaccine vas evaluated on the basis of total reduction in the incidence of influenza &W acute catarrhs of the upper respiratory tract. Analysis of data obtained Indleated tbfat lanwity 1"t" for abmt 12 1=08. A NNNWY' In W49116h in =vvided. (U) ~~ te'-! , , 1, ) ", / EXC'-'RnA IWICA SOC-17 Vol.4/1 Public Health.etc. Jan5S tOwRi5 V- 5~-5, 124. WAGV S. S. Epidemiological effectiveness of influenza vaccine (Rus- sian I - V5`p-.'41YUV1957 2 (86-91) Graphs 4 Tables 3 exq .9 The results of vaccination against influenza with living dried polyvalent vaccine pirepared at the Mechnikov Institute (Moscow) are described. Ile vaccination was conducted at cotton factories in December, 1953, and in November, 1954. Ile vaccine was administered intranasally by means of an atomizer. In 1953 9,853 persons received the vaccine, 5,436 persons served as controls. The period of vaccination coincided with an outbreak of in- fluenza, type A-prime. Ile incidence of influenza in the vaccinated was 4-5 times lower than that in the unvaccinated controls. In 1954 9,987 persons were vaccinated, of whom 6,056 received the vaccine for the first time, and 5,832 were revaccinated. In the unvaccinatcd control group there were 6,873 L)ersons, of whom 1,901 had been vaccinated in 1953. An outbreak of in- Huenza, type B, occurred 2 months after the vaccination. The incidence of clinical influenza in the vaccinated was 3.5 times lower than that in the control group. No reduction in the incidence of influenza was noted in the controls, who had been vaccinated in 1953. The efficacy of the vaccination has been evaluated on the basis of the total reduction in the incidence of influenza and acute catarrh of the upper respiratory tracc without differ- entiation. Ile analysis of the data obtained suggests that the duration of the immunity acquimd as a result of vaccination does not exceed 11-12 months. UGSR / Virology. Hurmn and Animal Viruses. Influenza Virus. E-3 Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Biol., r1o 18, 1958, Ila 81248 Author : Unanoy j_q. S. Inst Moscow ScieAific Research Institute of Vaccines and Sera. Title Some Problems of EpidcTuology and Specific Prophylaris of Influenza. Orig Pub Tr. Mosk. n.-i. in-ta vaktsin i syvorotok, 1957, 9, lo4-19o. Abstract No abstract given. Card 1/1 10 U14mNOV, S. S.: Master 'Med Sci (diss) -- "Somo-- problc;iis of the ~~-.pidemioloj,,j and inoculation prophylaxis of grippa". Mloscow, 1959. 13 pp (11-lin Health USSR, Central Inst for the Advanced Training of Physicians), 200 copies (Kl,, No 10, 1959, 129) UNANOV, S.S. Snecific T)revention of influenza. Vop. virim. 4 no.1:15-19 A-F 159. (DrYLU3NZAL, prev. & control, (MM 12:4) vace. in Russia (The)) UNUOV, S.S.; VASILIM, L.Y.; LYABEDSV, A.A. Npidemiological, effectiveness of anti-influenza monovalent vaccine A2- Zhur.mikrobiol.epid. i immune 30 no-5:31-37 H.V 159- (KIRA 12:9) 1. Is TSentrallnogo inatituta usovershenstvovaniya vrachey Sunitarno-e-9idemiologichaskoy stantsit Grekhovo-7AWeva. (IITYLUJWU, prev. & control vacc. in Russia (Ruq)~ S. S. Epidemiological characteristics of influenza in Moscow Province in'1957-11959. Trudy Moak. nauch.-isel. in,,+. virus. prop. 2:206-209 161. Data on serological studies on influenza patients during the epidemic influenza wave in the winter of 1959 in Orekhovo-Zuyevo. Ibid.i210-211 (MIRA 17il) UVAEOV,S.S.; MTIBOVSKI7, S.A.; BUZUNOVA, L.V.; TRUCHEVICH, A.I, Some results of epidemiological observations in conducting influenza vaccinations. Vop. Virus. 8 no-3:358-359 14,v-%Te'63. (MIM 16 : 10) 1. Moskovskiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut virusnykh preparatove (]INFLUENZA-PREMTIVE INOCUIATION) 1JNANOV,- S.S. Study of the imunological activity of tissues vaccine against tick-borne encephalitis developed by the Mfoscow Scientific Re- search Institute of Viral Preparations. Vop. virus. 9 no.3: 357-361 14y-Je 164. (MIRA 18:1) 1. Moskovskiy nauchno-isaledovatellskiy institut virusnykh pre- paratov. AIjrRO,qs U, (5200 71( ORG: nan (N) 0~!- S. S nauch Afoscoor ;I. fic ~~ro SOURCC: CODS 17 Val Cjenf., &t 0 e 0 Neu r0 ev, 7'Ir7Z, is, 4 U"10402 to pereu z70, I? Ins arch e Vch 6.510 I to a tua a tj or) Of titut Institut - ~.~enko, 0010061, ARCS titck4 tic stral k1ru e -*-'- r~e.N 06 Z "OURCIP: aColl spyk Of 7 ns v _ 410677 46 ec Of 12"46 op "Op Opros tic -b0 h op. Aut 0 t'irusol ted dur re are a ratio A. 1 Tc rA GS: Y091j,rne rne enc. ra 10 8 07r ASs77~,AC7." encep,,,,t,, no. a all tjgg Ifiru (Afosko carryl a viru 61 ic vskly Of 2'he 8 ng.capa arti season pat., Iferdlo,,,,, Ci t cl a, MOUSL 74-6 7 f'oM 'r1rOd eye y 0., Ivej ng a 11,freSen t , epld gbtj cent,,,, Obj, athe emiol Of th 11g, 7. Ug at d per&W,reau, ogy ita. e ti Od Urtn Ca t EIS t jt~lon Ck.IbO g and 8uaP9n 17 the , t, Cjr tS 0r teat. rne Obsor Slon 14 Cks ence'm- VI Of ~64 8 co an Inve OPId Ilellf. st'r 011e,,- rho AlitnJOI the the ticlaeml -uedl "Gratj nontl aant C sea n L, on kariotj ni Ii Vj rU ivals F, andI 60n e-,t,, Of 8 Pe orm a had or 21 " A as n the riOds idistb ectin det,.Onde rib een days. rot MJC rum. ution 9 IVI t r 170 solated L. Alto& h I , ned . eglona table' O'f the ether mice Pre- I the tick YJ rus'OY th - 5.9 ovie 80tl-- a Col %car e cop,, Stre 010 ,te fT d.dr- I e c t ryl J).q aent Ing tb Cape vlee ocelPh3l ed i n Afy City -rn r - e1has% 2 'Ti 06 S1319A Carried SAJIB '2/2 UNANOV, S.S.; MAGAZANNIKY S.S., OSIICf[FHK0VA, A.N., 31MOV, A.V.~ Ye.I., FAITINE11', A.L,, KUWAKOVA, A.S., U1111"ISKAYA, F.S. 7mmunclagical prophylaxi!; -.f tick-borne encephalftis. Vo:,. virus. 10 no.4s4'6;-4f)7 JI-Ag 16C. 1. Moskovsk~v in-Ol'tut v~yusnyyh prepara ~ov Mir~.stprstva zdrarco,&raneri.-iya S~SR I Sver~llcv3ka~va oblactnaya staritsl.ya. AUTHOR: Unanov, S. S.; Levchenko, Ye. N.; Shutcrv, A. V. ORG: Moscow Viral Preparations Research Institute, Ministry of Healthj5SSR (Moskovskiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut virusnykh preparatov Ministerstva zdravookhroneniya SSSR) TITLE: Properties of tick-borne encephalitis virus strains isolated from patients and from corpses of suspected encephalitis cases SOURCE: Voprosy virusologii, no. 3, 1966, 3T6 TOPIC TAGS: human disease, disease diagnosis)tick borne encephalitis, virology, virus, encephalitis sci=w, viral properties 4,vimed- jewews'lre ABSTRACT: -~ifieen siiiin_s i`soi~i~~fro'm blood and body fluids of patients and ciorp'ses .infected white mice w1th tick-borne -encephalitis. Laborato,,7 tests idbntified athe viruses as encephalitis viruses. Most of them were h.ighly virulent for white mice:y!~gardleea of route of'infection (W.A. 50; OBE No'. 101~ SUB COIE: 061 SUBM DATE: none/ SOURCE CIVE: UR/0402/66/000/004/0477/0482 XT11ORi Unanov, S. S. Levchenko, Ye. N. IRG: Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Viral Preparations (Mookovokiy inuchno-iseledovatel'skiy institut virusnykh preparatov) ITLE: Ilemagglutination activity of varloija strains of tiek-borne encephalitis Irus OURCE: Voprosy virusologii, no. 4, 1966, 477-482 OPIC TAGS: encephalitis, s, virus, serotyping, hemagglutina- ion reaction BSTRACT: 'The hemagglutination activity of 4 strains of tick-borne , encephalitis virus (# 276, 205, 190, and 323) iaolated from i Ixodes persulcatus ticks was studied in different cell cultures: HeLa cells, RES (fetal pig kidney) cells, transplanted RES cells,, SOTs cells, and NEr-2 cells. Good accumulation of hemagglutinine: in all cell cultures was noted, except when the virus was cultivated in chick fibroblast cells. The size of the infectiugi dose of virus did not affect the hemagglutination liter of the culture fluids, although dose size did determine the periods required foi! hemagglutinins to accumulate, Differences--; PRUTIANSKlY, S.V.; KRONGAUlly A.D.; UINANO"I", Ye.l. %, L , pre veriti -ie f II I.,c X-ray doses sustained durIng Vest. rent. i rad. 39 no-1:54-59 Ja-F 164. 1. Orrmetodotdel (zav. - prof. I.M. Yaklaii3h) i otdel klIn'c.~c."Koy dozimetrii (zav. - dotsent A.N. Kron~auz) issiedovateilskot o zdravaokhraneniy~ RUM, Moskva. 07-FROVA~ N, ~k~ -1i / Ull ~ Dl2trl~mtion cl' mn.-,rcurv ir, lavaq ~lf active 7r,!,:rmc.,es ir, KAmchaLkA and In the islards. G-~,)!,. val. 7 no,,1~58-74 Ja-F 16,1~. 13,4') 1, Inatlttkt geologil. rudnykh mestorozhdonly,' -arit pe -,rogr 9 idneralogli I gookhinni i. i'M Ploalmi, XNDZEEOYZ, A*L.,- TATSVOSYAN, G.T. ; UNANYAR, Kope if- (~ -Lod olyl-3-proffl)piper Idins. Sint. goterotisikl. sood. no.4: 42-45 159. (X.MI3: 11) (Indole) UNANYAN,-M_4'.; KONDPATIYLVA, G.V.; LOCTIMET,13, A.Ya.; ZFYFIAAN , Yu.V. ; GAMBARYAN, N.P. ; 141NASYAN, R.B. ; KIP: 11YANTS, K.1 KOCIIAF'.YA,',,,, S.T.; FOULIN, Ve.M.; KAVEFMEIR., Ye.D.; ROG07HIN, S.V.; DAVANK011, V.A.; TISFYTLIN, G..,~.; ?A71J,"I" ZAKHARKIN, L.J.; 0191LOBYSTIN, O.Yu.; SEMM, G.r.; BLIEVIC11p K.A. Letters to the editor. Izv. All S-11SR. Ser. k1him. no. 1: 19(`)- 1914 165. Owc, 1. Institut organicheakoy khimLi im. N.D. Zelfimkogo AN "11:3,SR (for Unanyan, Kondratlyeva, Lochmelis, Zavlyalov, Kavet-zn~---va). 2. Institut elementoorganichegkikh soyedineniy Ali SSS", (for Zeyfman, Cambaryan, 14inasyan, Knunyants, Kocharyan, Korsbak, Rogozhin, Davankov, Zakharkin, Olchlobystin, Semirl, Babushkina, Bilevich). UNANYAN, M.P.; TATEVOSYAN, G.T. -- - ... Derivatives if indole. Report No.7: Synthesis of tertiary /~f-(indolyl-A-propylamines. Izv.AH Ar4SR.lChim.nauki 14 no.4:387.-391 161. (MIRL 14:10) 1. Inotitut tonkoy organichookly khimii LN Arayanskoy SSH. (Indole) UUWAN, M. S. Two hn-4 ad years of Moseow Uhiversity (1755-1955). Gor. khoz. Moak. 29 no.5:1-5 Vf 155. (KLRA 8: 6) 1. Prorektor Moskavskogo gonudarstwitmogo universitsta. (Koscow universti7.) z -A~! C (if 1 /7 3 (~: J-)I KENYAN, Yu.M. (deceased]; SOIN, S.G. Reproduction and developmdAt of the White Sea smelt. Vest. Mosk. un. Ser. 6: Biol., pochv. 18 no.4:25-37 Jl-Ag 163. (MIRA 16:12) 1. Kafedra ikhtiologii Moskovskogo universiteta. (2 SOIN, S.G.; UNANYAH, Yu.M. [deceased3 Characteristics of the stnicture and the adaptive role of the Eecondary,egg membranes of true smelts (Osmeridae). Dokl. A:N SSSR 154 no.5:1238-1239 F164. (MIRA 17:2) 1. Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet im. M.V. Lomonosova. Predstavleno akademikom A.N. Belozerskim. T.P. UNANTANTS. T.P. UNANIANTS. SyrIevaia baza tukorvoi promyshlennosti SSSR. Mosk-va, GI. Red. gorno-top- livnoi i geol.-razvedochnoi lit-r7,, 1937. 249 p. (TSsentralInaia komissiia po zapasam pr-leznykh isko ernykh.) "Spisok literatur7": p. 241-Mr DLC: TN 85-G56 SO: LC, Soviet Geography, Part 1, 1951, Uncl. UNANYANTS$ T. P. Khimicheskiye Tovary: Spravobhnik. Sost. A.T. Shereshevskiy., T.P. Unanyants, (1) G'. Ya. Bakharovsktv. MosIrva, Gosldiinizdat, 1054. 2 v. Tables. 23 cm. Bibliographical footnotes. T . 7. ! ^~' ' : 711 S yl- - "~, - - , -,, !,. . 7 nt "''l I ~ .4 r: hi-f f-, 1: ly , T . P , tT, , n - : , - .. , ~l i ~, . nA . n - -,. - - '. !. - . Hoskva, GoskhimLzclat, 19~4- V. Tables. 23 cm. Bibliographicril Footnates. UNANYARS, T. P. SHIRSEMSKIY, A,,I.; UNANYANTS, T.P.; BAIRABOVBKIT, G.Ya.; MOLOTIOT, I.G., re- daktor. %-~e ~_- Eftemical goods; a headbook] KhImicheekle tovsx7; spravochnik. Sostavitell: A.I.Shereshevskil, T.?.Uj=j&ats,G.IA.B&khmT'akii. Pod obshchel red. I.G. Molotkova. Moskva, Goa. nsychno-takhn. isd-ve khluickeskoi lit-ry, pt. 1. 1954, 376 p. (MM 7:7) (Chemicals--Handbooks, mammas, etc.) UN&MANTS, T. P. PHASE x TREASURE ISLAND BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REr-O-W AID 687 - X BOOK Authors: SHERESHEVSKIY, A. I., UNANYAWIS, T. P., BAKHAROVSKIY, G. Ya., Compilers Full Title: CHEMICAL GOODS. Reference Book. Transliterated Title- Khimicheskiye tovary. Spravochnik. PU13LISHING DATA Originating Agency- None Publishing House: State Scientific and Technical Publishing House of Chemical Literature ("Goskhimizdat") Date: 1954 No. pp.: 1028 No. of copies: 25000 Editorial Staff Editor: Molotkov, I. G. Contributing editors: Degtyarev, A. N., Mitropol'skiy, I. S, Orlov, V. I., Khan-Murzina, N. A., Orekhova, 0. F., Belovitskiy, A. A., Rokhlin, M. I., Revyakin, A. A., Yasinskiy, B. N., Strokina, A. I., Kaplun, T. S., Smolyakova, 14. 1., A3-'tTmn, A. A., Petrov, I. P. PURPOSE AND EVALUATION: This reference book is intended for a wide range of workers in all branches of industry and agriculture who use chemical products, It is written in a clear language. The division of the material into groups and S , F I'- USSR/Chemistry Fertilizers FD-30V) Card 1/1 Pub. 50 - 7/17 Author Unanyants, T. P., Senior Scientific Associate Title On the expansion of the production of phosphorite flour from phosphorites having a low phosphate content Periodical Khim- prom. No 6, 350-351, Sep 1955 Abstract Advocates lowering of the minimum permissible content of phos- phorus pentoxide in phosphorite flour from 19% to 15-18%, so that inferior grades of natural phosphorite can be used, partic- ularly if local production of phosphorite flour is possible and the product does not have -to be shipped. Two tables. Institution Scientific Institute of Fertilizers and Insectofungicides imeni. Ya. V. Samoylov UNANYANTS, T.P.. '1% - Production of ures in capitnlist countries. Xhim.prom. no.3:188 Ap-W 157. (MA 10:7) (Urea) USSR/Chemical. Technology - Chemical Products and Their H-3 Application. Fertilizers. Abe Jbur : Referat Zhur - Khimiya, No 1, 1958, 18W Author : Unanyants T.P. Inst :------- Title : Production of Urea in Capitalist Countries Orig Pub : Xhim. prom-st', 1957, No 3, 188 Abstract : Data are given on production of urea In sow countries, on its use as fertilizer, in capitalist countries, du- ring 1947/1948-1955/1956, and the proposed expansion of its production. Bibliography 17 references. Card 1/1 UNANTAPTS, T.F. 1~ - Production of mineral fertilizers in capitalist countries. Biul.takh.-skon.inform. no.6:89-94 158. (MIRA 11:8) (Fertilizer industr7) UNANYAW")j T.13, Khimicheskiye Tovary; Spravochnik. Sost. A.I. Shereshevskiy, T.P. Unanyants (1) G. Ya. Rikharovskiy. Izd. 2. Ispr. i Dop. Moskva C;oskhi-mizdat, I $ 1959. 2 v. tables. 23 cm. Bibliographical footnotes. 'ZIRR SHIAMM, A.I.; UNANYANTS, T.P.; BAKHAROVSKIY, Me.; MOLOTKOV. I.G., obshchtg -I.A., redi; ZAZULISKAYA, V.F., (Chemical product@; reference book] Khimicheskie tovary; amravochnik. Izd.2., ispr. i dop. Pod obahchei red. I.G. Molotkova. Koskva. Gos.nauchno-tekhn.izd-vo khim.lit-ry Pt-l- 1959. 646 p. Pt.2. 1959. 659-1294 p. (M~U 12:12) (Chemicals) KATALYMOV, M.V.; UNANYMITS,- T.P.; VOLIFKOVICHA, S.I.,' akedemik., red.; ORIDVA, I.A., otv. red.; GONCHAROV, N.G.p tekhn. red. (Production and use of trace elements in the U.S.S.R. and abroad) Proizvodstvo i primenenie mikroudobranii v SSS i za rubezhom. Pod red. S.I.Vollfkovicha. Moskva, Vses. in-t nauchn. i tekhn. infor- matsii,, 1960. 37 p. (MIRA 15:6) (Trace elements) KATALTHOV, M.T.,; KORCLET, L.I., red.; SOKCLOT, A.T., red.; TURCHIN, P.T., red.;, UNANTAX.T.4, - red.; DOLGCPCLOY. M.1., red.; MIGORIUVA, A.I., red.; BALLOD, A.L. [Manual on mineral fertilizers; theoretical and practical aspects of their use] Spravochnik po minerallnym udobreniiax; teorlia i praktikEk primneniia. Moskva, Gos.Isd-vo sellkhoz. 1~ lit-ry, 1960. 551 P. (miRA 14:1) (Fertilizers and manures) 1-111MI-Mv T.P., doktor ekoncmicheskikh nauk; IVA17OV1.9 T.F. Production and use of cheracals for the protection of ;:lLr-.ts in capitalist countries. Zhur. VE.E.0 5 n~. 3:325-330 16C. ONIRL 14:2) (Agricultural chomicals) S/064/61/000/001/010/011 B132/B218 AUTHORs Unanyantaq T. P. TITLEz The boron industry in capitalist countries PERIODICALt Khimicheakaya promyshlennost'# no. 1, 1961, 69-71 TEXTs The author gives a review on production and use of boron compounds, especially in the years 1955-1959. Raw materials for boron production in- clude boric aoid, its easily soluble alkali salts end salts of alkaline- earth metals, such as tincal, kernite, borosodium calcite, colemanite, randerite, and boracite. Until World War I, Chile was the main producer of boron products. Also Turkey supplied the world market with r4w materials. After World War 1, boron production in the United States took a rapid in- crease so that today they practically hold a monopole position in this branch. The resources of boron raw materials in capitalist countries are an estimated 115 million tons referred to B 203* Deposits of 100 million tons alone are in the USA, i.e.,90 %. Boron compounds have found wide application in the manufacture of special glass types, ceramics, washing Card 1/4 310641611000100110101011 The boron industry in capitalist countries B132/B218 agents, special steels, and in enamel glass baking. In metallurgy, boron compounds are used as additives for alloys. Boron nitrides have a melting point above 35000C and are therefore used for induction furnaces. In 1956, ~ boron nitride called "Borazone" was found in the United States, which has ~ cubic structure and is much more heat-resistant (1900 0C) than diamond (8000C). Boron carbides are used for control purposes in nuclear reactors. Due to their high hardneset the metal industry uses them as grinding agents. During the last few years, also boron hydrides have found wide application. The author presents a survey of the deposits of various countries. Italy has a deposit of boric acid near Lauderello. Nevertheless, she has to im- port boron raw materials and products from the United States. In 1956 - 1958,10000 to 16000 tons were imported, while only 2000 to 2500 tons are exported per year. There are no raw material deposits in France whose import comes mainly from the USA. From 1952 - 1958 France's import raised from 22400 to 36500 tons. The French firm of "La Socifitb Borax Frangais" intends to enlarge their factory near Dunkerque, whioh will cost 1 billion franca. Like France, also Englandq the German Federal Republic, and other European countries have to import boron raw materials from the United States. Card 2/4 S/064/61/000/001/010/011 The boron industry in capitalist countries B132/B218 Thusq in 1958 and 1959, England imported about 409000 tons per year. Car- nallite obtained in Western Germany during the last few years (up to 100 tons annu4lj~) contained small amounts of boracits. About 50,000 tons a year were imported from the USA. In Turke%pandermite occurs near Sultan-Caur. The content of B 0 varies from 43 - % to 15 - 22 % depending on the type of mineral. Alioh the entire production is exported to France, England, and the German Federal Republic. In 1958, Turkey exported 56,500 tons. In India, boron occurs in the region of Ladek. Japan imports boron product8 in quanti- ties of about 12,000 to 139000 tone per year. In 1950, Iran produced about 300 tons of boron products. In South America, there are deposits in Argenti- na and Chile. The deposits of Argentina are an estimated 6 million tons. Pro- duction increased from 5,200 tons in 1946 to 22,900 tons in 1958, of which the greater part is exported. Chile produces smaller amounts (1,700 - 2,OOC tons). In the United States, borate and kernite occur near Cramer, California*. Large deposits of borate and boric acid are the aalt lakes of Serls and Owens. 30 % of the total production is exported, mainly to England, Western Germany, and France. In 1958, exports amowited to 110,700 tons. American industry offers a gr4at variety of productss pure boron (82 - 86 % 95 - 99 %) 9 boron carbideq nittide, and hydride; boron isotopes (B109 B"), borides Card 3/4 S/064/61/000/001/010/011 The boron industry in capitalist countries B132/B218 of tungsteng tantalumt chromiumg and molybdenum; ferroboron, boron-containing manganese (15 - 20 %), and boron-containing cobalt (15 %); lithium boride (20 %); boron hydrides of sodium, lithium, beryllium, and other elements. Biggest producers are "U.S. Borax and Chemical Corp.", "American Potash and Chemical Corp.", and "Stauffer Chemical Co.". At present, more than 42 % of all boron products are being consumed by the glass-ceramics and porcelain industr;ies. Besides, boron carbides and other boron compounds are used as catalysts in petroleum refining. In the near future, organo-boron compounds will be used in agriculture as protective agents, fungicides, and insecti-*- dideB.-Ther.e-arel7 references, 4 Soviet-bloo and 13 non-Soviet-bloc. V, Card 4/4 UNANYANTS T P doktor ekonanicheskikh nauk Pfoduction and consumption of mineral fertilizers in capitalist countries. Zhur. VKHO 7 no.5:554-561 162o (MIRA 15:10) (Fertilizer industry) UNANYANTS,__Tlgran Petrovich; RYBAROVA, V.D.,, red. (Economic efficiency of the chemicalization of agri- culture) Ekonomicheskaia effektivnosti khimizataii sellakogo khoziaistva. Moskvap Ekonoraikap .1964. 195 p. (MIRA 17:11) lee ***see* Geoe 00 0 0 *;-0-*- _ - - , j . . . **go* t W -w- 00 a W all., to II! x It a z, ad a m v a It 1 .0 "1 11 11 ' 1 M N QL 0 It 1 Ar 1 LI A 1 1 1 N itu k d . -- - - - 4 , 00 -00 so c so 9 *0 -04 The tout depowto od pbo,ophot4p raw MOWW in Raw& ovolimme to jasmay 1, 19M. 1. W Kurtttatt Atut l' Af b Cd l owra xmw o irml A'4n-r-'44, Suli il"I I h d bl 0o 00 a . l t 'l on T e ava a e PI"v+h4xti'" Ste give" 823d the importance of further z P16*IWVIIII# is A. A. MmIttlinsk ro* r a Are* zoo we* 00 ilk . 1: ~ - too 40, A I A S C A Of K*C tMAIATURC CLASINKATION TALLURG _ 4 cv.- 4 1., 4 #!,- - - . - too Jft tt n if 0 0 0 0 o 6 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 * C TO 0 0 0 e 0 0, a 0 0 9 * 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 4 0 6 0 0 OIS 00 Ole 9 00 0 0 0 0 0 )p jo 11 ja 33 is alt um to a 61; 0 43 a .A a it 0 1 ]1 k A-A.P, a 1-1-1-jmc AA A IX W 13 SA 1.4-1 1~8 j -,k 140"I"s fto ploprer'!l In V. , a 11. IL Ir = = 00 IM tow . t9 dVc* p b whkb vdOt bt used intho -00 kdwtri-uptolgslaaxxmtjtol.2bmimton& FortheylarI929~1930themetant 00 :.0# 00 A of mw phosphates malited was eqtal W 465,000 titow with pn"*:b tog "Itic S.M.WD Tom I nk In l . . tms i 00 Ar o 00 go 60 d 00 00 4 00 00 All goo Me 0 goo -00 '00 1112ATOR CLASIN KA TION t A blIALILOSICAL L me ,0 a low 41"O U9. **.Iqv ti,344,3 -A, ot, got all l 0 1 0 mh~ u AT go 0 0 IT It 0 K a a 9 u " l I s a CW 0 m ff 1 A A 114 2 f 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 if 0 of*** 1110 & 00 00 a 0 o * o0 go 0 0 00 0 41 0 0 0 0 fie 00 0 0 o 0 a 6pill 1 19111111161ri 11 9aJim I AL it WAS 1--AA-..J-- s, $10C49IS44 JL.O "Crial,ts MIA 41 The -P 00 1 T-Pkou 0" U. A. 11. 1. IYA, IL) am g1wo on 00 a am Pr-d-d- of avapbawbaft W'd Smirm, .1 =I 00 materw. a. Joffe 00 w 00, 00 12~10-1&& 40f#tWGKAL LITER&TUff CLA1141PICAMP IV tomose -0 j1,014414 JOIV 0-1 am( U6 AV 10 It 0 4000 0 4 0 0O1' ;~qo 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 09 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 *)Jill da W#v &I& A 04- 0.- 00 so* 0 00 j690 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0* 0 0 *map& 11043 floes S, *-A -4 4~ 8 -L zoo Soo .00 xsee -00, x6o too amv Dotany CZECiiOSLOVAKIA JAZ,_Jix_!; UNZII.ROVA, Marie; Chair of Botany, Faculty of Natural Sciences, J.E. Purkyne University (Katedrn Botanilq Prirodovedec- ke Falculty Univ. J.E. Purkyno), Brno. "Finding of Luzula Slovaca Smejkal et Vicherek in Liptuovske Tatry." Bratislava, Vol 21, 110 7, 1966, p 551 Abstract: Smejkal and Vicherelc described a now cros.--brecd of Luz- ula slovaca DC vanerythrantema ',dallr. and Luzula alpino-p-'Llosa (Chaix)~"Ireistroffer whicli they found on the southern slopes of the mountain Deres in Nizke Ta-'Gry. The author describes his own find- ings of the plant at two locations in Liptovske Tatry. One is at Tomanova Dolina and t1ie other at Ticha Dolina. The nlant will probably be found at further locations in Liptovske 'I'atry amd also in High Tatra Mountains. 2 Czech references. A.lo UNCHIKOVP . ~ a -a". jl-,~-'~~. --~ Practicea in ', (MITUI lp;6i my 6 5. UNCHIYEV, D. N. Cnnd. Tech. Sci, Dissertation: "Study of Bitter Seeds in Kernel Fruits and their Vtilization.11 13 May 49 Moscow Inst. of National Economy imeni Plekhansv ()A~ (1, H C-7 Al, 1) USM/Meadow Cultivationa Abs Jour Ref ZhUr - Biol.., No 21) 1958, 95659 Author Unchiyev N D Inst Title Biochemical Characteristics of Artemicia. taurica WiLld. Orig Pub Botan zh., 1957, 42, No 7, 1M-1097 Abstract The course is described of the vegetation,dymanIcs and rietabolIan-of the water-content, dry substance :and nutri- ent substancea in Artemicia taurica Willd~ Uhich ia spread in the winter pastures of the Tersko-Sulakskaya lowland of Dagestan. Growth and increase of the dry substance oc- cur before the summer heat. Then the water content de- creases from 79-49%, and the gr3wth of the dry substance is retarded. The maximal content of protein in the plants was observed before the start of sprouting; later it de- creases. The cellulose content increases in proportion to growth, reaching 40% absolute weight of dry substance. Card 1/2 UNCHITIV, NoD. DInanIcs of the Increase In the vass and chaWs in the chemical coviposition in different parts of the Inglish walnut in ontoge- nests. I ovoshch. no-5:259-276 '59. (MIR& 1331) 1. Dagestanskly filial Akademii nauk SSSR. Otdal rastitel'rqkh resursovo (Walnut) (Ruts--Chemical comweition) - Walmut and wild fruit plants of Daghestan. Trudy Bot.inst.Ser.6 no.7:163-166 159. (KMA 13:4) 1. Dagestanskty filial AN U'*SSR. Hakhach-Kala. (Daghostsin-Walnut) (Daghestan-Fruit) UNCUTHY, N.D.; KJSAYNVA, L.D. Mineral composition of some forage plants of tho Terok-Kuma Plain as an indicator of their ecological specificity. Bot. shur. 45 no.1:3-18 JA 160. (MIRA 13-5) 1. Dagostanskly filial Akademii nauk SSSR, Makhachkala. (Torok Valley--Pla~ts--Ansimilation) (Kums. Valley-Plants-4asimilation) UNCHUR#-Ye.So Early treatment of congenital club foot. Zdrav. feloro 6 no. 10:36- 38 0 160. (MIRA 13:10) 1. Belorusakiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut travmatologii i ortopedii (direktor - prof. R.M. Hininat zamestitell direktora po, nauchnoy chasti - prof. B.N. TSypkin). (FOOT-ABNORMITIW AND DEFORMITIES) UNCHUR, nauchnyy sotrudnik Early treatment of congenital luxation of the hip during the past five years. Zdrav. Bel. 8 no.6:27-29 J6162. 0-iDA 16:8) 1. Iz I-linskogo nauchm-issledovateliskogo instituta travmato- logii i ortopedii (dir. - prof. R.M.L'-Iinina) (HIP-JOINT-DISLOCAT ION) UNCHR,,-U,S j, kand. red.nauk; YEKIMOVA) A.L.,, kand. med. nauk; MRIN', R.M., prof.; KRYUKOVSKAYA, B.,, red.; STEPBOVA, 11., tekbn. red. (Corgenital dislocation of the hip and its t-hatment] Vrozh- dennyi vyvikh bedra I ego lechenie. Minsk, Gosizdat BSSR, 1963. 118 p. (HIP JOINT-RISIAXkTIONY WM 16:12) UNCHUR k, j Ye.S., kand. med. rauk (Minskp ul. Lenina, d. 30) (Az experience in early detection and treatment of congenital dysplasia of the hip joint. Ortop., travm. i protez. 26 no.9; 7-12 S 165. (MIRA 18:10) 1. Iz Minskogo instituta. travmatologit i ortopedii (direktor - prof. R.M. Minina). /elow *,, K 1'.1 fit f, (I is - v 9 gMF=wAO ma lk a" so ow - k a 49 do ad 1 0 4 iwo offorw . i EP X. I ----- - . mmv"A~~~- UNCOVSH, . TECHNCWGY Periodical HUTNICK:- LI&fY. Vol. 10, n,,-. 11, Nov. 1955. UNCOVSYY, A. New measuring apparatus in rollin,: mills. p. 676. Monthly List of East European Accessions (EIAI) LC, Vol. 8, no. 3, March, 1959. (Incl. -Y / -r.r- ?-- - - -;~7 N ~! " 4 ., 4-L I - -- --- - - - , ~ -,; - - -- - -, Lf~ I - --- - - I * - - _- - - --- I A l-, 1, ~ , ~ , , I., . - z U /v mats, Rovi (~ch.) ;?5-624 New nallavenk flivoife-ftl Cl- 10 Nov. 19-15. P- litifnickd UOU, v- n,, in(licttion the rc" instTurl-ts for dis a Of pnell. flscription. of -,g eliornatic cutting, contfO ,t,,ent of the b-l' gistjalloll pa54 Villn- a re of an 4 ,,tic UNCOVSKY, Adolf; KUBA., Jaromir I rument for measuring the thickness of MTP-3 plates, Jaderna energie 9 no,5z169-171 My 163. I, Vyzkumny ustav hutnietvi zeleza., Brno. UNCCIVSKY Adolf : . JfijqjMqpv'-jjwLOurement of the 1 to 10=, belle An hot rollingo hdarma vwple 9 no*9:293 S163. 1. Tyzkziny ustav huttittvi aelezat Bmo. KURA, Jaromir,, IUIDr.; IM'COVSKY, Adolf 1, . Iievel measurement of molten metal in a c27atallizere Hat listy 18 no.9t635-638 S163. 1, Vyzkumny ustav hutnietvi zeleza, Brno. BiBA,r-,;Vv llon*i UNDASIOVa P*U* Sow basic plaw for the Inl(ption o"two In tbo Oadowt distdoto of Kmkhotano im AN Fakukh, WRo Sor6 bla. nouk 3 no.5s3-6 3-0 #65. OWA 18321) TVAIAMNIKOV, M.M., kand.tekbn.nauk; UNDASYNOV, G.N., inzh. Use of electric models in the calculation of lighting systems. Syetotekhnika 6 n0-8:3-8 Ag 160. (MIRA 13:11) 1. Moskovskiy energeticheskiy inatitut. (Alectric lighting)