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M4 L 55055-65 ACCESSION MR: AT5016800 pis normally located at an altitude of 2P k-n and in utclones a~ an altitude of 25 k -r,. A 1 t'~ iou z,iea 7 Q e e e rbeween the tropapauc;e and the iSo au5c- it A 1; C;I 't "o t I A 7. e 8 e I- e.E e r I i an u a r," A~)r the Enclosure). Orig. art. has: 5 figureg, ;1SP, ASSOCIATION: Tsentral'nyy institut prognozov, Moscow (Central lnati~ tute of Wea-ther ForecastIng) SUBMITTEDi 00 ENCLi 01 SUB CODE: ES NO REF SOVI 006 OTHER, 004 ATD PRESS: Card 2 /3 R -L 55055-65 ACCeSSION MR: Kg~ .75 AT5016800 KU lu Aft. &A% JAIw WA Y Card 3i3 ENCLISUREi 01 Fig. 1. Distribution of tempera- ture with altitude in center*of rtratoapheric cyclone and scrato- splhe ri c antl cyclone ( f r(,m t'-a tropopause to 30 km) for 1959-1962 1 - In cyclone center (jar..); 2 - in anticyclone center (Jan.); 3 - t n cyclone center (Apr . ) ; 4 - t n ant icyclone ceriter (Apr. 5 - I n anticyclone cenLer (july); & - in cyclone center (Oct ,); 7 - in anticyclone center (Oct.). U,RAN(',VAy L,A, Stm.nture Cf stndtosphs,:-~c, cyclonpri and aq;.- - ,, ; i Z, - seaeona, Trady 7'311' n,)*146.s)-36-'-,44 'r'5. 18!i" uRaOVA, K. I. Proper sotions of stars In the vicinity of BY Cygal. Soob.GIISH no.81: 27-29 152. (NLRA 70) (Stars--Proper motion) Goz-. ti Proper !ot-io, 0', tll-.~' Ron- e7n 'AID T)hoto-ran~ifj 0D4"-.,I-nd ol o*, L- - .. .1 - _i '. _ I unod for dotorm, ,a, Lo,,, Of o;' Lacarta. 0-1 or :a-,1 SO: r 1954 C-7-30,,07) 1. UWOVA, T. A. 2. USSR (600) 4. Star*-Proper Notion 7. Proper notions of stare of the ty-pe T Tamri. Per. svesdy 8 No- 3, 1951 9. Monthl-v List* of Russian Accessions. Library of Congress, Ka.Tch 1953, Unclassified. URZOVzi, T.4i.. Stars in the neb-ola NGC 2264. j~stron.tsir. n0.138 MY 153. (MUI^ 7:1) 1. Gonudaretvennyy astronomicheakiy institut im.ShternberGa. (Nebulas) URANOVA.T.A. New variable stare in the vicinity of S.Monocerotis. Astron.tair. no.156:17-18 JA'55. (KLRA 8:10) (Stars, Variable) USSR/ AstrononV ...Card 1/1 Pub, 86 - 13A2 Authors 1 Uranova., T. A., Cand. Physico-Math. Sc., Moscow Title I Nova (new star) DQ in the Hercules,constellation Periodical. I Priroda 45/1, 86-88, Jan 56 Abstraot i The phenomenon is recalled of how the faint star in the Hercules constella- tion suddenly flared up in brightness and then faded back to its original faintness. This star which is designated as DO, it is explained, had manifested the characteristics of a nova. The recent discovery that this star has also fluctuations of brightness which last only 4 hour3 and 39 minutes indicates that it forms part of a binary. Institution .Submitted - ------ URAMWA, T.A, Investigating stare in the S Monocerotla region Trudy GAISH 29:71-177 '58. (Stare--Observations) iRTRA 12:9) Z-/ V /7 EXFLOITII~, 21( SGV/3939 SOV/51-M-29 Moscow. Universitet. Gosudarstvennyy astronomicheskiy institut imeni P.K. Shternberga Trudy, tom 29 (Transactions of the State Astronomical Institute imeni P.K. Shternberg, Moscow State University, Vol 29) (Moscow] 1958. 274 P. 500 copies printed. Respe Ed.: P*P. Farenago, Corresponding Member., Academy of Sciences USSR; Ed.: Ye,D. Pavlovskaya; Tech. Ed.: M.S. Yermakov. PURPOSE: The book is intended for astronomers and astrophysicists# COVERAGE: This is a collection of three monographs on observations of star luminosity in the neighborhood of the sun, stellar observa- tion in the vicinity of S Monoceros., and the photometric study of stars in the region of five large gaseous nebulae: IC 1805, NG 2175, NGC 2237-38, NGc 6618, and IC 1396. Catalogues of stars with additional data appear after each monograph. References accompany each monograph, Card 1A Transactions of the State (Cont.) TABLE OF CONTENTS: SOV/3939 Sharov, A.S. Color-Luminosity Diagram of Stars in the Neighborhood of the Sun Introduction 3 Ch. I. Taking into Account Atmospheric Transparency in Making Elea- trophotometric Observations 5 Ch. II. Observations and Their Analysis 17 Ch. III. Aowiracy of the Catalogue of Color Indicators 36 Ch. IV. Color-Luminosity Diagram 42 Bibliography 61 Catalogue 63 Card 2/6 T~ asactiorj..,~ c, ' the St, t%~ (Cont. SOV/3939 :,,;-4nova, T.A. Investigation of Stars in the Region of 3 Monoceros Introduction 71 Ch. I. Obtaining Observational Data 77 Ch. II. Determination of MagnitudeB and Color Indicators of Stars 82 Ch. III* Variable Stars 91 Ch. IV. Color and Visible Magnitude Diagram of Stars 104 Ch. V. Investigation of Star Motions in the Region of S Mon 127 Ch. VI. Some General Statistical Conslusions. Discussion of Age Characteristics and Possible Ways of Evolution of Star - Clusters 134 Conclusi on 140 Card 3/6 Transactions of the State (Cont.) SOV13939 Bibliography 143 Appendixes: Table 10' Catalogue of Variable Stars in the Region of S Monoceros 145 Table IIP Evaluation of Brightness of Variable Stars 148 Table III. Catalogue of Star Magnitudes in the Region of S Mon 157 Table IV. Nomenclature of Stars 173 Fig. 24. Chart of the Region S Mon Insert 178 Fig. 25. Chart of Control Region B Insert 178 Fig. 26. Charts of the Vicinity of Variable Stars in Control Section A Insert 178 Card 4/6 T: nsaction,; the St..U'-(- (cont. SOV/3939 ~K'_,Allova, T.S. Investigati,-~n of In Gaseous Nebulae Introduction 178 Ch. I. Methods for Determining the Magnitudes of Stars and the Indicators of Star Color in the Region of Gas-Dust Nebulae Under Consideration 183 Ch. II# Characteristic of Individual Regions Studied. Results of Counting the Stars 198 Ch. III. Method of Constructing the Color and Visible Ma nitude Diagram of Stars in the Diffuse Clusters: IC 1905, NGC 2175, NGC 2244, NGC 6618, IC 1396 2o6 Ch. IV. Spectrum-- Lumino&ity Diagrams of the Diffuse Star CIUBt- ers 246 Conclusion 256 Card 5/6 Traisactions of the State (Cont.) SOV/3939 Bibliography 258 Catalogue 260 AVAILABLE: Library of Congress (QB1.M82) JA/edw/jb Card 616 8-23-6o URANOVAj T A Study of dark nebulae based on star counting. Astron.tair. W.213: 14-17 Jl 160. (MMA 14: 1) 1. Gosudarstvennyy astronomicheskiy institut imeni Shternberga. (Nebalae) URANOVA, T.A. Methods for studying thin dark nebulae on the basis of star counts. Astron.zhur. 29 no*3.-476-493 Yq,-.Te 162. (MIRA 15:5) I.Gosudarstvennyy astronomicheakiy iwtitut im. P.K.Z~hternberga. (Nebulae) (Stars-Distribution) ACCESSION NR: AT4038535 S/2623/63/000/128/0027/0044 AUTHOR: Uranova, T. A.' TITLE: A nomogram method for determination of the parameters of a dark nebula elongated along the line of sight and Its application to a nebula In an arm of the Milky Way SOURCE: Moscow. Univ. Gos. astron. Inst. Soobshch., no, 128, 1963, 27-44 TOPIC TAGS: astronomy, nebula, dark nebulaj Milky Way ABSTRACT: The nomographic method for determination of the parameters of an In- finitely thin dark nebula on the basis of star counts, proposed by T. A. Uranova ~(AZh, 39, No. 2, 1962), has been applied to the case of a nebula of finite thick- ness. It Is shown that the Wolf method also is correct In this case with respect to determination of total light absorption In the nebula. The thickness of the nebula Is determined using nomograms for the function 6 M(O and)O 0 using nom- grams of the functionY = ^f/-P(E (these functions are described in the text). . The method makes it possible to determine not only the parameters of the nebula studied, but also a nebula In a control region with lesser absorption on the as- sumption that the law of change of stellar density and the luminosity function The method ilso can be used when the observations~:' _q Identical for both regions. a ACCESSION NR: AT4038535 do not embrace the region of stellar magnitudes In which the Wolf curves are paralA. lei. The approximate results obtained in this case are of sufficient accuracy. The nomogram method was used to process the results of star counts In an arm of the Milky Way (constellation Aquila). The mean parameters derived for the dense layer of dust responsible for the branching phenomenon agree well with the re- suits obtained using photoelectric photometry and It appears that the detallid study of the structure of dark clouds by star count methods Is practicable. OrIg'i art. has: 30 formulas, 6 figures and 4 tables. ASSOCIATION: Gosudarstvenny*y astronomicheskiy InstItut Moskovskogo universiteta (State Astronomical InstltutG of Moscow University) SUBMITTED: 00 DATE ACQ: 18Jun64 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: AA NO REF SOV: oo6 OTHER: 000 URMOVA, Ye. V. Cand. Ned. Sci. Dissertation: "The Condition of the Hypaphysis Cerebri and the Suprarenal Glands in Hypertension Cases." First Moscow Jruer of Lenin I-ledical InstjFeb 47. SO.- Vechernyaya Moskva, Feb, 1947 (Project #17836) _q&ffD_VA.-ja..Y, (Moskva, D-284, Begovaya itl., d. 18, kv. 2); VOIDDIN, N.I. (Moskva, shchukinskaya ul., d. 25-a. kv. 17) Pigmented tumors of the pin mater. Vop. onk. 5 no.1454-59 159. 1. Iz kafedry pAtologicheskoy anatomil (zav. - chlen-korrespondent A14N SSSR prof. N.A. Krayevskiy) TSentrallnogo instituta usovershanatTO- vaniya vrachey i prozektury bollnitsy imeni, S. P. Botkim (sav. - A.S. Bobrova.) (IGIANOML, case reportB, pia mater (ann)) (PIA X&TIR, neopl"as, melanoma (Fms)) YELIZAROVA, O.N.; SHITTSYN, S.P.; SUM.R.L.; URMOVA, Ye.V. Change in the higher nervous activity and other functions in animals under the influeme of small concentrations of the compc6ents of explosive gases. 11ch.zap.Mosk.nauch.-issl.inst. san. i gig. no.3-.62-67160. (MIRA 16:7) (CONDITIONED RESPONSE) (GLIES-TOZICOLOCY) ZOEZRINSKAYA, N.A.; URANOVA, Ye.V. Changes ip the higher nervous activity and otheir functions in an4mals under the influence of small doses of dinitrobenzone anA dinitrochlorobenzene. Uch.zapoMosk.nauch.-issl.inst.san.i gig. no.3:76-80160. (MIRL 16:7) (CONDITIONED RESPOME) (BEV?2NF,-TOXlGOWGY) URANOVA, Ye.V.; MfODASH, S.S. Case of Ipphdenosis cmpl2kcated b,-. reticulo- and fibrosarcoma. Frobl.gemt.i perel.krovi no.2.-44-47 162. MM 15:1) 1. Iz kafedry patologicheskoy anatomii (zav. - deystviteltnyy chlen AM SSSR prof. N.A. Krayevskly) TSentrallnogo instituta usovershenstvovaniya vrachey. (LYUHATICS-DISEASES) (CAITER) tMANOVA, Ye. V. (Moskva) Morphology of some renal hypertensions. Arkh. Pat. no.4:43-49 162, (MIRA 1514) 1. Iz kafedry patologicheskoy anatomii (sav. - deystvitellnyy chlen AMN SSSR prof. N. A. Krayevskiy) TSentrallnogo in3tituta usovershenstvovaniyu vrachey. (H!rPERTENSION) (KIDNEYS--DISEASES) URANOVA, Ye.V.; TREGUBOVA, Kh.L. (Moskva) Chemodectomas. Arkh. pat. 10:18-24 162. (MIRA 17:1) 1. Iz kafedry, patol-agichaskay anatomii (zav. - prof. P.P. Yerofayev [deceaised]) TSentrallnogo instituta useverabanst- vovaniya vrachey (dir. M.D. Kovrigina) i patologoanatomi- cheskogo otdaleniya (zav. V.P. Kasareva) klinicheakoy ordena IAnina boltnitsy imeni Botkina (glavnyy vrach Yu.G. Antonov). SURKWA) II.T.; URAITOVA, Ye.V. :~Ptein-Levent,,Dd s.,tndrome. I-Lkuah. i gin. no.1:4?~52 16' I '1: 6 1.1z kliniki endokrinnth zabolevanty (zav. - prof. N.' Shereji-.~evskiy [deceased]), kafedry patologicheskoy anatomil kzav.- prof. N.A. Krayevskiy) TSentrallnogo instLtuta usovershenstvovanlyrt vrachey na baze bol InI tsy imeni Botklna (pl.avn,,rj vrach - prof. N. A. Shabanov) Moskva. VIASOV, P.V.; IURANOVA, Ye.V. (Moskva) Morphology of Menetrier's disease (excessive gastric mucosa). Arkh. Pat. 25 no.9:55-63 163. (MIFA 17:10) 1. Iz 2-y kafedry rentgenologli (zav. - prof. Yu.N. Sokolov) i 4fedry patologicheskoy anatomii (zav. - prof. A.V. Smollyannikov) TSentrallnogo instituta, usovershenstvovaniya vrachey. Ya-A-3rWICZ, Y. - -------- Linear velocities of the w rkinf, elenents and stnndantizntlon d' the jilt,e-cirdinp machines. 00 1 P. 311 (Przeriysl 'vaolienniczy. Vol. 10, no. 7, July 1956. 1,dz, Prland) Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EF:AI) I.C. Vol. 7, no. 2, February 1958 URANOWICZ, K. Great possibilities of the development of yarn without twist. p. WE:. (1~?-ZEWSL WLOKIE14111rZY. Vol. 10, no. 9, Sept. 1956, Lodz, Poland) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAL) LC. Vol. 6, No. 12, Dec. 1957. Uncl. pt 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 o 0-To 13 --a 2 It 3 -A V V~ 1 1 L- L. OA OF CC M Et a W l_& 00 0* So 00 *0 # -.1 a&* pbo~pbl* COO W U. T. UNANVASM (V06ffilif S 00SAkSl go .1 3, G G 00 a 010 DITALLUftKAL LITISAIL41 CLASWICATION 1 00 at*.It I 'A A I a OW a I O-ft ft 0 4 6" 0 S, 0 0 o 0 0 00 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ~40 0 0 0 0 0 4 a 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 URAO. I&ezlo, dr. Aortic syndrome. Ory. hetil. 96 no.45:iz4g-1252 6 Noy 55. 1. A Budapeoti Oryostudomanyi 1"atex III. sz. Balklinikajanaic (igazgato: Gomori Pal dr. egyet. tanar) kozlemenyo. (AORTA, diseases, aortic synd.) Uiwmv.o S.T. Characteristics of hemodynamzc changes and blood oxygenation in right and left resection of the lung in tuberculosis. Zdrav. Kazakh. 22 no,10:3.1-16 161. (14'iLl 15:2) 1. Iz kafedry gospitallnoy khirurgii (zav. - prof. M.I.Bryakin) Kazakhako&,o meditsinskogo inatituta. (TUBBlicnUSIS) (BLOOD-OXYGEN CONTENT) (LUNGS-SURGERY) BELIKOVICH, 0.1.-, URASIM. L.A. Investigating the equipment for pbotograpbic observations of artificial eartb satellites. Biul.sta.opt.nabl.iak.sput.Zem. n0-3:10-15 158. (XIBA 13:6) 1. Astronomicheskays observatoriya im. Ingellgardta. (Astronomical photography-4pparatus and supplies) PHkSE -7 EGOX EXFLOZCAT.-O'; Z ~--`-'/55 75 Akademlya nauk S35.1. A:;tronom-Icheckiy 20vet. Byulleten, otant.,ily nablyudenlya 3putnikov Zr-mli, no. 6. (Lullatin of tht-, for Cpllr~/I! Observation of Ar~.Iflclal Earth SaVell-iten. :10. 6) Mc3~ow, 1959. 23 P. 500 coPlez Printed. Sponzoring Ag-.incy: Astroncniche5kly novet Akadc-mll nauk CZSR. Rczp. Ed.: Ye. Z. C-Indin; Secreloary: 0. A. Sc7vernaya. This bulletin !a intended for scient!.~ti ani, Pngln~?.e:-3 concerned with optical tracking of artificial' TIAGE : The bulletin contaln2 9 article:! whlr~h m-3cnn U-3, COM I re3ult5 of satellite obcervatlenz, and dencrite methcd'3 an,'. Lpecific equipment uzed for phctographi~ ob3arvallrn of e'Irth natellites. An appEn-alx containn a listing of 84 Soviet sate'... lite obzervation ctatlon3 with station number. No per2ona"llit- Card 1/0- BullQUn of na I-taticna (Cort.) ',--,/5 571 5 Lire rrentiom~d. T~jcre arc no referencs6. ABLE OF CONTE] Panrva, 0. V., T. Ys. Sy-,-,h--!7;c,)k-), D. A. r!rag-., an! D. Stchegolev (rnavnaya r-ulkonn'k-~,ya) A2Ircnc,-:,',h~--kaya ib--,:r-- "air vatoriya All 523H Acadc;ny of Scicncea of the OL:--rva'7!i:r.! .--I ~t- Artificial Earth Satellite (1957 P) at 039 (Obcervationn: D. A. Firago, D. D. Polo zhen t Farcva: N. 14. Bronni'l-cova. ard G. V. Panova, D.- Ye. Sh!.hcgol~-v, B. A. F.Ira;_7o, az-..! P. ir:va) L,-nra-upr,-G. G. [ Main (Pulkovo) A:~trenc7,!c; Ot '~~ca,-Wj ~~e ;~Iencea of the I;S3R!. On Methr,.-'j3 for graphic Deternimttions of the Foaltion5 of Amlfic-*al Earth Za-zI.- lites Card 2/1'o- Dalletin of tha stntion3 ("Ont. cation of the at Pu-,:,cv~~ FJ.ra,,;o, B. A. ( 14alln (Ilulkcvo) Arjtroncralu aticul. Errom in the Readlng:3 of Hundz,c~;-zz cf -2i ,f inU, Chronogran1m, (21-11 001, 02.1, 045 - -195A.,' 143, 146-1, 1957; 235 - 1~5,3) Rorr;ero, G. [Santiago Az~,-~rono~.iu chcz.-vatn:7~,- f it;---- --ty of Chile]. On th3 Illu--inatio-n of an Art!.'J--~F! I;Ia~;._-Iiq~ Reaults of Photcgraphic of lItca a. UxraGin, L. A., L. L. Andriycv-31cay.., I.. su%:1m, b. Kalikhevich, F. and T. Ya. Ivakina JN.Ik~-,~ayovzkGy, otdeloniye OtAO All ZSSR - NIko1aycv5Ic of th,~ Main Antronoaical Ob3ervatory of Wic Aca-I.,Tly cit: Szlcnofm Card 4A UR&SIN, L.A. Determining the altitude.above the eartbt-- wirfp_ce of zia artificial A ~L - _.vatell-1te crossing the meridiaa plans perpendicularly. Biul.sta.opt.nabl.isk.sput.Zem. no.8:6-7 159. (MM 13:6) 1. Antronomicheslmys observatoriya im.lagallgardta. (Artificial satellites--Tracking) URASIN, ~.A. Determining the altitude above the earth's surface of an artificial satellite from the observation of its crossing the edge of the earth's umbra. Biul.sta.opt.zabl.Isk.sput. zem. no.8:7--) 159- (MIRA 13:6) 1. Astronomicheskays, observatoriya im.];ngellgardta. (Artificial satellites-Tracking) BA!KOYICH# 0- UR"IN, L-Ao, VIsuAl and radar observations of a fireball* Antrod,tair. no.208:29 ja 16o. (XUA 13: U) 1. Astrommichookays observatoriya In. V.Polngellgardta prI Kasan - 5kom gosudaistyennon.universitste. (iletsors) URASIN, L.I. Photographic observatims of a Buperno" in NW, 4564. Astron. tsir. no.229t2O Js 162. (MIRA 16:6) 1. AstronomicheBlmya observatoriya in. V.P. Rapllgardta. (Stars, New) UiukSINA L.A. I - Stellar microphotometer at the Er-ge! Igw-dt 0bserrp---%r-,, . -~- -,-, -.. -. -,~ ---. no.232.-16-17 1) '62. .. - . . L, Astronomicheskaya obseriatoriva im., lgra:,t f I (Micropho tome ter) SAM" Vf,U3 r -.0 frl Z4P2'o,V cope e I et, e 10 cl rep, '0 488 ~ t 1cf ip eg Q. 1, t 08 t It Stel ary", ee I , -d th ,jot ebt lor Q6,(j ga"f" Qt t/, oe cftrf 40e4.t ~fjj-,~ nlt, e (Joe t erv be "cf, 4!? 12 f 'I to I't I a u to t ficie tq t I, 14 clit 0 IsAr a 04F DO .10 Ze_ tY, Z614 ate _epe &CO vart ffl to, Ate 01 at the IQ" "ble, -et 4 ride 21 Ot i S4 de t Ob I r eQ t 1 24 " C, -4., f a, 8193 6. 43 t 4~z~ O.F to t6 Itt Of? 0 ph, le e Of lass IF b 'nollm C -0 . t be r air 5 it% r grl2pl. 12 00 c;o,~,,pa GV C Cr 1,19 Qr., tio olte"y ry f "4 t at j.F io-s propose L.VeSt 'at. tis 'ci-ca 17 e 5 e Vjr, 0 0a corl. '00d i I _cat ~on L 15974-66 EWT(l) W/GW ACC NR: AT5027125 SOURCE COM UR/0000/65/000/000/0046/0049 AUTHOR: Urasin, I,, A. OAG: none fTITLE: Iris microphotomq-t-ar on the base of W-2 1SOURCES -AN SSSR. Astronemichagkiy sovet. Komisal a riborostMenICa.-r Soveshohani . FAMms 1964. 1(ovaya tekludka v as i (Kqw-pto .10- -Wames In &StrOnony); materialy noveshchanlya, no. 2, jf� - '. 800W.Jad-vo Nauka, 65t 46-49 TOFIG TAGSi electronic engineering, microphotometer, astronomy Alsk , v6x ABSTWICT. Iris mi rophotomqters are coming into use for measuring the photographic imqges of ptars.Nli a apparatus has numerous aivantaqs in operation ani in curacy of measured data. The microphotomete~QMF-2) useA In the observatorioa ac of the SSSR could easily be change3 into an iris microphotometer. The counting part of the optical scheme was transformed into a control light beam with which the beamp passing the photoplate P, was compensated (see Fig. 2). The objective Card -1/4 '01- MWMML441 0 15~9.74-66 AGG NRt AT5027125 7 7- L 4P19 U U 1P. _f K K M n, I&hl- - I- III WAD r IU :4 Figure, 1.% F1 gurer 2. M 0 th prism hr was turn M, by- 180- :MmA~~ the optical axis ani sll~htly lowered- 3d"dl tcted - (by lhetl 'r~it beam, . passin i, thiouo,, th-4 objective 01, wr m*eAns.1 r)f ad4itional mirror )l) into photoelement i~ (or photomultiplIsr) to-' gether with thabeam passing through photopla-te P. The scale UJ was eliminated and replaced by wedge Kfl from MF-2. The iris diapbrago or transparent disk with Card 2/4 L15974-66 ACC FR: AT5027125 opaque plates, ~avirig holks with various diamel-qrs (from 0.432, marked as NAP to 3,024mmi.'No..30;.-the diameter of hole D was related with the number of the hole N- by an- equation ' N 11.18D-3 77), as it was prOuced in the operating device. The intake slot in MF-2 was replaced by screen 31 ; this hai an orifice which coulA be overlapped; by the eleotromg;net. The diameter of the orifice was sli -Atly -.larger than.the image on the screen of the plates with the holes of the disk Do Th6-11lt P having 3 beam holes iminating.': lamp'fl. vas covered by an obturator (situated at 1269.) and rotatnd by the el2ctric moto PD-01 so that the chan,ges In occurred - 20. timas_,In 1-sec The screen 2 Illuilmation of-thephotoelement An e -W-4 , wis. ivitohed. off 'and an ;;a uaed Instcad.- 1~scinoffao RL The - equalf of -the beam alng.throu~ft photoplate.P,'and of the contro pas beam was' made: 6i:~changik the holes of disk Do ani it was ebackei on the oscillograph screen. The number N of the hole, visible on the screen -% was a measure of the value of intensity of the litt, passing through the image of a star. Because the diamiters of thq holes changad stepwise, it was possible, by using the lattice set on t~6 oscidograph screen# to make interpolations and to determini accurately the N aM part of N of the hole during which the equalization of both bo=a occurred. The error in determination of star paramet9re was 0.04 m. It was possible to decrease the error to OoOl m by making the holes with an accuracy of i-card .3/4 01 L 15974-66 ACC NRs AT50Z7125 2 - 31k, Orig. arts has: 3 figuresp 2 formulas and. 1 tabla, SUB CODE 1 03 tul SUBM DATE i 25jun65/ OUG RKFt 0031 OM RKF.: 002'- 71.'. t;. rx, I, '~"o bik ~6r d CHUMVICIMA, N.A.; XAPRALOV, V.P.; RABIIISKIY, P.M.; UUSINA, LA. latitude variations of the Ragellgardt Astronomical Observatory, in 1959. Astron.teir. no.910:14 Ap 160. (KIRA 13:9) 1. Astronomicheakaya observatoriva im.Nogellgardta. (latitude variation) ACC N11i A40010,j5l) i.A. TITLE: Slopc-i-,icasuring observations at the A(~_!: duzinj; 'Gic 11)60-1962 pcrii-i SOURCE: Ref. zh. Gcofizika, Ab5. 12G102 RMI SOURCE. Sb. Tto-. nauclin.konfer. Kazansk.un-ta za 1963 1'. Sektz;. rez,, spcktroskopii i fiz. polymer., radiofiz., astron., biol. Kazan", 1964, 11)8-99 IS M 0 4 0 6V ('. M-) 57-A?(J112e_ I L) TOPIC TAGS: .1 sci~,uiology, ',-.artlis Wave, zei-solic station, slope meter/S113-1 5cismdc slope meter AB ST4,ACT -'L-,c -_, rth's harclncss, is dc"ined -3 ti-,-2 ra, the 60- of vertic,-,! oscillation to cn'~c calculated foz z. perfectly lharc: 2-,;~t'-.. A ~;-_--ion V , 1., ~-,; ~ or the s'vzl of Earth's 'idcs, (il,-.cni) V.,"', cal obscrva-~ory (A02) in 19 5 0 i s d c s c rt~ . S' i n c c 1 c ri sics of the Larth (Mozcow), con~!uct slu)c ;ica.,;urcmcn'cL witii tem of Ostrovskiy) type 5113-1. Data obtained Sep. 1900 - Onc. 111~2 b,/ 29-day series using 101c llci:tf;(:v xcthoc'. Valucs oz- 2- N,, K and 0 waves, and the of obsc_-valcions 1),/ A.!. 1W.';0V;. (i3C_, j dy are given. cf 1955) with the pendulums of Repsolu-Levitz;i. SUB CODE: 08 Card 1 UOC; 5.622, '16"Irloy; URM"NSFA. , Lr.--~ th'! ftcthrity (,f lelger-Huot un(,rr,,ily In I-Ok I f,s I -a lol . 15 r n, 1 IT KlinikJ Cbnmb -?tp,c-tr74yr!b likedFall yer i1 t'r;-,kwc.!e (p.o. ~.ierov-virl d#)-,. S. 7, i!,itadry Zywenija 'tw-nrzat 'Wy,,,,sztj S7,koly Rolnicz,-j.-Iv Krakowis (Kierownidet doz. dr. med. S. Trela). KOWALCZYK, Meoxyslaw; LTUSINSKI, - - .. -00-ay- Case of drug agranalocytosis caused by the presence of granulocyto- agglutinins. Polskie arch. mod. wewn. 27 no.8:1137-U46 1957- 1. 2 111 Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrsnych A. M. w Krakowie lierownik; prof. dr nauk mod T. Tempka. Adres sutora: Krakow II Klinika, Ghorob Wevnetrznych Kopernika. 17. (AMINOPYRIN, injurious effects, agranulocytosis with granalocyto-agglutinine (Pol)) (AGR&NUU)CYTOSIS, etiology and pathogenesis, aminopyrine, presence of granulocyto-agglutinine (Pol)) (A CIUNAROVICZ. Jan; GOLINSKI, Kazimiers,;WIWOVSKI. Kichal;URASIMI, Ignaci:Xrakow. 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From the II Clinic of Internal Diseases of the Medical Academy in Cracow Director: Professor T. Tempka M.D. and the Commission of Medical Sciences of the Cracow Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences. (THYROID GLAND anat & histol) XUBICZEK, Misczyslaw [deceased]; HRUK, Jozef; URASIBSKI, I. A case of monocytic leukemia type OSchillingl in cytochemical picture. Polskie 30 no.1:77-84 16o. 1. Z 11 Iliniki Chorob Vewnstrznyoh A.M.w Krakovie. Kierownik: prof.dr.nauk med. T. Tempka. (IJUMDUA MONOCYTIC pathol. ) URABINSKI,-Ipacy Studies an the ribonuclease activity of peritoneal fluids. Polskie rch. med. vewn. 31 no-4:511-517 161. : * Z II Kliniki Chorob Wownstrsnych AN w Krakowie Kierownik: prof. dr n. zed. T. Tempka i s Zakladu Chemii lPizjologicznej AM w Kmkowie Kierownik: prof. dr n. nod. B. Skarzynski. (RIBOKUCIJWZ chem) (PFMTONEAL CAVITY) TEMPKA, Tadeusz,- HANICKI, Zygmunt; URASINSKIg Ignacy Pelger-Hust anomaly associated with limited partial albinism. Gytochexical studios on Pelgerle blood calls. PolskI3 arch. med. wewn. 31 no-4:583-588 161. 1. Z II Kliniki Ghorob Wevn AM w Krakowle Kierovnik: prof. dr n. made T. Tempka. (LEUXOGYTES) (ALBINISM compl) URASINSKI, Ignacyj DROZDZ, UDfEK, Rudolf Studies on the activity tf transaminases in peritoneal fluids. Pol. arch. mad,, vewn. 33 no.0399-405 163- 1. Z II Kliniki Chorob Wewnetrznvah AM w Krakowle,Kierowniks prof. dr mad. T. Tempka i z I Kliniki Ginakologimno-Polomiczej AM v Krakowie Kierownik.- prof. dr mad. S. Schwarz. (ASCITES) (ASPARTATE AMINOTRANSFERASE) (ALANINE AMINOMANSFERASE) (BLOOD ChMMICAL ANALYSIS) (ENZYME TESTS) (LIVER CIRRHOSIS) (HEART FAILURE CONGESTIVE) (PERITONEAL NEOPLASMS) (OVARIAN NEOPLASMS) TEMPKA, Tadeusz; CE24BALA, Damian; KOWALCZYK, Mieczyslav; PW.INSXI, Ignacy, Phase contrast and dark field microscopy of pituitary biopsy, with special reference to the behavior of neurosecration. leta med. pol. 5 nooltl-14 '64 1. Comaission of Medical Sciences of the Cracow Branch of the Polish Icademy of Sciences (Director: Prof.Dr. T.Tempka) and IInd 'Clinic of Internal Diseases, Medical Academy, Cracow' (Director: Prof.Dr. TiTempka). URASINISNI, Irnacy Cyt6photcretric std-es or jr, leukenia calls. rlcta in,~!d. F01. 5 ns-":~37-346 1. lInd Clinle of Internal Diseaeos, Vedlcal (Director: Doc. Dr. .13. Kirchrayer); DQl:artmant, of Anatomy, Pomaranian Medical Academy, (Di.-fictcr: Dr. K. Stolialewski). KOBI MA, Janj TUROT-ISKA, Bazena; GjAWnEWSK-1 , WJ esIP-TI; Ulu.3-RISM , It,-nF:(;Y Anti-M agglut-LnIns in the seram Df a fe-r---d I=un. th9r, UP. 12 no.6:66.1-64,9 164 1. Thotitute of Forensic Medtclne, School of Medicine, Cracr)4, and 11nd Clinic of Internal fYiseases, School of Medicl-ne, Cracov. . URAf. ~X th-~ hrti'107 t04 7 0, S. r a V w 0, (P.O. ~I.ero,,wnl-r-. d -0 z i!aWd-y Zywenic, Szkoly Krakowi6 (Klerowmilvt. d(,,-. Jr. mold. S. Tr,.-I.a). FIRI(1~2--Ijiylwli, Stanislaw, doc. dr.; STRUM, TadnUIS"; IUIIASE~SFI, BIFJ'L'.'AC,KA, D)gdana Hr7throcytlyj activity rit normnl blood c--11.9 in Pol. ty c " .g. lek. 20 I'l Ja 165 1. Z 11 Klinik! (T,,nrnb W,~vrictrznych Akademii Mtdyc7,nej w Krukowie- (Kierownik: doc. dr. Stani.-law Kirchmayer). URASINSKI.. Ignacy; SHEZYNGER, Irena; SYGA, Zdzinlaw Polyvisceral changes in the SJ'6rgen syndrome as ar. exFrea~`-n ., .0 .0 - of generalized collagenosis. ?rzegl. lek. 21 OL 1. Z 11 Kliniki Chorob Wewnolrznych AM w Krakowip (KIP-ownik: Doe. dr. mod. S. Kirchmayer). N ,ilerminclogicl-.eskiy zlovar, vo votanike; =5kc-nashkirskly .7 !j;--.shkiJrzko-.-xsskiy 1',,rmdnoloL-,ical Dictionary of mtany; :Iussian-t~ris~;kirian and 13a:-,hkirian-Ru!-.-;-1&2:1 tod. Red. T. Haishav Yfa, Bashgosizdat., 1952. 129 p. In Bashkirian and Russian. At Fead of Atle: Akademiya Nauk SSSR. Bashkirskly Filial. Institut Istorii, Yazyka I Literatury. I19V/5 912 -U7 0o 00 04 A go .4 00 go 00 es go 06 -09 j7kT W"*W.- A. P. 501. UIR.S.S.. low r UL ON Ell M-1 QPF- 4 '90 'be vie be 'be 'be ,be A 44TAsLURISKAL WfINATWE CLASIMPICAT1601 !Islam 00.149 160 WL'--!w'R-W 'I L $Miami At Ov Mac Ifilif dw a.. ii Of ig ft u : Am i, is 4 i 000*0 0000 00*0600000 00 *000000000000006001AA At AM fle 0 URATEDY, T 6OFS : Complex knottlAg in strangulation of the small intestine in a hole in the mesentery. Khtrurgils.. no.4:82 Ap '55. (MI-RA 8:9) (INDISTIMMS-OBSTRUCTION) URATKOV, Ye.Fe' Preparation of cytological contact specimens. La"h.delo 4:no,'5:15-17 S-0 158 (MIRA 3-1:11) (ANATOMICAL SPEC INMS-- COLLECT 1019 M PRESERVATION) AYRIKANOVA, L.A.; VLASOVA, Ye.F.; URATKOV, Ye.F. --------- ----------- Effect of hypdthermia on the developc*A of acute radiation ne-.roais of the skin. Mod. red. 5 no.9:43-47 S 160. OMIPA 13 -12) (RADIATION SICIGIESS) (SKIN-DISEASES) (BODY TEMPERATURE) URATNIK, F. Yugoslavia (430) Technology Increasing milk production by better feeding. p. 429. Iffoya Proizvodnja, Vol. 2, no. 6, December 1951. last 3kro-Pean Accessions List, Library of Congress, Vol- 2, No- 3, March 1953- UNCLASSrFIED- URATNIK, F. Yugoslavia (430) Technology-Periodicals Investments in hop culture. P. 564. NOVA PROIZVODNJA (Slovenia. Uprava za napredek v proizvodnji) Ljubljana. (Bimonthly technological journal issued by the Adminis- tration for Technological Aftmeementp including the decimal classification of the articles; with English summaries). Vol. 3, No. 6, Dec. 1952. East European Accessions List. Library of Congress Vol. 2, No. 6, June 1953. Unclassified. URATNIK, F. "The Congress Of European Hop Organizations at Zalec, Sloveniam, D. 121. (Rova Proizvodnja, Vol. 4. no. 2, Apr., 1953, Ljubljana.) Fast- -European Vol. 2, No. 9, SO: Month List oJ/*xWvM Accessions /Library of Congress, September 1953, Uncl. 1 28429-66 Im It i I/ IJ& -so -Adt MR, AP6019113 t UN10-016/65T0OOT0ll/GU6-/J037- AUTHORs -Uravelva, V.S. 0 RG Ro~ on'---Do"n- Scientific Research Antiplague Institute (Rostovsk3y-na-Dontp iseledovatellskiy protivochumnyy institut) TITLE: Po~~b.tial utilization of the agglutination inhibition reaction for detecting brucellosiduq.ntigensV(preliminary report) SOURCE: Zhurnal mikrc,iologii) epidemiologii, i immunobiologii, no. 11, 1965, 48-52 TOPIC TAGSt antigen, brucellosisp serum, antibody ABSTRACT.. The author verified Diernhofer's finding (1956) that soluble -brucellosis antigens are capable of binding serum specific antibodies, there- by inhibiting the agglutination of corpuscular antigens when subsequently added. Using the agglutination inhibition reaction, the author was able to detect soluble antigens in various cbjects, including the supernatant fluid of Brucella suspensions cubjected to boiling, to the action of formaldehyde, acetone, and trichloroacetic acid, etc. The reaction was tested on the .pathogens of pLague., tularemia, cholera, typhoid) etc. and found to be quite speciftc - r Thu3, the author demonstrated the theoreti.-al possibility of detecting ;certain bracellosis antigens by means of the agglutination inhibition reactions Howover, the sensitivity of the reaction proved to be quite low# Moreover,, repetition of the tests with the same preparations yielded inconeintent rosultso Orig. art. hast 3 tables. /-FRS ~ -7 SUB COD : 06/ SUBM DATEz 2lMay64/ OTH BEF: 001 Card -4k UDQ; 616.9alaa&78,734 Q - KHALTURIN, K.D.. arkhitaktor; CHATIO. I.M., arichitektor; GOLURRY. S.L., inzhqnsr; DOBROKHOTOY, I.G.. inzhe-ner; KRUPITSA, K.K.. inzhener: FOGORMILISKLY, L.A.. inzhouer; POSTRIXOT, A.A., inshener; SHAITY. Yu.W.. kandidat tekhnicheakikh nank: OLI, A.A., professor. doktor arkh1tektxu7;-MAVT*j,..4,.V., kandidat arkhttektury; VASILITAT, B.D., doktor tekhnichaskikh nauk professor. red3ktor; SHUR, N.Ya., redaktor ivistalletva: ROZOV, L.K.. tekhnicheekiy redaktor LIerge-block construction In Leningradj Krupnoblochnoe qtroitel'stvo v Lemingrade. Leningrad, Gos.izd-vo lit-ry po strott. I arkhit., 1957. 93 P. (MLRA 10:7) 1. Akadelsiya stroitelstva I arkhitektury SSSR. Leningradskiy filial'. (Leningrad-Precast concrete construction) (Leningrad-Apartment houses) L 346gi-66 Ro ACC NRs AP6025849 SOURCE CODE: RU/0003/65/016/007/0318/032 AUTHOR: Galea, V.--Galya, V.; Birsan, E. T.--Byrsan,, Ye.,T.j UrM4 Ildiko ORG: Department of Toxicologyp Xedical-Pharmaceutical InstitutejL Cluj Catedra _L de toxicologist Instit~tul do medicina si farmacie); Laboratory of Radiation Hygienej! )Institute of Hygiene and Labor SafetZ,.,~luj_(jaboratorul do igiena radiatiilorl Institutul de igiena sIvrotectia munoii) TITLE: Decontsuidnation of waters containing sup 90 Sr and sup 90 Y gypaum and bentonites SOURCE: Revista do chimde, v. 16, no. 7, 1965, 318-320 TOPIC TAGS: phosphatei nuclear decontamination, strontiump ytterbium ABSTRACT: A report on a study of the decontaminating capacity of raw gypsum, commercial superphosphate and some Rumanian bentonites. The teats also considered the quantity of decontaminating agent,, various proportions in mixtures of the substancest the presence of salts often found in surface waters, and the pH. Beat results were obtained with raw gypsum,, especially for fluoridated water; bentonites were found to be most effective as mixtures of two types. Origo arts has% 5 figures. '(Based on authoral Eng. abstract) [JPRS: 34p161] SUB OODEt 180 07 SUM DATE: none OTH REFS 029 L 29762-60 ACC INR: ApUD2(38913 5OURCE CODE: RU/OW3/65/0!6/!L-~)9/'-vl.56/0458 AUTHOR: _Ga "-a H. T. Uray, Ildiko OIRG: Departra,~nL Of T0XiC-)*L0gY1 IgluL(Catedra de Toxicologiep IMF)-;~- ~-InstJ4 tute of and Labor Safety, Cluj (Institutul de Igiena si Protectia Yfancii ) i TITLE: Natural inorg-nic decontaminating agents for sup 3,34 Cs and amixture of sup 90 Sr and sup 134 Cs in w-arter- SOURCE: Revista do chimie, v. 16, no. 9. 1965p 456-458 TOPIC TAGS: nuclear decontamination agent, cesium, strontium, gypsum rock ABSTRACT: The authors studied the decontaminating effectiveness of crude gypsum, ,commercial superphosphate and 4 varietim.of benWite for solutions off -134Ca alone or mixed with r and 0 The effect of varying the proportions of decontaminating agents and of varying the pH of the solution was also studied. Orig. art. has: 12 figures-i [Based on authors' Eng. abstract]. (JPRSJ SUB CODE: 18 / SUM DATE: none / ORIG REF: 002 / OTH REF: 012 Card 1/1 ~, V UDC., 628-54-- S/044j62/000/010/016/042 B166/B102 AUTHORS: Kuti, Csaba,,jja ~,La TITLE: Approximate value of distribution functions of rounded errors obtained by the saddle-point method PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal.' Matematika, 'no. 10., 1962, 4, abstract 10V15 (Magyar tud. akad. Kikl, fiz. kutato int. kb~zl. v. 4 'Hun.; sumsaries in Rus. n o. 1960, 239 - 243, Vt X11 a nd. Eng TEXT: The Laplace transform of the probability density of the sum of n uniformly distributed random variables is calculated and the accuracy with which the saddle-point method reproduces ihis density is studied whe4 ` i, n = 1, 2, 3. The authors note that with large values of n the density is close to normal, in which case the saddle-point method gives a sufficierkj result. Abstracter's note: Complete translation. Card 1/1 SOMOGYIO Antall URAY Laszloj JANOSSY, Lajoa.. itkademikus I- - Determination of exponential absorption parameters from angular distribution b7 means of the method of maximin likelihood, Xoz fiz koal MA 10 no.6:403-422 262. 1. wAagyar Tudomanyos Akademia Kozponti Fizikai Kutato Ints- zatenek Kozlomenysig felelos kiadoja (for Janossy). VAJDAp Istvan, dr. HAJDU, Bela.. dr,; SZUCS, Tamas, dre; URA~~~adr.. Treatment of epistaids in Osler's disease with sex hormones; simultaneous occurance of seminoma. Qr7. hetil. 105 no.30& 141.2-=4 26 jlI64 1. Hajdu-Bihar Mehyei Tanacs Korha2mg 1. Beloaztaly. MUN." -YEin- 117, i ;-~, a 8", URAY, V. URAY, V., A. Imre Pattantyus; an obituary. p. 127. Vol. 49., No. 11, Apr. 1956. ELEKTROTECHNIKA TECHNOLOGY Budapest,, Hungary So: East European Accession, Vol. 6, No. 2, Feb. 1957 A/ RiZIAIIIA POP, S., Lectiirpr; HOLAN, ',L'., Lecturer; CIOCI~iil&,Ay V., Pro-L'ez;;;or; POGTNG-EANU, P.; UM, Z.; KORY, BAN, I. Laboratorv of Phai-macodwiandcs, Nuclear Medicine, Galonic Pharmacy, Instituta of Modicine and Phaimaqr, Cluj. (L6boratorul de farmacodinamie, Uedicina nucleara, Farmacie galonica, !.M.F. Cluj) - (for all) Bucharest, Earmac~La, No 4, Apr 63, pp 203-207. "Absorption of Labelled Sodimn Iodide (1131) Via the Rectal Mucosa." SAJITAY, 1. (Blushi Rumynskaya Narodnaya Respublika); DEREV121KO, P. (Kluzh, Rmynakaya Varodnaya Respublika); DEREM,,KO,, V. ( K:Luzh,, Pamyn- skaya Narodnaya Respublika);j~~..,~,,~Kluzh, Rmynskaya Harod- naya Respublika) Study of P-32 inclusion into erythrocytes under reaction to strese. Pat. fiziol. eksp. ter. 7 no.5:53-55 S-0163 (MIRA 17:2) 1. Iz KluzhBkogo otdela yadernoy meditsiny (direktor T.Kholan). SZANTAI, L; URAYp Z.; FARCASANU, M.; KOVACS, V. Utilization of ion exchange resins and radiochromatography in biological chemistry research. Fts. 1-2, Studia UnIv B-D S Chem 8 no.1095-406 t63 1. Section of Nuclear Medicine, Cluj and *Ikbes-Bolyai* University, Cluj, SZANTAY, Janos; K. ALANIA, Wilarla; URAY, Zoltan Expariences with radiochromatographic analysis of metabolic products of S35-labeled methionine. Kiserl. orvostud,,15 no.6,. 658-653 D 163. 1. Cluj-kolozsvari Nukleatis Orvosgyo szati Osztaly. (URINE) (SULFUR ISOTOPESr(CHROMATOGRAPHY) (METHIONINE) (CYSTINE) (AMINO ACIDS) SZANTAI, I.; URAYj 7- i F0VfJC 33 , V , observations relljIng ,;n the isotopic excharg~? tRt-wn-,:n t7ist,~-4 omino acids and -7 on cnromatog-raphic paper. itudii c2r-. blochimle 8 no."L-.81-83 'b5Q 1. SectLon of Nuclear Modicine, Mad 1copharma-ce ut.1 cal Cluj. Sabm~tted October 20, 1964. VANTAI, J',,; URAY, i,_ HGLAX, T. Rapid method far deteraLnJng tha index of cconjj~3icn cf the I- - mineral iodir.:? in protein iodine ma-:ked with - Stu-ilt cerc blochiyrJe 8 no.l.-85-88 165. 1. Soction of Nuolear Medicine, IMed-copharmaceutical iniititut4, Gluj. Submit',iA October 20, 1964. uhi~'iL ~Z;J Ij- M. -k., jj-- 01 1 - URA%I(r-VSK%Y) 3. (Agricultural mecnin.ry end implements- for the mechanization of field Work) Moskva, Trudrezervizdat, 1953. 221 p. (54-17621) 3760.R9R8 1. Airicultural machinery 2. A -ricultural implements I Uraevskii, Me. A., jt. au. J I-,, i T hud,ikov) -Ge - kokhozy*y3tvennyye Yashiny I Crudiya 1,:ekhanizatsii ~01'evo(Estva Sal Is Vachines and Tools for T`h;3 Mechanization of Soil Cultivation, BY-/ Urayewkiy. Nlo,;kv,~, Trw!r.,~-ervIzd,-.t, 10/53 221 -1. 111u.s. -19 -11. "Literatury": 1. -Z no-7 N/5 723.1 .R92 URAYSXIY,, V.S. ------ _--%__._,_i ng, the building of large-parseI apartment hzuse,3 -r. Kezp- rovoo Mckh. stroi. 21 no*3113-15 Mr 64. (MIRA 170) 1. Glavnyy inzh. kombinata Kemerovoshakhtokhimetroy. GDR / Analytical Chemistry. ijialYsis of Inorganic E-2 Substances. 1,bs Jour: Ref Zhur-Khimiya, NO 1, 1959, 932. .'.uthor : Uraz, L., Simon, V., Zyka, X. Inst :Not Title :Titration With Hydroquinone and With a Similar Roducer. VI. Tho Utilization of the Reaction of Four Valent Cerium With the Salts of Di-valent Manganese. Orig Pub: Collect, Czechosl. chem. commun., 1958, 23, No 6, 1061-1065. Abstract: Soo R. Zh. nim., 1956, 57163. Card 1/1 26691 S/05 6/ 6 -; /041, /005/rj,,6/c,3 a c~2 IV, -20 B!09/BlO2 AUTHORSt Urazakov, E. I.., Granovskiy, V. L, TITLEg Determination of the CJH'V values and the effective collision frequencies of plasma electrons and ions in a magnetic field PERIODICAL: Zhurnal eksperimentallnoy i teoreticheskoy fiziki, V.. 41, no. 501), 1961., 1375 - 1377 TEM Measurements of 044Tfor ions and electrons of an argon plasma column were carried out at various gas pressures The arrangement provided a 37 mm wide argon-filled tube, a magnetic field of 400 oersted, ani a discharge current of 500 ma. In order to determine the effect of the longitudinal magnetic field upon the plasma electrons and ions as well as to ascertain the mean collision frequencies 9 and r (subscripts e and e p p for electrons and ions, respect ively) it is sufficient to meaziure the current densities in the direction of the wall (jer' ipr ) and in thp azimuthal direction 0. If ~j py ) at one and the same spot in the plasma The re.. sulting data may be evaluated with the aid of the formulas Card !/4 26691 Determination of' the6j-,T'values and B!09/B-C2 ip /jpr vP /Vr 04P VP a nd j i V V, T', The current donsity measurements were carried out by means of the plane prebes shown in Fig, 1. Probe no. I measures j r (plane perpendicular to the radius), probe no. 2 measures the f- component (plane of the probe parallel to the z-r-plane). Ve and T p could be determined from these data (Table). The results lead to the conclusions: (a) The effect of a magnetia field of 400 oersted upon the electrons OH'C is considerable up to p ~.. I mm 11g, for ions it -is sinall also -Lt p s;d 5 . 10- 3 mm Hg.. (b) r P grows linearly with p, so that the mean ion velocity is practically constant. There tire 2 figures. I table, und 5 referenceat 3 Soviet and non-Sov.iet. The roference to the: English-lazjrungo pubJication re.OE; na followat S. C. Brown. Bnato Dnta of Pl-isma Phyni-ro, N. Y.. 'Nih!y~ ASSOCIATIONz Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet St-te Uni.versi ty) 'lard 214 URAUKOV, E - 4 Some data on the rot~Ltional magnetomechanical effect in a low- pressure plasma., Zhure ekspo i teore fize 44 nool:41-44 Ja t63. (MIRA 16:5) 1. Mbakovskiy gosudarstvennyy univervitet. (Plasma (Ionized gases)-Magnetic properties) - URAZAKOVI E.I.; GRAIJOVSKIY, V.L. Transverse (Hall) diffusion in a plasma of inert gases. Zhur. eksp. i teor. fiz. 45 no.5:1285-1293 N 163. (MIRA 17:1) 1. Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet. ` A tl ACCESSION NR: AP4038626 S/0109/64/009/004/0735/0740 AUTHOR: Urazakov, E. L TITLE: Theory of rotation of a cylindrical plasma column in a longitudinal magnetic field SOURCE: Radiotekhnika i elektronika, v. 9, no, 4. 1964, 735-740 TOPIC TAGS: plasma, plasma rotation, plasma rotation in magnetic field, three component plasma !ABSTRACT: A 3 -component -plasma (electrons, single-charge positive ions, neutral molecules) cylindrical column placed in a longitudinal uniform magnetic field and subjected to a radial electric field is theoretically considered. The case of an external radial electric field is also covered by the theory. An equation of the gas motion in a positive column allowing for the viscosity, inertia, and external forces is set up and solved in a general*form. The force exerted on the Card 1 /Z 1ACCESSION NR: AP4038626 gas is calculated from an equation of the transfer of momentum. Flow of the moment of momentum transferred in the motion of the gas in the z r-plane is estimated. Orig. art. has: 1 figure, 32 formulas, and 2 tables. ASSOCIATION: none jonivarTED: OlFeb63 DATE ACQ: 05Jun64 ENCL: 00 SUB CODE: NE; NO REF SOV: 003 OTHER: 002 ,Sa'rd 2/2 L 29200-66 EwT(1), IJP(c) AT ACC NR:. AP6008296 SOURCE CODE: UR/0109/66/0111003/0550/0553 AUTHOR' Urazakov, E. I. jORG: none ,TITLE: Influence of the radial electric field on the maxnetomechanical effect in an unbalanced plasma SOURCE: Radiotekhnika i elektronika, vi 11, no. 3, 19&6, 550-553 :TOPIC TAGS: plasma, magnetomechanical effect iABSTRACT: The torque acting in a nonisothermic plasma column depends on the !ratio of radial electron and ion currents (Prof. L. Tonks); In an experimental ~verification, the above ratio was varied by superimposing a voltage between the ;plasma and an additional conducting wall mounted in a dielectric envelope containing the plasma. The conducting wall consisted of seven hollow metal ~Card 1/2 UDC: 533.932 L 29 2oo-66 iACC NR: AP6008296 cylinders (see figure). The torque acting upon a solid body suspended in the tube, in a region remote from the T 3nducting wall, was measured. It is found that, as the plasma-wall voltage increases, the torque decreases, mom passes zero, and changes its sign which corresponds to a reversing of the direction of plasma rotation in the iw wa N" same magnetic field. As the voltage increases further, i LM the torque quickly reaches the value that corresponds to the ambipolar diffusion, and then increases slowly. Curves illustrating details of the magnetomechanical "The author wishes to thank V. L. effect are supplied. Granovskiy for a discussion. " Orig. art. has: 4 figures and 2 formulas.