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LVadymov. Hj; LIKHOVID. M. LLykhovyde M.1; RUBIN, M., red.; VAI)IMOV A&HANOVA, T., tekhn,red, Lifollowing the example of Mykola Mamails brigade] Za pochynom bryhady Mykoly Kamais. Odealke obl.vyd-vo, 1958. 49 P. (Efficiency, Industrial) (KIRA 12:2) t- VADL40V) G., inzh. Pvwer resources of rough seas* Tekhomal, 30 no.11:30 162. (MIRA 16:9) (Waves) (Hydrodynamics) - VADIMOVP G.; I'Vvcf~, 'm'. , I , r f if-:: ! , - Traces of good deeds. Plor. f-lot 25 no.r~:3-4 ~.,F :,. --- ATZENVT.RG, D.Ye. - , geolog; BALUK.1PVSKIY, geolog; BARTOSIMSKIT, V.I., geolog; BASS, Tu.B.. goo log; -YAD11D1,-L1,,T. , gnolog: GLADKIT, Y.Ta., goolog; DIDKOVSKTY, V.Ya., gnolog; YERSHOV, V.A., geolog; ZHUKOT, G.V., geolog; ZAICRIT, P.K.. goolog; IVANTISHIN, M.11., geolog: KAPTARENW-CORIJOUSOVA, O.K., goolog; KLIMENKO. V.Ta., goolog; nUSffIN, V.I., goolog; KLYUSHNIKOV. 14.N.. geolog; KRA.SHNNINAIKOVA. O.V., goolog; KUTSYBA, A.M., geolog; LAPOOK, F.Ts., goolog; LICHAK. I.L.. geolog; MAKUKTIINA, A.A., geolog; 14kTVIYENKO, Ta.M., gnolog; WI)THA. V.S., gonlog; WILYAVO, G.I., geolog; NhTDIN, D.P.. geolog; MVIK, Ys.O., geolog; POLOVKO. 1.K.. goolog; RODIONOV, S.P., goolog; SEWONK0. N.P., akadomik, goolog; SERGL'M, A.D., geolog; SIROSHTAN, R.I., geolog; SLAVIN, V.I., geolog; SUKHAMWICH, P.P., geolng; TKAGHUK, L.G., geolog; USINKO, I.S., goolog; USTI- ITOVSKIT, Tu.B.- goolog; TSAROVSKIT, I.D., gmolog; SIRMIGA, P.L., goolng; TURK, iu.Yu., gaolor,; WCTICHENKO, I.M., geolog-, AlaWPOV, P.Ta., plavny7 redaktor; FILIPPOVA, B.S., red. Izd-va; GMVA. 0.A., tekhn.rad. [Genlox.r of the U.S.S.R.] Geologlia SSSR. Glav. red. P.IA.Antropov. Teil.I.LUkrainian S.S.R., Moldavian S.S.R.1 . . Incrainaknis, SSR, Moldavskaia SSR. Red. V.A. Ershov, N.P. Sammnnnko. Pt.I.LGoological description of tba platform aroal Geolopichaskoe op~sanln platfor- monnol chnsti. Moskva. Gon. nPuchno-tmkhn.1zd-vo lit-ry po gaol. i okhrans nedr. 1958. 1000 p. I Supplanant] PrilozhAniia. -7continued on -next card) AYZENVERG, D.Ye.---(continumd) Card 2. 3 fnld.mps (in portfolio) (14IRA 12:1) 1. Russia (1911- U.S.S.R.) Glavnoye upravlenlye geologli I okhrany, nedr. 2. Ukrainskoye genlogicheskoye upravlenlys A'Inisterstva geologii i okhrany nedr SSSR i Institut geologicheskikh nauk Akademit nank USSR (for all except Antropov. Filippova, Gurova). 3.Glavnyy geolog Ukrainakogo goologicheskogo upravleniya, (for Tersbov). 4. AN Ukrainskoy SSR (for Semenenko). (Ukraine--Geology) (Mbldavia--Geology) vnvoi, v - VADIMOV, T. Honest answer. Sov.profooluzy 2 no-7:8&89 JI 154. (KLBA 7:7) (Russia-Social conditions) 0 0 e 0 0 0 0 : * 0 0 0 0 ( 4 0 $14 O'~ 1 4 1 A I a W it 12 it It is to 1) Is Ai k u 'm v a l1 n n m is let V n R ~Jll It U U jd a t I CC OP It J 41 u $1 45 If q , - I I U In"Ing ytrast afthviummin D by Wril"tift all" afta-IrWet ray& A VOINAVAANOV 5111MAIRP) . , Ject Na 2 R s t d i l "4 bj f d . ec t, u trA- . . u e e et toy% wu4 w vitamin 1) and the Vim I hehavior of the chick* with tri1wrt to grtwth . tanmandmIxtalitywataftcorded. ..Oo lvjrctrd to ultra-viokt irradulkin It was folont! that the reatit and dir"t irtadtatimi were nmm cdcvdvv than vAliver W. The treated chicks did fult sufftl from rickt-tt still anatomical Ittv"tigaillw" showed the advantages of the ultra-vitliet 04 jorry 00 a =00 00 a roe ' coo !Roe 00 a 001 x9e !:051! -zoo 00 j moo of I 200 . No* vie; 0 00 t 4;- -0 fm 0 q It n It 'I to olve o 0 4 so 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 11 of 0 0 A 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 * o 0 00 0 !--4 bi 15 M V Is J'W C AF U 43 11 a k !-so A. VOBXAYA, U=.. 11101. It, No. md #00 *~-M).--Yewiml md dk" ukmvWM irradUtU* I emwe bminvillivial to vNinka than "-Uvvr (Al. 000 Ca. Aim, ~ ~tllt J XG 0 see boo If. I&& 64fAO.LU*CK4j Lf1ffjjW C&ASI*#Cdl*S :is 0 L old- "visa d64 00 a.. "t J,, too q(1,06 o ~1016 i` so 0000000***6060 ~~' *:*60690909666049994 qjLjk-jL*q* $Go *0 Goes $661 00090009 0 0 o6 09; 1 1 111.11 S Is W It It is W of W is " a I vii ni4a Nvall'bil Liss A A__vf- 1. L a 14 r 2 It I I so V '11 -L- 1--L M 1111 IMM Et b s A l-'..S IF A Somme Immog" proper&@ of "Scunstell" wow. NL Valitniiii, Prinsda 24, Nis. 4, 1:1 23f IM1. (Wit C, 7141F., OW, 1, fly "actInAt"I" water is "want water which bit& been to the action of ultravicilet lie "'n,filptne. aid which todbuti .11 Ilrefer reffill, water in most vhvitt. pt,jvriti- %liltirms) Wal't' raft IV Iiim line ant,shro I'll thri -kfsrislt~ W iscituarkin - 'ArAmose t" Visit" irlitt'. a grow th. 9t imulating act" om young p4q)lssm Whirls 118~11nslrsf- Inster is umd as drinking water for chickras 0 no Influence or Ottly VM ofight Influence 10 evenrif 00 the see deposition uf Co. However. when the feird in niiiinent 4 with "Artirsaird" wat" 013 Increased =10n of Co in the tivessiss 04 1, 164 ehichism Ill *bftqvod seat is ims. P IWCWIY Illislisell Wile" Ilse lijlis 1. fill"1111-1 ji Ill's. tlIF11111 W mling. 1.4mg-c'millisird lim III -ill Is *Air$ is-liullmi in I- 0 W taudArksit of al'b"th. 161 (1 m.miriv- too 19 Is it I-imses 0 Ir OO~i to 0 '00 i4i 400 Al A Is. MATALLUIRGICAIL LITISAT1,411 CLA11111PICATIOU U* 0 Soo I ;o Of AV mo- is: Is lar~L u 10 W As 111ANIF ":nI1*P1 it An I I a Od 0 -a I -or 44- 4 j 1 9 0 0 0 0 0:40 0 o 0 0 is 0 0 0 9 o 'o 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 ~STIO:00000411'4111 0 000 0000 a 00 00 go 0 411141141.e 00 000::N' VADL 07, -1. X. 4ological and spectro.-raphical cds tt~,,e anal,,-s:s of' -i-.a--*. -2 Monkva, Pishchepromizdat,, 1~11416 /"2: Dir-4 QPlit4 1. Vitamins. VADIMOV, V.M.; SHTROERG. A.I. .-Aoib~ Spec trophotome trio determination in potatoes of the inthyl other of naph- thylacetio acid which stops the growth of tubers In the process of prolonged keeping (conservation). Yoprosy Pitanlya 12, Ho.2, 74-9 '33. (MLU 6:4) (CA 47 no,20:10795 153) The use of nethyl aster of alpha-n&phtkWjacetj* acid (K-1) to inhibit the sprouting of potatoes kept in storage appears promising from the economic standPointo However,, it became rAcessary to establish that m-1 is harmless. In order to carry out the toxol. investigation in question, a epectrophotometric method for the cWtft of M-1 was developei~. 256T36 VADIROV, V. X.; SHMMG, A. I. Spectrophotometric investigation of the phy'Bical and chemical properties of the methyl eater of alpha-naphthaleneacetic acid which inhibits the sprouting of potatoes. Trudy Inst.fiziol. rast. 8 no.2:351-360 154. (MLRA 8:5) 1. Institut pitamiya Akademii meditsinskikh nauk SSSR. (Potatoes) (Naphthaloneacatic acid) 111^2 VADMOV, VA. Method for deciphering electrophoregrame obtained from paper electrophoredis. Ieb.delo 3 no.5:54 8-0 157. NIRA 11:2) 1. Is otdols mikroblologii (sav. - prof. V,L*Troltskiy) Insituts epidemiologii i mikrobiologii imeni GamBlej AMH SSSR, HoOkve. (AUCTROPHOR16SIS) (PHOTOHBTRY) VADIMOV, V.K. Iffect of large-doses of ionizing radiations on rabbit and horse @or&; physicochomical Investigations- Lwith summary in Ruglish]. Ked. red- 3 no.5:64-68 8-0 158 (NM 11:12) 19 Is otdola meditainskoy m1krobiologil (say. - chles-korrespondent AMR SSSR T.L. Troitakiy) Inetituta spideniologii i mikrobiologit Imenl 11*7* Gamaloi ANN SSSRO (BLOOD PROTEINS, off. of radiations. x-rays In horse & rabbit blood ser= (RvA)) (ROENTGEN RAYS, off. on proteins in rabbit & horse sera (Rus)) A"!?Ma 9 qi RAI- E " tg i- j 1. 4, 1 if fog V 'A VIM 10, 7 ( . AT=CR: Vadimov, V. 11. TITLE: An Attempt at --umpicyin'- '_olocule Srectral Analysis in Bacteriology and Immur:~~I,-,gy PERIODICAL: Izvestiya AkademJi nauk SSSR. Seriya fizicheakaya, 1959, Vol 23, Nr 10, pp 1260 - 1262 (USSR) ABSTRACT: In connection with an investigation of the possibilities of using I-rays for the "cold" sterilization of bacterial pre- parations the investigation of the physico-chemical particu- larities of an antitoxit.- preparation against diphtheria irra- diated with large y-doses was of interest. A first measurement of two diobtherla antitoxin preparations, one of which had been irradiated, showed that the absorption curves differed only little from one another (Fig 1). Therefore, more exact physico- chemical investigations were carried out: Electrophoresis on paper followed by the spectroscopic investigations of the ex- tracts, as well as an investigation of luminescence (irradia- tion with 19500,000 r, applying on to filter paper, uv-irra- diation); it was found that the luminescence of irradiated preparations was higher than that of not irradiated ones. The Card 112 five diagrams in figure I show the absorption curves of indivi- An Attempt at Employing llole-.ule Spectral Analysis SCV/48-23-10-3,i/39 in Bacteriology and immunolcgy dual zones of a preparation before and after 1-irradiation. The curves of irradiated and non irradiated preparations were found to differ somewhat, the maxima at 238 mg remain un- changed. Finally, the author discusses the investigation of the absorption spectra of bleached dye after the dyeing of bacteria in suspension. The degree of bleaching of bacteria dyed with acridine orange was determined. The four diagrama in figure 2 show the absorption spectra of the dye-residues after the bacteria had been dyed in suspension. From the spectral characteristic of the remainders of the dye-solution it is possible to determine the percentage of living and dead bacteria in the suspension. There are 2 figures and 3 reflere-xvy-al 2 of which are Sov4et. ASSOCIATION: Institut epidemiologii i mikrobiologii im. 3. F. Gamalei Akademii meditsinskikh nauk SSSR (Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology imeni 11. F. Gamaleya of the Academy of Medical Sciences, USSR) Card 2/2 VADIMOV, V.M. Spectrophotometry and luminescence analysis of anat.07-ins. Zhur. mikrobiol.e'pid.i 17mmm. 31 no.8:35-40 Ag 160. (MIRA 14:6) 1. Iz Otdela radiatsionnoy mikrobiologii i immunologii. Instituta epidemiologii imeni Gamalei AMN SSSR. (TOXINS AND ANTITOXINS) VADIMOV9 V.M. Combination of spectral and fluorescent analy6is ~n the eleotro- phoretic investigation of the purity of anatoxins. Lab. delo 7 no.10-4 Ja 161. . (KERA 14:1) 1. Otdel radiatsionnoy mikrobiologii I immunologii (zav. - prof. V.L. Troitskiy) Instituta opidemiologiA i mikrobiologii imeni N.F. Gamalei AMN SSSR. (MIRA 14 S 1) (TOXINS AND ANTITOXINS) (SPECTRUM ANALYSIS) (FLUORESGFIICE) VADIMOV, VAI GONCIMBINK0, I.M. Characteristics of tetanus anatoxin preparations irradiated vith ,NA -rays according to data from molecular spectrum analysis and 16ineseence analysis. Zhur.mikrobiol., epid. i immun. 32 no.11: 52-56 N 161. (MIRA 14:1-1) 1. Iz Instituta opidemiologii i mikrobiologii imenj Gamalei AMIN SSSR. (TEETANUS) (SPECTRLH, MOLECULAR) (RADIATION STERILIZATION) (LUMINESCENCE) .VADIMOV0 V.H,-.-- Use of molecUar apectr= analysis in bac*teriology and irr=ology. Zhur.mikrobiol... epid. i immm. 33 no.3:3-8 lir 162. (141RA 15:4) (BACTERIOLOGY) (IMMOLOGY) (SPECTRUM AlIALnus) VADTMOV, VX.; PISTMOVA, L.V. Study of calcium metabolism and the effect of vitamin D2 in the larval ascaria BIB of laboratory animals. Trudy Gellm. lab. 15:67-78 165 (MIRA 19:13 ; f ; .40 1 VADIHOV, Y-,Ivgoniy 4 [Cornets and beasts 401orloas sebool0l Kornety I zverl; "Slawnata sbkolam Ocberki. Belgrad, Wbinsk4l, 1929. [121u. lork, P~rbinskti, 19541 66 p. (MLIU 8:12) (Military education) LEYKIN, S.I., inzh.; VADIMOV,, Yu.V., inzh. System for synchronizing the operation of fuel supplying units. Energetik 10 no-5:11-12 Vq t62. (MIRA 15:5) (Electric power plants) (Fuel) VADRIOVA, M. "Adaptation a l1electrocardiographe pour l1enregistrement de la tension arterielle et iloscinogramme." Vadimova, M., et Serkine, L.., (P. 355) SO: Journal of General Cherdst (Zhurnal Obshchei Khimii) 1940, Volume 18, no. 4. VADIMVICH,-L-I,, kand.tekhn.nauk: PAVWV, A.I.. kand.tekhn.nauk; I.V., kand.tekbn.nauk Investigating the properties of interfacing fabrics and Inter- linines. Izv. vye. uchab. sav.; tokhn.log. pros. n0-3:93-104 058. (IGRA 11:10) 1. Klyevokly takhnologicheekly Inotitut legkoy promyshlennosti. (Textile fabrics) POZHIDAYNT, Nikolay Nikolayevioh, doteent; PAYLOV, Anatoliy Ivanovich, dot ant; VADINOTICH Ivan Ivanovich, doteent; NOMISEIT, Ana- 's !L~~ tolly Gr gor yevich# Ifit ".-ZORMr,-'Vladimir Luklyanavich, inzh.; ANOKHIN, Viktor Vasillyevich, inzh.; MMGITENKO, L., r64.; BONDABSMO, 0., red.; GUSAROV, K., [Textile materials for the clothing industry] Materialovedenie shveinogo prgizvodstva. Pod obahchei red. N.N.Pozhidaeva. Kiev. Goe.izd-vo takhn.lit-ry UM, 1959. 411 p. (MIRA 13:2) (Clothing 4ndustry) (Textile fabrics) SUKHMUM, M-L, karid.takhn.nauk; aRILSEV, V.K., kand.tehh.nauk; PAYWY, A.I.; Imnd.tekhn.nauk. dots.-,. 1. kand.tekhn.nauk, dots. inzh.; nz KOVALSKIY..A.G.,- industry" by T.A.Modest "Fabrick6~ Min ;iothlrip ova. L.N. Flerova, B.A.huzov. ileviewed ~F M.i.Sukharew and otbere. Izv. vys.ucheb.zav.; tolth.leg.prom. no.2:ni,~-H6 159.: (MI 12:10) 1. Imeningradskiy tekstiVMy institut im. S.M.Kirova (for S~kharmv, Karanev). 2. Kiyevokiy tekhnolbgiehii9kiy inatit'ut legkoy promyshlennosti (for Pavlov, Vadimovich, Kovallskly Zoruk). (Textile fabrics) (Clothirkv, industry) (Hodestova, T.A.) (Fleurova, L.N.) (Buzov, B.A.) VADIN, I. Let's disseminate technical knowledge among &I'1 workers; from the pages of the Rumanian periodical RMunca in sindicate.11 Sov. profsoiuzy 16 no.16.59 Ag 160. (MIRA 13:8) (dumania-Technical libraries) VADIVASOV, D. G. Agric,ilture A Plant '~ Anlm-tl Int-ist.rv. Rapid renair riethod of tractor nRrts. Saratovskoe nbl. W-ve, 1949. Mouthly List of Russian Accissions, Library of Congress, April 1952. Uaclassified. VADIVALSOV, D. G. RiEh-speed i:.ethod of repqiri-i,,- -tuto-trictor p3rts Sqratov 5ar,tovskle obl. izd-va, 1~49. 6x p. VADIVASOV, D.G., Inzh. Using electric metal spraying in making workpieces. Mashinostroitel, no.10:25-26 0 '57. (MIRA 10:11) (Metal spraying) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/1459 Vadivasov, Dmitriy Georgiyevich IBsledoveniye vliyaniya usloviy protsessa elektrometallizatsii na svoystva metallicheskikh pokrytiy; v svyazi s vosstanovleniyem iznoshennykh traktornykh i avtomobillnykh detaley (Investigation of the Effect of Conditions of Elec- tric Metal Spraying on the Quality of Deposited Metal LIn Connection With Reconditioning of Worn Tractor and Automobile Parts3) [Saratov3 Saratovskoye knizhnoye izd-vo, 1958. 157 p. (Seriess Saratovskiy institut mekhanizatsii sel'skogo khozyaystva. Trudy, vyp. 15) 500 copies printed. Sponsoring Agenciest Ministerstvo sel'skogo, khozyaystva SSSR; Saratovskiy (Saratov) institut mekhanizatsii sellskogo khozyaystva imeni M.I. Kalinina. Ed.: A. Kazanskiy; Tech. Ed.z V. Lukashevich PURPOSE: This book is intended for technical personnel in agricultural equip- ment repair shops. COVERAGEs The author discusses phenomena occurring in the process of electric metal spraying used in reconditioning of worn out tractor, automobile and other machine parts. The theory of spraying, its aerodynamic principles, Car)V-4744 Investigation of the Effect of Conditions (Cont.) SOV/4459 formation of the metal depositp the physical-chemical changes taking place during the process,, and the wearability of the metal-sprayed deposits are described. The author thanks N.M. Sokolov, Ye.V. Antoshin, S.N. Kutin, S.V. Fallkovich, F.P. Nedorezov, D.M. Zagorodskikh, I.P. Trushchelev, M.V. Aksell, and A.L. Martynov. There are 211 referencest 183 Soviet, 18 German, and 10 English. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction 3 PART 1. THE STATE AND FORMULATION OF THE PROBLEM 5 Ch. 1. State of the Problem Ch. 2. Formulation of the Problem 5 7 PART II. CAUSE OF UNSTABLE ARCING IN AN ELECTRIC 14ETAL SPRAYING PISTOL AND THE MEANS OF STABILIZATION 10 Ch. 1. Electric Are of an Electrometal Spraying Pistol 12 Striking the are 12 Card:.~ VADIVASOV, D. G. Doe Tech Sci -- (diss) "Study of the effect of conditions of the process of electrical metal plating upon the properties of metal platings." Lon-Pushkin, 1969. 37 pp (Min of Agr RSFSR. Lon Agr Inst), 178 copies. List of author's works pp 31-33 (21 titles) (KL, 43-59, 123) _32- 25(2,7) AUTHOR: Vadivasov, D.G., Engineer TITLE: An Electrometallization Head , 1~' '59 , jTr C, PERIODICAL: blashinostroitell I P 32 (USSR) ABSTRACT: A new metallization head desiGned by N.A. Glukhovskoy, a mechanic Df the electrometali-ization laboratory of the Saratovskiy institut melkhanizatsii sellskogo khozyaystva imeni 1,1.I. Kal-inina (Saratov Institute for the Lechanization of Far::Jng (-j:ae-ji IT.- --r is described. Tt ;;Drl,.S oll the conventional prin- ciple of such devices and consists of a -'extolite panel, two aluminum cheeks and exchangeable nozzle. The nozzle is made of brass wire of I to 2 am dia- meter, w1iich is wound so as to form a small tube. It is used for restoring worn automobile and tractor crank-shafts. In operation on a cranl,.shaft it is he;d not as the convent4onal heads, but on at a 90 Card 112 angle. its width is 25 mm and it can of aqy re- S C 111/12 7- 5", 813 3 An Electrometallization Ifead quired length; it reduces losses of metal, which are great with other metallization heads. The balances need not be removed f rom the crankshaf t. The wire nozzles serve 6 months, as corup3red to the 50 hours service of the hard alloy nozzies used in 'ILK-6" metallizers. The head can be inade in anY mechanical workshop at a cost of 100 rubles. TI-.ere is 1 ~hoto- graph. Card 2/2 AVDONIKIN, Fedor Nikolayeviahj-,,_VADIVASOI, D.G.p kand. takhn. nauk, red.; SIDORENKOv M.D., red.; BYKOU-,7IT.IT-.-,r6T.; GOLKIN, A A. t tekhn. red. [Repair of motor vehicles) Remont avtorobilei. Pod red. D.G.Va- divosova. Saratovv Saratovskoe knizhnoe Jzd-vol 1961. 535 (MIRA 14:7~4 (Motor vehicles-Maintenance and repair) "Soo U ii m U Is It T Id a a of 00 fe of id to a k A.A N m I -41110 Briquetting of KIT60-ItalchinsU bfOwB Coals- S. A Ihikharrv and M. V. Vadivit-va. Bull. F4P FAI(- A Arnif. 3 44(in Oern,An 00 4.11 #m 1101) TIlr imidlo, oil pfirlititilmill xrqil , poll., gravilk. Still Olvill, Illv"I idol'. .11. '.1 Ih, 00 00 he All. 11'. All'. oil I hir Wall c."11,611 :31 fully 011.1 lltwmld~ 1tv.. 184m.k. till, of oil wairspioul briqurt,o tvojuist~ ptchratilit; -it the " in 00 lhr alm-wo, f Air at IIIAFW 00 00 00 I d I VIA 4 s ;v pr fp ?p It, ap a ff a x ff PT a Irl Is x WUP 11 0 0 0 0 o ~. x* 0 o 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 *!o 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0A 0 0 0 -00 -00 -00 .00 *0 =00 Go* wee goo .Iso zoo 00 a wee 00 Too I Old s- A a 3 9 0 0 9 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 401, 0 e 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 c 0 0 0 0 0, VADKIRTI p Ferenc Possibility of high atmospheric hmidity in our mcrosynoptic situations. Idojarao 64 no.61376-380 960e (MW 2017) ~ m, awdity) ZSOINAI. ?.;URI, J.;YADDITI, T. Iecal anesthesia of long duration with I -methyl-3-bensoyl-4-bydroxy -4-phanylpiparidines. Orv. hatil. 93 no. 27:786-788 6 July 1952. (CLML 23:3) 1. Institute of Microbiology (Director - *. Jpdrs Jenq), Institute of Pharmacology (Director -- Dr. Tibor Us" Valyi) of Debrecen Med- teal University and the Chinoin Pharmaeutical Plant. HORVATH, I.; MAGM, K.; GADO, I.; SZANTO, J.; IIADKSRTTo T. The influence of iron upon oxytetracycline production b7 Strepto=Vces rimosus. Acts. microb. hung. 5 no-3:253-260 1958. 1. Research Institute of the Pharmaceutical Didustry, Budapost. (IRON, off. on oxytetracycline prod. by Streptomyces rimosus) (OXYTETRACYCLIN3, metab. Streptomyces rimosue, eff. of iron on prod.) (STFMTONTGES. eM of drugs on iron on oxytetracycline prod. in Streptomyces rimosus) Y ,~ -1711 Translation from: Referativnyy Zhurnal, Geografiya, 1957, Nr 1, p. 85 (USSR) AUTHOR: Vadkovskaya, A. D., Duplitskaya, V. A. TITLE: On the Methodology of Making Observations at Bioclimatic Resort Stations (K metodike nablyudeniy na kurortnykh bioklimaticheskikh stantsiyakh) PERIODICAL: .Sbornik: Vopros izueheniya kurort. resursov SSSR. Moscow, Medgiz, 1955, PP. 342-366. ABSTRACT. Instructions are given on the selection of meteorological areas, observation periods, methods of making observations, basic rules in recording observations, the compilation of TM-1 tables, and on meteorological observations in air solariums, on beaches, and at bioclimatic stations. Tables are-presented for calculating radiation in body exposure to the sun, the duration in minutes of a doze of direct solar radiation on a horizontal surface at 9, 12 and 15 hours for different latitudes, determining equivalently effective temperatures with the use of dry and sun themo- meters in still air, and in air moving at the rate of 1; Card 1/1 1.5; 2.5; 3.5 m/sec etc. A. T. YEFIMOVf V.V,; VADKOVSKAYAv A.D.; OLISHANSKAYA) N.M. Infrared radiation of the skin following solar radiation, ocean bathingg and mud applications. Vop, kur.9 fizioter. I lech. fiz. kul't. 24 no. 4:338-342 Jl-Ag 159. (MIRA 13:8) 1. Iz biofizicheakoy laboratorii (zav..- prof. V.V. Yefimov) otdela izuchenlya kurortnykh resursov (zav. - zasluzhemyy deyatell nauki prof. V.A. Aleksandrov (Doceased]) TSentrallnogo instituta kurortologii (dir. - kand. moditainskikh nauk G.N. rospelova). (INFRARED RAYS-PHYSIOLOGICAL EFTTEGT) VADKOVSKkYA, 0. A. 30383 0 anichyeakogO sada.akadYemii nauk SSSR.ByullYetyen' Pochvy Tyerritorli glavnOg b*t Glav. Botan. Sadap Vyp. 3, 1949P S. 22-9-32. SO: Letopis, No. 34 BOGATYREV, X.P.; TAD A#. O.A.; GERASIMOT, I.P.; CURASINCY, IY.F..; YERaMIRA ANOVA'W.N.; LITKOY, L.A.; LIVFMVSKIT, Tu.A.; LCBOVA, Ye.T.; NOGINA, N.A.; ROZOV, N.N.; HUMYA, Te.N.; TKAC 0. V.I.; UFMISEYA, K.A.; FRIMAND, Y.M. Acadenician L.I.Prasoloy; obituary. Izv.AN SSSR Ser.geog. no.2: 73-78 Mr-Ap 154. (KIRA 7:5) (Prasolov, Leonid Ivanovich, 1875-1954) U&'YR/Soi 1Science. Genesis and Geography of Bolls. T-2 Abs Jour: Refemt Zh-Biol., No 6., 25 March., 1957, 22441 Author Vadkovskaya, __-O_IA Inst Title Soils of the Main Botanical Garden, Academy of Sciences, USSR Orig Pub: Tr. Pochv. in-ta AN SSSR, 1955, 46, 78-135- Abstract: The results of soil investigations are given by the author for the Ostankin grove territory (1945-1947)- The territory des- cribed is occupied by a broadleaf coniferous forest on a moraine plateau, slanting slopes and sandy terraces. Groves, birch forests and pine cultivations predominate. The following soils are found: soddy-podzol soils, podzol-svampy soils (turfy-podzol- gley, sod-podzol-gley, sod-podzol-gleyish), alluvial-meadov (river bottom land)soils. The soil distribution is shown on a soil map on a scale 1:2,000. The analysis of 19 main sections of these soils is given (the pH, bunus content, N, absorbed Card 1/3 -15- USSR/Soil Science. Genesis and Geography of Soils. 1-2 Abs Jour: Referat Zh-Biol., Ito 6, 25 March, 1957, 22441 bases, total composition, mechanical, microaggregate and other analyses). The eoddy-podzol argillaceous soils are described in greater detail; additional mineralogical, x-ray and thermal -a1yBe8 are given for these soils. As a result of these inves- tigations, the following was shown: 1. The soil forming types (boulder clay) within the garden limits bear a striking similar- ity to the moraine deposits of the Leningrad, Novgorod and Yaro- slav oblasts, which permitted the author to compare it with the soils of these oblasts; 2. The comparative similarity of the mechanical composition in deposits of the upper layer is condi- tioned by Foil forming processes; 3. In the sod-podzol soils, a relative accumulation of humus upper layers is noted (by com- parison with the podzol Boils) of organic matter, absorbed bases, and a silty fraction. This accumulation is accounted for not only by organic but aleo by mineral silt. This phenomenon is observed in all varieties of sod-podzol garden soils, but is absent in podzol soils; 4. In sod-podzol soils, a considerable Card 1 2/3 -16- U58R/Soil Science. GeneFis and Geography of Soils. 1-2 Abs Jour: Referat Zh-Biol., No 6, 25 March, 1957, Z2441 destruction of the upper podzol layer is established. The erosion of the silt fraction in this upper layer by comparison with the soil-forming type reaches 70-85%. The characteristic feature of the described sod-podzol soils is their similarity to gray forest soils. The analytical data are given in 22 tables. The study was accom- plished in the Soil Institute, Academy of Sciences, USSR. Bibl. 23 refs. Card 3/3 -17- - C~. A. CHULKOV, P.M.; KURCHATOVA, L.N.; YUZVUK, N.R--- ,., ~ JAUKABASAWAf" Strontium-90 in soils and vegetables of the vicinity of Moscow [with summary In Inglish]. Poehvovedenie no.4:28-34 Ap 157. (KW 10:7) (Strontium) (Moscow Province-Ainerals in soils) (Moscow Province--Minerols in plants) Y F.- 2-, r - ~, 7 ! i , ~, r r r I - , - il 11 , - 2 ~ - I -, - _!., ~ VADKOVSKATA. 0.A. Brief chwmeterization of the mantle-rook of Moscow Proyince. Trudy Inst. 9609. no.71:15-41 '57. (M12A 10:9) (Moscow Province--Soils) MINKH, A.A.; VADKOVSKAYA, Yu.B., prof.; MIRONOVA, A.A., Rationalization of sports apparel for s':d, racers. Gig. i san. 27 no.3:40-45 Mr 162. (WL. -A 15: 4) 1. Iz TSentrallnogo instituta fizicheskoy kulltury i Institata obshchey i komunallnoy gigiyeny imeni A.N.Sysina AMN SSSR. 2. Chlen-korrespondent AMN SSSR (for Minkh). (SKIS AND SKIISG) (CLOTHING, COLD WEATHER) I- VADKOVSKAYA, Y-U. D. 42654. VADIMD7, V. M., CBMUMOROY, I. A. I VADK07SKkTA, TU. D. 0 Rasprostranenti Porf irinov na Kozhe i slisisty1ch Pri Yafvennoy Bolesni 7racheb. Delo. 1948, so 11, sTB. 969-72 SO: Letopis' Zhurnallnykh Stater, Vol. 7,*9 AEMM, $.To V.AM-KOVMYA9 Tn. D.'GIEROVA, YS. Iffoot of reala preparations on blood preamwe In experimental conditions, fr. Akad- med. nank I= Tol.20: 56-75 1952. (0 IML 25:5 1. Of the Pathoplwalology labori%tory (Head --AV, Andreyev, Doctor Medical Solenose)s Institute of Therapy (Director -- A.L. Wyaan1ko*r,, Active Member ANS UM), Academy of Medical sciences U=R. T.---,1 111 7 , /-\ - v i 17" f " 1, " "iI XOWZOV, I.N,, ;. VADFM~IAIA VARGAKIN, M. 1. Comparative Imat4ptice on renin by biologic &M spectr*photonstric methods. Tr. Akad. sod. nauk Vol.20:75-81 1952. (CIML 25:5) 1. Of the Pathaphysiology laboratory (Head -- ILV. Andrarev, Doctor Medical Sciences), Institute of Therapy (Director - A,L, Ny"nikovo Active Member AW WR)q Academy of Medical sciences UNER. SEMROVSKAYA. Yu.A.; VADKOVSKAYA, Tu. D.; PXRvovA, I.Ye. Blood rennin and bypertensinase in hypertensinase in b7pertension. Ter. arkh., Hookra 25 no. 1:56-62 Jan-Yeb 1953. (CLML 24;1) it Of the Glinical, Division of the Biochemical and Pathophysiological Isboratories of the Institute of Therapy (Director -- 11tof. A. L. 14yasnikov, Active Member ANS), AcadeaW of Medical Soiswes ISSR. 'A '0., 1 t, ~ , .1 1~ I - , I r J r I I , I V _1 TJ 2XCF.RPTA 1~~,ICA '?etc' .'I 81"Vol .115 Cardiovascii-lar Kv 57 1517. 17 VADKOVSKAYA Yu. D. Lab. of Path. Physiol., Inst. of Intern. Iled., Acad. of Med. 9-ci"e-n--c-e-s.-USSIZ,-'.%To-sc-o-%v-7*he renal contents ol rennin in latal cases ol hyperlen- sive disease and in rabbits sulleying Irom experiniental coarctation ol aorta and cholesterol atherosclerosis (Russian tcxt) Bjull. eksper. Biol. Med. 1956, 41/6 (23---27) Illus. I Tables 2 The renal contents of rennin were estimated in 4 groups of dead bodies (18-69 age group). The first group consisted of 14 cases in wMch death was caused by trauma and served as control. The 2nd group consisted of I I patients dead as a result of malig- nant hypertension. In the 25 cases of the 3rd group death followed the usual course of hypertensive disease and this group included 13 cases of hypertensive heart disease. The 4th group comprised 6 cases of chronic nephritis. The rennin contents of the prepared extracts were estimated biologically. Rennin or hypertcnsin preparation obtained by incubation of extracts with hypertensmogen was injected into the dogs and the changes in the animal's blood ressure were taken as an index of the activity of the reparation. The time intervarbetween death and post mortern. varied be- tween land 30 hr. Greatest rise in the dog's blood pressure (20-80 mm.) was caused by extracts obtained from the cases of malignant h rtension. Preparations obtain- ed from the control group did not raise the blo2pipp-ressure by more than 15 nun. The extracts from the 2 remaining groups (predominant hypertensive heart disease and chronic nephritis) caused similar or even smaller rise. Additional experiments ved that post-mortern autolysis, does not alter the amount of rennin in the kidneys. U soing extracts obtained from rabbits suffering from hypertension secondary to coarctation of aorta a -ignificant rise was obtained in 8 out of 10 cases. In 17 cases of experimental cholesterol atherosclerosis of rabbits no dependence of renal contents of rennin on the severity of the atherosclerotic changes was found. Davydova - Moscow SHIDLOVSKIT, V.A.; KOVALIVA, X.T.; VADIOVSfAYA. Tu.D. Influence of the limitation of sloop and of emotional stress on arterial pressure and the amount, of adronergic substances in the blood of animals. Gip.bol. no.5t83-97 158. NIRA 13:5) (MM ) (SMSS (PHTSIOLOGT)) (BLOOD PRISSURN) RATNM, II.A.. prof.; VA3XoVSVAYA, Yu. 1). Effect of pentamine and reserpine on renal function in hypertension. Terap. arkh. 3D no.12:25-34 D 158. (MIRA 12:1) 1. Iz Institute. terspii, ANN SSSR (dir. - deystvitelInyy chlen ANN SWR T)rof. A.L. Pyasnikov). (PMIONIIX, effects, on kidney funct. in )Wpertansion, with renerpine (Rus (IMSERPOR, effects, on kidney funct. in hypertension, with pendiomide (Rua)) (KIDN M . eff. of drugs on, pendiomide with reserpine, in hypertension (Rus VAIKOVWAYA, Yu.V.. doktor maditainskikh nauk Studie, ~9-" 'o"f", t'he' vent I lat ion of clothing by carbon dioxide xe&ourezent. Trudv ANN SSSR 30:35-40 153. (MLRA 8:1) (CIOrHING' ventilation, determ. by measurement of trapped carbon dioxide) (CCRBM DIOXIIX, determ. by measurement of trapped carbon dioxide) V XMIT, A.A.; VADKOVSKAYA. Yu. V, iprof.; MIRONOVA, A.A., Hygienic study of fabrics used for skiers' clothing [with an--ry In 11hglishle Gigs I san* 23 no.2:27-33 Y 158. (MIRA 11:4) 1. 1z TSentraltnogo institute fizkulltury I Instituta obehchey I kommunallnoy g1glyeny AMN SSSR. 2. Chlen-korrOpondent AMU SSSN (for Hinkh) (CLOT11m. optimal fabrics for skiers' clothing (Run)) IGGRYEV, F.K., prof.; ANDMWA-GALAHIVA, Yo.TS., prof.; BASID211N, V.A. prof.; BMMSON, M.Ye., doktor med.nauk; VYSEKGORODTS3VA, V.D., prof.; GSSM, A.I., dotsent; GUTKIN, A.Ta.', prof.; ZHDANG7, D.A., prof., laureat Stalinskoy premii; NAWCUSKIT, V.F., prof.; KLIONSKIY, Ye.Ye., prof.; 14ONASTYRSKAYA, B.I., prof.; MOSKVIN, I.A., prof.; MUCHNIK, L.S.,; PETROV-KASLAKOV. M.A., prof.; HUBINOV, I.S., prof.; RYSS, S.M., prof.; SHIRNOV, A.V., prof., zasluzhennyy deyatell nauki; TIEHOMIROV, P.Ye., prof.; TROITSKAYI. A.D., prof.: UDINTSEV, G.N., prof.; UFLYAND, Yu.M., prof.; FEDOROV, V.K., prof.; KHILOV, K.L., prof., zaaluzhannyy deyatell nauki; VADKOVULIYA, Yu.V., prof.; MARSMAK, M.S., prof.; PETROV, K.A.,; POSTNIKOVA, V.M.,; RAPOPORT, K.A., kand.biolog.nauk; ROZHh?TU, M.A., prof.; YANKE- 1XVICH, Ye.I.,; LYUDKOVSUYA, N.I., (Book on healthj Kniga o zdorovle. Moskva, Goo.izd-vo med.lit-ry, Medgiz, 1959. 446 p. (MIRA 12:12) 1. Chlen-korrespondent Akademii meditainskikh nauk SSSR (for Zhanov, Udintsev). 2. Leningradskiy sanitarno-gigiyenicheskiy m-e- ditsinskiy institut (for all, except Vadkovskaya, Harshak, Petrov, Postnikova, Rapoport, Rozentul, Yankelevichi Lyudkovskaya). (HYGINNE) Gla%rnaya Zoofiziche-;:--y~,. ob-;erv, atoriya. ;ri1k1;i(1-noy hllmmtolo~.11; obomilc statey (Problr.,-i-i in Applied Collection o f Art;1cicz) L~.,nlnzrad, Ctdrcr:oteolzdat, 1~).p. Errata allp inzr~r.Qd. 1,050 co,-t)ic3 printed. Arf-ncy: Glavnoye upr:%vlt~nlyc Fid romateoroloc-'I Clio Zkoy Pi-,Aby pzl ~'ovcte Pliniatrov Glamaya L.-,eofIzichcGkaya Im. A. I. Voyeykova. (,--itle pace): F. F. Davitay, Doctor of AG:-iculW.-al Sciences; -idanova; Tech. Ed.: 11. V. Volkov. rU-,%7C,';2 Thin publication in intended for applied alimatologistB in,~ planners In climate-depondcnt industries. Tair, collection of 18 articlea contain3 reports orig- nally presented at the Conference on Applied ClimatoloCy In Lenin- ,-.1 in October 1958. The purpose of the conference wa3 to aurn- the results of research done in the field of applied .13 in %-plicJ .:1!161o,-Y and to Point t" -..,:zy fox- further 1, lv. "..I ;~rtlcln3 dQal ,:116h In cl1;i'1,.- and :-,r-,ocial probli-_m In and indu~;Lrlal cli -'ical and health rezort climatolo~j, clim~-.tic oner-- our, e.,i, and mazrinp cllmatoloj7j. 'No perzonalities are. f,--, r c i i o e nfollo-a individual aiUcles. 0,2 C 0, 1 T ENTS 4 ov. 0. A. [Glamaya geofizichei;kaya choervatoriya im. A. T. '~,.An G,ophyoical Ob,3rrvatory imenj A. I. and Temporal ClImatIc Characteristica Rcq,.ilrzd t.. :,-,,edf; of the Natlonal EconGuy .'za-m-,z~mIkova, S. A. (Nauchno-i2sledovatel'Gkiy In.-ititut; aeroklirrit.- oloF,11 -- Scientific Re3earch Inatitiitc of A,:rochmaLologyi On Gard 2/7 7 Proble= In Appli-~d ClimatoloU (Cont.) SOV/572,) 1,:-v A("iy, V. Y11. (1,eningrad3kiy i-,idrorit-tc,.oroloi,'-che:,~lly in- Lon-Ingrad Hydrometoorological Infititute). 1-:1,fective Larape-an UO)S11 -"_,t;-r,v_,-!caya, Yu. V. and K. A. Rappoport (InatItut obzhthey I irl. Sysina AN A:21 SSSR -- Institute of Gen- vral) and I~Lznlcipal Hygiene imeni Sysin AS Academy of Medi'lal awl L. A. Chubukov, and Ya. I. Pelldvan (In- ,,,t.itte o.,' ooograp!iy A.3 W'13R]. ClImaLle Phyn1olorlen] Bailin Vegicnall zing the DS"R for PurpoDoo of GlothIng Hygiene 0 PROBLEMS CF CLI1,VkT1C EIERGY RESOURCES B. V. (Energeticheskiy Institut AN SSSH - Pow-r In6ti-.ute AS USSR]. Cor.31deratlon of Some Character- of Radiation Climate Affecting the Operation of Solar Plants f,k-'w,:,vich, 11. N. [Odeaskly gidrometeorologichel3kiy in3titut - Hydrometeorological Inatitutel. Wind Resourcea of rho 120 138 ,-VADILOVSKAYAY Yu,V&P prof,; ISAYEV, N.S.; SHIBANOV9 N.M. Ail~Union Conference on Thermal Clothing and Fbotvear. Gig. i san. 25 no. 6:3.01-102 Je 160a (MIRA 14:2) (CLOTHING, GOID WEATHER) (BOOTS AND SHOES) MINKHp AsAs; VADKOVSKAYAP Yu-V- of,; MIRONOVA, A,A,p Hygienic evaluation of aDdern okiing outfito. Gig* i sano 25 no. 12:39-45 D 160* (KERA 14:2) 1. Iz TSentrallnogo ordena Lenina instituta fizicheokoy kulltury i instituta obshchey i konmunallnoy gigiyeny imeni A.N. Syoina AMH SSSR* (CWTHIHGp COLD NEATHER) (SKIS AND SKIING) VADKOVSKAYA, Yu.V., prof.; KIRONOVA, A.A.,; RjkPO['OR'r, K.A., - kahd . b I o 1-6 -n- au k Hygienic properties of clothinf, made from linen fabrics. Tekst.prom. 22 no.1:24-27 Ja '62. (MIRA 15:2) 1. Institut obshchey i kommunal'noy gigiyeny imeni A.N.Sysina Akademii meditsinskikh nauk SSSR. (=TlllllG AND DRESS) (LINEN) VADKOVSKIY, B. Wbathor forecasting plus initiative. Grazhd.av. 18 no-5:13 14Y .161. (MIPA 14-5) 1. Starshiy dispetcher komandno-dispetcherskogo punkta, Taahkentskogo aeroporta. (~Ssteorology in aeronautics) USSR/ Blectronic3 - Communication equipment Card 1/1 Pub - 133 - V24 Authors t Bushin, 1. P.,, and Vadkovskiy, 11. Di, Engineers Title Communications and broadcasting media at the All-Union Agricultural Fair Periodical i Vest. svyazi 6, 13-14, June 1954 Abstract The elaborate arrangement of commmnications and broadcasting media., exhibited at this All-Union Agricultural Fair in Nbscaf (August 1954), is described. It is underlined, that most of the equiTment displayed was of home-made (amateur) origin. Inatitution : Submitted t -VADKOVSKIT.. N.D.; LIBROVA, V.P.; ALITANI, B.S.; GIUVICH, F.N.t BABIXOV-,V.Ao; SAVOSH, I.A.; DCKTOROVICH, M.1rh. j starshiy in4.; XRIbTALINAU, Te.F., starshiy inzh,; KALIKA, X.N., starshiy tdkhnik; NXrADOVA, V.I.. takhnik; LZBEMA, V.P.,; NOVIKOVA, U.S., red,; TARA ILOVA, S.F., (Standard plan for stations of 600 and 1200 watt wire broadcasting centers] Tipovoi proekt stantaii rediotranaliatsionnykh*uzlov moehchnostliu 600 1 1200 vt, Moskva, Gos,izd-vo lit-ry po voprosam aviazi i radio. 1960. 103 p. (MIRA 13:11) 1. Moscow. Gosudaretvannyy institut po izyskaniyam I proyektiro- vaniya soorushenly evyazi, (Radio stations) (Wire broadcasting) P-A'~;U:'ki, "",B, I 'r,, c r ~., ..- ". -::', :, - .;-~ ~ . I,- r f n o -, t we -- ', r . ~ IL . .a I . .1 . r , r, ~ ;! .r. (N 1, fit, 1'1: ! I j '~: ', 10-112 '64- nav. no. I VAD OVS I~t V.B. (Vadkoujkit V.B.) Xaterials on the feeding hablts of egrets on some fisbpoM tam of White Russia, Vestai, AN BSSR* Sere blial. nav. no.3slO4-108 165. (XIRA 18ill) BARANSKIY, K.N.; KOZHATKIN, V.A.; VADKOVSKIY, V.N. Now demonstration si=lators for an elsetricity course* Uop, fiz. nauk 84 no.4t730-731 D 164 (MIRA 181l) BOGIMR, Imra; TOILYES, Lajos; URBAN, Sandor; 1EMO JK, lv:lemorrio; VADIJAI, Goza; K(TPASZ, Karoly; PAJZ.3, Ard--u:;; J. Issuance of trade standards. Szabvany kozl 15 no.10: 217-218 0 163. 1. Kozlekedes- e9 Postaugyi Rinlszterlum 1/1, Tervgazdasagi es Muszaki Fejlesztesi Szakosztaly vezetoje (for Bognar). 2. Kozlekedes- es Postaugyl Mixl~szterl= 1/7. GopeSzot-* Szakosztaly vezetoje (for Tolgyes). 3. Kozlekedes- es Postaugyi Miniszterimi 1/9. Tavkozlo- es Biztositoberandozesi Szakosztaly-vezetoje (for Urban). 4. 14AV Szabvanyosito Fonokseg, Budapest., VI., Nepkoztarsasag utja 73-75., 111. am 30,4- sz~ (for Benesik). 5. Kcho- es Gepipari vtlnisztcriii7i Szers-zamppipari z~, ...tasi Kozpont (for Vadnai.). 6. Koho- es Gepipari MinisZteritm 1.9w-Erosaramu StobvSKYOr"Bi Kozpontja (for Kopasz). 7. Koho- es Gepipari llimiszteri-x~. ',ezogepijxtr., 3zabvanyositasi Kozpont, ri3zogep- es Malo:afejleszto intezat, bidapest, I., Krisztina korut 55 (for Pajz3). S. Konnyuipari Miniszterimm lparfejleszt-,si Foosztaly.. Altalarios 1,,IuszakJ. es Szei-vezesi Osztaly (for Szobel). "TrLs o1. s J. 4- AAtcr 6u: 0. JJg LY-tobfr, IT-)) VADNAL, Alojzij, dr., prof. Linear programming. Automati'm 2 zw.l*.19-23 Ap 161. (Linear programaing) VA-DRA-LI-Aloixii On the proportiee of the solutions of linear progra=ing. Obs mat fiz 8 no.2:65-71 161. VADnAL, A. Mathematical bda,?s of linear programming. Glas mat fiz Hrv 16 noJA028-329 161. 0 VADNALP A.___ Models of the analog and digital mathematical machines. Glas mat fiz Hrv 16 no.3A,329 161. VADNAL, Alojzij, dr, redoviti profesor Importance of linear programming for Yugoslav economy. AutoziatikA 4 no, 5/6 wSW-301 163. 1. Ekonomaki fakultet Univerze u Ljubljani. VADNAL, Alojzij, prQf. dr Theoretical bases of simplex method. Automatika 4 no. 5/6 302-3(Y7 163. 1. Ekonomska fakulteta, Ljubljana. VADNAL, Alojzij, prof. dr . - . - I-. - I - Solving the transport problem by the stepping stone method. Automatika 4 no. 5/6 335-342 163. 1. Ekonomska fakulteta, Ljubljana. PERME, L.; CERNIGOJ, B.; DOBEIG, j.; PLIZIUCAh, S.; R IIIAL, A.; 13.; T SZAVITS-'#OSSAI;,, 0.; ZAJC, B.; LEONIA:iDIS, S.; A.; 'A'~OD:C, :F.; I I K."'USICY N.; STARIGO. P.; VIRANT, J.; GOUR, P.; AVC;l ~, I'%; 'ft.; KRALJ Y A. New books and ~!eriodlcals. Eloktr vc3t 31 no.3/5: 113-120 :,Ir-,.Iy 1/04 VLDNAY~ A.; NAGY, Z. "Points of View on the Treatment of Feed Water in Power Pla&.B Needing Much Additional Water", P- 326) (MAGYAR ENERGIAGAZDASAO, Vol. 7., No. 7, July 1954p Budapest, Hungary) SOs Monthly List of Fast European Accessions, (EEAL), LC, Vol. 3, No. 12, Dec- 1954, uncl. NDRNYEI, Kalman (Budapest XX., Soroksar, Batthany u.38); Ir- VADOBAf Jozsefl technologues; SUGAR, Tibor Motorists' letters. Auto motor 15 no.8:5 Ap 162. Allami Gazdnsag (for Vadoba). 2. Nivodijas kirakatrendezo, Ruhazati Bolt VallaD~-t(for Sugar). VADOPALASt A. I., CAND AOR SMIt "SPREAD OF 94110SO-FOOT TR,~FOIL AND PROSPECTS FOR ITS CULTIVATION ON VARIOUS SOILS OF LITHUANIAN SSR." KAUNA89 1960. (STATE COM OF HIGHER AND SEC SPEC ED OF THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERs LiSSR9 LITHUANIAN Aon ACAD)* (KL# 2-619 214). -210- .211"ALASP A.I., kand. sallskokhoz. nauk -... . .... 1-1 .1 - - .1 Use local farm manure. Zenledelie 26 no.7t76 JI 164. (MIRA 180) 1. Litovskaya seltakokhozyaystvennaya akademiya. L I-,j 14 v I . R. q. A. Yh V. p. and Lupol'v~ GL M~~nt Of Pcsortant Tan',' ',4,2tllc)d Jr Q juin 5'- 14-,)gCCA') May - paper ....ented at the Gonr. on Ar o -, a 0 i9 0 m '. ~ I ^ il 7 1 7 1 P~ SIP" 1 - - carkla phyak'al 600" PVWUN of "W" Vito, L A. harmsevskays. A.-V., Viscla". S. A. Ktawrl * on.$ - A rck. id, biol. (V. S. S. U.) 44, Ne V1. A. Limallfave. a 1. 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I T . ---w -1 - - p 6 Sys# a 14 6 a7 1 4 'IL Oda Of NIWOI'j 4 0 0 0 21 it 11 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 v 1 1 111 0 0 --is ~~ . us A-4-9 0 00 a 0 900 000 0 a 0 6 0000 0 0 0000 e 0 0 0 0 00040906606 VADOVA, A._V. and GELSHTEYN, V. 1. "Analysis of the Death of the Experimental Monkey Undine" a report prepared at Sukhumi Medico-Biological Station, AMS USSR, 1954. So: Review of Eastern Medical Sciences, Munich, No. 2, 1956. VADOVA, A._V., YAKOVLEVA, L. A. and GVAZAVA, I. S. "Analysis of the Death of the Monkey Yukka" a report prepared at Sukh=i Yjedico- Biological Station, AMS,USSR, 1954. So: Review of Eastern Medical Sciences, Munich, No. 2, 1956. VADOVA, A.V.; POSTNIKOVA, Z.A.; CIUSTOVA, U.N. Iffect of disorder of innervation on growth of viral papillonas in rabbits. Vop.onk. 1 no.2:14-21 '55. (KLRA 8:10) 1. Iz laboratoril akepartmentallnoy onkologii (nauchn.rakovod. daystv.chl.MIN SSSR. prof. N.N.Pstrov) Sukhumakoy medik6-bio- logicbeekoy stantsii AMN SSSR (dir. d-r med.nauk G.Tu.Nalis) (PAPILLOMA, experimental, rOl)lt papilloma, eff. of denervation of ear on develop.) (IMPLAMS, experimental, rabbit pap4jloma, off. of donervation of ear on develop.) 'Al ly tu%l~~' Ts di'l i-int, '~':Tc c-~ Jr. lhv' all t;;r' -r"L'o;1 iy U ~uu-.J' USSR/Medicine - Oncology h V FD-2432 Card 1/2 Pub 17-15/21 Author : Vadova, A. V. and Barabadze, Ye. M. Title : Neutralization of the virus of papilloma Periodical : Byul. eksp. biol. i med. 39, 57-62, Jan 1955 Abstract : The virus of rabbit papilloma is not yet known. The authors believe that it is "masked" by the developing tumor cello. They tried to isolate it from a malignant papilloma transplanted to the scarified skin of a healthy rabbit. The virus itself was not isolated but af- ter a series of negative results, the authors found that it loses its pathogenic properties when mixed with the proteins of cancer tissues, and that union with normal tissues activates it. Neutralization of the virus could be observed in vitro and in vivo. The authors then investigated the effect of mixed carcinoma and papilloma material under similar conditions. Results were positive; the carcinoma