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ANDREYEV, Ye.T.; NONDRAT'YEV, L.I.: VARPROMOV P.S.; MEDIJOEV, V.V.; SAYANTSEV, Yu.S. -- - - Rapid concreting of underground crushing machint foundations. Shakht. stroi. 6 no.3:20-23 Mr '62. (MIlk 15:3) 1. Sverdlovskiy gornyy institut (for Andreyev). 2. Trest Sverdlovsksbakhtorudstroy (for-Kondrat'yev, Vakhromov, Medvedev, Sakantsev). (Crushing machinery-Foundations) (Concrete oonstruction) kanri.tPkhn.,iauk; Koablutv T,.J., ANDPEYEV, Ye.T., I VAKHROMOVY P..Ii., Inzh.; BGRODIN, f*,.K.P inzh. Erecting a cr-ushing and skip hointing complex at the "Magnetitovaia-bin" mine. Sbakht.sbroi. 9 no.11~15-!F N 165. 1. Trest C-,ierllo,.,skshalditorudstroy. 5(2) soy/62-59-9-1/40 AUTHORS: Makarov, S. Z., Vakhrushev, A. A, TITLE: The Chromyl Chloride - Chromic Anhydride System and the Syn- thesis of Chromic Anhydride of the Highest Degree of Purity PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akademii nauk SSSR. Otdeleniye khimicheskikh nauk, 1959, Nr 9, pp 1515-1519 (USSR) ABSTRACT: In the present paper the authors investigated the CrO 2Cl 2- CrO 3- system and proved that CrO 2cl 2 is an inert solvent for CrO 3 and that no chemical processes do occur in this system within a wide temperature range. The preparation of chromic anhydride has been discussed by Tishchenko and Smirnov (Ref 2) and Rakovskiy (Ref 3). To keep the temperatures conbtant during the individual investigations, different apparatus had to be used in the various temperature ranges in the investigation of the solubility of chromic anhydride in chromyl chloride. A table lists the investigation data at various temperatures of from -72 - +180 . The chemical analysis for chlorine was carried out graximetrically, for chromium by titration with potassium per- 3ard 1/3 manganate. The CrO 2Cl 2- content was calculated from the Cl-content COV62-59-9-1/40 The Chromyl Chloride - Chromic Anhydride System and the 3ynthesis of Chromic Anhydride of the Highest Degree of Purity and CrO3 was determined to be the difference to the total chromium content. The period of the state of equilibrium at a constant composition of the liquid phase was determined for each temperature range. This was used for determining the curve of setting up of the equilibrium for the various temperatures (Fig 1). Equilibrium was reached more rapidly at higher tempera- tures (Fig 2). The data of curves I and 2 were used for making 0 the equilibrium diagram of the -100 - +196 -system (Fig 3). The eutectic point of the system was at -1000, at a 2.5% concentra- tion of CrO. The solubility depends regularly only on the CrO 3- branch which confirms the lacking of a chemical interaction of the components in the solution. Chromic anhydride of the highest degree of purity was crystallized from the solution investigated. (Mendeleyev's (Ref 4) method cannot be used, as small quantities of sulfuric acid will always adhere to chromic anhydride.) There are 3 figures, I table, and 5 references, 4 of which are Soviet. Card 2/3 SOY/62-59-9-1/40 The Chromyl Chloride - Chromic Anhydride System and the Synthesis of Chromic Anhydride of the Highest Degree of Purity ASSOCIATIONt Institut obehohey i neoreanioheskoy khimii im, N. B. Xurnakovs. Akademii nauk SSSR (Inb.~tute of General and Inorganic Chemistry imeni N. S. Kurnakov of the Academy of Sciences, USSR) SUBMITTEDt June 14, 1958 Card 3/3 MAKAROV, S.Z.- VAKHRUSHEV, A.A. Thermal decomposition of chromVl chloride and formation of poly- chromyl dichlorides (CrO2)nC'2' Isv. AN SSSR Otd. khim. nauk no.10: 1731-1738 0 16o. (MIRA 13:10) 1. Institut obshchey i neorganicheskoy khimii im. B.8. Lirnkova Akademii nauk SSSR. (Chromyl chloride) VAKIIRIJSHEV, B.M., inzh. !use of Sul"ite liquor as a al,-;rry diluent &Ld a cezent plasticizer. T-'ement 30 nc.111:10-11 MY-Jre 164. ORIRA 17: 11) 1. G2avnyy inzhener Loningradskogo tsementnogo zavoda. i;j ~li -ill-ij. bu-"3 12, Peurojua!;l in U-r,, 3"; P. 1;1!.I). TN874.RqV25 1. PeLrolorma - i3ashkiria. L I r of I I I K ot v it I. I k. i, A *0 14 A C_ 1. , 00 ' Lit on of rate elements In l6shkirijis (soatttera ore lored 1 J k *9 4 1 d P Ki o t X V itki A4141 111 ke G kl l U V V p O av 113 1 an l Y1 .,I fill- YA l I , i . itit irv. i . a te , nyt ip ' ' * uz reglolo I Aloof Of I Joe AO-feal flow totiON Of I he V, ha .4 x'G:-ChCrMYtkellkfrf 13, Not. I (All', ( 1 . ' 46 'I lit- Nlj,l. V. lijokyj -I;Iyiik, flilk VIIAV allot VIIIA1111 I)VIllo"I ir 41111 .trilatiff"191f, 124 41) (1910).- V 14 It'luld Willi st'lolailife" ' l - ontaill, 1-l", N al'I'mot, ,.fit ~'. 11 oil ~'. it 111:1 doll 11 tow)" I , asphall, natural Imunlen'. combustible nbales. I ermian , Sr i's bound Sri a Cho. Te 41 (At". (MNI", (I.M.N anti WMA, a I I and Mrs,,lmr kouls, Of an'W"lleN, litanotnax"Cl lies, perAd late in ctlvqite in miny wilitufailarv boinalwit, , lauxites anti Ph-Zn depo%its. The content of VKh in of the foo,01 coal ant) Permian sy,trnis. %IOrv_atOcd. . asia of tile bituluinouS deposits it O.I(XV-0.286% (the ash accumblitiolis of Sr are found in tile form Uf cvlv~lile ill- irs loctwerts 57.5 and 7R.77c.). Strongly t lu-;oni in the 114 plattau lime%tonv% And in file Kunjur show the prrwnce (of V Ili the berizent, * strata of want gyp4uin cirl-its and dolontitei. Th il .00 ond vilict cxi~. The content of % ,Of in cools usually dows * not i'mull in the ramutto, slolK. of fil" Att-tioatillit (Itimmirl a 1 ,0. corintents are I"fill" Iligher % flat exceed I ill div water, of valse lAhillol-, v 1. frol, lito deposit'. Cr '100 ; J! ill tile Samara ctnl clays (11.54%Pt the ~Ajnara coal eta) i, found lit the wevern 4olor 4 Ilic Upper -Permian sand. 4 sulctile the I%wnsfa coal cLay &%glanjeratc, 1 Ill i, I"1110 to -mv Ift-mlyk liorit- allot it -11'r *0 0. of pyrite the Surakal coal clay 4.1crit. (0109%) jud pyFumoll- Ill, Ilivrmille, tlfulud j ~. allot the loavlo-19ift-o coul o:LlY% 10.11 %). Ashes of the AYUIY Unit MmuklizaletovO Clays ('61112ill, t"P,, %'P* %with sulfides have a high c-ontrot ..I Pt allot -firaill appfj " 99 ;.'.:It and 1).107 0. 1 Jilt Cr 1.~ jand (1,74 3=, Ni 0,13 and 0.1150% of M. The presen't. 0 14'. ), "'tolerf- I 1)6-, C') it $2 And ILUIe". The topper horlson 04 file with U. It It found Ififf-thrl Tooth I Ili the 4111111111),A), ' 00 , I"'Ful"14tyka toot drimosit, vulilainto V10, 0105 0.2 anti I be volffirril Vf,d 1-as"ll 1. drix"ili still Ill alphillifri, '700 r (*or appitux. (1.1%. The Cu-couts. anditours cont in a xroinsivally tvNird Ili tile Y,xom In whp-11 fir J, J."ll, 11 I S '00 = 1) IN; And tile lit4il"MAKIlefit" 411111`011- 0-M70 nt n . . A. file fomid Sigis, -.f M "'l, I-mo-I ill 'otmov d U 1, I"ou'l ill ill, j"Col .I primary anti secondary natural Xa- ill file wev,m I -I 1- 11'. -,nnyo, ":9 0 es of file 17 cmiirxl,. life t1mirm Of 11 in the Ter- 'll thew Kaset are: INS 11.1 113. 01, if 1 1.7. , of ~! ' 1 - ~ 7 U I "1111111110 I khal alPhAllitel is (0.101122% Of the Sib COM rat). ti .2 70.0. C.If. 5 L si t J . 1 _ ji. 1-1 :;1 1 2 '1h r Iravr, 1 6 m. V Coll ~ f t- I s o"; N I he vaititern Cral schechirs arc not in qu4ttz vein, . . .. . , o r , Zoo 00 eunts. (;-111% %checlitc which are tit in granite. Ma rare gasc% c,,mpfi,v ill, too of the t.,t,sl hp-h clud" 0 0)7% of file N,a~ -to, ~t, , (A + Kr - I s ill, tile f(ItIll of rijolytodenite) is found in the p-olymelallic . y X 05rP;, it flic light c..r,- ivi-t fit, 4- N,; Slid Approx 0 are. (if the Volotursetakil depoiiii. Bi 13 Prrwnt in some . . ,, e Th Ishinil,arv jc.,- al, v,ty oullAr top th, t.s 0 . pulymetallk- foes tit the Doolonak rrgimt) and in the Cu ores I fr cont K. Kam 4 ill ". S. A , .00vitigh Their If, r-,nient s, 00 A S 0 - S L A altALLOW41, LlItRAIM CLASSIVICATIGO slightly lower. Twrilly felt Hron t S lot No I 1 4 ' 4 a 11 A 20 A IN CIP 11 to Il? of It d It a It ti R 11 Of . I At to Ito It I 11A 0o oooe;ooooooooooooooeo o*oleoeooftooo*oooooo IV 'I 40 0 0 C11111i 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 sif 11 6 a 0 0 0 0 0 : 0 1. VAKHRUSHEV, G.V. 2. USSR (600) 4. Clay4azakhstan 7. Report of the Lower Volga group No. 3 on samples of clay in the Saratov Province and in the northern part of the Kazakh S.S.R. for the years 1944-1945. (Abstract) Izv. Glav. upr. geol. fon. no. 2: 1947 9. Mouthl List of Russian Accession�, Library of Congress, March 1252L Unclassified. V. USSR/Engineering - Petroleum Industry Geology - Petroleum Jul 52 "Methodical-Progrars.ied Meeting on Petroleu::~' Vest Ak Nauk SSSR) No 7, p 96 The following reports were read at a meeting in Ufa on the geology; prospecting, extraction, and chemical processing of oil and gas: S. I. Kubikin, Head of "Bashneft" Trust, "Twenty Years of the Petroleum Industry in Bashkir", I. R. Osadchenko, Dir of "Bashneftezavod," "Development of Petroleum Processing in Bashkir," M. Z. Havly-utovo, Dir of Ufa Petroleum Sci-Res Inst, "Activity of Scic-ntific-Research OrEanizations on the Petroleum Industry of Bashkir for 20 Years", Bachrushev, "Origin of Earth and Development of Its Geological Processes." --------- PA 251T77 71 Zr TecLcr)',-cs USSR/Geolo,, LIJ "Tectonics of the llorth~~rn Part 7 - 7'~-: A. P. Rozlidestvenskiy Iz Alk lba!!Ie, SSSF, Scr 1001, NO 4, :-P 91-101; Authors disciiss the tectorii--s of the sect;on of t!ie CaslAan `3 'he li-ht of nev -roolor-11c, v '-he str!-~ct,zral- geophy- Lcal and f-c(~Iqorr hnl,-~ cal da ta. tectonic zonati.on of thi-, :3----&Jlcm n.-1 a n-~~w tcnte.-ttc sch,-3ma lor it. `62T46 2 - VAKHRUSM, G.V. ,,--~,~*jatedtonics of the southern cis-Ural region. Top. geonorf. i geol. --II Hashk. no.1:39-48 '57. (MIRA 11:4) (Ural Mountain region--Geolog7, Structural) ZORIN, Sergey Petrovich, prof., doktor tekhn.nauk; XRAUZZ, Sergey Miko- layevich. kand.goologo-miners'Log.nauk; BUDMOT, P.P.; red.; TAMUSW,..q.T., dok-tor goologo-mineralog.nouk, prof., saslu- -91%nnyy doyatell nauki Bashkirskoy ASSR, red.; OSTASMSKATA. G.A., red.; ZAYMJLLINA, G.Ze, takhnored, (Gypsum from Bashkiria and its Bashkirli i lkh iopollsovania Budulkove i M.Yokhrushava. 1959. 229 p. use in construction] Gipsy , stroitalletys. Pod red. P.P. Ts. BaBhkirskoe knizhnoe izd-vo, (MIRA 13:3) 1. Chlen-korrespondent Akademli nauk SSSR; devatvitellnyy chlen Akademii nauk USSR (for Budnikov). (Bashkiria-Gnsum) VAKHRUSHEV,G.V. Latest tectonic movements and zonal development of the relief in the Southern Urals. Vop, geomorf, i geol, Bashk. no. 2:10-21 159. (MIRA 14:4) (Ural Mountaim-Geology, Structural) VAKfrq,US!MV A---- Latitudinal and sublatitudinal zones of dislocations in the southern Ural Mountain and cis-Ural regions. Vops geol. vost, okr. Rus. platf. i Vzh. Urala no.2:37-54 159. (MIRA 12:12) (Ural Mountain region--Faults (Geology)) VAKOUSHEV, G.V. Role of recent techonic movements in the formation of present-day oil and gas deposits in the southern Ural =ntain region. Vop. geomorf. i geol. Basbk. no. 2:69-79 t59. (MMA 14:4) (Uralhountain region-Petroleum geology) (VralYlountain region-Gas, Natural--Geology) R02aDR3TVMISKIY. A.P.,; VAKEWSHEY, G.V,, red.; ZERMO, lu.76.,re4 OLLI; I.I., prof.,red.; SHUCEMKO, G.S., red.: POROVIOV. TV.D., red.; KCBYAKOV, I.A., tekhn,red, [Geomorphology and recent tectonips of the Volga-Ural region and the Soutbern Urals] Geomorfologiia i noveishaia tektoniks Valgo- Urallskoi oblasti i IUzhnogo Ural6; trudy. Ufa. Aked.nauk WSR, Bashkirskii filial, 1960. 347 P. (KmA 14: 1) 1. Soveshchaniya po geomorfologii i neotektonike Volg-Ural'skoy oblasti i YUzhnogo Urela, Ufa, 1959. 2. Direktor Gorno-geologi- chaskogo instituta Bashkirskogo filiala Akademii nauk SSSR (for 0110. (Volga Valley-Geology, Structural) (Ural Mountain segion-Geology, Structural) TAYCHINOV, S.N., prof.,; VAKHRUSM. G.V., prof;, red.; WIN, S.S.; prof.. red.; BUROV,_b_-N..PrOf,,,red.; KAZITX . 1.A., prof., kand.biolog.nauk. red.; 7MATOT, L.JF., red.; KURAKSHIN, M.L.. [Data on soil investigations in the Ural Mountain and Volga River regions; reports] Katerialy po izucheniiu pochv Urals i Povolzhlia; sbornik dokladov. Ufa, Izd-vo Akad.nauk SSBR, 196o. 297 P. (MIRA 13:12) 1. Mezhoblastnoys soveshchaniya pochvovedoy. Ufa, 1959. 2. Institut biologii Bashkirsko_-o filisla AN SM (for Tsychinov). 3. Bash- kirskiy sellkhozinstitut (for Vakhrushav). 4. Bashkirskiy goB- universitet (for Illin). 5. Kuybyehavskiy selikhozinatitut (for Burov). 6. Institut biologii Baahkirekogo filials AN SSSR (for Mazilkin). (Ural Mountain region--Soils) (Volga Valley--Soils) YAKWSHEY,_q~Y., prof. red.; GIRFANOV, V.K., kana. selinkokhoz. nauk, i-s-el-uzWbw dey-tell nauki BASSR, red.; xuaRmov. Ye.y., kand. sel'skokhoz, nauk, otv:. red.; KILINISLAXOY, X.G., kand. sel'skokhoz. neuk, red.; FEDOIUKO. B.L. kand. sellskokhoz. nauk, red.; POROYKOV, TV.D., red.; KOBYAKOV, I.A., takhn. red. (State and problems of the protection of nature in Bashkifis; materials] SostOi8niS i 2adechi okhrany prirody v Bashkiril; materialy. Ufa, Akad. nai* SSSR. Boahkirskii filial. 1960. 167 P. (MIRA 14:5) 1. Sauchnaya konferentsiya po okhrane prirody Bashkirii, lat. Ufa, 1960. 2. Zemestitell predsedatelys Prezidiums Bashkir- okogo filiela AN SSSR (for Girfanov),3. Prednedatell komisaii po okhrBne pr1rody 'Bashkirskogo fillela AN SSSRI I prodeedatell respublikanskogo otdeleniya obshchestva okhrany prirody(for Kucherov) (Bashkiria-Natural resources-Congreeses) VAMUSHEV Geor i Vasillyevich; OLLI, A.I.y prof., cloktor guuloj~o- _i~ ~miner~.nauk~,o V. ~re .~,SIDOROV, V.V., red.; SHAFIN, I.G., teklin. red. (Riddles of the KaFova (Shtilgan) Cavel Zagadki Kapovoi peshchenj (Shulgan). Ufa, Akad. nauk &13SR. BashirBkii filial,, 1960. 28 p. MjUk 34. 11.1) (Burzynnskiy District-Caves) VAKHRUSHEV, G.V. Occurrences of impressions of fish in Pliocene sediments from the cis!~Ural portion of BashkirlkL& Vop, geol, vost. okr. Rua. platf. i IUzh. Urals. no. 5:87-92 1604 (MIRA 14:5) (Bashkiria,Fisheb, Fossil) VAKHRUSHEV, G.V. Concerning the genesis and age of some boulder and pebble sediments in the cis-Ural portion of Bashkir#* Vop,. geo-". vost. okr. Rua* platf, i IUzh, Urals. no, 5:187-194 160, (MIRA 14-.5) (Bashkiria-Rocks,, Sedimentary) Y&KEUMBEX,SaQXgY-~~~STASI]EVSKAYA, G.A., red.; GAYFULLIN, F.G., tekhn. red. (Mineral waters and muds of Bashkiria] Mineral4 e vody i griazi Bashkirii. Ufa, Bashkirskoe knizhnoe iz vo, 1961. 154 p. (HIRA 16:7) (BASHKIRIA--MINERAL 'WATERS) (BASHKIRIA-BATHS, MOOR AND MUD) VAKHRUSHEV, G.V. Distribution and conditions governing the formation of karst in Bashkiria. Noy.kar.i spel. no.2:12-24 161. OURA 15:9) (Bashkiria-Karst) VAKHRUSHEV, G. [Vakhrushev, H.], doktor geolog.nauk, prof. --- Riddles of Bashkiria (to be continued). Nauka i zhyttia 11 no.2:52-53 F 162. (MIRA 15:3) (Bashkiria--Geological surveys) VAKHRUSHEV G. [Vakhrushev,*M.], prof. Riddles of Bashkiria. Nauka I zhyttia 12 no.lls45-47 N 162. (MIRA 16:1) (Sharan District-Odves) VKKNIZUSM, G.V, , " . i 4- .~~ *--, - Ro2s W' 'taxot in tho formation of zineral deposits ir, t wqa*~e-n EI'Cpq he of tJ,, SaQtberu, Urals aM the Ural Mcmintaln region, Trud7 MOI? 1.20- -38 1 c64,, (MIRA 181l) ~! ~ -'~; I I ~1:~: - 1:!'-, -('.,i,.1 Ill" Of%) - - - 47 I :~ r: at. narjuntaln. '54 ~] I H -s , .1 1.. C f; 18 ' 7) VAMUSHEV, L. elektroolaaarl Greater fulfillment of cultural demands. Sov.profaoiuzY 7 no.15:37 Ag 159. (14IRA 12:12) 1. Ust'-Kamenogorskiy evintsovo-tainkovyy kombinat. (Culture) VAKIMLISHEN, I.A. General equation !c,- tle Or f;r;?P~ 04' rartir"E-S !-,' various isometric shape during the reIntive motion in tin infinite medium. Khi m. prom. 41 r-.-.-).8:614-617 Ag 11)5. WIFI, 18:9) VAKHRUSIEV, I.A.; DAVYDOVA, L.A. Testing the performance of the risers of 4~~he Anner cycicnes in i7iuld.. .0 C, bed drying apparatus, Khim. prom. 40 no.9t697-7 4 3 164. (IMIRA 17:11.) VAIUIRUS119V, I. A.: Master T-2ch Sci (diss) -- "Investigation of hr?a,, rraxchan-~e I between the gaseous and solid phases when both phases are movin~g". Moscow, 1959. 16 pp (All-Union Sci Res Inst of the Reprocessing of Petroleum and Gas and Producing Synthetic Liquid Fuel VNII NP), 150 copies (KL, No 12, 1959, 123) VAKHRUSHMV, I.A.; BOTNIKOV) Ya.A.j- ZENCILENKOV, N..G. Heat tranaferfrom a fluidized bed of buVhirg coke to the surface of horizontbi pipes. * Khtm.prom. no.3.1:787-789 N 161. I . '(MIRA -3~ 11) (Coke)' (Heat-Transmission) (Fluidization) .1 VAKHRUSHEV, I.A.; YEROKHIN, G.S. Mixing of solid particles in a fluidized bed. Khimprom. no.11:810-815 N 162. (MIRA 16:2) (Fluidization) VAKHRUSHEVp I.A.; KURGANOV, V.M. Thermal calaulation of regenerator4 and co'ke heaters for contact catalytic processes, Khim. i tekh.,topl. i masel. 10 no.1106-41 N 165, (MM 198:1) 1. Vasso A .yuznyy nauchno-isaledovatellskiy institut po pererabot a nefti I gazov I poluchenlyu lskusstvannogo zh1dkogo, topliva. VAKMUSHEVP L., general-mayor Improve, in every possible way, woric with the cadres of the political corps, Komm.Vooruzh.Sil ~ no.23t22-28 D 162. - (MIRA 1622) 1. Nachal.1nik upravleniya kadrov Glavnogo politicheskogo upravleniya Sovetakoy ALrmii i VoyenTio-Morskogo Flota. (Russia-krmad forces-Political !%ctivity) REPP, K.Yu., gornyy inzh.; STUDZINSKIY, S.A.,, gornyy inzh.; VAKHRUSHEV, L.K.p gornyy inzh. .- , - Use of a hardening filling at the Gay Combine. Gor. zbur. no.7: 31-33 J1 165. (MIRA 18:8) 1. Ural'skiy nauchno-issledo-Tatellskly i proyektnyy institut mednoy promyshlennostil Sverdlovsk. stu6C.-ItS in t~Ie second fo-,.rt;., i%.: "The concel-t and r and sixth classes of certain fom.9 of deductive reasonDq;." 1-dn i~ducation FWSii. Leriimryau Uate iledat-o6ical inst iweni A. i. Gertsen. Chair o, Psicholog3. Len-in~;ra(!, 1956. (Lissertion Por the De,-me o: Candidate Ln Pedagakical Sciences.) Knizhna~a letopis', No. 39, 1956. v0scow. VAKRUSHEV, V"M' Nauch. trUdY '' -kUtCaLating the sizing and packing 01 short lumber* I.(MIRA 17-3) 161. LTA no.96.119-128 VAKHFXSBEV, N. In 50 countries of the world. Vnesh.torg, 42 noa7-05-37 162. (MMA 15;7) 1, Zameatitell predoedatelya Daepropetrovskogo sovnarkhoza. (Dnepropetrovsk region-Commerce) (Dnepropetrovsk region-Industries) VAYFRUSFE"', N. S., '!-.I-c. ard Illin, 1'. F. - "FLttlenir.- cf steers durinr- the wintgr period", Trud7 Biwya'k-'c-naol. op~ - yt. stantsii po zhi.votnovodstvu, Is~Tue 1, 111149, P. -.: 3 -84 - 0 0 SO: U-4'31, 1" Sept. 53, (Letopis lZhurnal Inykh Statey, VAITEIJSI~Elll, 1. S. 110 h i 1-1) s 1 1 e v y DI . S - - " Sorr, #~ rj r r; l-,ri o f f a !,- t c n I n fr c a t f. 1,,, 11 Trudy Bui7at-l.'onf7ol. ol;yt. Stant,,Ji -.o zhivotncvo(2stvU, sue p - SO'. 1T-11631, IU SOIA. 53, Mvtol,ls 'Zhin,nal Inylil, VAKERUSFIEV$ Ti. S. Vakhrushev, N. S. - "On ,,-irter z~afturc fcr lam-e horned. f-&-ttle and sheep", Trudy Eur, w-ft. -,o zhi--,c'- - yat-l'onrcl. -1 . nc,-odstvu, Issue 1, 101-0 p. 96-lo6*. SO: U-11`31, 1; 3-~Pi;- 53, (Letopis 17hurnal tnyl~h StExtey, No. 2h, VAIMOSHEV, N.S. Crossbreeding Buryat and Si=enthal cattle. Trudy BMII no.4-:111- 118 160. (MIRA 15:3) (Buryat-Mongolia--Cattle breeding) (Simmentbal battle) VAKHRUSILW, V. A. Val,hrush-v, V. A~. mjliic 3ruoion ~~--rfl ; -- jW I Tl~, -1 -, -~ , ~ 7'~'Io n, . --L-A -I,- "' I ,, . !", ".A~rv" ~ 11 1 'rT '' . -- , I n117) .1 "... ; , n. ..- '." ;_;-1'111~~ SO: U-3566) 15 March, 53(Letopis 'Zhurnal lnykh Statey, No. 14, 19149). VAKHREJSH]ff 0 V*A9 . '. ,,. t2r~T~~.::, - ~ ,, , , " , - - - 1. - - -Z 4~ Red-colored lower Carboniferous Clay Blat8B in the vicinit7 of Byelogorka. Tradv Inst. geol. KIr7AN SSSR no.2:81-84 153.. (Kirghiz i stan-Slate ) (MM lit6) . 1. VMRUSHEV~ V. A. 2.. USSR (600) 4. Loess - Kirghizistan 7, A btu-ied loose horizon in muthern Kirghizistan# Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. geol., no. 5. 1952. 9. Monthly LLst 2f Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, April -1953, Uncl. VAKMSIT,V, V. A. SOiij - KII-1-1-1117,1stan II'lin--,.,P-lc,,,y c.;-,* sandy clays -.!' ,e.,;r ~ Sits I-n n,-rth?rn Fir 1. ob. 81, no. 3, 1952 Monthl -Li2t of Russian Accessims, Library c4' I Congress, Decer, 1952. Unclassified. 1. LEBEDEVI A. P.; VAKHRUSHEV, V. A. 2. USSR (600) 4. Rocks, Igneous - Fergana Valley 7. Adulteration in hyperbasic. veins of southern Fergana. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. geol. No. 1, 1953. 1 9. Monthl List of Runsian Accessions, Library of Congress, April -1953, Uncl. 1USSR/Geophysics -Tergana, Jan/Feb 53 Lithology "Phenomena of Contamination in Veined Hyperbasic Ro.cks of Southern Fergara," A. P. Lebedev and V. A. Vakhrushev "1z Ak Nauk, Ser Geolog" No 1, pp 114-131 Detailed description of veined hyperbasic rocks in Kizil-Kiy and Sulyutin rayons of southern Fergana. From the peculiarity of the mineral- ogical and chemical composition of these rocks, 245T50 the author concludes that their genesis is con- nected vith processes of accumulation of basic magma of the material making up the surrounding rocks. 0 245T50 VAMUSHN, V.A. Limestone concretions from lower Cretaceous deposits in southern Fergana. Trudy Inst. geol. UrFAN no.4-3-7 153. (KM 1113) (Fergana--Limestone) VAMUSUV. V.A. Barite frou lower Cretaceous deposits in southern Fergana. Trudy Inst. gaol. KIr7AN no.4:17-22 153, (MIRA lit3) (Yorgana-Barite) VAMUSHEV, V. A. "Mineralogy of the Old Lake Marlaceous Clays of Issyk-Kull" (Mineralogy, Silicates) Tr. In-ta geologii Kirizskogo fil. Ali SSSR, No. 4, 1953, PP 59-61 Abs W-31146, I Feb 55 VAKMSHEV,,,,-V.A., daystvitelOW chlen. Barium nodulex from the Lower Cretuceaua deposits of southern Fergam. Zap.Vseo.min.ob-va 82 no.2:140-142 '53. (MLIA 6:6) (Fergana--D9xiu,m) VAMUSHM, V.A.; POPOV, V.M- e--- Phenomena of diageneeis and apigenesis in lower Cretaceaus Red Beds of southern Kirghizia. Trudy Inst.geol.Xirlan SSSR no.5:21-28 154. - (WAA 9112) (Kirghisistan--Geolog3r, Stratigraphic) Some data on loess deposits among groups of small hills on the northern slopea of the Alai Range. Trudy Inst.geol.KirFan SSSR no.5:29-36 154. (MLRA 9:12) (Alai Range--Loess) Vm r0i (v I -V) I'luunholarwAa from ff.'Kirghit. V. A. -%'M:1trw.ho v. 063h4hr-*1i7~F"-' 49 1 - 07 el. 0101. 44, JU11,onf-The w,nw,j~c i--~ ;It 'fIfov'c.A. -,,t (N. J~try.4;2)' d"; (~E 111V Puljj with Ivilst., -.11141 ri'AtIlt-, of phvi,loj it! tft,.- IbIlo of -mlfile t4c,5 ill Lurar Sihlvi~n iwu I'Ti '. I I;- Nx aril. 11m,- unti. -riml w,arly nw:voiiincrAi" U1 -4 4d. W pAluiv color; soft, I~miol frrili b1fwili'll ydlow v) colorl, i,;. I lit: t. Ifle conijw, Thumd amd"is shrn-;, cf[vai at -1-v), (,I,!- 11y""tion" and 720' fdvcompn. of F~ ~,W,iw)- Ali ill- di.-itinct .:114"Ibermal (J"::~ I ut ""35 " " 't-NIIIAO-A by the ),M;I- tion of F0,O,. Th,. ~.-ray di~tgr~w h %, ry :im: Oar t'j 111;'t "f Ca j.~m'ft- I iv. 4ji af (AttrOxt" ;1'1~it" ImIll I CO'l cin-Ithdog it) rj'~- 'JIj'IV:wI 7,11 ;v r:f '1:161': CII-C.5 i-. i-vid-ra; wa!hrattriti~ k dIttti Or-,:rv, if. Tht, dar';IG: Lonliitir'n; Lu! tfif-~;t flot-ol "f ;ill 1(rid, Fit di;wit'-.. T~v: (~-cvrn' Oli: P:a) v V, r, vol VAXMUSE9~1-T.Ar.; VAMUMVA, Te.G. Mineralogical characteristics and origin of loose deposits of the Chuya Basin (northern Kirghizia), ZaPLTs8s.min.ob-vx 83 no.4:402-403 154. (MLRJL 8:2) (Chuya B&siu-Loess) tW Geo-loa - Minerals Card 1/1 0 Pub. 36A9 Authars t Vakhrushav, V. A. Title Morpholof7ical char,~cteristics of certain accessory minerals of volcanic rocks and their value for the petroRraphy of sedinientary rocks #OrlOdl0d~ Dok. Art SSSR 98/4, 641-643, Oct. 1, 1954 Abstract The morphological characteristics of certain accessory minerals, de- tected in volcanic rocks, extracted from the iron ore mines of Temir- Tau and Shalim in the vicinity of Novosibirsk (western Siberia), a-e described. The accessory minerals were represented by:. zirconp siklhlme, apatite, epidote, magnetite, pyrite and some other mineral ores. Two USSR'references (1934 and 1953). Illustrations. Institution : Academy of ScLences USSR, West Siberian Branch Presented by : Academician N. M. Strakhov, July 16, 1954 J9. UWR/ Scientists Mineralogy Card 1/1 Pub. 86 - 9/39 Authors Vakhrushev, V. A. Title , The Academician V. M. Severgin and the study of the colors of minerals. Perioddeal i Priroda 44/3, 76 -78, Mar 1955 Ostract To offset the recently proposed view that the phenomena of color in minerals and rocks had awakened little interest among sci- entists in the past, the work of V. M. Severgin (1765 - 1826) is recalled. In 1824, Severgin published his work, "About the Colors of Minerals," in which he clearly distinguished between intrinsic and casual coloring. Severgin indicated that color- Ing was due to metallic oxides but recognized that some colors arose from physical causes, I. e. by the way the minute par- t1cle3 were united, Three Russian and Soviet references ~(1824 - 1949), Illustration. Institution Submitted VAMMIC67. Colloform formations of molybdenite and garnet from Gornava. Shorya and their genesis. Trudy, All SSSR no.17:79-98 156. (NIRA. 13:5) (Gornaya Shorya-Molybdenite) (Gornava Shorya.-Garnot) VAMMUSHEY, V.A. Contact metamorphism between granitic veins and skarn ore formations in the Sheregehhevskoye deposits in the Gorn&ya Sheriya. Izv.Al SM.Ser.gool. 21 no.5:48-55 My 156. (XLRA 9:8) 1. Gorno-geologlchookiy Institut Zapadnosibirskogo fili&l& AN SSW, Novosibirsk. (Gornaya Shorlya--Ore-de'posits)(Gornaya Shoriya--Geochomistry) VAKHMJSHZV,, V.A.; BORIWMO, V.Ya. Characteristic type of skarn wall rock at Shalym and its prospecting significance. Razved.1 okh.nedr 22 no.12:9:11 D '56. (MLRL 10:2) 1. Zapadno-Sibirakly filial AN SSSR (for Vakhrushov). 2. Gorno- geologicheskiy lnstitut (for Borisenko). (Shalym--Ore deposits) N (~'Lv)V, ij, AUTHOR: Vakhrushev, V.A. 11-10-4/23 TITLE: The Origin of Diorite Porphyxites of the Tashtagol Region in Gornaya Shoriya (0 proiakhozhdenii dioritovykh porfiritov rayons Tashtagol v Gornoy Shorii) PERIODICAL: Izvestiya Akedemii Nauk.SSSR, Seriya Geologicheakaya, 1957, # 10, P 39-47 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The article deals with controversial questions on the genesis of "effusion-like" rocks found in the skarn-iron ore deposits at Tashtagol in the Gornaya Shoriya district. Based on find- ings of field examinations and studies of the mineral and chemickl composition, these rocks belong to the diorite-por- phyrite group, which was formed as a result of magmatic dis- placement of limestones. The submitted report supports the contentions of D.S. Korzhinskiy about the wide prevalence of magmatic displacement of limestones and dolomites. Hornstone diorite porphyritea form relatively small bodies jusually de- posited in rocks of a sedimentary-effuaive strata. The upper parts appear as a solid mass and consist of albitized kerato- phyres, orthophyres and numerous kinds of tuffogen and elastic formations. The lower part - called the "Tashtagol metamorphic Card 1/2 strata" - consists basically of porphyrites of unknown genesis, 11-10-4/23 The Origin of Diorits Porphyrites of the Tashtagol Region in the Gornaya Shoriya of tuff-layers, sandstones and lenses of marmoric limestones and marl. This layer is, in contrast to the upper layer, generally strongly metamorphosed, The author gives a detailed description of the diffetent rocks associated with diorite porphyrites of thia area. An analysis of the factual data points definitely to the forming of hornstone diorite porphyrites by way of magmatic displacemefit, similar to the process describ- ed by D.S. Korzhinskiy for the diorite porphyrite deposits of the Turlya district of the Central Urals. There are 1 table, 7 photographs, and 7 references, all of which are Slavic (Russian). ASSOCIATION: Mining-Geological Institute of the West Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences USSR, Novosibirsk (Gorno-geologicheakiy institut zapadno-sibirskogo filiala AN SSSR, g. Uovosibirsk) SUBMITTED: 26 November 1956 AVAILABLE: Library of Congrees Card 2/2 T 7 f .~7 il N 1JU; A .310 1411411,13 fj IL IIlfl OP fffl jolla 10 Hag j VAKHRUSFMV, V.A. Genetic connection of iron and complex stunralization with Kondona intrusives in Gornaya Shoriya. Zap. Vass. min. ob-va 87 no.2:151-158 158. (MIRA 11:9) 1. Institut goologii Zapadnosibirskogn filiala AN SSSR, Novosibirsk. Doyatvitallnyy cheln Vapsoyuznngo mineralogichaskogo obshcheatva. (Gorneya Shorlya-Mineralogy) TAIM&M,-Valent IA ~ Ale knondrovich;., POSMOV, G.L..; OVA, L.L. red.; KAZUMTA, A.F., (Kineralogy. geochemistry, and genesis of iron ores in the Kondoma region of Gornaya Shoriya (Western Siberia)) Voprosy mineralogii. gookhimii i gene5i6a 2heleznykh rud Kondomskogo raiona Gornoi Shorii (Zapadnaia Sibir'). 0tvetstvannyi red. G.L.Pospolov. Novosibirsk, Izd-vo Sibirskogo otd-niia AN SSSR, 1959. 188 p. (MIRA 13:6) (Gornsys Shoriya--Iron ores) VAKHRUSHBV, V.A. Colloforn formations of garnet and malybde in the SMlym ore deposit (Gornaya Shoriyal). Geol.rua.mestorozh. no.1:90- 98 Ja-y '59. (MIRA 1215) 1. Institnt geologii i goofisiki Sibirskogo otdoleniya AN SSSR, Novosibirsk. (Gornaya Shoriya-Garnot) (Gornays Shoriyu-Nolybdonum) 3(8) AUTHOR: Vakhrushev, V. A. SOV/7-59-4-9/9 TITLE: On the Mineralogical-geochemi~_al Zonality of the Iron Deposits in the Kondomekiy Rayon of Gornaya Shoriya (0 mineralogo-geok- himicheskoy zonallnosti v meetorozhdeniyakh zheleza Kondomskogo rayona Gornoy Shorii) PERIODICAL: Geokhimiyaq 19599 Nr 4v PP 378 - 384 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The deposits Sheregesh, Shaiym, Tashtagol and Kochura do not only belong to the same genetic group, but also show a gradu- ation from the formation at high temperatures to the formation at low temperature in the order mentioned. This can be seen from the mineral association (Tables 1 and 2) and the TiU 29 MnOv MgOv Al 203 tenor of magnetite (Table 3), zinc tenor (Table 4) and gallium tenor (Table 5) whinh are comprised in a diagram. The chemical analyses (Table 3) were carried out Dy A. Ye. Kor3tkikh in the laboratory of the Xhimiko-metallur- gicheakiy inatitut ZSFAN SSSR (Chemical Metallurgical Institute ZSFAN USSR), by V. V. Krushevskaya and V. G. Tolstikhina in Card 1/2 laboratoriya obcgaehcheniya (Laboratory of of tbe On the Mineralogical-geochamical Zonaiity of the Iran SOV/7-59-4-9/9 Deposits in the Kondcmskiy Rayon of Gernaya Shoriya Institut gornogo dela ZSFAH SSSR (Mining Institute ZSFAN USSR) and in TsentrBllnaya khimieheekaya laboratoriya ZSGU ( 'Central Chemical batoratory ZSGU)j zinc was determined polarographi- cally by 1. L. huzinova. The gallium determination was carried out by X. S. Zolotareva in the analytisal laboratory of the khimikc-metaliurgllcheskly institut ZSFAN SSSR (Uhemical- mets-I.Lurgica-1. Institute ZSFAN USSR). The regular change of the impurity tenor cf thD magnetites the altered pnysico- chemical _,onditions of the ore formation. but also distinctly sh,.)ws 1--he unifcrm genetin type of the group of deposits investigated. There are 1 figure, 5 tablesp and 4 Soviet referenzes. ASSOCIATION: Inatitut geo].ogfi 4. geofizlki Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSA; Novnsibirsk 'Irstitute of Ueokogy and Ueopnysles of the Siberian SraLh ~S USSR, Novosibirex) SUBMITTED: October 24, 195,8 Uard 2/2 U=OMM-1)"l, 2.53 VA.~,:--,TJ.-'j "N, V.A. intrusions in tw-- -(J. i i,,!o'*i.-. 10137-45 160. o.,,it oL' 1. I'l-titut i Sibirsicol-o otdeleniya All SS"I"p cibirs%. ores) VADWSHEY, Y.A. Letter to the editor. lzv.AN SSSR.Ser.geol. 25 no.1:112-113 Ja ,6o. (MIRA 13:8) (Gornaya Shoriya--Mineralogy) VAKMUSHEV, V.A.; SHCHERHAKOVA, Z.V. Corundum-spinel rocks in the Sangilen Ilidge in southwwtern Tuva, Geol. i geofiz. n0-49113-115 161. (MM 140) 1. Institut geologii i-geofiz'iki Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR, Novosibirsk. I (Sangilen Ridge.-Corundum) ___ VAKHRUSHEV, V.A.; SOBOLEV, N.V~ Genetic connections between iron mineralization and Antrusives in the Inskoye deposit of the Gornyy Altai. Geol. i geofiz. no.11: 86-98 '61. (MIRA 15:2) 1. Institut geologii i geofiziki Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR, Novosibirsk. (Altai Mountains--Rocks, Igneous) (Altai Mountains--Irnn ores) VAKHRUSHEV. Y.A,- Impurity elements in accessory magnetite as criteria for the genetic separation of granitoide of the Altai-Sayan reffieft Dokl. AN SSSR 3.47 no.3:707-7(Y9 N 162* (MIRA 15212) 1, Institat geologii i geofizikik Sibirskogo otdeleniya AIN SSSR, Predstavleno akademikom V.S. S bol, (Altai Kbuntains-RockZ,,,I;eousjSayan Mountaina-Rookag Igneous) t*omagnetite) VAYHRU,Sf:'-",.V,. V.,A, T--purity elements in the magnetite of iron ore depoEits in the AIIIA~ ^ayan regi,)n. Trudy Inst..geol.i geofiz.Sib.otd.AN SSSR no.15: 31-41 163. (YOU 17:4) VAKHRUSHEV, V.A.; SOBOLEV, N.V. Garnets of the Irbinskaya group of irrm nre deposits. Trudy inzt. geol.i geofiz.3ib.otd.AN SS.'M no.15:74-79 163. (MIRA 17:4) ARKHIPENKO, D.K.;_KAKHRUSIIEV, V.A. Chemicostructural studies of phlogop! te from deposits. Zap.Vaes.min.ob-va 93 no.~t'104-7(Yl 164- (MIRA 1.8t/,) 1. Listitut geologii i geofiziki Sibirskogo otdeleniya All SSSR, Novosibirsk. VAYdiRTISHEV, V. A. Some characteristics of substitution during the formation of skArn-ore deposits. Trudy Inst. geol.i geofiz. Sib.otd. All SSSR no.30:280-296 164. (KIRA 18:1.1) VAKHRUSTIEN, V.A. Some characteristics of the distribution of ore accessory minerals in the granitea of tile Tigeretakii Massif (Gornyy A.1tai). Dok'.. AN SSSR 163 no.2:458-460 J1 165. (KRA 18:7) 1. Institut geologii i geofiziki Sibirskogo otdeleniya AN SSSR. Submitted March 4, 1965. VAKffiRUSH5,1, Valentin A-leksandrovicb; KUZNET~=, V.A.0 otv. red. [Mineralogy, geochemistr- y, and genetic groups of contact.- metasomatic. iron ore deposits in the Altai-Sayan area] Flineralogiia~ geokhimiia 1. geneticheskie gruppy kontaktovc-- metasomaticheskikh zhelezarudnlykh mestorozhdenii Altae- Saianskoi oblasti. Moskva, Nauka, 1965. 290 p. (MIRA 18:4) 1. Chlen-korrespondent 01 SSSR (for Kuznetsov). -VAKHRUSHEV., V.,,P._2_Aotsent d,,ceased] Siberian industry and the characteristics of its development in the 18th and the first half of the 19th century. Tm-dy vINYJIiGP no.30:130-165 159. (MIRA 105) (Siberia-Industries) . .... . . y . . !,-iO--c. coal lios~-va Gospol-iLizriat, 2~, p. 1. Coal - iussia. 2. Coal minir,; mining - ilb,issia. VAKHRUSHEV, To. Strengthening relations with industrial production. F?O no.3: 38 Kr 159. (14IBA 12:6) 1. Prodoodatel' soveta pervichnoy organizatail nauchno-takhnichs- skogo obahcbentva Hookovskoy normativno-lonledovatellakoy stanteli, Kinistnrstva komunal'nogo kbogyaystva RSJBR. (Community organization) VAKHRUSIDIV, Te.F. Device for connecting asbestos cement pipes by meanz of sleeves. Vod. t san.tekh. no-3:36-37 Mr 159. (MIRA 12:2) (Pipe fitting) or, laying underwater pipelines by the method of free submersion. Trod. I san. tekh. no.3:25~-28 Mr 158. (NM 11.-3) (Pipelines) TURIYAN, YA.I.; VAKHRUSHEV, Yu.A. Polarographic study of terephthalic and p-toluic acidaj, their nitro derivatives, dimethylterephthalate, nitrodimet*ltgrephthalatej, and methyl-p-toluilate, Zhur. anal. khim. 16 no. 4:483-488 Jl-Ag 161. (MIRA 14:7) 1. State Scientific Research and Design Institute of Nitrogen Industry and the Products of Organic Synthesis, Lisichansk Branch, Severodonetsk. (Terephthalic acid) (Toluic acid) (Polarography) TURIUN; Ya.I.; VAKMUSHEV, Yu.1. - - -- Polarographic determination of mothyl-p-toluate in dimethyl terepbthalate. Khim. prom. no.9:65 S 161. (MIRA 15:1) (Polarography) (Talmle acid) (Terephthalic acid) TURIYAN, Ya.I.; VAKHRUSHEV. Yu.A.; Prinimali.uchastiye: ZAYTSEVA, Z.V.; TUKOVA,-A-.Y-. Polarographic analysis of a mixture of terephthalic, p-toluic, nitroterephthalic, and 3-ni- "ro-p-toluic acids. Zhur.anal.khim. 17 no.1:121-125 Ja-F '62. (MIRA 15:2) 1. Institute of Nitrogen Industry, Lisichansk Branch. (Terephthalic acid) (Toluic acid) (Polarography) VAKHRUSHEV, Yu.A.; TURIYAN, Ya.I. Kinetic polarographic currents of nitrophthalic acids. &ur.f.JAz.khiM- 37 no.7tl650-1653 J1 163. (MIRA 1712) 1. Gosudarstvennyy institut azotnoy promyshlennosti i produktov organiches- kogo sinteza, Lisichanskiy filial i Yaroslavskiy institut monomerov. TURIYAN, Ya.I.; VAKHRUSHEV, Yu.A. -~ - Polarographic study of the kinetice of recombination of trimt1litid acid anions with hydroxonium ion. Zhur.fiz.lchim. 37 no.O-. 1921-1923 Ag 163. (MIRA 160) 1. Yaroslavskiy institut monomerov i Lisichanskiy filial Instituta asotnoy pronyahlennosti. (Trimellitic acid) (Oxonium compounds) kCC NRt Apwom SOURCE CODES UR/0296/65/000/02.1/0052/0052 AUTHORSs Varakain, L, V,; Vakhrushev, Yu, A, ORG: none TITLE: Cardan suspension. Class 42, No. 176080 SOURCE: Byulleten' izobreteniy I tovarrWkh znakovp no. 21, 1965, 52 TOPIC TAGS; gyroscope suspension, gyroscope component 10 ABSTRACTs This Author Cort'Cicate presents a Cardan suspension for a scopic Irro f ig- 'device, containing~outer ;W-aar frames mounted by.journals In bear a, To decrease the gyroscope drift, an error compensator Is inserted between the coupled parts of the bearing and ring (see Fig. 1). The compensator Is made of material having a transient yield or plasticity, e,g,, of cold hardening epov c undq lsr The materialanows the required spacing of the bearlp& in the ring to take place during this phased Card 1/2 UDC: 621.822.7--752.4-531.4t666.968.8 L 11158-66 ACC N& ,P6=357 -louk - Orig. arto hasi 1 diagram* SUB GOLCs 17/ SUBM DATEs 07Jan65 2 r'~ Flg* 2, 1 - Rotor; 2 - boa-riag; 3 - compensator* VAKHRUSHEV, Yu.A.; TURIYAN, Ya.I. Polarographic study of the recombination kinetics of anions and dissociation of molecules of terephthalic acid. Zhur. fiz. khim. 39 no.4:979-982 Ap 165. (MA 19-.1) 1. Nauchrio-issledovatellskiy institut monomerov, Yaroslavl'. Submitted Dec. 19, 1963. DESOV, A.Ye., doktor tekhn.nauk, prof.; VAKHRUSHEVA A.N., inzh. Metho" of testing concrete for expansion by cracking and for expansion under flexure. Trudy NIIZHB no.29:143-160 162.' (MIRA 15:11) (C onore te--Te sting) VAJBRUSHEVA& 1. , Thus friendship was born. Sov.profsoiuzy 4 no.10:70-72 0 '56. (KLM 9: 11) 1. ftofgrupporg teekha No. 1 koshkombinata imeni Lenina, Kirovsko7 oblasti. (Trado unions) V I PETRI, V.K. Use of larch shavings and sawdust for the maxn1facture of vood plastics vithaut bonding* Der.prom. 3-1 no.11:9-10 N 162. (MIRA 15:12) (Mood, Compressed) (Larch)