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,/6404. De1wg action of adcuo4neitiphosphate, on at"Oble 1 protesseg in musclo. 1-1 P,,C. A Xr,-, vid E." VjFpa.AC1j ph~,Sjol~ hun 71' ,g I 9's 5. 8, Q 11,26 J YNI"A Med. Univ Debru,cvn, Hungarj) It -w; ihown previously that trcatment With AT11 diminishei the durease in the pAosphorylating ability of dener%ated ~svctiun of the sciatic nerve) rat ma-icles. The meo. an- %~m of this effect has now h~.n studied The imairment of the plw~phnryla-L bv~u--rn is great,r in glycogen Pbosp orylati-in than in tht svntliot~, act:iVi"N' Denf,.rvatjon lees not proinote the 10!0 tr Tbe effect of ATP .,,-I 1'1~~ pilosphoryla-u-C'n ,f the denervated aiusle cannot De attri- 1,,;tvd to its pyrnpho~phatr ornponerit. It is improbahle that the A 171' ef!-~ct v; ex,~rted through its adenylic acid component by way J attivating muscular pho,phor~llaise (German) MM.&MMINS I- VAMA, Elemer .A rejected proposal has been realized. Ujit lap 12 no.15:30 10 Ag 160. 1. Technikuss Pa~a. ~k,. YAXAA, Blemer, okleveles banyamernok, okleveles banyagepeozmernok Safety, and economic significance of modern instrumentation in the field of mine ventilation, Bany lap 96 no-4s229-231, Ap 163. L Banyaszati Kutato Int6zat osztalyvezetoje, Budapeot. VARGA, Xmil, dr. -10 . I ~- New method in the therapy of muscular atropbr and nerve degeneration. Orv. hetil. 96 no.48:1324-1325 27 Nor 55. 1. A Debreceni Orvostudomanyi Maetem Blettani Intezetenek (igazgato: Went Istvan dr. ea7et. tanar) kozlemenys. (PROaRISSIVI MUSCULAR ATROPHY therapy, ATP) OURVIS, PXRIPKZM, diseases. degen. ther.,'ATP) JDAMaRATICK nerves, ther., ATP) (ADJUYLPYROPHOSPHLTB, therapeutic use, nerve degen. & progr. muse. atropby) VARGA, E.; KOVER, A.; KOVACS, T.; HMNYI, B. Changes in cholinesterase activity of striated muscle after denervation. Acta'-physiol. hung. 11 no.3-4:235-242 1957. 1. Institute of Physiology, Medical Ltn-tvarsity, Debrecen. (MMCIM, pbysiol. denervation of striated mmsc. causing decrease in cholinesterase activity.) (CHOLINICSTBRASI in striated muse., decrease in activity after denervation.) B3 j 011?P RzBiol., No. AUT'HO,R Va;:iz4,~ Kover, k%.-, Ko-vacs, T.; " 1. Lungarian Academy of 6ciences I I IT L-', Changes in the and Cholinestera~se ,~ctlvity of b*kfuletlil in the Course Of' Ofttoger&,sis. 0_!jT(' .PUB. : hcta physiol. hcad. se'. hung., _117 No 3-41 243-~51 A7 --?A 0 T : During the firs'%.-, days of of strilated. ;,e of acetyl-cholinestiErase (T) skeletal mus,'--les of' .-abibit is considErably re~Ichln,g a waximum by the 7th day, aftcr which i:~ dro-J-1 - "lly, ;.ilthoogh orl the ~(tli day It excef-dF, by abc:~.Ljr r-dua L tirae~,, tbe rorm which. h-as been d;~tcru..Jn(_-6 in an"Lri.als. iielatively lesser ch-anges are exhihitedl by tlhk. (11.); Its 'Ictivity cxm,~cc~`S by a[,ilut 3 1~imes t1;(-, norm ouring the fir,:t days foliowir*4', IDLrf Al reaches a relatively constant level, without a shai-)-,Y c:ariLfested maximum., then decreases graaually. howcver, orl 'Llic. 4(th d,;ty it st-ill exceeds the no.-m. Total activIty of VARGA, X.; HETENTI, E.; BOT, Cly. Influence of adre=lin on muscle phosphorylase activity and its significance in the mechanism nf fatigue inhibit " Acta pbvsiol. hung. 11 no.3-4:267-276 1937. 1. Phyaiologiachas und Pathophyoiologischas Institut der Hadisnizischen Universitat, Debrecen. (14MCLAS, physiol. activation of phosphorylasse & simultaneous inhilb. of musc. fatigue by epinephrine (Gar)) (1PUMIMM. phys, iol. activation of =so. phosphorylases & simultaneous inhib. of musa. fatigue (Ger)) VA/Al, e;? 11", -4: EXCERPTA ISDICA Sec 2 Vol,. 2Jk_nq.-,1q~pp_T e~ 8 2771. EFFECT OF ATP ON PERIPHERAL NERVE DEGENERATION - Beeinflus- sung der Degeneration peripherer Nerven durch Behandlung mit Adenosintri- phosphat - Varga E. , Nagy J. , T6th At. and Hetdnyi E. Phystol. Inif- Iii-W.-M-r Gerichti. Med. , Med Univ., Debrecen - ACTA PHYSIOL. A~kl). $CIENT. HUNG. (Budaftst) 1957, 11/ 3-4 (277 -289) Graphs 5 Tables 2 Rat sciatic nerve was Injured over a length of 2 mm. by pinching with ophthalmo- logical forceps. ATP was found to retard the degencration caused by injury of this kind, but not that following cutting of the nerve. Although the excitability of the damaged nerve was improved by ATP treatment, better histological results were obtained without ATP. VARGA, 3,; HSTINYI, E. Changes of acetylcholine sensitivity and cholineoterase activity of skeletal muscle during ontogenesis. Acts. physiol. hung. II(Suppl):15-16 1957. 1. Phyeiologisches Institut der Medizinischen Uhiversitat, Debrecin. (MMOLES, metab. acotyleholine sensitivity & cholinesterase activity changes in skeletal muse. of rabbits during ontogenesis (Ger)) (AGETYICHOLM, metab. muse., changes in sensitivity in skeletal mm, c. of rabbits during ontogenesis (Ger)) in skeletal muse., changes in activity in rabbits daring ontogenesis (Ger)) EXCERPTA YEDICA See 2 Vol 12/10 -Physioloey Oct 59 4490. CHOLINESTERASE ACTIVITY OF CONTRACTILE PROTEINS (PROPERTIES) AND MYSIOLOGICAL FUNCTION) (Russian text) V a r a E. PhysLol. Inst.. Med. Univ., Debrecen - ZH, OBSHCII. BIOL 3-15) Purified myosin and Its component L-meromyosin contain about ha o the total CfiE activity of the skeletal musculature. A very high myosin-ChE activity in found in both tonic and totanic muscles in early developmental stages and after denervation. There Is an inverse proportionality between the ChE and ATP&se activities of myosin. Tonic muscles, which have a high myosin-ChE and a low ATPase activity. are sensitive to ACh and insensitive to ATP, whereas tetwc muscles with their high ATP&se and low myosin-ChE activity give a twitch under the action of ATP and are much less sensitive to ACh. ............. 46~~ _V&P-C.~AS. ; YOV-Eil, A. ; XOVACS, T. JCXAY, 1. ; SMAGY-1, T, ; M&,Icial 1.7-i- tfr~rsit~jr c-f 21abrecan, InstitUto or Physiology and Pathology Egyetem Elettani es Korajettani intezate) Diffnrentiation of Myosizns Extracted From. Tonic and Tetanic Muscles Based on Their Antigenic Properties." Budapeat, Klperiete3 Om-c-stu.,lonan 5q3- VI ,y, Vol XIV, No 6, Iq62, op 5110. kbstract, rpu-,~,r4o,,S, L surarAry] Basf~d on immunological determixtations, the WiH=iors7concluded that m,,rosin 15 a class-specifia wntigen, the myosin which exh,40blt~ a rallatively hi~gh choline3teraso and a low activ'Lty and is obtained from tonic muscles had a structure CUXferent frorr that of the myosin obtained from tetan-Ic nuicles. [of 25 references, about 9 are Soviet-bloc, 16 `4eatem] 1/1 VARGA, E.; KOVER, A.; KOVACS, T.; JOKAY, I.; SZILAGYI, T. Differentiation of myosins extracted from tonic and -~etanic =ascles on the basis of their ant1genic properties. Acta physiol. acad. sci. 'hung. U 22 no.1:21-28 162. 1. Institute of Physiology and Institute of Pathophysiology, Medical University, Debrecen. (ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHATASE) (A11TIGENS) (MUSCIM) j M.; JOKAY L , VARGA E. KOVER., A.; KOVACS, T.; SZABOLCS .9 The myosin structure of the different types of =scle. Acta physiol. aead. sai. hung. 22 no.2:119-423 162. I.-Institute of Physiology, Central Research Laboratory, Institute of Pathophysiology,, Medical University Debrecen. (ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHATE~ (MUSCLES) 111T Z -3 'L c r.,.i ,ul L v CX in ~jf Mill: L rl 664-66 ACC VR: AP6009382- SOURCE CODE: HU10012165101-310011003110032 AUTHOR-: r ORG: Mechanical Measuring Instrument Works (Mochanikal Moromuszorok Gyara) /0 TITLE: Selector unit for the measuring location; an accessory to the selecting- type control center SOURCE: Mores es automatika, ve 13, no* 1, 1965, 31-32 TOPIC TAGS: telemetry equipment, automatic control system, mschanical measuringtool ABSTRACT: The construction, operation, and applications of a selector unit, deve- loped at the Mechanical Measuring Instrument Works, was described. It connects tho selecting-type control center (described by Hencz, Laszlo; Mores es Automatika, Ve 11, 1963 5age numbers not givej) and the high-precision liquid-level telemete 78 L? i (described by Urban, Jozsef, and Kutassy, Benedek, in Mores es Automatika, v. 3.1, 1963, and v. 32, 1964, nose l1 and 1, respectivoV 5age numbers no" given) 9 The. instrument is capable of selecting the measuring location from amon to 100 9 UP individual locations and connecting it to the appropriate circuit in the control center. One block diagram and a table of specifications were presented to ard 1/2 uDc, 681.2-523.8 L 17664-66 ACC ld-:----AP6oo9j'82------- illustrate the instrament. Orig. art. has: 3 figures* Lj'pR-s7 SUB CODE: 09t 13 / SUEM DATE:. lgNov6l+ / ORIG REF: 004 f IL) HUNGARY VARGA, Emil, Dr; [affiliation not given] .0webt Istvan, Dr. 1899-1963." Budapest, Kiserletes Oryostudomany. Vol XV,. No 4. Aug 1963, pages 337-339. Abstracts The artiole is an obituary. No references. MLMRY/Human and Aninal Physiolo6-y - Metabolism. Ferments. T-1 Abs Jour : Rof Zhur - Biol., No 18, 19158, 83947 Author : Varip-, E., Kover, A., Kovacs, T., Hetenyi, E. Inst : Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Title : Chan~;os of Ch:)linesteraso Activity in Striated Musclcs after Donervation, Orig Pub : Acta physiol. Aca(71. sci. hiuiL., 1957, 11, Ito 3-4, 235-24-2 Abstract : At various times after unilateral severance of sc-';Atic ner- ves in dogs and rabbits, quantity of myosin, activity (11) of myosincholine-sterase (I), ive., ability of ryocin to hy.'rolize acety1cholin into the sum total of A cholin,~sto- rase (II) of muscles, were (Ic-terrdincd in intact an-L -'' vated Cpstrocner-ius muscles. According to the r1i'ffcrcncc between the last two Licasuroments, A of true cholinestcar- so (III) waa inferred. It was shwon that it is Card 1/2 VARU, 1hil; HITEM, We; BOT, Gyorgy Influeuce of adrenalin on muscle phosphorylase activity and its significance in the mechanism of the fatigae-inhibiting action. liserletes Orvostudomny 11 no.1:89-96 Feb 59. L Debreceni Orvostudomanyl Fgyetem Mettani es lorelettani In- t:zete. (MUSOL3S, pbysiol. off. of epinephrine on -ohosphor7lase activity & muse. fatigue in rabbits (Hun)) (FATIGUB, exper. off. of epinephrine on muse. fatigae & phosphorylase activity in rabbits (Hun)) (MIMPHRIM, off . on muse. fatIgue4 phosphorylase activity in rabbits (Han)) (PHOSPHOMASES of muse., off. of epinephrine on activity & muse. fatigue In rabbits (Ihm)) VARGA, H.; ROZH, K. [translator]; SHESMOV, S.V. (translator] Cholinesterase activit7 of contractile proteins (properties and physiological role). Zhur.ob.biol. 20 no-1:3-15 Ja-F '59. (MIRL 12:2) 1. Fixiologicheakiy institut Meditsinskogo universiteta, Debratsen, Ven iya. rCHOLINESTBRASS) (MYOSIN) VARGA, E. "Savings of electric power through peak reduction." P. 153 (Energia Es Atomtechnika) Vol. 10, no. 2/3, May/June 1957 Budapest, Hungary, SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EEAI) LC. Vol. 71, no. 4, April 1958 -- VARGAI F., Does the introduction of sizyrer daylight-s;pving time result in saving U electric power? p. .5b4. R.17RGIA tS AT(TTFCHNTYA. (Fbergia-azdalkodas-i Tudomanyoz EfD-enrlet) Budapest, Hvnoary, Voi. ii, iio. 9/io, sept. Oct. 195P. Monthl,i list of .1--ast Furopeen AccesFions (P-,F.A-I) LC, Vol. 8, No. 7, July 1959. Urv~la. VARICIA-1 7 IT, T. :rvesti,-ation of the prospcctilve ~~,vo2vti-on ~-4' V,.e penk lonl In c~.n.sunptlcr. p.759. Teudomnnyos 1%"--feSQet) Budanc--st, Flunrary VC1. 11, M.11/12, 'Iov./Dec. 10,-rP, Montl,ly LJ.~;t of Enst lEviro,,;(.-,-,n Accesr~jon3 ('17,AIT) !;(;., 7o1. ~q, nr,.7, Jlily 19.1") Urcl. 1)5,,), 3VI 02-3 2, "ble= in a-ricuitural occunations, C;-, I n 7-,7-* e-, e ct n I", -'c 1 3, r, r ta: Rurgary CATEGMY ABS, JOW, Mdmij: No,, e2 1059,WOs 79503 Varga, Y. Y. TA, 3 i The Cerimetric "eterm-Ination of tntae-thYl (Ant,,-~E TTD) MI0. PUB* Acta ftarmae~ e6, 110 1-2, 38-4) (1958) ARS IRA CT I Tell-raethylthiura-m dinulfide (TTI.)) is oxidized in (,;if,C0CH solutior! Hith an exce0a (ce 50500 of 0.1 N CeF,04 . ~f ter c~ r.,in Uie exce8s: GeS04 is ti-trated wit-h 0.1 N Fe-~O,. One ml of M. N CeSC, Ls el^ulval -Lent tc 0-002965 M. TTD. For quani;itative minations, 100 Y of a catalyrt, e. LT., KI or Nal io added. The determinaticn 113 carried ou. at about 201 inasmucil' -1. n ft 0 S A lower., . of 0Le tempev-- titre leads to n lov., rep-ding. F. PaytSes CARD 1/1 i~R f g f1mim', No* ;22 Vargp, -E. and 'Iastarh, C- V TL',t I The Detemination of Forur-it g, 4-`9 CIPJI~, PUB. Pharmoc a, S Tr-'A c T It ~~O- (Diar"Ox. 2- a -Ole, I", On treatm,~-rt with alkali ciewrEu r ::ucri i way t)"c taze"'p Of ceriuT bromRtc-'hJT;o'0dite' z4r"(~ v)jJ:)te iv. a"Punction of thc certc~-ntmLLOn of th(-, alkall' u--ed. Vine autnor.-, huvt7.- deve1o1-.'.fd u metric methoct for the deterraination of 1 In tan- I c!ts. 0.06-0.12 gir, of saa;pie is rcfju~.ed 'or ;~O min writh a 501,~z solution of na0q,and the resultin.-r SO!LtiOil is d4lUted with weter to )~) ml.-ta i-ivf arl No".,2 -1959 A -7--R i!4,: TI TIL Gill C7, I GT t T C, n to,~ t: 0 can-ot be f~ck~ c F. Ray t z - A VARGAV F. Laszlo Meduna (1896-1964). Orv. hetil. 106 no.42:199e-20f)O 17 0 65. VA 16 Flem banyageposmernok; okleveles bsnyamernok, es okleveles B Imre, okleveles banyamernok Ventilation of a mine with more than two openings to the surface. Bany lap 95 no.10:623-630 0 162. 1. Banyaszati Kutato Intezet. VARGA, Elemor v Flectric table raco.-der. 1. Meaqur4ng A Instrwoents Merou flut0mat 12 no.10;331-332 Factc)17, Budapest. 64. VARGA,, Elemer ; ~~ Measuring place sel6eting unit, Mares automat 13 no.l.-31-32 165, 1 1. Measur,ing Instrvvwnts Factory, Budapest. VARGA , Endre _ _ Achievements and tasks in our electric power aconocy. Villanossag 8 no.11:339-340 H 160. 1. Orazagos Villamosenergia Felugyelet. VARU, Endre Further possibilities of making our time-table econoM economically more profitable. Villamossag 9 no.7:214-217 I ii 61. OSZTROVSZKY, Gyorgy; Schiller, Janos; IIALFI, Laszlo, okleveles villamosmernok; BOZSIK, GYORI, Attila, okleveles villamosmernok, foenergetikw; VARGA- Endre., okleveles gepeszmernok; TURAII, Gyorg7, ok-levele3 gepesz- Karoly, dr., foI:onitrL~ctor; KOVACS, Forenc, okleveles -villamoomernok; CSILY, Jeno, fodiszpacnor; BEREZNAY, Frigyes, foner- nok; PALOS, Ferenc, oklovolas mernok; FILARSZKY, Zoltan, okleveles gepeszmernok; NEMETH, Imre, okleveles villasmosmernok, fornernok; AL- PAR, Irnre, okleveles gepeszi,,iernok, foonergetikus; GATI, Geza, okle- veles 1yillamosmernok; BEKE, Gyula, okloveles frepeszmernok; VISNYO71- SZKY, Endre, foeloado; VEMITS, Gyorgy, okleveles villwaosmernok, fo- mernok; FUTO, Istvan, oklevels gepeszmernok; NAGY, Karoly; PIKLER, Ferenc; SZEPESSY, Sandor, okleveles gepeszmernok; NADAY, Zoltan, ok- leveles gepeszmernok, fotachnologus; BUCHHOLCZ, Janos, okleveles ge- peszmernok, fomernok An account of the Ilth itinerant meeting of the Hungarian Electro- technical Association hold in Pecs, Jtily 18-20, 1.963. Energia es atom 16 no.12:559 D 163. (Continued on next card) SUBO, )Oneo, Dr. ; VAR(IA, 3ndre, Dr, InOTOK, Viabrialla Dr. Potenti,nted local anesthesia. Orv. hatil. 99 no.43:1493-1497 26 Oct 58. 1. A Szegadi Varo9i Tanace Xorhaza (ignzgato: Naff Iesslo dr.) Sebes- zeti Os%talyanak (foorvoa: Szabo Denes dr.) kozlemenye. (HOMNATION, ARTIVICUL Dotentlation of local anesth. (Hum)) (AYMTHMIL, WCAL potentiation by artif. hibernation (Hun)) VARGA, Andre, Dr. 3xperiences in connection with the therapy of Reiter disease patient. Orv. hatil. 100 no.13:485-486 29 Mar 59. 1. A Zirci Jaraoi Tanace Korhaza (igazgato: Luksz Sandor dr.) Beloextalyanak (foorvos: Varga Andre dr.) kozlemenye. (REITIRIS DISBASM, ther. chloramphenicol, case report (Hun)) (CHIORAMPHUICOL, ther. use Reiter's dis.. came report (Hun)) VARGA Zr Jp j__-y , Depression with archaic socio-cultural overtones. Idegguogy szemle 17 rio.2:59-63 F'64. 1. Badapesti Orvostudomanyi Fgyetem Psychiatriai Klinikajamak (igazgatot dr. Vyiro, Gyula, egyetemi tanar) kozleraenye. lk- VARGA, Ervin, dr., kandidatus My observations on the English medical psychology. Magy pazichol szemle 21 no. 1: 90,-103- 164. VA-,6,',.9 I;,,. dr.,I 1-'andidatuo Intuition a:id reference J.Tj cre,'Jv-,~, work- and rsy:.-*-,o=4-r,. -.L r i pazichol szeimle 21 no.2-.213,-23.5 I &'+. 1. Psycid-atric Clinic (Director; Dr. Gyula 11yiro) , Budapost 'I:odicol Univeroity. VARGA, Lrvin, dr, , kwididatus "Premarital dating behavior" try Dr. W. Sk mnn. Rr;-fI&Wfjd b-f Ervin Varga. Magy pazichol szomle 21 no.2t293-295 164. .1. Psychiatric Clinic (Director: Dr. Gyxaa 11yiro), Budapest Medical University. PSYCHIATRY HUNGARYNNITED KINGDOM/SWITZERLAND Dr., Candidate, Holder of a WHO Scholarship, ANGST, Jules, Pro- RLQ& fessor, Dr., ~Wd"SHEPHERD, Michael, Professor, Dr., Psycbiatric Clinic at the Medical University (Orvosegyetem Psychiatriai Klinika) in Budapest; Psychiatric Clinic at the University in Zurich, Switzerland; and Institute for Advanced Psychiatric Studies at the University in London, United Kingdom. "Evaluation of Treatments for Depression (Comparative, Retrospective Analysis)" Budapest, Ideggyogyaszati Szemle, Vol 19, No 6, Jun 1966, pp 169-171. Abstract: This report is part of the International Study of Depression con- ducted simultaneously in Hungary, United Kingdom, and Switzerland and de- scribes an analysis of 910 patients treated in Maudsley and Bethlem hos- pitals in the United Kingdom according to the methodology described in Brit. Med., 1965, No 1, pp 881-886 [author's name not given). The summary discussed has been obtained by mechanical processing of the clinical data. One reference to a Western publicatien. (Manuscript received Dec 1965 (day of the month not given]). 1/1 HO t-j A RY .VA University of Budapest, Psychiatric Clinic irector; NYIRO, Gyula. Dr, professor) (Budapesti Orvostudomanyi Egyetem, Psychiatriai Klinika). "Retrospective Comparative Analysis of the Treatment of Depression (in Patients Hospitalized in Budapest) (Preliminary Communication II)." Budapest, Ider?gyogyaszati Szemle, Vol XIX, No ?, Jul 66, page 224. Abstract: The study was aimed at the comparison of the results of non- specific modes of treatment. 'Ine method used in the Hungarian study was W adapted to the technique of the Medical Research Council. The results were compared with those of the most generally used antidepressant therapy (ES, MAGI, tricyclic group) used in British patients. The data were classified with respect to diagnostic distribution, sex, age, marital status as well as the type of treatment administered, The distribution of the patient material corresponds to that of the general population. Intellectuals were found in greater proportion among the depressive patients than in the general population, There appears to be no general principle for the choice of the initial mode of ne.,ictiva therapy. The data indicate that severe depression was finally treated mostly with ES and tricyclic com- pounds. In both groups, whether they received specific therapy or non- specific treatment, about 20 per cent of the patients were resistant to the treatment and went into chronic depression. 1 Hungarian, 2 Western references. HUZN'~AqY VARIA, Ervi-n,,, Dr, OLA5Z, Julia, Dr; Yedical University of Budapest, Psy- chi-a-i-r'l-c- C L ninic (dirpc~or: NYIPD, ryula, Dr) (Budapesti Orvostudonanyi Egyetemi, Psychiatriai Klinika). "Clinical Experiences with a New (Non-Barbiturate Type) 3leeping Pill (Motolon)." Budapest, Orvosi Hetilap, Vol 107, No 44, 3o oct 66, pa~,es 2088-2039. Abstract: [Authors' Hungarian summary] A new type of sleep-inducin;r dru., (methaq lon belonging to the antimalarial group and manufactured by the Chinoin Factory under the name Motolon) was used to induce prolonged sleep therapy in 31 patients. The experienefis indicate that the cour.5e of the sle,!p therapy satisfied the requirements PxppctpA of sleep therapies when induce-, by other drugs. *It is considered to be a safe sleeping drug with rapid, lasting effect, few and mild side effects, which can also be given to aged patients. 2 Hunffarian, 9 Western references. 1/1 VARGA, Irvin, dr.,; SOLYOH, Laszlo, dr. Objective method of investigation on the psychical activity bases on the Pavlovian thevz7. Orv. hatil. 96 no-7:183-186 13 Fab 55, 1. A Budapesti Orvostudomanvi Rgyetem Ideg-eime Klinikajanak Oga;gato; NylrQ Gyula dr, el7et, tanar) kozlemenye. (PSYCHUTRY, Pavlovian theory in investigation psychical activity) ~~ VARGA9 Ervin knew method for the experimental testing of speech perception in pBychiatr7. Biol orv kozl KTA 11 no.1.73-93 160. (EKAI 10:1) 1. Budapesti Orvostudomanyi Rgyetem Psychiatriai Klinikaja. (PISCHIATRY) (SPEECH) it 0 *0*000,0004004100000-l 1 I lost is OW11,41IMns, 11 11 " 21 n a M b 04, A A WA 16 11 RQ M Al I M J; 'if p I'm v 4 t a 4 t 41 Al ad a ' 00 4 1 . . ' - s -'L'-7'&* 0 1#14#1114 Alt; The detenninstion of cillatme in Insecticides. (..Jov -416 VaStA It and WS4.1 it. Abjr)wr xf,M. 1.1 ' 3, 1 ILS "' wi-Ot 104MY -:7v ~U ~~fl l d i h M - tvl , uxv W t luviA le .- - A - 11i l i; ~ I 5 N i 6 b f -00 - L nv n per. tl c e t it trumv ts., any meta A ml lot addhilt 15 211 cc. water thrmigh the cmdenf tn1w. -0 the mixt. it aMitiol with coniA. If NO.. 4tO uj.lud iul,. %ell$, funnel, the so. phaw I% "1.I. AlM %'i4ml hilb .1 -00 mist. (if pett. ether and anlyl ale., then t%ke 'With 5 4C. -00 waw; The united aq. pixtitmi are treated with Ill rr. 1) 1 * 0 (h. miul eic"4 ASN(h is litrated oith f1.1 A N Ax% ' 0 thincyanale. For a micrometh,ml, 0.111 4wuhf Ise UMA Ill the IRYA110115. Wvhyl Fill.& ft X see zoo zoo too I S L ORTALLA^XAt LITIRATUSE CLAISAPICA11CP C-r- LA too - 11.2; tIt 4-r-T-1 u AV so is a 'A -7-t TK--w -j I a lw a a I f a 0 0 M M K C1 It W Of U ZZ U It , I lI KLO AI ~XA * * go, 0 0 0 * 0 0 o o !o a o 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 * 0 : : : : : : "'A.44 00 4 C. A. --II -7-00 FOOMM Ake POCOM41 omr. preservatlan of chlorolom us*d to tha amormnamm oo of vitammin A. Gfibor Vastagh and UX04* varC4, Afaggr Kim. Lajojo 3,4P."(1948).--To the Go free rom water and tracts of a1c., shook] be added I vol, v,'O 00 tr ether b. 60-70'. No autoxidation could be detected lee r. 3*nwatbs in CHCII so _prewvtd. The adda. of petr. ether did not affect the Caff-Price tr%t. 1. Finkly lee lee .3 zoo so lose zoo A I a I I, ASITALLUACKAL UTISATON CLOSVICATION I I- tio 0 1111oft, 111,14119. x0 o Id,540 .4 I-IMS) -IN a"# cat all Ill all --------- U It AV 00 It' 11-.1 V A 0 I i7 iv pr 0, it It or 4 W It it 9 pt it KW An I I Im 9 a a 2 4 0 0 0 o o 0 0 o o 010 0 0 0 1 * o le 000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 A ~- q i:) I L-1 IMGMY/Analytic Chemistry - General Topics. E-1 Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Khimiya, No 10., 1958, 32134 Author : E. Z811ner) E. Varga Inst : Academy of Sciences of Hungary Title : Influence of Bromide Amunt on Bromatometry. Orig Pub : Acta chim. Acad. sci. hung., 1957., 12, No 1, 1-13- Abstract : The influence of bromide (I) on the results of determi- nation of various organic compounds by the bromatometric method was investigated. It was found that the presence of I (without any regard to the type of the accompanying cation) often considerably influences the reaction (bro- mination, oxidation,, Elubstitution,, or adduction) course especially in the case of compounds containing a S atom, which can be oxidized, and which reduces the results. The degree of the result reduction depends on the type Card 1/2 HUNGARY/Analytic Chemistry - General Topics. E-1 A*ds Jour Ref Zhur - Khimiya, No 10) 1958,, 32134 of the organic compound and on the absolute quantity of t7he present, I, but it always approaches some determined Mlllgni~lvle (for example, Q5*21% in the case of baseterine, 52.90% in the case of methionine at 5-0 g of KBr); a1though an excess of I always produces reduced results independently of the changes in other factors influen- cing the reaction as the temperature, an excess of broma- te, etc. It is necessary strictly to observe the amounts of 1 (0/15 to 0-'?0 g of KBr) recor=ended in directions in order to obtain the best results. Card 2/2 AE, o # 0 *too ***of 0 0 0 1440, in r , 0 I sit& )I potlau, Is 14 V 4 " a I a a I Will It's All; ago 4 6i a 0 o a it *Ix -01, J. I ~_jL 11, I~jj I- ~LAJ it a I- 0 Tho toodhanied of tho 41"014 of As 1"44010u2w OW4 c c a tow na Of .1 ~t) IA("I ystitate4 during dwif Thr isatcrtutdialt in uhraviokt spectruta sintlar to the Ijilt Wht41T UDUILt IhC bA11411ill(Aint 9W mAJ4.4ifir Iwo slid 114 smirlurr vvmld 1w mated -ml 411C b*sk ut t ottwivatun. 'rhe rw"wilkna id iumplifu4stir -As tak" PWC throu'ib a cusno. %A the type. S. S. dc F I** Si 0 too *00 too wo _* 0 101110 jjjjjjjijV#f CLAISOKA1#0a ovairep-4 gait ICU lean toot t a I w 'm 0 0 00 fee 00 00 0 0 0 0 0 4. 00 0 anal il-* 4- a * 0 o * 00 0 0 v 0 0 4 0 00 * : i re 0000 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 41 0 0 0 0 0 0 000 646064060920* 01'_' Mo'!_ 10, - io- IOU ro 00 it a n mussa, am soxiest U61,061:0 A A L 8 A 9 L a I a IL a I- Y_ a. SO 4 C!C!"s _60 00 - '_-OO 00 -00 0 490 C IAgbj absorption and structurs of Sddff bit"s. Avis 1-00 Vaggs.-, Magyar L71im. Foi*faj 43. M-W(IW9111. -Ali- !.00 wxrjoa spvctm betwee Zo-M mpi have been deld. in GO A a soin. at on. sk. by mesim of a ZtWs WWroqrspb. be- 40 00 twe 4004Wmpbyattamo(aqunsprtimultb*$Azne -00 04 Ar app. and abm-400 mA by m-as of at KdQ-11suteas photometer. The values of mol. extinction were caled. -00 the basis of the law of Beer-LAmbert. The mults moo 0 n 00 j Provo that asamewnes alone have no specift Wlective light absurption. In cast of the Schiff basla the altliminc- zoo augnung Cautauttry Is present at any little when a quirsold 000 transformation of the maj. takes place. Thus a new band =at 440 ms. In can of 3-hydrazybentalamines coo buldcouldnotbecibstrved. Thttrav-%'xmistion coo RCH:NCHjtl ;:: RC)IoN:CHR' did not take place CvC12 in the am wilen this unnalocatim vmld form a con- OO,r Lted "am (a. X.. quinisalmine stnicturv). The 00" 00 =.istk b.W of 2. W 4-hydsybetizalami. sevuss to be due neither to a "If bridge" am to a bittern V chisia. It possibly may result from the formation of a moo kro, I quizoid ring stnicture. The poulbility of a helem ring rw $91=9 Improbable. S. S. de Flakly 20* as* i A 1 4. 1 L A .1 TALLVOGiCAL LITERAILA119 CLASPIRICATION :000 -800 0.1 V;4111 dot Go- A 11 1fXK;1 ~114 5 ad a I N IN a a It I T v P v It Is a K 41 11 9 nun 0 0 0 0 0 10 0 4 0 Al 0 0 0004000000000* *4)O*Ooisoooo,ooooogooo0*0*00:::::ilo*0040%*00*0*090400000 0 * 0 7 4_4 11 11 4 0 Is it 0 19 r. a I it it F _,a IL I - FL, I _1111. cc 0 U P#&'ClvflS No PRIPIRY'll 'Part V 00 A The sued of nonalactrolytelt on 00 4194"Is ;Otemisim and on the admarptlea 41 metals. T~ r I ldx and IL VatpL ( mi pisikai- T. Ritulal 6% RadialinjW Int#wl, Buda I. Hong.). Hear. ti of 1947 Il l A N 2 W27 ~ w en a s o. Alria C im. 1. ( , aml dropping, anialtania of IN, Pb. * I T11 and Zn 11 = d. In %mn*. d varkmas Loominl4 ate., benityl sk.. e- d id i "I d i . vi c ac . an n c toluklinc, 0 -,rtvwg, I. rrrwg. butyr To tuakfe (he soins. eloc. cooductan. Nilw%Oi *1111 Added am buthmialm. and lipp. Were CSMUIIY frml of 0. When j the armipm cown. wm abow 10-$-10-1 x.-atow per 1., i volts: the electrode potentials are nVenducillIc to mill 0 Alley am changed by the prescom of nonelectrolyles. .3 71w potentials aretietcl. partly by the ads,%julon td km- I wid neutral dipole mool,. on the liquid side of the boundary partly by adsmptim of "letal helmen metal and sotat i 1 .. ions an the arnalgain Ade of the double layer. The po- tential ofamalgam ckvtrodom varies accordinc to E AN a - ml, where a and b are comis.. WA lam) is Coven. 1 1 11, 014 d 0 b d b . etween an mngt 61 ws... C.1t. ( 4 , " ,V Aldy itfi.-W by 11. vak. of the 1111111141. OA)60" It comm. 4 b..w larger mistwol, ammam to the awmm if A 011ILLU CKA L MOW CLA114KATICk A)" 1U.8111. #nags -A 1 ON. '141 It 100 44441 94A,4 A- -AND *0 Vs NOS Ago of 'of _e6 100 See see 300 ass, I** goo, see to 41 to 41 The quantity of a4worbcd Is muslily Propcolocial to ammalgain. The adsorbed nwtal lons fam the po%itive part of the doubti: I& mated within the antalpf". Tht neffut1w riart (V47". o( diflusely dioributed riertroov. 11) rek"W". I,tvhu FInAly "WIA. -I-, &Ian 3.. &S I a I V go 9 All Nil 3011 300 A-A -A -A I I Ifi~? I A A A d r A 11 0 it U, IS w 11 4 It IS it a III INIOU" 043 "ago a r WIM I A& tr on 004 *No MWIM91 MCI- -00 IWO fryZI-Nin 041 00 OrsuIVIIIJ141me esperimentit made wilh calrju,j, 490 J1 A1144111114C N144 III A 411111114 W(IIACC, JsN_U~~ .00 00 if !U". 011 so S 00 A 004 064 004 00u OOX StULL41ICKLIL LIUMATIO119 CLAtSWICATOW b u 5 AT i r q I F a a I a a 0 IS o 0 0 0 0 0 ; 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 *00000100000000000000*01 1011.11 lite :,L1111,11-wil Iffe- Ilw .. .... 11w %t," 11 %%.., .11 I"u-I I'l, 1,,rv " fivil .0 pq 10 Ill "I Ito t-I'j ".0 It, 1`4 Iq M114-IJI11111 alumill'unt Altril -,% am I'V1111will, 411,1111-1 6'.11 1.1 411 It v 1" 1- 1 and timirr [fir -, 1810.1111. it- 1 ";11.0 It .-! . -wl 11, Ir 1A A S 4 OW 0 m IF I IT lK I a UO a 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * a 000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 oeo**00*0**000S*00*00* =00 400 000 7 goo goo A 2 SOO SOO see It** UOO coo too LIBOR, Oszkar; VARGA, Eva Binding ar' de3orpt.Ion of biologically active microelem6nts on glauconite. Agrokem talajtan 12 no.41621-630 D 163. 1. Department of Chemical Technology, Lorand Eotvo3 University, Bud-pest. FODOR, Gabor, akademikus; BEKE, Denesne.; BITE, Pal, kandidatus; DOW, Pal; FARYUS, Lorant, kandidatus; F. VARGA -va- 1MYE-11T, Karolyo kandidatUs; 'CTVOI&. -~!~ .*-Lmzlo, kandidatus; S I )~,- kandidatus; URESCH, Ferenc An account of the Prague Symposium on flatural Organic Compounds. Kem tud kozl MTA 19 no.1:95-103 163. 1. Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia Sztereokemiai Kutato Csoportja, Budapest (for Fodor,, Bake, Lempert, Otvos, Uresch). 2. Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia Kemiai Tudomanyok Oaztalya (for Bite,, Dobo, Farkas, F. Varga, Szantay). 3. "A l4agyar Tudomanyos Akadomia Kemiai Tudormnyok Osztalyandk Kozlemenyeill szerkeszto bizottsagi tagja (for Fodor). p\g 71 k.=ffii (tismace with Cal No= c:ar.~"14 ci oul.W. ( hVil)).-The AAg of cupoIA furnavvi mut-kin-, SRI- III AY), 10- 01. CuO 2.'Y-M. FeA 3-6. NNO, 1 3. Mito 11-:1 ;&fill S 0.1-0.2%. Tito war of iuefm~inx the Al cliff- -G 'A)% of the lisusfouc was rvplac,il by Ca Aumumt,, 'I..K -uig. Sit), 111A.I. AIA Z'1-78. CIO W. 14). FO 1, 2. U'. M110, 1.75. Mit) 11.62. TiOsi L-W. ind h ff.(05%. fit (2, L',% of the lisninitune requirenicot %;L4 rcpLictil by ra" I.uxite ore conig. SiOm 12.52. AM), 12.:,)1. Fe 11 ~I, I':17. Miffs, I i-'i. Mito 4.w, 'rio, miu_ ma .1 OJKLI". lll~ 'hK m1mg It ith I S 1.1 Its. I:,. F..r j, hill. .4 Wit %ife I silts I..,, o,-,t - 1, Ii - Ile'l ti'mg C...1111111m.iff. '111C If Kill % it,- in's fill, "IfIA III fit.- '1'4K I.-itilt 111,1k; 31.11? It 11. It, Al, I fell I Ill- %-%fit%. dvilwilml.4 I all Ific I.-INIlty A III MlIful"I"Ac It, .1 1111-6 fur".- ktti.l Filia1v IT A d A-sid - as 0 ahisliffic" U 6.A~~VvV cia T2. AW.J. f 1. 109W)Cii lingliib).-A m,=Um met.illurgical study was made of the poselige use in gray iron foundries of a liauxile * Ism" Produced In it piw-ptaut lAut furnaft fmm imolp, and aM. It ta !ndictled that it will be is valuabk ban materfAl for gray iron and malleable iron castings if large-"e production of a uniforni-quality pig iron car= about. Also in &xydj.. Kolvii.-. Lapak. 82. 4" 194 0). A.J. Abbott I .. . MV IA 1 10 76. Iteputt an ezperlnwnts for pnilituiring auda- liar graphite Iraxt true - Bes--fillfuld a 951116. 0111611vils riddl/11(isdra frourlikou; kixf;lole- trA-rdl --- by F. Viterga. (Foundry -- Oide5dr Vol. 11, No. 5, Silly IWPI. 48 7 latea-0 Uter it brief frils," of file Sol jkmllj~-ls graphile raal trust. life sludy deals III delail with I.I.-I IWIlor"Ird III Iltatillarv tattersall.. havi- I.- 1410.1e. Willi %mrimll key allasys 1.1 i1almdurr it... magil, uml, all.. Its.. twill, still on else Ill." ..( uIrm. 1. at, a Ir %, I:,# SJU key allo) teemb hateful larsi %tailed hor lint putpos- mm-e M& ("floor. proteal to, I.- Ill.. 111-1 1.-# it.. pnoallft'llost .4 i(nmidaile golf Mimi, fill, WhAl I -I liar coallpt'.111"Is Of 1110 rhorger Ull liar ["flunflum Of g- 1`11110 was WOU Invealligaled. III* I'Jullt bliuwcj that fie. cumposilion sit lite chirga tams ow particular bearins else lite furstiAlwat of fermillisle 'Ifircr wris% of cialwisno-4le %Irl- JIIJdr. all,- I,# Which It IlVall Still of 1,11fith sellsild table% Oil I'm Of "or r:8-1rx' ""' "-a 11$" "Ali"'--' producL Tho precuisdilion file liar luestiAlicon of graphile is smt.ible Isails ii-ml-crowre Alto fit,- tiviiiii. tie "I liar 141114 %fill a .1111141.111 141.61.101~ ,I Al.q I- Fol"lle'.1 file d A 1l.,& I .-I vil At lovy lite. M, 11 a% lite role 4.1 319 tie lite formostwis of it ... graphil.. An *evaluate 6 rriOrm) Alit flat- sm-eltAimal pitIt-rhes of it-lislar Ilrolibilt- vital Itiosi Nistis-oa.- lih,oh, mil-romr,11-11. ol Ill. at. p(-10.4 I - - . ~ 11 . - . . ., . I I . m B. T. R. vol. 3 NO. 4 Apr. 1954 Metale-Foundrr Practice 5290* The. Basic Cupola. (11ting;,riat,) Ft-tvile Valga, Ont5de, v. 4, no. 10, Oct. 1953, p. 205-2H Describes different niethods of development of basic fincti cupul;i. Opermian jad roots ~jrq discussed, Tablej, grapla, dIaRrajus, 20 ref. VARGA.. Ferenc Work paln of the Division of Founding for the first half of 1954. Koh lap 9 no. 2: Supplement: Ontode 5 no. 2: 48 F f54. Conference on malleable cast iron arranged by the Moaomagyar- oTar Factory of Agricultural Machines. Ibid.; 48. 1. "Kohaazati lapok" szerkwto bizotttiagi tagja. VARGAP Feranc Section life. Koh lap 9 no. 5: Supplement: Ontode 5 no. 5: 113 MY 154. 1. "Kohaezati Lapok" azerkeszto bizotteagi tagja, ,VARGA,-,,Feranc; JAPOSSY, Kazmer Acid resistance and alkali revistance investigation of modified iron. Koh lap 9 no. 12: Supplement: Ontode 5 no. 12:275-280 D '54. 1. "KohaS2ati lapok" sze3!0,ceazto bizottsagi tagja (for Varip). VARGA, Ferenc; KOROS, Bela; CIIAPO, Elek; JANOSSY, Kazmer; SIMA, Rezso - I Manufacturing conditions and properties of modified cast' iron. Pt. 2, Koh lap 9 no. 9: Suppleaut: Ontode 5 no. 9: 193-208 8 154, rM Wear rtsillance 16$1S on madifird CM21 troll cand"Cle, In tabormit2ty and In railway scrocc - _ 17 -Ylir L.". 11 (t I C. (KAJil 114 LarvA, ow ',is - -ttl. 6. 1455. -06, No. 4. pil. 85-01, 10 figs., 2 tabi.) I,fll~oriltvry anti -'etvict: tests lllvr ixell Colikink,jetj oil brake Slims "llade of 3110thikel Cast iron. Uoth have luoved that ~,41101%4 ut Cast Iron 111CAHIC(I witil CaN are iir wore rcsNtolit to wear than thrj~e of plain cast Irun having tile itienticat ('QYI'CC of lardtws~c 611mg 0( Cast Iron niMiRcd with PtSI Itowever ilki not Asmy a maikul Aprovellivilt. Tiliq call be t~xjlbhwd by tile fart thut tile arralweniclit of tile graphite lind tile Structure (if mit troll nuxIffied with cli-lif are Illove satkfactoly tiltill Owe of ca'st irou tuci(Iffietl %AILIt FeSI, VARGA, F. The industrial fair at Leipzig, spring 1955. p. 97. Vbl 6. no. 5. May 1955. KOHASZATI LAPOK. Section on ONTODE. Budapest, Hungar7. So: Eastern European Accession. Vol 5, no. 4. April 1956 F. Situation and tuasks -;n our p . . louna-rie--. :,-. -5 . UJITOK L;,,PJA, BICapest, Vol. 7, no. 3, ~Ieb. 1955. 1 SO: Mlonthly List Of E-'Ist Europ an Accessions, (FEAL), LC, Vol* 4, no, 10, ~ct- 1955, c J~ k, Uncl. llc.~t. tas'e's in our fo-mdri.,3. P. 4 T ti:kloz.,%r:.-Ir 0,usvil-i- -s Bvdapest i S, 13, J111Y 1955 SO- i.!onthl,,r list of -bast ".uropean Accessions, Vol Ll~ :lo. 11 llov. 19" Unhl. Investigation from the viewpoint of wear resistance of inoculated gray iron in the laboratory and in railroad operation. p. 85. KCHASZATI JklK, (MaCyar Dmias-,ati es Kohaszati Egyemilct) Budapest. Vol. 10., No. 4, Jan. 1955 SOURCE: East European Accessions List (EF-AL) Library of Congress Vol, 5, 11o. 6, June 1956 4i i_;_W~A_ RZ T- 1, '41 w,2n, ~ , '". Effect of a hot blast on reactions occurrinr; in a cupola furnace; a revi-,r of an article. p. 235 (Kohaszati Iapok ?,ur-Japest Vol. ll, no. 10, Oct. 1956 On"ode Vol, '7 no. 10) 1;0: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EEAL) LC., Vol. 6, no. 7, July 1957. Uncl. mg VARCT A~ F.), IIAT,~-%,,,~!) L.; !"~. Production experiences with basic cupola furnaces. P. 204. (etnon.) (BUMPEST, HULGARY) Vol. 8, No. 9/10, Oct. 1957 SO: Monthly Index of East European Accession (E-:-,AI) LC. Vol. ?, No. 5, 1958 Tyiport;;nce of '1347 ".!aric -lined, hot-" la!Ft (K0;!AS7A'i"'r UR)r. "o1. 12, no. 112 jn/ 1 7. jjr!,jj)e~t,, SO- Eonthly List of East T,' ropean Accr~ssions ('-T,,IL) U'.. "!o1. 6, no. 12, r--c. 1.917. Uncl. ---VARGA., Yerene "Founding practice in the electrofoundry for steel and grey castings" by Kerpely, Muller. Reviewed by Ferenc Varga. Koh lap 12 no. 7:Supplement: Ontode 8 no. 7/8 190, J1-Ag '57. VARGA, Ferenc "The Jungbluth diagram and th,e etarige of fil--ars lm CD24- blast cupola furnaces" by 'd. Patterson. Revieved by Ferenc Varga. Koh lap 12 no. 4/5 Supplement:-Ontode 8 no. .4/5 117-120 Ap4ly 197. VARGA , Ferenci KAIWN, Lajos; SIMA, Rezso Experiences in the operation of basic cupola furrAces. Koh lap 12 no. 10: Supplementi Ontode 8 no. 9/10:204-207 S-0 157. 1. Vasipari Kutato Intezet es a Csepel Vas-ras Ace lontodek. 2. "Kohaszati Lapok" szerkeszto bizottsagi tagia (for Kalm=). Distri 4E2c .,Th6 operation &ad m-Wurgical prouss of bilde lined-, M Nith cold hint. F V M. . Przeg4d yar 284-91 WIM -dl tic b 1968 d th h t 3 V . e c arac er ).- m .7 m=e . ( feature of cupola construction development during the Last l f f i as o on o cupo 100 years. Further the expts. on operat 1arly tile effect of various capad -,r were des gribed. part" and metal-' lft the a lication of basic llnin roduction cast , pp g p l processes. 1-lic ipt3, rrvealedp that with the in- ;Ju ! cr in cupola diam., the 31weific wear of lining, expressed Z ~ -in mm./ton, diminished. The comparison between the ~various kinds of ifting, Including magnesite, dolomite. A -dolowitainairuesite, corundum. and acid lining, showed that the dolumitomagnesite lining had a high wear resist- fame. Tile higher co6t of a- basic lining was compensated by gain In metal quality. The effeet of flux quantity an the ' -I Th Is i d h o nvest . e em. compa. at cast imi wits a c gate optimunt flux addn. Was O%p, higher quamities were likely respwiible for some operational troubles. The statistical- data of 413 acid and 42 basic melts from a cupola fm 111m. in" ' diam.,as wella-sof 105 acid and 98 basic nieltafrom acupola 1300 ram. in diam. were analyzed. In basic-lined cuIxAas lower S contents could be obtained with higher degree of prolmi hility, than in acid-lined furnace. The curves shgjw-* Ing the relation between basicity of Aag and the, extent of '# 7 desulfuriution werr outlititil. In basle-flued cupolas with Increase Ir. diant. 4'higher degree of desulfurization und a- loipt stag basicity could be ob(.tined.- W. Tomass;C&xJ6. Rfn o", I IvAd= 11Y the amL Of 42940rWIP1 in and Ma;~tm in c cWtent, tj we in p pickup was obW. ved. ~,, lp 4 4 # 14 46 add and 42 alk. and 14 0,48M mai.-Cu 2. &Z-98 Wk. batdas W-6 Obsmtd-' Q'MPU' Inotswas detd. by analysh and wu 4136 C"- - 7%6 r"Wti' bOUW and evahated. 'Relatim Wwc= t a 49-i Ives t4t 41 i0d smt-.~ I and Ingot cmvn.~ In t. quautyo C, p UPOTL tim were ZfI A) Distril hVc J~ 2"... F q VARGA, F. 14AJTO, N. Alloyed cAst-iron products produced without the use of i#ortfd alloyirgs. p, 42, XCEASUTI IAFOK. (Yagyar Banyaszati es Kohaszbti Egyesulet) Budapest, Lungary Ontode. Vol. 10, no. ~/3. Yonthly list of E,,,st Ejz-orepn Accessiens (MAI), LC, Vol. 8, No. 8, August 1959 uncla. The cu. 01,1 ts 200. iry. o! . 1~1, r0. '7i. o-s (LZAt lj~, .,0l. no. -1, Jan. 19f (i .onthly List of -!,uro..,:on ~cce-~s Uncl. g~, VARGA, F. Operations and metallurgic processes in cold-blast cupola furiinces. p.235 KOHASUZATI KAPOK. (Magyar Banyanati es KoMaznti Egyesult) Budapest, Hungary Vol. 13, no.10/11, Oct.lNov. 195A IvIonthly List of East European Accessions (EEAT) LC., Vol. 8, no.7, July 1959 Uncl. VARGA j F. Foimdry Days, - April 6-7, 1959. P. 137. KOHASZATI IAPOK. (Maf7ar Banyaszati es Kohaszati Etn,,esnlet) Budapest, H-Inrary Ontode. Vol. 10, no. 6. 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