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Yg4QJlENKO,- X.I.; SUMTSOV, V.F. Magnetic properties of magnesium cast Iron. l,it.proizv. no.7-.28-31 ii 164. (MIRA 1814) AUTHI:Y?,: Prjsto-vtsev I., T. (Z rig nhchf,'TikC, I(, T. V. A.; (Engineer) I'L., t VI) C)"; TULL: High sLct--'- ror heat --;I,~ar.1, cisi i-?Es SOIRICE: Liteynoye proizvodstvo, no. 2, 1965, 9-10 TOPIC TAGS: steel casting, heat resistant casting, heat resistant. steel, j chromium steel steel macharAcal property, steel wc1dabilitN, casting 91~rr-'pra/ M121L sub cc steel Kh24Nl2SL steel, Kl-,l8Vl9TL steel ABSTRACT: The authors describe Lbe positive effect. of addif I-ne (in kinspecified proportions) of high-carbon scrap steel, low-carbor'14rap f,2rrochramft,-- ferro- ge rile i 0'-I i;d L Card 1/2 "111 Rtl' ACCESSION NR: AP5006973 (weight loss of 0.14-7.58 g/m%hr. in art internitterit treatment at: 1000C for 100 brs.), elongation (0.10.87) and tonsiln (26.3-1.9 ~trenvl,, weldirig properties, impact toughuness (0.2-'j.4 attki iuachinip-- b,,hq0nr. The economic advantages of thi:, indwzt,-il! t ti- steei~' arc svark! AN ukrSSR f'Weldino instiLuL,-, ilk.N c E r'-z i-'1' ~r- of the we r tc wn3 s carrie,i ouL In thE! Bazu,-.,ay;~ ~~-,'Itekhntcheg- kogo iii-sciruta (Bast, Ca,9tiaz 1'1'f-~ F, I.-h- "Lenint --;3 -kaya kuzniLsa" zavo(i Irik. art. hap 2 tables,. ASSOCIA.TION.- r)o-ne SUMMED: 00 NO FLEF SOY W3 Card EVC1, I CQ SUB CODE 'fwf V ~.Fli'HFNKC) K. ! . 0 -4o Ik tar tekhn nauk. pref'. ; I,, .,,:.,3 !~ , ., -: -,, ~7 ", -,'~ ? ~ 1" ' - - - Sl KAE~A i . .-I , - I rallk I J* -.1.) TOLOK, ~-,.T., 4nzh. Flements of Lhe design of su-spensicn-t-)Te ele.:'-rc ; , iron qepqrators. El.ektrotekhnika 16 no.12-'j-~C F, t ~"i. I ~ ;- - ~ --, ; 'I J, I'. - `0- 2 6 0 24 8OURCE CODE: -UA-/Ol~18166/ooo/001100431004C.I AUTHOR: Vashchenko,.,K. i. (Doctor of technical sciences); Zhizhchenko,,_V. (Candidate of toctinleat sciences); Firstov, A, N. (Candidate of technical sciences); Kostenko, Go D (Engineer) ORG-. none TITIEt Intensity of iron saturation in calorizing alloys and methods for refining then SOURM Toldmologiya i organizatsiya proizvodstva, no* 1, 1966, 43-46 TOPIC TAGS: alurdnw containing alloy, metallurgic process, metal purification, binary alloy, temperature test, metal relting, internotallic compound, iron cont alloy, metallurgy 'j I/ f . ABSTRACT: The au4ors point, out t t the extent to which aluminum alloys are saturated by iron Nduring calorizing'bas not been studied up to the present time and little off-bit has be made to develop methods for purifying these alloys. The problem of refining is important not only from the standpoint of produolng binary alloy castings but also for purification of cast alloys in which iron Is a harmful Impurity. Iron saturation was studied for pure aluminum and for aluminum olloyB with 7.15 and 28% zinc, as well an in a sine alloy with 0.2% aluminum since these Card -1 /1L TTW. 0421 L 341bb-b6 ACC NRt MU26024 alloys are recommonded*for use in calorizing. Zinc alloy specimens with 0.2f aluminum wore calorized at 535~-54fC. aluminum alloys at 680-690 and 720-730 C and pure aluminum at 680-690, 720-730 and 780-7900C. Each specimen vat hold in the calorizing alloy for five minutes. After every five specimens had been calorized, metal samples weighing 8-10 g were removeod from the vat for deter- 1_6 ,.1ning J~ron concentration, It was found that the specific rate of dissolution and the intensitj of iron saturation are increased by raising the ia_I~Rz_Fj~g`- temperature. This is due to an :Increase in the activity of the malts with respect to iron (the degree of heating and the saturation limit of the iron malt. Ancrease.) -The specific .rate for IdissolYing of caat iron in an aluminum alloy Zn ,,shows the same relationship to iron concentration as for pure aluminum. An increase in temperature from 680-690 to 720-7300C has no effect on specific rate of diissolving. Specific rate of dissolving in increased by raising the zinc content in the malt and at a concentration of 28% the rate is the same as for pure aluminum. However, the relationship between specific rate of dissolving and iron concentration in the calorizing alloy is stronger and differs somewhat from that for pure aluminum* An'th ocific rate of s'solving is observed at iron con. .,A sharp reduction e 8P di .contrations below 1.0-1-Wb as a function of the calorizing temperature. Beyond this point, there is some increase in the dissolving rate after which it remains ;practically constant. This type of behavior in the specific rato of dissolving as a function of iron concentration is duo to the extreme iron deficiency Card 2/4 ACC NR: AP6026024 (0.012-0.018%) in the outecti; of the Zn-Fe system and the.formation of inter- metallic compounds at rather low iron concentrations. The fomition of Fo-Zn and Fe-Al intormetalli- -6mpounds (ap 0 C ', possibly more complex systems) stabilAzoB the rate of dissolving. A zinolilloy with 0.2% alumUum yields satisfactory results in calorizing cast iron and stool. Iron saturation of this alloy is much lower than for-aluminum or aluminum-zino alloys@ The specific rate of dissolution for iron in this alloy in also very low and inareasen somewhat with an increase in iron concentration in the alloy. Low iron saturation intensity in a Zn+0.2%Al alloy is due to the low oalorising temperature. Thus, the bath is quite highly saturated with iron during calorizing of stool in aluminum and aluminum alloys. Two refining methods were testeds settling and filtering. Both methods are based on a reduction In the solubility of iron in aluminum and its alloys when the temperature is reduced. During settling, excess iron which is separated out in the form of aluninides or zincates is precipitated to the bottom of the 'Tat due to its higher specific gravity. In the case of filtering, these iron compounds are retained by the filter for the same reason. Pure aluminum and aluminupi6-zino alloy with 28% zinc with various initial iron concentrations were refined. The settling and filtering processes were carried out at a temperature 10-'50C above the solidus temperaturee The ettling Ujo was four hours. Fusion of the refined alloys with sin* (up Z 72% Zn) was used for reftoing, ~be ACC NR: AF6026024 solidus temperature. It was found that filtering is an extr"ely effective refining process and Is simpler and less expensive than the mottling method. This method is particularly rooonanded, for refining aluminum alloys oontaining .zinc (A1+3..28% Zn and so-voral, oast "yaq e.g., AL111$ AL114, AL115V, etoo)v -$loco the addition of up to 72% zinc to these "ye extremely high pqif~qstion from iron. orig. art. has: 2 figuxes and 1 tsbl~. 'LJ_PRS1_ 35,4-.Ji' SUB CODE: 3.1 / SM DATE: none Card VASHCHE.NKO,_4J., doktor tekhn.nauk; FIRSTOV, A.N., kand.tekhn.nauk; ZHIZHCHENKO, V.V.p kand.tekhn.nauk; DUPLYAK, V.D., inzh.; AVDOKUSHIN, V.P.J. inzh.; KOSTEIIKO, G.D., inzh.; GOLOVANI, N.A., inzh. Die-casting of bimetallic motorcycle cylinders. Mashinostroenie no,4%65-68 Ji-Ag 165,, (1,9RA 18:9) Ro.- r.o',ITSFv I Yl I Tf! V.A F H nF. maik, AVVINSFIT, kl;nrl, ro-kiln, nAll!k, VLE-EIIIIIA15 P.A corf., m--xtares oreppred by, the Bandbla~et rethod. Ma8hlrosstroerifss " L 18;6'~ no., ~20-2~ My - fa 6 5 . VASHCHENKO., K.I.0 doktor tekhn.nauk; SIRITSOV , V.F.-q inzh-; MIKARENKO, S.F. ChOice of the optimum dimensir *.~inzhf ,n,s of the magnetic circuit of an electrc~- magnetic PullOY. Elektrotekhnika 34 no*12:32-35 D 163. (MIRA 17:1) VASffCHEIIKO, L,, starshiy nauchn7y sotrudnik Jerusalem artichoke in Sakhalin. Nauka i pared.op.v sellkboz. 9 n0-8:25-26 Ag 159. (MIRA 12:12) 1. Sakhalinalmys, komplekana7a eel lakokhozyaystvennaya opytnayLL stantsiya. (Bakhalin-Jerusalem artichoke) TYUTYUNNIKOV, Yu.B., VERSHINTNIA, S.V.,- VAIMICHENKO, L.A~; SHIEPELI . A.V~ Selecting oils for charges in order to increase benzene and gas output. Koko i khim. no.16:43--/+5 161. (MIRL 15:2) 1. Ukrainekiy uglekh-imichoskiy institut. (Benzene) (Gases) 6/276/63 00/002/040/052 A052/AWO AUTHORz Vashchenko, L.P. TITLE: Vertical broaching machine for external broaching PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnall Tekhnologiya mashinostroyoniya, no. 2, 1963t 182, abstract 2B1010 (Prom-st' Belorussii, no., 13(51) 55, 1962 TEXT: The 7740 type machine of the Minsk plant im. Kirova is de- signed for processing outside surfaces of parts of various geometric con- figurations. The tractive force is 409000 kg. The slide bar stroke is 19600mm. The working stroke speed is 1-5 n/mkn, _the, -return - stroke- speed-- is 10 m/min.___T-he-_maia---drive- ppver -is~-40kw the -pump -6 ff icienoy i a 400 m/min -The're--is - 1 - 1 igure. Abstraoter's note: Complete translation.) Card 1/1 VASHCHIKO, M.A.; YATILI, T.F.; ~ITOVCHZHKO, S.V. Disorders of the nervous system in influenza C. Trsohddelo no.4% 3 73 -3 76 Ap '5 7. (KI" 10: 7) 1. Vtoroye klinicheeko7e otdolentye (zav. - profs N.I.Morozkin), epidemiologicheekly otdol (zav. - kand.ued.nauk V-P-Iorouahenko) Institute Waktsionnykh bolezney AKN SSSR i kafedra nervnykh bolezuey (zav,' - deyety, chlen AMR BSSR, prof. B.N.Kan I kovs kilt) Kiyovskogo madiislinakogo inatituta. (HIRVOUS gSTXM--DISIAUS) (INFUMIZA) I VASHCELARIO, N.A. 1~_';'-w-*'_V-Y . -?I* "ft"~O ~'. '20 'PW OW Modifications of the nervous system in influenza [with summary in Freachl. Zhur.nevr. i Paikh. 57 no.3:337-340 137. (KIRA 10:6) 1. Is Il klinichookogo (gripposnogo) otdeleniya (sav. - prof. R.I. Noroskin) Institute Infektolonafth bolesney Jhwdexii neattoinakikh neuk SSSR, Klyev. (INFLUMA, complications. nervous eye#--:; 14. (Rite)) (NBRVWS STST.'Am. diseases, ennead by Inflnews (Ins)) ,. 1, 1 ; "; ! I o'. 7,C) t t -bor r ,,/ 0 uv '-c-d TMA VASHCHESKO, H.A* Differential diagnosis of influenza and poliomvelitia [with summw7 in Yrenchle Zhurenevr. I, paikh, 85 no-11:1363-1367 N58(KMA 12:30 Is Institat infektatovAnykh bolerney AMR SSSR, KVev. (ISMUZA. differential diagnosis polio. (Rue)) (POLIOMY7,LITIS. differential dimmosis influenza (Rua)) VASHCHENKO, M.A.; LITOVCHENKOp S.V.; YATELI, T.P. Neurological syndromes in influenza during the 1959 epidemic. Vrach. delo no.8:55-59 Ag 160. WPA 13-29) 1. Institut infektsionnykh bolezney M24 SSSR i klinika nervnykh bolezney (zav. kafedroy - deystvitellnyj chlen AIOI SSSR, prof. B.N. ~tanlkovskiy) Kiyevskogo meditainakogo inatituta. 'IfiFLUENZA) (NERVOUS SYSTD4-DISMES) VASHCHENKO,.M.A.; GOLUB, N.F. Neuritis of the facial nerve caused by Coxsackie vixnis. Zhur. nevr. i psikh. 60 no.1-1:1416-1422 J60. (MIRA 14--5) 1. Institut infektsionnykh bolezney AMN SSSR, Kiyev. (CaXSACM` VIRUSES) (WMES, FACIAL-DISEASES) YASHGHENKO,, M.A.t (Kim) Dis6gAostic sigaifi=ce of piezography in Poliomyelitis. Vrach. delo no.2:92-95 F 161. (KM 1423) 1. Insti* infektsionnykh bolemney #M SSSR. ' (POLIM=TIS) (BLEGTROMYOGRAPHY) VASHCHENKO, M.A.; SIRCHIN, A.M. I- Method of registering electroexcitability of the muscles using a piezoarystal. Zhur. nevr. i psikh. 62 no.2:291-292 162. (MIRA 15:6) 1. Institut, infektsionnykh bolezney AMN SSSR, Kiyev. (ELECTRCMYOGRAPHY) (PIEZOEIECTRIC SUBSTANCES) -VASHCMIKO, M.A. (Kiyev) Piezmyggraphy in peripheral hiistionic paralysis Vrach. MIFU l6tU) delo noollt97-10JD N163 1. Institut infektsionnykh bolezney Kinisterstva zdravookhra- neni.ya UkrSSR. VASHCHENKO, M.A.; ZHARNITooKly, I.I.; BRAYER, Ye.M. Temporal piezotonooscillography. Zhur. nevr. i paikh. 65 no.5:657-661 165. (MIRA 1815) 1, Institut infektsionnykh bolezney Ministerstva zdravookhraneniya UkrSSR., Kiyev. m VASHCHENKOP M.A, (YO-Yev) Neurological syndromes in influenza during an intraepidem�c Feric~d (1960). Sbor.nauch.trud. ThstOnfek.bols nos4:164-167 164. (MIRA l8s6) SINITSINA, F.F., kandidat telchnichookikh nauk; VASHCHENIO. HX*,-,.(Ki.Vev) Treatment with condensed sun rays by means of Bukbman's reflector. Vrach.delo UO-8:795-797 Ag '57. ()(T.RA 10:8) 1. Klinicheekays bollnitse Stalinakogo rayona (RIWIRCTORS) (SUN BATHS) Grepaitskiy, P. V. and - Ll Sho i _Y-a. - "Tito t-.Ceutr.-,e-,it of c(~. cf a .uberr--ul.dr :nE~;e jo~-:-,t w* t` Vasi appar- tus Tr-:', r-, U,,)r-. Yevpqtor. Wrorta, lcj~~. VII, , 1918~ :,. 1'l-4), 7 SO: U-4355, 14 Am,-ust 53, (Letopi.s 'Zhurnal tigich Statey, No. 15, 13,49.) -VASHCHENK0, M-. YA. Medicine Orthopedic cast methoas in osseoartictilar tuborclilosis; lzd. 2. V.,)S.'-Va, Pedgim, 1952 Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, October 1952. Unclassified. 1-1~ 11,G,:-1-- - - V.-IIJI-I I-.. ja. .ashchenko, 111. Ya. -,"The e;,I~erience gaired in utiliziri-r sawdust in 4 - , . . gelatinous orthopedic apyAra,,-.uses," Trudy C-L.Iledin, nauc:.. sv;ata ,:Ii I--I--.,,,,F-t"r,.-. zurorta, '.'ol. *.'11, 1948, p. 145-46 j I S0-7;- U-4355, 11+ August 53, (Letopis 'Zhurnal. Irgkh Statey, No. 15, 1949.) "k ACCESSION ITR; ATS006716 AIN Bsiz~' Yleritorious scientiat of science and tecknolqu P=j , f naci,_oAZIF E. F., tv,-iako~_A- G.;-Vashqbenk~_A TITLE: Mechania-m-of growth ot N.-~Cl vrisK~e-s SOURCE: AN BSSR. Fiziko- takhnicheskiy institut. Plastichnost' i oDrabotka a-- en i_y_e_m__ (Plasti-Aty-and -metalworking y press, re) insk, Izd-vo metallov d v1 --b u Nauka i tekhaika, 1964, 2S7 -260 TOPIC TAGS: fil=entary crzil~&l whisker growtti, aodt= ::h"oride whisker, whisker strensth Fllam-~:nt~arv crystals. or whiskers, of HaCl were grcwn by two methods: L in a GaLurated solution of NaC~' viUi !Vvinyl a'cohal and through chi fizsc meth-oj 114. ac0t-~): V :~art'"Cn. Tn 7 7; the. ~)O ILng fioluZ ion, s 1~ Card 1/3 L 39978-65 ACCESSION M' AT5006716 experiments showed that even a negligible temperature fluctual:ion (from 10 to 27C) led zo a chang,~ I.-I the grouth race w!7~s,eri. With slc-i evaporation che growth rate reached i cm pir was sQ.;Pre w--'-, 5-ides f:-Om secclla w* severa "n e S jlzal'~ 01, Z 3 e '?59 '3 In subsequent perzi Js r ew ;t ke r 0 ~ ~'_)M I V'! 1,5 'he poro,,~. par. 5 "of Oa, alon& to evaporation f I d" formed chat wera co=ensuza-e NaG1 crystal that was for-.icd filled the diaze'_er of the out by hydrodynumic 'forceii; 2le UnSdL.r-3-~-e." S,:-,~ition was acain sup~'rsacuraced, the RaCl was deposited on the root of the already formed cryscai, ~,n,; L~-.e phase was again puahed ouc. This grorwth continued until the weight of the cryfiLal reached a certain magnjtu~Je above which the whisker could not adhere to the root in the capillary and droppeC _-Z 1:s ---n ne Length of tht! whiskers thua ~_Ccrd__ --2/3- ACCESSION NR; AX5006716 1 5 -9- v a r,,'--d f ram 5100 Mech an -'r-a I an the cross section vi Deg, tic li-mit of about 1,4% and tensile strangth of about 63 kg/=4, which is abouc 1000 iii-,es grE~.iter than fo.- the crystals. Orig. art. has: 3 figures and I lormula. ASSOCIATION: None SUBMIl'TED: I 6ha y-S4 NO REF SOV: 003 ENCL: 00 6VB CODE: IC SS OTHER: 000 I.Ca,d_ - 3/3 V6 KHILENKO, Vasiliy Io:Afov.IAi; MAGORM, Anatoliy Onufriyevich; VASHCHENKO, flikolay Mikhaylo-j-1chi TEVICIPMO, M.A., red. (Pulse techniques] Impullanaila tokbnlka. Klav., Izd-vo Kievskogo univ., 1964. J.67 p. (1-11 RA 17 s 12) SOV/86-59-4-44/48 AUTHOR: Vashcheriko.. N..S., Engr-Capt TITLE: Once More on the Adjustment of PSBN-m Without the Use of Corner Reflectors (Yeshche raz o yustirovke PSBN-m bez ugolkovogo otrazhatelya) PERIODICAL: Vestnik vozdushnogo flota, 1959, Nr 4, pp 86-87 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author states that the method of adjusting PSBN-m /radar bomb- sight/ without the use of corner reflectors, as recommended by Capt V. G. Serdyukov in his article "Adjusting PSBN-m without the use of Corner Reflectors" (was published in issue Nr 9 of this periodical in 1958), can be used as an auxiliary method. The method with the use of corner reflectors should be considered as the basic one and the adjustment of PSBN-m by this method should be carried out after 50-hour routine maintenance operations. 4X Card 1/1 A-VASHCHE"NKO, N.S,,-J4azh.-kapitan Regulating the radio comparator. Vest.Vozd.Fl. no.12:73-74 D 160. (KIRA 14:1) (Airplanes-Radio equipment) VASHCEISM. Neye, The washing of sand for makinp contact-network poles. T~ansp.stroi. 10 no.6:55 Jo 160. (MIRA 13:7) 1. Glavnyy Inzhener Klyukronskogo zavoda ot:neuporov zhlezobetonnykh konstruktsiy Mintranestroya. (Uy,ar--Sand cleaning) (Blectric lines-Poles) VASHCHENKO, N.Ye. Manufacture of reinforced concrete rings for silos in which to store cement. Transp. stroi. 12 no.12:45-46 D 162. (MIRA 16:1) 1. Glavnyy inzh. Klyukvenskogo zavoda zhelezobetonnykh konstruktsiy. (Precast concrete) (Cement--Stor'age) V, VASHCHZNXO, P. wm~ The decision of the fifth plenum of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions are being carried out. Sov.profsoluzy 4 no.10: 38-41 0 '56. (MLRA 9:11) 1. Predeadatell kaliturno-massovoy komisaii zavkoma profsoyuza. (Trade unions) VASH .0 P.; GA=RKO, Ye. [Halushko, JR.]; EDIISIVICH, A. [Konsevych, A.] !v,it:;-7.-'- "-- ~ - Valuable research on the history and economdes of the Western Ukraine. Dop,.Al URSR no-7:997-999 160. (MIRA 13:8) (Ukraine, Westorn--7,Histor7) VASHCHENKO, P.; LINIYCHUK, Ya.; PANCHENKO, M. "Scientific and economic foundations of the building of communism in the U.S.S.R." by O.O.Nestorenko. Reviewed by F.Vashchenko, IA. Liniiehuk, M. Panchenko. Dop. AN U-RSR no.4;557-559 164. (MIRA 17:5) KONSVICH, A. 'Method of teaching economic geography of the U.S.S.R." by V.D.Ilodanchuk. Reviewed by P. Vachchenko, A. Konnevich. Geog. v shkole 23 no.4:92- 93 Jl-Ag 160. (MIRA 13-10) (Zconomic geography-Study and teaching) (Podanchuk, Y.Y.) VASHCiT-,'PIKG, P. G. Ratsional'nyi profil'kulaka ~ulacbnoho hallma. pidilmal'not masbyny. Pid red. M. M. Fedorova. Kyiv, LX UFSR, 1936. 42 p. diagrs. Summaries in Russian and German. Bibliographical footnotes. (Efficient cam shape of a hoist engine cam brake.) NN DLC: TJ1367-V3 SO: Manufacturing and I'lechanical Engineering in the Soviet Union, Library of Con~!ress, 1953. V., SIL 17 i -- ~ ".1 - .1 ..0 71. *,~* The eccent-nic car: br--I,-.e iii rdne elevators C 8 -~') . hyiv, V~.-,-I-vo :Kar,,cri-f- -7 ~".l . . - I~ . ... .." -.1-1 , I - . _;:, ~ . GIIATYUKO Dmitriy Ivanovich [Haatiuk, D.] ; SILIN, Beris Ivanovich [Sylin.B.] ; VASHO 0, P.P., red.; KAIASHNIKOVA, O.G., q& re'"nowed land) Na onovlenii semli. J~riv, Vyd-vo TbKLKSKU "Holoillow 1957. 73 P. (MIRA 11:4) (Transcarpethia) :, ". Dwi,rulopmew, trende cl L','o produc"~~Ve for--~:,a r"k , 1 -, Ju.r�rg tha se,,rer--~j?~ir pLoun, 19597 - 10,655. ~80g. ~b~r. , 'IC6-2-15 '62. kIVERA 17 - .- Z . VASEGMIKO., Fetr Favlovich; SLYUSAR' , V., kand. ekon. nauk, r.etsenzent (Kiyev); STEPANOV, T., retserizent (Cbc-rncjvtcy); GALYIII-, F.D., red. [Soviet Bukovinal Sovetskaia Bukovina. J',c~!kvaj !"Ichl,ed~--iz, 1963. 119 P. WIRA 17:7) -USSR/Cultiva;.-el Plants. Potatoes. Vagetables. Melons M-5 Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biol.., No 1, 1958, No 1614 Author S'j? rishchenko __"O'sn Inst Not Give~ Title The Phase Development of Cucumbers Orig Pub Agrobiologiya, 1956, No 5, 149-15o Abstract Tie Vegetable Frowing InBtitute has studied during 1951-1954 the peculiarities of growth, development and fruitbearing of cucumbers of the Nerosimyye variety in relation to Its seed- 11ng cultivation conditions. During the study of the vernal- ization phase the temperature and the moisture of the seeds were modified, and during the study of the light phase, the temperature,air humidity and length of day. Vex-nalizat-lon. of -the seeds at temperatures of 22-260 and a humidity of 50% ac- celerated the plant developmeat somewhat; however$ no stx-aa- tural change of any kind during the periods of growth uatil the end of vernalization has been observed. With unlimi d seed d-ampness (moistening for 12 h. in water at room tanperatur3), the appearance of flower tuberales was noted. These changes Card 1/2 USSR/Cultiva',ed Plants. Potatoes. Vegetables. Melons Abs'Jour Ref Zhur - Biol.., No 1, 1958, No 16l.4 took place faster by raising the temperature from 14.4 to 21.0. 1h, a 10-1P h. (lay at temperatures of 20-250 in -%he daytime and 15-18o at night and the humidity of air at 85-95%: the plants starbed to bloom 2-3 days earlier and in- creased the yield on an average of 8-10% an compared with p2a.L-ts developed at 17-19o at daytime and 12--14o at. night and air himidity of 70-80% in a 16-17 h. day. Card 1/1 AT-WSANIROV' S.V., kand.i3ellskokhoz.nauk; BOGUSMSKIY, A.A., lmnd.tekhn. nai;~;, VASHCHRNKO, S.F., kand. eel I skokhoz.neuk; GERASII~OV,.B.A., kBnd.selrs-kokhoz.~ G~ROMOV, N.G. [deceased]; KORBTJT, V.A.; KUDREVICH, I.A.; KAKAYEV, M.G., kand.tekhn.neuk; NOVIKOV, A.P.; OSUITSKAYA, Te.A.; SIKANOVSKIY, A.Yu.; SrOWTSOV, S.A.; SPIRIDONOVA, A.I.; TARAKANOT. G.I., kand.sellskokhoz.nauk; CHENMYEVA, TO.A.; KITAYEV, S.L. red.; FMATOV, N.A., zaaluzhennyy agronom RSFSR; GRUDINKLU, A.P*# zed.; MARTYNOV, P.V., red.; ARTSYBASHNA, A.P.,; RARRASH, F.L., (Vegetable growing under cover] Ovoshchevodstvo zashchiahchennogo qrunta. Moskva, Izd-vo H-va sell.khoz.SSSR, 1960. 279 P. (MIRA 13:12) (Vegetable gardening) (Greenhouses) (Hotbeds) WATSENTOV, D.I., kand.sellskokh.nauk.; VASHCHENKO._~if,-,_kand.sellskokh. nauk; NIKONOVA, N.A., kand. aellskokh. nauk; CHEKUNOVA, Z.I., liand. sellskokhe nad1c; FAYNDEPL, L.S., nauchnyy L'otrudnlk; dAVRIL'YEV, I.G., aspirant; VA-SIL'YEVA, Ye., red.; POKWEBKINA, M.9 tekhn. red. (Advanced practices for vegetable growing under glass] Peredovoi opy-t ovoshchevodov zashchishchennogo grunta. Moskva, Moak. rabochii, 1962. 102 p. (MIRA 1616) 1. Sotrudniki Nauchno-lasledovatellskogo instituta ovoshchnogo khozyaystva (for all except Vasillyeva, Pokhlebkina). (Moscow Province-Vegetable gardening) (Greenhouse management) VASIICIIENKO,- S.F., kand. ~3ellbh(~z. nauk; T.,11I.i.iWA, V.1'.) v0d. [Use of poly~,-.;ar in grovinA Frfomeneri-- ~~' - j lir,ernykh pl,mak v aborn~~k L;taT.ei. I-fo--kva, Kolos, 1964. 279 1". (MLIA 18:3) 1. Nauchno-i s sled ova' a I I z~kiy in5titut ovoglichnogo khozyaystva (for Vashchenko). SOVI 112-59-3-5147 Translation from; Referativnyy zhurnal. Elektrotek1hnika, 1959, Nr 3, p IZZ (USSR) AUTHOR- Chekunova, Z. I., Vashchenko, S. F., and Natsentov, D. 1. TITLE: Operating Experience With and Comparative Evaluatioa of Reinforced- Concrete-Frame Hotbeds Having Various Systems of Heating (Opyt ekspluatatsii i sravritel'naya otsenka parnikov a zhelezobetonnymi parubnyami i razlichnymi sisternami tekhnicheskogo obogreva) PERIODICAL: Byud. nauchno-tek~m. inform. N.-i. in--ta ovoshchn. kh-va, 1957, Vol 2, pp 23-26 ABSTRACT: After a 3--year testing of hotbeds, the following conclusions were drawn: (1) reinforced -ccncrete frames are preferable to wooden; (2) the beat heating method proved to be central water heating with 3-5 atm stearn; (3) hot- beds with electrode.-type heating are simpler and cheaper than others. Electric- energy consumption per sash for the season from the beginning of March is about 80 kw-hr. and from mid-March, 40 kw-h-r. Roof-iron electrodes can Card 1/2 SOV I 112-59 -3-5147 Operating Experience With and Comparative Evaluation of Reinforced-Concrete serve for 2 seasons. Connecting wires should be of copper because aluminum wires crumble. The standard electric -heating project must be revised: safety of personnel, as well as other improvements, must be secured. Technically- heated hotbeds require 2-2. 5 times less labor than biological-fuel hotbeds. The COz content in the technically -heated hotbeds should be artificially increased. The article presents a table giving a comparison of characteristics of hotbeds with various methods of heating and giving coal consumption for central water heating. L. G. P. Card 2/2 14MZAKLRIMOVA, M.G.; YASHCUNKP ~ _a,,Aqk_ F,ffect ofan overdosage of water and allt, and insolation on the participation of skin and muscles in minetal metabolism. Uzb, biol. zhur. 7 no.200-37163. (MIRA 16:8) 1. Institut, krayevoy eksperiment4llnoy meditsiny AN UzSSR. (MIMILQ METABOLISM) (H-FAT-PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECT) (WATER MABOLISM) MAMYGIMP 14.1.; VASHMEENKO, T.N. - n o ---~ Revers4o _"i -~Wfll-Udrlng forms of Proletic ir 'he ani-il o,-,cy. Zhur. mikrobiol.., epid. i immun. 40 no.9:138 S163. 17:51 1. Iz Pyatigorvkogo farviat~zcvtlche2kceo lnztituta. BONDARMO, V-; VASHCHISKOv V- In the sGICants mine- Wit-ugl- 9 no.11220-21 N 160. ()M 13:12) 1. jjachallnik tekhnichealcogo otdola Krivoroshokoy ehakhty 'GigantO (for Bondarenko). 2. Glavmy inzhener Krivorozhako7 ahakhty "Gigant" (for Vashchezko). (Krivoy Rog Basinm-Iron mines and mining) L 27402-65 ZW-1 (M)/EWT(t )/FW-?(b J-D ACCESSION NR: AP5005915 3 /0 1 e'- /65 AUTHOF: Polyw-,5'ky-j, V. K. (Pn 1 y rtDrty K. Vq_qhf!henko, V. _1. TITM: Utilization of gas-kinetics phon=ena for me-a-suring the surface temperature of heated bodies yinalky-y flzyciinvy zhurna,,. v. 10, no. 2i 1965, o6-2io SOURCE:: Tx rrv 2 TOPIC TAGS: surface temperature meeasu-ernent, radionnetric ef'"ect., thermocouple, acco=odation coefficient, temperature meal~urenent ABSTRACT: A method Is presented for 1141rr-et determination Df the Gurface tempera- c EL ra-thod.9 ftrf~ rnt vr-.'~ -cr -V mat 7" X-4 ~ft~ r metho-d iS ',_,as-d ~n th, --n na-T-_ Pbys;., v. 34, ~23, 1911). "he surlac- I mepAsi-re-11 s a -~_-i in a -vacu~_r oppOsite a second bo