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VASYTITINSKI*Yy -- V. Harmful duplication. Ybst.prom.i khud.proqys. 3 r,~;.7:2') il 162. OHIPA 15:8) 1. Glavnyy inzh. Uzhgorodskogo oblastnogo upravleniya bytovogo obsluzhivaniya naseleniya. (Uzhgorod--Serivce industries) VASYUTINSKIY,-Yu. P.; SRAGOYAN, F. S. Growing vitamin-rich feeds by hydroponics. Zemledelie 24 no.12:45-53 D 162, (MIRA 16:1) 1. Moldavskiy nauchno-iosledovatellakly institut zhivotno- vodstva i veterinarii. (Feeds) tMeldavia-Hydraponics) VA3YUTXTN-A,, T.,I-*,- YURCHENKO, V.M. Investigating ferrite cores in quasi-static conditions. Trud i t, Kom.stand.mier i izm, prib no.64:191-196 162. (MIRA 1625~ Ferrates-Magnetic propertiev) (1,Ugnetic measurements) VASYUTKOV, V.Ya. Gangrene of the scrotum. (MF-A 16:7) 1. I~ k1drurgicheskogo. otdoloniya (zav. Ya.S.Meprzon) Shchekirb-- skoy gorodskoy bollaitzy No.l. (glavnyy vrach -K.V.Khaitova) (SCROTIJK-DISWES) (GANGRENE) ':A 7 TT - C... Bones - '7uberculrSis J.p. pjNrjov I s thec-x-.- as ann 'I det., sanatoria. -,op. pediat. i okhr. rat. ;. Yonthly List of 1"uscian Accessions, Mbrai- of onrres--, April 191.:"'. V'~YCIA-177TED 0 0 00000604 00*04*40*44 0*004 00000 - 4-0 WAIF-W- i a 9 Is 1, 11 it w 11 ~, "ll tobi"22 am)) ADMIT 8 At 8 1 1 I I jolt Uu Add a U on ov I u at a a f:v If t -A - I .. I AA 0 (C W Ct j i I a 4 j 0 a a Thst phosphates of dm dar* astri "at- 2k' V d V In mrst A. . doo. M. A. Carlkhk- 14 asrut DfobintzCV3. t t)"- ' , -06 ,w .4ppurd&I Cbekrrka jNcu-1 a"Sli 1I#jAw1"w6w at'rl c l)ivsiivc Tract) 1935, It-Ili rikurnoral Itegulatiollof t (tit English 18). - Gas(rit: juicv WAS analysed and Was (Ound 1-00 1--,taim phosphates Averaging 3.16 tog. %, anti in no cast colItAined less than 1.5 or more than 4.5 w&. %. Various "Flactowl. irritsulft produce secretions of Sawk. juke in phosphate vctovn~ Licide'l ~id phos- -00 1,11alt, SAM I W )Ukc VlMtAi~ -S- llb-Ph.11- I I" I fibVfJ It ' j j CrhAt.9 the%- . I C 11h,phAtes on beating with I eAtcts or pyrphosphajes. Tiscuty-eiglit !7,p III the IflootAlliC It is present as phtywhoric estefs. Usth the it' - 0 4jeaft tit acklity of gastric juktr the concn. 4 the ph- pitatt-odiminfAhex. It increaws with lu'llyfiA. Tlwtrctc- zoo 1 .4 gamrk, juice Iscumlected with Chartlev 61 lilt Incla- I " ism of phosphates in tile ustallimil. fit W,v u( tht ,I ; A iwls the Content G( phosphates ill bfixod itlereaArd t fVa Z )- After AdIlliniStfiltiOll of food. Ail invast: dr- 4 1V A O 00 ~Xist% between (he intenjify of ^-ft-tion of 11C, wlldcn;;~ q PO # Ito, tbeta.1ri, joke anti tot wv"ti,m of Ph'.1.114tes by the , ~ ~ 1144. authim, conclude that ut"AlNkliot of Phil%. l 11 1 l 1 l c.,mixis. its the roucotpi en"nbraor ,I the slomach ~ ) f ir 11;1 pr.4mbly mandl in 1oI,I,ejiA(c fulAtym it, the fortuAtion ot 110 ill tit, CaOrw Juice- N. Mmshill also ko tie 0 too Ato, $&,I mffJILtL~FGK4L LITIMPAY1,111 CLASIIFbCATICM I f o ' "' ; t -T i- 4 7 v 1 r i 0 U 0 w a :;: of It to to OrK Hit Rig Karl It DI 91 1 NJ a M1.01% 1.16 1 1114 s 18jT* o 0 0 00 0 gee * 00 0 00 ' 8 0 00 0000000000000 :1 000 0 6 0 0 9 **-* 0 *a* as 0 0 ***1 0:::::o*ooooeo:oo* 0 610 *.4.0 0 0 4 1 000 00 0 I A 1 4 &a. I ) 11 4 $ It 11 It W is it it a 0 1 . v a J, . . . Is Is is Q IS 'A 0 A I A of aw #,-lot Tk* thIrratititry ad 11M plaweetic )We* at am", V, fil 0 __L*.yu)tr(hkn and A. V. Drotintze". 1 -10 P ROF *;i W k A W A r A 00 8 mn u ir illgo p- N UMMI&I Refulatim CA the = = ivt Tract) 1933, 39-480a Engli-h -0 Pancreatic juice obtained with a fistula of the ptowtvalic , d durt was analyze whh the followltag results. px 7,R to S 4. alk~ tils"Wr IV) to M CC. (OSPItSW GA fir. C(h Per jtix; rv~of The jukv). CA 4A to 18.4 mg. IX av.. P 1 11 to V, gv., Cl kin 441) to NO mg. % AV., N (totalf 52r~ co e t di i id 1 f ) * 00 ir tron o .1 ar nit r t pro n , ur ' 0 00 14 n),;. and Urfa 21 to bit rox. %, 111"M I"Ifeldiwiloo 00 of NalICO, m the duridenorn the pw of the lancrestic *0 tiller increased to 9.0 Intiotfuction of IRA slid No- ZOO 11,110, did not affett the pit. Amylaw, itypOn. lipase, 00 lactase and mallear are pre."l in the juice. 'Ube Contra. zoo 0 0 of diffeirnt enItynits hot lwvu shown to be dirpendleal an the character of the diet. r. C.. the content III lipaw 0* inavalift with a (at diet, amyliam with a carbohydrate 90 00 diet, and that of Ism. in wills a meet diet. X. N. M. So 0 WT7 0 too 0 o OD 00 1 ::0 0 S. .10 10 ' ` _ t ; 1 - 11 d I YL An S a N a aIt 11 Ell Wtet h I ls 41 0 o 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 ; * 0 0 0 - . :; * 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 so go 0 0000 ~--goe 0_0 ja- W 4 AL A a W el'ALKXKXXXRX.XX X R z KKKK ~~.AL 41 0 0 * 0 4 0 0 6 1"0401 14 'A illat I Dal& to 0 M a faliniv 201! URI )is is v a 0 a 41 U o 0 4kro A 1k z- a -.L- A1--A I I if I a CL 0 a a 6 a 1.1 1 a k j t 0 a I 0o A 1 .00 6-0 f. ~.Yqv% Mae P#f*Iv!2S 0 A 06 C -00 V. DrobiglUeva 00 M. 1. AgUGS" 00 a OwagrWad'iskie YUJSii P PfYCPi'XVW Pith- 0 xw APjb*rWMA1da"*4 (NewuhungorM -00 lotion a( the Digestive Tract) 1935, U, 105-14tin IC4411sh 114-13).-Gastric mucous were obtained Immediately .00 OfirrIvration. fixed In liquid sk to avtAd any fwtbrr ptmi)k rearlwom in the 111WOUl MombMato And then 4041 analyted. The volurso(varkka WbotSMS lit list.% are *0 aSI -.00 givrn for the inuco-A o( trian, doe, cut and pig, tv%p.! 00 0 000 orthopborphates 13.9, IQ.1, 28D. A.7; pyruphosphatcs 04F %3. 6.2. 3.0, 1.6; creatinephoapborie add 0.0. 2.10. IPA), 11.414; lactacidograi 2a.(), 26.3, 562, 19.1; chlorides 347, of Tim gastric unwom a( pig showed a higher Joe of ronient of pbovphata~s end chlorides In the fundus of the *tmwh thin in the cardisar end. An Increased &mi. Ld .1dandre was obver-red in the fundus of the stuntach with SO 0 inervise Of secyttions. other parts (d the- SCOMACh showed Po change. The content of ortho- and pyro- doe phosphates increases and the content of lactoridoscri de. ctiraws with the incrtaw in smotion. AnWytii at the rastric Juice showed the presence of crootimplItA acid. onhophaospbatev. p."ophomphates and lactacitlogrn. The authocs conclude that there 6 a close .. Y b6mv zoo becwecn Ok prucessest dirvelophU in glandular thaxse srd q MAI 0 thoar 000urring in musculAr action. N. N. Menshill Lz-: glow SMII&q. we IW1 i ;1"I a a at It KW a I INak I I a at :01*1 10, 100~44 0 0 0 0'* 0 I 1 0 10 11 if if 14 is is if is is8IlUARUJ600JI jo~a It Ulf bin 161.1.11 IL A AA C, A -A_JL_.L_JL- -1 X.J T II.A 1-1-A4 Of to'doA Pjmkiol don an of man towak 10 C I AM& loss of =tk 01WI ~V kin.11 ~A brobintave. 1. V. Dryu&d*A;drM Pi:kbmrilW'Aalit Ckkfwki Well- -.4110 r?humoml kegulation of 2=1V., Tvwt) IM, 47-M (in Rnstish S&).-Analyds of the blood td a patient who .00 0 constantly lost 2DO-250 ml. of pancreatic )uire per day .40 41 ~hroskkxh a fistula in the abdoolletal wall gave the following d. : Alk. istelave of blood plasmas he 30.0% COl. Ca ado 8.8 mg. %, Inorg. P In blood 4J mg. %, thlorilles in whole coo 0% .31"t Wait AIN mg. %. Wben Sim of the Juice was nduced. the alk. reserve of the blood was Ineveased by 33%. 400 Only very coadderatile doses iff b1carbowe produceit a 0 roo slight inerealse In the oft.,earl sk. of the Wood plasma. The Its 00 )1 beudnevariedkokaSAlloll.00. 71kotolskiamouni Soo alcidj serreted during 24 hn. was within the normal 0 limits. The authors conclude that the acidesalsk is due 00 molely to the defect of alkalies and not to the elicessivir so: 0 formatlextellocids. Large doestsof sugar given to the pe. 00 g tient constantly losing pancreatic juice do not producer any )a1knortualitka in the sugar contant of blood. N.N.M. W4 0 '300 do tedi 0 t'O a 00 1 S a . I L Aat T ALL EIFGIC At 4. "WAY(Al CLAISAPICAMN do .11111 ifa .3"v All -_ -i- I - r- r IF a 3 a 4 K Is KW a IM dMa V " 0 0 0 0 0 lokfe 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 94 0 0 0 4 4 a 0 0 0 4 * 0 0 0 4 0 0 Oi *S 0 0 Soo* do 0 0 * do 0do ds00 00 0 Of 0 0 41~0 0 0 0 0 00 00 0 00 000 0 0 0-0 USSR/Biolo gy - Physiology Vii6 K 14) .Card i/2 Pub 33-4/18 Author Bykov, K. M. and Vanyutochkin, V. M., Leningrad Tit'2~- On the biochemical substrate of nerve trophism Pe-iodical Fiziol. zhur. 40, 555-565, Sep-Oct 1954 FD-2273n Abstract On the assumption that the process of cell respiration is the funda- mental biochemical substrate of nerve trophism, investigated the na- ture of nerve trophism by studying the effect of physiological, pharma- ceutical, and pathogenic factors on the anaerobic and aerobic phases of cell respiration in the brain, liver, kidneys, heart, and muscles, in vivo, of animals. The above-mentioned factors include the follow- ing: vitamins D, E, and B complex; chilling; heating; lowered atmos- pheric pressure; elevated 02 pressure; elevated 02 pressure+ vitamin B complex; penicillin; streptomycin; sulfathiazole; sulfadiazine; scarlet fever toxin; experimental myocarditis; experimental hepatitis; wound trauma; burn shock; transplant; adrenalin + sympatol; ana cympa- tolytin. For characteristics of anaerobic phase, the activity of suc- cindehydrase was determined by speed of reduction of methylene blue. For characteristics of aerobic phase, the activity of cytochromoxidase Card 2/2 FD-2273 was determined by rate of formation of indophenol blue. States experi- ments on above were conducted at the Department of Biochemistry of the Naval Medical Academy. Tables. Thirteen references, all U-',SR (all since 194o). Institution: Submitted : may 3, 1954 VftS~UTOCtiKIN, N/,VI ' RDZUGaT, V. I. "Biochemical substrate of nerve nutrition.9 K.M.Bykor, T.g. Vastutochkin. Reviewed by V.I.Rozengart. Biokhimila, 20 no-3: 398 MY-J" '55. (HLRA 8:10) (NMIVM) (IMILITION) (BTKDV, K.H.) K11 Va= tterperimexta in fight of C"tico- -wise I v in, A. V. Drobitt- 'i Seva 0. N. Dort, ova, W, and 0. A. Gorya M chev~. Fi:ivl. Zkor. S.S.S.R. 42. l92-202(l9.W).-Szptl. gastritis in cats lowers the reducing and oxidizinl: ability of the MUCOUS membranes of the stomach (tests with -Jecolori=- tion of methylene blue and with formation of indryphmol blue); acid pho5p%ata3e also dectints as do free and bcr3nd vitamin B& and nicotinic acid. In normal anitrzals cAibKi- choline enhance2 the anoxidative link in cell rexAmtkin of the gastric lining, while adrenaline or sympatol hat no effect. Blixk of parasympathetic innervation with atropine repreints cellular respiration (malaly the aerobic Wt), w14- symps- Witin, which bl-cks the symp4thetic innerva6m, causes an increaw in the aerobic respiration. Both of t4ese drugs repress, considerably the b;=hcm. zhift3 listed abore in cipti. gastritis. Group B v4tamin3 greatly increase the vol. and acidity of gastric juice, and restore the oxidation-reduc- tign reactions of gastric lining. G. M. Kosolapos- VASYUTOCMII. V.H.. prof., polkovnik meditsinskoy sluzhby Phyniobiochemical principles of ratiorAl nutrition in states of neuropsychic tension. Voen.-med.zhur. no.7:50-56 J1 '59. (MMA 12: 11) (STRESS) (MTTRITIOM) V.ASYUTO.CIIKI,N, V.,M., prof. Review3. Sov. mod. 28 no.10:156-157 0 165. (M 11 A 19' : 11 ) PRUSIYAN, L. (g.Leningrad); HOSHCRUK, I.; VASYUTOVICH, V. The first brigades of communist labor. Sots.trud 4 no-3:105-113 Mr 159. (MIRA 12:4) 1. Chlen presidium& Nauchno-tekhnicheakogo otdola zbeleznodorozh- nikov (for Moshchuk). 2. Rachal'nik otdela dorozbnykh gazet Transzboldorizdata (for Vasyutovicb). (Labor productivity) MOSHCHUK, I.; VASTUTOVICH~_j. in the struggle for technological progress andIncrease of labor- productivity. Sots.trud 5 no-1:115-120 Ja 60. (MIRA 13:6) (Railroads--Labor productivity) (Work councils) I I BIL4,TCHIK Yefim Isaakovich; VASYMOVICH Vagiliy Vasillyevich; LSKIY, F.N., retson;;;;ii:'~ B.S., rets;-r-iz-ent-;- p PREOBIIAZIIMSKIY, V.I., red.1 WOO, L.A.p tekhn. red, [Moscow-Brest; railroad guide] Moskva - Brest; zhelezno- dorozhnyi putevoditell. Moskva, Trenszheldorizdat, 1962. 134 P. NIRA 15:7) (Railroads--harAlbookso manuals, etc.) MOSHCHUKq I.;.VASYUTOVICH, V. Public participation is a vital force of communism. Sots.trud 7 no.3:109-116 Mr 162. (XIRA 15-3) (Railroads-Management) VAMP., r".:~ ti 2, I Z. n, ozig. orvos; GLAZ, Ervin, dr. of Pseudomenas aemg-inosa strains isolated from 1,ethological. fluids to n&lidixic acid and some antibacterial agents. Orv. hatil. 106 no.34tl595-1598 22 Ae65. 1. Budapenti Orvostudomanyi Ervateml Oyogyszertani Intezet (J.gazgato: Knoll, Jozsef, drX- VASZARY, Pal Mechanical methods of integration. Husz elet 16 no-7:7 Mr '61. (EFAI 10:6) (Hungary-Industrial management) VASZARY, Pal Mechanical methods of integration. Muaz slot 16 no.25:10 D 161. VASZARY, Pal Adhesion between the railroad rallhead and the wheel track rim. Jarmu mazo gep 10 no.2S41-48 F 163. 1. MAV Palyafenntartasi Fonokseg fomernoke, Veszprem. V,kSZT7 TEVIT30 L. m iiesjims presenttid for 30"ne exa.1ples se!Tcted at ran6o'3 fro. p.VITI AAGYAH EPITCIPAR, (E-ojtoipnrj TuCong-ayos Eaoslilet) Budapest, Hungary Vol. 8, no.9, Sept. 1959 Monthly L, st of East European Accesz;ions (EE AI) Vol q, no.12, Dec. 1 059 Uncl. VASZILIEVITS-SC14JEN, Laszlo, dr. Code of Investments. Epites szemxle 5 no.6:175-180 161. 1. Epitesug3ri Miniazterium Varosepitesi Tervezo Vallalat jogtanacaosa. I LI hFUNGARY/Analysis of Organic S~ibstanccs. Abs Jour Referat Zhur - Mimiya, Ito 6, 1957, 19679- Author V-nszilij Kutz. Inst Title Determination of Mcii,-hoxyl Grorps in Pectine. Orig Pub Eleim. ipar, 1956, 10, No 1, 17-20. Abstract The quantitative method of dc!termination of methoxyl U.olips in pectinc is baucd on the determination of riethyl alcohol pro"Itic.:!d frora methoxyl &Toups, by the fuclisin s~AfLiro,.is arid. This method is bettur appli- cable th-aa the method. G-3 Card 1/1 - 3 - Relationship beetween the development of vacuum tec~xziqque irA-,izt-- and that of electric power production. Ujit lap 14 .no.16:151-7 25 Ag 162. 1. Egyesult Izzolampa es Villamossagi Gyar fomernoke. D250 301 3'~l` Ul-,d Vaszily, 'yjr,,y TITLE' Eiectron tube c7rid and a method of its '1z.-jbrication U PL, R 10 D IC A LReferativnyy zhurilal, ~-.vtomatika _J , U., no. 3, 1i',62, u-bsi-act '5-3-54k patu., rk.I. 21- 12-16, no. 147575, TEXT: The performance o- electron tube Srids improves if t',-.ey I~re coated soot or blac'--ened by any other -~reat:~ant. TI J.,; .;rrj- _U ~jojed to coat the wire used -for manufacturing the -rias a t) dar'.-L,frey layer of aluminum a few Z.L4Cro-nS thick conta`-Jng an, aCI::::.x- 6 u"re of :7.,a,;-,,nesium. The latter evaooralues under heatin,,; Ji- v,c:uu aild serves as a etter. The molybdenum 1~1-_Y-id -v.,ire is dra-.--,,,-, .-.-.olten --luminum or throu -h an alloy of aluminu,m w-L-.- eve a The ,-I,r.4;.ds are then trea-z ed the=al I y -'U- o ach4 face; ".his can be done se,)arately or after MOLinting t7he -i-as t',_e electron tube. /-Abstracter's note-: Complete translauion._7 Card 1/1 VASZKOI_Mihalv RelationBhip betveen man and machine. Mezogazd techn I no.6.-12-13 161, - MR, I MI 1 4 PON 1-1 VASZKO, Mih4y V- . Man and machine. Mazogazd tdchn I no.1-1:10-1-1 161. VASZKO, Mihaly Job evaluation of agricultural workers on the basis of complex work an&- lYsia, ~h=ka szomle 5 no.91ZG-27 S 161. VASZKO., Mihaly (Budapest) Agricultural machinee and wn. Term tud kozl 6 no.9:401-405 s 62. 1. Tudomanyoa mmkiters. VASZKO, Mihaly Agricultural machines and ran. II. Term tud kozl 6 no..12:562--565 D ?62. 1. Tudomanyok munkatars, Budapest. VASZKO., Mal v Ergonomical bases of designing tractors. Jarmu mezo geP 9 no-5:163-174 MY '62o 1. Magyar.Tudomanyos Akademia Gyermeklelektanl Intezete tudomanyos =uikatarsa. Vk'-;',!4Y0v Mil all Agri cu,t ',;*ra-, * 2 R ', 1 -.n an,; L - I- -~-,7t - % .1 - hr~'_rqy. MLn szemlc 7 J! 1631 o VASZK(If Millilly Noise control on the basis of experience obtained in agriculture. Plunka szemle 7 no.8:24-28 Ag'63- VASZKO,, Mihaly Ergonomical investigation of aEriaultural machinery., Pt.l. Jarmu mezo gep JOE ,,/. 1. Magyar Tudom-~uiyos Akademla Geiartieklelektani Intezete tudo- manyos osztalyvezetoje. VASZKO, Mihaly Frgonadcal teptinC of agricultural machines. Pt. 2. Jarmu mezo gep 11 no. 2: 41-51 F 164. HUNGARY VASZKO) Mthaly, Institute for Psychology at the Hungarian Academy of j'jyii Tudomanyos Akademia Pszichologiai Intezete)(location not gtven](Director: BARTHA, Lajos, Dr., Candidate of Psychological Sciences). "Ergonomical Investigation of the Operator's Position in Agricultural Ma- cbines" Budapest) Magyar Pszichologial. Szemle, Vol 23, No 1-2, 1966, pp 108-122. Abstract: The anthropometric data for adult males were compiled in all configurations required for the operation of agricultural milchines such as tractors and the data were applied to the proper design of the operating position in the machine. Criteria on the basis of which the location of the operator's seat, the configuration of the operator's seat.. the position of the operating levers, and the position of the operating pedals can be established were described. The aim was to cal- culate the proper angles, operational resistances of the levers and pe- dals, directions of lever and pedal motion, and the configuration of the various controls to facilitate easy learning of the operations involved. 19 references, including 1 German, 3 Hungarian, and 15 Western. VASZKOO Sandor Membership drive at the Beloiwmisz Telecommunication Factory. Munka 4 no.]-ItZ7 N154 1s Vasas Sukezervezet, VASZKO, Sandor All workers belong to trade un-l,,-.- 11-n~!i ~ ro.9360 S 155. 1. Vasas Szakszervezet. VISZKO, Sandor "To participate in the life of a factory*; the wofic of the production comittee of the Beloiannisz Toleccumunication Factory. Munka 13 no,12:12-13 D'63- 1. Beloiannisz-Hiradastecimikai Gyar szakazervezeti bizottsaga termelesi bizottsaganak vezetoje. VA,S-ZO.~TjAj,._Eqqr----- Cooperation among the socialist countries in the field of scientific research and organization. Magy tud 70 no.8: 536-544 Ag 163. 1. Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia klemzetkozl Kapcsolatok Osztalywiak vezetoje. 141KUSIK, 'Irpad; VASZKO, Sandor; EIZK~;S, Zsigmond 01.1 What Is being done for the success of the export? Munka 14 no.l.: 15-16 Ap 164. I.Editor, "Vasas" (for Rikusik). 2. Head, Trade Union Production Co-mdttee, Beloiannisz Telecommunication Factory, Budapest (for Vazko). 3. Head, Trade UnionI Telephone Factory, Budapest (for --Ipkes). USSR/Cosmochemistry Geochemistry. Hydrochemistry. D. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Khimiya, No 9, 1.957, 30415 Author Inst Title Recent Advances in Sedimentology and Its Application to Prospecting for Petroleum Orig Pub Sb. 4-y Mezhdunar. neft. kongress, M., Gostoptekhizdat, 1956, 10-22 Abst A review. Bibliography 128 references. Card 1/1 Kl~-')S, Arpad. qaist,; MAPMR.-'~S, lcan, asist; TATASAN, Nina, asist. P-i,qr-iinfr the slize of the atmospheric rofrnetion noefrici.ent- K and the 1)r-,-iqion of thp trigoncmetric le-mling tit great distances. ,a, geodezie 8 no.4:.?13-41 164. VATA, P Fall planting; how to fulfill our task as fast as possible. P. 5. vol. 9, no. 9, Sept. 1955 PER BUJrbSINE SOCIALISTE Tirane, Albania Sot East European Accession Vol. 5, No. 4, April 1956 VATA, P. New veterinary technique, P. 39, PER BUJQESINF. SOCIALISTE, (Flinistrie e Bujqcsise) Tirane. Vol. 10, No. 6, June 1956 SOL14CE: East European Accessions List, (.'-..'-:AL) Library of Coneress, Vol. 5, No. 12, Decariber 19,cb I___,YATAGIH, Yertilizer application to millet. Sbor.nauch.trud. Ivan.sellkhoz. Inat. no.16:124-135 '58. (MIU 13: 11) (Millet--Fertilizers and manures) VATA-031-11, A. V. The effect of fertilizer3 under condit4lons existing J.n the lower Volga Valley !~aratov, Nizhnevolzhskoe kr;i(,-voe Iz.i.. 15--13. 94 j . !;'b-'-*ot.::ka dlia a~,rcn-m3t i - ~I vysshel kvallflkatsli VATAGIII, A.V. prof. D.N. Prianislunkov founder of Soviet agriculturs: chem-stry. ~L .9 Sbor. nauch. trud. Ivan. sellkhoz. irst. no.21:3-22 "I Green manure as an important means for increasing farm plant yield in turf-Podzolic soils of Ivanovo Province. lbid.:23-45 (MIRA list,,) SOLTITISKIY, Vladimir Petrovich [Soltynslkyi,V.P.), agronom- VATAGII", S'v. (Vatahin, S.V.1, agronom, otv. red.; GURENKO, V.A.IVE~e-;~ol V.A.], x - red.; YATVIICM,, O.A., tekhn. red. (strong wheats in the Ukraine] Syllni pshenytsi na Ukraini. Kyivp 1961. 51 P. (Tovarystvo dlia poshyrennia politycbnylrh i naukovykh znan' Ukrainslkoi RSR. Ser-5, no.10) (MIRA Il,:22) (Ukraine-Wheat) VATAGUlt T-~ India Moskva, Gos. izcl-vo, 1922. 14 1.1. KCROLIV, V-K., SHINGARKV, R-V-, VATAGIN, Tu.H. Conversion of sizing machines to gas. Izv-vys.ucheb-zav.; takh. tekit.prom. no-3:86-91 160* (MMA 13:7) 1. Ivanovskly tekstilluyy Institut im. Me V, Muse (Sizing (Textile)) (Textile machinery) ILLESS Ferene+-VATAI. Endre Punched card system of the more important properties of radioactive nuclides. Energia es atom 16 no.l:&3-/A Ja 163. 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Iff r9w%1K - s 1 0,"- I) I I I A , 7 7 sol w. lei Ow 1"p . 17 Is hn Dion Ava , . , . !", A L it I JL--L- jL_j r 61 11 _V__JII #A 0 IX IV A 00 o it 9 U id A a v a IF 0 so I A CW" Ala*. 'r C1.11 a, mjvsntA1t4 0( MAIM 101, *tU41, of Jfw :fwria 0 : 0 as. ,it- U U Al 10 At NOR% Kurt 19091tw" I so 0 0 0 0 0 a 6 0 0 0 # 9 0 0 0 0 O's 6 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 e 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 0,0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 * 9 0 e fif 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .00 400, get ,to see 00 00 met 1, jan-~,eb 65, pp 79-1'-"4 1101 1, :o ,.Iillp of in t""e llrincir),-Ilitv thr ind of the ontli (1) r 0117-W1);,,,91z)z~ /9. P- 15-57-7-9778 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Geologiya, 1957, Nr 7, p 153 (USSR) AUTHOR: VatanA_ TITLE: New Achievments of Sedimentology and its Use in Petroleum Exploration (Noveyshiye uspekhi v oblasti sedimentologii i yeye primeneniye k poiskam nefti) PERIODICAL: V sb: 4-y Mezhdunar. neft. kongresS, Vol 1, Moscow? 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Institut neftekhilm~7:1,ic-skikh protsessov Azerbaydzhanskay SSR. :L 04550-67 EWT (m) /-EWP (J) - RM SOURCE CODE: UR/0079/66/036/007/129 '- .I ACC MR: AP 025991 3/~295 AUTHOR: Shikhiyev, I. A.; Vatank~ ~,A. Guseyn-zade, B. M. -26 ,ORG: Institute of Petrochemical Processes, Academy of Sciences Azer~aydzhan.SSR ~(Institut neftekhimicheskikh protsessov Akademii nauk Azerb3ydzhanskoy SSR) 1TITLE: Synthesis of acetylenic formals\and their reactions with hydrosilanes SOURCE: Zhurnal obshchey khimii, v. 36, no. 7, 1966, 1293-1295 TOPIC TAGS: organosilicon ccmpound, organic synthesis ,TRACT: The purpose of this investigation was to compare the reactivity of certain ~tylenic hydrosilane derivatives. Synthesis of acetylenic cyclohexylfomals and :ir reactions with hydrosilanes were conducted by the following scheme: 110~11)-c -ell CIC11,011 C I 110cil'o /-C-=Cll + Nael + 11.0 Naon R = C11,. Cif, C'If'-N.' C.11rV30, C'11. I SIR, -POC1120, lc~- C -= C I I 110C11,00c -C'1l=CHSl"3 H.PIC1. R C11. C.11'M30' C.11. (0cjfj.' cli.(CM.-S. CH.(C'H')~ 1/3 UDC: 547.362t547.2-45--: L 04550-67 following ace c formals (3) i C-C---CH Z-C=CH I - I O-CH?.OCH3 O-CH20t;2n5 ing acetylenecyclohexanol hlor kylethers. The C-CH=CHSiCH3(C31~-/)Z 0-0-60CHq were synthesized '~-CECH I 0-CH2OC3H7-iSO ~-)c = (~-C=CH -CH I I 0-CH20C3H7-n 0-CH2.OCijHq in absolute ether, sodium hydr xide and corresponding a- following or anosilicon formals were synthesized H C-CH=CHSiCHj(CzH5)Z C-CH--CHSi(OC2H5)3 V-Un2UU4Hq 0-CHZOCH3 C-CH=CHSi(OCZHb)j I U-CH20C3H7-isO C-CII=CHSi(OC2H5)3 I V-UH2UL;4n9 Card -213 L 04550-67 ACC NR: AP6025991 ,using alkoxymethyl ether of acetylenecyclohexanol and trialkoxysilane with Speler icatalyst. A summary table shows the boiling point, refractive Index, density, molar Irefraction and elemental analysis for the above ccmpounds. The five acetylenic orga- !nosilicon cyclohexyl. formals have been sy-thesized and characterized for the first Itime. Orig. art. has: 1 table. SUB CODE: 07/ SUBM DATE: 27Apr65/ ORIG REF: 001/ OTH REF: 001 Card 3/3 VATANOV, Liuben, inzh. ......- - L.I. a . Special hot-rolled steel prc,.1~163 (extris'lor, pr Cf 4 ' a, TekhnIkA BuIg 13 no.1006-20 164. VATANI'6~,ff., i;. i',',)n(lltlcn,) governl-Lg thri accumu:titic-n r1' ntol- montt. in northern 'fpjvini:~tnn. Imr. vyrs. -I I ,Yii,-,(A !R:l;) gaz. 8 no.4-.~-ll 165. 1. Azerbaydzbanjkiy iin~ttlt,litl ?,"TtL I kC.1-11 t'. 11.1.- li,,',-...,f-- Frelim-nary cheracterizatIon of the water3 in the 1,swar Crataceoun Bediman-~s of northern Afghanistan in. connecticn ulth their oil anI v3 potnntlal. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; nef-to i Faz 8 no.(,,!16-.18 ' 6 1W) 1. ALarbkrdzheinAly institut neft! 1 khIm-V Im. 14,Aztzbekova. VATAPFCTOV, B.A.;KUZYMMO, Ye.S.;SUDOKOV, A.D. Athod of graphic registration of movements of the uterine horn In continuous experiments; cutaneouterine bridge. Fiziol. zh. SWR 39 no.6:738-740 Nov-Dec 1933. (CIkL 25:5) 1. 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AUTHOR V~'tt,- ; an , Cv-1 d _Ju , En~,7_ine er , (Gra.-,;ul _5 tual in) TITME: Lubrication '.7ith Gases (Un~e_-e cu -aze) Q PERIODICAL: gtiinl,~~ gi Tehnicz_~, 13cria _-, II-a, Vol 11., 4, Pp 8 - 9 (RUM) ABSTRACT: During the last fe,,-i years, use of air and Gases as ,ained im-portance in me- "lubricating" matei~_Jals has f- chanical engineering, especially on dev~ccs with very high revolutions. Tr-e author describes the Principle of eir lubrication, mentions the advantages and dis- advantages and givec some figures ,,rith regard to the most reliable opero.tion. There are 10 sketches anVd one drawing. Card 1/1 VATASHEVA, K. "Combined Treatment of Sepsis in Newborn Infants." Tr. from the Russian p. 74 (ANALELE RnYANO-SOVIETICE. SERIA !'EDIATRIE. Series a III-a v. 6, no. 5, 15ept./ Oct. 1053, Bucuresti, Rumania) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions, LC,, Vol. 3, No. 4, April 1954 RLPIVINVL/Virolo~~y - Viruses of Man and E Viruses of Hepatitis. Abs Jour : Ref Mur Biol., No 6, 1959, 23886 Author : DalnTus, G., :4itroiti, 0., Marinescu, G., Vatasescu, A., Duvaa, X. List Title The SigAfica;--ce of Virus-Dacteria Agglutination Reaction for Early Diagaosis of Epiderdc Hepatitis Ori[; Pub Studii so cercetari, infromicrobiol., microbiol. si parazitol., 1957, 8, No 4, 539-549 Abstract No abstract. Card I/I - 33 - ACCEc. 'SION N-R.- AP5o1465i PU/0005/64/W1/W6/0M/0P 52 AUMOR: Vataa-escu, katon (Engineer) TITLE: High-perforrance stabilized rectifier writh transistors SOURCE: Telocommunicatii v. no. 6, 1964, 248-252 TOPIC TAGS: voltage stabilizer, transistor ABSTRACT: (Authorlm F~ngji&h vun~vtry nod!fiod)- 113-ime generil fornulue are P".centcd f nr eut-irri I in~z the, Ler Dr-~-r,o r 7~f' Vo A err; ')-.4 Fv'~~ zt -X-i r ASSOCIATION: none SUMUTTED.- 00 E21CL: 00 SUB co*uz;: EE, Ec No REKSOV-i,~' OTHER: 002 JPRS .,Ica rd IX- PETRESCU COMAN,,V., conf.; MANICATIDE, E.T.; PAUN, Florica; VATASESCU BUTUCEA, Lucia; BUSULENGA, Carmen; VILCU BOJINCA, Ioana Considerations on the treatment of pleuropulmonary staphylococci in children. Microbiologia (Bilcur) 6 no.105-36 Ja-F 161. 1. Glinica de pediatrie a Spitalului de copli "Gr. Alexandrescu", Bucuresti. f V&T,kSOIU B. I'l.,800,000-lei revenue from special contracts." P. 7 (Drumd Belsugului) No. 10., Oct. 1957 Bucharest., Rwnania SO: Monthly Index of East European Accessions (EM) LC. Vol. 7, no, 4., April 1958 AUTBOR: TITLE: Fuslon PERIODICAL: IZ-Vasciya r i aa SSSR; r, ri-ja ino.3 ~~ ~n !-) vei nauk, ika /-1'2 (USSR) ac~ ABS'RACT: Pr-:obleruo ta,,.i rg r to) t-, a n s f cjrma t ic r in of conner, q hi i,,h, t ic, .-.-i 'ri ir. n rl f r- bound',!Ty of i.[.-a e qua n s c, ~,j v s, C) wi. y eXarailled s imul f! a and s ur' a heat of fus'Lon S'-i in 3 +- - (j -- , - ! ~ c n e f f i c i e nt co f ii(-.acn. i y t he, h ea t a bs, o ied "a-, d G, At first, th.17, a'~ s~ 11, lp X a mi Irl J .:,L g T, ~k e r, t T P Lt-e o-,n Pusion of a Piatc, Gas rviou a -r- the 1-1en5..Jc,,- and ir. Vne ~,as Jl.s, a f 0 w tiie s,~7-f'at-.,j J-L; .1 that the 7 7 so-lid buand'arv, and of ener-y are laye-s a-ad alld ps~ and *.`0? layer, T D -r c..,,, i;-. Y and of IL-1he heat f'Icw. the the t-wo 13yer's at 'Bile und; of the ve.1o,,1-tv '.6oni, t;h4 pi a , A i I ta I c. (1 1, vb 7, !-)Y-bl---- latter coil, A Izv.AN SSSR 0 T N , 1311 1; Al A f -,; c-:1 ai '~!i I '- t. i011 ')f Variables at),,! an the !o;-tn 1-1.3 11~1 r ame tc'rs for example.. app! i c~i t~-c- a s t~,-ji layer equationF, -)-,c ~,ol.-Pa hv El~~ I IF. 181 Fusion of -a Plate Surrounded vith 57ipersonic or High Teraperature Gas Flow The product of the density and the viscosity of ther- molten phase is an important criterion. The ef-fect of the molten layer is inversely proportional to the square root of this product. For example, when this product is large, the friction coefficient is lower than the classical Blasius solution. When the above product is relatively small, the friction coefficient and the heat flow to the solid surface substantially depend on 'the actual fle),,f in I~he mol ten llayer. The sol-utions are furthev generalid,ed by inclusion of the :tra-ce wlieii parr, of the heat flow suppli9d to the fus-JoT. fr-YA is conducted into the solid body. Th-3 example of a p-Late is Ueated, where the plate has a finite th"L.~~-kness and its lower surface has its tempeZature maintained. zsDnstant in time) . Generally, it J-s asslamed that the rate of fusion along a given length is equal to the d1fffe7ence be-t-.ween the Inflow and outflow of heat across tidis lqnqth Ca-rd a 3/4 divided by the latent heit of flusion, These assumpt-io'ns modify some of the boundary conditions. 'C'c,e ParLier solutions are somewhat changed, though the method 2r) 71 1,).ision of a Pl-~).te Surrounded with S-aperEonic or 11iFh 'temperatures Gas Flow Tomains the same. The -rate of advance of t'lie f,,ision front and the variation of the solid plate tiicenes6 are evaluated., There a-re 2 firures and 4 Souielu references. SUBMITTED: June 11, 1.959 Card VIr 82122 S/040/60/024/03/10/020 rA) C 111/ C 333 AUTHOR: Vatazhin, A. B. (Moscow) TI12LE: On Lhe ~-'lovi in 4 Diffuser in Presence of a PERIODICAL: Prikladnaya matematika i mekhanika, 1960, Vol~ 24, 110. 3, PP. 524-529 TEXT: The author considers the stationary plane flow of a viscous in- compressible fluid\in the mai.-netic field 11. Let r, & be polar coordinates, V , VM kinematic and magnetic viscosities. Let the flow depend on the parameters Q,, .... Qn with the dimensions I ~Qij - LPi Tqi The sought magnitudes v , vig etc. can be expresred in the frame of similitude mechanics byrfive functions f, (P , ~+ , /'~ , F which do not depend on r under the assumption that pi + 2qi = 0. If the expressions v = f, V19 1P r r r V etc. are substituted into the equations of mapneto-hydrody-namics, teen it follows Card 1/4 OK r, 2 22 S/040/60/024/03/10 020 C ill/ C 333 On the Flow in a Diffuser in Presence of a Magnetic fteld (1-5) f %0 f I + f2 + 4f + P 0 ~+ I - r+2 + 1~10 2 _ 2 C - 0 f + 0 const and F = -2f +1 1+ 2 + C. while To const, ~ 2 If the flow between two planes is considered which form the angle W, in the vertex of which there is a source or a negative source (diffuser), if H is generated by a flow I through the vertex, and if U 0 the conductivity of the medium is infinite, then there must exist a circulation velocity r '9 2 UF r (porous walls), since otherwise f =_ 0; if now v,.4 0, then f satis- fies the equation (2. 1) f '- + f ~02 (P 02 Ato - f2( 2 - (p0 2)1 Y 2 4- 4f Card 2A ~o 4V620 S/040/60/024/03/ C Ili/-C 333 on the Flow in a Diffucer in Presence of a Maenetic Field where I" and = 2 1 / c Y F, f J -E~ Iwhere c is the Yo - 2 7r V 0 0 velocity of light. If, however, the conductivity of the mediun is finite, then it must be put (f 0 4`0 in (1.5). If the boundary conditions are taken into consiO erz.tion ~-nd if i t is put f ( 6 ) = Ru ( 0 ), where R 1-q 1 , Q consurptf'pn of the diffusor, then for small I-Q1 = R