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December 31, 1967
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2o-1-33/64 The Problem Concerning the Struoture of Benzhydroxams Acids and Some of their Derivatives. of the solution of these forms in sulphurlo add various lines vanish and they have near3,y the same absorption -AzImas As found by experiment# both forms of tri-bomhydroxilemine are tranaformed into di-benzhydroxame (and benzo-)aoide under the influence of oweentratea sulpburio acida. (with 3 Diagnma). ASSOCIATIM Not given PRBSEWM Bri TEDs AVAILABLEt Library of Congress Cara 2,/2 VOROSHIII, Te.M.; VLABOV, V.Go Spectrographic study of phenol acidso Part 1t Hydrwqbouzoic acids. Zhur. ob, khimo 30 noog:3004-3011 S 160. (MIRA 13:9) 1. Kharikovskiy farmatsevticheakiy institut. (Benzoic acid-Spectra) LUTSKIY, A.Ye.; SOLDATOVA, A. IN, Y,-.M. Intramolecular hydrogen banding &nd hbscrFt.jcn npeectm in tne ultraviolet. Part 12: Intranolecular hydrogen bonding k;etween two elroctron-donor groups* Zhur.ob.khIm. 35 no.12:23V-2111 D 165 - (MITLA 19:1) 1. Kharlkovskiy politeklinichookly institut i KIlarIkovol-Ay farmatsevtichaskly institut. Subnitted April 28, 2964. VOROSHKOV, L ~ Ferfec~ organization of automotivo tranaportation units. Avt.tranaP. 43 no.11:17-18 u 65. (MIRA 18:12) 1. Predsedatell Zaporozhskogo oblantnogo komiteta profensionallnogo coyuza rabotnikov nvyaZip rabochikh avtotransporta i shosseynykh dorog. f KLAYEV, S.M.;,VOROSHNINA.I.K.P. Photometric determination of arsenic after extraction of ABI with carbon tetrachloride. Zav.lab. 29 no,0410-412 163,3 (MIRA 16:5) 1. Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-isaledovatellskiy gornometallurgichaskiy institut tavetnykh metallov, (Arsenic-Analysis) (Photometry) 14 ""f --F 7 7- ACC NR, AP60216i6 SOURCE CODE: uR/d-o-a/-66[600/066[07T-2/0-774 AUTHOR: Kuzlma, Yu, B.; Lakh, V. 1,; Voroq~ylov._Yu. V, Voroshilov, IN. V.; gtad- nyk, B, L 55 ORG: L'vov State University (LIv.ivslkyy derzhavnyy universytet) TITLE: Cry .stal structure0of the compounds Zur2NI-121BG and Zr2C02jBG SOURCE: -AN UkrRSR. Dopovidi, no. 6. 1966, 772-774 TOPIC TAGS:-phase equilibrium, zirconium alloy, nickel alloy, cobalt alloy, boron alloy,-x ray diffraction analysis, intermetallic compound . .~ "4~ _ _ . - - 17 ABSTRACT.:----,The-author~s--study,-phase-equilibrium-in-the Zr-Ni-B and-,'jr-Co-B ystems.--- Fifteewalloys were studied in each of these systems iiM compositions of 5-20-at % Zr, 80-55 at.% Ni(Co) and 15-25 at.% B. The alloys were prepared from, powdered zir- conium (99.>% Zr), nickel (99.9% Ni), cobalt (99.9% Co) and boron (99.5% B). These were thoroughly mixed and pressed into briquettes.-- The briquettes were then sintered _;Un a vacuum furnace at 120000 for two hours. After this, tb,~ specimens were melted in EL v.acuum--arc--furnade-and-subjected-to-homogenizing-anneal!7ng Iii-evacuated-'quartzam- pules at BOOOC for 120 hours. X-ray diffraction analysis based on Cr radidtion was used throughout the study6 The analysis-Bbows the existence of the compounds Zr2Ni2jB6 and Zr2C021B6 (T-phases). These compounds have cubic structures of the W2C021CG type Card 112 -L 00892-67 ACC NRs AP6021616 0; Capace group Fm1_-Vn_05);-for Zr2N12,B6-a=l0.628�0.005 A, and for Zr2Co2jBfi a=10.597� h �0.005-A The-compound Zr2Ni2jBG has a region of homogeneity locatea on the 20 at.% B. -isoconcentrate at a zirconium concentration of 5-15 at.%. Increasing the Zr concen- tration from 5 to 15 at.% and reducing the Ni concentration from 75 to 65 at.% in- -dresses the lattice constant or the T--phase from 10.609�0.,005 A to 10.702tO.OO5 A. The existence of a second ternary compound was discovered in the Zr-Co-B system with a composition similar to ZrCo3B. This article was presented for publication by Acade- V.A. Svyechnikov. Orig. art..has: 1 table. SUB CODE: 29/ sm DATE: 3oxo-,r,64/ on w; ool Card 2/2 afe t VOROSYARTIIY, Riniel .w4"-3S9=VA Rzamination of the accommodntion curve vith Colenbrandar's method. Szemeszet 94 no,4:171-176 Dec 37. 1. A debreceni Orvostndomarqi rgyetem Szemeszeti KlinDmjanak kozlemirqe (igasgato: Kettesy Aladar). (ACCOMMIATION, OCULLa measurement by Colenbrander's method (Hun)) ORO im1ne of colorimetrr with Pulfrich's photometer. Szemeszet 94 no.4;177-182 Dec 57- I' A debreceni orvoctudomanyi Iffetem S2emklinikajamk koslemenys (Igazgato: Kettesy Aladar). (COWRDGMY, appar. & instruments Pulfrich's photocolorimeter, precision & practical value (Run)) PX-jw4Dgmi91 i, ANN , rarOlY V~PO~R 9 Physical & biological bases of solar coagulation. Szemeszet 95 no.l: 1-5 Mar 58. 1. A Debreceni Orvostudomanyi Zgyetem Szedclinikajanak (Igazgato: rettesy Aladar egyetemi tanar, as orvostudoranyok doktora) as as Orvoei Pizikai Intezetnek (Igazgato: Toth Iajos agyetemi tanaw, as orvoetudoman,vok doktora) kozlemenys. WA, Burg. solir coagulation for bloodless intraocular operations, biol. & phys. bases (Hun)) (SUNLIGM dope) VOROSMARTHY Daniel, BN NM , Khroly Solar cautery. Szemenzat 95 n0.115-7 Mar 58, 1. A DeWeceni Orvoetudomarqi Saetem Szemklinikajanak (Igasgats: Kettesy Aladar egyet. tanaz) so az Orvosi 7izikal Intesetenek (Igazgato: Toth Lajos egyetemi tanar, az orvostudomanyok doktora) koslemenye. (in, surge solar cautery (Hun)) (SUNLIGHT solar cautery of eye (Hun)) VOROSKARTHT, Dardel b'iwger7 of cataract and of cataracta secuiAaria photocoagula. Szemeszet 97 no,304-40 8 160. 1* A debreceni Orvoistudovanyi Mg:retem Szomklinikajanak kozlemenys (TgA2g&tOl Kettesy Aladar evetemi tanar, az orvostudomanyok doktora) (CATAUCT EMACTION) VOROSKARTI, Antal, dr. A discussion of the candidate's dissertation OThaeoretical and Practical Problems of Complex Agricultural Area Reaearch" by Dr. Iajos 07ones. Reviewed by Antal Voroamarti,, Foldrajzi ert 9 no.2:225.-228 160. VOROSMARTI, Antal, dr. Debate about Dr. Jozoof Korodi's dienertation for candidacy entitled Nuestions relating to the economic geography of the fertilizer industry with special regard to the problems of selecting sites," Foldrajzi ert 3-1 no.3t393-397 162. VOROSWTI., Antal., dr. Geological coal resources of the Soviet Union, Foldrajzi ort U no.3098-405 162. VORWMMI, Antal, dr-,, "Demogreia, 1961"; a periodical ravieve Foldrajzi ert 11 no,3'.428- 419 162. NOYAK,X.,K.; VOROSKS Falk-ai G Rapid identification of Gandida albicans, Userletes O""tud. 22 no.2:188-194 AP 160. 1. Orssago KOzegGszBvgugyi Intezet, HUDA) ;A VORCSIE, Folkal Oyorgyi; IIOVAKj, Ervin -Karoly Stfidy of germinatirg and filifom f=gi in bacterial culture media, Kiserlo orvostud. 16 no.1212-15 Ja'64- 1. Orazagoo Kozogeezragugyi Intezet, It+o1ogial laboratorlum, Budapeet. VO ROSS f~-FA RAGO, Elm Computation of the beat balarce of cupola fumaces. Ontode 13 no.2:40-48 F 162. 1. Vasipari Kutato Intezet. HUNGARY / Plant Diseases4 061tivated Plants,* 0 Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol,, No 13, 1958,, 58907, Author Vorosne-Felkai G.* Inst Not given, Title The Study of Botrytinia fuckeliana, the Stimulat- ing Agent of the Grapevine's Gray Noble Rot. Orig Pub: Novenytermeles,, 1957, 6. No 1, 57-46. Abstract: The Investigated 35 strains of the fungus B, fucke. liana (Botrytis cinerea) from the country's various localities differed from each other by the size of the conidia and by the accumulation of certain sugars (arabinose,, fructose8 glycerine,, etc.), The pH Index of the nourishing medium was decreased considerably due to the production of acids. How- ever, the consumption of these acids by the fungus brought about, In a few days, an Increase of the Card 1/2 HUNGARY / Plant Diseases. Cultivated Plants. 0 Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Blol,,, No 13., 1958,, 58907, AbWtract: pH., which was sometimes higher than the pH of the parent substance. The production and consumption of Individual strains also were dl3similart In a one-week-old culture medium of the fungus, by the method of chromatography on paper, tartaric, citric ascorbic and uranic acids were located, The culture of the fungus attained maximum dImen- sions during cultivation at 200 In the pH range of 4-5.' In Infecting grape bushes, the fungus developed on the dead spots of the leaves, The task was fulfilled by the cathedra of viniculture of the Budapest University of Gardening and VItI- culture. -- P. M. Shterenberg. Card Z/Z 17 ZILIBERMAN, L.Te., inzb.; VOROSOVSKrr, B.G., iuzb. Modernizing presses used In shaping shoe-bottom parts. Log. prom. 18 no.9:53-54 S 158. .()aRA 11.10) (Shoe machinery) _12R~~q ~Zsigmond Phonological observations in the Mecoek Mountains aDd vicinity In janu~Lry.,1961. Fecal mtwz szeml 6-no.426-19 Ap-Je 161. VO F-CJSS I-La -421Q-1-alaond Ideas on the plantingof treea on the strectm of Pecs. Pecsi rmiez szeml 6 no-4:11-11+ O-D 161. MA~ M-0 - Ji-i 'VOROSS,, Laszlo Zoigwnd -_- - Ormanysag; a ragion in Hungary. Term tud kOzj 7 no.9; 1+308 163. VOROSS, 14tozio -- - .~ --4 - ..- - ~ Flora of the Palahegy near Pecoujhegy. .244 of cover Ja-Mr 163. Pecsi =sz szeml 8 no. 1: L High.School Teachers College, Paco. VOROSS9 Laszlo Zsigmond Dust control on the Fe--sujhely oinder hill. by pla,-Its. Fecsi musz szoml- 9 no.1:6-14 Ja-Mr t6,1. 1. High School Teachers College, Peas. ETI IJP(c) JO ACC_NR' AP6010102 sotma com uR/0129/66/boq/003/006~/0067 AUTHORSt Voroshnin, L. G.; Lyukhovich, L. S. ORGt Belorussian Polytechnic Institute (Bolorusakiy politokhnicheakiy inatitut TITLE: The influence of alloying elements on the electrolytic boration f modium- carbon steel- SOURCEs Metal-lovedeniye i termicheakaya obrabotka metallov, no. 3, 1966, 65-67 TOPIC TAGS 3 austenitic steel,, boron (7,jjed0._j SrFCA M 01 rAe_J,3,16AJ ABSTRACT: The influence of the alloying elements Ni. All Mn, Cr. Mo. and 1-1. upon the t~icknqss of~the qlectrolyticboron 40Y . 2 0 ,(layer on eedium-carbon stools 40, 4ON, 40112L A'_4_0_GjP`A_0_G21q -AQK-hP 42E-h- P 4~_M~ 4QVI 'was investigated. In addition, the ,p and 4ff2 effect of the above elements on the energy of activation of boron diffusion in aus- tenito wan also studied. The activation enorgies were calculated by the method of V. D. Taran and L. P. Skugoro~a (FIV, 1956s t. III, vyp. 1). The experimental results, presented in graphs and tables (sea Fig. 1), were found to be in good agree. mont with the results of M. Ye. Blanter and N. P. Besodin (14iTOM, 1955, No. 6). It was found that all alloying elements studied retard the growth of the boron layer. With increase in the degree of alloying of the steel and with an increase of the sat- uration temperature, the struoture of the boron needles becomes more complex. Card 1/2 UDC-6_669-1 Pl$k621._785_.53__ ACC NRs Anolaiw Fig. 1. Effect of alloying elements on the energy of activation for diffusio of boron in auatenite. cc /MoIO 0 0 -M 0 Me W 4-1-H :11m j CH /Y % V!~ M got A L 0 ONCOP Cr 10 Ni alloying el.ement Elements which form stable borides increase the amount of the FeB phase and de- crease the amount of the secondary Fe2B boride phase, Orig. art. has: 1 table and 2 graphs. SUB CODEj I.I/ SUBM DATE: none/ ORIG REF: 003 2/2 BALUTA, A.M., lnzh.; SALGANIX, V.A., inzh.l..VOROTELYAK, G.A., lnzh. Improving the technology of boring and blasting operations at the Ingulets Minee Gore zhur. no,900-32 S 164. (KRA 17:12) 1. Rudoupravleniye "Ingulets" (for Baluta), 2. Hauchno- issledavatellskiy gornorudnyy inatitut, Krivoy Rog (for Salganik, Vorotelyak). OVSYAMIIKCV# A.U.; SALWIIK, V.A. I- jq~~YA~KG A.; POLYAIBYJY, V.S. Wa7s of increasing the effectiveness of breaking ore with holes drilled with rock drills. Gor. shur. no.12:10-12 D 62, (MIRA 15:n) 1. flauchno-isoledovateltakiy gornorudnyy instituts Krivoy Rog. (Krivoy Rog Baain-Boring) 14 VOROTELYAKP V.N.; LADYGIN, V.A.~ uchaetkavyy geolog Expitration of ore bodies at the Mindyak Mine. Gor. zhur. no.6:8-11 je 164. (MRA 17:11) 1. Nachallnik MindYakskogo rudnika (for Vorotelyak). V OR 6 TC-,Al , I ilo~4 5-. VEGSBA, Mikhail Trofimovich: TARAN, Arseniy Grigorlyevtch; VOROUNITSIKA, S.1 red.; FATSALYUX, P., Zr-V""-flMWA'6-, -- -.-- (Hanual for mechanics In charge of drain pumps] Posibnik mashynista prokhidnytolkoho vodovidlyvu. 113riv, Derzh. vyd-vo takhn.lit-ry URSR, 1957. 62 p. (MIRA 11:2) (11ine pumps) XUMY, Aran -Xl'YevIoh-[Emv'Wi A.B.]; VMO=aTSIrA. S. (Torotenitalka, 3,1, red.; GUSAROV. Kee takhn, red, Duo Isided milling] Drokromkove froseruvanula. Xylv,IDershtakhvyday MISR, 1958, folder (7 P.). (mm 3.1a0) .% (Katea cutting) ,,,, A-2 6 7-4--. It/ / DVORNIKOV. 0.1*; VOROUNITSIKA, 3.. rodaktor; BXZPITAIOV, R.0 takhaichniv redaktor [Planning labor productivity and labor force in machine manufacturing plants] Planuvannta produktyvnoeti pratst i cl7sellaoutt robitnykiv na mashynobudivnomu zavodi. Iviv, Derzh.vyd-vo takhn.lit-ry URSR. 1957. 62 p. (HLRA 10.9) (Iabor productivity) (Hachineq induatry) RONSKIY, Yuriy Mikbaylovich [Rubinalkyi, IU.M.1; VOROTENITSKAYA, S. [Voroteaitalka, S.1; red,; BBUOYATOT, R., N a".' EXetablishing work norms and the organization of labor in the coal industry] Tekhnichne normavannia ta. organizateiia pratei u vuhillnii prorqslovooti. Kyiv, Dersh.,vyd-vo tekhn.lit-ry URSR, 1938. 202 P. - (MIRA 12:4) (Coal mines and mining) IrIVICH) V.G.; IUIYIOV, V.S.;_VDROTILIN, V.P. Theo*y of extraction from a falling drop. Dcnkl. ~~ISST~ 1358-1360 F 165. 1. Institut elektrokhimii All SSSR. 2. Chlon-korrespondent hN SSSR (for Levich). VOROTILIN, V.P.; KRYLOV, V.S.; LEVICHO V.G. (Moskva) Theory of.the extraction of matter from a falling droplet, Prikl. mat. I. mekh. 29 no.2043-350 Mr-AP 165. (MIRA 18s6) KAPIAN, G,Ye,; I-',OISFYE;V, S.D.; GAVRIJIN, V.M.; SMENOV, G.I.; -11Q~~ -V- Pl- Separation of thorlum Rm rare earthe by'tributyl ph03phate extraction. Ekstr.; teoro,prime.appe no*2:154-159 1622, WIRA 15;9) (Thorim) (Rare wtha) (Butyl phosphate) I 1XVICH, V.G.; KRYLOI, V.S.; VOROTILIN, -V. P. 1"heory of unsteady elffu3*,i.;n frcm a ma,-ijr4,, druT. ~,.!i 163 no.132648-653. Fr 165. (M:RA MO 1. Institut elckfrokhJmli AN 2. Chlen-korre-upondent AN S):~SR (for Ifivich). VORY11LINA, Z,.L.; S'elf -nhbitng e4l'cct of ar-=n1a on Its syr;thesls undar higi- pressure, Kin, I ka-to 6 no ,4:749-750 31-1g 165, "X:RA M9) .1. Gosudmrstvennyy nauchno-Isfiledovatallakly I proyektnyy Institut ysldennostl i produktov organtcheskogo sint-azae .azotnoy prom v JA-LJ4~ I - .. . 4 pc~p , ---. -. .1 . '9* T'- ~E c --9U I U; - .: - i I I - Til~ ~~. ; ;,A Q I... . ... , ~ , 'A . " - : I. " I * -,, ', - t , . . I - I - - - . - - .71 1 ~ i ~,, -.'~ ~~, ~-f ~n~ ~i twim,; i"amn-mm"a'm -,.;~, -51, VO.RWILKIN, A.I. Vorotilkin., A.I. -- "Experimental Data on the Mcchanism'of the Bffcct of Hataestiqsk Hydcogen Sulfide ;later on the Human and Animal Organism#" Dr Eed Sci, Sverdlovsk tA State Medical Inst Sochi 1951, (poiblished 1953). (RL-FILLUTITIM No 1., Jan 54) Source: STAI 168, 22 Jan 1954 WS111" Ifir-ell, and Animl Ibysiolo(!y - Internal Secretion, T-7 M., I Lhyroid, Abs J:,ur : R e A- Zhur - Diol., m 13, 1953, 84366 Author : Vorotilk-in, A.I. Inst Title lizn~or~,~ractcristics uf Endemic Goiters in binsk UjINat'. Oria Pub Trs obl. konfcrentaii po cnCeraichaske zobu i bolezniaa ahchitovidn. zhelazy, Choly-alainok, 1957; 25-30 Abstract Endemic Goiters occurrinG in Chelyabinsk Oblast' are oi: "plains" type. Hawever, mliraant tumr5 develop less often from thyroidal nodes here than in oticr foci of "plaLis-type roiters". Card 1/1 VOROTIIKIN, A.I., prof. Work of the Chelyabinsk Novince Society of Pathoanatomisto during 1958. Arkh.pat. 21 no.6:93-95 '59. (MIRA 12:12) 1. Predeedatell obehahoetva patologoanatomov Chelyabinskoy oblauti, (CHELYABINSK PROVIlMl--PATHOANATOMICAL SOCIETIES) VOROTILKIN. A.I..prefessor Council and Conference of Patboanatomists o*f Chelyabinsk Province. Arkh. pat. 19 n9-2:91-92 157 ' (MLRA 10:4) (OMYABINSK FROVINCE-AUTOMY, PATHOLOGICA.L) I v~RoTnKIN, A.I., pr ~_ff . Work of the Society of Pathologists of the Chelyabinsk region, Arkh. pat. 27 no.n:87-88 165. (MRA 18:12) 1. Predeedatell Obshchestva peLtologoanatomov Chelyabinskoy oblasti. VO k9 T/ 4 A VORM I IS III, jj.~-T' pro fen I or; ~i IDEIP V-A~ I., Ar,n !7 (dlr. z s ov) T U, .4,R CU 1, C ~5 1 Cu I Jill VOROTILKIN A I Primary canoer of the frontal simw. Arkh. pat. 23 no.3:71-73 161. (141RA -.11, s 3) (NOSE, ACCESSORY'SINUSES OF-CANCER) VOROTIMM, A.I., prof. Wbrk of the Societ7 of Pathomatmists of Chilyabdnsk Province in 1962, Arkh. pat. 2-5 no.ft92-9AtO (MIRA 1714) 1. Predsedatell Obehohentva patologoanatomor, Chelyabinskoy oblasti, RODINA, I.A.; MIDPI4017A, M-M.1 VOROTILKIN, A.I., prof. (Chelyabinsk) Cancer of the gastric =cosa with calcification* Klinermed. no.7s 3.28-129 161, (HIRA 1418) 1. Iz rent,-~enologicheskogo otdeleniya (zav. - M.M. Zhdanova) Chelyabinskoy oblasthoy klinicheskay bolluitsy (glavnyyy vrach N.S. Klyukov) i Chelyabinskogo meditsinskogo ins- tituta Wir. P.Mo Tarasov (STCHACH-CAECERi. (CAWIFICATION) VOROTILKINq A.Isp prof* Work of the Society df Fathoanatomiats of Che3yabinak Pmvlzceln 1959. Arkh.pat. 22 no.5t87-89 160. (mm 13: 9) 1. Predsedatell Obahchestva patologoamtomov Chelyabinekoy oblastis (CHELYABINSK PROVINCE-FATHOANATOMICAL qOCIETIES) TOROTILKIN. A,L. prof. Third meeting and scientific conference of pj-thonnAt=ists and experts in forensic medicine of Chelynbinak Provincev Arkhopate 18 no.21129 156 (14IRA 11:10) (CMYABI'HSK PROVINGE-MATOMY. PATHODMICAL) . VOROTILKIN, A.I., prof., SIDBLIM, A&N~q assistant Conference of pAtboanatowlets and experts in forensic meolicino of Chelyabinsk Provineng Arkh.pAt. 18 noo21130 '56 (MIRA 11:10) (CHYMABINSK PR071NCE-ANATORYl PATHOLOGICAL) VORCTILINO h*lol prof* Vadenina, 1910-1954. AM2.pat. 2.8 no.3214'1-142 1,56 (MMA ll.-JO) (VMMIIIA. OLIGA HIMAILOVIIA, 1910-1954) TMOTI~MI,A#Iot pr,ofe ... 1. Activities of the Che3yablnek Province of Pathoanatornists In 1957 Arlh.pat. 20 no;qS93-94 5158 - (KIRA IlSlO) U Fredeedatell obehahestva pFtologoanatomov Cholyjqbinako7 oblastle' (ANATM, PATHOLOGICAL-SOCIETIBS) VOROTILKINI A.Lq prof. Work of the Society of Pathonaatomists of Chelyakbingk province in 1956. Arkhapate 20 no*7389-90 158 (MIRA 11:9) I* Pradnedatell Chelyabinskogo oblantnogo obahchastva patologo- anatomav; (ANATOMY, PATHOLOGICAL) / 19 - :21- - USSR/General Division - History. Classics. Personalities. Abs Jour : Ref zhur - Biologiya, No 1, 195-1, 54. A-2 Author : A.I. Vorotilkin Inst : I Title : Olga Mikhaylovna Vedenina, (1910-1954). Orig Pub : Obituary of the Pathologist and Anatomist Vedenina who successfully worked in the field of bone-pathology; an author of 12 scientific works of which the most inte- resting were the investigations of the problems of fi- brous mastopathy and its relation to cancer and cancer of the xnmm, -ary gland. Card 1/1 VOROTILXINt_?.,zasluzhenny7 master sporta, pochatnyy sudlya vaeso7uznor -~--'__6tegorii (Leningrad) Resources for self-support. Za rul. 17 no.9:1-2 S 159. 0 MIRA 13: 1) (Leningrad--Motorcycle racing) (Leningrad--Automobile racing) A.I., profO1136t VLO, LAL i I laLwim 0 r,.,' t p c t lob e r c -a' pref.- VOROTILKINAl P.I. Actinomycosis of the heart. Sov.wd. 20 no.6-.66-68 156. (XUU 90' 1, Is kafedry patologichookoy anatomil (say, prof. A.I.Torotilkin) Chelyabinakogo meditainskogo institute, (dir. prof. G.D.Obrastsay) I patologoanatomicheakogo otdoloniya (say. prof. A.I.Vorotilkin) Ghelyabinakoy gorodskoy klinichaskoy bollnitsy (glavn" vrach Te.l. Morotskaya) (MRTO actinomycoals (Hue)) (AC;T INOidoosis, Milk (Bus)) VORO WV/F&= Anizals Cattle. Q-3 ,Abe Jour Ref Zhur Biol., No 1, 1958, 2573 Author M. Vorotilov Inst Title The Characteristics of Mineral Feeding to Cattle in the Arid Areas of the South-Easto Orig Pub Molochn. :L zuyasnoye zhivotnovodstvo, 1957, No 4, 26-29 Abstract The experiment VMS conducted vith four,groups-of calves (4 heads in each group) 2-3 months old- The first group received basic rations. The second group received basic rations plus chalk. The third group received basic ra- tions plus bonemeal. The fourth group received basic ra- tions plus bonemeal and cod liver oil. The average live weight of the itainals at the age of two years was: 1st group - 474 kilograms, 2nd group - 463 kilogram, 3rd and 4th group showed a rapid growth, a well developed fra- me, muscles, and hide. The animals had a normal content C~ ,Card 1/2 VOROTILOV, 14,A, Mechanized method for Introducing carbazide into silage. .Zhivotno,vodstvo 24 no.9:1+1-43 S 162. (KLRA 15:12) 1. Orenburge 'kiy pauchno-issledovatellakiy institut molochno-my"nogo okotovodstva. (Fmilago,) (Urea as feed) USSR Farm Animais. ' Cattle.- Abs Tour: Ref Zhur-Biol-., No:12, 11.58, 54764. Author Vorot Inst T.-Not given Title A New Exp;rience in the Fattening of Cattle on Pasture. Orig Pub: Tr. Chkalovskiy n.-i. in-t molochno-myasn. sko- .tovodstva, 1956, vyp. 10, 297-288. Abstract: In the experiment carried out in 1951 at the Ex- perimental Base of the Chkalov Institute, the castrated young bulls of the first group were fed 56.M; more proteins during the last two months of fattening on pasture than the animals of the second group which, instead of protein, were given plenty of carbohydrates. In the young bulls of the seoond group, there was 3.1- 4.6 kg. (27.3-30.4%) more internal fat than in Card 1/2 %7USSR / Farm Animals, Cattle ~bs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 2, 1958, 7161 Author : U__A__M motil~ov~ Inst : Not given Title : New Aspects of the Fattening of Large Horned Cattle Orig Pub: Zhivotnovodstvo, 1957, No 4, 70-73 Abstract: Card 1/2 Q-2 It has been ascertained that an effective fat- tening of young stock depends on the amount of protein in their feed, which Is decreased by the end of the fattening period by 110-50 percent. Animals with a decreased amount of protein in their rations appeared to be in a much better condition than the control animals; they had larger Ideposits (by 4-5.4 kilograms) of internal fat, and of intermuscular fat., although the weight 10 approxi L-2--animals toward the matelv the during the a half to tend of th same. T.t fatten the animal, Wo e fattenj- a rec Ing Period Of 3 ramonths), the n9 perlodommcnded that ,tacarbohydr, "On be amount of (one and I decreased PrOteln In ndard te, incr j and the amount amounts ,, eased b fatt9ning as a Owed at Percent accumulation Ofmeasure wh1ch Y 33-4o fat. the begInnIng OfOver 8"Mulates the the Card 2/2 VOROTILOVI MI hnil Alek-sandrovich-.-BABEIIIA, N.G.,, red,; TR=DIA, lc_-_ ~ OGNO,, [PaRture and feedlot fattening of cattle] Nagul L otkorm krupnogo skote. Moskva. Goo.ixd-vo aelikhoz,lit-rys 1960* 90 P. (KERA 14:2) (Cattle--Feeding and feeds) VOROTILOV, V. (Leningrad); BLYAMM, L. (Leningrad) Crea+ive cooperation between tastractor-econamisto and industr7. Vop.ekon. no.9:148-149 8 160. (HIRA 13:8) (Leningrad--Research, Industrial) (Ldningrad--Industrial management) VOROTILOI, V. (Leningrad) Academic work conducted by the Iconomic Faculty of Lenin- grad University, Top.ekon, no#9tl38-l39 B '59. (MIRA 12:12) (Leningrad-Sconomice-Study and teaching) IT( VOROT "w0 V.I. 4'-f -~ "' * I I . ; Y M~ ~ Ity, Sots, Yodarnization of--o(pdpmnt and gro-orth of labor productiv trud no.5*033-39 yq '58- (3fficiency# Industrial) (HIRA l1t6) VOROTILOV, Vs; OVCHARMO, G. Modernization of equipment and growth of labor productivity. Sots.trud 5 no.2:9-15 F 160. (HIn 13:6) (y,achiner7 in industr3r) (Inbor productivity) - VOROTIIA)V, V., dots, Umortization and repair of capital assets in 1ndnjtry$ b7 A.Dedonov. Revieved by V.Vorotilov. Fin. SSSR 21 no.10:91-94 0 160. (MIRA 13-10) 1. Dekan ekonomicheskogo fakaliteta loningradakogo gonudaretvennogo universiteta. (Amortization) (Industrial equipment-Maintenance and repair) (Dodonov, A.) VOROTILOV Viktor Andreyevich; SUVOROVj IN., red.,- ZMMOVA, Ye.G., 1-- 9 tekhn. red. [Efficiency of capital investments in a socialist society; theoretical problems) Effe-ktivaost' kapit - Irqkh vlozhenil v I sotsialisticheskom obshchestve; voprosy teorii, Leningrad Izd-vo Leningre univ.p 1961* :L60 p. (MIRA 15:21 (Capital investments) LEEEDINSKIY, N.F~; OKTYABRISKIY, P.Ya.; SMIRNOV, D.V.; VINLGRADOV, N.I.; KUZIMAK, B.S.; BLYAKBM, L.S.; RYASHCHENKO, B.R.; POLOWV, V.R.; SHALGIN, G.N.; MARKIN, A.A.; IGNATIYEVA, E.P.; VOFCTILOVIVA.; XLYUYEV, A.I., dota.,,L.A.,, red.; YELIZAROVA, N.A., tekhn. red. [Hi ddent potentials for increasing labor productivity in the national economylRezervy rosta proizvoditellnosti truda v narodnom khoziallstve. Leningrad, Izd-vo Leningr. univ., 1962. 223 P. (MIRA 16:2) 1. Leningrad. Universitet. (Labor productivity) 30(5);25(5) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/1917 Vorotilov, Viktor Andreyevich Vosproizvodstvo osnovnykh fondov promyshlennosti (Reproduction of Capital Assets in Industry) [Leningrad) Izd-vo Leningradskogo universiteta, 1958. 169 p. 2,800 copies printed. Sponsoring Agency: Leningrad. Universitet. Rodaktsionno-izdatellskiy sovet. Ed.: N.S. Mushkin; Tech. Ed.: S.D. Vodolagina PURPOSE; This book is Intended for scientific workers, practical economists and students in related fields of study. COVERAGE: The book discusses the laws governing the reproduction of capital assets in the Soviet industry and also problems related to both direct and expanded reproduction of the means of production. In discussing various problems, the author presents specific pro- posals for their solution. The entire study in based on factual mftti%~kl'~-originating in industrial establishments-in Leningrad. Card 1/4 Reproduction of Capital Assets (Cont.) SOV/1917 TWe author thanks Doctors of Economic Sciences, A. Arakelyan and YA. Kronrod, Docent V. Raud, and L. Blyakhmar. There are no ref- erences. TABLEOF CONTENTS: Foreword 3 Ch. I. Capital Assets as an Economic Category 5 1. Industrial assets in Socialist national economy. Capital and current assets 5 2. GostapdprJee of the means of production in the national econ- omy of the USSR 25 3. Cost indices of capital assets 34 Ch. II. Depreciation of Capital Assets and -its Compensation 45 1. Depreciation of capital assets and its form 8 45 a. Wear and tear of capital assets 46 Card 2/14 -Reproduction of Capital Assets (Cont.) SOV/1917 b. Obsolescence of capital assets 52 2. Economic compensation for depreciation of capital assets throughamortization 67 a. Amortization concept 67 b. Amortization rates 70 c. 'Use of amortization deductions 84 Ch. III. Accumulation of Capital Assets 98 1. Concept of capital asset accumulation 98 2. Sources for wxyand'ed"'ieproduction of.-capital assets 108 3. Economic efficiency of capital investments in a socialist society 113 4. Conditions and laws of expanded reproduction of capital assets 124 Card 3/4 Reproduction of Capital Assets (Cont.) SOV/1917 5. Growth, change in the structure, and renewal of capital assets in the process of expanded reproduction 136 6. Expanded reproduction of capital assets and technological progress 147 AVAILABLE: Library of Congress 9/,JG/ec Card 4/4 8/59 VClkCTlUj7' '76-11 . 2 1 .V9 Vosproizvodstvo 0snovnykh Fondcv Prcriyshl~-nnostl (Reprodur..Licn of Basic Funds In Industry) Leningrad, 17d-vo Lenin,-radskop'(,. 11niv,-.rsit~!ta, 1958 160X p. Charts, Thbles. At H-ad of Titlt: Universite~t. DlblioF~raphical Footnotes. VOROTILOVA L.B., inzhi; GUDIM-LEVKOVICH, T.E., inzh. Determining the state and efficiency of the mechanization of engineering design, copying and duplicating processes, Yekh.i avtom.proizv. 17 no.905-58 3 163. (miRA 16:10 VOROTNEY, Petr Semenovich [Socialist Traitak] Troitsk notsialistichesk:U. Cheliabinsk, Cheliabinskoe knizhnoo izd-vo, 1962. V p. (MIRA 16:10) (Troitak--Description) KISILEVSKIY, V.V.: VOROTIIIK, T.K.: TYUTYUIIIIIKOVA, T.I. Simple flawttre-ro"p"hMoomatero. Zov. lab. 24 no. 7:885-W7 158. (MIRA 11:7) 1. Kharikovskiy nauchno-inaledovatallskiy inatitut oanovnoy khimii i Iaboratorlys pochvovedentya AN USSR. (Photomnters) AUTHORS: Kisilevsiy, Y.V.4__YqxQtn~k T K Tyutyunnikovaq T.I. TITLE,. PERIODICAL: SOV/32-24-7-451/65 Simple Flame Filtor Photometors (Proatyye plamennyye filltr-fotometry) Zavodskaya Laboratoriya, 1958, Vol. 24, Nr 71 PP- 885-887 (USSRA ABSTRACT: Apparatus for the determination of Li, Na, K and Ca were devised which operate with gas-, air-, and petrol-(benzene)-air flames. Because of the pressure fluctuations within the gas supply of towns the gas must be branched off by means of a device shown in a diagram. From it m,~y be seen that the pressure control SPDK-loo with a leather membrane is used, which starts a signal system as soon as the gas pressure within the system drops below the desired val-to. A schematic representation of the filter photometer with a gas flame is also given) which shows that the gas is supplied through a purification system, and that on the other hand the purified air transports the finely disperse sample solution to the flame, with a vessel being devised that collects the coarsely disperse drops. Interference light filters as well as a Card 1/2 selenium- or silver sulfide photoelectric cell, respectively, Simple Flame Filter Photometers SOV/32-24-7-45/(-5 were used for the determination of the spectral emission of .sodium and potassium. The Photo current was measured bZ9means of a mirror galvanometer with a sensitivity of 2.5 -10 A. - The scheme operating with patrol or benzene is also given; in principle it is similar to the one described above, with the difference that the gas purification is carried out differently. The burner suggested by Schuhknecht (Ref 1) was found to be the one best suited for this purpose of several burners tested, The relative measuring error of the determination is quoted to be 30i*~- There are 3 figures and 5 references, 3 of which are Soviet. ASSOCIATION: Kharlkovskiy nauchno-iasledovatellskiy institut osnovnoy khimii i Laboratoriya pochvovedeniya Akademii nauk USSR (Khar1kov Scientific Research Institute of Basic Chemis- try and the Laboratory of Soil Science AS, UjaMinisyn SSP) Card 2/2 GILINAROV, K.,- JrEUR N. Kikhail (g.ldpotak)l TOROTNIKOT, A. Good lucki. Takh.molo 28 no&6sl-3 160. (mm 13S 7) 1. Glavm7 inzhener Yeletskogo elementnogo savoda (for GellasnOv)- 2. Pervyy sekretarl Lipetakogo obkoma komsomola (for Torotnikov)e (Ifficiency, Industrba) BARANOT, Te.1 VOROTNMOV, A. FloaftbeaWbe`Gri for measuring coagulating nts. Zbil.- kom.khos. 9 n0.10:26-27 '59- afMGIBA 13:2) (Water-Purification) VCROTgKQTO_ _4 '~Fa. Z-A., red.:. KOMUTA. V.I., - _ _gqkspyo,~Ich; RODIONOVA,; KARPOYA--T.T.. [Intertaining mechanical drawing] Zanimatellnoo chorchenie. Hookva, Gos.uchebno-pedagog.1zd-vo X-va prosv.RSFSR6 1960. 130 P. (Mechanical drawing) (KIRA 14:4) I~f T r 7 3~ - 1l11XTrl,l,-"~:,~JK'I FIHOTS SO!" ITA r, T!:~", CDF 195" 216 1). ILI,TjS., D i G, 0 TI 1 79 r" Z P. It 217-218 . fi_vevIcb; GLYADVIOVI Viktar Petrovichi RISTp V2jqRjjKQy,_jg2rj Nikol A.K., nauchwy red,; SEGAL', Z.G.p ved. red.; SAFRONOVAO I.M.p tekhn. red. (Mechanization of labor consuming procenses on tank farms] Me- khanizatsiia trudoezkikh protsessov na neftebazakh. Izdo2ol perer. i dop. Leningradj Gostoptekhizdat 1962. 314 P- (KIRA 15;6) (Petrolewri-Stora'ge) VOR0TIIjXOY,_;,Vr!_jLi'ko c4; GLYADMIOV, Viktor Petrovich-, RIST, A.K., ~v i~ nauchnyy red.; ISM, G.A., vedushchly red.; GENNADIYZVA, I.M., .. [Assembling and repairing equipment at tank farms] Montazh oborudovanlia na neftebazakh. Leningrad. Goo.nauchno-tekhn. izd-vo neft. i gorno-toplivnoi lit-ry, Leningr.otd-nie, 1959. 344 P. (MIRA 13:11) (Tanks--Repairing) 25(2) PHASE I BOOK E.XPLOITATION SOV/2328 Vorotnikov, Igor' Nikolayevich, and Viktor Petrovich Glyadenov Montazh i remont oborudovaniya na neftebazakh (Erection and Repair of Bulk Plant Equipment) Leningrad, Gostoptekhizdat, 1959. 344 p. 4,300 copies printed. Scientific Ed.: A. K. Rist; Exec. Ed.: G. A. Deyev; Tech. Ed.: 1. M. Gennadlyeva. PURPOSE: 'this book is intended for personnel operating petroleum bulk plants.. and storage facilities for fuels and lubricants. COVERAGE: This book is a manual on organizing, erecting and repairing various types of storage tanks, pumps and other bulk plant equipment. Uaeful information on basic materials, tools and devices, and layout of repair shops is given. Simple methods for mechanizing repair work and the main problems of organizing labor and cari-jing out safety techniques are covered. V. N. Titkov, A. I. Makarov, and V. N. Bogdanov are mentioned as authors of Proyektirovaniye i stroitellstvo neftebaz Card 1/5 Erection and Repair (Cont.) SOV/2328 (Design and Construction of Bulk Plants) published in 1953, and V. D. Taran, author of Tekhnologiya ovarki i montazha, magistrallnykh truboprovolov (Technology and Assembly of Trunk Pipelines). There are 14 referencesj all Soviet. TABLE OF CONTENTS- Foreword 3 Introduction 5 Ch. 1. Basic Materials for Erection and Repair Work 7 1. Metals 7 2. Heat treatment and thermothemi-eal treatment of steel 20 3. Metallographic examination 2 4. Iron and steel mill products 29 Nonferrous metals 29 Packing material 32 Stuffing and sealing materials 34 Lubricants 35 Card 2/5 Erectiob and Repair (Cont.) SOV/2328 9. Abrasives 36 10. Metal goods (hardware) 37 Ch. I I. Elements of Machines and Mechanisms 47 11. Tolerances and fits 47 12. Measuring instruments 53 13. Machine Elements, subassemblies and Joints 62 Ch. I ll. Repair and Erection Equipment; Tooling 112 14. Organizing locksmith's work area 112 15. Machine Tools 117 16. Welding equipment 121 17. Blacksmith equipment 1?9 18. Boller equipment 130 Ch. IV. Transport and Hoisting Equipment and Equipment for Repair and Erection Work 132 19. Carts and rollers 132 20. Pullies, compound pullies, and tackles 133 21. Winches and jacks 136 22. Hemp ropes and steel ropes 138 Card 315 Erection and Repair (Cont.) SOV/2328 23. Gripping devices 141 Ch. V. Metalworking 144 24. Locksmith's 'vrjrk 144 25. Welding 171 26. Some copper- and-tinsmith's work 18o 27. Blacksmith's Work 183 28. Machine-tool metal cutting 188 Ch.-VI. Erection Operations 198 29. Placement and dimensional coordination of equipment 198 30. Checking flatness and straightness 199 31. Checking for coaxiality 200 32. Checking for parallelism and perpendicularity 202 33. Mounting machines on foundations 204 34. Methods of erection 209 35.. Balancing rotating parts 221 36. Laying pipelines 224 37. Assembly of equipment 232 Card 4/5 Erection and Repair (Cont.) SOV/2328 Ch. VII. Repair Work 245 38. Organizing equipment repair 245 39. Repair work (of tanks and pipelines) 261 40. Overhauling machines and mechanisms 283 41. Reconditioning machine and mechanical parts 297 42. Overhauling boilers 313 43. Reconditioning machine tools 319 44. Organizing repair shops 321 45r. Mobile shops 331 Ch. VIII. Labor Organization and Wages 333 46. Basic Information -on..methods of wage payment, time stan- dards and piece 11ates 333 47. Organizing socialist competition in Orection and repair works 337 48. Rapid repair methods 338 49. Safety techniques and labor protection 339 Bibliography 342 AVAILABLE: Idbrary of Congress GO/Jb 10-22-59 Card 5/5 Vop,c)'rNlKou AUTHOR: TITLE: PERIODICAL: ABSTRACT: Card 1/2 93-6-20/20 Titkov, V., reviewer A Useful Book on Mechanization of Labor Coneuming Operations on Tank Farms (Poleznaya kniga po me- khanizatsii trudoyemkikh protsessov na neftebazakh) Neftyanoye khozyaystvo,, 1957# Nr 6o PP. 70-71 (USSR) This is a review of the book "Mechanization of Labor Consuming Operations on Tank Farms (Mekhanizatolya trudoyemkikh protses~ov na neftebazakh) by.I.N. Vorotni- .kov and V.P. Glyadenov, published in 1956 by the State Ue'ientifia and Technical Publishing House of the Petro- leum and Mineral-Fuel Induatty (Gostoptekhizdat). The reviewer criticizes the authors for not giving complete information on the equipment they discuss. For example, in describing the laboratory oil-tank cleaning unit designed by the All-Union *Scientific Research Institute for Transportation,, Storage, and Use of Petroleum A Useful Book on Mechanization of Labor (cont.) 93-6-20/20 kroduats (VNIITneft'), the authors fall to =ntion that this unit has been described in detail in the Transactions of the All-Union Scientific.Research Institute for the'Processing of Petroleum and Gas and for the Production of Synthetic Liquid Fuel (Trudy VNII NP), Nr 5- In general the reviewer approves of thio'book and suggests that the Main Administration for Petroleum Marketing (Glavneftesbyt) select the most-important equipment listed In the-book and organize Its production. The reviewer re'commends equipping tank farms with UPM-6 type portable hoists of 500 kg lifting capacity for lifting oil barrels. AVAILABLE; Library of Gdngrese Card 2/2 SOV-109-3-4-23/28 AUTHORS;Braginskiy, V. B. and Vorotnikov, L.- P. TITLE: Separation of the Higher Harmonics i7n a Re-rrex Klystron by Means of Complex-Form Resonators (0 vydelenii vysshikh garmonik otrazhatellnogo klistrona pri pomoshchi rezonatorov slozhnoy formy) PEMIODICAL: Radiotelchnika i Eloktronika, 1958, Vol 3, Nr 4, pp 573-574 (USSR) ABSTRACT: One of the methods of obtaining the wavelengths in the millimetro range is based on the i3eparation of the high order harmonies in a klystron. The aeparation can be done by ineans of a special resonator, such as a toroidal cavity which "gradually" feeds into a waveguide terminated with a moveable piston; the waveguide attenuates the fundamental wave. This type of resonator can be particularly useful in extracting the 3rd harmonic. The problem was investi- gated experimentally and the results are shown in the figure on P 573. The curves in the figure show the output Card 112 SOV-109-3-4-23/28 Separation of the Higher Harmonics in a Reflex Klystron by Means of Complex-Form Resonators power of the 3rd harmonic (dashed curve) and of the funda- mental as a function of the reflector voltar-e. The paper contains 1 firure and 1 French reference. ASSOCIATION: Fizicheskiy fakulltet Moskovskogo gosud.,,xstvennor,o universiteta im M. V. Lomonosova (Physics Department of the Moscow State University imeni M. V. Lomonosov) SUBMITTED: June 22, 1957 .1. Klystrons--Performance 2. Cavity resonators--Applications 3. Wave guides--Performance Card 2/2 =TYAM, I., polkovrAk, k&M. voyenn7kh nauk; PIATONOVg Be, leytenente, VORMZOTO K.. polkamik, The trainb4; of tank crews, Tankist. UO.5tl9-21 Yq, 158. (Tank warfare) (Military education) (MIU lIs6)