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December 31, 1967
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ACCESSION NR: AT4014047 ultimate state has been accumulated as the result of the cyclic character of sf i- -;ses. Fatigue crack propagation, fatigue strength~m elastic and plastic deformations of - ('w_)vLi1 and notched test specimens, the influence of residual stresses at plastic deformations, and fatigue strength of wide strips bent as plates are discussed in some detail. It is concluded that: (1) the influence of factors decreasing the fatigue strength Is 1110dorated by conditions encountered in the plastic range; (2) the fatigue cracks are propagated with less intensity on larger test specimens or machine parts; however, the smaller specimens or parts endure a highor stress before the formation of cracks occurs. The period of crack propagation in the plastic range is relatively long; (3) at plastic zero- to-compression cycling of specimens containing stress raisers, actual stresses change sign because of residual tens-Ale stresses; (4) at a reduction of fatigue life to 1/4 of a cycle, the ultimate cyclic stress obtained by extrapolation is close to the true stress in the contracted zone at failure in tension: (5) after bending in, the plastic range, resi- dual stresses have no negative effect on fatigue streigth; (6) -wide strips bent cyclically in the elastic range exhibit fatiguo cracking at the edges; in the plaitf~ r I . aig6, the however, fatigue cracks occur first in central portion of the width; (7) at plane stress coaditions, such as occur during bending of.'wide strips, and Card 2/3. ACCESSION MRs AT4014047 at unlaxial stress conditions such as occur during b*ndi":of narrow strips. fatigue strength can be generalized by the streas. lft* amthor expresses thanks to To E. Hingins B. 3# Cheguling and Yu. So Chuvikovaklys A* made poseibl* the reelarcW, the results of obiah are reported In the present article@" Orisd art@ Wm 1 20 ficures and 2 tablese ASSOCIATION2 none SUBMITTWs 00 DAM ACQ: 20064 j.' EKCL% 00 -SUB 00133 M )8 AD MW SpVt OC 02=8 004 Card 313 ACCESSION NRj AP4031637 8/02031641004100210326/0332, AUTHOR# Yeekbovyatsklyg Be K, TITLE$ Solar wind and solar corpuscular streaus SOURCEs GeoM&gft6tiZM i &4r6ft0M1y&# Ve 4g itoo 20 19640 328-332 TOPIC TAGESt grsomagnetLc Index, solar rotationo solar activity, solar equatorial plane, gaiamagnatic-field ABSTRAM Geomagnetic K indices hove been studied for 11937-1958 'and assoctate4 with 801A rotation periods. An empiric formula is 1: given for~computation of a correlation coefficient. Numerical values of the co?ffLcLent differ greatly from one solar rotation period to another. ~The author arsumed that during the phase of weak solar activity of its 11-year'cycle, the corralwgion coefficient changes, I slightly. At maximum 0014r activityg the --jalues of the coefficient are small and change markedly* The values of the correlation I / 2 ACCESSION AP4031637 ne coefficient aro more stable during the equ inox parto4s. In Ju and December$ the earth crosses the solar equatorial plane; during these months tt,e heliographic latitude of'the earth changes markedly,, and its position wIth regard to coronal elements may change the magnetic index* In the equinox period the earth remains longer in equal coronal c~Dnditlons vhich do not esues great changes In the geonagnetic field. Orik, artshas: 2 fL&ures, 2 tableav and I formula* Klyevakiy'Sonudaretvenny*yl'univer*Ltat (Kiev State UniveraLty) SUBMITTEDs 05Feh63 DATE ACQ: 31)Apr64 ZXCLt 00 SUB CODZ# 'AS 90 RZ r. SOVI 007 OTURRe 006 Cwd ACCESSION NR: AT4032224 S/:3089/63/000/005/0216/0224 .AUTHOR: Vackhavyatakiy, S. K. TITLE: Struct,~--re of solar corona and corpuscular streams SOURCE: AN UkrSSR,.Xazhd%&vedomstvanny*y geofizicheskLy komitet. G2ofizika i astronomiya; J.nformatsionny*y byulleten', no. 5, 1963, 216-224 TOPIC TAGS: solar corona, mechanical system, corpuscular strea.m, chromospheric erup*tive act-.''vity, prominence filament, flocculus coronal formation, solar magnetic field, surface magnetic field, coronal plasma, ekternal corona, terrestrial orbit, correlation coefficient, solar activity cycle, geomagnetic field ABSTRACT: The rotation of -iolar corona occurs together with the solar body as a mechanical system with peculiar shifting of detri*15. Solar corpuscular streams are generated by eruptive activizy of the chromosphere, especially in formation of pxominance filaments. Coronal fan-shaped formations and the straf ght rays on them are located above dark filaments and dark flocculi. Stable coronal Card 1/2 ACCESSION NR; AT4032224 formations are created by interactions of the ,eneral solar magnetic field, local surface magnetic fie..ds, and mignetic fields of coronal plasma streams. The matter concentration i% polar rays is 10 times more than in the interstitial places. Phot:-praphs of external corona show the rays as straight 1,.'.nes stre:.ched at distances from 15 to 20 solar radii. Coronal rays may be ;,tretched beyond the -terrestrial orbit, and their energy is incriased with distance because of a solid rotation of the wystem. Coefficient K is intro- duced which characterizes the correlations ietween the solar activity cycle and the stateoftf-a geomagnetic field. K I:ncrdases through all phases of the cycle. Orig. art. has: 5 fi$:ures and 2 formulas. ASSOCIATION: Kiyevskiy gosudarstvann f*y un versitet (Kiev State University) SUBMITTED: 00 DATE ACQ: 16Ap44 ENCL: 00 'SUB CODE: ES NO REF SOV: 01~ OTHER: 002 Card 2 / 2 VSEVOLOZHSKAYAt Ye.V.; MOROZOVAO 0. Yo.; tae A* Dibutyltatrachlorophthalata as a static,,,,~ary phase in the i,~ gan-liquid chromatography of hydrocarbaze. ITeftekhimiia /+ no.ltl42-150 Ja-F'64 it (KIRA 17x6) tt 1. Institut geologil I razrabotki goryujAiM lskopayemykh Gosudaretvennogo komiteta SSM po toplivu. 1 . V3EVOr,Ot,,'OV. H.; SMMITEMKO, Its 2. ussR (6oo) 4- Tel ec ommuni cat i on--Empl oyuea 7- At a sanatorium for cofimunicatIon workers, SOv. sviaz-, 10, 1951- 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, APril., 1953, Uncl. 1. VSEVEWDOVo H. 2. USSR (6W)l 4, laahell,, Anatolii Arkhipovich 7. Anatoliy Kashellp,.Sov. avlaz., no, 59 1953e 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, APril-- 1953, Uncl. 1. KASHUV, Anatolii; VSEV(YLODOV. V. 2. ussR (6oo) 4. Television 7- Sov. sviaz., 3, No- 5, 1953- 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, April., -1953, Uncl. VSIVOLODOV. H. Lidila Mostovala. Sov.sviaz. 2 no.11:6 N 152, (KaA 7:8) (Ilostovaia, Lidiia Korneavna) VSKVOLODOT, H. ~, Behind the wheel of a mail truck. Sov.svias. 2 no.12-,12-13 D 152. (Postal service) (Kotor trucks) NLRA 7:8) YSEVOLODOV, M. TeItcommunication "Pavel, Chigishey" Sov- aviaz- no. 11, 1951. 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, t 19~2 -]Aw, uncl. VF),j, -,Y .V(,Ik)Z,l -'Y, V.A. . ...... . *1~1& 5,3 t I r,--, into the lake ',-,a!i!n6 () r *hA~ Ino-Ifilern part, of the u -I rocly 6,1L W). i4.1-1 52 *65jo W..~ ~ ~ 0- i 1,0011r,'a (14:1(A 1839) VSTTVOLOTjOV, M. T(- lee Ornu.-- ica t I on Nikolai Petrenko, Sov. sviaz., no. 6, 1951- Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, ~'-'arch. 1c'52. - - v Is C-LEI'S 8M ed V-SEVOLODOV, M. V sel'skom otdelenii sviazi. ZI-n a rural communieation department_7. Moskva, Gos. izd-vo lit-ry, po voprosam sviazi i radio, 1950- 53 P- ports. (Biblioteka stakhanovtsa). DLCz WO59.V8 SOt SOVIET TRANSPORTATION AND COMMICATIONS, A BIBLIOGWiff., Library of Corgreas 6(0) ~-r SOV/111-59-9-17/31 AUTHOR: Vsevolodov), -.-#Ko TITLE: Subsidiary Points for Kolkhoz Postmen PERIODICAL: Vestnik avyazi, 1959, Nr 9, p 23 (USSR) ABSTRACT: This article describes a system of subsidiary points for kolkhoz postmen in the villages of 3 districts of the Ryazan, oblast' introduced in May, 1959, Of 8 such points in the oblast', 5 are located in the Shi- lov rayon; organization and operation of postal work at these 5 points is outlined with aid of a diagram. The author enumerates a number of advantages in the use of this system of postal pickup and delivery. Tlen- tioned in the article is N.V. Kon,kov, chief of the Shilovskaya kontora svyazi (Shilov Communications Of- fice). There is 1 diagram. Card 1/1 VSZ-VOLCDGV, 14.K. In the leading district of a long-diotanc,3 communicatJon cable network. Vo3u. ulrluz~ ~5 no. TI 165. N, cj ],,~: I.,I) YSEVOLODOV, M. K. "Conmunications Facilities at the Volga-Don Canal Construction Site,? Vest. Svyazi, No. 10, 195 2 Translation M-674, 27 JulY 1955 VSEVOLODOV, -.-M.K... The competition has become an effective force, Vezt. sviazi 22 no.3:27-28 Mr '62. (MIRA 15:2) (Rostov-on-Don--Postal service--Employees) HT. I.Ta.. redaktor; SUKROVOLOV. S.T.. II.P., takhaicheekly redLaktor [Utensils that lighten house work:] Welita. oblagetalushchis trud v dowshnem khoz1aistva, Moskva, 'Vases kooperatlynoo isd-vo# 1956. 33 P. (MLRk 10:2) (Kitchen utensils) =VoLruov, N. S. Rats-ion-il'uy rask, '-oy listovjkh in-Aallov (11~uti-mal laying Dut --)f shoot -%7.3skva, ED-1-7, 1952 ~O p. ill-is., Ali~jrs., tables. SO: '11,15 732 - -.'03 -V9 YSEVOLODOY, N.S. New method of cutting steel sheets. Vest.mash. )3 no.3:22-25 Mr 153. (waA 6:5 (Sheet metal work) TARAWCV, Ye.I.9 prof.; '~PEVOIq~OV, P.Y-., inzlis "Guard your healthw by A.M.Demidova. Pw7ieved by E.I.Tarakanov. Zdarcrvte 7 no.3202 Mr 161. (MIRA 140) (HYGIENE) (DENIDOVA, A.M.) VSEVOLCZZSKAJAv E. V. Olsomerisation des byerocarbt"s polymethyleniques sous 11influence du chlorure d'aluninium. II. ISomerisation du 1.2-cimetbyleyelopentan6,w by M. B. Turov&-Foljak and E. V, Ysevoloselcafte (p 824) SOt Journal of General Chemistry (Zhurml Obahchei Khbdi) 1941, vol Ilp no 10. VSF.VOLOSH,SKAJAs, E. V. M. B. TUROVA-POLJAK, YhOM, 1941, 11, 817-820, 821-8-4-3, 824-84-8 73- - .7 ~, , 't , - -L -I- , C., ,~. 13. 1 ZhM'~,~ n 2/,-V, 17!~! ; V,,,EVQLZIIIqK,AYAj-,GS,S dots. [Pbysiology of plant r-utritioniFizi-ologiia pitanii;,- ra- stenli. Stavropol' ~ Sitavropol'okoe knizimoo 17;d-vop 19(A. 27 p. (MIRA 18:8) 1. Kafedra botaniki i fiziologii rasten" y Stavropollskogo ael'skokhozyaystvennogo inritituta. 1JSSR / Forentry, Forest Cultures. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biologiya, No 18, 1958, No. 82216 Aut hc~ Vssvo1ozhskaya,-7 GO IC-. Pryansk Forestry Institute 'i Itle Role of 141crofertilization in Increasing the Quality of Seedlings of Tree Species Orig Pub Tr- Bryanskogo lesokhozi in-tei, 1957, 8, 115-125 Abstract UGing complete mineral fertilization (N Oil, P205 0,2, K20 0.08 g/1% of Esoil) tests Irere made in hothouses and in the field deinonstrating the influence Of Y19S04, Nacl, CUS04, MIS04, 113P03, ce-naphthlylacatic acid, sylvinite, schoenite., bormagnesium waste products and some other substances in the seedlirgs and iaplirgs (not older than 3 years), the English oak, the NcTway maple, and the ordinary elm and ash. It was established that midro- elements on a background of MUC Improved the quality of Card 1/2 WSR / Forestry - Forest CultLwes - Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biologlya, No 18, 1958, Nc. 82216 K seedlings, contributed to the development of the root systems, promoted the Eravth of the trunks, and assisted in the formation of a greater surface assimilation in the leaf. The greatest positive effect was observed vith the application of B salts on a lime background, Zn, Ou, Mn, and Yg. -- D. I. Deryabin Card 2/12 26 VSEVOLM17MA, G. F. Or 49 Piarl"to - Grovtb,, Regulators Reap "The Effect of Alpha -.N-iphthvl Acil and Other Growth Sttmulante on the Hamp Seed Rarveat," G. K. Vaevolozhakaya, All-Union 5~41 Res That of Bast Cult-are,, Glykhov, Sumakaya Oblast, 3 PP "Do)c Ak NA4 S=" Vol LXV NO 2 Attempts to clarlfK effectivanoso of several prep- arations ofgrowt stimulants to Increase hemp- Heed produq~ivity. Concludes that alpha-naphtbl- acetic acid effects highest increase in -,.wod-4c- j~ivity of hemp seed, espegIIally vith tvice-repeated aprayint. Submitted by Acad;N. A. Maksimov,.. J&n 9. 3qAqTi Efiffod I nAphth4lou"cistic acid and other growth vesu laterv an the yield at hemp v*.d. G K - t1i'se-yiu, NO. a (Auktuiv, I~ini.k,il 1),khjdy Ak,ul. Nj-k V.S.S R. 6S, ~-,Kl 601491 -A -I,vAv *011 (HIOV:j, -oln I'Dwriq fate 44 Ornowth. W1111, %IIfIII4I.Iff-* 11tv It. *hcit J.4-1) 6 Is-d firto-1~101 4" 1 tupt, .,Icdtvtk, vid cave III-th Owt-k- it f,ittfrr 'i'm White AM IIA.1 111th' 4-11c, I G.' 'M~ Ki~4441MWIT KUDRYAV If* A., kand. tekhn. nauk; VSEVOLOZHSKATA, I. N-.-inzh. New standard for products of metal and ceramic hard-facing alloys for hard-facing drills. Gor. zhur. no.10:45-48 0 162. (MM 152-10) L Veenoyusnyy nauchno-iseledovatellskiy institut tvardykh splavov,, Moskva. (Hard facing--Fquipment and supplies) ACC NR. AP6030548 SOURCE CODE: UR/0413/66/000/016/0029/0029 INVENTOR: Baskakov, Yu. A.; Svirskaya, P. I.; Mel'nikov, N. N.; Shvindlerman, G. S.; VsP_volozhsk_ayA,_.N_._.B.; Stonov, L. D.; Bakumenko, L. A. ORG: none TITLE: Preparatien of N-hydroxyurea derivatives. Class 12, No.' 184835 [announced by All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Chemicals for Plant Protection (Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-iss ledovote I's kiy institut khimicheskikh sredstv zashchity rasteniy) i SOURCE: Izobreteniya, promyshlennyye obraztsy, Lovarnyye znaki, no. 16, 1966, 29 TOPIC TAGS: herbicide, hydroxyurea derivative, alkyl isocyanate, alkylcarbamoyl chloride L14~Ceo &141eoe, e.IA?~719 C'ZV721-1004WO herb* cid' ABSTRACT: In the proposed method for the preparation of i es, derivatives of N-hydroxyurea of thq generpl formula; X, ~~N-COXHR ~H are obtained*by treating arylhydroxyiamines with"ailky'li isocyanates or With alkylcarbamyl chlorides. (WA-50; CBE No. 111 i SUB CODE: 07/ SUBM DATE. 28ju.164/ UDC: 547.495.2.07 Card 1/1 632.954'.2 113FTIPEDZIMUT, T. -7. ivi-vo, 1('-12. 2':!, 0,. U nas mi floto fin, o,-r navy P~ I I i -, L~: -R -aaifla Aa=api , V 1 " - o 'I , J 1 , 1:/ 1 '; 5 3 -r,o: U2afLLX L&Ct a n ( I '. . VSEVOLOZHSKIY, Igor' [Imperceptible monitor) Ueulovhqi zonitor. Yo5kvp-' voe!~. izd-vol 1959. 239 p. (KIRA 15:5) (World War, 1939-1945--Personal narratives) VSEVOLOZHSKIY, L.A. baprovement of the output control system for the DN-21 batcher. Priborostroanie no.9-.30-31 S 163. (MIRA 16:9) (Proportioning equipment) VSLITOLOZHSKIY,- V.A,; PAVLOVA, K.K. Characteristics of t~e formatim, of srbsurface flow into rivers in the Pur region. Trudy GGI no.114:1?1-179 164. (MTIM 17: 11) VSEVOLOZIISKIY, V.A., aspirant; KARPOVA, V.P. . . -, 1 -:,., Conditions governing the formation of the runoff in depth of the upper zone of the intensive water exchange in the northern part of the European U.S.S.R. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; geol. i razv. 7 no.9:91-101 112 164. (14IRA 17:10) 1. 14oskovskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet imeni Lomonosova. VSEVOI,OZHSKIY, Yu.V.,- GALKIN, A.F.,, aspirant; GRIGORIYEV, V.I., aspirant I-------- L--- Sudan grass as (sconomic green fodder. Zhivotnovodstvo 23 no.5:54-55 My 161. (KIRA l6z2) r 1. DiVektor sovkhoza "Kommunist" Kharikovakby oblj~dti (for Vaevol6shokly). 2. Mmrlkovskiy sallskokhozyaystvennyy inatitut (for Galkin, Grigorlyev). (Budan grass) VSESVTATSKIY, B.V.p prof. Problem of Improving the teaching of biology in conne?~ton with the progrese of biological isciance. Biol.v ohkole no.418-13 R-Ag 1621 (KCRA 15112) 1. Maskovskiy gosudarstyennyy, pedagogicheakly institut Ineni raning. (Biology.-Study and teaching) VSE-3VYATSKIY, B.V. Mothodology of biology or didactiO8 of bioloW Blol. v ohkole no.40-8 Jl-Ag 163. (MIRA 160) 1. Moskovskiy gosudaretyennyl pedagogicheskiy institut imeni Lenina. (Biology--Study and teaching) prof.; RTBAKOVA. N.T.,red.; ZOVALENKO, T.L.. [General methodology of biology; textbook for pedagogical Institutes) Obahchaia matodika biologii; uchabnoe posobie dlia pedagogicheskikh institutov. Moskva, Gos.uchabno-podagog.izd-vo H-va proov.RSM. 1960. 330 P. (MIRA 13:11) (Biology-Study and teaching) YSISVTATSKIY, B.Y., professor -P Method of studying the subject "Variety of flowering plants.* Biol.v sbkole no.4:10-15 Ji-Ag 160. (MIRA 13:7) 1. Kookovskiy gorodskoy pedagogicheakiy institut im. V.P. Potemkins. (BotazV-Stuiky and teaching) WEVOLOMSIMY1, Mykhailo Mykolayovych [Decisive forcePyrishaltna syla, Zaporizbzhia ZaporizIke knyzhkovo-gazetne vyd-vo, 1960. 37 p. ~Kr-4 ix,:w) (Ukraine-Economic policy) GOLCVKINA, M.T.; NOVOTELINCV, N.V.; VSHELYAKI, T.N.; PAVLOVETS, N.M. Antibiotic properties of ~,itanin preparations obtained from the wild rose fruit by the fermentation method. Izv.vys.ucheb.zav.; pishch.tekh. no.5u43-46 163. (MIRA 16:12) 1. Leningradskiy tekhnologicheskiy institut kholodillnoy pro- myshlennosti, kafedra mikrobiologii i biokhimii. POLAND/Optics Physical Optics. Abs Jour : Referat Zhur - Fizika, 140 3, 1957, 7764 Author : Vshesinskaya. Inst Title : Crystalline Phosphors, Production and Structure. Orig Pub : Postepy. fiz., 1956, 7, N03, 183-194 Abstract : Survey, Bibliography, 9 titles. K-5 Card 1/1 - 55 - USSR/Zoopqrasitolo y. Ticks and .Insects - Vectors of 0 ChUsal trgenisms. Ticks. Abs Jour: Ref. Zhur. - Biol., No 23, 1958, lot+llo Author Vshivkov, F. M. Inst Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR Title Vie Biology of the Tick Ixodes redicorzevi redicorzevi under Conditions of the Crimea. Orig Pub: Zb. prats' Zool. muzeyu AN URSRq 19579 No 28, 105-107 Abstract: The tick I. r. redicorzevi was found in moun- tainous, foothill and steppe areas of the Crimea. Its larvae were encountered chiefly on rodentsi the nymphs and imago, on rodents and birds dur- ing the entire year. _73men female and two male adult ticks were also collected directly from plants by means of a scraper. This fact and Card 1/2 vs.qlvxov, P.M. [Vshyvkov, F.M.] Bi'oiiogy of the tick Ixodes redicorzovo Olen. ZbIr. prate' Zool. wuz. AN URSR no.28:105-107 157. (MM 11:5) (Crimea--Ticks) USSR/Zooparas:Ltology Acarina and Insect-Vectors of Disease G-4 Pathogens. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Biol., No 3, 1958, 10099 Author Vshivkov, F,,N,., Filippova, N.A. Inst Title A New Tick Species Ixodes tauricus Vshiv. et Filip., sp. nov. (Acarina, ixodidae) form Crimea. Orig Pub Entomol. obozrenie, 1957, 36, No 2, 553-56o Abstract No abstract. Card 1/1 VSHIVKO-V, 'P.N.; MALON, 0.1. Fleas (Suctoria) of the Crimea. Trudy Uauch.-issl. proti- vochum. inst. Kav. i Zakav. no-5:138-155 161. (MIRA 17:1) 1. Krymskiy gosudarstvennyy pedagogicbeskiy institut, Simferopol' t Ilauchno-iseledovatellskiy protivochumnyy institut Kavkaza i Zakavkazlya. V8ffITJDDY.r,N,; FILIPPOVA, N.A. wommonom Ixodes tauricum Tabiv. ot Fillp., op. nov. (Aaarina. Lwdldae) from the Orissa [vith sumary in English]. Int.obos. 36 no.2:553-560 157. (KLRA 10:7) 1. Zoologichaskly institut Almdevil nauk SSSR, Leningrad. (Orissa--Ticks) VSHIVKOV, F. N. RRiesults of the Study of EctoWasites of Wild Vertebrates in Crimea." Tenth Conference on Parsitological Problems and Diseases with Natural Reservoirs, 22-29 October 1959, Vol. II, Publishing House of Academy of Sciencest USSR, Moscow-Leningrado 19599 Crimean Pedagogic Institute, Simferopol' 4 to 4 o 0 o to 0 0 W 4 It 4 06 IF 411- ~41 I 0'- A 11, J, tap, so 4 vj*) Y VaCKMI19 6.0 "Pq a Th* 4CLUMMOdan of waxto Prothuts 41 VavA4lum . 4-4-, G. j - VisuvkOv. t"PL.1 mm so" No - * ' 7 - ~ 1 I , ~ I ," . , 2, 67 T k) 0. RefiVil, A-1, IN9, No. 1 -in Ie treatment or raw materiah tfwfv are War i;~ a( V in tht bWt- in the waste roducts of the hmmo dust (VA O M%) . . p cbm. treatineat after Ibe acid lixivistion (VA 1.02%). in tbeelec.-Funme stall (VA0.70%) and Itt thedust after -09 ckaning the elev. furnace (VA 4-3%). Aggtomeratitm and andting in a bIA* fUfflACV to V Citit Wit 9M PCOPIIOWd 8 for the utihation of thew wage products. S k burned ose out duriag tbg Exptl. treatmot o( wastes by this met" was -mirf%medid W. W It"" 1 , 0 sow see *eel :tj l Otilt AW qftv t4i 01 -_i" i 0 ti I a-0 U it if 00 a It R coo see tPOS WOO PHASE I BOOK EXPLOIT9rIONL SOV/3704 Vshivkov, Petr Pavlovich___, Kuznechno-shtampovochnyye mashiny (Die-Forging Machinery) Moscow, Mashgiz, 1959. 81 p. (Nauchno-populyarnaya biblioteka rabochego kuznetsa, vyp. 5) 14,000 copies printed. Reviewer: O.A. Ganago, Candidate of Technical Sciences; Ed.: A.S. KonIkov, Docent; Tech. Ed.: N.A. Dugina; Exec. Ed. (Ural-Siberian Division, Mashgiz): A.V. Kaletina, Engineer. PURPOSE: This book is intetided for forging-shop workers. COVERAGE: The book deals with the fundamentals of the structure and working principles of die-forging mtxhinery. Descriptions of machine designs most frequently used in modern forging work are presented. No personalities are mentioned. There are 3 references, all Soviet. Card 1/4 .Die-Forging Machinery SOV/3704 TABLE OF GONTENTS: The First Forging Machines 3 From Hammers to Forging Presses and to Modern Metal-Forming Machinery 7 Why Does Hand Forging Require an Anvil and Hammer Forging a Hepry Anvil Block? 11 ConstructionalRelationship Between Anvil Block and Hammer 16 i Is It Possible to do',Without the Anvil Block? 18 Why do Double-ActingSteam Hammers Have Greater Force of Impact Than Gravity Drop Hammers? 20 Which is better - High Spaed of a Blow or a Blow With a Heavier Ram? 22 Types of Hammerb 24 Card 2A Die-Forging Machinery Hammers for Open-Die Forging Hammers for Closed-Die Forging Hammer Operation Types of Presses Use of Hydraulic Actuation in Presses Construction of Hydraulic Predoes SOV/3704 25 31 42 47 47 49 Sources of High-Pressure Hydraulic Fluid for Hydraulic Presses 52 Operation of Hydraulic Presses 60 Dependence of the Pressing Fofee on the Fluid Pressure in the Hydraulic Circuit 65 Card 3/4 Die Forging Machinery SOV/3704 Mechanical Presses 68 Construction and Working Principle of a Mechanical Press 70 Operation of Mechanical Presses 72 Special Forging Machinery 73 Conclusion 80 Bibliography 81 AVAILABLE: Library of Congress (S3597) Card 4/4 VK/leb 7-8-W ZLATKIN, Moisay Grigorlyevich; DOROKHOV, Nikolay Njkolayevich, IEBEDEV, Nikolay Ivanovich; I-IAKJLIIOV, Nikolay Yovgenlyevichp- NEYSHTAT, Zya- ma Falikovich; SYCM;V,-A--kadiy Fdkhaylovichl SMUM, F.V., kand. tekhn. nauk, retsenzent; TASHCHKV, A.K., kand. tekhn. nauk, retsen- zent,- TRUBIDI, V.N., kand. tekhn. naukp retsenzent; VS-HIVKOV, P.P., inzh.p reteenzent; KONIKOV, A.S.# inzb.. retsenzent; imb., reteenzent; MTFKU3IIIT,', N.V., lnzhe, rotsenzent; WAGUI:OV, V.A., doktor tekhn. nauk, red.; SOKOWV, K.N., kand. tekhn. nauk, red.; SKORNYAKOV, V.B., red.; YAROSHENKO, Yu.G., rod.; ZAKHAROV, B.P., inzh., red.; AMIROV, I.M., inzh., red.; VIYSHKOVSKIY, V.A., inzh., red.; SHELEKHOVI V.A.# Inzh.p red.; BOGOMOLOV, O.P., inzh., red.; KATS, I.S., inth., red.; 1EVANOV, A.N.p inzh.p rod.; DUOINA, N.A,, tekhn. red. (Handbook on forging practices] Spravochnik rabochego kuznechno- shtampovochnogo proizvodstva. By M.G.Zlatkin i dr. Moskva, Gos. nauchno-tekhn. izd-vo mashiuostroit. lit-ry, 1961. 776 p. (Forging-HarAbooks, manuals, etc.) (MIRA 34:9) -1111 .. 13 t ~MXjggjg6; GANAGO, O.A., Imbdidat tekbnicheaktkh - reteenzent; MOROUVIW. B.A.. inthiner. reteahzeat; UATKIL. inzheuer, redaktor; 5ARAFAMILKOTA, G.A., -e::-,:tor [Hanm3r forging] Svobodnaia kovka. Pod red. X.O.Zletkins, Mos~rcva, Gos.nauchno-tekhn.tzd-vo mashinostrotte lit-ry. 195?. 62 p. (Rauchno-popaliarnaia biblioteks rabochego kuznetsa, no.6) (Forging) (MIAA 10.:h)) PALIMOV, Te.V., dokror tekhn.nauk, obehohly red.;.VSKIYEff, P.P., inzh., red.; XMSMNSKIT, V.V., kond.tekhn.nauk A.; PORUCErwy, Tn.p., kand.tekhn.nauk, red.; STIPANOV, V.T., ;~nd.tekhn.nauk# red.; SOKOLOV, K.N.., kand.tekhn.nauk, red.1 SOKOLOVSKIT, V.I., kand. takhn.nauk. red.; SUSTAVOV, M.I.. inzh., red.: SHURAYEV, B.K., kand. tekha.nauk. red.; GUJWOGOROV, PoV.9 prof.w red.; DUGINA, N.A.. (Kekh-nizationl,.and automation i~t the machinery industry] Makhani- zataiia I avtomatisataiia'mashincetroitel'nogo proizvodetva. Koskva, Goe.nauchno-tekhn.isd-vo maalAiostroit.lit-ryo 1959. 519 pe (MIRA 13:2) (Machinery industry--Technological Innovations) (Automation) 507 LOTTATTON ~,PHASE I BOOK EXPI Vehivkov, Petr Pavlovich Svoboduaya kovka (Flat Die Forging) Moscow, Mashgiz, 1957. 62 p. (Series: Nauchno-populyarnaya biblioteka rabochego kuznetsa, vyp. 6) 11,000 copies printed. Ed.: Zlatkin, M.G.; Reviewers: Ganago, O.A., Candidate of Technical Sciences, and Morozevich, B.A., Engineer; Tech. -Eld.: Sarafamova,G.A. PURPOSE: This is the sixth pamphlet in Worker's Library which is published forging shop workers about variour also be used in secondary schools. acquaint the young reader with the the series Popular Scientific with the purpose of informing aspects of forging. It may and technical schools to forging process. Card 1/5 Flat Die Forging 507 COVERAGE: This pamphlet deals primarily with flat die,forging methods and forging equipment. The author begins by explaining the effects of forging on metal and the physical changes which take place during that process. He continues with a description of standard equipment used in forging, such as pneumatic hammers, steam hammers and hy- draulic presses. Some auxiliary equipment is also mentioned. In conclusion some problems in the manufacture of forgingsare discussed. No personalities are mentioned. There are 4 references, all of which are Soviet. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction General Information About Forging 3 4 What properties of metal are exploited in forging 4 Cfird 215 Ylat Die Forging 507 Why the properties of metal are improved by forging 5 How forgings are produced 5 When flat die forging is used 6 The effect of metal on the quality of forgings 9 The Effect of Thermal and Mechanical Treatment on the Quality of Forgings 12 What happens to the metal during heatLng 13 What happens to the metal during forging 14 Forging reduction ratio 16 Card 3/5 Flat Die Forging 507 The effect of the grain "fiber" of steel on the mechanical properties of forging 18 Flat Die Forging Equipment Forge hammers Hydraulic forging press Heating furnaces Auxiliary devices Hammer and press forging shops Technology of Flat Die Forging Basic operations Card 4/5 21 21 24 31 31 34 37 37 Flat Die Forging 507 Cooling and thermal treatment of forgings 45 Defects in forgings 47 Allowances, tolerances, and typical processes 49 Ways of Improving Flat Die Forging 55 Recommended Reading 63 AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 5/5 GO/ad 8-12-58 TARNOTSKIY, I.Ya., doktor takhnichaskikh nauk, redaktor, GAVAGO, O.A., kandidat takhaichaskikh nauk, redaktor; Lazhonere redaktor; DUGM , N.A., tekhnicheski7 re ktor [Ural forge operators in the struggle for technical progress; a collection of articles] Urallskis Imznetsy v bor'be za tekhnicheakii progress; isbomik statei. Koskva, Goo. nauchno-takhn. izd-vo mashino- troit. lit-ry, 1955* 197 P& (MLRA 9:12) : ,, Urollakly politakhWhaskly institut Imont S.M.Kirova (for arnovakiy. Ominago) (Ural Mountain ragion-Yorging) VSHIVX QWAGO, O.A., kand.takhn.nauk, retoensent; -2!51 . 4. ~.. 0 * ,JON en red.; DUGINA, N.A., [Forging and stamping machines] Kuznechno-shtampovochnyo mashiny. Moskva, Gos.nauchno-tekhn.izd-vo mashinostroit.lit-ry, 1959. 80 p. (Fauchno-populiernsia biblioteka rabochego kuzuetsa. U0.5) (MIRA 12:11) (Forging machinery) (Power presses) BOROVSKIMI, Afanasiy Andreyevich; SHCHUK114, Aleksandr Grigorlyevich; VSIIIVKOV,. inzh.,, retsenzent; SIMMOVp V.A., inzh.v '-red.; DUGINA, N.A.,, takhr. red, [Operator of a hydraulic presslMashinist gidravlicheskogo pres- as. Moskva, Mashgiz, 1962. 1.11 p. (MM 15:10) (Hydraulic presses) LISNYAK, S.S.; BELIKOV, A.M.; MOROZOV, A.N.; VSHIVKOVA, L.A. Chror,dum spinelide behavior during heating in reducing and oxidizing gaseous media. Ogneupory 27 no.9:417-420 162. (IHIRA 15:8) 1. Ilauchno-issledovatellskiy institut metallurgii Chelyabinskogo soveta narodnogo khozyaystva. (Spinel group) (Metals, Effeot of temperature on) YSHIVKOVAI N.F.; NOSKOVA, N.1.3 FAVLOV. V.A. Deformation defects of pacldrg in rhodiumm and irridium. Fiz. met. I m-,allaverl. 20 no.3-.1,90 S 165. (MIRA 18%11) a. Inatitut fiziki metallov AN SSSR. VSHIVTSEY, A.A.; TUMILS, Te.V. Making wire-reinforced girders* Avt.dor. 23 no.6:9-10 je ,6o. (KLU 13:6) (Batsisk-Girders) L 4 A I ACC ESSWN UP. AT 500863 3 3/2933/t4/007/OW/0227/0232 AUTIHOIFS- Lyust, 1. Ts.i Vsbiv-tscv, L. D. TIMEz dcterCnat.on of sulrur ~n IiTil,ls and gases 3D U FC Z fi!A-' . seraor.-anicheakil0a Soyedinenly, 7 116ftyaktl I rwfteiproduktakh, v. 7, 196140 2271-2-12 TuFIG ;4,13 z radlioiwLry, sulfur, peLruleum. luaUati)n iotectoi/Rpsh ')' ioriLiLation AIR 3' F FA C T i The Puthors rl~-.scrib-q a tec-hnique of radionestric ciatiirmination ~_~y m-43arv; of an 3 cruzaLior. t- etector. fIt. is lban-_d on ab9orption :ill soft gamn-~-- W, al. a a Lffiv g riel e is a cti,' !'a: tj-~* r a ;-I the comjAr-41:i~ two IDeim, s r;.5 aps a c uzmp e 7,2 a Lb . cui 6 0 , wn. I 'may 1) e rk t,~a ES'l 'ne n* 1-61-011~,a i.0 Zero. a ~6._ o , ta t, ~_ c,,.j oi ~.Ilie w er. & c i 3 pr u po r ti.L! c U,,) of Uio Thj,q rotation a compa_-3d With th'It Tscu(. for accle -1-nigity, eml an emprel-Sion may th-eu '.~e C~td _42 ACCZ331'-'N NR- Kl'5)08b36 o..Lai-nu-i f,~r tria content. i~!w chAracteristieB of the HJISN-5 devicisi are! 1) lluutiri4 con-,ent of sull Ifur that &vay 'De m6asared, C.1-2.N; 2) measur:-Inent crror, + 0.~Jlj in tile first range, Us-)3% in the second; 31 ) i lini t q ow~ s tiie for a cingla anal,"iaj 3-4 mlnutez3; ~Icld ; 5) act~ vity of iource, 1-c' microciii'las. -Ille deNice Pay be realUy uaed ff-~ deter--':--'.ng In petrol--31-im prvduuts, 1".qnA kvd--r)-,<oa3, aad I OrIg. art. hast 3 fivred aild 11 '-ml"s, ASSOC LX7 N' - Insidtu* Orgardebeseov ~~.Jmii MshFAN MU (Institutoe of Ghemi.stry, Baab~~-isn Branch, AN SSSR) B~w YK~ LC DiCL t 00 SUB CODEI FF, CC NO FEY KVI .0 a2 OT~ERI 005 Card 2/2 S/08 62/000/003/077/090 B1 71 YBI 01 AUTHORS: Lyast,I. Ts., V ,ghlytoev, A-.D. TITLE. Automation of the determination of the total sulfur content in petroleum products PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya, no. 3, 1962, 495y abstract N1242 (Sb. "Khimiya seraorgan. soyedineniy, soderzhashchikhsya v neftyakh i nefteproduktakh. v. 4," M-Y Gostoptekhizdat, 1961, 92-99) TEXT: An instrument (A. I.) has been developed for automatic determination of S content in petroleum products. Its operation is based on the use of radioactive radiation. According to laboratory tests, the steadiness of the instrument indications is satisfactory and the error does not exceed � 0.05~p. The use of the A. I. for a continuous check of the S content in petroleum products flow facilitates the control of the technological process. A. I. can also be used in laboratory for S-content determination. [Abstracter's note: Complete translation Card 1/1 VSHIVTSEVI G.V. The "Avtoop-.rator" control system for technological processes and macb.Lne units. Avtom.i prib. no.1;5-8 Ja-Mr 162. (KRA 15:3) 1. Lisichanskly filial Instituta avtomatiki Gosplana USSR. (Automatic control) ALF,KSBYF,VSKIY, G.A.,uchitell.; VSHIVTSFV, If.D.,knnd.ped.nnuk; FDOR-711SKAYA, M.A. Textbook of botany for the necondnry nchool ("Botnny"-, textbook for the grades 5 nnd 6 of the secondary school by B.V. Yeesvintekil. Reviewed by G.A. Alekseevskii, IT.D. Vshivtsev nnd P.A. FlorerskAia). Biol. v shkole no.2:86-92 Mr-AP 15?~. (MIELA 11:4) 1. Gorskayn srednyaya shkole Veslyegonskogo rayona Yalininskoy oblasti (for Aleksoyevskiy). 2. Yeniseyskriy pedngigicheskiy institut Krasnoysrskogo kraya (for Vshivtsev). 3. Pedsgogicheskly institut Komi ASSR (for Florensknys). (Botany--Study and teaching) (Vsesvintakii, B.V.) VSHITT.M., NoDov kand.yedonauk -1. - ?"- school .experimental plot in a northern district of Siberia. Biol. v Rhkole no*5:59.*60 3-0 158o (KIRA 11:11) 1. Teniseyokly pedagogicheekly Institut. (Maklakovo-Agricultura--StuV and teaching) VSIfTVTSEV, N. D. VSHIVTSEV, N.D. - "The role of the school director in the creation and traini of a scbool-wide students' colleative". Krasnoyarsk., 1955. Min Education MSR, Moscow Oblast Pedagogical Inst-(Dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences). SO: KnighaM 19-tods' No. 46, 12 November 1955, Moscow 0 SOV/139-co:8-5-10/35 AUTHORS: Kirenzkiy, L. V., Vlasov., A. Ya. and Vt TITLE: Magnetostriction Hysteresis in Rotating Magnetic Fields (Gisterezis magnitostriktsii v vrashchayushchi.khsya magnitnykh polyakh) PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshikh.uchebnykh zavedeniy, fizika. 1958, Nr 59 pp 52-54 (USSR) ABSTRACT:: The paper reports experimental. investigation of the rotat- ional magnetostri,--tion hysteresis. Measurements were made on a rolled polycrystalline nickel disc 1.C2 mm thick and 14.20 mm.dia. The degree of the rolling rijduction of the disc was 54.7%. 0The disa was subjected to a 3-hour annealing in vacuo, at lQOO C and subsequent slow coc,ling in a magneti- cally screened enclosure. blagnetuostricti,3nal changes in dimensions of the sample were measured with a wire probe, glued to the sample in the direction of j!olling. Both the rotational inagnetostriction hystecesis aad the rotational ma-netization hysteresis losses werQ meE,sured. Mechanical , field were moments acting on the sample placed in a magnetir measured by means of a torque magnetometer whose sensitivity Card 1/3 Magnetostriction Hysteresis in Rotating Magnetic; Fields was 4 oersted/mm. Themagnetic filld was produced by means of an electromagnet which rotated with respect to the sample from 0 to 3600 both in forward and reverse directions. The changes in mechanical moments in magnetostriction were re- corded on a photographic film irk a cylindrical camera which could rotate together with the alectromagnet. Special atten- tion was paid to a removal of the possible effect of free- play between the coupled motions of the electrorgnet and the recording camera, Measurements were made at 20 C in fields from 100 - 4850 oersted. Fig.J shows a recording of the curves representing the change in mechanical moments (A), and magnetostriction (B) of nickel both in forward and ieverse rotation of a 4850 oersted magnetic field. The magnetization hysteresis 1csses were calevlated from the ar,-as between the curves representing moments, The results (Fig.2) show that the magnetization hysteresis losses increase with increase of the external magnetic fjeld up to 1500 oersted. Between 3.500 and 30OOoersted the losses decrease with increase of the magnetic field and above .7~000 oersted they start increasing again. Magnetograme showiin Fi.g.1 indicate that in addition to the rotational magnet4_zation hysteresis there is also a Card 2/3 rotational magnetostriction hysteresis (curves B). Both the SOV/139-58-5-10/35 Magnetostriction Hysteresis; !.n Rotating Magnetic Fields magnetostricticn it-self (curve 1 in Fi(S.3) and the rna imum rotational magnetos,5riction hysteresis (curve 2 in Fig.3) increase rapidly with the magnetic field strength for fields from 0 to 1000 oerfited. Above 1000 oersted both curves of Fig,3 approach sataration values. There are 3 figures and 6 Soviet references. ASSOCIATION: Instit-ut fiziki Sib.otdeleniya AN SSSR, Krasnoyarskiy pedagogiche-skiy -.'-nstitut (Physics Institute, Siberian Division of the Academy of Sciences, USSR; Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical Institute) SUBMITTED: March 20, lq-58~ Card 3/3 SO 041 49. N. N, Vadvtmv, U"CU-N. Pro". J, NL3 .60 00 it (tmw ''Zriiio' IVA, a. 1373.-Fmm t " of 17 oo t the i&.Z~ x. 40% itater 0M4M% cof fm 00 t kpemdeac .04 sit the ap of the ime. The pan of the trunk bm but a -00 mci on The yidd. twu tbou4b the boA from the -vWl of higheryarta and the lomem p"U of the trce way differ In -00 theiradcontent. The ykM ditaimisbAs with stoma (c4 the -00 adbortnoVocutioa. Vie rield of mited Irm in 2N lm twm thoit at lam4nut, .00 *Og ~Kwtvd,mev. Thia katte"ted to aceeb. Injorks, ad pair- s awrilAtiack, ac. Abe t* amad. of the ad tfutagem, pi- fewily the bcmyl mewe chaagm to barmal. The aw. goo ad eatstaim: barn" acetwe 10.41. barmeal 6.&1. %W cam- phem U%. doo - OAWM. To tackim the od the bwk is QOO cr~ad (3-8 am.) md vtnm-dWd. far 10 km.; 80-6% of .4 :he w cops" aw" lo lbe &" a on. TU ladimed disc". 0X coo ime is for a ebav of AW kg. per cu. m. (407* Hgo em- 1"0. The oil b vubmquentir mepd. from the. was use %so told" "it 041 94t 4a on to , too Go 0 11 1 N U 111. At At i_ 91 to A 1 0 0 a taw 4 2 4 v 4;-x'r goo VT to s, 010 0 000 It 0 00000 0 0 0 41 00000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 41 0 0 0. 0 QW a jL _ W ts 21 a a MIS AVII.V11011 U11 Isis 16 0 I x L A I Z AA 19 JLIA LLf I hj j _ _ ___ ___ _ , _ . is, ~.V a j_ t ' 00 . s 0 00 The contatt mediad far the parillcAjon of oceffe adill -00 _cy anti L. 11. Polyakov. 1. F. Chistov, 5, N_Yfts 0* A Ltrnkkixt. Prom. 1039.'W6.4.. 4- Khim. Referal. Zkmr. 1939, No. 8, 11A.-The AcOlf obtained froin wood in gas- generating plants contains much IIC()Olf, etc. A new 00 contact method of purffiration con441i of pw"ing AcOll -00 so vapor with air through a contact tubc inan e1tc.otrenover .4& 0 00 -.1, V or Ag catalyst. Optimum resulto ivere tktained _04 00 witis 12,76% of Ag by reducing with sk JJCOOJI UAn.; the .00 content of IIC(X)ii itt the distilliale was redut"I front 4.2- 5.11/p it) IMAL54).7h%. 'the by-su-s of AtOll did not rx- 00 a cv,f 1.0 1.5%. W. R. Ifenn 00 00 13 A 0 i zoo '00 0 A I A - 5 L A JItT at CL 4LLU*GKAL 071MA7L A1101CA1110M FZ t * 10 IA 0 OW., t! ,T,4 0 16 AA I b N J 4 1 M 14 1 61 1 4 i'" ~,' I T3. :. - . 7- _i . ixsokirdr. Tnot. Vs HWL ~ . , - - , f, I e ~ 0 V.,., tp :). - .. 11 - , Trivilij 77,c-lll . iliallc. 11 .:1,3, 1! ) , "I,, , -. I.; ~ r ,"-I rjo ~, .* I.t 1,13/, VSHIVTZEV, S. N. S. P. NASAKIN, Lesokhim From, 3, n. 9-10, 35-41, n. 11, 22-7(1934) V. " VSHIVTZEV, S. N. P. A. BOBROV, Trud. Tzent. Nauch.-Issl. SSSR, 1934, 5, 3-41, 78-108 6 a 4 6 d 1 W l h I il 0i it it L a 0 o 16 1 ji to p P ~ 11 it it. 1 0 , j a 1 1. #,,, ALA N k 4, 11 0 9 : 41 The flieroW deconfoolloaltiols of wood In 4 cuffrot of an 0 Losertges. S.N.NsWietwitiandI.P.Chistijv. Leivkhimi. " -00 Pfvas.5,Nn. I0,R-IMSKY1), C".Zrillp. 1938, 1.7101441. - 9 a -Aprorliminarymport. AcurTrntolC(h,heatrIto.W1- 130-40 mitt. Disin. at a higher temp. (COV) using a small 0 'At*, was paiiiied through birth lihavingli. The mittlenitate anit. of g34 10.4 k1g. Ix,r log. .4 wood) gave the low, %I yorld, voutaln~d atiout 40% org. acids (rated. at HOA -). The a yield whi,b *Aq l"virr thin that collitsm"i by III I dry l 8 .61% annotinled to al.hit IS- CA the dly wonil. virld of An it 7 a r v dkin.; the vi,ld in a6d, antoont-if to 7 .11,70; 1111,11 AIW pin, %having- wrle 11-~l ill WIIIH~11~ dion. it "ait 7-*'~ I lie to-1 fAvoilible g2%i- A rhr *Ill.. -nitlitted of a Cit relort charged with :Oki %IN) of. V14111 ol e4i'tif A111141111111K 1.1 14 11TV Wt. 14 -Iiiij i.1 kX so 4 shavitiX4, is gas former and a hit nionlet, I t'll 1, 111-F k It 'A I. k I - ~ ()I III,' J.n.41 ~11 lit I A it Alon], I In all AV so ,Air citotwintit abotit 70% org, acids and tar. The lArgr - h if did di i a ON W), ~ W- Ill sAi, 15"; 111.1411, Awl lit 14,10 01, '400 ' 61 I T i e C A.W O dilitli. lAr present nut sell. on stan n t ns n :. 4 sl vii. tit eiipls. 4.6 Aod 5, phentili and 2A 4n.1 00 hirch and writi. only to a itlight extent lit the case (4 the id 1-2 1) 715 dil f li h l f V f$ Xc~! neutral ink wcfr obtained. Enter yields of 1.91, ~ J1111 0 'S 1 o 00 nt of ir. . ition n, o the e . 1. . t qu p , 11 t Wh l d dl td 1 l n Id iltrOll yields (if 1.1 re vi~jor found. The yields in ke- . 0 Q0 l h l o . en f it con rumir was rr t . top t4f ( %) wri 1 the point 14 IIIIIIIng, AAq of Iflinillafe wo . Milo itle'l ar"I tonvit, zi i- niAtter weft high. Ae- dc ydi% and nonvolmi 1-0 file 111"Filtufr, file krlonr and Aklilchydr ytrl.i is w4111 0 IA% plichy rotionlue. Nor adility of ths, Mrsi ciiinlentatir 1 2,;', W11110 6" Ifv 11141n. Swill Oe kri-tor World was W.57, for deckluous wootli; anti as high at U-1.4370 for 14 1 W. C Anil file Sillit'llitile, :I.J' r conen. tit lisp otildroml, collitm. The yield remained unchanged &it the qu,intity and fi.55i;, IC,11. 1. Ill in C%1.1. U,oog file 'Urfirlit It 0 4 gas used was varied fruin, 11,14 tit it-" kot. M its. of wood. 0 3 i f l) k CO~., 11.1"; kriourn and 4.7"~, ilift-hyd" Were -111tAineit ' - 1 i wool . When 4fill smaller 2"11%. (If Kx% ( g. o ts. per wall4 of the relcift bellied man- stronotly soctor used and the .1, IIn 2 C%1)1,. flit, )1, ll tionvAAW, fliatter ist te N .11 And 17-It'j, villed. to th, Iflr kIXMII [if ~.Iljljoj the V14A .-.00 4 0 he yirld was rrt uced considera lily. The di-cotrilin. of t " file iorldii and up Io III flit livionC4 With " hi~; 14 fill 6400 ~ he wood shavings in the rufrrut of CO, came to an end Ash-livilt ju-1 I)% t r not it I lit- wiihing HA4. W.A.M 00, very rapidly; distillate paiiiied over only for t-10 min. -.00 010 eirell wbiem the tirimp. of the CO* was only 200--50'. On the other hand, dry dista. in the same retort continued 00 -zoo 200 S is I I j A 641ALL04KAL L#Tf*,YLMI CLASPOICATIC. 4 9 S _Ia. .400 U a AT -C , ~e 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 * 0 411 Is to to IF U 19NO n 0 0 0 or " " " 0 0 0 0 J* , , al 0 0 to flo 0 00 0 4 0 6 000 09 0 IrXI! lot io JA a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 111 11111411 66 0 0 0 0 I I a s 6 y I I to It u 11 u Is is it I. 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Ifenn -00 .00 .41100 n '00 2 see 400 a** 041111 CLAWIFICATION via.. #(Wirl. WOO 14604p) .40 ov Got aSAM dW 4MV Sit I a, AM A 1 9 OW 0 4 0 1 If 0 9 t9 0 4*9 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 9 6 0 0 0 0-0 A 0 /I -- -- . - - - - -- - - -- Ar X-- - - -,~- lp FAVWT# V,A.; VSHITTSBYA, K*Ae I Development of cracks In magnesium subjected plastic deformatIoA. Fis.met. I metallowed. : I.Institut fisiki metallov Urallskogo filial& (Magnesium-Tentiag) (Deformation (Nachanice) to tenslon-Wuced no.3:536-540 055o (HLRA 9:6) Akademii nauk SM. VSHIVTSZVA, M. g rabbits = ing for fur. Nauka i pered. op, v sellkhoz. 8 no.1:23-24 A 158. (MIRA 11:2) 1.Direktor Kirovskogo gosplemraLsaadnikeL. (Rabbits) VSHIVTZEITIA, 11. M. I. F. CIIISTOV, Lesokhim. Prom. 4, No. 8, 18-20, 1935 Q!l Al asu%~Jf- ~LL ~ 17. L~I--, !n-n of, At PAYWY, V.A.; VSKITTSITA, K.A. Patterns of plaatic deformation and failure of metals subjected to tensile forces. 71s.met. i metalloved. 1 no,2:261-268 155. 1.Inetitut fisiki metalloy Urallskoge filiale, Akademii nauk SSM. (Deformations (Mechanics)) (Ketals-Testing) Injuries of the comwn carotid arterjr In a child. Xhirurgila no. 5173 vq '54. (WRA 7s?) 1. Is kliniki obahchey khirurgii Vinnitakogo meditainskogo In- stituta. (AYMMIMS, OAPOTID, wounds and Injuries, *in child) I - m V V V " - . - - 00 0 #~St , . I ~ 0 0 0 a . 9 - - - , ig tz U u W I Is R X, P a a se a ji v 21 J9.120 MIS Sell kv 11OW .1 42 -U V _~_A, j_L_ IkA I- L-g- 1 4 4 A-o - 0, a --- L.-W -00 -06 Attempa d rtwackW4 coldum acetate powder In the -00 ghev*kE[ eke 1. F. chistev, S. N. tsev, 1 R-21 and W 1-1. V=r-USOMM. pro'". il.11)).-A detailed deirription of the prrwrdurr k fur- 3 1-11,11hed. The WOW* Powder Obtained was of an in- -0411 (crior quality. A, A .Mchtlifuck -00 i*O .31, Poo go* ZOO 000 04 z go* 7d See ACTItcURrIC&I. (ATCOATUIFIF CLASSIO'KATKO ct -7 4;1111 49 0". ist too An A s 40 aw a 4 0 1 0 At 5 a U N At 10 A 0 to to to v d 0 It Ol a R a (I it or MW 0 N4 " 3 11 1 0 0 0 0 0 of 0 C. 0 Is 0 * 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0:16 4 0 0 0 0 4 4 0 0 40 0 0 0 0 ZOO 0 0 000000000000000000064 o0aillooos 000 0* 0 *000 v **::I A VSHIVTSVA . A branch of high returns. Zhivotnovodstyo 20 noo'6:33-34 is 158. NIRA 11: 6) 1. Direktor Kirovskogo gosplemrassadnika krolikov. (Rabbits)