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- -VUI . .0 -- --- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- GRACHEV, V*A., inzhener; YAKOVLEV, S.M., in2hener. 'W_- - I ~ The R21-2 rotary snowplow* Makh.trud.rab..g no.1:47 Ja'55. (Snowplows) (XI2A 8:3) JlQuestions of the Construction of Remote Control Installations *6bk Divided Objectives" (Voprosy postroyeniya ustroystv teleupravleniya raspredelennymi Oblyektami) from the book Telemechanization in the 'National Econo , pp. 203-209, Iz. AN SSSR, Moscow, 1956 (Given at meeting held in Moscow, 29 Nov to 4 Dee 54 by Inst. of Automatics and Telemechanics AS USSR) i I AKOVMA-,S,,)[. inshener. bbAVA..--, - - Caterpillar trailers for automatic dumping. StroiJ dor. mashinostr. 2 no*7:37 A 157. (MLRA 10:7) (Tracto're-Trallers) I Affflf OR: TITLE: PERIODICAL: ABSTRACT: 103-19-3-4/9 Yakovlei,__11."1. (Moscow) The Theory of the Structure of Combinatorial Mechanisms (Teoriya struktur kombinatornykh mekhanizmov) Avtomatika i Talemekhanika,1958,V01-195Nr 3,pp.221-227(USSR) In telegraphy, remote control, in railroadsp textile in- dustry etc. mechanisms 4re used which transform the space- -combinations for the displacement of their input-elements (levers, bars), into certain space-combinations for the displacement of the output-elements..These mechanisms are here comprised under the conception of combination-mechanisms. 1948-1949 a systematic investigation of the structure of combination-mechanisms was performed and a method for their analysis and-synthesis on the basis of the Boolean (bulevaya) algebra (algebra of logics, applicationstechniques ac !a logique (Ref 2) was worked-out by the author. The results of these research works are heiegiven somewhat more precisely. The results were already communicated in 1949 in the Seminar for Mathematical Logic in the State University, Moscow. At first the structure of the combination--mechanisms The Theory of the Structure of Combinatorial Mechanisms Card 2/3 103-19-3-4/9 with 2 positions is investigated. On its 2 fundamental types that one is investigaied here where the displacement of the input-elements only prepares the displacement of the output- -elements, by relaasing or blocking the latter, whereas the displacement itself must be done by other elements of the elements of the mechanism. For an exact mathematical investi- gation the author now applies the algebra of logic and the algebraic writing-down of the blocking conditions. Then he shows which blocking conditions and thusq which Boolean functions can be realized by simplest combinations of ele- ments. On this basis the analysis of the structure can be algebraically performed. Therefore the work of very compli- cated combination-mechanIsms can also be analyzed in this manner. The algebraic synthesis cf the structure of combi- nation-mechanisms can be performed in the following manner. The fact is used that the conjunctions llandll~ florfl, "not" agree with the operations of the Boolean multiplicationg Boolean-addition and inversion (negation) and the blocking conditions for the output-elements (which usually are given orally) can be written down in an aligebraio form. The Boolean functions thus obtained are by means of identical algebraic The Theory of the Structure of Combinatorial Mechanisms 103-19-3-4/9 transformations brought to a form convenient for realization. Then ihe scheme of the mechanism is drawn'by starting from the above-mentioned agreements between the structure of the Boolean functions and the structure of the combination- .-elements of the mechanisms. - The synthesis of the decoder of a telegraph apparatus is given as an example. - 0. N. PoVarov advised the author. There arC11 figures and 7 references, 5 of which are Soviet, SUBMITTED: August 10, 1957 YAKOVLE V Sergey 14alakhiyevich; VALIKOVA, K. , red.; SAKHONENKO, Ye. r-eCT.-- (Our winged fellow countrymen; biographical sketches of Smolensk pIeople active in Soviet aviation, aeronautics and space flight] Nashi krylatye zemliaki; bibliografiches'kie ocherki o smolianakh- deiateliakh otechestvennoi aviatsii. vozdulhoplavaniia i kosmo- naytiki. Smolensk, Smolenskoe knizhiioe izd-vo, 1962. 195 P. (MIRA 16:1) (Air pilots) (Gagarin, lUrii Alekseevicb, 1934- ) 1. YAKOVLEV, S. N. 2,F USSR (600) 4. Afforestation-Plattkov Province 7. Transformers of nature. Les i step' 4 no. 12, 1952- .9. MOrithlx List of Russian Accessions., Library of Congi~ess, March 1953, Unclassified. YAKOVLEY, S.P. Species formation in remote h7bridization. Biul. nauch. inform. TSGL no.7/e:49-55 -'59. (WRA 13: 1) (Blackthorn) (Gherry) (Hybridization, Vegetable) 'D /;:,!iT 1 ;7 f- A m 1--2 IA V- I ~lk, 1 1 ,iv L a ii i A 7. 1 nE. o i (-c r -i a n ii~n - r roti uo nw v c- tir ro lit ,5M- 5 33164-65 ACCESS ION fM: AP5005226 -:rr-r s -7w 7,- 6LUU111zing eiiect. boreciricaliv, IL in tho YAKOVLEVi, S.,P., nauchnyy sotrudnik Fear breeding, Trudy TSGL 701-42 161. (MIRA 15:10) (Pear breeding) YAKOVLEVP 8,1P, Resu:Lts of hybridizing Lukashov's pears /Jth Cultivated pear var-Ireties in the southern zone of fruit culture. Agrobiologiia no.4:561 571 JJ-Ag 164. (MIRA 17:12) 1. V,'.entraltnaya genv,,ticheskaya laboratoriya imeni I.B.Michurina, g. M,churinsk. M r N -K Mw SUNNI- -81 ROYFE) I.M.), POPOVY P.G.,-.XAX Effect of a longitudinal hig-h-frequency current on the stabil-AfAT of a, columnar quasi-constant discharge. Zhur. ts-kh. fiz. 35 no,2:259-265 F 165, (MIRA 18:4) YAKOVLEV, S. T. Belomorsko-Baltliskii vodavi put' i shto dolzhen znat' o nem kazhdvi zhelez- nodorothnlk--v net@. LWhIte sea-3altic water way._px(1 what each railroad workerlof the Murmansk railway shauld know about U/. leningrad (Dornito Murmanskoi Zbel-dor) 1934. 41 p. illus. SO." SoTiat Tranyportation and CommunicatIons. A Bibliography, Library of Congress, Reference Deroartment, Washington, 1952, Unclassified. I/ A ~xw V jt Z3.I I "UnsinkabilitY Gf Surface Ships," Naval Fleet, State MilitarY Publishing House, 19_z4. It O-V YAKOUrv: Yu.S., lnzhener-kapitan-leytenant; ALMMEYXV. N.Y., inshener- kontr-admiral, otvatstveaW redaktor; YAKOYM S.T., inzhener- kapitan 1 ranga, redaktor; BZMIIrOVA, iie:.I ~.,ekin"i-cheakly re- daktor. [Analytic method of calculations for aide launching of ships] Analiticheskii metod. rascheta poperechnogo spusks. korablei. No- skya,Voen. Isd-vo Mintaterstva. vooruthenufth oil SM, 1947. 173 P. [Microfilm] (KM 8:2) (Ships-Launohing) 1. YAKOVLEV, S. V. 2. USSR (600) 4. Salt Mari A.S.S.R. 7. Report on the results of the preliminary exploration of the salt springs and salt lake ,of the Mari A.S.S.R. (Abstract.) Izv.Glav.upr.geol.fon. no. 3, 1947. 9. Month~Z Lists of Russian Accessions Library of Ccngress, March 1953, Unclassified. FAVLOVA, L.A. I YAKOTM, S,T. HydroxyUoindolinese Part 2a Properties of 3.3-dimenthyl-lp2- dipbanyl-l-hydroxyisoindoline. Zhur. ob. khim. 34 no.119 3630-3634 N t64 (MITLA 18 al) 16 LeningradBkiy takhnologicheakiy institut imeni Lensovetao 47 V YAKO V-, dotsent, kandidat tekhnicheskikh naiik; MASLEITNIKOV, N.A., idat tekhnicheskikh ne-il Investigation of resistance to flow in glaas pipes. Trud7 Stroi. inst. Mosgorispolkoma, no.4:104-3.15 153. (PT-RA 8:3) (Fluid d7namice) (Pipe,*Glass) KARPINSM,A.A., kandidat tekhnicheskikh nauk; YAKOVL97. S.V. kandidat 01~1 -t~ tokhnichaskikh nauk-, KONTUSHKOV, A.M.. re ~tor7--BN-Y'ASBINA, A. 0 tekhnicheakly red.aktor. [Hydraulic calculations for a sewer system] Gidravlicheskii ran- chat kanalizatsionnoi seti. Moskva, Izd-vo Ministerstva, kommu- nallnogo khoziaistva RSFSR, 1955. 19 P. (MLRA 8:8) 1 1 (Sewer design) YAKOVLEV, S.Y.1, kandidat tekhnicheakifc.h.nauk; KARELIN, Ya.A.;' HASLEMINOV, U P Invil' . MHTMOM." G.A.,: inzhoner, redaktor;-GOLMMWOVA, L.A., re- daktor; DAUMOY, V.S.., teldinichaskly redaktor ions] Vapo- .7 installations in sewage purification stat mogatellmra ustrois'tva ochi tnykh kanalizatsionn~vkh stantsti. Pod. . - - . S red. S.VJAko*vIe-i~'.-,MAqkva, Gos. izd-vo lit-i7 po stroitalletvU i aTkhitekture, 1955- 176 p. (MLU 8:7) (Sawage-Purification) KONTUSIIKOY, Andray Maksimovich; TAKOYLIN', 'Sergey Vasillyevich; ABAMOV-, N.N. 'doktor tekhnicheskii]7 jiduk, prorlerl"r, ~,re Weilzent; K&M,IN. Ta.A! 'kandidat tekhnicheskikh nauk, dotsent, retsenzent; ZAIWISKIT, M.S., dotsent, redaktor; TURNOVA, A.P., rodaktor; MEDVXM, Ti-Ta., tekhnichaskiy redaktor. [Water*supply and sewer systeme]Yodosnabzhenle i kan&lizatsii&. Moel--va, Gos.izd-vo lit-ry po atroitollstvu i arkhitekture, 1955. 526 p. (HIMA 8:12) (Water-supply engineering) (sewerage) UZUVUW, B.T.: GAIANIM, P-1. Determining the load level for aeration filters. VodA man.tekh. no..9~20-22 D '55. (Mlak 9:3) Ofatar-Aeration) YAKOVI;;,V, S.V,,- GAWIN, P.I.; DUBOVA, A.Ho Study of the operation of maximum load air filters. Gor.khoz.Hosk. 29 no.:L:29-33 J '55. WaA 8:3) (Air filters) TAKOVIU,.S.V.; GALANIN,.P..I. Calculating hIgh-capaelly air fll-term. Vcdoi sanolekh* Ao*6:4-1 J4 '57. (KMIA 10:7) (Air filters) TAMVLEV, S.V., dots.,kand.tekbn.nauk; GALANIN, P.I., inzh. Investigating operations of bioccagulators using~sludge from biofilters. Nauch.dokl.vye.shkoly; stroi. no.2:287-296 f58. (MIRA 1211) (Sewage--Purification) m, N -- ----- ---- YAKOVLEVP S. V.: Doc Tech Sci (diss) -- "Investigation of intensive methods of purifying sewage waters". Ybscov., 1959. 35 pp (Min Fighor Educ bSSR2 MOSCOW order of IAbor Red Banner Construction Engineering Inst im V. V. Kuybyshev), 150 copies (KLj, No 17,, 1959, 108) MON M.- 77 ~y 9~ LIN, M fflk -'YAK-O-VL-SV.--S-o.rgay.-Vasillyevich, kand. tekhn.nauk; MONGAYT, I.L., kana.tekhn. nauk, nauchhyy red.; NIMWAGI, D.K.0 red.izd-va; ]MUMOVA, T.A.,;'~=INA, Ye.L., [Biological oxidizers using forced aeration and their design] Iskusstvennye biologichaskis okisliteli i metody ikh raschata. Noskva, Goa.izd-vb lit-ry po stoir., arkhit..i stroit.materialam. 1959. 153 P. (MIRA 12:5) (Sawage--Purification) (Filters and filtration) W 3 IM iirl, MM i ~M MV OR R~f - 1 i ~ -. MNT 2710 MMURTIE- MOR-02- ';M Oa~ MM YAKOVL)dV$--S.V. -dotso, kando-te]&Ln. n--auk- Calciaating high-bapacity air filters. Yod. i san.takh, no,2*.39- 40 Y' '59. (KMA 1212) (Air f ilters) fedq~qx" N_ PS w YAYLOVLEV, S.V.; GALANIN. F.I. Investigating the work of biocoagulators using sludge from biofilters. Vod. i san. tekh. no.12:11-13 D '59. (MIU 13:3) (Sewage--Purification) SHISMIN, Zakhar Nesterovich; ORMIN, Yakov Aloksandrovich, dotsent; KOLOBANOV, Sergey Konstantinovich, dotsent, kand.tekhn.nauk; YAKOVLBV, Sergey Vasiilyevich, doktor tekhn.nauk; MMOV, N.F., kand.tekh-n.nauk; SUKHIY, P.A., .inzh., retsezizerit-; POPOVA, N.M., kanA.tekhn.nauk, retsenzent; WIRNOVA, 1A.Pe, rsa.izd-vd;-GIL9NSON, P.G.,; TDTINA, Ye.L.0 [Sewerage] Kanalizataiia. Izd.2., ispr. Pod red. A.I.Zhukova. Moskva, Goo.izd-.vo lit-ry po Btroit., arkhit. i stroit.materialam, 196o., 592 p. (MIRA 14:4) (sewerage) KOMSHKOV, Andrey Makeimovich, kand.tekhn.neuk; TAX ~rgay-- cjasill~evich. cloktor takhn.nauk. Prinicml uchastiye PXDOROVMIY, N.A.,-iuzh. ANIMOT, N.V., prof., doktor tekhn.nauk, retsenzent; TARW-I , Ya.A., dotsent, kand.takhn.nauk, retsenzent; ZAMSKIT, H.S., doteent, nauchuyy red.; SKIRNOVA, A.P., red.izd-va; imlim, A.M., [Water-supply and saweragel Todoswbzhanie*i kanalizatsiia. lsd,2,, ispr. Xoskva. Goe.izd-vo lit-ry po strolt., arkhit. I otroit, me- terialam, 1960. 5)4 p. (KIIRA 13:12) (Water-supply engineering) (Sewerage) YAKOVtEVi Sorgey VasilIyevichp'pr6f.j'LASKOVq Yuriy Mikhaylovichp inzh.; niuohnyy 'red.; NIKEHYAGI, D.K., red. izd-va; ABWIOVAO V.M.t tekbn. red. [PUMPIMg of sevagei-sludge, And!.'iediments; hydraulic resistances during the Elaw of sediments in-sludge pipes) Perekacbka ila i osadkov stoch- nykh vod; gidravliobeekie soprotivleniii pri dvizhenii osadkor v ilo- provodakh. Moskvaq Goo. izd-vo lit-ry po stroit.g arkhit. i stroit. materialam, 1961. 105 P. (MIRA 34:6) (Sewage sludge) (Pipe-Fluid dynamics) YAKOVLEV, S.V.; LASKOV, YU.M, Line and local resistances insewage sludge pipes. Sbor. trud. MISI no.42s7_20 f62. (KRA 16:6) (Pipe--Hydrodynamics) (Sewage disposal plants) -YAKOVLEV, S.V.; IKALITSUN, V.I. Determining'pressure losses at s4rage screens. Sbor. trud. yjSj no.4203-42 1~62. (MIRA 16:6) (SeWage-Purification) P', TO 4, T, ~,pgav ,i5RD- N .051 MIR,- YAKOVLEV, S.V.; LASKOV, Yu.M. Determining discharges of water usiog large Parshall flumes. Sbor. trud, MSI no-42343-46 62. V- (MIRA 16:6) (Hydrology) XAKOVLEM,-S- L, doktor tekhn. nauk; LASKOV, YU.M., inzh.; KALITSUN, V.I... inzh. Study of the hydraulic resistances of an experimental bactericidal unit. Vod. i nan. tekh. no.12:25-26 D 161. (MIRA 15:6) (Water-Purification) (Hydraulics) FAVLOVA.. L.A.; YAKOVIEV, S.V.,- VENUS-DANILOvA, E,D, Tranaformations,of pinacols with substituted acetylenic radicals. Part 21: Synthesis and transformations of 2-mothyl-3-PhenYl-5-p-tolyl-4-pentyn-2,~~iol. Zhur.ob.khim. 32 no.10:3260-3265 0 162. (MIRA 15:11) I., Leningradskiy takhnologicheskiy institut imeni Lensoveta. (Glycols) YAKOVLEV,, S.V.; KALITSUN, V.I. Pressure losses in aeration tanks. Sbor. trad.,NJSI no.42:21-27 f62. (NIRA 16:6) (Sewage-Purification) j7 ton WAWtr4aWfittRkTYA~M,& "M .5 g ng, ON RZ, IN, -7 ME YAKOVLEV, Big.; LASKOV, Yu.M. .,ydraulic resistances in the bactericidal unit for disirupoting wage. Sbor.. trud. MSI no.42:47-52 162. CMDU 16:6) (Sewage-Purification) YAKOVLEV &~,jotjor takhn.nauk; LASKOV, Yu.M., kand.tekhn.nauk; YAO YUY-LINI Effect of surface-active agents on the biochemical purification of waste waters from textile enterprises. Vod. i san. takh. no.9212-14 3 163. (MIRA 1712) MAKSII,,!OVSKIY, Nikolay Sergeyevich, kand. tekhn. nauk; YAKOVLEV, S,-V,,,,Aoktor tekhn. naukj, prof red, (sever networks; doaign practicool Kanalizatsiomaja set'; praktika proektirovaniia. Moskva) "Stroiizdat," 1964. 179 P. (141RA 17: 6) ,~jltf-.zi~~!a"~-,--t~v~--.t~-~:;~;-~i!,-- -- ~ "Z". *-~ ~" ~-. ; --'~ , 1 .- - 1~ ~'. -- Wl -,R 6 t~v - .7 YAKOVLEVI Sagey Vasillyevich, prof.) doktor tsik)in. nauk. Prl- - -IrAmaluchastlye IASKOV, Yu.M. p dot's. , k-and. tekhn. nauk . [Sewexagel Kana.Uzataiia. Izd-3-P IsPre Yloskvap Stroi- I izdat., 1964. 266 p. (MIRA 180) LENSKTY, Vasiliy Aleksoyevich; PAVLOV, Vasiliy Ivanovich (deceasedl; AERAMOVY N.N., retsenzent; ZHUKOV, A.I., retsenzent; YAKOVLq - LOBACHEV, P.V., retsenzent.; (~j S.V., retsenzent, Y'e.1tr.,) retsenzent; TIKUNOV, B.S.) kand. teklm. nauk, red.; MARTYNOV, A.P.) red. [Water supply and sewerage] Vodosnabzhenie i kanalizatsiia. Izd.3., perer. i dop. Moskva, Vyssbaia shkola, 1964. 386 p. (MIRA 17:10) ZHUKOV, Aleki5andr Ivanovich, prof.0 doktor teklul. nauk; KAFXLIN, Yalcov Aleksandrovich, prof.; KOLOBANOV, Sergey Konstantinovicho dots., kand. tekhn. nauk;,YAKOVLEV,-. Sergey Vasillyevich, prof.; LUK32TYKH, N.A., kar~~'.--tekhn. enzen~; FjONGAYT, I.L.s kand. tekhn. nauk, retsenzent; SHKUNDIN, R.F., inzh., retsenzent-; SKVORTSOVA, I.J?., red. (Sewerage] Kanalizatsiia. Izd.3., ispr. i dop. Moskva,, Stroiizdat, 1964. 641 p. (111IRA 18:2) YAKOVLEV, ~..'I.,,_doktor tekhn.nauk; LASKOV, Yu.M., kand.tekhn.nauk; VORONOV, YU.V. ;, inzh. Purification of waste waters using trickling filters with a plastic I fille-.,:-. Vod. i san. tekh. no.1:22-24 A 165. (MIRA 18:3) ! - 7: : ` ~'! :~ I,;, . --711;1 ;X4 . ~ e--, ~~ , -- - ~'. ~,' Er.,A-Z-F.S~ P, dokor Le~hn. nuuk; LA~::KOV. YL1.1-1., k-4-010. V1,11,11. VOFONOVO Yll.v., inzlh. Purif icatlon of waste water from wool-spinning factorics. Vod. i tvkh. no.6-33-35 Je 165. (MIRA 18:8) _R N11M YA.K()VLEV Ct IT -0 dclAtoj. teklin. nall1c; TASKOV) yu.~J. y 'k-and. tek-nn. ria-uk; a*lcll of waste New design of the equipment for blochemioal purific - %,,a,uez-s. Vod. i san. telCh. no.9:4-5 S' 165. (MIRA 18:9) Fo ydr-oxvir,c-3-ndclines. Part I. and propertie5 -1-hydroxyiaoindol I ne, :hur, org. Rhim. I no.8:11,95-1499 4. 165. (MIRA 18111) 1. LeningradsBy takhnologichaskly instituL Imeni Lennow!ta. YAKOVLBV. S.V.0 doktor tekhn. nauk; KALITSUN, V.I., kand. takhn. nauk; A.L., inzh. Y Sedimentation of waste watera in chambora. Vod. i can. tokh. no.1:12-14 Ja 166. (MIRA 19:1) 0. i PRIKOOT'KO, fl f 24(11) 3 PHASE I BOOK EXPLOrrATION BOV/1365 L-vor. thlycraytat PAtOka2y I VOOO 4 Ojuznoga vovdabehAnlya po opektrackopil. t. 21 Molakulyarnaya apaktzmaknpiya (Papers of the 10th All-UniOn Conference oA Spectrlmcop7. Vol. Is Molecular spectroscopy) IL'voy) Izd-vo LIvoyakogo unIT-ta, 1957. 499 P. 4 OW copies d S I printe arleat tfix FizychrW abir.Vk, rn. . ( Additional Sponsoring Agenc7t Akedemiya nauk SSSH. Xomiamiya Po spektroskopiL. Zd.t lazer, S.L.; Tech. Ed.& Setranyuk T.V.; Editorial Boards LeMsterg, G.S., Academician (Raup. id., Deceased), Naporent, B.S.. Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Fabellmkiy I.Lo Doctor of PhyaL4&1 and Hathematical Solonces, sioxi and K&thjvAti*&l Sciences J' 4 A &jtr or m ik b A , l am . a ., 7 . 3.M., Kormitsk1w, V.G., Candidat-9 of Tooh-.doal Sciences, Ra7skiy, Candidate of Physics: and Mathenatical Sciences, X21movskil, L.X., Candidate of Phjalcal arA MitherAtLcal Saienood, Miyarmhuk, V.S.. Candidate of Physioal and XatherAtical, Sciences, and Glaub*rmn, S i c ences, A. Ye., C"Idate of Physical AM XAthematloal Card 2/30 Sabuahldn, A.A. B.A. O*tozd*v, and P. Y&. Olazunov. SpoutrophQtom'tria Squip"at for the Continuous Absorption Analysis mul Registration of G&O Concontration 360 AIS,2=1.1- V.A., B.I. Vaynbarg, and T.K. Razuwva = of DstermlnlAg the PasaLrig of So' SIX910 Optical Xaterials in Sahumam's Spectrum ReSim 363 Gradinkim, N.P. Sp*atrophotonetrlo Determination of Water Purlty 364 OreoWdno O,V. Condensed Discharge Through a C&pUImT as ' Powerful Sourao of Continuous Speetrum JA Spectral Studies 365 IrakovIev. S. Ta-A Wedga-sha"d Black Body " a for Speatrophatomtria C~.- 23/30 k~ sm YAKOVLEV, T.LGEGUZIN. S.;IKOSTIN, V., red.o. TROYANOVSKAYA, Hem "am (Lights of Sokolina Hill; brigades of Comm-nist labor] Ogni goz7 Sokolinoi; o brigadakh kommunisticheskogo truda. Moskva. Goa., izd-vo polit.lit-ry, 1959. 30 P. (MIRA 12:4) (Labor and laboring classes) YPJWVLEY, T,G,, starshiy veterinarny7 vrach. Vaccination of 1-to 2-day-old pigs against Anjes!4's disease, Vaterinariia 32 no.8:83 Ag 155. (Yl.RA 8:10) l.Berezanskiy zernosovkhoz Krasnodarskoge kraya. (PSEUDORABIES--PREMITIVI IWOCULATION) YAKOVLEV. T.G.', glavnyy veterinarnyy vrach. Use of menesiun oxide in &cuts tymrpanites. Yeterinarlia 33 no.6: 56-57 Je 156.. (KLU 9:8) 1. Timmishovskly evinovodehookiy MOTkhoz Krasnodarokogo kraya. (Abdomen--Dinesses) (Magnesitm oxides--Therapeutic use) (Cattle--bise"es and posts) mz-F/chcMictry --MtraccrIlulo.ces =stura G=tent ChmAstrj Atwlyrdoj Intorfuromotric oct I-Interfc-riwatric Eathod of DatormInIng lVoisture of flitrocallulove Ifaterials,9" G-&d==p Do I* Potrovs Ti I* Yalwy1mvp I p 7wmd Ubtf Vol, I-Ti Ito 10 Davives num m&ull~od to -mlyze materl-als "by datemainirk; dimplacezalt. OIL interference bxidS. So.r a conceatration of calckan nit-ratc, diluted 'by m1stlarc from -thearmlyzed rmmtr~rlal. T"octa buthod for zpecimen of,hiGh =-ictwa colloaonj, and fln dB 'j-w WitIaLn 04ps's juialysis -ranpiras only 1U45 tn-alnatca PA 28A9% F~V SHIIDV, P.I., prof,;,YANDVIXV, T.W.,,nauk Courso of functional gastric disorders, chronic gastritis and peptic ulaer from data of repeatedly hospitalized cases, 21 noa2oo.-34 .-D (MMA. 11:3) 1* 12 voye, oy ordena Lenina akndemii imeni S.M.Kirova. Ano,--vieditainsk (STOKACH.',dis. recur~,funct. disord-A gastritis, course (Rua) (PUT.-Ic ULM. r1ecur.,- c.ourse (Rua) SHILOV, Favel Ivanovich, prof.; TAJ~q Vich, ~otsent; _ ~Tikhon Nikola-M -- ~ ZAKRZRZVSKIY, Ya.B.. red.: red. (Handbook on vitamins; for physicians] Spravochnik po vitaminam; dlia. vrachei. Leningrad, Gos.izd-vo med.lit-ry, 1960. 229 p. (MIRA 13:6) (VITAMINS--THERAPSMIC USE) lll-.. 4: - ......- I-, . - -., .."': , *:,. , ~ ~ - 7~1 ~,;-. :~ . - 7 , - . . , . I ~~, t. ,, . - -,. - - , . -11 T . . BEYULP Yevgeniya Aleksandrovna; YAKOVIEV, T.N., red.; CHUNAYEVA, Z.V., tekhn. red. (Chronic enteritis] Khronicheskie enterity. Leningrad, Medgiz, 1961. 175 P. (MIRA 15:7) (INTESTINES-DISEASES) -p-g-p- -g -'r "~g g g Ig %7 7 g, m mg X9 WHO N -P N I mm SHIIDV) P.I., prof. ; YA IIPT -J.N.pdotsent Combined use oil vitamins; preliminary report. Pain. med. 40 no,11*120-125 U162 (KnU 16:12) 1, Iz kafedry terapii dlya usovershenst7ovaniya vrachey No.l. (nachallnik - prof. P.I.Shilov) Voyanno-meditsinskoy ordena lenina akademii. imeni S.M.Kirova. _UE . V .. 7 11 V GIGUZIN, Seden Yakovlevich; yAKOVIAV, Toviy Yakovlevich,- KOSTIN, V., red.; DANILINA, A., tekbne're'r." [What the October Revolution gave the peasants) Ghto dale Oktiabrl- skais revoliutaila krestlianam- Moskva. Gog. izd-vo, 1957. 87 P. (Agriculture) (PeasantrY) a R, R ME; gt Ell ~g YAKOVLKV, T.V (Brest); REZER, D.M. (Brost) Speeding up the delivery of mineral fertilizers to state and colle'ative farms. Zhel. dor, transp. /+5 no.3:73.-74 Mr 163. (MIRA 16--6) 1, Nachall4k Brestsk6go otdeleni:~a Belorusskoy dorogi (for Yakoviev). ?',* Starshi:~ inzb. gruzovogo otde3.a Brestakogo otdoleniya Belorueskoy doiogi (for Reser). (White Russia-Fertilizers and maw-tres- (Railroads-Freight) Transportation) YUSPHEVICH, Ye.P., inzh. (Brest); YAKOVLEV, T.V., Inzh. (Brest); HEZEII, D.M., starshiy inzh. (Brest_~_ Concentration of freight operations and new methods in the organ- ization of freight transportation. Zhel.dor.t~ansp. 44 no.4: 25-31 Ap '62. (MIRA 15:4) 1. Zamestitel' nachal'nika Belorusskoy dorogi (for Yushkevich). 2. Nachallnik Brestskogo otdeleniya Belorusskoy dorogi (for Yakovlev). 3. Brestskoye otdeleniye Belorusskoy dorogi (for Rezer). (Railroads--Freight) YAKOVLEV, T.V., inzh;:.(Bres.t).;~:REZM~,D.M.i.(Brest).. Improvingthe freight.'bparations..on-approach tracks. Zhel. dor., transjs,~-.. 45. no.i!45-76-ii- 163.. (KIRA-l6zl2) 1. Nachall ik-.Bre enip-Belorusako -n o e y dbrogi (for Yako-~Ie-~).- -2. Stir'A' inzh. Brestskogo otdeleniya Belorusskoy dorogi (for Rezer).' YAKOVLEV,, V-j kand.fiziko-matematicheakikh nauk (Tashkent) Optics and textile fabrics. Tekh.mol. 29 no.6:35-36 8611. (MIRA 14:7) (Textile fibers-Optical properties) 17 5 sm SUN _4 10" EVORA- W YAKOVLIV, V., ngular elevation Accuracy of determining distance by measuring the a of an object. Mor. i rech.flot 14 no.12:16-18 D 154. (XLRA 8:1) I I.I (Distances-Measurement) YAKOVLEV,V- shaft sinking Lot s disseminate the progressive practices in of the Donato Basin miners. Kast. ugl. 4 no.6:3-6 Je '55. (NLRA 8:8) 1. Instruktor peredovykh metodov truds, noreativno-isoledovatell- skoy stanteii no.7 v Kus'basse. (Donate Basin--Shaft sinking) A AT 1M, 38125* YAKOVIEW V. UM 'EVSTRATOV, E. V. Puti okomonii clectroenergii na rWasokombinatakli. Yqas. industriya SSSR, 1949, no. 6, s. 417-51 rl.-*-itA'O~~, --v !~~, I'M -, ~m;~ -, g y, ma '31 .......... YAWYLEV, V. Storage of Karaganda coal. Izv.AH Kalzalch.SSPI.Ser.khim. no.q: 121-223 156. (Coal-Storaga) (MMA 9:7) YAKOVLEV, V., inzhener. A --wag MHOMW Introducing nev equipment in river ship repair yards. Blok. agit.vod.transp. no-8:30-35 Ap '57. (MLRA 10:5) (Astrakhan--Sh,'6ps--Maintenance and repair) M ahe M Fl 'ON NINE` 0,11-MR-4 v0w a,z ;n, ZVR~ ON USSR / General and Special Zoology. Insects. P Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 3, 1958, 11734 Author : Yakovlev V. Inst : N-ot-gi-vdh- Title . : The Control of the Colorado Beetle. Orig Pub: Kolkhoznik Sov. Latvii, 1957, No 5, 20-21. Abstract: No abstract. Card 1/1 7FF7777M YAKOVLEV, V., inzh. ----------- Economical use of aviation oil in the operation of 3D6 engines in the operation of Moscow Steamship Line ships. Rach.transp. 19 no.1-.47-48 Ja '60. (MIRA 13:5) (Marine enginer-7jubrication) YAKOVLEV, T.', inzh. , I I 1 1- 1. . Firs t tr3r. Hach., transp. 19 nololo:4&-50 o 16o. (MM 13: -U) YAKOVLEV V. ' 1 1 je 161. (RIU 14:7) MKA-10 crane ~ftck, Avt.transpo- 39 no,6:45-46 (Cranes, derricks, etc.) YAKOVIL,V., V,O starshiy inzhener Elimination of systezatic'dr~rors In'tbe'determination of a chip's Paoition by the'observation of'two objecto at different times* Mor. flot 22 no,7:19-21 J1 162o (MIRA 15:7) 1. I&wmanskoye vyseheye'-morekhodnoye uchill-shche. (Navigation) 1., *1, . . .: 7 -~ 7:, .;~ .. . II c '- - ,. I I ~- - , I- - --- -- --- 4 -- . . - I - 1. YAKOVLEV, V. 2. USSR (600) 4. Beets and Beet Sugar 7., Effect of sugar beet culture on the economy of the collective farm. Sots. sell- khoz. 23 no. 11, 1952 9, Monthly List of RusBian Accessions, Library of Congressj, March 1953, Unclassified yAXOVLxV. V. (Leningrad). WI.HA 6 yield intenaitY indicator. Rz%dio no.9:24-25 S '53. and supplies) (Radio, Short wave-ApParat16 jSWElectron1cm GeneriLtora Card 1/1 ftthor6; Kostanrli-, G, and -YakovlevV A' crystal nois-e';gene.rator ~_Ferlodlcal FAdio 31i Mar 1954 3., 30 At ot'ract i`~-Tho artiologives a Igeneral.idea,alout crystal-lic diodes and -,Aheir use;. an. exemplary circuit, and. a:goneml and inside view onerstor. are iven.. 9 Inatitution . ...... S t ubMI ted r6 I YAKOVLW,V Amateur ultrahigh-frequency battery receiver. Radio no.10: 23-24 0'55. (Radio--Receivers and reception) (KIBA 9:1) V , W~q SIR 4, M R MM` IM - ~~0 V M 107-5-27/54 AUMOR: -Yakavlev, V. (of Leningrad) TITLE: 420-425 me Receiver (Priyemnik na 420 425 mg PERIODICAL: Radio, 1956,NrD, pp. D0-;51 (USSR) ABSTRACT: A description of a self-made receiver for 420-425 me designed for the reception of amateur AM radio.stations. A single-grid circuit frequency converter uses type OKMtube, Type 66in Is used for heterodyne. Throe i.f. amplification stages use 6*3n . Two 1.f. amplification stages use 652n and the output stage 6H15[7 . I.f. is selected 10.5 me, and the i.f. channel should be 0.9 to 1.3 me wide at the 6 db level. Sensitivity of the receiver 10 to 20 tv at the output voltage on the head phones 1 to 4 V. There are I schematic diagram and 1 chassis view in the article. AVAILABLE: Library of Congress card 1/1 YAKOVLZV~ V. --atd" SHMATCHENK0, V. "Elea tromechani cal Intermediate Frequency Filters," PP 30-34, IL 11 Abst: An examination is given of intermediate frequency electromec!4nical filters with inegnetostrictive excitaLion. The article describes filters prepared in the form of an oscillator system, consisting of a series of flat, rectangular plates, or in the form. of circular metallic discs. The ddvantages of these fi":- ters (stability in operation, insensitivity to vibrations, srrall dimensions and weight are noted. SOURCE: Voyennyy Svyazist (Military Communicator), 1957, 1, No 1 Sum 1854 Three4land VHF Re*~elver `by.V.~ Yakovley Radio No 5, YO, 57, pp 33-3,5 This VHP superheterodyne radio receiver is designed for a teur recep- tion. on freq uency bands of 38-40 Mc, 144-146 mc and 42o-425 Mc. The set ilis'an aperiodic radio-frequency amplifier which substantially increases its~sensitivity. The set will operate from a 100 or 221 v ac power line aiA-consumes~about 45 w. The set has five tubes: tube 6S1P, aperiodic RF amplifier; 6S1Zh, superregenerative stage; 6Zh3P, first stage of the audio amplifier; 5N15P, pover amplifier; and 6Ts4P, rectifier. Tuning ofall,the carried out with the aid of a signal go nIer4tor SG-4. , ~Aftex proper tuning ~thIebet will have the-fol lowing a.ena tivity for the three Iwave bands; 2-to 5 microvolts for 300-40 Mc and 144~446 M.c wlive bands and 10 microvolts for the 42o-425 Me wave band. (U) -i 'j~ir It!, NX5~413X C. An ultrashort wave receiver with battery tubes. Radio no.12:36-38 D '57. (MIRA 10:11) (Radio. Shortwnve--Receivers and reception) YAKOVLEVO V., starshiy prepodavatell Nomograms for evaluating the precision of ship location b7 means of the bearings of quadrant radio beacons. Mor.flot no.3:15-16 Mr 161. (MIRA 14--6) .1,#,Keedra sudovozhdeniya Murmanskogo vyssbego morekhodnogo uchilishcha rybnoy promyshlennosti. kNavigation) -YA KGVIEV-i-V-. (En g-.) - Electric Engineerinly,,, - Tables, Calculations, etc. Ra.ising cosine "fi" in meat combines. Mias. ind. SSSR 23 no. 3, 1952. LF.GNT-!Y-!',V, L*.- X,,jLQVL3V, V.- Boilero Questions and answers. L. Leontlyev, V. Yakovlev. Ydas. ind. SSSR 23 No. 3 1952. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, September 199q, Uncl- I. YAKOV-101% V. YUSHK OV, V. USSR (600) 4.1 Electric Power Plants Operation of steam-turbine electric plants in meat combines, Engs. V. Yakovlev; V. Yushkov, 141as. ind. SSSR. 24 no. 2, 1953. 9. Monthl List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, AFRIL 1953, Uncl. TAKOYLSV_- -,,,.jnzh-en-er; ZMYANNIKOV,.K., -inzhener.- - Consultation. Hias.ind.SSSR. 25 no.5:60-61 954. (VIJU 7:11) (Packing honses'-sqmipsent and supp'lles) 7=777= TAKOVIEVO....T., inzhener. Hov to improve the prodactivity of the boiler unit. Xi&s.ind. SSSR 25 no.6:51-53 154. (MLRA 8:1) (Ste&m boilers) IM-1 n W-R-15RON NT- g ffirlgg I;ik 5- AT-M-24 Mg~k-