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SOKOLOVSKIY 9 Yuriy Yefimovichj T-ASIRAVOESM L -A ROMMOVg V.G. 9 ___j_ , .9 retsenzentj rbtn6fizent; KUZOVLEVAP T.V.j red. izd-va; YUKAKOVAq T.T.9 tekhn. red. [Along the blue roads of Moscow and its envirous guidebook) Po gq,- lubya doiogam Moskvy i'Podmoskavlia; putevoditell. Moskva, Izd-* "Rechnoi. transpqrtg" 1961. 166 p. (min 14..8) (Moscow Valley-Ouidebooks) (Moscow Vallsy-I~i" water transportation) KRIVORUCHKO., M.G.; KURLAT, F.L.; KIKMLOV, M.A.; SOKOIDVajy, Yuye.; -YASTRZHEHLS-KH, L.A._,, red.; STRZEIZHOV6KIY, F., red.; YANCIM, A., red.; SHIYK, M.., tekhn. red. (A=)ss the streets of Moscow; guidebook]Po ulitsam lloskvy; pu- tevoditell. lloskva,, Mosk.rabochii, 1962. 1+29 p. (HIRA 15-9) 1. Rabotniki Moskovskogo gorodskogo ekskursiormogo byuro (for Krivoruchko., Kurlat., Mikhaylov, Sokolovskiy). 2. Direktor Mluzeya istorii i rekonstruktsii Moskvy (for Yantrzhembskiy). (Moscow-Guidebooks) CHEREPANOV, Vladimir Aleksandrovich; YASTRZHEMBSKIY,.L.A., red.; ITUSIAIDIA, L., red.; JIMNETSMA, A., t-, (sadovoo Ring] Sadovoe kol'too, Hookva, Mookovokii ra- bochii, 1963. 157 p. (MIRA 17:2) RIVKIN, I.Ya., inzb.; YASTRZMU33KIY,-P.)~~.,-.-inzli.p red.; e- GARNUKHIN , y T. fe red. (Inventions; manufacture of instruments and automatic control devices)Sbomik izobrotenii; priborostroenie i sredstva wito- matizataii. Moskva) TSentr. biuro tokhn. informataiip 1961. 286 p. (MIRA 15:U.) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.R.) Komitet po delam izobreteniy i otki-ytiy. (Instruments-Technological innovations) (Automatic contrbl) KAZINIH) N.Ye.0 imb.; VEKLYUDOVp SX-p inzb..; YASTRZMIBSKIY) P.Ya., red.; KA1,2[SM1IKGVA, A.A... takhn. red. (Inventions; railroad transportationlSbornik izobretenii; zheleznodorozhnyi transport. Moskva) TSentr. biuro tekhn. informat,sii, 1962. 297 p. (MIRA 15:10) 1. Russia (1923- U.S.S.'R.)Komitet po delam izobreteniy i ot- krytiy. (Railroads--Technological innovations) MIKILN11KO, A.U.; YASTRZHEMWKIY,V.D. System for measuring amplitude and phase oscillations at different points in a diffuser. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; radiotekb. 6 no.5:564-566 S-0 163. (MIRA 17:1) 1. Rekomendovano kafedroy radioveshchaniya i elektroakustiki Odesskogo elektrotekhnicheskogo instituta, svyazi. LI, A.F.; GREBERNIKOVA, O.T.; Y-ASIIS, 14.5. Hicrostructures of ilmenitas and their practical value. Zap.Vost.-Sib.otd.Vaes.min. ob-va no.1:74-82,159.- (MIRA 14:7) 1. Irkutskiy Ilauchno-issledovatellskiy institut redkikh metallov. (IIM-321ite) ACC NR- AR7000835 SOURCE CODE: UR/0058/66/000/009/AO47/AO47 A AIJTHOR-. Tolutis, V. B.; su~i~s, V. V. _Xa TIT LE :Effect of substrate temperature on the macro- and microstructure of thin cadmium telluride film SOURCE: Ref. zh. Fizika, Abs. 9A.400 REF SOURCE; Lit. fiz. sb., v. 5, no. 4, 1965, 495-502 TOPIC TAGS: cadmium telluride, thin film, ==tdrestructure, tW.-n film ===ra3tmTGtaz;e,, ff growth ma~~, polycrystalline film, xj~ ABSTRACT: A study was made of the parameters of the macro- and microstruc- ture of sputtered thin CdTe film as a function of substrate temperature (Tn) within the 120-245C range. Two substantially different structural regions, separated by a narrow transitional area with the point of separation at Tn 185C, were identified in the film on the basis of several factors: the nature of the relationship between the parameters of the distribution curve for the area of the film's visible structure in relation to the grain size of the crystals (maximum distribution func- ACC NR: AR7000835 tion values, distribution curve half-widths), the mean crystal grain area values, the effective CdTe accommodation coefficient, the texture parameters, and the correlation between the cubic and hexagonal phases of the film as a function of Tn- It was found that the causes of such a sharp demarcation in the structure of the film as a function of Tn are the conditions for the condensation of Te, which deter- mine the mechanism of the growth of the CdTe layer as a whole. A model of the mechanism of the growth of the CdTe film is given. [Translationof abstract) P] i SUB. CODE: 20/ 1 -Z ALMIOR: Tolutt;i V. B,- (rolutis, "A Shimillfte, Ye, A. yasutis V, V. (S imu "rt e i V. A t t .3 'j I'ffn r i i n r 1 1 n v t he o 1 ot the t T;;t a no n I r,, r a s I mpu! i r i i ec i r nrrr. i c rcs c 11 14i f t I 7 -1 vm at r f, SOURCE: AN LitSSR. Litovskty f 1 z i che - k 1v I-,- r ti i k, v. 4 2, )'6- 1 7 TOPIC TAGS: cadium telluride film, film structure, copper, film deposition, ele- ctron microscopy, impurity concentration ABSTRAi."r: The article considers the characteristic& of the growth of CdTe films when the alloying of the film is carried out by the independent eva.poration of CdTe and the impurity - copper. The purpose of this work was to determine the depend- ence of the film structure on the concentration of the introduced copper, and to determine the Itmiting active concentration of copper to the GdTc film. nie was carried out by means of electr;~,n mlcro3copy and optical Investigations r~f tFe impure ,-dTe films. The structure the film obtained at different ;ubstrat=. t-ln- Card L 30076-65 ACCESSION HR: AT5002013 peraturcs was inve9ti6ated ar, a frunction of the concentration of copper ranging Crom 1015 to 102i em-3. It was established that the layers obtataed or. a cold substratum up to room temperature are greatly disordered and have -1o pronounced Etrilcture, With fncreasing concentration of copper their visible ;ubstructure is T;- film-- obtairied 4,i~)strata heated to 150 and 21)(- have a :-rD- 'r,"! Wt rilcrilrP. A s t he t i.!mpe i -ii i c r y 9 - a 1 9 :Ir*:,~--, Alto, ent r,31 i esLaDij5nmd LIVIaL Ll-.e IL~ILI.2.6 9 1311T~d t hq r the I f3 concent rated predomminantly on the t A. gurc S, i ASSOCIATION,. InsUtut tum. i matemau-Liri AkUdUftKIL a&tkk mathematics Institute, Academy of scijnces, Lithuanian SSR) NO PLE FSOV: 006 -TU, R 000 I Ug Card 2/2 alne Fish All., 1948 Medicine Teeth f1construotion and Genesis of Dantine in Osseus Fish (Pike and Carp)," G. Yasvoln., Inst Erperlmental Mod, Leningrad),3 pp WDok Akad Nauk SSBR, Nova Ser" Vol IX, No 2 Data an the formatim of dentine and teeth in bony fish. Submitted by Academician 1. 1. Wmallganzen, 13 Feb 1948. 4~1-'~~!- C.- 58464-65 EWT(I)/EWG(v) Pe-5/Pae--2 Gw ACCWSION HR: AR5011845 w/0269/65/9pq~,1994/ 522-~ 6rf V. _Lervqtory of a tricolar photow-triesystem and its TITLE Use by the jjj~~_2b ~7----connection vith the UBV system __SOURCIE: R~f AstronomiYd-, Otd.- vyp b 1-51-137 A __7 As k. un-ta, ---qZM-D ~SOURCE tron.. observ. Villayuss no. 100 1961~j 1g-, TOPIC, TAG,13: spectral.sensitivity curve, effective wevelength, pbotometric syste ~tricol_.r photomptric eystem 'ARSTRACIT: Calculations vere made of the spectral-sensitivity curvca and of' the ef- fective wavelengths for ultraviolet, blue, and yellow values, obtained on the lid-cm reflector at the Villnyus obfiervatory. On thf3 basis of theoretical end empirical obser,rations of the accumulation of IIGC 129, the reducing k6lationwhip-beWeen the - VilInyus values of U.Vln, BvIno and_,jtvj~n andA-he-_vaiti6(I--of ii-t B.0- -and -V- was- eatdbl- i__s_h__-' ,ed. - The-theotetical end-empirical Va ues are n 6_0d int. A 7-:7 rd ........... Y. Y f:4 58464-65 ACCESSION IIR; AR5,011845 rrora-IA-- tw~ C-al~ccn- M~ri -!,vakdIonaf -var-ue-s-, vv-l-j-,--to,- the V- a y--st- em- my reai!h 0 1. Ifefs. 14. A. Sharov ~-'IMSOCIATION: none: S~Wu I m 00 Elm: SUB CODE: OP "NIV M Savo, 000 OTHER: 000 -T ------ - - -- i: rd: 2/2 PETRIK, G. K.; !LSYI,'OVA, A. A.; NA7AFZVAj N. 1. Chemical-technological study of coals from the Kavak brown coal basin. Izv.AN Kir.SSSR.Ser.ast.i tekh.nauk 4 no. 6: 77-82 162. (MIRA .17:5) 112-1-1246 Translation from: Referativnyy Zhurnal, Elektroteldmika, 1957, Nr 1, P. 193 (USSR) AUTHOR: Yasyrev., A.F. ----------------------- TITLE: Automatic Recorder of Charging a Blast Furnace (Avtomati- cheskiy registrator zagruzki domennoy pechi) PERIODICAL: Byul. Tsentr. in-t inform. M-va chernoy metallurgii, 1956., Nr 3, P-56 ABSTRACT: Bibliographic entry. Card 1/1 NIKITIN, N.M.; YASffXV~ A.P. Co nditions governing the formation of gyps= in the southern wing of the Moscow Basin. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser.geol. 27 no.7:r:9-69 J1. 162, (MIRA 15:6) 1. Tullskaya kompleksnaya geologorazvedochnaya ekspeditsiya. (Moscow Basin--Gypsum) YASYREV.. A.P. Trace elements in the formation ejtd concretion +.osphorites of some deposits in the central regions of the R.S.F.S.R. Lit. i pol. iskop. no.3t66-76 My-Je 164. (MIRA 17:11) 1. Tul'skaya ekspeditsiya, TSentrallnogo nauchn(>-isaledovatel'skogo gorno-razvedochnogo instituta, Tula. SQKO1bV, M.P. (Odessa); A, V. L. (Odessa) 'Water solution of blood for fattening pigs. VeterinAriia 39 no.10:71-72 0 162, (MIRA 1616) (Blood as food or medicine) (SwinQ--~Feedlng and feede) PARMIAKYAN, V. E. LT~SYUMMA, V. V. The RKV-2 traveling machine for ripping frozen ground. Diul. tekh.-ekon.inform. no.8:60-62 160. (XIRA 13:9) (Frozen ground) (Railroad engineering) - YASYUCRENYAj V.V., inzh.; PARUNAKYAN, V,E,, inzh. Operation of motorized dump cars at the Korkino open-cut coal mine. Izv. vys. uchebazavt; gor* zhur. no-11:157-162 160. (MIRA 13;12) 1. ChelyabinBkiy sovnarkhrz. Rakomendovana kafedroy gornykh mashin i rudnichnogo transporta Sn!erdlovskogo gornogo instituta. (Chelyabinsk Basin,'Arip mining) (Dump trucks) PARUNAKYAN) VoE.; YMUCHMA, V.V. Feconstruction of an industrial electric locomotive to a diesel- contact locomotive. Biul.tekh.-ekon.inform. no.10:73-75 161. (Diesel locomotiveIs) (MIRA 14:10) 4A PARUNAKYAN, V.E., inzh.,- YASYUCHFNU,-V.-V-,-j,~Qzh~ L Use of diesel-41ectric locomotives in opet-pit-haulage. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; gor. zhuro .5. 'no.1:109-111 16-2. (MIRA 15:4) 1. ChF31yabinskiy sovnarkhoz. p :(Mine railroads) -iv PARUIUKYAN., V.E., inzh.; YASYUGHENYA, V.V.,, inzh.; LOZINSKIY, V.N., inzh. Use of a 200 ton electric locomotive in pit haulage. Izv.vys. ucheb.zav.; gor,zhur. 5 no.2:128-130 162. (MMA 15:4) 1. Chelyabinskiy sovnarkhoz (for Parunakyan,, Yasyuchenya). 2. Treat Korkinugoll (for Lozinskiy). (Chelyabinsk Basin-Mine railroads) PARUNAKYAN, V.E., inzh. (Che1-yabinsk)j..jAaj.QCNENLA -S..L inzh. (Chelyabinsk); KUTENKO, I.S., inzh. (Chel'yabinskl Universal track maintenance-machine. Put' i put.khoz. 6 no.1102-33 162. (HIRA 16: 1) (Railroads-Equipment and supplies) PARUNAKYANV V. E.; YASYUGHENrA, V. V. Machine for replacing croasties ancT for other operations on railroad tracks. Biul tekh.-ekon. inform. Gos. sauch.-ioal. imst. nanch. i tekh. inform. no.12,.61-63 162. (min 161l) (Railroads-Maintenance and repair) L) 0 USSR/Chemical Technology Chemical Products and Their Application. Silicates. Glass. Ceramics. Binders, 1-9 Abst Journals Referat Zhur - KhJmiya, No 19., 1956p 62307 Authors Jasiukevicius V., Tucaite, 0. Institution: None Title: Investigation of Destructive Action of Calcareous Inclusions in Ceramic Body* Original Periodical: Kauno polltechn. inst. darbai, Tr. Kaunassk. poltteklm. in-ta., 1955, 3, 51-6o; Lithuanian; Russian resume Abstract: To prevent destructive action of calcareous inclusions in clay bricks ("dutiks") it is recommended to wet the bricks by immersion in water for 15 minutes or by vigorous spraying with water which is more effective. The recommended procedure is effective with calcareous inclusions of dimensions up to 7-8 mm- Card 1/1 YAMMICHUS, 7.1. Cand Techn Sci -- (diss)"Zostudy of -the destructivo - ' a4~~ V4 action of crock." Kaunast 1958, 16 pp Win ~ghor~uc USSR. Yaunas Polytt4j~st). 150 copies (M, 37-58f Ill ), - 17 - AS UKEVIG jU'v" i --isi-EBAUSKAS, A ARULAITISI V.; LA5YSP A.; SASITAUSKAS, K.; .; VILPISAUSUS' V., red.; MONTRWIAS, R., red.; CECYTE, V., teekh. red. [Production of bricks, tiles, and drainpipes] Plytu cerpiu ir drenu gamyba. [By] V.Jasiukevieius ir kiti. Vilnius, Valstybine politines ir mokslines literaturos leidykla, 1961. 258 p. (MIRA 15:3) (Bricks) (Tiles) (Drain tiles) mgmmmmm PHASE I BOOK EXPIDITATION 926 Chelyabinsk (Province) O'blastnoye statisticheskoye upravleniye Narodnoye khozysystvo Chelyabinskoy oblasti i goroda Chelyabinska; statisticheskiy sbornik (Economy of the Chelyabinsk Oblast and the City of Chelyabinsk; Collection of Statistics) Chelyabinsk, Gosstatizclat, 1957. 167 p. 6,000 copies printed, Reap. Ed.: Yasyukov, I.I.; Tech. Edo: Trokhman, A.V., Belyayev, G.A., and Osintsev, G.; Eds.: Diyeva., M.I., Zyuzina, A.A., Shigarov, S.Ye., Renev, I.I., Vyazova, I.Ya.., Chistova, G.Ya., Chistova, K.Ya., and Nikandrova, N.D. PURPOSE: This book is intended for economists and economic statisticians. COVERAGE: The compilation contains the most important figures (both absolute and in percentages) on the economic and cultural development of Chelyabinsk Oblast and the city of Chelyabinsk. The comparative figures are from 1941 or 1945, and in some instance from 1950. The compilation does not contain the goals aimed at by the current (Sixth) Five-Year Plan. The compilation was prepared by the Chelyabinsk Statistical Office. All data (figures) for 1956' are Card 1116 Economy ofthe Chelyabinsk Oblast and the City of Chelyabinsk(Cont.) 926 preliminary, due to the fact that the compilation was sent to the press in December 1956. TABIE OF CONTENTS: Territory and Population Territory (as of 1956) 13 Population (estimated as of 1956) 14 Administrative territorial subdivision 14 Number of administrative-territorial units an of.Jan. 1, 1957 15 Ntmber of towns and urban settlements;.nvnber of inhabitants 17 Towns under.Republic and Oblast jurisdiction 17 Distribution.of towns and settlements according to the wmber of 'Inhabitants 18 Urbm population in the Oblast at'the beginning of 1956 19 Industries Production structure of Oblast industrial enterprises according to the form of jurisdiction 25 Number of industrial enterprises, as of 1955 25 Card 2116 EcOnomy of the Chelyabinsk Oblast and the City of Chelyabinsk (Cont.) 926 Grouping of Oblast processing industries by number of workers 26 Proportion of workers in individual branches of heavy indvatry 27 Coal output by coal fields in 1955 28 Building materials output by rayons in 1955 28 Growth of the physical volume of gross putput, for all industry for 1945, 1946, 1950, and 1955, as compared with 1940 30 Growth of the physical volume of gross output for all industry for '951-1955 in percentages of 1950 31 Growth of industrial production in the city of Chelyabinsk in the Fourth and Fifth Five-Year Plans 33 Growth of output by machine-building and metalworking plants for 1951-55, in percentages of 1950 34 Industrial output in physical units for the entire Oblast for 1937, 1940, 1950,,1955, and 1956 35 Preliminary figures on the growth of the physical volume of the gross output for all industry for 1956 (in percentages of 19400 1950, and 1955 figures) 37 Card 3116 Economy of the Chelyabinsk Oblast and the City of Chelyabinsk (Cont.) 926 Production of consumers' goods in the city of Chelyabinsk.. in physical units, for 1950-1955 37 Growth of labor productivity in large industries of the Oblast and the city of Chelyabinsk for 1951-1955, in percentages of 1928, 1940, and 1950 39 Use-coefficient of the blast-furnace capacities in 1946, 1950, and 1955 40 Average round-the-clock output of steel per square meter of sole in the steel mills of the Oblast [in metric tons, for 1946, 1950 . and 19551 40 . Prodtiction of coal , 1913-1956 [including output figures on . open-pit coal] 41 Level of mechanization in Chelyabinskugoll mines for 1950 and 1955 (in percentages of the entire balk of mining operations) 41 Electric power output, 1913-1955 42 Growth of power capacities and power production in the Oblast, by types of power plant, for 1955 in percent to 19501 42 Distribution of power stations by their typesgenerating capacities, and paver output, in percent of the total, for 1950 and 1955 43 Card 4/16 Economy of the Chelyabinsk Oblast and the City of Chelyabinsk (Cont.) 926 Industrial output of major types of goods, in physical units of enterprises of the Ministry of Local Industry for 1950, 1954, and 1955 44 Output of major types of goods by cooperative enterprises, in physical units.. for 1950,, 1954, and 1955 45 Agriculture Total area of farm lands and distribution of land according to jurisdiction as of November 1, 1955 49 Distribution of farm lands in the rayons by jurisdiction 50 Distribution of sown lands [including vegetable gardens] by rayons 51 Number of sovkhozes, machine-tractor stations, and kolkhozes at the beginning of 1957 52 Sown areas, by type of crop.. for the entire Oblast [in thousands of hectares, for 1940, 1950, 1955, and 19561 53 Distribution of the entire sown area by type of crop [by Juris- diction, in thousands of hectares, for the above y-ears] 55 Distribution of the entire sown area, by jurisdiction [in per- centages of the total area, for the above years] 57 Card 5/16 Economy of the Chelyabinsk Oblast and the City of Chelyabinsk (Cont.) Sown areas under kolkhoz jurisdiction [in thousands of hectares., per type of crop, for the above years] Total sown area by rayons (in thousands of hectares for the above years] Total sown area of grain by rayons (in thousands of hectares for the above years] Total sown area of wheat by rayons [in thousands of hectares for the above years] Total sown area of potatoes by rayons (in hectares for the above years) Total sown area of vegetables by rayons (in hectaxes for the above years] Total sown area by rayons (in thousands of tons for the above years, under kolkhoz jurisdiction] Total sown area of grain by rayons [in thousands of hectares for the above years, under kolkhoz jurisdiction) Total sown area of potatoes by rayons [in hectares, for the above years, under kolkhoz jurisdiction] Card 6116 59 61 62 63 64 65 67 69 70 926 Economy of the Chelyabinsk Oblast and the City of Chelyabinsk (Cont.) 926 Total sown area of vegetables by rayons (in hectares for the above years, under kolkhoz jurisdiction] 71 Winter and si er crops, per type of crop, in kolkhozes of the Oblast (in percentages of the total area sown, for the above years] 72 Total sown area in virgin and fallow lands [by rayons in thousands of hectares, 1954, 1955, and 19561 75 Productive livestock in the Oblast [in thousands of head for 1916- 19561 74 Productive livestock per 100 hectares of farm land in the Oblast (1940, 1950, 1953, 1955, and 19561 75 Productive livestock in the Oblast by type of farm [in thousands, for 1941, 1951, 1953, 1955, and 19561 75 Distribution of productive livestock by type of farm (in per- centage of the total number in the livestock category for the above years] 78 Distribution of productive -livestock by rayons [in thousands of head, for the above years] 80 Card 7/16 Economy of the Chelyabinsk Oblast and the City of-Chelyabinsk (Cont.) 926 Distribution of productive livestock under kolkhoz jurisdiction by rayons [in thousands of head for 1941, 1951, 1953, 1954, and 19551 66 Kolkhoz poultry, by tapes, by rayons (in thousands of head, as of October 1, 19561 91 Average yield of milk per 1 fodder cow by rayons of the Oblast [in kdlograms, for 1950, 1954/55 and 1955/561 93 Number of kolkhozes and farmsteads in kolkhozes [1940., 1950.9 19551 94 Basic indices of kolkhoz economic activities (for 1940, 1950, 1953, 1954, and 19551 95 Productive livestock owned individually by the kolkhoz workers [in thousvndB of head, for 1941, 1951, 1953, 1955, and 1956] 97 Basic indices of sovkhoz economic activities [and of their equip- ment, for 1940, 1950, 1953, 19551 98 Average indices of farm activities for the sovkhoz 99 Livestock in sovkhozes by type of livestock [average figures per sovkhoz, for l9hO, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 19561 100 Basic indices of operations at machine-tractor stations[for 1940, 1950, 1953, 1954, and 19553 101 Card 8/16 Economy of the Chelyabinsk Oblast and the City of Chelyabinsk (Cont.) 926 Tractor and truck park. in the agriculture of the Oblast [for 1940, 1950, 1953, 1954, and 19551 103 Rural electrification indices (per type of organization, for the above years] 105 Distribution of machine-tractor stations by number of kolkhozes serviced at the end of 1955 107 ,Distribution of machine-tractor stations according to capacities of their tractor park at the end of 1955 107 Capital Construction Growth of capital investment for 1946-55 [in percentage of 1946] Ill Growth of capital investment in the Fifth Five-Year Plan [for 1950- 1955, in the Oblast and city of Chelyabinsk] 111 Volume of capital investment in housing construction in per- centages of the total capital investment for 1946-55 1-12 Construction of primary, seven-year and secondary schools in the Oblast and city of Chelyabinsk for 1946-55 [in number of schools and desks] 112 Card 9/16 Economy of t~e Chelyabinsk Oblast and the City of Chelyabinsk (CDnt.) 926 Construction of hospitals and polyclinics In the Oblast and city of Chelyabinsk, 1946-55 (in number of beds] 113 Construction of creches and kindergartens in the Oblast and city of Chelyabinsk for 1946-55 [in number of vacancies] 313 Housing and Communal Economy.,, Transport. Communications Housing area of the city of Chelyabinsk [in thousands of squaxe meters., for 1926, 1940, and 19561 3.17 Housing area opened for occupancy during the Fifth Five-Year (in percentages of 1946-19501 U7 Growth in capacity of communal services in towns and urban settlements for 1956 [in percentages of 1951, for the Oblast and city of-Chelyabinsk, per type of facility) 118 Growth of street amelioration program in towns of the Oblast and in the city of Chelyabinsk [for 1956, in percentages of 19501 119 Development of street-car service (in four principal cities, for 1940, 1945, 1950,.1956 in length of tracks, number of vehicles, and number of passengers] 1-19 Card IOA6 Economy of the Chelyabinsk Oblast and the City of Chelyabinsk (Cont.) 926 Indices of utilization of motor trucks [for 1945, 1950, and 1955) 121 Freight shiioments by rail [in millions of tons, for 1940, 1950, 1954 and'1~551 122 Development of the Oblast's commmicationd facilitied(telegraph, telephone, and radio, for 1940, 1950P 1954, and 19551 122 Number of Employed Persons. Availability of Skilled Personnel. Training Total number of employed persons in the Oblast [in thousands of men, and in percentages of 1940 and 1950 -551 ,,for 1951 125 .Number of emploied persons in various branches of the state economy, [in thousands of men, for 1940, 1945, 1950, and 19551 126 Percentage of women in various branches of the state economy 127 Number of skille& workers with higher and secondary special education [in thousands of men, for 1954 and 19551 127 Number of skilled workers (specialists) with higher education ~p--r various branches of specialization (in thousands, for 1954 and 19551 128 Card 11A6 Economy of the Chelyabinsk Oblast and the City of Chelyabinsk (Cont.) 926 Number of skilled workers with secondary special education, per various branches of Erpecialization [in thousands, for 1954 and 19551 128 Graduation of trained young workers [type of special school, in thousands,, for 1941-45, 1946-50, and 1951-551 129 Gr4urLtion of tr ned personnel for the rural mechanization program thousa i dsr n n L 130 Increasing skills of special personnel and common-trade workers by on-,t training and special schools (in thousands, for 1W 1 and 30 Commodity Turnover Retail commodity turnover of state and cooperative trade (for the Oblast and city of Chelyabinsk, for 1937-56, in millions of rubles] 133 Growth of the physical volume of retail trade in state and cooperative enterprises, including public dining balls [for 1955, in percentages of 1940, 1950, and 1954, for the Oblast and city of Chelyabinsk] 134 card 12116 Economy of the Chelyabinsk Oblast and the City of Chelyabinsk (Cont.) 926 Proportion of retail trade and public dining in the total volume of state and cooperative trade [in percentages, for the above years] 135 Percentual ratio of foodstuffs and consumern gooda to the total trade and commodity turnover, including public dining (for 1950, 1954, and 1955, per type of foodstuff or household commodity3 136 Network of retail trade establishments and dining halls [per type of establishment, in physical units, for 1940, 1945, 1950, 1954, 1955, for the Oblast and city of Chelyabinsk] 137 Indices of trade volume on kolkhoz markets for 1954 and 1955 (in percentages of 1950, for the Oblast and city of Chelyabinsk, per type of produce] , 138 .Distribution costs of retail trade and public dining [in per- centages of the total trade cost for 1950, 1954, and 1955, for the Oblast and city of Chelyabinsk) 138 Culture Number of students in general-education schools, special secondary schools, and establishments of higher learning [for the Oblast and city of Chelyabinsk, 1914/15, 1927/28, 1940/41, 1950/51, 1954/55, and 1955/561 141 Card 13116 Economy of the Chelyabinsk Oblant and the City of Chelyabinsk (Cont.) 9,216 Number of schools, students, and teachers [per type of school, for the above years] 142 Number of schools for working and rural youth and general education schGols for adults in the Oblast (for 1945/46, 1950/51, 1954/55, and 1955/56j 142 Number of general education schools and their students and teachers [of other than the above types, for the Oblast and. city of Chelyabinsk, for the above years] 143 Distribution of students of general education schools by grades, [in thousands, for 1927/28, 1940/41, 1950/51, 1954/55, and 1955/56, for the Oblast and city of Chelyabinsk) 144 Number of general education schools in the rayons and 12 principal towns of the Oblast [for 1940/41 , 1950/51, , 1954/55, and 1955/561 145 Student enrollment in general education schools in the rayons and 12 principal towns [in thousands, for the above years] 146 Number of general'education schools and their students (in thousands) at the beginning of the school year 1956/57 in the rayons and 12 principal towns of the Oblast 148 card 14/16 Economy of the Chelyabinsk Oblast and the City of Chelyabinsk (Cont.) 926 Schools of higher learning and special secondary schools [in the Oblast and city of Chelyabinsk, In number of schools, number - of students, types of students, etc , for 1914/15, 1927/28, 1940/41, 1950/51, 1954/55, and 1955~561 150 Graduation of specialists from Oblast higher and secondary special schools [per type of school, for 1940, 1950, and 19551 151 Preparation and graduation of graduate students for 1950 and 1955, for the entire Oblast 151 Number of libraries [for 19401, 1950, 1954, and 1955, per type of library, in thousands of books, in the Oblast and city of Chelyabinsk] 152 Number of clubs (for 1927, 1940, 1950, 1954, 1955, in the Oblast and city of Chelyabinsk] 152 Distribution of clubs, libraries and books (in thousands) by the rayons of the Oblast and in the 12 principal towns [as of lst January 19561 153 Number of motion picture theaters [in the Oblast and city of Chelyabinsk, for 1940, 1950, and 1955, per type of theater] 154 Card 15/16 Economy of the Chelyabinsk Oblast and the City of Chelyabinsk (Cont.) 92s List of schools of higher learning [vith number of students and graduates, for 1956] J-55 List of tekhnikums and other special secondary schools operating during the 1956/57 school year 156 Public Health Service Birth-rate,, death-rate and natural growth of the population, [for 1939 and 1950-55, per 1000 men] 161 Number of workers and employees in public health service; number of physicians and hospital beds (in thousands, in the Oblast and city of Chelyabinsk, for 1913, 1932, 1940, 1950, 19551 161 Distributton of physicians and hospital beds in the rayons and the 12 principal towns of the O'blast for 1940, 1950, and 19551 162 Sanatoria and rest homes as of August 15, 1956 (with specializa- tion and number of beds] 165 AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Xard 16/16 M/mas 1-6-59 2-58-3-10/17 L., Head of the Chelyabinsk Oblast' Statistical AUTHOR: _ja jQaLk_qX4__ Administration TITLE.- From the Experience of the Machine-Calculating Station of Chelyabinsk Oblast, Statistical Administration (Iz opyta raboty mashinoschbtno~ stantaii statisticheskogo upravleniya Chelyabinskoy obI PERIODICALi Vestnik Statistiki, 1958, Nr 3, pp 66-70 (USSR) ABSTRACTt The author describes the operation of the machine-oalculat- ing station of the Chelyabinsk Oblast7 Statistical Admini- strations centralization and mechanization have been carried as far as possible, and maximum use is being made of keyboard and punchoard calculating machines. Card 1/1 YASYUKOV, M., podpolkovnik, kand. filosof. nauk Laws of armed combat and the creative work of the co=ander. Komm. Vooruzh. Sil 3 no.16-50-57 Ag 163. (IURA 16-9) (Military art and science) (Leadership) YASYUKOV, M., podpolkovnik, kand.fil,)sofskikh .,auk Principles of the development of socialism Into ccmrunilsm. Xo=-. Vooritzh. Sil 4 no.14;54-61 JI 61,. (lqRA 17:9) ACC NR: AP7005922 0j) -CODE':- 516-77000 M i1 00 4 8'/0*655-- AUTHOR: Yasyukov, M. (Candidate of philosophical sciences; Lieutenant colonel) ORG: none TITLE: Combat planaing SOURCE: Kcmmunist vooruzhennykh sil, no. 1, 1967, 481-55 a P-4z-_ TOPIC TAGS: militaryYin==, military policy ABSTRACT: Under the conditions of modern war, the significance of the rocket- and nuclear-weapon capabilities sharply increases. The absence of this capability cannot be compensated"by such other advantages as high morale and better combat training. These factors can tip the balance toward victory only in the presence of a rocket.and nuclear capability. A new world war could only be a war of coalitions. The conduct of a- military effort by many allied armies.requires the large-scale planning of combined operations. The Socialist countries have tremendous advantages over the ingerialist ones, and during WW Il there was disagreement. between' the U.S., England, and France both before and duri'ng such operations. Planning under the conditions of a rocket- and nuclear-weapon capability reqtiires not only the ability to correctly assess vr-rious techniques for utilizing equipment, but also a n-ost thorough assessmnt of such factors as decoying, carouflaging, and Cord 1/2 UDC: none ACC NR: AP7005922 achieving surprise. Determining the effects of attacks on the enery is greatly complicated by . troop dispersion, absence of a-. continuous front, and the rapid changing of the situation. Thus, it is possible to conclude that under modern. conditions the requirements, significance, and scope of coubat-operation planning are expanding' while. at the same time the maximum flexibility is required when changing plans and their individual elements in connection with a rapidly changing situation. Taking into account this contradiction between the established plan and the requirements of a changing situation is of particular importance in =dernwarfare. Any attempt to absolutize one or the other side of this contradiction leads to unhappy results. Under modern conditions a computation base is necessary, which may only be a means of high-speed control; this can include electronic computers, radar and-infrared equipment, radio,_radio-relay and wire ~ommlnications. [NCI SUB CODE: 15/ SUBM DATE: none/ ATD PRESS: 5115 YASYULENTS, A. I. Dissertation: "Investigation of a Crank-Lir* Gear mechaniEm.n Cand Tech Sci~ Leningrad Polytechnic Instq Leningrad, 2954. (WeratiMy Zbirnal--Yekhanjka,, Moscow, Aug 54) SO: SUM 393,v 28 Fab 1955 SOV/ 124-58-5-5032 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Mekhanika, 1958, Nr 5, P 13 (USSR) AUTHOF: _.~yu~lenis _A~ja siulionis, A.] TITLE: Analytical Investigation of the Kinematics of a Sliding-block/ Crank Linkage. Graphic Relationships of the Kinerriatics and Some Dynamic Properties (Analiticheskoye issledovanie kine- matiki ~rivoshipno-kulisnogo mckhanizma. Graficheskiye zavisimosti kinematicheskikh i nekotorykh dinamicheskikh svoystv) (Skriejikinio kulises mechanizmo kinernatikos anall- tinis nagrine'jimas ir kinematiniu bei kai kuriu dinaminiu savybiu grafinis vaizdavimas] i~ Lithuanian PERIODICAL: Liet. ~eme/s qkio akad. mokslo darbai, Tr. Lit. s.-kh. akad., 1957, Val 3, pp 37-101 ABSTRACT: An account is given of a kinematic and dynamic investiga- tion of plane sliding-block linkages with different geometric parameters. Included are numerous diagrams which greatly simplify investigation of linkages with given parameters. V.A. Zinov'yev Card 1/1 1. Granks-~nalysis 2. Dynamics 3. Mechanics 25(2) PHASE I BOOK EXPLOITATION SOV/256o Akademiya nauk SSSR. Institut mashinovedeniya. Seminar po teorii mashin i mekhanizmov Trudy, tom 18, vyp. 72 (Transaction of the Institute of Mechanical EngineerJxg,USSR Academy of Sciences. Seminar on the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, Vol. 18, Nr 72) Moscow, Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1959. 44 p. Errata slip inserted. 2,200 copies printed. Ed. of Publishing House: M.M. Knoroz; Editorial Board: I.I. Artobolevskiy, Academician, Scientific Leader of the Seminar (Resp. Ed.); G. G. Baranov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor; V. A. Gavrilenko, Doctor of Technical Sciences,, Professor; V. A. Zinov'yev, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor; A. Ye. Kobrinskiy, Doctor of Technical Sciences; N.I. Levitskiy, Doctuor of Technical Sciences, Professor; N. P. Rayevskiy, Candidate of Technical Sciences; L. N. Reshetov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor; and M. A. Skuridin, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. PURPOSE: This collection of articles is intended for engineers interested in the theory of machines and mechanisms. Card 1/4 Transaction of the'Institute (Cont.) SOV/2560 COVERAGE: The collection contains three scientific papers presented at a seminar on the theory of machines and mechanisms. The first paper deals with designing plane four-bar mechanisms, the second presents a method of designing governors for tractor diesel engines, and the third deals with the investigation of an inertia-type distributing device used in flour mill plansifters. The book also contains an author index for papers published In Volumes I-XIX, numbers 1-76, and a list of papers published in Volume XVIII of the Transactions of the Seminar on the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Yaqyulenis, A.I. Designing a Mechanism for a Given Trajetory or -Given Positions using an Auxiliary Mechanism With Two Degrees of Freedom The author presents a method of synthesizing plane link mechanisms using a device representing the three-link mechanism with two degrees of freedom. He also derives rela- tionships which simplify the solution of various problems in Card 2/4 Transaction of the Institute (Cont.) SOV/2560 synthesizing link mechaniams. There are 3 references: 1 Soviet and 3 German. Grunauer, A.A., Dynamic Synthesis of Governors fcrTractor Diesel Engines. 10 The author describes a method of designing spring-loaded flyball governors based on minimizing the mean value of a friction force acting on the governor sleeve. This method makes it possible to improve the dynamic characteristics of a governor and reduce the wear of Its component parts. There are 8 references, all Soviet. Gortinskiy, V.V. On Rotating Conditions of the Inertia-type Distributor in Flour Mill Plansifters 21 The author investigates the motion of an inertia-type grain- distributing device in order to develop a simple and reliable design, requiring no special starting devices. He analyzes the basic equation of motion and determines the minimum starting speed and the conditions for stable rotation of the distributor. There are 3 references, all Soviet. Card 3/4 Transaction of the Institute (Cont.) SOV1256o Author Index for Papers Published in the Volumes I-XIX, Numbers 1-76, of the Transactions of the Seminar on the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms 33 Papers Published in Volume XVIII of the Transactions of the Semirar on the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms AVAILABLE: Library of Congress GO/ec Card 4,14 11-30-59 TASTULEIIS, A.LjJasiulionis, A-I,J, dotsent, kand.tokhn.muk Graphoanalytic and graphic methods for plotting tachograms. ofmchine-reduction elements. I%v.vys.ucheb.ssuv.; mashinostr. no.5:25-34 '59. (MIM 13:4) 1. Litovska7a sellskokhozyaystvannava akademiya. (Machinery, Kinetics of) YASTULIMIS, A. 1. A characteristic of the plane-parallel motion. Trud7 Inst.mash. 3am.po-tooremash. 20 no-77:~-10 159. (MIRA 13:4) Nechanical movementd.) m S/14 60/000/009/009/017 D22lYn3O4 AUTHOR: Yasyulenisq ALI-j,_,Candidate of Technical Sciencesp 'Do ~c_en ~'~ TITLE: Design of flywheels without auxiliary graphs PERIODICAL: Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedenir-. Mashino- stroyeniyep not 9, 1960y 83 - 94 1EXT: It is assumed that the graphs of kinetic energy of the ma- chine, and of its reduced moment of inertia are known. The rela- tionship between the force and position or speed is unimportant. The.position of the axes of absd-issae of above is determined in the course of solving the problem of flywheel* In addition to the two grap~sj the following were specified: The average angular speed of the machine, w av and the coefficient of irregularity of rotation in the drivet 6. The reduced moment of Inertia is I r = I f + Iwy where I f is the inertia of flywheel, and Iw - that of the machine without flywheel. Therefore, I r represents I w when coordinates are Card-1/3 -~F - ~-- B/145/60/000/009/009/017 Desi~tn of flywheels without`:g',,Q_,G D221/D304 shiftedp and it is assumed that it indicates E f - the ficticious energy if the machine would be driven at wo = const. The author gives then the mathematical analysis of the pm posed method. In or- der to eliminate drawing of curNe I w in two scalesp an approximate procedure is proposedg which is based on the assumption of wo = = W av * The increased regularity of drive brings closer the curves of E f at w0 =-. Wmin' and wo =,W max to the line of Ef at wo = wav- The analysis of -these graphs demonstrates that when quantities of second order are neglected, then in the case of sinueoidal charac-- ter of ourvesp the error is given by Se = 2~62e, (14) where e is the amplitude of curve of E, and is a coefficientg that depends on the shift between E and Efo This method can be app- lied to non-sinueoidal curves as well. The errors in the ordinates of the graphs are due to the relative error of calculation and to Card 2/3 S/145/60/000/009/009/017 Design of flywheels w1thout 1)221/D30,4 the absolute error in tracing. The inaccuracy of the plot near the point of tangenc'y introduces an error due to change in the angle of the tangent. The computed results are tabulated. To determine the coefficient 8 it is necessary to plot the curve of Ef at wo = wav in two positions of contact with the curve of El which allows mea- Burement of e etc. The author uses the stepped series of square root and obta?ns an equation that defines S. The proposed variant of integral method"involve8 less work than other procedures, ex.- cept the method suggested by P. Radinger, but the latter is less precise in the case of rodern high speed machines. A numerical example of application uf this method is given. There are 5 figures 1 table and 8 references: 7 Soviet-bloc and 1 non-Soviet-bloco ASSOCIATION: LitOVBkaya sellskokhozyaystvennaya akademiya (Lithua- nian Agricultural Academy) SUBMITTED: Card.3/3 March 159 1959 YAMLYINISY A.I. [JaolulenIs A.J, kalld. tekhn. moA--, elol,2cxt, Plotting the tachogram of a ateady motion at It and J= J((e~ taking into consideration higher order dorivativo:j of.' angular velocity, Izv, vys. ucheb, zav.j manhinostr. no.9: 29-144 164. 041'wi r1r)".) 1, Litovskaya sellskokhozyaystvennayEL akademiya. YASYULEVICH) 0. S. YASYULEVICH, 0. S.- "The biology of illumination and fertili7ation of buckwheat undor various growth conditions." Acad Sci, Ukrainian SSR. Inst of Botany. Kiev) 1955. (DISSERTATION FOR THE DEGREE OF CANDIDATE IN BOLOGICAL SCIENCE) So.: Knizhnaya letopis' No 15, 19560 Moscow gg 8305-66 ElYr (d lip (c) ACC Mh ATPET514 SOMCE CODSt M/ 24 1 1 yq., AUMOR: Yasyuleynis, A. Jasiulioniat A. ORG: Li U icultural Acad (Litovokaya sell skokhozyayiotve=aygL akademiya) TITLEz 31atrix application to algebrraic and some other operations with power series SOURCEt Litovskiy i~itematicheokiy ebornikj, vo 5v no- 19 1965P 157-166 C TAGS: mathe ~i"~ matrizp matrix elementp algebral Fourier aeriesq power serisel TOPI matrix operatro-n 5WP,165 APSTRACTt Matrix operations are applied to algebraic and other pewer series manipula,- tions to obtain algorithms in matrix forma suitable for programaing and inveroe problem solutions. The power series representation 'If W X0 (a) - (ice) is written in the following matrix notation-.1-1 (a) (o a The following algebraic operations aro discusseds mvatiplio ation of series 4c, (a) tD Card 1/3 L 0:305-66 - ------ ACC NRt AT5027514 b, bi, bi JD(.b),1'-0, 0. b4 division of series I bi-! d. 0 .0 0 1?. bF"+3d.-I raising to a power where 1 -1 k e q-l,, negative power cerica; fractional power.soriea, "a suries BubsLita tions of ~hjform W"X (A Each stady is.illustrated with several mmivA~~f m=pleso Aii- a radius of convergence I trigonometric for=aae are used to carry out the trarmformations x wo coo Ot and sin Or., The matrix foms of series and pol3momial trmwformtions give algoritbms - --- - ------- - - - - - -;; t.'i .. - M-M- YASYUNAS, A.P.--- More efficient inspection of the observance of standards is needed. lzm.tekh. n0.5:59 MY 162. (MIRA 15:6) (Voronezh Province-Testing laboratories) I I SUDOPLA'MVj L.V.; IASYUNAS, B.V.; BERKOVICH, G.Ya. Tr"sfer of lime cupolas to firing with natural gas. Metallurg 7 no.3:16-19 Yjr 162. (MIRA 15:2) 1. Metallurgicheskiy zavod im. Petrovskogo. (Cupola furnaces) (Gas, Natural) yASyUN AS t. R_. 14 part 2: LOSHY'kmv, dines. )f secondar-7 aromatic a]xzav *khim* i Litrosation ( lzv.v, Kinetics Of 11 Lide ions. fs.ucheb, P (gRA 16:9) Catalytic action of hal khj..tekh. 6 n0.2:236-242 163. )gjcheskiY Institut imeni, Liko-tekhnolc Dnepropetrovskly kh"' ~ra fizicheskoy lchimii- des) F:E.DzerzhinskogOg kafed (Nitrosation) (Hali (A,mines) 14 L 36880-66 fWr(m)/EWP(j) -VI/.rd/RM C NR: AP6017652 SOURCE CODE: UR/0073/66/032/001[0050/0055q3 AUTHOR: Yasyunas, R. M.; Burmistrov, S. I. ORG: Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Chemical Technolag (Dnepropetrovskiy khimiko- tekhnologicheskiy institut) TITLE: Indirect method of determining 1hermodynamic [equilibrium] constants for nitrosylation of aminesend for formation of esters of nitric acidl SOURCE: Ukrainskiy khimicheskiy zhurnal, v. 32, no. 1, 1966, 50-55 TOPIC TAGS: equilibrium constant, esterification, nitrogen compound, aniline, organic nitroso compound ABSTRACT: An indirect method of determining equilibrium constants for such reversi, ble reactions as nitrosylation of aromatic amines and nitrous acid-alcohol interac-. tion (esterification) is presented. The methcd consists of measuring the equilibri-, um constant for tropeolin 00-nitrosylated tropeolin 00 in the presence of added amines or alcohols (or other substances which interact with HN02). Experimentally, the equilibrium was first determined for a solution containing 1-10-5 moles/1 Card 1/2 UDC: 541.122.3+547.551+547.261.4 L 36880-66 ACC NR: AP6017652 tropeoline in 0.2 NH2SO4-0.2 UNaCI-4-10-5 NHaN02 held for I hour at 200C. This solution was then mixed with an equivoluminar solution of am--ne or alcohol and the new equilibrium nitrosotropeolin 00 concentration was determined colorimetrically. The equilibrium constants Kp determined by the indirect method.for methylanilinej .benzoaniline, benzyl-ortho-toluidine, aniline-acetaniline, metbanitrometylaniline; diphenylaminej 4-chlom-2-aceto-amidodiphenylamine, ahd nitroso esters of methyl-,, ethyl-, an opropyl alcohols are tabulated. For the nitroso esters of alcohols a I 'good agreement was found with the equilibrium data reported in,the literature. It :is claimed that the method may serve as an analytical tool in determination of con- ~centrations of amines, alcohols, and other compound which react ixx versibly with :HN02. Orig. art. has: 2 figures, 3 tables and 5 formulas. SUB CODE.- 07/ SUBM DATEt l20ct64/ ORIG REF; 004/ OTH REF: 003 LS gard,2/2, 26502 S/044/61/000/004/013/033 C111/C222 ALTHURs Yatayevp M. TITLEs On the form of the solution of an infinite system of ordinary linear-differential equations with constant coefficients PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Matematikat no. 4, 1961, 43, abetradt 4 1B 223-*("Uoh. zap. Alma-Atinak., 1956 (1959)t 12, no. 2, 82-84) TEXT: The author asks whether for infinite systems dx co > P X (s . 1029 dt k.- 00 8k k the solution can also be sought in the form x. . a 8 eA; (S = 1j2.... as in the case of finite systems, where X is the root of the equation Ipsk - 5 sk \I = 0 (s9k = 192 .... ) . The negative answer to this question in the general case is shown by some considerations and illustrated by examples. There are 8 references. Card 1 [Abstracter's note i Complete transla tion-1 S/031/61/000/007/001/001 B116/B201 AUTHORS: Yatayev, M.9 Kurmashev, D., Candidate of Physics and ff"We-m a t -io a TITLE: A critical cane of stability of a stabilized motion according to Lyapunov PERIODICAL: Akademiya nauk Kazakhskoy SSR. Vestnik, no- 7 (196),1961, 99-104 TEXT: A study has been made of a system of three differential equations, whose characteristic equation in first approximation has a zero of third order. A group of solutions in first approximation is assumed to correspond to this zero. After some transformations the said system is written as dx/dt = y, dy/dt = z, dz/dt = Z(x, y, z) (3). Z(X, Y, z is ;=.xpand ed in a powers s eri es of z : Z (x, Y, Z) = f (x, Y) + zf I (X, Y~ 0 + 24:f If here f j 2(x, Y) + - - - - O(x, y)~O, (3) will have an unstable particular solution: x =c1 t +0 2' y=cl, z-0. Therefore, the undisturbed motion determined by (3) is not stable in this case. If f 0 (x, Y) 00 and Card 1/4 S/031/61/000/007/001/001 A critical case of stability of... B116/B201 fC (X 2 Y) = PO (x) + YT 1 W + y2Y2(x) +(3) will acquire the form dx/dt =y, dy/dt z, dz/dt = yo(x) +ytPj (x) +y2LF2(x) - - - + z f 1 (X' Y) 4 11,2f2(x' Y) + - -(4). The case with qo(x)s 0 is first examined next. The following is assumed : f 1 (XI Y) = ToW + Y-fl W +Y2V2(x) + - - - - The system to be investigated then reads: dx/dt -y, dy/dt= z, d z/dt- = yT, (x) + Y2Y 2 (x) + - - - + zl-fo (x) + Y-Y1 (x) + - - 'I +Z2f2 (x' Y) +(5). Undisturbed motion is shown not to be stable if the aeries of tFj(x) or -T,(x) begin with odd powers, or with even powers the coefficients of which are positive., If the series of the same functions begin with even powers vith '7 ositive coefficientst two cases must be distinguished (since yl(x)EO : 1, tp,(c)0, -tto' (c)N 0, iVO(c) - 11(c) +yo'(c)>0 (14). In this case, the undisturbed motion expressed by (4) will not be stable if 11 the series of even only one of the functions -y,(x), tpOI(x) begins with odd powers of x; 2), the series of both functions VO(x), tpol(x) begin with even powers, but the coefficient of even only one of them is positive with the lowest power of x; 3) while the sum of the lowest powers of the series of y (x) and y,(x) is larger than the lowest power of the series 0 Cf T,('x) or is equal to it, the coefficients of the lowest powers of x are such that the sign of the last inequality in (14) changes. The undisturbed motion will be stable if the series of the functions V,,(X) andtpl(x) begin with even powers with negative coefficients and are such 0 that the last inequality in (14) is satisfied with an arbitrary and Card 3/4 M S/031/61/000/007/001/001 A oritioal caue~ of stability of... B116/B201 sufficiently small c. K. P. Peraidskiy, Academician of the AS Kazakhskaya SSR, is thanked for his assistance. There are 7 Soviet references. Card 4/4 KULKASHEVA~ M.; YATAYEV,_M. Distinguishing "Dangerous" and "safeH boundaries of the zone of stability of automatic control systems. Izv. All Kaz. SSR. Ser. mat. i mekh. no.9:96-105 161. - (MIRA 14:3) (Stability) (Automatic control) YATAYEV M I KURMASHEV, D. Investigation of critical instances in the stability of steady motions. Vest.Aff KazakhoSSR 18 no.304,61 Ur 162. OMA 15:3) (Motion) I Theorems of Liapunov's secorA rfithod. Trudy Sekt. mat. I mekh. AN Kazakh. SSR 2:32-36 963. (KMA 161lo) YATAYEV, Y. "Several Critical Cases of Stability of Solutions of Differential Equa- tions in Formed Spaces", Izv. AN Kazakh. SSR, Ser. Astron., Fiz., Ilatem. i Mckhan., No 3. 1953, Pp 3-40. In the first section the author studies the stability of the solu- tion x y = 9 of a system of differential equations dt ; f(t,x,y), dx (It =.F(t,x,y,) whose right parts are abstract functions of some cor~- plete, linear, normed space E. In the second section the author in- vestigates the effect of imposing certain conditions on the right- hand merbers of the equations. In the third section he discusses a complex equation involving limits. (RZMat, No 1, 1955) SO: Sum. No. lgt3, 5 Apr. 55 TJj?(Q)/AFMD--AFWL/AS (a)-5/ M/ D(dp) t I D 1U7 ES ACCESS'ION NR: AP4049394 S/0-361M/000/60/0-003/0907 AUTHOR: Yatayev, M. TITLE: On c~n investigation of one critical stability case SOURM M Faz,'--SR. Izvestiya. Seriya fiziko-matematicheskikh nauk, no. 2, 1964, 3-7 -t-i-a -equat-ion,-stabi)XV MkG -~2iGs fff ef,&FA - - ------ -- ABSTRACT: It is shown that the behavior of each term in the right side of the equation dx dm Z=F(XY. Z)=MX'Y)+ZA(-C- Y)+---' Y. -at- ~L dt to which a stationary system of three differential equations with a characteristic equation having a zero root can be reduced by a sta- bility-conserving transformation, affects the stability of the system Card 1/3 L 17685-65 ACCESkON NR: AP4049394 as a whole. This is done by introducing the transformation Y=Y, I+ Y(x, Y) IY, 7- dy R. +-Z- ~Pip -zj (k-x0., -yi) -,-I + Y.) where Y(x, y I) and Z(x, y1f Z1 are holomorphic &'Unctions of their arguments, vanishing with zero arguments. The system (1) then transforms into a system in Vnich solution-possessing equations can be written for the functions Y and Z. Several theotems concerning the stability of the initial system are then proved. Orig. art. has: 11 foxmulas. ASSOCIATIONs None C6rd 2/3 SU13 CODE- MA UR REF SOV.- 005 Card 3/3 OTHERt 000 SUBJECT USSR/IIATHELFATICS/I)ifferentia1 equAtions CARD 113 PG 48-1 AUTHOR JATAJEV Lt. TITIS On a countable system of dif ferential equations in the Lp 'PERIODICAL Izvestija Akad.Nauk Kazaah.SSR _4,, (6), 12-23 (1956) reviewed 1/1957 The author considers the countable system of differeritial equations dx M dt 09 (ttx1rx2p"*) (sw1#2,....)* Here t.)oO is the independent real variable and the functions x. #A x (t, -P are sought which for every.fixed value t - t 0 relative to f of the interval [0(,,(~J'belong to the function class of LP. It Is proved that under certain assumptions on the continuity of the W. and by satisfaction of the Cauchy- Lipschitz condition by to8 the system (1) possesses a unique equicontinuous solution x - x (t, f) (s-1,2.... ) which assumes the values x. - xo(,f) for S a s all t of t0+h >,t.>,t0. For'h an upper bound is'given. Further it is shown that the second (direct) Liapunov method of the examination of stability can easily be extended to countable systems in the Lp. For the IN Izvestija Akad.Nauk Kazach.SSR AL (8)t 12-23 (1956) CARD 2/3 PG 481 considered case the author gives formulations of the notions Liagunov function, ..system of first approximation, characteristic number etc. A critical case of stability is considered: Let be given the system: dx 00 a (2) dt 0 kol ask(t)xk + L5(t,x 1 dyj 00 00 lit . 'Z b jk(t)yk + 2: CO jk (t)Xk+ Nj(t?Xlf ... yly ... k-1 k-1 where the following conditions are satisfied in g (t'>O' 1-81.