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jOV/24-58-10-5/34 On Simulating on Models Pover Systems and Hydraulic Shocks Card 2/5 piping need be taken into consideration. In absence of pip- ing, i.e, in low pressure hydraulic power stations fed dir- ectly from the river stream, the influence of the water masses in the spirals and in the suction tubes is considerable; although in this case the water mass in the pressure system of the turbine is relatively low, its time constant, which is inversely proportional to the pressure, may prove even larger than in derivation type po%%er stations. The necessity of carrying out investigations relating to the influence of the hydraulic impact on the operation of hydraulic power systems arose during the creation of the Hydraulic Pozrer Institute, Academy of Sciences, Armenia (Vodnoenergeticheskiy institut A N Armyanskoy SSR (VENI).From 194? onwards, this Institute began organising a laboratory for simulating on models such specialised power systems. On the basis of earlier work of the author (Refs.1 and 2) it was found that the speed of hydraulic impact in the model must be 20 times lower than under natural conditions. Such an effect can be achieved only by introducing into the piping an air-filled hollow rubber hose with a relatively large volumo. Theoretical and experimental analysis of the hydraulic impact in a model pip- ing with such rubber hose sLowed that the speed of propagation On Simulating on Models Power Systems and Hydraulic S~Locks of elastic disturbances in the water and in the air can be made almost equal and thus the presence of the rubber hose produces the same effect as a reduction of the modulus of elasticity of the water and the tube walls andlunder these conditions,. the equations of the hydraulic sftock in the model piping will be identical to that in a natural piping without such an air-filled rubber hose. A piping 67.5 m long, 640 mm, dia, with a rubber hose inside, feeding a model hydraulic tur- bine. was put into operation for the first time in the Hydrau- lic Power Institute,-Academy of Sciences, Armenia (Refs-5 and 6), Experimental results obtained by Zoriyan (Ref.5) have shown that the diagram of the shock obtained on such a model is similar to that obtalne-4 for a natural pipeline and is not distorted. Kostenko (Ref.',) has evolved an electrical model for simulating bydrauli_,:~ iiapac-t which is bazed on the elec- tric analo- between the simplified equations of a rigid OY hydraulic impact (of the type ct Stoldola equations) and the equations which describe the variations in the current in an Card 3/5 electrical RC circuitSuch models -are only suiv`able in cases SOV/24-518-10-5/34 On Simulating on I'diodels Power Systems and Hydraulic Shocks AD in which the shook can be considered as being a.rigid one, i.e. for relatively short pipings, For investigating fully the influence of hydraulic shocks, it is essential to have available analogues of the turbine with the suction piping and its vacuum, the vortex pathsand the hydraulic shock,which can lead to breaking off of the water column in the piping and to dangerous impacts on te-joining of the parts of the wateraDiumn wAich tore away; this may lead to accidents., as did happen at the KharIkov hydraulic power station. The possible influence of aeration of the water in the piping is also discussed as well as simulating on models of hydraulic turbines with auction tubes. In tile last para- graph the author deals with recording the torque of the sys- tem, which is of great importance from the point of view of studying the transient processes in power systems. Study of the position over several years has shown that porsonhel who investigate under natural conditions or in laboratories assume that they record correctly the torque during experi- ments involving transient regimes. The laboratory of the author has found that without a strict check2 the instrument readings cannot be relied on and they had to scrap strain Card 4/5 gauge dynamometers as well as a number of others. After 7777777"i" SOV/24-58-10-5/34 'On Simulatin- on Models Power Systems and 1~ydraulic Shocks 0 working for over 3 years, they managed to obtain satisfactory quantitative results with strAin and induction dynamometers under transient conditions of operation; the measurements of the two types were in good agreement and.they were also in good agreement with the recordings of th6 rotor current of C) the DC motor which acted as the drive. The deviations between the values recorded by these differing instruments did not differ by Taore than 2--!6, There are 7 figures and 14 referen- ces, of which Soviet. 2 English, and 1 German. SUBMITTED: July 1) 1957. Card 5/5 POrIAZARUV, I.Y. (Yerevan) Solution of the problem of free sediment tratsportation (of an7 fraction) taking into account the effact of their concentration in the bottom turbidit7 bed. 1xv. AN SSSR. Utd. takh. nauk. Anerg. i avtom. no.5: 115-126 S--O '59. (MIRA 13:1) (Hydrod7nainice) .......................... 01 0 V T' IM oz) AUTHOR: Popova, K. L. SOV/50-59-7-20/20 TITLE, Coordination Conference on Problems of Water Economy (Koordinatsion-noye soveshchaniye po roproaam Yodnogo khozyayst- va) PERIODICAL: Meteorologiya i gidrologiya, 1959, Nr 7, pp 59 - 60 (USSR) ABSTRACT: A Sovet po problemam Yodnogo khozyaystva (Council for Problems of Water Economy) under the chairmanship of V. V. Zvonkov, Corresponding MeDber of the AS USSR, was organized at the Otdeleniye tekhnichesk'-kh nauk All SSSR (Department of Technical Sciences of the AS USSR) ia 19~8. One of the principal, _ _ functions of th,- Council is the coordination, generalization, and orientation of the scientific research work on problems of water economy carried out by the inst.tutes and branches of the AS USSR, and in the Academies of Sciences of the individual Union Republics, as well as the ooordination of the scientific activity of the leading governmental institutes and universities concerning the main problems of water economy. The ordinary coordination conference was held by the Council on Card 1/3 December 11 13P 1958- E38 representatives from 91 organizations Coordination Conference on Problems of Water E,,onomy SO V/ 5C- 1- 20120 took part in it. - V. T. Turohinovi-jh (Prun,7o-- for Problems of Water Econ,:6my of the AS USSR) spakc- about the basic directions of s~,%ientifio researoh in the field of water evonomy in the years 1959 - 1965. M. hi, Davydeor (Gouplar. SSSR) named some problems whi--,h are to be !.ncludnd -~n the plan. Academician of the AS Armyanakaya SSR, spoke abou the tasks in the exchange of experian,,.e and r~f internationa.; coordination in the field of hydraulin, V. If. M&kkaveyev (Leningradskiy inatitut, :Inzhonerov vodnogo tranSDorta) ~Leningrad Institute of Water-traffic Engineers) upoke on "Some Problems of the Structura of Turbulent Currents". - V. S. Knoroz (Vsesoyuznyy nauchno-issleaovatellskiy institut gidrotekhniki Im. B. Ye. Vedeneyeva) (All-Union Scientific Hydrotechnical Researqh Institute imeni B. Ye. Vedeneyev) spoke on "Racro Roughness and Its Influence on the Hydraulic Resistance of-the River Bed". - A. G. Nazaryan fInstitut energetiki i gidravl-iki AN Armyanskoy SSR) (Institute of Power Engineering and Hydrauli-,Is rf the AS Armyanakaya SSR) reported "On a Method of Investigat-_*ng the Irregular Turbulent Current".- The scheme of scientific research work for "939 on the Card 2/3 coordinated problem "Exter-si-t-st Utilization of Water Reserves" 'Coordination Conference on Problems of Water Economy SOV/50-59-7-20/20 contains about 300 subjects to be worked out by 7B organization4 and consists of 4 sections: 1) Investigation of the funda- mentals for the utilization of water reserves. 2) Investigation of the processes in river beds- 3) Hydromechanization of excavation and mining ifork- 4) Investigations connected with the working out of standards and technical conditions in the fiaid of water economy (carried out by order of the Gosstroy SSSR). Card 3/3 10(4) 3OV/95-59-7-21J22 AUTHORS losLnoor, S.T.0 Chairman TITIst Cauforenc* an Scientific Rosoarch in the Vield of 111dromooban1ca 12210DICALs OldratakhmLabookoya stroitel-stra, 1959. 3r 7, pp 62-65 (USSR) T.V. Dj~~ .2, Can- 41dato of Technical Sciences (VVIIOSY__a0_3 Znginoor Yerro-concrete UNII)i *'he Hydrau. an of r&tur&j Sand in the 2ropArdtloo o f Concroto., At the session on equipment the foi- l awimC papers were road. rugLooor B.M. SMuud1n _ Card 4/6 ( #*: 01droproyekt)s *Speolal~purposo Z&rth ff*tamA_t_4ir A ag~Lmoor. (Planning and Design Office of the om ,h atiou Trust of the rAmintr, F of the :3 R,, R a :. ;: , .3 gns of Bucket-Rotor a of Di:in T: r togra 4 date f Ion ZquIpment*; LeD -aarififtn" Technical Sciences (IGD of the Academy of Sciences of the VSSH). Bagin*or T-Jr- (The Load-111- ulag Trust), and X;(%_Zjm ~- Candidate at Tochra. Gal Sciences (DOSUGI)i -Tue Design of Yooders for the Zo&ding of Heavy Materials into Yrosaurizod Wa- ter Condults'l The session on transport contain*d Vapors read by the following- I.V. M&g-imt_ 4X-ax-v- sexbor of the Academy of A.=anloz BMz -The Movement of Alluvia and Related 2roblomA Prof. Unctor of Technical Sciences (VIM AN." z.*f..v*d.Ue)pvv) and B-a- _UQgjjn. Candidate or To haUal Sciences (the Insti- tute of Snergetion of the AcaSemy of S010=068 of the Armenian SSR): *The llme=tios of Turbulent gtz:=s*; Prof. t. 1. PrLukll , Doctor of Technical (9 %b&rdTn-o--B&n3r--3 tat* Unlveralty)v *A Bel acon Card 5/6 Nothod for Settling the norazent of Alluvia*; M.A., 4-11yamax . corresponding m&=ber of the Acadomy of 30100008 Of the USSR: 'The Tt-crotlcal and 21,a&tj_ Gal Value of the GravitatiOU&I Theory of Alluvia- I Candidate of Tochulcal Soloncess -1,000 -a_Y_"isUro and Hydrauljo Resistance in Larf*-Dla_ 'Bwttr Tub*s~i A~3-13A=Atgv, Candidate of T ,ochnj~ Cal Sciences (MITS), J.P. ZT110T (VOD-210). end 3.A___XaxxbaTaT (IOD of-AcaZiji; of Sciences of the UMR)l 'XXP*Z1ZaXtz in Water Supply In Uczd~jt Tu_ boo Of Various Diameters'; Candidate of ToobAlaal Sciences% 'Resistance in k1ough open 21T*rbods.- AMOCIATIONJ (Conference Organizing Ca=Ljtta~) Orgko=I-ot pa P.rovodeniyu boveshcbanLva 1 1. V. (Erevan) "Sediments Carrying Flo-d and the Development of Pertinent F-esearch." report presented at the First AU-Uaion Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Moscow, 27 Jan - 3 Feb 196o. TEGIAZAMY, I.V. Solving a problem on the transportation of silt and its simulation. Ways for expanding research on the movement of silt. Izv.Ali Arm.SSR.Ser.tekhn.nauk. 13 no-1:3-20 160. (MIRA 13--7) (silt) YRGIAZAROVp I.V. Possibility of extensive conservation of water resources for the national economy and the use of a monomolecular film for reducing evapbration froi the surfaces,of wat& basinsp lakeo and reservoire. Izv. M Arm.SSR.Ser.tekh.nauk 13 no.3:27-50 160. (MIFA 1481) 1. Institut energetiki i gidravliki, AN AmMokoy'88R. (Water conservation) YEGIAMROV Possibljty of comiderable savingo in water for the natural ecor-0=1 as related to A ribnotmolecular film for controlling erosion on the surface of streamsp-16kesy and reservoirs. Report No. 3. 13V-Ar, t=- SSR-Ser.tekh.nauk 3.4 no*2:7-12 161. (MIIIA 34:3) (Evaporation) (Alcoholii) possibility of realizing a silpdficant saving in the water resources of the nation and a monomolecular layer for the prevontion of evaporation from the surface of natural waterap lakes, and reservoirs. Report No. 2. Izv. AN Arm.SSR.Ser.tekh.nauk 13 no.6:3-18 160. (MRA 14:3) 1. Institut gidravliki i energetiki AN Armyanskoy SSH. (Water conservation) (Evaporation) YEGIAZAROV, I.VO Water resources and control of evaporation from small and large rivers and lakes. Izv. AN Arm. SSR. Ser., tekh.nauk 15 no.4:13-34 162. (MIRA 15:9) (Evaporation) (Water resources development) lol- ML YEGIAZAROV, I.V. Motion of a nonuniformly co4irse mixture of sediments,. Izv.Aff Arm.SSR.Ser.tekh.nauk 16 no.2/3s4l-50 163. (MIRA 160) (Sedimentation and deposition) Kljl4ALADZ:-;, Grigorly Nikolaye-vich- YEGIAZ akademik, retsenzent; W r. m PATINO geog retsenzent; LISITSYNA, K.L., wau2hn. sotr., retaenzert; BOGOLYUBOVA, I.V.,, nauchn. fjotr., ratsenzent; KIERKHEULIDZE, I.I.j red.; CIIEPELKJNA, L.A., red. [suspended sediments of the rivers of the Armenian S.S.R.] Vz-ieshenyWe nasosy rek Arminnskoi SSR. Leningrad, Gidro- meteoizdat., 1964. 245 p. (WRA YI:9) 1. Laboratoriya nanosov Gasudarstvennogo gidrologictle- skogo instituta (for Lisitx yna, Bcgolyubova). YEGIAZAROV, I.V. FiTect of the e.Aenaiva composition of alluviun an-A the self-pa- vement of the bad on the motion and mcliendituxe of alluvlur3. Izv. AN L-m. SSR, Ser..telkb. nauk 17 no.2:-n-41+ 16.4. (MIRA l7x7) 1. Member of the I'Mrienian Academy of Science- and Corresponding Member of tbo Vpulouia (Fraru-,,q) Academy of $r,.J.anco:i. YEGIAZAROV, I.V., prof. Effect or, a broad mixture of sediment and self-pavement O-f a channel on the movement and discharge of sediment. Report no.2. 1:,v. AN Arm. SSR. Sor. takh. nauk 17 no,3,-11-18 64 (WlUi 17:12) .2~1~4 L 22569-66 f A-CCNT,-A P6012962 SOURCE CODEJ UR/01/,3/65/OOD/001/0122/0123 ;71 3 AUTTIOR: Atabakov, 0. 1.1 Daaharln, A. V.1 Dogoroditiskly, N. P.; lhilgnkov, K. V.) 13 -_LJo molt n , N. P.; Kostenko, M. P.1 Hatkhanov, Vasil, ev D. V.; Je,&k47,qULv I. Y! -0 -~-'V. I.; Nornevskiy, Bi I.; Rutakiy, A. I.; Ryzhoy, P. I.; Solovfyev, 1: 1.*;; Solodovnikov, G. S.; Slepyan, Ya. Yu.; Smurova, N. V.; Tinyakov, N. A.; Fateyev, A.*V.1 Fedoaeyev, A. M.; Shabadash, B. I.; Shchedrin, N. 11. ORG: none TITLE: Obituary for Ivanov, Viktor Ivan6vich SOURCE: Izvestiya vyaehikh uchebnykh zavedeniy. Frargetika, no. 1, 1965P 122-123 TOPIC TAGSt academic personnel, electronic personnel, electronics ABSTRACT: Viktor I-jsnovLch Ivanov, Dr. of Tech. ScEences, professor of the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute Imeni Y. 1. Ulyanov, died 24 August 1964. He was born in 1900, was the first te4&er of special relay protection of power eqdipment in the USSR, outlining the princlplea of the new discipline in a monograph published in 1932. In recent yeara, Ivanov has concentrated in the do.volopment of the teaching of industrial olitetronice and pulsa_ technology in the lAningrad Inatitute. [JPRS] SUB CODEt 09 SUER DATE: none Cmd 1.11 [--'N ATABE-KOV,, G.I.; BASHARIN, A.V.; BOGORODlTSKIY, N.P.; BUUAKOV, K.V.; VASIL"YEV, D.V.; YEG.I#IM, I.Y.- YEJIMOLIN, H.P.; KOSTFNKO, M.P.; 14ATKIM I IOVJ P.11. ; - Flo-vis* I I, V..[-.^1:, -I i6,--bfEV,",K I Y, B. L; RUTS K I Y) I- . 1. ; RYZHOV, P.I.; SOWVIYEV, I.I.; SOLODNIKOV, G.S.; SLEPY/ift, YA.Yu.; SMUROW. N.V.; TINYAKOV, N.A.; FATEYEII, A.V.; FEEOSEYEV, A.M.; SHABADASH B.I.; SHCHEDFINP N.N. Viktor Ivanovich Ivanov, 1900-1964; obituary. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; energ. 8 no.1:122-223 Ja 165. (MIRA 18:2) J SUBJECT USSR PHYSICS CARD 1 / 2 PA 1728 AUTHOR DIKAR V,V.S., EGIAZAROV,U.B., KOROLEV,E.N., MADEEV,V.G. TITLE Investigation of the Protective Properties of Concrete. ~MIODICAL Atomnaja Energijap .1, fasc-5, 136..137 (1956) Issued: 1 1951 [he present work deals with the results obtain-ad in connection with the spatial distribution of neutron fluxes and gamma rays in ordinary concrete (type A) and in Limonite concrete (type LL). The protective properties of these types of concrete were investigated in radiation emitted from the active zone of an experimental nuclear reactor (with light water). These investiga- tions aimed at obtaining experimental material for the computation and con- struction of concrete protection of the projected nuclear reactor for nuclear- ,chemical, radiochemical and biological investigat one. For this purpose ordi- nary concrete with an average density of 2,4 9/cm with 30 weight percents of sand, 52;4~ of gravel, 9,7 cement, and.7,3~ water, as well as Limonite con- crete with the average density of 297 g/cM3 with 33,70 Limonite sand, 44,60 Limonite gravel, 12% cement, and 9, 7~ water were investigated. The concrete was formed into blocks of 750x75Ox1O5 mm, which were stacked into the test corner of the reactor in form of a prism of 1260 mm length and a cross section of 75Ox750 mm. The distance between the front edge of the prism and the center of the active zone amounted to 860 mm. Gamma radiation was de- tected by means of a small ion chamber of graphite and the flux of fast neu- 7 Distribution of Gamma Ray and Moderated Neutron Flux in the Graphite Column of the RFT Reactor by V. 'S. Bcr,~zirj, L. V. Groshav, V. S. Dikarev, M. .0. Yegiazarov, Ye. N. Korolev, V. G. Madeyev, and Yu. G. Nikolayz?v, Atomnaya Energiya, Vol 2, No 2, Feb 57, PP 118-12P In early 1953 the spatial distribution of neutrons with various energies ~-and of the gamma radiation in the graphite thermal column of the Phyaico- technical Rea-.tor (RFT) wan measured. The experiment "was not only of prac- tical interest, but also of scientific interest because it served as a veri- fication of theoretical calculations of the distribution of gamra rays and fjoderated neutrons." The activity of indicators was used to measure thermal, resonance, and tast neutron flux. The drop in gamma ray intensity was measured by small Ulonization chambers. ULU The graphite thermal column of the reactor is of square cross section, 100 cm on a side and 200 cm long. It is r-~parated from the reactor core by a graphite reflector 80 cm thick and "by a 45-cm air space. Resonance and fast neutron flux decreased approximately exponentially in the interval from 80 to 16o cm along the column length. At greater distances, an equi- librium was established between the flux of fast and resonance neutrons. The gamma radiation decreased according to a law which was close to exponential. The coefficient of attenuation ~L a 3.78-10-2 cm-1. The theoretical calculations were found to be in "satisfactory" agree- Oent with the experimental data. ..(U) WFIF 9p MHU A f fIq W-W.N J~- 61 'Y ul ~jz for tho f L MiL IN" Au OR IR "gq Ni. Y~ .' 44 SOVI 30-5 3-6-42/45 AUTHORS: Yegiazarov, M. B., Zelenkovy A* G. TITLE: From the Pages of the Periodical "Atomnaya Energiyall P0 stranitsam zhurnala "Atomnaya Energiyall) 1956 1957 8956 - 1957 gg.) PERIODICAL: Vestnik Akademii nauk SSSR, 1958,ANr 6., PP- 137-:L43 (USSR) ABSTRACT: In Deoember 1955 it was decided in the Soviet Union to found this periodical. It is intended to promote the exchange of scientifical and technical experience as well as the exchange of information on now works on the peaceful uses of atomic energy. In the one and a half years of its existence this periodical gained great popularity at home and abroad. Read- ers of 30 foreign countries have taken out subscriptions and it has special editions in the Chinese People's Republic, the USA, England, the German Democratic Republic, and Japan, in Chinese, Englishy German and Japanese languages. This periodical as well as 11-Orilozheniyell comprices 5 technical Card 1/--"3 fields relating to the main directions of atomic science and SOVI 30- 53-6-42/45 From the Pages of the Periodical "Atonnaya Energiya". 1956 - 1957 technique: atomic physical atomic power engineering; atomic rtk~~ materials; the use of radioactive isotopes; atom-proteotion technique; on these fields original works by Soviet and foreign authors are published. Besides, this periodical also comprises the parts for "Novosti nauki i tekhnikill, "Nauohnaya khronikall and "Kritika i bibliografiyall. The first 5 numbers were published in 1956. Starting from 1957 this periodical has beelL published monthly suffia, supplementary issue.. "Prilozheniyell,once every two months. The authors ' de- scribe the most interesting 84 works published in this period- ical in the years 1956 .. 1957 'an& the -divisibfi..- of the material dnto_gro4ps according ?b subject'in carefully - " checked. The lists containing the themes in this periodical are ~said-'- to be very carelessly arranged. In autumn last year a conference of the readers of this periodical took place on which occasion an insufficient dealing with a number of problems was'eriticized. It was also-daid to be desirable to improve the quality of this periodical. Card 2b From the Pages of the Periodical IIA,,omnaya . Energiyp-". 1956 - 1957 1. Atomic energy--USSR 2. Literature BOV/30-55-t)-42/45 Card 5/3 'YNGIAZAROV ;_~MIIKOV. A.G. 'Atomic energy," 1956-1957. Rokvia,-4 by M.B.Fgiazarov, A.G.ZtlenkC7. Vast. AN S.SSR 28 no. 6:137-1437Je 158. (MIRA 11:7) (Atomic aaargy) .-I -IM ~ ;1(4) FgAn I BOOK E(PWITATION SOV/2583 International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Rngargy. 2nd, Geneva,: 1958. Voklady sovetakikh mchen.-kh: 7--dcr-_Tc reaktory I YA4*rOay4 *n*r- r settka. Mepo Nuclear Power rts of Soviet Scientistai Nuclear Reactors and Moscow# Atoedzdato 1952. 707 p. (Series: Itat Tr"W* TOI. 2 i Zrrata slip inserted. tj,000 copies printed. General Rde. a N.A. Dollstaxalo Corresponding Member, UM Academy of Sciences, A.K. Eramin, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical 3clanows, A.I. Leyp%uvakly, Kember, Ukrainian WR Academy of Scian;ea, T.I. Novikov, Corresponding Member. USSR Academy of Sciences, and V.3. VQraovp Doctor of ftyaleal and Mathematical Sciences; Kd.: A.?. 'Alyablyevi TmOh. Xdx To. 1. Xazal-. FUMSZI This book In intended for acltntista and engineers "gaged In reactor designing, as wall. as ror professors and students of highsr toohnical schools where reactor design is tAU&ht. ***od welege or a _sdx- uee sellowum __ so the p""tul Xx Val C0VWtAGXt 7 A U t r ------Uat or s'nersy. The six vol=ea contain the reports pro- sented by Soviet scientists 4% the Second International Conferencs, On Peaceful Uses of Atomic Xnergyp hold from September I to 13* 1958 In Geneva. Volume 2 oonalats, of three parts. The first 10 devoted to AtORIO P0wQr Plants Under construction In the Soviet Union$ the second to experimental and research reactors, the oz. Pariments carried out on them& and the work to IW1proV* them! and the third, which Is predoadnantly theoretical# to problems a nuclear reactor physics and construction engineering. Yu. 1. IbrT*kin Is the science editor or this volume. Sea S071--WI for titles or sai volumes or the get. References appear at the saItiales. Wo,tovoy. V.I., V.S. Dikarev, N.D. _yffffiza~cv, and Tu. S. S&ItYkcv- - r'T%ttIC*5 (Report Neutron Spectra In UrW-a-um-Wat; Negsurin 546 go. 2152 j I:rsln, A.r-. B.G. Dmbovskly, N.Y. Lanteovo TU.Tu. 0IaZkOv, R.K. 0oncha"T. A.V. Kj=jk"v, L.A. O*raoeva, V.V. Vhvilzv, ye. 1. Inyutlm, and A-?. S*ncb*akov. studying the Physical CbjLrsct*rImtIcA or a MaI71lius-oodorator Reactor (Report NO- 2146) 555 Gelman, A.D., S.A. Wealrovskays. A.?. Rudik, TU. 0. Abov, V.P'. Balkin, and P.A Krupchitakly. Critical xxperivent an an Rxpor*-. mental Heavy-wa;er Reactor (Report No. 2036) 5TO Narchuk. 0.1.. 1. 1&. ftplw, To. 1. Po&ud&IIna,.V.V. ftelov, I.P. Truterevo S.T. Platonova, end G.X. Dmzhlnlna. Certain Pro- blame In Nuclear Reactor Physics and Methqda of Calculating 2bas (Report No. 21 51) SLn7utins G.V. and 7.2, 3ecienov. Determination of Control Rod Iffectiveness In a Cylindrical 2stactor (Report No. 2469) 613 Oallfand, I.M., SIX. Yeynberg, A.S. Frolov, and M.N. Chentsov. Using the Rants Carlo Method or Random Sampling for Solving the Kinetic Xquatlon (Report No. 2141) 62a Laletin, N.X. Neutron Distribution in a Heterogeneous Medium No. 2189) 63% K&zarnovskly, N.V., A.V. Stapsnov. and F.L. 3hapiro. Neutron TheraLlIzatlon and Diffusion In SSAVY Media (Report No. 2148) 65t Taynik, A.I., V.S. Yerankov, and &.V. L7kov. Using the Onsager Theory for Studying Neutron Diffusion in the Absorbing Media or Nuclear Reactors (Report go. 2224) 666 1 Brod*ro DIE,- S.A. WrIdaf A.A. Matuzov* V.I. LevIn, and V.I. Orlol. Studying the Spatial and Xnergy Distribution of Neutrons In Different Media (Report No. 2147) 614 Daltriyev A B Boron Ionization Chambers for Work in Nuclear ~ t NO. 2084) 690 Reactors jlt.;-; i Itrillin. V.A.. and S.A. Ulybtn. Kiperimental Determination Of Specific Volum*a Of Heavy Water in a Wide Temperature and Prvo- sure Range (Report go. 24TI) 6-d6 MOSTOVOY, V.I.; DInM, V.S.; YEGIATAROVy M.B.; SALTYKOV, Yu.S. Measurement of neutron spectra in lattices of urani= - water and uranium - monoisopropylbiphenyl. Atom.energ.,,6:547- 555 D 162. (MM 15r12) (Neutrons-Speetra) (Uranium) (Biphenyl) V YBGIAZAROV K 0 The Institute and factor7 laboratories. Der.prom. 6 no.8:25 Ag 157. (MIRA 10:11) 1. TSentrallnvy nauchno-issledovatellakly institut fanery I mebeli. (Veneers and veneering) f iGIAZARDY, M.O. Y Develop laborator7 work in enterprises of the furniture Industry. Der.prom. 8 no.4:18 Ap 159. . OIM 1216) 1. TSentral'nyy nauchno-logledovatel'skiy institut fanery I mebeli. (Furniture industry) (Testing laboratories) ;7 -v 'Imi It2 AF.C-tr-2135((Pt. MVASURING THE IJESO,4ANCE ADSCMP1710:4 OF TqQMS 1.14 A URANIUM-GRAPIME LATTUCF, V. H. 50-68 of Elynarov. 1~. and Va,41lvjI=- p. !~DNFEliENCEOETH.EACADE~IYL)FS~IFIIC SOFTHF-- UYIN ON THE PFACEFUL USES OF ATOMIC ENERGY JULY t-5. 1955. SESSION OF 'THE 1) ckL Atm hib HEMATICA BCIkNCES- (Translation). 10P. PrOcWures ml rodulls are prejentud l(orn ",pninic-ptl to which resonance absorption was measured directly in culindrical Uslugs and tubes. of various 1113meters. V at - 7" t 0 0 0 s it 'C's ' 4 9 40 0 10 of 4 a it u V is is )i Da )q1je P J) 11 34 A 36 u 36-j0 OR C9 1 1-j t - 06 don is xiven N#J),anof Kkogy*Luw 1030, 140-9, 94,11n.-A complete destrip o0 g including drawinim umps. at variftil points CA the stem, lwolxrtk-s of the Intel- divided Into ill i1 2 at s ts of p ow nwdwc and Anal moduric rtc. The Insts"allon "1 goo are the Anal prodoci.s. V. K. 3 hattrews. ossoji-. irrow1w, gas oil and masnut 00 00 0 coo 00 goo -$L$ WITA&LUMCAL U1140141 CLAHOKATOOM 00 MOO see t:* too woo 1 -finest -i 43#4 911611 Ma GOT 1116 o All; 4- -r-. I I f, -r ZA .1, irff a, IRA in AV 10 'A It 9 K It a KID R If of 0 a 4 31 11 ti & to 91 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0,4 o 0 o o 0 0 is o o : : i -- *~~ 0 o o 0 o 9 0 is 0 0 0 0 0 MTMJSHCV, A,, doktor ekonom.nauk; AFANASITRT, L.A., kand.ekonom.nauk; DANILEVICH, M.V., kand.skonom.nauk; YCGIAZAR.QU_,._X.A.q kand.eiconom. nauk; KOVALOV, Tej.; IIOLI, K.A*'; iVfK_RTS6i, B.P., kand.ekonom. nauk; KMSOBINA, M.K.; MAIRTYROV, V.A., kand.ekonom.naulc; MUISHI- KOVAP M.A.; NIKI7ERKO, B.A.; WMIYW, Yu.G.; FRCKHOROVA, G.N.; RYDTANOV. M.F.; SEGAL', N.M., kand.istor.nank; UKHOVA, A.M.; FARIZOV, 1.0., kand.istor.nauk; SHXFRIH, E.L., doktor ekonom.nauk; SHLIKHM,- A.A., kandoekonom.nank; LISOVSKIT, Tu.P.; MART7107, V.D.; GARSIA, L., red.1 MOSKVIHA, R., [Agriculture of capitalist countries; a statistical manual] Sellskoe khoziaistvo kapitalisticheskikh stran; statiBticheskii spravochnik. Moskva, Izd-vo aotsiallno-ekon.lit-ry, 1959. 8Z9 P. (MIRA 13:6) 1. Akademiya nauk SSSR. Institut mirovoy elconomiki i me2hdunarodnykh otnoeheniy. (Agriculture-Statistics) k ov'~ S R/ armacoloaXy TkxicoloW. Toxicoloey V-8 Abs Jour : Bef Zhur - Biol., No 10, 1958, No 47283 Author :Danova N.S.) Yqj!~azarova V.Kh. Inst :- ------------------ Title :On the Use of Synthomycin in Hashish Poisoninr,, Ori(~ Pub :Sov. zdravookhr. 1957) No 4) 52-54 Abstract :Several cases of poisoni.nn, by hashish (H), which were sue- cessfully treated with ,;,nthonWcin (S) despite the absence of j~astrointestinai s,Wtoms, are described. S was ad- ministered twice in a dose of 1 a. at an inte-z-val of one hour, and subsequently 0.5 9. four times daily; in all, 3-7 g. for a course of treatment. The 3eneral condition of all patients improved rapidly and symptows connected with the C.N.S. were the first ones to disappear. In experiments con- ducted thereaftor on do_a, It in a dose of 0.5 produced drowsineso, disturbance of muscular coordination, and in some ani als, abundant salivation, followed by a deep sleep, sometimes after initial convulsions. Followint, zdministra- Card 1/2 ANANYAN. A.A.; YNGIAZARYAN, A.G. NOMORMOMOMMO Effect of fertili.2srs on the increase in y1eld and dry matter content of the tomatoes In the Armenian Lowland. Izv.AN Arm.SSR. Biol. I sell- khoz.nauki 9 no.8:91-99 Ag 156. (miaA 9:10) 1. A'rmyanskiy opornyy punkt Vseooymnogo nauchno-looledovatellskogr, instituta kouservnoy I ovoshcheoushillnoy promyshlennosti. (ARKINIA--TCHATORS) (FMIL12MRS AND MAHMS) TETIMMIKOVA-RUAYAN, D.H.; ANARTAIT, A.A.; INGWARUN. A.G..- GkSPARYA-5. N.A. Effect of organomineral fertilizers on the dervelopment of fusariijm wilt In tomatoes. Hauch.trudy grev.un. 64:93-104 158. (KIE1A ll: 12) 1. Xafedra botaniki YerivanBkogo gosudar8tyennogo univereiteta i ArWanskiy opornyy punkt Veasoyuznogo nauchno-i Baled ovwbel'- skogo institute, konservno3F I oveshcheaushillnoy promyshleanosti. (Tomatoes--Fertilizers and manures) (Tomato wilt) MGjkZ.ATIYAIT ~XJAA,, Foliar feeding of tomatoes Lmder the conditions-of the.lovl.-nd zone of Armenia. Kons. i ov. prom. 14 no-5:20-22 My '59. (MITIA 12:6) l.Opytno-selektsionnaya stantsiya po ovochchevodetvu sovnarkhoza ArmSSR. (Armenia--Tomatoes--Yertilizers and manures) XEGIAZARYANV A,G. Role played by the soil moisture in the fertilization of tomato cultures. KonB. i ov. prom. 15 no. 12225-26 D 160. (MIRA 14:1) 1, Opytno-selektsionnaya stantsiya ovoshchevodatva upravleniya pishchevoy promyohlennosti, sovnarkhoza Amyanakoy SSR. (Tomatoes) (fertilizers and manures) -VGIAZARYAN,. A.G. - TAROSOVA, Ye.O. Effect of vater balance conditions on the crop yield and qualtity of tomato fruits. lons.i.ov.prom. 18 no.ls24-26 Ja 163. (MM 16t2) 1. Ovoshchnaya opy-tno-selektsionnaya stantsiya Ministerstva proizvodstva J zagotovok sel'skokhozyaystvennykh produktov Armyanskoy SSR, (Tomatoes) (Irrigation) KICARYAlf, vo.; YwrAZARYAR, A.M.; RArAGXZYAN. N.Y. in thophotoperiod awl the prodwtivity a plmts. -Dokl. Ax" sSR 9 no-3:123-M 0.48. (An 9:10)_ I Botenicheakiy insitut AkwleuH,zsuk Aroyanskoy 53R. Yerevan# gwUtkyleno A.L. Ta)&t&dLzh.,anm. (Photoperiodiou) YEGIAZARTAN, B. (Yerevan) Methods of determining the turnover of vorking capital in production enterprises. Vop. ekon. no-7:151-153 Jl '59. (HIRA 1-2,A2) (Russia--Industries) YEGIAZARYANJ, B,y kand.tekhn.nauk "Methods of determining the yearly economic effect of the u---- of the new technology". Reviewed by B. Eglazariane Prom.Arm. 5 no.9:18-22 S t62. (I'MRA 15:9) (Costs., Industrial) (Technological innovations) YEGIAZARYAT-4, B. 0. The Committee on Stalin Prizes (of the Cotmcil of Kinistere USSR) In the f ields of science arA Inventions announces that the following L;zientifle works, popiLar scien- tific books, and textbooks have Npen ollh-Itted for competition for Stalin Prizes for the years 1952 and 1953. (Soveta1Wa.1Qdtui:gp Moscow,, No. 22-40P 20 Feb - 3 Apr 1954) Vame Yegiazarov, I. V. Yegiazaryan, B.O. nov, B. S. Dzhrbashan., V. MO Zhamagortsyan, V. N. Title of Work "Investigation of Wave Phenomena in Installations of the Kuybyshev Hydro- electric Network" ftminated by Water Power -ngineering In- stitute, AcaderV of Sci- ences Armenian SSR SO: W_p6o4, 7 July 1954 Y331AURTAN, B.O., kandidat tekhnichaskikh nauk. 11- -1-1- 7. - ".1 - -, Possibilities of volume regulation in free flowing derivation canals. Gidr.stroi. 23 no.8:33-34 154. (MLRA 8:1) (Wdroolectric power stations) V TIMAZARYAN.B.O. Approximate method of calculating water discharge passing through in the form of direct waves. 12v. AN Arm SSR. Ser FMLFT nauk 8 no-3:81-99 MY-Je '55. (KIRA 8:11) 1. Vodno-onergatichookly inatitut Akademli sauk Armyanskoy SSR (Hydraulics) Y7,GIAZARYAN, B.O. kandidat takhnichaskikh, nauk. Approximate calculation of irregular movement of water downstream from a hydroelectric power station under daily regulation. Gidr, 91trol. 25 no.7:48-51 Ag '56. (MLRA 91.10) (Hydratilics) M-M YEGIAZARUN, B.O. Hydraulic calculation of hydrometric wells. Izv. AN Arm.SSR. So9r. tekh. nauk no,2:3-14 158. (NIIU 11:6) 1. Yerevanskly politekhnicheskly institut im. IC. Weicaa. (wells) TDIIAZAR~A~t'.~.O., kand. tekhn.naul~ dots. One uneuceesful, attempt to determine the calculated period of repayment of capital investments. Izv. vys. uoheb. zav. energ. 3 no.2:134-135 7 160. (MIRA 13:2) l.Yerevanakiy politekhnicheakiy inotitut im. K. Marksa. (Capital investments) YEGIAMUN, B.O. Approximation method of determining the time required to drain a reaVvoir when the gates are open to a known extent. Izv.vys.ucheb.zav.; stroi. i arkhit. /+ no.6-.79-83 161. (MIRA 15:2) 1. Yerevanskiy politokhnichookiy inatitut imeni K.Harka. (HydraiLlim) (Reservoirs) YEGIAZARYANt B.O. Calculating the reflectlan of a wave from the site of a sudden -change in the cross section of a canal. Izv.An Arm.SSR. Ser. takh.nauk 14 no.1:27-30 -161. (MIRA 14.3) 1. Yerevanskiy politekhnichetikiy institut imeni Karla Marksa. (Canals) (Hydrodynamics) YEGIAZARYAN, B.O., kand.tekhn.nauk nYethods of determining the economic effectiveness of hydro- ele4ttric power stations." Reviewed by B,O.Egiazarisn. Gidr, otroil, 33 no.4s42-44 Ap 163. (KRA 16:4) (Hydroelectric power stations) YEGIAZARYANo D.O., kando tekbn. raukp dotsent Determiration of the optimm duration of the construction of power plants. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; 6narg, 8 no.11:78-84 N 165. (MIRA 18tll) 1. Terevanskly politekhnichookiy Institut imni K. Marksa. Predstairlens. kafedroy ekonomiki prcoyahlennosti. i energetiki. YEGIAZARYAN B.O,, Rarid.wRhn.zvjuks dot,(3on-L Decrement of the raylriur, flow of a discMrge wave a-!--ng a water course.,,r.; energe 8 110-4:90-95 Ap 165 iMIRA 18:4) 1. Yerevanskiy politx--khnicheskly institut imeni K.Marksa. A 01 Yr-- C-; (117- fl '.4, USSR / General Biology - Genetics. B Abs lour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 9, 1956, 38066. Author lazar an Inst hot, given. Title Effect of Repeated Pollination on Heredity Form- ation in Hybrid Beet Descendants. Orig Pub: Nauchn. tr. Erevansk. uh-taj 1956, 54, ch. 2, 55-69. Abstract: The author conducted repeated Pollination of three beet varieties: sugar) fodder, and table. Based on data obtained, he concludes that beets possess a multiple fertility, which reproduces in hybrids features of two pollinators (two pat- ernal forms) by the pollen of which they were fertilized. Card 1/1 IV-Ira Troploal rerealsb r,CU-pTRY 110 1.0920 r -19592 j1DITR4 vo, 3t tp's - !an SiR of T,,o paterml 3t a aterlatles of Difforent sojenoe; j. CIO= or the Ghamations PpOaranoo t.4 ?03~ U11 iioo The A eter ROP0 1957) 1-0) ~`T~,"~iTL zil po*ro . rs. is. BLO1, j O.-kh. not g and sv'41ng Pe Od in sprin All krmsi3IL. forms %1&8 do vate ORTG. 'PU'B 'ZY* )f b.,a primarY )IMent vas the , the -Lug 11inato'f Vao -gre"n I ae ~'ov T" Tae fixot P( ad _ the blue A 9ST? ACt =or Of 3.954. 0 the a Of 0 13U , 3t(jr3.irLg- WjOra3 ve.riat, 3 and th5 0000 ano 6 xJW1qqotA I Th. female po-lien Of'~ st with tM nd 7Z houx~' 0,3rwj,,L* ),.jj.,,tod fir' 3z, 48 a ataya 241 r%.1M0M%U ta-gare P in at 16, ator. The 'C`srnet10$t0hra rtjrnal P1 21.1tor ar" ,d Poll" acoording or the sec( C the first Po I UW grOU133 UrIth tho Pollen are &Lvida 411h8% ,brid ears v e,~~L YEGTAZARYAN,. D. S.:_.A~xfer Biol Sci (iliac) -- "The effect of repeated pollin- ation on the formation of hereditary features and. vitality In hybrid sugar beets, corn, and tobacco". Yerevan, 1958. 24 pp (Min Higher Educ USSR, Yerevan State U), 150 copies (KL, izo 4, 1959, 124) UGIAZLRYJLN, D S Inheritance of the characters of two paternal forms in the hybrid progeny of tobacco produced by repeated pollination. Hauch.trudy 31rev.un. 64:187-195 '58. (MIRA 11:12) 1. Xafedra daryini.zma 1, genetiki Yerevanskogo goeudaratvennogo universitetas (Tobacco breeding) YEGIAZARYANq D.S, Effect of backcrossing on the length of the vegetative period and and the viability,of hybrid corn under various dates of planting, Nauch, trudy Erev, uns 69 ~er. biol nauk no. 8:141-147 pt. 1 159,.-, (KIRA 14:4) 1. Kafedra darvinizma i genetiki Yerevanskogo goeudarstvennogo universiteta. (CORN BRE6ING) (PLANTING TIME) YEGIAZARYAN, Dzh,S. Effect of the age of pistil on the selective ferti-lization, formation of characteristics and -viability of the progeny of tobacco. Izv. A14 Am. SSR. Biol. nauki 15 no.3:47..60 162. (MIRA 15:4) 1. Kafedra darvinizma i genetiki. biologicheskogo fa-kullteta Yerevanskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta. (TOBACCO BREEDING) YEGIAZARYAN, Gevork Ashoto-vich; (Material incentives for stimullrovanie za novuiu 1964. 181 P. KATA3HO11A. RJ., red, new technolog7] Yateria.Vnoe tek.hniku. Moskva, Ekonomika, (MIRA 18:3) WIDZHOYAN, A.L.; MNATSAKANYANq V.A.;_.YEGIAZA.RYAN; I.S. Alkaloids of Goebelia alopecuroides. Izv.AN Arm.SSR.Khim. nauki 17 no. 3045-347 164. (MIRA 17:7) 1. Institut,tonkoy orginicheskoy.khimii AN Armyanskoy SSR. MUSNI.KGV, Yu-GA.,- IEVACHEVA, Z.A.; YEGIAZARYAN, K.K. Epidemiological peculiarities of an outbreak of hemorrhagic fever with a renal syndrome. Zhur. mikrobiol. epid i i==. 32 no.,501-37 My 161.' WRA 14:6). 1. Iz Otdola osobo apasnykh infektsiy Tultskoy oblastnoy sanitarnp- epidemiolo icheakoy'stantaii. #ULA PROVINCE--HEMORRHAGIC FEVER) OLSUPYIN, N.G.; YNIELIYANOVA, O.SjUGLOVOYp G.P.j SILICIIIIIKO, V.S.; KHOROGIV, I.G.; BZBOVA, Ye.N.; BESSONOVA, M.A. ; VEDENEYEVA, Yo. V.; ARLT'YZ7Vy S.S.; SIELANOVA, G.M.; SOTWIA, A.M.; BORODJT, V.F*;; 'HORDLEVA, A.F.; SUVOROVA, A.Ye.; ONIKUMOVSKAYAp V..A.; STOLYAROVA, A.D.; BYSTIRGIIA, K.A.; RLPINA, R.F.; MYASIIIKCV, Yu.A.; LEVACHEVA, Z.A.; YNGIAZARYAN, K,K._* RAVDONIKAS, ON.; SARPULTI, A.P. Optimal periods for testing okin reaction in subjects inoculated against tularemia with a dry live vaccine and vaccinal, reactogonic and immunogenic properties of this preparation. Zhur. mil=biol. epid. i immun. 32 no.6:92-98 Je 161. (MIRA 15:5) 1. Iz otdala prirodnoochagovykh infektsiy Instituta epidemiologii i mikrobiologii imeni Gamaloi ANN SSSR, otdelov Osobo opasnykh infektsiy VoronezhslCoy, Leningradskoy, Moskovskoy, Smolenskoy, Stalingradskoyp Tambovskoy, TuVskoy, oblastnykh sanitarno- dpidemiologicheakikh-stantsiy i Omskogo instituta epidemiologii, mikrobiologii i gigiyan (TULAFO-aA~* (VACCINFS) MYASNIKOV, Yu.A.; PANIIIA, T.V.; LEVACIO,,'VA, Z.A.; )Kq~Afo(~I, K.K. Characteristics of epidemiological manifestations of natural foci of Tula hemorrhagic fever with the renal syndrome. Mad. Paraz,. i paraz. bol. 32 no-5t621 S-0163 (MIRA 16:12) l. Iz Tullskoy oblast-noy sanitarno-epidemiologishes',coy stantsii. TEGIAZARYAN, V., inzhener. -,,~ I a8WAa;W Equipment for making hollow slabs. Stroitell no-1:15 Ja '57. (MLRA 10:2) (Concrete slabs) (Vibrators) MIAZAR - 'a. Effect of certain tochxological factors on the work of electric mullito furnaces. D*k1.A19 Arm.SSR 11 ne.3:81-86 149.(KLRA 9:10) 1.Vedne-onergeticheekly institut Akademil *xLtk Armyamskoy,SSR, Yerevan. Predstavlome I.Y.Yogiazarovym. Otullite) (Blectric furnaces) TAGIAZARTAN, V.G. Zffect of the voltW level on the work of cmllito furiacts. D*VI.A21 Arm.SSR 12 10.3-73-78 150- (KM 9.10) I ja~i kI.Vedze~aergetichsskijy Ixotitut Akadomii nauk Arpyanskoy SSR, Uievas. Pradetavleso I.V.Bgiazarevym. (Mullits) (Alectric furnsces) YEGIAZARYAN, V. G. I A 7ARYAN, V. -, -- "FUR. NA CF F01 TilE ZST-FL-, I 11C Or 14VLL IT& A tic) I Tt CRT I 14AL r~FCR AT I NG, Cr.!.r' 1 r I 0f;S. " Suu I: t.Ov 0'9, florcsw CnDEP OF Laao.~~ Rro EmitE:;! 11437, Or 3TEct. 11IFNt 1. V. TTALIrl I '--'I!~-~EPTATIcu rof? THE DErREC OF DOCTO:Z ii Tecw4iCAL jCICtJCr3) ~'O: VtCHERNAYA I-'IOSKVA, JANUARY-DECri-ArCR, 1552 'V - " rjothod. Izv- "ISGIAWLY"Jil. ., -~ - a olemento bY thn oloctric hnatinf; Twi-joning of reilf"" ,o.6:77-80 ' 58' (141RA 12:3) AN ArMOSSR.Sor.takh.nauk 11 1 ed .Oncrete) (Pregtress YEGIAZARYANp V.G. Effect of electric beating on strengrh ebaraoteristica of 25G2S and St-5 steels. Izv. AN Arm.SSR.Ser.tekh.nauk 13 no.3s6l-63 160. (Bteel-Testing) (MIRA 1411) YEGIAZARYAN,, V.., kand.tekhn,nauk Selecting the electric system for the tightening of ccmcrete reinfGroement, with the electric heating method. . Prom.Arm. 4 no.4:50-53 Ap 161. (MMA 14:6) (Concrete reinforcement) E~ A' nalik r CAI r Fllcll Use Te 18-20 Energbtik 332 YEGIA7,ARYAII,, Y-G-) kand. tekhn. nauk ... Calculation of network impedances using graphs. Energetik 14 no.1:36-38 Ja 166. (MIN. 19:1) VALESTAN, L.A.; DULIYAN, S.M.; YEGIAZAlffAN, Yo.A. Basic trends in the deve2opment of economic geography in 60vilet Armenia. Iz lst.eut.i tekh. 21332 162. (141RA 1&14) YEVSTROPOV, N.A., student V kursa; YEGIAZARYAN.I. A.S., student V kurea; PANIN, LM.J. nauchnyy rukov6ditell, doteen't. kand.tekh.nauk Some problems in the theory of blasting in rock and the practice of short-delay blasting in breaking ore in stopes. Nauch. rab. stud. GNSO MGI no.W5-24 1959 (MIRA 14:5) (Blas;ing) S/035/62/or,0/012/020/064 A001/A101 AUTHOR: Yegibekov P. TITLE: The photometry of the comet Burnham 1959 k PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Astronomiya i Geodeziya, no. 12, 1962t 68, abstract 12A500 ("Byul. Komis. po kometam i meteoram. Astron. soveta AN SSSR", 1961, no. 6, 62 64) TEXT: The photometry of the comet Burnham was carried out on photographs taken on April 26 - 27, 1960. Photometric cross sections were made through the center of the nucleus at different position angles, and isophotes for relative' intensities were plotted on the basis of these seqtions. Plotted were also curves characterizing decrease of brightness I with Increasing distance s to the center of cometary nucleus. The relation I(s) obtained shows that ejection of matter from the nucleus was approximately constant in time, There are 6 references. S. M. [Abstracter's note:'Complete translation] Card 1/1- YVEGIBEKOV, P. Photographic photometry of the tail of PIrkos' comet (1957 d). Biul.lnst.~strofiz.An Tadzh.SSR no.30:8-12 161. I'MIRA 13-3) (Comets--1957) PWIBEKOV P. Spectrophotometry of B=hamls comet (1959k). Blul. Ainst. aotrofiz. AN Tadzh. SSR no.32t42-45 162. (MIRA 17: 11) YEGIDAROVA, N.N. Concentration and composition of humus arAJ properties of huxic acids in soils of the Shirvan Steppe. Izv. AN Azerb. SSR. Ser. biol. i med. nauk no.6:85-92 '61. (K1JRA LOWLAND-HUMUS) (MIRA 14:8) 3/12 62/000/005/028/048 D251YD308 AUTHORS: Didkovskiyo M.M., Yregidis, B.M., and'Poznyaya, N.G. TITLE: A sensor for simultaneous measurement of two compo- nents of instantaneous velocity PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Illekhanikaj no. 5, 1962, 133, abstract 5BB66 (V sb. novyye metody izmereniy_i pri- bore, dlya gidravlich issled., M. AN SSSR, 75 79) TEXT: The miniature sensor consists of a small sphere fixed on a spring which consists of two mutually perpendicular springs atta- ched one to the other. Thus the sphere has two degrees of freedom (in both planes). The magnitude of its displacement is measured with the aid of a tenso-sensor fixed to each of the springs. An example of the calibration is given. 7 references. [Abstractorts note: Complete translation]. Card 1/1 POZNYAYA, N.G. [Pozniaia, N.H.] (Kiye-r); YEOIDIS, B.M. [.IEhidiss BIM.11 (kiyev) Investigating turbulent characteristics of a flow under natural conditions. Rrykl. mekh. 10 no.2LZ16-221 064 (MIRA 17--7) 1. Institut gidrologii i gidrotekhniki AN UkrSSR. 3 7661 S/124/62/000/005/029/048 61 /1 D251/D308 AUTHOR: Yegidis, TITLE; Apparatus for recording and automatic processing of 0 the results of measuring instantaneous velocities and pressures PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal. Mekhanika, no. 5, 1962, 133, abstract 5B867 (V sb. 1,Tovyye metody izmereniy i pribo- ry dlya gidravlich, issled. M. ALT SSSR, 1961, 122-127) TEXT: The principle of action is proposed and a block-diagram gi- ven for a computing-solving amplifier, a measureing device for the maintenance of the instantaneous velocity and pressure and a corre- lometerp devices used in the Instytut laidrolohiyi i hidrotekhnikiy VK AN IFRSR (Institute of Hydrology and Hydrotechnics of the AS UkrSSR) ~or recording and automatic processing of the instantaneous values of velocity and pressure. The computing-solving amplifier permits a linear dependence to be obtainvd between the velocity and the o8-' cillograph ordinate with accuracy of 2.5 ~o. The accuracy for the working of a tensometric sensor for mag-nitude less than 0.1 of the ,.,--.Card 1/2 S/124/62/000/005/029/048 Apparatus for recording and D251/D308 maximum value of the scale of the instrument in 5 %, and for larger magnitudes it is less than 5 %. The maintenance measurer permits the maximum value of the measured quantity to be obtained and the main-: tenance of the given value of the measured instantaneous quantities set by the experimenter, It is shown that the instrument is built in the form of a model. The correlometer, designed for two-compo- nent velocity sensors permits directly according to the scale of the instrument the absence of the moment of correlation of the com-, ponents of pulsation of the two mutually perpendicular components of instantaneous velocity at the point of'the flow under investiga- tion. The instrument is constructed of valves in a bantam series and semi-conductor diodes. It is shot-in that the maximum error of the modelled instantaneous values of the production of pulsations of the components of velocity is of the order of 2.5 [Abstriac- tor's note; Complete translation]. Car d 2/2 Vr 25153 S/021/61,/000/004/007/01.3 %4/00 D213/D303 AUTHORS: Didkovslkyy, M.M., and Ye%idi8, B.1.1. TITLE: A two-component sensor of instantaneous velocity PBRIODICAL: Akademiya nauk Ukrayllnalkoyi RSR. Dooovidi, no. 4, 1961, 442 - 445 TEXT; The need to determine the instantaneous velocity of flow in one or several directlona arises in inv.estigELting turbulence. The articie describes two component aensor of instantaneous velocity which was developed by the Institute of Hydrology and Hydraulics of the AS UkrSSR to deal with thLs problem. The authors describe the conatruotion of the sensor which operates a tensometric ampli- fier and an electromagnetic oscillograph which permits the simul- taneoms recording of two oscillogramsp ;so that the longitudinal and transverse components of instantaneous velocity may be known at a given moment. of time. The sensor works on the principle of the transforming the mechanical vrork done by the flow on the re- Card 1/3 2_5 155 S/021 61/000/004/007/013 A two-component sensor ... D213YD303 ceiving element of the tensor Into electricity. The sensor consists of an elastic system of two mutually perpendiculair iaminae, one of which is firialy suspended and to the end of the other is attached a thin rod bearing on its end a small ball o"LO diameter 5 - 10 mm. Each lamina acts as a cantilever. The whole system except for the ball, and part of the rod io enolo3ed In a metal case. When a for- ce (i.e. the hydrodynamic pres-ure of the flow) Clots upon the ball., thie is transmitted proportionally to the plates, which produce a deformation in the electrotQnsometcr. The arrangement of the ele- ments of the sensor make it possible for 2 oscillograms to be re.- corded simultaneously. The foilo~.,iing relationship is used to find the instantaneous velocity from the height of the oacillogram a = kvnf where k is a constant for the given sensor. The relation for the angle a between the direction of flow and the plane of the beam is b = a sin a, where a is determined for a = 90. From this a rela- tion between the components of velocity may be obtained. The maxi- mum velocity which may be measured with a given sensor depends on two factors: 1) the diameter of the ball, 2) the frequency of the Card 2/3 25155 S102 61/000/004/007/013 A two-component sensor ... D213YD3 0'_3 oscillatory motion whic-ii the flow induces on the ball. There are 3 figures and 6 references: 4 Soviet-bloc and 2 non Soviet-bloc. The reLferenc~e to the I-Iriglish-language publication readeas follows A.G, Ippen, F. Raich-len, Pi*cc- ASSE Hydraulics Div.Ision. 6~~. 95, 1957. Card 3/3 DIDKOVSKIYP M.M, (Didkovalkyi M.M.]; YEGIDIS, B.M. [IEhidis., B.M.) OscillatioaB of an elastically fixed sphare in a flim of liquid.- Dop.All URSR no.5:612-615 161. (MIRA 14:6) 2, InBtitut gidrotekhniki AD USSR. Predstavleno a3videmikom AN USSR G. I. Sukhomelom [Sukhomel' H.I.I. (Oscillations)p B Nf 11' 1 y means of a KOKHANOVA, I.V.; REDNIKOVA, T.A.; STARKOV, S.P.; YEGIDIS F 1A.-, TARANENKO, A.S.; ZOLOTAREVA, K.A. --.11--,_,1._-__.r_- Ion-exchange resins as catalysts In organic synthesIs. Part 2j Arylalkylation of n-cresol with styrene on KU_,1 and KU-2 cation exchange resins. Zhur. org. khIm. 1 no.4:648-649 Ap 165. (WRA 18M) 1. Nauchno-issledovatellakly Inatitut Wmikatov dlyn. pollmernykh materialov I. Tambovskly gosudarstvenny-y pedagogicheskiy institut. _qk ~ sotpc Zllho.N)o -1k,6 01470 01) Ct 0 CO p0 G.-jbop r *I Che Oil 4t-,4 b Gs. lk or 4bot-4, 6 4C 4JO30 0& 'p- P02 .00.1 Y440 r. .1 -4. Okj 0 0.9 to 1-.1 Oitic Or 1410 rQC 00 040, t. 'pp Oq,, 0', t or :p, Ij Of 06~ I" t t .11) e e4 *Jlb JDh '19660 'k .sr. Qr)d , t GP0.1 Gro., tel4p .14, Pol z2h . ej~, Oj, Qljt Jobler etj -16 Oo - J-pp, 6 - 0 - o 120.- If -.70 04q opq fl, C 0 2t0 .1 to CD 4V 4r -tt tlpov P 5--1e pa 40 40 P0,90 fit? 40. t. * 4-, O-r a 196, "')at %j, e .140 are 0 Or Cl co tj~t. 'a tja 0.r 40 Ji i &h 11 )1,& 4 -0jr, -tit the I'llae V O.C4 9- 0 &q., p J, iaeo t Clt rj or 01) 4j ecl 0Ct -0 f/).4 t 044 ri... 0tic -to c0'), p0 coij 0 4 0th, 4tlaocl Poll, 4?4 t- coot I a Cj--o all -I& 011t.04 by cla olle Nt 'Poij., -rtlo 4t 0 411cl .to 0.1 0r 1 0 0. %4qorl Ahejo ell p 0 ly "Cl 4pf Cl 4ft. 1& 0 0t460to -thc . oyctc/,Q 00P. J, ot.0 04 ?Oct ti0 2,he "o -7,60" tl e.9 tcl -Ize 4C 0 ~,& 4 th 12 SUB Co&~-' Or 0c 14C 4 f - j7)0 to e -10 41) k%4 err, 0 o4 a0 to 4~14 tiq~t Oct 44 jo Aho V. i , Ar 4ric, 4t44 co Ntt, te,&tL 1 6;,, 44 0 pe "Cl Obt,% "ta - icj~ (J)ecl on cc- it, 0 Pec, If the 4%e 0 (tij Diq by (I,- GO '14 t Qr Coca MTCHW, A.A.; YBGIKW. A.A. 1~- r, -- i~ Breading wheat varioti 'by hA AdisatIon with free pollination (with summar7 in Xngll:~. Isv.AN Arm.M.1st.nauki no-2:15-27 147. (nu 9: 8) (Wheat) (4bridization, Vagetatle) Productivity of whoat hybrids In Armenia, lzY.AJF Arm.SU.Biol.i eel'khoz.nauki. 2 no.1:81-83 149. (MLRA 9:8) 1. Inetitut genetiki I selektall rastenly AkademH nauk Armyanskoy SSR. kAAbWAlA--'vWAT) -jw.; YJGIKTAM, A -A. Comparative productivity of vheat h7brids. Izv. AN Arm&SSR. Biol. i sellkhoz. nauki 2 no.2:155-159,.149.. I (XLRA 9:8)*' 1. Institut genetiki i selektaii rasteniy Arkademii nauk Armyanskoy SSR. (ARMIA--WHBAT) YZGIKW, A.A.; AVITISUN, A.M. Action of a sexual mentor when using various quantities of pollen and different fertilization methods In corn. Izv.AN Arm.SSR.Biol.i ellkhos.nauki. 4 no.3:267-273 '51. -(XM 9:8) 7 Institut genstiki I selektaii rastenty Akadenit nauk Armyanskoy SR. (Corn Naize)) _lit YICGIXW. A.A. Selective fertilization ability In corn where there are iarious quantitative rations of the components of a pollen mixture. Izv. AN Arm.SSR.Biol.i sellkhoz.nauki 6 no.8:23-33 153. (KOA 9-8) 1. Institut, genetiki I ealektaii raateniy AN Arm. 85R. (Corn (Maize)) (Yertilization of plants) YIGIIUN, A.A. ; SAR STAN, S.A. Study of Ge interrelation between the components of wheat variety mixtures in the Armenian S.S.R. Izv.AN Arm.SM.Biol.i sallkhoz. nauki 7 no.12:19-34 D 154. (NLRA 9:8) 1. Institut genetW i selektall rasteniy AN Arm.SM. (Armenia-Wheat-Varieties) nT A COUNIni IV USjR CATEGORY Cultivated Fl-amts. Carea.1s. AN. JOUF. RZhBiol..) NO.U, 195-8, 'Un. 63318 AM 111OR Yagikyan, A, A. MT. r-. ~TffuVe- 67 -A -gr. L a u I t U r eor the F[inistry of ~,griculture TITLE The Effect of -the State of Stipa and Pollen at Dirferent it Ages on the Fertility and Vitality of Wheat. OPIC". FUR. '. Tkzv. Ali ArvSSRI Blol. i S.-kh., 1956t 1), No. 12, 49-58 A- Results of the exper-Iments during 1953-1955 at Faralvirskaya oxparim-ental base olo tho Institute of Agrioulture, Ministry of Agricultum Armealan SSR on the varieties of spring ' (Dell fi, Erinat sawn) and winter (Fgvardi /4, Art-Ashti 4.2) shoat. The vitality,of the stigww in winter varieties i4o retained for 12-13 days after oastration and 7-10 days in spring varietips. The best ,Orrainatloa of Uza V13 Ob- -IV rvad with Lhe po I I inti on of L13 ot e t t Armenian SSR C~ird: 1/2 23 7_777 -MOM USSR / Cultivated Plants. Grains. Legumes. Tropical M-1 Cereals. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - Blologiya, No 2, 1959, No. 6221 Author Yegikyan, A. A.; Karapetyan, 1. 0-. --_ ~~ 4 Inst "Aitae-nYanSc'i6W!~'-Res. Agricultural Institute Title The Selection of Corn Parental-Pairs in Order to Obtain Productive Hybrids Orig Pub Byul. nauchno-tekhn. inform. Arm. n.-I. in-t zemledellya, 1957, No 3, 3-5 Abstract Data, collected at the Parakarsk Experimental Base as a result of trials of varieties, var- ietal strains, inter strain hybrids, hybrid populations and Inter varietal hybrids in 1955-1960, is given in this paper. All var- ieties were distributed into 5 groups accord- ing to the time of sowing. Dent corn varieties Card 1/ 13