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December 31, 1967
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ACC NR: AP6032419 SOURCE CODE: UR/0387/66/000/009/0072/0081 AUTHOR: Yegorkin, A. V. ORG: Ministry of Geology SSSR, Special Geophysics Trust (Hinisterstvo geologii SSSR, Tres.~ S~etsgeofiziki) TITLE: An analysis of precision of determination of velocity parameters in a given section of the earth crust on the basis of traces of reflected waves SOURCE: AN SSSR. Izvestiya. Fizika Zemli, no. 9, 1966, 72-81 TOPIC TAGS: seismology, seismic prospecting, seismic wave, earth crust ABSTRACT: The feasibility of applying seismic reflection methods to determine the ,structure of the ebrth's crust-is discussed and possible errors in the method are eval- ,uated. The current seismic methods are designed for the two-layer problem. -1hey are based on the use of the apparent vertical velocity parameter and the true horizontal velocity in depth.'The difficulties in the methods are; 1) the tracing of the reflect- ed waves requires kreater horizontal distances than the depth to the corresponding boundary, 2) the wave field consists of waves of different kinetic and dynamic charac- teristics which would be treated 'differently, 3) the earth's crust is composed of hu- merous strata which differ but slightly in absolute velocities. The author considers !the mathematical expressions for the apparent H and V, and cites numerical data on ex- UDC: 550.834 Cord 1/2 ACC NR: AP6032419 'periments in various localities. Pelationships between the ray veiocities and the ap- :parent velocities are evaluated by means of formulas and graphs. Errors in computa- ition of stratum velocities by means of such graphs are evaluated. Some errors are :traced to: 1) the!arbitrary delineation of the earth crust's bottom, 2) negligible I Nelocity differences for different strata. Orig. art. has: 12 formulas, 11 figures, :1 table. ;SUB CODE: 08/ SUBM DATE; 21Sep65/ ORIG REF: 014 Card 2/2 ACC NR. AF06036362 SOURCE CODE: UR/0387/66/000/011/0106/01!4 AUTHOR: Yegorkin, A. V. I ORG: Ministry of GcologySSSR, Spetageofizika Trust (Miniaterstvo geologii SSSR, Trest Spetsgeofizika) TITLE: Methods of determining the velocity parametera of a section through the earth's crust from reflected-wave hodograph SOURCE; AN SSSR. Izventiya. Fizika Zemli,, no. 11, 1966, 10-114 TOPIC TAGS: seismic prospecting, seismic wave, hodograph, earth crust, error statistics ABSTRACT: This is a continuation of earlier work by the author (Izv. All SSSR, Fizika Zemli, no. 9, 1966) where possible errors in the determination of velocity parameters of the earth's crust from reflected-wave hodographs were indicated. In the present aevicle it was shown that these errors can be eliminated by using interpretation methods based on the practical equality of the ray velocities and the effective veloc, ities calculated from the segments of the reflected-wave hodographs. An advantage of the method is that it makes it possible to carry out large scale calculations of the thicknesses and layer velocities and subsequently apply mathematical statistics to de, l Card UDC: 550.834 IkC7-14R-sj 3 2 termine the true values of the sought parametera and the confidence intery.-Lis for them. In addition, by determining the velocities and thicknesses at different reflec tion angles it is possible to establish the character of the Yariation of the propa- gation velocity in a layer contained between two reflecting boundariess 11-1ethods of determining the theoretical velocities under several conditions are described. Orig. art. has'. 3 figures, 12 formulass and 1 table-'. suB CODE: 08/ SUBM DATE: 21fiep65/ ORIG Mrs 008 ACC NR' AP7001912 AUTHOI: SOURCE CODEs UR/0387/66/000/01~-fc~~t4'/-66~l~, 03G: Ministry of Goology((Ministerstvo geologii SSSR); Spetageofizika Trust (Treat "Spetageofizika") TIT12: The use of mathematical statistics in determining crustal velocities from i travel-time curves of reflected waves SOURCE: All SSSH. Izvestiya. Fizika Zemli, no. 12, 1966, 54-61 TOPIC TAGS; hodograph, earth crust, statistic analysis, propagation velocity ABST.%WT: Determination of travel times for reflected waves is subject to errors of method and imprecision in determining arrival times, shot-point distance, and similar data. Some of the errors of the first type are systematic, but all others are random., 7he Earth's crust appears to be multilayered. Within a particular region,no substantial of formation velocities from those of a horizon- tally bedded section are observed.. It may be stated that the determination of crustal velocities from travel-time curves of reflected waves by methods valid for multi- layered and horizontally bedded strata will give a combination of random variations of the desired values, , which are subject to statistical analysis. For determining formation velocities and thicknesses, the most acceptable methods hre that previously proposed by the author (Sposoby opredeleniya akorostnykh parametrov razreza zemnoy Card 1/2 UDC: 550-834-5 AP700191Z ACC NR. kory po godografam otrazhenny, kh voln, Izv. All SSSR, Fizika Zemli, No. 11, 9606) and that discussed by S. F. Bol'shikh (0 priblizhennom predstavlenii godografa, otrazhennykh voln v sluchaye mnogosloynoy pokryvayushchey aredy. Priklad. geofiz., No- 15, 1956). Sources of error in these two methods are considered. These errors constitute a large number of rather small independent random values. The combination of velocity (or thickness) values should have normal distribution. Deviations indicate systematic variation in geology. Comparison of measured and computed results, from profiles in Central Asia shows that travel-time curves of reflected waves may be used with a high degree of accuracy in determining crustal velocities. Values determined are average, however, and may differ considerably from actual formation values for a specific area. Orig. art. has: 1 figure and 4 tables. SUB CODE: 08/ SUM DATEi none/ ORIG REFs 005/ OTH REF: 003 ATD PRESS: 5 112 Card S, 036 %'f e6S- AUTHORS: TITLE: PERIODICAL: 86835 S/020/60/135/005/024/043 B019/BO67 Godin, Yu. A., Academician of the AS Turkmenskaya SSR, Yegor A. V. Structure of the Earth's Crust According to Data of Regional Seismic Studies on the Southeast Russian Platform Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR, 1960, Vol. 135, No. 5, pp. 1123-1126 TEXT: The authors present results of an interpretation of wave hodographs which were taken at a-distance between explosion and instrument larger than the critical one. The studies were made by the.Vsesoyuznyy nauchno- issledovatellskiy institut geofizicheskikh metodov (All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Geophysical Methods) from 056-1959. The existence of wave groups having similar properties is regarded as the characteriatic property of the neismograms obtained. On the basis of a detailed study of these wave groups and-a. comparison with results obtained by other authors, the authors make the following suggestion concerning the structure of the Earth's crust in this region which consists of layers with different Card 1/2 86835 Structure of the Earthts Crust According to S/02 60/135/005/024/043 Data of Regional Seismic Studies on the SoutheastBO19X067 Russian Platform propagation velocities of seismic wavest The upper part of the Earth's crust has a mean velocity of 6,0 km/sec and a thickness of 12-13 km. A thin surface layer of this layer (1-3 km thick) has a velocity of 6.6 km/sec. The mean velocity down to a depth of 20 km (Mokhorovichich surface) is 7 1 km/sec below which, at a depth of 31-33 km, a thin plate (1-3 km~ has a velocity of 7.6 km/see. Below this plate is a 10 km thick layer with a velocity of 8.15 km/sec. A surface along which the head waves propagate at a velocity of 9.15 km/sec possibly constitutes the surface of a thin layer. The vertical velocity gradients of the individual plates may be negative or positive. Furthermore, the Earth's brust is assumed to consist of three main layers: 1) sedimentary layer, 2) "granite" layer, 3) "basalt" layer. These layers are traversed by intermediate layers. S. V. Chibisov, A. V. Yegorkin, Ye. D. Tagay, I. V. Pomerantsev, and M. V. Margotlyeva.are mentioned. There are 2 figures and 7 references: 4 Soviet and 2 US. SUBMITTEDt May 18, 1960 Card 2/2 y Er P-PRAMSONP R.I. n based or. the -losurl'ace scut, TWmAlata c 2Ladieq. ~ov. geol. 8 no.6~149-- d-atz cf reiglonal s 9 lamJ 1r - j (MIRA 18;8) ." vtl YEGORKIN, B., inzh. Ydur times quicker. Mast. U91. 7 no-3:22 Mr '58. (HURA 11:3) (Coal mining machinery-Maintenance '77 USSR/General Problems. A- Abs Jour : Ref Zhur Khimiyu, 110 10., 1957, 33420 Author : Yegorkin, B.F. Inst Title : About the Tests in Chemistry in the X-th Grade. Orig Pub : Khimiya v shkole, 1957, No 1, 49-51- Abstract : A methodical article in connection with the curtail- ment of the number of tests in schools from the school term 1956/57- Card 1/1 X *so*** 0 6 *Of 0 0 A! 0 6 0 4 4';Oooooov *set*# 009 4, 'a Ill all MUNN 0 40 It U It M Is 10 It It to a I a a a v 410 _4 The use of minsts lasts vilth %gas a." sulfur dioxide. 1. S. vilookkii'1. M. t!'gtXkUL And M. I. 91whovich. J. CArm. Ind. R ') 15, -No. 7. vlet.)t vn~ttre. fp( it; C'MiligetkI114 '11, )I'll aff"hid" knol Ilia?) 11will Irfl, SO, % all d -Wp1h"S -4 IYY thr 0 so 00 0 00 WN i I I Slow INVIN1119. %doows -4 1 tilla" it 0.1 del U 0 b xt S 0 0 - - - - - - 4 0 01 d agami:-41 -so -00 No* All see .041 000 .00 so go* '00 No* Woo Is Nor 0 1A L S I Od 0 a 6 1 w a 0 a 4 2 0 0 1 4 0 4, 9 " -"T7 f1i"VOUS AINO 944;#1111141 W;4? tit ot TU taft of abon" of MO raw by ErSO.. 1). A. C *0 g untetsov, L~Wggorkfu and 0. S. Pospriwia. J. /C" -N -Th II h U Is 13 "(1941) is . . . e & . o. s , r ti U f H b 1140 I i h I -00 n- sc on . o nctrams w P vapor t P , y meatted ratt at sas tbw m0 HiS04 conen. except that the ves 00 6 ,0 Ww" for 84.5% meld (HOW'.11go) Is lower thart at concris. am ciUm side at ltz~ The coeff. falls with rise [it temp. 20 to 11D0. 17w (Uta we used to cak. the plate a 0 cc a*rmter coo see yes 209 LA MITALLURGICAL &FIE NJIU1 112 CLAUNKA1410 , Nos, Ot -v,v 444 04 amw isl feel U s A, PO is 0 0, If I W IN 0 a a 3 4 1 lutW a I 949400000 000 000 00,00000 0190,46 00 000001100 0 to 0"0 0 000 st Ot 0 0000000 11MM -Instruktor mashinist Work practices at the Pererva electric loconotive depot. Elak. i topl. tiaga 2 no.900-31 S 158. (MRA 11110) (Pererva-Elactric locomotives) 77~ ARKHANGELISKIY. Ilikolay Andreyevich.: YWOjLKjjj. N.I.. *rof., retsenzent,; - F TATARINOV, A.P., starehly prepod3vatell, e-tienzent,; BUWAKOV, N.V., prof., retsenzent,; BORISOTA, G.A., red.; MORISH, D.M.,tekhn. red. (Industrial products. an introductory commodity guide] Vvedenie v tovarovedenie promvehlennykh toverov. Mosk7a, Goo. izd-vo torgovot lit-ry, 1958. 160 p. (HERA 11:11) 1. Moingradskly Institut sovetakoy torgov1i im, Ergel'sa (for Yegorkin), 2. Kafedra tovarovedentya promtovarov LTRI (for Taterinov). 3. Kafedra tovarovedeniya promtovarov Voesoyuznogo znochnogo instituta sovetskoy torgovIt (for BiLlgakov). (Commercial products) KISELEV. Vaziliy Stepanovicb; SHCHEGLOV, Lev Mikbaylovich; ARKH&HUILISKIY, N.A., prof.. red.; KALLIGA, G.P., dotsent, retsenzent; YZWRK-I-U. H.I.. prof.. rateenzent: DAVAIBDV, A.V., dotsent, ratienIzent; NOVOMMKIN, P.I.. dotsent, reteenzent; KUTYANIN. G&I., prof., retsenzent; BULG&KOV, N.V.. prof.. reteenzent; BORISOVA. G.A., red.: MEDRISH, D.M.. I [Articles made from silicates, plastics and chemical industry products] Tovary silikatnys. iz plasticheskikh mass i khimiko- moskatollue. Pod red. IT.A. Ark~angellskogo. Moskva, Gois. lzd-vo torg. lit-ry, 1958, 320 p, (MIRA 12:2) 1. Kafedra tovarovedeniya promtovarov Vessoyuznogo zaachnogo instituta sovetskoy torgovIl (for Bulgakov). (Glassware) (Plastics) (Pottery) ARATUROV, A.I.; VIMORAWY, M.A.; DUBROVA, G.B.; IOTORET, L.1%; ZORIlf, S.1h; VASILITEV, A.A.; VOLOKITIN, A.S.; BMVBTSKIY, A.I.; FRIJIUDY, N.S.: MEZEITSIV, DANILDV, M.M.; LUKASFW, M.Ya.; MEyxqovIcH, I.L.; KLrjCHU, A.Ya.; SARYCHEV. V.G.; ZAVILDVICH, M.A.; IIOVOSELISKIY, N.M.; GITLITS, S.A.; REZNICHERO, M.S.; MdWZ, L.P.; IUMAGUROVA, F.V.-, CHDGOVADZE, Sh.K.; RYBOHENKO, A.A.; BOCHAROVA, N.P.; GAGLOTEVA, N.A.; KRYUKOVA, T.B., Rubinshtsin, Grigorii Loonidovich; 1891-1959. Sov. torg. 33 no.12:56 D '59. OURA 13:2) (Rubinahtein, Grigoril Leonidovich, 1891-1959) 0 0 0 9 0 0 o 0 o a & 0 0 q o 0 o o Joll UUM Ism. "m Pel 41041 U 41 f C. At it T% U to a t 4 0 PC w s I LN t- A- f -.7 j .01tv)OPIS-1) id,1061111 )INJOIlIvIl. 9 11 0 fee 00 *or 0 .a 003 o o::: IF 00 0-0 00 00 !v 00 0t!, v00 so Stu *0 ;:r 00 90- SR99,31A Glid-lY -%linvu npturu paaoqs samtni at uvl-nm ul(-g 91YN Olt 00 Jqj oj..mrH,,,o4,ud awtqnjjA),-ajVpm imll lo,uppw Aq pal-P q f- puv M-Od -P.4 z00 00- jo, .!&Ap)jpAq aqj-*MWC ]I lot6l 4-Z mjV,) !I-oLr '4969 Wy-l "NOdd !ON"" 0 -svv vwjl~.j 'mi3ruwa N Vmft "-a ""14103-"Ipw p W9" &APUPM 00- r*0 so- fo I I- *0 00- qS1 -fit am (1'l qxfitu f a A re M, A I 1 -2 op a a e 0 w 0 40 411-41IR-* 41 * - a 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 60 *006060*000901 - a Sit 0 0 0 0 1 I Slott t to a is IS is v A 29, o fooffillown 1, if #i#uDldn IOU an4p ., u a) 0 41 A AA,JIS (X ;V U.4.~_J_jk. -j A 4, . ~,; ..C ,,t p I- I_ .A! Damildly of Ow AW good odiftkage III lorathet ou thol bAIS, side. N. Ugmkin. 12, 1 11118-00M70fliffs & indmitrif 31, 1184-17he Ablink- age id Itte hair side of chrunte-tiontied leather is chvkty i4ord III the boolikity cif the fib". When (he lsftrr lit". imt vs-eml M). the shfinksge Is pfaivik-Ally :o Willi Michror vallin theire to a range prr-411411C .1 Crtlain anif. 4 danotror frm this stan-11m,int. With a 6i,iity A 00 0 oil Ilicirc 6 a vM aMeciabit ithrinkagir and the Iijit Side - fe Ir of (tic bldes b vvy bd(de. Mon. of SOP comisincit with ' 6 Cost 4 (C): rkm I C. fit flact 41yid"I I"ther I's VACII 4 ' 1 2U) 14 . ViA 4 it) er lmiltric II&AS k B . so .3 1 - . l &. 2 as ie. ; am . 11.1 Jf X11,141. tv NAII.M. %M fit the other '.Nx) or, Z*q *0 11A hedt 2 fits. In is ttiviling water "-4, UIAC Its val and det M In th a t d i th (A) l roo . um. ., e . an n q. ex e p phair viln. ())?. C It .1. and 104sicity - ]INS .1 C r A. A. Vaphicati-Conlute oo so l c ac 0 0 0 f4 J1 #I, too A I, a. L A atIALLU*(KAL 4.1111RATUOIt CILAWFIC4110" ;TJ Is Is 0' a I I V 04 0 '1 V as I AD It ou Ofilitil "IT" tort -to 4 1 ;,a is It it 41110 0 0 4, 16 0 4 0 4 4111 0 0 4111, 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 "13 0 4 00, 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 00 i-F--A L Z AA M CC 9 Shrisk"s of sale lostbor. Itep. on Fifterij Ujfd to L KmAwwaixe-06mromsyd Prow. S. (I W.-Tbe slub"Be of solt Itent In moiaturc. tanning Is -Alto and x1tserm. The hypot 00 iVTjy rblfkW IMSMIftan" in tile Oo e I"t. 'rho "Inolecular" Ittolotti t l 11w doone it the drying operst basic imixxtsism. To avoid I go j l~ should cow&W 1.4-Of and not 18 Id"S factor 5."~; at kast 0 000 the leath" with slucow and hIS I The expue. am described. 00 opic 9 ww o 0 1 jr i t 9 1 a A 1, 4110 -00 i, I"Jillwkill, CoUrrW 00 ~Ikrr Ind. APPrisdis iii V. S. R. 19. No. 1, IN 22 leather dwprml urxm its tor sail finding with Mg moisture is of rrim. ~00 lidftgr of Ili, kilth.-f %ut- 00 V whk-h is rr"lov"I (toin Unt In the tailtrwriet is 4.1 -00 ~v warpoill .4 1"Os" it OG of inoisturr. The ino- H -70%. Imprrsnatitm of --Go nits lowvro it% shrinLaxe. A. A. hochtluiSk are* l - L 1 too It izoe so A I S L A WALLUVOICAL 1,119MA101 CLMSIFICATICM too* 1990 AV M) it IS Is 41 h, to Do 19 K It 19 U it r9 j Igo Aft L S 4 ew v 440 0 0 * 0 6 0 0 * 4 *'a 0 9 0 o o 0 o: it go'$* 1 0 0 00 9 00 0 00 0 000 0 0 & ai *111 4 9 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 -0 -0 04 1 1 # I d 1 0 F it t$ it W " k " ji~jl A -J, A A f A A I 1 0 1 1 9 A I I AA N (A 0 U 4 004 -00 CIA- He t resistance of red vskleathtt at temperatures over a 4141a 100%A Frwkill, KG% 18. 'ffrct Of tr'UP' ~VITM;- r IA31 l"VC1tijrAlCd Willi a bib. ipft'!,~, the ~;K6111VM [Xing t , in a. %hile lit iii'm kcPt at At lKalt"I to 4R), in abim IL -I *At* (,,r Jcri-k lit 31) Illin. it) 1; ht$. ignot thin licalcti m .00 I.- A,., .1-11 filly %etc ".~Jvll. kri'l it) a .1vi-ii.4tor. V; was jjrld %I1,Atij lit, decsrAw ill ilittijilh altvv dw see .0luctillics likallill-ni ;Irld , tyrn Un WIMICA5 11)(AW 11-t well. no( liftAmd showif a dmitawd 'titilgill. Coe coo Y live* see :see oil I M!- it 0 0 U 5 11 00 It F---f El it It it OR K Is fi 1,( 2 K U It is n 1 14 see # 0 we 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0~ 40 0 0 0 *iO 0000 0 0 0 -0 0 0 ,41 G 000 *age,- 0 0 0 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 6 0 4) 0 9 o[vie o 0 0-0 0 6 94 , : I 1 0 1 2 1 10 1: ii u is 16 1, it 19 jo L;21 aa 14 6 .16 " is 29 h) it ii u u a m v 31 1, 4, .1 al .1 A A _C__S A A J__ I V. Y __L 1_1_ AA 0 CC 90 00 go -00 0 Of 40OLLA"09M b1f9tChict Of chrome ly,thpl, Ugulkill. I'rOffl. IS, NO. 5, Obtainedb stmtChingthr :-00 00 bide% at a .15. a~cj, PZ I i-00 A. fl,whilingL 00 .00 =90 00 00 00 zoo so tis 0 of too 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9~0 0 0 0 YEGORKIN, tq.1. Leather Industry and Trade Evaluating the properties of coating films, Leg. prom. 12 No. 4j 1952. 9. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, July -195~.2 Unclassif led. "HOW"N"M P-~.. 14,~ -II. 19 41 -h~ It CITZ W -al I CrVd1lr 4VII vto id m ne.t.! P"-Ahflily -1 ,=-hm .17 J;~-. llhdf'T I YEGORKIN, N.I., professor; MAMEWV, M.A., kandidat tokhnichoskikh nauk. Producing white leather from pigskins b7 formaldehyde tanning. Leg.' prom.15 no.1:19 Ja '55. OCMA 8:3) (Leather industry) YEGORKIN, N.I._.... Effect of relaxation in chrome leather on Its useful propertlex. Log. prom. 16 no-7;23-25 JI 156. (MLRA 9:10) (Tanning) (Shoe industry) YNGORKIN, likola7 Ivanovich, XAMjWV, Kageran Alt-ogly; ROKHvARGzR, Ollga Da * '--' """ -v7'dOvw;-.YW=To,- ..A-* r*t&qaz*u*;-TmAozoVA.L-l-, rodaktor, jLOG", V.T.ltekhnichaskiy redaktor (yorsaldshydo tanning) formalldegidnoe dublertie. Moskva, dosp nauchno-tekhne ind-vo K-vq legkoi prowqshl.SSSR, 1957. 159 p. (Tanning) (Irormaldshyde) (HI&A 10:7) CHER OT, Hikolay Yladimirovich; ARONINA, Yuliya Haumovna; GATDAROT, Ioeonid Petrovich; GOLOYTEMA, Alevtina Alekseyevna; S'ER-A OY, Ivan Pavlovich; SMSTAKOTA, Irina Sergeyevna; TBWRKIN K prof., retsenzent,- KOTOT, H.P., prof.. retsenzent; PUKTANNI- KOT, K.N., red.; INWIN, H.T.,, [Leather and fur technology] Tekhnologiia kozhi i mekha. Pod obshchei red. X.T.Chernova. Moskva, Goo.nauchno-tekhn. izd-vo lit-ry po legkoi promyshl., 1959. 719 p. (MIRA 13:2) 1. Kafedru tekhaologii kozhi i mekha Hoskovskogo tekhnologi- cheskogo InBtituta legkoy promyshlennosti (for Chernov. Aronina, Gaydarov, Golovtoyeva, Strakhov, Shestakova). (Leather) (par) YEGGPIKIN, N.I.;_ SIRENKOV MP. Coating films for chrome leather made from carboxyl-containing latexes. Kozh.-obdv prom. 2 no.3:28-29 Mr 160. (MIRA 14:5) iLeather) (Iatex) 711 VRIOGRADOVj, Aleksandr Petrovich; XEDRRI, Yevgcniy Alekseyevich; TSEAWEITII-IOV, Boris Fedorovich; SERGEYEV, M.Ye., zasl. deyatell nauki, prof., doktor tekhn. nauk., retsenzent; BULGAKOV, II.V., prof., doktor tekbn. nauk, retsenzent; PLATUNOV, K.Y., kand, tekhn. nauk, retsenzent; SWIETSOVA, T.P., inzh., retsenzent; MUWANID2S., D.S., inzh., retsenzentj-XEGORKIII -U1., prof.., doktor tekhn. nauk. retsenzent-I MASIMOV, .11., kand. Bellkhoz. nauk, retsenzent.- ARKHANGELISK]Yp N.A.# prof.s red,iMRISOVA, G-A.,,-red.; GROMOV., A.S.j takhno,r9d, [Leather.goods2 Ehoes, furs and pelts] Kozhovenno-obuvriye, pushno-mekhovye i ovchinno-shub3We tovary. Pod red. N.A.Ar- khangpllskogo. Moskva, Gos, izd-vo torg, lit-ryp 1962. 536 p. (MIRA 15:3) (Boots and shoes) (RSdes and skins) U -Z2 SOV/28-56-5-120/37 AU-THORi Dvuzhillnaya, N.M., Candidate of Technical 3ciences; Yegorkin, P.A., Engineer TITLEt Determining the Clinkering Tendency of Coal from the Donets Basin by tho [tog Method (Oprodeloniye spekayemosti ugley Donetskogo basseyna po metodu Roga) 2~- PERIODICAL: Standartizatsiya, 1958,/INr 5, pp 44 - 46 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The DonUGI carried out testa of anthracites from the Donets Coal Basin to select a standard corresponding to the anthracite from the West German "Sophie Jakob" Mine, accepted as the standard for an inert impoverishing addi- tive. The most suitable coal for test purposes was found to be that from the "Ivan" Mine of the Sovetugoll Trust, a comparatively poor coal. The clinkering tendency was determined by both the Rog and the plastometric method and the respective results drawn up in tables for com- Card 1/2 parison's sake. The tables show that the Rog index Determining the Clinkering Tendency of Coal from the 'r,03OYj2�;;e-5;7l2/37 ne - Ze 2,11 Dy the Rog Method differentiates well the low-clinkering coals with a high degree of metamorphism. However, coals with high clinker- ing properties and an average degree of metamorphism are quite satisfactorily differentiated by the plastometric method and do not lend themselves to classification by the Rog method. There are 4 tables and 2 graphs. ASSOCIATION; Donotskiy nauchno-issledovatellskiy ugollnyy institut (Donato Coal Scienti, fie -Research Institute) 1. Coal--Chemical reactions 2. Coal--Test results Card 2/2 DVUZHILIKAYA, N.M., kand.tekbn.nauk; YBOOPKIN, P.A., inzh. "air- Using "Rog method" In determining coking properties of the Donets Basin coal. Standartizatella 22 no.5:44-46 S-0 1 58. (MIRA 11:11) 1. Donetskiy naucbno-issledovatel'skI7 ugol'ny7 Institut. (Donets Basin-Coal-Testing) DVUZHILIWA, H.H., kand.tekhn.nauk;.YNGORKIX, P.A., inzh. Determining tha coking capacity of Donate Basin coals by the Roge, metbod. Sbor.SonUGI no.18:1?6-135 '59. (14M 13:1) (Donets Baoin-Coal) DVUZHILINAYA., N.M.., kand. tekhn. nauklagRIIIN P. inzh. "WAm.~-w Varieties of Donets Basin anthracites which can be thermally treated and used aa raw material in the manufacture of elec- trodes. Sbor. DonUGI no.25Q21-128 162. (MIRA 16:6) (Electrodeop Carbon) (Donets Basin-Anthracite coal) DVUZHILINAYA, NA, )mnd. teMn. nauk; YEGORKIN, P.A., inzh. Heat of burning of damp ashless coal; problem of establishing a class for Donets coalB in accordance vith the international classification. Sbor. DonUGI no.25:io-i6 162. (KMA 16:6) (Donets Baain-Coal-Classification) GRABETSKIY, A.; YEGORKIN, V. Remarks concerining chemistry textbooks for secondnry ochoolas Xhim. v shkole 14 no.1:90-94 Ja-F 159. (MIRA 12:2) (Chemistry-Textbooks) YEGCRKINj V. F. Uroki Yhimii v VII k1amse. V 1',omochch'uchitellu fchemlotry leasonz for the 7th. grade; guide for teachars7. Moskva, And. ped. nauk RSFSR, 1952. 130V p. (Ped. b-ka uchitelia) SO: Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Vol. 7, No. 3, June 1954. Chemiatry - Study awl Teaching At a teachers's conference of a province. Khim. v shkole no. 2, 1952. MonthlZ List of Russian Accessions. Library of Congress, November 1952. TRICLASSIFIED. K'- -i' YEGORKri, V. F. Chemistry - Study and Teaching In the Yaroslavl' methodolGI--ical teachers' asscciation. Khirr. v shkc! no. 2, 19'2. Monthly List of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, November 1952. Unclassified. YEGORKIN, V.P. Conference sponsored by the MinIstry of Iducatior of the R.S.Y.S.R. Khim.v shkole no.6;72-75 N-D '53. 1 NIPA 6:11) (Chemist--,--Study and teaching) YICGORKIN, V.P. Summer conferences of chemistry toachers. Khim. v shkole 9 no,4:80 Jl-Ag 154. OUA 7: 8) 1. Metodist Minlaterstva prosveshcheniya R573R. (Chemistry-Stuay and teaching) YEGORIIH, V..F. Repetition in chemistry lessons. Xhim.v shkole 9 no.5:20-25 S-0 154. MRA 7:9) 1. Zaslushenrqy uchitall shkoly HBFSR. (Chemistry--Study and teaohi-ng) YMOREN, Vj. Automatic signal control in hopper filling. Rats. i isobr.predl. v stroi. no.89:27-28 154. (MLIU 9:6) (Automatic control) (Hoppers) YEGORKIN,V.F., zaaluzhennyy uchitell ahkoly RSFSR A new handbook on educational aide In chemistry. "School epipment for chemistry courses in high schools" A.Mrabetakil, K,1A. Par- menov. Reviewed by V.F.Egorkin. Khim. v shkole 10 no-5:69-70 S-0 '55. (M12A 8:11) (Chemistry--Study and teaching) (Grabetakii. A.A.) (Parmenov,K.Ia) z juishannyy uchitel I shkol3r RSFSR; TWORKIN. jpjkjI4y 32 redaktor; DZHATIYET, S.G., takhnicheskiy redaktor. [Chemistry lessons for class 7; aid for teachers] Uroki khimii v VII klasse; posabie dlia uchitelia. Izd-3-6- Moskva, Goa. uchabno-podagag. izd-vo Ministerstva proaveshchaniia RUSR, 1956. 141 p. (mLRA 9:6) (Chemistry) YNGORKIN, Vaoiliy fjgWj~q~; KIRYUSHKIN, Dmitriy Makelmovich;POWSIN, GRAWSKIY, A.A., redaktor; WHATIM, S.G., tekhnicheskiy reduktor. [Practical work In chemistry outside class; a manual for students in secondary schools] Vneklassnye prakticheakis zaniatiia poikhimii; rukovodutvo dlia itchashchikhaia arednoi shkoly. Pod obahchei red. As M.Xikiiishkifia.. Moskva,Gos.iichobno-podagog.izd-vo H-va proov. RSTSR, 1956. 263 Pj0hemiutry~--~aborator7 manuals) (MLRA 10:4 YEGOMM r. ,j;j mm Study of the subject 00xides, bases, acids, and saltsw In the - eventh grade. M2im.v shkole 10 no.3:26-32 Xjr-Je 156. MU 9:8) 7 Zasluzhany7 uchitall shkoly RSPSR. (Chemietx7--Study and teaching) 11GOMM, T.F.; XOTLYROTA. O.S.: SLVICH, T.Z. Results of chemistry examinations.-Xhim.v shkole 11 n0-5:77-79 S--O 156. (MAU 9: 11), (Chemistry-Ixaminations, reations, ate.) YEGORKIII, V.,F., zaaluzhannyy uchitall shkoly RSFSR. AX&MiMatiOas on chanistr-y in the class 10th. KbLim. v shkole 12 no.1;49-51 J&P-7 157, (Ruu 10:3) (Chemistry-Examinations, qu*ntions, otc.) TEGORKIN, . -V.P. - - I~II vmj.Av!~- - _MPRW 3- Yoxemplary planning of a course of studies in chemistry for the first semester of 1957-58. Khim.v shkole 12 no.4:74-76 JI-Ag '57. (YLRA 10:8) (Chemistry--Study and teaching) YBGORKIN, V. Chemistry laborptory assistnnt. KhiM. T shkole. no.2:76 Kr-AD 158. (MIR! 11:3) 1. Konsulltant-matodist khimii Ministerstvn DroavashchaniYA RSFSR. (Chemists) YEGCrlYnl, V., konnul'tant-metodist. ChemicAl examinations in the 1957-1958 achool vegr. Ehin. v shkole. no.2:77 Mr-AT) '58. (MIRA 11:3) (Cbemistry--EXAMinations, clueations, etc.) i G v YWMiIN, V.P., zaalushennyy uchitell shkoly RSFSR Some results in teaching chemistry during the 1956-57 academic year. I[him.v shkole 12 no.6:74-78 N-D '57. (MIRA 10:12) (Chemistry--StuAy and teaching) MGORKIN.. V.F., zasluzhennyy uchitell shkoly RSFSR. Model planning of the teaching material on chexiistmf in z7he eighth grade for the 1962-1963 ochool year# Xhim, v ehkole 17 no.5:86-88 S-0 162. (MIRA 15:9) (Chemistry-Study and teaching) MOM I Aleksey Petmv~Aohj VCDR1'_iN ISOV, V.G., retsunzutt- V.Ye., i-etsenzent, ZAKEARWI A.P., rct.-,mzen ., KROPACHITY V.P.0 reteermr.r,* - 1C1T2!1fl'/'.!r-.; PETtEGUDOV, V.V., mtgarizent.; FGNOM-U..' Il"" I V.A. 1, retsenzent; RUDEV, A.M., m-tsenzent; KfROFUNqUY, Ye.A., m Liir- rize rill; IWRNOV, A.A., Inzh., retserizent [Contact nu~tworks In otrip mh!es) KontakLrialii tioLl na kai-lernkh. Mosk-la., Nedr-a, 1964. 2 07 (MIRI 18:201 1. rtiboi,rilkl ugollrrjkh predp.,-Iyatiy (for -all exu-ept Br-friko). PISKUNOVA, G.A.; YEGORKINA, D.A.; ZHDANOV) V.11. Two typeo of Mne marrow cell differentiation in vitro Vo virus. 7 no.3.-349-355 Yg-,Te'62. (11I.-A 16:8~* 1. Institut eksperimentallnoy i klinicheskoy onkologAAWl SSSR., 146skva. (1."OW) (TISSUE CULTURE) POWRANTSEVA, I.V.; MOZZHENIKO, A.N.; SOKOLOVA, I.A.; YEGORKINA, G.V. Use of the n7pmlya" reismologic station for the study of t~e struc- ture of-the southeast of the Run8ian Platform. Dokl. AN SSSR 163 no.11 171-174 il 165. (MIRA 18:7) 1. Submitted December 8, 1964. L 06141-67 B '~R6017546 SOURCE CODE; UR/0169/66/000/001/GO17/GO17 AUTHOR: Pomerantseva, Mozzhenko, A.H.; Sokolorva, 1. A,; YORSFIL-n-af--G-v TITLE: Regional research with seismological stations "Zemlya" .;t -7 )3 SOURCE: Ref. zh. Geofizika, Abs. 1G118 REP SOURCE: Tr. Nizhne-Volzhsk. n.i. in-t geol.i geofiz , vyp.2, 1964, 210-219 TOPIC TAGS: Earth, Earth core structure, upper mantlej*t=u=t== seismology, earthquake, seismologic station ABSTRACT: Results are reported on regional,_jesearch in the SE of the Russian platfor conccrning methodology for the study of the arth core structu e and upper mantlel~~f the Earth by the seismological stations nemlye. With their aid it is possible to re card waves on a magnetic film in a frequency range between .5 and 12 cycles. Rewritin of the field data at various frequency filtrations permits frequency analysis of the registered waves. Transformation of frequencies is used with the rewriting, permittin separation of waves with a fraction of a cycle frequency differences. Amplification a the station is 600,000 to 1,000,000. With the aid of the station, a reliable registra tion of earthquakes with epicentral distances of 11,000 to 14,000 km (Chile, Tonga is lands), and explosions of 3t and over at distances of 200-300 km is possible. I to 10 events are usually re.gistered during a 24 hour period. Ba-thquakes with epicentral di stances of 200-800 km appear within the Ural region, nearer earthquakes take place wi Card L 06141-67 ACC NN AR6017546 thin the Russian platform limits. The obtained records of longitudinal, transverse and exchange waves enable the construction of an idea as to the structure of the Earth co- re and upper mantle.'[Translation of abstract3 SUB CODE: 03, 08/ Card ?/2 A 'r, I / k-- -, - '-I C 6- (, r-- r- ~ ~,\ q. I : 1 IT~KOVICH, Aleksandr Mikheylovich; YBGCRKINA, L.I., radaktor; KATVNYXVI, TO.N.0 . tekhnichaskly redaktor; 4i heskiy redaktor (Technical thermodynamics) Tekhaicbeekaia termodinaniks. Moskva. Gosonauchno-tekhn.izd-vo mashinoutroit.lit-ry, 1957. 191 P. (Thermodynamics) (MLRA 10:7) A~ f7 ZISLIN, le)ariuil IRM111, 1-var- Ya~ilil ic P OLIS Y, yt~v M KI VIndimir 1),,-,1tr1;rev1ch; BORISOV,N.I., red.; YY,(;O'ZKI!i.;, L.I., red.; UVIii071, A.F., [Collection of chas3Ls designs for GAZ-51, GAZ-63, GAZ-63A automobiles; plaa,,3 for and conotructiig] Atina konstruktsii shasni w;tonobilel -3.AZ-63, G.AT,-63A; chBrtezhi uzlov I rabochie chprte-zhi del--lrl. Pod obahchai red. N.I.Borlsova. Moskva, Gos. natichno-te1rhii.izd-;~o mashinostroi. lit-ry, 1957. 215 p. (MIRA 10;12) (Mot ortrucks-Bodies) POGODIII-ALMEM, G.I., prof., doktor takhnonauk, red.; YEGORKINA, L.I., red.; TIKUIIOV, A.Ya., [Heat treatment and the strength of metals and allo7s] Termicheskaia obrabotka i prochnost' metallov i splavov; Bbornik statei. Pod red. G.I.Pogodina-Alekseeva. Moskva, Goo. neuchno-tekhn.izd-vo mashino- stroit. lit-ry, 1958. 177 P- (KIRA 1113) 1. Moscow. Moskovskoye vyssheye tekhnicheakoye uchilishche. (Matalo--Haat treatment) LIVOV, Yevgeniy Daitriyevich, prof.. doktor tekba.vauk, zasluzhennyy delatell nauki I tekhaikl R:W:a; Dk~IHA, L.I., inzh., red.; SMOLOVA, T.F., (Theory of tractors] Teoriin trukto.ra. Izd.5,, perer, i ookrashchannoe. Leningrad, Gos.nauchno-tekhn.izd-vo mehino- strolt.lit-ry, 1960. 232 p. (MIRA 14:2) (Tractors) KRAGELISKIY, Igor' Viktorovich; VIIIOGI"VA, Irina Ernostovna; VASIWYEV~ I.V., inzh., retsenzent; YEGORKBA L.I., inzh., red.; SMIRNOVA, G.V., tekhn. red. (Friction coefficients; imnual) Koeffitsienty treniia; spra- vochnoe posobie. Izd.2., perer. i dop. 14oskva) Mashgiz 1962. (KIRA I' 217 p. 5:7) (Friction) ORLOV, Sergey Panteloymonovich; AVDEYEV, Boris Alokaandrovioh; GAU21ER, S.I., inzb., retsenzent; YEGORKOA~ L.I.) red,; ELIKIND, V.D., tekh-n. red, (Weighing equipment in enterprises; marruall Vesovoe oborudo- vanie predpriiatii; spravochnoe posobie. Moskva Mashgiz., 1962. 406 p. IMIRA 15:7) (Weighing machines) KHANIN, N.S.; CHISTOZVONITI, S.B.; AGEYEV, I.K., kand. tekhn. nauk, retsenzent; YEGORKBIA, L.I... inzh.,, red.; SALAZKOV, N.P., tekhn. red. -- *'--'-'----- -- [Rotating piston engines for motor vehicles] Avtomobill- nye rotorno-porshnevye dvigateli. Moskva, Mashgiz, 1964. 183 P. (NIRA 17:4) KORCHEMNYY, L.V.; GUTERMAN, I.I., kand. tekhn. nauk, red.; X_qqQgUNA,_,L.I., red.izd-va; DEMKINA, N.F.,; MAKAROVA, L.A.., tekhn. red. (Mechanism of the gas distribution in an engine; kinematics, dynamics~ strength calculation] Mekhanizm gazoraspredeleniia dvigatelia; kine-matika, dinamika, raschet na. prochnost'. Mo- skva, Mashinostroenie, 1964. 209 p. (MIRA 17-3) FOKROVSKIY, G.P.; VIKHMAN, V.S., doktor tekhn. nauk, retsenzent; .YEGORKINA,_L.I.,,'inzh.j red, (Use of electronic control in automobile engine fuel systems] Primenonle eloktroniki v sistemakh pitaniia avtomobillnykh dvigatelei. Moskva, Izd-vo "Mashinostro- enie, 1964. 99 p. (MIRA 17:5) the ll.metal Ster!l-eillronze A-71-,7-4 ail an lnvestl-;~- tl-n of Posulblll-ty of ". !Ollin-, It. Teich ,j Inst of ','onferrous :~etalc and 'clld Nl. I. Kalin~n, ,in Education '.SSIP, ::OCCOT-~, 1955. (U, :,'o 11, ..'ar SO: Sun. No. t"(10, 29 Sep 55-Survey of Sclentific a.:J Techr-,,-_-)l Disn-ertatlo.;s Defendel at SR lR-,hor Cv:) 66522 ?_900 SOV/137-59-7-16082 Translation from: Referativnyy zhurnal, Metallurgiya,,1959, Nr 7,_ p 262 (USSR) AUTHORS: Severdenko, V.P., and TITLE: Steel-Bronze "AM9-4" Bimetal PERIODICAL: Sb. nauchn. tr. Nauchno-tekhn. o-vo tsvetn. metallurgii, Mosk. in-t tsvetn. met. i zolota,--1958, Nr 29, pp 227 - 251 ABSTRACT: "AZh9-411 steel-bronze bimetal was obtained by 'casting molten bronze on a steel blank placed into a graphite mold, heated up to 970 - 1,000C. The bronze temperature was 1~200 - 1,2200C. The-steel blank was heated- up together with the mold. The cohesion of layers was firm; lamination was not observed neither in turning cylindrical ingots on a lathe with eccentricity nor in destruction along the diameter under a press. The strong connection of metals was obtained by diffusion of bronze (Al and Cu) in steel and by steel diffusion in bronze; chemical analyses of the bronze layer at a 1.3 - 1.5 mm distance from the layer boundary proved increased Fe-percentage, which was twice an high as the initial content. Hot rolling of 12 x 26 x 100 mm and of 13 x 50 x 100 mm bimetal Ingots Card 1/2 revealed that the relative shrinkage of bronze was higher than that of Steel-Bronze t'AZhg-4" Bimetal 66522 SOV/137-59-7-10(482 steel-and of the total relative shrinkage of the bimetal. The average specific bimetal pressure on the rollers as a function of shrinkage, was between the average specific pressure for steel and bronze. Bimetal expansion had a middle value between steel and bronze expansion. In cold rolling relative shrinkage of steel in the bimetal was higher than the relative bronze shrinkage and than the total relative shrinkage. "IMig-1111 bronze can be subjected to rolling in a cold state up to 3CY% shrinkage (in one pass); bimetallic strips of the same dimensions were subjected to high shrinkage rolling with- out destruction of the bronze constituent. Pipe ingots can be rolled, without occurren,:e of lamination, in hot state on grooved rollers (with a long mandrel or without it) and on a piercing mill with a mandrel; all-bimetal ingots can be rolled on a piercing mill (with or without a mandrel). In cold state pipe blanks can be rolled by the reduction method on grooved rolls. P.G. Card 2/2 YNGORKINA, N.D. chilling molding mixtures br means of cast iron shot. Lit.proirv. no-7:40-41 -Te 160. O(IRA 13 7) (sand, Foundr7) YEGORKINAS N.D.; DENISOVA) Z.I. Composition of gases released by binders. Lit.proizv. no-3:45 mr 162. Offm 15:3) (Binding materials) (Gases-Analysis) YEGORKINk, V.14., inzh. Comparativs s7aluation of methods for determining tbk- acidity of coals In the coal bed. Sbor.DonUGI no.18:163-169 '59. (Coal-Analynis) (MIRA 13:1) ~~RK~INA, inzh. Characteristics of Ukiainian lignites. Sbor. DonUGI no.2~: 16-23 162; (MIRA 16t6) (Ukraine-Lignite) YEGORKINA, V.M.9 lrjzh,l GtMKO, V.A., Insh. -'O~~Moth~odof determining the true specific weight as suggested by the A.A. SkochinBk1i Institute of Mining. Sbor. DcynUGI no.25251-52 162. (MIRA 16t6) (Donotc, Baoln-Cml roaaarch) UDINTSIAV, G.H.; ANANIINA, Z.N.; ANDM11YEVA, A.G.; BUM, V.B.; GAYLAN, Ya.I.; TEGORIKOVA,,A.S.; ZUBZHITSKIY, Tu.H.; WINA, N.D.; KAYRAZ, I.V.; XA'RROv L.M.; MIROTPVSrJ.YA, Z.Ye.; RECHAYEVA, Te.A.; P)JU107, B.S. Influenza in 1957 from data of the hospital therapeutic clinic of the Leningrad Institute of Sanitation and Hygiene. 23 !io.10:67-70 0 159. (MIRA 13:2) 1. Iz gospitalluoy terapevticbeskoy kliniki (zaveduyushchiy - chleu- korrespondent AWT SUR prof. GoN, Udintsev) Leningradekogo sanitarno- gigiyanicheakogo maditsinakogo instituta. (IM?LUMZA statistics) YEGORNEKO G A - VABELI, Ya.I.; ANTCINOV, I.S. Phase equilibria in the system IM Zhurneorg,khimo 7 no.10:2419-2425 0 162. (MMA 15:10) I:t - (Phase rule and equilibrimm) (Sodiua borohydride) (Awc GREBEIIYUK, V.A.; IFUSTOVALOV, A.I.; YMOFEYEV, I.Ye.; KARABACH, T.L.; TURGAMBAYEV, B.M..; 3).9YAKOV, P.Ye.; YER1401AYEV, A.G.; F011-0170, V.D - YEGOROGFdY, A.A.; C.10,MOV, D.I.; ZHTJYKO, Yu.P.; PAN*~,-',_ [Twenty-second Congress of the Coramnist Party of the Soviet Union Minel Rudnik impni XXII 511azda KPSS. Moskva., Nedra, 1961f. 87 p. (141RA 17:10) 1. Russia (1917- R.S.F.S.R.) Vostochno-Kazakhstanskiy ekonomicheskiy rayon. Zyrlyanovskiy svintsovyy kombinat. 1,41 KOLOIKOLITSEV, Ye.F.; YEGOFOCRKINl-A.Nv; ZHARKOV, V.V. Use of imolecular spectral analysis for identifying qomp. species of fungi. Sud.-med..ekspert- 4 no.3:35-38 JI-S 161. (MIRA 14:10) 1. Kafedra sudebnoy meditsiny (zav. - prof. A.I.Zakonav) Gorlkovskogo meditsinskogo instit-dta imeni S.M.Kirova i spektrallnaya laboratoriya (zavq - dotsent N.K.lludnevskiy) Gorlkovbkogo nauchno-issledovatbit- skogo instituta khimii. (FUNGI) (SPECTRUM, MOUNIAR) 1. KHIDEKELI, M.L.;.gGOROCHKIN, A.N.; PONOMARENKO, V.A.; ZADOROZHNYY, N.A.; RAZUVAYEV, G.A.; PEMOV, A.D. Nuclear magnetic resonance of silicon hydrides. Izv. AN SSSR. Otd.khim.nauk no.6:1130-1132 Je 163. (14IRA 16:7) 1. Institut organicheskoy khimii imeni Zelinsko 0 AN SSSR. (Silicon hydride s__Spectra~ YEGOROCHKIN, A,N.* IDEICELIP M.L*,- PONOMARENK09 V.A.; ZUYEVA, G.Ya.; S.S.; RAZUVAYEV., G.A. Proton magnatio resonance speotra of some substituted germanium hydrides. Izv. AN SSSR SarAhIm. no.10:1865-1868 0 163. (MIRA 17:3) 1. Nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut khimii pri Gorlkovskom gosudarstvennom universitat, Institut khimicheskoy fiziki AN SSSR i Institut organicheakoy khimii im. N.D.Zelinskogo AN SSSR. YE GOITWOKIN A.N.; YJIIDEKF.Ltv M.L.; PONOMAREMO, V.A.; ZADOROZHM. 9 N.A. Certain regularities In proton nagnetic resonance spectra of triaubatituted silanes. Izv. All SSSR Sor.kh1m. no.10s1868-1T11 0 163~ (KIRA 1783) 1. flauchno-issladovatel'skiy institut khimli pri Gor1kovskom gosudarst.vennom universitat, Inatitut khimicheskoy Miki AN SSSR i Inatitut organiehookoy khimii im. N.D.Zelinakogo AN SSSR. YEGOROCHILIN., A.N.; KHIDEKELI, M.L.; PONOMARENKO, V.A.; ZUYEVA, G.Ya.; RAZUVAYEV, G.A. Certain regularities in proton magnetic resonance spectra of a number of germanium compounds, Izv*AN SSSR.Ser.khim. no.2:373- 375 F 164* (MIRA 17:3) 1. Nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut khimii pri Gortkovskom gosudarstvennom universitete im. Lobachevskogo., Instituta khi- micheskoy fiziki AN SSSR i Institut organicheskoy khimii im. N.D.Zelinakogo AN SSSR. :~A,'.rVAFFV, G.A.; YEGORCCHIll, MilDIEFFL11 M.L~; 111RON011) V.;" Proton mag=sic resunanc5 zpectra cf some viryl 5--itc3r. compounds. izv. AN."S-TI.Ser.kidia, no, 5!923-930 IV 164. (tal'A Y1:6) 1. !4auch-,io-is5~-,tclovatt:llck,'-y inntitut kfalml-a. Ccrfkcv---kcgo gcoadarst-vtnnogo universiteta, instill-ult khim2Lchc-:;kcy flziki All SSSR i "nst-tat crg6nichrskoy khir;4-1 Ira. I.I.D.4--linakogo AN SIM. YEGOROCII~K~1~1 KHIDEMLI M.L.; RAZUVAYEV, G.A.-; MIRONOV, V.F.; .............. KRAVGff!,tIrd, A.L. Proton magnetic resonance spectra of some metallo-organic compounds of silicon and germanium. Izv. AN SSSR Ser. khim. no.7:1312-1313 Jl 164. (MIRA 17:8) 1. Nauchno-issledovatellskiy institut khimii pri GorIkovskom gosudarstvennom universitete, Institut khimichoskoy fizjki AN SSSR i institut organichoakoy khimii imeni Zolinskogo AN SSSR. L 31892-66 94T(m)1EWP(j) RM ACC NR: AP6012525 SOURCE CODE: UR/0062/66/000/003/0437/0443 A.~ j-, AUTHOR: Yegorochkin, N.; K~ dekeV L.; Razuva ev, G. A. ORG: Scientific Research Institute of Chemistrv. Gor'kiv State Universitv (Nauchno-., issledovirtellskly institut khimii Gor1kovskogo gossudarstventiogo universiteta); Institute of Chemical Ph sic" , Academy of Sciences SSSR (Institut khimicheskoy ~iziki Akademii nauk SSSR- TITLE: Regularities in the proton magnetic resonance spectra of the elemental organic compounds of the IV group SOURCE: AN SSSR. Izvestiya. Seriya khimicheskaya, no. 3, 1966, 437-443 TOPIC TAGS: silicon compound, germanium compound, tin compound, NMR, magnetic anisotropy ABSTRACT: Charac~eristics of chemical proton shifts in silicon germanium and tin organic COM20undsand the relationship between induction fa-ft constants of aliphatic substituents were'compared with similar characteristics in related carbon compounds, In the study of carbon-containing compounds, it was discovered that in -r ~- the Taft constant a* is not adequate for describing chemical shifts of CH3-protons Card 1/2. UDC: 543.422 + 546.3 + 541.67 L 31892-66 ACC NR: AP6012525 in (CH3)4-nCXn type compounds, where X is halogen. Chemical shifts in going from Cl to Br to I derivatives are associated with the diamagnetic anisotropy contribu- tion of the C-X bond.. Chemical shifts in are apparently associated with magnetic shifts produced by ring currents due to circulation of I electrons in the,benzene ring. Thus, the main contributions to chemical proton shifts in these compounds are due to the inductive effect and magnetic anisotropy of substituted Ri groups. Comparisons were made of proton magnetic spectra of (C113)4-.M(Ri)- type compounds where M represents Si, Ge and Sn with spectra of (C113)4_.CM). compounds. It was shown that for compounds of the (r1113)i-,,M(Rf)n, type, where M = Si, Ge, chem- ical shifts of protons of the methyl group are determined not only by the inductive effect and magnetic anisotropy of substituents, but in the case of Ri = -OCH3, -OC2HS, -CH=CH2 also the effect of d7r-pyr conlugation. In correlating chemical shifts of protons of the methyl group with a' constants, obtained from the reac- tion series containing silicon, the effect aicribed to dt-pT conjugation is still apparent. Orig. art. has: 3 tables and 4 figures. SUB CODE: 07/ SUBM DATE:. 230ct63/ ORIG REF: 004/ OTH REF: 010 Card 2/2 L 31892-66 ACC NR: AP6012525 ~in (CH3)4-nCXn type compounds, where X is halogen. Chemical shifts in going from C1 to Br to I derivatives are associated with the diamagnetic anisotropy contribu- tion of the C-X bond. Chemical shifts in (CJ13)1_.C(C6145). are apparently associated with magnetic shifts produced by ring currents due to circulation of I electrons in the.benzene ring. Thus, the main contributions to chemical proton shifts in these compounds are due to the inductive effect and magnetic anisotropy of substituted Ri groups. Comparisons were made of proton magnetic spectra of (CJ13)4-.M(Ri)n type compounds where M represents Si, Ge and Sn with spectra of compounds.' It was shown that for compounds of the (CH3)i-,M(Rf)1, type, where M Si, Ge, chem- ical shifts of protons of the methyl group are determined not only by the inductive effect and magnetic anisotropy of substituents, but in the case of Ri = -OCH3, -OC2H5, -CH=CH2 also the effect of d.,-pyr con ugation. In correlating chemical shifts of protons of the methyl group with a' constants, obtained from the reac- as tion series containing silicon, the effect H,ibed to d.-p. conjugation is still apparent. Orig. art. has,: 3 tables and 4 figures. SUB CODE: 07/ SUBM DATE:. 230ct63/ ORIG REF: 004/ OTH REF: 010 L, ~ Card 2/2 L 19615-65 E7vJT(m)/EPF(c)/EWP(J)/T/E7dP(l))/EWP(t) pc_h/pr_,4 TJP(c)/SSD/AEDC(b)/ WAIL R-kE~l('c)/ASD(a)-5/SSI)(c)/RUnt(j)/P-AEI(i)/ESD(gs)/ESD(t) RVVJD ACCESSION .NR: AP5003220 S/0062/64/000/0017/1312/1313 MTHOR: Ye orochkin, A._,H.,; ~hidekel`, P~kzuvavcvt Gt_A.-. Hironor,_V~_Z#,; Kravchenko, TITLE-' ctra of certain e1eme1nLq:qr& Proton magnetic resonance spe of silicon and g~rrrianium no. 7. 1964, 1312 SOURCE: SSSR. Izvesti.a. Ser ya khimicheskaya -1313 TOOIC TAGS: proton, orCanosilicon compound, germanium compound. spectroscopy, magnetic reconance compa r ison of'- pi-oto n --magnet nce -o-f-severIat spectra saturated and unsaturated organic compounds of ailicon and germanium revealed that for unsaturated compounds, the effects of d )r - Pir- con u atio play an appreciable role. The opectra were recorded on the JMN-3 spectrometer using cyclohexane as the internal standard. To determine chemical shifts im saturated compounds, cy,alohexane was combined with the sample in 1-1 volume ratio. Chemical shifts of proton signals in unsaturated compounds were determined by subsequent dilution with cyclohexane and extrapolation of the data to infinite dilution. It was found that chemical shifts of the CH3_ and CH2-protons in compounds not containEng multiple bonds correspond to Card 112, L 19615~455 ACCESSION-M 05003W). greater islectroconddeUviVy, of gir~manium compared with silicon and the qva1itatLv.e notLons of the LnductLve effect of substituents. Thus, in view of the greater electron-don4ir capacity oj! the --CH2-M(CH3). 'group,, 'where 11 = Si, Ge, compared with that of the melthyl, resonance fi!equencies of uethylprotons in the compaunde (CH ) M-(C11 ) -.H(CH ) are shifted toward 3tg Ila 2 pl.cquegc?es larger values of r with respe,-.t to me in the. (CH3)0 compounds. Orig. art. has: 1 f;raph and I table. ASSOCIATION* Nauchno-issii-dovateitskiy institut khimii pri Gor'kovakom G0SU- darstvenjion universitete (3cientific Reaearch Institute of Chemistry at Gor'kij c.:-- -- "gte Un-~xtLr t - Institul. kh-micheskoy fiziki Akademii miuk SSSR (Inistitute of ,1 -- . -�kj ) , chemical Physics, Acaderny of Scienceq_,AS~qR); Institut organicheskoy khinii im In.,ititute of Organic Chemistry, Acadc!jv__qL__ Zelinakogo Akadamii nauk SSSR sciences, SSSO SUBMITTED: 25NOV63 ENCL: 00 SM CODE: OC OP NO REF SOV: 001 OTHER: OC5 AJPRS.. Card 2/2 A.11,, KHIDEKELI, M.L., RAMMAYEV, G.A.; PE.!UKHOV,, MIRONOVP V.F. Proton magnetic resonance spectra of some ally! silicon compounds. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. khIm. no.8tl521-1523 Ag 164. (MITRA -117~91 1. GorIkovsIdy gosudarstvennyy universitet im. N.I. Lobachevsk-ago, In3titut khimicheskoy fiz-4ki All SSSR i InstVU', organicheskoy khimii N.D. Zelinskogo AN SSSR. I- -G --.I MSE USSR/Radio - Radio Serri,cing Sep 56 Receivers "Present System of Radio Servicing Should Be Re-, Organized," A. Yegorov "Radio" No 91 P 13 Complains main radio repair shops in Leningrad,.be- longing to "Metoptremoni," lack appropriate tools .and test equipment. Service men untrained for repairing modern sets. Even small repairs cost R 100. Loud- speakers cannot be repaired for lack of spare cones; only shop-which madd these repairs closed. This is the fault of management of Leningrad Radio Adm. Problem needs immediate attention. 171T89 71TZ89-- Yajol'uv, A. 7678- UGOROV, A. -- Purtorganizatsiya v Borbe za krutovpod"yem proizvodstva odezhdy. (14ank. t3hveynuna fabrika 0. "m- 7-J34 SO: Knizhnaya Latonsis', Vol. 7, 1955 YNGOROVI AS - The annual plan for construction on collective farms will be fulfilled ahead of time. 3011. Btroi. 12 no.8:3-5 Ag 157. (MLRA 10:9) 1. Predsedatell ispolkoma Kaluzhokogo oblastnogo Soveta deputatoy trudyashchikhoya. (Kaluga District--Construction industry) 85-58-1-24/28 AUTHOR: _.Y~ggg2y,~A., Leader of the House of Pioneers' -go-d-eMMrplane Building Team, Tkvarcheli, Abkhazskaya ASSR TMIJE: Letter to the Editor (Pis'mo v redaktsiyu); Where Can Glue and Emalit (Enamel Glue) be Bought? (Gde kupit-kley, emalit?) PERIODICAL:' Kryl'ya rodiny, 1958, Nr 1, p 31 (USSR) ABSTRACT: The author complains of the impossibility of buying glue or enamel glue (emalit) for his MK-16NC440 engine in Tkvarcheli or fuel for an MD-5 "Kometa" engine at the Sukhumi Glavkulttorg (Main Administration of Wholesale and Retail Trade in Cultural and Sports Goods). ASSOCIATION:Tkvarcheli House of Pioneers AVAILABLE: Library of Congress Card 1/1 ? USSR/Cultivatod Plants. rodd(,r PI-ints. H Abs Jour Rcf 2hur-Biol.2 'oTo 157 1953, 68246 Author Yogorov A 71 Sc Inst 7 L- ~5~icntifjc RasUArch:Ih9tituto of Agriculturc. Title Fodder Grain Varieties for tho Yonisoy Far North. Orig Pub Byul, nntuchno-toldin, inforn. Krasnoyar-'Rogo n.-i. in-ta s. 1di.9 1957, No 1-2, 22-25 Abstract z &xporimonts at tho Igar and Turukhan c:,.pori:mont stations have doiionstrated that it is advisable to limit thu use of Udarnik 883 oat variety to a latitude of about 61-621) and the Oheimgveta bftrlpy variety to a latituUof 61-620. The Narymskaya 205/4 and Hutika Yartsevskiy oat Card 1/2 96* 2 USSR/Cultivated Plants.. Fodder Plants. Abs Jour Ref ZhtLr-Biol,, I'To 15o 1953, 68246 'varieties can be recoi-Arlended for planting. at lcolkhozps and SOVIdlOzes of the Krasnodarsk Kray situated above the latitute of 60-6107 and the rolar 14 and KhS-185 barley varie- ties my be planted in regions situated above 61-620. -- 0. A. Gorbunova Card 2/2 YEGOROVI A. (Kharikov) Flight engineer Stepan Kryzhanovskii. Kryi.rbd. 12 n0,5:17 My 161.. (,,aRA 14:7) (Flight engineering) (Kryzhanovskii, Stepan) m/ - I I. YEGOROV, A., deayatnik vontilyntaii ahakhty; IVAKIIIN, A., muuter-vzryvniV Is there a need for special gas inspectors in the mines? Sov.shakht. 10 no.6:11 Je 161. 041P,~ 14:9) 1. Shakhta. Ho.12-bis treata. Dzerzhinskugoll v Donbasse (for Yegorov. 2. Shakhta Ho.1-2 "KhQlodna-yu balka" troota O-ovet- kombinata Stalinugoll (for.Ivakhin). (Mine gases)